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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 6, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this thursday, september 6. thanks for watching "fox and friends first." president obama will accept the party's nomination after former president clinton nearly 50-minute speech last night. clinton suggesting that the country is better off now than it was four years ago. did he make the case for four more years? now, live for news charlotte, north carolina, with more.
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good morning, doug. >> good morning, it was a long speech. that is what we have come to expect with former president clinton. there was last minute drama. but he pretty much stuck to his script and made the case for president obama. in fact, as he wrapped up, president obama emerged on stage, there, at the convention, thanking him for the endorsement. the clinton speech touched on the economy and his reasoning for why the recovery has taken so long. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully prepared all the damage that he found in just four years. >> he stressed the need to work across the party lines but that sentiment came with tart dan
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attacks, too, going after republicans who held their convention last week in florida. >> in tampa, the republican argument against the president's re-election, was, actually, pregnancy syma -- simple and snappy: we left him a total mess, he has not cleaned it up fast enough to fire us and put us back in. >> president obama will accept formally the nomination. originally he was do speak at bank of america stadium but that was called off officially because of threatening weather. a party official admitted to having difficulty finding enough people to fill the stands there. it is a big venue. >> it is a big venue, home of the panthers, my hometown. thank you, doug. >> it was supposed to be bill clinton's big night last night.
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but that may have been overshadowed by a vote to put god and jerusalem into the dny platform. peter doocy will tell us how it turned into chaos. it was exciting, an exciting series of votes and moments. break this down. >> very interesting. when president obama heard about "god" being left out of the platform he asked the aidey did it change in the first place? the democratic party decided to send out the convention chairman, los angeles mayor, to have a voice vote and put "god" bad in the platform and knowledge jerusalem as the capital of israel. they need two thirds approval from the delegates in the crowd and then this happened. >> the matter requires two-thirds vote in the affirmative. all those delegates in favor say aye. all those delegates opposed, no.
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in the opinion -- let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor say "aye." all those delegates opposed, say "no." i'll do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say "aye." all those delegates opposed say "no." in the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirm, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended, as shown on the screen. >> you can see some delegates booed when it was announced that god and jerusalem were back in the platform. a delegate told us she doesn't think this language is representative of democrats or americans and senator durbin was steamed at bret baier for suggesting this language made a difference at all. >> let me suggest something, i
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shared the plat follow committee for two democratic conventions and we produceed the most unread document, to suggest that this document -- (inaudible) this suggests to me you are not focusing on the real issues in american politics. >> before the platform was changed back republican nominee mitt romney put pressure on the president to represent all americans with his party platform. i see it as being out of touch and detached and so far removed from the interests and concerns of the american people that people look at this party and lock at rebound and his leadership and see someone who is taking us in a direction they do not recognize. >> there was controversy on the floor of the republican convention last week, as well. remember, there were ron paul supporters would made a scene after changes were made by voice vote to delegate regulations.
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>>heather: thank you, peter. who says these things are scripted? now a look at news around the world. folks are talking about the democratic attempt to change the party platform for the democratic party. >> hannity is taking up the issue last night asking jesse jackson, how americans should interpret the democrats' move? >> will this be the convention remembered as the time that god was booed by the democratic national convention? >> what i think, really, is that jesus at one point says, lord, lord, the rule of god is at stake here. that means we must focus not just on what we name god allah, but we feed the hungry, and defend others. >> we are talking about the democratic party today, booed and booed loudly, and they had three separate times they bed, obviously a majority wanting it
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to say the same with "god" taken out and with jerusalem being the capital of israel taken out. that is a reaction the country is noting. >>guest: i am not sure why people want to focus on the word "god," or allah because it is not the name "god," that makes one religious but the rule of god, and that must be --. >> we are endowed by our creator and it was in the 2008 platform. it was seven times in the 2004 platform. they purposely took it out and the delegates wanted it out. >> maybe it should have been in the creed in the first place. >> dick morris and bill o'reilly talking about the changes and the significance of putting the two words back in. >> it is to me very significant that the president went so far as to say, i want jerusalem back in but not, i want --.
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>> does he not need the jewish vote in florida? >> he is so, i believe he things jews don't care about israel and i think he is so mesmerized by his ball last towards the palestinians he cannot help himself. >> you say he put jerusalem back. >> but he did not put hamas back. >> no one care about hamas. >> they are the leading terrorist organization in the middle east. >> you and seven other guys don't care but god and jerusalem are big but i believe president obama called them up and said stop this right now. >> that conversation is not ending there. that is what we would like you to brew on, what do you think of the democrats' platform change? send us your comments on this or shoot us an e-mail. we will read the mails later in the show. get them in.
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>> got that? the top stories at this hour, we all remember when president obama said this. listen here. >> if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> the president and democrats have spent close to two months defending that compensate but now it seems that president obama is trying to walk back that remark. he told a tv station in virginia, obviously i have regrets for sin my words but everyone know was i was saying. we will still keep hearing a lot about this. >> arizona scoring a big win on fighting illegal immigration, a judge ruling that the state can enforce "show me your papers," part of the state immigration law. it lets the officers check immigration status of people that they suspect are here illegally. at least racial profiles, some
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say this is but the governor says no one will be targeted. >> the senate bill 1070 must be enforced fairly, effectively, and without compromising silts. or the constitution. >>heather: the supreme court upheld the provision that was in june. opponents, still, tried to get a judge to block it. >> homegrown terrorists will be resentenced in december. a court ruling that the current 17-year prison term was not long enough for someone who trained with al qaeda and who had a long criminal record. he was convicted in 2007 for plotting a differenty bum -- bomb attack in the country and could face life. >> day two of deliberations in the drew peterson murder trial is underway, the defense team is trying to keep hearsay from affecting the outcome of the trial. during weeks of testimony, witnesses described
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conversations they had with his ex-wife and his fourth wife, stacey peterson. she spoke of threats that peterson made before her death. peterson is charged with killing savio and consider add suspect in the disappearance of stacey peterson. >> first lady is no stranger to late night appearing on david letterman's show, the second in a week. she revealed the top ten reasons to watch the democratic national convention. >> number six. >> as a healthy alternative we are using low-fat. >> number four? >> there will be no kiss camera. >> come on! come on! >> number two? >> joe biden says it will be a big, you know what deal. >> big [bleep] deal. >> the weather has been causing
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havoc in charlotte, north carolina, so we will find out what is on tap for the rest of the week. janice? >> we do have rain across the plains today, and across the mid-atlantic, charlotte is in the way of, perhaps, showers and storms yet again today. it has been a bad week in terms of nasty weather. that will continue, unfortunately, for the morning, the afternoon, and the skies should clear in the evening. it was actually a good idea they moved everyone indoors. a last folks are upset they will not see the president but first, of course. now the tropics. they are really active. hurricane michael is a category two storm not affecting land. hurricane leslie is too close to comfort for bermuda. now the latest track at 5:00 a.m., becoming strong category two hurricane by sunday. to the right of better my da.
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they will feel at least tropical storm force wind and atlantic canada needs to be alerted. we will talk about developments in the gulf of mexico, perhaps, ladies. >> oh, no. it seems they have had enough. >> that is a tease. >> coming up, you will find a little less help from credit card companies in a disaster: a big protection that many are now dumping. >> chilling scene, a small plane goes down in a wreck but somehow, everyone makes it out okay. we will tell you about that. now a look at leno from last night. >> day two of the democratic national convention. there was a huge lighting problem at the convention hall today. they worked all day on it and they could not get president obama out of bill clinton's
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>> while you were sleeping sobering news about nfl players and brain injury. a study finds former players are more likely to die from brain diseases such as alzheimer's disease and als. the findings released the same day that the nfl made a $30 million donation to support research on brain injuries affecting athletes. >> families and friends and fans of michael clark duncan will say farewell as the actor is laid to rest. a public wake is sunday followed by a private funeral service on monday. the "green mile" star died on monday after failing to recover from a heart attack in july. he was 54. >>heather: 17 minutes after the hour.
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now stories to bank on. some of the costly credit card protections that were supposed to give you peace of mind are now on the chopping block. this could be a go thing -- good thing for consumers. these are credit protection plans. what is going on? >> they do not protect you. they are costly products, pitched and said by credit card companies. they are underfire at all institutions for deceptive marketing. the plans let cardholders believe that bying the product would help you in the event of job loss increase the credit score. not the case. capital one is refunding $150 million to customers, bank of america, and american express, they are no longer offering the protection products. they are too costly, and the fine print is confusing and is different in every circumstance. >>heather: not to stick up for the banks because they are not popular but they are third-party
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companies that are marketing this. this is not a good deal, though, good to know. tell us, more americans are on food stamps. despite that, 18 million families are still considering themself struggling to feed the households. >>guest: and not eating nutritionally right. the numbers are staggering. a quarter of the 18 million homes had children. the data from the usda is a day after it said more than 46 million americans are using food stamps to buy food. that was a record high. food is expensive. we talk about inflation all the time and now we are struggling in many ways. >>heather: hope that number changes. democrats are not holding back if their criticism of mitt romney's record but who, really, is telling the truth? we are checking the facts next. astronauts pull something special up in place. wait until you hear what they used to fit a key part of the
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international space station. here is a hint, you are probably ready to pick this up right now. as we head to break well look at leno from last night. >> the manager of president obama's re-election campaign said this year we will now on 150 percent more doors than in 2008. of course, there are so many foreclosures they have to. anyone in this one? anyone in this one? hello? hello? anyone home?
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>> good morning, it is 23 minutes after the hour. now the headlines: michigan saved with the hope of a toothbrush. that's right. astronauts fixing the $100 billion international space station by attaching a toothbrush to a metal pole allowing them to clean out an
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electric volt that was malfunctioning. a maryland congressman is hail add hero after saving a 2-year-old. he was driving along a highway and he notice add car that was stopped on the side of the road and a little boy lying on the ground. that child had stopped breathing because he had a seizure. he successfully revitalized him before the paramedics arrived on the scene. >> the dnc is a platform for democrats it push their message to americans. are the democrats being dishonest with voters? shannon is in washington with a look at that. >>shannon: it is in surprise that speakers at the democratic national convention are touting the president's record while criticizing governor romney. so, let's check the facts. in the speech, current massachusetts governor patrick went after romney's record as
2:25 am
governor of that state. >> in massachusetts we know mitt romney. by the time he left office massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation during better economic times and household income in our state was declining. >> the truth is, massachusetts was in 50th position when romney took over as governor, during the time in office unemployment went down and was modest jobs gain. when he left office, massachusetts was 28th. the same flight, the san antonio mayor castro talked about job creation under president obama. >> four years ago, america stood on the brink of a depression. despite incredible odds and united republican opposition our president took action and now we have seen 4.5 million new jobs. >> according to the bureau of labor statistics that is not the true measure if you measure from
2:26 am
the time he took office in john of -- january in 2009 to now. since that time the private sector has add 300,000 jobs but the economy has lost 300,000 since january of 2009. and the mayor could be using a different period of time. each night we will be fact checking. much more to come tomorrow. back to you. >>heather: thank you, shannon. coming up, democrats divided on bringing the words "god" and "jerusalem," back to the party platform. will this offer shadow the overall message for the week if a fair and balanced debate on that. is this a sign that president obama's re-election campaign is worried about money problems? rahm emanuel is now stepping in to help fund raise. we will explain what is going on with that. from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card!
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>>heather: welcome back to "fox and friends first." >> it is half past the hour. former president clinton rousing the dfc last night with a nearly 50-minute speech. did he make the case for president obama for four more we are following this story live from charlotte, north carolina. >>doug: good morning. you can say this: there are
2:31 am
probably some relieved people in the obama campaign this morning who did not know quite what to expect when president clinton took the stage last night. in the end, he offered the campaign exactly what they wanted. president obama even came out on stage at the very end to thank president clinton. through the speech, president clinton tried to answer a question that tripped up democrats. are you better off than you were four years ago? >> are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. but are you better off than you were four years ago? when president obama took office, the economy was in free fall, shrinking by 750,000 jobs a month. are we doing better than that today? the answer is, yes.
2:32 am
>>doug: his approval rating according to a fox poll is about 65 percent, much higher than rebound who no doubt hopes that some of that clinton magic rubs off. >> we think the country works better with a strong middle class with real opportunity for poor folks to work their way in with a focus on the future works business and government actually working together to promote growth and broadly shared prosperity. you sigh, we believe that we're all in this together, that is a far better philosophy than "you're on your own." >>doug: clinton's speech was after a big complication in charlotte, north carolina, with workers dismantling the stage at bank of america stadium where president obama was slated to speak tonight. officially, that was because of weather concerns because it is
2:33 am
an open air stadium l is rain in the forecast but a party official conceded they had problems finding enough people to fill all the seats there, so the president will be speaking, here, in this much smaller arena tonight, about 50,000 fewer seats to fill here. back to you guys in new york. >>heather: thank you from charlotte, north carolina, this morning. >> lost the talk this morning about the democratic national convention is fought about bill clinton's speech but the convention sky office when the democratic national convention voted not once, not twice, but three times to put "god" and "jerusalem," back in thement form. peter doocy is like in washington with more on this controversy. peter? >> so, after president obama intervened and said, why did it change in the first place, the democrats decided to put "god" back into their party platform and to add some language calling jerusalem the capital of israel. to do that, they needed two-thirds approval by voice vote but look and listen to what played out and decide, for
2:34 am
yourself, if the convention chairman, los angeles mayor, actually got two-thirds approval. aall those delegates in favor say aye. >> those delegates opposed, say "no." in the opinion of the chair -- let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor say "aye." all those delegates opposed, say "no." i'll do that one more time: all those delegates in favor say "aye." those delegates opposed, say "no." in the opinion of the chair two-thirds have voted in the affirm to and the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended, as shown on the
2:35 am
screen. >> there was major dissent and booing but a day earlier a prominent senator, senator durbin from illinois, said it did not matter that god and jerusalem were not in the platform. >> let me suggest something i chaired the lat form committee for two democratic conventions and we produced the unread document in the history of american politics. to suggest this document, with one word here or there defines politics in america suggests you are not focusing on the real issues in american politics. >> after the controversial voice vote a michigan delegate said she did not thing it was fair the vote was taken with such an empty hall and that the platform changes do not represent democrats. but, while that language was still missing from thement form yesterday, republican nominee, mitt romney, pounced. i see it as being out of touch and detached. simply so far removed from the
2:36 am
interests and concerns of the american people that people look at this party and lock abdelbhaset look at his leadership as someone they do not recognize. >> and last week on the floor tampa, ron paul delegates protested changes to delegate rules made by voice vote, as well. >>heather: thank you, peter. so, here is the question: will the platform problem overshadow the party's message? let's go to charlotte for a fair and balanced debate. we have new york delegate and obama campaign fundraiser benjamin and carolyn may from the "daily caller." >>heather: what about the controversy over the platform and why was it added back in? >>guest: for most delegates it was not a controversy. many of us were not in the hall and it takes away from what we
2:37 am
should be talking about which is the committee. in regard to what it says, it's not, really, an issue we found come -- compelling. this is a matter for the media. >>heather: but the delegates everyone not happy after the two-thirds voice vote that was taken, not once, but they times, lots of delegates there if the hall screaming "no." >>guest: lots of -- it was a small number. most of us were not there. it was the platform committee that you had there, but most of us purpose not even alerted there was an issue for to us vote on. so, i understand from a media perspective this looks like a lot is happening but technically, the majority of uses when i get to the floor at 7:00 all people wanted to talk about, what time was bill clinton getting there, and it really wasn't something that we were focused on as delegates.
2:38 am
i understand from the media perspective it looks like something that was very large. >>heather: caroline, what do you think? >>guest: i think the optics were off. it paints the party has more extreme than the center of the country and they are looking to get the independent voters. when you, when things like "god," and having jerusalem as the capital of israel are bad, it paints the democratic party as out of touch. probably having clinton come out and bringing it more centrist, that, probably, was good but in terms of the optics, midday, it just was pretty rough. >>heather: how do you think, caroline, the former president clinton did, in terms of being able to get some of the swing states and the independent voters? did he do a service to obama? >>guest: i think he did a service to himself. he is a great politician.
2:39 am
he was a good advocate for the president but there is a lot going on there, walk out to the old campaign, don't stop thinking about tomorrow but we are not thinking about tomorrow but thinking about the past. obama is really going to need to talk about his lands for the future rather than having former president clinton who is very popular, run defense for him, for his unpopular economic policies and the more extreme things that have been going on. >>heather: brian, what did you think of president clinton? >>guest: he was amazing. he laid out the fact that we look at mitt romney, he went to business table but his policies do not make sense when you look at what he plans to do with the country. he laid that out and sets the stage for president obama to hold his vision which is realistic for the united states of america. >>heather: we will see if rebound speeches for 50 minutes.
2:40 am
it was a long speech. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it, both of you. >>heather: as only the former first president can do, talk a lot. >> now the top stories making news: another sign of president obama's re-election campaign worried about raising money. chicago mayor, rum rahm, is now stepping down as the co-chairman of the national campaign in order to help raise money for priorities usa, a super pac. another former white house advisor is stepping in to run the group. it is the same super pac that ran the highly controversial adding suggesting mitt romney was to blame for a woman dying of cancer. democrats nervous about raising money, says romney outraised the president in may, june, and july. >>heather: who robbers are on the loose after kid napping a bank manager, strapping what they said were explosions to her body and ordering her to hand over all the money need a bank of america.
2:41 am
this dramatic scene unfolding yesterday in the streets of los angeles. a bomb squad was called in to remove the device from the woman. a robot detonated it. the woman was abducted tuesday night and taken to the bank the next morning to problem it. she threw money out the door to two masked men who took off in a get away car with the cash. >>heather: a pilot and passenger walking away after the small plane goes down in texas moments after take off. radio calls may review what actually went wrong. >> we had a door come open. health he the plane crashed into a field and burst into flames. both men managed to get out of that wreckage before help arrived and they are now in serious condition with no official word on the cause of the crash. >> sign that the job outlook is not getting any brighter for the second straight month.
2:42 am
online job advertisements have declined with a survey reveal these are the worst two month stretches since february of 2009, and the lack of help wanted ads shows a weakness in hiring. >> but you have never seen traffic cops with moves like these. take a look at this. four deputies showing off fancy footwork while directing traffic in charlotte, the captain in charge says they do not work traffic on a regular basis so they are enjoying it so were we need to get those guys in there more often. >> that is great. >> that would make sitting in traffic not so bad. puts new a good move. >> speaking people that like to
2:43 am
dance, john necessary don't, our current weather temperatures. >> now at look at the temperatures. still summertime across a lot of the country, a good reason to dance, 94 in kansas city, 101 in memphis, and 87 in atlanta. northern tier is where we he the cooler temperatures. we will take a few more days of summer. the satellite and radar combination shows the plain states still looking for potential of showers and storms and the ohio river valley and i point your attention to this little feature, can you believe this is part of the remnants of hurricane isaac that got left behind and actually could develop into a depression or a tropical storm in it will get the name nadine and the computer models do not know what to do. we think it will make landfall somewhere and the area is saturated. we will see the potential for flooding. ladies, back to you.
2:44 am
>>heather: if the weather thing doesn't work out, you can do the traffic. >> 43 after the top of the hour. america losing its competitive edge, a new survey dropping the land of the free out of the top five. >> quake rocking costa rica and the whole thing is caught on camera. we will look at that when we come back. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy
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said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000. wildfires were getting close to homes. at that moment, i got my first taste of just how important the guard is. announcer: be there for your community, at >>heather: welcome back, let's span the globe to see what stories are making headlines overseas. france. the four people found shot dead in the french alps. a girl also found shot is now in the hospital in critical condition. a man and two women were found dead in a car with british
2:48 am
license plates. the 4th victim was a male cyclist. a manhunt is underway. >> next, in india, an explosion and fire sending a fireworks factory up in flames with 52 dead and another 50 hurt. authorities fear more people trapped under the debris and the death toll will go higher. >> to costa rica: amazing video capturing the moments that it was shaken by a powerful earthquake the 7.6 earthquake blamed for one death. it caused homes to collapse and blocking several highways. >>heather: look at that. the united states cannot compete like it used to according to a survey of global competitive competitiveness. diane macedo has that story. what is going on? >>diane: this is right. this is according to the survey from the world economic forum, soaring national debt and
2:49 am
business' lack of trust inment n two notches, and switzerland was at the top of the list, followed by singapore, sweden, the netherlands, and germany, at a forum to determine competitiveness which includes strength of the public and private institutions, infrastructure, education, and ability to foster innovation. the united states improved the score from last year but we have been slipping since being dropped in 2010. the report says that the u.s.' biggest weakness is the macro economic environment, the combination of the budget deficit, inflation, savings, debt, and credit rating and of 144 countries included in the list we ranked 76th in government spending and the burden of government regulation. britain, hong kong and japan round out the top ten, and the forum is urging governments to act decisively to adopt
2:50 am
long-term measures for competitiveness and sustainable growth path. >>heather: thank you. just about ten minutes before the hour and the not so friendly skies, no surprise here, for an airline customer, the c.e.o. of a budget is forgetting that the customer is always right. >>heather: your last chance for question of the day: what do you think of democrats'ment form? we will read your e-mails and your tweets. peter, i am jealous you are in charlotte. >> we have had a great time. coming up, ladies, live from charlotte, and the nascar hall of fame, we will talk about bill clinton who gave the big nominating speech. and the democrats took god and jerusalem out of platform and yesterday, essentially, in a train wreck, they put it back in. the fallout.
2:51 am
apparently the president knew it was in there and then out of there, and back in this. we will tell you about that. and juan williams and geraldo join us live from charlotte, north carolina, and we hope you do, too.
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>> it is now six minutes before the hour. author judy bloom taken to the blog saying she has cancer. >> it is not a good idea to insult your customers. eye rider was called stupid after she was complaining
2:55 am
about being charged ever of you for charges. >> what do you think. democratic platform change to put god and jerusalem back in? the boy -- platform change was a joke. the chair deemed it was two-thirds. i guess he got an executive order. >> i think the democrats are running scared and flip-floping to get votes. >> god has been there, they just didn't know it. thank you to everyone who responded. it is five minutes before the hour. and to talk about unsportsmanlike conduct. it is all part of the good,
2:56 am
bad and ugly. can you figure out what the word of the day is, we'll be right back. .
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call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> we look at the good, bad and ugly. up first, the good. the eight year old wisconsin boy who $1,000 donating the money to a six neighbor. her parents will use the money to pay for treatment. >> a man trying to steal a diamond bya swallowing it work. the owner saw it all go down and call would police . >> ugly. high school quarterback going way off target and nailing the referee. it is the last problem for a team


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