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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 6, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: the wallendas have been in cable longer than we have and nick wallenda in the after the show show. >> brian: are you going to stick around? >> love to. >> steve: round of applause, carol alt! >> carol: thank you, guys. >> steve: see you tomorrow, everybody. bill: as we start a new week, good morning, everybody, fox news alert. learning more information an new information about the gunman at at shooting in wisconsin. michael page, a former army soldier, six people shot dead before the gunman was taken down by police. we're waiting for more details during a news conference that but i will see and watch here live. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. hope the weekend was great despite the news. >> i'm heather childers in for that mack.
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alongwith the six dead, three children injured including a police officer arriving on the scene. a 20 year veteran of the force and another officer quote, put down the shooter. >> officers responded to a 911 call. because of the heroic actions of our officers they stopped this being worse than it could have been bill: rings leventhal at the shooters house in wisconsin. what do we know about the alleged shooter at this point, rick? >> reporter: we're still gathering information, bill. what we're told wade michael page was 40 years old. he is is an army veteran. served out of the fort bragg and fort list, from april 92 to october of '98. never deployed. received army good conduct medal. humanitarian service medal. he was a psychological operations specialist. he apparently moved into the
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duplex behind me a couple weeks ago. nabe pours that we had spoken with didn't know the buy. may have just broken with his girlfriend. described as heavily tattooed. some sources say he had white sue premises tattoos but we can't confirm that, bill, and can't confirm a motive. bill: what is it like in the community? >> devastated. sikh community thriving in milwaukee. this is the first crime against this community in milwaukee and certainly in the state of wisconsin. this temple where this shooting occurred yesterday morning was beginning to fill up. there were dozens of people there already when this guy walked in 10:30 a.m. local time, apparently opened fire and walked outside and shot other people before the police officers arrived. we heard from some people at the temple yesterday. >> we held services on thursday but sunday is the biggest one with, sunday morning where about, a few
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hundred of us actually come together and pray. fortunately in this situation the gunman came earlier than when most people come. so i think, relatively damages were somewhat limited, yeah if this had happened an hour or two later, god knows how many people would be hurt or dead. i don't even want to think about it. >> reporter: what we're hearing about wade michael page, wade michael page engaged an officer who was tending to one of the wounded if the parking lot. second officer shot and killed page. we're expecting to hear more from police this morning. bill: rick leventhal, in the neighborhood outside the home of the alleged shooter. heather: for more context there have been 10 attacks against sikhs since the september 11th terrorist attacks including yesterday's shooting in wisconsin, almost all committed by suspects who later admitted confusing the victims for muslims. fidents in new york. one in arizona a fatal
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shooting there. two incidents in california. a fatal shooting that still has not been solved and one in michigan where a sikh temple was defaced by teenagers. six of the incidents have come in the last two years. bill: lots of reaction on this. president obama and governor romney finding themselves in the position to take time out from the campaign and comment another mass shooting in america. the president expressing his sorrow. saying, quote as we bhourn this loss as loss in europe we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by sikhs who are a part of our broader american family. heather: this is a senseless tragedy that should not involve a house of worship. bill: any possible motive. police will brief 11:00 a.m. eastern time. as soop as that starts you
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will see it live here on "america's newsroom". heather: breaking news on another shooting that shocked the nation. a plea deal for the accused gunman in the deadly tucson massacre. jared loughner will plead guilty in return for life sentence and sparing him the death penalty. he is charged in last year's shooting that killed six people and wounded 13 others including former u.s. congresswoman gabrielle giffords who is still recovering from her injuries. the way of one of those killed saying she is quote, just thrilled by news of the plea agreement. is. bill: got another fox news alert right now on what could be another major development in syria. there are reports that the country's prime minister has defected to nearby jordan. if true, he would become the most senior official yet to quit the embattled assad government. three other ministers reportedly defecting with him. fierce fighting, it rages in
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syria's largest city. these are scenes we believe from inside aleppo. observers say government forces using fighter jets and heavy artillery to clear out the rebels. stay tuned for more developments throughout the day. heather. heather: millions of americans feeling the squeeze at the gas pump today. prices surging again and analysts predict they will keep on rising. take a look at this, according to aaa the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.62. that is up 13 cents from a week ago. steve varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network. stu, how bad is it? >> it is bad and it is noticeable, that is the point, heather. wherever you will go in america you will see gas prices rising. guys putting up the new sign on the gas station price list as of this morning. 3.62 is your national average. the average in illinois by the way has now reached over
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$4 a gallon for regular. but where it really hurts and where it is absolutely obvious the price spike is obvious in the midwest. just take a look at some of these midwestern cities. we start with the columbus, ohio. they are up 41 cents in just the last week. milwaukee, wisconsin, up 42 cents. chicago, illinois, up 41 cents. that is just in one week. that is a gas price spike, it's obvious, everybody feels it, it's beginning to hurt the economy and everybody who gases up. heather: yep. and there is that whole trickle down effect that goes into play. what are the political implications here? >> that is interesting depends on who people blame. do they blame the oil companies, speculators. do they blame local state governments or do they blame president obama. it would probably be the above. if any blame goes to president obama, he is vulnerable in the swing states, specially ohio.
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there is big electoral college number there very much a swing state. to have the price go up 40 cents a gallon in the big cities in ohio just in a week is probably a negative politically for president obama. heather: all right. stew varney, thank you so much. we appreciate the good news. thank you. bill: going the wrong way, right? heather: yeah the wrong way. not so good news there. bill: new fund-raising numbers this morning from governor romney's campaign that may pose new challenges for the president's re-election team. governor romney and the rnc raising more than $101 million in the month of july. that marks the second straight month the romney team passed the $100 million mark. back in may governor romney outraised the president's re-election campaign for the first time. the president has two fund-raisers today in connecticut, counting today's events he has had 198 fund-raisers since announcing re-election in april of 2001. stu varney talking about gas prices in ohio.
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they really shot up from nowhere just about a week ago. 18 electoral votes on the line in the buckeye state. every time you go to pump gas, when the price goes up you blame someone. heather: got to think with about it. bill: this mars rover landing. was no small step for man, was it? check it out. [shouting] bill: that is the video of the day, huh? like the olympics out of london. it was a very big deal. why nasa scientists called this, quote, seven minutes of sheer terror and how they got through it. heather: not terror after it though. so much for the golden years. a historic shift in retirement benefits. why today's retirees aren't getting what they paid for. the dire new warning for social security. bill: there is a lot more reaction on harry reid's accusations about mitt romney's taxes. why the head of the rnc says the senate majority leader
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is a quote, dirty liar. heather: dirty. >> well wit is time for harry to put up or shut up. harry will have to describe who it is he spoke with because of course that is totally and completely wrong.
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bill: so republicans now hitting backyard against senate majority leader harry reid controversial accusations against governor mitt romney and his taxes. republican chair reince priebus calling senator reid, quote, a dirty liar. here he is from "fox & friends" just about two hours ago. >> there is no triple down in blackjack but i will triple down on my comments from yesterday. it is amazing to me that there can be any honor in a position that he holds that, he has degraded so far down the tubes. so, you know, it is what it is. i mean, he is a dirty liar
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and we're moving on. bill: well, not moving on just yet. kirsten powers with, "daily beast" columnist. tony asga y columnist for, fox news service. who steps own this, kirsten? all the democrats were out over the weekend and no one swayed harry reid, stop talking. no one repudiated him. why not? >> well, look, i mean harry reid speaks for harry reid. i don't think you should go out and make accusations that based on sources that you're not going to reveal. however, i don't think, i know people are saying that president obama needs to denounce this. i don't agree with that. bill: why not? >> he is not harry reid's --. bill: speaking on behalf of him. >> he is not responsible, we don't know he is speaking on behalf of him. harry reid decided to do this, barack obama didn't decide to do it. and it is not barack obama's responsibility to, you know,
6:15 am
what harry reid says. bill: okay. all right. >> i think, and honestly i think the more that republicans complain about this the more we talk about the fact that romney hasn't released his tax returns. the constant griping just keeping it on the topic. bill: the more you talk about it, the less you talk about the jobs number in america. >> i think it raises the question, you're calling him a dirty liar. why not just release the tax returns? seems like we can put this all to rest but --. bill: but he, does the president have a responsibility to at a minimum distance himself from harry reid. >> harry reid is not some ancillary surrogate, bill. this is the senate majority leader. was one of the chief advocates of senator obama running for president and one of his earliest supporters. if making some sort of statement that the senate majority leader should stop this type of nonsense. ality this is systemic
6:16 am
pattern. you saw debbie wasserman schultz do this several weeks ago with the swiss bank accounts alleging nefarious activity. robert gibbs has done it and stephanie cutter has done it. to say harry reid is a little bit after lone ranger is not consistent with what the the democrats have been doing. bill: kirsten point, is right, takes focus away from the bigger issues. carl rove on over the weekend. >> for the majority of the leader of the senate of the united states to go out and say it is a sign of desperation of the democrats and more important than that the complete lack of character. the slime ball nature of the senate majority leader. harry reid ought to be disgusted and embarrassed and shamed the great institution he claims to lead. bill: the point, that president obama could take the national stage from harry reid and rise above it if he were to distance himself.
6:17 am
he called it the nearly sister soul. >> moment for the president. >> i'm sure carl is so concerned about helping president obama. >> you know what could work better, bill? this is where my frustration is. it is not the point we have a situation where the president and his goons are making this attack, the fact governor romney not release returns, he released what he is legally obligated to do, the fact that he is not taking the mantle away from the president, you know what it is your failed presidency the problem and issue in this campaign. not my personal success. the fact that he has not yet done that effectively is more worrisome to me than the fact that the democrats are showing clear sign of desperation. bill: you don't think governor romney has been aggressive enough in his response? >> no. this is moment. i'm in the clear minority, bill. i talk to a lot of republicans who agree. just release it. what is the big deal. no, the governor has done what he obligated to do.
6:18 am
he has to come back and say to the american people, what is a bigger risk to your future, this president his $5 trillion in debt, 42 straight months of unemployment, the fact that he clearly doesn't understand the private economy and capitalist system that made america great or the fact i've successful and created jobs and done things for my family and my life i like you to do to. bill: from that comment to last loose on friday. here is governor romney. >> let me also say categorically i have paid taxes every year, a lot of taxes a lot of taxes. harry is simply wrong, that's why i'm so anxious to give him names of people that put this forward. i wouldn't be surprised to hear people are names from the white house or obama campaign or who knows where they're coming from. bill: i don't think -- >> he responsed to a baseless accusation with a baseless accusations. you know what i mean --. bill: he was asked about this. >> so terrible to say this but i'm going to say based
6:19 am
on nothing came from the obama campaign. he just did exactly what he is criticizing. bill: tony, is there evidence to suggest they're working together? or do you even need the evidence? >> bill, that is exactly the right point. politics is perception. i think it is clear enough that there is enough evidence that the, and perception that they are coordinated, exactly how i began. these are systemic attacks. they're not somehow unrelated to what the obama campaign has already been doing. the difference harry reid took it a bit further and did it from the senate floor he knows by doing it there he can't be prosecuted for liable. that is what makes him a coward. bill: tony, that is strong at the end. kirsten, see you later in the week. >> thank you. have a good day. bill: heather. heather: we're not done yet. another firestorm over voters rights. the obama administration filing a lawsuit against the great state of ohio. why they are up in arms over military voting in a battleground state. bill: also massive wildfires in the middle of the country.
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bill: 23 minutes past the hour. after friday's surge, wall street poised to pick up where it left off. stock futures rising sharply, feeding off the jobs report that showed higher than expected hiring a month ago. flash flooding in india triggering landslides and washing away hundreds of homes. one house collapsing down a cliff into a river. torrential rains killing at least 26 people in that country. from san diego the canines are off and running the weiner nationals. 400 hounds taking part. 16 fastest will qualify for
6:24 am
the semifinals coming in september. this is preliminary heat, heather. that is like london. if you qualify you come back. heather: in the olympic spirit. bill: indeed you do and win a medal that matches maybe your dress or something. heather: then pay taxes on it. bill: then pay taxes on it. that's right. more bill jack. you know what bill jack is? heather: no. bill: dog food. heather: learned something new. fire crews in oklahoma getting a break from mother nature as light rain, cooler temperatures helped the fight against as many as 18 wildfires, 18, raging across the state. arson is suspected in at least one case. witnesses report seeing a man throw lighted newspapers out of his pickup truck. the largest fire near tulsa, torching more than 90 square miles, destroying dozens of homes there. some people being allowed back into see if there is anything left. >> we got stuff we maybe have to sift through and see
6:25 am
if we can find anything that was left over but, it was not a whole lot for them to do. >> we lost absolutely everything and have no way to, no way to bounce back. i feel for them. we'll be fine. we're going to be okay. but i worry about those other folks. >> i'm just always thankful when families can get their families out and they're safe. that is the most important thing. we can replace personal items. it is family members you can't replace. heather: so emotional. meet roll gift -- meteorologist, maria molina live in the fox weather center. >> unfortunately temperatures will be back on the rise next several days starting already today as we head into the afternoon. triple digits expected. 102 in tulsa and 103 in oklahoma city. temperatures are climbing back up. we're talking about dry weather with a lot of sunshine and hot temperatures. 105 in tulsa, oklahoma, as
6:26 am
we head into tomorrow. midweek no changes for entire country where we see the hot temperatures in the triple digits and generally dry weather. sieve the satellite radar picture generally dry tore oklahoma. spotty showers across the southeastern part of the state. that is pretty much the story over the weekend. heather. heather: what is the latest with the tropical storm in the atlantic? >> so we do have tropical storm ernesto actually entered into the caribbean and moving through that part of the country. the region. basically producing lot of heavy rain. three to six inches across ma jake can. cayman islands could see a lot of rain as well. three inches or locally more. the storm has maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour heading generally westward at 12 miles an hour. it is forecast to move slightly toward the north and graze the coast of honduras, producing heavy rain with over five inches of rain possible and make
6:27 am
landfall across belize and the yucatan peninsula as we head into early wednesday morning. expect it to reemerge out into the gulf of mexico. the good news for the u.s. we're not expecting the storm system to track further toward the north. impacts will be felt in mexico making landfall once again as we head into the weekend. heather: thank you very much, maria. appreciate it. bill: we have a funky system rolling through here. heather: last night, last night was, you know interesting. bill: more on that in about half an hour. deadly in some parts. this was a daredevil descent and an historic landing on the surface of the red planet. the maneuver nasa called the most elaborate and difficult feat in the history of robotic spaceflight. heather: they stuck it, another olympic reference. deadly lightning strike as bill talked about. this happened at a nascar race turning a day at the races into a tragedy.
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6:32 am
bill: that's a gold medal. that is the world series. heather: absolutely. bill: that is the super bowl. that is cool. heather: that is american pried right there. bill: curiosity rover successfully landing at 1:0 eastern time this morning. here is how it happened. the ship slicing through the atmosphere at 13,000 miles-an-hour before a rock bet powered backpack hovered over the surface, lowering the rover on cables. and dropped it on the planet. remember, this is mars, folks. heather: unreal. bill: it takes 14 minutes to get a signal from the rover back to planet earth. then it takes 14 minutes to send another signal from planet earth back to the rover to do the next command. this is stunning stuff. adam housley live at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena, california. i take it was a big, deal, adam? good morning. >> reporter: stunning stuff
6:33 am
you talk about, bill. it is $154 million miles away this was all going down last month. win. scientists said super bowl, fourth down, no time left, last play of the game. they were going to score or lose. last night at 10:30 two local time, 1:32 eastern time. though scored big-time as curiosity sat down on the face of mars. took 36 weeks to get there. this is small one-ton, suv sized rover that will be there. it is plutonium powered so it could go for some time. as you might imagine last night and this morning nasa has been taking bows. take a listen. >> if anybody is harboring doubts about the status of u.s. leadership in space, well there is a one ton automobile-sized piece of american ingenuity that is -- [applause] and it's sitting on the surface of mars.
6:34 am
>> reporter: couldn't come at a better time for nasa as they fight for budgets in this day and age, bill. bill: indeed they do. a little more on that in a moment. what will this rover be doing from here on out, adam? >> reporter: they got the first pictures last night. they were grainy. basically the security camera was dusty that was landing. this mask has lasers that can drill through concrete. they have all sorts of ways to really gather all the information. this is a science lab like no other. they expect to get unbelievable information about origins potentially of life on mars. take a listen. >> the science of mars is absolutely crucial, i should say, the science at mars is absolutely crucial to key questions in planetary science. are we alone? the evolution of from planet from a warm, wet past to a dry planet it is now and the
6:35 am
accessibility. >> reporter: so, bill, each morning what will happen is the rover will get instructions. that will last 24 hours. not like a remote-controlled car where they're telling it to move right, move left by the minute. they give it the instructions for the day and it fulfills those instructions. as for pictures, take as minute or two, depending on the satellite lineup to get the pictures back and you can expect hd quality pictures soon, bill. bill: adam in pasadena. nasa is doing all this with a lot less money. they are spacing a cut of $59 billion in next year's budget. that translates, a budget cut for $360 million for the mars exploration program and human exploration program facing a cut of nearly $4 billion. heather: new questions being raised this morning about the relationship between egypt's fledgling government and israel after a deadly terrorist attack. this happened at a border
6:36 am
crossing in sinai. authorities say islamist gunmen killed at least 15 egyptian guards before storming the check point. that attack was stopped but the incident is a test for egyptian president mohammed morsi is himself an islamist. can t mcfarland is a fox news security analyst. she joins us now with more insight. great to see you. >> thank you. heather: what does this attack mean for the region, let's begin there. >> this is hugely significant and really bad news. why is that? for 40 years the peace between israel and egypt has been kept because the sinai peninsula where these attacks were launched from has been a demilitarized zone. it has been safe, it has been secure. no military operations have come from it. now in the last year since the egyptian government changed hands, remember egypt has always been a firm u.s. and israeli ally for the last 40 years. since the egyptian government changed hands, that area, that sinai peninsula has become the home of jihadists.
6:37 am
bad guys that come from all over the world and they're setting up shop in sinai. the same way jihadists set up shop in afghanistan when it was a failed state, in northwest pakistan or yemen. they're trying to do the same in the sinai peninsula. the question is will the egyptian government be willing or able to prevent it from happening? if it doesn't prevent it from happening all of sudden for the first time in 40 years you have a border with israel, israel's border on the south with egypt, and as we've seen, israel's border on the north with a destablized syria could be a problem for israel north and south and peace sustained for 40 years could come to a stop. heather: meantime, kt, there is a lot of fingerpointing. egypt blamed islamist militants. president morsi said, this is a quote the attackers will pay dearly. israeli military say the attack was a plot to abduct a israeli soldier.
6:38 am
israel defense minister barack said this is another quote, they thwarted an attack that could have injured many more. who do you think is to plame. >> i don't think you know. that is the whole point of these jihadist attacks. there is no return address where they are coming from. one possibility they came over the border from gaza into egypt and set up shop in sinai. you don't know. therefore it many abouts very difficult to know who do you respond to, who do i retaliate, who do you attack? the thing that is really key, egypt has to keep the sign thigh peninsula free from jihadists. why? it not only threatens israel but threatens the suez canal which is the at the southern end of the sinai pa nans la. the sinai peninsula is launching pint for war for centuries. if it launches a regional war, that is dangerous for the whole region and the united states. heather: how do you think
6:39 am
morsi will respond. >> he has to figure out. it is a very large area. it is a very desolate area. is he able to, is he able and willing to tell the egyptian military to work with the egyptian military to make sure that is an area that doesn't become a failed state, a no-man's land where bad guys set up shop. heather: specifically for the united states, our primary area of concern here, the suez canal, a lot of implications for us. >> as a whole. that part of the world, every 40 years, every 30 years has had a war. it has been devastating for the region. it has been destablizing. if we now go from a period from the early 1970s when my boss henry kissinger negotiated all the cease-fire agreements between israel and syria, israel and egypt, if all those now will be shoved aside by the arab spring and destablized countries of egypt and syria as we've seen it is really trouble. it spells a much more likely arab-israeli regional war.
6:40 am
heather: thank you so much. appreciate you joining us, kt mcfarland as always. bill: the obama team taking ohio republican governor john kasich to court because of early voting for members of the u.s. military. why would that be? we'll explain what is happening. >> shocking news for retirees, bill. why all the money you put into social security may not be coming back to you. stay tuned. it's something you're born with.
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including the gs and is. [ engines revving ] because control is the ultimate expression of power. [ revving continues ] ♪ during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. heather: how about a great story? apparently no good deed goes unpunished. a boy scout in washington state getting hit with a huge bill, we told you about this, after saving a 12-year-old boy from drowning. 17-year-old john clark saved the boy at vancouver beach last month. both were taken to the hospital by ambulance. they were treated and released and then clark got a bill for $2600. take a listen to his reaction. >> there is not really a value on something like this. if you see someone who needs
6:44 am
help, i mean go for it. i saw the physician's bill was like $300 and he gave me a couple of water and a blanket. and ambulance ride was 1900 bucks. i mean, i just got in, got my blood pressure taken. they gave me freshwater. heather: as you can imagine, news of the bill sparked outrage and clark tells fox news that two anonymous donors agreed to pay off the entire bill. good for them. bill: here we go on back and forth over voter rights in ohio of the, a critical state as you know come november. now the romney campaign calling a white house lawsuit to limit military voters early voting time shameful. obama campaign senior advisor david axelrod firing back with chris wallace on "fox news sunday". >> what lawsuit calls for not to deprive the military of the right to vote on the final weekend of the campaign. of course they should have the right.
6:45 am
what that suit is about whether the rest of ohio should have the same right. i think it is shameful that governor romney would hide behind our servicemen and women. bill: how important is ohio? man, oh, man, is it important this year yet again just like 04, just like 08. just like 2000. 2008 senator mccain taking on then senator barack obama, 52-47. a difference of you're looking almost 3 million votes cast there, a difference of fewer than 300,000 votes between these two men. to win with the electoral count there in ohio, 2004, this is what gave george bush his second term. he beat john kerry just by a smidge, about 118,000 votes in the end. as we know, no republican has won the white house without winning the buckeye state. john fund, columnist, "national review" magazine. john, good morning to you. >> thank you. heather:. bill: that shows you how important this battle is. explain what the military voting right is there in ohio and what the democrats
6:46 am
are trying to do in return? >> well, the military votes are always difficult to count. some states, only 30 to 40% of the absentee votes that military people apply forever come back because of the mail. because of all kind of delays. so what ohio is trying to do is say, for the military who might be on deployment and going back and forth, they can vote the last few days, before the election as well as election day. now it is very easy in ohio to vote early. you can vote absentee anytime you want, weeks before the election. there is early voting period. it stops just a couple days before the election and you can also vote on election day and that what it is supposed to be. most people are supposed to vote in election day. what the lawsuit says is, we have to have early voting for everyone but local officials all over ohio backed up by the secretary of state, no, this year for cost reasons and because of problems with sunday voting in the past, we're not going to have the early voting extended beyond friday or so
6:47 am
of the election week. i think that is a reasonable requirement. as for trying to do this, basically saying military voting shouldn't be on the same playing field, i think that is just strange. bill: the national guard calls it offensive. it appears the argument david axelrod is making here, governor romney is hiding behind a military vote? because accusation axelrod makes if you make early voting for one group should make it for all and he went to great lengths to explain they were not targeting members of the military. does the explanation fly? >> well that's interesting but that is not what their lawsuit says. and, you know, you can say that romney is hiding behind the military. on the other side you can say this is hostage-taking. we'll not let the military vote unless everybody gets to vote early. it is very easy to vote early in ohio. you can cast an absent tee ballot weeks before the election. i think this is a hostage-taking more than
6:48 am
anything else. bill: i wonder if this wins in front of a judge. >> no the court cases are clear. bill: happened 12 years ago when democrats took on the military vote in florida that was a pr disaster, wasn't isn't. >> it was baloney going up against the grinder and they got chopped up because they were baloney. bill: you mentioned what courts have ruled. what have they ruled? what would a judge do in case like this. >> they would look at federal law and precedent, there is one out of puerto rico, because the military it is absolutely appropriate for states to extend the military voting whenever they wish because of the special circumstances. remember, the military people may not being able to vote on election day. anyone in ohio can vote on election day or absentee or early voting period. there is no discrimination here. they're provide, extra consideration for military personnel. bill: john, thank you. we'll track this. we'll see what happens in court. thank you. john fund there. go to /americasnewsroom on the bya box, leave your question. should me an e-mail,
6:49 am or @billhemmer. need one line because you asked, bya. heather: baloney up against a meat grinder. there is a line. no baloney here. republicans and democrats set to descend on their host cities for their summer conventions ahead of the presidential lech unshchlt now we're getting word for top speakers of the republicans. does it give us any hints who mitt romney could tap for the vp slot? bill: good question. new study how much health care costs are changing next year and who will pay.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
heather: welcome back. fox news now confirming part of the lineup of speakers at the republican national convention in tampa. the scheduled packed with some of the biggest stars party including south carolina governor nikki haley, new mexico governor susana martinez, former secretary of state, condoleezza rice, florida governor rick scott, arizona senator john mccain, former arkansas governor mike huckabee and ohio governor john kasich. byron york is the chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" and joins us now. he is also a fox news contributor. byron, anything to take away from this lineup? some big stars. >> well, some were expected. john mccain was the party standard-bearer last time around. mike huckabee basically finished second to mccain in 2008. would have been a very strong candidate had he decided to run this time.
6:54 am
what i think you will see from the parties is lot of emphasis with people like condoleezza rice. nikki haley the governor of south carolina, susana martinez, governor of new mexico, a black woman, a hispanic woman, indian-american woman. republican party has been sensitive that it is too old, too white, too boring. they want to say we're diverse too. they will put a number of their really fresh new faces out on display for this. heather: byron, how much of a difference does it really make when we're all the way down the homestretch with the conventions when it comes to putting speakers in place and you're trying to get those undecided votes, get those key demographics? >> well, it could be important if a lot of people are watching to say, see who mitt romney picks for vice president, to see what romney says in his nomination acceptance speech. that could be important in giving an imdepression to
6:55 am
voters who haven't thought a lot about the campaign so far. remember, there's a lot of people who are very important in this race that we're not seeing on the list so far. that is not a complete list of speakers. you have got paul ryan, you have marco rubio. those are two guys, one of whom might be the vie presidential nominee but they will certainly have a place at this convention no matter what happens. you've got also rob portman, you've got tim pawlenty, a number of people who have been big players in the race. they will be at the convention and prominent roles. specific speaking as sign meechbts -- assignments haven't been made. heather: we know who the speaker will be for the dcn convention and that is announced, san antonio mayor, julian castro. what do you think is the significance of that? how will that play into any decisions that the republican national convention makes? >> well the significance is pretty clear which is that the democrats want to strengthen their lead among
6:56 am
hispanic voters. and, present mayor castro as kind of a future face of the democratic party. remember barack obama made a huge splash in 2004 at their convention. so that is the message that they want to send. and like we were saying earlier, republicans want to send a message of their own with nikki haley, susana martinez, with condoleezza rice. heather: exciting time for all of the political junkies out there like you and me. i know bill is too. thank you very much for joining us, byron. we appreciate it. >> thank you. bill: as a matter of fact, fox news is your america's election headquarters and we are there live in tampa for the republican convention. in prime time join bret baier and megyn kelly alongwith the entire fox news election team as we roll on. it will be a great way to end the summer. right? heather: yes. in tampa. bill: a day at the races turning deadly now. nascar fans trying to get out of the rain during a fast-moving storm, not expecting what would happen next. heather: and a dire warning for social security, turning into reality?
6:57 am
why today's retirees are getting shortchanged and it is only going to get worse. ove your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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bill: fox news alert on a monday morning awaiting an update from police on a shooting in a sikh temple in milwaukee, wisconsin. we get chilly details on the man who killed six people and wounded other, including a police officer. martha continues a bit of vacation with the family. how are you doing, heather? heather: nice to be here, i'm heather childress in for martha maccallum. the shooter is wade michael page. witnesses say he burst into the temple sunday morning and opened fire, sending the congress congratulations running fothe congregation running for their
7:01 am
lives. >> they said to leave right away. we won't understand what was going on, but we would understand in the future. >> we are lucky there were not more casualties. >> there will always be people that will do this. this could happen in a temple, in a mosque, in a church. bill: steve centanni is watching a lot of this for us out of washington. what did we learn so far this morning? >> the gunman who was killed in the shootout with police was reduced in rank before being dismissed from the u.s. army more than a decade ago. according to the southern poverty law center he was a frustrated neostphat dewho had been the leader of a band. in 2010 page was leader of the group called end april path thee and gave an interview to a white supremacist website. the name of the group reflected his wish to figure out how to end people's apathetic ways and
7:02 am
start moving forward. the shooter was wade michael page. a defense official said the suspect was discharged from the army as a specialist e-4 in 1998 after entering the army in 1992. witnesses said the shooter looked like he had a purpose and knew where he was going. page was released from the military on a less than honorable discharge, bill. bill: what more can you tell us about that type of discharge from the military? >> here is how the military describes that type of discharge. under other than honorable conditions uothc discharge is the most severe form of an administrative discharge. this characterization replt represents a significant departure from the conduct expected by a service member. they include security violations and the use of violence. now this is not as bad as a dishapb rab dishonorable
7:03 am
discharge but it's a black mark on a serviceman's negative. someone discharged this way has negatives on his record and would not allow to reenlist. bill: we expect a briefing later this hour. we will have that for you live out of wisconsin right here live on fox. heather: nascar is mourning the death of one of its fans today after lightning from a fast-moving storm killed a 41-year-old man. it happened yesterday at a race in pennsylvania. nine others were hurt as they left the race that had to be canceled. witnesses say despite the lightning coming, in the blink of an eye raceway organizers say they gave some 85,000 fans plenty of warning. >> and word from nascar is that they will bring the cars down the pit lane this time, shut them down and cover them up. heather: it happened so
7:04 am
quickly. laura ingles is live with more on this. >> reporter: the incredible odds of being struck by lightning, one in a million in any given year according to the national weather service were not in the favor of one nascar fan who lost his life at the pok pocono raceway. the race was called because of severe weather. the alert system issued a severe thunderstorm warning just after 4:00pm and the lightning struck outside the track a little after 5:00. there was 85,000 fans on hand who had to quickly find some police to go after public announcements were made for people to take shelter and evacuate the grandstands. the track posted messages on the twitter page with warnings of the storm. >> i didn't see nothing but a bang, a flash and people laying on the ground, that's all i seen. >> according to public reports the coroner said the fan who
7:05 am
died from being struck by lightning was in or near his car in the parking lot and bystanders performed cpr on him after he went into cardiac arrest. efforts to revive him at the medical facility failed. nine total were injured. according tow a track spokesman it is unclear if they were all struck by lightning or injured by related jolts. several team were taken to the hospital, one in critical condition after the thunderstorm barreled through the parking lot behind the grandstands. one remains happened this morning, and jeff gordon who won the race said he could hear the crack of lightning after the race was called adding that his thoughts are with the victims. we'll continue to bring you updates as we get them here. heather: thank you very much, laura, we preurbt. bill you hav appreciate it. bill: the odds of being struck by lightning are one in a million. the chance of being struck once in your lifetime one in 10,000. strikes have killed 18 people between january and july 26th
7:06 am
of this year alone. turns out only 10% of those that are struck are actually killed. what a storm that was. heather: we hear about a lot of survivals with that. people in ohio, outside youngstown they are cleaning up after a possible tornado coming down. totoppling trees in backyards. >> the clouds started to form and the tornado went straight across the street. >> what was going through your mind? >> i thought i was going to drive right through it. it was pretty scary. >> it was pretty scary. it was like a loud boom, like an accident and i seen the wind going by. >> ever see anything like that before? >> never. heather: fortunately with this situation no one was hurt. officials will determine today whether in fact this was a tornado. bill: we are hearing that the first generation of american workers will pay more into social security than they will get back. this is a historic shift that
7:07 am
will only get worse for future retirees according to this analysis. how encouraging is this. or discouraging? steven moore senior writer for the wall street junior. how are you doing. >> hi, bill, good morning. bill: what does this tell us about the system. >> i've been blowing the whistle on this for 20 years. this day has finally arrived where for a lot of retirees now they are going to get less money out of social security than they paid in. we know that our parents and our grandparents did very well under social security. they got much more in benefits than they paid in. this is a bit of a ponzi scheme. remember the politicians a few years ago called it a ponzi scheme and got in a lot of trouble. i'm not a politician, so i can tell you the truth. it is based on a number of people paying in versus the number of people who are collecting benefits. as you know there are 80 million baby boomers that are going to retire. the people really get shafted by
7:08 am
this program, bill. anyone watching this show under 40, sorry you're not going to get a very good deal. bill: we've had problems with social security over the past two decades and the problems were worked out. they changed the way that they fund the social security administration. now if you're a married couple retiring in 2011 here is what you get. you put $598,000 over a life times, you will collect $556,000. that's not cool. >> well it isn't. here is the problem, pweufplt thbill, the younger you are the worse deal you get, you're going to have more and more people retiring and fewer and fewer people paying into the system. remember the old saying about social security, there is a trust fund and all the money is parked in a trust fund. the problem is there is no trust and no fund. all the money gets spent as it comes in. and, look, there are two issues here, bill, one is an issue of the solvency of the program, can we keep it going by raising the retirement able, by increasing the tax and so on, the answer is, yes, we probably can.
7:09 am
the second issue, what we're talking business an issue of the rate of return. will people get a good deal out of social security? the message of this new roeurt report, for young people they would do better take thag money and sticking it under a mattress than sticking into social security. bill: 2013 lifetime benefits 696,000. you say the youth of america should start burning their social security cards. >> i do, bill. i said this. remember in the 60s when a lot of the young people burned their draft cards, you know, my kind of dream is that they are going to march on washington and burn their social security cards. those ratioess ar ratios are for people close to retirement right now. people in their 30s may only get a dollar out for every $2 they put in.
7:10 am
i like moving to a system of personal accounts where people can put their money into an account that they own that the government can't take it away from them. bill: we'll see how the politicians move the shell next time. >> you and i are old enough that we might not be shafted. bill: it's the folks after us. heather: like me. bill: like you. heather: thought i'd slide that in there. to put all this into context. 56million people now collect social security benefits. that number is expected to spike to 91 million by 2035. monthly benefits average just over $1,200 for retired workers and $1,100 for disabled workers. bill: you're like two generations past. heather: at least. bill: at least. heather: you'ryou're like 12. heather: absolutely. i'm just really brilliant. bill: nicely done, the prodigy. the democratic leader of the
7:11 am
senate doubling down on a tax against mitt romney not only has the obama team not distanced themselves from the comment listen to this. >> it was governor romney's father that gave out 12 years of tax returns that said one year can be misleading. why don't they put this to rest? what is it that he is hiding. bill: in a moment john senunu responds to all of this after the break. heather: a new analysis of the president's healthcare plan means your healthcare at work will cost you more, and guess who will pay for that? bill: siegel is in the house on that. two women survive a terrifying situation while they were out shopping. >> the guy panned around, there was me and another woman and he told her to -- he told us to get to the back of the store and get down, and he -- he grabbed the cashier by the throat and had the gun to her, and he walked her back by the shoes. 0
7:12 am
7:13 am
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heather: a frightening situation to tell you about this northern california happened over the weekend. police say a gunman held two people hostage inside a sporting good store in yubba city. it may have started as an attempted robbery before two women were reportedly held against their will. the good man fired at least one shot inside the store before swats officers took down the suspect. so far no word on any injuries. bill: getting hot out there, isn't it? heather: yep, summer. bill: democrats in the president's re-election team refusing to shoot down senate majority leader harry reid's claim on romney and his taxes, republicans saying that the claim has no basis in reality. >> i've been around this town for a while. i actually like harry. what he did on the floor of the senate is so out of bounds i think he's lying about his statement of knowing something about romney, so this is what is
7:16 am
wrong -- >> that is pretty -- a member of the senate is lying here. >> i think he's creating issues and making things up and at a time when the country is about to fall apart. bill: john senunu is here, senior adviser to mitt romney's team. how are you doing, sir? >> good morning, happy monday. bill: to you as well. what do you make of this. >> as howie karp pointed out it's not harry reid, it's president obama and the obama campaign doing what they always do. they did it to hillary clinton and she called them out. they tried to do it to john mccain with "the new york times" that printed about a marital infidelity and they did it to sarah palin when she came on with that crazy allegation that her husband was involved in some kind of an alaskan
7:17 am
separatist thing and marital problems there that turned out to be equally false. the obama campaign and president obama are the ones that are behind this dishonesty and misrepresentation because they are trying to hide the failure of this a business malpresidency that we have had in office in the last four years. bill: it is true when you talk about this you don't talk about issues. you don't talk about 8.3 unemployment. isn't that not the intent? >> that is the intent. all of a sudden they going to find out that they are losing because of that, not winning, because the public is beginning to understand how dishonest this president and his campaign is, and it is, in my opinion, eroding the only asset he ever had and that was a general, likable feeling that the public add toward him. bill: you say this starts to go against the president's popularity? >> absolutely. and you are right, they are trying to hide really rotten data that came out friday, and the complicity of the liberal
7:18 am
media is hiding the reality of the numbers that came out friday. if you go to the website for the bureau of labor statistics, you will find that the very first piece of information in table arblga is that there were 150,000 fewer americans working in july than in june and that's why the unemployment went up. bill: that's the number of americans that dropped out of the workforce. >> no it isn't. bill: 155,000, they stopped looking nor work? >> no, that's the number of americans that were not -- a fewer number of americans that were working. whether they dropped out or were fired, or lost their jobs by some other means. people lost jobs in july, and if you go to table a on the website you'll see all the data. bill: all right. has the romney team, in your view, responded aggressively enough on the harry reid charge, or were they a couple days
7:19 am
behind? what do you think of that? >> they may have been a couple of days behind but i certainly think they put it into context. look, harry reid is a bumbling senate leader. he hasn't been able to pass a budget or do anything about entitlement reform, he's done nothing worthwhile except the bidding of the obama administration. they have pointed out that harry is lying, and the public needs to understand that harry is lying, so i think they put in it context. bill: there are a number of democrats on the talk shows on sunday and david axelrod was talking to chris wallace, he said i don't know harry was talking to, but not one democrat took the opportunity to denounce harry reid for the comments he made on the floor of the senate. >> look -- bill: what do you make that of? >> i point he out that harry problem below got it from talking to the mirror while he was shaving. but the fact is, is that he was encouraged to do stuff like this by axelrod, by the president, and by the white house. this is the way they operate, it
7:20 am
is chicago-style gutter politics trying to hide the failure that they have had for the last four years? to be clear you don't have proof of that, but that's your belief, right, that's your hunch? >> what, what's my belief? that they operate like that? bill: that there is a direct connection. >> no, that's the way they operate all the time. you have hillary clinton pointing it out. you had what they did to john mccain, you had what they did to sarah palin. that is not conjecture, that's fact. bill: do you believe harry reid goes on that branch again today or this week? >> i don't know what harry reid does, and you want to know something, harry reid probably doesn't know what harry reid i is going to do. bill: do you believe harry reid is getting mileage off of this. >> i think harry reid thinks he's getting mileage off of this. i think he's going to go on as a president who is being seen as promoting a dishonesty and i don't think that's good for the president. bill: john senunu, thank you
7:21 am
we'll speak again. >> any time. heather: regardless we are talking about it. we'll see. major developments in another mass shooting that rocked the country and put a congresswoman's career on hold. accused killer jerod laughner is expected to cut a deal. we'll have those details. bill: waiting for an update from police on a shooting rampage at a sheik wep temple in wisconsin. was it a random act of terror or was there more to it. >> there is really scary and unexpected. we never thought somebody going to go that far for these things. so it's so sad.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
heather: accused arizona mass murderer jerod laughner expected
7:25 am
to plead guilty in a federal courtroom today, a stunning turn of event in the search for justice after the 2011 attack that claimed six lives and seriously wounded then congresswoman gabrielle giffords. now it's up to the judge to accept the plea. the same judge who found him incompetent to stand trial last year. keith sullivan criminal defense attorney and dan shore former prosecutor join us with more. dan, i'll begin with you. who wins here with this plea. >> by pleading guilty if easy loud to do that first of all the defendant is spared the death penalty. he is not executed. and the surviving victims and all the families of all the victims don't have to go through a long court process that will be no doubt very painful. in the end it's probably the best result here. >> keith, originally when all this transpired a not guilty plea was entered for him. why do you think the change in plea? >> one of the goals when you're handling this case from a criminal defense perspective is to spare and save the defendant's life. there's been ample evidence to
7:26 am
demonstrate that he is severely, severely schizophrenia. his behavior at the time of the incident and subsequent to, all the way through most of these proceedings. his last court proceeding he was pulled out of the courtroom by the u.s. marshals for his rants and raves. this is a guy who is clearly incompetent. and if you can secure a conviction for the prosecution and spare his life fro for the defense, and spare the family of having to testify and go through the agony, it's a rare find and gem in the legal world, a win, win all the way around. heather: what happens next? >> they will have a competency hearing where the court appointed psychiatrist is expected to say he is fit to stand trial f. there is a plea agreement the defense, the prosecution and the court appointed psychologist can all agree that he is fit. the judge can accept or respect that. it is rare for the judge to reject it if the prosecution, the defense and the psychiatrist all agree. heather: what would you say in terms of competency if he were your client?
7:27 am
>> he's clearly incompetent. people have to remember if he were to go to trial and be found not guilty by roefp reason of insanity he would not be let out on the streets, he would be in a mental facility. there is that pending state prosecution, and we hope that, you know, it's incumbent upon the criminal defense attorneys to insure that they wrap-up and resolve the state case along with the federal one. there is no point in dodging the death penalty at the federal level if you're then going to have to walk into state court and your client its going to get the lethal injection, it makes no sense. heather: we have to remember all the victims here and justice being served for them. thank you for joining us. bill: almost 10:30 in new york now. sticker shock, a new report showing how much the president's new healthcare law will cost and who will may for it and how the employer and the employee relationship is changing. we'll have that for you. plus, there is this in a
7:28 am
moment. >> confirmed, we are safe on mars [cheers ] heather: talk about a big deal. we told you about nasa's curiosity safely on mars. what could it find? [cheers ] ♪ you do ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do
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unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay -- expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs... you'll be able choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. bill: breaking news. a new report out revealing startling information about how president obama's healthcare
7:32 am
reform could affect american workers. national business group on health says that healthcare costs for large employers are expected to spike 7% next year. that means some companies could be forced to pass those increases onto workers through higher premiums and other costs. dr. marc siegl, a fox news medical a-teamer, good morning to you. >> hi, bill. bill: this is a big deal right now. this group out of washington d.c. concludes what right now based on healthcare? >> the national business health group survey, they are saying that basically premiums are going t to rise by 7%. there is no free lunch. your mom predicted it, my mom predict it. if i'm going to cover all preexisting conditions, no lifetime limits and cover people up to the age of 26 and say you can't be dropped even if you're sick, all great things, if i'm going to have all that it's going to cost money.
7:33 am
if premiums go up 7% employers can't afford it. you know why i'm worried about that? 170million americans get their health insurance through their employers. if employers can't afford it they scramble. what are we going to do? i'm going to charge you more for your part of it. bill: or i'm going to drop you. >> or i'm going to drop you. bill: or you're going to force me to drop my employer insurance. >> exactly and pay the penalty. in 2014 the state exchanges roll in, guess what employers are going to do? 71 out of a hundred surveyed by the weighs and means committee of the house said they are going to start to drop policies. bill: on the screen 60% plan to increase the percentage of the premium paid by employees. >> we talked about that earlier. bill: 40% plan to increase in network deductibles. 32% increase out-of-pocket maximum numbers, all of that goes to a higher cost. >> out-of-pocket. out-of-pocket. if you're deductible is higher that means you'll have to pay a lot of it out of your own
7:34 am
pocket, up to a certain point. that's what that is all about. it's called cost sharing. and people can't afford it. it sounds good, pay more out of pocket but people can't afford to do that. bill: when we say they pass the increases on to the worker you believe that's what will happen. >> that's for sure what will happen. obamacare high school a crunch that comes in, to get your policy to grandfather in you have to increase the deductible, that's when your thing will happen, employers irgoing to start dropping policies. when you force employers to use a certain kind of policy beginning in 2014 they will drop it and pay the penalty. rather pay $2,000 if i'm a large employee. bill: play the penalty instead of the cost to the employer. employers are eyeing a variety of cost-control measures. >> there is one i like. there is one i actually like, incentives to lose weight, incentives to exercise more and incentives to quit smoking. i love incentives for improved behavior, there is only one problem witness. there is no evidence whatsoever that that is actually going to
7:35 am
lead to decreasing premiums. why should it? it takes so many years see a benefit of that, that by the time that actually happens, if i tell you to exercise, it's great, but it's not going to decrease the amount i have to spend on a very sick diabetic who has to go to the hospital. we are in big trouble because we have an obesity epidemic in this country. we are spending more and more and more money for it. we are estimating $4.7 trillion on healthcare by 2020. bill: extraordinary. another line here employers continue to make adjustments to the benefit plans to comply with additional provisions of the health reform law. that tells me they are still trying to figure it out. >> because they are scrambling. they are trying to figure it out. they are scrambling because they can't afford the premiums. we have a very tough economy right now. there is a large unemployment rate, that is going to go up. if we -- you're in a situation as an employer that you either cut the health insurance or you go out of business, what are you going to do? you're going to drop health coverage, and you know what, the
7:36 am
patient goes to the state exchange, the federal money subsidizes that, it comes out of the taxpayer pocket, that's why we call it an entitlement plan. bill: just reading through this now, it's fresh off the wire here. we'll go through it and give you more context throughout the day. mark, thank you. it's good to get your initial reaction here. dr. marc siegl on our medical a team. heather. heather: another exciting weekend of olympic triumph and heart speak. wh bolt retaining the title of the fastest man alive. the second fastest win in history and a new olympic record. bolt and carl lewis the only two men with executive golds in the event. the amazing come from behind win from son yeah richards ross. ross eked out a win with just
7:37 am
.15 seconds. it is america's first track and field gold so far this year. congratulations to her. a disappointing tall for mckayla maroney. she slipped on her second fault, so took silver. the u.s. by the way remains in second with 61 total medals just three behind first place china. bill: that's going to change. we're in track and field right now. how good is our swim team? heather: i don't know. how good are all of those athletes. bill: the american men -- i don't know if weave over had men and women in the pool who are this consistently good at everything. heather: have you met any of them? have you interviewed any of them? bill: over time i have, yeah, but not during this olympics. heather: they are so tall. bill: have you? heather: no. they are so tall. bill: keep it rocking. one more week in london. tropical storm ernesto swirling in the caribbean. could it hit the shores of
7:38 am
texas? live on the details of that. heather: we are waiting for details on the shooting at assem pell in wisconsin. six people dead and we are learning many details about the shooting. >> we found out late last night after hoping that he was at some hospital and getting the run around, and just nothing that he was laying in there lifeless, we are trying to take it in. granted he did go out trying to save, you know, the church, and the community, and all his loved ones, but we lost him in that fight.
7:39 am
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heather: tropical storm ernesto now barreling towards honduras one day after slamming jamaica's coast. high winds and rain make for dangerous s-pbs at sea where several fishermen were stranded. the coast guard and a police vessel tuld on pulled one man to safety eave was tphroetding in thfloating in the ocean.
7:42 am
the storm could become a hurricane later this week as it races towards the mexican mainland. they do not believer necessary tow wilbelieve ernesto will directly strike the u.s. bill: fox news alert. moments away from seeing and hearing a news conference on the death of six people at a sikh temple in wisconsin. we are learning a bit more information about the shooter but no motive here as victims and their families try to cope with the loss of loved ones in such a traumatic event. >> people came out just traumatized, you know, like a lot of family members and loved ones had bullets graze by them, just by inches, and some were shot, just not -- one was shot in the foot. everyone wasn't shot fit tally fatally. we kept being told that our uncle was being treated and taken out but he was laying lifeless in there the whole time. bill: bill daley is a former
7:43 am
f.b.i. investigator and practices control risk security. good morning to you, bill. thank you for trying to go through this with us. you say the important thing of the moment is the who and the when. explain that. >> yeah, it's very important right now that as investigators comb through not only the crime scene but also the suspect's apartment or home they are collecting all the data they can. they really have to be open to the fact that although it appears, and is suggested that he was the lone shooter, there were others who either acted in concert, helped him plan it, knew about it, in some ways kind of helped him orchestrate this. it's very important as they go through the investigation that it is very thorough because it would lead to prosecution of others. bill: there is indication he was a member of a skin headband, there were markings or tattoos on his body. put that together as you try to figure out motive, bill. >> that is one of the first things, bill, that investigators on the scene did, is that they first of all needed to rule out
7:44 am
that he perhaps with us a member of that temple, that there wasn't any serpb personal vendetta involved between him and other members of the congress congratulations. and he started to look at his remains, if there were tattoos that indicated perhaps some involvement with either some white supremacist group or others. he according to some witnesses had a 9/11 tattoo on his arm, not that that by itself is an indicator as to what his motive is, i would think investigators looking at that probably said this could easily be a hate crime or domestic terrorism. let's look further, maybe check his name against records and start the investigation from there. bill: let me come back to domestic terrorist anytime a moment here. how much do you believe the investigators have at the moment before this press conference begins to answer the who, what what, when, where, why and how? >> i think they have a
7:45 am
significant amount to now whether or not there are more tentacles to this and how much further they will go. looking at his records at home, perhaps papers, if he had a computer there is some suggestion that they've interviewed and found his former or current girlfriend who may be able to provide some more insight into this. i think they are probably a good way into this investigation at least to start to understand whether or not it was part of a larger conspiracy, someone who was perhaps encouraged or eve or in sited by a movement to do this or aided and abetted or helped to conspire this by others. bill: i know this doesn't help the victims all. why was this considered domestic terrorism so early on do you think? >> yeah, you know, bill it's one of these definitions if you look at the way that it's reported, the definition by the f.b.i. regarding hate crimes or those that are tkphet particular terrorism-typdomestic terrorism
7:46 am
incidents. all of it is hate and it's all a crime. there is a slight distinction. and it goes to a group of individuals who are either forcibly, or by violence trying to either encourage or in srof or in srofl the governmenor involve the population to change its views. a number of these organizations have been listed by the f.b.i.'s domestic terrorist views. if they thought he had an association with one of them either by what they found on his person, tattoos or other information they came about that's why they started saying it could potentially be domestic terrorism. bill: part of the reason i'm asking you that is fort hood in texas was considered work-place violence. is there a difference here? >> there certainly is a difference, and i think what you get down to, bill, is one is the way it's being investigated, and that's what investigators, f.b.i., law enforcement will
7:47 am
start to, not focus on, because i believe they are focusing on this as a crime and they will gather information as they would in most all cases, however, as you start to classify it as something it didn't appear that he was a member of the congregation, it wasn't robbery. they start to eliminate things and start to say what bucket does it fall into. it doesn't mean at the end of the day that any others involved would be pros quite. that would be up to the u.s. attorneys office, the f.b.i., and they will make that determination as to how it should be prosecuted. i believe that's what they determined with the fort hood shooting. bill: absolutely heartbreakin heartbreaking for that community. we are about to hear more in about 13 minutes. thank you for your time, bill. good to have you on. heather: also on standby up next, gre gregg jarrett joining us. >> reporter: new details expected in wisconsin as we await a news conference
7:48 am
literally minutes from now, stay tuned for that. a much different scene happily this morning when nasa, quote, threaded the needle successfully landing a rover on mars, mission control losing control but in a good way, well deserved cheers there. the first picture from mars would it could mean for a manned mission to marses political fireworks on the campaign trail, senator harry reid called a dirty liar by a prominent republican, not to be confused with pretty little liars, which is a hit tv show. maybe he'll make a cameo on that one. heather: or dirty harry. >> reporter: hey, i like that one. all right. heather: we'll see you soon. thanks, greg. and greg was talking about the mars rover. what exactly could we find on the sur vast ever the red planet? what discoveries could it make? the professor of the impossible dr.~michio kaku joins us up next. >> entry, descent and landing also known as edl is referred to
7:49 am
as the seven minutes of terror, because we've got literally seven minutes to get from the top of the atmosphere to the surface of mars going from 13 million miles an hour to zero. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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[singing] bill: 50 years since one of america's signature celebrities was found dead. marilyn monroe's body was found in her home, her death ruled a probable suicide likely from an overdose. rumors and conspiracies have always suggested there was more to what happened. fans laid flowers on monroe's
7:53 am
star at the hollywood walk of fame. she was just 36 years young when she died. heather: nasa's car-sized rover safe on mars, and not wasting any time getting down to work the rover beaming back its black-and-white pictures minutes after landing. dr.~michio kaku who is a professor of physics at city university of new york and author of physics of the future, how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100 joins us now with a little more insight on this. just a historic landing, a historic flight, seven minutes of terror is what they called it. why was it so tricky? >> nasa went for the gold on this one and scored a ten. flawless execution, great dismount. as you pointed out, this was a path-breaking mission, because they had never done this before. there was no dress rehearsal replacing one ton of scientific
7:54 am
machinery on the red planet. heather: basically the size of a small suv to put it in perspective. >> that's right the previous mars rovers were the size of a bicycle. this is ten feet long, contains ten times the instrumentation of the previous mission and it weighs five times as much as the previous probes. this is the godzilla of space probes. heather: tell me about some of the instruments that are on board it and what we hope to learn from them. i know one them being a laser gun. it can apparently zap a rock from 23 feet away. >> right they placed the mars rover right next to a crater called gale which once upon a time had a lake billions of years ago because they think that is the best place to look for evidence for water. journalists say follow the money. scientists say follow the water. water is a universal solvent, it dissolves, dna, organic chemicals, it's the amniotic fluid of life. that's why the mars rover will
7:55 am
look for evidence of water and evidence of life as well. heather: they make those discoveries, for how long is the rover going to be up there. >> the mission is for two years and the mars rover will go maybe 12 miles roaming around the martian surface. remember that nasa really needed this hit. they have been hit with so much bad news recently with the cancellation of the shuttle, cancellation of the moon program, and this is right over-the-top. heather: a good shot in the arm and a gold medal for them. >> that's right. heather: you talk about the martian surface, when we bring out all this information, bring it back home what does it mean for us earthlings? >> eventually this could pave the way for a manned mission to mars. president obama says maybe after 2030, we don't know for sure. remember this landing, this landing in some sense was a dress rehearsal for a possible manned mission to the red planet. this was not simply putting a balloon and bouncing a balloon on the planet, this was bungee jumping from outer space, dropping that truck-sized
7:56 am
instrumentation on the red planet. heather: exciting news for the space program, go usa, good stuff, thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us. hey, bill, follow the water. bill: we shall. indeed. fox news alert right now we've been telling you about this for the past hour, now only moments away from a press conference on that sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. we expect to hear more about the gunman. six dead plus the shooter. we are there live in a matter of moments.
7:57 am
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bill: how about a cupcake atm? sprinkles, a california-based bakery, opening a all mated cupcake machine at the bakery in chicago. it holds up to 600 cupcakes at a time. only $4 a pop. >> just four bucks. bill: four bucks for a cupcake. can they guaranty freshness? >> i want one of those for pizza late at night. that is what you


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