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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the democratic national convention of 2012. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first of all, i'll be travel to go charlotte on thursday for the president's big speech. for tonight and tomorrow, we'll do what we did last week. have factor analysis examine bring you some of the speeches. as you may have heard, fox news dominated the ratings over the republican convention in tam parks beating every tv news operation in the country. boy, are they mad. thank you all very much. now, down in north carolina, the
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democrats are really up against it this year. their story is grim and a new poll conducted for the hill newspaper confirms that. survey among likely voters asked, based solely on job performance, does president obama deserve to be reelected? 54% say no. 40% yes. 6% not sure. when asked if the country in better or worse shape overall, 52 say worse. 31% better. 15% about the same. so you can see the mood of the country is not with president obama in the democratic party. therefore, in order to defeat mitt romney in the republicans, the democrats will have to do high stepping. first thing they'll do is tell voters they are absolutely better off than they were four years ago. they just don't know it. the obama team will also continue to blame all the bad stuff on former president bush. >> america is better off today than they left us when they
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left. [ cheers and applause ] if it weren't so hot, i'd go into detail why. but let me sum it up this way, folks. you want to know whether we're better off? i got a little bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive! [ cheers and applause ] >> bill: will that bumper sticker be enough? there is no question the country is worse off today despite the vice president's rhetoric than when president obama took office. if you're speaking to someone who disputes that, immediately terminate the conversation because that person is irrational, kool-aid drinker. look at this. when president obama took office, unemployment was at 7.8%. after 3 1/2 years, it stands at 8.3%. median income when the president took over, $55,000. now? 51,000. gasoline prices in january 2009,
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1.84 per gallon. now, 3.82 a gallon. that's painful to working folks and largely ignored by the president. national debt, $10.6 trillion when mr. obama took over. it's now more than $16 trillion, an astronomical and dangerous rise. into inly the budget deficit, president bush's last year, $458 billion. in 2011. under president obama, had risen to nearly $1.3 trillion. again a dangerous amount of money to have to borrow. the way the democrats can spin those, they're in stone. the country is in trouble. no we about them. but there is a questions question about how to get out of that trouble. many voters believe president obama has had enough time to improve things and had inn a football coach inherits a team and they're still worse three years later, the coach gets fired. mr. observe eastbound says wait a minute, his situation is
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unique. >> historically, after these big financial crises, a lot of people are dealing with debt or a collapse of a housing market, that creates bigger challenges and we're seeing this not just here in the united states, but around the world. but what i would say is the steps that we have taken in saving the auto industry, in making sure that college is more affordable and investing in clean energy and science technology and research, those are all the things that we're going to need to grow over the long-term. >> bill: now, there is no use in debating president obama's opinion. he believes it and so do his followers. awe the charts of the world are not going to change their minds. it's up to you, the voter, to decide whether mitt romney and the republicans should get a chance to improve things. therein lies a question mark. talking points has said from the beginning of this campaign that the vote will be a referendum on barak obama. it will be an up or down vote on him. republican party knows that. therefore, governor romney will play it safe. not going to be drawn into policy controversy. not going to make bold and fresh
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statements. eis going to say president obama failed to bring prosper at this time america examine he, mitt romney, will be able to do that. as a president, he will say mitt romney's vision will not succeed. but of course the president doesn't know that. it's a hypothetical. i believe that if america continues its record spending, continues to borrow billions of dollars every day, the economy is going to get much worse. but i can't prove that. just what i believe. liberals don't seem to care much about looming bankruptcy. they want to provide social justice and they don't really care about the unintended consequences. to them, fiscal responsibility is not a factor at all. so throughout this democratic convention this week, you're going to hear that the republicans want to hurt the folks big taking aware their rightful stuff. and also hear how the president wants to help the poor and middle class and he will tax the wealthy and business owners in order to difficult the folks more stuff. really useless to debate those points over and over. republicans want competition.
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and an open mark place capitalism. democrats want social justice. you're going to have to make the call. both obama and romney want power. the way to get power is tell voters you'll look out for them. rhetoric goes round and around. doesn't get us anywhere. talking points is a big perfor president shirley knowles is a administration is not been economically effective. fact he gave himself an incomplete when asked to grade his overall performance. that may be generous with every economic category down big. with the folks paying $2 a gallon more to gas up. with the nation owing $16 trillion, incomplete seems to be a soft word. market is in trouble. politicians in both parties better recognize it examine do something about it or all of us will suffer big time in the years to come. we need unselfish leadership, abraham lincoln leadership, and we, we the people, need to recognize the truth. the bs has to walk.
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and that's a memo. in a moment, charles krauthammer will weigh in on the democratic national convention and how the media covered the republicans over the weekend. charles krauthammer moments away
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>> bill: continuing with cower torch, it's a safe bet to say the media will be kind tore the
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democrats. we asked charles krauthammer to monitor the national coverage and i have thoughts on my talking points memo. charles joins us from washington. so you're pretty good at hot shotting it examine telling everybody what dunnedder head i am. where did i go wrong in the key points? >> it pains me to say this, but this time you've you staggered on to the truth. >> bill: good. >> the business about incomplete, 3 1/2 years into the presidency, i don't know how it was over at harvard law school, but at the medical school society f you got an incomplete, you didn't graduate, you didn't get your md or practice. but forget about harvard. o obama by his own standard, he said in an interview very early in his presidency that if he didn't have this thing fixed by three years, he was a one-term deal. one time where i agree with obama. >> bill: okay. let me point out that charles did go to harvard medical school. a psychiatrist. number two, i respect the president for saying i give
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myself an indeplete. i thought that was honest. it will be used against him. but he was being honest. and he was also being honest by saying if he didn't fix the economy in 3 1/2 years, he's out of there. so i don't have any beef with the president on any of that stuff. >> look, i give him credit for honesty, but he didn't have any other answer. >> bill: he could have lied! i'm not calling the vice president a liar, i'm not. but you just heard joe biden saying hey, you're better off than you were four years ago and -- people are going, do you live in america? >> that's why old joe is a laughing stock and obama is still taken seriously. >> bill: okay. because he's an honest guy. charles is down in tampa and i actually hung out with him for ten minutes in the big news room we had there and then he asked me to leave. but i asked him before he had the bouncers remove me to -- >> there wasn't room for the two
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egos in one enclosure. >> bill: that's true. with no air left in the room. >> exactly. >> bill: so i asked -- >> people were gasping for air. >> bill: i asked charles krauthammer to look at the coverage on the national media, network and all of that, to see what kind of shots they took after the fact of the republican convention. what did you see? >> i saw one sort of general consensus emerging among the main stream media, that republicans had lied continuously and repeatedly and shamelessly in their speeches. they particularly centered on paul ryan to the point where they were calling it almost unanimously. this is on all the nets. they were calling it a truth free zone. >> bill: what did he lie about? >> this is what is so amazing. they don't even pretend to be objective anymore. they said number one, that deal about taking $700 billion out of medicare and spending it on
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obamacare, that is absolutely completely true. and they say ryan did the same thing. ryan did not do the same thing. he have took the money -- he made the cuts in medicare, but he used the money to go into the medicare trust fund so it will be used for the future. it's as if you were saving money on your child's education by sending him to public school instead of private school, so you can save the money for college. obama did the same thing, but he didn't save the money for college. he bought a jaguar. that's the difference between what obama did on that -- >> bill: because the issue is kind of complicated, do you think the main stream media, national media simply doesn't understand the issue and just buys the democratic talking points when they spit them out? or are they doing this consciously? >> i think when you get to a complicated issue, they're so used to examine they live in the bubble of liberalism, that's the air they breathe. >> bill: right. >> they find it easier to accept
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it than to actually go into the weeds, as we do on fox news, and jim angle, a lot of the people on "special report" and your show and other shows, show this stuff isn't show examine they did the same on welfare. what the obama administration did is absolutely undermine the central work requirement in welfare which was the triumph of the '86 reform that had made inviable the requirement of work first. what obama did in the hhs regulation is to make that subject to the whims and the waivers of a secretary of hhs, which was never intended in the law and is completely contrary to what the original welfare law was meant to do, signed by clinton in 1996. >> bill: right. okay. finally, i don't know whether you saw this, but they had a tribute to ted kennedy just a few minutes ago. and i was startled because they
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used a dead guy, kennedy, to attack mitt romney. instead of listing all kennedy's achievements, they had a big portion of kennedy debathing romney examine basically calling him an idiot. kennedy calling romney an idiot when they were returning against each other. so the democrats used a dead guy to attack romney. i went, is that good taste? >> no. you've got -- you also is a trend. you've got obama depending on clinton to endorse him. you've got these ads where clinton looks at the camera and says, i had a good economy, obama's got the same ideas. support him. obama's been in office for a full term. and he's running on the clinton economy, he's running on the kennedy attacks, he's running on the nostalgia and the past and he has the audacity of saying romney is a man of the past and of the last century. >> bill: all right. charles krauthammer, waters world up ahead. clint eastwood in the spotlight.
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12346 waters world segment. the clint eastwood speech shook up some people. jess yes waters sampled some reaction. ♪ . >> did you guys see the clint eastwood situation? >> yeah, we certainly did. very disaimportanting. >> i did. >> yeah, i was thinking that, too. >> he was trying to get a point across, which i think he did. >> what was his point? >> he was like really -- i mean, i don't know. >> i didn't get -- i think he probably should have had it
5:20 pm
scripted. >> specifically the implied words that were not spoken were in very bad taste. >> with all due respect, sir, you're beginning to bore the hell out of me. >> what's your impression? >> i can't do that to myself either. >> i can't do that to myself. >> we were all kind of appalled. >> appalled? >> that's terrible. >> we have a sitting president. we don't have an empty chair president. >> very interesting. >> did you watch the clint eastwood speech at the republican national convention? >> you're not stoned now, are you? >> no. i'm medicated. >> we serve it every day like peanuts at the cocktail hour. >> people said it was rude and disrespectful. do you agree? >> i didn't find that to be disrespectful in any way, shape, or form. >> he's a charismatic man. >> hi. >> but my impression was that he was a little -- he was drifting off message. >> why don't you run along, huh? >> it was a little not becoming. >> so you must have been equally
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offended when a lot of the hollywood lefties called president bush a war criminal for the last eight years? >> i didn't see that kind of quote. >> not really easy to like something you know nothing about >> what about the point clint was making that four years ago, people were crying over hope and change and now? >> i haven't cried that hard since i found out that there is 23 million unemployed people in this country. >> i think the president's approach just takes more than four years. >> everybody has got a right to be a sucker once. >> remember when he said we don't work for politicians. politicians work for us. >> that was a good one. >> if they're not working, let's get a new one in there. >> absolutely right. >> when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go. >> overgeneralization to say obama has not been doing his job because he's done many things for the protection of the native americans with the health care act. >> you believe that?
5:22 pm
>> you're talking about afghanistan, i thought it was stupid because he said -- >> did you ask the russians with it? >> we didn't check with the russians to see thousand howe they did theirs for ten years. >> somebody should have asked the russians. it should have been president bush. >> say what? >> did you guys ever watch "the o'reilly factor"? >> all the time. >> big fan. >> i don't listen to o'reilley at all. i could care less what he has to say. >> you're doing a great job. >> you ever work bill o'reilly? >> not if if i can help it. >> i think it's great! >> it's history making! >> all right. >> bill: we have a brand-new question. did clint eastwood help or hurt mitt romney's cause? you make the call and make our day by voting on also on, i want to thank everybody supporting "lincoln's last days," written for children in fourth through eighth grade. the number one juvenile
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nonfiction book in the country. you teachers want to order it, get the information there. also real quick, "killing kennedy "out october 2. if you haven't read "killing lincoln"because it sets up kennedy. you won't believe the two coincidences. it's amazing. a new congressional candidate was wounded in iraq. she's running in illinois. here to fill air time, monica crowley and alan colmes. celebrating the release of his new book "thank the liberals for saving america." if you can't sell copies down there, you are toast, man. >> go to the eskimos, i know. >> bill: they should be screaming for you. i got to ask you you sat question i asked charles krauthammer. ted kennedy, you may not have seen this, but they did a tribute to him. >> i did. >> bill: did you see it? >> it's a tribute to kennedy and part of his career was going against mitt romney for senate.
5:24 pm
part of that debate, i thought it was relevant. it's not as exciting as an empty chair. >> bill: no, but was it in bad taste to use a dead guy to club mitt romney in. >> the purpose was to pay tribute to kennedy. >> bill: no, no north texas! it's to club -- wait! wait! it was to club romney! that's why they used that whole thing! they could have used that to have kennedy's measurements and achievements and all that. they cut out for about two 1/2 minutes for a dead guy to club romney! >> you want to talk about bad taste? word in the mouth of an imaginary character. >> bill: colmes, you're in fifth grade. was that in bad taste? n first of all, you ran waters world, you saw the freak show going down at the dnc. >> bill: no, no, no! that's wrong. >> come on! >> bill: 75% of those people, waters talked to, were rational people. yes. he always finds a few.
5:25 pm
>> so we're on the higher end of the freak show. >> bill: were you in tampa? there were a few shadies town there. did you not see them? the ron paul supporters? >> he was looking who is on the stage for the dnc even today. >> bill: stop! >> taking a dead man, this is -- this is indicative who have the democrats are and what -- >> bill: this is like a vampire movie! rising from the dead to attack mitt romney! >> by the way, when the democrats were trying to get the obama care bill through, what did they do? they said win one for ted. they were propping up ted kennedy long before this. >> bill: colmes, this reminded me of a long one at bernie. >> very funny line. >> bill: thank you. >> i'm on the freak show. i guess i'm also with 75,000 people here who are just totally irrational and with whom you should terminate the conversation. bill, you should look out here for us. >> bill: wait, wait, colmes. did i not stick up for the crowd?
5:26 pm
did i not do that? >> yes. >> bill: don't give me that. go ahead. >> but, the people here, look, there is a great argument to be made for the president who has done a terrific job and actually turned the economy around. yes, we are better off four years ago. >> bill: when you say that, don't you know that only kool-aid drinkers, only people in prison are going like that, that's those are the only people who are? forget everything, we put the facts out there and then you say the economy has turned around when every indicator says it hasn't. do you not realize that? >> we were losing three quarters of a million jobs a month when obama took over. he's turned it around. no question. those are the metrics. >> bill: all right. don't even engage. i told you i'm not going to do that. i'm not going to do that. >> terminate! >> bill: i am not going to do that. that is insane. all right. and i don't want to waste time on that.
5:27 pm
now, the overall talking points memo, you heard it, is that basically the president is going to ask in his flam buoyant, rhetorical way forkser more time. and one of the waters world guys said you got to give him more time because he inherited this awful mess that rolled over into all kinds of things. i think that's not an insulting point. i mean, that's not a -- either give him more time or you don't, right? >> that's all they have because they certainly can't run on the record. but the question is not are you better off today than you were four years ago? the real question is projecting into the future, will you be better off -- inform you can't answer that. >> that's exactly right. but if you're going to project into the future and say, okay. mr. president, more time to do what? more time to do exactly what you have done over the last 3 1/2 years? >> bill: that's what he's going to do. >> record breaking deficits and debt. we smashed through $16 trillion inform he's going to do what franklin dell know roosevelt
5:28 pm
did. just going to spend and spend and spend and hope it works. that's what he's going to do. >> it hasn't worked over the last 3 1/2 years. >> bill: the voters have a simple choice. >> if obama wants to stay the course, which is what he's arguing, give me another four years, then not only are you going to have this situation, you're going to have this situation made ten times worse. >> bill: in your opinion, but you don't really know. there could be a turn around. it could happen. it's possible. colmes, one more thing. i asked you this before, but i can't remember your answer 'cause i kind of block out everything you say. >> lovely. >> bill: do you care about $16 trillion in debt and borrowing billions of dollars every day? >> yes, die. but i also care we have a plan to address it. i don't think mitt romney says he's doing -- >> bill: so you have a plan to address -- nobody know what is that plan is. >> what's romney's plan? he's been nonspecific on purpose. he's running against obama, but not for anything. we have no idea what he's going to do inform he's going to cut across the board
5:29 pm
we know that. >> how is he going to bring money in examine solve the debt deficit because it will cut 20% of the gdp, lower the tax rate. he's not been specific how to make it happen inform i got to run, examine buy colmes' book. "the highest tax revenues, federal revenues came under bush. all right? when he did cut taxes because more people invested money examine they got more capital gains tax in. more coverage of democratic national convention in charlotte in a few moments.
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>> bill: we are awaiting a speech by tammy duckworth would lost both he legs legs in iraq n 2004. she was a captain, i believe, in the national guard, yes. in a blackhawk helicopter hit. she lost her legs and partial use of one of her arms. got a purple heart. running for congress against joe walsh in illinois and will speak momentarily. let's bring in now brit hume and he'll be the lead in, kind of the warm-up act for miss duckworth. i'm obsessed with this, and i know it's foolish. but ted kennedy, attacking mitt romney from the grave. did that grab you at all? >> well, it was a video and it looked like a gratuitous kind of a shot at romney. this is what do you at convention, you try to score points. i didn't think it was out of bounds but i think we have seen
5:33 pm
several things over the past several days suggesting for all of the efforts they've made, and as long as they've been trying to get this president reelected, that the obama team is a little rusty and out of practice. you had the thing over the weekend over are you better off? they couldn't seem to get their answer straight on that examine spent monday working to try to walk that back. then you had this problem that the president had when asked what grade he would give himself? he said an incomplete. >> bill: didn't you admire that answer? >> no! that was a terrible answer. >> bill: why? >> the because the answer you give to a question like that is, either you give yourself a better grade than that because you'll hear about it forever, or you say something like, look, it's not for me to grade myself. it's for the voters. i hope they'll see what i've done. you don't give yourself an incomplete. it's just gratuitous. >> bill: let me challenge that. look, the people who don't like barak obama, who never are going to vote for him agree with you and they say look, he doesn't
5:34 pm
even have confidence in his own leadership. however, the independents who he's trying to persuade to vote for him, he says to them, you know what? i can't say now because i need more time to prove to you that my policies are going to pay off big time. so it's not a completed deal. that's what he's tying to get across. >> it may be, but remember now, just two days earlier his people were having a hard time saying you were better off. than they spent the next day saying yes, you are better off. well, if you are, the grade should be better than incomplete. i have think it was a mistake. it was an off the cuff response and it didn't work very well. one more thing, you heard mention of the platform planks, absence of the word god, the failure to refer to jerusalem as the capital of israel, both which have had been in previous platforms. that doesn't help. platforms don't matter very much. >> bill: tell me -- i did hear that on the radio coming in examine some of our things on fox news. tell me about the god thing.
5:35 pm
was it in there examine they took it out? what happened? >> it had been in previous platforms and it's gone now. >> bill: in god we trust? >> i believe it was god given talent or whatever, and that's god. >> bill: it was one reference last time around, i believe. >> i think there was more than one. several references last time. but the point being that there are people out there who may be put off by that. these are not big things, bill. these are small things. >> bill: do you know why god disappeared from the platform? >> no one has said anything. bret baier tried to get dick durbin to comment and he went off on bret. i don't think they have a good answer to it. finally, one more thing that's interesting. this hall a quite a bit smaller than the hall that the republicans used in tampa. the result is that the noise that you hear from the delegates is much magnified naturally, in addition to that, the democratic planners here have cranked the
5:36 pm
volume on the sound system up to the absolute max so that when your in the hall and a number of the network anchor booths are open to the hall, the sound from the floor and the platform is absolutely deafening. and the result was that there are -- network news programming on our network and on other networks that's being drowned out, an outcome i'm sure that was not intended by the way this was organized. now, there is a lot being said about it. there are complaints being lodged. they may turn it down. but once again a small thing, but suggestion they don't have their act together. >> bill: when people see new charlotte walking around, are they friendly to you? >> generally. generally friendly to me, yeah. i ran into paul baga will, a yesterday while i was wait fogging for a ride. it was bet wet out and i was standing in a sheltered place and he and some friends were inside a restaurant and asked me to come in and jane -- join them. >> bill: he's a communist. so you had to pick up the check,
5:37 pm
right? >> no, he's a clintonite. but not a communist. >> bill: he's not a communist? >> no. he's a pretty friendly good night. you see him on the air. if he's criticizing somebody you like, you don't like him. but i've known him a long time, he's friendly. >> bill: the folks have been, you know, not insulting or anything like that? >> no, not really. you'd be surprised at the number of people who stop you and want to have their picture taken with you. >> bill: i wouldn't be surprised. >> when you get here, you're going to be mobbed. >> bill: i expect to get the key to the city and perhaps other accolades. here comes tammy duckworth. thank you, we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> bill: captain in the national guard, wounded in iraq and she's going to give a speech and here she goes. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, everyone. my name is tammy duckworth. i'm running to serve illinois'
5:38 pm
8th congressional district. my father served in the army and marine corps, oorah. vietnam vet, his family has worn our nation's uniform since the american revolution. my husband is an army officer and my brother saved lives in the coast guard. my mom is thai and chinese examine proudly became a citizen in her 50s. [ cheers and applause ] dad's work took us all over the world until he lost his job. it was a tough time. we used up our savings, moved into a studio apartment. but our family did the responsible thing and we rolled up our sleeves, mom took in sewing. my 55-year-old dad kept looking
5:39 pm
for work. but at 15 years old, i was the only one with a job. after school for minimum wage. thank god for the food stamps, public education, and pell grant that helped me finish high school and college. [ cheers and applause ] in time, we pulled through. with this start, i was able to earn my own commission as an army officer and i became an assault helicopter pilot working my way up to command a blackhawk helicopter company. [ cheers and applause ] in 2003 my national guard unit was mobilized and i became one of the first army women to fly combat missions in iraq. and almost a year into my tour,
5:40 pm
i was wounded and recovered at walter reed with other wounded warriors. some of us had obvious injuries. others had scars on the inside that were less visible, but no less real. at the hospital, i realized my new responsibility, to honor the buddies who saved me by serving our military men and women and i became the director of the illinois department of veterans affairs. we led the nation in screening for traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress and we created a tax credit for illinois businesses that hire veterans. then president obama asked me to help keep our sacred trust with veterans of all eras at the us department of veterans affairs. we worked to end the outrage of veterans having to sleep on the
5:41 pm
same streets they once defended. we improved services for female veterans and i reached out to young vets by creating the office of on-line communication. barak obama has also lived up to his responsibilities as commander in chief. ending the war in iraq, refocusing on afghanistan, and eradicating terrorist leaders, including bin laden. [ cheers and applause ] president obama pushed for fairness in the military, listening to commanders as we ended don't ask, don't tell. and on how to allow women to officially serve in more combat jobs. don't you think it's time that we stopped being surprised that america's daughters are just as capable of doing their jobs and
5:42 pm
defending liberty as her sons? [ cheers and applause ] when it comes to our men and women in harm's way, we have a clear choice on november 6. last week mitt romney had a chance to show his support for the brave men examine women he is seek to go command. but he chose to criticize president obama instead of even uttering the word, afghanistan. barak obama will never ignore our troops. he will fight for them. that's why he is my choice on november 6. my choice is to do what my family times were hard. roll up our sleeves and get to work. my choice is to do what my crew did for me in a dusty field in iraq. on november 12, 2004, i was
5:43 pm
copilotting my blackhawk north of baghdad when we started taking enemy fire. a rocket propelled grenade hit our helicopter, exploding in my lap, ripping off one leg, crushing the other, and tearing my right arm apart. but i kept trying to fly until i passed out. and that moment, my survival and the survival of my entire crew depended on all of us pulling together. even though they were wounded themselves and insurgents were nearby, they simply refused to leave a fallen comrade behind. their heroism is why i'm alive today. and ultimately -- [ cheers and applause ] ultimately that is what this election is about. yes, it's about the issues that
5:44 pm
matter to me, building -- (chance of usa! usa! ) building an economy that will create jobs here at home, that will -- and outcompete countries around the world. but it's also about something else. it's about whether we do for our fellow americans what my crew did for me, whether we'll look out for the hardest hit and the disabled. whether we'll pool together in a time of need. whether we'll refuse to give up until the job is done. so let's finish what we started. let's keep moving forward with barak obama. let's do what this country has always done. look adversity in the eye and work together to overcome it. god bless our military men examine women who are in harm's way today. god bless their families, and always god bless the united
5:45 pm
states of america! [ cheers and applause ] >> bill: very brave woman. we'll have more coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte in just a few moments [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help.
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norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >> bill: continuing with our coverage, waiting for another speech from a congressman from california, before that happens, let's go back to charlotte where the ever investigationent juan williams and john roberts is standing by. williams, we'll begin with you. you're in the home field now. anything you see down there today catch your eye? >> it's interesting for me to listen how they're going after mitt romney. later tonight in a much anticipated speech, you're going to have julian castro, the 37-year-old mayor of san antonio come out and the heart and soul of what he has to say is this: mitt romney doesn't get it. i think you'll also hear that coming from -- >> bill: what doesn't he get? >> they're saying he doesn't understand what people are going through in this country. he doesn't understand what it's like to have to struggle in this country, that he's the guy who told some kids who want to start
5:49 pm
a business, go borrow the money from your parents. >> bill: whoa! >> which is a democratic talking point. >> bill: this may sound partisan, but i don't mean it to be. i don't care whether romney understands a kid on the lemonade stand borrowing money! all i want is a technician to fix the economy, to lower the debt, and to get the entitlement spending under control and to reform medicare and social security. i don't care if he's touchy feeley! i don't want phil donahue running the country, juan! >> but you want somebody who tells what you they're going to do to fix the country. you dewpoint want to take a blind pig or whatever -- >> bill: there is too much where you can tell me what he's going to do. but -- >> didn't he just are a convention? >> bill: i wouldn't have said anything anyway. all he's doing is coasting. he knows the president is in trouble and so he said in the talking points memo. he's not going to get himself in trouble. he's going to step back. wise political move.
5:50 pm
>> so you're going to buy the pig in the poke? >> bill: i'm not buying any pig, juan. i got a small backyard. i'm not buying any pigs. i just want somebody -- >> why would you take some guy's word who says, i've got great ideas, i'm gog give you 12, 14 million jobs. you say wow, that's great. but how? >> bill: why would i take his word? i'm not taking his word. it's like you hire a baseball manager. you're a mets fan. if the team is lousy after 3 of a years, how is he going to improve it? you hire the guy you and hope he wins. >> i don't go hire some guy off the street. >> bill: off the street? he was the governor of massachusetts, juan! off the street? he lowered the debt in four years by $2 billion without raising taxes! come on! >> yeah. look, let me just tell you something, people were fleeing the state. you know what? all i'm saying is the argument here that i'm hearing from the democrats is one, the contrast it to the way romney portrayed
5:51 pm
obama as obama, again, is just not a good guy, wasn't up to the job, they have failed to coach, that has a losing record, as you put it. here the argument against romney is, he doesn't get it. >> bill: he doesn't get it. i don't think that's going to be enough, juan. roberts, you look at -- juan is an analyst and you're a reporter. that's not a slap at juan. that's what we pay juan to do, analyze stuff. as a reporter, what have you seen that caught your eye today in n i certainly hope you're not going to yell at me like you yelled at juan. >> bill: if you say dopey stuff about pigs in the backyard, i am. >> he was talking about julian castro. one of the most interesting things i saw today was julian and his brother, with a joaquin, down on the floor. like his politics or not, you got to admit this is a pretty incredible story. this is the guy whose grandmother came to this
5:52 pm
country, she was an orphan. she went to elementary school. she knew that she wasn't going to be able to stay in school. she dropped out in the fourth grade, went to work odd jobs cleaning house, looking after kids because she knew she was going to have children one day examine wanted those children to have a better life. her daughter rosy was born. she then had twins, julian and joaquin. they are two generations removed from where the grandmother was and people are talking about julian potentially running for president of the united states. >> bill: you say his name -- >> it's a incredible story. >> bill: it's julian. but i assume he's going to get into the illegal immigration and all of that business. >> julian castro? >> bill: the guy speaking, basara? >> yes. i'm sure they will because that is one of the big themes here. also brit was talking about this a little earlier. one of the things i thought was really interesting was when the platform came out, it was gone through, we were looking at the word god, gone.
5:53 pm
it was mentioned once in 2008. seven times in 2004. four times -- >> bill: why is it gone? did you find out why it's gone? >> no one came up with an explanation. the ohm thing the democrats, the only thing the dnc would say is don't worry about that being gone because there is an entire section in the platform on faith. the other thing that i thought was interesting that was -- >> bill: wait, wait, wait, wait. how can there be an entire section on faith if you don't mention god? what do we have faith in? >> you have faith in some higher power, i would imagine. >> bill: but not god? >> according to the democratic platform. if you compare it, bill, to the republican platform, god was mentioned ten times in the republican platform. >> bill: clint eastwood who some think is close to god appeared. that's neither here nor there. all right. >> the other part that was interesting was the removal of the idea of jerusalem being the capital of israel. that was in the 2008 platform. taken out this time. the dnc says and the obama
5:54 pm
campaign says we're reneglecting previous administrations. he has an opening because 78% of jewish voters went for president obama in 2008. some may say is he really looking after my interests this year? might they cast a vote for mitt romney, who went to israel and said, jerusalem is the capitol of israel. >> bill: no doubt mitt romney is courting the jewish vote. in the past, they've overridden the israeli question. i did get the guys mixed up and i'm sorry. the guy who is going to be speak not guilty a moments we think, is xavier basara, congressman from california. john roberts was talking about the mayor of san antonio. >> that's 10:00 o'clock. >> bill: i'm sorry. do we have -- is javier up yet? we're still warming up there.
5:55 pm
so we have to get back to you, juan. juan, i don't want any animal jokes, all right? leave the kids alone. it's not fair. now, how are they treating you, juan? are you like colmes? are they grabbing you for pictures and mobbing you down there? >> that was tampa. i got to tell you, what's interesting here is it's very clear that i work with you and fox news. >> bill: are you stigma advertised? >> i am. that's all right. i don't mind it. it's who i work for. i'm a proud employee. to me, you guys bail me out. >> bill: are they giving you jazz down there? you getting jazz down there? >> that's all right, bill. i'm a big boy. you give me jazz -- >> bill: but i'm interested. on the street, do people give you a hard time? >> well, people just want to know why do you work for fox? why do you have to be there? and how do you put up with that? aren't you sticking -- it's a constant thing.
5:56 pm
>> bill: you show them your contract, juan? you should carry that around. go here is why. they're disgruntsled npr people doing that, juan. they know! >> you know what i say to them? i say you know what? when i'm talking on fox, i'm talking to bill o'reilly, nobody is telling me what to say. we have honest conversation, honest debates and we go back and forth. >> bill: and we have fun. we don't take it all that serious. we make our point and then juan buys me tinner any time i want. we got to let you go. you got something more important to do than the factor. he's cutting a rap album or something. roberts, do we have roberts or did we lose him in. >> no, i'm still here. >> bill: this basara is supposed to be up ten minutes ago, maybe he's madonna, refuse to go come out. >> remember when olympic was president,. >> bill: bill clinton could do that. he's a mega star. why is this guy getting a prime
5:57 pm
time spot? >> because the push to la see know voters. let me talk about bill clinton for a second. he is going to be in the house tomorrow putting barak obama's name into nomination. and there is a lot of nervousness among the republican party elite that the leaders as to how good he's going to be. they're a little bit concerned that bill clinton will definitely be an exclamation point in this convention, that he will make some points that may be very difficult to counter against with the rapid response operation that the republicans have. so they're nervous looking at bill clinton because they think that he is definitely going to be one of the big speeches of this convention. >> bill: he's always a big speaker wherever he goes. >> but for some reason, worried about him this year. >> bill: no doubt -- you know how everybody that's everything. the one person we have not mention who had is on the docket is michelle michelle obama. what is she expected to speak
5:58 pm
about is this. >> she'll continue the themes she began in 2008. she'll talk about the promise of america. she'll talk about obviously a lot of her husband's policies and where he will go if he is given another four years. you can hear the crowd here at the time warner cable arena chanting four more years now. but the argument again that romney makes is, if you couldn't do it in four years, if you keep blaming your predecessor for the situation, when do you a, take responsibility for it? or b, face the fact that maybe people are losing faith in you examine your ability to turn the economy around. i'm looking at what a potential obama 2 would be, second add m over the next couple of days, bill. and everybody i've talked to has said he doesn't have any grand legislative agenda as he did when he was running for president in 2008. what he was promising the country then. his main goal will be to fix the economy and fix it as quickly as possible because if he wants to get anything else done, he's going to have to make improvement on the economy. >> bill: absolutely.
5:59 pm
if he wants to maintain his job. but then he's got to either tell us i'm going to continue to do what i've done, massive penning, or i'm going to change a little bit and do this, and i don't know, he's not -- barak obama historically doesn't admit to mistakes easily and say, i might change course. you're right. no president does that. bush certainly didn't do it when things were going south in iraq. john roberts, everybody. we are now going to wait for whoever pops up next. this isn't as organized as the republicans were in tampa. they were like clock work last week. all right? i was getting like, we got to go! now, you know, stuff is a little -- we don't know what's going to happen. all we know is that we appreciate you watching us tonight. we hope go to, vote in our clint eastwood poll. it's an interesting poll. we have a bunch of other stuff i don't have time to tell you about. please check it all out. and please continue


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