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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 11, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> steven like so many others ran into the danger to help others. if you would like to help the families of first responders like steven and those of the military members who have fought for this country, check out tunnels of and gary sinise thank you for watching. i am megyn kelly. here's shepard. >> today americans pause to remember the dead list attacks ever on u.s. soil 11 years ago. a dark day which forever changed our nation led us into a decade of the of wars and left 2,977 victims dead. >> in new york city mourners gathered at the now open 9-11 memorial parki marking the spot where the twin towers once stood. at 8:46 a.m. today a single chime then silence marked the moment the first plane hit.
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>> as in the years past the readings of the names but for the first time no politicians spoke. family members with reminders of the loved ones lost. >> my uncle and godfather not a day goes by we don't think of you and we all miss you so very much. >> out of the rubble a new building one world trade center it rises 1368 feet above the city sigh skyline. an american flag trappes the pentagon where 184 victims died. the president and fist lady laid a wreath on the memorial and had a moment of silence the time the pla second plane flew into the building. there were the names of the
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people who died after the attacks. >> in shanksville, pennsylvania members read the names of the 40 passengers who died on united flight 93. that plane crashed into a field when passengers fought back against the hijackers likely saving more lives. we are getting a new look at the progress of the world trade center site now. this time lapse video shows one world trade rise from the ashes. the steel framework reached the tower's 104th and final floor. the building is set to open in 2014 with 3 million square feet of office space. the building's height right now matches the height of the world trade center twin towers. the new one world trade center is on the left side of the screen, but architects say the expire set on the top will give it an additional 408 feet. rick leventhal has the news and he's live for us in lower manhattan. hello, rick. >> the world trade center site
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continues its slow but dramatic transformation from a spipile o smoldering rubble to a fit that saw for years to a rock solid steel power that rises high above lower manhattan that has a message of resiliency progress and hope. for the past 11 years a ceremony was held to remember the 3,000 innocent civiledians and first responders who lost their lives when the plane hit the towers and the buildings fell to the ground. this year the event was smaller and less elaborate. there were noel elected officials taking part just family members reading the names of the loved ones next to the memorial and water falls built in the footprints of the twin towers. >> my nephew mark ken zee. mark they say time heals all wounds. it's not true, mark. there's a void in all of our lives because of this that will never ever be filled or healed. >> certain people in this world
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as well as this country that are celebrating today. knowing this makes it that much more difficult for our families to move ahead. ,to release the bitterness in our heart and embrace the life fully once again. >> after lengthy delays over finances we got word the dispute over the 9-11 museum has been resolved. the government agency that owns the site has come to terms and the work will soon resume on the project that was supposed to be open today. construction could take at least a year shepard so it's not clear if the museum will open on the 12th anniversary of 9-11. >> rick leventhal live at the site. both president obama and the gop presidential nominee mitt romney. today suspended their tv attack ad. this is the third time the presidential candidates from both major parties have pulled their negative ads on 9-11. president obama and the first
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lady michelle obama gathered on the south lawn to observe a moment of silence. the president visited the pentagon in arlington national cemetery. this visit to the pentagon has become a bit of a tradition wend dal? >> the civilians and women were killed in the pentagon in addition to the 59 passengers and crew aboard the american airlines flight. it included a number of their loved ones. >> will never fully understand ow difficult it is to carry on. sum monday the strength and rebuild your lives. no matter how many years passed no matter how many times we come together on this hallowed ground know this. you will never be alone. your loved ones will never be
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forgotten. >> after the ceremony the president and first lady visited section 60 of arlington national cemetery which is reserved for servicemen and women killed in iraq. >> the presidential campaign and the activity surrounding it are really on hold for this day. >> supposedly though republicans say one of the president's campaign advisors didn't get the message. mitt romney told the national guard association convention in if reno today is not the day to focus on differences but when obama campaign advisor david axle rod tweeted quote youser, best big on romney and the casino mogul would walk off with a $2 million pot. the press secretary released a statement that would read today governor romney is talking about those who lost their lives on 9-11 first responders and troops not on petty political attacks.
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going to the pentagon on 9-11 and after math of the pentagon attack. >> wendell goler at the white house. >> the .gone report that leased 1,987 u.s. troops have died in afghanistan. they started after the attacks of 9-11. earlier today at the pentagon the president said the true legacy of 9-11 will not involve fear and will not involve faith. instead we will see and i quote a safer world, a stronger nation and a people more united than ever before. dowling doug was at the pentagon this afternoon. >> the crowds have long cleared out a second ceremony just wrapped up. this was a smaller ceremony held inside the courtyard at the pentagon for the men and women who work here many of them who were here on that september 11th day 11 years ago when the plane
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came in just at pretop level at the point where i stand and plowed into the west front of the pentagon. secretary pineda paid tribute to many of the heros that day. >> we remember men and women like the marine major who joined others in rushing to the most heavily damaged areas. when asked by a reporter for his name, this marine said you wanted to remain anonymous. he clawed through the rubble. evidences motivated, not by fame, not by headlines, but motivated and driven by the unbreakable commitment to leave
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no one behind. >> you saw we know dal with a moment of silence after that. you came out here after the pentagon for the larger ceremony. he told the families their loved ones will never be forgotten. he added the darkest night gives way to a brighter dawn. >> 11 years ago a memorial service was held for americans of different races and creeds, backgrounds and beliefs instead of turning us against each other tragedy has brought us together. always said with our fight it's with al qaeda and affiliates not just islam and other religion. this country was built as a beacon of freedom and you poe - powers. >> they were smaller more low keyed and subdued. we have a ridge where we are now
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standing. in years past this ridge literally from one end to the other was teaming with camera crews and media this particular day and this particular time of day we are the only crew here. perhaps the passage of time does heal wounds. >> doug live at the pentagon. thanks so much. it's another spectacularly beautiful fall day in new york city. you wake up this morning it's the blue color again. it is that crisp fall air again. vice president biden told members of victims of flight 93 the nation has not forgotten their loved one's bravery. the 40 passengers and airplane crew died when the planes crashed in shanksville. it was a daring revolt against the hijackers. without that the terrorists would have likely targeted the united states capitol. the vice president says those
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families should take comfort in knowing they saved other people's lives. >> my personal prayer for all of you is that every succeeding year you are able to sing more than you weep. may god truly bless you. >> the vice president made an unscheduled stop at the shanksville fire department. he promised the fire department a trip to the white house for a beer. in his off-the-cuff style he assured them his offer was no bull. governor romney took a moment to pay his respects to a group of first responders and held a moment of silence in the tarmac at o'hare airport. the republican presidential nominee shook hands with the firefighters and thanked them for their service before heade next campaign stop. 11 years ago evil descended on our country taking thousands of lives in an unspeakable attack against the innocent.
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> al qaeda confirmed the death of the number 2 in command in pakistan. it did so three months after the united states first reportedly killed him. this deputy leader of al qaeda was among the militants who got droned. during an attack in the lawless tribal area between the border of afghanistan and pakistan this was the claim cleric who escaped a prison in afghanistan in 05. our chief intelligence correspondent live in washington. what else did we learn from al
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qaeda and the message they sent out? >> this message is ed that the al qaeda core leadership is damaged even decimated. his tape confirms the death of the trusted lieutenant and the lag time suggests like osama bin laden he is cut off with limited communications. while the video is posted on-line to mark the 9-11 anniversary there is no reference to the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil. while it got some play on the jihadist forum it didn't get nearly the bang it would have got five years ago. >> he is holding a man hostage. we learn more about that man. >> he turned to kidnapping and this is a tactic in north africa. in the 44 minutes he kidnapped american war in wainstein had an attack a year ago will not be
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released until u.s. forces with al qaeda followers in afghanistan. this was the first tape we have had from czar her ry in three months. it shows the core leadership in pakistan has been eclipsed the franchises and we heard the defense attorney on that report earlier today. >> while that group is still a threat you dealt them a heavy blow. we will continue to fight them in yemen and somalia in north africa wherever they go to make sure they have no place to hide. u.s. officials say there were no coded messages that instructor rist groups to act. >> katherine her raj. >> the prize winning journalists big public policy think tank in
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manhattan. >> they released this video on 9-11. what's the objective here? >> it tells you if they weren't quite sure when it was going to be released how it was going to be released as katherine said. this main organization has been -- >> you don't hear that much. al qaeda core. >> those were the original guys the bunch of guys that brought us 9-11 they have been decimated they have been pushed out of afghanistan. they are still remnants in pakistan and people trying to infiltrate back into afghanistan. the main action now as secretary pineda said is the affiliate and that is what i have been watching. >> the white house is turning down the request to meet the president this month later this month it erupted after how to deal with iran's nuclear
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programs. the correspondent said the white house has not ruled out moving things around on the schedule discussions are ongoing. james rosen says the relations between the two leaders are not warm and fuzzy unquote and there is quote a lot of tension, unquote. we are waiting for a white house statement on this matter. they have not denied the story. explain to us the importance of this. >> i think it is very important in terms of the future of iran and what the united states and israel could eventually do together to make sure that what ever tensions exist are smoothed over at least until the election. at the moment the israelis those who wish to strike iran are saying they are holding off because they believe joint action would be more effective. joint action is dependent on the reelection of mr. obama and also concerns about whether or not
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all other options are exhausted in the president's field. >> aren't we talking about action and lack of action which could lead eventually to a very large and complicated war? doesn't it make perfect sense for everybody to be on the same page and no sense for people to waiver? >> of course it does. that's why the differences of viewpoint within israel is also worth listening and paying attention to. it expresses doubt about the wisdom of the attack. >> there was a time i can remember the infeternal conflic in in israel. the last war that happened over there in southern lebanon with hezbollah the president at the time the prime minister had not been part of the military. there was a lot of fear.
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the fpopulation didn't seem to e all together on board. depending on who you talk to they didn't win that conflict. >> several israeli analysts have said that. it was not the yoer well amming victory they were expecting. hezbollah is still alive if not well inside lebanon. they have great problems in syria. >> a cap is worth watching even if al seri is no longer with us. even though the number 2 may be gone this group has a deep bench and they have a very nasty and creative bomber who is on the lose. >> judith miller thank you. >> another bad sign for the job market. employers are pulling back on hiring. in some cases companies cannot fill the opening that they have. show you the where is and whens
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of that. when apple does release the new iphone, the iphone 5 or whatever they call it some say the sales will be a big enough boom to give our economy the boost. overall economy from one iphone? we will get to that as well. >>
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>> kwef a new report from the labor department today. it spells out anothmore bad new our economy. open jobs in july than in june. there is a variety of reasons for this during the crisis in europe and the presidential election at home. according to one service form some companies are waiting to see who wins the white house and how much taxes -- i should say what amount of taxes will be required to pay as a result. john roberts is live in the atlantic newsroom.
12:26 pm
it will continue to be tough to find work. >> people are still hiring the jolts before. labor transition survey 3.7 million job openings at the end of july. down from june flatted from march but there are jobs out there if you are willing to move. south dakota they have more than 11,000 jobs that they can't build there. ceo of trail king enterprises can't find the jobs. if you told him five years ago he would have to pay a recruiter to hire welders he would have said you are crazy. >> it is very frustrating for companies in this region, because you hear about the 8 percent plus unemployment rate and we can't find enough people to fill the job. >> state officials are saying they are worried if they can't find people to stall the jobs it will stall the economic
12:27 pm
recovery. >> do they not have people with the skills or what's the problem? >> can't find people with the right skills and can't find people in south dakota. we are more stuck in place and they are stuck in places particularly winter. rockford illinois said move into south dakota is the right thing for him to do. >> you have got good benefits. this is a none union shop and i definitely compare this to chrysler a union job to where they treat you well, you get good benefits. you got a 401 k. they take care of you. >> he likes it in south dakota. south dakota's governor is paying man power $5 million to try to recruit people across the country. if you got skills you want to move to south dakota get on the phone and call man power.
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john, thanks so much. the national guard in reno nevada the republican national nominee said it's time to renew to protect america from such evil attacks. a live report ahead. americans around the globe really. that is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on this 9-11. hey, i love your cereal there --
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>> i am shepherd smith. this is studio b. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. there's a gather cgz in reno nevada dramatically scaled back their political attack. we must ensure that our veterans get the care and benefits they deserve. republican presidential nominee also addressed looming cuts for defense spending. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. karl cameron is live with us in florida where governor romney headed for an event tomorrow. >> he will be here today for fundraising. today was all about 9-11 in novemb nevada. he spoke to some 4,000 members at the national guard convention it's an annual thing for them. very cautious to avoid partisan politics. he talked about commitment to the military and his view restore some of the american
12:33 pm
reputation about the obama campaign policy failures overseas. he didn't say anything like that. >> with less than two months to go before election day i would normally speak to a gathering like this about the differences between my and my opponent's plans for military and for our national security. there is a time and place for that. but this day is not that. >> the contrast the differences and criticism but he talked about the policies he thinks are obviously superior than the president's. >> they didn't steer clear of politics. >> they took attack ads down in most of the key ground battle states. they nipped at one another's ankles as we see. there was some partisanship or criticism in one of the things mitt romney said in talking
12:34 pm
about the looming fiscal crisis and the mandatory defense budget cuts that are coming in january he did talk about it and he suggested that the withdrawals of troops from afghanistan rationalization or some sort of a crop to gut military spending. >> the return of our troops cannot and must not be used as an excuse to hal low out our military through devastating defense budget cuts. >> for weeks romney is criticizing they are proposing a trillion dollars of defense cuts over the next decade. he is upset about the idea of $100 trillion to raise the debt ceiling or prevent going off the fiscal cliff come january. all of that will be harsh tomorrow. >> we have a report that
12:35 pm
benjamin netanyahu requested a meeting and the white house denied a request. have you heard anything more from them? >> not from the white house. there are folks talking about the possibility to put together a time to make this meeting happen. they argue there is a question about the limited time for netanyahu who will be in the west the president will be there or available as well. don't expect mitt romney to criticize this today. mitt romney considers this a lifelong friend of netanyahu. they worked together after getting to harvard university. he was recruited from mit recruited to harvard to a company in boston. they have known him that long. he began saying the president mr. obama and the administration had thrown netanyahu repeatedly under the bus saying the obama administration policy hasn't been forthright enough on behalf of the jewish state in the face
12:36 pm
of all of the challenges currently confronting it. mr. romney has been critical about obama. there will be more of that as well. i am just getting word as the producer speaks in my ear we have just gotten word from the white house this is a matter of scheduling and a matter of scheduling only that they will not meet. that is now confirmed by the white house that they will not be meeting. let it all begin now but there will be those who say israel and iran is something as complicated as we have ever seen. there will be those who say what are you doing? >> there will be an attempt to write it off as little more than gesture politics. when it comes to israel it is a current with iran some of the potential enemies surrounding it.
12:37 pm
gesture politics what happens between them on u.s. soil when the prime minister says he wants to be commander of the united states matters. it is obviously a very intense moment for the obama white house laying it off on scheduling conflicts will not stop critics, it will not stop allies in israel who feel strongly that the u.s. president regardless of the party will stand anywhere. >> i want to tell you the rest of the statement the white house gave to us. i told you the first part and the rest of it has come to me as well. that is that the white house reports that too much is being made of this and that the prime minister and the president are in quote free gent context. unquote. >> what would quell this would be a comment from mr. netanyahu. after that speculation will be feelings were hurt. >> if it happens we will let
12:38 pm
people know fox report was made see you then as well. the taliban now warns the united states will have other defeat from afghanistan. that's the insurgent group this week. the military presence in afghanistan no american is safe in any society today. meantime the taliban claimed responsibility for deadly attack in bagram air bass in afghanistan. nato confirms the insurgent fire destroyed a helicopter late yesterday killed three afghan troops and wounded ornate toe service members. the attack came on the same day the united states transferred control of the controversial prison to afghan authorities. jonathan hunt is in studio with us this afternoon. 11 years and many americans are asking why we are still there. >> the goal and the reason we are going into afghanistan 11 years ago was to destroy and defeat al qaeda who had attacked
12:39 pm
us to bring down the taliban who will rule afghanistan and were given safe haven. to hear it from general ricky gibbs today it may have taken much longer but the goals the reasons remain exactly the same. here's the commanding general. >> since 9-11 we have not lost our focus. we remain vigilant in the service of our nation. we made the sacrifice requires defeat extremism and to breing the evildoers to justice. >> if we have defeated extremism or will have dee feeted extremism by the end of 2014 when all u.s. troops are due to be out of afghanistan will obviously be the big question when we get to that point. >> the war has come at enormous costs. >> it is perhaps best to look at
12:40 pm
the costs very simply by the numbers. it is now america's longest war 11 years in total. it has cost us the lives of around 2,000 troops the pentagon by the way announced the side guest just in the past week none of them any less significant than the other. i want to emphasize just one. private first class shane cantu you see him there. he died in eastern afghanistan from shrapnel wounds to put all of this war in perspective 11 years ago today he was in 4th grade. private first class shane cantu was nine years old. >> none than hunt thank you. >> the associated press had families of the world trade center site pentagon in shanksville this year.
12:41 pm
with us now john busy associate managing editor of the wall street journal which is owned by the parent company of this network. the wall street journal was added the pulitzer prize. they were on the front page first person to account that attack today. it was year in and year out. it was-year-o weird this mornin. it was cruel for the first time. the sky was that color. >> again. >> it was crisp and it seemed quieter than normal. it didn't quite feel like -- i don't know. i don't know if it's part of the process we go through. the grieving process. it wasn't the same. >> they were giving speeches by design. i think that can still be very dignified. for those including polls say americans have moved on with
12:42 pm
this. this is such a definer of our generation and of our times and of the generation after ours this is never going to be forgotten. it is not going to be observed in some way. smaller maybe but dignified. >> there was something about no politicians family only i don't know personally. who cares what i think. i kind of like that. >> it was a little more intimate. think about what has happened since 9-11. think of two wars the economic crisis. how many shane cantos have we met in the course of the last 10 years. america has been through a lot of grieving in the last 11 years. this is part and parcel of this. this is hardly forgotten and hardly in any way diminished but it is part of a sort of larger landscape of experience for americans now. >> i want to move on to what is a developing story.
12:43 pm
too much has been made of this. the right through he has been asking about this. the president will not meet with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the spokesperson is adamant saying it is inaccurate to report they refused to meet with him. it is a scheduling problem none the less scheduling problem they are they are not going to meet. benjamin netanyahu has been offered meetings with secretary of state. the president arrives to new york on monday september 24th departs on tuesday the 25th. the spokesman told fox the president doesn't arrive until later in the week but the president's prime minister are in frequent contact the prime minister will meet with other senior officials.
12:44 pm
the white house says move on. seems like a legitimate question. >> heads of state and visits of heads of state are incredibly choreographed by schedulers for months in advance. you have to wonder why this is an issue at the last minute. why an audience or why a meeting was requested not through the normal diplomatic channels. we can sit it in or we can't. >> i guess we will hear from benjamin netanyahu or we won't. >> your correspondent is right how it was shaped netanyahu. there is discussion here but there's a political constituency back in israel. >> john thanks. we will be right back.
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with personalized policies and discounts when you need them most. just call... and speak with a licensed representative about saving on your policy when you get married, move into a new house... [crash!] or add a car to your policy. don't forget to ask about saving up to 10% when you combine your auto d home insurance wi liberty mutual. security, coverage, and savings. all the things humans need to make our beautifully imperfect world a little lesimperfect. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> we know what's holding up a deal. the teacher's union is asking the cash strapped city for a 35 percent pay hike.
12:48 pm
35 percent. the teachers are demanding a call back of any teacher who is laid off. context here according to state records chicago public schoolteachers earn an average salary of 75,000 dollars to thd income which is 47,000. live pictures coming to us. this is the second day some 30,000 teachers have picketed across the nation's third largest school district. puts 400,000 kids out of the classroom. the teacher's strike is getting a lot of attention across the nation even on the campaign trail. washington bureau chief from the chicago times paper. hi, lynn, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this is the first strike of it's kind in a quarter century? >> yes. 25 years. been a long time. >> there's no way to judge the overall action. why don't you send some things
12:49 pm
og your reporting. >> rahm emanuel and the teacher's union they want them to settle it and get the kids back to school. >> 35 percent. is anybody involved in the process other than the teacher's union think this is obtainable? >> that's not my understanding what the figure is. the big issues as i have been briefed i came from somebody who is knowledgeable about it. he has to do more with the max salary talking about in the neighborhood of 3 percent in the first year increase. the issue had to do with the performance evaluation of teachers and if there are teachers that have been malaid f what order they would be hired. >> it is interesting because i have been reading all day as well that they were very, very close on the money part. it was more the protection and the grading of the teachers that was a matter of great concern. >> that is it.
12:50 pm
the performance evaluation the state lost mayor emanuel wanted to make it tougher. this was one of the sticking points. >> he wanted to make it tougher. what tougher? >> 10 percent tougher in terms of the evaluations that come in. i am using that number as an evaluation. it will dictate how they come back. seniority or merit. >> did the two sides suggest they were closer today was it too far apart or what? >> today so far they are still far awart. doesn't know where the end is in sight. >> lynn sweet from the sun times. lynn, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> there are a lot of reports apple could be ready to unveil the iphone. iphone r5. don't know what they are going to call it. it isn't just good news for
12:51 pm
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>> a long list of tech journalists appear all but certain that apple is set to unveil a new iphone tomorrow. iphone 5. some financial analysts say sale of the new device could give the economy a major boost. 9 iphone would add up to a half a percentage point to the gross domestic product. that's a major economic indicator that measures the total dollar of all of the goods and services over a specific period of time.
12:55 pm
associate editor to financial weekly barons half a point from the ged from one product. >> that's the optimistic occasion. you had a one-time bump in gross domestic product assuming we get the estimates we are hoping for. that would be if it happened every quarter of the year it would be a third to a half a percentage point. i think the thing to keep in mind there's no doubt it will be a measurable bump to economic activity in the 4th quarter. it happened with the iphone as well at least to a lesser degree. nobody is raining $600 bill. people who buy it are not going to buy something after they buy this or they are taking it out of savings or they are putting it on a card and paying it off over time. it will have a good impact on a small segment of the economy. buy services along with it applications. in it testiitself it's not goin accelerate the u.s. economy.
12:56 pm
>> there is a matter of a possibility of a new charger. it will be a different number of pins in there and we are all going to have to get new chargers. >> they are $29 traditionally and one is never enough. there are a lot of things to love there and a lot of things not to love there. that might be on the not to. >> i would image so. it's not a profit it's a divine decision someone made along the way because of the way it works. it makes room for more screen or something on there. i feel like i own 50 chargers. >> you buy a $10 adapter i believe. they are trying to head off exactly your kind of outrage. >> if this is outrage don't rewind the dvr. we will be back. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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