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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 11, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> people were jumping off the building. >> people jumping. >> we got lost on the fifth floor, chaos. >> on the 11th anniversary of 9-11, how much is the war on terror cost the usa? and has the price in blood and treasure been worth it? we will have a special report. >> if you can't beat barak obama with this record, then shut down the party. >> some conservative commentators say if republicans cannot win the presidency this year, the party is through. what does sarah palin think
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about that? she will be here. >> yeah, well, the flag means different things. but basically about revolutionary union. >> 350,000 students in chicago out of school because of a teacher strike that some think is being annual tated by -- did she agitated by socialists. john stossel has been investigating. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight only this 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. according to the congressional research service, the war on terror has cost america $1.4 trillion. that includes the wars in iraq examine afghanistan and money for veterans and other military
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expenditures. it does not include security within the usa. under president obama, the war on terror has cost about $569 billion. approximately 10% of the debt the president has run up in his 3 1/2 years on the job. when people like alan colmes who will join us in a moment say america's debt is largely war driven, the stats don't back that up. mr. obama added $4.4 trillion to the debt during his time in office examine again the war on terror expenditures comprise 10% of that. the important question is has the war on terror been worth the price in blood and treasure? let's run it down. in the combined wars in iraq and afghanistan, nearly 6600 americans have been killed. almost 50,000 wounded. while all life is sacred, those figures are nothing like the vietnam war. however, i believe most historians will look back on the iraq war as being a mistake. we could have brought saddam to his knees by blockading his country. we didn't have to invade it. the weapons of mass destruction
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deal through all calibrations out. but we did not need iraq in order to win the war on terror. afghanistan is another matter. we had to remove the taliban and we did. the problem is that afghan society is largely corrupt and the usa has not been able to neutralize that corruption. so we're caught in a country that will not cooperate in helping itself become a free state. money and tribal conflicts rule in afghanistan. that has hurt america badly. again, we had to fight the war. president obama has done a good job in neutralizing al-qaeda, his killer drone strategy decimated that group. president bush did a good job in hammering al-qaeda after 9-11. his strategy of isolating and interrogating captured terrorists gave us vital information wed intoed to protect itself. the obama administration recently dropped all abuse cases against the c.i.a. and its interrogation program, believe me when i tell you attorney general eric holder did not want to do that. but the evidence shows that while america did use harsh
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interrogation, it did not abuse prisoners on the scale the far left alleges. so the war on there are had to be fought. overall, we have won the fight against terrorism. however, the conflict goes on and you know those savages want to hit us again. that's a memo. top story, let's bring in alan colmes and he is the author of "thank the liberals for saving america." colmes pointing at the title. as well as his partner, monica crowley. what say you? >> first of all, you said you would mention me in the talking points. the money was off the books before you north texas it's on the books. you have to figure it in. >> at this figure it in. >> but it was off the books. >> i don't care about off the books. on the book. it's 10%. >> it's a big amount of money. we could do a lot with that money. >> wait, wait, wait. i think we did do a lot. we defeated al-qaeda. >> we did. we did a great job over the last four to eight years doing that,
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and yes, the money that was spent in iraq could have been spent for a whole number of things. the war on terror, you know, also is we've sacrificed our security, we're sacrificed our liberty for security and franklin said once do you that -- >> maybe you sacrifice your liberty, but i'm as free as i've ever been. >> that may be true. >> i think -- did you sacrifice any liberty? >> no, and i will gladly. >> -- >> except going to the airport. that's inconvenience. >> you laid out the question is the war on terror been worth the cost? we have paid a steep cost in terms of supply treasure. ve. >> the point is that we had no choice. we were hit on 9-11. the war was brought to us. osama bin laden declared war on the united states years before. >> i think we did have a choice choice in the way we waged the war. >> that is correct. >> the drone, killer drone project that barak obama instituted, you favor it? >> very successful? >> do you favor it? >> die, but there is an argument that i also saithe had real
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legitimate points, that by killing them -- >> you don't get to question them. but in total, do you favor the killer drone attacks? >> do you. >> yes. >> do you? >> yes? you want to kill them, not water board them. >> i don't want to water board them, people who we don't know if they're terrorists or not. >> you want to kill them? >> if we have information they are terrorists. >> do you have -- the drone attacks have gotten al-qaeda leaders, including the number two al-qaeda guy this week. so you can't say those haven't worked. >> so you would -- so you say kill them, but don't water board them? >> if you have credible evidence of a training camp -- >> if you tonight know for sure. >> they know for sure about ksm. >> they rounded them up. >> there is only four people water boarded. they knew that they knew big things. >> no evidence that information brought -- >> he's arguing for killing
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these terrorist which is is no due process. this nation has been without a coherent detention strategy which is why they've been killing these terrorist rather than capturing. >> it's easier kill them north texas doubt about it. >> on the bigger question, this is a very tough work to prosecute. the enemy is literally everywhere. it's not just located in one country. i think one of the mistakes we have been making is that whether you're talking iraq or afghanistan. we've been fighting this war geographically rather than geographically and ideologically. we're not dealt to built with this threat, built on religious fanaticism. >> i disagree with that. i think that both presidents bush and obama, both of them, and this is one of the few areas in which i think both presidents agree -- they used their executive power fairly wisely, with the exception of iraq. that's a behind sight play, by
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the way. i'm not cheap shotting president bush 'cause i supported that war based upon the weapons of mass destruction. put your hands down. they're blocking my tie. based upon the weapons of mass destruction scenario laid out by colin powell who you don't get more credible than that man. i supported a war. in hindsight, most fair minded americans would say you got this guy out by doing a no fly and blockading the tiny area that he had access to the persian gulf, he could have starved him out of there. that's what you should have done rather than we invade the country. but in totality, our presidents and our people, because we elect the presidents, had to decide whether we were going to spend more than a trillion dollars. probably $3 trillion if you add on all the security that we have inside the united states. probable will he about $3 trillion. to protect ourselves after this terrible 9-11 attack. i say we did a pretty good job. i say the money was well spent. >> i agree with you. not that we haven't made mistakes.
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>> right. but overall. >> because again, this is a very tough threat to try to navigate. >> i didn't get to chance to explain before, we're focused on individuals. we rounded people up after 9-11 with weathery nilly without any due process. >> not willy nilly. we had real intel on the terrorists. >> we released a bunch of them later. >> the drones kill selected targets and then kill everybody around them, colmes. all right. so come on. >> forbe the most part they kill selective targets. >> no, that's not true. look, they drop them on a house where there is a guy inside and everybody in the house goes. just like the bin laden raid. everybody in the house goes. the women went and bin laden went. so let's not do that. >> also the bigger point is that no matter what kind of threat you're facing, you always have to fight while you still have the advantage because the second the enemy gets the advantage or
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leverage -- >> all in all, you say the war on terror really hasn't been worth fighting the way they did it. you say it has. i'm the tie breaker and i agree with monica. >> of course. >> thank you. >> in a moment, laura ingraham says if republicans can't defeat president obama, the party ought to be dissolved. sarah palin will comment on that. later, is it legal on a convicted killer demanding that we pay for his sex change operation inside pri
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>> bill: impact segment, radio talk show host laura ingraham whom you'll see on thursday, said this yesterday. >> if you can't beat barak obama with this record, then shut down the party. shut it down. start new. with new people. because this is a gimme election, or at least it should be. >> bill: very provocative. joining us, the former governor of that state, sarah palin. so do you agree with miss laura? >> absolutely. i couldn't have said it better myself. she's articulating what so many, just common sense fiscally conservative independent americans are thinking is come o republicans. if you can't get the fire lit underneath this base and get them convinced that barak obama's lack of a plan to get us out of these economically woeful times, if you can't get your message through that filter of
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the media, then we're in a world of hurt. >> bill: okay. what is the republican party not doing based upon the convention and the race so far that they should be doing? >> we're not explaining to the rest of america who thinks that they're going to get a bunch of free stuff from obama that you have a choice. you either get free stuff or you get freedom. you can not have both and you need to make a choice. and if we could explain and get that message through to people that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch and we are an insolvent nation when you consider us being $16 trillion in debt, we're broke, we can't keep continuing down this path, well, again, we're in a world of hurt if we can't get that explanation to the public, to the voters regarding what the choices are and -- >> bill: is it possible, though, that the country has changed
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with 50% of american homes receiving some kind of welfare means tested? we're not talking medicare, social security. half, all right, of the population now somewhat dependent on the federal and state governments. is it possible that the message is, i want the stuff, i'll sacrifice freedom? is that possible? >> well, it's possible that we are so far down that road, bill, yes, that -- >> bill: so it is possible -- no matter how vehemently 'cause i don't know if that's to you or not. but i know the demographics are changing and i know the obama administration is basically targeting hispanic americans, women, african-americans, and labor union people to try to get the coalition of the willing to win the election so that the population is changing. the second thing is, should mitt romney go after barak obama in a
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more personal way? should he use words like incompetent, dangerous, socialist, those kind of buzz words would get an enormous amount of attention? >> not just buzz words, those are accurate descriptions of our commander in chief. >> bill: so you're saying he should do that? >> yes, he should be very aggressive and he should be adamant in his attacks on obama's record, which is so dismal, his plan or lack of a plan of obama's to get us out of these woeful times. yes, he needs to be severely aggressive in his articulation. but listen, you bring up the demographics and what they're representing in terms of perhaps wanting some free stuff. you need to remember, america is still center right. proof of that is look at how obama has to couch his message. he has to lie to pretend that he is for fiscal sanity and strong
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national defense and the center right positions that the vast majority of americans stand for. obama has to pretend like he is that in order to get that base. >> bill: it's changing. that center right is now listening a little bit because of bad economic times. economy always overwhelms ideology. let me get back to romney and ryan. in the four days in tampa, they did get their message out. it depends how many people saw it, but they pounded, pounded that barak obama is an incompetent, he doesn't have any solutions to the economic malaise. he wants to spend more money and that's going to drive us over the fiscal cliff. that couldn't have been clearer and couldn't have been. i mean, every second of that convention was devoted to that. what they didn't do, and the only person that did it was clint eastwood, the only one who did it was eastwood, christy didn't do it. everyone was expecting christie to drop the anvil on president obama's hi and he didn't. what they didn't do was hold
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him -- him being the president -- personally responsible. say look, it's not about policy so much. it's about him! he's a hard core and you fill in the blank. they didn't do it. you're saying the only hope the gop has is if they change examine bring it directly to him personally. i think that's what i'm hearing, governor. >> they do have to bring it directly to obama personally, a reflection of what he stands for and his record prove for. he is for growing this big government and disempowering the individual. that's what obama and the left stap for. >> bill: you got to use those buzz words. you got to say socialist, you got to do that to get people's attention. >> and what they have to do is they have to lay out the choice for the american public. they have to tell us, are you for empowering the individual or are you for this nonsense that barak obama of growing this debt
8:19 pm
ridden, $15 trillion in debt, this government, which one do you want, people? >> bill: all right, we appreciate it as always. thank you. directly ahead, is the democratic party being held hostage by the radical left? george stephanopoulos on that. john stossel investigating the teachers striking in chicago. there a socialist communist element involved in this? those reports after these
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>> bill: as we've been reporting elements of the far left were prominently featured at the democratic national convention in prime time. we talked to leaders of planned parenthood, activist sandra pluck, celebrities. the question becomes who is running the party? moderators extremists. joining us, the anchor of this week, george stephanopoulos who
8:23 pm
once advised president clinton. you used to be a moderate democrat. now that you're a journalist in that field, i know you put your politics on the shelf. >> i still vote, but don't bring them to work. >> bill: that's good. the guy you work for, bill clinton, moderate democrat. i think of all the people who spoke at the convention and he was the most well received. >> the most successful. >> bill: so there is a very strong moderate faction within the democratic party. however, speaker after speaker after speaker was very, very far left. did that surprise you? >> i think there was a lot of rallying of the base of the convention. big part of what a convention -- >> bill: what's the base? is it the base far left or moderate? what's the base? >> i don't like to throw the umbrella label out there like that. i want to know whattalking abou, specifically, but clearly, there is no question that the issue of choice and women's rights energizes a the lo of the democratic base. energizes a lot of people in the democratic party.
8:24 pm
no question that -- i don't know if this is far left. i would argue that it is. but that the issue of immigration reform now energizes a big part of the democratic base. >> bill: immigration reform, i think, there is a whole bunch of different positions you could take there. >> right. >> bill: but unfettered abortion, we're talking partial birth, we're talking don't tell the parents if the girl is 12. we're talking basically anything goes. that's what naral wants. >> planned parenthood, sandra fluke. they all want that. >> when that element of the democratic party kind of takes over, i think it does have the possibility of hurting democrats in a general election. remember bill clinton's formulation for the democratic platform in 1992 the one he used in every single speech he gave is that he does believe in a woman's right to choose, but abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. and that i think that is the most most democrats have, most americans have. closely called question on
8:25 pm
whether or not this should be a right to choose, but i think you still have a majority support for it right now. but where the public support tends to fall off is when some common sense restrictions are not allowed. >> bill: right. that's what caroline kennedy and fluke and all these people were saying. listen, don't be you limiting me. we want to choose anything. >> they seem to be talk more about contraception than abortion. >> bill: no, i think that's a strawman. i really think that's a ghost issue, that got sandra fluke a lot of publicity. the majority of americans don't want to pay for it, okay, george? they don't want to pay for sandra fluke's lifestyle choices, whatever they may be. all right? i'm in that camp. if you're going to tell me that i got to pay for sandra fluke's birth control, i'm going to tell you that's an extremist position. >> as you know, when you flip it around and say, do you want to completely defund planned parenthood? >> bill: yes, i do. i want it to be funded like catholic charities, by individuals who believe in
8:26 pm
planned parenthood's mission. that's who should be, 'cause i don't believe in abortion, unfettered abortion and i don't want my tax money going into that organization because that's what they do. >> i totally remain your position, but you recognize that a majority of the public supports the funding of planned parenthood? >> bill: i don't think they do. i think if the question is should they be funded by your tax dollars when we have a $16 trillion debt, or privately funded, i think the majority of americans would go privately funded. yes, i think they would. but i could be wrong. i'm very rarely wrong as you know. but i could be. it's possible. now, what's interesting is that president obama i think by every measure, has failed to bring economic prosperity back. i don't think there is any debate about that among anyone. >> there is a big debate over whether he ameal orated the situation. >> bill: there are debates, but the central question is, the president failed to bring prosperity back to the country. yet the polling has him still up
8:27 pm
in the high 40s. and i'm wondering what is it, are democrats and independents going to vote hope again? are they going to vote hope again? >> well, i think right now if the election were held today, you look at all these polls that have come out since the democratic national convention, president obama would win if the election were held today. i think both parties would agree with that, both campaigns would agree with that right now. he's got a slight lead, although it's pretty close to a dead heat over all. the important battle ground states, the president hold ago lead right now. he's ahead probably by five points in ohio. ahead by three to five points in virginia. he wins those two states, he'll win the presidency. the president has that lead right now. i think it's because some americans are beginning to feel that we're coming back, but even more important, what i think the democratic party has done a good job over the summer is raising questions about mitt romney. >> bill: demonizing romney as a guy who is out of touch.
8:28 pm
i have always said from the very beginning here that the debates are going to tell the tale. i ohm got 30 seconds. >> crucial. absolutely. why mitt romney is spending so much time right now on his debate prep. his last big chance starts on october 3. >> bill: he's got to do what ronald reagan did to jimmy carter. >> big moment. >> bill: we'll see you on "good morning america" i hope. >> take care. >> bill: plenty more ahead. chicago teachers ou on strike. some believe there is a socialist communist inside that union. is it legal on a man who murdered his wife wants to be a woman and have us pay for it. woman and have us pay for it. we're co ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay
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>> bill: stossel matters segment, 350,000 students not in the classroom today because teachers in chicago are on strike. most reporting cities often teachers a good contract, even though the school bum jet, a billion dollars in the red. it's not enough for the teachers union which appears to be very radical. >> i notice the flag you're carrying. >> the flag means different things, but basically revolutionary union, is that we're facing difficult times and if you result strong, democrat unions from the bottom up control members they get the power to stand up to capitalism. >> bill: here is john stossel. author of the book "no, they can't."
8:33 pm
first tell me about this chicago teacher union. >> like the other big unions, they are clueless people who think they're entitled to a job. these guys make an average $75,000 on average teachers make $50,000 in america. and that's more than nurses and architects make. they make plenty. they work nine months a year and they don't want to be judged. they don't want to be rated. they feel nobody should ever fire them. they want to decide when they get judged or fired. fox ran that way, you couldn't operate this show. >> bill: all right. so do you believe that the city of chicago, which is obviously in debt and in the state of illinois is supplementing the city of chicago and paying the teachers, do you believe that's a reasonable offer for the teachers that they're making? >> yes. there shouldn't be one contract for all. >> bill: again, about 5% raise per year over three. that's what the city offered. >> they shouldn't get any raise proportionate to what teachers are paid in other parts of the
8:34 pm
country. >> bill: chicago is a more expensive place to live -- >> not new york. they work shorter day than teachers in any other big city. >> bill: you think the city made a fair offer? >> i think they offered too much. they're going broke. >> bill: the union says it's our way or the highway. then you hear the guy with the flag, we don't know exactly who that was. but obviously he's involved because he's out there protesting. look, we don't like the capitalism thing. we don't want the capitalism thing. this is what we saw in wisconsin also. remember in the wisconsin union? >> right. >> bill: dessertification by the state. there seems to be an ideological thread, not just an economic thread in all of this stuff. >> absolutely. capitalism, which has brought us most of the good stuff we have, things that work, competition is vilified by much of the country. they're uncomfortable with capitalism. >> bill: is it especially vilified within the union? >> sure. and that's part of -- everybody gets paid the same, good and bad. that's fair.
8:35 pm
>> bill: yeah, teachers we should point out people who don't live there don't want to have performance based assessments. >> they have assessments now. 93% of chicago teachers are rated either superior or excellent. but the students don't do as well. 80% of the eighth grade railroads not proficient in math. >> bill: 55% of the high school students graduate. 45% don't. look, like every other big city, they got a problem. you have been accused of being anti-teacher and anti-teachers union. in 2004 stossel caused a loft trouble when he was at 20/20 on abc. go. >> the unions fault, they said, there are other reasons kids struggle. >> we want a apology from 20/20 john stossel for anti-teacher, antiunion and anti-public education beast of yellow journalism. [ cheers and applause ] >> the head of new york city teachers union said because of
8:36 pm
my program, educators all over the country feel that they have been kicked in the teeth. >> bill: so these people hate you. >> many of them do. i don't think i'm anti-teacher. i am antiunion. she's now making 400,000 a year. >> i had done the show called stupid in america that raised this issue of school choice. let there be competition. that's what makes everything better. and they were so furious, 600 showed up outside my office. they screamed, teach john, teach, then you'll know what teaching is like. i said i would and they changed their mind. >> bill: that was eight years ago when things have gotten worse in america, haven't they? >> no. well, in many cases, in many cities, yes. but what's gotten better is now there is a school choice movement. more charter schools. >> there is a movement, but opposed by the current administration, it's opposed by the president and democratic party. >> even in the obama administration to some extent are saying, hey, we got to have some choice. we got to rate the teachers.
8:37 pm
>> bill: you're hopeful? >> yes. i think there has been more movement in this than most states. >> bill: in chicago, are you hopeful that this thing -- >> eventually the union will realize they can't have a tantrum and preserve the monopoly. >> bill: thank you. when we come back, is it legal on a convicted wife killer who wants now to become a woman and he wants us to pay for it. legal is next ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reaso over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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8:41 pm
revenge because gallup has not been that kind to president obama. kind tore mitt romney. here now, kimberly guilfoyle and lis weil. >> any merit? >> this will go nowhere. whistle blower fired by gallup in 2009 suddenly turned around and said they're doing all this wrong. misclaiming files, overcharging the government. 2009, bill. now in 2012, suddenly after those polls came out putting romney ahead, oh, now gallup is finding they want to sue? >> it seems hard to believe that the obama administration would be that petty to use the justice department to punish gallup, a respected polling agency. look, if the whistle blow be has hard data -- >> that's my point. three years don't you think they would have found that? >> bill: i don't know. >> this seems to be ridiculous. this is someone if you investigate the background of michael linley, he is someone who works for the obama campaign in 2008. look, let the viewers decide that the facts are suspect at best. three years, no lawsuit.
8:42 pm
>> bill: you both feel this a politically motivated lawsuit? >> yes. >> bill: okay. >> this comes from the axelrod. because there are no facts. >> bill: okay. 1990, guy named robert j. castlenick, in massachusetts. his wife finds him wearing her clothes and he kills her. all right? he murders her. so he is sentenced to prison. he goes to prison in massachusetts and now he's demanding a sex change operation. >> right. publicly funded sex -- reassignment. >> bill: a judge, judge what's her first name? >> man, judge mark wolf. >> bill: manager wolf of the can we see the judge? so judge mark wolf in massachusetts says, yes, taxpayers of the commonwealth, you have to pay for this convicted murderer's sex change operation which could go as high
8:43 pm
as $50,000. do i have it right? >> you do have it right, absolutely. and this is unbelievable. this is a reward, this is punishment, someone is going in prison for murder? >> rick: of what the rationale. >> the judge is saying this is unfair, that is medically necessary and that you can not deprive this individual from becoming a woman -- >> bill: why is it medically necessary for this guy to become a woman? >> first of all, it's more than unfair. >> expert. >> it's not 50,000, toes 20,000. >> bill: no, no, you're wrong. our brain room is smarter than you. says the surgery costs anywhere up to $50,000. >> let's not -- doesn't matter about the money. >> bill: it does to me. >> it's not about fairness. it's about the constitution. the constitution has the eighth amendment that says you can not punish someone in a cruel and unusual manner. this man tried to kill himself twice. tried to castrate himself and by the jail's own doctors have come out and said, he has gender
8:44 pm
discrimination disorder. he needs this operation. >> bill: wait, wait. gender discrimination disorder. what exactly is that? >> identification disorder. i'm sorry. identification disorder. >> bill: what is that? >> i'm not a doctor. i don't know. >> bill: you don't know. >> that's how he was -- okay. >> bill: to so let me get this straight. i'm amused now. you believe that a man who commits a murder, whether it's his wife, whether it's anybody. >> horrible, horrible. >> bill: thank you. good. so wealthys committing murder is horrible, horrible. all right. so he's sentenced to prison, which the taxpayers -- >> for life. >> bill: are paying for. >> right. >> bill: inside prison, the man, all right -- says you know what? i want to be a babe. i want a change. and instead of saying, sorry, lenny, or whatever your name is. >> it's michelle now. >> bill: you walked in a man and that's how you're going to stay. we're not going to pay a nickel.
8:45 pm
>> he kills himself in jail. >> bill: so what? so what? >> he's had medical psychiatrists say this man has a medical disease and you need to take care of him. >> bill: a medical disease? >> yes! gender identity disorder. it is a disease and/or illness. >> bill: did he catch that disease? is that contagious? am i going to start wearing little -- >> i don't know, bill. but each amendment -- >> bill: this is so much bs, it's painful. >> i do disagree it is an eighth amendment violation, under these particular circumstances. i'm disagreeing with you. i do not believe it was an eighth amendment violation. what the argument where it becomes interesting is it medically necessary? >> bill: why is it medically necessary? you just tell the guy you're going to stay a guy. sorry. you're in prison. that's it. now, sandra fluke, our pal.
8:46 pm
has she weighed in on this or is it just a general thing she wants? >> this is something where she was published, she wrote a paper about this, miss fluke did, where she said in a work environment, employers should pay not only for the free birth control, but also pay for gender reassignment surgery 'cause it violates under title 7 their -- >> bill: she doesn't weigh in on the prison deal. she says if you have a job, right. >> bill: and you walk and you say, i may do this to fox news tomorrow. probably won't. it will get me ratings, would it not? hey, news corps, you know, i would really -- you may have to pay. >> you would be a very tall woman. >> bill: i would. i have great legs. so that might happen. wait a minute! you don't want to see it? you want them to pay for it! >> no i don't! >> bill: you just said it. >> for the prisoner.
8:47 pm
>> bill: for the prisoner. let me get this straight. so it's okay for a murderer to get it, but not if you're a legal guy. >> that's right. >> bill: there it is. okay. we're coming back with chuck norris. probably gog assassinate me for saying what i said. he says the usa might fall completely apart if president obama is reelected. that interview moments
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment, chuck norris, he's a very conservative guy, in a new movie called the "expendables 2" but his political views is getting most of the attention. you're causing trouble again. blowing things up in the political rhetoric. let's take a look. >> if we look to history, our great country and freedom are under attack. we're at a tipping point and
8:51 pm
possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don't change the course our country is headed. >> bill: you're saying look, we're headed for armageddon. in what way? >> i don't say armageddon. we either go one direction, left, which would be socialism. or right, which would be people trying to make the money themselves. >> bill: why are you different, say, from barak obama, who wants to share the wealth, redistribute the wealth? why are you on the other side? >> i grew up as a democrat. see, what has happened is the democrats have gone further left and the republicans have gone to where the democrats were 40 years ago. >> bill: what do you object it in the redistribution of wealth? >> the fact that they're affecting the small businesses in our country and when you drive around the country and you see these stores that are closed, out of business because of what's going on with our economy, that really tears my heart up. we've got to get somebody in the white house who has the
8:52 pm
experience to turn this around and get these saul companies back going again. tax me. i don't care. >> bill: you don't care it you pay taxes. >> i pay a huge amount. >> bill: do you want to pay 40, ha%, which is where they would take you, the income redistributors, if they could? >> if it would help, i wouldn't mind it. but the thing is, it will not help 'cause the more money the congress gets, the more money they spend. >> bill: okay. >> so -- >> bill: you and i are the same. i don't mind paying more money, but i don't want it going to solyndra. >> exactly. >> bill: i got to see it's doing some good. you have a foundation, i have a foundation. we give a lot of money privately to charities that we know, like the wounded warriors, fisher house, people we know they do good. okay. eastwood, you know him, right? >> yeah. >> bill: i was surprised he did it at all. >> to get up there without a monitor and start trying to talk off the cuff is really a difficult thing to do.
8:53 pm
that's clint, though. >> bill: you and stallone and bruce willis and arnold schwarzenegger, you're in this ex pennsylvania 2 movie. so it's like geezers killing everybody. >> tear him apart! >> i'll be back! >> i'll be back! >> these are my conservative buddies. everybody is a conservative. >> bill: arnold -- he's not. >> i talk to arnold. i helped campaign for him. >> bill: were you disappointed? >> he's fighting the powers that be. >> bill: but he didn't win. >> he finally gave up. fighting against the democratic legislature, finally said i can't do it. >> bill: there is another film called "last ounce of courage". >> we can't be silent anymore! the silence has to stop today! we fight for freedom! >> bill: you're not in the movie, but you want people to go see it.
8:54 pm
why? >> i saw a screening of it and it really affected me because it's what we all are dealing with, freedom in our country. and it's like we use a clip of you on the show, by the way, which i really appreciate you letting us have. >> bill: i'm in the movie. >> yeah. the clip you said years back talking about christmas. >> christmas has become controversial in america. public displays are the federal holiday are under attack by the aclu. >> i watch you every night, and the thing i remembered that and i said, that's what this movie is all about. >> bill: individual freedom and not having the government encroaching. >> the story of a mayor in a town who is a very secular town, they call it winterment instead of christmas and things like that. that's the direction we're going in our country. >> bill: thanks for coming. good to see you. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: factor tip of the day in a moment. it tastes very good. the tip, 60 seconds away. ♪
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>> factor tip of the day and it is delicious in just a moment. the bolder, fresher tour has added a matinee show on november 24 at the hobby center. the evening shows sold out real fast. we will be in austin, the night before, november 23, only 200 tickets left. my last appearance before the presidential election will be at the seminole hard rock hotel in broward county, friday night, october 26. we will be analyzing the upcoming presidential vote t. should be very interesting. now, to the mail...
8:57 pm
>> you may have noticed that not one -- not one catholic leader stepped up and criticized caroline kennedy's public stance in the media, doctor. i am writing my newspaper column about that. it will be out on thursday. >> catholics like myself believe we should convince people not to abort, not force them to give birth. as a catholic, have you an obligation to protect life if you can. that means no spin on abortion unless trauma is involved. >> you're welcome, don. you may have noticed that few in the media put forth any pro-life stuff at all. that's the way it is. >> well, that would be hickey freeman, adrian.
8:58 pm
and the skip gam bert shirts seal the deal. >> well, i was reading it with my fourth grader just last night, lind a. he likes it. >> smart thing to do, stan. kennedy will be out october 2. and the two books intertwine in some very interesting ways. >> yes, you do. it's your choice, you get "killing lincoln" or "killing kennedy," book or the audio. great day. tip of the day, americans are getting chubbier, and chubbier. we eat too much sugar, too many carbs. i'm -- a mission for snacks that taste good special won't blow you up. check out i ate the blueberry pomegranate
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