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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 11, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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we are back for the fox report. this is the time for the final bell to be ringing on wall street. the dow is up 71 points. on a day to remember those who 11 years ago. stay with us. >> we as a congress and as a government stand united and we stand together. congress will convene tomorrow. >> we will speak with one voice. ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet shohome snoet >> remember that?
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11 years ago today there were no republicans. there were no democrats. just americans united for the good of america. no bickering, no fighting, united to get the job done. back then the nation's debt stood at just under $5.8 trillion. 11 years two presidents later more than $10 trillion later. america drowning in debt. where is the resolve on either side to solve this crisis? where is the urgency on either side to deal with this crisis. as moody threatens to downgrade the nation's debt rating to congress fails to avoid the fiscal cliff. what a cliff. add 1.2 trillion in spending cuts and tax cuts kick in by the end of the year. instead today we are hearing this. >> we will continue to wait for the senate to act. >> we have a jobs bill ready to go they continue not to bring up. >> there's a lack of leadership
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in this administration. >> we have no jobs agenda put forward in the house. >> ron shakes says all of the infighting had to stop. according to his company it's all our bread. last time he checked it is all of our country. >> we were holding hands across the i'll singing together. it is an unusually inspiring time. we address and quickly address a lot of security breeches so get moving on the step. people criticize that. we have it in us to do that. i remember just this afternoon thinking back to 11 years ago at 9-11 i think for so many of the citizens i talk to for the
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visitors across the country they feel a deep frustration of the inability of the political class to solve problems. that's what they are there for and that's what we pay for them and they are essentially avoid solving the problems with each other. that's an unacceptable situation for us especially when we are competing with nations like china who have strong and clear decisions. >> quickly acting on that making sure that something like this won't be repeated. 11 years knocked on it hasn't. because of the actions were by both republicans and democrats moving swiftly on homeland security and many critic also say administrateys stuff. a response to this horrific tragedy. yet by comparison spending which
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seems like a minor comparison next to life p and death matters we can't get a handle on it. >> in some ways we put ourselves at such great risk. we are oweable to rise when there's a direct challenge when we have directing al qaeda as we did 7 years ago. we allow ourselves on the way in which we effect ow affairs we can do far more damage in an indirect way. it's us. that's what we allow. at some point you have to image the folks of this country are going to stand up and say enough. we are paying you for solutions solve the problems. >> when i was done at the convention you said the noise of the politicians. we have big problems for republicans and democrats caused the blame game has gone here's
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the reality let's deal with this now. we show them that fortitude when everything hits the fan be it oppression albeit even a terroristic threat that made it obvious 11 years ago today. i think when it comes to issues like the debt and whether we are going to get downgraded or whether we can afford the type of lifestyle we are living as a country. since it seems relatively by comparison intangible no one gives a you know what. that is the danger. >> you and i both know so many of you flirss know that america understands what the core problems are. it's debt, it's energy and it's education. >> why do politicians treat us like we are idiots? >> essentially because of the system and the way it is built encourages that. we have a system that encourages people to come from the extreme. you cannot solve the problem when you have republicans who say we are never going to raise
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taxes and democrats who say we are never going to cut any programs. you have to come together in a way. that is what as business people we are asked to do. essentially i would say solve the problem. you know, i think we all know in our hearts what the answers to it are. you look at the debt the answer to it ultimately is somewhere near simpson polls. you look at energy, we have to stay committnergy and independence. we cannot keep kicking the can down the road and then you talk about education. you can't operate in a world in which we don't have the top work. >> you are right. you are right. i look at you, you survived the whole atkins thing everybody was going to leave carbohydrates. you said no my muffins and bread are fantastic. you did not recognize so-called impossible headlines being fash
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see shoes to make a point. you didn't hear no, impossible. better not. you didn't hear it. >> you know, i tell you -- i will say something. i run a public company for over 20-years. over those 20-years i have seen increasingly in so many ways our whole society get more and more short term. nowhere in our political establishment, essentially everybody is focused on the next election and not focused on what our children and what we are going to inherit which are these terribly difficult problems that we refuse to solve. >> very well put. thank you very very much. a lot of you e-mail and say why do you ask the head and founder of pan ner riagua natur panera . he makes a lot of bread. enough said. >> the former nypd chair brought the financial market attack after the 9-11 attack. what is he making lack of
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leadership americans are witnessing now on both sides? find out if dick grasso is unleashed. to another threat facing america' businesses europe. u.s. assets plunging 12 percent in jewelry sessions cutting big time in demand over there. charles pain on the effect it could have on jobs over here. >> there's no job about it. our deficit was up 50 percent month after month june to july. >> what happened? >> that's a gigantic jump. even germany was down to a multi year low. european unions are in a lot of trouble. you look at spain, italy, portugal those kinds of things. we are talking plunging. >> kodak. they must be telling us something right. the bottoms came out of there. >> the bottom came out of there. you know what's interesting this stuff tells a lot.
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how do we take advantage of a global economy? we can export things out of the nation. when you have a strong dollar it's tough. we have amazing companies. mcdonald was up because it does better overseas. apple is going to sell 67 percent of the products overseas. sometimes you have to make that stuff overseas, too. we are in a real quandary here. >> we talk about the 800 thousand jobs he wants to bring but they are being trivialized. >> caterpillar they had 12,000 jobs 6,000 overseas and 6,000 in america. they have to build some of the equipment outside of the country. but let the profits pour back in here. looking at the expert numbers export imports it will be tough to beat. we have american companies doing
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well around the world we are in trouble. thank you very much. in the meantime it is dill. ment clinton getting ready for obama in this hour. thing that is is problem wr governor romney in this case? you might want to think again.
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>> the dow closing at the highest level since 2007. that was in the middle of the last president's term. more stimulus from the feds is on the way. this is on the heels of some very similar news of the european central bank we will see. they love these bailouts. from chaos to clinton. they have the crucial swing state of florida. the latest push by the obama campaign to capitalize on the voters. did bill clinton get too popular
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for barack obama's own good. bill was the highlight not the president. steve moore says that could be a problem. >> he would love those numbers. did he a world of good for barack obama with this endorsement. i think one of the funniest lines was even i couldn't have gotten us out of this crisis in four years. >> he was a little bit arrogant. no president faces. i am thinking abraham lincoln he had a pickle. >> but i am not so sure long-term bill clinton is really that good of a spokesperson for obama. i wrote about this last week. you were talking about we did well fair reform. it was one of the biggest in 50 years. something we thought never could get done.
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the republican congress bill clinton coming together to do that. enormous progress was made. the era in the clinton years it was the opposite under obama. >> bill clinton is a lot more pragmatic. it is historically the case. >> he moved to the middle. remember they both have bad mid term elections. >> you would argue the difference with this president is he didn't do that. >> he argued in the speech that he did. republicans were the ones that bit his hand. >> he did. they abandoned even his own commissions and you were talking earlier about the deficit reduction obama abandoned this commission. he didn't meet with the jobs council. >> they are doing things on the
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phone. >> i think it is because he has the narrative now. this is the best he could do that i feel your pain. i feel your pain. new polls out today show that more voters trust barack obama than mitt romney and helping the middle class. this is where mitt romney has to be much more aggressive and say wait a minute. >> some of the national polls have tightened again. who knows. >> jimmy carter at this stage was 7 points up from ronald reagan. >> actually john mccain at this stage four years ago got the bump from sarah palin. he was slightly ahead of barack obama. >> it was grover cleveland. >> steve moore the wall street journal best selling author. if clinton can't help the family another can. they are off the hook tonight.
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>> 11 years ago today ron fazio walked out of the world trade center building. he was fine. he was alive. he was okay to go home to his family. but that's not how ron fazio's story anded. instead of running to safety ron actually went back in, ran back into the danger. he was so worried about his friends and colleagues he wanted
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to ghelp them get out of the sae building he wanted to get out alive literally opening the door open for them. he made it ron didn't. he died 11 years ago today making sure others could live. today ron's son is helping others live with the loss through a charity called hold the door. ron fazio, i have spoken to you almost every year we have covered the disaster 11 years ago today and every anniversary you and i have gotten together every year. i don't think there is any more touching story than this one. combrurz dad w because your dad out he was safe. he was clear. >> we have often spoken about it we think if my dad were alive today had he decided not to help people and put others first he might be in a pretty tough place, because that is the way he raised us was thinking about
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others. >> you found this out after the fact. at first you thought he perished in the building like everybody else. then you heard no he got out he was fine. then he ran back in. >> well you know one side of this building in tower 2 saw tower one get hit. the other side didn't. that's when he was going to the other side to tell people to leave and they need to get out. people were hearing to stay in. something inside of him said, people need to get home. i think that's the way he was. >> he was pretty forceful about it. we talked about chris christie but this guy come on. >> he was a forceful guy that day. typically much more mild mannered. but something told him inside that people need to go home to their families. >> you know when i talk about this i don't think it dawns on people it has been 11 years cool it on the remembrances. that's 11 christmases without
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your dad. that's 11 easters. that's 11 family reunions and get togethers. i know your family is very tight. i know your mom quite well. she is a wonderful person. it's tough isn't it? >> it is absolutely tough. no question it's tough. there's 11 holidays for family that is are close. it's also three of the grandchildren that haven't met. however they know what type of person they need because they talk about them. through the charity hold the door get people to learn about his legacy. my cousin is getting married this weekend and we know he will be there. we will have peanut buttercups. >> that's what identified him with me. he loved his peanut buttercup. i feel like i have kind drid spirit. >> you have characteristics in common. >> leave it alone. that's enough young man. >> with this foundation who do you aim it for? what are you trying to do? >> we like to take the lessons we learned through out the years through the research through experiences, having people deal
1:24 pm
with the toughest times of life. people die of cancer in adversity we like to teach people how to live. we say everyone dies but not everyone lives. that sounds tragic but it's true. we try to teach people how to dream again and learn those skills. >> is there any point -- i don't want to -- are you angry? dad you were free and clear. i don't have to be here talking to neil today. what the heck were you thinking? >> everyone goes through something different. i never got the anger. this morning when i was watching and talking to different family members at first i was down, i was defeated, i was but then hearing kids read about their uncles and say i love you, that changed to being determined and wanting to move forward. that made me more inspired. >> you think about it rob with folks like your dad and 3,000 showing up to work catching the
1:25 pm
plane they weren't soldiers they didn't sign up for anything. but your father went the extra distance to be a soldier at that time. did you learn anything about the death and how you die? >> i don't know if i learned anything about death but those words just showing up. everyone talks about my dad being a hero for that moment in time holding the door he was holding a door his whole life. if we can just get people to show up to help people dream to ho open doors kids to be more empathetic to love one another to reconnect old friendships, that just showing up will make america a better place. >> do you still leave by your father's name the memorial the rees peanut buttercup. >> i put one down on his name and shot a note to my friends and put it over his middle name so it's no longer ronald paul fazio it is ronald reese's
1:26 pm
fazio. >> for some reason the reese's disappear. >> wherever he is, i hope you are enjoying those reese's. >> last thing i want to say is october 20th is hold the door day we teach people try to heal through helping others. >> if you were my son i would be pretty proud. ralph fazio remembering his father ron. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es.
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>> talk about weird timing. this one close to home. south of the border we are getting reports of mex ican authorities being raised one an american citizen. it marks the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. joe lieberman worried. what do you think of this? >> i don't have any -- i have confirmation, i haven't heard it from the u.s. government directly, but i am not surprised this. a year or so ago we have evidence that the iranian revolution nature reguard co-- revolution ari carguard core wa sending someobody in washington to assassinate the ambassador
1:31 pm
from saudi arabia in washington. this goes back to iran. hezbollah was created the iranian regime. they are now spreading out across the globe in ways that they didn't do up until about a year or two ago. they were just around lebanon and working against israel, so this seems very credible to me. i am grateful to the mexican authorities for grabbing these guys and turning one of them who is an american apparently over to u.s. authorities. >> you were ahead of the curve on this the idea that we might have made it harder for bad guys to get here through the legal means or the way the 9-11 hijackers did but we haven't cleared up this border issue where they cannot easily but with a lot less difficulty get here via mexico. >> you are right. this is something i have been worried about for a long time. a lot of people across the border cross illegally.
1:32 pm
mostly for purposes of coming to america to get a job. the drug cartels and so-called coyotes who hold up people to take them over the border are pretty good at evading our defenses even though they have improved. to me it's been a major worry. we are trying to defend against the terrorists would use the mexican border and not any of the normal points of entry which are really hardenr now to get into america and do us damage. i worry these hezbollah related people happrehended in in mexic had that exactly in mind. >> they are a long way from home. >> it shows us in 11 years after 9-11 we have decimated al qaeda central that there are still or al qaeda cells around the world that are mostly self generated, but the number one source of terrorist activity is iran.
1:33 pm
it is spreading out across the globe close to our homes. >> speaking of that region then senator you have heard thesis reports that the president has passed up a meeting with israel and benjamin netanyahu and u.n. general assembly next month and a lot of people have said that's another slap in the face. we are getting sort of different accounts of this. bottom line they are not going to be meeting. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a shame and a mistake. i gather the white house is saying it's a scheduling problem. this relationship between the u.s. and israel is one of the closest in the wrorlorld. it's one of our crowsest al-- closest allies. it is a time in the relationship iranian nuclear weapons program. i would feel president obama and prime minister netanyahu did not let schedule get in the way. they have to find a way to sit
1:34 pm
down and talk face to face with each other either in washington or new york when prime minister netanyahu is in america for the general assembly. it would be nothing but bad if these two allies don't find a way to meet with each other when they are both in the same country. >> in fact in the same building. >> senator, thank you very very much. good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil, you, too. voters showing the president leading governor romney by one point. if history can prove things can look a lot different in november. pat knows this one. >> yes. >> why are the poles nls not necessarily to be trusted? >> there's a lot of volatility about the way they are taken. you have to sort through likely voters registered voters. some of the samples are crazy. we are over polling in some places. if i lived in the swing state i
1:35 pm
wouldn't answer my telephone or turn on my tv. let's get one fact straight. it is clear president obama got a bounce of some small bounce over charlotte and governor romney didn't out of tampa whatever he needed. >> did he check ryan? >> one of the problems we have the people need to understand when they look at the history of this, used to have dimensions divided by a month. you could make a message, you could build on it. this back-to-back stuff. >> didn't your old boss jimmy carter have a lead over ronald reagan? >> in the public polls we were running about even. we had been way behind. we caught up after the convention. the convention speech, by the way, that barack obama was channeling that night about it could be worse, it was each about two rows.
1:36 pm
i was floored when i heard the speech i have to tell you. wh we really didn't get a lead until very late. what i considered i was polling and what i called a real leak. the thing was it was about definition. here's the problem from romney. romney -- the slippage is real. it's affecting the other races in congress and others mainly because the democrats control the definition. they are saying it's a choice the way jimmy carter tried to say it's a choice. you don't like romney. romney has not laid a definition. let me put it this way. outside of the polling about the race we have a country that believes we are in deep trouble and we are going to get worse. the question that i think the romney people should be asking is the president in charlotte said, hey, i did nothing wrong. i just need more time. so the question -- he's not going to change course. are we going to keep the same course. >> whatever he is doing is
1:37 pm
working so he is not going to change it. >> we are talking about policies and so forth. romney has to challenge the notion. there is a bigger election out there of definition that is not being had yet. right now who controls that is going to win. we don't know that yet. >> all right. certainly at the first convention was being with you. >> we were having a ball. we were pretty funny. >> we were punchy. if people missed that they missed a lot. >> had no sleep. >> maybe a little bit to drink. >> i am talking for sunday. >> we were listening to dave. why isn't washington in on what we are doing? this country was built by working people.
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1:41 pm
they are starting to look up and realize across the board that the credit card thing is not working for them. and yet they are spending. spending seems to be up a little bit. that was encouraging that we are seeing people being not frozen by fear. hopefully not spending unwise you about this is a great report. a good healthy indicator. >> everyone but washington. >> we are in the middle of a political season without a doubt. there's a lot of things to discuss like $16 trillion worth of idiocy and those kinds of things. >> they keep signing willie nillie they talk about backing away from seek questionsstration because they are scared of the cuts. you and i know these are cuts off the growth of spending nothing is being taxed in principal. >> it is scary. >> they really are doing political double talk. continuing with failed philosophies of economics,
1:42 pm
kensian economics is a failure at this point. if you don't believe me look at how many trillions we have invested in the economy we see it was not stimulated. we have seen this little move here but we have a jobs report that came out and was very negative in the last two weeks. i think people out across america are really personally in this report you and i were opening the segment with, it says people are personally saying we are going to be in control of our money. i think they are going to tasta demanding that of both parties going forward. they are going to be wiser with the spending out of dc. >> you know what i worry about when i get a report like this consumers are getting nervous it might be to convey a message. but it could also be they are conveying their own concern about where they are going to be so they are keeping the money tight just in case. >> that is exactly right. they are worried about the economy they are saying i amgoig is not going to work out if i
1:43 pm
keep going out of debt and i don't spend more wisely. that's what the statistics are saying to me. i agree with you. it is an indicator you could be looking at yet that double dip or triple dip recession going forward if we face that totally on consumer confidence if that's the only variable that enters into that. that is a possibility. it has to do with leadership and the words people are using in the campaign right now. i think people are sitting on the side lines on a lot of things and waiting to see what this election does. we may have frozen the economy for the last 60 days. >> dave ramsey best selling author. good to see you again, dave. >> thank you, sir. thanks for having me. >> labor department reporting right now 3.7 million job openings in america. americans looking for work. john roberts speaking why so many jobs are going unfilled. it's just amazing, john. the jobs are begging where are the folks applying? >> first of all let's tell you
1:44 pm
how many jobs are begging. 3.7 million down from june. 10 percent from last year. more jobs from there. still 3.5 unemployed people for every job out there. you mentioned this if you have the right skills and you are willing to move there are plenty of jobs across america. 11,300 jobs they cannot fail. they make specialty trailers. in mitchell south carolina they head to hire a recruiting firm to find welders if you can believe it. here is the ceo. >> anybody that has skills if they want a job they can get a job tomorrow. they can change jobs. it is very easy. unemployment rate is essentially 0 for people who want to have a job. >> he told us that the local labor market is tapped out.
1:45 pm
they have to find supporters to fill those jobs. >> if the skill set to get the job if you don't have them you can have all of the available jobs with the skill set out there. if you don't got it you don't get it, right? >> they are casting the net far and wide across the country to try to find people with the appropriate skill set match nude the jobs. governor dugard of south dakota is spending 5 million tax payer dollars with man power to find those people trying to entice them to come to south dakota saying there are not only jobs here to pay well but it has a low cost of living low crime rate no state income tax. for abraham kirk it was a perfect fit. he was an unemployed former welder from chrysler. he took a buyout in 2009 couldn't find a good job after that but he says south dakota to him is like the promised land. >> i knew i had to make a move because there was no jobs there was a high crime rate from where i came from. the schools were in bad shape.
1:46 pm
>> state officials in south dakota are worried if they cannot fill all of those jobs kneel could stall the economic slow down and some of the companies looking for jobs may have to come out side to move outside so they can be closer to the labor pool. doesn't want that to happen. >> john roberts excellent reporting on this and in english no less. >> john roberts senior national correspondent. good job, buddy. >> they are not all like that. >> you have no style or sense of fashion. >> i think that depends on what you are -- >> no, no. that wasn't a question. >> if it worked for people like that meet the retired business owner saying thank you in a big way without doing the shoot. what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends...
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>> talk about a nice parting gift from your boss. one michigan car dealer is awarding employees right before retiring cranking out thousand dollar checks for each year they work for him. they said bosses are greedy and clearly have not met howard cooper. cooper good to have you. >> thank you, neil. >> what made you do this? >> the idea originate add few years back with a gentlemen in michigan who sold a much larger company and rewarded his employees in a like manner although a great deal more than i was doing. but i got acquainted with him had lunch with him a couple of times. felt it would be the right thing to do. i thought about it for a few years and just seemed like i could make an impact in this manner for people that really deserved it and made me successful as i have been fortunate to be.
1:51 pm
>> do you have any that have been there as long as you 28 years. >> one lady my controller just retired last month but going to stay on for this full transition been there 46 and a half years. 39, 32, 27. a lot of teens and 20s. >> do your workers or at least the full-time ones, howard, have a pension or retirement plan of their own, a 401 k anything like that? >> yeah, they do. it's standard. we have had a profit sharing plan nearly since we started business. so some of them have pretty good balances built up and this was a surprise to many -- well to any of them other than the few of us who knew about it before hand. >> your own family could have said howard, dad, whatever you are taken care of. you don't have to. you have done good-bye them. any resentment back at home. you don't have to bring up family's names.
1:52 pm
>> no, no, everything is fine. it's a real feel good time. lots of smiles around the place. >> i bet. i am wondering if your kids are saying here's where your inheritance is going. >> no. they will be comfortable. it's just won of those things. this thing is growing way more than i ever expected. i thought it would leak out but i hadn't expected this i heard from people all around the world. yesterday a lady from australia i had a lady in kansas who needed a car>> one of the papers discussing i haven't read it but trying to decide whether i was democrat or republican. >> you want to tell us? oo it comes at a time when businesses are under fire. a lot don't like the her ranging they get. does that ever bother you?
1:53 pm
>> it 3w09ers me a lot. we try to do it the right way in experience they find you run a pretty good ship. been in the community long enough and active enough people know me and know the kind of place we run. that is why we are turning it over to the new order. i am sure they will be happy with it. the same people will be there. not changing. just the name on the front of the building that hasn't changed yet but it will sometime. >> i bet you are a fat cat you defied some images. howard cooper thank you very much. >> thank you, kneel. >> where were you 11 years ago yesterday. very different world from 11 years ago the next day. i go back you look forward.
1:54 pm
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but that doesn't mean we should be penalized for it. that's why liberty mutual insurance policies come standard with accident forgiveness, if you qualify. learn more at >> neil: barack obama wasn't
1:57 pm
even a u.s. senator. mitt romney wasn't yet a massachusetts governor. sony play station 2 was the rage. microsoft newly released xbox was considered a joke. apple invest something in the ipod. the pharmaceutical company, something called the world's first contraceptive patch. "gladiator" takes five oscars. weird twist on kids' movies named "shrek" takes the world by storm. britney spears is singing, lady gaga is not yet. michael jackson is still alive. gallon of gas is buck-46. democrat ig favorite for president three years out is hillary clinton. enron was the comedy of tomorrow when the year started. in bankruptcy protection at the time the year ended. the nasdaq was still -- [ inaudible ] internet stocks themselves imploded. economy was struggling. and the first of george bush's tax cuts were just beginning.
1:58 pm
people were talking that september about the yankees repeating. they didn't. no one was talk act the arizona diamondbacks doing anything. but they won everything. lance armstrong won his third tour de france in the days we liked france. tiger woods won his second masters. back in the days we liked tiger. and barry bonds, hit 73 home runs in the days we liked barry. they changed. we changed. bubbles had burst. heroes went bust. but hard to believe looking back 11 years what obsessed us that year. the stuff we were so in to this harry potter movie that took unprecedented $93 million bucks. opening weekend. versus this pearl harbor flick which ended up not doing nearly so well its opening weekend. maybe because we already knew that pearl harbor ended. was history really worth repeating? 11 years ago yesterday, who
1:59 pm
could blame them? 11 years ago today who could have imagined this? funny thing history. sometimes it just happens. snapshot forever changed. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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