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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 4, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome to "redeye" i'm greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy, what is coming up. >> andy: thanks, greg. eight players are disqualified after trying to lose. and new obama fund-raiser donating to himself. this means at long last the impeachment hearings will finally begin? and are christian having a custody battle over their dog?
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>> greg: that reminds me. i was captain 'pebbles. >> does he miss me? >> who cares. start the show. >> greg: can i see a picture of him? >> we agreed that would be a bad idea. captain pebbles and i agreed it would be a bad idea. >> greg: i don't believe that. >> andy: you promised you wouldn't tell. >> greg: it came out one night while we were taking our weekly bath. >> i miss those weekly baths. >> start your so. >> greg: i guess you are right and you doing this to hurt me. you know what you did. go away. let's welcome our guests. so hot the bench approaches her. and remy spencer and it's comedian tom. in thailand, it's tuesday. and also bill and i bang him outside a classroom.
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fox news senior correspondent reverend fall and bosses can't be happy the sales are so crappy good to see you pinch. drew christy and there is nothing knew within the current crop of movies or book and originality is dead. anything to add intern? originality is dead. [ laughter ] >> good one. good one! all right you can stop now. okay, you can stop now. okay, get somebody get him out of here. somebody get me out of here! all right. shuttle coch. more like shut badminton has gone bad. 8 players were qualified after trying to lose maps.
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it's a black eye for badminton, known around the world for a beautiful game. one executive, if you lose the competitive element it becomes nonsense. and had he blamed the round robin results to be manipulated and turn it tote knockout round. more on the scandle but let's go live to london where correspondent michael mikeson is in front of the facility where many athletes dine during the games. there might be a small satellite delay. mike, are you there? >> we're here at live. where all the athletes are here. >> greg: which athletes have you seen there today? >> all the olympic athletes,
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phelps and korean guy. they are all there. >> greg: what did they order? >> matthew phelps -- they all go to lunch here. excuse me sir? >> greg: can we see the athletes dining. >> that is it from london. back to you greg. >> i swear he is just around the corner in manhattan. this scandal has rocked the sported of badminton. will you ever be able to take this sported seriously again? >> i take it seriously today. >> greg: really? >> when i first read the story this is cheating. but bury if you look into it all they were doing was trying to win the final match. they were going for the gold.
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that is what you are supposed to do. the way it was structured they were able to play against weaker opponents if they lost the game. they were trying to win, it's done all the time. >> it's like chess but w a shuttle coch. you have completely changed my mind on this. i might have to do this monologue again. you have been covering this all day over at the badminton channel and following the latest. any updates? >> am i the only one that didn't realize that badmirnton was a sport. >> greg: there are children that are crying right now. >> you ought to be good enough to lose on purpose and not get caught doing it. >> greg: that is good point actually. i don't know if i follow. that you are a lawyer, isn't the badminton world federation for
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making a tournament where it could allow you to benefit by losing? >> blame the victim here. blame the badminton federation for poor sportsmanship. the question i have, rick brings up a good point. how did they prove that these people were trying to lose? >> greg: because they made it obvious. >> they take an oath, all the athletes have to take an oath before they can play and compete in the olympics, it's to play to win but to play with good sportsmanship. i don't think they upheld their oath. >> greg: other oath that people don't talk about is the oath to satan, a lot of people don't know about. >> have you watched the video. they get so bad. they were playing so bad. >> the rules were set up, i don't think they were embarrassed about doing that. they think it was part of the game. >> there was a boxing, a fight,
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that you and i were engaged in and you and i were in the semifinals and if you beat me you would have to fight 50. you would lose, because that was the smart thing to do. they are competitive and they want to win. >> greg: you nailed it, bill. is this the greatest thing to happen about badminton. they are finally talking about the sport. >> i'm not so sure about the team. 1919 black socks threw the world series. why did he have to be the black socks. they threw. you don't talk about the occurs of bambino or the curse of the billy goat. these guys are in big trouble. now i'm trying to rethink it abouthe statement about that.
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and they should do something. >> every single sport in the olympics people say it's unfair. there is some element to the scoring or grading. maybe the round robin system is unfair but they shouldn't try to lose. >> they don't race to win in tour de france. sometimes they race to block other people. they try to get their leader of the their team to been. >> greg: but tom, you are, most people know, a pathological murderer. you do horrible things to people on road sides. so the chess metaphor, something you use to describe or justify any kind of behavior. if you erected why did you kill in elderly couple, you know what that was so younger people to buy the house. you could use it. >> it works as meta for. what you just said as a
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metaphor. i don't support doing that. >> greg: i want to move on to something else that i found shocking. london oddly enough has a mayor. it's not like a disneyland town. i thought it was there when i moved there, like was run like disneyland. it's an actual city and they have a mayor named boris johnson and there was an event in torrey park. >> this is amazing. >> greg: okay, he got stuck. and he couldn't get down. this is the mayor waving a flag in the middle of zip line, asking for a ladder and asking for rope. tom you mentioned metaphor, isn't this metaphor the way the londoners doing the olympic
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games. wasn't mitt romney right. i don't know with a mayors are supposed to do. they are supposed to do this and show a little team spirit. if the mayor in my country we are doing this we wouldn't have -- mayor bloomberg would be up on a zip line so stop trying to control my fatty foods and my baby formula and french-fries. >> bloomberg was doing this big gulps would be saved. >> he is the geico little pig. you replace the pin wheel with two union jack. i just wanted to put weeee! right in the soundtrack. >> can i say there is a reason why you don't see why rudy guliani never got on zip line he a mayor. notices not a clown show.
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>> he didn't do drag. [ laughter ] >> that artistic. >> remy, i actually like boris and thigh he is very intelligent and probably the best mayor they've had in a long time. does this reflect actually kind of sense of humor? >> i think so. i don't know much about the mayor. i never read about him before today. i think the politicians kind of humiliated themselves, we see it in the states on a daily basis. london people think this is en dearing. he doesn't hold himself up above anyone else. >> i used to see him, he would ride his bike through town. i saw a guy riding a bike? what did you do before the show started. you dropped 13 names. you are like aailman.
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here is what you need to know about the mayor, a geico pig laugh. >> why is it badminton and i didn't know that until i was an adult? >> what a minton. we know what a mitten is. >> you know who knows the answer is andy levy. >> he is probably doing something else. looking himself in the mirror, saying i look good today. so to barack, she writing a check to save his own neck. president obama just donated some money to his own campaign and we caught it on video. it was posted at barack let's wash it together, shall we. >> first of all i think everybody should know i really care about this campaign and i believe when in what our administration is doing and folks know that i'm just not talking the talk but i'm walking
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the walk. i cleared this with michelle. and for the united states of america my occupation is president. >> greg: that was tril. thrill. he has been -- it doesn't show how much it was. they say it was five grand. just like a regular guy would give. for more, let's go live to political correspondent woodward and bernstein. guys? just the opposite of a zip line. it's slow. remy, in kenya, $5,000 is a
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year's salary. so he truly is biggest success story. >> that is just a terrible question. [ laughter ] i can't say what the annual salary in kenya but andy will correct you at the half time. kenya make a guess? [ laughter ] >> i think the video is silly but the point is very sound. president is going to line letting people see this is how you do it. it makes it look accessible but i kind of think that was the point. >> greg: it's like one of those commercials for the office where the goofier more people go i like that guy jim. when he looks at the camera, boy that was really stupid. >> if anybody at the table has been in charge of a fund-raising operation, not just political things but for anything.
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>> you raise money for cop killers. >> you are terrible. i get paid by criminal defendants. getting people to gig into their pockets and give money other than themselves is a difficult thing. obama administration is making it easier for people to do that. >> greg: bill, he should be impeached. whatever remy said, nonsense, this is slap in the face of a working man. the whole time i'm looking at that, how dare you. really? in front of my own eyeballs, no, not in my america. problem with this video is that he is touching a specific portion of the population, the people that don't know who to use computer. he is not doing team obama any favors. thanks obama, why don't you
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wheel greg into the voting booth while you are at it. >> here is the irony. he is a paid employee of the united states. so $35,000 he donated came out of your pocket and he was getting paid while he typed on that device, whatever it was. >> greg: i think it's a something else. >> a lot of wealthy people have funded their own campaigns. there is nothing wrong giving money. >> with my money. >> it's his money. he is doing his job. >> it's my money. i'm going to keep saying it. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i guess it was his money but it came from my pocket. how dare you, mr. president. i want to get tom into this, generally he has something interesting to say. isn't it more reflective that more effective campaign because he got obama to convince himself
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to donate? >> there is something terrible. he shouldn't have a mouse, pushing a mouse. undignified. oh, is my wife going to be okay about this. was me in the white house or first apartment in queens. that was terrible. had the plants in the corner. there is something very small about this. you remember when he ran before, hope and the face and it was all the other people getting excited but there something about letting him dining the talking. >> isn't cool. >> by the way. romney donated $5,000, mr. money bags, let's face it. >> everyone would have been, only $5,000? it should have been a million. >> and i'm running for rom. there you go. >> there is something about the mouse. the way he was pushing the mouse
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seemed sad to me. >> yes. >> greg: i could be a joke about it, if he was child he would have eaten the house e. the dog was named mouse, no. >> i like the other one. >> we'll think about it later. >> coming up, what do serial killers in their free time. tom on his new book, if i'm not murdering people, eig thinking about murdering people. sounds like somebody needs a vacation. first, do people become boring at age
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♪ ♪ >> greg: when does a young pup become grown up. a new study suggests 30 is a new
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21 because young people are maturing later in life. researchers say that folks born in 199040% believe they reached maturity. the big 30 is the gate way age into the age of maturity and 20 is seem of time of career hopping you little jerks. 21 is an excuse for a party. young people approaching 30 regard that as a threshold to adulthood. 30 is the new 21. 11 is the new 20, am i right? hopefully not. bigger question, how will it decide whether pedestrian horses have the right of way? ♪ ♪ not watching the road. >> we do know horses have the right of way. other questions, does it mean all the 21-year-olds are now
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under age? [ laughter ] >> you're going to have think about that one. >> first of all i love singles, scientists are so scientific. where do you find this? >> pick any point you want that you find interesting about this? >> i really prefer questions to put you on your back heel because it may think about wha . >> i have a 21-year-old daughter. [ laughter ] >> she is mature, but most young people aren't. so i would agree with the study. how is that? >> good, you aren't going to punch me? >> not yet. >> and besides maturing later is it because with we are living longer. >> because women will sleep with us. [ laughter ] >> wow, women sleep with men in their 20s. there is lots of free love around and men can extend their
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adolescence into the late 30s, that is the reason of them can have their cake and eat it, too. >> they can have the co 1 and the message while eating cake. >> all those things. >> so men have the benefit of this because they get to have an ex-box and get to live and have sex with women until they are 40 years old. >> it's a valid point. i had something else to say. this the downfall of the feminist movement. we did it all. we used to have it all, career and education and be independent so men don't have to provide for us any longer. i meet men in 30s that ago like 15-year-olds. >> it's about all young people and women, too. >> but nobody ever talks about women. women remaining as young, they talk about male babies, you are
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right. >> your daughter is 21 and mature, most women in the 20s are building their career and you don't see many women in their 30s playing ex-box. >> it's immature guys, any bar in the area where there is professional ladies in their 30s and mixer and yelling and free love. it's on both sides. >> i don't know who you spend time with. >> call me. >> that is not even a pen. you know, bill is right, tom is right, remy is right. i don't remember what you said. fact is women do act that way but think the consequences are harder on the women because they have to deal with the reproductive health questions and because the men are delaying their adulthood, women are finding harder time, finding
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harder time to raise a family and women get 35, 35-year-old guy or 47-year-old guy, i could wait until i'm 80. >> i think more and more women. >> i'm sorry, remy, i apologize. >> i wasn't worried until now but you said i should be worried. >> i'm going to make your lifestyle feel a little brighter. i think a lot of more women are getting educated when they get to 30s, but babies kind of suck. >> women are learning they don't need a man to raise a child. so you are seeing mor single women do it for choice. >> what made more tv movie did you go by. life is perfect, i'm single and my kids is going to be perfectly fine without a dad.
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blah! do you have a comment on the show. e-mail us and leave a voicemail on direct line 462-5050 and coming up is andy levy. a single mother. >> [ male announcer ] when she takes the starting block this summer, she's not just natalie coughlin. she's every 5-year-old who ever jumped in a pool and didn't want to get out. ♪ every coach, every rival who ever pushed her. she's the tip of a spear that goes all the way back to the beginning. it's amazing how far you can go with a little help along the way. td ameritrade. proud sponsor of the 2012 u.s. olympic team.
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>> >> welcome back. let's see if we got anything right so far. for that let's go to andy levy. >> four badmitton teams disqualified for trying to lose. you said they are known as the beautiful game. >> yes. >> that is soccer my young friend. >> oh. >> that seems odd. >> considering soccer is the stupid name, i don't know where it came from. what they were trying to do is win the match of the olympics. it doesn't matter. you don't dump matches. >> you would say that, but you are not the one who has pressure to put that gold medal around their neck. >> don't i? >> given -- >> a great example, it is better than chess. the infield fly rule in baseball. that's why the owe nuss -- onus should be on the
11:32 pm
organization. they should change the rule so people could be knocked out in each heat. the infield fly rule in baseball did just that. you didn't penalize a baseball player pour dropping the ball and throwing the ball out at second. >> i agree the round robin formula is stupid for those who are trying to lose to get a better seed. first of all, you are playing in front of spectators who played good money to watch you. you have an obligation to provide entertainment. that's what you are there for. >> i completely agree. >> you play to win. >> did my mic cut out after that? >> it is the olympics. you play to win. you try to win every match. if you have to beat tougher teams to get your medal, it is a more available gold medal. >> the chinese have a history of doing this. an on-line magazine posted stats showing of the 99 badmitton matches played by all chinese teams, meaning
11:33 pm
when a chinese team met another chinese team, 20 were walkovers, meaning one team dumped to the other. >> i have another theory on that. i think they were throwing the games because they wanted to get better badmitton draft picks. >> rick, you -- >> yes? >> you mock the fact that soccer is a sport at all. did you know it is the fifth most popular sports in the world? >> obviously i knew that. >> in the world. >> you know what is in the next olympics? corn hole. >> actually should be. it is a fine game. >> andy, it is in my olympics. >> really? >> i play it at the beach all the time. 47 years old. and i still can't play corn hole? i played it over july 4th. >> it is a fun game.
11:34 pm
>> i played it. it is okay. >> you are not good at it, are you? >> no. well, i scored two and then went 0 for 3 after that. >> i know what the secret is? you throw the bag vertically. you don't throw it horizontally. >> no, that's silly. the fastest badmitton smash in tournament play is 206 miles an hour. >> what? how is that possible? >> in 2009 there was a smash that was 262 miles an hour, but it wasn't in a tournament, so it doesn't count. you ask how it is possible. unlike tennis because of the feathers or whatever they are it slows down quickly, so it is 200 miles an hour at first, but by the time it reaches the other team it is slower than tay. >> so just upon impact with the racket it is going fast? >> yes. and then it slows down. >> so the average speed is still like one mile an hour? that's why nobody watches it of the. >> i believe that is kilometers per hour.
11:35 pm
greg, olympian does not take an oath to say tan, or they are not required to. >> as long as it is optional, i am half right. >> tom, greg suggested perhaps you use your chest metaphor to explain to the police why you killed, say, an elderly couple so the younger couple can get the house. you say it works as a metaphor, but don'ts support that in real life. >> yes. >> so why do you kill them? >> don't say anything. you have a fifth amendment right. >> i knew you were defending tom. >> go ahead. give him your card. >> that's unbelievable. >> didn't miss a beat. >> could smell the guilt and defended him. >> look at him. she so guilty. >> keep your mouth shut. >> by the way, greg, badminton was the name of a country estate . it was first played after british soldiers brought it back from india as a slightly
11:36 pm
different game and they changinged it a little bit. >> a good question. >> it was a fine question. >> by the way, the boris johnson thing, it is a scene from the next austin powers movie. they were actually filming. so it was not a big deal. >> i knew i heard the whacky music. >> obama shows him in his own campaign. you say it it came from your pockets, but given that most of the money obama earns isn't from his presidential salary, it is highly doubtful. >> yes, but highly doubtful is not a no. and i operate on partial truths. as far as i'm concern impeachment proceedings begin asap. >> we do not disagree on this. >> i am building my case as we speak. i got it at ikea. >> tom, i agree with you. why is he using a mouse on that video? he has a laptop with a good track on it. it is a mac book pro.
11:37 pm
>> romney needs to come out with an ad where he is doing one of those finger boards. >> or etch-a-sketch. isn't it illegal for the foreign nationals to donate to the presidential campaign? >> oh, andrew. >> thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. bill, you said if romney had donated to his campaign he would have said, only $5 grand? >> i admit i was trying to get a shady character in the caymens to put in the other million. there is a tangled web we weave. >> are you saying he is spider-man? >> perhaps. with great power comes great romney responsibilities. >> and great hair. >>- q. -- >> rick, when greg asked you if all of the 21-year-olds you date are underage, your answer was, "i love science."
11:38 pm
>> for the record, i do not date 21-year-olds. can we be clear on that? >> i was giving you a chance. >> i think we are over this now, right? >> we are not going to revisit it again on this show. we will never bring it up again. now that we know it is annoying you, now that we know it makes you uncomfortable, we will never bring it up again. >> we are moving on. >> can we just focus on science? >> have i to move on. i have to move on. >> science is a female rapper, right? >> rick, rick, it is over. you clarified. we are done. rick, how long have you been dating 21-year-olds? >> how much more time is left on the show? >> i kid. i kid. tom, you said that becoming an adult later is because women will sleep with us, which remi you agreed with. you said it was the down fall of feminism. rick, you said this study was about women too. but women can have children later in life these days, so i
11:39 pm
don't think they have as much pressure to grow up and become, quote, unquote, adults as they used to. >> not really. when you hear of women having children in their 40s, it is newsworthy. most women can't. and greg brought it up. men have all of the time in the world, and women don't. that's why they mature faster. >> the study didn't say women mature faster. >> i am saying that, andy. >> i am with rick. i love science. >> and 21-year-old girls? >> really, can we stop talking about that now? are we done with that? aren't we done with that? >> where are you meeting these 21-year-old girls? >> through science. >> i am done. >> that rushes my -- that you are, my friend. very disturbing half time. i learned things about andy i didn't think i wanted to know. fun times and nice things. on any other channel, despair. the choice is yours, viewers.
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>> and a question that would make no sense to cat.
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who gets the pup? now that they have broken up? kristen stewart and robert pattinson are reportedly in a custody battle over their adopted dog, bear with an insider telling radar on-line, quote -- that's like two steps removed. she was heart broken, and they adopted bear together. she always felt he was their little baby. kristen won't give up bear in a hurry. she wants joint custody, and it could get a little messy. why didn't we lead with this story like special report did. discuss shall we in the -- >> lightning rooooooouuuunnndd. lightning round. >> rick, the dog is three
11:44 pm
years old which is in adult years 21. >> perfect. >> what advice would you give them for settling this dispute? >> she cheated on him. >> right. >> so he gets the dog. >> that seems like a common sense thing. i have a feeling -- i will go to remi, but i feel like tom will have a weird theory. she is exactly like he said. should she give up the dog? >> should she? she should lose every right to that dog. i don't think you can slit a pie in between the mother and father. this is a dog. she should not be permitted to use the court system and this dog to try to hold on to this relationship when she wasn't married to the man. she didn't have any children with him, and she cheated on him. >> wow, everybody seems to be coming down hard on her. >> i know. she seemed nice and innocent to me until this all happened.
11:45 pm
i think this director should have to keep the dog with his family, a constant reminder of his infidelity every morning as he takes it out for a walk. and the children get to look in that dog -- >> it is a furry version of their past intercourse. mommy, why is daddy walking the dog? >> because he had sex with that woman. >> how perfect would that be? >> are you a moral list at heart, aren't you? >> listen, the fact that there is any kind of custody battle over this dog, it shows you that couples who are unmarried and have no children, they are really just playing house. it is not real. >> that is true. they are kids. they are babies. they don't know what they are doing. bill, you told me once you had a pet bear named dog. was that an actual bear or a burly guy that you hung out with? >> both. and he considered me ironic for anymoring him such. i will disagree with you yet again tonight, remi. this is not just a dog. it is bear. bear is their child. do we want them to have real children? look at the bots of them.
11:46 pm
he is translucently white. looks like he cries. she looks like she smells. i don't want them to have kids. >> she is gorgeous, and so is he. i think they should write a letter to president obama and ask him to intervene. you know what he would do? he would eat the dog. i am never going to stop making that joke even when it ceases to be funny which was about four months ago. but i don't care. >> there are plenty of dogs in the world, greg. they can always get another one. >> but could they get that dog? >> no, but they can tbet another one. >> that is true. they all have the same universal consciousness too. it is just this -- that's all it is. >> it comes from the same place. you get indian food? new york and -- food in new york and you think it comes from the same pot? that is like a dog. next topic -- i have no idea what i said. i was thinking indian food because i didn't eat dinner.
11:47 pm
a new survey finds women are more likely to experience road rage than men. 60% of females admitted to flipping out behind the wheel. those between the ages of 35 and 24 says their rage has turned into a fight. there is nothing better than watching girls fight. it is ironic girls get more upset considering girls can't drive. you said that in the green room. >> oh my goodness. that's twice your question is based on nothing but lies. there are a number of women who can't drive well, i will give you that. >> i was joking, and you are serious. >> i am not done with my thought. there are also a number of men who do not drive well. have i never seen two women start fighting over road rage, so i question the science about this study. >> i love science. >> i question the science and
11:48 pm
think it was probably a man who wrote this study and this article. i have seen in new york and in new jersey men jump out of their car and start screaming at each other. they start yelling at each other. >> rick, imagine there are two women at the stop sign. one is 17 and the other is 20. cutoffs and heading somewhere. couldcould you see this turning into something -- >> yes, yes, i could. you know, the same study found women were 80% more likely to be bad drivers so it supports the whole theory. >> sexism is alive and well at this table of the try to bring it out of the gutter and say something enlightening. >> i am sexist. the city is great. when you say road rage you think of a man be inned hue the wheel. that's what -- you think of a man behind the wheel.
11:49 pm
women have their own driving quirks. my wife, for instance -- the cliche is men won't stop and ask for directions. my wife like a lot of women follow the directions too closely. >> so they end up in a creek bed. >> we printout the google p mas. ghoul gel maps. google maps. she says, i don't care i am turning. >> but there is no road. >> that has been documented. people end up in the middle of a river. last word to you, bill. you experience road rage, but that's when you fall on your face and your face hits the road. >> i get angry at roads. they are in my face all the time. i believe women have road rage more than men, but guys take it to another level. maybe women some slapping, but guys will pull out a glock sometimes. there are various levels of rage. >> i would like to see that sometime. taking a break. we have to go. more stuff on the way.
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flight from the united states to switzerland and the flight was escorted by twin fighter
11:54 pm
jets, skip and buffy. at least two post 9/11 terror plots are reported to have used cameras. i don't understand this. you were. there you reported on this. >> i did. the camera was in a seat pocket. the flight attendant found it and couldn't find anyone who owned the camera. she called the pilots and diverted it to boston. >> that's amazing. that has to cost millions of dollars. >> yes because they had to scramble the fighter jets. they did a story on operation oval eagle who responds to incidents like this. i flew with the guys who responded to this incident. >> was it just a camera then? >> it was just a camera. somebody on the previous flight left it. >> did you ever play that game where you take pictures and leave it somewhere and hope they make it back to you through internet or somewhere like that? >> that's what it was. it was probably a crazy swiss guy. >> the swiss love that game. >> yes, they love that game.
11:55 pm
>> can you imagine being on that plane? >> i would be pissed. >> to play that game you have to be a rich person. if you are going leave your digital camera somewhere. that must have been a terrifying experience. they were delayed, what, five hours? >> they were delayed a day. they won't get there until tonight. >> were they going to jersey or switzerland? >> they were going to geneva. >> if they were going to jersey, no big deal. bill, blah, blah, blah, you are a jerk. >> at least this was a delay because of a thing. this weekend for the second time i had a flight that was delayed because the pilot overslept and they told me this. >> again? >> i am not going to the people that did this to me, but it was the same one as last time. and as an american i was upset with this airline. >> wait a minute, how do they tell?
11:56 pm
>> they are mad too. so they want the onus to be on that guy. you can't really get back at a pilot for doing that. >> he could crash the plane. you want to go like this. >> we support your beauty sleep. >> better he overslept and was well rested. >> i guess, or he was hung over. >> we have to wrap things up >> we have to wrap things up with andy levy. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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>> okay. >> we are going back on the road august 9th. we are doing a lot of southern cities, south carolina, georgia. find me on twitter. you will hear about them. >> where can people see you on saturday? >> on saturday night, next week, i will fox business network with tom sullivan. >> rick, i hear bill


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