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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 25, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here, next week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. test >> the president: i thought i would come by and just say health low >> president obama makes a rare and brief appearance in the white house briefing room. he's also setting guidelines for local media are they playing along. congressman in trouble for making comments about rape and forced to apologize this book exposes the forces behind president obama and this book exposes the turmoil behind the obama campaign. how much attention are they getting in the media?
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jay leno pokes fun at the white house press corp. >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. radio tack show host -- radio talk show most monica crowley. jim pinkerton and washington correspondent for talk radio news service justin. i'm jon scott fox news watch is on, right now. surprise, sprays! president obama making a visit to the white house briefing room monday this after receiving all kinds of criticism from reporters that he was shutting them out in favor oz├Ěn of softer interviews with entertainment media. during his first solo press conference in two months he answered a whooping four questions over 223 minutes. after the session was finished, reporters called out, don't be
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a strange. have a fun summer. and please come back. jim, i guess mr. obama had taken exactly one substantive question from reporters since june up until he took these four at the news conference. >> right. i think the supineness of the press corp was revealed in the fact that to me the biggest story sleeping is the august 5th report in the "washington post" that david plouffe senior adviser to the president took $100,000 from a company based in south africa does a fifth of the business in iran no questions about it, they have time for romney's taxes, no question about why a guy sitting in the white house today has received $100,000 indirectly from iran. imagine what would have happened if a white house aide had been accused of taking money indirectly from hitler in the 30s?
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>> one has to assume it was going to be a limited appearance on the president's terms without a lot of ability to follow up by the white house media that puts up with this. if i were part of that media, i would be screaming with rage about the lack of access and the effort by the white house to define terms again and again about what you can ask and can't and who gets called. >> that is a real scandal which is not getting covered. the fact that the white house folks are basically setting the ground rules trying to key up the -- tee up the questions they want to be asked jay leno had a spoof where the president was holding up questions he wanted to have asked of him. the president has again to the entertainment media because it is soft, he tends to go to local pedia because they tend to be less aggressive -- this week he gave an interview to a morning zoo crew on some fm
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station in new mexico the white house press corp has not been clamoring for him to answer tough questions. we heard from members of the mainstream media who have said, yeah we have fallen down on-the-job we haven't asked the tough questions, done the great investigative reporting if you are willing to admit that what are you going to do about it? >> monday he did manage to work in three other interviews with local smaller news outlets on which the white house tends to set the terms, we'll the interview if you agree to talk about this. >> i don't think that is strange. whenever you send an invitation to interview the president you try to have a basic focus. i don't think it is fair to say he was trying to get softball questions only, since this was focused on sequester if you wanted to focus on something that would give him
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softballs it wouldn't be that issue. >> focus on sequester, who focused it on sequester? i was the white house only ask us about this. that is known as cooking the news that should have been the story. >> mitt romney took heat from a denver reporter he was asked questions about his feelings on gay marriage he said let's talk about big things like yo jobs and the economy and the obama campaign released a statement about it. >> every candidate does this every president does this. the issue is, are they allowed get away with it without a squeak of protest from the press? >> imagine if this was president bush, reagan, teeing up the questions as they want it and having a ply press corp say okay we are done with that -- ply press corp saying okay we are done with that
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>> the mainstream media has been accused of being in the tank with the -- hit the road barack, is the romance gone? >> look at the spoken to the news week cover, poor tina -- to the "newsweek" cover, poor tina brown, i defend his right to say what he's saying if they i -- even though i disagree with him. >> thank you for standing by your reporter they called romney a wimp they will do 10 other covers just to get taeplgs. tina brown does now how to play the press. >> magazines are losing relevancy as well as becoming a less lucrative enterprise. we'll see controversial covers like these probably for the rest of their limited existence with >> people called on him to lose his tenure at harvard
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university this is a nasty response in cyberland. she going to sell magazines and more power to her, we need "newsweek", we need all of the magazines we can get. >> results of poll of likely voters thursday, interesting numbers, 45% say they would vote for the mitt romney/paul ryan ticket. president obama and vice president biden get 44%. the more interesting poll is when voters were asked who do members of the media want to win? 61% said barack obama. these are voters out there in america think 61% of the media want president obama to win reelection. >> i want to meet that 15%. >> exactly. >> i'm surprised it is so low. for decades the press corp especially washington press corp has been polled for whom did you vote for president also 90, 93% vote for the
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democrat candidate. the american people are wide awake they know what kind of bias they are getting with the advent of fox news there's an alternative so the bias from the other side is more pronounced. >> we have to take a break. first, controversy surrounding a republican congressman's comments about rape. i used the wrong words in the wrong way for that apologize. >> missouri congressman todd akin zigzags from tv appearance to tv appearance blaming the liberal media and apologizing is his media strategy working? >> plus, two new books about president obama exposing secrets and conflict within the campaign. details next on newswatch. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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. it seems to be first of all from what i understand from doctors that's rare if it is a legitimate rape the female body has ways to shut
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that whole thing down. let's assume that didn't work or something. i think there should be punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rape its not attacking the child. >> missouri congressman and senate candidate todd akin has been fire since he said the rape victims could not get pregnant. he's since apologi several appearances on morning tv programs saying he was wrong to state female body could shutdown reproduction if raped. the question we are asking on this program is, what about the media reaction to it all? 21 minutes on the broadcast network morning shows on tuesday devoted to this controversy right, mrc, media research center calculated 88 minutes total. this is an unbelievable firestorm of the kind that you see when the media have a republican in their crosshairs and they can link that candidate who is a fairly obscure guy to the national republican ticket, romney and ryan as far as the media are
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concerned cnn and so on this is the romney/ryan/akin ticket. >> jake tapper said as much on abc saying the democrats wanted to make mr. akin the vice presidential running mate to mitt romney. >> to question richard nixon, i gave them the ammunition with which to destroy me. akin gave them all the ammo they needed. idiotic outrageous statement he made and why any republican candidate is talking about anything other than jobs and the economy is beyond belief. but, the reason it gained so much traction it played in the democrat -- once he fed into that they amplified it and the democrats got onboard with it and using it as campaign fodder. did has been shaking her head. >> i don't think is a liberal vs. conservative issue. i think when you have a vice presidential candidate to be, who has sponsored, with
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mr. akin, nine, at least nine different proposals to restrict women's rights to abortion and to limit their access or i should say our access to family planning and health care, you can argue about whether or not the republican party is sufficiently sensitive to the -- [ talking over each other ] >> are you saying it is a bipartisan -- >> i'm saying the ran party is perceived as being not sensitive to the rights of women and i think there's factual grounds to believe that and i don't think state liberal bias. >> pe -- piers morgan on cnn said mitt romney, embarrassing for mitt romney and questioned his leadership after akin ignored plays from the romney camp and others in the republican party to get out of the senate race. were do you -- what do you maybe of that? >> he did. i'm going to take wyche jim's
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dismissal of him being an unknown. he's an unknown now trying to become a u.s. senator in an environment where every senator matters. we have pressing issues coming up, such as repeal of health care reform and -- [ talking over each other ] >> 30 plus senate races going on i would guarantee we would have a hard time naming 10. they are obscure only important in missouri. how did this guy become famous? because maureen dowd said ryan and akin are part of the taliban. it contributes to the fact -- >> during this week -- [ talking over each other ] >> i was going to say this week we had the akin firestorm driven in large part by his own idiocy but also the left wing media. damaging report saying if the white house and republicans
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don't get their act together and deal with this pending fiscal cliff we are going to have over 9% unemployment pending january 1st. also a double dip recession. that got very little coverage because everybody is focused on something nobody except todd akin is talking about, which is rape. . >> you have the national media ignoring about what the vice president said about put y'all in changes. that comment didn't arouse nearly -- >> that is still sitting there doing nothing. some of the akinesque story the sea of galilee for the first time -- they are using it to set up the outrageous skinny-dipping. the core of that story was the fbi was investigating that gives it a seriousness. >> fbi wasn't investigating,
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>> more newswatch ahead. first, if you see something that you feel shows evidence of media bias, e-mail us. inside the obama administration what kind of attention are they getting? disagreements, conflicts, dysfunction, a few words describing team obama in two new bombshell books about our president. how are the media treating the new publications. >> jay leno has fun with the white house press corp, next on newswatch. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app.
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hillary clip ton has forged a tremendous relationship the only cabinet member to have a weekly meeting with the president she has used that to build a solid
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rapport some of the biggest accomplishments is thanks to hillary clinton not barack hussein obama. >> the book claims hillary clinton wields a a huge amount of influence over the president. according to the book she was able to convince the president to give the get for the bin laden raid. judy you don't think much about the contents of this book? >> no not only has it been denied as a fabrication. people who are familiar with this raid, we've had many accounts of this raid, many accounts of the acts leading up to it say it is complete bolderdash the admiral quoted in the press the top special operations officer said this was one of the toughest calls even the last time that it was made the raid was really a
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touch and go issue. i don't believe in book on the basis of one anonymous source. >> even if it is true, i don't understand what the problem is with having a president who is decisive about that or who spends time looking into this if you are going to violate pakistan's sovereignty and put the war on terror at risk i want to make sure you are doing the right reason and going after about weather. at the end of the -- about bin laden. at the end of the day, he did get him. >> ongoing operations like we have going with iran and so on when you have bob woodward's book these kinds of things open the door to all kinds of high jinx because it is almost impossible for a commander in chief to carry out things. these books are coming out now almost in real-time. >> or it is easy because you have your set of describes
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ready to tell your side. -- set of scribes ready tell your sigh. mark bowden has another book on bin laden on october 16th. my reporting says the president was instrumental, a total mat great version of history which may be true, who knows this is the one that the "new york times" will put on the front page will get all the attention on "60 minutes" two weeks before the election. >> politico has done a description of the obama campaign saying there is all kinds of turmoil in the book obama's last stand suggests that obama was clearly pleased when his former chief of staff emanuel left to run for mayor of chicago. >> pretty entertaining. i've been through five presidential campaigns, they are all soap operas.
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>> what is interesting is he's writing about how the obama campaign team and even in the white house panicked, divided all this infighting there's nothing unusual about this, every white house has this. what is different is that in 2008, obama positioned himself as somebody who is going to transform the way politics was done, transformative who was going to put an end to this petty politicking now we see he's just like everybody else. >> it was a campaign that was so well run and everything was cool and calm unpressure it >> the different was they had a good product. if you have a good product even if you have a bad campaign you are still going to make a sale. this time around the president is to a certain extent damaged goods and they need a streamlineed approach. >> what do you make of the claims that there's all kinds of tension between the president and debbie wasserman
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schultz the head of the democratic national committee? jeer shocked. of course there's tension. there's tension in every campaign and white house, you can spin it 100 different ways as jim, monica and justin and i would i think would all agree the outcome -- the american people are going to have the final say on this. next, jay loan know pokes fun at president obama and the press. those ideas that start with us rolling up our sleeves... ...and end with a new favorite room in the house. and when we can save even more on those kinds of projects... ...with advice to make them even better... ...that's a game-changer in itself. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get flooring for every budget with pergo gunstock oak laminate for just $1.88 per square foot.
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>>. >> jon: we've been talking about president obama's relationship with the press around as monica alluded to. jay leno had some form. >> the president held a press conference, you know, he still dodged, he is really good at dodging questions. take a look. >> we know what is right. it's time to do what is right. couple questions on two critical issues. >> thank you very much. >> have i heard this accusations that the white house has been feeding questions to reporters. again, i don't know if this is true. i watched the president's press conference yesterday. it looks like maybe, you make the guess. >> jay? >> couple questions with the economy going in what can you expect. [ laughter ] >> that was a good quest


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