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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 5, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is wednesday september the 5th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> the democratic national convention it is in full swing if you were watching it last night. the speakers wasted no time to use their platform to slam mitt romney. joining us with details is peter doocy. >> since sasha and malia's birthday was at school they
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watched their mom's speech at the white house with their dad. even though the president wasn't in charlotte she told stories about his up bringing and record in office to explain he has the right values to continue leading the country. >> like so many american families our families weren't asking for much. they didn't bee grudge any one else's success or care others had much more than they did. in fact they add mired it they believed in the fundamental american promise. even if you don't start out with much, if you work hard and do what you are supposed to do you should be able to build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your kids and grand kids. that's how they raised us. >> entitlement reform is the major theme of the 2012 campaign. she said last night her husband believes if a person is
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responsible in america they should be responsible for sharing their success for others trying to get ahead. >> he believes when you work hard and have done well and walk through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. no, you reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed. >> a little while before she took the stage we heard about a man who may throw his hat in the ring maryland governor martino maley who said united states is not better off today but in his convention speech he changed his tune. >> mitt romney and paul ryan now say they want to take america back. and we have to ask, back to what? back to the failed policies that
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drove us into this deep recession? back to the days of record job losses? back to the days when insurance companies call being a woman a preexisting condition? no thank you. >> the head liern tonight at the democratic national convention will be former president bill clinton. president obama likely hasn't heard president clinton's speech practiced at all. poll lito says he won't give a draft of his speech until just before he took the stage. >> in 2008 it was two hours before. >> that can be dangerous. thank you so much, peter. it is time for look whose talking. the talk is about the first night of the dnc. >> the first lady and the mayor of texas castro speaking last night. the theme of both of their speeches it's the government that helps the american people.
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>> during our post convention coverage they weighed in. >> one of the things that struck me was all about government when she talked at the beginning of the people who exemplified the best of the american spirit she talked about speech teachers and first responders very admirable professions but all government. when she talked about ways to build the middle class it was all about the auto bailout and student loans and healthcare reform. once again all government programs. it was a subtle sub text to the entire speech. >> you did have as chris pointed out quite effectively a whole series of things we talked about. it is true every single one of them did relawsuit to government. there was no mention about the private sector which drives the government. the mainstream media was
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really critical of paul ryan's speech and gone so far as to call him a liar. that is a theme many democrats are pushing. you heard it on all of the talk shows. charles kraut hamm hammer and bill o'reilly riley talked about that. >> i saw one general consensus republicans had lied continuously and repeatedly and shamelessly in their speeches. they particularly centered on paul ryan to the point where they were calling it almost unanimously almost on all of the networks calling it a true free zone. >> what did he lie about? >> they don't even pretend to be objective any more. >> do you think the mainstream media national media scans the issue and spits them out or are they doing this consciously? >> i think when they get to a
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complicated issue they are so used to and they live in the bubble of liberalism that's the air they breathe they find it easier to accept than to go in and jim angle a lot of special report go into it and show it isn't true. >> we will get to paul ryan's at 8:00 a.m. this morning. brew on this michelle obama wants america to give their house another four years to implement the change he promised back in 2008. we want to know do you want another 40 years. >> send us your comments you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail us at the top five stories making news at this hour. president obama not able to give
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himself an actual grade for his presidency. >> the party says you inherited a bad situation. you have had 3 and a half years to fix it. what grade would you give yourself? >> we are seeing this in the united states but around the world. europe is going through a difficult time parts of asia and china are going through a difficult time right now. mitt romney's campaign quick to respond. >> i used to teach. the students who came in are the ones that knew they hadn't done anything. the ones that failed in their responsibility in that respect the president is right he gets an incomplete because he's a failure. president obama blaming president bush for the country's financial problem. >> the debt clock is now officially topping $16 trillion. the embarrassing milestone coming less than one hour before the first speaker took the stage at the dnc last night.
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the $13 trillion amount amounts to a staggering $135,000 to every single family out there. the deficit has increased by more than $5.4 trillion since he was sworn in four years ago that's more than in 8 years since george w. bush was in office. chairwoman debbie wasserman finds himself in a major clash with the united states allies. israel's ambassador to the u.s. accused republicans of being dangerous to israel for criticizing president obama's record. michael ore is firing back saying i categorically deny that i ever characterized republican policies as harmful to israel. bipartisan support is a paramount national interest for israel and we have great friends on both sides of the aisle. they are claiming she never said
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it. >> let's shift to this to the state of illinois where drew peterson answer murder trial goes to the jury. the prosecution urging jurors to use common sense saying it was clear that peterson killed his third wife kathleen savio so she wouldn't get his money or the kids in the divorce. the defense says the state's case failed to prove that peterson committed the murder. he faces 60 years behind bars if he is convicted. chris christie making an appearan appearance. >> he said to me, you are going to be good tonight,ing right? i said, yeah. i am going to be really good. all right. i am going to stay then. he started to stay for the speech. as if there wasn't enough pressure in front of 20 million mitt romney is hanging for the
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speech. northeast getting slammed with wicked weather overnight. join us with the latest is maria molina. we are getting a lot of rain. where is all of this coming from? >> we are on the eastern side of it. that means we are going to have to deal with winds out of the south a lot of humidity and muggy conditions and the humidity right now in new york city is 91 percent. extremely humid out. have the umbrella out if you live anywhere from new england. look at the temperatures early this morning. it is in the 80s in dallas up into parts of kansas city very warm even into the overnight hours. once we head into the after nurns you will head into the temperatures in the triple digits 98 in kansas city, 83
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degrees. quick stop one cold front across new england another one across the midwest. >> thank you so much maria. now to stories you can bank on this morning. if you have an iphone, ipad or ipod hackers say they got their hands on millions of unique user id's. joining us is lauren simonetti. this effects most of our viewers. >> members of the hacker group said they broke into a lap top and found it contained the id numbers of 12 million iphones i pads and i pods. they dumped that data on to the internet to show the world the fbi is using your device information and tracking you. fbi officials deny the claims and some security experts say it could come by data use and apps. >> auto lenders giving money to less qualified borrowers. >> sub prime borrowers like auto
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americas did. experienced research finds that a quarter of all loans to new cars sub prime for second quarter and half of them went to used cars. at the same time lenders are increasing how much they lend out. it rose by $5 million. i understand americans don't understand the basics of investing. >> kids are going back to school, right? kids want to hit the books, too. american retail investors lack basic financial lit tee. many think they are good at handling money but they are are the really not at all. if you look at schools 13 states require students to take person finance classes in high school most teachers. it shows you the adults have big problems. >> thank you for joining us.
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it is 12 minutes after theof th. he lost half a billion of your tax dollars so why in the world is the man at the center of the solyndra scandal get the red carpet treatment a. teenager with down syndrome kicked off the flight. the reason why? the airline said he posed a security risk. what you missed last night on jay leno. >> what a difference four years makes. this year's theme is hope you don't make a change. rewards of any small business credit card. your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics, put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? [ cheers and applause ]
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>> 16 minutes after the hour. former city mayor ed koch is in the hospital this morning. he's battling anemia. the 87-year-old could be released somebodies today. he had triple bypass surgery back in 89 he also had a heart
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attack and a stroke. the solyndra scandal getting the vip treatment. steven spinner is his name the former energy department official who pushed for the $535 million loan we all paid for. he got a vip tour of the convention floor then he posed for pictures at the podium. he took off when he saw tv cameras headed his way. solyndra went bankrupt after getting that loan. election day nine weeks away believe it or not. many voters are still undecided. especially north carolina. he spoke with residents and business owners there. he found out what it was going to take to capture their votes come november. >> they grilled fried chicken while he waits for better answers from candidates before deciding how they will vote in
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november. >> some they tax small businesses, health insurance is definitely another big topic for us. there's a lot of big questions that still after four years are unanswered. >> four years ago barack obama carried north carolina by 14,000 votes. today a new poll by elonge university found 13.5 percent of likely voters say like us they haven't yet made up their minds. >> i voted for obama then and i think our economy is worse than it was before. we need some kind of change i am not sure what. >> middle class person working very hard i am not sure there's a lot for the middle class. i think maybe there's better options. i am not sure which way i am going to go on it. >> it's a lot of talk not going
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anywhere. does my vote really count for what i care about? maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. >> i like things from both candidates. i weigh the two and make a decision. >> the undecided this criticism of both candidates. the women were more pointed in their dissatisfaction with the gop nominee. >> i feel as a woman mitt romney would take away a lot of my rights we worked hard for over the years. >> i don't think romney supports women's rights reproductive rights. that's your own decision. >> they were disappointd in their satisfaction with the incumbent. >> i am not sure obama could say to get me to vote for him. >> in these last four years there should have been better improvement with the economy. >> the latest fox news poll found nationwide voezers to be undecided. >> it may take a lot of people
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time to choose. >> a rasmussen poll taken the day before election day 2008 found 5 percent of north carolina voters saying they might still change their minds in the final 24-hours. in charlotte north carolina. fox news. >> it is 19 after the hour talk about being left on the hook taxpayers are paying more than a million dollars for phone lines that aren't even being used. the debt hit $16 trillion and still counting. here's the question. are voters ready for another four years of this? a fair and balanced debate is coming up in a few minutes. a look at this morning's prices at the pump. national average 3.82.
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>> welcome back. 23 after the hour. the battle for your holiday business is already underway. wal-mart announcing it is rolling back the lay away fee from $15 now to 5 bucks. it comes one day after toys r us announced it is offering free lay away until the end of october. a rare sight in new jersey last night. take a look at this. it's a funnel cloud caught on camera near belmar new jersey. the strong winds brought down large trees and power lines. over to you, heather. >> thank you so much. republicans are pounding this question. are we better off as a nation than we were four years ago. some are saying yes. here to break us down to talk about who is benefitting financially is revera givens. a lot of folks look at their 401 k and pensions and say no way.
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6547 on march 9th, 2009. stocks have been on the rise ever since. the dow is over 13,000. if you hung in there you didn't panic you are doing just fine. >> you are starting to make your way back. >> over 13,000 looks good to me. i think interest rates on investments cd's money market accounts they were low before obama dot in over 1 percent. they are still dismally low. >> is it a good time to buy stocks? >> some of them. >> one thing important to know is capital gains rates are set to go up january 1st. that is something investors need to be aware of. >> if you are in the upper echelon the top two income brackets you really get hit. >> talk about home buyers. buyers are better off, of course we all know this, you are kind of stuck. >> buyers are definitely better off. ziloo research knows most
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markets it is better to buy than it is to rent. it is cheaper to buy. >> it is an astounding figure because affordability is off the charts and homeowners on the other hand they have seen home values erode before obama came into office and during. home values down about a trillion dollars over a trillion the past four years. the housing market values have been slowly rising. >> is it easier to get home loans? tell us what workers are better off. >> about 3 million jobs some of the government workers blue collar workers school has funding infrastructure projects. if you are in those areas you may have bared the ax. ceo's have large firms also sitting freechlt>> the government takes winners and losers in that. >> that is why it was unpopular.
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$10 million 8 million back in 2008. you have 23 million unemployed or under employed. people initially were more hopeful years ago than they are today. >> i say consumers are starting to -- food prices going up. >> and income down. >> have a great day. our personal finance expert. 27 minutes after the hour. coming up does this little kid right here look like a threat to you? listen to this. his school just banned him from wearing this jersey. why? we will tell you about that. it is pretty interesting. that's coming up. democrats taking god completely out of their platform. why? a top party leader is having a little bit of trouble answering that question. first on this day in history 1956. johnny cash releasing this hit "i walk the line."
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♪ >> chris christie everybody. >> may be a little hard to recognize. chris christie is a huge fan of the boss. welcome back everybody. with fox and friends first i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. 32 after the top of the hour. >> the dnc is underway in charlotte. making the case for another four years for her husband. all eyes are turning on bill clinton and what he has up his sleeve as he gets a major address. joining us now from charlotte is doug luzader. hard time previewing that because no one knows what the former president could say. >> it is all guesswork right now
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which should make it something to watch tonight. we will see. there's a lot of talk around here about former president bill clinton who is going to take over this arena tonight. that stage belongs to the first lady. there is no question about her popularity. michelle obama walked on the stage last night she was very well received as you might image. they were painting a picture of the president in personal if not political terms. >> you have seen first hand being president doesn't change who you are. it reveals who you are. >> as the president and first daughters looked on from the white house michelle obama delivered her call for a second
2:34 am
term. >> we must once again come together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country forward my husband, our president, barack obama. >> they are going to be for another party lum nature re. it shows more popular than the current president still something of a convention choice the two presidents have long had kind of a strange relationship. even republican karl roaf save it is worth the risk. >> will he be able to make the mistakes and transfer them to obama or is he going to over shadow them? >> bill clinton is not one who take stage or script direction. we will see what is going to happen. one interesting note here. obama campaign every single
2:35 am
speech that is made on the stage so far bill clinton according to poll lit co has not yet submitted his speech for approval and he is delivering it tonight. >> oo some reports say they may not hand it over until a couple hours before the speech. hours before the first speaker took the stage the u.s. national debt hit $16 trillion. it is a record high for 46.7 million people using them. do americans want four more years of this? let's go to charlotte and ask the fox news political contributor and democratic strategist deb lee dingell who is wife of representative john did i knowing
2:36 am
dingell. oo angela i will start with you. four more years of this and why? >> our country can't afford four more years of obama nom micks. you said 46.7 million on food stamps since 2007. 70 percent up of people depending on the american government. not to mention i don't mean to be depressing here but these are the facts home foreclosures are up. can we afford four more years and are we better off with obama in office? >> knowing those facts how can you sell the viewers out there on the current president? >> you know what? to me it is easy. am i better off? i remember what it was like we were scared to death of what would happen in michigan and the auto industry would die. the fact of the matter is romney said let them go bankrupt let them die. george bush knew he had help the
2:37 am
auto industry. we have added 250,000 jobs in the last year. the auto industry is 3 percent of the american economy. we saw sales showing auto sales were up 20 percent over the last year. we have tried that mitt romney is supposing we tried economics we failed. you want to talk about what was happening with the economy four years ago using those policies mitt romney is suggesting? >> i want to say this ainsley during the bush administration the full 8 years family median income down 1,000 dollars. with president obama 4,000 dollars we have lost. the auto industry might be doing better and we still don't know how much the auto bailout is costing us. the numbers keep going up. i am glad that people in michigan are doing well dealing with auto bailouts. where i am from in mississippi factories are closing. people are losing jobs and homes.
2:38 am
the rest of the america needs help and obama is not the answer mitt romney is. >> we heard michelle obama the first lady saying you should share your success. there are a lot of people out there saying they don't have success right now. what is there to share? >> i know once we propose it is tested once we heard the people. it is not just people in michigan doing better it is people in ohio in the states up and down across the country. >> leslie remember where we were four years ago with the policies they want to go back to. the middle class was not better off. the rates were about to sail in this con treel. thankfully they didn't. if we go back to what caused the
2:39 am
crash of this economy what is going to happen. >> democrats the last two years of bush controlled the house and senate. the first two years of obama democrats controlled the house and the senate. president obama through the great speecher will see got all of the politics he wanted to. failed policy. billions of dollars later and 15 trillion is where we are today. president bush did not put that there. >> spirited debate for 5:39 in the morning on the east coast. thanks so much. >> have a great time down there. in my neck of the woods. now it is time for the 5@5:30. federal government is quickly moving the settle a lawsuit that alleges discrimination retaliation and mood conduct. the head of ice saw's new york
2:40 am
office sued the homeland security chief janet napolitano claiming he was passed over for jobs that ultimately went to women. then he was punished he says when he complained about it. he says the former ice saw chief had a frat house culture there making lewd comments to employees and everything. taxpayers footing the bill for a convicted murder's sex change. you heard right. a federal judge handing down unprecedented ruling in favor of michelle kusilic the inmate born robert murdered his wife 12 years ago. he has been receiving hormone treatments living as a woman in the prison. sex change is the only remedy for his mental problems. it could cost up to 20,000 dollars. the state ace prison department now filing an appeal.
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>> he is supposed to have life behind bars and we are paying for it. a couple from california claiming american airlines wouldn't let their son board a flight because he has down sdroinl. they paid an extra $625 to fly first class from new jersey with their 16-year-old son seen right here. before they could board the plane an airline employee thought the pilot thought their son was a flight risk and didn't want him anywhere near the cockpit. american airlines supporting that decision claiming the teen was hmisbehaving at the gate before the flight. they say that's not the case. the mom took a video of this. they were put on a later flight with no refund and now they are threatening to sue the airlines. talk about being left on the hook taxpayers in detroit reportedly paying millions of dollars for phone lines that aren't even being used. john bennett is the detroit
2:42 am
office moved out of these buildings 8 years ago but never canceled the phone service. according to bennett taxpayers have been pay ago quarter of a million dollars each year ever since all while he and fellow officers take pay cuts. you are asking us to sacrifice more but you can't have the resources we have. i don't know if you could call it a mistake. you can call it negligence. the city not confirming or denying those claims. the police department now launching its own investigation. listen to this one. >> look at this. looks like a gang member? the boy has been banned from wearing the payton manning jersey to school. the school says it is just too violent. >> he told me i couldn't wear18t any more because it's a gang number and i had to take it off. >> i am pretty upset about it.
2:43 am
pretty up et the school has come down to this. they need to pay more to the education rather than what they are wearing. >> gangs that's what they are concerned about. the school district says the ban on wearing the number 18 has been around for years and years because of the alleged connection to the 18th street gang. that is your 5@5:30. before you head out this morning let's get the first degree weather update with maria molina on where we can expect to see the showers today. you can argue some of the moisture from the cold front across parts of new england and southeast has moisture associated with what was isaac. this brings much needed rain into portions of the midwest. we will see more rain across the midwest today. it is early this morning with umbrellas as you head out the door. you have to deal with the showers as the system slowly
2:44 am
pushes eastbound. very humid that's what we are dealing with along the i 95 corridor. dealing with heavy rain today and we could see severe weather including cities like chicago, st. louis with the possibility of large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. otherwise temperatures are going to be very hot once again in the plains triple digits for texas and oklahoma. >> they have never caught a break all summer long kansas, texas all that area. maria thank you so much. are democrats losing their religion? we will tell you why god is being taken out of their platform. >> you can have a heart attack without even knowing it. and we are just learning it is a lot more common than you think. first another look at leno from last night. a fiery speech today al gore lashed out and called for an end to the electoral college then the woman behind the dry cleaner
2:45 am
said your shirts will be ready friday.
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>> good morning. it is now 48 minutes after the hour. now a look at who is talking. that is h 0 is how many times t platform mentioned the word god this year. it was mentioned once in the platform back in 2008 and more in the years prior to that. this is a really sharp contrast from republicans. they mentioned god 12 times in their platform this year. that is bringing a lot of questions. >> god out of the platform. why do that? well i can basically tell you if the narrative being presented on your station and your channel and your network is democrats are godless people they ought to know better. god is not a franchise in the republican party. those of us who belief in god aged dedicated our live to
2:49 am
helping others in the name of god don't want to take a second seat to any one suggesting one word out of the platform meaning democrats through out america are godless. >> that's not what is being said. we are reporting what is in the platform. god was mentioned once in 2004 it was mentioned 7 times in 2000 god was mentioned 7 times. the question is why it is taken out. >> i am say to go you trying to draw some conclusion that you are godless. >> i am not suggesting i am asking the question why was the word takien out? >> we know both parties are devoted to this country both parties are god fearing parties let's go back to the agenda in this country. >> both sides of that one you know but i expect we haven't heard the last of that. would you say yes after
2:50 am
this? a guy fakes his own death and then what does he do? he pops the question. >> it is a chance to answer the question of the day. do you want another four years of an obama administration. your e-mails are coming up next. first check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> great show as usual. my question today would be would i want two hours of fox and friends first which means we start at 4 ax m. coming up on our show for the next three hours we are talking to paul ryan to get instant analysis of day one of the dnc. we will have highlights of last night's speeches we will have remarks on great speeches and soaring rhetoric. who will emerge as the political super star. we will also talk to chris vanhowe democratic leadership. paul ryan on a regular basis. i go head to head. i square off with anna kooiman. we will find out if i prevail
2:51 am
for my gender and for men all across this great world of hours. all coming up on "fox & friends". i still have a few things to do.
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>> good morn being, everyone. it is six minutes before the hour. more seniors having heart attackings. 17 percent had a silent heart attack and the symptoms are so mild that the heart attack went unnoticed. a colorado man finds an unexpected guest in his swimming pool. a giant buck. firefighters had to built a ramp to get it out. four hours and $2500 worth of
2:55 am
damage and the buck went free. >> michele obama wants america to give her husband another four years to implement the change he promised in 2008. we want to know this, do you want four more years. ed e-mailed us. frankly another four year was obama is a scary proposition . we need a change and we need it now. >> we simply can't afford four more years of massive spending . >> no way an incomplete for the first four years why should we give him four more. >> thank you, everyone. thank you, especially big perm. it is five minutes before the hour and talk about death do us part. a guy fakes his own death before he pops the question.
2:56 am
what would you say to that proy posal. and figure out the word of the day. stick around. they didn't actually come to blows .
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♪ >> it is 6:00 in the east. look at the good, bad and ugly. a world war ii navy veteran. he was awarded for his courage for the defense of the soviet union 70 years ago. next the bad, a man stages his own death and then pops the question. he set up an elaborate car crash and his girlfriend told she had died. the girlfriend was mad at first and then said yes. >> police in boulder, colorado had to drug him in order to get him down from the tree. fires are forcing the drugs from


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