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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 5, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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melted by a dumpster fire the night before. that is wrap on news watch. [ laughter ] >> jon: thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us and we'll see you again next >>. >> gregg: we're waiting on deadly shooting at sikh temple and they say the gunman is dead. it happened in the sikh temple of west side. it's just south of milwaukee. i'm gregg jarrett. this is brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather chill determination. we're getting new reaction from stunned parishioners. there was a terrifying scene of a gunman opening fire before services, one man saying his uncle is among the wounded.
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>> as far as i know my uncle has died. he was shot and he was down for a while and the hostage situation. right now he is in the hospital apparently in the hospital with a light wound. i'm not sure what his condition is. we're waiting to see, my aunt to make sure she got out safely and the kids that are in there. we're waiting to hear and update on his status. at least he is out and not as horrible of a gunshot wound we were worried about. we have services on thursday but sunday is the biggest one, sunday morning where a few hundred of us actually come together and pray. unfortunately this situation the gunman came earlier than when most people come. i think relatively damages were limited. it happened an hour or two later. god knows how many people would be hurt or dead. ion't want to think about it.
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>> heather: police say a veteran officer was the first on the scene. he engaged and killed the gunman. that officer was shot multiple times himself. we begin with mark shaft, a reporter of the oak creek patch and joins us on the phone. set the scene for me right now. tell me what you see? >> there are a few hundred people gathered in the parking lot of the day-care center. its corner from the temple. there are a lot of media members here and depending on the circumstances, things are pretty calm. i think people are waiting for information. we're awaiting a briefing at about 3:30. so a lot of temple members, just kind of in shock right now and trying to get more information. >> heather: have you been able to speak any family members or
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anyone there on the scene or knew who had loved ones there at the time of the incident? >> reporter: i talked to one gentleman, i believe he was the president of the temple. he told them he was doing okay. he had been shot and was wounded but he was doing okay. we haven't had a chance to talk to anybody who was inside the temple. i believe those people been taken to a bowling alley across the street. >> heather: and mark, as we speak to you, we are looking at these pictures they're taken at the scene. people clearly horrified trying to find out what is going on. in the last news conference we heard from the police chief that seven people were dead including the shooter himself. three located outside the facility including the shooter. an additional four inside. have you been told any
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additional information about the victims themselves? >> reporter: i've not gotten any additional information since the news conference. as far as i know that is most updated information that i have. i'm assuming we'll get more details here but as of last counted that was the information i was given. >> heather: what about the community itself. you work there for the oak creek patch. it's about 30,000 people in oak creek. any past incidents that you know at this facility? >> no, i actually asked one of members. i think the temple has been around for the last five years. he said they never had any -- they never had any problems to speak of. this is really the first problem they've really had here which adds to the shock of the whole situation. >> heather: thank you so much. we appreciate your coverage for us and we are awaiting that news
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conference roughly in about 30 minutes from now. >> gregg: there was an article from the oak creek patch a year ago that detailed acts of vandalism and robberies and in fact the district attorney and state representative counseled the parishioners on public safety. there was apparently racial epithets shouted at parishioners. whether this is related at all but there has been past concerns against this particular temple according to the local newspaper. >> heather: there were some reports witnesses at the scene, they actually referencing some of those incidents today. >> gregg: so we'll wait and see whether or not that was the motivation. here are more updates. president obama has been notified of the shooting. he received updates on the incident. also, wyoming's governor
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cancelling west side's governor cancelling events today. >> police are increases their security at sikh temples here. >> gregg: new reports of a deadly attack at a crossing point bordering israel and egypt. attackers unleashing a barrage of gunfire and mortar explosion. reportedly 13 were killed and 7 wounded. >> heather: switching gears to the election and the number one issue on voters' meiwdz, fixing the troubled economy. on the heels of the latest jobs report governor romney is keeping up the pressure on
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president obama. today the governor calling for something, something dramatic to help the recovery. steve is live for us in washington with details on that. hi, steve. >> reporter: taxes and job creation were the hot topics on the sunday talk shows as the two campaigns squared off how to fix the economy. at the same time the romney team released a new tv ad slamming the president and saying the economy is not getting better claiming that romney has a plan for a stronger middle-class and more take home pay. but romney came against further stimulus by the fed while suggesting the need of unspecified type of action. >> now is something for dramatic. it's not the time to grow government. it's time to create the opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses big and small to hire more people. that is going to happen. you are going to see that happen but not under this preside. >> reporter: president is
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calling for tax cuts while raising taxes on those earning $250,000 a year. this is a deep divide between the two parties. republicans want the bush cuts made permanent so everyone can but of benefit. democrats say the wealthy should pay their fair share. this week we learned the tax plan would raise taxes for the wealthy and would cut taxes for the wealthy, a windfall for the wealthy and raise taxes by $200,000. that is not a prescription for rebuilding the middle-class. >> reporter: president obama will be chasing campaign dollars with visits to the strongholds of west port and stamford, connecticut. >> gregg: another grueling day for residents all across
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oklahoma. this as the state is battling a severe drought. temperatures exceeding 110 degrees in 14 places. one of the biggest is northeastern oklahoma. another fire in lu thr north of oakland's city. thought to be the work of an arsonist. it's destroyed dozens of homes and buildings and forced many to evacuate their neighborhoods. >> they told us to leave now. >> we have stuff that we have to sift through and find anything that was left over, there is not a whole lot for them to do. >> i'm 82 years old and i've never seen anything like this before. >> when the wind comes up and big flames and cedar trees going off, it gets scary. >> gregg: maria molina joins us. >> unfortunately we're seeing these wildfires across the state of oklahoma.
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we do have a chance to see wildfires across this part of the country because the problem started weeks and months ago across this part of the country because it's been so dry. we have exceptionally dry in parts illinois and indiana and missouri basically the four corners region. oklahoma is one of the states currently hit hard with the ongoing drought that continues to impact the state. we're still expecting dry conditions along with hot temperatures. upper 90s expected this afternoon. that is will be the story as we head into the next several days. 102 could be the high in tulsa and 104 on tuesday. just a stretch and hot weather. we fully have some images we would like to show you of these wildfires. some of clouds is called a pyro cumulus cloud, a thunderstorm that formed how hot it gets from some of these wildfires. it evaporates and blows up and
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you can get lightning and rain from some of these clouds. pyro cumulus clouds due to these ongoing wildfires. we take a look the rest of the plains, heat advisories in texas and parts of western tennessee and northwestern parts of mississippi. as we head east we do have showers and storms. unfortunately some of them will be producing severe weather and isolated tornadoes possible. >> gregg: what a contrast from the theater to the thunderstorms. we'll check back with you. >> heather: tragedy strikes the family of andy read. his old son was found dead at club's training camp. cause of death is not known. he faced years of drug abuse but friends say he had rebounded from his troubled past. he had been working as an
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assistant coach. >> gregg: reports of a possible plea deal now in the trial of a man accused in the tucson shooting massacre. a source close with the case says that a psychiatrist will testimony and say jared loughner is competent to enter a plea. it may result in a life sentence but the judge must agree for him to enter that plea. he is accused of killing people in ui son in an event by gabrielle giffords. he is still recovering over a year and a half after being shot in the head. >> new information on a facebook posting that sparked a backlash against alaska airlines. a man complained about the way a disabled passenger was treated. this is in washington. he posted that the passenger
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missed his flight because the airline would not give him extra assistance. the airline says passenger never said he was disabled and employees thought he was drunk. he boarded another flight. alaska airlines making it's case on the social network, posting this statement that says in part we appreciate the concern about this passenger's welfare. we are conducting a thorough review. we are in the preliminary stage of review and respond directly to the consumer within ten days. >> gregg: we are awaiting a news conference 15 minutes bringing us the latest details on the deadly shooting this morning at a sikh temple and get an update from one of hospitals handling the wounded. >> heather: plus drew peterson murder trial starting off the wrong foot creating a bunch of flubs and our legal panel will break that all down. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. >>. >> gregg: fox news alert. back to the top story. we are awaiting a police news conference on a deadly shooting at a sikh temple south of milwaukee this morning, right now we know at least 7 people who were killed in the shooting.
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the gunman is among the dead. let's check back with melissa who is the public information officer for the hospital there. thank you so much for taking a few moments. i know it's a terribly busy day. how many victims are being treated there and what are their conditions? >> we have three people, three victims in our trauma center. all three are adult males and currently all three are in critical condition. they've all suffered injuries related. one was face and one to the abdomen. >> gregg: would you repeat the last part. the location of their injuries? >> one of the injuries in extremities of the face and one in the abdomen and one is being
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evaluated. >> gregg: when you and i last talk which was an hour and a half ago. one was in surgery. can you talk to us about him? >> he is still in currently in surgery. >> gregg: and the other two are being evaluated and treated but still in critical condition? >> that is correct. >> gregg: talk to us about your hospital? >> sure. we are the area's trauma center. we are prepared to mobilize the hospital and take care of any types of casualties situations. >> gregg: you were not anticipating any more shooting victims. that hasn't changed, has it? >> correct. to my knowledge we won't have any more shooting victims come to the hospital. >> gregg: as to the three individuals, one in surgery. two others are being treated and evaluated. we obviously extend our thoughts
1:20 pm
and prayers to them, as well. if you get any additional information, please let us know. melissa winkie, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> heather: meantime, our fox news affiliate has been covering this story since the very beginning. let's listen in to some of their coverage from the scene. >> maybe a number of the sikh community. just showing this very large world has become very small in our own backyard. >> as we take a look at pictures live. you see the crowd well contained. people standing and no doubt getting information but the situation is under control as investigators try to figure out where people are and just to make sure that there will be no other incidents this afternoon just hours this horrible incident that unfolded this
1:21 pm
morning. >> we know there were police officers at the other sikh temple that is in brookfield. it's a relatively new temple built for the growing community in our area. they are saying that greenfield police were at a mosque, don't know exactly why they were there. perhaps as preventative measure, we don't know if it was a copy cad or anything. perhaps someone can ask the police chief who is acting as the ipo. we are ten minutes away from the newest update. the buses are brought in hot days during fires and other situations for people to get relief, it's day outside. >> ambulances responding. caledonia, greenfield, west allis and multiple protective agencies brought in to make sure that the scene has become secure at this point.
1:22 pm
again all we dock right now is continue to work the crowds and get updates. we do have a press conference coming up at 3:30 to give us the very latest, hopefully we can find out the conditions of those being treated at the hospital. >> heather: you've been watching live coverage from our local affiliate, witi. we'll continue to follow this story. >> gregg: there is a hero in all of this. we have learned the details a bit more about the shooting of a gunman himself, a police officer who was hit multiple times, nevertheless managed to fire off his weapon killed the gunman. that police officer is expected to survive. she apparently a veteran of the police department there so we'll continue to update our viewers on his condition as we learn it. >> heather: more than 20 years experience on the force. glad he is going on to be okay. we are moments away from the
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scheduled news conference. very latest on sikh temple shooting. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium.
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>>. >> heather: we are waiting a news conference from oak creek, wisconsin, where 7 people have been killed at a sikh temple including the gunman. shooter opened fire earlier today. we have been following the story as it continues to unfold. heroes and victims. >> the hero is the police officer that took out the gunman even though that police officer had already been wounded. he apparently received multiple gunshot wounds, he is expected to survive, but was able to fire off his weapon, take out or put down as they've been calling it the shooter before he could likely any other members of this sikh temple. as you and i have been reporting
1:28 pm
apparently there was some trouble that the particular temple in oak creek. a story a year ago this month. they identified a state representative for the area and district attorney going to the temple, sitting down and meeting with parishioners there among victims of robbery and vandalism cautioning them about public safety. apparently there had been racially and religiously epithets that had been uttered against members of this parish. largely according to the newspaper report because people had mistaken them for muslims which they are not. >> heather: not saying that is directly related to this incident or what caused it but we do know that sikhism has roughly 27 million followers worldwide and they do not cut their hair. the male followers they cover their heads with turbans, maybe
1:29 pm
that is one of the reasons they were mistaken. >> gregg: we have no idea the motivation behind in this particular heinous attack on this sikh temple during the course of the service this morning amid prayers and the gunman opening fire there. we don't know in fact it was someone associated with that particular temple or parish. we don't know if was errand act of senseless violence or whether it was motivated based on race and religion. we are hoping obviously on the left-hand side of your screen to receive further information from the police. >> heather: about 500,000 sikhs live here in the u.s. majority of them worldwide live in india. one of other things we don't know the victims. there were six of them. there were two men that are being hospitalized right now. he talked to the hospital earlier. >> gregg: we also hope the death
1:30 pm
toll has not gone up. that the number of casualties beyond that which are at the hospital and being treated doesn't go upward, but we can tell you that it was a frightening scene within this temple this morning whether the gunfire erupted and people took refuge inside rooms, including women and children, some hiding in closet and trying to contact people outside including calling 911. >> calling people what they could to try to get help inside as the shooter unleashed his fury. for what reason we still do not know. >> gregg: there is just one of the scenes there as you see people on their knees and praying. others are just anxiously awaiting word on their loved ones and those who have lost their lives.
1:31 pm
six people plus the seventh is the gunman here. >> heather: we do have someone on the phone right now. on don walker with the milwaukee jumper sentinel. i understand you have worked there for at least 30 years. what can you tell us about this temple and the community? >> the tell as many located in a suburban middle-class community called oak creek which is located south of downtown milwaukee. it's in a suburban neighborhood although the temple is located on a very busy commercial street. >> heather: we may have to cut you off because we are waiting for this news conference. what about this report that gregg referenced earlier about an incident perhaps a year ago, some threats made to the temple. do you know anything about that? >> i'm unable to confirm that particular report, but is a fact that at this particular temple has been a target in the past of
1:32 pm
aggression and has been investigated. >> gregg: do you know the details of those threats at all. we noted robberies and vandalism but epithets had been uttered against members of that parish? >> that is correct. i spoke to national spokesman for the faith and he told me the threats amounted to threatening phone calls, perhaps vandalism, that sort of thing. nothing to the kind of violence we saw today. >> gregg: the newspaper we were reading, the oak creek patch that detailed this story. so severe the threats the district attorney came to meet with members of the parish to talk to them about their safety. it talked about the racial motivation and religious motivation behind these things that the sikh community was being mistaken for muslims. do you know anything about that? >> i do know there is a fair
1:33 pm
amount of confusion about that not only in milwaukee but nationwide. it is abundantly clear these are two different faiths. they have been able to coexist in the milwaukee area peacefully. >> heather: we are not saying that was the cause of today's shooting. we're just pointing it out because it is being talked about today for good reason. in fact some of the information we're sharing is coming from the washington based sikh coalition a sikh rights group. they themselves have reported 700 incidents in the u.s. similar to threats being made to sikhs since 9/11. advocates blame it on anti-islamic sentiment. they say according to them that the sikhs don't practice the same religion as muslims, but they say that their long beards
1:34 pm
turbans cause confusion. we don't want to say that caused today's shooting. can you tell us what you are hearing from victims on the scene today? >> what i can pass along is the evidence is mounting that the officer who responded first is a veteran officer for the oak creek police department who is very well-trained in swat tactics as well as tactical situations. i spoke to a former supervisor of his a moment ago who indicated to me that this man acted in a heroic fashion and very well may have saved many lives. >> heather: and we asked this before, any additional information on the victims themselves. i know early reports as we were discussing, women and children inside this temple hiding in closets, hiding in the bathroom. any information on who the rest of the victims are? >> no, we don't. we do know that the president of the temple is under treatment at
1:35 pm
a local hospital and at least one other male victim, but as far as any children we have no confirmation of that. >> gregg: we just got off the phone a short time ago with the spokesperson for the level one trauma center treating three male adults. one of them still in surgery, all three in critical condition. any additional numbers beyond that that you have? >> no, none have been released but i know we're awaiting a briefing in a matter of moments from the lead commander at the scene from oak creek. >> heather: we're actually, we can fill our viewers, that has been pushed, that news conference with any additional information has been pushed back to the 5:00 p.m. hour. so we will definitely cover that as soon as it happens, but that is the information we're getting there from the scene on that. >> gregg: any final thoughts on your coverage? >> so often with the case with the tragic shootings there is a
1:36 pm
great deal of information that is incorrect. so it's important to make sure that it's confirmed. we do know that 7 are dead including the gunman himself but there is a whole lot more left to learn. >> gregg: we should be able to learn that in about 25 minutes. news conference postponed to 5:00 eastern time. don walker with the milwaukee journal sentinel. many thanks. >> you're welcome. >> gregg: once again we'll be taking a news conference live. it was just really moments ago that we learned that they had changed it from 4:30 to 5:00. not at all unusual. trying to piece together the puzzle here that begin with gunfire at 10:25 this morning inside the sikh temple. 7 people dead including the gunman. three adult males in critical condition. and here in all of this as don was pointing out is the police
1:37 pm
officer hoe managed to kill the gunman before he could kill anymore. we'll have much more on the breaking news story. we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift.
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>>. >> heather: we continue to monitor the situation in oak creek, wisconsin where there has been a mass shooting at a sikh temple. seven people dead including the gunman. as the scene continues to unfold. we're waiting for a news conference that should happen at the top of the hour. we'll bring it to you in its entirety. we have a statement from president obama regarding this shooting incident today. it reads this:, michelle and i why deeply saddened of shooting that tragically took so many lives in wisconsin. at this difficult time the
1:42 pm
people of oak creek must know the american people have them in their thoughts and prayers. our hearts go out to families and friends to those that were killed and wounded. my administration will provide whatever support is necessary to the officials who are responding to this tragic shooting and moving forward with an investigation. as we mourn this loss which took place at a house of worship, we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by the sikhs who are part of our broader american family. once again, in oak creek, wisconsin today a mass shooting. seven people dead at this hour including the shooter himself. >> gregg: we were talking with the milwaukee hospital that treating three of the injured victims all in critical condition. one still in surgery. their injuries includes gunshot wounds to face and extremity and
1:43 pm
another had wounds to his abdomen. among athlete is the police officer even though he had been hit multiple times was able to kill the gunman. joining us now on the telephone is majik munga. his uncle is critical condition. what more do you know about your uncle? can you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you. >> gregg: tell us more about your uncle and his condition? >> all i know he is in critical condition. the last time i talked to my brother, the casualties, i don't exactly know how he is. he is in critical condition. >> gregg: how many members of your family were there at the temple this morning? >> there were like, last i know four or five members of my
1:44 pm
family. normally the whole family goes there because sunday is a worship time and everybody goes to worship there. i don't exactly know, everybody was there, but i couldn't get hold of too many people. i don't even know exactly but last time i heard from my brother, my uncle was in critical condition. there were six other people that got shot. i know the same thing. >> gregg: did they describe the events that unfolded this morning, the shooting itself? >> they didn't let anybody go inside. we were on the outside. shooting and they were still inside and they took the people hostage. they were not will letting anybody go inside. so as much as you guys know, we all know the same story. i don't know nothing much more
1:45 pm
than that. >> gregg: among the hostages were there children? >> very well. i heard they teach a school and little kids go in the morning to learn the language and stuff. i think there were kids, too. little kids go to school in the morning over there at the temple. i don't have too much clue. last time i talked to my brother he was unavailable. i think they are in the hospital. we are all praying for them. it's crazy. i don't know. after all the people in the temple and you kill innocent people and kill police, that is not right. >> gregg: had there been to your knowledge any prior acts of violence against members of the temple. any anti-semitic acts against
1:46 pm
them? >> never been anything like that. it's a peaceful place. people go there to pray. temple is supposed to be the most sacred place. those places are not sacred i don't know which other places are not safe. >> heather: this is heather childers. i'm on the air here, too. do you have live in the community? do you live in the community as well and do you go to the temple? >> i go over there but i live farther away. i don't live in the community. >> gregg: best information you have on your uncle is what? >> he is in critical condition and they took him to the hospital and i haven't heard anything from them. >> heather: you were at work when you received the call? >> yes.
1:47 pm
>> heather: that your uncle was hospitalized. what did they say to you and who called you? >> i talked to my brother. he was there. people came and told me your brother was on the news. this happened at the temple. so i called them and asked him what is going on. that is all i came to know. at that time, they were not letting go anywhere. so the last thing i talked to him was like two hours ago. he said uncle was in critical condition and they took him to the hospital. that is the last i heard. >> gregg: majik, thank you very much. best wishes to all of you. thank you very much. obviously a difficult day for a great many people in oak creek, south of milwaukee on lake michigan. 10:00 10:25 was the first call.
1:48 pm
gunfire erupted inside and outside. 7 are dead including the gunman among those injured and in critical condition is a police officer who killed the gunman before he could murder any others. we'll continue to keep in touch with the local hospital there. the memorial hospital is level one trauma unit and very good hands. one still is in surgery. injuries include wounds to the face and extremities. another had wounds to his abdomen. we do not know which was the police officer or the nature of the third victim's wounds. obviously a very serious situation. there you see the microphones and cameras set up just outside the temple. we do expected an update in about 12 minutes from now by police. >> heather: can i share with you a thought. i'm sure a lot of viewers are having as this is unfolding, two
1:49 pm
weeks ago today but roughly two weeks ago we were talking about a mass shooting at movie theater. today we're sitting about a mass shooting at a place of worship. there are two places you should be able to take your families and be able to go. you go to the movies to have fun and you go to a place of worship speaking out some peace. those should be places of respite and two tragic shootings within two weeks. a movie theater and place of worship. >> gregg: all venues should be free of this kind of senseless violence. i think everybody can agree on that. we're going to pause and take a quick break. the news conference should begin in about ten minutes from now. most importantly on the survivors here, three are being treated. they are in critical condition at a local hospital including the police officer, by all accounts, a 20-year veteran and hero of this. things could be a lot worse but
1:50 pm
for his actions to take out the gunman before the gunman killed anybody else. we'll be right back. i was teaching a martial arts class and having a heart attack.
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>>. >> gregg: milwaukee hospital is treating a heroic police oficer who was injured in a shooting at
1:54 pm
a sikh temple south of milwaukee along with two other of the injured victims. all three are in critical condition. one is in surgery. left-hand side of your screen in about ten minutes from now we should be hearing more details from the chief of police there in the neighboring community who is acting as the spokesperson. seven dead including the gunman, more details forthcoming. >> heather: as we keep an eye on, that we'll take a look at this. mixed jobs report saying dueling economic messages. republicans are on the attack as unemployment rises to 8.3%. democrats pointed out that hiring actually arose unexpectly. >> i can absolutely make the case that now is the time for something dramatic and not the time to grow government. it's a time to create the incentives and opportunities for
1:55 pm
entrepreneurs and businesses big and small to hire more people. you are going to see that happen but not under this president. >> the real question for voters is what is the choice on the other side. this week we learned that governor romney's tax plan would raise taxes for the wealthy and would cut taxes for the wealthy, windfail for the wealthy and raise taxes on the middle-class. that is not a prescription for getting an economy moving. >> heather: joining us is julie and advisor to frank lautenberg and brad blakeman an assistant to george w. bush. so the bureau of economic analysis, they reported our g.d.p. growth had slowed to 1.5% half of what the rate was six months ago, unemployment has been above 8%, 41 consecutive months longest period since the great depression. so julia, why does president
1:56 pm
obama deserve to be re-elected? >> for the same reason that ap led with the following paragraph that mitt romney wants to do something dramatic but he is not saying exactly what. we're not o-ing in a vacuum. under the premise that the top policy, non-policy organization, under mitt romney, 95% of americans would have their taxes hiked and the deficit would explode while 5% are the wealthiest are massive tax break. they are not job creators but under 3% under president obama small business would get a tax hike. 97% would get a tax break. president obama is running under tough circumstances but not running under somebody who is a mirage but who has proposed pain for the vast majority of
1:57 pm
americans. >> heather: i want to talk about a report that came out. they say that actually raising taxes on those making $250,000 and above would actually impact nearly a million small companies and cost more than 700,000 jobs. >> look, we tried obama's policies. he said that he had all the answers when he was candidate. sadly as president he has none of answers. the unemployment rate picked up. with all due respect, this is 3-d strategy, destroy romney's record and distract from your abysmal record and divide people in this robin hood theory of economics. you can't spend more than you take in. the more you get in the treasury is unleash the power of the marketplace. it's unleashing the power of the
1:58 pm
individual, our small businesses who generate jobs to buy equipment and buy and sell property. when romney is talking about a big thing on the talking about unleashing the power of the individual. he is getting government regulation down. reducing taxes. and once you do that, then you'll see the economy turn around but this president had an opportunity. he sqajdered that opportunity and his policies have not worked. >> heather: also according to earns and young, extending tax relief would keep four trillion dollars in the taxpayer's pockets. that is money they could spend. >> we have seen this playbook. we unleashed whatever brad wants to unleash. lowest tax rates through the korean war. it's not like we were taxed out of our homes. excuse me. you want to go back to the bush economy. >> i do. >> in 2008 when barack obama was not president, this economy
1:59 pm
crashed under the former president's policy. >> it was mismanagement of the housing crisis. you can thank barney franks and chris dodd on that. >> so everything bad under obama is his fault and everything under bush is barney frank's fault. >> heather: excuse me. >> that was generation. >> again, george bush not around to stop it. >> we had a divided government. you guys have to take some of the blame, too. >> excuse me. i can blame john boehner. >> you have been blaming bub for the last three and a half years. >> we tried it before. we have seen how it turned out. if people want to go back what happened under george bush it was an economic scheme. we can't afford it, george bush exploded the deficit.
2:00 pm
>> your president exploded the difficulty. >> heather: all right. definitely a heated debate had which is the problem on capitol hill. everybody has an opinion and they don't let each other talk. thank you for joining us. >> gregg: returning now to our top story, south of milwaukee. at a seek temple a gunman opening fire shortly before 10:30 a.m. six people have been killed. the gunman was also killed. we do expect a news update any moment now from the police department there as to especially the condition of the police officer, the wounded he managed to kill the gunman. there was concern there might be a second gunman inside the sikhs temple. that turned out not to be the case. but four were dead inside, two dead outside and gunman was the seventh. there are three people in
2:01 pm
critical condition at the local hospital at a level one trauma unit. one is still? surgery at least was when we spoke to the hospital about 40 minutes ago, injuries to the face and extremities and another suffering from injuries to the abdomen. one is the police officer. we do not know which. we also spoke with a young man, majeet who's uncle who is in create condition at that hospital. we're just hoping to get more details as to what happened. there were people who were texting from inside this tell them morning, hiding in closets and bathrooms and other rooms throughout the temple trying to contact the outside world. not just 911 but relatives. there was talk by some of these individuals of a second gunman, talk of hostages of being taken. all of those are details that we hope to clear up with this news conference that was supposed to
2:02 pm
happen half an hour ago, but delayed by about half an hour so that police can obviously get the details. >> heather: we did get confirmed all the victims being treated at the hospital are adult males but we don't know the victims those that died and lost their lives. so hopefully additional information will come out of this news conference. he identified the shooter and the officer was hit multiple times he managed to fire off a count, killing the gunman. then, of course, there was great concern as the swat team converged on the temple, that there could be a second gunman need. it was a very cautious and deliberate attempt by the swat team to go through, room by room, the temple, to identify
2:03 pm
everybody there. of course, among the survivors, statements have to be taken and police have to make sure with the assistance of the f.b.i., that everybody is accounted for. >>heather: that is one of the dangers in this new world with social media. all of the reports start to come out at once. a lot of witnesses on the scene. a lot of that information comes together very, very quickly. we have to go through it and decide exactly what is factual. initial reports, a lost concerns as you said that there was possibly a second shooter, even a third involved. but new we believe there was only one shooter. that is what authorities have said. that shooter shot dead at the scene by a hero police officer. also, some witnesses coming forward describing what they saw. one of the witnesses saying that their friend pulled into the temple's parking lot, heard shots and saw two people fall down. the friend then saw the shooter
2:04 pm
reload his weapons and head to the temple's entrance. that's one of the stories being told today. >>gregg: we are getting all kinds of witness accounts, now, as the police have taken their statements. they are allowed to return home and loved ones, thankful they are not among the victims. one called his brother-in-law's home and a priest antid and told him his brother-in-law was shot along with three priests. the priests said women and children were hiding in temple closets and another relative said his sister was in the temple, preparing a meal when the shooting suddenly started. he spoke with her and she managed to escape injury by hiding in the kitchen. a priest told him his brother-in-law, the temple's caretaker had been shot in the head. another another individual who works at a bowling alleyly close to the temple heard four gunshots and looked outside and saw police coming and went to
2:05 pm
get the boss "there were more and more police showing up. they pulled out assault rifles and ran toward the building." so, these are just some of the accounts from individuals. there were children involved here with their parents worshipping inside the morning service. there was concern especially about the women and chairman. >>heather: everyone gathered there, today, for a service. the faith, if you are not familiar, roughly 27 million followers of the faith worldwide, roughly about 500,000 here in the united states according to some estimates. the majority of them worldwide live in india. observance sikhs do not cut their hair. and males covered their hair with turbans and they do not shave their beards. >>gregg: that is from the
2:06 pm
washington-based seek coalition reporting more than 700 incidents in the united states since 9/11. incidents of violence and threats which advocates blame on antiislamic sentiment. sikhs do not practice the religion as muslims but they are often mistaken because of their appearance. and because of this community and this temple there were reports of a vandalism and robberies against people there, and acts of threats and violence. so much so, so extreme, that the state representative and the district attorney met a year ago in august to warn and provide advice to members of the temple how to ensure their safety, not just in the temple but out in public, as well. so, here is the police spokesman. let's listen in to the latest news conference.
2:07 pm
>>heather: as we wait for them to gather we want to be clear, hopefully we will get additional information about the shooter in the news conference and the reasons. we do in the know any reason. yet. >> this, i believe, is the 4th news conference to be held since the gunman was killed by the police officer. we have been getting the periodic updates. the most important was the last one, which we were notified officially that the gunman was dead. that there was in additional
2:08 pm
gunman but there were six other people would lost their lives here, victims of this act of violence this morning at a police of worship, the sikh temple south of milwaukee on lake michigan. there are three survivors, including the police officer, that we know of. but we may get further details at the news conference. all three in critical condition at a level one trauma center. you can see the spokesman for the police department who is actually a neighboring chief of police who is acting as the public information officer for the purposes of today's incident. we will be speaking to the news media when everybody is gathered appropriately. this is a community that is clearly in shock over what happened today. we have spoken to so many reporter whose have said this is in the kind of thing normally one would expect here notwithstanding the acts of
2:09 pm
violence we talked about. >> we will touch on a couple of housekeeping issues. then each member behind me will identify themselves and spell their names for you, i will give you a phone number before we start. so everyone has it. 888-298-1964. that is 888-298-1964. chief ed wards will speak to this in detail but i wanted to you have that ahead of time. i am the police chief from greenfield, a neighboring community. i will introduce chief edwards who will make a statement so the other individuals may make to wish a statement. well take a few questions. many of you have lots of questions but please understand we do not have a lot of answers right new. we will give you the information
2:10 pm
we can give you. anything regarding the criminal investigation moving from this point forward, we will not be able to give you any information about that. i will have each of the individuals behind me identify themselves and spell their names . (inaudible) i am steve. >> city of oak crook fire chief, tom rosandich. >> inspector richard schmidt, sheriff's office. i am john ch isholm from milwaukee county, d.a. >> special agent thomas hearn,
2:11 pm
with the a.t.f. i am the special agent in charge of the f.b.i., theresa carlcon. chief john edwards from the oak creek police department. john ebkards. i send out our condolences to the seek community for the tragic event that happened today. and talk to you about what happened and give you what i can. what we had happened we had officers respond to a 9-1-1 call. because of the historic actions of our officers they stopped it from being worse than it could have been. officers responded to the scene, did find a victim, and we are deed -- were dealing with that
2:12 pm
victim when our officer was ambushed and shot multiple time and in the hospital, now, undergoing surgery. we expect him to recover. another officer who was on the scene was engaged by the suspect. our officer did engage that individual. that individual is deceased from the actions our officer took. it stopped a tragic event that could have been a lot worse. there was a service going on with many people at that location. what we have done, it has taken most of the day to clear the area. the church itself and the surrounding area, because of conflicting reports we got of how many people could be involved. we just were able to clear it. what we are going to do, we have numerous individuals we have that are deceased at this point. i don't have total numbers for you right now. we are working on that. we are going in there shortly. the f.b.i. will handle the criminal investigation on this incident. we looked at the scope of it and
2:13 pm
what the implications could be. we are treating this as a domestic terrorist type incident so the f.b.i. has the resources needed to help investigate that. the a.t.m. -- a.t.f. and the milwaukee police department is assisting us with the d.a. and the officer-involved shooting portion of the investigation. the number you were given out is for family, family or friend whose want information. we ask that only family or friends call that number. we will forward through the liaison with the sikh community, as far as the status those individuals. we do not want the media or anyone else calling that number. that is just for family and friends trying to find out the status of those individuals. at this point, we are pretty much doing an investigation that will be starting shortly, we will do another press conference probably 10:00 am tomorrow
2:14 pm
morning at the oak creek police department. we are now just not going stages of the investigation and were wrapping up the inner perimeter and the initial call that we took and just clearing that. so the investigation starts now. at this point i am not going to give out demographics of who the individuals may be as far as age, gender. we do not have all that information. i will not release it until people are notified. the officer has family that still needs to be notified. we are in the giving his information out. >> how many injured? >> as far as we know there are multipill -- multipill -- multiple injured. i believe we have seven deceased and three injured including our officer. >> what do you know about the suspect? >> i don't have any information on the suspect. that is being checked. it is part of the criminal
2:15 pm
investigation so i will not give anything on that right now. this is domestic terrorism, someone who is doing active terrorism in the confines of the united states. it is not from another country or anything like that, but in the united states. as far as a weapon, there are weapons on the scene. that has not been covered yet. the evidence team has not gone in. there are weapons involved that will be recovered. (inaudible). >> i don't know that. (inaudible). >> as far as a timeline the initial cause was at 10:30 or 10:15. our officers were on the radio giving the information they were treating someone. we had another officer call out high had an active shooter and at that point that's when other officers responded and other agencies were called n it happened in a very short period of time.
2:16 pm
it takes place very quick limit. >> any act of herorism? >>guest: i don't have that. i am sure there were. there were a lot of people interviewed. i don't know the results of the interviews. >> how many people are still in the temple? >> there is no one left in the temple. the building has been cleared. everyone has been (inaudible). >> i don't have that information. it is a crime scene. we will hold it until we have it processed. >> what do you mean about the suspect being "engaged." >>guest: he engaged our officer and he shot him, another officer on the seen he engaged that officer by shooting at him. our returned fire and killed the suspect. >> what was the suspect wearing? i have no idea. >> more than one shooter? >> we had multiple reports of different things and that is why it is still active scene. i cannot give you the total
2:17 pm
information. we believe there is one but i cannot be sure. this is still an active scene. with swat teams in there now. it was a church service. i am sure there were people from all different age groups in the building. (inaudible) because we had an individual that we knew was down and we had reports there could be others. we do not know if there are others so we cannot just go in the building but we have to clear it so it is safe. we do not want other officers down. it would be worse. we have to clear it and take care of the area. there is no suspect in custody right now. (inaudible) i do not have that information. i do not know that. >> how many were in the building at the time of shooting? >> i don't have demographics or numbers. as far as how many people.
2:18 pm
(inaudible) i not get into the criminal investigation or anything going on with that right now. thank you all if -- for your time. there will be another briefing tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. at this time, the mayor would like to say a few words if you would afford him the courtesy. >> the city of oak creek is outraged by the senseless act of violence and our thoughts and players go out to those victims. we are grateful for the heroric actions of one of our officers, two of our officers, who made a very dangerous situation a little bit better and probably saved lives. so we are thankful for them and hope they have a speedy recovery. the city of oak creek will cooperate in any way possible with all federal, state, county officials as the investigation conditions were we value more to say tomorrow.
2:19 pm
tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. at the oak creek police department. no other information will be released from any official source until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. as you can imagine there are a number of things that have to be done before we release additional information including notifying family members. we have to get crime scene technicians inside. it is a very large scene and will take a long time to process. please bear with us as we gather the best information to release. we do not want to give you bad information and change it later. see us tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. thank you. (inaudible) >>gregg: as is often the case in a situation like this, the initial reports town out to be erroneous, even the reports provided us by this gentleman, right here, who is the chief of police in negotiate by greenfield act as the spokesman this morning, three hours ago he said that an officer initially
2:20 pm
arrived at the scene and that officer was shot multiple times. that officer returned fire and the shooter was put down. it turns out that was erroneous, incorrect. it was not the wounded officer who killed the gunman but a second officer who was not injured or wounded who killed the gunman. other than that, most of the information appears to be fairly accurate. we have three survivor whose have been injured include the police officer. he is in surgery right now. all three are in critical condition. we hope to get updated information from the hospital in milwaukee that will be holding a news conference very shortly. of course, this is where the injured officer and two others wounded are being treated. >>heather: we spoke to the gentleman earlier. his uncle, one of those being treated at hospital, and we know these being treated are three males who were there at the temple including the officer.
2:21 pm
we also heard that the initial officer who is being treated was ambushed, that word is used, and shot multiple times. >>gregg: we will listen, again, now. >> just to be sure, again --. >> is there more than seven dead? is that what i understood? no, okay. okay. >> how many officers --. i know you have a lot of questions, the best time to ask those is tomorrow morning when we will have a lot more information at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning at oak creek police department. thank you. >>heather: something else that came out of the news conference that i wanted to ask you about is how it is being treated as a case of domestic terrorist incident and the f.b.i. is handling it. >>gregg: if it appears to be a bit chaotic, it was. it is. still. as they try to put together the pieces of the puzzle of the
2:22 pm
shooting at the sikh temple this morning. the fact that the spokesman who is a chief of police had the fundamental facts incorrect underscores how chaos itic was in the early hours after the shooting as police, swat team, f.b.i., tactical units, all converged on the sikh temple and tried to save as many lives as possible to recover those who were hiding inside closets and kitchens and bathrooms, texting and calling on their cell phones to 911 and their relatives. all of them have been identified, with their statements taken. a great many people are relieved to know the casualties are not higher. we hope to have more details on the injured.
2:23 pm
>>heather: the shop saying they are not expecting any additional patients. so, we are given a two-minute warning for that news conference to begin and we will take you there live as it unfolds. being investigated by the f.b.i. as domestic terrorist incident join as long list of other investigations that have unfolded, similar scenes, mass casualty situations. the oklahoma city bombing being one. that was investigated as domestic terrorist incident. olympic park, that bombing was investigated by the f.b.i. the 2001 anthrax there attacks, ft. hood, the shoot there and the una bomber, that is under that category. >>gregg: these acts are targeting particular groups, if not the government itself, both
2:24 pm
would qualify as terrorist attacks. in this particular case it may turn out to be and we do not know, it was in the addressed, that this was motivated by race and/or religion. we do not know. they are categorizing this in the terrorism category would seem to suggest that. >>heather: and different in the last mass shooting we just had two weeks ago at the movie theater in aurora, colorado. that was not classified as this. >>gregg: not yet. but arguably it could, as more details emerge. again, we are waiting for a news conference on the left-hand side of your screen from the hospital. when we last spoke there were three individuals, all in critical condition. one in surgery. we have learned that person in the operating room who may be out of it, we do not know yet,
2:25 pm
is the police officer and was "ambushed," as we learned at the news conference a moment ago. a fellow police officer returned fire, killing the gunman. and here, now, is the press conference at the memorial hospital in milwaukee. >> afternoon. our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragic situation. i am the chief medical officer at froedtert medical hospital. i will make a statement and not take questions. i am with dr. gary saybrook, chief of surgical services. he has been actively engaged in directing care today. at approximately 11:18 we receive add call from emergency responders at the scene in oak creek. we mobilized the appropriate physicians, nurses and operating room personnel to care for the
2:26 pm
victims. this is consistent with the many drills we run to be prepared for mass casualty situations as level one trauma from. these drills are done in conjunction and collaboration with our local emergency response teams. only three victims were brought to our hospital. they are all adult males and all currently in critical condition. they are all victims of gunshot wounds. one suffered entries to the abdomen and chest. one suffered injuries to the extremities and face and one suffered injuries to the neck. the patients are all currently being treated for the injuries. two patients have undergone surgery and one patient is currently undergoing a complex procedure. one of the victims is an oak creek police officer. as a level one trauma center,
2:27 pm
caring for three patients with gunshot wounds at a single point in time is, unfortunately, in the uncommon. we will be providing an update at 8:30 p.m. again, our thoughts and prayers are with all those would were affected by this tragic situation. thank you very much. we will not take any questions at this time. thank you very much. >>gregg: a news conference by the hospital with president bush little news in the news conference. we can tell you this: representative, democrat from new york, is asking to evaluate potential hate crimes against the sikhs arising out of this information. some have wondered the
2:28 pm
motivation behind this attack. we want to stress, we have no idea. it could be related to the nature of religion and race. it may not be. it could be sikh on sikh crime. it could be random. but one thing is for sure, it is senseless. and the victims are quite innocent. >>heather: and we know for sure that six individuals lost their lives today. the shooter included, that makes it seven. as we just heard, three people are being treated at hospital with injuries to their face, extremities, abdomen. that is a level one trauma center, and it is not uncommon to be treating three gunshot victims at the same time. clearly, unfortunate. also, some information that you can use if you are watching from the scene and you have a family member that you think may be involved. if you had a loved one in the temple there at the time, in oak creek, wisconsin, we have a telephone number given out at news conference a short time ago. that telephone number you can call 888-298-1964.
2:29 pm
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2:34 pm
emergency room? >>guest: those are all serious injuries. all of them require immediate intervention. what we first do is obviously we work on airway breathing and circulation with studies done to see the extent of the injuries. many of them will be resuscitated quickly and brought up to the operating room for further care. >>gregg: two of them have already been in surgery. you are talkingre you not, about a matter of seconds that can mean the difference between death and survival. >>guest: yes, many times well start the process right in the emergency department. if a person comes in with gunshot wounds to the chest and they start to lose their vital signs we will have to open their chest right there. that is done by us. with the help of the trauma team. well initial closing of the
2:35 pm
pleading wounds. we will try to assess the extent of the damage to the heart and the vessels. what we are trying to do is plug holes, patch them, and prevent further bleeding to get the person up to the operating room if further care and surgery. >>heather: when you take about chance for survival, is it the timing that is key? >>guest: sure. the timing is of the essence. we have amazingly efficient 9-1-1 system. patients are transported to the hospital quickly and many have a stabilization process in the field. time is of the essence. we talk about the golden hour. you have basically one hour from the start of the injury to the time where your care has to be initiated effectively. in cases like this, with gunshot wounds to the check cleft -- cleft and abdomen, time service
2:36 pm
the essence. >>heather: stabilization begins on the scene on the way to the hospital. so, a whole hot of individuals involved in trying to save the patients? >>guest: yes. it is a team effort. a team effort, of course. one of the big problems with these type of operations is, if the scene is not secure, many of the medical technicians and paramedics cannot get in to get the maybes to begin the care so a lot times the first thing that has to happen law enforcement has to secure the scene and provide safety so the paramedics can get in and get the parent and start the process and get them to the hospital safely. do you not want to send medical personnel to an area where they are in danger of being injured. >>gregg: we are not getting any information, doctor, on the kind of weapon or weapons that were used here by the gunman. but in your experience when people are brought in the bronx
2:37 pm
where st. barnabus is located, you get your fair share of these injuries. can you look at them and tell what kind of weapon? >>guest: that is tough. many of us have our own personal feeling as to, we, say, well, it looks like a large caliber or a small caliber, but, you need an expert to tell you that. it is tough to tell. if you see a lost tissue destruction and a lot of injury visibly on the exterior, you can assume it is probably a higher caliber projection that caused the injury. >>gregg: thank you, dr. patti. >>heather: we will monitor the breaking news story throughout the day. stay with us. dealer
2:38 pm
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>>gregg: new signs voter are pessimistic ahead the november election. the number one cause is, you guessed it, the economy. the unemployment rate last month rose to 8.3 percent. the labor department reported employers added 163,000 jobs. it is a mixed report. pointing to a still very bruised economy. and now our campaign insiders, representative john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york. and pat caddell of fox news, and former pollster for president jimmy carter and doug schoen former pollster for bill clinton. if you listen to president obama he was extolling the verse -- virtues of the numbers. facility pat he has to but it is
2:43 pm
very tepid. the unemployment last has ticked up. people are very pessimistic. they think they are less well-off than four years ago and he has to run a campaign the last 95 days which is a tough order. he has to find what good news he can. >>gregg: the numbers should hurt the president. >>pat: we will get into the polls but the numbers are mixed because he is getting, we have more people leaving the workforce. we have the unemployment ticking up. but the numbers are bad. this is a problem the president has kept the initiative in the campaign. >>john: governor romney is watching us because his campaign this week has begun do change, and they are on a specific positive message about what he is going to do about the economy both on the stump and in
2:44 pm
commercials. that is what we have been saying for months. with the bad economy. public will look for him to be the one to fix it if he can sell that. he has been absent for a while. if he gets going now he can still save the day. >>gregg: i will run through polls, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. here is florida, obama, 51 percent to romney's 45 percent. these are likely voters. ohio, obama, 50 percent and romney 44 percent. and pennsylvania, president obama is at 53 percent to romney's 42 percent. now, doug, what about these polls? >>doug: it is fair to say, but we feel the polls are skewed in the democratic direction. they interviewed too many democrats, too few republicans.
2:45 pm
because "new york times" nationally is reporting a 1-point romney lead and it does not stand to logic that the swing states would be more democratic than the rest of the country. >>gregg: do you buy that? >>pat: yes, we have democrats over republicans in this sample by nine points. you know what it is? the actual is about one. we saw that in 2008. the fact is, these polls, and we have an epidemic of them, this is irresponsible work going on. we have other polls that clearly gallup has done 177,000 interviews. do you know what they show the margin among adults? four points. among lightly voters two points for republicans. look at this --. >>gregg: explain this. >>doug: what we see here in the exit poll in 2008, the
2:46 pm
democratic advantage was 7 percent. what we see, and obama won by 7 percent. what we see is the "wall street journal" polls are saying there are more democrats now than in 2008. so, the country gets worse and the democrats get better and obama's lead goes up. pat's right, the polls are skewed. and every poll is being skewed we believe in the democratic direction. >> it is irresponsible for news organization to run polls they know are this off and for the pollsters to allow them to be used because it creates an artificial momentum that affects the news, the donors. they have a responsibility to put polls up that pass the smell test. >>gregg: is there something nefarious going on? >>doug: i think it is just plain bias creeping in. let me take you to the white house. i can tell you, there is no way
2:47 pm
that president obama and his top advisors believe the numbers on the screen. they know it is tied. but the media treats as we saw this morning, they treat the polls as if this is gospel and they are not. it is disporting the race. if i were a republican, which i'm not, i would be screaming. john beyond and a week ago we had the "wall street journal" and nbc poll that oversampled democrats so the whole dialogue of the week is built on polls that are not reflective of the race. >>gregg: let me ask our producers to fast forward to the electoral map because there have been some changes in this thing. 247 for president obama. 191 for mitt romney. you have to have 270. now, talk to us about the math, the electoral map. >> it is a close race, but, state by state it favors obama.
2:48 pm
even if romney wins florida, ohio, north carolina, and virginia, which are swing states, he still needs to win one or two other states to get over 270. he has to draw an inside straight. >>gregg: fast forward to your predictions because we have consolidated this because of breaking news. >> i think that the white house, the president, has campaigned have a bag of surprises waiting for announcements, leaks, they difficulty with the gay marriage, they did it with immigration, i am sure there are other things yet to come to altar the chemistry of the race. >> like harry reid. wish we had time for that. i predict that the pressure on romney now is intense to be bolder in the vice presidential choice and i think that puts a rubio orgy dallas d or possibly jindal who will give appeal to minority voters.
2:49 pm
>> the word pat used is "bold." he needs bold ideas, he needs a bold agenda. it is not enough given that electoral map, to be anti-obama. you will see some bold policy prescriptions. >>gregg: i feel better we are not talking about harry reid's claims because it is the equivalent of talking to a drunk on a street corner and saying, he told me, so and so. >> you wish someone in the senate would get on the senate floor and challenged him on the senate floor. that would have been a debate. >> it is very sad our politics are getting this low. >>gregg: as one said today, it is juvenile. >> or worse. >>gregg: gentleman, thank you very much. our campaign insiders, you can get more from them every monday at 10:30 a.m., eastern at and they will be here next sunday. the capital one cash rewards card
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>>heather: all systems are go for nasa's most expensive mission to mars and most ambitious. >>gregg: it is nearing the end of the eight month journey early
2:54 pm
tomorrow morning. the landing is a complicated sequence of events, called "seven minutes of terror." we have former nasa astronauts and author. tom, talk to us about how tricky this is. >>guest: very ambitious landing. they have had to do a new landing technique on this attempt because this one ton rover cannot come down with airbag cushioning like others. the normal landers will not work because the rubber is too heavy to drive off the ramp. so, this sky crane system of tying the rocket to a sled and lowering to the surface is the solution. it has been tested in theory by computer and individual component testing but the real test is tonight when curiosity tries to settle on the surface of the crater. >>heather: what do we hope to learn from it? >>guest: two goals. the first is to see if there are compounds, hydrogen and oxygen and carbon compounds in the soil
2:55 pm
of mars that could be a tracer of past existing life. second, to see if the past climate would roll out the welcome map for microbes that could be supported in the wet, warm climate of early mars. i think in the layered rocks in the geology of the crater they will fine the trace of past moisture but if they scratch the surface deep enough they have a drill, they will find traces of water that meant this was inhabitable in the ancient past. so, how do we fine the evidence today? and there are still living microbes? >>heather: seven critical minutes. what happens if it goes to eight? >>guest: if we do not have word that nasa is searching the next time two hours laters, just not hearing anything immediately will not mean bad news but it will put everyone on edge.
2:56 pm
>>gregg: if it goes all as landed how long can curiosity live, if you will, on mars? >>guest: ill has a nuclear power generator so it can last five or more years so there is a great future if it can get down safely tonight. >>gregg: a nuclear-powered generator. our fingers are crossed. tom jones, good to see you. amazing what they can do. >>heather: cool stuff. and we will have complete coverage of the landing. we will bring it to you live tonight at 1:30 a.m., eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>gregg: that does it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next. hope you have a great week, everyone. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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