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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 2, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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his job. i heard on twitter. >> eric: okay. >> kimberly: bad behavior doesn't pay. >> eric: we got to go. five seconds left. that's it for "the five." >> kimberly: you want to freak out some more? ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this is fox news alert. breaking reports say syrian forces have killed at least 50 people during clashes with rebels in the central city of hamas. this is just within the past few hours. the brutal syrian civil war is growing deadlier by the day. by the hour. now president obama has committed american resources to the fight. syrian rebels are for the first time turning heavy weapons, captured from government troops against them the nation's largest city. the u.n. envoy to syria, abruptly quit today. the president has given the u.s. intelligence community orders to get involved. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is watching all of this from the pentagon. as the fighting escalates and
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syria's largest city olipo, for the first time, assad's fighter jets are seen firing on the civilian areas. the situation became too much for-up peace envoy kofi annan who resigned today. >> the clear lack of unity in the security council, changed the citizens for the effective exercise of my role. >> reporter: the conflict in syria may be entering a new phase. opposition fighters seem better armed and more organized than before. the amateur video appears to show one fighter holding an advanced shoulder-fire missile. presumably fa-7. as of yet, none of the surface-to-air missileles brought down syrian plane or helicopters. senior u.s. official tells fox that president obama has signed what is known as a finding directing the cia and other agencies to provide support to the syrian opposition fighters. the cia declined to comment. the president's stopped short of allowing lethal aid or
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weapons to the syrian fighters. the u.s. treasury department however issued a license last month that would clear the way for private groups to provide money to the insurgents. loosening of restrictions that occurred with little fanfare. >> it's a significant move because it allows the syrian support group to coordinate financing, logistics, communication and services. to the army, with the funds to oversee and purchase weapons. >> c.i.a. has been helping with nonlethal support. from command and control from a base in turkey. the u.s. has a large air base nearby. experts are skeptical that the c.i.a. is training the free syrian army and nine factions to fire fa-7s. >> the u.s. government is very careful about shoulder-fired weapons and has taken many, many steps to prevent their proliferation. and misuse.
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i would be very, very surprised if they were to provide any training to the rebels in their use. >> one reason for increased help to the fighters is the appearance of al-qaeda factions attempting to fill the vacuum as the fighting is prolonged. in london, british prime minister david cameron took vladimir putin to the olympic judo finals to talk about syria. the russians blocked u.n. efforts to tighten sanctions against the assad regime. at the u.n. tomorrow, a vote is expected on a watered down general assembly resolution that removes a call for assad to step down. the white house says kofi annan's resignation highlights russia and china's failure to back further security counsel action against syria. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. more on this with the panel. mitt romney is counting on strength in numbers on this his first day back on the trail after a european tour. the former massachusetts governor is at this moment appearing with ten kurp
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republican gores. some of them are believed to be on an exclusive list. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has the story from the mountains of colorado. >> reporter: governor romney returned to the campaign trying to get back on offense on the economy. first stop is in colorado. a swing state. he started by giving president obama on failing jo marks on jobs, home prices marijuana. >> in campaign, talk with be cheap. you can say anything. but results, if they're not done the right way, they can be expensive. >> romney and the surrogates emphasize what he would do to help the middle class, building energy independence, ensuring americans have the skills to succeed. opening markets that work for america, cutting the deficit and championing small businesses. >> advisors admit these are not new themes but argue more people are now paying attention less than 100 days before election day. >> because we're going to have low cost energy here by taking advantage of our resources like coal and natural gas and
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oil, renewables, we're going to see manufacturing come back. low cost energy brings back manufacturing. >> helping the former massachusetts governor and the current republican governors some of whom have been mentioned as a possible runningmate. chris christie from new jersey. bobby jindal from louisiana. bob mcdonald are among the g.o.p. governors who are holding a conference ins a spen. meanwhile on the senate floor today, majority leader harry reid reiterated unsubstantiated charge he made in recent days that an unnamed bain capital investor told him about romney and tried to shift the burden of proof to romney. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. he hasn't. we know from one partial tax return he has money hidden in bermuda, cayman island and swiss bank account. >> other senators are required to file financial disclosure statement every year, listing the asset and liabilities. reid refused to release tax
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returns. a top romney advisor called the tax a distraction from what really matters: the state of the economy and blasted reid and the obama campaign. >> every day they seem to reach a new low. harry reid charges are baseless and they're untrue. i would ask him one simple question. have you no sense of decency, sir? >> back to the fight for colorado. barack obama won colorado by nine points, the real clear politics average of recent polls show mr. obama is up by 3 points. governor romney using strong economic message and help of some popular g.o.p. governors. on stage behind me, hoping to close the gap. bret? >> bret: governor romney with the -- governor romney. wow! mike emanuel with the romney campaign. that is the red aye from los angeles. u.s. stocks slumped after the european central bank failed to take any decisive action to solve the region's debt crisis.
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the dow lost 92. the s&p 500 dropped 10. the nasdaq also fell 10. a white house desperate to out the its stimulus agenda is being blamed for the loss of a half-billion of your tax dollars on the failed solar company solyndra. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at a new report to make bold accusation and how the administration is firing back. >> this was the high point for solyndra when president obama toured the company's northern california plant. under the obama stimulus program, the department of energy had extended $535 million in loan guarantees funded by taxpayers to help the solar panel manufacturer expand. a move the white house said would create 4,000 jobs. 15 months later, solyndra was bankrupt. the fbi raiding its offices. now after 18 months of investigation, the g.o.p. majority staff on the house energy an commerce committee concluded it is clear doe should never have issued the loan guarantee on solyndra and doe violated the plain
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language of the law when it restructures the terms of the loan guarantee. >> the white house told the american people, they owe an explanation. >> in february of 2011, white house chief of staff jack lew was director of the office of management and budget. with solyndra collapsing, omb signed off on restructuring of the firm's loan and under the new terms if solyndra went bankrupt as the firm ultimately did. when it came time to dole out whatever money could be recovered from the wreckage, the taxpayers were to be placed second or is up boardnated to -- subordinated. the top executive, billionaire george kaiser was obama bundler in 2008. newly released e-mails show lew did not follow recommendation of his own analyst who urged the white house to forget restructuring and cut losses there and then. advice if heeded would have saved the taxpayers $400 million. doe and omb's review of the solyndra application were rushed and the quality of those reviews with negatively affected by political considerations, the report found. adding treasury and omb staff
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believe that doe's decision to subordinate the government's interest to two solyndra investors was not proper and questioned whether this decision was consistent with the provision of the energy policy act of 2005. >> there is a sense of favoritism and they are trying to kateor to the contributors. ultimately, if we find there is a case of untruthfulness, we will refer to the justice department. >> chairman stern has been on a witch hunt for months over this. it's unfortunate when a loan like this comes out because taxpayers lose money but it doesn't mean you get rid of the whole program. >> they said it produced zero evidence of political favoritism and president obama still believes it was the right decision to invest in clean energy technologies. >> bret: james, will taxpayers get any of the $535 million back? >> one estimate is 24% of what
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the taxpayers shelled out. >> bret: thank you. lawmakers in the house moments ago voted not to adjourn for the august recess. the vote was 265-170. democrats voted to stay in an effort to make republicans look as though they were abandoning washington with much work undone. some republicans voted to stay as well. they pointed to the democrat controlled senate. leaving without passing a budget for more than three years. the house will meet again tomorrow morning. one of the key officials embroiled in the fast and furious probe is out of a job tonight. former atf deputy director william hoover turned in retirement papers and his last day was tuesday. the republican draft report says hoover and four other atf officials share much of the blame for the failed gun tracking operation. the postal service first time defaulted on $5.5 billion payment to the healthcare fund for future retirees. senators are blasting house leaders for not taking up the
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funding bill. the house passed 38 bills to rename post offices but none to rescue them. post office insist the default will not affect your mail service. what do you think? let me know on twitter. you can follow me. @bretbair. from snail mail to e-mail and whether the white house is playing by the rules. that's later in the grapevine. up next, president obama is linking his tax plan with bill clinton. fair or foul? we report, you decide. ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays] can rely on dulcolax pelaxative tablets they give you predictable overnight relief to help get you feeling like yourself again in the morning. dulcolax laxative tablets. keep you moving. ♪ feeling free. ♪
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>> bret: president obama is channeling bill clinton, or trying to. as part of the re-election campaign. tonight, chief national correspondent jim angle looks at whether this president's tax plans can be fairly compared to the plans of the last president from his party. >> reporter: when the economy was growing at 2.3%, president obama agreed to extend all the bush tax cut, arguing the economy was too weak for any increase on anyone. >> potentially you would see folks losing business. more folks potentially losing jobs. that would be a mistake when the economy has not fully taken off. >> reporter: now the economy is growing even slower. 5.1% this quarter but the president wants to raise taxes anyway. now that he is ignoring his own warnings he needed new arguement to justify new taxes and seized on bill clinton.
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>> all i'm asking is to go back to the rates paid by wealthy individuals under bill clinton. if you remember, that is when the economy created 23 million new jobs. >> reporter: and a budget surplus. the president called it "our plan," meaning the democrats plan of higher taxe taxess and t is what he is running on. >> we tried our plan and it worked. that is the difference. that is the choice in this election. that's why i'm running for a second term. >> there are times you can raise taxes and have it not hurt the economy. unfortunately for barack obama this is not one of those times. to raise taxes now as opposed to during the clinton years would be very ruinous for the economy. >> analysts of all stripes note the clinton economy was on fire because of the high-tech and dot-com boom which eventually crashed but until it did, it grew at 3.5% a year. unemployment dropped to low 4% range. revenues were pouring in.
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>> we aren't in the 1990s. we don't have a tech in logical boom. >> we had a balanced budget, an accommodattive fed easing rates. now we have no new tech boom. we do not have a balanced budget. the fed can't cut rates more. >> nevertheless, counter to the president's earlier warnings the white house insists the higher tax rates will do nothing to hurt economic growth. >> under president clinton, marginal rates at that level, weren't in place when we saw the substantial economic growth and job creation. >> officials concede this economy is far different from the clinton one. >> the economy is not growing fast enough. the economy says every time he speaks of the economy -- >> analysts fear that raising taxes now could do serious damage to an already weak economy. that is a risk he acknowledges.
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>> a huge election year indicator comes out tomorrow morning. the july unemployment report could energize or deflate either campaign. we received early indication on which way it might be headed. chief washington correspondent ed henry is looking at the numbers. >> you're right. this is an early sign of tomorrow's numbers mixed at best for the president. a number of people seeking unemployment claims went up by 8,000 last week. it may have been changed by seasonal average. but maybe signs are starting to get better. the president was on the road today and talked a little about jobs but spent more time to shift it to tax fairness instead of jobs as he continued to hit mitt romney hard. take a listen. >> they tried to sell us a trickle down tax cut fairy
3:18 pm
dust before. it didn't work then and it will not work now. not a plan to create jobs. not a plan to reduce the deficit. not a plan to middle class or move the economy forward. this takes us backward. >> the aides shot back in terms of going backward it's led to the rising unemployment and rising deficits. they also release a new ad today, the romney camp in the state of florida. the key battleground where they took something that the president said in the 2008 campaign in the sunshine state to try an make a case in the ad that he didn't keep his promises. >> under president obama, 8.6 unemployment. record foreclosures.
3:19 pm
600,000 more nordens in poverty. he know -- floridians in poverty. he focused on obamacare instead of jobs. >> the following day, the august jobs report will come out. and meanwhile, the october jobs report comes out friday november 2. a few days later she will have the election. starting tomorrow, the last few jobs report will be big to frame the final days of election. >> bret: we'll watch closely. ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. the democratic congressional campaign committee is apologizing tonight for what it calls its own unsubstantiated allegation attacking casino magnet sheldon addleson. a big republican donor. the release states this was wrong, the statements were untrue and unfair and we retract them. his attorney threatened to sue over a press release to state some of money came from the chinese constitution. still ahead, what is and is not done in new orleans. seven years after katrina.
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>> bret: we are getting indications how batly western sanctions are hurting iran. bloomberg reports the penalty is costing the islamic republic $133 million a day. it's a shipments plunged by 52%. since the last sanctions, the latest sanctions, rather went in effect july 1. the price of oil has not risen globally. iran is vowing not to buckle to the western pressure to alter the yahoo program. spanish police arrested three suspected al-qaeda members who may have been planning attacks there or elsewhere in europe. they say the man amassed enough explosive material to blow up a bus.
3:24 pm
a different type of terrorism. this time, through computers. has lawmakers and security officials in the u.s. very concerned tonight. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge says the metion is time is running out to do something about it. >> reporter: despite a full court press to push cyber security legislation through the senate, the vote fell short of the 60 votes needed to move to final passage. >> maybe this is time to cool our jets. not a time to turn them off. >> while supporters said legislation would help the businesses better protect the computer networks, critics including several republicans said the rule boils down to big government and over regulation. >> the bill that was put forward on the floor is not one that will achieve the purpose that all of us want. >> other republicans complain procedural issues derail the legislation. >> we decided appropriately, given the complexity and the number of members who have
3:25 pm
expertise in this issue. we are on this issue to not finish it today. >> those who supported the law said national security fell victim to politics. >> once again, the members of congress have failed to come together to deal with a serious national problem. >> you see evidents from bad actors across many sea, attacking this country and acts of industrial espionage. >> given republicans like to consider national security an issue the party owns, some believe unresolved issues including the budget and tax cut mean cyber security does not come up again before the election. >> i am very worried that we have run out of time. our adversaries will know that we failed to act. i am afraid that that will embolden them. >> in a statement, the white house chastised republicans saying, "the politics of
3:26 pm
obstructionism prevented congress passing legislation to better protect our nation." they are urging immediate action. alexander said of increase in attacks on the u.s. and how it could evolve from destruction to destruction of entire computer networks. bret? >> bret: thank you. she is also reporting tonight for the first time the f.b.i. is admitting that it knew radical muslim cleric anwar al-awlaki was returning to the u.s. in 2002. and that an f.b.i. agent discussed this with the u.s. attorney before anwar al-awlaki was detained an abruptly released. terror leader was killed in yemen by a u.s. drone strike last september. denver tv station says the university psychiatrist treating the suspect in the colorado theater massacre repeatedly tried to discuss her patient with a campus panel a month before the attack. she reportedly called members of the group but they never met. james holmes is charged with
3:27 pm
gunning down 12 people and wounding 58 in a ram page two weeks ago. new questions about the most transparent administration in history. questioning that. and an answer to the question why is president obama holding this baseball bat in this photo? grapevine is next. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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>> now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. house republicans are questioning whether the self-described transparent administration ever is trying to go around disclosure rules. the report prepared by the energy and commerce committee uncovered e-mails sent from the personal account of then deputy chief of staff jim messina to lobbyists in the healthcare reform debate. in one he wrote to a drug industry lobbyists, "i will roll pelosi to get the $4 billion. as you may have heard, i am literally rolling over the house." the law requires all official white house communication be
3:31 pm
preserved. press secretary jay carney said yesterday "mr. mesina would cop his own e-mail to the white house account so the record was established." the committee report says the white house refused to verify whether the e-mail in question had been properly preserved. the administration is also accused of arranging secret meetings with lobbyists at a coffee shop near the white house to avoid having to list the sessions. wednesday's chick-fil-a appreciation day was very appreciateed by the company. pastor rick warren tweeted ceo dan cathy called me. chick-fil-a set a world record today with seven more hours to go in the west. #outofchicken. the company released today, had this quote, "while we don't release exact sales numbers it was unprecedented day." apparently a counter event is set for tomorrow. gay rights supporters are planning national same-sex kiss day at chick-fil-a. to protest the company support
3:32 pm
of traditional marriage. finally, president obama called turkish prime minister monday to discuss the situation in syria. the call itself was not unusual in the crisis there. but the picture of the president holding a baseball bat in that call raised some questions. >> you know, didn't get it from a major league player or is a back story about the foreign policy approach? he was holding a baseball bat. >> what can i tell you? >> bret: the bat was a gift from hall-of-famer hank aaron. the legacy of hurricane katrina has become a money-draining eyesore for large part of new orleans. tens of thousands of the abandon properties are waiting to be fixed or sold. correspondent casey stegall explains why from the big easy. >> who could forget the pictures, seven years ago this month, one of the worst natural disasters in modern u.s. history.
3:33 pm
today, sounds of progress around new orleans, sounds many say didn't come soon enough. >> depressing in that it's delab tated property -- dilapidated property. and it's compounded by other properties in the area. >> pete's home in lower ninth ward has three e -- had three feet of water in it. he was one of the lucky ones who had insurance and rebuilt. his neighbor across the street wasn't as fortunate and abandoned the home which still looks like this. >> time marchs on, the house continues to deteriorate. now is the time to get it done. >> he and so many other new orleans residents are frustrated with the city's response to cleaning up the big easy. nearly seven years after the storm an estimated 40,000 blighted properties remain. >> we are a small part of this. >> non-profit groups like harmony neighborhood development are now able to
3:34 pm
acquire derelict homes more easily, thanks to aggressive campaign launched by the city to address blight. >> one of the new thing we have done is foreclosure, where we can foreclosure on the amount of money owed to the city. >> 195,000. >> once the property is foreclosed on, it's auctioned off. but not before every attempt is made trying to reach the original owner. >> some folks have 15, 16 addresses. >> the community applauds the city renewed effort saying it's about time. but the only way to game success won't happen until next year. by that time the city hopes to have cleared 10,000 blighted properties off the box. now that number stands at 4700. bret? >> bret: thank you. too much rain to not enough. late this afternoon, the house approved a relief habit. in part by the growing drought. the latest information indicates two-third of the
3:35 pm
lower 48 states are feeling the draft. half of the counties have been designated disaster area. faa says two planes that flew too close to each other were not on a collision course. to u.s. airways commuter jets were taking off, one trying to land. faa is blaming bad weather for a miscommunication between air traffic controllers. the u.s. takes steps to become further involved in the syrian civil war. we will talk about whether it's a good idea and what is next there. fox all-stars join me after the break.
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the increasing militarization on the ground and the clear lack of security in the security county helped change the census for the exercise of my role. yet, the bloodshed continues. >> bret: well, it's too much for u.n. peace envoy kofi annan who quit today saying that the situation is getting out of control in syria. this as the u.s., the president signing what is known as a finding, trechting the c.i.a. and other agencies to help with the syrian opposition fighters. c.i.a. didn't comment on this. in the meantime, the u.s. is
3:39 pm
picking up its support financially for nonlethal assistance. this is what the white house press secretary said about it. "we provide nonlethal assistance to the opposition. we don't believe that adding to the number of weapons in syria is needed to help bring about a peaceful transition. peace is not what is happening in damascus and throughout that country tonight, the killings are continuing." bring in the panel. syndicated columnist pat buchanan. kirsten powers for daily beast. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. pat, what about the u.s. action? >> the u.s. would like to see this thing gotten over as rapidly as possible and get assad out of there. i can tell you, they have to be tremendously apprehensive. if a dictator goes down, a possibility that syrian could have a shiite war and muslim brotherhood. we have al-qaeda now in there heavy. and jihaddists aligned with
3:40 pm
the al-qaeda that is now reactive with the anbar province. you have the kurds who are about to break away, loosen ties to damascus, so i think the administration has to be extraordinary a rehence i about what is happening michigan guess is they would like to get this other as soon as possible. the sooner assad is gone, the sooner the better. >> bret: significance of annan leaving today? >> i don't think -- what that mean is reality. he hasn't done a thing over there. the situation deteriorated, gotten worse. trying to put together a deal. he is unable to. security council is -- [ inaudible ] >> it's underlying exactly what a bad situation this is. annan leaving. he is throwing his hands in the air and saying nothing can be done here. they're up against china and russia, thus far have been in
3:41 pm
the role, assad has been hanging on. you know, the question is what more can be done? i think the administration is doing as much as they can. who knows, they may be doing more than what we know. when people were choosing obama doing nothing on iran they were cyber attack against iran. they could be doing more than what they are doing. in terms of arming the rebels, we don't know if al-qaeda is infiltrated them. we don't know what is going on there. we're careful about, as carney was saying, adding to the situation. >> bret: there are indications that al-qaeda is present in syria and making a stand there. here is what the prime minister of great britain, david cameron said about all of this today. >> syria isn't libya. it's a different situation. i don't think military approaches are right in this case. we're careful about that. there is more pressure that we can put on. there is a lot we can do to
3:42 pm
help the syrian opposition. with advice and support. >> he is right. in some sense it's easier for the revolution because the strength, the energy, the commitment of the rebels is far stronger than it was in libya. they dopped need outside air power right now. pat is right. the quicker this is over is better. because the longer it goes on the more the extremists can get a handle on the rebels. but that argues for more intervention, not less. if you want to go quicker, you make sure that the rebels get weapons. equal power to what the regime has. rebels are planning to capture one tank. it isn't eeck quill librium in the power each side has. i'm glad they are giving nonlethal. it would make sense to increase nonlethal aid and training in turkey so we have
3:43 pm
influence over guys that come out at the end. >> despite we don't truly know the composition of the rebel force. >> that is right but we don't have a choice for the outcome. the revolution will happen with us or without us. the revolution is underway for a year-and-a-half. largely without us. if you have a choice, do you want a revolution or not, that would be a different issue. we are in the middle of it. we're at the end game of it. if the rebels are worn out in olepo, which is a signal of how weak the regime is, if it's approaching the end game, we better get involved and sort out the opposition, so we don't end up with a worse case scenario. that is an argument for more intervention. >> bret: don't forget in the big back picture, chemical weapons supply that the world knows syria has. >> right. if you go for lethal teams, you can become bridge rant. you don't want -- bridge rant. you don't want to do that without consulting the
3:44 pm
congress of the united states. i don't know that we have the force or the power to effect the outcome after assad falls. the muslim brotherhood is in there, the sunnies are 80% of that region. i think henry kissinger is right. we are on the verge of something like a 30 years war in this region. i see this as a sunni-shia conflict with the sunnis ultimately frankly rising to dominance here. this is going to spread to one of the countries to the other. so i'm reluctant to use any american force in there. and even lethal aid. they should go to the congress. >> in the end, syria will remain a client state. today it's client of iran. if the rebels win, it will be and should be aligned with turkey. it has the most interest in it and has given the most support to rebels. refuge, organization, and weaponry. that to us is the reffable outcome. not an american state but a turkish state. islamist, moderate, friend of
3:45 pm
the united states and a member of nato. that is the outcome we want. we have to be there in turkey helping or everybody is going to go north afterward. >> bret: you are shaking your head. >> this is the consequences of the situations, and i mean it sounds great. why would we be arming people who we know are probably infiltrated by iran yas and al-qaeda -- iranians and al-qaeda? it's asking for trouble. syria threatped if any sort of foreign involvement, they will unleash chemical weapons. assad shown himself to be diabolical. we would have to really understand if we went to a situation like this -- i agree completely -- we have to go to congress first what we are getting ourselves in to. >> you arm factions, among the rebels with the turks pro-western and on our side. you won't give a blanket arming to anybody. it's that discrimination which could help the good guys among the rebels. in the end, inherit the power
3:46 pm
when the civil war is over. exactly what we did in libya. >> you know the two british were captured by a number. not a single one syrian. from africa and everywhere else. al-qaeda is in there strong. if you go in there you will have a civil war post assad. >> bret: okay. we'll follow this closely. next up, president obama and president clinton. similar patco osimpatico on tax?
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♪ by the way, florida, just like we tried their way, what i'm talking about, we tried too. all i'm asking is we go back to the rates that were paid by
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wealthy individuals under bill clinton. if you remember,hat is when our economy created nearly 23 million new jobs. [ applause ] we created the biggest budget surplus in history. and here is the kicker. it was good for everybody. >> bret: president obama on the stump talking about our plan, the "r" plan, referring back to president clinton and his economy and his budget when he raised taxes on the higher earners. it was a different time. back with the panel. kirsten, you know, back in the clinton economy it was the economy was on fire. there was a high-tech boom. growth was at 4%. 3.5%. unemployment rate was down to 4%. revenues were pouring in. this is a different environment. the president is clearly running o on the clinton. >> it is a different environment. but the president raised taxes in 1993.
3:51 pm
technically, the tech boom took off around '95. but it was a little later. the reason that president clinton did that is the deficit. he did not want to raise taxe taxes. but we needed to raise taxes. what obama is doing a clear political ploy to align himself with clinton. what he is saying is completely true. it's just taking on clinton rates which were not terribly high. >> this guy has been in office for a full term. the plan as i remember, obama plan was cap and trade. trillion-dollar stimulus and obamacare. that was the plan. regulation wall street, all kind of regulation, hyper regulation of energy. that is the plan. now he pretends the plan was something he was not involved in. that happened in the '90s. extremely unusual era.
3:52 pm
it was also the decade of the peace dividend. between 1991, the collapse of the soviet union and 2001, beginning of the war on terro terror, we had ten years of peace and prosperity, which allowed a huge reduction in spending on defense and spending either debt reduction or social programs. that explains -- the idea that it was spurred by a 4% change, difference in the rate of income tax on 2% of population is a joke. he is running on this. this is his platform? >> that is not the claim. he is not claiming that it caused growth. he is saying we had growth even though the taxes were great. it's an argument against argument that republicans are making. like if you raise taxes the world would end. >> that would be true if he hadn't used the word plan.
3:53 pm
he said if that was our plan, the tax rate, clinton's plan and now our plan, the democratic plan. it is going to work. it's preposterous. it's not his plan. it had nothing to do with the boom that we had in the 1990s. nothing. >> bret: this line is now in every speech. >> look, i don't think it's a winner. at best, what barack obama is saying is utterly irrelevant to the problem this problem has got, which is the economy is not moving. it's going in to a stall. you have 8.2% unemployment. under what economic theory, do you hit that economy right in the head with a major tax increase? there is no theory. this is really an absurdity on the part of the president. this is sheer ideology. he has a hostility against the rich. he wants to go after them. that is the keystone of his
3:54 pm
campaign. it's demagogic. i don't think that is a seller. >> bret: but even though when you ask in a poll no, matter how you ask it, it comes back yes, tax the rich. >> but does anybody think it will -- ask them, will it make the economy grow? the republicans have an argument. okay. bush didn't work that well. ronald reagan, how did the tax cuts work in reagan era? '8-'82, 6-7% growth. >> bret: it's interesting that this president is now running on this, on the stump, when in 2010, at a growth rate of 2.3% he said you know what? the growth is too slow to raise taxes. we have to be careful with the economy. now the growth rate is at 1.5%. it's okay. >> yeah. i can't explain that. i don't agree that, you know, that raising the taxes, raising taxes will harm the economy. i think we are looking, the biggest problem we face right now is the out-of-control deficit. the debt that is mounting. it has to be paid down. that is a reason to raise
3:55 pm
taxes. it's not -- i don't think any of the other arguments matter. you are right, every single poll, even among republicans is raise tax on the rich. nobody has a problem with that. these people are not socialists or demagogues. they just think we need to pay off our debt. >> if the idea is to pay down debt, this tax increase is a joke. it's $80 billion at most, at most, $1.3 trillion deficit. so it means that instead of $1.3 billion we'll add on $220 billion. the idea it reduces our debt is preposterous. five cents on the dollar of our debt. the real way to reduce debt is entitlement reform which obama won't go near. he opposes it and demagogues anything republican republicansy on that. tax reform in future but never speaks about it in the present. >> bret: i talk to business
3:56 pm
leaders and business owners who say listen, i'll pay the extra taxes. but i don't want to see the solyndras and the gsas and the waste in washington. >> nobody is saying that it's just raising taxes. it has to be part of abrader point. >> bret: that is it for panel. not it for this topic. we'll be back to it, i'm sure. stay tuned for more efforts to find that perfect slogan. . whoa, look at all those toys.
3:57 pm
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>> bret: one word with a period at the end of it caused some angst with the campaign at first but now they are okay with it. with just a few weeks left until the democratic convention. one late night show insists president obama and vice are trying out in search for the general location. >> no you can't. no you shouldn't. don't even try. [ laughter ] >> no, no, no. there is no jobs for you, man. >> the economy is bad. it's all my fault and i can't fix it. [ laughter ] >> i'm betting on china. >> i'm in over my head. >> have enough money to pay the bank, honey, and we have to move. [ laughter ] we have to move. >> you should vote for mr. romney.


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