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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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sunday." >> a fox urgent, gunfire at a prayer service in wisconsin and a milwaukee suburb literally brought to its knees. survivors, witnesses, and neighbors outside a temple linked arm in arm in disbelief on this sunday. tonight we now know that seven people are dead, in what is called as an act of domestic terrorism. this is the fox report, i'm harris falkner, sometime before 10:30 this morning local time, we're told that gunman entered the temple of wisconsin, in a beautiful oak creek south of milwaukee. the milwaukee county sheriff's department says a flurry of 911 calls began. some callers we've learned you
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couldn't understand through the panic and chaos and the news trickling in as we covered it live on fox news channel just a few hours ago as it was breaking and learned from a local police dispatcher, there was a shooter and maybe hostages and even at this hour, we're not entirely sure all has happened, but we're certain, one police officer, a 20-year veteran among the first to arrive at the scene, exchanged gunfire with the gunman and that officer was hit and in the end, police took out the suspected killer. but there were already victims. four people found inside that building dead. two found outside, also dead. and tonight, the main trauma center in the milwaukee region is treating that injured police officer and others wounded. we'll tell you more about that. for now we're hearing authorities are sweeping a house in a different milwaukee suburb as part of the investigation in this. steve is live at oak park, let's start with the active
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search right now, steve? >> reporter: yeah, that's happening in the milwaukee suburb where we're told 3700 block of holmes avenue, an hour and a half ago we believe fbi are searching a home there. it is ramped up speculation, that it is likely the home of the shooter. the shooter in this case, police believe, was among the seven deceased found on the scene, harris? >> well, there were three wounded in all of this. several news conferences today and the one constant was the mission of the police officer and two others, what's the latest on their condition? >> reporter: the latest that we're hearing from the the hospital and the last report came about an hour ago, suggests that one of the three hit was still undergoing surgery. there were one individual described as being hit with bullets in the stomach and chest area and one in the extremities and the face and another in the neck. two have been in surgery and are out. one undergoing what is described as complex series of
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surgeries or manipulations in the o-r and that person still in the operating room, described as critical by hospital officials. harris. >> harris: it's hard to believe it's been several hours and that's still considered an active scene. now we've got a certain, second search scene going on, steve. i'm wondering, police said definitively they felt they had everybody out of the temple. what's going on on the perimeter. are the s.w.a.t. teams still there? >> reporter: they still have pretty much this neighborhood entirely locked down and have for about eight hours, but they've got this area locked do down. and the temple is over my shoulder and we're not even close, we understand what has happened the temple has been cleared and that all witnesses, all the folks inside the temple at the time were taken to a building to my immediate left, which is a bowling alley over here, where they were debriefed and
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interviewed at length. the scene here has been, a lot of folks family members of those people that were inside the temple, or people who belong to a sister temple, if you will, from a nearby community, and have been waiting word, who was exactly that might have been hurt or killed in this yet unexplained shooting. in fact, in tactffactactfufact-- in front of this temple. >> police say they were not going to hold another news conference and we won't hear from them officially until tomorrow, is that still the case snachlt that's our understanding as well in chatting with folks waiting for word. and peel who know people questioned inside. repeatedly told that this is a temple that's not had problems with the community whatsoever. no incidents. no public brushes with figures or organizations. it's just kind of a low key organization, of course, until about 10:30 this morning.
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>> harris: we do know that the president of had a temple has been talking recently with local lawmakers because of robberies and other types of things happening in and around that temple, or i should say in and around that area where that temple is located. we don't know of any details of threats against the temple or anything like that. i'm sure we'll learn more if that's the case as this investigation unfolds. steve brown, we'll come back as the news warrants. reaction from the white house, the president travelling for his birthday to camp david. and michelle and i were deeply saddened to learn of the shooting that took so many lives in wisconsin and the people of oak creek know the american people have the our thoughts and prayers, and out to those killed and wounded. and we have a statement from governor scott walker, our hearts go out to the victims and their families as we all struggle to comprehend the evil that begets this terrible violence.
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at the same time we're filled with gratitude for our first responders who show bravery and selflessness as they put aside their own safety to protect our neighbors and friends. and the story from the people who were there, starting to come to light now. anna kooiman joins me now on the set. >> well, harris, no doubt this tragedy is rocking worshippers at the sikh temple and other communities as well. and the temple secretary describes the scene like this. >> some people walked in and started shooting and there are little kids started screaming there's gunfire going on and the ladies and kids they hid in the the closet. >> reporter: others reportedly hideening the kitchen or evacuating to a nearby bowling alley, concealing themselves in closets as gunfire rings out and hysteria and anxiety as minutes passed by. one man says his uncle was shot during the the hostage situation and another woman waits on news regarding a family friends. >> and right now he's in the
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hospital apparently with a leg wound and i'm not sure what his condition swe're waiting to see my aunt to make sure she got out safely. >> i'm praying that she's be fine right now and we can see her as soon as possible. >> reporter: the sikh religion started in south asia some 500 years ago. they have roughly 27 million followers worldwide and sikh's do not cut their beard or hair and wear turbianturbans, and rea rise in attacks since the 9/11 attacks even though they are not muslim. this is really uninspected happen to -- we never thought that someone would go that far about these things. >> and hoping through the media coverage there is aawareness that people shouldn't-- misidentified us based on what we wear because it's not we're actually from india.
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f worship temple services and some witnesses are counting their blessings didn't come at a later time when more people would have been inside the temple. >> harris: a couple of thoughts on the witnesses coming forth and we have not identified exactly why this gunman went there and so we can tell people the demographics and the points and we should not jump to any conclusions what the motive might have been. i'm curious, in all of the reporting that you've done and you've seen a lot of the witnesses. are there any similarities among their stories? >> you hear a lot of them hiding in closets. if you imagine that they're listening to the gunshots ringing out and you know, brings back memory of what just happened in colorado a couple of weeks ago. >> oh, that's so true. anna kooiman, thank you very much. we have learned the president of that sikh temple has members in the parking lot and
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one of them talking with reporters simply about the victims, they went to church and had no idea they would die. police a short time ago, saying they have very few answers. among the questions, were there any warning signs that this was coming? an expert to join me next to help shed some light on just how police in wisconsin will piece together this mass shooting and you just heard anna say it, just two weeks after the aurora, colorado massacre inside that movie theater. . >> it's like family, and just it's mind-boggling what would motivate somebody to come to a place of worship on a very beautiful and peaceful morning and open up gunfire and try to destroy so many other people's lives. i don't understand what's going on. hey america, even though slisa rinna is wearing the new depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free
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>> back with the breaking news right now. wisconsin police trying to determine the events leading town a sikh temple hours ago. here is what we know. seven people dead, and police say including the gunman. tactful tactical units running sweeps inside. word from the police department in oak creek and they feel everybody is out of the building. and joining me now from washington is a former d.c. homicide detective and a fox news contributor and we go to him for stories on his expertise. what's the main focus as they process the crime scene at the
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temple. >> right now, harris, police are actively involved in trying to figure out exactly who this guy was that committed this horrific act today. what affiliations does he have to other groups, if he has any. they don't know that yet so they're trying to figure out as much as they can, harris, about this guy and that's typical for police investigation, anytime you have a mass shooting. now, the other thing that's very important for the viewers to understand here, is that the police have already called this situation an act of domestic terrorism. now, the question is what is domestic terrorism? quickly, domestic terrorism, just so you know the law enforcement definition, is a person that causes major crimes against a person or an entity here within the confines of the united states and they're trying to further their political, religious, or social objectives. so, that is what -- that's what we call domestic terrorism and i think that's why the fbi is involved. as we all know, this was the
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worship, house of worship today that this event took place. >> you know, it's interesting, because we haven't heard anybody specifically say if the religious nature took a part of this and being a sikh temple and so on, so forth and you're saying there's specificity, calling it an act of domestic terrorism. why is that important to know at this point? >> that's an excellent question and we have to rule that out if possible, so we always err, harris, on the side of caution, right now, because this was an event in which worship was taking place, a religious event. the fbi may have the responsibility, this is their responsibilities to investigate this and make sure that this was not a targeted act against this religious institution, at some point they may rule it out. but as far as this point, they won't rule that out for a couple of days. >> i talked with you briefly on the phone earlier about the 911 call and you said that they played a huge role, not
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in the fact that what they made them, but what they said. the 911 situation is important and the reason it's important, the dispatchers always find out what types of weapons the shooter has from the people calling 911. in this case, quickly, we know he had two handguns, we don't know what kind of handguns, i suspect automatic or semi automatic, to shoot as many people as he did. >> that's important to give the information to the dispatcher, harris, they're going to give that information to the responding officers, so the first two officers on the scene today. and as we know, they were veteran officers that arrived on the scene and they would be the ones that have to confront this guy with whatever types of weapons he has. >> quickly, ron, i want to ask you to stand by. this is coming into fox news. a reporter at our affiliate in the milwaukee area, brandon
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cruz is now able to tell us via his reporting during an active sweep and search going on in conjunction with this investigation. we'll watch together, ron and then i want your thoughts, watch. >> since about 4:25 this afternoon we have been told that police evacuated the 3700 block of holmes avenue. what was happening there was they found a house, they sectioned it off and asked the neighbors in the immediate area to leave their house immediately and he then the next block. moments later, they asked them to go into homes and stay there. and right now, you can see that people are still out though, outside of their house on the 3600 block of holmes, right east of packard. and they're looking down just to see what the police activity is that's going on down there. and it's one house, the investigation is being handled by the fbi, also involved, milwaukee county sheriff's office, the atf and the
4:17 pm
police. and at this point we don't know what they have found or looking for, inside that house, but we know that they have asked people to stay indoors, but obviously, it's a situation where people are not necessarily listening to them and as i look around here, i see nearly 20, 25 people out trying to look around and see what is happening down the block. and it's a situation where you know, there's so many people curious as to what's going on and why all of this police activity. well, the police have blocked off holmes avenue all the way from packard to swift, about a four-block area on holmes avenue. now, we did get a chance earlier to speak to somebody just after they were evacuated. here is what she had to say right after that situation occurred. >> they just said that we just needed to leave right away. that they were just -- we wouldn't understand right away what was going on, but we would understand in the future when we'd find out what was going on. so, we were just kind of shocked and had no idea what was going on, and we just left
4:18 pm
right away. >> reporter: and when she left she was able to go with her daughter who lives nearby so she does have a place to go. other people that live on that block were told to leave and might have to be waiting around here and they wanted -- the police wanted them out of the way because of any possible danger. what we've seen in the last few minutes is a few cars coming and going with police or fbi people, so, there is some activity, but we don't know exactly what that is. we've just seen them driving toward packard and come back through packard back to the scene itself. so there's still an active scene going on on the 3700 block of holmes, but at this point, police aren't telling us exactly what it is or if it's really related to oak creek, but many are assuming that's the case. reporting live in cudahy, brandon cruz. >> harris: a great job, brandon, giving us that nugget. what's going on? >> it's typical this with this type of investigation, the
4:19 pm
police found out who this person was. they're at his home or a relatives' home and they're going to expand the search and try to find out everybody and anybody this guy was affiliated with, if he had any known accomplices and rule those out. and that's what's going on and they want to find out quickly, harris, if there are any more weapons or bombs inside this home. if you continue to watch this you're going to see a lot more development. >> harris: real quickly, we've been talking about it being two weeks ago, it was in aurora, colorado that we saw a massacre inside the movie theater there. >> right. >> harris: and with all of the heartache and the emotional feelings that we go through, there are lessons sometimes. as an investigator what do you take from one scene to the next? >> you know, the unfortunate thing is we know and law enforcement and af been in law enforcement many years, in that these situations always occur and they're going to continue to occur and we just have to try focus on on them and we learn our response better, but one thing we have to learn from this is that
4:20 pm
these things occur and people just have to watch themselves a little bit. >> harris: i now mention today me earlier warning signs if there are any, we have to be extra sensitive now. >> that's right, harris, there's always, always warning signs in every case and we'll hear about the warning signs with this shooter tomorrow as time goes by. >> harris: you think we will. ron wheeler, a fox news contributor, former d.c. detective, homicide. thank you very much for your expertise and your time. >> sure, thank you, harris. >> harris: we will have much more on the sikh temple shooting coming up, plus the other news we're following, including israel. and a growing threat from its enemies, one of them iran. what our closest middle east ally is doing to protect itself from potential attack. going from bad to worse in parts of the drought ravaged middle section of this country. then, dangerous wildfires threatening to torch anything in their paths. and an update on those conditions. stay close. i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings,
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>> we are contuing to follow the latest on a shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. we want to take a moment to update you on other major developments in other stories including this one overseas. a deadly attack on the border between israel and egypt and now that border crossing is closed indefinitely. breaking on this sunday, the israeli military saying masked gunman killed at least 15 egyptian border guards with automatic rifles, happened at a check point in sinai that leads into gaza and israel. state tv saying the attack was carried out by islamist militants commandeering egyptian vehicles and driving them through the crossing and one exploded and other targeted by israel aircraft.
4:25 pm
an unknown number killed in this and israelis told to stay inside their home while the search went on. the israeli military tell it's a plot to abduct is soldier. and israel is working at taking out another threat, upgrading its missile defense system to prepare for a possible attack from iran and syria and defense minister officials saying the command and control equipment are upgraded on the top two arrow defense system. shooting down missiles launched from as far away as iran and israel has defense systems configured to take down not only long range missiles, but those fired from closer range, such as from neighboring syria or lebanon. we reported that iran has announced this weekend it has successfully test fired an upgraded version of a short range missile. they say it can strike with
4:26 pm
pinpoint precision hitting our u.s. bases and israel. our the peter doocy following this from washington. >> and beefing up the missile inseptemberer rockets to make sure this they can stop any incoming missiles high enough in the sky they can safely disintegrate. a news of this israeli upgrade comes one day after iran announced it successfully tested a short range ballistic missile with accuracy up to 185 miles. >> iran is demonstrating both by the threats it's making against israel and by its continued visible progress on ballistic missiles that it is determined and remains determined despite economic sanctions to achieve a deliverable nuclear weapons capability. >> but at least one israeli with intimate knowledge of prime minister benjamin netanyahu's thought process says their country won't likely rely on a shield alone to stay safe. >> a country cannot defend itself by using anti-missile missiles. we have to prevent the threat
4:27 pm
from its source, and the sources, iran itself. >> united states secretary of defense, leon panetta says that shields like the arrow are designed to prevent war, but it did not rule out using force against iran if diplomatic measures fall short. >> our position is that military options ought to be the last resort and not the first resort. >> the ballistic missile shields have reportedly 80 to 90% success rate, but ambassador bolten says their danger is increasing day by day. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. our live coverage continues of the shooting at the sikh temple in wisconsin. at this hour we're told seven people died, three victims being treated at a nearby hospital right now. more details and reaction from the scene coming up. and jobs and the economy. top issues on the campaign trail and president obama and governor romney saying he is the man to fix it. the latest from the campaign
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report bottom of the hour, an act of domestic terrorism. a mass shooting during a prayer service in wisconsin, seven people included the suspected gunman dead. this happening at the sikh temple in wisconsin in oak creek just south of milwaukee. 911 calls pouring in around 10:30 local time there and several people were gathered at the temple for service.
4:32 pm
police say four people were killed inside the building and found the bodies of three outside, including that of the gunman. the police chief saying the first police officer arriving on the scene was ambushed by the suspect as he tended to a shooting victim. another officer took down the gunman. the officer who was the shot undergoing surgery for hours now. he is expected to survive. our steve brown is live for us in oak creek, wisconsin, steve as we come back to you, we want to know more about the different suburb, the second scene where tactical units are at a home. what have you learned. >> reporter: i've been told we have live pictures of that neighborhood. the 3700 block of holmes avenue in cudahy, six minutes drive from where we stand right now. and potentially without the cops confirming, which they have not done, and the shooting to the sikh temple here in oak creek. a couple of things, first of
4:33 pm
all, reporters and tv cameras are kept well away from the area being searched and normally, police executing search warrants are secretive and well away. and fox affiliate in milwaukee and just like here, people are being kept well away from the temple. and based on proximity. the belief they are connected or possibly connected to the shooter killed in today's shooting. harris? >> steve, before i let you go. you know, we have not been able to confirm a lot today and then the news conferences have brought out details about some of the victims. are you able to talk to people out there to learn anything more about what may have happened inside? >> reporter: what we understand is that the shooting took place -- there were shootings taking place outside of the temple and then inside of the temple. when the shots started happening inside the temple people were running for cover and hearing story after story,
4:34 pm
people running into what is described as the pantry and locking the door and sparing people or taking people out of potential harm's way as far as that's concerned. somewhere in the chaos, amongst the 911 calls that you mentioned the gunman went back outside and that's where he met the police officers, and he pointed out one shot, and we believe a couple of times, and another police officer rolling up on the scene and exchanging gunfire and eventually shooting and killing him. again, we believe that the police officer is among those three people that are still at the area hospital being treated, still in critical condition, one -- one subject is still in surgery at last report. we don't know who that is, if that's the police officer or one of the two others that were critically wounded in the hail of bullets fired at the temple today. harris. >> harris: we've heard of
4:35 pm
other agencies coming into play with this, the fbi, and tell us what rules the investigation. again, this is a live picture from cudahy, wisconsin and we see some movement there, steve. who is on that scene, what different roles are these agencies playing? >> if we're to understand the authority of each agency around here, that's most likely the milwaukee county sheriff's department and what we understand are some folks from the fbi office as well that might be be working this particular scene. as far as we know in terms of the command of the investigation, that would be oak creek and there's been a difference by multiple police agencies you need to get a hold of the oak creek police department. as far as who is in charge, it's them. as far as who is lending a hand, a lot of folks, the atf, the fbi, neighboring police agencies and certainly the county sheriff's department, there's an awful lot of police hands at work on this particular scene and we're told that the debriefing process is still going strong inside the bowling alley which is just across the street to my left and i was told or it
4:36 pm
was suggested to me by a police officer that this is going on for some time. there have been reunions, if you will, permitted, family members who were communicated with, and have been allowed to reunite with loved ones who might have been inside that temple, but until every person has been questioned, in detail, and we understand it could be dozens or well over a hundred, then that process is going to play out at its pace. meanwhile, it does look like they're executing a search and it does appear at least by proximity that it's connect today this shooting. harris. >> harris: we'll keep you close to us, steve, by phone, text, if anything happens we'll put you back up, because obviously this story, several hours into this is very fluid. steve brown reporting live tonight from wisconsin with the latest on the situation there following the mass shooting at a sikh temple, thank you, steve. well, the countdown is on as we shift now to another large story on this sunday. and i see our reporter
4:37 pm
standing by, billions of dollars-and years of research have come down to this day. the mars rover curiosity now hours away from attempting a very complicated, albeit, nail biting landing on the surface of mars. and nasa calls it the seven minutes of terror, beginning at 1:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, the 2.5 billion dollar craft will punch through the martian atmosphere at a speed of 13,000 miles per hour and parachutes will deploy slowing the craft down, after that booster rockets will detach carrying the rover within 65 feet of martian surface. after that, a so-called sky crane will lower the roefl the final short distance, 65 feet. in theory of course, all this have because scientists here on earth have no control over it. it. >> as far the amount of control that the team has during the descent and
4:38 pm
landing, it's identical to the control anybody at home watching has. we're all along for the ride. >> harris: adam housley is following this from nasa's jet pu pupulsion lab. they're attempt to go put this rover on the face of the planet mars to bring back information really they have no idea what they're going to get and are they hoping that a plethora of information and the heaviest human made object landing on mars if it's successful and looking at an environment that years ago could have possibly supported life and this thing is a laborato laboratory, complete with drills strong enough to chisel concrete and 17 cameras, including hd images and as you might imagine, scientists are excited about this.
4:39 pm
>> and the science is amazing and relevant. and the fact that, you know, the instruments with laser beams that can actually evaporate a rock and study the composition of that rock at a distance, i think that's incredibly cool. >> reporter: now, if nasa is successful, about six hours from now, is the first hint we'll have to see some of the pictures, they're going to be small and gray and grainy and if it lands successfully, nell they'll give us a sight of mars that's spectacular. >> harris: i don't want to be a debby downer, but what happens if the mission fails. >> reporter: they've had 40 mission toss mars and only so many have been success vlt. we'll get information about the radiation on mars and dust off our boots and go at it again.
4:40 pm
>> if we don't do it, if we're not successful we'll pick up, dust off and do it again. and that's the plan, but i think we're going to stick the landing. >> reporter: they think they're going to stick the landing about six hours from now. that's the first chance that we have to see or hear if it's successful. because of the difference of time between here and there, it could be hours before they know whether they're on the face of the planet. and a lot of buzz as we approach that hour. >> harris: that's a lot longer than the delay between you and me. (laughter) >> especially when we're on satellite truck, quicker than the normal streaming. >> harris: and have to wait nine seconds to see if you've heard me. adam housley, very exciting and a reminder for everybody, you can watch the mars rover landing live here on fox news channel and the action expected is sometime 1:30 a.m. eastern, hours from now. fox news is america's election
4:41 pm
headquarters and out of all the campaign issues out there, the economy in sharp focus and governor romney taking to the airwaves and once again criticizing president obama's tax plan and calls for preserving taxes 0 for all americans except for those who earn more than $250,000 a year. >> i think it would be an enormous mistake for us to raise taxes on anyone right now, with the economy in the trouble it's in and i also hope that people understand, when they talk about raising taxes on the wealthy as the president does he's also talking about the same tax rate that applies to small business. >> harris: mr. romney planning to preserve tax cuts for everyone. >> he has not said how he would pay for that plan a point that president obama's top campaign manager pointed out on fox news sunday. >> this week we learned that governor romney's tax plans
4:42 pm
would raise taxes for the wealthy-- cut taxes for the the wealthy, a windfall and raise on the middle class, that's not a prescription for getting ourcon. >> harris: and let's push in on this issue, steve centanni live with more. and mr. romney expressed an opinion on a possible move by the fed to stimulate the economy. what's his position on that? >> reporter: well, harris, he said he's opposed to that move saying such a massive program by the fed of buying government bonds to lower interest rates wouldn't help the economy right now. instead, he called for bold action without specifying exactly what it might be. >> now is the time for something dramatic and is not the time to grow government. it's a time to create the incentives and the opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, big and small, to hire more people. >> reporter: meantime, democrats say the recovery may be slow, but it's on the right track. >> this is the worst economic
4:43 pm
situation that our country has existed in since the great depression and it will take time to move out of that, but we're making progress. >> neither candidate held campaign events today. harris. >> harris: i know his opponents across the political aisle are trying to make hay of mr. romney's tax returns. that's not going away, what of that? >> and the senator majority leader, harry reid for his claims that romney hasn't paid taxes in ten years and democrats kept the pressure on romney. >> i'm not going to respond to a dirty liar who hasn't filed a single page of tax returns himself. complains about people with money and lives in the ritz carlton here down the street. >> i don't know who harry reid's source was, but i do know that this is a question that has swirled around mitt romney for this entire campaign and i do know that he could clear it up you in just, just like that, lickety-split by releasing his tax returns.
4:44 pm
>> so, clearly that issue not going away, harris. >> harris: steve centanni, thank you very much. we're keeping an eye on what's happening in wisconsin, following that deadly mass shooting at a temple there. the fbi on the case, among other law enforcement agencies and they are treating this as an active domestic terrorism at this point and made that announcement in a news conference a short time ago. families of the victims now coming forward. >> the gunman came earlier than when most people come. if this happened an hour or two later, god knows how many more people would be hurt or dead. ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays]
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>> fox's tactical team sweeping a suburban in milwaukee, wisconsin. this just a six minute drive, we've learned from our reporters on the scene, from a mass shooting at a temple earlier today. police saying six people were killed there when a gunman opened fire during a prayer service, the suspected shooter later gunned down by police and police saying the first officer to arrive was ambushed by the gunman and shot multiple times. the suspect again shot dead. the officer who was ambushed among three others being treated at a trauma center. he is expected to survive. and a fox news wildfire alert now. some oklahoma evacuees are returning home tonight to see
4:48 pm
what, if anything, is left of their possessions. and evacuation orders finally lifted in parts of creek county. several wildfires still threatening other communities and you know, this area has been hit hard by the drought. one fire destroying more than 60 homes and buildings, in luther, a tiny town 25 miles northeast of oklahoma city and some people force today leave their homes, saying the recent rash of wildfires is like nothing they've seen. they believe the fire in luther may have been set. meteorologist maria molina is in the extreme weather. it's hard to believe. nature is doing this, and is cruel. >> we basically have very dry conditions in places across the country, but one of the hardest hit places is the state of oklahoma, we have extreme drought across most of that state or severe droughts.
4:49 pm
and we're looking at dry conditions out there and mother nature is not helping out and we're expecting very dry conditions for today and also the next couple of days and to make matters worse, how hot it is out there and how it's going to continue to be. we're expecting temperatures once again, basically into the triple digits, into the next several days and looking at some of the hot temperatures into the upper 90's and triple digits for some. and dallas, texas looking at the current temperatures. if we head eastbound, heavy rain we want to mention to you, parts of the mid south and up into portions of new york city and drenched with heavy rain and some of these storms can produce severe weather in form of large hail and damaging wind gusts and isolated tornados will be possible so of course we'll keep you posted on that. there's a line of storms impact the new york city area and down into parts of new jersey and parts of western massachusetts and connecticut. keep an eye on it, harris. >> all right, maria, we'll come back to you as news
4:50 pm
warrants, thank you. >> the pulse on wall street having a nice run of it. what's pushing it, a preview of the week ahead as overseas markets are preparing to open. stays with us. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> we will have the latest developments on the deadly sikh temple shooting. a short time from now, the markets are open and all eyes on whether the wall street rally will continue. the dow jones soaring over 200 points on friday even with less than stellar jobs numbers we received. finishing higher for the fourth straight week, all of this despite an unemployment rate that ticked up to 8.3%, a string of poor corporate
4:54 pm
earnings and a european debt crisis. senior correspondent and anchor of bulls and bear, brenda buttner has more. >> buyers on wall street do work. likely a part of your 401(k) soared to a three-month high and is now 9% off an early june bottom. but is the rally for real? it was sparked by news that employers added 153,000 jobs in july. and this was better than expected yet in no way a strong survey. brokers are betting central banks here on in europe will be forced to jump start the economy once again, next week, reports on consumer credit and wholesale inventory aren't anticipated to give a boost to the bulls and earnings still are lackluster. companies are cutting costs, so profits aren't so bad, but lagging revenues and sales could slow stocks, plus, outlooks are more negative than they've been in a decade.
4:55 pm
and there could be momentum on wall street. which seems to be looking at different measures than main street. the recent polls show, nearly two-thirds of consumers think we're in a recession right now. and harris, back to you. >> wow, that's quite a headline, brenda, thank you. for the latest financial news affecting your wallet, tune into the fox business network fbn. go online to fox channel finding and fox business gives you the power to prosper. well, in a few hours, a landing on mars, we hope. rover is expect today move over to the red planet. and-- we're watching that neighborhood in suburban milwaukee, this is a different suburb, but next to just six minute drive from where a temple suffered a mass shooting today. more on what's playing out right now. we'll be right back. [ charles ] when you can make a person smile
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the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress." souse le matelas. ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon. >> before we go. an update on fox top story a search going on at a house in a milwaukee, wisconsin suburb, the latest on the mass shooting at a sikh temple nearby. six people killed and a gunman opened fire at the temple in oak creek just outside of milwaukee and the gunman got
4:59 pm
into an exchange with police outside and they took him out, but not before he had severely wounded a police officer. that officer among three people tonight being treated at an area hospital which specializes in trauma care. we're told the officer has been undergoing surgery most of the day and he is expected to survive. let's do a fox fast forward looking at big stories, early monday morning, hours from now, the mars rover is expected to land and if all goes expected to plan, the robotic lander on a mission to search for life friendly habitats on the plant and you can watch that live on fox news channel. tuesday, a source familiar with the deal, tells fox news jared loughner will plead guilty, the arizona shooting last year that killed six people and injured 13, including then u.s. representative gabrielle giffords. and that's how fox reports


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