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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, doubt be captious. do not be captious. thanks for watching. please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, team obama is defendingly the indefensible and earning the well-deserving reputation of the dirtiest campaign in modern history. as we told you yesterday, the controversial, pro-obama super pac, known as priorities usa action put out this disgusting ad, blaming governor mitt romney for the death of a steel worker's life. we pointed out that the steel worker, joe soptic participated in a conference call in may,
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hosted by the obama deputy campaign manager, stephanie cutter, where he explained in great detail his wife's death. we pointed out the blatant lie and no one -- not the president and president civility, not what's white house or his campaign official, no one has the moral courage to stand up and condemn the ad. the president's confidante's are saying they were not familiar with the story. but we discovered, that's a blatant lie. and last night, the priorities usa co-founder, who used to work for the obama white house, stood by the disgusting piece. >> you are responsible for this ad, is that right? >> that's right. >> you stand by it? >> absolutely. >> you make a serious allegation, in effect, suggesting that the republican presidential nominee, in effect, is responsible for the death of this woman -- [overlapping dialogue] >> and clearly, he's not responsible. >> absolutely not. >> you are absolutely right. he's not. that's not what the ad suggests.
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>> sean: what are you suggesting in the ad in the final act of the circus is courtesy of this piece of irony. here's the audacity, the president attacking super pacs. >> over the next 3 months, 89 days, to be precise...: the other side will be spending more money than we have ever seen. you have these guys writing $10 million checks. you have these super pacs that are just...: going crazy. >> sean: pretty unbelievable. the bottom line is, these dirty campaign tactics are beneath the dignity of the oval office. mr. president, if you are really a man of your word, you will come out and denounce this ad. joining my with reaction, the former governor of aliveg a. sarah palin. welcome back. >> thank you, so much. >> sean: let's get your general impression. he's attacked -- it started with
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dirty air, water, they don't care about kids with autism or grandma. now mitt romney's a felon, a tax cheat, he hates women, hates dogs and now i guess, is a morer. >> well, it's only just begun. you know, we have the next few months, where we will have to suffer through the constant lies of the obama administration and the obama campaign. what is a shameful in all of this, sean, a cornerstone of our democracy, of our republic that involves fair elections is the atrophy of fairness in the media. the media doesn't -- 90% are not calling obama out, nor his campaign for the lie, including the lie in the latest ad that you just referenced. >> sean: peter johnson jr. was on fox & friends and he rightly pointed out here, we have campaign election laws. there cannot be any collaboration any of kind here. let me show -- the campaign
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repeatedly said, we have nothing to do with this. we don't even know this guy's story. but if you look at az in may, run by the obama campaign. we will run them side by side. there have you the same guy. this is back in may. priorities usa on the left, obama for america. he's even wearing the same shirt there. what do you think should happen? should there be an investigation? >> what i think should happen is, some of these reporters who know the truth about this situation because they were in the room, in the press conference or teleconference room listening to this back in -- i think he said it was back in may. now they are watching this ad out from the super pac. they know what happened. i don't know hew they -- how they can sleep at night. they are prostituting themselves for a job, for interviews, for access to the obama administration and the campaign. and they're letting this go on,
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though it is illegal. it violates the pac laws. what i would like to see happen is for just one reporter in the mainstream media who knows the truth about this to stand up and -- give it a worthy and ethical thing and let americans know that there was collaboration and also that this is a far-fetched, despicable ad that misrepresents governor romney's position. >> sean: that would be a violation of law, governor. and here's my question. if you remember after the tucson shootings, you were in the middle of a controversy because targeted districts -- which was created by our own bob beckel, way back in the day and democrats have used it for years. but the president gives a big speech on civility. we should speak in a way they they would be proud of. you have been called all sorts of names. you have been attacked, your family's been attacked, michele bachmann has been attacked. bill maher donated to this
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campaign. we know what he said about you. what is your -- what would you like to say to the president who lectures on civility, who is silent, time after time about maher, about harry reid and about this ad itself? >> i hope his daughters never have to go through what he allows and even i believe helps perpetuate what other women go through. he, the president, as the leader of these attackers and these attackers tried to invalidate and discredit somebody's record and reputation and hathey stand for by diminishing them, via these horrible attacks. i hope that his family members don't have to go through that. you don't wish that on your worst inform but at this point, president obama has proven himself to be one that is all talk. he is no -- he is no person that actually walks the walk. he talks the talk about civility and about fairness. and yet, he is a leader of those
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unfair and disgusting attacks on people who he happens to politically disagree with. i think it's disgusting. at this point,un, with all due respect to the office of the presidency, when i hear barack obama speak, at this point, especially when he lectures about ethics and civility, it is nauseating to me. >> sean: i would like to know, did he approve of this? what did he know about the ads? when did he know it? dwr won't he condemn it? let me go back to the question of stef new cutter. yesterday, she was on another cable network, saying she didn't know anything about the details of of the joe soptic story. i will take tudown a trip down memory lane. >> we don't have anything to do with priorities usa. by law, we're not allowed to coordinate with them. by law, we don't have anything to do with their ads. i don't know the facts of when
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joe soptic's wife got sick or died. but i don what mitt romney did with u.s. steel and how joe soptic lost his job and lost his health care. >> sean: conference call. may. joe soptic and listen to the end where he said, i will turn it back to stephanie. and stephanie says, thank you, joe. we really appreciate you and david sharing your story. >> a little while later, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. i had to put her in a county hospital because she didn't have health care. when the cancer took her away, all i got was an enormous bill. when you look at what mitt romney did in places like u.s. steel, you can tell he's only worried about one group of people, the people like him, the people at the top. you can't expect much more from someone who says he likes to fire people, with no concern about what their family really means. now i will turn the call back over to stephanie.
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>> thank you, joe. we really appreciate you and david sharing your experiences. >> sean: i guess the question we have here is... he's the same person that suggested that mitt romney may be a felloon should president civility fire her? >> yeah. he should fire her and others like jay carny and robert gibbs, other who is represent this agenda of deception. it is not just these campaign deceptive ads, it is every day, barack obama trying to convince the american public we are on the right track, yet the jobless numbers prove him wrong. the mortgages, 30% of them being under water. those numbers prove him wrong. one thing after another, when it comes to data and facts and numbers about our economy prove barack obama wrong, but he continues to try to deceive the
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public. shouldt shouldn't surprise us that he surrounds himself with other who is should try to deceive and pull the wool over the american voters' eyes in his campaign. it is more of the same. >> all right. we'll take a break and we will have more after the break. and tonight, rudy guiliani will join us. coming up later, tune in tomorrow night, special edition, live audience edition of "hannity" as we sit down with senator lieberman and his distinguished career. what happened to the thing that was known as a conservative democrat? do they exist? who is he supporting in 2012? tomorrow night, special edition, tomorrow night, special edition, "hannity."rn with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people
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>> sean: we continue now with governor sarah palin. governor, last time you were on the program, i asked you, you know, who would you put on your short list, if you were picking the vice-president? you mentioned colonel allen west. congressman west from florida. there is an ad out there,ac tacking him, shows him punching an old woman, a young woman and even attacking a child. watch this. >> allen west fancies himself a fighter. maybe so. west has fought seniored, voting to end medicare as we know it. he hit women with huge cuts in women's health care funding and
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mobbed middle class families and would have cut taxes on the rich and elimma nailingrinating our tax breaks for college tuition and mortgages. it's time foritous fight back and knock him out of congress, once and for all. >> sean: there it is, allen west, punching granny, punching a woman, punching a family -- children included. what is your reaction? what should be the response to that? >> the left is absolutely terrified of allen west and what he represents here. a war hero who honorably served our country, continuing today in his official capacity as a representative. trying to get this country back on the right track, doing the right thing. and the democrats, they just don't know what to do with this man. so they ruthlessly attack him. they will stop at nothing to try to get someone whom they disagree with, trying to humiliate them in lies, like they for doing with allen west. he needs to keep it up and the
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rest of america, we got his back. >> sean: you know, one of the things we talk a lot about, when i guess i first met you four years ago, governor. out on the campaign trail. i had an opportunity to get to know you and travel with you when you were running for v.p., we expect any day we are on complete 24-hour v.p. watch now. whoever gets chosen, what advice would you give them? >> i would advise them to stay true to what their principles are and remember why it was that they were chosen in the first place. hopefully, it's because they are principled and ethical and have common-sense conservative principles they will stand on and have been reflected in a record of achievement in their past and not to let a campaign mold and meld them into something pliable, trying to make them into something that they are not. they need to stand strong and
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stand bold. but we need remember, too, sean, that the american public does not vote for the vice-president. they vote for the top of the ticket. and whomever it is that mitt romney will choose certainly will be a help mate, but won't be the be-all, end-all ticket winner or loser. >> sean: allen west's name is not really mentioned. we have no indication -- >> it should be. >> sean: i know. i know you are a fan. you have been saying that the last couple of interviews. the names we hear most often -- rubio, ryan, pawlenty, portman, mcdonald and petraeus. what dodge? >> i think, as i have been saying for four years now. the next go-around, anybody but obama and help to the g.o.p. nominee will have my 100% full support, as will our nominee, coming out of the convention in
6:18 pm
florida. we have to replace barack obama and the socialist policies. america, for our solvency, for our sovereignty, we cannot afford four more years what have barack obama is doing, fundamentally transforming us into something we won't recognize four years from now. >> sean: all right, governor. great toee you, as always. we really appreciate you being with us. >> thank you so much. >> sean: the new jobless claim numbers are out. they are dismal. former new york city mayor, rudy guiliani will react to that. still to come, governor romney says he has not decided on a runningmate, but the wall street journal editorial board has endorsed somebody. congressman paul ryan. we will show you now rnc ad. what's next. that's in response to the priorities usa ad, all coming up, this edition of "hannity." [ female announcer ] foamtastic news!
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>> sean: now, earlier today, the labor department released its weekly jobless report. the number of jobless dropped to 361,000 in july, while any drop in jobless claims are welcome, but the unemployment rate is hovering at 8.3%, gas prices are
6:23 pm
continuing to climb. consumer confidence is at a two-month low. and the president's promise, tax hike on america's job creators is just around the corner. joining me with the analysis. romney supporter, rudy guiliani. hopefully, defense secretary. >> maybe the department of offense. inside joke. all right. well, look, 6,000 -- okay, i'll take t. but we have a net loss of hundreds of this happeneds of jobs. >> it's pathetic. at this stage, what is supposed to be a recovery from a severe recession, that's a pathetic decline in jobs. the president promised if unemployment stayed above 8%, he wasn't going to run. it was a one-term proposition. >> sean: hopefully, we will keep him to his word. do you have any preference on v.p.? >> i do. i like all thehoices. i think all of them fit criteria number 1, they can be president, governor pawlenty, senator
6:24 pm
portman... paul ryan, excellent. my instinct tells me marco rubio. >> sean: that it will be? >> no, no. that it should be. i like the fact, obviously, that he can give us maybe somewhat more of an outreach to the hispanic vote. i also like that he can give more outreach to young people. look at the polls. if this election were older, romney would win by 10%. >> sean: is my impression of governor romney that he will play it safe? >> i don't know. we don't know. >> sean: we will have to see. >> i think the up side with marco is a stronger than anybody else. he has a very, very strong impact with conservative republicans. without turning people off. without making moderate republicans or center right people who may be are independent, uncomfortable.
6:25 pm
i think he has a real ability to talk to them. i think he would be fabulous at deitates and in interviews. think they all would be. but i think that marco has that extra, maybe can push it over the top. compelling life story. very much would like it see chris christie. but i am not sure that's realistic. >> sean: i think that is the rudy style of fighting the media, which would be helpful. i spent a lot of time -- there is a method to my madness, i would always point out the fact that the president himself say, they are plugging us for dirty air and dirty water, the republicans don't care about kids or autism or the elderly. now we have the attack on romney, doesn't like women, dog, hasn't paid taxes in 10 years and now he's a murderer. here's the rnc response to that. i want to get strategy from you next? >> this woman died in 2006, this
6:26 pm
ad basically accuses mitt romney of practically killing her. is that the kind of rhetoric you want to hear in a campaign like this? especially from the side of the president of the united states? especially a president who ran four years ago on raising the level of rhetoric? >> well, you do know that we don't have anything to do with priorities usa, that by law, we are not allowed to coordinate with them. and by law, we don't have anything to do with their ads. i don't know the facts of when joe soptic's wife got sick or when she died. i don't know the facts of when joe soptic's wife got sick or when she died. >> i will turn the call back over to stephanie. >> thank you, joe. we appreciate you and david telling your experiences. >> if they didn't know, they didn't move know. so let's just move on. she said she didn't know, right? so they don't know. >> no, they know. >> what's this all about? >> no, they know. here's the problem. >> they said that they didn't
6:27 pm
know, just yesterday. >> sean: stephanie, busted, caught in a lie. you know what amazes me. the minute the subject came up, which is an accusation that a presidential candidate is public for a death of someone, she was laughing. she was laughing. i prosecuted a lot of people. i saw somebody laugh at an allegation like that, i would say, this woman has a lot to sigh hide. >> sean: that's pretty entering. laughing at an allegation? i said this in the beginning -- have they no shame? this is beneath the dignity. what did the president know about in? when did he know it? and why won't he condemn it? >> she straight-out lied that she didn't have knowledge of. it she got a complete briefing on the conversation that is tape recorded. >> sean: where is the president, the guy --
6:28 pm
>> the federal election commission. >> sean: that's a good -- >> that will happen. i mean, and -- and -- and obama today is giving a big speech to decry pacs and the tential things pacs do. >> sean: look at coordination. >> clear coordination with a charge that is scurrilous and baseless, a charge that is like harry reid -- hasn't paid taxes. he has no idea if that's true and just throw its out there. i don't think these people have respect for themselves. >> sean: you are a fierce campaigner. you know -- no-nonsense. you didn't take any garbage from the new york media. how would you advise the romney campaign -- >> have you to go after them as liars. >> sean: say the word? >> she's a liar. what she said, the president's lying? >> i would not say -- we can't prove the president is lying. i think it's a very serious
6:29 pm
charge to say the president is lying? he did say the republicans wanted dirty air and dirty water. >> to say that the president is surrounded by liar is a pretty accurate charge. who wants to be surrounded by liars. what is obama going to do about her? >> sean: nothing. >> he is going to keep the liar on the campaign? >> sean: obviously. >> that says something about his own integrity. i would ask for her to be dismissed. >> sean: she should be. what do you think -- defense secretary or homeland security? >> i think a very happy citizen if we have this come out right. >> sean: are you confident? >> i have nightmares about what could possibly happen if it doesn't go the right way. i am confident. i spent a couple of days in michigan on behalf of governor romney. i s in virginia, four days in south florida, all in the last 15, 20 days. i like what i see.
6:30 pm
i think that the governor is ahead by a fwy more points than the polls are showing. i think that president obama is not going to climb much more than where he is right now. i think the undecided break to governor romney. >> sean: or stay home. >> or stay home. if somebody was going to vote for president obama, they know it now. he's been around a long time. if they accept his story, they accept it -- ink we can -- nothing we can do about it. the undecided are undecided because of obama. and that's the vote that we have to -- we have to appeal tomp i would like to see us spend 100% of the time on the economy because it's a disaster, what he has done to this economy. it is not getting any better in the next two months. he laid out the groundwork, unemployment's over 8%, i shouldn't be re-elected. he set the standard.
6:31 pm
>> sean: good to say you. thank you for coming. coming up, "the wall street journal" editorial board is making its pick for romney's runningmate. it's paul ryan. why they think he could be the ticket to win. kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling are coming up next right here on "hannity." tte on my driver's seat. this is my car. who are you? i'm the second owner. the what? i will own this car after you. look, i'm not telling you how to drive our car. our ca if you're gonna have a latte in the car, keep a lid on it. it's a cappuccino. still needs a lid. [ male announcer ] the highest-quality cars plus an exceptional certified pre-owned program. good news for the second owner. take care of my car! [ male announcer ] experience the summer of audi event with 1.9% apr for 60 months and a complimentary first month's payment on certified pre-owned audi models.
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>> sean: mitt romney's 2012 v.p. announcement is due out any day. "the wall street journal" endorsed paul ryan. the editorial team points out several huge factors, weighing in ryan's favor. he is a generational choice, meaning he is willing to tackle the entitlements and he represents the g.o.p.'s new generation of reformers, including governors such as louisiana bobby ginneddal and new jersey's chris christie and they compare him to ronald
6:36 pm
reagan. joining me more with the possibility, the co-host of "the five," eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. great to see you. what do you think. e >> in i -- you know, i like him a lot. i met him here. he's a thoughtful person. he has a lot of ideas. he is solution oriented. he doesn't just see a problem special throw rhetoric at it. he has specifics, which i like. he wants to focus on limited government. he wants to cut back on the entitlements and spending and get our fiscal house in order. that's something we need. but will have -- will it be the right choice? >> i like him. i like him a lot. governor romney has to light a fire. i mean, the portman pick or the pawlenty pick -- everyone wants to say it's a safe pick, but at this point, i think he has to take a chance and roll the dice a little -- >> i think have you to go paul
6:37 pm
ryan, chris christie, rubio's the best choice. there are a couple of demographics, you have to win florida if you are on the right. number 2, have you to do better in the hispanic vote, if you are polling at 26, 27%. >> sean: he has to win ohio. he has to pull back iniana, north carolina, virginia would be nice. there is a lot of -- >> you can't do them all. but with rubio, you get florida and the hispanic vote. i think florida's 26 or 27. whatever it is, ohio... much fewer. >> sean: whoever gets chosen will be attack. we agree on that, right? >> sure. who's clean? i mean, that's the point. there is nothing real, they will just call him a murderer and a tax cheat who hates dogs and women. there will be some attack. let's roll the ryan, granny --
6:38 pm
this is one of my all-time favorites. if they say this now, what will they be saying in october? roll this >> sean: why don't we show the rest isn't next will be three pops to the back of the head, slice her throat, stab her 17 times. >> but the point is, that's off limits. we have seen this now with the granny ad and what they have done against romney -- i moon, the poor man, he sounds like the
6:39 pm
worst person in the world, if you look at the lies. they don't care! >> you know what is more important? mitt romney needs to fire andrea solwho has done nothing positive for his campaign. he should go to scott walker and say, whoever your campaign manager is, i want to hire him tomorrow, tomorrow. and say to chris christie, we will bring in your people, they need to fire up the campaign. they are going, look, i hope he loses. they don't want to win, they are saying, i hope obama loses? if they don't play to win -- >> does it seem like they are playing to win? i don't think they handled the latest incident well. i think it was a huge advantage given to them. with that said, the fagr fact that president obama won't condemn this -- what did he know? >> he won't admit to coliewrkz but it's embarrassment. the tentacles of everywhere. >> that's why i say, get ride
6:40 pm
rid -- get rid of these people, they would circle the dotings and show that obama has had three advisers in the white house go out and raise money for priorities. in the white house, during the campaign. so, coordination? absolute coordination. >> sean: we proved it last night. >> no doubt. but where's romney. saying here it is. saying, look at this! here's the david axelrod and -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: do you understand their strategy? they are going to throw one outrageous are bomb, lie, make it as ugly as they can. it service two purposes. it keeps romney -- defense and distracts the country from obama's failed record. the question i am asking everybody, what is the best strategy to counter that? >> he's got to get on the offensive. he has to tell his story and say why he's the best choice. talk about his background. talk about what he is capable of
6:41 pm
doing. obama's record is abysmal. he cannot run on it. >> sean: you bring the white board? >> we come almost every thursday. >> sean: karl rove is jealous and yours is bigger. >> and the numbers are getting bigger. initial jobless claims, 361,000, that means the economy's not creating jobs. those are first-time people walking in unemployment office, continuing claim, 3.1 million people every week, getting help. but he's had 202 fund-raisers, that number's bigert and golf game's 104. drop the fund-raisers and get off the golf course and get back to the oval office and work on the job. >> he's a socialite who loves to golf. really? >> sean: this is what it comes down to. these are distractions and it's the dirtiest campaign in history, modern political history.
6:42 pm
i don't think in the end he can overcome that, $5 trillion in debt and hundreds of thens few are americans working. >> the numbers are not in his favor at all. but rom no's got to capitalize and he has the cash to do it. act like you want to win-- they have hired some people i know recently that are real pros. but i won't go into details. >> get going. >> we have two weeks until the convention, 12 weeks until the election. no time like the present. >> we will be there, too, by the way. >> sean: all right. party at kimberly's restaurant. >> yeah, exactly. >> sean: coming up, outrage over a massachusetts taxpayer-funded get-out-the-vote effort. the issue, involved the daughter of elizabeth warren, the democratic senate candidate. joe trippi will here to break down the conflict of interest and much more, straight ahead.
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>> the law should be enforced. nobody likes to see it happen. but this is about a law that has been in place for 20 years. and this organization was working on enforcement of this law before amelia ever joined it. >> sean: that was massachusetts senate candidate, elizabeth warren, concerning her daughter's involvement in a state taxpayer-funded effort to get welfare recipients out to vote. and according to the boston herald, it cost the taxpayers, $275,000 and it's just an attempt to boost warren's chances in the dead heat senate race there. joining us now with the reaction, joe trippi. from the washington times, carrie picket.
6:48 pm
more people on welfare, more people get promised, you know, welfare. work requirements reduced by the president. an attempt to buy votes? >> well, as far as kisee, because we have taxpayer-funded programs, now they are targeted it towards welfare recipients. it looks pretty shady, especially since this program is connected to a.c.o.r.n. so we have to look into why the program is -- is essentially getting this funding at this point. >> the law was put into place at the federal level with newt gingrich supporting it in the 1990s. there was a settlement-- the president has backed off the work requirement. just a fact -- >> that has nothing to do with why -- [overlapping dialogue] -- you talk about the law -- >> has to by law, do this. there was -- and it was a settlement because they had
6:49 pm
failed to do it at the state level through a number of years. there was a settlement-- taxpayer-funded effort to get welfare recipients, the beneficiaries -- and i supported safety net. how about we get taxpayers -- why don't we pay to get taxpayers out to vote -- >> the bush administration filed the same thing to make this happen. >> sean: why are we spending money -- >> we are not. no. the protection is -- at the motor vehicles or when you go to get contact with the government, the' -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: people who don't pay taxes -- [overlapping dialogue] >> why the republicans -- >> sean: they don't encourage me to vote. >> because you are registered! >> sean: let people register on their own! >> filling out a driver's
6:50 pm
license application, do you want to register to vote? it's like what they should be doing. >> think about this. this program is headed up by elizabeth warren's daughter. it is taxpayer funded. >> this happened prior to her daughter getting there. >> sean: but she has the job. >> her mother is running for senate. so by using taxpayer-funded program, she essentially is being helped by her daughter to get the democratic vote out. >> sean: this campaign of elizabeth warren's you have to admit is a disaster. in the state of massachusetts! joe?! she should be up by 25 points. >> the guy got elect in the state of massachusetts. >> sean: this is the 41st vote against health care, until they used the reconciliation process to bypass the normal rules.
6:51 pm
1/32 cher ceerks or claim at harvard that she is a minority woman. then have you her saying what obama said, that the wealthy didn't get it on their own. >> i think, look, on the issues of fighting wall street, taking on the banks and standing up for working folks, she's been leading the charge for a long time-- have you a hard time saying that with a straight face. >> she has -- look, scott brown -- [overlapping dialogue] >> for him to be out there, saying that registering voters, that there is some kind of conspiracy against him -- bush was the one who made this-- let's go find conservative voters and register them. >> with taxpayer dollars. >> sean: with taxpayer money. >> i would be for that. >> sean: you would be for that? >> yeah. sure. i think everybody should be registered. why are we going out of our way to make it tougher. >> sean: why not find people who work and registering them.
6:52 pm
>> sean. >> that's a romney -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i know what is working? we are talking about everything but the economy. we are. again, we are doing it again right now. >> this program-- have the gotta go. >> this program goes around states to make sure that every single welfare office has voter registration. >> this is another -- this is another stunt to get us off message. >> sean: good to see you bog, prec it. when we come back, look at these two. attention all of you undecided voters. these two author its go head to head and try to convince you why president obama should or should not be re-elected, coming up next. to experience the lexus performance line...
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>> sean: so it's a very simple question. should president obama be re-electd? we have the authors two of very different books who will clash over the answers. i myself, already know the answer. author of 52 reasons to vote for obama, and the author of 52 reasons not to vote for obama.
6:57 pm
why should we vote for obama? >> there is a number of reasons. top five. number 1, he has consistently delivered for the middle class. 95 poors-- come on. >> $1 trillion in tax, george bush cut less than half of that. 160 million working families got a tax cut-- you are making this up. fewer americans working than when he took off. >> thank you for giving me the time. 4 1/2 million-- stop! a net loss! [overlapping dialogue] fewer americans working. >> george w. bush lost 4.4 million jobs in his last year alone. >> sean: he's out of office. get over it. >> we are continuing to dig out of the hole. >> sean: he has fewer americans working. top five reasons to not hold him. >> he's a hypocrite. he said he was going to do a., he did b. he railed against increasing the
6:58 pm
debt ceiling and said it was a failure of leadership with bush. how many times has he done it-- cut the deficit in half. >> hillary's health care and mine, we have a mandate. he railed on bush for picking up $5 trillion over 8 years. it doesn't matter what party you are in. hypocrisy transcends party-- hang on. let's focus on his point. he said he cut the deficit in half in his first term, said he would create jobs, hundreds of thousands fewer americans working. how does he -- those are fact it's. >> i know. i know. >> sean: how does he overcome that? >> the fact, independent pulitzer prize winner has had 500 campaign promises that president obama made on the stump. 74%, he has delivered on. >> sean: -- i am asking you big issues. he said he would cut the deficit
6:59 pm
in half. he said, he would create jobs. >> he has created-- excuse me -- fewer americans working -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: excuse me. how does he overcome facts. >> by getting the real facts out. 800,000 plus manufacturing jobs in the first quarter alone, the most manufacture jobs -- >> let me speak to something. i am astounded the democratic establishment is saying that when you make a guarantee to the american people, 74% of the time and you should be re-elected, that's a "c" and we should never elect him. it's astounding to me-- 70 -- [overlapping dialogue] >> all right. >> sean: the only problem. you are being dishonest. $6 trillion in debt.


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