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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  July 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> harris: oh, i'm harris falkner, shepard smith, for fox report weekdays, don't miss an episode. and for now huckabee, have a great week everybody. >> tonight on huckabee. >> you didn't build that. >> jeb bush says the president should be encouraging innovation. >> you can't have a president that's always kind of looking down and saying that the entrepreneurs are really not that relevant. the next president needs to lead. >> and gives his take on current governors under attack for keeping their campaign promises. >> i admire what rick scott is doing in florida and scott walker went into a storm and came out stronger. >> the former florida governor in a huckabee exclusive. plus, politics that go beyond dirty. >> taliban dan webster hands off. >> twisting candidates' words and going after families and police. >> when the opponent was
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coming after tim, and each other, we went, whoa, what have we gotten ourselves into. >> congressman dan webster and jim ryan and their wives and how they dealt with the attacks. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee for the fox news studios in new york city. president obama appears to be willing to play chicken with congress because he is determined to raise taxes on the people that he's decided are just too stinking rich. well, the trouble is, even "the washington post," hardly a conservative tool, and fed chairman ben bernanke, who was reappointed by obama was warning of the consequences of what's being accurately termed tax-mageddon. the expiration of the so-called bush tax cuts and effectively huge tax increase associated with obamacare. it's all going to arrive on
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december 31st, 2012. and if congress doesn't act, tax-mageddon may not adequately describe what's going to be nothing short of an economic apocalypse. the tax increase is almost 500 billion dollars per year in new taxes. now, that's by far the largest and most encompassing tax hike in our nation's history. while the president pretends to be protecting the middle class, the fact is the majority of tax increases won't hit obama's despised wealthy class, but in fact, hit 60% of americans who actually got the biggest tax cuts from the bush tax plan. for example, on average, baby boomers are going to see their taxes go up over $4200 per year. and low income families are going to have a gut punch increase of over $1200 per year. and millennials will have a
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pop. and president obama's failed policy left us in debt. staggering 8.2% unemployment rate and businesses living off life support, not addressing the concerns, about acompassion anchor instead of a life preserver to a man caught in a riptide. the obama tax increase set to hit january 1 are far more ominous, from the impact of the y2k moment in january of 2000. we're not sure, weren't sure what happens at midnight and we did all we could to prepare for it. i can recall being at the capital with the heads of agencies and troops and guards in case of a worst case scenario. once the clock turned and communications and utilities and banking worked. we wished each other a happy new year and called it a day,
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albeit it long one. if president obama continues on the way for tax-mageddon, we may be kissing our back sides bye-bye. of course, president obama will say the republicans ought to just cave-in and just let's bust the rich people with taxes, that doesn't make any sense. the president's plan to raise taxes on the evil rich, if that happens, there's going to be all of an enough money for that to run the government for about eight days. but enough damage done in small business owners to result in a lot of people getting laid off. if you really want president obama to keep his job, you need to be prepared to lose yours. if you want to keep your job, you better hope he loses his. [applaus [applause] >> well, the president is on the campaign trail talking about how successful business owners ought to be thanking the government for paving
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their way to success, some of our brightest behinds say that spending programs c that-- some of the brightest minds say the 4% solution, i spoke with former florida governor jeb bush earlier. jeb great to see you. >> thank you, governor, a joy to be with you. >> mike: when i see these governors, they run on the campaigns of reform, changing things, cutting the spending, getting the budget under control, that's what they say they're going to do. they get in office be and then everybody beats the bay lights out of them because they actually kept their campaign promise. guys like scott walker in wisconsin, and rick scott in florida. so, what are we to make of the fact that the people not want them to fulfill their promises? >> i think they do. i think that you earn people's respect over the long haul. if a lot of people in politics will want to be popular rather than do what's right and that's not sustainable over the long haul. so, i admire what rick scott
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is doing in florida and scott walker, went into firestorm and came out stronger, i think, because of it. people want people that are genuine, they want people that are standard concerned and they want leaders and people to layout an agenda and execute on that agenda with passion and conviction. >> i think a lot of people don't understand that at the state level, the budget does have to balance and like the feds who can just keep borrowing money and putting it off. so, let's talk about some of the specific challenges some of these guys have when they get into office. what are the challenges you face when you're in florida? >> well, that era of declining revenue and you've got a burgeoning medicaid budget, in order to spend money on your priorities, you have to figure out new ways to provide public service, so, in case of rick scott, he's cut, he's cut spending dramatically, but he said he was going to do it. so no one should be surprised by it. and it will free up moneys for
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k-12 education, billion dollars of extra spending this last year. and as the economy grows, because florida's business climate is pretty good, we'll do well. the states like michigan daniels in indiana, that made these structural changes are going to end up growing fasterment there's a lot of competition, as you know, in the states and the winners are the ones that create the optimum business climate which typically mean less government, too. >> mike: a lot of people assume at the state level that you can make massive cuts, but you're obligated with mandates, usually medicaid, and you don't have a lot of wiggle room. any cuts you make probably going to hurt somebody. >> absolutely, but again, if you look at state governments unlike washington, there have been dramatic reductions, some of which were because you reformed things and made things better, you can do things, spend less and achieve a better result. but, with the balanced budget requirement, imagine what it would be like in washington if they had one. if people would be freaking out, i guess, i don't know what they would do. because they're not used to
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it, but it does provide, it creates a tension that yields an about thor result. and this is not a republican or democratic issue either. the democratic governors balance the budget as well and may have a different approach, but that is what's missing in washington. there's no consequence to the fiscal policy that's actually putting a lid on the nation's economy. >> mike: there's such a polarized atmosphere all over the country and certainly in washington and even in state legislators. we saw this with scott walker, what he faced, disappeared, went-- left the state for heaven's sake. you governed for eight years, you had, you know, a lot of republicans, but there were democrats that fought you along the way. let's talk about what are the keys to getting things to work when not everybody wants them to work for your benefit? >> all right, one of the things that i did that made my republican colleagues a little upset. i was an equal opportunity vetoer. so we created instead of criteria, this is what the--
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this will get through the budget, you know, the line item veto, if you do it this way it will be fine. if you do it another way, it won't be and i didn't reward friends and i think that made it a little easier to talk to democrats, but we had fights, i mean, look, you know, if you're a conservative and you're advocating things that go against the wishes of liberals, liberals don't always sign up. and we, but it was a respectful fight. it seems like today in washington, the at least, the lack of civility means having a dialog impossible. >> mike: is it possible to get to a place where washington is governable? >> yes, i hope and pray because imagine, imagine this disturning continuing over the long haul. i think it requires presidential leadership and president obama, the best example would have been he passed simpson and bowles to put together a set of recommendations, and they did far better than what most people expected. it was a bold set of ideas,
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and the president has not even mentioned the word simpson with bowles and commission in the senate and he's totally ignored it. he made the decision that he had a the better chance of getting reelected in a closer election by dividing the country than trying to aspire to a different way of doing things, what a shame. what a missed opportunity. and so, the next president needs to lead. and that means that you have to, particularly with the rules in the senate. you have to garner 60 votes which means you have to bring people along, you can't just win the debate and talking point. >> we're going to continue with jeb bush and i'll talk to him about the 4% solution, what does it mean and how will it help us to grow our economy? i think you'll want to stick around for it. we'll be back with jeb bush right after this. ... it's already ingrained in our dna. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. they claim to be complete.
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>> >> we're back talking with governor jeb bush. the george w. bush institute has come out with a book called "the 4% solution", what does that mean, the 4%
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solution? >> means if we could grow our economy in real terms at 4% per year, over a sustained period of time, that we could begin to solve these, what appear to be intractable problems. if we don't grow at that rate. then i think there are going to be a lot of the shattered dreams in in country. we have to grow far faster than what obama economics is bringing us and we can do that with a set of policies and this book is about this, really brilliant people are writing chapters on a variety of different policy areas that combined could create the chance that we could achieve an aspirational goal of 4% per year over a decade of time. >> mike: and we've never really sustained that level of growth. so we're talking about we'll have to do something differently to get that kind of result, but what are the the things we've got to do to make that work? >> we'd have to have fiscal reform. entitlement reform, government can't the be consuming 25% of gdp and expect any kind of high growth solution.
5:15 pm
we need a patriotic energy policy based on american ingenuity, american innovation and north american resources. we need to bring 21st century solutions to the rule making process. it is perhaps the greatest cloud of uncertainty is just this maddening set of rules that are confusing for people and burdensome. we need to transform our education policy. i happen to think that immigration policy, to bring aspirational young energetic people would help sustain growth. and so, it's a series of things and this book has 22 chapters that deal with each one of these areas. entrepreneurship, you know, you can't have a president that's always kind of looking down and saying that the entrepreneurs are really not that relevant. i mean, in america, they're really relevant. without them we would be nothing. >> mike: you mentioned immigration, which is one of the most divisive issues that we've had in this country, divided the republican party, divides democrats versus republicans and sometimes divides families.
5:16 pm
what are some practical, sensible, doable ways to deal with the immigration issue that really welcomes people, but doesn't make them feel like there's some blanket amnesty going on? >> well, control the border, which we've been fighting this fight as though we were ten years ago. the border actually -- there's been a lot of effort to control the border, that's part of it. a guest worker program that doesn't say to people that you can stay forever, but for seasonal workers and for jobs that are based on demands of our economy, where you can't find workers here, that would be part of it. giving a visa to anybody that graduates from one of our universities, is just absurd, that we send them back to create wealth and prosperity in their countries if they want to stay here. >> mike: that's one of the things i want to interrupt and one of the things you talk about in the book is that there really does need to be a policy for the best and brightest, the brains. >> oh, yeah. >> mike: that we export brains when we ought to be importing brains. >> and then i would argue
5:17 pm
that, with our changing demographics, we're all hopefully ten years from now you and i will be ten years older. >> mike: i hope so, the u alternative is not fine. >> and we need to bring young people to bring to our economy and rebuild the pyramid, that has to happen through immigration. a total revamping of immigration to protect the rule of law and recognize this is a catalytic converter, a key element to this. you can't grow to 4% if your population grows at 1. >> mike: education, you spent an enormous time as governor, you received national accolades. where does education fit into a 4% solution and a lot of people say, that's not really connected to growing the
5:18 pm
economy. it might not be for next month or next year, but it is essential for the long haul. when a third of our young people graduate after we spend more per student than any country in the world, a third of college and/or career ready, that's not going to cut it in a world where knowledge is the driver of higher income. if we began, if we moved to the international average, we could create hundreds of billions of extra economic activity and there's a chapter in the book that describes exactly why that is. and from that then creates this, you know, if you grow the economy, air going to drain more revenue for department of the than raising taxes, in fact, raising taxes, a legit the mat case could be made you'll see lower revenue over the long haul and that's a much better approach. my personal believe is a hydro strategies does something important which is lifts our spirits. i don't know about you, mike, i'm so tired of the gloominess of what used to be the most optimistic country in the world and if we could lift
5:19 pm
people's spirits by showing the way to greater opportunity for more people, that has benefits that go beyond just the kind of nerdy economic data. >> well, i'm hearing a lot of talk that some people say we've got to raise taxes and others cut spending. to be honest with you, jeb, i'm not hearing democrats or republicans talking about growth, this is a very different topic, it's not saying raise taxes, cut spending. raise taxes, cut spending. air saying those are secondary. let's grow the economy. where do you break through to political leaders and get them to understand that's the prescription? >> i happen to think that it's winning political agendas. you're running for office and you say follow me, i am promise you 1% growth which means no job creation, that's a -- that's not a winning argument. if you have a substantive agenda that says you can grow over the long haul, over sustained period of time at a growth rate that's above our historical averages, that creates trillions of dollars of economic activity over the
5:20 pm
long haul. and it creates real opportunity. i think it's a winning political message so long as it's backed up with enough facts and it's not just polly anna-ish. which is why the book offers a blueprint. you've got five nobody laure laureates. and my hope is that mitt romney does it. >> and thanks, jeb for talking about a whole different approach to get the economy back. goth blesz. >> two experts who contributed to the book, the 4% solution, telling us to boost the economy, we have to do what calvin coolidge did. do you know what he did? that's why you'll be back with us. to being a different kind of communications company. ♪
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>> the >> the folks at the george w. bush institute have written a new book with new ways to help bring long-term economic growth to america. the book is called "the 4% solution" with me are two economic minds who contributed to the books, jeff glassman at the bush institute and the director of the 4% growth project. when i teased the segment before, i mentioned calvin coolidge. and i bet there's not one in 100,000 americans thatan name you one thing that calvin coolidge ever did. why would we invoke calvin coolidge in a discussion of economic growth? >> he has very strong growth. over 3%, sometimes close to 4% and the other reason that would be relevant today, know about coolidge, when he left the presidential office, the federal government budget was lower than when he came in. not many presidents nominal,
5:25 pm
real, any-- but his small government made the economy grow. and that was the story of the 1920's and remember, what he didn't dos, made the country great the way-- >> let's talk about the fundamentals to get to 4%. how do we practically make that happen because it sounds great, but making it happen, that's a real challenge. >> right, the basic idea is that the government needs to promote policies that allow private enterprise to thrive. as simple as that and those policies are quite broad. they range from tax reform to spending cuts, like calvin coolidge and i think it's an important point. a lot of people are saying, we need to spend more in order to grow. it doesn't really work that way. you may get some empty calories, a little bit of growth from the storm, but it's long-term to cut government spending in order to grow to allow the private sector to thrive. education, energy policy.
5:26 pm
tremendous report. if we could exploit and develop the energy that we have, which is more, more, we have more resources than any other country in the world. we would grow very fast. >> put it m this context, our growth right now 1.5%. that basically means we are all, but on life support as an economy. would that be a fair assessment? >> yeah, it basically means that we're not creating new jobs. we are just kind of stagnating, which is pretty much what europe has been doing over the last ten years. our average growth, historicall has been about 3%, we think we could get to 4. >> 4 would be revolutionary to get there and it would almost be like if you have a savings account. the difference between a compounded savings account and how fast that can grow versus if you just have a little savings account and you don't earn anything from it. >> talking about the debt, if you grew at 4% for ten years,
5:27 pm
you get rid of one quarter of the debt or 4 trillion dollars. what else is nice about the data, fascinating education data. if our math and science scores were as good as germany we would grow a half a percentage point a year and governor bush was talking about that. sohis is possible, this iere is evidence from other states. >> mike: we hear about tax-mageddon, it's going to hit us in the face the first of the year unless congress acts. not getting possibility of growth out of the way? >> right, raising tax rates, not just personal tax rates, but also taxes on capital gains, on dividends which will go way up from 15% up into the 40's for many people. that would have a devastating effect on growth. yes, we need to make changes now. we can't just sit back and expect to get the 4% growth or
5:28 pm
even get beyond 2%. >> mike: jim and really, a pleasure to have you on today. and hope that folks will find out why the 4% solution is an alternative and option rather than figure out to raise your taxes that would probably do more to devastate our economy than to improve it. why are christians running for political office attacked for their strong beliefs? what it puts their families through. we'll talk to dan webster and jim ryan when we return. nana nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner in new york. governor romney is speaking in israel today speaking on that country's right to defend itself. the republican nominee, measured america's moral duties to keep iran from getting weapons. and the limit picks mr. romney
5:32 pm
was at already and then on to poland. president obama has not visited israel since taking office and he did go through during his 2008 campaign. in the latest now on the colorado theater massacre, we're learning there were no security guards on the night it happened even though the company that owned the theat theater-- james holmes is scheduled to appear in a courtroom, to be charged in the massacre that left 12 dead, 58 wounded. i'm harris falkner, now, let's get you back to huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> i've long said that candidates that run for public office open themselves up for public scrutiny and that's fair and i've said that their families ought to be left out of it. as much as i disagree with president obama's policies, i do believe the first lady and their two daughters shunting dragged into the political mud slinging. in our audience, are sandy webster and ann ryan, married
5:33 pm
to a current and former congressman who have been the target of some vicious attacks that have gone after their husbands and their family's christian values. now, you may remember this ad for florida democrat alan grayson before he lost his congressional seat in 2010. >> and fanatics try to take away our freedoms in afghanistan and iraq and right here in central florida. daniel webster wants to impose the radical fundamentalism on oust. >> she should submit to me that's in the bible. >> webster tried to deny battered women medical care and the right to divorce their abusers. >> submit to men. >> they want the woman raped forced to have the child and our bodies and our lives. >> wow, that ad took republican dan webster's words totally out of context, but didn't work for alan grayson who lost to webster. 14 years earlier, jim ryan and
5:34 pm
his wife were attacked by his opponent how they raise their children. former congressman dan webster and former congressman jim ryan join me now. it's good to have you here. [applause] >> i remember talking about this ad when were you running, it was one of the most disgraceful disgusting abuses of advertising i've ever seen and in fact, i want to play the full context of what you you said so our audience can remember that it was the opposite of what was intended. let's see. >> i have a verse for my wife, i have verses for my wife don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's know the bible, but pick the one that you're supposed to do. so, instead, love your wife (laughter) >> i mean, the whole point was to say don't pick those verses about what she should do, but i have to pick the ones which i would do, love your wife as christ loved the
5:35 pm
church. i've never seen more blatant example of a twisted ad. when you first saw the taliban dan ad. what was your reaction to that. >> well, i have a not said what was there, but i am neat sure how i was going to prove it. i didn't have a copy of the video i knew it was wrong and i'd never said that before. but it all worked out. >> mike: and jim, when were you running back in 19 91996, y had an opponent that took words from a christian article in which you were talking about dating and courtship. and put it on the screen and i don't find anything objectionable or controversial about it and we talk to with our own children. courtship can mean different things in different circles, in our family if a young man wants to date one of our daughters he contacts the father and the mother can take the role in the families where the father is not available.
5:36 pm
that sounds pretty dog gone good we asked my daughter to do the same thing, that she didn't just go out until dad checked him out and yet, you were accused of what, trying to manipulate your children? >> trying to manipulate our children, and doing all sorts of things, when in reality what we're trying to do is what we're doing is preparing for them, and in the process, what you're doing allowing questions and how will you handle children and what kind of a debt issue do you have, and a practical question if this leads to marriage at least you're setting the table the right way from the beginning. >> mike: during my tenure as governor, people would take comments i'd make in one case to the southern baptist convention, a pretty open meeting, it wasn't like a secret handshake would get you in. and took those, words that are appropriate in the context of a christian church or christian denomination, lifted out of context and put on the front page of the new york times makes it look like you
5:37 pm
said something bizarre. do you feel that particularly christian messages are utterly misinterpreted by secular reporters and political opponents? >> well, i think in my case, certainly what i had said and what was said interpreted was two different things and i believe though, in my mind, the key to all of this is that people are not necessarily concerned what happens to me or what was said about me, more importantly, how i respond to what's said. that's the key. people watch more about how we respond than they do, maybe about than other people how they respond. >> jim, it does make people think, would i want it run for office given the attacks on the family? >> it does, when my wife and children, again they were portraying them at something strange, they didn't do drugs, hadn't slept around and those kinds of things that you as a father and family want to portray and got to the point
5:38 pm
they were accusing me of being abusive to women and failed it mention my campaign manager was a woman and you need to dig deeper and find out what really happens. >> mike: how did they possibly come up with that you were abusive? >> not giving them an opportunity to have their own personality and in a few moments we'll disspell that when you meet my wife, the personification of personality, warmth and love and as first lady of the second district as people got to know her look at some the ads, wow, that's not what they said were you going to be. in reality she wasn't what they portrayed her as. >> when we come back we'll bring on the wives of the two congressman and how they felt about the attacks on their husbands and families and on them as well. we'll be right back. all just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differentl visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon. good through august 5th it's not for colds,
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[applause] (applause) >> joining us now is congressman webster's wife sandy and congressman ryun's wife ann and i'm going to start with you, the first time you saw the ad taliban dan, what did you think. >> dan is known in the community as one who served and worked hard and is so honest and is a man of integrity, but this wasn't about the issues at all. this attacked him, how he is in our family and i think he was being portrayed as an abusive cruel man to me and to our family and so it grieved
5:43 pm
me because he's a man of i integrity at home. kind, sweet and loving and not this way at all. >> mike: dan, you're going to want that tape. we don't need you anymore, don't say an inning. don't argue with that. (laughter) >> ann, during the time when jim was running, these attacks came. it wasn't what jim stood for or a policy position he took, it was personal and how do you deal with that as a wife and mom? >> you deal with it with the lord and you take everything to him. i like to say wear a smile in your heart at all times and have it show up on your face all the time because we entered our first race thinking naively that we would just stand on the issues and then, at every debate, every forum, when the opponent was
5:44 pm
coming after jim, then our children, we went whoa, what have we gotten ourselves into, but we knew the lord had called us to this time, to this place, to this mission and he would see us through and he did. he did marvellously, we finally gave it commercial at the very end and our daughter reminded me the other day that her line in the commercial was "and my dad always told us to tell the truth." . >> ooh. >> taught us to tell the truth. so the counter acting of the lies and misconception, we took it as a family and we did a commercial with each one of the children, jim and i had a little word to say back to the opponent without saying it directly to him. >> mike: both of you have raised great families. you have wonderful children and grandchildren. and i want to ask, you know,
5:45 pm
sometimes you see politicians whose kids are angry and bitter and they don't want anything to do with it. both of you have been able to keep your families where they love god and they love their country, and they don't find that you've been in politics. tell us the secret of making that happen. >> we just look at things as things come in our life, good and bad, and you learn to do the right thing no matter what. and never the answer-- >> what was the secret for you? how did you make it so your children did not have this resentment and bitterness? it's so easy to understand how it could happen? >> i think our son ned, who is president of american majority said it best in an interview with tony perkins. he said no longer giving up just register to vote and then to vote we must make it a life style. so, from the very tiniest, when they were really, really little, i would drop them off at the end of the block and
5:46 pm
then they would go door-to-door putting leaflets out for the school board or the city commissioner, whoever was running that we could wholeheartedly -- so it was a life style to love god and to love our country and it just, it was a natural. when jim went away and prayed about running after being-- we all -- he came back and we said we're all in. we're all in. of course, i voted for him, all five times (laughter) >> all right. and there was some spouse who came to you and said my husband wants to run for office, looks like it's tough stuff. do you have a piece of advice to give to them? >> take off running? no. (laughter) >> other than that. >> no, i think you just have to do what you love to do and come alongside and i don't
5:47 pm
know. i guess be the best person you can be. i would like to say, too, that i think we ought to change the way that campaigns are run in this country totally. dan has never run a negative campaign. and i think that's helped the children, too, is that it should never be negative, it should be about the issues. and because he wanted to go to washington to change policy, but he also wanted to get there in the right way, to -- you can disagree, but just to attack be somebody is just the wrong thing to do. >> mike: well, you've done it the right way. jim and dan, sandy, great to have you all here. >> thank you. >> delightful conversation, and we'll be right back. >> stay with us. [applause]. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
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♪ (applause) >> you know that our show band, the little rock e, made up of people here at fox news, a couple of the guys from the band got together and took it a step further and created their own band of guys that work here at fox news, and they've actually recorded their own original music, and they're playing live shows at local clubs. would you please welcome the clatty lads. here they are. [applause] >> and you work lights most of the time. >> yes, sir. >> mike: playing with the little rockers kind of got you hooked up with these guys. >> absolutely did. when you launched your show i met pat and me and pat started playing and the the band just grew after that. everybody here. >> and josh, this is the most work we ever get out of you. (laughter) >> that's a good one. >> that was a good one. would you play drums a lot of times and guitar with the
5:52 pm
clatty lads. >> yeah, like purchased the first show on to show and went up to them afterwards, i've got a bunch of tunes, do you mind singing them? yeah. >> and matt, tell us you started playing steel guitar and watched people like george jones, willie nelson come on the show. >> that's right, i didn't know much about country music, i grew up in california playing rock music and worked on your show for a while and got to see the good acts come through here and curious what steel guitar is and went from there. >> sharky introduce the other members of the band? normally on bass, but we're grateful to have you, we have justin brewer. (laughter) >> what could they say? and. >> you're a good sport. >> and behind us on drums, we have chris. >> hey, chris. >> and behind me here. >> great to have you. >> mike: all right, the song we're going to play from the
5:53 pm
cd. by the way, it is available. get it, clatty, itunes, amazon, let's make these guys stars, because they started here on the show. tell us about the song we're going to do. >> brother gray is our first single. >> mike: all right, let's do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (applause) >> all right. the clatty lads, remind you you heard them here first, get their record. the new cd
5:57 pm
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