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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 12, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tonight on fox report as well as the rest of the journalists on fox news. the attack on american soil that's what the embassy is. if so we are in a very serious situation. that's it for me. now "your world with neil cavuto." >> this just in. maybe a jimmy carter mess on his hands. hours after the killing of an american ambassador growing frustration after a lack of rage from an american president. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. it is always dicey to take on a president over his handling of a foreign crisis especially when you are running for president yourself. decorum says you don't, but decorum also says you don't accept a mob invading a u.s. consulate in libya and killing our ambassador and three others. today mitt romney decided to bolt from decorum.
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>> simply put having an embassy which has been breached having protestors on the grounds having that embassy reiterate a statement effectively apologizing for the right of free speech is not the rice course for our administration. >> today on top of some scary déjà vu the president attacked for not speaking out more strongly not explaining to meet with the prime minister of israel more forcefully. it seems to be erupting into anti-americanism almost daily. the republicans hark ens back to this guy john mccain is much more interested in what it is saying about us guys, americans. he was kind enough to join us right now. i knew you knew the ambassador very, very well. your thoughts right now? >> he was a lovely man. he loved his country.
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he served in a diplomatic war. he went to benghazi while the fight was still going on. came in on a cargo airplane and lived in constant danger until it was over. he moved to tripoli and set up our embassy there which was very rude amount terry. the libyan people liked and admired him. i can't tell you what a wonderful man he was, and i had the opportunity to spend time with him, including the day of the libyan election when hundreds of thousands of libyans celebrated and by the way elected a very moderate government. i can't tell you how sad and how much we mourn for his family. there is also sean smith and two others who have not been identified yet who also were sacrificed. >> you know senator the timing is weird and tashing this to
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rage over a movie on mohammed is weird. what do you think? >> i think it is important is to recognize what was done in the attack in benghazi was an organized terrorist attack, people with heavy weapons people with rpg's. it was a planned orchestrated terrorist attack. in cairo it was a mob insighted by these people that hate america that were using the so-called film that der rives or promotes muslims. there are two very different motivations and types of attacks that were carried out. >> it is always interesting waiting for an investigation to see what happened. there is growing concern here that this was an orchestrated event that there may be more to this than meets the eye. having said that what does it say about the new libyan
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government which has been cobbled together of it and how loyal it is to us? >> libyan government is very loyal to us. they proved that in the elections where they had huge voter turnout. they voted for a moderate government not an islamist government. but there are guns and weapons all over the country as a result of the fighting. there are still these militias that are armed. this is not a strong government. they were recently elected. they haven't got a trained police or army. the army, but particularly the police were all for qaddafi. there are still these checkpoints in tripoli and benghazi and miss rat taw where the militias are still in charge. there have been jihadists that come into that country there are al qaeda that have come into that country and are operating in that country with weapons. they know that.
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it is going to mean we have to have a secure environment as well as our diplomats. >> there is criticism of the president for his pretty stoic response for this. get the right diplomatic language. but it's not exactly a passionate response to this. what do you say? >> i almost hate to get into this in this day of sorrow for these four brave americans, but i think the initial embassy response was obviously not what we would expect and then the killing of the ambassador took place. i think people can sort out the tick tock on it. i know this, kneel, if it provokes us to draw our support for these people to leave them on their own without our assistance and guidance then the bad guys win then the islamists
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and terrorists win. they will have driven us off the playing field. i think in that part of the world it is significant because if we were to draw in america some places could be a breeding ground for al qaeda. we know what they like to do. >> they look at this and say that would be good money after bad. more funding for libya. it is worth $20 million i believe we have got another amount of money $1.6 million. a lot of your colleagues have said enough already. enough, enough, enough, what do you think? >> i can understand that. i think the money going to libya would be minimum or nonexistent. their oil production is up to where it was when qaddafi was in power. in egypt they have enormous
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difficulties obviously economically. we have to be jude dish shoes as to how we use tax payer's dollars. i can guarantee you if if we take action that makes enemies out of that part of the world, we will pay a very heavy price over time. and i know americans are hurting, but i believe in the case of libya they have every opportunity over time to have a functioning democracy that is a friend of america, and i think that egypt is so important, it's the heart and soul of the muslim world. so it matters to us what happens in egypt. and i understand the frustration, the anger and the sorrow that the american people are feeling today. i share it with them. but is it in our interest to let al qaeda and jihadists drive us out of the region? i don't think so. jovrn mccain, thank you, sir. >> john mccain heading out after
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issuing a statement on the attack itself. ed, you heard what some republicans said not senator mccain but mitt romney the response on the part of the white house you have heard the criminal tentty. not very passionate. how are they taking all of this? >> the obama administration ripped into governor romney and one of the spokesperson it was wrong to in his words politicize the situation which was still unfolding last evening. today the president himself in the rose garden didn't want to get into any of that political stuff. he didn't engage mitt romney directly on the questions he has been pushing over the last 24-hours about whether or not in the initial violence in cairo whether or not the u.s. embassy errored in suggesting this was di tied to an anti muslim movie and somehow there was something to apologize for. that is something mitt romney has jumped all over.
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what the president was trying to do is talk about how he is vowing there will be justice done in this case. take a listen. >> today we mourn for more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done after this terrible mistake. make no mistake justice will be done. >> i have spoken to other officials they have gotten early signs from the obama administration to senator mccain that this in fact was a planned attack in libya and they are still investigating all of those leads. one is the potential that it was on the 9-11 anniversary. they don't want to jump into any conclusions yet. they are no stranger to the comparisons in the way that president carter waffled in iran
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and original hostage taking. night and day a lot of differences obviously. how are they trying to distinguish itself from that debac debacle? >> they put secretary clinton out there first this morning. she gave comments even senator mccain your last guest as a republican accident out a sweek saying she hit the mark perfectly in his eyes in terms of dealing with the emotional aspect of this the ambassador and three other americans killed in addition to dealing with the u.s. i didn't see him send out something in response to the -- senator graham really ripped into the president earlier on fox and suggesting it was the absence in his words of american leadership that led in part to this string of violence and was suggesting somehow they obviously think this is nonsense they think it is the political
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season and see no comparison to the carter situation. >> the day back on 9-11 what are we looking at and essentially saying about this. >> $200 million going to libya as the up rising began there. 20 million in egypt where they were tearing up the flag. they did hear another 1.6 million requested for this year. bow deed deill says cut them of all of them. >> i have been angry since early this morning. the next four years will be with obama i want to vote for mitt romney. i hope we have a president that can lead. he should have gone on that tv. there were four americans that were killed there. he should have gone on the tv and said we are aren't suspending any aid. if they can't control their mobs
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and organized effort let's get them out of there. 1 out of four americans in afghanistan are being killed by soldiers that we are training. they have values of freedom of speech. do i like this movie? i don't want to see the movie. they have a right to freedom of speech. remember a guy named pearlman they chopped his head off on tv they don't like us. they need a strong president that is going to deal. this is our children's problems coming in here the progressive muslims family value and all that i support that. these psych pathic islamic ex triemists are going to come back in. they have good air force very good bombing capabilities speak up too much. you brought them into the stone age. >> reporter daniel pearl, john
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mccain that approach is understandable would be the wrong message to send the wrong message in libya who would not endorse that they are saying the hell with it. >> if you play that horn and they go up like this all of a sudden they stop biting at you. these people don't like us. >> i think he's arguing the real al qaeda types get in there and others get in and it has actually worked. >> what about the muslim brotherhood? it was embedded in egypt. that looks tlooiks the government there. >> your argument we are giving money. >> we are giving money and getting americans killed. we need a president that is going to deal with this issue. you want to know something? >> everybody wants to attack mitt romney. i reach out to mitt romney. what do you across the board
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with the income tax rich people have to pay their fair share. >> you think that he -- his response was not embarrassing the u.s. president? >> i believe it was embarrassing to the president and it should be. that is our president. he should have got up there and gotten angry. more americans are killed but we need that. >> rand paul is pushing for pakistan for killing this doctor. is he doing the same to punish egypt and libya? he is next. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> we are just getting word the u.s. evacuated all personnel before benghazi to tripoli. emergency staffing in light of the killing of our ambassador to libya and three other americans as they try to get to the bottom of what happened here in a state that seems to be a mess. rand paul, senator the growing debate is whether that state deserves any more money from us. what do you say? >> not one penny. i wouldn't send them a penny until they can guarantee our embassy can be protected until they turned over who committed this atrocity. i want to know where the rpg's came from. they didn't make them in libya. i want to know if they came from another government or if they were leftover from qaddafi and i want to know who did this and i want them turned over to our
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fbi. it is inexcusable. in our country if an embassy was attacked we would send thousands of troops there immediately. there were warnings in egypt and they said the mob is coming. they didn't send soldiers they just said the mob is coming, get ready. it is inexcusable. >> you have also expressed doing the same with usa to pakistan if they end up arresting or worse this doctor who helped identify the whereabouts of osama bin laden which we ultimately succeeded in gunning him down. so is there something going on in the entire region that we should just go slow on pouring money good moon after bad here? >> we had something called the arab spring. i am not sure if we are better or worse off. democracy in the middle east is sometimes bringing people into power who really don't like
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america. we have given billions upon billions of dollars to these countries and my question is if you want to be an ally of america act like it. if you are not going to act like an ally of ours you are going to disparage us and kill our ambassador should we be giving you any money? not to mention the fact we don't have any money we it descended from libya to pakistan. they put our friends in jail. i am still fighting this on the floor. i am filibustering all legislation now. i am objecting to any legislation in the senate and i will do anything to stop any votes that are occurring until we can vote on this. they are sick and tired of sending money to two horned dictators. >> the senator's father always wanted to pull the plug on them.
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remember the way --
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>> reports on how conservatives will avoid spending. leading toward voting yes on a deal to fund the government for at least another 6 months docking the government shut down. my next guest is fed up and very annoyed president of citizen's for governance mark mekler. this is agreement mark what there is of it would call for 8 billion and more incentive. i know it's a drop in the bucket for these guys but more spending. what do you make of that?
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>> it is outrageous. when i read about this i had to take out the bar of bag. i don't know how it can get any worse. 66 percent said they are ready for spending cuts. i don't know what part of spending cuts these guys don't get. i don't know what kind of a message we are going to have to send that is stronger -- >> i think they are afraid of a government shut down and and a downgrade with potential of that. they are just afraid. if they ever afraid they shouldn't go to washington, d.c. it is a scary place, neil. they have to step up, grow up and do the things that are necessary. the fiscal plan is coming. >> $4 billion a day i don't care when you are republican or democrat you have to understand how much we are wasting. the time is wasting if you can't even agree not to continue the growth of that spending.
1:26 pm
you are afraid you might look ba bad if you push it to the brink we won't have a government. that sense of urgency does nothing. >> the idea the government sat down 54 percent of americans say that's not such a bad thing. it happened a lot of times frankly when it does the government doesn't really shut down anyway. most people go to work, most services aren't interrupted. maybe what forces these guys to get serious is getting spending under control. >> i think they are buying time and even the more conservative stars maybe buying some cover. allen wes describes why they are doing this. you have to do something you can't sit around and let the government shut down. that fear of a shut down. i understand where he is coming from. here is what worries me, though. if you hold that up there. if you don't want republicans to be blamed for government shut downs then that assumes your
1:27 pm
perfectly fine with the stuff and he brings us to the brink anyway. now an international building is gone. >> it aseems you are going to have to let it happen over and over again. >> they will always have your number. >> they will always have your number. in other words we are giving in on negotiations before we even start. it is ridiculous. spending up six tenths of a percent. they can't find a way to keep it at the same level as last year. it's outrageous. i think you are going to see the voters react. people are sick and tired of this. by people i don't just mean republicans. 66 percent of the american public says cut standing and cut it now. there are a lot of people e-mailing me. they are a waitling out the election. that's their hope. there is no method to the president.
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>> if you ask what keeps me up at night now it's iran becoming nuclear. it's not just missiles which is what we keep writing about. they are going to attack saudi arabia whatever. my worry is they are going to hand nuclear weapons off to iran. they are the biggest sponsor of terrorism. we know or we fear they are supplying them to kill people in syria. why not give it to some of these terrorists set off a bomb in new york, los angeles and then lie about it? >> sounds like the mayor on 9-11 giuliani worries iran may be behind an attack in the u.s. he is worried he snubbed the meeting with netanyahu. it has many people upset including democrats like the new
1:33 pm
york state assemblyman. he denied the meeting with the prime minister. >> let's get this straight for all democrats across america. the president does not like the prime minister of the state of israel. that is a fact you cannot deny. the fact is that prime minister netanyahu the only democracy in the middle east he was elected by the people. obama has had a problem with him for years. the idea israel is a country their survival is in jeopardy. you have iran saying we are going to wipe you off the face of the earth, and who is going to question that or doubt it? he wants to meet with the president. the president should want to meet with him. >> apparently they had a one-hour conversation last night. did that phone call ease your fears? >> absolutely not.
1:34 pm
the last time when the president said israel is back, i became very, very concerned. the bottom line is i do not trust the president of the united states with regard to the security of the state of israel. >> he said the president is very loyal. you rest assured he is. >> ed koch a day before when he recorded bob turner the republican didn't feel he was a friend of israel and then changed his mind literally within moments after that election after visiting the white house. the bottom line is the president has shown, look, we just had the democratic convention. jerusalem a fundamental issue was taken out of a platform of the democratic party. who is responsible? is there any doubt in anybody's mind that people in the white house gave the okay? we don't know who gave the okay, but someone in the white house. something is wrong. then they take a vote of the delegates. my fellow democrats chant
1:35 pm
overwhelmingly when they try to reintroduce jerusalem. they said no. i would ask the democratic party to look at the majority of the democrats. something is wrong in my party the issue as fundamental as jerusalem that we don't get it. something is wrong. president obama, i just don't understand the president of the united states. this is our one ally in had the middle east. >> dumb question on my part, but why did jews overwhelmingly in this country vote democratic and in this case lean so heavily on the president? >> i think it is a disease. it has to be dealt with. it is unfortunate. the fact is most jews in america or a good number of jews in america the issue of the well-being of israel the relationship between the u.s. and israel is not the most important issue. things like gay marriage and abortion are much more important.
1:36 pm
but there are a great number of jews and the latest polls indicate clearly the jews are moving away from the president. and i can't understand any one who cares about the democracy of the middle east called israel. i can't understand how any one would take a chance of giving obama four more years in the white house. >> thank you very much. >> in the meantime take the next 7 weeks off and call me when you get back. what if your boss offered you that? not in your boss is harry reid.
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>> haur reis in a hurry to leave. he wants to get the entire senate to bolt for weeks to campaign. they say harry i would prefer staying here and work. >> senator, i guess it's going to happen, though. like it or not you guys have a 7 week vacation coming. >> neil, it really is
1:40 pm
irresponsible to leave and not to let america know what our tax rates are going to be what our healthcare costs are going to be whether we are going to fund our defense system properly next year. these folks a lot of them have never been in business. i had my own business for 15 years. they think they can come back in december and make some kind of deal and save us from a fiscal cliff. i know from become in business they are deciding whether they are going to hire people next year whether they are going to expand. a lot of the damage is going to be done in december if we go home without fixing some of these things. i will continue to advocate not just found p funding for government but they extended the tax rates for years. harry reid is sitting on that. we are not taking it up. republicans want to refund our mill tear reap and put back that money that is going to come out in january.
1:41 pm
the president wants to trade the tax increase for that. >> to be fair you both agreed to those rules. speaker boehner said if you couldn't get to a budget agreement this would be a fall back. i am wondering about colleagues in a house who are going to sign on something that would technically increase the money. a lot of conservative colleagues are furious because they are a part of that. what do you make of that? >> before we went home in august a number of us conservatives were trying to avoid another funding fight in december before christmas. e if we do a 3 month extension we will be back in the same position making bad deals with the democrats. we pushed for a 6 month resolution that funded our government into hopefully a romney administration in return for us supporting a budget levels that were saddled under
1:42 pm
the debt. it was too high for most of us but now they have come back and taken the budget level set and added # 100 million to it. now they are saying conservatives you said you recalled vote for it. i am not going to vote for it i don't think a lot of conservatives in the senate will vote for it. >> i think they will in the house. this wasn't what you wanted but they don't want it on theirs so they are going to wait out the election. >> we know the democrats want a government shut down fight because they think the voters will blame us. they don't want what we are trying to do with this continuing resolution. i am going to vote against it. three months of funding in the obawe romney administration. >> we are going to lose anyway if obama wins.
1:43 pm
>> quick on libya the 20 million that is coming up additional funding for libya. where do you stand on that? do you think we should go slow on that? >> i think we need to find out more about what happened before we send any more funding to libya. this was a planned attack. clearly it was coordinated. there was even some evidence at this point that some of the libyan security might have tipped off these terrorists as to where they had moved the ambassador. i am very concerned. we should reevaluate the money we spent to libya and egypt a lot of these countries to make sure we are not funding countries that are actually our enple -- enemies. >> thank you. >> this particular gadget is going to -- what if i told you it could give this guy an even bigger boost. the new iphone 5 announced today is forecast to bring in big bucks. 200 smackers a pop.
1:44 pm
it could be enough to bring the economy a big boost as well. sara says apple's strong sales could help the president. it does make sense if you argue it could add up to a third of a percent gdp. he's the beneficiary of that, huh? >> right. anything that has to do with the economy that is good for the president hands down. whether it's the unemployment rate decreasing or number of jobs every month or something like this the gdp expanding and iphone 5 sales. it is good for the president to see economic growth. i didn't think i would see the day as an economic journalist where our hope hinged on a phone, our turn around hinges on a dam phone. a nice phone but it's a phone. >> it is not even a new phone it's the 6th version of a phone
1:45 pm
that has been around here for years. it says something about the sorry state of our economy that this is a phone, and we are not relying on it but we are projecting it could have a massive impact on our economy. >> i know steve jobs is an icon as he should be. but at the democratic convention last week the details that a lot of these phones are made in china, and it doesn't look good in that respect but momentum is momentum. yeah, although that is true, a lot of these parts are made in china for the phones, but it doesn't matter. because arm pple to most voters a symbol of the brand says something about american businesses whether or not the parts are made abroad. people view apple and steve jobs as a symbol of the american success story.
1:46 pm
that is why you saw democrats and republicans bring up his name as a brand at the respective conventions in the last two weeks. always good having you. >> the virgin mary depicted as a suicide bomber. that's fine. mohammed in a movie. that's fury. ..
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>> leaders around the world condemning the mob killing the u.s. ambassador. the attacks on libya and egypt aren't the first violent acts. muhammad being mocked. a filmmaker was killed in 2004 over his movie about islam.
1:50 pm
deadly protest erupted in afghanistan. phil donahue says other religions get mad all of the time. you don't see this kind of response. phil donahue you are right. it is open season on other religions. >> hollywood respects jews. i respect jews. hollywood fears muslims. i don't but hollywood does. clearly hollywood hates catholics. they don't have much use for evangelicals either by the way. that is what is driving this whole thing. ever since 9-11 you would have thought the haters would turn them into muslims. instead they say we are against religion radical religion. they took another opportunity to smash christianity. this kind of thing goes across my desk every day. last saturday the venice film festival a special juried award was given to a movie for a woman
1:51 pm
who is known for masturbating with a crucifix. i don't think i need to say any more. >> it was a couple years ago the virgin mary was depicted as a suicide bomber. it was eventually canceled the show it was intended. >> the u.s. embassy came out with a statement saying we have to be respectful of the muslim. they should come out first who condemn anybody recording to violence. i don't want anybody turn to go center lines. look at the dup police ciduplic. bill maher has given him all kinds of money. they are responsible for some of the most vile anti catholic fair this country has err seen. will they ever come out and say hey, fellows, treat catholics as if they were muslims? that will never happen. >> or at least be consistent. if this is offensive then this
1:52 pm
should be offensive. even desecrating jewish graves back in 2010 should be deemed offensive and alarming. but i didn't see worldwide jews revolting from the killing. >> you cowon't see catholics an evangelicals. but what do we come down to fear is the primary motivator. >> can you image if you depicted mohammed as the virgin mary was. >> obviously that would be outrage. >> you can't even depict them. that's what left to the controversy at south park. in their religion they said we don't want depicts. that's okay. lookout. these guys will show up in their machetes. >> the virgin mary is fine. >> new york times wrote an article about the dangerous cartoons back in 96 saying this is wrong to insult the islamic
1:53 pm
faith. in the same newspaper you could see the gun on the virgin mary. >> i think in this case with the up rising this is the acute squad. why does the media accept it? even if you don't feel this way even if you are an atheist you talk about fair and balanced, you should find it fair and balanced for all. >> they make a special exemption. what should i do? they have this thing. if you have one bishop who makes one mistake on something rather trivial. that's -- you have other things going on in the secular and we
1:54 pm
hardly know anything about it. >> john mccain was son earlier, whatever your views on extremism, whatever, we don't give money to those who mate not share these crazy feelings. >> we are putting ourselves. what do you think? >> i think he is actually probably right. sure, it can get worse. you know what those moderates may be afraid. we have to find ways of helping those people under the radar if we have to do so. it is our job to embrace them not to kick them off to the side. i don't agree with people saying go back to the stone age. that's not the answer. we have to stand up and be consistent. they treat catholics in a way that is despicable. >> bill donahue. wait until you peer how much
1:55 pm
money will be given to this angry mob. .
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♪ ♪ >> neil: if we can't buy their love, why the hell are we putting a deposit on their hate? you wonder looking at the middle east these days: is that what billions in u.s. aid gets you after all the years? hundreds of millions to libya alone. since we helped that country topple a dictator. i do not expect a thank you but i think we're due better than a screw you. this is not a time to be inflammatory, but this is a time to be realistic. they're killing americans. they're burning american flags. they hate what we stand for. so why are we standing for this? worse, why are we paying for this. leaving aside we're broke and don't have the money, what are we strategically investing the money we don't have for? as far as i can tell, not much. we helped topple a dictator and by all appearances the new
1:59 pm
folks in charge do it will to help american diplomat. don't tell me a stupid movie about muhammad sparked this. it's anti-americanism behind this. i do find it curious the timing of all of this. no sooner than we commemorate a horrible anniversary than this horrible act. these horrible acts. the problem isn't that this keeps happening, my friends. the real problem is we keep paying for it. stop it. enough we have given our blood. we pay for their butchery. we're going to go in to this more details tonight with ron paul on fox business network. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. whether aid we give abroad is really worth it. think about this. in the middle east alone, over the last 20 years, close to $150 billion to buy their friendships, to buy their camaraderie.


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