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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 5, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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tooth. the bakery known as sprinkleles installing a cupcake atm. a swipe of your debit or credit card will get you the cupcake of your choice. the machine holds up to 500 cupcakes. >> patti ann: that will do it for us. have a great day, folks. america's news headquarters from shannon bream live from washington starts now. >> at this hour, saber rattling in the middle east. yesterday we learned running irn successfully test fired a short range missile with more accurate guidance systems. now a response. israel confirms major upgrades to is missile defenses. it's the kind of back and forth that gets the world's attention. welcome to washington. we begin with fox's peter doocy who is tracking the stories. >> reporter: they're making sure their missile shield is solid because the iranians are working on their short range ballistic missiles which former un ambassador john bolton will be
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mated with capabilities as they perfect technology. >> even with the missile defense shield like the arrow, obviously they can't guarantee that they can stop all incoming missiles, so i think this is simply more weight on the scales in favor of israel making that very difficult decision to use military force against iran's nuclear weapons program. >> reporter: the conqueror missile the iranians say they successfusuccessfully tested isy accurate to a range of 185 miles. some military experts now say the iranians know the israelis are intent on eliminating their nuclear program. this show of force is their way of telling israel to back off. >> they know that the israelis are thinking about military options and specifically an attack on their nuk nuclear cape ability. they're telling the israelis, the united states, the international community at large
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that if anyone attacks us, there will be a powerful and strong response. i think that's what this rhetoric is about concerning the missiles and advertising it so much and that's what the saber realitying is about. >> reporter: defense secretary leon penta sai panetta said thez are -- shields are designed to prevent wars. we heard last hour from the former chief of staff for 23r bebenjamin netanyahu says you he to prevent the use at the source, and the source is iran. shannon? >> thank you for the update. new picture out of syria show rebel fighters reportedly holding dozens of iranian hostage. the group of 48 was taken after visiting a shiite shrine in damascus. a rebel claims they were spice on a recon mission. tehran is asking turkey and qatar for help in securing their release.
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presumptive run nominee governor mitt romney says, quote, something dramatic is needed to fix the nation's ailing economy. what won't work is another federal stimulus package. national correspondent steve centanni is here with more. >> reporter: they were hot topics on the sunday talk shows today as the two campaigns squared off over how to fix the economy. at the same time, the romney team released a new campaign ad slamming the president and saying the economy is not getting better while claiming that romney has a plan for a stronger middle class, more jobs, and more take home pay. romney came out against further stimulus by the fed while suggesting the need for some other unspecified type of action. >> it was the time for something dramatic. it's not the time grow government. it's the time too creat to creae incentives for opportunities and entrepreneurs and businesses big and small to hire more people,
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and that's going to happen. you'll see that happen in this country, but not under this president. >> reporter: the president is calling for the bush era tax cuts to continue for the middle class while raising taxes on those earning more than $200,000 a year. his tax debate is at the heart of a defense philosophical divide of the two parties. republicans want the bush tax cuts made permanent, and democrats say the wealthy should pay their fair share. >> this week we learned that governor romney's tax plan would raise taxes for the wealthy or would cut taxes for the wealthy, a windfall for the wealthy and raise taxes by $2000 on the middle class. that's not a prescription for getting our economy moving or rebuilding the middle class. >> reporter: the president, meantime, will be chasing some campaign dollars with visits tomorrow to the wealthy democratic strongholds of westport and stanford, connecticut. >> thanks, steve. the unemployment rate in america has been above 8% since february of 2009. right now it stands at 8.3%.
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while that's bad number, it's even worse in florida where president obama made a campaign stop this week. >> three years ago barack obama was concerned about florida's economy. >> when wages are flat, prices are rising, more and more americans are mired in debt, our economy as a whole suffers. >> under president obama, 8.6% unemployment, record foreclosures, 600,000 more floridians in poverty. he focused on obama care instead of jobs. barack obama. what a disappointment. >> joining me now, florida attorney general pam bondi, good to see you today. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. thanks for having me on, shannon. >> you may have heard a bit of what david axelrod, senior advisor to the obama campaign said earlier in the show, a of e he talked about the fact that there's been job growth for 29 months, a creation of 4men 4.5
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million jobs during the time and they say they were given a mess that they're still trying to sort out. your response? >> you know, president obama has been in office for four years, he promised to revvitalize our economy and bring jobs here and he's not done that. a leader, shannon, leads by example, and that's what this president has not done, and in my opinion, mitt romney has spent his whole entire life building jobs, creating jobs from the ground up. you know, i've been all over the country, really. i was just in d.c. yesterday at americans for prosperity which was a great, great event with over 1600 people from around the country, and i was in new hampshire for governor romney, and our base is really energized. you know, by the president's remarks, people aren't letting that go, saying if you created a business, you didn't, the government did. people are not forgetting that statement, and that shows how out of touch he is with the american people whereas mitt
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romney, governor romney, turned around the olympics. he has built businesses from the ground up and employed so many people. so i really firmly believe in mitt romney and that's why i'm doing everything in my power to get him elected because we as attorneys general, we can continue to see the federal government for overregulation and we're continuing to do that with the nlrb, with the epa, with health care, but the only thing that is going to turn our economy around is to get a president in place who understands it. >> well, let me ask you a little bit about the governor's plan. he some months ago put out a plan for fiscal restoration and handling the economy. it was 59 points. he took some heat for that because although it was very detailed, most average folks didn't understand it. we didn't know what it was. we didn't know what it meant. this week i saw one of his speeches and he rolled out five specific points, things dealing with education, infrastructure, those kind of things.
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why hasn't he done a better job of making people know where he stands and what his five-point plan would be for turning around the economy? >> well, and i think as you said, he's doing that now. i think he's explaining it to everybody. he has the brightest minds in the country working with him on this plan, but what we know is what we're doing now isn't working, and we have to bring in a true ceo of our country like mitt romney who is dedicated to bringing jobs here as he has done. you know, leader, as i said, a leader leads by example. that's what he's done his entire career. that's what he'll continue today. i think he'll roll out a lot more of his plan in much greater detail. i think we're all just excited to hear what he has in store for our country because it's going to be better than what we have right now. >> what do you make of the attacks on him regarding his tax payments, his tax returns? do you think he could silence his critics by releasing the tax returns? what do you think he should do? >> well, you know, he has given
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two years of his tax returns. he's given more than he's had to. he's turned over everything. he's paid his taxes every year. mitt romney is an upstanding citizen. he's an honest, ethical man, and all these are, these are distractions, you know. let's talk about jobs. let's talk about the economy. let's talk about the unemployment rate that's now what, 8.3, continues to rise. i mean, those are the issues. they're doing everything they can, the democrats to distract from the real issues. you know, then talking about ann romney is absolutely ridiculous. she's one of the finest women i know. until you get to know ann romney, you have no right to criticize her. she raised five boys and is one of the most down to earth, kindest, brightest women i know. >> all right. you're getting a lot of kudos out there for your skills and your ability and the fact that you've been out there for the governor. i want to ask you quickly, yes or no. any chance you've been vetted for the number two slot? >> no. i'm very happy being attorney
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general of the state of florida. i have a lot more work to do and as you know, i'm a floridian like you. i love my state, and i'm very happy being attorney general of state of florida. >> all right. florida attorney general pam bondi. good to see you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. when you're getting ready for work tomorrow, hundreds of lawmakers won't be. they've headed home for recess, a particularly long one because this is an election year. no jobs bill, no debt plan, no resolution on taxes. all of that left unfinished, so we want to know. are you disappointed that congress left with important work left undone, or are you happy that they're out of washington? tweet us your answers to @anhqdc or @shannonbream. we'll read your responses later on this hour. halfway through the olympics and the usa is going strong. 139 of the 203 events be have hn completed. spoiler alert if you haven't watched.
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the williams sisters have become the most decorated american tennis players ever. they brought home the gold in doubles tennis for the third time. it's serena's second gold in two days. she beat maria sharapova yesterday. the u.s. has 56 medals, 27 of them gold. the clock is ticking down to seven minutes of terror. we're talking about nasa's latest mission to the red planet, and even they describe it as crazy. touchdown is tonight, and we're live down with a mission preview ... next. the gsa is at it again. holding yet another fancy event like i this one, this time at a posh resort in nashville. we'll talk to one congressman who is leading the charge to crack down on hour you how yourx dollars are being spent. what's with you? trouble with a car insurance claim.
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>> shannon: ithis is a fox news alert. we're getting word from an affiliate of a security breach at newark airport. there was apparently a passenger who had not been properly screened who went through. the tsa notified the port authority and they subsequently closed all of the screening checkpoints. every single passenger had to be rescreened.
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flights were delayed but no passengers missed their flights. that's the good news. the original passenger still missing. the port authority is still looking for that person. the situation is ongoing. we will update you as we get more information. the countdown is on for one of nasa's biggest undertakings in recent years. nasa's curiosity rover is set to land on mars overnight after an eight and a half month journey just to get there. the stakes and the tensions are very high. adam housley is live at nasa's jet propulsion lab in california. hey, a adam. >> reporter: as you can imagine, everyone is ramping up for the excitement of the rover landing. curiosity will come in at quite a steep descent, basically land this thing to a mountain about the size of mount ra nea rainiea big crater next door. if you have seen pictures of the grand canyon, you've seen those stripes basically in the rock. it's kind of layers of life. it gives them a chance to really study those over the course of the neck couple years.
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i'll give you a live look, too. this is basically a model of what curiosity looks like. you can see it's about the size of a small s.u.v. it's equipped with some of the most high tech technology out there. in fact, nasa says that they expect this heaviest, by the way, human made project to land on mars, one-ton size, it has a 10,000 page manual to run the thing. at the beginning of each day, scientists send the directions to it, what to do for the day. at the end of the day, of course, it will be broadcasting throughout the day. it will get more instructions at the episode of the day. we had a chance to talk with some of the nasa scientists about this project, about this far-reaching project. here's what they had to say about the curiosity rover. >> we are detectives. we're looking for clues. we're looking to bring together a wide range of different kinds of information to put together the puzzle of how these rocks and soils formed on mars, what it was like on mars environmentally and whether life could have taken hold. >> we need to make measurements
9:18 am
of mars to understand the planet, not only in terms of the science but what it can tell us in terms of what would be the safest way to get to mars and have humans go there and explore. >> reporter: again, curiosity's plutonium powered so it basically can stay on the road for years, potentially. they're hoping for two years. as we know from some of the other successful rovers, it could be out there more than that. it's got funnels, test tubes, magnifiers, mass spectrometers, gas ovens, lasers. it's equipped with the best and brightest and it will be very exciting. for those waiting for the pictures. the first ones to come in to nasa will be kind of grayish black and white pictures because that's the one camera they are -havethat's mounted on curiosit. if it lands successfully which is a very difficult situation, there's been about 44 missions to mars and only a third have been successful. if it lands correctly the way they want, it will take a couple of days to put up the masts and turn on the high definition cameras. when that happens, shannon, you'll see pictures like none of
9:19 am
us could ever imagine. you'll see pictures in high definition from the surface of mars. this stuff is definitely science fiction but very exciting for everyone around here. you can bet everyone will be holding their breath for seven minutes as the suv-size rover comes into the mars atmosphere and makes the landing. shannon? > >> shannon: it's taken years and years of hard work to get to this point. adam, thanks for the update. >> reporter: all right. any time, guys. >> shannon: keep it right here. fox news will have live coverage of the landing of the mars rover curiosity. it starts at 1:30 a.m. eastern, 10:30 p.m. if you're on the pacific side. tom jones, former astronaut and fox news contributor will be here and talk us live through the very touchy landing right here live on fox news tonight. the federal agency now notorious for its lavish out of town conferences is making headlines again. this week the gsa held a training conference at opry land hotel. exactly at the same time the
9:20 am
administrator was sitting on the hot seat in capitol hill. one of the people asking questions is republican jeff denham. you did not vote to adjourn. you're here in washington and still have a lot of work on your mind, gsa chief among that. tell us what you're looking into. we hear of 77 new events or conferences that have come to light and millions in bonuses as well. >> 77 conferences after the president issued his executive order, so the real question is why are these agencies, why is gsa in particular who sets the stand for every other agency, why are they ignoring the president and commander-in-chief on these conferences. >> shannon: are you worried about the public trust eroding as a whole. gsa is supposed to be setting the stand, the gate keeper on spending. are you worried about how people view this as a whole? >> absolutely. this president campaigned on transparency, and the frustrating thing about gsa is when we do an inquiry on conferences, we find out they
9:21 am
call them celebrations or awards ceremonies. if they're going to change the names but still have the same bad behavior, you know, we need to make sure that congress is holding their feet to the fire on it. >> i would note there's been bi-partisan outrage. i've seen quotes from folks on both sides of the aisle and saying it's completely unacceptable and wanting answers. are you getting answers? >> we are getting them. fornlfortunately we have the mea asking questions. we're asking questions about the bonuses. they reported to us they had 10 million in bonuses. we found out it was 44 million because they classify all these various bonuses that were supposed to stop with another one of the president's executive orders. >> shannon: so not only are you looking for a needle in a haystack, you have to know exactly what to call it when you're fishing for the information. i want to ask you as well about vacant building. it's something that's of great concern on capitol hill, the fact that gsa has control of a number of very valuable properties and they're sitting
9:22 am
empty. i know they're signing leases for major pieces of property. >> we're going through every property across the nation. there's 14,000 that have been declared as surplus and vacant, unneeded properties that we could sell immediately and not only reduce our debt, but either redevelop them or sell them off will create thousands of jobs across the nation. certainly several hundred in the dc area. >> shannon: are you encouraged at all by the acting administrator of gsa has been bringing things as he discovers them to the inspector general saying we're red flagging this, look into it. are you encouraged by the current leadership? >> i am encouraged. we're trying to give the new acting director a lot of leeway to show transparency, to put a stop to the conferences. the problem is many still go on and we continue to find out about them after the fact rather than him coming to us and being transparent. >> shannon: so what's the next step, more hearings, more
9:23 am
investigations? where do you go? >> certainly more hearings. we're going to be doing a hearing in miami tomorrow on a vacant courthouse that's got a brand new courthouse next door, and yet this building has been sitting vacant for over a decade. we're going to be doing one in l.a. the following week, and ins dentally, that new courthouse they're trying to build there at the same time in our maui conference is going on, so we want to continue to show -- i would love to show they're improving things, but so far they haven't. they've been trying to hide the ball, and we're going to continue to go after them. >> shannon: as you keep an eye on it, let us know. keep us up to date. congressman jeff denham, i know folks appreciate that you're tracking where their tax dollars are going. it's called the veep stakes, the political guessing game about governor mitt romney's running mate. a couple of names are being pushed that they say aren't safe but they could be golden. we'll talk to one of them. fox news contributor steve hayes ... next. [ female announcer ] granola thins. from nature valley.
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>> shannon: an israeli defense minister is confirming that it has stepped up its missile defense system. at the bottom of the hour, peter doocy standing by were your top stories. >> reporter: they're bracing for a possible attack from iran or syria and the move comes just a day after tehran announced it had successfully test fired an upgraded version of a blis ballc capability. jared loughner will plead guilty next change for a life sentence, sources toll fox news. he's accused of killing six people and injuring 13 others including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. in oklahoma more evacuations today as ten wildfires burn across the state. more than five dozen homes and other structures have been destroyed. firefighters in the drought-stricken state are struggling with temperatures up to 113 degrees and 20 mile an hour winds. michael phelps, arguably the
9:29 am
world's greatest olympian, one one last gold medal last night before retiring. he raced as a member of the u.s. men's 4x100 medley, winning his 222nd olympic medal and his 18th gold. >> shannon: you taught him well. >> reporter: he made us proud. >> shannon: he did. the g.o.p. convention is in three weeks and there's speculation governor romney will certainly make his vp pick before it starts. the weekly standard's steve hayes and bill crystal are making a pitch for paul ryan or marco rubio. not ron paul. that would be surprising. they write gold bold, mitt. the man who laid out the core of the post obama policy agenda and gotten his colleagues who sign onto it or pick marco rubio, the g.o.p.'s most gifted young politician, the man who embodiys what is best about the tea party.
9:30 am
steve hayes is here to break it down. >> i have my issues where i agree with ron paul, but know, he wouldn't be the best. >> shannon: a different paul, paul ryan. why would he be somebody that you think would be a good matchup for mitt romney and why do you think he would hesitate to pick him? >> i think there are two reasons. there's the big philosophical reason. one the one hand, paul ryan led the charge on entitle many reform. he's shown on several occasions that one on one debate with president obama a at the house republican conference and at the health care summit the white house put on he can best the president in that setting. he would do well with joe biden. for all those reasons, paul ryan makes sense. there's the practical political reasons. he has won a purple district. it's a right wing district in janesville, wisconsin that he represents. he's won it six consecutive times with 60% of the vote.
9:31 am
he has shown he can pick up independents and make a cross party appeal. mitt romney's team needs to do that. >> shannon: wisconsin is an important state. >> a very important state. >> shannon: how do you respond to those who say paul ryan is such a leader in the house, he's so important for republicans there and leading the charge on issues like budgets and to take him out of the house would do the g.o.p. a disservice? >> you know, there are reasons not to pick paul ryan. i don't think that's one of them, actually. i think there's no question that if he were picked, and a romney-ryan ticket were elected, paul ryan would be vastly more influential as vice-president than as chairman of the house budget committee. i don't think that's a reason. look. people who object to picking paul ryan say we don't want to have mitt romney running, having to own the ryan budget. that's just too much. the democrats are eager to take him on on that, and to put him so close to mitt romney would make that obviously the center of the campaign. i understand the argument. i don't buy it. i mean, i think there's a reason that paul ryan would be able to defend it better than anybody else. mitt romney's already embraced it, and you have 9 97% of
9:32 am
congressional republicans who voted for it, so the paul ryan budget is owned by the republican party already. > >> shannon: okay. let's talk marco rubio. again, a young up-and-comer from a very important state as well. why would he be a plus to the ticket? >> anybody who has seen marco rubio speak in person, i went down and was sort of embedded with his campaign for the final months of his 2010 senatorial race, and to see him speak, you know, he's been written about a lot, people talk about how good he is. it's one of those things that when you actually see it, he's just that good. he makes powerful arguments. he's got a powerful i think family story at a time when you've had the president in recent weeks denigrate hard work as a path to success. i think marco rubio and his family suggest that, in fact, you can earn success with hard work, so he makes a good case. i think he would be a good person again on the stage with joe biden. >> shannon: what's his downside? >> well, if there's a downside to rue yo, it's that he's not
9:33 am
experienced enough. people say look, the guy has been in the senate less than two years at this point and he's just not experienced enough. i understand the argument. i don't buy it completely. he was the speaker of the house in florida. he served for eight years in the florida house. he's had some responsibility. that was a $72 billion budget when he was speaker, so i think he's got responsibility. he's been through a number of intelligence briefings here. he's by all accounts sort of worked hard, studied the issues, and he's a smart enough guy that he can pick it up. let's be honest. it's for vice-president. it's not like rocket science. >> shannon: okay. so you have put these two names out there, you and bill cristol. despite the fact that we hear the same names over and over again, tim pawlenty, rob portman. why are those too safe and not right for mit romney. >> i would make a distinction between those two. rob portman would be a good pick. he's somebody with vast
9:34 am
experience in washington. i think he's more conservative than his disposition might suggest, and man that many peopn washington believe. he would be a good pick. the question, i think, for the purposes of campaigning is would this be somebody who would excite the base, and somebody like governor pawlenty i think woulwould have a hard time especially given his own presidential campaign was something of a disaster, short lived, and he left it in debt. governor pawlenty probably wouldn't have that effect. > >> shannon: okay. very quickly. mitt romney has been very risk averse so far in the campaign. do you think he'll take a risk with his vp? >> this is a question that certainly i've talked to over the past several weeks senses there's an opening now for him to go bold, that he's more open to going bold than he might have been, you know, even three weeks ago. so i think somebody like marco rubio, paul ryan, even a chris christie would be a bold. >> shannon: very bold. >> a bold pick. i don't think chris christie's oust of it necessarily, but you
9:35 am
know, mitt romney by all accounts is in the final stages of making this decision. we'll know soon enough. >> shannon: all right. steve hayes, we'll see if he follows the weekly standard's advice. >> let's hope so. >> shannon: good to see you. thanks for coming in. all right. you are looking live now at a nasa news conference. it is make or break time for curiosity, the unmanned rover nearing the end of its eight and a half month journey to the red planet, set to land on mars at 1:31 a.m. eastern time monday. nasa is calling the touchdown, quote, seven minutes of terror because it is the most challenging and nerve-wracking landing nasa has ever attended. we're monitoring the news conference and will bring you any developments from that. coming up, some of america's bravest catching waves to prawf their courage, an i thin ins inl story of surfing wounded warriors. t? not at all. that's great. melons!!!
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>> shannon: at this hour there are reports that israel is tepg
9:40 am
up its miss sill defense system a day after iran announced a new and improved version of a short range missile. israel is increasing the accuracy and reach of its defenses. the images of two missing girls were on two of the cars at nascar's race in pennsylvania. the faces are of 9-year-old elizabeth collins and 10-year-old lyric morrisey. nasa's latest unmanned rover curiosity has been flying to mars more than eight months. it's due to land on the red planet in eight hours and the risky landing has been dubbed seven minutes of terror by nasa scientists who have been preparing for this moment for years. finally, something the jersey shore can be proud of. it's the site of a surf contest to benefit children with cancer, our wounded warriors, and families of the fallen. our own griff jenkins took part
9:41 am
and he's here to tell us about this. listen, you're an expert surfer. you lent your talents to the event, i understand. >> well, i'm not an expert, but i did participate. i didn't even advance past my first heat, but the real important part, shannon, was the heroes heat. wounded warriors from all across the country came to this longstanding surf contest to benefit kids with cancer. they showed off and participated and inspired all of us who were watching on the shore. >> we're all here today to have a good time and get out in the fun and sun and surf and enjoy the healing powers of the ocean. >> their injuries range from missing limbs to missing eyes to traw mawctraumatic brain injurye surf was no challenge for them. >> ryan, why are you doing this? what's happening today? >> well, today is actually a surf contest in honor of
9:42 am
brendan, my husband's brother who died of pediatric cancer. they've been doing this for 22 years, and we wanted to find a way to bring the travis manning foundation and the brendan borek foundation together. part of our mission is to honor the fallen by challenging the living. these guys are doing that here today, by challenging themselves to get out in the water and do awesome things. >> perhaps the most touching moment, the paddle out circle of friends honoring the heroes and the memory of brendan borek. >> every day we wake up is an amazing day. >> how was it, man? >> awesome. >> what's the biggest challenge out there? >> my leg falling off. i brought the wrong piece. it kept sliding off when the water gets in it. >> that doesn't stop you from surfing? >> i just keep pushing it on. >> they proved through their inspiration and courage that no obstacle is too great, no challenge too daunting. what a truly amazing bunch of guys, shannon. you know, their being out there,
9:43 am
their general good they don't act like they're injured. it's a testament to their warrior spirit. quite something to of with a and if people want to know more, you can go to the foundation website, they've got a team running a marathon in october. i'm going to run it, you should run it too, and any of our viewers who want to come out. >> shannon: i'm a little separate folatefor my training. you were very inspires as they were. wounded warriors, fallen families, and pediatric cancer as well. >> it all came together because the brendan borek contest that's been going on for 22 years. ryan who you saw there married brendan's brother. they wanted to really honor both fallen folks for different reasons, for very good cause. > >> shannon: well, i have done a marathon. how about this time i do the .2
9:44 am
and you do the 26? >> you got it. i'll do it. for the warriors, anything. doesn't matter. >> shannon: thank you, griff. coming up in the second hour of "america's news headquarters". >> as america's h heroes put thr lives on the line, the obama campaign is challenging a military voting rights law. we'll investigate the fight for military votes going on in the battleground state of ohio. the head of the house homeland security committee blames the white house for security leaks he says are being made to enhance president obama's damaged re reputation. e white house claims it's congressman pete king who is playing politics. we'll ask him to clear it all up. and this suit is truly man's best friend or an 8-year-old evan's case, a boy's life saving best friend. evan suffers from crippleling seizures. coming up, a story of how his dog mindy saves him every day. you'll meet them both. gives you a 50% annual bonus.
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>> shannon: if the obama campaign gets its way, the special voting rights of some of america's finest will be eliminated. the obama campaign is suing to keep members of the military from having extra time to cast their ballots over other non-military residents. it's happening in a key battleground state.
9:49 am
chief white house correspondent ed henry has details. >> reporter: new meaning to the term battleground. president obama's campaign and members of the military on a collision course over voting rights in the critical state of ohio. his campaign and the democratic national committee have filed a lawsuit to block a new state law allowing men and women in uniform to vote up to the monday right before the election while the cutoff on early voting for the rest of the public is three days earlier. the national guard association and other military groups have fired back that it's offensive for democrats to suggest it's arbitrary for service members to get special consideration. >> i'm just outraged by this. i can't believe that the obama campaign, state democratic party are actually saying there's no rational basis for a distinction between someone who's in the military voting and someone who's not in the military. >> reporter: the president's team insist the two-tiered early voting process violates the constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the law.
9:50 am
with obama campaign manager jim messina telling supporters in an e-mail, along with the dnc in ohio democratic party, this campaign filed a lawsuit to reason state equareinstate equas for all ohioans. the president is so determined to keep ohio and its 18 electoral votes in the democratic column, he's already visited the state nine times this year alone. since no run has ever won the white house without the buckeye state, mitt romney is fighting just as hard and today lashed out at the lawsuit. >> any efforts to impede the right of our military members overseas or here domestically in voting would be an extraordinary violation of the trust that we should have for those who serve so valiantly. >> reporter: when democrats tried to block some military ballots in florida during the recount of 2000, it was a political and public relations disaster until vice-president nominee joe lieberman stepped? >> vice-president gore and i were never authorize and not
9:51 am
tolerate a strategy that was aimed at disqualifying military battles. >> reporter: military vets who support the president stress this time nobody is trying to prevent service members' votes from being counted. >> i just find it troubling that the republicans would use veterans' groups as cover fire for their real mission, and their real mission, quite obviously, is to restrict people from voting three days before the election. >> reporter: 32 states plus d.c. have some for th form of early g so this ohio case could set a major precedent. that's why both camps will be watching the next hearing on august 15th very closely. shannon? >> shannon: all right. thanks, ed henry. this is a fox news alert. we're getting information about a shooting at a sikh temp in oak creek, wisconsin. there's been a shooting and there are reports that several people may have been injured. we don't know anything specific about their injuries or if there are any fatalities. it happened around 10:45 local time this morning. police say they're hearing of a
9:52 am
lot of injuries and apparently one of the life flight type helicopters has been called to the scene as well. again, this is oak creek, wisconsin, a sike temple there. no word about what happened or the extent of any injuries or deaths. we'll update you as soon as we get more information on that breaking news. after this break we'll head to pasadena where adam housley is tracking nervous nasa scientists bracing for what they're calling seven minutes of terror, adam? >> reporter: that's right, shannon. nasa is hoping to stick the landing on a $2.5 billion project that will d go down on mars tonight at 1:31 a.m. east coast time. they say it's like the super bowl. fourth and 1, last playoff the game. they're either going to score or they're going to lose. details on "curiosity" coming up. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
9:53 am
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>> shannon: nasa hopes it the little rover that could. its name is curiosity. in a matter of hours we will know whether the tricky touchdown goes off without a a hitch or not. we will check that out in moments with adam housely who is monitoring the situation. we want to check on things going on with the faa. near misses this week. the faa nonpunitive report system was created to help
9:57 am
improve overall working conditions but with word of mishaps one at regan national and one in detroit is the program creating much needed transparency or giving controllers a free pass. joining us is the of the transportation subcommittee on aviation. thanks for your time today. >> happy about to be here. >> shannon: the good news is the tragedy was averted in those cases. >> and over the past five years there have been 52 million safe flights in the united states. there was one that resulted in a fatality but that is one too many. >> shannon: the faa wanted to make sure that traffic controllers were accurately reporting what was going on. they didn't want them to be hiding the circumstances or facts with what was really taking place at the airports so this throw the footbal there iw
9:58 am
nonpunitive system to report problems anonymously and let the faa know what is going on. do you think that program is a positive one or not? >> it is a positive one. modeled after a program that has been in effect for quite a few more years involving the airlines and pilots and people who maintain the airplanes. the point is not to cover up mess takes with you to report them so that people can analyze why they happened and take steps to avoid them happening again. whether it is additional inspections or training or redesigning procedures and the like. the problem with the air traffic control system is that it is supposed to be one more tool to improve safety in the system. it is not supposed to be a kind of a get out of jail free pass for air traffic controllers. that is why it has been in effect for a couple of years and our committee qud the inspector general of the
9:59 am
transportation department to stud details program and review is and recommend improvements in it and the faa is in the process of implementing most of them. >> shannon: are you confident that the report has actually led to more date that than you would have gotten otherwise if people were worried about being punished? >> i think there is no question that human nature is to try to cover up our mistakes in many instances rather than to fess up. it is better to face up to problems and deal with them especially when human life is at stake. that is what we are up to. we are not interested in having a system that just gives people a free pass. we are interested in doing everything we can to get as safe a system as possible and that is the line we are trying to draw. >> shannon: we have to leave it there thank you for your time today and for your work on this issue. >> thank you. >> it is a nervous day for
10:00 am
nasa. all eyes on the curiosity rover barreling toward the surface of mars for months. late tonight we will know if it was a lot of success. there are a lot of anxious scientists and engineers in pasadena, california. welcome be to the second hour of america's news headquarters live from washington. i'm shannon bream. we begin this hour with adam whosely in pasadena. hi, adam. >> anxious is scientists. talking right now to the media. we are 12:28 or so away from the touchdown from the curiosity barreling as you mentioned towards mars will come in to land. it is a dangerous landing not for humans of course, but forrence itself. a $2.5 billion project not to mention the people and the man hours involved. here is what it will look like once it gets down on the surface of mars. they are calling it the 7 minutes of terror. a landing sequence where they set this thing down at the base of a mountain in a crater the size of mount rannier.
10:01 am
the heaviest human made project to ever land on mars. basically the size of a one ton suv. the project could go awry. nasa sent 44 different projects to mars. only one third have been successful. they hope this one makes the percentages better in their favor. here is the talk about the science involved and how expensive and how important it is. thack a list h. >> the science that the rover is going to do on the surface is going to be amazing and relevant and to have instrument with laser beams that can actually evaporate a rock and study the composition of that rock at a distance i think that is incredibly cool. >> they are looking for inhabitable environments. years ago that could have supported life. there is is a 10,000-page manual that run ares the
10:02 am
curiosity rover. as we talked to scientists this morning right now it is the super bowl for science. they are on the 1-yard line. this is the last the play of the game. they called time-out and they will run that one play. either they score a touchdown and win the super bowl when it lands or it does not land correctly and they lose. as you might imagine there are a lot of men and women here excited about 12 hours from now what is going to happen. at the same time they are also, well, nervous about what might happen because this is a lot of money and a lot of time and if this thing lands correctly we will see high def pictures in probably two or three days. they will put up the mask and start putting back pictures from the surface of mars like we have never seen. >> shannon: i bet we will see a lot of high-fives from the jet propulsion lab as well. >> and cheering too. scheduled to land on the martian surface 10:30 pacific
10:03 am
time. 1:30 monday morning on the east the coast. that is when our live coverage begins. we have former astronaut and fox news contributor tom jones to talk us through the landing and we certainly hope you will join us. an update to breaking news. police in wisconsin at the scene of a shoot at a sikh temple in oak creek. this happened around 10:45 this morning. there are reports that as many as 20 people could have been injured. some of the victims apparently had to be medivacked out and taken on helicopters. we will keep you updated. no word on a suspect and just how tough the injuries may be there or if there are any fatalities. we will keep an eye on it and as the news comes in we will let you know. an israeli defense official says the country has upgraded its missile defense system. the move comes just one day
10:04 am
after eran announced it had improved the guidance on one of its own missiles. former u.n. ambassador john bolton says this is further proof that iran is ratcheting up tensions with israel. >> they are also continuing to upgrade their capabilities to be able to carry through on the threats. just a matter of simple logic for israel to be prepared for the worst. >> shannon: israel by the way does see areason as a primary enemy. the country's former top spy said if he were iranian he would be worried over the next week. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said they have not decided whether to strike israel. the.
10:05 am
in the last 29 months we had 29 months of private sector job growth. 4.5 million jobs created. in the last report, 173,000 private sector jobs created. led by the auto industry and manufacturing. >> shannon: that was david axelrod defending the president's record on country's suggestling economy. i got a preview with chris wallace on his interview with the top strategist. >> disappointing jobs numbers. you had david axelrod to talk about how they feel about about the numbers. >> they can't spin them away. they aren't very good. 8.3% unemployment. they make two points. we really inherited a mess. we heard this before but the idea that the economy was in much worse shape and talk about it it is like creating 163 jobs now and it was is losing 800,000 jobs when they came into office and secondly to say
10:06 am
compare our program to romney's program romney is going to give a big tax break to the wealthy and increase taxes on middle class. they keep on wanting to make this not a referendum on obama's record but you rather a choice obama versus romney. >> shannon: speak of taxes the issue of romney's tax returns what he has and hasn't paid that came up for discussion as well. a lot this week and certainly on the show this morning. >> i asked axelrod about harry reid's charge without any evidence that romney didn't pay any taxes for ten years. i said do you have any evidence of that. he said no, but and then he said look, he could put this all to rest. just release ten years of tax returns and we'll see what is there. so, you know, listen you got to give the democrats credit. it is hai harry reid a scurilos
10:07 am
charge. he didn't have any evidence. but it is still out there. >> one of the least lightning lightning rounds we have seen on fox news sunday. you tried. >> i started giving axelrod guff about quick questions and quick answers. he turns it on me. take a look. >> shannon: and referred to somebody a rising star from 2% in the polls to pick up the gop nomination in texas it, ted cruz. >> first-time politician running for the senate in texas running in the republican primary against the lieutenant governor. started at 2% and ended up winning by 13%. he is being called a rising star and i would just say to folks watch because guess what he is really impressive. >> shannon: and having seen him argue cases at the supreme court i wouldn't want to be on the other side of the argument with him. >> a little supreme court
10:08 am
dropping here. >> shannon: you bet. >> catch the interview with david axelrod and ted cruz right here after our show at 2:00 and again at 6:00 eastern. someone at the white house he says leaked information that the president signed an agreement to aid syrian rebels. the reason to help the president politically. represent king on why he believes the leaks couldn't be coming from any one else. congressman king, thank you for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: what leads you to point a finger at the white house? >> this is a series of leaks. the i will of bin laden. all the information leaked out after that. and then back in may when there was the counter spy operation in yemen where it was only known to a handful of people most at the white house. that was leaked out.
10:09 am
after that the store areries in the new york times about the computer virus in the iranian nuclear system and about mountain president's policy on drones and i asked for investigation at that time. the fbi is conducting two investigations into those allegations. -- into those leaks which have put american lives at risk. last week we have it leaked out that the president allegedly signed an order, a finding authorizing american action in syria and even more than that, then reports started coming out as to what the limitations on the order were and also where the cia headquarters is located, according to this it is located in turkey which put those people at risk. many of these leaks have to be coming to the white house which is why i asked the fbi director muller to conduct investigations which he is and now i'm asking him to expand it to syria. >> shannon: david axel rod says
10:10 am
the president did not leak any information or authorize the leak of any classified information. with that in mind is it your assertion it is somebody close to the president? >> it has to be. just going back to the stories it talks about information that came just out of the national security council which is in the white house. there is a number of people at those meetings. talked about information coming out of the ohville offic oval l of these operation are known only to a small number of people and the conversations occurred in the white house within a small group of people. i would ask has any of the people taken polygraphs. has president obama ordered staff to comply completely and a president obama has said nothing about this so john mccain and myself and other ohs started making this issue a matter for an fbi investigation. i don't care what axelrod says he is a political hackl and on
10:11 am
the pay ra payroll for the cam. only a few people knew about and they were in the white house, yes, the information has to come from the white house. >> shannon: the director of international intelligence james clapper says he has taken steps to handle concerns about leaks. there is a bipartisan measure working its way through the senate right now. do you you have confidence in any or all efforts to shut the measures down? >> these are all positive steps. i have faith in the fbi. my concern is that the two investigations are being headed up by two u.s. attorneys responsible to reporting to eric holder. the fact is there could be a lot of tough decisions that have to be made. for instance, do you you put the president under oath. do you interview people who work closely to the president. what do you do if the president claims executive privilege.
10:12 am
do the u.s. attorneys have the power, so far as i can tell they don't. in the leak cases under president bush he he gave patrick fitzgerald total power and all of the powers that the attorney general himself has. president obama and eric holder have not given those powers to the two u.s. attorneys. that is the concern i have there. >> shannon: always great to see you. thank you, sir. >> shannon, thank you. >> shannon: no ag bill. no debt agreement. no tax plan. all of that left unfinished but still congress is home on their august recess a particularly long one because this is an election year. we want to know are you disappointed that congress left with important work undone or happy they are out washington? a lot of you upset about this topic. we have been flooded with responses. here are a few clsh
10:13 am
tweet us at @ anhqdc or @ shannon bream. we will read more of your responses is later on this hour. more information on the shooting in oak creek, wisconsin not too far from milwaukee. there are reports there could be hostages this is happening at a sikh temple. there could be as many as two shooters inside holding hostages including children. we have gotten word from police and law enforcement authorities there was some team of shooting at the sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin. there were reports up to 20 people have been injured. we don't know how many people may or may not have been shot and if there are any fatalities. we are monitoring this. there were medical helicopters
10:14 am
brought in. we will continue to follow the situation out of oak creek, wisconsin and keep you updated. hundreds of firefighters in brought striken oklahoma facing another day of triple digit heat and gusty winds as they battle at least ten massive wildfires. maria is monitoring the latest condition. what is the late? >> looking at hot temperatures in place and ongoing drought conditions in place across parts of the midwest and central plains for several months. many area looking at extreme to exceptional dry which is the worst drought category in place. most of the lower 48 is experiencing dry conditions with 80% of the country looking at the low average precipitation amounts so far this year. otherwise high temperatures, triple digits again across parts of the plains, dallas and oklahoma city looking at those
10:15 am
temperatures. very hot into the triple digits tomorrow we are expecting moreen of that. 03 could be the high temperature in oklahoma city and by tuesday going to get worse throughout. tulsa could be seeing a a high temperature at 105 degrees. just another scorcher for you. a number of heat advisories because of the hot temperatures and also some humidity in place that will push heat index values up to 110 degrees across this part of the country. otherwise as we head eastbound we have showers and storms from the northeast down to the tennessee valley and some of the storms unfortunately could produce some severe weather. of course, we will keep you posted only that. >> thank you rep for the update. >> thanks. >> shannon: a mixed bag this this week's later job numbers. more jobs than expected, 163,000 but the unemployment rate also up to 8.3%. the question is why isn't unemployment at least the rate going down. brenda buttner joins us to explain the numbers. hi, brenda. >> hi, shannon. it is confusing. sometimes the saying goes if
10:16 am
you have two economists you have three opinions. this seems to be one labor market saying two different things. these measures are the as a results of two different surveys. the number of jobs created comes from a poll of businesses and counts jobs. the unemployment rate from a survey of households and looks at people. the payroll survey the number of jobs created is lass better read on the labor force because it polls a much bigger group, nearly 500,000 firms compared to just 60,000 for the unemployment rate. that rate is still a very important gage of the labor market because it looks at the number of unemployed people and in july that look became a bit less bright. the number of people who just dropped out and stopped looking for work because they were discouraged much was high, some 150,000. that makes what is known as the participation rate fall. right now the number of jobs created barely keeps up with the number needed just because of population growth.
10:17 am
usually that is is at least 100,000 jobs added a month. when all of the discouraged workers who dropped out in july eventually come back in the workforce we will need to have even more workers to bring the unemployment rate down. the two reports basically agree over time. we have seen them say one thing and another different thingiesten in this recovery and that is why for once many economists share the opinion that the economy may not improve over time. we have been following a breaking story out of oak creek, wisconsin. a shooting at a sikh temple. apparently a call came in shortly before 10:30 this morning local time there. there are reports from the milwaukee sentinel journal that 20 to 30 people have been injured there. they are also reporting that two shooters are possibly
10:18 am
inside with hostages including children. we will try to dip into a local report coming to us from the affiliate witi and listen in to the local reporter has been able to find out there. i think we will check that out now. >> how many kids may be held as hostage? >> about 12. >> 12 kids. and any idea on o the ages or where parents may be? >> they would all be 208 i would say 20. >> what about the parents out here, how is information getting to them? >> they are getting some text messages. >> from the children. >> from the children. >> and are the children i guess hurt in any way at this point? >> i have no idea so far. >> and i guess can you tell me anything about how the setup is in there, and where they might be held? >> no idea. we have nothing to say about that. >> and why i guess why so many kids at this point? is it like a sunday school. >> always sunday we have a gathering every sunday. >> and i guess would o they be normally separated from their parents and children be
10:19 am
separated or? >> well, there are kids who come before that and parents come and mostly kids are over there. >> and at this point i guess what are you doing to get information? are police telling you anything? >> no, i mean they are doing their job. >> must be very frustrated for parents. thank you so much. >> yep, i'm sorry. ted -- >> shannon: atiliate witi in oak creek, wisconsin. some type of shooting and we are waiting on details. we are dipping into local coverage there to litton to with what witnesses have to say at temple. >> normally coexisting in the community? >> oh, yes. >> how many members here.
10:20 am
>> usually 400 to 500 people every week and it was early so there were not so many people there. >> so 400 to 500 people every week and no threats of any sort ever prior to this? >> no, we have no problems with nobody never. >> thank you very much. >> a lot of people are standing there. coy go there, too? >> wait for the other officer. >> shannon: you are watching local coverage out of oak
10:21 am
creek, wisconsin. a shoot at a sikh temple. one are the gentleman there a witness to this said that 400 to 500 people would be gathered there on a sunday for daily meditations and worship. there are great concerns because there are children inside. he said by his count, 12 children or younger people still in there and that they are texting out that they are in danger and trying to communicate with folks there. many concerned people. the woman was there that you see in the picture in the middle of the screen there was just talking to an officer and said that she understood maybe some people were being released. the "milwaukee journal sentinel" is reporting on its website that four people were shot as many as 20 to 30 people injured injuries the folks here that were just being interviewed live said there hasn't been a specific threat against their temple. they haven't had any worries. as you can see now something has gone terribly wrong today. peter doocy is monitoring this. peter do you have anything to
10:22 am
add? >> the "milwaukee journal sentinel" is reporting that the red priest at the temperature temple is locked inside or was locked inside a restroom with a cell phone and called to someone on the outside who got word and said that as many as 30 people were injured at this temple in oak creek, wisconsin, just south of milwaukee along lake michigan. we are also hearing that according to the "milwaukee journal sentinel" that there might still be two gun men inside with hostages. you you heard from the guest on the local affiliate there were hundreds of people inside today. a lot of children ages 8 to 20 inside and the word from the head priest locked in the restroom according to the "milwaukee journal sentinel" is is that as many as 30 people are injured. we don't know if the head priest is still locked in the restroom or are if he managed to get out. the mayor of oak creek did confirm that we know that there
10:23 am
was a shooting at this temple but we don't know at this time any numbers. the mayor would not confirm any numbers and the police at this point are not giving out any specifics. >> shannon: it looks like we have more information from the reporter witi the affiliate there. we will listen in to the update. >> he is hearing that people have been evacuated. the people he was speaking to in the bathroom are out. he can see them at this point. you spoke with these people. >> no, i spoke with them earlier but i just speak to them now but i can see them there right across the street right over there. >> so they are in the parking lot. those are some of the -- >> with the police and other guys. >> and you were hearing also that people in the kitchen. >> they were going right inside there, walking into that building. those were inside. they were locked in the bathroom. >> they were hiding out in the bathroom. >> the cops got them out. >> how re' suring is that to know. >> they are leaving. at least somebody is out. they are working on it. i think they are trying to --
10:24 am
they will have the other people out too,. >> what is the building across the street here. >> i think it is a bowling alley or something. >> and are you hearing anything about the shooter inside? >> no, no. nothing yet. >> so we are hearing people are being evacuated that the time. you can see ambulances people are being taken in ambulances at this point. have you had a chance to speak with our uncle yet? >> no, not yet. nothing yet. we will see, you know, as soon as somebody pulls him out. you you can see the ambulance going in then you know they are being pulled out, you know. i don't see any ambulance going inside yet so i don't know. >> reporter: that is what we are hearing. some people are being evacuated at this point. this is the man i spoke to earlier who said his uncle is in inside. we are hearing people who were hiding in the bathrooms now evacuated across the street. people who were hiding in the kitchen we are ar told by thisn
10:25 am
that they will soon be evacuated. we don't know who he spoke with on the phone who was telling him this information. but it looks as though more ambulances are kind of rolling up to the temple right now. we haven't seen any one being taken away just yet but they are getting closer to the building. we assuring to see some people out at this point. ted and kim? >> shannon: you have been listening this to a a local reporter with witi a local reporter in milwaukee talking about a shooting that happened at a sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin. not too far from milwaukee. what the milwaukee sentinel journal is reporting at least four people were shot just before the 11:00 a.m. service they would have had today. in the sikh faith they do gather not specifically just on sundays but for daily meditation and worship. sunday often one of the most attend because it is the weekend. 400 to 500 people is the
10:26 am
estimate from one witness there would have been gathered there are for the meditations today. what the milwaukee sentinel journal is reporting is is that a s.w.a.t. team, a police s.w.a.t. team entered the building and that may have been what we have been seeing. they were bringing out uninjured people. you heard the man there with a local affiliate talking about the fact that people have been hiding in bathrooms and a kitchen and they have been evacuated. that is also what the journal is reporting as well. they are reporting in addition to that that among those shot is the president of the temple. you heard peter doocy reporting earlier that the paper talked about the fact that the head priest, we don't know if that is the same individual was holed up some where locked some where with a cell phone and calling out saying 20 to 30 people had been injured. we have had reports that children have been taken hostage or are among hostages there in the building's basement. people do begin to arrive at this temple gather there as early as 6:30 a.m. local time and that there was another
10:27 am
service that would have begun around 11:00 or 11:30. no word on who the shooter would have been, any suspects. no specific information on the level of injuries that have been suffered there but again, milwaukee sentinel journal saying at least four people shot. peter is getting word on injuries now. >> we just heard from the public information officer that near the scene who is working with the authorities there who said that two people have been transferred now to a hospital in milwaukee. they are both males and one of them is critical. the public information officer pio would not tell us about any other injuries. we don't know if anybody else is on their way to the hospital and we also don't know if any one else has been admitted to the hospital just yet but we did hear again from the "milwaukee journal sentinel" there was a life flight helicopter that was at some point dispatched to the scene. again, we don't know if that is is the helicopter that took these two men to the hospital but we he again the only confirmed number that we have from the public information
10:28 am
officer working with authorities is two people transferred to the hospital, both males. the hospital is in milwaukee and one of them is in critical condition right now. >> shannon: thanks, peter. let us know as you get more information. interesting so much in this modern day tragedy, a social media and technology often play a big role. we understand according to the the milwaukee sentinel journal there have been those texting out. we saw the witnesses in the local reports saying some people were able to text out. one of the texts that apparently came from inside reported according to the individual that there were two shooters and that there are are hostages. we will continue to try to get more information. there were people that were brought out uninjured. those that we understand have been in hiding this hth he have come out. the local reporter on the scene with witi is about to bring us more update information. let's check in with her. >> we are just hearing from this man again that he spoke
10:29 am
with the stream evacuated and he said they were in there at the time a s.w.a.t. team did shoot a man who was believed to be the shooter and two others believed to be sheets with them. we do not know what happened with them and where they might be. that is what he is being told by those people who have been evacuated. and we also are told he was saying that the person or persons were not members of this sikh temple. they looked to be outsiders. we do not know why they targeted this particular place. >> shannon: again, we have the latest information from the reporter there with afitiate witi on scene who says she talked to folks that talked to others who have since been evacuated that a police s.w.a.t. team went inside and shot at least one person believed to be the shooter and that person apparently the alleged attackers were not members of the temple. they appear to be outsiders.
10:30 am
wwe are getting more information. more on this as soon as we come back. >> a bowling alley and there is volleyball courts and that is where they are taking the people who have been allegedly evacuated from inside the temple there. but you know, i have been on a lot of these situations where there have been standoffs and what not and i have been further -- ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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>> shannon: we have been following a shooting in oak creek, wisconsin at a sikh temple. there were varying reports about injuries and whether there was one shooter or two. joins us on the phone, melissa with the froedtert hospital there. can you tell us about any patients you received. >> we have one male who has come into the hospital and he is right now in critical condition. we also have another male who
10:35 am
has come into the hospital who is currently in the operating room. >> shannon: can you you confirm to us their injuries are consistent with those of a gun shot wound? >> i cannot. >> do you know of any other patients on the way. we understand there were medical helicopters called in and we can see on the scene a number of ambulances as well. do you get an indication has to how many others mae or may not be coming. >> reit now, we do not have more information about people coming into the hospital. that is something we will continue to monitor and we are the area only level one trauma center so we are mobilized for any type of mass casualty location. >> shannon: can you tell us how locatedthe hospital is is away from this temple in oak creek. >> i would say safely within 15 to 20 minutes with our trauma center. >> shannon: and you are level one. that does that mean? >> we are really prepared to
10:36 am
take care of any type of mass casualty, any situations where there is a lot of people coming in who require many different types of care for their injuries. >> shannon: you mentioned two patients so far, one critical. the other with injuries as well. can you give us any sort of update on what to expect moving forward? are they in surgery. in do we know the extent of their injuries? >> right now we do not know the extent of their injuries. but the one who is in the operating room we will know more soon but there is one who has already been cared for are and is is now in critical condition on the floor. >> okay. melissa wanke with froedtert memorial hospital. they received two patients. one in critical. let's listen in to the local reporter with witi the milwaukee affiliate covering this. >> that is what they call it
10:37 am
outside. >> reporter: do you know if any of those people may have been evacuated at all? >> some people came out, yeah. some people evacuated. i don't know yet. >> and earlier you were saying it is actually not a busy time. we were hearing from 10:00 to 1:00 it is busy. >> people start to come at 11:30 or 12:00. so 10 is not really busy. i'm happy because not a lot of people came at that time. so before that not so many people in there. >> did your friend see the shooter? >> he see the shooter. >> what did he look like? >> he not told me. he just told me he saw them on the parking lot and shooter loaded a gun again.
10:38 am
>> reporter: do you know what kind of gun or how he may have been dresseed or anything like that? >> i do not. >> reporter: we are hearing it may have been an outsider, someone not a member of the temple? i didn't hear. >> reporter: a lot of information we are getting from friends of friends who spoke with people or friends who texted people but what we are hearing right now is mainly just people standing by who are treeing to get in touch with loved ones who have these sad stories that they are hearing of people shot in the parking lot in front of them running away in terror. it is a heartbreaking situation out here. >> shannon: we have been listening in to local coverage from the affiliate of milwaukee, wisconsin. we have calm of members of congress scheduled on a different story. i want to bring in congressman trent franks. sir, your state had to deal with a mass shooting not long ago and the tragic shooting
10:39 am
that claimed six lives involving congress woman gabrielle giffords. what is your reaction to what we heard so far. >> my first reaction is to try to express concern and condolences is or just comforting words to those people going through this situation right now, who have family member that are victims are it. it is so very easy for all of us that observe these things to forget how horrifying and heartbreaking this can be to the the people on the ground and have family members in the midst of all of it. that said, a great tragedy here. we don't know the motivations or what prompted this. one thing we do know, whether it is a shooting or bomb or anything that hurts innocent people it first has to overcome any moral impulse to protect or to recognize the intrinsic life of the other person. in other words, this whole
10:40 am
notion in our society where we are beginning to diminish our respect for innocent human life and founding fathers ideal that all of us are created and we are are all children of god no matter what our faith and political per situations are and somehow we have to emphasize that more in our society. my fear is the alternative is to step in a night where we dehumanized each 8ary other and these things become less is disturbing to us. >> sir, your reaction to what we learned from wisconsin today? >> i agree with trent. the first thing is the individuals affected by this and we see these shootings regrettably far too often and they are usually distant from us and it is all too easy not to remember the impact this has on individuals.
10:41 am
congressman giffords is one of my best friends in congress and i remember the impact that had on me because it was someone that i new involved. as trent said it is the individuals right now, who have family members inside and don't know what happened to their family members. an awful situation to them and our thoughts have to go in support of them first and foremost. downwhat, however, we can sort of change the way our society functions to reduce the incidents, to reduce the amount of violence is something we really need to think long and hard about. it is happening far are too frequently and the imacts are seven stating for far too many people. >> the fbi is on the scene there assisting local authorities at this point. local authorities are leading this investigation and you see the turnout there. congressman franks, we know that our first responders is train again and again for are this. we see the special equipment, the hazmat trucks and lances there. how tough is their job out there on the front liens these days? >> i truly believe whether they
10:42 am
wear the soldier's uniform of the united states or a fire mens a uniform or police american's uniform any of the protectors in our society are among the most noble figures among us. they put themselves team th bee malevolent and the innocent. i respect and honor them tremendously. so often times the heart break for them is they get there in the aftermath of the tragedies and they are are not there to be able to interdict it and it is certainly the reality of the sew seity that we live in. there is no way to overstate the noble mind set and commitment and sacrifice of the first experiences and protectors of our sew seity. >> congressman smith as information trickles out and from what we are hearing from someone who talked to someone inside is that a police s.w.a.t. team did go in and by one report from a witness there was a gunman who was shot. as we wait to find out more
10:43 am
information because there is so little we know definitively at this point how important is it not to jump to any kinds of conclusions about what may or may not have happened here? >> i think it is very important. everyone has their favorite policy that should be advanced to help with this and i think we are too quick to try to fit the events into the preconceived notions. i agree with trent on the first experiences. what weigh saw in tucson, the number of lives saved by people on the scene, how quickly people responded. we have to be incredibly thankful to the people and the training they go to. all the people in wisconsin woke up this morning the first responders, they didn't have any idea this was going to happen. it did. they save lives and make a big difference. the training across the country is truly amazing. >> shannon: if you can stick around with us as we learn more about this. we appreciate your input. we are monitoring a shooting at a sikh temple in oak creek wisconsin not far from walk.
10:44 am
the local pape paper there repg four shot and reports maybe 20 to 30 people injured. two at the a local hospital one in critical condition. we will get keep you up to date as soon as we get more information, right after this break. c symptoms... like the elephant on my chest... he thought he was having a heart attack. she said, "take an aspirin, we need to go to the hospital." i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference. used dishclot. they can have a history that they drag around with them. try bounty extra soft. in this lab demo, one set of bounty extra so leaves this surface 3 times cleaner than a dishcloth. the cleaner way to clean. bounty extra soft. for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit.
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>> shannon: we are continuing to follow breaking news out of oak creek wisconsin where there has been a shooting at a sikh temple. there are reports from the milwaukee sentinel journal at least pour people were shot. could be a couple dozen others injured. peter doocy has been keeping an eye on the nows that comes in. >> the associated press is reporting of the four people reportedly shot, three were priests and the other is the brother of the person who spoke to the ap who also said that women and children are still hiding out in the building. this took place at a sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin at 1030 teem thi 10:30 this mo.
10:49 am
we heard from a witness who spoke to witi the local affiliate who said that they saw the s.w.a.t. team shoot one of the shooters. someone who had a gun was shot by the police according to a witness who spoke to our local affiliate the associated press, though, we have been hearing a lot of numbers. some big numbers. this is a small number but still tragic. four people shot and we also heard from the hospital before that two people were transported to a hospital in milwaukee. they were both men. one of them was in critical condition. we heard from the hospital that another man is in surgery right now and we will know more about his condition as soon as he is out. shannon? >> shannon: thank you. we will check back with you in just a minute. we have rod wheeler on the phone with us to give us perspective on this particular kind of event and how things play out. ing rod, thank you for joining
10:50 am
us. there is so little that we know. we heard a number of reports from people who talked to witnesses inside. apparently it seems to be an outsider by all accounts. this wasn't someone who was a member of this particular temple by all the accounts we had so far. we do know that the fbi is aware and assisting but allowing the local authorities at this point to remain the lead. does that tell you anything about this particular event what may be happening the fact that is how law enforcement is playing out for this moment? >> not necessarily so. as you know, this is a very fluid situation and the local cops are still take the lead on that even though the fbi is involved they he haven't decided or maybe a decision this is unrelated to somebody locally in the area. they will remain involved with this. the department of homeland security i'm sure has been notified and the state police is also involved in this investigation as swell. to this is a very fluid
10:51 am
situation and the goal right now, shannon and i can tell you exactly what the police are doing. trying to figure out whether or not this was a.b an individual gunman. >> i'm sore arery to interrupt you. we have to take a break. we will get with you right on the other side of this quick break. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections,
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>> shannon: again we are following word of a shooting at a sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin. reports from the "milwaukee journal sentinel" four people shot. 20 to 30 as well may be injured. we are just getting information as it is coming in. i want to check backing in with former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler giving us the lay of the land of what happens in the initial moments as these things are playing out. thanks for sticking around with us. >> absolutely, shannon. the fbi are there assisting but local police department is taking the lead right now and the reason is because it appears as though to be one shooter but that has not been confirmed yet. there have been some reports that have said maybe more than one shooter, maybe two shooters. they don't know. the department of homeland security has been alerted but it appears to be the work of one individual shannon, at this point. >> shannon: detective wheeler thank you for weighing in with us. to congressman
10:56 am
trent franks who saw the same situation in arizona where six were killed with the shooting of congressman giffords. quick final thought? >> well, i guess just the bottom line is that there are many methods and motivations to violence but only one protection against it and that is the moral impulse in each of our hearts to respect the fellow human beings next to us and to realize that true toll tolerance is not in pretrending we have no differences with each other, we have to be kind in spite of differences with each other. the only hope for peace for america. thank you all very much and god bless the victims. >> shannon: we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers. we will continue our coverage on the other side of this break with gregg jarrett out of new captioned by closed captioning services, inc. people
10:57 am
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10:59 am
this is a fox news alert. i'm gregg jarrett. breaking news on a possible hostage situation right now at a sikh temple very close to it milwaukee. local media reporting at least four people shot at a temple. this is in oak creek, wisconsin. a hospital spokesperson telling us who two men rushed to the hospital, one in critical condition. the temple president is


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