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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 23, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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beer summit. thanks for watching us. i'm laura ingram in for bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here because we're alwag captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: tonight one of america's most respected religion leaders said enough is enough and is now distancing himself from what has become the most deceptive presidential campaign in political history. rick warren is canceling his presidential forum that he hoped would feature barack obama and mitt romney. he cited the incivility of the election season as the reason for the cancellation. i havnow, sadly pastor warren s
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right because today there are new examples of just how low the left will sink in order to win in november. california, yesterday, senator barbara boxily said both mitt romney and paul ryan are poised to become the quote top generals in a war on women. she went on to say "i'm not kidding. maybe they don't like their moms or first wives, i don't know what it is. "and then there is the left wing columnist maureen dowd who colded anybody for daring to call paul ryan hip or part of a new generation because according to dowd he is just a fresh face on a taliban creed. unfortunately for the president and his friends the hateful rhetoric is not resonating with voters and this ad is proof. watch this and i will tell you why. watch this. >> what does it say about a president's character when his campaign tries to use the tragedy of a woman's death for political gain? what does it say about a
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president's character when had his campaign raise money for the ad and then stood by as his top aides were caught lying about it? doesn't america deserve better than a president who will say or do anything to stay in power? >> sean: now, according to a vanderbilt university ad study the video you just saw is responsible for swaying independent voters by 6 percentage points towards mitt romney. joining me in the studio is fox news political analyst juan williams. tomorrow night w will show a documentary. i watched this whole documentary. put out steve bannon and other good friends of mine and shows all of the highlights are barack obama in 2008. shows the massive crowds, the soaring rhetoric. that has now become sleeze, it has become anger, deception and frankly outright lies. here is the question i have for you. you and i are friends, by the way, this isn't personal. i watched you cry on election
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night. i watched you be moved by the election of this man. >> absolutely. >> sean: i don't understand, juan, you are are a friend of mine. how can you watch this and not speak out and say what has happened to this man of hope and change? >> well, wait a second. you mean you would expect me to say he he is not supposed to punch back when people use him as a punching bag? when people attack him? >> sean: mitt romney has he called him a murderer or a felon? >> president obama didn't call him a murderer. >> sean: his campaign did. >> what they said was he was in charge of bain. bain closed that company. >> sean: he was out of bain by the time. he was out of bain. >> he was still signing on the bottom line as the leader of bain to -- >> sean: are you going to defend this ad? >> i think the ad is scurilous. the ad is wrong when it suggests that president obama raised money for that ad. that is not true. you know it is not true. >> sean: obama's campaign ran it in may.
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stephanie cutter is on a conference call with this guy on the call. >> and the guy told his story. >> sean: and she denied knowing anything about it. >> he told his story and what we see in the ad is something put together by a pac. is not the president and the president's campaign and you know that. >> sean: he didn't say a word when hair arer harry reid went. he doesn't speak out when joe biden plays the race card. one of his true team members in virginia plays the race card. he is silent. >> he is supposed to speak out against his own force. >> sean: he does against republicans. >> but is not supposed to punch back when republicans say things -- >> sean: what has the romney campaign -- >> you are a food stamp president. it is offensive and has racial connotations. >> sean: it is true. >> it is not true.
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>> sean: 15 million more american hes. >> we are in the middle of a recession caused by a republican administration. this president is trying to rescue america. >> sean: trying to rescue? >> why don't you complain when you see republicans distort this you you built it phrase and make it out like he is talking about you didn't build small businesses. he is talking about roads. >> sean: you are too intelligent. he said he cut the deficit in half. he had the congress and nancy pelosi and harry reid and got everything he wants passed. $5 trillion in debt. hundreds of thousands fewer americans working -- >> he got no support from any. >> sean: he got everything he wanted passed. >> conservative democrats who said we can't support this. we want less. he has less of what he wanted. he compromised. no compromise came from the right. >> sean: i don't know why i like you. i don't know why i like you. i'm going to show you what a
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hypocrite he is. >> if you don't have fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. >> i don't think mitt romney realize hass he has done to any one and further more, i don't think mitt romney is concerned. >> i don't know the facts of when joe's wife got sick or died but i do know the facts of what mitt romney did with gs steel. >> if you don't have any fresh ideas you use stale tactics to stair voters. ♪ >> their plan which is let's have dirtier air, dirtier water. >> thinly veiled social darwinism. some are middle class families who have children with autism or down's syndrome. >> if you don't have is a record to run on then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. >> i think the agenda of the republican party and mitt romney has clearly been and can
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be interpreted as an attack on the issues that matter to women. >> this is a guy who says corporations are people and straps the family dog to the roof of his car. >> he is speaking to that friend out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. >> so if you don't have any fresh ideas then you use is stale tactics to scare voters. >> they are going to puteal back in chains. >> this is the e. coli. >> this is the people who count on med did i bay if you don't have a record to run on you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. >> i don't need to say a word o, do i. what a hypocrit and phoney. he lectures the country about civility. he has run the sleeziest dirtiest campaign. why are you supporting him? >> i sat here with you in 2004 when kerry was swift vote.
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>> by american heros. guys thae war. >> republicans went after john kerry and made him out to be some kind of man who lied about his -- >> sean: guy that accused him of murder and slaughtering innocent people? he accused them. >> and then i sat here during 2008 when obama was said to be palling around with terrorists by my pal sean hannity. >> did he give speeches with bill ayers? with you give a speech with bill ayers? >> let me ask you you something. has mitt romney released his taxes? oh, no, i see. i see. >> sean: he was palling around with part of a group who was going to bomb the pentagon. >> and the biggest birther out there that says parents shouldn't get their kids vaccinate. >> sean: this is beneath the dignity of the office. the good news is maybe i should just shut up from now on and some people would like that. it is backfiring.
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this president is not the man he was in 2008. he failed on his plan and we will not be distracted with skin any dipping congressman and some obscure congressman in missouri. >> that is the republican nominee for senate in missouri. not some obscure congressman. >> sean: i said he should get out. >> mitt romney said he should get out. lots of people. obviously every republican realizes this reveal's paul ryan's record on abortion. >> sean: you are too smart, juan. i got to run. >> is not supportish of women's rights. >> sean: if you would do the right thing and tell the president to stop this because it all comes from him you would be doing the president and country is service. if people supporters like you don't rein him in and say stop the sleeze it will hurt the country. >> you should say to him unilaterally don't fight back? >> sean: don't accuse him of murder and being a felon and don't say we want dirty air and
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>> sean: we are not even at the conventions yet and the bad news is mounting for the president with polls showing that the race for the white house is in fact tightening according to the brand new fox news poll the romney ryan ticket is leading obama biden among likely voters 55-44.
9:14 pm
no surprise to the president as he continues to orchestrate the sleziest slimiest dirtiest campaign in modern history. here with a preview of the republican national convention, rnc chairman reince priebus. how are you doing, sir? >> doing great. happy to be down here, thank you. >> sean: worried about the weather a little bit? >> we he just met with the national weather service and don't see any scenario that we are not the starting this convention on monday and getting our business done and starting this thing off. a good launch, firing barack obama and saving america and hiring mitt romney that is what we are going to do. >> sean: i refer to the president affectionately as president cry baby because he blames everybody for the failure of his programs which he implemented. he is now claiming republicans you guys are playing a little
9:15 pm
dirty. he said that last night. i bond fer you have reaction to that? >> the fact of the matter is at the end of the day we are going to prosecute barack obama on regard to what he he promised and what he delivered, sean. you're right, he is in love with the reflection in the mirror. he loves giving speeches. the problem is he is not in love with following through with his promises. so four years ago he promised to carpet the world and delivered us a plate of dog food and the people in this country know at the end of the day what matters is we elect people of their word and we want those people to govern like they campaigned. he didn't do it. it is his -- the fault -- the fish rots at the head and so he is the president. we are not better off than we were three or four years ago and we have to do something about it. >> sean: he didn't cut the deficit in half. >> no. >> sean: fewer people working since he has become president. we have $5 trillion in debt and
9:16 pm
15 million more americans on food stamps. running the campaign of sleze slime and then says the republicans are doing it it to him and he becomes the victim. i know that the immediatey in the country they want to talk about skinny dipping republicans and talk about war onn and a phone in car war women and meanwhile, mitt romney comes out with a real energy plan that will lower the price of a gallon of gasoline, lessen our dependence on foreign oil and create jobs. how do you keep from the distractions, from the substance that governor romney and congressman ryan are trying to bring to the campaign? >> two things. number one this is always going to be about what president obama promised and what delivered. i would say coming out of wisconsin you have seen that people in this country that know how to deliver on a promise are rewarded. that is something the president just can't do. he is is not capable apparently of putting his speeches into
9:17 pm
action where he actually can get something done even with the democratic senate and a democratic house that he couldn't get his policies through. i mean the fact of the matter is that all of this noise and you have pointed out a few things, nothing can -- nothing allows the president to escape the truth of where we are at in this economy and that is our trump card. the fact is the economy is not where it should be. he didn't fix it. and i would add on top of your list the fact that the president stole $700 billion out of medicare to pay for european healthcare and this is not -- the key for us is that we have to be smart enough to understand that it is not to fall into their trap. they claim the $700 billion, that is really just money they he took out of savings. it is $415 billion that should have went to providers. 150le with dollars that should have went for medicare advantage for medication for seniors. he stole that money. >> sean: the money is gone.
9:18 pm
>> and we have to be bold enough to say it. >> sean: and he lied to the american people and now is running the sleeziest campaign. speaking of which we have the sleezy stephanie felony cutter is out there actually making a claim that the obama recovery that has fewer americans working than when took office and gave us $5 trillion in debt actually created more jobs than ronald reagan. let me roll the tape. >> what would you say to that same person who said that hasn't worked for four years? it is time for a change? >> well, i think that worker probably has a good understanding of what has happened over the past four years in terms of the president coming in and seeing 800,000 jobs lost on the day that the president was being sworn in and seeing the president moving pretty quickly to stem the losses. to turn the economy around and over the past, you know he, 27 months we have created 4.5 million private sector
9:19 pm
jobs. that is more jobs than in the bush recovery, in the regan recovery. obviously more that we need to do. as i said to micah at the beginning of the program i think that unemployed worker probably sees one person in the race trying to move the country forward and this is the president. >> sean: he has a 60% disapproval rating on the debt, on the economy, on deficit, job creation. 60% disapproval rating. >> someone has to teach them some math. you have to take away the losses from the gains. she is turning into our own baghdad bob. remember him in -- >> sean: i do. >> declaring victory as the entire iraq was going down. you know, the fact is people aren't better off. we know that. they can't spin those numbers. and he hasn't followed through on his promises to create jobs and we are going to do something about it and the way we are going to do it is elect mitt romney. >> sean: any words for joe biden who is going to visit all
9:20 pm
of us in tampa next week? >> to joe biden and his crew we will lay out the welcome mat for you because we will give you all the passes you you need. joe biden is our best surrogate for the republican party around this country. the more he talks the better off we are so welcome joe biden to it tampa. >> sean: remember his cadence unchained as he puts all the emphasis on it. we got to run. thanks, reince. see you next week. >> all right, sean. >> sean: and we continue to vet the media and the president as "hannity" continues tonight. if you don't believe the president has the mainstream media in his pocket we will reveal the unprecedented event that the media refused to cover in our media mass segment. first a a firm with close ties to the president and his top allies has reportedly given access to the white house the corruption is blatant. corruption is blatant. the new york those surprising little things she does still make you te notice.
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>> sean: and tonight more examples of corruption within the obama white house and this particular case is to disgraceful not even the new york times could ignore are this. according to the times white house records indicate that an energy company with close personal ties to barack obama was given unparalleled access
9:25 pm
to it high ranking administration officials. now, executives from exelon were frequent guests at the white house and the company also received hundreds of millions of dollars of stimulus money. jay carney was asked about the finding and in typical fashion brushed off the report. >> the story simply said the big assertion in the story is that people from this company had meetings. and i'm telling you that any entity that asks for a meeting with oira that has an interest in or a stakeholder in any of these standards or rules gets a meeting. i'm not sure what the issue is frankly. >> sean: and joining me to explain exactly what the issue is and how the key obama players about fit into all this mess we have the cohost of the five eric bolling. fox news political analyst
9:26 pm
angela mcglowan. i understand karl rove is jealous you have a bigger whiteboard. >> he said if i keep using the whiteboard i owe him a million dollars trust. he said if you d the board i will lose the tie and i mean business. >> sean: how can i get that deal? >> imi'll still use the board. this is dirty crony politics. president obama exelon. received $646 million. they also got 200 million florida a stimulus grant. they don't have to pay that back. rahm emanuel was an investment banker in an exelon in 2000. david axel rod also an advisor to exelon. and john roberts one of the
9:27 pm
biggest bundlers. 500,000 on one cycle and 600,000 on another cycle. mr. roe the ceo of exelon granted access to it the white house 8 times in the period they are deciding about the loans and bragged about having access to the white house. the white house knows him by his first name. >> sean: so similar to solyndra. big bundlers. taxpayer money wasted. i guess we didn't have the shovel ready jobs and so tens and hundreds of millions of dollars poured down the drain. >> deeper than that when you had state senator obama this company raised money for them and then when ran for the senate they gave him the company gave him $395,000 worth of donations. employees of this company gave that. the department of justice also cleared a merger of a company with this company in maryland. a $7.9 billion merger went straight through you. >> sean: so we have big
9:28 pm
bundlers and donors to obama. they he get access and taxpayer money, stimulus money and grants. and then the money keeps flowing back to obama in terms of more donations so it is a big circle. >> and the companies are clearly getting is sweet heart deals. this are companies trying to compete with exelon. >> but they can't. >> saying we can't raise money the way you can. philadelphia, we found out about president obama and the white house trying to skew the regulations, the epa regulations to an oil refinery in philly. they will raise money and get the investment bankers. remember he didn't like private equity and investment bankers in the form of bain capital but he will take carlysle bringing 200 million bucks to an oil refinery. but the epa has to look the other way on regulations. >> sean: there are no jobs. we have hundreds of thousands fewer americans working. >> right. >> sean: we have people losing 39% of their net wealth in a three year period. most people's biggest
9:29 pm
investment their home is is down 35% on average. in some cases a lot higher. and here it is a big issue and all of the democrats want to talk about is skin any dipping and talk about an obscure congress man that says something stupid in missouri and make that the campaign. >> and promises made promises broken. president obama said he was going have transparency and was againinwasn't going to have lo. >> who is funding the dnc convention? they won't tell us. >> we need to put it out there sean and i'm proud that you are shedding light on this jinx' surprised that the "new york times" did an article on this. >> sean: we will deal with the sleze and slime and vicious attacks. where is the rest of the media besides us? >> within days maybe right at the kickoff of the rnc in tampa our national debt is going to
9:30 pm
hit $16 trillion. $5.2 trillion under president obama. two and a half times faster than president bush was spending money. 8 times faster than president clinton and president regan. >> sean: and in july of 2008 obama said credit card, bank of china, name of our kids, unpatriotic. >> and he said 9 trillion north dakota debt. >> right. >> here we are 16 trillion dollars. >> promises made promises broken. we got to keep getting it out there. >> sean: i will let you and karl rove fight it out the next time karl is here. >> fair enough. >> sean: when we come back we will vet the media. brent bozell coming up next. president obama is so desperate he will take campaign cash from whoever is going to dish it out. you won't believe who his new controversial donor is. let me put it this way, he makes bill maher look like a saint. tomorrow night a special edition of "hannity." a brand new documentary if you you voted for barack obama back in 2008 you must see this film. if everybody in america saw it,
9:31 pm
barack obama wouldn't get 15% of the vote. here is a sneak peek. tonight is your answer. >> the most exciting and important election night. >> ty voted for obama. >> i needed some kind of hope. >> barack obama will become the 44th president. >> he won. he won. >> i'm barack obama. >> the torch will be passed. >> people were desperate. >> today does mark the beginning of the end. >> starting with the bailout. >> millions of americans don't have a job. >> he is in over his head. >> look at unemployment. >> spending is just out of control. >> i don't quit. >> i just don't want to listen to it any more. >> he has failed. hopeless fail. >> still about change. >> party is over. >> can we go through another four years of this? ♪
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>> sean: it is time for media mash. as always the president of the media research center coming to us from tampa. we will be there monday the site of the republican national convention. brother bozell, how are you, sir? >> hannity, how are you? >> we're fine. inside joke. i'm a catholic. it is very interesting that joe biden according to nbc news is a better catholic than paul ryan. did you you know that? let's roll the tape. >> paul ryan his budget has been condemned by many catholic theologians as been unbiblical and out of touch with catholic teaching on how we should treat the poor and joe biden who also supports gay marriage.
9:37 pm
a fascinating theological struggle between the two men. >> joe biden being the elder statesmen having been in the senate since i don't even know. he was 30 years old and i don't even know that paul ryan was born at that point. the point is he is far more progressive and more frankly in line when it comes to the church's teachings and i think the catholic bishops and nuns would tell you that and perhaps not on the abortion issue but certainly on how you take care of the needy and the poor whereas paul ryan and his budget is disdogma. >> that we are stealing from about kid's pig go banks. progay marriage and proabortion for joe biden. and the contraceptive mandate fundamental odds with the catholic church but he is a better catholic. >> i mean i'm a catholic, too,
9:38 pm
sean and i can tell you these are two of the most moronic statements i have ever heard. consider that one of them, one of these morons is saying that paul ryan's budget is unbiblical? i mean what book of the bible dealt with paul ryan's budget? i'm not getting my hands around that one. >> sean: render unto cesar that which is cesar and unto god that which is god. i don't think cesar created anything. everything is god, isn't it? >> if you want to talk about social justice how about an obama budget and economy destroying the country? that might be determined to be unbiblical, too. the idea that joe biden is more catholic than paul ryan. excuse me, joe biden was just sued by the catholic bishops, he and barack obama in the largest lawsuit in the h his of the catholic church.
9:39 pm
they just sued them. how can you suggest he is more catholic. >> nbc news and ryan chooses budget over faith. >> nobody in the republican party dares question the orthodoxy of the faith-based republican party at this point. that is what it is. it is a bible-based republican party. >> paul ryan is representative of a new generation that was born into the new republican party that i described just before. >> and they are the ones having the convention this week. >> and the first gen-xer to be on a presidential ticket. he starts every consideration of public policy not from the standpoint of science but from the standpoin standpoint of fa. >> sean: barack obama rooted from social justice and redistribution and socialism. you know, i -- you know, i don't know where to begin here. >> when you -- here is the last
9:40 pm
mantra. when your faith comports with a liberal ideology, i.e. liberation theology it is a good thing. whehere is something else going on. anybody who has a belief in god, a faith, according to this left wing mantra is antiscience but what they are also trying to do is to tourney one who is against their scientific world view as being antiscience. if you don't agree with their position on global warming you are antiscience. if you don't believe in their position on embryonic stem cell research you are antiscience. that is the game they are are playing. i think you can be profaith and proscience at the same time. >> sean: and notice liberals are generous with other people's money. we will rob future generations our kids and grand kids and steal from their piggy banks because they thinking it the moreally right thing to do. i don't think that is the moral
9:41 pm
thing to do. we ought to leave them a surplus, not a defection defic. >> these attacks going to backfire are. >> i have two catholic brothers in the studio tonight and they are just shaking their head like this. good to see you, brent bozell. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: you are great american. time to check in with greta van susteren another great american wearing pink tonight. >> greta: i'm told to keep it snappy because you have gone over your time. karl rove, dick morris, john mccain and back to you. hurryy told me i had to hurry up you. >> sean: greta is going "on the record." someone more controversial to campaign with. to campaign with. when we come back we will
9:42 pm
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sidekick than bill maher. at the event the president praised him for his 2012 olympic gold medal but there was no mention of his other accomplishment in 2004. listen to carmelo explaining what he did with the bronze medal that he won 8 years ago. >> ask what he did with his bronze medal? >> why you ain't wear it, yo? >> told me he threw that [ bleep ] overseas. that would make a big penny. [ laughter ] >> sean: the video was from a prodrugs stop snitching campaign. the basketball star has also reportedly been arrested for dui in the past. clearly the president doesn't
9:47 pm
really care what his aa suppors say or do as long as he gets the campaign cash. joining me is fox news contributor julie and jenny beth martin. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> ayers. bernadine dorn. jeremiah wright. bill maher take a million dollars and this stop snitching campaign. >> carmelo anthony, really. >> sean: carmelo anthony stop snitching on drugs? >> i'm not defending the stop snitching video it is represent prehencible. he agreed it is reprehensible and he disowned and he was 20 years old. cut the guy a break. >> sean: cut the guy a break? >> give president obama a break. he is out of touch with the american people because he spends h his time on golf courses with hollywood millionaires and celebrities and. >> sean: george clooney. >> he is out of touch with america and what the american
9:48 pm
people are concerned about. it is not what they are are concerned about is the economy and being able to get back to work and pro slide fo provide r familys. >> they aren't concerned with something carmelo anthony did when was 20 years old. >> we don't have audio of it, the press wasn't allowed in this. he said, first of all, it is very rare that i come to an event when i'm like the fifth or sixth most interesting person. usually the folks want to take a picture or sit next to me or talk to me and then he said about the election we are in the fourth quarter. we are up by a few points but the other side they are on strong and play a dirty. i believe they have one last run in them and i would say there is about 7 minutes to go in the game. a little delusional, you know, president cry baby, they punch back after they call romney and suggest he is a murderer and felon and hates women and
9:49 pm
children and kids with autism and down's syndrome. >> you are talking about the guy that you support, president cry baby. talk about mitt romney who wanted let's not talk about bain any more. i don't want to talk about my taxes any more. >> sean: is this all you got is taxes? is this all you have got is distractions? >> is all you have carmelo anthony? >> a dirty sleezy campaign by mr. hope and change. >> because they want to get away from the real issues. no one is better off now than they were four yea years ago. >> sean: you can't give me a comparable example of romney obama world trade >> he said obama has foreign ideas. that is going after. that he. >> sean: that is the same assaying that republicans want dirty air and water. >> he has joe arpaio speaking at the republican national convention. >> sean: that is the same as aloing surrogates to say he is
9:50 pm
a felon and that he caused a woman's cancer. is the same? >> is it not the same to just completely disqualify and disenfranchise the president of the united states by saying he is a foreigner and wasn't born here and. >> sean: did mitt romney say. that? >> issues supporters. did barack obama say that somebody gave the woman got cancer? no, it wasn't obama. >> sean: what about joe biden be i'm going about put you all back in chains. >> they are. they called us racists plenty of times. way to distract. this is all they do. throw names and call people names and distract and distract but the real american people around the country are not distracted. >> sean: and this is republicans they better get their act together in this sense, every time there is a distraction and they want to talk about skin any dipping we got to go back to the economy and americans out of work and suffering and losing their net worth. >> i have been through bankruptcy. it is horrible. i don't wish that on any one. we have to get back to what
9:51 pm
matters and what people are worried about. they are worried about whether they will be able to work and provide tore their family and live and enjoy the american dream. >> that is what it is about. here is the problem, sean. mitt romney today said he is not going to release the details of his budget or plan because he doesn't want to be attacked on this. >> sean: he laid out an energy plan if we would have implemented four years ago we would have been energy self-sufficient. >> not enough oil in the states to maybe it. >> we are the saudi arabia. >> more. [ overlapping speakers ] >> and trade on the world market. you know that. >> sean: increase the supply. it is artificially low. you are too smart to vote for obama. hope and change. i'm feeling it. we got to roll. >> coming up next, he once accused barack obama are using the race card against him and now bill clinton is the star of a new obama ad and the guest of honor at the democratic national convention. oh, boy, how times have changed. now, have they really?
9:52 pm
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>> sean: now, he was not always a fan of the man who now sits in the oval office but all that has changed now that bill clinton is set to headline the democratic national convention in charlotte. the former president is now
9:56 pm
playing nice with team obama and even appearing in a new ad praising the anointed one. >> this election to me is about which candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. is a cheer are choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper income people and two back to deregulation. is what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from the ground up investing in innovation, education and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that is what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> sean: thank you, bill, for saving me. that bill clinton is a far cry from the man in 2008 accused senator obama of playing the race card against him. let's go back to bill and hillary. a trip down memory lane, 2008. >> i think that they played the race card on me and we now know from memos from the campaign
9:57 pm
and everything they planned to do it all along. >> so shame on you, barack obama. it is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. that is what i expect from you. meet me in ohio. let's have a debate about your taxes and your behavior in this campaign. >> they played the race card on me and according to campaign memos they planned to do it all along. what happened to bill clinton? >> that is what they have been doing for 30 years but specifically with the obama campaign. bill clinton is another shiny object for the democrats to show out and say look at bill clinton's record during the '90s. we are in a barack obama presidency here and the stack that they are throwing bill clinton out because barack obama is an embarrassment to the democratic party. bill clinton is trying to save his party and the coal mine workers in ohio that were lining up for mitt romney. he is trying to get the vote back by putting bill clinton out there. >> sean: let me ask you a question and i want you to answer it and stop your liberal spin because i know you.
9:58 pm
is there anything worse than planning to play the race card on somebody? is there anything worse than doing that? >> i do not think, first of all. there is not and i don't think barack obama planned to play the race card. i think he was angry at that time. the facts are and bill clinton told me this two weeks ago. a cheer choice here. go back to failed policies of george w. bush. you don't see george w. bush. >> sean: we aren't talking with george w. bush. >> you don't see george w. bush in the romney ad. the reason why bill clinton is appearing in a barack obama ad is the two men share a common vision for america of shared prosperity where everybody moves forward and pays their fair share as opposed to. >> sean: talking points, this is annoying. >> let's talk about the ads. >> sean: talk about the bill clinton ad. >> you don't see george w. bush in an ad. >> he said the tax cuts should be extended because of a poor economy. he said stop attacking bain they are a good company.
9:59 pm
bill clinton said that mitt romney has met the threshold, he can be president. he gets the big speaking engagement, why? to save barack obama becaus. >> you don't see george bush in an ad because george bush is not running for president. he said it it in the ad today. what is the choice. president obama has done nothing about talk about bain and mitt romney's tax returns and nothing to lay out the clear choice of a plan here and for are bill clinton to come out and say there is a clear choice. there is not and tim geithner said we do not have a plan, we just do not like yours. >> higher taxes. >> i think the rich did very well under bill clinton and it is the same kind of


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