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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 6, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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shut, they could not have charged her. >>shepard: if she was on miami beach nothing could have happened. >>randy: once again, keep your mouth shut. >> gas spiking. now the saudis are reaching out to iran. is it time to start drilling here? welcome,en, i am stewart van -- stuart varney. gas is up 24 cents in the last month alone as oil continues to climb. now, word that iran's president will be headed to saudi arabia for a summit reportedly next week at the urging of the king. former shell oil president says that it is time to stop relying on the middle east.
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this meeting with saudi arabia and iran seems like a sign inthattibility. do you think we in america will take that as a signal to start drilling? will we do that? >>guest: our dependence on the middle east and, particularly, the persian gulf, has absolutely no sense, whatever, behind it. the fact that we know we have domestic natural resources here, in this country, and we are not allowed to go after them by government policy, is absurd, the american people are paying through the nose for political whatever on the part of the administration. i call it political cowards on the part of the administration to not allow americans to have access to american natural resources. what could be wrong with that? >>stuart: i think you are entirely right saying that there is a very strong argument to say, yes, go out and drill.
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why don't we? why are political forces stacked against this happening? i don't get it. >>guest: because special interest money going into the president's campaign re-election fund comes from people who don't want to see more drilling. follow the money, stuart. i consider the american political system corrupted by special interest money, made legal, only by the people who are collecting the money. >>stuart: they accuse the big oil companies of being special interests of perverted economic policy. >>guest: there are special interests on all sides of the equation. with the current incumbent, the oil and gas industry, in general, is so unwelcome that i am sure they get very little money. the environmental groups who want to stop hydro carbon production are putting a lot of money into the obama campaign. i say, stop both sides.
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spot the special interest money from both sides and let the american people decide w of public policy they want, not special interests from either corporations, labor unions, environmental groups or anyone else but the american people have the people. let them vote, up or down on, whether they want this or that candidate with no private money. >>stuart: the obama administration said they will offer $105 million loan guarantee to a california firm to convert household trash to earth not. $105 million loan guarantee. that is public money. we will not build a pipeline with private money costing the taxpayer nothing. >>guest: there is a desperate search for ethanol right new because the industry, the ethanol industry, has been unable to break the biochemical code. we are running short on ethanol against the law that was passed several years ago. oil companies are paying fines
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for not mixing enough ethanol with gasoline because there isn't enough ethanol but they have to pay the fine. so, the administration is desperate to find more ethanol so they don't have to change the law which was written too aggressively for what nature can produce. here is another line going out to somebody. i hope it has been well researched. >>stuart: you managed not to use the word solyndra. gas prices also rising in key swing states, up more than 9 percent in ohio and florida, just in the past month. up between 12 percent and 13 percent in michigan and wisconsin. and now, our reporter from the "washington examiner," these that is not good news for the president. we picked up here, david, on four swing states in which the price of gas has gone up very, very sharply, but, also, in
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which president obama leads in the polls. are you saying that this gas price spike in those states will move against president obama in they will blame him for the gas price increase? >>guest: some will blame him and it will go against him, but the more accurate way of putting it is simply that every time gas prices are high and someone goes to the pump and gets upset it means one more opportunity for the president's opponent to speak about the issue of domestic energy production, to bring it up, and to connect with voters. they see it in their likes each day. they go to the gas station. they are paying way too much. and that makes the issue connect better. so, even if gas prices go down define now and the election, this is the time when mitt romney, if he wants to take advantage of the issue, starts talking about it and starts discussing it while people are upset filling up the gas tank.
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>>stuart: it is obvious, this spike, in milwaukee, wisconsin, chum because, -- columbus, ohio, chicago, illinois, the price of regular has gone up 40 cents a common in the last week. that is a fining that you cannot mess, right? >>guest: that is exactly right. people are sensitive to this. people drive out of their way to save five cents on gas although it does not economically make very much sense. you are only talking about a dollar office the course of the filling but they see the price and it gets them upset. they see the prices rise. they want to do something about it. the answer is, someone would comes along with an answer and says we could produce a lot more of this and it would drive the price down, that makes sense to people. >>stuart: they could blake -- blame the speculators and the oil companies and they could point mitt romney as the
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speculator in chief, the oil company guy. >>guest: that is what president obama has tried in the past. that's also what the democrats did in 2010. it did not work that well. economically it is very unsound. it has some appeal but, at the same time, to blame speculators, it is, to find someone who is economically unsatisfactory enough to believe that is what is going on, who, at the same time, is going to understand exactly what you are talking about, that is pretty difficult. >>stuart: thank you for joining us, sir. it is not just gas prices with nearly $400 billion in tax hikes set to kick in at the end of the year, if congress does not act, there are growing worries the who is headed for a fiscal cliff. now, word that more companies are, indeed, holding back and not hiring. charles is saying we are lucky companies are not firing people. do the think the fiscal cliff is
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the only reason for the slowing of the economy? >>guest: the mindset that goes into a fiscal cliff. you actually have big-time democrats saying, let's drive off the fiscal cliff. here is the thing: a lot of them are looking at spending cuts and saying most of it hits the military. it is amazing, the people that think that everyone on welfare should have a cell phone thinks we can gut defend spending. this is so crazy, this is why everyone should be worry the. we are seeing, i don't think it is just business, but we both know it is business i am looking at trends. savings rates starting to rocket higher. what do people on main street know? they hear this stump and they know about this and everyone feels something disasterous is around the corner. >>stuart: do you think there is a link between raising taxes and cutting government spending and me if i was a corporation
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hiring people or not hiring people? >>guest: absolutely. you talk about raising taxes, and just the tax part, if you say you are raising taxes and it is not a big deal because it is only a certain percentage of small businesses, well, you mean the percent of those who create 50 percent of profits in those who are doing 99 percent of the hiring? everyone becomes defensive. the companies do not want to be defensive. i own a small company, and nothing makes me happier than to hire someone. not fire someone. >>stuart: didn't you hire people when bill clinton had the top rate of 39 percent? and the democrats want to raise it to that level. >>reporter: very few people are naive. this is the tip of the iceburg. this is the beginning of something more detrimental. these are baby steps and ultimately what will be more dramatic draconian steps, it is
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just a little bit of a step here. this is the first step. the second term would be an avalanche of new taxes and regulation. no business will wait for that to happen. why does apple have $100 billion, apple? apple, apple, apple. they would love to put it to work. they are afraid. >>stuart: if the president gets his way and only raised on those making more than $250,000 a year, is that enough to push us into recession do you thing? just that. there are other tax increases including medical devices. >> it is a difference between -- well, we could cross the finish line but it will be ugly and sluggish. >>stuart: thank you, charles. tomorrow, on "your word," the c.e.o. of one of those companies
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forced to hunker down amid the looming fiscal cliff. she says she cannot afford to hire more workers or buy new machinery and will be with us tomorrow. right now. >> you are going to hollywood. >> hollywood. hollywood. hollywood. >>stuart: the reaction as governor romney makes the vice presidential pick. but bill kristol says it is coming in one week and it is down to two. who are they? that is next. ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way.
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>> bill kristol thinks the announcement is coming next week for the vice presidential candidate, and the governor's calendar could be telling the you think it is either rubio or paul ryan. let's get down do that. win of the two, right? >>guest: well, i thought it was that over weekend and i wrote that in an editorial. we called it for those two at
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the best picks. chris christie is still in consideration and i am for him, and rubio, and christie, and ryan. any of those three would be exciting picks who would signify that governor romney will run a big campaign, presenting a fundamental choice. in terms of timing i found out more since we last talked. if you look at governor romney's schedule he has events in illinois on tuesday, iowa on wednesday, a fundraising breakfast on thursday in norm. the calendar then is clear, thursday afternoon and friday, and he begins barn storming toward saturday in virginia and north carolina on sunday, and florida on monday and ohio on tuesday, it would be weird to do this four-day tour through four swing states, big bus tour and a last excitement without having picked the v.p. and with that hanging over him and dwarfing whatever the emergency he wants to get out. i believe the pick is made thursday afternoon or friday.
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i guess thursday afternoon, thursday mid-day and let the guy go on the morning shows on friday morning and dominate the news for the weekend with romney accompanied by either christie, ryan or rubio. so, clear your schedule tuesday afternoon, and try to get romney to appear with the develop on -- v.p. >>stuart: i thought chris christie was out of the have hae presidential contender shot. >> when we wrote, go big or bold, i got a call from saying, what about chris christie and i assumed he was out. i tried to make calls over the week, and i think christie has been more under consideration than people think, so, i am now happy with christie, ryan or rubio. >>stuart: i will take the three in order. marco rubio do you believe
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without marco rubio romney cannot win florida? >>guest: now but rubio would make it easier to win florida and you cannot win as a republican without winning florida. >>stuart: paul ryan. do you remember when he proposed the plan he was demagogued to death for entitlement reform the famous commercial where with granny being thrown off the cliff by a paul ryan look alike, he will be demagogued to death again if he is picked. >>guest: romney is being democrat galvestoned to death and he will be anyway, endorsing the ryan plans and all the republicans in the house of representatives and senate voted if it. i refer to go on the offensive and have romney say we are damn right. what is the case of ryan. he he is an intellectual leader. >>stuart: chris christie,
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blunt, abrasive. too much? >>guest: successful governor, outside washington pick, middle american guy, a good complement of romney. >>stuart: always a pleasure, bill, thank you. >> president obama ordering the white house flag at half staff to honor the victims of that sikh temple killing spree in oak creek, wisconsin. rick: the f.b.i. calling this a senseless act of violence and possible domestic terrorism the suspect could have targeted the people because necessity appeared muslim. his name is wade michael page, a 40-year-old army veteran who was six years as a psychological specialists before being discharged for patterns of misconduct including drinkingen duty. we have an update on the alleged "person of interest," the f.b.i. released a picture of the guy who showed up at the temple and they have located this person, interviewed him, and cleared him
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but the f.b.i. has plenty of work to do as the response teams collecting forensics and evidence after the shooting on sunday morning, 10:30 a.m., the man walked into the temple, opened five with a .9 millimeter semi-automatic handgun and killed five men and a woman and wound add couple others including the first police officer who arrived on the scene who was tending to a victim in the parking lot when he opened fire at close range hitting him eight or nine times. other arriving officers heard the shot, saw the gunman, and shot and killed him. that gunman, by the way, may have had white supremacist tattoos and may have played in multiple skinhead bands but one neighbor said he seemed normal. >> he was popular, how are you doing to the kids and nice to the kids. what are you doing today? that sort thing. and there were construction crews and he would go and talk to over. >> he did not seem like he had a
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dark side. everyone has a skeleton in the closet. his came out yesterday. >>reporter: we have one shooting victim treat asked released and two others in critical condition and the f.b.i. trying to confirm the motive. >>stuart: thank you from wisconsin. >> what does president obama thing aharry reid's attack on governor mitt romney? that response is next. >> does the president think this allegation coming from harry reid, without any evidence is that below-the-belt? did it cross the line? [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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>> does the president think this allegation coming from harry reid, without any evidence whatever, made on the senate
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floor; that below the belt and crossing the line? i have not, the president has not expressed an opinion to me on this. >>stuart: senator harry reid and the fight over romney's tax returns have white house press secretary sidestepping the issue. but it is not secret where the afl-cio stands. the super pac announcing plans today to back up senator harry reid and ramp up the accusations. an official with the afl-cio saying if romney paid taxes, then let's see it. and my guest is saying let's stop the diversions. he is the founder of staples, a surrogate for the romney campaign. if it is a diversion, it is a successful diversion, because we are still talking about romney's taxes a week after senator harry reid made that remark. >>guest: well, what is really incredible, we have 23 million americans who are unemployed or underemployed. we have run trillion dollar deficits for year after year
1:25 pm
during the obama administration and all they can they out there is lies about mitt romney. these are just flagrant lies. i have known the governor for 30-odd years and i have not known him to tell even a white lie. he told the with "washington post" he paid taxes every single year, and, frankly, quit a bit of them. i cannot imagine how he could have avoided them. >>stuart: the language is getting heated up. early today on fox business network i asked rnc chairman about his use of the expression "dirty liar." listen to this. >> as far as harry reid is concerned, i know you might want to go down that road, i'm not going to respond to a dirty liar who hasn't filed a single page of tax returns himself. >>stuart: that is strong language when you use terms like "dirty liar." do you want to take that back? >>guest: i cannot thing of
1:26 pm
anything stronger to use on the air. >>stuart: are you happy with this? >>guest: the fact is i will not call him dirty but he is a liar and when you tell a fib you ought to be held accountable. he has some backup, any backup for the accusation, please, show it to the american people. by the way, he claims he got this from a bain investor. i'm in the business myself and my investors know nothing about my taxes. >>stuart: how do we get the focus on the state of economy and president obama's record? what should mitt romney do to get attention back to the central theme of the campaign? >>guest: well, mitt romney is talking about the important things. he is talking about giving the middle class a chance and lowering our tax rate. he is talking about getting rid of regulations.
1:27 pm
you read in the "wall street journal" they are hampering business ability to commit to growth and create jobs. mitt romney is talking about those things. the media buys into this, particularly the liberal media, and they love this stuff even if it is in the true. it is unfortunate. i hope the election approaches and we talk about what is important which is turning down the american economy. >>stuart: thank you, sir. >> now to the u.s. senate race in new jersey where a republican challenger is trying to break the democrats' long time grip on the senate seats. my guest is rolling out an economic plan. the new jersey state senator joined my now. welcome to the program. you are a republican. you are running for a senate seat from new jersey. you know as well as i do that new jersey rock solid democrat
1:28 pm
and has been for all of the 30 or 40 years i've live lived there and you are behind nine to 12 points against senator menendez. >>guest: we have had successes along the way in the 30 or 40 years. you are right. it is a state that trended democrat over the years. this is not a typical election year. it will not be a typical new jersey year because this is not a typical american year. we america is at a crossroads. new jersey is filled with good, patriotic americans. they know this is not the country they were born to or came to. we also have possibly not put up the right folks. >>stuart: we did call senator menendez and he declined to appear. the ball is in your court? >>guest: i am not surprised. >>stuart: is the state of the economy the thing that you are running on, the pain and the
1:29 pm
economy in america? >>guest: i am running to fix our country, our economy, create jobs, do things differently. >>stuart: everyone can say that. let me tie you down. could you compromise on the issue of taxing the rich? the president wants to tax the rich. most republicans do not. >>guest: i am about the american dream. bob menendez is about distortions and distractions. he likes to put out press releases millionaires and billionaires. i know that people can move their wealth around. it will not create one single new job. >>stuart: you would not tax people at the high are rate making more than $250,000 in you would not? >>guest: no. >>stuart: you would not make a deal to break the logjam? >>guest: i would look at the entire tax code, at the whole scheme of things. if there is private equity people, if there is hedge fund
1:30 pm
guys that carried interest issue, for example, where they are not paying what some of us think. >> the to be at a personal income rate, rather than capital gains i want to look at it. i am about fairness but i am about motivating the economy. it is in the government or taxing people more particularly during the tough times. >>stuart: i hear whispers we kick the can down the road. we did not cut spending by $1 trillion. we do not raise taxes by $1 trillion. we wait another year. would you accept that? >>guest: i don't want to wait. i want to work with everyone, republicans, democrats, whoever the president is. i made my reference then for the presidency a long time ago. if president obama wins again, i'll go to the white house every time he invites me to try to fix this. the problem with my opponent, and all the rest down there, they want to kick the can down the road.
1:31 pm
we could be near the end of the road. >>imus: would you sign the pledge, no new taxes. >>guest: i don't sign a pledge. i don't sign pledges. i have been in the state senate a long time and i don't vote for sales taxes or brad base taxes of any kind. i'm not going to do it now. but i want to go into this thing open, honestly, and deal with it in a not right way. >>stuart: thank you for joining us this afternoon. the president says his "you didn't build that remark," was taken out of context but he is a new tweet proving that is exactly what he meant. but that doesn't mean we should be penalized for it. that's why liberty mutual insurance policies come standard with accident forgiveness, if you qualify. learn more at
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>>stuart: it started like this. >> if you got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >>stuart: then it turned into this. >> those ads taking my word about small business out of context are flatout wrong. of course americans build their own businesses. >>stuart: now this, a tweet from the obama twitter account saying if you or someone you know owns a small business, share how president obama's policies are helping it succeed. to michael frederick, who says this proves the president meant exactly what he said in virginia. michael owns a small business in wisconsin.
1:36 pm
welcome to the program. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>stuart: you employ 58 people, you object to what the president said about giving you government help to get your business going and keeping it going. can you think of anything that the government has done for you to get your business going and keep it going? anything? >>guest: no, i can't. they put a last hurdles up but nothing that i can point to that would help our business. >>stuart: what do you make of the argument your workers need road to drive on to get to your business or bridges to ship the stuff away from your factory. >>guest: well, i don't view that as an argument. i view that as obviously we do and everyone else uses the roads and the bridges and we all pay taxes to supply those things. >>stuart: give me an idea of your working day and week. do you work hard?
1:37 pm
>>guest: well, i go do work on sunday night and i live 60 miles away from the plants so i don't drive back-and-forth each day. i arrived last night and sitting at my deck at 5:30 this morning, i'm here right now at 8:00 at night i will be there, and i am almost embarrassed to admit this i actually sleep in the laboratory. in the plant. >>stuart: do you propose to answer and respond yourself to the president's tweet? >>guest: i don't have a twitter account. i don't know anybody in my position that spends their time looking at that stuff. court court -- >>stuart: how did you feel when the president made that remark? >>guest: i used to get angry but now i am disgusted. it is obvious he has an obvious disdain for small business and
1:38 pm
what small business people stand for which is limited constitutional government, free markets, rule of law, private property rights. that's anathema to him. >> we hear the economy is slowing down and small business is in the hiring new people because they do not see a rosy future. can you assess the state of your small business and others like your small business in wisconsin >>guest: this whole thing about not hiring, we only hire people when we have orders for our products. we don't go out and hire people and hope we have orders. there is a general decline in our business. in fact, today, we received an mail from a customer in germany canceling a big order saying we want to cancel it. and we said we already made the product, by we are seeing that more and more so the economy is definitely starting to slip.
1:39 pm
we see a lot of businesses in different industry sectors and without question we are going the wrong direction. >> thank you, president of mcm product in green bay, wisconsin. thank you for joining us. >> nasa cheering as the new mars rover, curiosity town down. why is the president's reaction touching a nerve right now? s from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred.
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>> deep budget cuts but nasa pulling off the $2.5 million feat, the mars rover, to the cheers of nasa workers. now, president obama who cut nasa's funding is using the milestone to push for more government spending. and now, my guest from pasadena,
1:43 pm
california. >>guest: we have numbers about what you are talking about, we have new pictures that came in, the first pictures that are low resolution, black and white photographs showing the landing area where it ca down on mars in the crater next to a mountain , and so far, so good. no glitches. no hiccups. nothing. they are very excited. we talk to scientists and they want to see what they can do so they cannot wait to get going. >> it is representative of a new home, representative of a new mars we have never seen before. so, each of the pictures is the most beautiful picture i have ever seen. >>reporter: we heard from the white house, coming out with a statement saying tonight's success reminds us of our preeminence on earth continues to invest wisely in innovation, technology, and basic research that always has made our economy the envy of the world. that is from the white house
1:44 pm
after the rover sat down. but it comes when nasa really needed this success, not only for scientific discovery but for money. there are requests according to the obama budget to cut the science funding from $1.5 billion to $1.2 billion in to 13 and further reductions that could bring it down more with two mars projects nasa planned with the european unit, the e.u. that is canceled if the budgetary plans go through so nasa as you might imagine last night was happy about the scientific advancement, but, also, the fact they have a success to go back to washington and say, maybe you issue not cut as much as you want to. >> did you talk to anyone who recognizes the president is in the process of cutting the nasa budget and now calling for more of this kind of spending? >>guest: well, we do not have the reaction to the presidential statement. people will step back from that because they want to talk about
1:45 pm
the success on the rover. but they did talk about before the landing, about the fact they were cognizant of cuts coming their way. they knew what it would do to the program. they knew the pressure was on to land this and land it successfully. that is the best evidence they can have to go back and say we have two more mars mission plans with the european union. do you really want to cut that? now this has been acting perfectly that bolsters their case. >>stuart: thank you. the president and mitt romney are looking if a little help from their friends. why is one getting ripped and the other just rakes in the money?
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
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1:49 pm
>>stuart: with three months to go, governor romney is flexing his money muscle. he outraising president obama $100 million to $75 million in july. but, in an hour from now, the president is hoping to narrow that margin with another special. and now where the money race goes from here. why is the president so gung ho on raising money now? and, actually, booking even more fundraisers after labor day? >>guest: well, it is because he needs the must the money. the cam hane had a high burn rate so he needs the money he will keep going back to the sours that have been lucrative in the past. you mentioned a fundraiser who has helped and he scheduled stops in new york. this is fertile fundraising ground. >>imus: romney has timing rules on when he can spend his money. he cannot spend all of it now so
1:50 pm
he has a big war chest. the president is not subject to the same rules and can spend now and has spent a lot, thereafter, he could be short right before the election with mitt romney cash rich right before the election. is that how it sounds? >>guest: well, it could happen that way. the president has put a great deal of investment in the campaign infrastructure and, remember, he started raising money a lot earlier than romney because he was president, obviouslies but i caution that this race, the money race, between the two campaigns is not just a two man race. we are dealing in the wild west of campaign finance with super pac's, and corporations who can donate, now. there are a lot of sources for money that is very different from any other race we have. so even not campaign runs out of money or at least is running low on fumes, there are other sources they can bring in, rather, uncoordinated, can help with the campaign in the last couple of months.
1:51 pm
>> has any other president campaigning for a second term ever engaged if so many fundraisers at this point best election? >>guest: i don't have the exact figures on that but the president is fundraising a lot and we know this will be one of the most expensive presidential campaigns, if not the most expensive presidential campaign in u.s. political history. >> it takes time to go out and raise money. you have to get to the location, you have to meet-and-greet and stand for photographs and make a speech and then go back to the white house. if the president has done 200, 198 so far in the campaign, he will do a lot more, a lot of presidential time is being taken up raising money, surely? >>guest: well, a lot of presidential time is being taken up raising money but that has happened in other administrations before. people go on the road and they fund raise, obviously, while they are in obvious. it is a greater advantage to
1:52 pm
romney he is raising more money now, because it means he can go out on the campaign trail a lot more. remember, the president has the power of incumbency, he can go on official trips to, oh, battleground states like ohio and colorado. romney is still out there in introducing himself, although it is fairly late in the campaign. he is still meeting a lot of voters and talking to a last independent voters. it is to his advantage that he is raise more money. >>stuart: than you for joining us from rollcall. the president, tonight, sitting down with films finest in an attempt to drum up more immediate money but the media is eating it up. did romney get the same treatment whenhe held a fundraiser in the posh hamptons. before we go on, monica, we showed a couple of headlines about obama's fundraising from hollywood and they were bland,
1:53 pm
neutral. when we look at the media's coverage of mr. romney at hamptons, business week said romney stinks at being rich, and a "new york times" saying "romney mines the hamptons for campaign cash." that is kind of a double standard. >>guest: the hypocrisy and double standards are outrageous. they have always been. the stale has been set, certainly throughout obama's administration, but, also, certainly since the advent of occupy wall street. the table has been set for class warfare. the head minutes are part of the class warfare idea, that romney is big & rich and wealthy in the hamptons with the elite and 1 percent, and, here is president obama, with george clooney and spielberg. >> class warfare. may i point out, anna wintour.
1:54 pm
and we're talking elitism. can we hear this a second? well, here we go. i am so lucky in my work i can meet the most incredible women in the world like sarah jessica parker and michelle obama. i was born and raised in england and so was shes i believe, and talk about class elitism, there you have it. >>guest: absolutely. look, the idea that president obama is trying to run as a man of the people, and romney is the out of touch rich guy, when he is bringing out these people including clooney and spielbergs they are not relatable to the average american. >> is it a success for the president to be seen with her and get away with it? >>guest: he gets away with it. that is the point. as you pointed out the elite left wing media does not call him to account. they do indulge in the hypocrisy and the double standard. that is why it is up to us to
1:55 pm
point it out. >>imus: but does she bring if votes? >>guest: possibly some american ex pat votes people living in the u.k. but beyond that, no. look, every presidential candidate needs to raise a heck of a lot of money now more than ever. so, obama should not be a hypocrite. the media should cover this fairly. both sides need to raise a lot of money. president obama's main a.t.m. is hollywood. it is the hollywood left. so he is using that and going out there and squeezing them physical he can't get another dollar. governor romney is going to wall street and a last wall street folks are disillusioned with president obama the -- so go where the money is. but be fair about the treatment from rebound and mitt romney. >> the guy behind this video
1:56 pm
berating a young chick-fil-a worker is issuing a tear will apology. is she accepting it? why you will only find out here. . [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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remember the chick-fil-a drive-through worker rachel? the one berateed by a guy who filmed the tirade? he is government a tierful apology. >> rachel, i'm sorry for treating you poorly. not because i fear losing my job or that i actually lost my job i'm sorry for treating you so inhumanely. >> ah, but is it too little too late? find out tomorrow. rachel is here in her first national interview. first, tonight on fox business, former reagan advisor art laffer crunching numbers on stimulus here and everywhere. now he knows if it works or not. you will, too. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and you can catch me tomorrow morning 9:20 eastern sharp,


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