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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 1, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> sean: let not your heart be troubled. that's it for this edition of "hannity." we will see you from the dnc convention next week. thanks for being with us. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: this president can tell us that the next years get it right. cannot tell us better off today than when he took office. >> mitt romney makes his case, appealing to swing state voters and taking the fight directly to the president. president obama promised to begin the slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family. [cheers] >> laura: we will analyze the state of the election and where the battle is headed. >> when somebody does not do the job. we have got to let them go. >> laura: clint eastwood makes a surprise appearance at the
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republic convention. but did his speech cause a distraction or did dirty harry hit the mark? >> i will start it you finish it. go ahead. >> make my day. mr. president, it is time to stop blaming predecessor for your failed economic policy. >> laura: republicans hit back against president obama's incessant blame bush mantra. how will the democrats respond? we will tell you. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the state of the race. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. three days of speeches at the republic national convention, successfully drove home three
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points. one, mitt romney has the experience and the demeanor required to get this country moving again. two: mitt rom? i a caring person. is he a family man. he possesses a great empathy for those in need. and, three, barack obama's policies have failed miserably i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. [ applause ] his promises gave way to disappointment. hope and change had a powerful appeal. but tonight i would ask a simple question. if you felt that excitement when you voted for barack obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he is president obama? [ applause ] you know there is something
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wrong with the kind of job he has done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. >> laura: some saying this speech didn't possess the soaring rhetoric of reagan or kennedy. seemed right for the moment simply stated and earnestly delivered. more should see mitt romney in a warmer and reassuring light. now thurston howell iii of modern day politics. admiral in an era where many are celebrated more more gadd behavior and edginess than actually real merit and achievement. maybe romney's clean exemplary life remains off putting to some people. those who either feel ashamed of their own choices or jealous of someone who chose better. one poll shows that romney got a bounce from this convention. reuters ipso survey of likely voters shows that moving forward romney seems to have a 6 point advantage. before the rnc, he was down 4
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points. now, romney is up 2 points. the gender gap has closed a bit as well. nevertheless, the r.c.p. average still has this thing all tied up. but obama still maintains a sizeable lead in the electoral college. so what next for the g.o.p.? in the final 65 days of this race. romney needs to convince voters of two important things. first, he must make the case that our lives can and will get better under his leadership. where will we see those 12 million jobs he promised? where will they be created? how long will it take? we need to see that with him it is morning in america again. second, his team must hammer away at the facts of president t obama's failure with powerful ads and strong speeches on the trail. the "new york times" is reporting today that most, 58% of the jobs created since the so-called recovery began have been of the low paying variety. that's terrible.
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as clinton eastwood said last night when somebody does not do the job. we have got to let them go. well-put. that's the memo. now on to the top story. two other points of view. joining me now are mark, a former speech writer for president george w. bush and margie omero, a democratic pollster. okay, margie, you are sitting here in the hot seat. tell me from your point of view how mitt romney did. just with connecting with those swing voters. those independent voters last night. not as a partisan but just looking at that time how a swing voter might see him after that speech. >> i think he did a good job. his speech, he got through it. he didn't make a mistake. he had some touching moments in it i think people will have a positive reaction. it's important to remember he is the net unfavorable since january. i mean, that's months and months of being more unfavorable than favor views toward him. that's going to take more than a speech to turn around. i mean, a lot of those voters are going to be deciding late
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and they are going to want to hear more policy as you noted which they didn't really get that much last night. >> mark, as far as convention speeches go, it really falls in line with most of the ones that we remember previously, right? reagan in 84 and 80. i don't believe got into a lot of policy prescholarshippives it was much more ideological mitt romney's speech targeted down the middle women voters and others who might have a negative view of him. >> you are absolutely right. convention speech is not supposed to be a state of the union address a lit my of policy proposals. supposed to introduce a human being to the american people who wants their vote for president. i think romney did a very effective job of introducing himself. he had two things that he needed to accomplish last night. the first one he needed to connect with americans in a way that he hadn't been able to before. he went into that convention with likability of obama 61 to 27%. after last night that gap is going to close significantly.
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the stories he told about how he learned unconditional love from his father. that story about how his father used to leave a rose on his mother's bedside every morning and that's how they learned he died because the rose wasn't there the story we heard earlier in the evening about the 14-year-old boy who was dying of leukemia who he helped write his last will and testament so he could give a skateboard to his friends. no one is going to say mitt romney is aloof and uncaring after this. >> laura: go ahead. >> the second objective was to convince those independents who voted for barack obama in 2008 and are disappointed with him to vote against him and who are struggling with that choice. the quote you played at the beginning i think is exactly one where he said i wish barack obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. i think that's exactly how most americans feel. but his challenge going forward is that americans still want barack obama to succeed. they are proud of having elected the first african-american president and they don't want him to fail. so he has to make the case that obama failed, that his
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administration is beyond repair and if he gets four more years the country will be beyond repair. >> laura: heard metrics from other speakers marco rubio and others. margie you can speak to this mitt romney has bridge with single female voters women without children. all women not that far apart. barack obama has a six point advantage. last night after that story mark alluded to of the couple who lost their son to cancer when they said he did the write things when there were no cameras around. he went above and beyond dulls the possibility of leftist excoriating him as monopoly guy with a top hat. >> there are a couple of issues. there is this personal -- sense that he can't personally connect with a lot of voters which is something we are talking about. i think did he a good job last night. that doesn't mean. >> laura: success connects.
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>> doesn't need ever to do it again. these keep that up until november when he hasn't been able to do it up until now. just one speech. is it an aberration, we will see. other pieces it's just not about his ability to personally connect. it's about his policies. and these stories while good stories, they don't mean that his policies and the policies of paul ryan are really going to help a lot of these struggling families. struggling women. struggling middle class voters who right now when asked which candidate do you think helps the middle class. obama a double digit lead. >> you think we will see barack obama talking a lot about his record, the metric that he set for himself. you think obama is going to marinate himself in what the "new york times" says today are 58% of jobs created are of low paying variety even though i think it was only 25% of low paying jobs are the ones that were lost. >> i think he is going to talk about 4.5 million private sector jobs created. >> laura: low paying variety. >> how the paul ryan plan, two thirds of the ryan savings would come from middle class
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and poor families. >> laura: we appreciate it next on the run down. it's the speech everybody is talking about. actor clint eastwood takes the spotlight at the rnc. was it effective? did it back fire? we will debate it republicans pushing back on president obama's blame bush mantra. report upcoming. is coming from.
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as a homeless teen myself, i really understand this first hand. nobody should go through that, and with your help, nobody will. to find out how to do your part, go to
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>> laura: in the fridays with geraldo segment tonight. clint eastwood's surprise visit at the republic convention was, perhaps, the most unique, perplexing, engaging and controversial speech ever. some of the reviews are mixed. we will let you be the judge. take a listen. >> we own this country. [cheers and applause] thank you. >> not politicians owning it
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politicians are employees of ours. [cheers] they are just going to come around and beg forevotes every few years. it's the same old deal. i just think that it's important you are the best in the world. whether democrat or whether you are a republic or whether you are a libertarian or whatever, you are the best and we should not ever forget that when somebody does not do the job, we have got to let them go. >> laura: joining us now from new york, fox news anchor geraldo rivera. now, geraldo, let me just tell you right off the bat, i love clint eastwood from beginning to end. because it had everyone on edge. >> that's for sure. >> laura: scripted moment in a buttoned up convention. the romneys were on the edge of their seat. people in the place ate it up. they loved it. it drove the left absolutely bong cores.
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bonkers. i loved every minute of it. >> as the person who had the most know tourous relationship with a champlet i'm offended that he stole my territory there. i got my nose famously broken by one and everyone talked about that. it's the only thing trending though. it absolutely obscured mitt romney's speech. i thought it was buffoonery. really badly done. if you are going to do stand up comedy you have to have good writing. he went off 12 minutes. i noticed you excerpted a clip at the top. if someone had done that for the 12 minutes and cut it down to a couple of minutes it would have been much more sustainable. it would have been funnier and flowed more. wouldn't have been so anxiety-producing people on edge. you could see poor an romney biting her fingernails. i thought it was dreadful. >> laura: look. maybe it could have been a little shorter. remember, he is improvises at the piano. is he a jazz pee anist. he is a pan of director,
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writer, musician. he didn't have the slick teleprompter deal. as mark steyn stated i don't think that would have been worked for him. clint eastwood. >> like is he wearing his grandfather's suit there. >> laura: you don't think he did that on purpose. >> i don't think he did it on purpose. i think that the whole thing with the hair and suit. it looks like he got out of joe's bar stumbled in to do this -- okay, you know, took it way too casually. you have an audience of tens of millions of people. you are bringing on the productive nominee. person you want to be president of the united states. my god did we need laughs. well, actually, i think this jon stewart says. everyone will poke funnel of it i saw him more as a warm jump for marco rubio. he was earnest. this was a warm-up. more like don rickles than
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american politics. you have -- geraldo, hold on. you have said anything similar about the following liberal people in celebrity don. >> this isn't about liberal and conservative. this is about my wanting mitt romney to be presented in a way -- romney's speech was terrific. he was strong and humane. >> is he not romney. is he an actor. >> whether you have this kind of distraction where is he making sex jokes about the president of the united states. there is no nobility there. >> laura: okay. >> tongue in cheek are brilliantly clever satire. it's nothing. just a guy going up vamping. i could go up and vamp for 12 minutes i could be funnier than that what it looked like was an 82-year-old man who lost his way. that's what it looked like. >> laura: i love you, geraldo, you could never have done what clint eastwood did last night neither could i. you could not have done that. >> his gun is bigger. >> laura: he is 82 years old he gave us a life lesson what he said last night.
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basic common sense. >> new verb. eastwooding now. it's like swift-boating. >> laura: enough said. same people who prop up the left wing hollywood celebrities never criticize everybody on the left is criticizing him. >> i wanted him to sign. >> they all shined. >> everybody was still murmuring about clint eastwood. >> here is a news flash, geraldo. the left does not have monopoly on minority thought nor does it have monday monopoln entertainment thought. maybe not you but the left crazy. let's talk about something else that maybe you and i can agree on. couples who have been helped by specifically this one particular part presentation. let's listen. in 1979, tragedy struck out family when my youngest son
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david diagnosed with hodgkin's disease. >> through the that agonizing period, mitt took time from his busy schedule to visit david. they developed a loving friendship. how many men do you know would take the time out of their busy lives to visit a terminally ill 14-year-old and help him settle his affairs? >> laura: geraldo, your reaction? >> i almost was crying when i saw that couple. they were so real and they gave life to mitt romney who has this immac of are a hissive toe craft. the monopoly man with the top hat. a couple telling the story from the heart in a way that was so sincere, humanizing this guy. that's exactly what you wanted to remember. and that's exactly why clint eastwood was such a disaster. nobody remembers that couple now. they only remember that stupid chair. remember the lot of it.
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people have the ability to take in a lot. have. >> have a nice weekend. >> laura: you too. mitt romney fighting bank debunking the war on women's campaign. enough is enough. jeb bush tells president obama to knock off the blame game but will the dems
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight, as the obama campaign continues to wage its bogus war on women attacks, mitt romney is firing back. proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the republic party is an inclusive party. >> when my mom ran for the senate, my dad was there every step of the way. i could still see her saying in her beautiful voice why should women have any less say than men about the great decisions facing our nation?
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[cheers] as governor of massachusetts, i chose a woman lt. governor. a woman chief of staff, half of my cabinet and senior officials were women. and in business i mentored and supported great women leaders who went on to run great companies. >> laura: totally antiwoman to me. and joining me now to analyze whether romney's appeal to the female voting block was effective in atlanta la let that la poor a republic strategist and in new york lorena maxwell democratic strategist. you will get the first crack at the apple here. mitt romney the litany of both women who actually spoke and were showcased at the convention itself. governors and so forth state leaders even some of us. i didn't know how many women he had worked with while governor of massachusetts. this is clearly an individual who is very comfortable working with women and very comfortable promoting women. what was your reaction. >> i think it's wonderful that they are highlighting the
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women that he has worked with and i think that it's fantastic that the republic party used women speakers and highlighted them in very prominent speaking rolls. what i think is more coworker to me is republic policies that don't necessarily help those women. so while they are women in his administration, that's great, that's fantastic. how much were they getting paid? were they getting paid differently than their male co-workers or were they getting paid. >> laura: are you kidding me? >> not at all. >> laura: we know that women staffers in the white house that study being done they are not being paid as much as male counterparts. maybe you should work on that analysis first. >> we should work at that on all levels. >> laura: let me get this straight. you basically think that because of the republicans' view that people shouldn't get free contraceptives mandated. >> free, not free. >> laura: the abortion issue, it's basically contraceptives and abortion, right? those two issues are really the things that bother you most. >> no. actually i think that contraception is not free. when you pay for health insurance.
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you are getting charged doublely. but now thanks to obama care after august 1st that's not the case. also though mitt romney is talking about the repeal of obama care. that's something very personal to me my younger sister is one of the beneficiaries of the current obama care system. i think it's important to talk about the real women that are going to be helped by the policies of the obama administration and that will be heard in -- hurt in the futue if mitt romney is elected president. >> laura: married women support romney 55% to obama's 40%. in overall the numbers are very close like 6%. but single women and you have to address this, loretta, single women still a sizeable gap although that gap has closed somewhat after the last week or so. your reaction? >> well, i think it will close more as we move forward throughout the campaign. i think governor romney was highly effective and the campaign was effective this week in showcasing women who are very credible, who have
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achieved great things and he has certainly put them front and center in both private business and while he was governor of massachusetts. i think to the gap we have seen this for quite some time. we knew coming out of the last election cycle in 2008. that single women tend to gravitate toward the democratic party and those policies. they tend to gravitate more government in their lives because they look for more security. married women tend to be more conservative in that regard. >> laura: oddly, married women tend to be more independent of government. i don't know if that's because and can you speak to this zerlina single women without children look more to the children for assistance, guidance, and help. it's that unhealthy dependence that i think is initiative killer not something that uplifts women from the ground up. why are you shaking your head you? can't argue that the obama administration has been good for women's pocketbooks.
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it's been a disaster for women's pocketbooks. >> i think that the economy overall has been very difficult for all women whether they be married or single. and i think that, you know, i'm a single woman without children and i'm not dependent on the government. i think what's most important to me and, you know, if i choose to have a family in the future is whether or not i'm going to be able to afford child care. whether or not i'm going to get paid the same amount of money as a man for the same work. republicans are on record, including mitt romney as not even necessarily having a position or being against that. and that is not acceptable to me. >> laura: mitt romney has come out and said he thinks women should get paid less for the same amount of work that a male was doing. >> he said he would not have signed lily led better. >> laura: for a whole host of reasons. >> pay equity came up in the congress he came out and said i don't know. we will get back to you on that. american women deserve an answer. >> laura: whole host of reasons federal government doesn't benefit whole host of women. >> you are hosting should you
1:29 am
get paid less than bill o'reilly for the same work? >> laura: i will bring that up. first of all i don't work the same hours as bill o'reilly. >> if you did. i think you should get paid the same exact amount. >> laura: lot of factors that go into play. general i think mitt romney is a fair guy and showed that over the last several days. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. republicans fire back at the president and his supporters as well who won't just stop blaming bush. why is that? how will democrats respond in republicans make a special appeal to minority voters. did that work? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, did you begin to notice a theme last night? the g.o.p. sick and tired of the same old democratic mantra of blaming bush for all their woes started firing back. president bush's brother general led -- jeb started the charge. >> it is time to stop blaming pred says for for your failed policies. in the fourth year of your presidency a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions and you haven't done it. >> laura: then it was mitt romney's turn. >> this president can ask us to be patient this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. this president can tell us the
1:34 am
next four years he will get it right. this president cannot tell us that you are better off today than when he took office. >> laura: joining us now from charlottesville, university university of virginia politics professor larry sabato. we are watching this play out with the bush blame that is still being sprink celd around quite liberally sprinkled around quite liberally. we are north going to take it anymore. is it working? >> it will work partly because president bush 43, george w. bush has done a smart thing which most presidents are unable to do once they leave office. and that's to actually step off the stage. you know, he has been amazingly quiet. and when you are quiet, even if you have high negatives. you find that those negatives start dropping and the intensity level drops as well. so, you are just not as big a target. it's probably not going to work as well as it might have worked otherwise.
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larry, then keep also saying mostly democrats of course republicans want to return to the same old. scripted line said by almost every obama surrogate. i also tend to think that those swing voters, and you have studied, this the swing voters want to see what can you do? what's your plan? how are you going to get us moving again and defend your record. i think going back to the idea the bush policies we're beyond that. i just don't think that works all that well anymore. >> you can really overdo the blame game. and i think the democrats have to be careful about that in charlotte. this has to be more about defending what president obama has done in his first term, restructuring how people see what he has done in his first term and then projecting forward from that and saying here's what the second term is going to be like and here's what it means for you. rather than going back and saying as you know we are in the soup and we are in the
1:36 am
soup because the soup was concocted by george w. bush. i don't think that does sell very well. >> as if he didn't add $5 trillion to the deficit with his own policies. let's talk about the convention. winners we mostly agree on that. what about the convention losers? you actually said that chris christie did not emerge as a winner. i take issue with that but tell me briefly why. >> well, because his speech was more about him and also he did not do what the convention nears wanted and what i think the people tuning in at home at least what the republicans wanted to see. that was red meat. that's what chris christie is known for. you know, can he really bash. they wanted him to go. >> laura: why is that smart? >> surprisingly they had to wait for paul ryan to get the red meat, laura. >> laura: larry, why do they want red meat? they want those swing voters. they want the women to start looking at the republic party
1:37 am
anew and people who might have voted for obama but have some doubts. when he said we have become paralyzed by our desire to be loved, and we must choose respect over love, you know, we're the masters of our own destiny, we're not the victims of our destiny. i thought it was chris christie at one of his best moments. it wasn't ripping people apart. i think that was powerful stuff. nevertheless, professor, it's great to see you as always. straight ahead. diversity on display. the g.o.p. challenges the conventional wisdom about its relationship with minorities and it gives the democrats something to envy. we're going to have a report. plus, paul ryan up close and personal. those stories and more when the factor comes right back.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight. this week's g.o.p. convention showcased a side of the republic party not often associated with it, diversity. from senator marco rubio to governor martinez, the g.o.p. boasts a roster of high profile minority and female leaders. many of them took center stage at the convention. a few years ago during a speech i noticed the bartender behind the portable bar in the back of the ballroom i remembered my father who worked for many years as a
1:42 am
banquet bartender, he was grateful for the work he h that's not the life he wanted for us. you see, he stood behind the bar in the back of the room all those years so one day i could stand behind the podium in the front of the room. >> rubio and the others who took the podium this week give the democrats something to envy. a diversity in the upper echelons of the party that the democrats cannot claim. with me now georgetown professor george metzler and fort town, texas. political commentator francisco hernandez. all right, francisco. all right now i'm dying to hear what you have to think about this. because, by all accounts, both suzanne that martinez and marco rubio and there were others who spoke not in prime time but who were terrific or tores. both of them showed people something new and different about the republic party. >> the problem here is governor romney had to go out on such a limb to win the
1:43 am
primary to come out and appease hispanics and minorities on hispanic and minority issues comes across as patronizing. i understand the intent but the problem is you just can't come out and speak spanish and make things okay. most people don't realize you speak almost perfect spanish. we speak in spanish all the time. it does not mean we are going to convince each other about each other's point of view. you have to have substance and actions. if governor romney made perry look soft on immigration. have you gone way out on your limb to win a primary. not going to fix it by putting on a show. >> because mitt romney does not sign on wholeheartedly to the democrats' version ever changing of the so-called dream act. because he has a different view on immigration, he can he not be successful whooing minority voters in this instance latino voters who are new england those starting small businesses at a faster rate than anyone else in the united states?
1:44 am
see, i think that, and you can chime in on here, chris. i think that mitt romney connects because he knows the family values' issues that are important to latinos and also the business issues that are important to latino. >> absolutely. >> not just amnesty. what he talked about a whole lot about was this idea of entrepreneurship of starting a new business, of being able to do those kind of things. so for you to suggest that it's patronizing, quite frankly, you are the one who is being patronizing. this is the most ridiculous argument i have ever heard. in fact, this h. had there not been such a display of adversity at the convention you guys would have been saying where is the diversity in the convention. >> i'm with ron paul. what do you mean these guys? >> whoever you guys are. if that includes you, fine. >> but it is patronizing because you spent the last. >> laura: how is it patronizing francisco stop for a second. suzanne that martinez is somebody i happen to know in
1:45 am
new mexico, governor of new mexico. this woman has been the prosecutor of some of the worse of the worse. those ho a booze women and children. she has answer credible life story. her family built a business from nothing and made it into a huge success. she has worked since i believe she was 14 or 15 years old. she is an amazing story. she also happened to care for a disabled sister. >> i agree. >> laura: showcase her is patronizing. i think it would be insulting if we didn't showcase susanna martinez. >> exactly. we are not talking about her running for president mitt romney running for president. >> laura: why do you think they are supporting him. marco rubio year exemplary story another person who came from nothing. >> they would be doing the same thing for newt gingrich if he would have won. all lining up on the ticket. they have to support him. they all like mitt romney for a while. they all like rick perry for a while. they all liked newt gingrich for a while. it was every week depending on whoever won the primary. they wouldn't have said no to any of the candidates. >> in other words, in your analysis, they must be,
1:46 am
suzanne that martinez and marco rubio and others must be self-hating latinos; is that right. >> i think markio rubio is the real deal. i like him. why didn't we pick him? >> i'm not going to dispute that earth auto. if this whole thing is bunk and romney doesn't care about minorities and connect with minorities they are either stupid for supporting mitt romney or they are self-hated i don't know what it. >> consistent with ideology and party i have nothing against mitt romney. i'm saying it's patronizing to bash these issues primary. i like you guys, i really do. despite everything i said the last six to eight months. >> all right. we are not going to settle it here. chris, it's great to see you. professor and francisco good to see you. up next, paul ryan before he was the v.p. nominee. a factor exclusive coming up. during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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>> in the factor flashback segment tonight back in april when paul ryan's name one of many being floated around as possible v.p. pick. i had a chance to interview him right on the factor. ryan was charming, smart an consistent. take a look. romney's throw back to the 1950s? he is a funny dude. what does that mean? >> this was taken out of context. he has these great aspects from the greatest generation. is he very civil. is he very principled. very honorable he has an earnest way about him. when i say is he a funny dude is he has a funny sense of humor. he has a very quick mind and very quick on humor and whit. so, this is what happens when
1:51 am
bloggers slice and dice your comments and make that kind of appearance. what i said is this man reminds me of leaders from the greatest generation. civil, honorable, earnest. and he has got a very fast mine and very funny guy. >> i have always called him ward cleaver but i love ward cleaver. >> that's what i think of. i grew up watching leave it to beaver. i liked mr. ward cleaver and he has these great attributes very nice civil man and very earnest. >> laura: we need someone to set us straight wally and beaver did too. we need an honest mature adult in the classroom. >> exactly. that's the point i'm trying to make. >> laura: i get it congressman, let's move on to this budget question because the president clearly is seeing you, whether you are the vice presidential nominee or not, seeing you and your budget as a target in this campaign. >> yeah. >> laura: one of the things he is really saying well what your plan does is you put more of a burden increasingly on the elderly, so they have to pay more more of their
1:52 am
healthcare down the road. david mill banks says $770 million new fees burdens on the poor and adds up to trillions over time and that's the wrap on you. >> we are used to verbal tantrums from the president. this is just like the speech he gave last year. what the president has decided to do instead of offering solutions his own to prevent a debt crisis. wait until the republicans offer their solutions and then attack them. i think he has decided rather than run on his record, which he can't distort ours, and speak to us as americans in divisive ways to distract and distort the country. distract from the election. look, here is what happens, laura, if we have a debt crisis, something that the president's policies bring us toward. people who need government the most. people who are poor and elderly they are the ones who get first and the worst if we have a debt crisis. by getting our fiscal house in order we prevent a crisis from happening so we can protect those who need government the most. with respect to the poor, obama's policies aren't working.
1:53 am
we had the highest poverty rates we have had in a generation. one in six americans are in poverty today. these policies are making it worse. so why should we keep throwing money at failed programs? what we're say something they reformed these programs to get people off the welfare and back to worth. economic policies so we can have growing economy job creation and economic opportunity to the people who have never seen it before we want to take those successful ideas we use for welfare and put those in place for the other welfare programs so we can get people on the lives of self-sufficient if i. we want to attack the root causes of properties to break the cycle rather than treat the symptoms make it easier to live by which i think is the practical implications of the president's policy. >> i what i think is clearly happening larger debate. not really a debate other than you and few other people on capitol hill. no one is having the substantive debate. becomes the politics of demonization. president has a vision.
1:54 am
came out with his budget. no one in the house would support it he came out with his budget. i say now mitt romney is going to be in this position of defense unless he goes on the offense. he is the rich guy in la jolla and lake, out of touch, doesn't know what regular people are going through. give him advice i'm sure you would like to give him advice on a daily basis. what's the one piece of advice you would give to him in this current climate that you know the president is operating. >> i think he is doing it if you listen to mitt romney's speech in appleton, wisconsin, or his speech the election night in milwaukee, wisconsin, it was perfect. it said to the country, we're going to go to the country and give them a clear affirming choice. do you want barack obama's government centered society, a nation on the path to debt and decline or do you want the american idea? do you want the opportunity society? do you want growth? do you want opportunity? this is the choice that we're going to give the country. we are going to at least give the country a choice which path they want america to go
1:55 am
on because this election we will be choosing a path. the question is do we do more of the same? do we go down the president's path of debt and decline or reclaim prosperity. that's what mitt romney is offering the country. >> laura: he was always my choice for the veep pick even when people made front of me. look from tampa highlights look from tampa highlights fr
1:56 am
hi hi ♪(whistling tune) ♪("don't worry be happy") >> we want to leave you with some of the most memorable moments from the republican national convention. sit back, relax and enjoy. >> outstanding! >> hey, hey, ho, ho... the g.o.f. has got to go!
1:57 am
[chanting] [cheers and applause] >> this man will not fail! [music playing].
1:58 am
>> a little girl grows up in birmgham, the segregated city of the south where her parents can't take her to a movie theater or to a restaurantful but they have her absolutely convinced that even if she can't have a hamburger at the woolworth lunch counter, she could be president of the united states if she wanted to be. and she becomes the secretary of state! [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, these past four years, we have suffered no shortage of words in the white house. [cheering] >> what is missing is leadership in the white house! [cheering]
1:59 am
>> save a little for mitt. [laughter] >> when somebody does not do the job, we have to let 'em go. [cheering] >> the next president of the united states of america... mitt romney! >> president obam promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. my promise is to help you and your family. [cheering] >> good job, guys. that takes a lot of work. just a reminder, on monday, we will have bill's


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