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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 25, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> the o'reilly factor son. tonight. >> obama has been in office for four years and he is running on the clinton economy. >> new charges that mr. obama is trying to run on bill clinton's economic record as the former president takes center stage in the re-election campaign. but clinton was once an obama critic. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i have ever seen. monday -- we will take a look at that situation. >> ordered federal law enforcement agents to break the law. >> the obama administration in legal hot water over its immigration policy as a new lawsuit says ice officials are being ordered to release suspected illegal aliens. don't miss our factor investigation. >> i can absolutely confirm
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that we don't use opium products. enough is enough. >> cycling super star lance armstrong stripped and band for life. all over doping charges. is he guilty or is this just a witch-hunt? geraldo rivera will tell us. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm monica crowley in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. top story. new presidential polling out and our very own carl rove has been lunch crunching the numbers. we will take a look at his electoral college map in just a moment. first the republic national convention kicks off monday in tamp parks florida and mr. rove will be there he joins me now from austin,
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texas. hi, carl. >> hi, monica. >> let's start out with what governor romney needs to do. starting next week he will have his first major national platform to introduce himself and his ideas to the american people. so, what do you think he absolutely must do in terms of telling us who he is, what he believes and what he would do as president. >> well you laid it out pretty well there. that's exactly what he must do. we who are political junkies have been watching this contest go on for, you know, almost two years. and, yet, a lot of the wing voters, the independent and swing voters who are going to decide this election while they have been absorbing information and paying a little bit of attention to it will now bin to pay a lot more attention to the contest. more people will see governor romney next week when he delivers his speech than have seen him in any campaign event since this contest began over, you know, a year and three quarters ago. you are right. he must share who he is. we need to know something about him. we need to know where he came
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from. what the arc of his life is about. we need to know what his values are american people want to understand what makes him think. they want to know what it is he is going to do. it doesn't matter for him that much to, you know, sort of go after barack obama and his record. it's more important for him to talk about who he is, what his values are and what it is that he will do. that's what the american people are waiting to hear. >> and carl you say it's not so important for him to batch obama, i don't think he would do that anyway. in terms setting out the clear choice for the american people, between the status redistributionism of barack obama that has given us this economic catastrophe and real reduction in american power and prestige abroad versus the kind of vision that governor romney is, i think, going to lay out next week pro-growth economic message. message based in economic freedom and exceptionism and
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dynamickism. he will get this campaign into a momentum where he can win. >> i think you are right. part of this is going to be his responsibility in the speech. not all of it plays lays on his shoulders. some of it is the speakers who speak before him. monday will be devoted to small business by heralding we built it playing off the president obama's comment that if you got a business you didn't build it. each day of the convention will be designed to showcase an element of the romney romneys and hopefully, also, the romney persona. i mean, these people who speak need to talk about -- provide insights into the kinds of things they have seen in their interaction with governor romney that the american people want to know. perhaps one of the most important surrogates is going to be ann romney who as the candidate's wife is going to be talking about him in a very deeply personal and revealing way. >> one of the big things that i haven't heard a lot of
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conversation, about carl and maybe you can shed light on this. the point is for romney to win, yes. but to win with meaning. and i think if he really speech and all of the other speakers, an romney and chris christie and paul ryan if they all use their major platforms next week to lay out what that meaning is, then they could go a long way to showing the american people what a romney win would mean but also what a romney presidency would mean. >> yeah. now, remember, we can't get all of what the future might be. and all of what the agenda is going to be in these four days. and nor should we try. we should begin to introduce the ark of the narrative so that in the weeks ahead people will say you know governor romney talked about his view that in america we could work hard, if we dream big and work hard you can achieve what you seek and particularly if you are a small business person, this one of the great things about america and then let him build on that with specific proposals, some introduced at the convention and some introduced in the weeks ahead.
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remember, look, let's realize the media are not going to be governor romney's friends. so if he lays out everything about his -- the specifics of his agenda at the convention. then the weeks ahead when he attempts to return to though, the media is going to be inclined we saw nothing new today. we saw that when he laid out a crunchy, well developed energy plan in hobbs, new mexico, some in the media dismissed it as saying nothing new. it was a lot of new things and more important than that is it is a lot of things that the american people want to learn about and hear about now as they make up their mind. >> you make up a great point about the press, too, he is have to do what every other republic president has done in the modern age go over the heads of the media to the american people. i don't know if you brought your famous white white board but i want to ask you about the electoral map. what does it look like right now? what sort of states are in play and is there any movement? >> yeah, there is movement. now, remember, in a race this close, the movement tends to be small and incremental.
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and persistent. since april 25th when i put out the first map, all of the movement has been pretty consistently towards governor romney. that is to say each week there has been more movement towards him than there has been movement towards obama. that's happened in the last week. governor romney, wisconsin came in to play by leaning obama. ohio went to a toss-up state that was offset to a little degree by new hampshire going from a toss-up to lean obama. we have a very close race. and i suspect we are likely to seat republicans in the week or two ahead grow even further. there will be a little bits of off set here and there ohio is particularly interesting state to watch this year. but my suspicion is that with what we have seen in the national polls, will be reflected over the next couple of weeks in the individual state polls. that is to say movement towards governor romney and paul ryan. if you look at the national polls, basically just before ryan was chosen, governor
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romney was down by, in the real clear politics average 3 points to 4 points. if you look at it now, is he down by less than a point. as you have seen in the most recent polls in the last couple of days, both rasmussen and the fox news poll. mitt romney has a 1 point lead. >> very quickly, carl, in terms of the 12 or 10 battleground states, which ones looks the most challenging for governor romney and which one looks the most promising? >> well, indiana is no longer even considered a battleground state even though barack obama won it four years ago. i feel good about north carolina and virginia and increasingly good about florida. new hampshire, wisconsin, iowa, and colorado are absolutely up in the air. president obama did unusual thing and spent three days in iowa. i think one of the tough spots for governor romney is going to be ohio. but the good news for him is there are a large number of states and i just mentioned them that are going to be tough spots for president obama. >> all right. all very fluid. carl, great to see you as always. thank you. coming up next on the rundown we will examine how bill
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clinton once obama credited particular and i still think obama critic has become key player in the president's re-election efforts. lance armstrong subject to lifetime ban from the sport over doping allegations. does he deserve such a harsh
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>> in the impact segment tonight, former president bill clinton is stars in new obama campaign ad where he vows for the president's economic vision. to some it looks like mr. obama is trying to run on clinton's economic record. >> obama has been in office for four years and he is running on the clinton economy. i mean, this is embarrassing. you are the president. and all you can say is, you know, the last democrat before i became president really knew how to run an economy. >> touche. clinton has become a key
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player in the presidential re-election efforts. but just four years ago he and hillary were singing a different tune. >> so shame on you, barack obama. it is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. that's what i expect from you, meet me in ohio. let's have a debate about your taxes and your behavior in this campaign. >> -- south carolina twice in '84 and '88. he ran a good campaign. and senator obama run a good campaign. he has run a good campaign everywhere. >> give me a break. this campaign is the biggest fairy tale i have ever seen. >> talk about a change in tone. with us now to react is doug schoen who was a pollster for bill clinton and current fox news contributor as well as maxwell democratic strategist. let me start with you. is this what the obama team is now reduced to that their economy is so bad that they are saying nothing -- by the way, check out the clinton economy 20 years ago.
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>> i don't think that's the proper frame. i think the proper frame here is that mitt romney's policies look almost exactly like george w. bush's policies. by using clinton in ad it's a tip of the hat to, look, bill clinton and obama have very similar visions for the economy. >> i don't think that that's true. i think that there is a huge schism in the democratic committee. maybe doug, you can answer this. between the bill clinton wing which is moderate, mainstream pragmatic democrats versus the obama wing of the democratic party which is purely i'd lodge coagulate. very very far to the left. does the comparison work? >> let me offer a practical distinction and then perhaps address the larger question. bill clinton worked for a balanced budget. he did negotiations with the republicans in the oval office during the campaign and we had as our highest goal on the election getting an agreement which ultimately did produce a balanced budget. the obama campaign and obama presidency have obviously taken a different approach
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using class warfare and deal and haven't pursued anything since the failure of the grabbed bargain. that being said, with bill clinton's approval at 6 a and barack obama at 45%, politics requires people to do what they need to do, which is to do anything to get reelected and president obama and bill clinton are now working together. they have a similar economic vision i think that's fair but very different approach in office. >> bill clinton is going to be doing an awful lot of heavy lifting. i don't think the comparison is going to be very flattering to barack obama. doug mentioned a balanced budget under barack obama we have had 1. plus trillion-dollar annual deficit. under bill clinton we had a booming economy. now we have a barely breathing economy and under bill clinton we saw spending cuts. under barack obama a spending blowout. so, when people now are trying to decide and it's not between bill clinton and barack obama. it's between barack obama and mitt romney. do you think that that
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comparison is going to work. >> i think it will work. >> or do you think most americans will say wait a minute we kind of like that guy he promised a balanced budget what are we doing with this guy. >> no i think bill clinton validates the policies that barack obama wants to put into place. it's a way to say mitt romney is just like george bush without saying the name george bush. you know you use clinton to say mitt romney has a different economic vision. 59 point plan. 57 of the proposals are exactly like george w. bush and the other two that don't match up -- >> there are plenty of democrats who have going to be at the convention next week for the democrats who have going to make that point. why would you bring bill clinton out? i guess my overall question then, how wise is it to bring out the big dog? i mean, remember that time that the white house where bill clinton come man cam monday commandeered the sitting president please go. >> liking a bill president
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hillary clinton very successful secretary of state. this is smart political strategy. i think you would agree with that good move politically to associate yourself with the last successful democratic president. >> you mentioned the secretary of state, is bill clinton's speech? first of all i think it's pretty much going to be all about bill clinton. we might have barack obama's name sprinkled a couple of times. do you think the speech is more about teeing up hillary clinton for president in 2016 rather than, say, promoting barack obama this time around? >> it's about barack obama. hillary is going to be in asia. >> that would be amazing. >> i would be thrilled if hillary runs in 2016. we are in 2012 now. bottom line bill clinton is going to be there for president barack obama. it is an extraordinary benefit to president obama to have bill clinton. >> i agree with you it's great for the party because he brings a lot of energy, a lot of americans still like him. admire his economic record. >> and trust his judgement as well. >> trust his judgment. that's a whole other segment. >> you were talking to carl about swing voters.
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bill clinton reaches them. barack obama arguably has had a real challenge reaching them. >> that's a great point by the way. let me go back to a point you made about bill clinton being able to make the case against mitt romney and making that comparison. bill clinton is on the record, even recently praising mitt romney, saying he had a sterling business record at bain capital. and he has also been on the record criticizing a lot of barack obama's policies, case in point saying now is not the time to raise taxes on anybody, because the economy is really bad. i think a couple of months ago, maybe it was about a year ago, obama and clinton were standing side by side at a factory clinton blurts out everybody knows this economy stinks. you could see barack obama just want to slide under the carpet. so, are you at all worried that, yes, of course he will give the speech he needs to give but are you worried overall about bill clinton as a sur gated. >> no. he is on message most of the time. barring those few examples i think he is going to stay on message. he knows what the conventions are about. is he a democrat first before
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any of that other 2008 history. he wants the democrats to win because, you know, that does set up his wife for 2016 pretty effectively. >> are you sure he wants to win? >> yes. >> don't you guys really want to go into that voting booth and watch which lever bill clinton actually polls. >> he is not voting for romney. >> democrats are ultimately loyalists. they stick together. i think bill clinton, if anything wants to demonstrate the power of his brand by playing a demonstrable role in president obama's re-election. i think that's his goal. >> i think you are right about that i think it's all about the clinton brand. >> absolutely. >> see how it meshes with the obama brand. >> we will. >> thank you. >> directly ahead, learld have all of the details on john lennon's killer applying for parole for a seventh time. also on deck 10 ice officials are suing the obama administration over its immigration policy. we will talk to one of the agents behind the suit. coming up next.
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announced he is ending his fight against the united states anti-doping agency. that organization had accused the super star cyclist of using illegal performance enhancing drugs. as a result, he could be stripped of his titles and banned from cycling for life. joining me now with the latest fox news anchor geraldo rivera. you can catch him every saturday at 10:00 p.m. on fnc. great to he see you, geraldo ge. >> great to be on the show. >> we might disagree about
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this. i'm pretty appalled. i don't know whether lance armstrong doped or not. i have no idea. you have to sort of quasigovernment agency that pretents it's not a government agency but is still funded by the government for the most part, which means you and me, taxpayers and it seems like they have thrown out due process here to harass an athlete that is no longer even in the sport. >> i don't think that's true, monica. i hate to disagree with you. first of all a situation where he had ample due process. he beat the criminal charges. there was a grand jury against him earlier in the year. they chose not to diet. they did defer to the anti-doping he's -- agency: wait a second it's not the ada it's the international cycling union that has jurisdiction. he fought it on jurisdictional grounds to prevent a hearing, exactly the due process you described in which reportedly 10 former teammates were ready to testify that he was a doper. so, i believe what lance
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armstrong did is he saw that this procedural fight was not going to succeed, the judge ruled you have got to face the music. rather than face the trial with the usada he gave up. i think it really does show that roger clemens, like barry bonds like some of our heros and he was a hero to me like everyone else, the miracle wasn't true. i get that vibe. >> again, i have no dog in this fight. i'm not here to defend lance armstrong, it seems like he is the most and has been the most tested athlete maybe in american history. he has come clean on every single prior investigation. they have been after him for years and years every time he has been tested. blood samples, urine samples. he has come out clean. so, you know, to strip him of this without what i think is due process seems to me really unfair. you know, he broke my heart. mondayca. i wanted to believe that this cancer survivor did what he did. that he won seven tour de france. that's an incredible
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achievement. it's unbelievable. even if he was doping it's unbelievable for goodness sake. because he has now revealed as a cheater and i think he is revealed as a cheater, why else would so many people seek to testify against him? you know, floyd landis just now, another champ who lost his title was one of the witnesses and he has now agreed floyd landis to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who supported him during his training because he admits that he is a fraud. he was ready to testify against him. we don't like the french. so we say oh those french, of course they were going to put down our champion who won the title for seven consecutive times. seven times and then after surviving cancer, you know, i wanted to defend him. i tried so hard to do it. you can't ignore the obvious. you can't ignore this is not just smoke, you know, where there is smoke there is fire. this is smoke and ash and
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spark and flames. you have got to give it up and say the miracle was based on fraud, lance armstrong tried his best. he has done a lot of good things. millions to charity. >> he is into the giving any quarter on. this that's why nike is sticking with him. so is anheuser busch the beer people are sticking with him with endorsement as long as he continues to deny it god bless them. let them continue to fund his opportunities. is he being stripped of the tour de france titles, probably. they haven't ruled yet but it's very likely. now he will always have this asterisk. >> i think it's really sad. >> it's a strategy, it -- tragedy, it is. >> because you had the roger clemens deal and now because of lance armstrong. if you are michael phelps do you have to worry your gold medals because somebody might question something at some point it's a tragedy. mark david chapman who shot john lennon a huge pop icon one of the greatest musicians
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every. mark chapman up for parole seventh time denied. he is never getting out, right? >> i hope not. i remember being home that night on central park west. dakota. john and joke co-deer friends of mine at the time. yoko is still a friend of mine on 72nd street. a quarter of a mile away i clearly heard the shots. my doors facing the park were open. i heard the shots. i, at that time, you know, it was 1980. you heard shots in central park it wasn't that unusual. i got a call from the abc news desk. i was at abc news at the time. you hear your buddy john is killed come in to do nightline. i almost passed out. i was in tears. it was the most emotional moment. i remember what chapman did. he denied us of this amazing, amazing person and he is nothing but a low down rat who wanted fame and notoriety. it's just awful. he deserves to rot in jail. >> we actually have a clip of you talking to john lennon and
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yoko ono in the early 1970s. check it out. >> when you are in the middle of nevada, in the middle of iowa, how do the people react to you. >> very slowly. [ laughter ] we went to a place called dinosaur, nevada which is incredible. and they had live big models of dinosaurs there in the gas station. giant things. you just pull up in the road and there is a dinosaur standing from there. thank you very much. >> pay him for the trip. [ laughter ] >> he was just a wonderful guy. it was such an honor to know him. his music really defined a generation. a poet he was. you know, he did the last fully rehearsed concert of his life he did for my charity to raise funds for the developmentally disabled. he did two concerts at madison square garden him and yoko and roberta flack and stevie wonder and a lot of others. john was the central force. he raised hundreds of
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thousands of dollars for the great cause. this nobody who just wanted notoriety and infamy wanted to take john's fame and put it on himself now is asking for mercy because he has been well behaved in prison? >> he won't ever get it that is certainly a seminole moment in the united states the death of john lennon. geraldo, great to see you. >> thanks. >> outrage over the leader of the united nations visiting iran, despite
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, more craziness from the united nations. next week, u.n. secretary general bon key moon will travel to tehran to attend a summit of developing nations, despite an outcry from the united states and israel which want the u.n. to boycott the event. the decision is being heavily criticized because iran has repeatedly ignored u.n. resolutions and seems to be moving full speed ahead in its nuclear weapons development. joining me now from los angeles, rick ren nell. the former spokesman for four u.s. abrams to the u.n. rick, great to see you. let's start off with what we know about iran, the greatest state sponsor of terror, working 24/7 to obtain a nuclear weapon. we now know that the iaea which is the atomic watchdog of the united nations, will release a report next week showing that iran is pretty close, if not already there to
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20% uranium enrichment. we are hearing that they have installed hundreds of new century fiewdges and may in fact have another secret facility underground in a bunker. here is where we are. now we have got the secretary general of the u.n. moon violating u.s. policy trying to isolate iran heading over there to have a shindig with the iran i can't goes, what do - iranians. >> secretary moon is violating his own policy. iran is under six security council resolutions, condemning their actions. condemning their pursuit of trying to enrich uranium. and it's puzzling that the secretary general imhimself would accept this invitation from the nonalign movement and go to this conference. you know, if he wants to talk to mahmoud ahmadinejad, which is what he is saying that he is going to do is he going to go there and press the president ahmadinejad, he really wanted to do that he could have done that last
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september during the u.n. debate or next month because president ahmadinejad is coming to new york next month so they could sit down and have a very tough conversation then. i actually think that this nonaligned movement, which is a grouping of 120 countries at the united nations, that kind of group together sometimes in regional groups but this one is called the nonalign movement. meaning we're not aligned with the cold war, russia empire, soviet union empire or the united states. so now this group of 120 countries, they are coming together to have a conference in tehran. it seems pretty silly. they could have a conference anywhere. but they are the ones that are pushing the secretary general to attend their conference in a country that is under security council condemnation. i think that the nonalign movement and its leaders, egypt and india should be under more pressure. especially pressure from the obama administration. >> let's talk about the obama
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administration, rick, for the last three and a half years this president has decided he wanted to extend olive branches to our enemies including iran and every time he has extended that olive branch the iranians have slapped away his hand and laughed in his face and used the time to build a nuclear weapons program and expand it. so here we are, we are on the cusp of them having a nuclear weapons if they don't already. this administration has utterly failed. they have failed in this regard and they continue to say well, we need to have these strong conversations, we need to give sanctions a chance to really take hold and none of that has worked. it's not going to work. when i look at the obama administration's track record, it seems to me, rick that they almost want iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> they certainly have given up, i think. there is no question that they're not really fighting at the u.n. they have tried to do these oil sanctions outside of the u.n., but they have allowed 20 countries that are the biggest
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buyer's of iranian oil to have waivers to continue buying oil but we're still claiming that we have an oil embargo. in 2008, candidate obama was very tough in trying to say that he was going to lead the world, especially lead the united nations but he wanted to talk to our enemies. he felt like it was a strategy that would work. if you remember, hillary clinton called him naive for thinking like that. but now yet we see three and a half years later into president obama's term, they have been able to produce one resolution on iran at the u.n. i think it's really scary to think that this administration has given up on diplomacy. they have decided that maybe it's inevitable that iran is going to get a bomb. but at the end of the day, i don't see any tough actions coming out of the white house. and nor will you. nor will you because unlike hillary clinton, i don't think that this president is naive. i think he knows exactly what he is doing. his whole strategy including with iran has been to advance
1:39 am
our enemies. to support them in ways that we can't even imagine and it's really appalling because iran is the greatest threat to regional and global security. rick renel, great to see you. thank you. when we come back, charges that the obama administration is telling ice agents to ignore federal immigration law. we will will investigate it in just a couple of moments.
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>> thank you for staying with us, i'm monica crowley in tonight for bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment. a group of 10 immigrations and customs e agents have filed a lawsuit against their own agency claiming the obama administration is not allowing them to identify and deport illegal aliens. the suit was filed in class federal court yesterday. and names homeland security secretary janet napolitano and ice direct john morton as defendants. joining me how from salt lake city. chris crane. one of the ice agents behind the suit and from kansas city kansas secretary of state chris cobach attorney for the ice agents. chris and chris, welcome. chris crane, let me begin with you. can you tell us how the executive order that came out of the department of homeland security, how it's making your job and your fellow ice agent's jobs so. more difficult. >> well, you bet, monica,
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that's a really big question. we don't really have all the answers to that yet. i will tell you, for example, with issues like the deferred action policy that just came out. outside of jails trying to use this very confusing policy that the administration has put out there and basically our guidance at this point is we simply take the individual's word that they actually went to high school or that they have a g.e.d., that they came into the country at the appropriate time. once they tell us they quawch as a dreamer we are expected to accept that not only are we not enforcing the law, we are not even enforcing the policy. >> chris cobach, the unilateral action coming from this administration in this regard it seems to intervene immigration law as it stands and therefore illegal. is that what you are arguing in this lawsuit? yes, that's right, monica. it's it illegal on multiple
1:45 am
levels. there is a federal statute that already says that ice agents like chris crane have to put certain aliens into removal proceedings. not may but shall place them in removal proceedings. it's ordering agents to violate that federal law. it's also illegal because it violates the administrative procedure act. if they had authority to do this in the obama administration, they would have had to mom mull gait and have a comment period. they didn't do any of that thirdly it violates the separation of powers. as you know, there have been two dozen dream act bills in congress. none of them have passed. congress clearly understands that only the legislative branch of the federal government can do this. not the executive branch. but it appears that obama is trying to do this through executive fiat and our constitution does not allow that. >> the president of the united states is head of the executive branch is supposed to be the nation's chief law enforcement officer. so shouldn't he be upholding the law rather than, number one, going around the legislative branch to make up his own laws and, secondly,
1:46 am
uphold existing law? i mean, he seems to be acting so extra constitutionally here. >> it's unconstitutional on some levels. article 2 section 3 of the united states constitution says that the executive shall take care that the laws are faithfully executed. our chief executive in the white house today is essentially ordering federal law enforcement agents not to enforce the law. and to break the law themselves. it's absolutely astounding and i think it has echos of fast and furious here. again, where this administration ordered law enforcement agents to ignore the law. all in the entrance of some political agenda in the white house. >> chris crane, it's got to be incredibly demoralizing for you and your team at ice because you are trying to enforce federal immigration laws. you are trying to uphold the existing laws of the hand. now you have got a presidential administration muddying the waters and saying, no, don't do that do this. your guys don't know what they're supposed to follow out there in the field. they are on the front lines of
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trying to send stem this rising tide of illegal immigration. what are you hearing from these guys. it seems to me that the president of the united states is on the side of the law breakers rather than on the side of the american people. you are trying to uphold and enforce the law. >> absolutely, you know. we have been very public about the incident in el paso where we had one individual that had already been arrested by local police for assaulting one of their own family members. that individual attempted to try to it escape from ice agents in the course of that escape one of our officers was injured. we take him back to the office and our supervisors tell us that, you know, hey, we don't care about the fact that he has been arrested by local police. we don't care about the fact that he is injured a member of the public and one of our own officers. we need to release this individual immediately without investigation, without questioning. simply because he falls under the presidential's new policies. of course, we have also got the situation in delaware where one of our officers arrested an illegal alien,
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attempted to place that individual into proigdz, which is our sworn oath under the law to do and he now faces a three day suspension. so, absolutely our folks out in the field have their heads down. we have become the enemy. >> the founding fathers gave us a republic built on laws, not on the ambitions of member. they gave us a constitution that our leaders are supposed to follow. it looks like under this president we don't have a constitutional republic anymore we have banana republic especially the circumstances that you guys are detailing here. the question is what do we do about this? is there anything we can do from now until november when hopefully we will defeat barack obama and get an actual law abiding president in office? is there anything the american people can do to try to stem this tide? >> i think the american people can certainly voice their opinion to the members of congress and to try to give
1:49 am
congress some backbone here. not to say that they don't have it. but they need to be given some motivation from the people saying, look, this president is not enforcing our immigration laws. we want you to do something about it. that means taking every action they can. and then we have to hope that the courts will ultimately stand by the constitution and stand by the letter of federal law which i'm confident they will. >> gentlemen, keep fighting the good fight. we appreciate you so much. thank you. in a moment, the lineup for the rnc is all set. we will talk to one of the featured speakers. you won't believe who it is. you will find out next.
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>> in the back of the book segment tonight, as the rnc mentioned kicks off on monday.
1:53 am
special coverage all next week. be sure to tune. in tonight we bring you a preview of some of what is to come. joining me now from fort worth, texas star janine turner who will address the convention on tuesday. janine, great to see you. >> good to see you too, monica. >> what is going to be your main message at the rnc next week. >> i was absolutely so thrilled to be asked first of all. an honor to do anything can i to support the romney ryan ticket. the theme of the evening is we built it i will be talking about american ingenuity. and the triumph of the american tenacity of the goodness of the american people and how i believe that the romney ryan ticket is the only ticket, only choice in preserving our great american legacy for ourselves and our prosperity. >> the clear choice that i think is going to be articulated by all of the speakers next week is going to be the choice between government centric nanny statism, allah barack obama versus freedom pure and simple. whether it's individual
1:54 am
freedom. political freedom. economic freedom which we have not had over the last couple of years under this administration that's going to be the case. i think you will be able to make that case very strongly from your point of view. >> yes. it's free enterprise. the free enterprise has changed the whole course of the world. of humanity because earned success leads to progress. progress lifts up humanity to a higher level and a higher level of dignity. it's this ability to earn our success in our country that has made american great. that is american exceptionism. i believe that romney understands this and wants to preserve it i think unfortunately obama wants something completely different and he will destroy that his vision is it's not his dream. is incredible why have toe he blind people at this point. what's so important for all of us to get across to the american people is that barack obama and the left are going to be and they have been
1:55 am
trying to make the moral case such as it is for statism and redistributionism. but what we have to do is make the moral case for free enterprise. and economic freedom and individual liberty and we have to remind as you say we have to remind ourselves that that's what built this country and makes it so exceptional. >> well, it does make t exceptional. you just can't replace, of course, we are a good people. you know, america is great because american people are good and good-hearted. unfortunately, i think democrats want to depend on dependence. and that is how they grow the government. is because they want everyone to be dependent and government -- i mean obama believes that the government is the answer to everything. and we as conservatives and with the romney-ryan ticket we believe that the american freedom is based on our ability to make our -- have our own income. it's just really important. >> lead me ask you, are you planning to target your message to women whether it's big speech at rnc or floating around the connection? i think about the democrats' bogus war on women and how
1:56 am
they have tried to trump up this idea and divide women try to get them to be more enthusiastic about voting for the obama ticket by bringing up birth control and all of these things that nobody in miracle is 'talking about. planning to attract women to the romney ryan ticket. >> my message on the main platform on tuesday night is we built it and constitutional principles effects women. if we stick to constitutional principles we will have free enterprise and be able to work. it's interesting as you say bogus war on women. under the obama administration more women have lost jobs than men. more women are dependent on the government under the obama administration. i think women have always wanted to be independent i will be talking about that message around the platform as well as a single mom. i will speaking that message that romney is for the single moms as well. >> go get them next week.
1:57 am
janine turner great to see you. up next, it's the song of the summer and the u.s. troops have put their own spin on it. don't miss the cover of call me maybe. i love this song. this is done military style. you know it one minute away.
1:58 am
>> finally tonight, singing soldiers go viral in afghanistan. solars put their own spin on the hit song, "call me maybe." roll the tape... hey, i just met you and this is crazy, bihere's my number and
1:59 am
call me, maybe. here's my number. so call me maybe... >> how cute are those guys? of course, we thank them very much for their service. before we go sending a signed copy of bill's brand-new children's book, "lincoln's last days" to dekoda and sara. it's very grades 4-8. the book is on sale everywhere, now. the bolder, fresher tour in austin, november 23 and in houston, the next day, are just about sold out. information to see bill and dennis miller is available on bill o'reilly dot-com. and check out my brand-new brook -- there it is, "what the bleep just happened?" if you haven't already, what the bleep? i'm monica crowley. bill will be right back here on monday with factor's coverage of the republica


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