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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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wednesday, august 29th, 2010. hannity is and o'reilly is next. considers, one of the -- condoleezza rice one of the headlines tonight and big speech from congressman paul ryan. good night. ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from tamp, florida where the republic convention is in its third day. right behind me we have got the speaker john mccain who knows more than anyone else in the country what it takes to run against barack obama. so let's go down to the senator, we'll kick it off with him. go. >> joining you national convention and add my voice to yours as we nominate the next president of the united states, my friend, governor mitt romney. [ applause ]
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i had hoped once of addressing you under different circumstances. our fellow americans had another plan four years ago and i accept their decision. i have been blessed for so long to play a role in our nation's affairs and i'm conscious only of the debt i owe america and i thank you for the honor. [ applause ] we nominate mitt romney we do so with a greater purpose than winning an advantage for our party. we charge him with the care of a higher cause. his election represents the best hopes for our country and the world. it is said that this election will turn on domestic and economic issues. but what mitt romney knows and what we know is the success at
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home also depends on our leadership in the world. it is our willingness to shape world events for the better that has kept us safe, increased our prosperity, preserved our liberty and transformed human history. at our best, america has led, we have led by our example as a shining city on a hill. we have led at the direction of patriots from both parties. we have led shoulder to shoulder with stead fast friends and allies. we have led by giving voice to the voiceless insisting that every human life has dignity and aiding those brave souls who risked everything to secure the inalienable rights that are endowed by all our creator. [cheers and applause]
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we have led with generous hearts, moved by an abiding love of justice to help others eradicated disease, lift themselves from poverty. live under laws of their own making and determine their own destinies. we have led when necessary with the armed might of freedom's defenders and always we have led from the front, never from behind. [ applause ] this is what makes america an exceptional nation. it's not just a matter of who we are, it's the record of what we have done. it is the responsibility that generation after generations of americans has affirmed and carried forward. it is a cause that many americans have sacrificed
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everything, absolutely everything to defend and when they have gone into battle as they do today, they have done so with a conviction that the country that sent them there is worth their sacrifice, that it stands for something more than the sum of our individual interests. may god bless all who have served, all who serve today as he has blessed us with their service. [ applause ] we are now being tested by an array of threats that are more complex, more numerous and just as deeply and deadly as i can recall in my lifetime. we face a consequential choice and make no mistake, it is a choice. we can choose to follow a
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declining path toward a future that is dimmer and more dangerous than our past, or we can choose to reform our failing government, revitalize our ailing economy and renew the foundations of our power and leadership in the world. that is what's at stake in this election. [ applause ] unfortunately, for four years, for four years we have drifted away from our proudest traditions of global leadership. traditions that are truly bipartisan. we have let the challenges we face both at home and abroad become much harder to solve. we can't afford to stay on that course any longer. we can't afford to cause our friends and allies from latin america to europe to asia to the middle east and especially in israel, a nation under
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existential threat to doubt america's leadership. we can't afford to give governments in russia and china a veto over how we defend our interest in the progress of our values in the world. we can't afford to have the security of our nation. we can't afford to have the security of our nation and those who bravely defend it endangered because their government leaks the secrets of their heroic operations to the media. [ applause ] i believe we can't afford to
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substitute a political timetable for a military strategy. by committing to withdraw from afghanistan before peace can be achieved and sustained, the president has discouraged our friends and emboldened our enemies which is why our commanders did not recommend these decisions and why they have said it puts our mission at much greater risk. we can't afford another $500 billion in cuts in our defense budget on top of the nearly 500 billion in cuts that the president is already making. his own secretary of defense has said that cutting our military by nearly a trillion dollars would be devastating. and, yet, the president is playing no leadership role in preventing this crippling blow to our military. a wise congressman from
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wisconsin has said our fiscal policy and our foreign policy are on a collision course. and that man is our next vice president, paul ryan. [cheers and applause] but most of all, we can't afford to abandon the cause of human freedom. when long suffering peoples demand from jailers and leaders and tyrants. the leader of the free world must stand with them. unfortunately, this is not happening. when iranians rose up by the oppressive rulers, when they beseeched our president chanting in english, are you with us or are you with them? when the entire world watched, a brave young woman named
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netta was shot and bled to death in the street in tehran. the president missed an historic opportunity to throw america's full moral support behind an iranian revolution that shared one of our highest interest, riding iran of a brutal dictatorship that terrorized the middle east and threatens the world. the situation is far worse in syria. what began as peaceful protests has now become 18 months later a savage and unfair fight. with the full backing of iran and hezbollah and russia, with tanks and helicopters and fighter jets, bashar assad is murdering men, women and children more than 20,000 people have perished, extremists are gaining ground and the conflict is becoming
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more dangerous by the day for our allies and for us. in other times, when other courageous people fought for their freedom against sworn enemies of the united states, american presidents both republics and democrats, have acted to help them prevail. [ applause ] sadly, satly for the lonely voices of dissent in syria and iran, and elsewhere in the world who feel forgotten in their darkness and sadly for us as well, our president is not being true to our values. [ applause ] for the sake of the cause of freedom. willing to give their lives so fellow citizens can determine their own future and for the sake of our nation, the nation founded on the idea that all
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people everywhere have the right to freedom and justice, we must return to our best traditions of american leadership and support those who face down the brutal tyranny of their oppressors and our enemies. [chanting u.s.a.] my friends, across the world people are seizing control of their own destinies. they are liberating themselves from oppressive rulers. and they want america's support. they want america's assistance as they struggle to live in peace and security to expand opportunity for themselves and their children. to replace the injustices of despots with the institutions of democracy and freedom. america must be on the right side of history. [ applause ]
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the demand for our leadership in the world has never been greater. people don't want less of america. they want more. everywhere i go in the world, people tell me that they still have faith in america. what they want to know is whether we still have faith in ourselves. i trust that mitt romney has that faith and i trust him it lead us. [ applause ] i trust him to affirm our nation's exceptional character and responsibilities. i trust him to know that our security and economic interests are inextrickably tied to the progress of our values. i trust him to know that if america doesn't lead our
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adversaries will. the world will go darker, poorer and much more dangerous. i trust him to know that an american president always, always, always stands up for the rights and freedoms and justice of all people. [cheers and applause] i trust mitt romney to know that good can triumph over evil. justice can vanquish tyranny, that love can conquer hate. that the desire for freedom can eternal and universal. and that america is still the best hope of mankind and now, my fellow americans, let's elect our next commander and chiefly and the next leader of the free world, my friend,
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governor mitt romney. [cheers and applause] >> bill: all right. you have been listening to john mccain first up here in prime time at the republic convention. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, dick morris going to analyze what mr. mccain just said and the other speeches we have heard thus far. plus, take you to louisiana, shepard smith will have an update on tropical storm isaac. we'll be right back from tampa. g.
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>> bill: continuing here live from tampa, florida, special coverage of the rnc on the factor this evening. dick morris is in our new york studio. so what is the most important, the most important thing that you have seen or heard at this convention so far? >> oh, ann romney's speech.
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obama's entire campaign for five months has been to personally discredit mitt romney and throw personal barbs at his integrity, compaction passion, humanity, question whether he lives on the same planet the rest of us do. ann romney really rebutted it. brought it back to earth and explained who he was. she explained it in very clear terms and she offered vivid personal testimonials of the hard times they have been through together. when she talks about how the dining room -- the ironing board with the dining room table. nobody is going to think that this guy was born having it all. so she on a scale of 1 to 10 her speech was a? >> 9 or 10. better than any other first lady candidate or incumbent that has ever spoken at a convention. >> bill: is that right?
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>> much better than barbara bush. better than elizabeth dole who was terrific. mrs. kerry was not. >> bill: wow. >> but hillary, better than any of them. better than laura bush, absolutely incredible. the other speeches did not necessarily serve core strategic purposes. this did. she had a mandate and was successful in putting it over on television, which is very very important. >> right. >> bill: chris christie came up behind her, governor of new jersey, how did he do? >> terrible. i thought he dropped out of the presidential race. he talked about himself in new jersey talked very little about obama or romney. there have been one or two failings this convention so far. it's not over by any means. one failure is the word bain capital never being mentioned.
5:20 pm
it's a big secret. nobody mentions the word. well, come on. obama's whole campaign is based on bain capital. what they need to have here is a video of jobs that were created. some speakers who say he saved my benefits. you can't let that attack sit out there without an answer. i also feel that mccain's speech tonight -- >> bill: don't get to mccain. stay with chrisy store a second. you felt that christie's remarks were too centered on himself and what he did in new jersey but he was staying by extension this is what the republic party stands for. economic, anyone after the teacher's unions and you didn't feel like that was effective. >> i thought going after the teacher's union was very good. i don't think it had much to do with the presidential race. i think he forgot he was a keynoter for mitt romney.
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>> bill: he wasn't very assertive against barack obama and we will discuss that later. some inside baseball that people want to hear. all right, so then john mccain comes up tonight, kicks off prime time and how did he do? i thought it was very dignified and eloquent made a good case. something going off in the mind of voters alarm clocks. the first thing obama's ratings on foreign policy are the high point of his presidency. he gets better ratings on that than anything else largely because he killed bin laden. and toppled qaddafi and also people are saying well, if we go around defending the cause of tree dom won't we end up in another iraq? and the afghan war isn't going anywhere. so i think that that he really articulated a case that i don't think is going to go over very well with the
5:22 pm
voters. >> bill: all right. so you feel that was a missed opportunity there. i would have liked to have heard more about his experience with barack obama. but here is something everybody should know. we have a knockout interview with john mccain tomorrow night on the factor. it is a knockout interview. i think people are going to be very very surprised. >> i mean, this is the guy who lost to barack obama last time. >> bill: right and he knows the nuances. >> the way i lost the election last time was that he said he would cut the deficit in half. >> bill: sure. i got to cut you off because we have got a couple of more speeches coming up and we want to go up to new orleans as well. i'm in tampa. so there is dick morris directly ahead. more speeches as i mentioned from the floor. then we will go to shepard smith. been covering hurricane isaac now a tropical storm. we'll be right back from tamp parks florida. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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>> bill: welcome back to tampa, florida. we're waiting for the sunshine state attorney pam bondi to speak. shepard smith covering hurricane isaac in new orleans. have you been there from the beginning. what's the most interesting thing you saw in this storm sequence. >> the rain. man, o'reilly, i have been covering hurricanes for 25 years. i have never seen one just sit and spin and spit on people for this lock. it was unbelievable and still is raining solid south of us in plaquemines parish 24 hours. another 18 hours to government home after home flooded. hundreds of people stayed behind. some of them got trapped. more than 650 now, people without power all from a category 1 storm because it's moving so slowly and just raining on everyone. the mississippi coast is just wiped out with the rain light light -- right along the coast. some cases in plaquemines parish like they didn't see kat. >> bill: everything in new orleans itself in the city ha
5:27 pm
was pretty secure, right? i mean, we don't hear about anything that happened there looting, deaths, things like that? >> shepard: no. not at all they came out in news conferences new mayor mitch landrieu said they got along great with washington and baton rouge that every cop who was supposed to come to a shift showed up. that they had a couple of looters, they named who they were and said they would put them in jail. they had no problems on the street. businesses that normally stay open actually closed down during curfews. if will had been problems we haven't heard about them yet. news conferences every hour. people got informed this went very well. it was impressive to watch, bill. >> bill: how many people would you say left new orleans? 50% of the population? 30? what was the number? >> i wouldn't know for sure because you couldn't tell really if they were hunkered down at home or if they had left. the night before the storm so last night you could walk these streets and see nobody.
5:28 pm
you could see maybe 10 people over 10 blocks. it was empty. >> so the bayou country, to the west of the city plaquemines parish, they got hit because there is a lot of water there anyway. and the water was rising and that's what the problem was? that and they are not in inside the flood control area. federally protected with levees and gates. they have private ones but they didn't do very well. they got hit first. rained their the longest. houses under water mississippi coast. storm surge and all the rain. it's bad in southern mississippi. >> bill: all right. thanks as always. now we have the attorneys general from florida and georgia on the floor. let's go down to them. >> time and again he promised to rescue our economy and environment by investing in green jobs but instead
5:29 pm
funneled your tax dollars into campaign donors' pockets. he promised to have the most transparent administration in history. but now refuses to come clean with congress and the american people about fast and furious. >> he sure does. he talks about living us more control over healthcare decisions but instead grants that power to government bureaucrats. he claims that government is responsible for private sector success but the only thing he is building is bigger government obama care is exhibit a. [ applause ] >> it distorts our constitution and endangers our fragile economy. we did everything in our power to stop it. taking the fight all the way to the united states supreme court. we prevailed on our two main
5:30 pm
arguments. the court agreed that the commerce clause of the constitution does not allow the federal government to purchase a product, to force you to purchase something that you do not want the court agreed that the constitution does not allow the federal government to force states to adopt a budget busting expansion of medicaid. >> then came the shocker, the supreme court upheld the individual insurance mandate by calling it something the president swore it never was, a tax. at every stage of the process, president obama and congressional democrats promised us that the mandate was not a tax. because they knew americans were hurting. and the last thing we needed was another tax. because they knew if the american public were told that
5:31 pm
obama care was just a massive tax hike they wouldn't have a prayer of passing t. >> right. >> instead president obama and the democrats called it mandate. then they turned around and without a shed of shame asked the court to call the mandate a tax. yet, the president can't bring himself to acknowledge publicly that the only reason this unaffordable care act still stands is because it is a tax. this is what happens when a president has such total disregard for our individual liberty that he knowingly and purposefully imposes unwarranted restrictions against the will of the people this is not why our founding fathers risked their lives and their fortunes when they created a nation. this is not why young american
5:32 pm
men and women today lisked their lives in defense of freedom. so tonight, we ask you do you want skyrocketing health insurance premiums? >> no. do you want new burdens on young people who already shoulder our nation's debt? >> no. >> do you want the government to force individuals and religious institutions to violate the tenets of their faith? >> no. >> do you want over $1 trillion in new tax increases? >> no. >> do you want a job destroying insurance mandate that strangles our businesses? >> no. do you want a federal government telling you what to do what to think and what to buy when it comes to your healthcare? >> no. >> do you want the federal
5:33 pm
government to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from medicare to hide the true cost of obama care? >> no. >> do you want more of this for four more years? >> no. the healthcare lawsuit has reminded all of us that the constitution limits the power of government it has reminded us of the precious relationship between federalism and individual liberty and though we fundamentally disagree with his decision, chief justice roberts did on or about that it is not the supreme court's job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices. >> that's right. it is our job to make a new choice. it is time to stand up and say in a loud, clear voice enough. >> enough.
5:34 pm
it is time to repeal obama care it is time to stop those who ignore the constitution when it is expedient. it's time to remember that our rights are not a gift from government but from god. and by his grace we will defend them. it is time for mitt romney and paul ryan. thank you. >> thank you. >> have a great night. [cheers and applause] they are the attorneys general from florida and georgia. enough to we're going to take a break. when we come back, we have inside stuff on paul ryan and chris christie. you are going to want to hear that and we're going to try to get a waters world segment in. i don't know if we will be able to do that but we have got it up on the lineup. take a break as the factor continues from the rnc convention in tampa, florida.
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>> bill: okay, the factor continues from tampa right now. we have some inside stuff with our two correspondents and here they are. john roberts and rosen. you have been on the show a lot. we always go to you. we want to know the real inside down and dirty stuff. all right, james? you got that? paul ryan,. >> right. >> what's he going to do and what's going on behind the scenes? >> is he going to speak for 30 minutes, bill. it's going to be -- a lot of it is going to be a stump speech. if you are one of the people who has been following him around hopscotching the states. stuff you have heard before. by and large he is going to try to summons janesville,
5:39 pm
wisconsin magically transport everyone to janesville, wisconsin and conjure that helps defang the medic scare type tactics. is he going to do a biothis is where i came. >> from this is who my parents. were launch an attack on obama legacy and record repeat that charge about obama allegedly raiding medicare to pay for obama care and close with summation for mitt romney. >> how is he going to get into the medicare owe baptism that care stuff? >> not too weedy but simply to try to do what they have been doing, which is seizing the offense on that issue which is historic shift as they can imagine can to do that for republicans. >> this is about 10 clock, right? >> a little after 10:00. >> now, christie roberts was supposed to be the hammer, but they pulled him back, i understand. is that right? >> they did pull him back. they told him they were going to pull him back. i was speaking with a former high ranking party official
5:40 pm
who is still very plugged in. talked to him this morning. he said i think they misused chris christie, the guy of hammer full of bombast, bigger than life they thought he pulled them back. he said if i were running this convention, i would have unleashed chris christie and unleashed him on the barack obama campaign in ways that chris christie has been known to do out there on the stump. but didn't do last night. >> did your source say that the romney people told him to tone it down? >> the romney people worked with him to keep it toned down. >> so they went over. >> i -- let me add one thing to john's excellent reporting. i spoke to somebody this morning who has had a prime time speaking role at this convention and i asked this person did you have to submit your speech in advance to the romney people to stewart stevens and that crowd. >> they all do. >> they did. and this person said they asked me to tone down one thing and i did. >> bill: they had a little red pencil. >> it's his show. >> the person that i talked to
5:41 pm
talked to christie the monk of his speech and christie said yeah they told me to tone it down. >> bill: did he seem teed off. >> he didn't seem teed off. role they wanted him to play. >> bill: obama people do that as well. they micromanage everything. >> standard stuff. >> bill: the reason they can't tell you who told them is because they don't want to be embarrassed and then sources dry up. that's smart. the information is -- you got something else, roberts, what else? >> there was another -- a democrat who has been to many many of these things saying he sees an attack point here that the republic party that the romney campaign is missing when it comes to mitt romney's wealth. this fellow told me he says, you know, i can see an ad coming out where they see mitt romney made all of his money, these are two rich guys first of all facing off against each other. mitt romney made his money creating companies, 90% of which were successful. this fellow a democrat says
5:42 pm
the other side of that coin is the opponent barack obama made all of his money writing books about himself. what narrative plays better. >> i don't know if that will be effective. i think morris was right when the obama people are making bain capital the big bogey man and that the romney people are going to have to somehow get that on the docket and refute that. >> just got here today the same as any other convention. you are jaded guy. >> fairly conventional. landon and when you are allowed to smoke. >> isn't that pretty much what it always is? >> pretty standard. they are bragging this is the most advance in terms of the use of social media. walls this and that. by and large pretty much the standard stuff. >> if i can add on again to what john was saying before about the likely attacks that were going to sea, going
5:43 pm
forward after the connections were over. left until election day. one thick you are going to sees a we have seen a little bit from romney and ryan is that they must give an out. face saving out to to people who voted for barack obama in 2008 and don't want to feel badly about having made that choice. the argue. they are going to be making is you can't afford him any longer. >> bill: not like you are an idiot. mccain could have done that. >> kerry did it in 2004. just bashed george w. bush up and down and people in 2004, despite iraq still felt some residual loiltd to george w. bush for keeping us together after 9/11. >> bill: i was waiting for mccain to say you see? i could have been in here and we developed avoided a lot of this. he didn't do that i expect next week in charlotte, roshts, it's going to be a more negative tone toward the opposing party. romney is trying to establish himself as a good guy, ann romney with that speech. >> trying not to turn off
5:44 pm
independent voters as well. >> and women. >> some negativity but mostly positive. in charlotte, i think they are really going to go after romney and ryan. these are the worst guys in the world. >> what's he been trying to do for the last couple of months. did it effectively in the month of july not so much in the month of august was to define mitt romney as this cold, uncaring, finance guy who all he wants to do is make money. they are trying to change that narrative this weaning. the obama campaign made a lot of inroads in july. particularly because romney wasn't fighting back. watch for them to go very hot, very heavy. >> interesting to see if that tone is negative in charlotte. who have we got up there right now? let's take a quick break. we're awaiting awaiting rob portman. we're going to take a break. we're going to keep the guys here. maybe we have time for watters world. we don't know. but you'll know when we come right back. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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>> bill: all right. we got a watters world segment. jesse has been running around tampa so here it is. ♪ ♪ tampa, rnc, how excited are you to be here right now. >> absolutely ridiculously icket excited. >> try to calm down. >> you are seriously overreacting. >> what kind of trouble are you going to cause for me. >> not of you. i'm scared of. >> you is there a lot of pro-romney spirit out here. >> especially especially with the romney ryan ticket that's the dream team. >> what's the biggest asset going into november. >> he is right. >> you are absolutely right, sir. you hit the nail right on the head. >> are you having a good time. >> we live here, baby, we are ambassadors. >> go mitt, baby. go mitt. >> ron paul still have a chance. >> there is always a chance, right? >> right, there is always a chance. >> so you are telling me there is a chance? >> rumor against president
5:48 pm
obama or for mitt romney? >> well, i'm a little of both. >> you have got to make up your minds. >> do you feel a lot of romney love. >> i do. >> and ryan? >> yeah. >> america is ready for some r and r in 2012. ♪ >> what do you think the greatest threat to america is right now? >> losing our freedom definitely. >> definitely the government. our government doesn't have we the people in their minds. they have the wealthy this their minds. >> are you always this skeptical about everything? >> what are you trying to accomplish tonight? >> that's what we're here for [bleep] >> what do you want to replace the system with? [silence] >> is america becoming a dictatorship under this president. >> yes. >> how scared are you? >> i'm not scared at all. i fear only god. >> nice, real nice. >> why do we need some of these laws on the books? if you are walking down the street with a beer in your hand, i don't think there should be a law against that. >> i need a cup perform stiff
5:49 pm
drinks how about you? >> greatest threat of people not being involved in politics. >> i think it's ourselves. >> explain that to me. >> well,. >> i asked you a question. >> what do you think the greatest threat toward america is right now? >> besides obama? that's a tough question. [ laughter ] how would you guys go about creating jobs in america? >> maybe like easier jobs to obtain. >> make the jobs easier? >> yeah, i guess so. >> to obtain? >> yeah. >> get the federal government out of our lives and let the free market operate. that creates jobs wonderful. >> i what are you trying to do? run this whole thing. >> get a job to make the standards like lower. >> okay. so lower the standards and dumb it down a little bit? >> yeah. >> soon i will be on fries. >> i own several businesses. >> you didn't build that. >> i did build that. >> i was kidding. >> you making fun of me? i don't like it. >> medicare is bankrupting the country. what do we do about that? >> we need to consider putting a stop to a lot of these
5:50 pm
entitlements. >> i give my money to my grandma not going to pay for everybody else's grandma there there is a lot of grandmas out there. >> that's right. >> going to get my car, grandma. >> are you an o'reilly fan. >> yeah i watch the show all the time. >> i'm not a big tv watcher. >> wow, that's a shame. >> don't block the shot! >> how big of a factor fan are you? >> i'm a huge factor fan. >> i'm a huge jesse fan. >> it's true. >> i used to watch it a lot more than i do now. >> what happened? >> i started reading more. >> are you a big o'reilly factor fan? you seem like a factor fan just looking at you. >> i watch o'reilly to watch watters. [ laughter ] >> i love o'reilly. he doesn't know me but i adore him. >> would you vote for bill o'reilly if he ran for office? >> i would run against him. [ laughter ] >> could you not smile like that? >> now we go back -- >> bill: watters is out doing the night life deal. so we'll see him in a couple of days. all right. we are awaiting senator rob portman from ohio. couple of matters of business.
5:51 pm
10:00 p.m. looks like paul ryan will speak here. he will also be on "the today show" tomorrow followed by me. i will be on "fox & friends" in the morning. little band thing going on. that's not portman. that's some rock guy, it's not portman. there he is. that might have been portman 25 years ago but it isn't now. and i also want to thank everybody, come on back to me. he has got enough exposure, this guy. all right. i want to thank everybody for making lincoln's last days number one, nonfictional juvenile book in the country. it's really stunning, all your teachers were ordering it for the classroom and all of that this coming school year. go to bill o' all the information there. very important for the kids to get involved. i hope you are making them watch some of this. i'm making my kids watch some of this. i got to tie them up, but i'm making them watch it. this is history. the kids need to get involved with their country.
5:52 pm
this is why we have the kids book on lincoln out. so they are going to do this song. right? let me give you a preview tomorrow. we talked with john mccain about what happened to him as a person in the run against barack obama fascinating. what he was up against as far as the president, what the president and he said to each other behind the scenes, all of that, big mccain interview tomorrow on the factor. got a great lineup. now, we are going to have tomorrow at 8:00, couple of speakers but not as many as we have had yesterday and today. we want you to tune. in got a good program on the board for you. also, we have a what was that? they are talking to me in the thing. okay. so portman is warming up in the bullpen, let's bring back
5:53 pm
roberts and james rosen. a guy like portman was seriously considered to be vice president that's why he is on the little look we didn't pick you but that's not the only. >> that's not the only reason why is he on. he is also on because he represents ohio and ohio is a must-win state for either side. >> bill: don't you think there is a personal thing in there. >> of course. you have marco rubio coming tomorrow, too right? >> and portman is going to play barack obama in the mock debates for governor romney. he is an important figure. >> bill: mccain talks about that tomorrow. mccain says he hates rob portman he played the same role for mccain he played obama in the debate. >> very unflappable like obama is. >> bill: if i can add something portman says that he went at mccain and we'll go at romney harder than president obama ever could. he said i'm going to be tougher than mitt romney could ever face and that's just to get him hardened up and ready to go for these debates.
5:54 pm
>> bill: one of the things i ask asked mccain i said look, you were too soft on obama you didn't go after him on a number of things. i think romney has to. he has in inherent plightnesses he has got to go after him. little tougher and sharper in the debates. >> he worked with a debate coach and he did. he performed well. romney is a sing garr larrly determined character. whatever he has ever wanted in his life it is point a to point b and don't get in his way. >> bill: is he not a con gron stational guy. >> he is very polite in public. that's the thing that could potentially hurt him in the debates. he has got to take the gloves off. take the romney politeness. you would think with all the bad economy, with the big big debt we have, and they are going to have that debt clock they ought to send a check to dennis miller. they have got the click clock and it's 16 trillion now.
5:55 pm
you would think that with all of the facts that he has, going to have to go after obama personally. he does have to ram those facts with all due respect down the throat. >> that's been one of the differences in the campaigns that back and forth about attack ads. president obama has been attacking president obama on substance. many people would agree that president obama has been attacking romney on a personal level. >> they both would claim, i think, that the other has tried to land some rabid punches. both sides have put up ads that have -- >> -- you tell me that robert gibbs told you or said this morning. >> he said publicly robert gibson, what an angry and strange convention it was last night referring to the night that featured ann romney and chris christie. >> christie wasn't even angry? >> no. >> christie called me a nut the other day i thought he was going to punch me. >> christie is like a big teddy bear out there. >> is christie the one man that bill o'reilly fears? >>. no i don't fear anyone, you know that rosen.
5:56 pm
it was way back to my childhood. >> don't forget a lot of that is going to change on the campaign trail. they are going to take the ropes off of chris christie. he they are going to let him go out there. what james is saying about portman as well. he is going to be big in ohio. out there for governor romney now until november. marco rubio will be out there. faithful soldier don't really look so much at mitt romney's policy as the person. they are really trying to selling the man here. the reason they have to do that is they are 10, 11 points behind on women. and women need to find some reason to connect with mitt romney and they are not necessarily. they care about the economy. they are not necessarily policy wonks. that's not necessarily connection. >> that's going to be ann romney help them connect. >> i don't know. it's single women that they are really behind in. married women -- >> burr better on married women. 25% in this country are single. >> loading the charlotte convention up with sandra fluke and naral and all the
5:57 pm
far left women. they are going to have a very big presentation aimed toward women in charlotte. and did was a very good idea, i think for the republic convention to not necessarily highlight one night of women as 2008 in the conventions but have very powerful republic women throughout the three days. >> nikki haley did a nice job, the governor of south carolina. we had pam bondi. >> kelli ayotte was here. >> condoleezza rice was here. she is going to be before ryan. ryan is the kickoff. there is two minutes, by the way to rob portman's speech and after that. >> condoleezza rice i talked to her this morning as well. she broke the glass ceiling at agust that. if you can do that,ing what what she can do in the campaign. >> she is almost like romney. she is not confrontational, you know. she is not going to get up there and say but she is, she is and she will stay in her speech tonight what women can become in this country.
5:58 pm
she went from birmingham, alabama, the most is he seeing get segregated state in the nation to become secretary of state. >> show wrote a book chronicling how she did that i don't expect fireworks out of condoleezza rice. i do out of paul ryan though. because ryan has really got to light it up tonight. he has really got to show the nation why he was selected. >> we're going to break out. >> one of the things he is going to say. one of the points that ryan is going to make is from mitt romney you are not going to get any excuses. you are not going to get him blaming anyone else. that's as oblique. >> bill: romney is not going to blame bush the younger? >> he may blame clinton somewhere along the line. >> but you guys both agree with me that paul ryan, we know him. and the factor viewers know him but the folks don't know him. >> right. this is his debut on the national stage. >> he gets on tonight. everybody is going to carry the clips as i said tomorrow he is on "the today show."
5:59 pm
he is the lead guest. even bumped me from the lead from "the today show." what's going on? >> remember what happened four years ago at the convention. not many people had heard of sarah palin. the day after her speech, that's all anybody is talking about. that may have been her high point. and ryan will not want to repeat that trajectory. he wants this as his starting point. >> he has got to make an impression tonight with a couple of lines. a couple of ba booms, you know. right in there so that it's carried on the internet and carried on all the news programs and he establishes himself. he has got to be a tough guy. >> i have been following him across the country. hopscotching states to see him and cover him. and he really did need to mature a little bit as a figure on the national stage. he filibustered some early applause lines that they built for him. i will tell you one of them in north canton, ohio he was talking about china and how it minutes currency new applause line they wrote for him. president obama promised four


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