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tv   Stossel  FOX News  September 9, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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years behind bars and the family of one of the two wives he murdered joins us at the bottom of the hour. in this politics, evidence of what america thinks of the president's convention. >> yes, our path is harder but it leads to a better place. yes, our road is longer but we travel it together. we don't turn back.
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we leave no one behind. we pull each other up. we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes. but we keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon knowing that we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth. thank you. god bless you. and god bless these united states. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. despite the fact that bill clinton's speech was way better than the president's and despite the disappointing friday jobs report there is bad news for governor mitt romney. both big tracking polls published just this morning show the president gaining. gallup has obama up 45 to
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49%. rasmussen has the polls up. about a bounce or paying attention. in. >> clearly a bounce going on for the president. it began the night after clinton gave his speech. clinton viewed positive by 66% of americans. he has helped the president in reshaping this. and right now we don't know how high the bounce will go or how long it will last but we do know is that democrats for the first time in this election cycle are just as excited about the election as republicans. >> geraldo: so how popular is bill clinton and isn't it inevitable that some of his mojo will rub off on one of his successors? >> well, he is very popular. and again, especially with those unaffiliated voters. the question of how much of it can rub off is an interesting one. 8 out of 10 democrats say bill
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clinton and barack obama share the same ideas about how to fix the economy. only 22% of republicans agree and they are not really the target audience. among those unaffiliated voters only 28% think that clinton and obama share the same ideas. so there is still a little bit of work to do but the enthusiasm that the convention generated among democrats very significant. >> geraldo: is that about them finally paying attention or about labor day passing? what exactly is the play that suddenly democrats wake up in the morning and say oh, my goodness, there is a presidential election coming up. >> some of it is that labor day is behind us and people are tuning in a little bit more. some of it is the excitement of a convention. again, i think the president's bounce will continue for a little bit. but bounces by definition don't last forever. my expectation is this race is going to settle into a situation where the president is narrowly ahead for the next
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week or two and then we will see what happens as we head into the first debate. >> scott rasmussen. the debates all important. thank you very much. i appreciate it, mate. >> thank you. >> geraldo: at 59 days and counting what is going on in the race for the white house? two great guests join me. joining me rather. kelly ann con way a romney surrogate and wonderful speaker and thinker in hair own right and the best selling author and golden globe and emmy award winning actor the political activist charles grodin. my former colleague at cnbc. >> what happened to us. we were both highly rated shows on cnbc. i know what happened to me just why aren't you there any more? >> because i'm at a far better network. >> those were the days. i used to be on both of your shows. my kids will be so stoked that i'm with the buy that was on bay stove. >> do you know we i got
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canceled. i was doing very well there following you and one day i had robert kennedy, jr. on for river keepers and he was saying that the biggest polluter of the hudson river was general electric. >> which owned our network. >> which owned the network. isn't it wonderful free speech in america that you can come on here and say that the owner of the network is the biggest poe elutor isn't that -- and the next day i was fired. >> geraldo: the fact that you did that aol for broadband pre-race shows you are a deep thinker. i heard your commentary driving in on one of the news channels on the radio and there you are talking about being nice to people or i forget exactly what it was. kelly ann, back to what i brought you here and the topic dujour. no bounce for the republicans. democrats the bounce is just now exploding. obama reversed a one or two point disadvantage is now two plus and they expect it will be bigger tomorrow. the new york times in their
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blog now have the president at almost 75% problem for victory.labilitprobability of just the new york times or do you think -- >> the new york times editorial board has him at 100% probability of victory. i think the number i'm looking for, geraldo, is either romney or obama to get to 50% and stay there. it is really a conu ndrum. neither has been able to get to 50% and break the race open. fine you come out of your convention with a big lead the way clinton had over bob dole for example, that lead you usually had that before you went into the convention. what could break it open are the debates. october surprise on the other side of the aisle and i think that some of the persuadable voters, the 6 or 7 million left who are predominantly female many of whom voted for women -- voted for obama in 2008 and turned around and voted republican in 2010 and they are
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the fence sitters right now. they wonder why god is a four letter word and there is obsession with abortion and gay marriage. for a party if you are church going union guy or girl in michigan or ohio and you turn on the convention you are thinking where has my party gone. the debates will be important and show the importance in vision on jobs, the economy and competentence. >> if you turn the conventions on, i know you professed to only be paying passing attention. you saw one convention all white people and the other convention largely people of color. does that distress you that the race is apparently like the justice system falling down -- >> does it distress you this seems to have been going on this particular election for it feels like 14 years? >> geraldo: already. >> why don't we start this like at the buy beginning year and
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then vote. >> geraldo: just start it at labor day. >> yeah, i mean why is it it going on so long. >> geraldo: noted that we are overly obsessed with politics. now, the question, the answer to the question -- >> i can't watch it. i didn't. people were shocked because i'm a come men tater fo commentatok news. i can't watch it. i say it should be within a 6 or 7 month period. i will watch it when they start debating maybe some. >> geraldo: what about the question i posed? >> what was your question? a long answer. >> geraldo: long questions. here you have white people, particularly white men for romney. black, brown, yellow, red people for the president. there is a racial divide. i'm using this hand so you can have a graphic. >> you know, i'm answer the estate tax which is a
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republican position because i pay taxes on everything i have ever earned. and i don't think in the odd event that i should ever expire. >> geraldo: ever ever. >> grim reaper and the irs should come at the same time. >> the best republican position. so i call myself it is now called unaffiliated. i went to vote in the primary and i couldn't vote because i was unaffiliated. >> geraldo: why did you you go to vote? >> i didn't know i was unaffiliated. i was going to vote for -- against mcmahon because she keeps talking about how many jobs she created in connecticut. i guess she is running for the senate but she doesn't say how she did that. worldwide wrestling. people kicking each other in the face and stepping on each other's necks. she just outspent whoever she was running against. the bigger picture and bigger answer is who could watch all this. >> geraldo: do you live in
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connecticut? >> new jersey. jersey girl. >> i don't know. >> geraldo: are you a republican is that what you are suggesting? >> i'm suggesting that i can't look at people. >> and he is an economic voter and that is important. >> two years or two and a half years of pep rallies. yeah letterman show. >> geraldo: are you not concerned that there is a racial divide in american politics? >> i think it is a racist country. in fact, i just did -- i recorded a commentary today about how they just signed michael strahan to cohost with kelly ripa in replacing regis philbin. yeah, this is a big racial divide. >> geraldo: on live with kelly ripa? >> and i want to see if that can work i will be impressed. >> do you understand why people are upset with the president? >> i understand why people are upset with you and geraldo and me. >> geraldo: the democrats taking god and jerusalem out of
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their platform as kelly ann reminds us and then breaking their own rules to stuff those issues back into the platform. that's next. ♪
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>> all those delegates in favor say aye. all those delegates in favor say no. and the opinion of the chair two thirds have voted in the affirmative and the motion adopted and the the platform amended as shown on the screen. >> the pledge says under god. i will not take god out of the the name of our platform. i will not take god off our coins and i will not take god out of my heart. we are a nation bestowed by
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god. >> i don't think anybody in the nation thinks the democrats got two thirds vote. i pity mayor villaraigosa having to call that way. kelly wright any ann con wa co. what do you think? will they be forgiven as it was is just the platform committee run amuck? >> it was not just the platform committee. there was only one reference to god left in the entire platform. tally up to many times abortion or gay marriage are mentioned in there. obsessed in the issues that aren't in the top five for anybody's polling. on the issue of god, geraldo, let's tell them where god really was in the platform. it was in a phrase that appeared in 2008 when obama won with a much more handy margin than where he is right now so maybe he should find god again in his platform. it said god given potential
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that everybody has the right to work hard according to their quote god given potential. it wasn't even god by himself. it was hyphenated god-given potential. and they ripped that out. >> geraldo: look how they paid in terms of the embarrassment. i was critical fo of the republicans for putting a harsh acin their platform. a gay amendment to the federal constitution. do we really need that? >> opinions too which you are welcome and they are welcome. >> geraldo: they picked a fight which they don't have to. if you want to be a broad-based party with broad appeal. they already had the people against gay marriage and against abortion and immigration. they were already going to vote gop. if you want to vote for the militant middle why have the social issues so strictly --
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>> that plank has always been the same. that is because many republicans believe in god and actually believe life begins at conception and ends in natural death. that is the irony here. the most extreme position apart from extracting god out of the platform, the extreme position of either platform, geraldo is the abortion any one any time anywhere. i mean really for sex selection purposes? really in late term partial birth where the health of the mother is not in jeopardy? all we want to do. >> geraldo: those are horrible. >> but that is the democratic position. their official position on abortion. any time. anywhere. >> geraldo: it doesn't say that in their platform. >> we support the right of a woman to choose what she does throughout her pregnancy. that includes during the 8th to 9th month. and that is the barack obama position. as a state senator in illinois. >> i'm on the board of an organization that provides
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housing for unwed mothers who want to have their children. >> good for you. >> i don't believe in abortion. but i do believe in the right to choose. so i don't know what that makes me. i'm also on the board of uja. i'm covered with every religion. i'm not taking any chances. i underand it that next saturday i think god is going to be your lead guest. >> he will be. >> you know how to get the big guests. >> you have to bleep him for half of your audience if they are democrats. >> should god play a role in public life? >> i don't believe so. i mean i just have my personal opinions as i have said i don't watch any of this. i believe women should have the right to choose but i personally would not. >> geraldo: how about gays to marry? >> i think gays should marry. the minute two people live together there will be a divorce. >> but about the fact that archbishop dolan gave the
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benediction anyway? he is a bigger man than these people. and bill clinton never mentioned the issues in 48 minutes. never talked about the issues you are talking about. >> geraldo: a new york tornado. more to come? maria molina has the scoop,
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>> geraldo: welcome back to the show. we have been getting hit by weather ranging from nasty to severe all day long here in new york and the new york area today. the same cold front that killed four people back in oklahoma including an infant yesterday. maria molina in the severe weather center. thanks for being with us. it was really a couple of tornadoes. >> two tornadoes. good to see you and thanks for having me in. we do have two confirmed tornadoes in the new york city
2:24 am
area. queens county and kings county. one of the areas is brooklyn. the five boroughs of new york city looking at severe weather. and we also got hit hard with h heavy rain that produced flash flooding throughout parts of the northeast down into the carolinas. even raleigh, north carolina, was talking about flashoday. a really strong and widespread storm system. and we still have a slight chance to see more severe weather today although the worst of it is already done and over with, about. parts of the state of maine and eastern portions of massachusetts and connecticut down into parts of eastern, north carolina, that could still deal with large hail and damaging wind gusts and an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. be even though the severe weather risk is over in places like new york city and parts of upstate new york still dealing with areas of heavy rain and a severe thunderstorm watch in effect across parts of maine down in through eastern portions of the state of massachusetts. in effect until 11:00 p.m. eastern time. so still a couple more minutes
2:25 am
here to go that you could see the severe storms this that part of the country. otherwise just dealing with the heavy rain further off towards the south across parts of north carolina and happy to report that thankfully we do not have in tornado warnings in effect. we had plenty throughout the day and yesterday. part of the reason is a strong cold front. ahead of it warm moist air pumped up from the south northward. behind the system, much dryer and cooler. you will notice a difference across parts of the northeast with the weather changing dramatically. temperatures will be as much as 10-20 degrees cooler and you are also going to have lower humidity and a lot of sunshine and just clas in air masses tht causes severe weather and explosive development of these thunderstorms and that is why we are seeing the severe weather outbreak. 284 reports of severe weather on friday. most across the midwest including states like oklahoma. also a fatality in missouri with a semi truck flipped over
2:26 am
and driver killed but that storm. 277 records today. two of those confirmed tornadoes and both were in the new york city area. here is a look at how strong they were. an es 0 in breezy point, new york, with maximum timed winds of 70 miles per hour. the one in brooklyn, ef 1 storm. maximum winds of 110 miles per hour. and geraldo, this is some what unusual this time of the year. typically we see severe storms during the months of april, may and june. >> geraldo: not only off season in a sense, but they usually don't happen here. how did that ef 1 thatever that designation how does that compare to the killer tornadoes that tear through the midwest so often? >> much different. much weaker storms. and very short lived and very small in nature. typically across the midwest you can see some storms like that that are very short lived and weak but you can see much larger storms and much larger tornadoes as well.
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>> geraldo: thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thanks. >> geraldo: up next, he is as charming as charles manson or ted bundy which is probably why he avoided arrest for murdering [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery.
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i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." >> what do you regret over the last four months, drew? >> letting geraldo rivera in my house. >> anything other than that? >> who is this? >> tell me who it is. >> this is your arch enemy. >> is this drew peterson? >> it shelling attacks sure is. how have you been? >> geraldo: i don't have much to say to you except that i can't wait until you get indicted. that is all i can say to you. i don't know why people in the media kiss your ass to put your on television. i think you are a repulsive person. >> geraldo: i worried that drew peterson would charm his way to acquittal but the jury in the case did something many in the
2:32 am
media were unable to. they saw right through drew's bull. here is craig. >> finally somebody heard kathleen's cries. 12 people did the right thing. oh, thank god. >> the scene here at the will county courthouse in joliet, illinois is much quieter. no more jeers or cheering but to the family members of kathleen savio it was her voice that spoke the loudest. >> she spoke from the grave. she came alive again. she came back and said look, this man did it to me. >> never believing aunt kitty drown after a fall in her tub, march 2004 charlie dolman watched as his frustrated mother and other relatives tried in vain to convince authorities to investigate kathleen savio's death. >> nobody wanted to listen. >> tragically it wasn't until the highly publicized disappearance of drew's fourth wife stacy peterson three years last the fact that authorities
2:33 am
began to listen. >> in the begining that we said and we showed you guys my mom had that she tried to show anybody and everybody and nobody wanted to see it. >> do you think that she knew what was coming? that she knew that her life was at risk? >> most definitely. she said it many, many, many times to many, many, many people. she knew. she didn't know when, where or how but you she knew. >> it was the dark secrets that stacy peterson kept that became the final undoing of the cocky former cop nearly a decade after kathleen savio's murder. >> it is horrible that it took someone going missing no matter what the circumstance for my aunt to get the justice that she deserved and could have been prevented if people had listened to what she was trying to tell them. >> the hearsay testimony from stacy that was the biggest part. >> according to jurors like 22-year-old eduardo words stacy
2:34 am
shared in confidence with heir pastor and attorney as she plotted to get away from drew became the lynchpin of the trial. >> neil ca schouri kind of oped things up. >> she said he killed kathleen. >> the biggest issue was her discussing what advantages could be gained in the divorce in telling the police how drew had killed kathy peterson. >> a blundering attempt to portray stacey peterson's greed drews attorneys allowed the testimony. the ploy backfired. >> the defense attorney tried to exploit that and tried to destroy the character of stacy peterson the fact that she was trying to take advantage of her knowledge and get more money out of drew. how do you feel about that? >> i think it kind of turned around to buy the them in the butt really.
2:35 am
even more that even they believed that stacy knew that drew killed my aunt. >> geraldo: craig, let's put aside the whole thing with the divorce lawyer harry smith is his name. i think judge jeanine handled that one well. we started on this case at the very beginning and watched it develop. how big a role did the shod did initial investigation. how much of that was related to the fact that drew peterson was a cop and connected in that community? >> i think the family firmly believes that it was because drew peterson was a cop. not just a cop but the in your face former police sergeant of the bolingbrook p.d. he used the fact that he was a cop to sit in as stacy peterson was questioned in the death of kathleen savio. he used the fact that he was a cop that they believe that authorities have -- did not
2:36 am
even investigate kathleen savio's death as a homicide despite their protestations back in 2004. >> geraldo: so he bullied his way and schmoozed his way and used his connections. >> very frustrating to the family and they are sorry that stacy peterson had to die before justice was served, geraldo. >> geraldo: with us now, the woman drew hates as much as he hates me, neighbor and friend of stacy's dead fourth wife. this is sharon. hi, sharon. >> hi, geraldo. awfully nice to see you under these circumstances. >> geraldo: i'm so relieved i jumped up and down when the verdict came in. did drew peterson tell you that he hated you as much as he hates me. >> that is the rumor from drew and many other people around him. and that is okay. >> geraldo: and your reaction right now? >> i'm very, very pleased that justice was served for the savio family and that stacy's words got to be the true force
2:37 am
behind the case. she would be very proud, too. >> geraldo: stacy sunk him. we have no doubt she is dead, unfortunately. steven white was the judge in the savio murder trial until he retired. that is him on the left and on your right the famed forensic pathologist dr. michael baden. if this case has a hero, it is dr. baden. he did the second autopsy on kathleen and saw immediate immediately that she had been murdered. judge, i know you retired halfway through. did you regret that? >> i wanted to finish it. i started with all of the hearsay hearings. dr. baden testified before me at that particular hearing. i did want to finish before i started. i had announced a year earlier that i was going to retire and once you send your notice in you can't pull it back. >> geraldo: what about the hearsay stuff, are you worry because he was convicted largely on the hearsay evidence and on so-called drew's law, kathleen's law, the hearsay law passed by the state of
2:38 am
illinois. do you worry that an appellate court will reverse the conviction? >> i do not and i say that because, one, drew's law basically is not in existences any more. at the time i ruled drew's law was a valid law and i ruled under that law. after that the illinois supreme court adopted the common law forfeiture by wrong doing and put it into the rules of the court. basically say if the rules of the court conflict with the statute the rules apply. we the trial was had the forfeiture by wrong doing was now a common law procedure that was there andrew's law had absolutely nothing to do with the trial. >> essentially the common law says you can't kill your parents and then throw yourself on the mercy of the court because you are an orphan. >> when says like in this case you cannot kill someone who may testify against you and it doesn't even have to be in this proceeding. could be in any proceeding and then come into court and object because of the hearsay that you can't confront them.
2:39 am
>> geraldo: you can't create the facts by killing the witness against you. >> that's correct. >> geraldo: dr. baden any count toes whatsoever this was murder when the corpse was resumed. >> no doubts really after seg the autopsy in 2004 by dr. mitchell. the problem with the coroner system there is that even though mitchell saw bleeding from the head and laceration, he describes like a dozen different bruises on the front and back side of the body which we confirmed exhuming the body some three years later and that this can only occur by homicide, not by accident in a bath tub at home. >> would drew peterson have beaten this case then if this body had been creamiated instead of buried? >> he might have. the forensic pathologist says what happened to the body that it was murder. other information has to come forth as to who done it.
2:40 am
and i think that if the body had been cremated it is likely a further investigation would not have been done three years later. >> geraldo: when you testified they made much of the media connection and all of the rest of that. do you think that drew peterson got a fair shake here? this despicable man? >> i think he had certainly he had a good trial. he had a good -- he had lots of representation. and i think it turned out that he turned off people because of his attitude. and i think the evidence, they had very good forensic pathologists on the defense side who said this is an accident. but the jury from what the jurors have said they knew right away they agreed that it was a homicide based on all of the evidence and it was who done it took them a little long. >> geraldo: sharon, you live next door to drew peterson's home, i believe. his son steven the adult son
2:41 am
has been caring for the four children including the two stacy children. what happens to the four little children now you? >> well they will live with steve now. i think probably forever. and it seems to be working out pretty well. the children look pretty happy. they have really begun to move on with their life and although such a sad and tragic, tragic thing for all four kids, and even steve and eric the two older ones, it is not a good thing for any family when your father is a murderer. >> geraldo: did the defense lose the case or did the prosecution win it? i love the d.a. i just met him. he was on judge jeanine's show. which was it? >> i think it is a universal division when the defense hut harry smith on. >> geraldo: stacy was going to say that drew told me he killed kathleen. >> there was no evidence that drew peterson was in the house. is the evidence that put him in the house. >> you can look at it one way. i don't -- the popular opinion
2:42 am
for those who viewed the trial was is that they didn't think they could ever get 12 jurors to find him not guilty so the best the defense could hope for would be a hung jury. when harry smith came in the pendulum took a huge swing. and with the testimony it is ironic. the state tried to keep it out and judge then said it can come in but the whole statement comes in. after it came in the state asked to have it all stricken and the judge denyd that and it all stayed and the jury took it from there. >> geraldo: the jury said that is it it, he was in the house and he did it. >> that was it. >> enjoy your retirement. you are in private practice so not really retired. sharon, congratulations to you and all of the neighbors and good folks out there, i appreciate that. and dr. baden again, well done. i really appreciate it. up next, ann and michelle, the battle of the brides. the first ladies. follow the wings.
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i can't tell you what will happen over the next four years but i can only stand here tonight as a wife and a mother and a grandmother, an american and make you this solemn commitment. this man will not fail. >> barack knows the american dream because he has lived it. >> and he believes that when you work hard and have done
2:47 am
well and walked through that doorway of opportunity you do not slam it shut behind you. no you, you reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed. >> whatever you think of their husbands, both ann romney and michelle obama were sensational in their respective conventions. with me too talk first families and other presidential politics, former democratic senator and governor of indiana evan bayh and republican congressman michael grim. senator, welcome. congressman, you were almost caught in the tornado today. >> yes, i was out there meeting constituents at block parties in brooklyn. >> the tornado district. the nerve. >> absolutely. right there. >> geraldo: it was weird and i'm glad it didn't amount to much. so listen, the first ladies. what role did they play and do you think they are significant? congressman, you first? >> i do think they were significant. both as you said, sensational. both delivered fantastic speeches but i think they play
2:48 am
a very important role and i think the challenge is a little bit greater for mrs. romney. and that is her role is really to humanize and show the softer side of someone that does come across like a c.e.o. which by the way i think the country needs desperately is the c.e.o. type. >> geraldo: i newt you wer thoe going to say a stiff. >> he is a good father and charitable and both of these women were able to show the human side to their husbands and how caring and compassionate they are. >> geraldo: do you think michelle plays the role, not the mainstream republicans but there is this whole fringe group that wants to portray the president as coming from some place else, the other. does michelle bring him back to the american poll, you know what i mean, symbolically a she kind of the bridge or reintroducing her husband to the american people? >> i think that is right,
2:49 am
geraldo. she humanizes him and grounds him and one of the nice things is we would say in indiana both of these men obviously married up and one of the nice things is with all of the negative ads and tearing down i think it is clear to all of us that we have two good husbands and two good fathers and that is a nice thing to know that we will have that in the next president. >> geraldo: a wonderful thing to know and really is something that i think everyone can agree on. then now talk about the democratic convention. do you think it was chaotic because of the platform debacle or do you think the message came through? >> well, we are democrats so there is a little bit of chaos built into our dna, geraldo. and look, what happened was taking out the reference to the almighty and jerusalem. that was a mistake that had to be corrected and it was. at least we didn't have a clint eastwood moment so we avoidd that. the two conventions there so so few undivided voters right now. the two conventions probably about a wash.
2:50 am
the president went into it with a small one or two-point lead. probably comes out of it with a one or two-point lead. i would look at the first debate. that will be a key moment for mitt romney to step up if he is going to win the election. >> geraldo: all about the debate? >> i agree i think the debates about play a crucial role. i think it will definitely overshadow the conventions and i think the conventions were very, very similar. amazing to me is how the talking points are so similar and really comes down to different ideologies of the two parties. >> geraldo: we will talk about the delivering ideologies and dueling latinos. and more power to
2:51 am
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2:53 am
>> can we retake the senate?
2:54 am
>> yes! >> can we repeal obama care? >> yes! >> and can we defeat president barack obama? >> yes! >> that, my friends, is change we can believe in. >> i watched last week's republican convention. and they told a few stories of individual success. we all celebrate individual success. but the question is, how do we multiply that success? the answer is president barack obama! [ applause ] >> geraldo: all right. those are the first was texas republican senate candidate ted cruz. obviously hispanic. and the fellow you just saw, the democratic mayor of san antonio. two of the prominent latinos appearing in their respective conventions. who is ahead in the quest for the crucial vote? continuing with former senator
2:55 am
evan bayh and new york congressman grim on your left. the latinos a big deal this time around? >> absolutely. playing a pivotal role and i think you will see more of that. i think you will see both the number one growing voter group in the united states. >> geraldo: how can the republicans hope to score more than the woeful 30% or less they are polling right now with that hardcore language in our platform about immigration? >> i think that certainly is the big challenge. i mean myself for one has often sometimes disagreed with my party in many different ways and i do think to some extent we have to do better to attract the latino vote. and what bothers me the movie theater is it is naturally our vote. the hard working church going. >> geraldo: socially conservative. >> socially conservative that would naturally be he a republican vote. i think we just have to do better and we should and we are going to rely on some like this young texan here and.
2:56 am
>> geraldo: mario diaz ballard. you could go on and on. great governors out there. >> geraldo: mario rubio. >> sure. >> geraldo: senator bayh let me ask you the question that i tried with charles but didn't get anywhere. are you distressed with the racial divide. people of color going one way, white men and married white women going the other. don't you hate that the election can shake down to something as elemental and fundamental as that? >> it is distressing, geraldo. and it is just one of the division. left versus right. just a whole number of divides and the truth is we have more in common but too many political leaders that accentuate the few you superfy shall differences. the president is now ahead about two to one among a l.a. tinos and as long as they have
2:57 am
the unyielding position on immigration it sends a message to many in the community there is a big chunk of the party that would prefer that they weren't here. they need to look at immigration reform this they are going to make strides in the hispanic community. >> geraldo: what do you think the turnout is going to be? do you think the ratings for the convention the turnout in november will be down from 2008 when people were psyched up about the historic nature of the race? senator? >> i think it probably will be down, geraldo. particularly among young people. both of the campaigns geared up get out the vote operations to turn out the bases sophisticated with all the microtargetting based and narrow slices of the electorate. i think it will probably be down but then accentates the importance of each voter that gets out and votes. it will be close. one percentage one way or the other. that advantage goes to the president. >> geraldo: great to see you as always. that is it for us. thanks for watching. see you on social media and the
2:58 am
radio. good night. i want you to have a great week. and again, stay away from tornadoes if you are in the new york area. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ you know, ronny...
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