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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 15, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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how did we survive 12 years together. >> deep inside, there is an inner liberal, waiting to come out, in that book. >> sean: your books are terrific, except it drives me nuts. good morning, everyone. >> i'm alisyn camerota. begin with a fox news alert. chaos in cairo continues. this as two u.s. marines were killed and dozens injured after an attack on a base in afghanistan. now al qaeda has a new target. prince harry, live on the ground straight ahead. >> while the mobs in the middle east winds up the white house plays the blame game. >> not to response to white house policy. obviously not to the administration and not to the american people. it is response to a video a
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film. is a youtube clip really at fault? we report, you decide. >> the economy continues to burn. new report this morning that america's credit rating has been downgraded again. what this means for your wallet on "fox & friends" which begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us bright and early. we want to welcome tucker carlson to the set of "fox & friends." it's great to have you here in person. not just via satellite i'm happy to be here. >> happy to be here as well. >> happy to have both of you here on this intense weekend happening around the world. we start with a fox news alert.
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two marines were killed and several other troops injured when taliban fighters attacked a nak nato base in afghanistan. connor joins us from afghanistan. >> camp leatherneck is the largest u.s. and nato base in southern afghanistan in helmand province. also home to more than 10,000 it u.s. marines and british troops, including england's prince harry otherwise known as captain harry wales down there. because of its size and location it often takes indirect fire. they say last night's attack was more than just spare and spray rockets. they actually say that insurgents got inside the outer perimeter, firing rpg's rockets and small armed fires. the battle lasted for quite some time. 17 insurgent bodies inside the perimeter. gives you a sense of how many of these taliban fighters were actually able to get inside the outer perimeter of this
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base. the taliban have claimed that it is in response to the sort of anti-islamic video going around and causing all the problems around the wider middle east. they have also said this was an operation to target prince harry who is stationed on that base. according it to u.s. commanders they say there really isn't a need for a reason. the taliban have always launched attacks regardless of reason or needs. two u.s. marines are dead. several others are injured. this is a type of attack that was a fairly atactically because it was launched in the middle of the night. the taliban do not have night vision capability. it was a brazen attack considering they were out-gunned and out-manned and did not have the capability to see what they were attacking at night, guys. >> conor powell live for us in afghanistan. thanks for that report. all the unrest has spread well beyond afghanistan this morning. here is the latest. they say there are nearly 20 countries around the world that are experiencing this kind of unrest and protests on
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our embassies. >> embassies across the world, american embassies and even german and british beamtions are on high alert. united states marines so-called fast teams. teams to secure embassies are being dispatched throughout the middle east to ensure the safety of our personnel abroad in many public squares across the middle east, flags are being burned and embassies are attempting to be entered by some of these protesters. a terrifying map if you think about it it includes not just countries you would expect to experience unrest. countries like tunisia that you would think relatively unstable. that as it at this that that that -- >> jay carney, the white house press secretary says something eyebrow-raising and interesting yesterday when he was asked what the source of all this unrest is.
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let's listen: this is a fairly volatile situation not in response to united states policy. not to to obviously the administration or the american people. it is response to it a video, a film that we have a judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. that in no way justifies any violent reaction to it, but this is not a case of protest directed at the united states at large or u.s. policy. this is in response to a video that is offensive and to muslims. >> well, as it appears that the obama administration has lost the hearts and minds of the muslim world and dozens of countries around the world. they are fighting hard to win the hearts and minds of the american people saying well it's not about our policy, not about this president, it's not
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about this empathy tour or apology tour in the past. it's really about an anti-muslim film that's been posted on youtube. >> tucker, what did you think of what jay carney said. >> that's a picture of a man desperately clinging to his talking points. what you saw in the map that we put up a moment ago is coordination. there is really no question that these attacks against u.s. properties abroad are being coordinated. there is no question. the idea that they are being coordinate natalled in response to a youtube video is ludicrous. convenient story for the white house. give the press secretary credit to try to sell an unsellable prospect and keep going at it. no one believes it because it's not true. >> how can he he know that? fbi teams are just arriving in libya. the investigation is underway. we know that they were armed -- the attackers at least in lib afterthe embassy were armed with rocket propelled grenades, you pick those up as you are heading toward the protest? >> you are exactly right. the white house has a handle
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on the intent of the attackers? they have no clue. common sense tells you it's bigger than a video. >> the problem is it goes to the rationale of the obama candidacy four years ago which was total condemnation of the bush policy. total condemnation of our position, especially in the muslim world. so the president, president obama preached empathy, preached an association based on his past and his education and based upon where he grew up and said, listen, i understand you. now the muslim world has rejected it and, in some ways, rejecting not only america but the obama presidential handout. >> that is certainly charles krauthammer's theory. he was on "special report" last night. >> this has nothing to do with us or our policies, it's about a video is either willfully or simply clueless. what's happened is as you poibilitied out beginning with the cairo speech, obama
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changed american policy on the theory that the reason that people hated us was because we were tough. they hated us because of iraq. they hated us because of guantanamo. they mated us because of the torture he uses the word he accuses his own country abroad of torturing. he was apologizing and promising to change course. we would no longer be tough. we would be loved. we would show compassion. what he decided is the way to do that the theory and therefore the practice is going to be retreat and withdrawal. remember the line he uses? the tide of war is receding. >> not exactly. >> that means the tide of american power is receding. the reason that american interest, embassies, schools, businesses are aflame throughout the middle east from attunest to south asia is because things don't happen in a vacuum. >> i look forward talking to
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the guests throughout the next four hours about all of this. was it the olive branch the root of the problem or naive in hoping against hope that being nice to it our enemies would help? so, we have lots of people coming out to talk about all of that meanwhile, let's talk about what's going on at home here. obviously this is a clip, the economic problems that we're having at home. but there are still lots of signs of problems. in fact, one credit rating agency egan jones has just downgraded us. >> these three notches below a a.a.a. at the same time you can see the gas prices have now more than doubled while the president has been in office going from 1.8 will 4 on january 20th, 2009, to $3.87 on september 14th. all of which cost the average person more money. will cost more to borrow now with this credit rating downgrade. meanwhile the united states competitive ranking has dropped six spaces when this president came to office in
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2008 to number 7 now. >> incredible. we are number seven in competitiveness. swirs, singapore, finland, sweden and netherlands and germany all beat us. >> we saw the consumer price index this week had the biggest jump since june of 2009. so, unfortunately, inflation is now a worry. >> when you are beaten by socialist countries like sweden and finland it's time to reassess. >> they say they base it on things like debt. the deficit. so obviously we can't compete in those arenas anymore. get to your headlines right now and tell you what else is happening. we have another fox news alert. busy day here while you were sleeping the united states deployed a team of spies and drones to libya in an apparent effort to speed up the search for whoever attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. four americans were killed as you know in tuesday's attack including the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. investigators say if the violence was carried out by a specific group or if it was
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planned they can't say yet, that's why they are investigating. according to reports out oof libya, four people have already been arrested for these attacks. meanwhile, it was a heart breaking tribute for those four americans who lost their lives in the libyan attacks. >> we welcome home for the final time ambassador chris stevens. mr. sean smith, mr. glen doherty and mr. tyrone woods. >> president obama took part in the transfer of remains ceremony at andrews air force base yesterday along with vice president biden and secretary of state hillary clinton. he spoke of the ultimate sacrifice made for our country. >> they had a mission. and they believed in it. they knew the danger and they accepted it. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. >> the president also vowed to bring those responsible to justice. and the white house detailing
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new spending cuts to the u.s. military. and if congress cannot agree on a new plan to reduce the deficit. they will take effect next year. the $110 billion in cuts include reducing defense spending by 9.4%. that means slashing funding for the war in afghanistan and budgets for the army, navy, and air force. but the white house claims it will not cut spending tied to military personnel. those are your headlines at this hour. >> meanwhile, let's check on the weather. shall we? rick reichmuth is outside. >> america's weather man. rick? >> good morning. it feels like fall again across a lot of the northeast. cold front moving through as we speak. dropped a little bit of rain and cool things down very nicely. it will feel like fall once again. take a look at the weather map. here you go. showers from the mississippi valley down to texas. very heavy rain this week in texas it. and a little bit more on tap for the weekend. clear and cool. very nice weekend across much of the northeast. out across the west, it is heating up, starting to be
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that season where we get warm temperatures across southern california. here is a look at the satellite-radar picture. can you see the clouds and storms moving across the northeast. that's the relatively dry cold front that's moving on through. temps will certainly drop behind it here is where most of the rain is across parts of arkansas and missouri this morning. continue to see the storms fire in texas this afternoon. take any rain we can get there out across the west, things are pretty dry except for a few showers across areas of the pacific northwest. temperatures only in the 50s for a lot of people. things are really beginning to cool down. 53 degrees this morning in el paso. how is that for fall in el paso, texas. send it back to you inside. >> looks pretty, rick. thanks so much. what's coming up, tucker. >> remember the iran hostage crisis. that meltdown in the middle east is part of what cost jimmy carter a second term it. will the same be said about president obama. then, if you are not in front of your television, you are going to want to sit down for this one. a car chase with a remarkable ending. off of edge of a bridge.
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>> though decades apart, president obama and former president jimmy carter showing some similarities when it comes to foreign policy. take a look and listen to this. >> it's a make believe world a
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world of good guys and bad guys. where some politicians shoot first and ask questions later. >> there is a broader lesson here. governor romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. as president, one of the things i have learned is you can't do that. >> will president obama suffer the same political fate as jimmy carter for how he responds to the middle east uprising. joining us now is presidential historian nic are a gone, good morning, nic. >> good morning, peter, tell us about these similarities in the terms of how jimmy carter responded and now president obama. close? not close? >> well, the sound bites are certainly interesting to put them back to back and use almost the same language verbatim. obviously with president carter the hostage situation went on for 400 plus days. we are still in the infancy of what this new round of uprising looks like and what it means politically. if you are mitt romney in the
3:18 am
campaign and he has already done. this he is trying to compare jimmy carter's foreign policy. much more nuances than ted were roosevelt's big stick approach or reagan's muscular approach to the soviets. certainly the romney campaign wants to draw parallels. i think it's too soon to see how it plays out to the rest of the election. >> it has played out in this sense. nuances is another word for weak. some people say that empathy is a poor substitute for foreign policy. what has been president obama's foreign policy other than saying i understand you as a muslim people? it seems to have been rejected. the middle east seems to be in flames and america seems to be the butt of their hatred. >> well, yeah. the president certainly nuances is a loaded term. i think it's a euphemism for whether you are on the right or the left how you look at that certainly president over the last couple of years has taken a different approach when it comes to the middle
3:19 am
east. you know, he killed bin laden. libya initially, you know thrurex was criticism of his policy. but it seemed to play out. now, this round, i think tucker carlson had it right in the previous segment with jay carney. they are looking to figure out is this part of that video. and is that creating uprise or does it have to do more with anti-american sentiment and the president's foreign policy. i think there are two perspectives on that. not sure how it plays out with the election. there is still a ways to go. this turmoil now this next round is its in its infancy. hard to see how this plays out. the campaigns are going to be looking at it. >> as our last question, nick, have we seen this before in our foreign policy where being held hostage in some sense other than iran. >> iran was the most obvious situation. in the past there has been anti-american sentiment overseas with different embassies and consulates. i think iran being the obvious one and this drawing parallels to it. if you are the romney campaign
3:20 am
you are drawing parallels to jimmy carter not just on foreign policy but on the economy as well. what this is doing is making foreign policy an issue. it hasn't been up to this point. afghanistan wasn't even mentioned in romney's speech. the president hasn't talked much about it except bin laden. does foreign policy become the overriding issue the way the crisis did in 2008. how does this change the election. could take it away from the economy and more about what's happening overseas. it's hard to say. >> nick, we will be looking at you as time goes on to give us these perils. imagine your kid comes home with eerie drawings on the 9/11 attacks. a sign by his teacher. we told you yesterday. this morning a major upday. then put your money where your politics are now. there is a way to make sure the products you policy. actually share your political beliefs. tell you more about that as "fox & friends" continues.
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>> quick headlines, students and teefners in chicago could be ed haded back to the classroom. union reps and city officials announce a deal is reached to end the five day strike. it still has to pass the vote on sunday. first man on the moon laid to rest at sea, neil armstrong's actions were buried in the atlantic ocean yesterday during a ceremony on board the uss fill feign sea. armstrong was a fighter pilot in the navy before becoming astronaut. he was 82 when he died last month when he died last month in ohio.
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tucker carl son. thanks, peter. >> following the money. big corporations mixing business with politics contributing millions to political campaigns often making it unclear just exactly who your patron nij is benefiting in the end. our next guest says he has a solution to ensure that your cash is not going toward liberal causes without you knowing about it all while buying products made right here in the good old u.s.a. joining us is joel reader, founder of the third and creator of porkulous barbecue sauce, which by the way looks delicious. >> it absolutely is thanks for having me. >> the idea might be confusion to assume people. many people imagine big business is conservative by its nature that's not true you say. >> there are a lot of businesses who donate a lot of money to liberal and progressive ideologies and different politicians and programs and things like that. quite frankly i got tired of spending my money at these locations. i decided to create a conservative marketplace where
3:26 am
people can go and buy products and know that they're benefit business owners that share their ideology and that when they do donate their money they are likely going to donate that money to conservative politicians, to charities, to their church. and so you have a positive influence there from a consumer standpoint. >> put your money where your beliefs are. where should you not put your money? where don't you shop because of what you believe? >> well, quite frankly i'm not going to go into discussing individual companies. >> you are jeantle man. >> i'm not here to advocate boycotts. i'm here to suggest alternative and know when you shop at the third that your money is going to further your i'd obligor if that's what you believe in. >> tell me about porkulous barbecue sauce. >> this is how the thing got started. i was listening to rush limbaugh answered talked about porkulous spending bills. i decided someone needed to make a barbecue sauce for
3:27 am
congress. i went home for two months and tried recipe after recipe and this is what i came up with. >> it doesn't taste like congress. >> no. in fact, the slogan is makes out of control spending easier to swallow. >> fantastic. >> i'm an equal opportunity offender i have both the democrats and republic party represented on the label. >> do a shot of it this morning. a collection of some of the things you sell. shirts are fantastic. capitalists is one of constitution from us sphraght liberals since 19 8, you sell a lot of those. >> vendor has been up for two days now. perfect timing. he does sell a lot on his own. all of these are various vendors the rest of these are various vendors that i deal with i'm about trying to unify other conservative entrepreneurs and so we all can succeed as a team. >> i'm going to do a shot of it this morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you.
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>> agents sworn to protect our borders caught helping illegal immigrants breach them instead. wait until you hear how. then the most outrageous video you will see all day. a car chase suspect tries to outrun the police by jumping off a bridge.
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so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. joined today especially by tucker carlson and peter johnson jr. great to have you guys guys in vacationing dave and clayton. mitt romney has been busy doing some debate prep. he has been simulating this
3:32 am
debate with his friend rob portman who is apparently a formidable foe and he is playing barack obama. >> i think the challenge that i have in the debate is that the president tends to how shall i say it say things that aren't true. and his opponents. it's difficult to say am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't quite accurate or spend my time talking about the things i want to talk about? >> but anyone who is happily married in this country knows that the best debate coaches are your wife. and so mitt has a secret weapon preparing for these debates let's hear from ann romney. >> i think it's going to be an opportunity for a lot of americans to maybe tune in for the first time and see that this guy is a serious guy. >> i do think that the
3:33 am
president will have an advantage going obviously into these debates. everyone knows he is a good debater and citizen of the united states. i definitely think mitt goes in as an underdog. >> are you using marriage debate as a yiewsm for euphemism for the fights at home? >> there are no fights. debating is important to have a free exchange of ideas. isn't it, tucker? >> what kind of skin cream does romney use? i'm sorry i'm mesmerized. these are people in their mid 60's. they look this way. >> i know. almost created in a laboratory. >> it's so impressive. >> look really good. >> yes, it is. >> i hadn't thought about this. hoba oil. >> infomercial career ahead of them no matter what happens politically. >> but romney's prediction that obama will not tell the truth has there ever been a safer prediction? it's going to rain in seattle this month. >> did he actually say not tell the truth. >> he did. he says he has a tendency to -- say things that aren't
3:34 am
true. aren't accurate. same thing. >> he makes a point focus on. point that out during the debate and correcting it it in realtime or does he want to focus on? >> do you spend three quarters of the debate saying negative things about the other guy and saying you are a liar, you are not telling the truth. that's not accurate. you say this is what i believe. the truth is you have to do both can look defensive or offensive. absolutely. >> on that note i will try not to be offensive during this -- we do have headlines to read for you. victory for unions in wisconsin. a judge overturning the majority of a law collective bargaining rights. you remember this. governor scott walker in effect since march of last
3:35 am
year. new ruling gives bargaining rights back to public employees in madison and city and county workers in governor walker will appeal the ruling saying quote sadly a liberal activist judge in deign county wants to go backwards and take away the law making responsibilities of the legislature and governor. we are confident the state will ultimately prevail in the appeals process. hiding illegal immigrants in her home. stella peterson and her son were arrested after three my grants were discovered at her house. peterson admitted she knew her son used her hosm home to hide illegal aliens. peterson now on leave from her job with immigrations and customs enforcement. wildfires eating away at homes forcing strong winds and dry weather fueling flames. believed to have been sparked at a construction site during the day and made worse by where to send crews.
3:36 am
i have a third unit that's there and they don't see you. >> they don't see me? >> yeah. are you sure that it's milepost 100? >> oh, i'm going by the contract plan. >> thousands of firefighters are battling a number of fires around the state. researchers are being stretched thin by a massive blaze in oregon. here is this incredible video from a car chase. this happened near los angeles. the suspect bailed out of a moving vehicle on the highway. but he doesn't give up there. he continues to run from police and then he jumps off the bridge. right there. he fell about 20 to 30 feet to another roadway below. amazingly the suspect was still alive after both of those jumps. he was wanted for domestic violence and during the chase reached speeds of more than 115 miles per hour. those are your headlines. >> pretty dramatic. >> pretty energetic guy.
3:37 am
>> there you go. let's go outside for another enjerry jet particular guy it's rick reichmuth. >> i'm traumatized. >> do not do. that will do not jump out of a moving vehicle like that. >> oh my gosh. that looked like all the movies where all this unrealistic stuff keeps on having and they keep on living. >> oh my gosh, let's talk about the weather. really big story, tropical story not here in the u.s. but impacting areas out across the western pacific. take a look at this satellite image. this is typhoon sanba and heading for okinawa. the air base is about to take a pummeling from a very specific typhoon. winds sustained at 178 miles per hour. strongest tropical system we have had anywhere on the planet in the last three years. it's headed right there. we will continue to watch that one. eventually move towards south
3:38 am
korea by tomorrow afternoon. a big story out there for those folks. here across the u.s., no tropical troubles. the tropics are very active but none of them moving toward the u.s. at this point. that's good news. first alert forecast across the northeast looking very very nice. might see still a few showers from time to time. especially across the eastern shores, boston, massachusetts, excuse me. for the most part a very nice day. down across areas of the south. few scattered showers into florida and heavier rain across parts of arkansas and texas today. but temps looking pretty nice as well. into the northern plains, a cool day at least across the pictures high plains back to 86 in fargo. out across the west extremely southern california today look at that los angeles hitting 100 degrees. all right, guys. send it back inside. >> thanks so much, rick. >> let's talk about school assignment. el paso, texas.
3:39 am
were apparently assigned by their teacher to draw graphic, vivid images of 9/11 after the teacher gave them an assignment on terrorism. >> why? >> i don't know. i don't know why the teacher gave them this assignment but the parents are outraged when their kids came home with these really disturbing illustrations that they had crawn. >> the teacher is in hot water now as a result. >> here is one of the pictures. if your kids are watching this right now. these are disturbing images even though they are cartoon issue because they are drawn by kids. can you see kids flying into the world trade center. >> this gets to the essence of what it means to be a teacher of young children which is good judgment. leaving aside whatever political implications may attach to this, would you want to leave your children all day with someone who thought this was a good idea? no. that's a goodof the parents fros school to talk about what happened to their kids.
3:40 am
their kids after this are traumatized because the lesson that their kids took away is that every september 11th there is a horrible attack like this and that afghans are out to murder us. that was the upshot. >> now the el paso school district is looking at this and they put out a statement. the el paso independent school district said district and campus administrators are investigating the specific assignment: >> obviously they decided already what happens now as a result. they know it's wrong. >> school district would issue a statement that made grammatically sense. >> sensitivity caused it. >> i don't know. it sounds like it was written at the state department. >> or by a teacher's union.
3:41 am
>> lesson on terrorism and this is what the kids decided to draw. one of the parents said my kids at home draws sponge bob. they would never draw something like that. >> i'm glad it wasn't show and tell. >> we would love to hear what you have to say about. this you can find us all on twitter. are you at tucker carlson. >> yes i am. tweeting like the wind. >> i'm at alisyn camerota and peter johnson jr. >> you got it alli. >> call me psychic. what's coming up, tucker. >> the white house promising to play nice with all religions. should that include violent muslims? the very extremists trashing our interests overseas and murdering our government employees. pam geller weighs in coming up. then, who could you forget this movie? >> your dad is probably back at the pet store. >> pet store? >> yeah, you know like i'm from bob's fish mart. >> you can pick out the
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spreading across parts of the middle east after the deadly attack this week on the u.s. embassy in libya. president obama condemning the incident as senseless violence. but also calling for tolerance. >> since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. >> our next guest says the president is essentially sanctioning islam's blasphemist laws with his stance. the author of "stop the islamization of america quttle pamela geller joins us now to explain: the u.s. rejects efforts to religious beliefs of others. what is he saying. >> this is adherence to the
3:46 am
blasphemy laws under sharia. you cannot criticize or offend muslim. by condemning the movie, is he condemning freedom of expression and freedom of speech and also condemning and sanctioning these murderous rages that these muslim mobs have been going on this. is very dangerous because this is our first amendment right and our first amendment right protects all speech. not just ideas that we like. but ideas that we don't like because who would decide? the government? these muslim mobs? we should be condemning the brutal blasphemy laws under this sharia. just last week in pakistan that young girl the 12-year-old girl with down syndrome who was beaten because allegedly she burned some pages of islamic text? this should be condemned. or the doctor who threw away the business card with the named mohammed on it and he was jailed. this should be condemned. these are blasphemy laws? and we should condemn them? we should not be sanctioning them. we do know that many of his appointees like society that my your and keegan believe in
3:47 am
the restriction of free speech. this is a clash of values. this is a clash of cultures and weed must vigorously defend freedom of expression. the idea that this is not against the american government. this is not against american policy. this is against a youtube user? no, this is against american policy. >> let me ask you about one thing you just said. you said the president is sanctioning this rage this murderous rage is that what you said. >> that's exactly what i said. >> do you believe in your heart the president of the united states is sanctioning meaning amoving, meaning excusing, meaning allowing the murder of an american diplomat? you are not really saying that, are you? >> i'm saying is he sanctioning the motive. what's the difference? >> you are saying it's the same thing. >> sanctioning the motive, yes. absolutely. >> and what would be his motive for doing so? >> i think that he is islam fill yack. he is sympathetic to the
3:48 am
sharia. it is the opposite of freedom. it is anti-freedom. those are not anti-film protests. >> but you are saying that the president of the united states is putting his islamapholia is putting above the obligation as president. >> i'm saying it is his duty to protect our first amendment. we can't have an establishment clause. >> protecting the first amendment is different than sanctioning the murder of an american ambassador. i want to get some clarity on that because i think people are going to be listening to you say that and you have a lot of credibility on a lot of issues but if you say the president of the united states is sanctioning the murder of an american ambassador, people want to know what evidence you have of that. >> okay the murder of an american ambassador was an al qaeda attack. we are talking about the mobs. the muslim mobs that are now now -- rioting throughout the muslim world. that was a 9/11 attack. >> yes, it was. >> that was al qaeda. you are talking about something different. i'm saying is he sanctioning the motive behind these riots and that is not his place to
3:49 am
encroach upon our freedoms. you cannot ask me to sacrifice freedom as so as not to offend savages. that is not his job. protect and defend the american constitution first amendment. frankly that's what these rights are about. they are not anti-film riots. they are anti-freedom riots. >> pamela geller, thanks. >> what would newark's founders like george washington think about the country today? we have an interesting take coming up in our next hour. >> that's a good book.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>> do you know where my dad is? >> honey, your dad is probably back at the pet store. >> pet store? >> yeah, you know, like i'm from bob's fish mart.
3:53 am
>> hatalla. >> fish orama. >> ebay. >> the where are you from. >> ocean. >> he hasn't been decontaminated yet. jacques? clean him. ♪ ♪ >> the animated classic finding nemo swims back into theaters this weekend this time in 3-d. this is going to make your kids want a pet fish. so we have some tips on what the easiest thing to buy is, a marine life expert for petco he joins us now. hi, don. >> hi. thank you for having me. >> a pleasure. everybody wants a little nemo fish like one of these clown fish after seeing the movie. you are here to tell us whether or not this is a good starter fish for kids. is it. >> no. what you want to understand is nemo lives in a salt water environment just like the ocean, requires some complex water quality. and you want to make sure that
3:54 am
you ask yourself some questions. is this the right thing for me to do? a lot of first-time fish owners this isn't the right option. >> in fact, after the first finding nemo was released, you saw a huge spike of sales of these little clown fish sadly within a year at love owners decided they couldn't take care of them. >> big surge. great to see all the excitement around nemo. we want to see kids aquatic hobby. salt water fish might not be the right choice for you and your family. >> for a starter. >> correct. if you are a little bit more experienced you can get this. let's get to a good starter fish. this is our fresh water tank. who do we have in here. >> a good arrangement of different type of fish. we have glow touches. some malis. different type of rainbows. this is a great first time fish owner, small child. again, you don't even have to have this. you can go much smaller. verses the complexity of what salt water takes.
3:55 am
we don't want to discourage from a salt water. if you want to go into that do homework fits your lifestyle. >> gotcha. with fresh water fish, what kind of time commitment for a kid each week is this. >> looking at 10 minute as day, you know, making sure you feed them. checking on the fish. just the excitement of watching them swim. it can be a lot of education, entertainment for a child. >> how long do these guys live. >> you can look at a lot of these fish spending about 5 plus years if taken care of properly. >> if you are a fish expert like you, come on over and your kids have been used to taking care of fish. this is the bananza. >> this is the wow factor. we have australian butterfly. green bird wrath. you there is a blue faced angel which is just gorgeous. is he kind of hiding out a little bit right now. this is -- you know, we want to make sure you are successful. if we can get you successful here. move you up to the next step. you know, this could be that
3:56 am
next level for you. and we want to make sure you get there our goal is really for petco to make pet parents successful in the hobby. we want you to have fun. you know, fish are family. and even in the fresh water if you can't start a salt water tank there are some colorful fish that your kids can name nemo as well. >> my 5-year-old i'm sure is going to want a fish soon particularly as this movie comes back into theaters. again, this is only for the afficionados, for the people who have had fish. >> this is for the real advance. i love that you had said you wanted it get your kids started in there we have a gift for you today. >> you do? >> actually, we have the finding nemo fresh water tank to get you and your family started in the hobby today. >> my kids will be so happy. they have been wanting a pet. thanks so much for all the tips and the advice and the gift. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks alli, would you
3:57 am
believe we are giving these guys more than $1.5 billion every year. why are we giving egypt so much aid anyway? that's coming up next. >> plus are you one of these guys who gets really into the game? the new punishment for rowdy fans, a mandatory sit down with, whom? a psychiatrist. oh my god. this is real, folks, on "fox & friends." what is happening in america? [ owner ] i need to expand
3:58 am
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ?
4:00 am
that verizon has the coverage. verin. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. new report this morning that america's credit rating has been downgraded once again. what this means for your wallet. football fans, you better behave because if you don't you could find yourself on the psychiatrist couch. mandatory counseling courtesy of the nfl "fox & friends"
4:01 am
starts right now. tell me your problems. >> great to have you here for the vacationing dave and clayton. we have so much to talk about this weekend. obviously so much going on in the middle east and northern after from can a. start there fox news alert because taliban fighters attack a nato base in southern afghanistan killing two marines and hurting several other troops. fox news conor powell is live now from kabul with the latest on the situation. hi, conor. >> well, good morning, even by taliban standards, this is a fairly aggressive, if not brazen attack on camp leather neck in helmand province. this is a very large base in southern afghanistan. more than 10,000 marines and
4:02 am
british soldiers. it is also home to prince harry who has been stationed there for about a week or so. sometime after 10:00 p.m. last night in the dark of the night. dozens of taliban firefighters launched an attack on camp leather neck. now camp leather neck normally gets indirect fire. rockets and that type of thing. this was a much more aggressive. a much more sophisticated attack than it normally sees. taliban fighters got inside the outer perimeter launching rpg's rockets and small arms fire. the battle lasted for some period of time by about midnight or so it was over and this morning expecting about 17 or so fighters were killed inside that perimeter down in helmand province inside camp leatherneck that is a large amount of fighters to get inside the outer perimeter. now the taliban has said they launched this attack really for two reasons. one, in response to the turmoil and the riots around the world in response to that anti-islamic film. they say they launched that attack to try to get prince
4:03 am
harry the third in line to the british royal throne. the taliban has said it is part of their mission to try to get prince harry who is in helmand province for the next four months as part of an apache helicopter unit. talking to u.s. officials and other military commanders here the tall badge have never really needed a reason to launch an attack. they think this is more sort of part of their pr propaganda. two u.s. marines were killed. several others were injured and it was a very sophisticated and brazen attack in helmand province. something that we don't normally see on camp leatherneck, guys. >> yes, that's very scary. thanks so much for the update. we will check back in with you, conor. >> all of this raises a pretty obvious question. the united states spends billions a year propping up foreign governments, feeding foreign populations. what happens when those populations turn against the united states and our interests? should we keep sending money to places like egypt after the embassy attack? topic raised last night on the o'reilly factor. >> under the dictator mubarak,
4:04 am
a savage man that country was an ally to the u.s.a. because we bought mubarak and his generals. there is nothing wrong with that we got a lot out of egypt as far as calming things down with israel. thought muslim brotherhood is in charge and it's a completely different story. president obama and governor romney, if he wins the election, must understand that any attacks on american citizens anywhere will have to be punished. it's not enough to say hey, don't do it again. egypt should lose all aid for the rest of the year. and no american should travel to that country in the same time frame. >> o'reilly is not alone. this is a big debate now as to whether or not we, who are in such a financial crunch here in the u.s. should be giving money to places like egypt. you know, there has been $1.6 billion in aid is allocated to go to egypt. another 400 million to libya. so, peter, i mean, what is the downside of just saying let's
4:05 am
hold off on that for a little while. >> i think o'reilly makes sense. $1.6 billion every year since 2009. egypt has to be the be the second biggest recipient of american aid. you have to put this in the context incredibly of what the president said this week when asked whether egypt was an ally or not. wasn't sure whether egypt was an ally, was an enemy, and then someone in the white house said you know, ally is a legal term of art. and a lot of observers, including this observer said well, the answer should have been listen, if egypt wants to be a friend, if they want to be an ally, then they better protect our people and if we get close to this happening at all, the money is gone. >> there has to be some consequence to this. if the egyptian government willfully allows our employees to be attacked on our embassy ransack. there is a small price to pay for keeping the largest arab
4:06 am
nation in the world our ally. in other words, when it works, it's a good deal. but when it doesn't work, we got to opt out. $1.3 billion in that goes to their military. so sometimes we, i think in america have a feeling of like well we are helping to feed poor people or helping their poverty level there the lion's share of it goes to their military. >> that's who runs egypt. actually this was the point i was making. the military in egypt is probably the most pro-western element of the ruling class in egypt. so, that may be a result of our aid. >> i know chief of staff general dempsy is going down to florida to speak to this kind of way out minister with regard to the film in support of this stupid film about the prophet. >> assuming there is a film. >> i saw the trailer, unbelievably stupid. >> trailer on youtube. but what was said to the egyptian generals with whom we have this vaunted relationship
4:07 am
how to protect our embassy on 9/11. what that conversation was. >> meanwhile, i mean all of this going on overseas while here at home obviously still in financial trouble. we have just been downgraded yet again another credit agency you will remember back in july a year ago, moodies downgraded us from our a.a.a., the stellar raiding. now egan jones has downgraded us three notches from triple a to aa minus. >> this would have been unimaginable moving with portugal at this point. one of these milestones i think i fear far too few americans notice as we pass it it's a big deal. >> and we're concerned about gas prices already in the middle east that's been mostly why he quiet recently.
4:08 am
gas prices have doubled under obama 1.84 september 15th, 2012, 3.87. what happens when the middle east continues to be on fire. >> 3.87 is putting a good spin on it in lots of our neck of the woods in the northeast, it is more 4.25 when you go to the pump. and so something else troubling and dubious has happened to the united states this week. we have slipped in our global competitiveness. we used to be number one back in 2008 and 2009. and according to the world economic forum we are now number 7 globally. >> you have got to wonder though is it easier to open a business in, i'm looking at the list now finland or germany than it is in the united states? i'm not sure it is. i don't know all the criteria that went into establishing this list. i would still rather open a business in this country than in switzerland. >> can i tell you some of the criteria. it is interesting how they ranked it. our debt.
4:09 am
so that puts us down many notches. corruption, we are certainly not the high ofest in the world in terms of business corruption. but bureaucratic red tape they looked at. certainly suffer from some of that education, health care, all of that combined. all of those factors combined made us slip beneath the other six countries. we he have headlines to get to. tell you what is happening in the news right now. fox news alert, while you were sleeping the united states deployed a team of five drones to libya in an apparent effort to speed up the search for the people who attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. four people were killed including the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. investigators cannot say if the violence was carried out by one specific group or if it was coordinated and plan according to reports out of libya. four people have already been arrested. amid attacks overseas there are threats here at home. thousands of students forced off their campuses in three different states because of recent bomb scares. this is being investigated
4:10 am
weather the threats weather the threats called into the university of texas were related. evacuations also took place at heir hiaram college in ohio. luckily all were false alarms. may think twice about acting up at nfl games this year peter. the nfl is forcing ejected fans to take a four hour online course on fan conduct before being allowed back into the stadium. and, the course is not tree with some teams charging about 100 bucks. be warned if you try sneak back into the stadium without completing the course you can be arrested for trespassing. is this how you act tucker at the game. >> i just worry our country is becoming so sensitive. maybe the answer is not going to the shrink or taking online course but maybe drinking few beers. maybe it's that simple. >> that's out of the question. i'm not willing to do that, tucker. [ laughter ] >> let's go outside to rick -- no, let's go inside to rick
4:11 am
reichmuth. >> i would rather take a four hour sensitivity class to give up a few beers at the game. >> you are the problem. >> he is not a problem. he is okay. >> i like to scare alli. you guys don't know about this about alli she hates winter and cold weather. i try to show alli cold weather and make her afred what's about to come. >> 33 degrees in international falls, was 31. even more scary. get ready, it's about to change. if you want warm weather go out across parts of california. today los angeles downtown getting to 100 degrees. heat is certainly on still in parts of the country. that is the bulls eye is california. you improve tomorrow in los angeles. one more day that's incredibly warm for you. satellite/radar picture looking good on the east coast cooling tenks down. we have significant rain across parts of missouri and arkansas later on today that will be in across texas. very heavy rain this week in texas. kind of a drought busting rain
4:12 am
bit of a drought. seeing more the next couple days. very dry for the most part across the west. here is how your temps shape up today. still warm across the high northern plains getting back to 93 today in rapid city. see the warm temps down across parts of the southeast and southwest. in general, starting to see more frequent, more intense bouts of cooler air moving. in that's what's going on across parts of the northeast. 70s for the day tomorrow. back to you. >> how dare you. you are scaring me. thank you. coming up, anti-american attacks in the middle east getting worse this morning. how should the president respond if he wants to calm the chaos had? >> looking for a job with fewer house hours and more pay? who isn't? look no further than the u.s. government. exactly how much better than public employees have it than you do? way better. details ahead. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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4:15 am
>> fox news alert. because violence is spreading across the middle east and north africa after tuesday's deadly attacks on the u.s. embassy in libya. president obama condemning the incident as senseless violence but also calling for, quote. tolerance. >> is this the right approach he should take on the uprising currently in progress.
4:16 am
walid phares joins us now to weigh in. walid, thanks a lot for joining us. some of this could have been predicted. the muslim brotherhood and a number of countries in the middle east. should we have expected anything different from them two years ago when this all began? >> absolutely not. actually it was projected ac books the coming revolution before the arab spring where we saw there is going to be a struggle, tucker between the forces of civil society those who began the arab spring, workers, women, students, muslim brotherhood. unfortunately the muslim brotherhood was win. part nerd with them. the muslim brotherhood have allies. they are behind the attacks the attacks embassies. >> you are mitt romney's middle east advisor. if mitt romney were president romney today, what would you
4:17 am
tell him to do about all of this? >> well, that's is a very difficult question because have got to look at the situation at the time. talking about next year for now basically any sitting president should be taking immediate decisions number one to work with the libyan government to go after that cell that perpetrated the attack against our embassy. that's one job. a different job. second, we need to pressure president morsi of egypt and ask him to dismantle the slaf if i network. this is ♪ just a small group of people. large net network of militants part of his government. that's the first thing he needs to do. if he doesn't, then we need to tell him we have $1.6 billion or more we send to egypt. we will start to lower that foreign aid. if he doesn't, guess what the third move should somebody in we'll start funding the opposition. stop sending money to the democracy forces which basically began the arab spring that should be a program to follow. >> in the wake of these tragic
4:18 am
events of course candidate mitt romney made statements about it and his view of how the president was handling. if he was immediately attacked by reporters, and accused of making statements that were in effect illegitimate, how do you respond to that? does he have a right to criticize the president on foreign policy in the middle of a presidential campaign? and how do you think the president has covered this. >> the essence of the debate is to have alternative voice. otherwise we become like italy in the 30's. whatever the leader says nobody else will challenge. this is the basis of democracy. number two, what is interesting here in america under american laws of course you could coordinate your questions. ethically you need to know have the public understand that all these media are basically in one front. that has to be disclosed. most important thing is that the american public needs to have an alternative voice. and, again, the middle eastern public, the arab people from the streets who are waiting for american position to see there is another view of the issue. >> when you are talking about coordinating your questions
4:19 am
just for our viewers who hay not though there was an open mike incident in which a cbs reporter and npr reporter negotiate with each other. you ask him this and i ask him this make sure he answers the tough question. they were in cahoots about that what did you advise the candidate after that? was it your impression on the team that they are against him? >> look, i myself saw it on tv. i saw it actually on fox how this coordination took place. and i said earlier, i mean, legally speaking, you could do that. you could have 80% of those present in the press conference quoting it among themselves what needs to be done. it's for the readers or for the viewers or for the listeners to understand this is one group of people. there is no pluralism. this is different names of media actually coordinating. the problem with this is that you are denying the american public to listen to another version, another alternative view of the issue. that is not basically ethical.
4:20 am
>> walid phares, again, you are the co-chair of romney's middle middle east advisory expert. thanks for coming in with your expertise on. this thank you. >> thanks walid. what would america's founders like george washington think about the country today? would they roll over in their graves? we have an interesting take coming up next hour. >> then imagine your kid comes home with this homework assignment? this is drawing pictures of the september 11th attacks. we telling you about this story yesterday. this morning we have a major update for you. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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>> time now for your news by the numbers. first, zero. that's how many iphone 5s are left to be preorder. the company says it will take
4:24 am
two weeks to ship them. prompting rumors they may be sold out. next, four weeks. that's how much less a government employee works a year compared to someone in the private sector it according to one new study. the federal government pays about 2% more in wages than the private sector. by the way you are more likely to die in a government job than you are to be fired from one. finally 50 years. that's how long the fcny bagpipers have been performing at parades, memorials and other events in and around new york city. the band celebrates semicentennial today at city field. peter? >> tucker, if he were alive today, what would george washington think about the united states of america? and what would the founding fathers think about what's going on? this is the compelling question tackled in the new book: the new founders, co-authors joseph f. conor and joe duncan. how are you guys? i find this to be one of the more fascinating books i have seen come across the stage in
4:25 am
a long long time. >> great. >> the founding fathers come back to washington. you guys are both villanova graduates. you have nobody each other a long time. both patriots. tell us, joe, what this book is about. >> we bring the founders back to life in modern day, america. we see the amazing country created. the eyes are none other of george washington. technological advances. the fact that all the races live together. our country is absolutely amazing with the g.p.s. he loves that because is he a surveyor by trade. he is amazed by what we have done as far as destroying communism and fascism over the years. he also knows we have problems. is he taken by the civil war. by ibrahim lincoln by the thought that he and the founding fathers may have kicked a problem down the road. >> george washington comes back and starts finding out about abraham lincoln. >> absolutely. he is stunned by abraham lincoln and drawn to the lincoln memorial.
4:26 am
he says who is this man that i didn't know who may be even more of a founder than me who fought a war to keep our country together. he is mesmerized by that i think what the bottom line is, we know the problems we face today can be solved if we go back to the founding principles and listen to what the founders say. the problems we have right now, we need to want to solve them. and that is what this book does. 21st century man can solve 21st century problems. >> mike, what you have done is put together a novel that is kind of the founding fathers meets back to the future. same time comment on what's going on in this country. how much fun was this to do and why should people be reading a book like this. >> this was a lot of fun to do. it was a learning experience for us. the story revolves around six unsuspecting americans drawn together at independence hall. they don't know why but they are. they come together and while together george washington appears to them. not just a ghost of george washington the george washington.
4:27 am
he convinces each of them they are the embodiment of one of founding fathers. once they are convinced, they get washington to get makeover. take him to the dentist for a quick trip there and unleash him on society. >> you have got madison, james madison in the book. george washington who ben franklin. who else? >> thomas jefferson, the adams cousins. alexander hamilton. >> all come back as 2012 americans in philadelphia, in washington and there is a story line. >> there is a story line. the madison character is really the lead of the story. he has family problems. he goes off with george to campaign for presidency. and he leaves his wife at home. he doesn't have a lot of money. is he a school teacher by trade. he is like the typical father in today's america who is out working. and bread winning and maybe he is not spending enough time at home. so he has marital issues. and all the while. >> what would president obama read if he read, this what would he learn? >> i think he would learn that the founding principles need
4:28 am
to be applied today. and we have the ability to fix our problems. but the further we stray from the founding principles, the worse it gets. and what's going on right now the tyranny in the country from central government is way worse than what the founders faced from england. >> joe connor and mike duncan the new book the new founders read it yesterday. superb book. amazon and web site linking to it on our site. >> www the new please, it's worth it. >> thank you. good to see you. they showed up in droves, admitting they're living in america illegally. they asked the obama administration if they could stay. the ruling is in. just in time for the election. you are going to hear what that is. then, use this commercial break to crack open a cold one. and join us celebrating october fest on the plaza. can we get tucker to dance? i don't know. i don't know. maybe. i know alli is a great dancer.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> welcome back we have a flishted for you right now. the white house is warning destructive cuts are coming if congress cannot agree new plan to cut the deficit. it released a detailed list of the automatic spending cuts which include slashing military budgets. fox producer peter doocy joins us now from washington, d.c. on these cuts. tell us more, peter. >> one number that jumps off page 148 of this report is 129 million because that is the amount that will be cut from embassy security and embassy maintenance and embassy construction if the sequester is not avoid. in all $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts over the next 10 years with $110 billion
4:33 am
next year alone. half of that from domestic programs. the other half from defense spending. some things would be exempted like military pay and veterans benefits. even though congress has until the end of the year to make a deal, some contractors are already laying off staff because they are required to give notice for layoffs. there is a requirement that employers give an advance notice. it would come ironically just a couple of days before the election that could complicate things greatly for the white house. >> even though republicans have been opposed to automatic defense cuts since the white house first suggested them, administration officials yesterday blamed g.o.p. lawmakers for the concept of the sequester on a conference call and said if republicans don't want across the board 9.4% cut to defense spending, then they are going to have to agree to some tax hikes. to symptom it you have to take
4:34 am
steps to reduce the deficit. raise taxes and cut spending. that's what has to happen. >> the chairman of the house armed services committee republic buck mckean said republicans have already voted five times to avoid the sequester but it hasn't gone anywhere in the senate. but yesterday we heard from the chairman of the armed services committee in the senate democrat carl lesson who said congress should take action to avoid automatic cuts with a balanced plan which, of course means that if they are going to be tax cuts there must be also tax increases. alisyn? >> peter, thanks so much. you are so right. the idea of cutting back embassy security right now troubling. in light of everything that's happening. >> unfortunately we didn't have the full flement complement of security at the benghazi consulate. >> judge overturning the majority of a law that stripped local workers of their collective bargaining rights. the court says that violates the constitution.
4:35 am
well, the law was pushed as you know by republic governor scott walker has been in effect since march of last year. the new ruling gives bargaining rights back to public employees including teachers in madison and city and county workers in milwaukee. governor walker will appeal ruling, he says. he says, quote: sadly a liberal activist judge? deign county wants to go backwards and take away the law making responsibilities of the legislature and the governor we are confident will revale in the appeals process, end quote. the department of homeland security approving work permits immigrants as part of president obama's deferred action for childhood arrival programs. two year work reprieve for immigrants who arrived before they were 16 years old. permits given out too quickly and background checks are not being done properly. update to disturbing tore we told you about yesterday.
4:36 am
elementary school teacher has been placed on leave while the school investigates this incident. parents in el paso, texas are outraged over these drawings. we warn you for your kids these drawings can be upsetting that we are about to show you. fourth graders were reportedly given specific instructions to draw the planes hitting the buildings and people jumps out of windows. the school has apologized for the insensitivity of the assignment. hearing more from one of those upset parents coming up in our 9:00 hour. we would love to hear from you as well. send us pictures. don't mess with this wisconsin woman. take a look what she caught on a recent hunting trip. yep, that's a 485-pound bear. laura and her husband were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary when she made the big catch. the family has a collection of
4:37 am
animals they have nabbed. this one takes the cake. it might even hit the record books. they are sending the measurements to the national organizations to see if they have broken a record and see where they stand. what a romantic wedding gift. [ laughter ] let's go outside and check the weather. >> i know exactly what to get you, alli. >> yes. >> let's et take a look at the weather maps. a couple things going on right now. one tropical storm, it's actually a hurricane. hurricane nadine is out there moving away from shore. that's good news for us. not anything big, in fact, except the azor islands over the next couple of days. take a look what happened. we had hurricane isaac a couple days ago. big changes from isaac because of that to our drought. in fact, this is what the drought looked like two weeks ago. 40% of that area under significant drought extreme or exceptional. now take a look where it is only down to 13%. so a big improvement because of that rain that we saw. at least to that area.
4:38 am
rest of the country still having some big problems. but we have seen some improvement. let's take a look at your first alert forecast for the day today. in and around the northeast, a really nice one. we will see plenty of sunshine, temps a little bit cooler. feeling a bit like fall for a lot of people across especially interior sections. head down toward the the southeast. we have rain especially across parts of arkansas, missouri, in towards parts of texas. see some thunderstorms again and temps really cool across areas of texas today because of that cloud cover. into the northern plains, warming up a bit. a really spectacular day. 84 degrees in minneapolis with a lot of sunshine and then out across the west, we have got the warmth. i will tell you extremely warm across parts of southern california getting to 100 degrees downtown los angeles today. 02 in fresno. 98 in phoenix all that monsoonal activity we have been dealing with across areas of the southwest, kind of done it looks like. even into the pacific northwest you are looking good. temps into the 80's, 83 in portland today. and the rain, we will see a
4:39 am
few rain showers here but nothing that bad. all right. there is something crazy going on over here. alisyn, i'm expecting to see you in some sort of a little nicers. we set up a beer garden out here on our plaza to celebrate. >> later in new york city a 5th annual german-american steuben parade. before they march down 5th avenue they are here with us. lenny coin, good morning. how are you? >> good morning to you. tell us at noon today the parade steps off. i have been going to this parade for about 44, 45 years here in new york city. one of the great parades. and we have got some wonderful dances and a band here today. tell us what the parade is about. and what america is going to see in here today. >> awe, the parade is about celebrating the german american culture and all the
4:40 am
contributions that really the largest ethnic group in the country german americans have done through the the year. anything from building the brooklyn bridge to you name it in fact, one of our grand marshals is nic wall linda from the flying wallenda. we have shoop all right audler. >> it basically means shoe slapping. it goes back 300, 400 years from the tradition. >> you are wearing a beautiful dress. >> wherever there are germans, there is beer. tell us the significance of this beer and is it too early? >> it's never too early for a delicious -- never too early. >> you are a bold man. >> obviously you can drink now because we are celebrating. i don't know if you know, this lenny, but tuck iter carlson was on dancing with the stars. sedansing afficionado but possibly not as good as these
4:41 am
guys. you can show us and demonstrate this fabulous shoe slapping dance? >> absolutely. maybe we should roll up his pants though. let's just start with this. >> let's not go crazy. let's see you guys do it. we will step out of the way. >> here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers] ♪
4:42 am
♪ ♪ >> this is knee slapping, thigh slapping oktoberfest. >> if this doesn't wake you up on a saturday morning. nothing will. >> this is great stuff. [ laughter ] >> you can do, this alli, i know you can do this. >> excellent. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. come on back. >> lenny, thanks so much. great stuff. we'll be back in two minutes. [] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:45 am
father son bond. that is the bond that you need. and the irrelevant in the father son bond, not so. >> father and son, fishing along the mighty potomac river. sounds like a wonderful bonding earns examine. really daddy daughter, mommy, son. who better to teach a son about what women are all
4:46 am
about? on top of that respect is such a huge thing. men are wiped their feet on women for centuries. stops with mom healthy authority over the kid. not afraid to give the kid a look. pull the rug out and let the buzzard tumble is all about teaching in young boy. they spit, they make funny noises and peeing contests with their buddies, they do a lot of weird thingt. >> first of all i fished with my son on the platomic, let me say it's the best. >> you make a point interesting in the book that mothers have this let the boys fight their own battles. can you elaborate on that? >> they do. i have a friend who is a football coach upstate, new york who coaches 14-year-old boys. he had to throw two mommies out of the boy's locker room, freshman football players help put the equipment on their sons. so, you have got to parents
4:47 am
are over the top today, tucker. they do far too many things. would you turn that tv down? i'm trying to do your homework. [ laughter ] they snowplow the road of life for kids. you want your kids to know that you believe in him but you don't do things for kids that they can could for themselves basically. a good balance there. >> up to the mom to lay the groundwork for her son to grow into a good man. how does that work? >> well, it sounds funny, but a young man needs a dose of femininity. he only gets that from his mother. who better to talk to a son what a woman is all about. there is not a woman in north america who wants to be grabbed. i'm telling you here in the fox news studio we have world class grabbers, men. brrr. we love to grab. >> i'm sorry have you experienced that? >> you can be more specific? >> how do you teach a kid to respect women by not taking
4:48 am
their mouthiness, holding them accountable. again, it goes back to the basic tenets of good parenting to show kids this is mom and, again, keep in mind that little fletcher is always looking up at dad and mom and how they interact with each other. >> the mom should be discipline narin in addition to the dad being the disciplinarian. >> not on the same page the kids benefit. we miss the wonderful psychological punch that a mom has on her son's life. doing your future daughter-in-law a favor when you hold little buford accountable for the things he says and the things he does. >> amen. accountability. thanks. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> why couldn't the consulate staff stop the attack in libya? were they really secure or just sitting ducks? counter terrorism expert shares the inside story on that coming up. >> then so long super size and so long some savings, too. now that new york has banned large sugary drinks, the rest of them may cost us more. what's up with that?
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
>> lawmakers now calling for an investigation into the security failures at the u.s. embassy in libya that came under attack earlier this week. there were only four libyan security guards on the ground and it's been reported the consulate was breached within 15 minutes. so, was the ambassador stevens and the seal who were killed left as sitting ducks without the proper protection? joining us now to weigh is is
4:53 am
counter terrorism expert john wolf. good morning, john. >> good morning, how are you? >> americans are shocked and they are angry it that four americans are died in such a way now we read that the benghazi consulate was not subject to the same type of security as other high risk embassies in consulates around the world? who is to blame and what's to be done in the future. >> it's the fault of the administration. we have processes in place to protect our americans and diplomats working overseas. and that didn't happen here. lack of harding building lack of police force outside. a new mission in a country that doesn't like us that has just gotten over civil war. why don't we use the processes that we have in place? absolutely. i understand certain consulates around the world vehicles run flat tires, cars
4:54 am
armored. bigger comp plement of the security that the government has contracted for in a way. who are these so-called libyan security guards were they infiltrated by al qaeda and other forces that are responsible for these deaths? >> quite possibly. i have no knowledge of that. but every consulate and embassy in the world is protected on the outside by a host country guard force. locals police, private security contractors local to the country. as you get in closer to the embassy it starts being protected by americans. former navy seals that were killed were contractors that were there to help protect the embassy not on the outside. we hear this morning u.s. marine teams, so-called fast teams being dispatched to certain embassies in the mideast. what were their function and do they have the right to fire on people that are trying to
4:55 am
breach their security. tell us about that. >> i can't speak to the rules of engagement in each country. but i do know that the marine security guards, normal marines in the embassies, their main focus is to protect classified information. the physical security falls in the bureau of diplomatic security and guard forces on the outside. fast teams will be there to protect the embassy i can't speak to their rules of engagement in each country. >> are ambassadors armed? that was question people asked me the other day. are they armed so they get into a situation as unfortunately our ambassador did who may have been missing for some hours, are they armed and are they able to definite themselves if it comes down to alamo situation. >> normally on every day business ambassadors are not armed. they are protected by diplomatic security agents. if it gets really bad and you are in a situation where you need to pick up a gun and one laying around. i know a couple wamses that
4:56 am
can hold their own. daily basis in and out. no, ambassadors are not armed. >> let's hope they can hold their own. what goes forward? what is being done right now to harden security for our front line embassies and consulates across the world? >> i'm sure a lot is going to come out of the accountability review in benghazi. but after the bombings in east africa, every industry got hardened special teams which i went out and trained. we are going to see a lot of changes. the government is very reactionary. all administrations have been very reactionary to try to fix a problem after it's happened. >> unfortunately too late here. john wolf thanks for your expertise on their. i'm sure as this issue continues we will be talking to you more. good morning. >> thank you. >> we will see you. angry with america. the white house says it's not our fault. >> it is in response not to
4:57 am
the united states' policy, not to obviously the administration, not to the american people. >> are these anti-american protesters and killers really just mad about a movie? we're going to it take a closer look at both sides of this issue. and then, a young man stripped of the rosary of he wore to school teacher said that must be part of a gang. really? we'll tell you about it. back with more on "fox & friends." we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all.
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yet well within your means. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit al qaeda saying they were gunning for prince harry. we have more on the chaos across the middle east. we are live on the ground for you. >> while the protest rage on, the white house blames the violence on a movie. >> it is in response not to united states policy, not to obviously the administration, not to the american people it is in response to a video, a film. >> to a youtube clip is really at fault for all of this? we will report. you can decide.
5:01 am
>> back at home, mitt romney calling the president a liar? >> i think that the challenge that i have in the debate is that the president tends to, how shall i say it, say things that aren't true. >> governor romney has a secret weapon and he is going to be using it soon. hear about it soon too on "fox & friends" which begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome, in everybody, thanks so much for joining us. thanks to tucker carlson for sitting in for the vacationing dave briggs. >> it is my honor, alisyn. >> you said what a speedy two hours. you thought this was going to be a torture. >> i don't remember a single thing we said for the last two hours. brand new world for me. >> this show is a bit of a mind eraser. >> great. >> i will warn you. peter johnson is here sitting
5:02 am
in for clayton. morrison is also on vacation. we start with a fox news alert now. we have new video of an attack on that nato base in southern afghanistan. this is where two marines were killed and several other troops were hurt. >> conor powell joins us live from kabul with the latest in the situation. >> well, good morning. u.s. military has just released in the last few minutes new information about last night's attack on camp letterneck in helmand province. it appears it's an even more aggressive and so he face at this titty indicated attack. much more brazen attack than the taliban normally attack u.s. bases and organized. sometime around 10:00 last night, dozens of insurgents attacked camp leatherneck. this is a large base in northern province home to more than 10,000 u.s. marines and british troops including prince harry who is there for four months or so as part of a detached unit that is there. sometime around 10:00, dozens ever insurgents got inside the
5:03 am
outer perimeter at camp leatherneck. they launched rpg's. small arms and rockets damaging several buildings and aircraft killing two u.s. marines and injuring several others. this was much more sophisticated attack than the taliban normally launch in large part because this attack was done at night. the taliban don't have night vision capabilities and the u.s. military and coalition does. this was a real brazen attack. now the u.s. military says they found at least 17 bodies inside the perimeter from where the u.s. and the international coalition fought back those insurgents. now, according to the u.s. military, they don't know what the reason for this attack was. but the taliban are saying that it was -- had two reasons. one in response to the larger riots in the middle east because of that film that portrayed prophet mohammed in a negative light. prince harry has been there for a week or so.
5:04 am
been will be in helmand four months or so. taliban vowed to get him. brazen attack to do just that, guys. >> conor powell thanks for the update. it is is shocking they could get that close to prince harry. somehow you had the impression that prince harry would be more secure. he is fighting alongside our guys and his guys somehow that they could get that close inside the perimeter where prince harry was. >> shocker. four miners have been killed. embassies are on alert and at least two dozen countries because of protests and riots, where there is burning in the streets. where there are hate signs calling for beheadings of americans. it seems that the white house is alcoholicking -- chalking this up not to the embassy and not to the obama foreign policy but to a youtube video. here is jay carney, the white house press secretary as to why the united states is in such trouble today. >> this is a fairly volatile situation.
5:05 am
and it is in response, not to united states policy, not to, obviously the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting, that in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. but this is not a case of protest directed at the united states, at large or at u.s. policy. this is in response to a video that is offensive and to muslims. >> you know, as somebody who knew jay very well when he was a "time" magazine reporter. it makes me sad to watch him stand at the podium and say things that he must know at best unprovable and at worse untrue. this is a convenient story line for the white house, that it's all about this video and it has nothing to do with our policies. it has nothing to do with anything we did. it's some crackpot in southern california stoking this hatred
5:06 am
when, again, that's unknowable. and, for another, it does not explain the obviously coordinated nature of these attacks. and, yet, the white house is sticking to the story line. i just wonder how many people watching this believe it. i bet very few. >> even people not in the media last night i heard saying what county press secretary say? how can he know that? the investigation is just beginning. our fbi is now on the ground in libya trying to figure out just how coordinated this is. why these guys, these terrorists were armed to the teeth. this isn't just a ground well of people who are angry about a video. something was going on on september 11th by the way. >> and when it is demonstrable ly and you talk about truth and fiction. when it is demonstrably proven that the muslim world has rejected the obama policies. when it's demonstrably proven by these protests and riots and murders that the muslim world has rejected, the obama
5:07 am
empathy tour, then what are we talking about? we're talking about a rejection of american foreign policy and of this presidency. >> it's worth pausing and learning a lesson. it's worth assessing whether your foreign policy actually works. and i think in this case we have got plain evidence in color on video that it doesn't work. >> tragically. >> turning to people and saying i feel your pain is not a foreign policy, actually. >> there are some questions still. i don't know how can he unquiskably make that assessment. was this activated because it was he want september 11th? were they just opportunist? did they see this anger starting to happen across the middle east and they decided this would be good cover. now is a good time to it launch something. >> you are absolutely right. when you create an atmosphere in a country where the death of the al qaeda leader becomes a hallmark, a benchmark of a presidency's success that is it is spoken about by the president. spoken about by democratic
5:08 am
leaders that it goes out throughout the world, is there a reaction to that? is there a reaction -- >> -- sure. >> is there reaction to that in the muslim world and should would he be prepared for that reaction and were we prepared? >> we should be prepared for chaos in countries that lived under dictatorships for decades and now no longer have them. a lot of what is going on here, obviously, are internal power struggles within these countries, right? so mubarak ruled sips i was 8 years old. now he doesn't. who rules egypt now. that is part of what we are watch something this scramble for power. >> love to hear your thoughts on this as well. get to ed had lynns, more to tell you about. violent protests in cairo that do continue this morning. he had are near the u.s. embassy. the deadly demonstrations don't seem to be losing any steam as we enter this weekend. [sirens] look at these scenes for you this weekend.
5:09 am
protests have moved further away from the embassy after authorities closed the street leading to it muslims continuing their violent behavior in reaction, in part to that anti-islamic video posted on the internet that you have heard us talk about. one protester died late last night from gun shot wounds as the death toll continues to rise across the middle east. reports say more than 250 people have now been injured in egypt alone. just since tuesday's breach of the u.s. embassy. well, a heart breaking tribute for the four americans who lost their lives in libya. >> we welcome home for the final time. ambassador chris stevens, mr. sean smith, mr. glen doherty and mr. tyrone woods. ♪ ♪ >> there was an emotional transfer of remains ceremony at andrews air force base in maryland. president obama joined by the vice president and secretary of state spoke of the ultimate sacrifice made for our country. >> they had a mission. they believed in it.
5:10 am
they knew the danger and they accepted it. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. >> the president also vowed to bring those responsible to justice. more trouble for the u.s. economy for the second time in five months. one credit agency has downgraded america's credit rating. days after the federal reserve announced plans to boost the struggling economy. the credit firm egan jones reduced our rating from double a to aa minus. fed chair ben bernanke announcing thursday that the central bank would buy $40 billion worth of mortgage securities a month until the economy turns around. egan jones say they think the fed's plan will weaken the valve the dollar while doing nothing to help the economy. sobering news. those are your headlines. let's bring in rick reichmuth now. >> what is happening? >> there is a big typhoon that's getting very close to japan, oak now what you and south korea.
5:11 am
we don't talk that much about storms out across westerntake am right here. very strong, it is a typhoon same thing we call a hurricane. just in a different part of the world. and this one would be the equivalent of about a cat 4 hurricane to give you an idea of how strong it is. that eye so impressive right there. it's headed right towards oak now what you. going to be talking about major hurricane kind of event right there. of course we have air force base right there on oak now with a. then head toward south korea. big impacts with that storm. strongest storm we have had anywhere on the planet in the last three years to put that into perspective for you. here are your temps as you are weighing up this morning. very cool out across areas of the plains, down towards texas. auto degrees in el paso, texas. northeast cooling down line of storms you have seen move across the last six hours. behind that much cooler conditions, down across parts of the the south. that's where the heaviest of the rain is going to be in the missouri, arkansas, and parts of texas and out across the west things are looking very
5:12 am
good except very warm across parts of southern california. all right, guys. back to you. >> all right, rick, thanks so much. what's coming up? >> well the anti-american attacks in the middle east only getting worse. how should president obama respond to them if he wants to calm the chaos? a former lt. commander in the u.s. navy, a muslim himself, weighs in next. then we all heard the reporter this week caught on tape coordinating their attack questions against mitt romney. is there any way he can get a fair shake from the mainstream media that's working so hard to jam him up? mike huckabee has some advice straight ahead. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way...
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> people of egypt, libya,
5:16 am
yemen, and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. reasonable people and responsible leaders in these countries need to do everything they can to restore security and hold accountable those behind these violent acts. secretary of state hillary clinton reacting to the widespread and violent protest breaking out across the arab world this week. as the violence rages many are asking what the real motivation is behind this extremist behavior. we bring in dr. judy vassar. a muslim, founder and president of the american islamic foreign democracy. author of the balance for the soul of islam and is he a physician and good man. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, tucker, nice to be with you. >> you must have seen jay
5:17 am
carney's press conference in which he assured america that all of this is a reaction to this youtube clip. do you buy that? >> oh, tucker, i'm just shocked and, you know, as a former navy officer i look at what our country stands for and what muslims that came here came to escape. and i look at this and our commander and chief who should be leading the world in advancing liberty and advancing freedom has been turned into a film critic in chief. this is exactly what the islamist want. by the way, it would be curious to see what the critique of religion columbus columbus -- religionlous bill maher antireligious. the islamic want us to focus on these type of things. they say they want us out of there. they critique and get mad about a film and at the end of the day once we are out of there they advance advance theocratic. if you look the middle east has been foreign as you said earlier as a two fascisms,
5:18 am
secular dictatorship and theocratic fascism and they use each other and use us and play us for fools no different than prague did in the cold war. we condemn violence instead of advancing the ideas of freedom. our society is based not on critiquing free speech or critiquing. this is not the arab spring. these are just a bunch of sell first who want to take advantage what has happened. >> they do not represent a cross view of egyptian society. >> as fox has reported people on the street are not the same. they are poor, is a salehist. isolationest. defensive. take over and what's weird, tucker is, that this is so eerily similar to '79 when the weakness of president carter
5:19 am
allowed the islamic transition the revolution of iran to turn into even a worse theocracy worse fascism than the shaw was. then you ended one a 30 plus year of theocratic fascism that's the greatest threat in the middle east which is ahmadinejad, i think you see some of the same things happening with the if facilitation of the brotherhood and others. so many muslims on the ground want to see americans defend the reformers, the liberals. but we're not doing that we are basically helping their oppress sores and then you wonder why we have such bad opinion ratings on the ground in the middle east. >> that was such a crisp and clear. thank you very much for summing it up. i approach create that. >> thanks, tucker. i appreciate it. >> coming up. an agent sworn to protect our borders caught helping illegal immigrants breech -- breach them: new ban on super size soda getting less but paying
5:20 am
more. how come? ♪ multi-policy discount... paperless discount... paid in full discount... [yawning] homeowner's discount... safe driver discount... unicorn discount. unicorn wearing a sombrero. olé... countless discounts -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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5:23 am
>> some quick headlines for you. call for realm just tolerance from pope ben ticket the 16th. second day in lebanon pope said all people must have the right to practice religion without fear of backlash. protests broke out in northern leble none unfortunately shortly after the pope's arrival. house republics vote in favor of the no more solyndras act. that bill aimed at phasing out the federal loan guarantee program the one that gave 500 million taxpayer dollars to help bankrupt solar company as part of the president's sim
5:24 am
columbus package. >> thanks, tucker. this week new york city became the first city in the country to regulate the size of your soft drink. the so-called soda ban puts a 16-ounce limit on sugary drinks sold at restaurants, delis, sports facilities and street carts. and while mayor michael bloomberg said this is all about tackling obesity. small business owners are afraid the ban will hurt their bottom line. >> joining us now is the horn of the domer group, owns caters carts and food trucks across the city. good morning, butch. >> good morning, how are you? >> is this going to devastate you guys? are people not going to be able to go and buy 20-ounce gator aids or snapple or ice tea or big coca colas? what's going to happen it. >> according to the law they won't be able it to buy if different size package. big intrusion on people's rights. i feel the mayor already gave out calorie counts and made people aware of what they're
5:25 am
purchasing. why do they do to a? i don't understand. >> the mayor says this is an effort to cut down on obesity and people drink way too many sugary drinks. of course there is always unintended consequences. i say this move will affect your sales. how so? >> instead of selling a drink for $3 now i sell a drink $1 or $2. if 70% is beverage sales cutting down on gross sales and my gross profit, net profit. it's a problem. >> are people going to be drinking less soda, less of these sugary drinks or are the manufacturers going to be repackaging and come up with new bottling to make sure that they have this new york market? what's going to happen? are the end are people going to be buying two sodas instead of one? are they going to be drinking 32 ounces instead of, say, 20? >> right that also adds to the panging now. if they buy two, it's two cups, more bottles. more environmental question now and more trash and everything else.
5:26 am
also creates at love, unneeded effort, i guess for the city. there is going to be soda police? if i sell someone a bigger soda? how is that going to work? >> i don't know. i don't know how they are going to enforce this. but what will you have to do in advance to prepare your business? do you have to cut back on workers? >> we would have to cut back on workers if we are doing less sales and that would affect my business unless i'm selling two of everything which i doubt. what's going to fit in refrigerators and different cup dispensers and different size products and lids? it's a whole big mess. i think this is just a way to divert the attention what's really going on. paying attention to other things than worried about soda. >> you are from the dover group of new york. we will will will check back in with you to see what happens after this ban goes into effect. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you very much. >> see you. >> religious students better leave your rosary beads at home. one school is confiscating
5:27 am
them because they believe they are too similar to gang signs. >> and we sought mainstream media get busted planning questions for mitt romney. is there any way he can turn around what some say is play tant bias? governor mike huckabee is standing by to share his ideas or is he dancing, peter? >> no i think he is maybe at the beer table. getting ready to march in that steuben day parade today. >> a little chilly outside. ♪ ♪ proud to and on our own ♪ proud to be homegrown ♪ a familiar face and a name you know ♪
5:28 am
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>> fox news alert. white house warning destructive cuts are coming if the congress can't agree on a new plan to cut the deficit. they released a detailed list of the so-called sequester which includes slashing military budgets. peter doocy joins us live now from washington with more on those cuts. peter? >> and, tucker, if these automatic cuts go into effect, our embassies abroad will lose $129 million for security and maintenance and construction over the next 10 years as part of $1.2 trillion in overall cuts. half to defense spending, the
5:32 am
other half to domestic programs. now the speaker of the house john boehner says the house passed a bill in may that replaces the president's dangerous defense sequester with common sense spending cuts and reforms protecting our troops and reducing our deficit by another $243 billion. but, with only a few months before they're scheduled to go into effect. president obama and senate democrats have taken no action whatsoever to averlt these cuts. one of those democrats, the chair of the senate armed services committee, carl levin says the need for members of congress to compromise on a plan that makes prudent spending cuts and restores revenue is urgent. i will continue to work with members of both parties to it avoid destructive and unnecessary sequestration. but the revenue he mentioned there is the key sticking point because that means higher taxes, which republicans are reluctant to agree to. >> the white house is going to say that would have to have revenue raisers. for the white house to that
5:33 am
that is entirely congress' fault. all parties are complicit in this break down. >> even though congress has until the end of the year to make a deal, many people could start losing their jobs much sooner. >> i talked to a lot of defense contractors, for instance, who aren't hiring or in some cases are laying people off in anticipation of there being less money available for those programs. >> it's worth noting that military pay and veterans benefits are exempt from sequestration but republicans and democrats are in agreement that the cuts to everything else could do severe damage to the economy. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy thanks so much for that update. let's get right to your headlines right now. we very a lot to tell you about happening here at home. the teacher's strike grabbing national headlines in chicago could be coming to answered. union reps and city officials announcing a tentative deal to end this five day strike. neither side would provide details but the teachers governing will gather on surrender we understand.
5:34 am
if they vote to approve the deal. school could resume as early as monday. let's hope those kids can get back to school. an arizona immigration worker being investigated for hiding illegal immigrants in her home. stella peterson and her son were arrested after three migrant workers were discovered at her house. pearson admits she knew her son used her home to hide illegal aliens. peterson now on leave from her job with customs enforcement. rosaries a catholic symbol of prayer. for one colorado school the beads are a problem. 16-year-old manuel says he wears the beads as a necklace for protection but the school says they can be mistaken for a gang symbol. he has had the beads taken away twice since school started a week ago. >> we have given you two opportunities to take it off. or to put it inside your shirt and that's not something that you are interested doing you leave us no opportunity for remove it. >> i use them for prayer. i feel safe when i have them
5:35 am
on. >> he says is he not in the gang and the school won't allow him to take the rosaries home. he needs a parent to pick them up. it was a quadruple size surprise when dad comes home from afghanistan. [gasp] >> dad. >> how are you doing? >> that's my dad. >> oh, that is sergeant ben lister. he came home six months early from his 12 month tour. he decided to surprise his wife first. she is a teacher. who always claims he is, quote: not spontaneous enough that will show her. then he hit up the classrooms greeting his three young kids one by one. sergeant lister says he had to tell a few white lies to keep this all a secret but it was worth it. >> i love watching those every weekend on this show it is so wonderful. >> it gets you, too. >> here you go. >> it does. >> for the kids. >> we are always choked up during these. >> i love people coming home.
5:36 am
especially early. that's good. >> why don't you toss to rick reichmuth. i know how much he enjoys your toss. >> i'm going to toss to america's weather man, the most qualified weather man in america and the best guy. rick reichmuth. >> peter is the ultimate in granding. >> 100% right, rick. >> you are the ultimate in branding. i hope dave briggs was watching that last segment from disney world this morning because he loves those. you know what happened? all of those standing really close to me the second it was getting close they all backed up by around 15 feet because you were afraid i was going to talk to elm this. let you off this time. let's take a look at the weather maps. a few things going on. we do have the tropics, very active tropical season going on fortunately most out to see this one right here nadine, take a look at the track of it. it is also staying out to sea. not going to impact us at all. we will bring big wind and rain next couple days. what we do have going on across the northeast, a
5:37 am
spectacular fall-like day setting up. cool conditions, breezy behind the front that moved through. also see lots of sunshine all day long and tomorrow as well. part of florida and heavier rain warm day. heat building back in there at least 8 a in grand forks and out to the west, southern california. today getting 100 in l.a. 93 in san diego is warm. all right, guys. that's it. send it back to you inside. >> thank you america's news man. >> news man. >> weather man. >> okay. so, before we bring in governor mike huckabee, which we are about to do, we want to play for you this open mike moment. it was caught this week of a cbs reporter and an npr reporter apparently collaborating on making sure that mitt romney was going to be asked the toughest
5:38 am
questions. let's listen. >> i would say do you regret your questions? >> your questions? >> i mean your statement. not even the tone. because then he can go off on -- >> and then he if he does follow up this morning but this morning -- >> we were just talking about -- >> no matter who he calls on we are covered on the one question that -- >> i'm just -- governor huckabee what do you make of that moment. >> i don't think it's all that unusual. reporters covering a campaign travel in a gaggle. they stay together. they are together for months at a time. most of them are assigned to candidate. there is a camaraderie that develops. i'm not as overwhelmed that there is some collaboration going on about what kind of question there is i think that's fairly normal to be honest with you. i think we are blowing it up. more interesting is the question they wanted to pose to him. not that they wanted to make sure they got to a question.
5:39 am
but all of this was about trying to say that mitt romney went out too quick. but i'm convinced that had he not done with out the question would have been how come you didn't come out and make a statement? why did you wait to react so long? so, look, this is a campaign. it's a political season. whatever mitt romney does, rest assured, it will be wrong. >> even in a moment like, this where mitt romney, of course, halls no control over american foreign policy, he is he merely a candidate. the president makes every one of these calls. why is the emphasis on the romney campaign's response? >> i think, again, it shows that there is an attempt to make romney look bad just like his trip to europe and the middle east where he started off in london and he made a statement, turned out to be somewhat accurate. but the point being that there is an attempt to make mitt romney look incompetent and like is he really not up to the task. that, i think, is the bigger question. not that they conspired because i think that happens behind obama's back as well as as behind romney's. >> that's the real issue.
5:40 am
if you are going to jam one candidate and really work at jamming that guy, should be on the same time doing the other folks. and it appears to me that that's not really happening. that it's good for one guy but not good for the other guy. >> anybody in this country who honestly thinks that journalists today are largely objective, disinterested, detached and completely unbiased people i think have been smoking balloon juice somewhere. [ laughter ] >> it's not at all reality. >> that could be highly flammable. >> i have done this my whole life, i have seen obviously -- i know that the press are liberal by and large. there is something about obama seems to have captured more completely than any other -- >> a lot of it is because he represents this historic change, the first african-american president. he represents, you know, all of the embodiment of really the true progressive icon of wanting to get government healthcare and wanting to enlarge the net of safety for people and that's just music
5:41 am
to the hearts of people who are left of center. >> do you think it's a love fest? really to follow up on that? is it a love fest of obama or they really don't want mitt romney a republic to win. >> that's probably a lot of it as well. it it's a combination. but, you know, if you ask these guys how will you vote and they gave you an honest answer, i'm pretty sure that in that white house press corps you are going to get 85% return for obama. that's probably being charitable to say it's only 85. >> that's a great question alli to ask. the point is you are supposed to put that aside. if you really don't like someone that shouldn't go into your reporting. >> i used to say that the best reporters who ever covered me when i was campaigning are the ones when i read my story i didn't know whether they liked me or not. >> absolutely. >> if i could read their story and the quotes they had of me made me mad. if they quote me it doesn't make me mad. they take something out of context and twist and it and turn it and they don't fit and i have reaction. then they didn't quote me accurately. the fact is when you read a
5:42 am
story, when you listen to a story, you should have no idea how that journalist personally feels. >> well, mitt romney says that the president is not going to quote his record accurately. maybe even tell something. >> tends to how shall i say it say things that aren't true. in attacking his opponents. i have looked at prior debates. it's difficult to say well, am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't quite accurate. or am i spg going spend my time talking about the things i want to talk about? >> why are we getting a preview now? why is mitt romney telling america that the president is going to lie ahead of him lying? does that give him some willing room in terms of this debate? >> not as much wiggle room as he is predicting the obvious. that way when the debate happens and obama comes out and says the economy is doing better honk. i told you so, right? >> yeah. exactly. then he will be able to say i
5:43 am
predicted, this sure enough it happened. he is laying the ground work. >> pretty easy prediction though. it's like a lay up with a foot down to the ground. you drop it in the basket. this is easy. >> you are going to stick around for the next segment? >> if you make me. >> we have actual change sofa. sound effect make at the debates like a groucho marks horn. new fed to boost the economy print more money? what does the governor think of that idea? he will be right back. >> plus, one of the boldest crooks you will ever see ending his own police chase by jumping off the side of a bridge. that's the way to end a police chase. jump off the bridge. more on that. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:47 am
more money keep your economy afloat and how long can you do that before things implode? we continue now with the host of huckabee, governor mike huckabee. governor, how long can you do that before you no longer have an economy? >> well, i guess run out of paper to print on. [ laughter ] >> this is the absurdity of it? >> or get inflation at some point. >> we get inflation. inflation in itself is not automatically horrible. what is horrible is we are creating a system in which this is good for borrowers by keeping the interest rates low. here is the problem. under dodd frank nobody can actually get the money. can you lower the interest rate to zero. you can pay people to take it. but if the banks won't give it out because the restrictions under the regulations are too bad what difference does it
5:48 am
make? here is the other side of that coin, who is really getting hurt by this and this policy are senior adults in america. the reason being when you keep interest rates historically low for this long a period of time, a person who had $300,000 in cds that thought they were going to get $1,500 a month as a residual for their retirement will now get $250 a month under these low interest rates. if that was your financial plan to put away money in cds and live off of it you are hurting badly. so seniors need to think about this when they vote. >> last straw. isn't this a concession that the obama administration is incapable of fixing this. we don't elect the federal reserve who create employment in this country. we elect presidents to lead us. you know, isn't the federal reserve saying listen, we don't really want to be doing this but this is kind of the last ditch effort. >> well, it's almost as if, you know, we are playing the old magician's trick of what watch what i'm doing in this
5:49 am
hand so you don't know what i'm doing in this one. what we need to be doing actual leadership hand in congress is relaxing the restrictions to be able to put money into the economy. let capital go forth so people can get loans. freeze the tax rates. let's not talk about lowering or raising them. freeze them. just say for three years, two years, give us anything. tell us you are not going to change the tax codes. tell us you are not going to make new regulations, and let business be business. we will see growth in the economy when that happens. >> are we going to watch you tonight. >> i know i am. >> you better. can you think of anything better to do? >> after what you just said. >> i watch it most every week. >> i hope so. >> thank you. >> thanks so much, governor. >> what kind of teacher tells her students to draw pictures of the twin towers on fire? there is new fallout from this outrageous assignment. that's straight ahead. >> he is going where no man has gone before to some of the world's deepest ocean floors. up next, the man who found the titanic. here gives "fox & friends" a
5:50 am
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5:53 am
>> i found the titanic. i survived crushing depths and a rogue wave. but even after 50 years at sea, i'm as fascinated with the deep as i was on my very first expedition. you want to know my most important discovery? well, it's the one i'm about to make.
5:54 am
>> almost 20 years ago dr. robert ballard discovered the titanic ship wreck. but now he is on a new expedition to scour the depths of the ocean and find its other hidden treasures. >> here to talk about his new series airing on that natgeo. >> nice to be back on land for a while. >> you say have you been working on this massive undertaking for five years? >> five years, four years at sea. you know, national geographic we have been all over the planet filming the show. the series airs sunday night. we are very excited. we have a little barbecue and watch it. >> what's it going to reveal? >> lots of new discoveries. in fact, you know, the fascinating -- i have a lot to favor it's in the show. wrecks of the abyss. we just found a ship from the classical period. that's 500 b.c. still had human remains. >> no? >> yeah. >> that is incredible. >> alisyn: no. >> incredible.
5:55 am
>> that is incredible. and four other parts, something called it's alive. what's it's alive about. >> it's about our planet, the fact that our planet is a it really talks about the amazing discoveries of new life forms that we have made in the deep sea. hydro thermal events that live not off the energy of the sun but live off the energy of the earth itself. it's where we think life began on our planet. >> back to the sea? >> absolutely. it's an amazing show. it's alive and it's about our planet. >> i like your mission statement that you really wanted to tackle questions at the root of earth and humanity. why such a simple undertaking? how do you get to the bottom of questions like this. >> literally go to the bottom of the ocean. the ocean, the deep ocean is the largest museum on earth. there is more history in the deep sea than all the museums of the world combined. the problem is there is no guard on the door. that's what we try to get people to realize the history is there but it's being destroyed.
5:56 am
trollers are raking the bottom of the ocean eating more history than can you imagine. >> as we honor the memory of neil armstrong this week, we think about space and we think about space colonies, and buzz aldrin talked about space colonies saving the earth what do you think about space colonies. >> i want to save earth. i don't want to get out of dodge. i don't want to play the superman thing and leave crip crypton i don't think we need to leave our planet. save our planet and become in harmony with it space probes are probable but moving to mars is crazy. i want to move out and colonize our own planet. we only live on 18% of the earth. there is vast amount of earth we live on. the show we do monday night is the final episode and it takes on that issue. >> we can't wait to see it? >> national geographic channel tomorrow night. >> and then the following night. >> great. 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. dr. bob ballard.
5:57 am
always great to see you. thanks so much for sharing it with us. >> thank you. >> more ffsz in just two minutes. thanks, doctor. to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come.
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to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long.
6:00 am
. >> peter: i6789 >> good morning, everyone, saturday. september 15th. an attack leaves two marines dead. the terrorists didn't stop there. they were apparently trying to get close to prince harry, we're live in kabul with an update. >> peter: we watched them tear our american flag to pieces yare we giving some of these people, some killer, more than a billion dollars a year, is it time for the government to cut off the foreign aid. >> peter: what kind of teacher would tell the student to draw the the twin towers on fire? and an outrage and good morning.
6:01 am
♪ >> good morning again everyone. this is tucker carlson's first time filling in on "fox & friends" and he just announced he doesn't think the show is actually long enough. >> i could go a fifth hour. >> alisyn: he's loving this. >> i would, too. a telethon. >> alisyn: it is a telethon it's great to have you both filling in this morning for vacationing dave and clayton. and let's get to the top story, new video this morning of this attack on an n.a.t.o. base in southern afghanistan, two marines were killed and several other troops were hurt. hurt. >> and joining us live now from kabul with the situation, good morning, connor. >> well, even by the the taliban standards this is a fairly brazen and sophisticated attack on camp leather neck in hellman
6:02 am
province. normally taliban don't do much during the night because they don't have night vision capabilities unlike u.s. and coalition troops. around 10 p.m. or so, several dozen insurgents launched attack on camp leather neck and several got into the inner perimeter of the actual camp and the military is saying, somewhere between 17 and 20 got inside the actual perimeter of the camp with rpg's, grenade launchers, small arms and attacked and two u.s. marines were killed and several others were injured and damage to the u.s. military planes and facilities on that base. it's a very brazen attack. the u.s. military says that attack ended a couple hours later and the site is secured it's not interrupting military operations in hellman. they offered two reasons why they launched this attack last night. the one in response to the
6:03 am
overall riots and protests around the world over the anti-islam video, but also because captain harry wales, otherwise known prince harry at the camp leather neck, the taliban says they were trying to target him and get him, guys. >> alisyn: shocking they were able to get so close inside the perimeter. connor, thank you for the update. and let's talk about what people are debating. that is is it time to at least free freeze the foreign aid going to these countries. right now as we sit here, 65, i believe, of our s & p's con lats, are in jeopardy because of the unrest and so many of these countries, egypt, namely, get a lot of foreign aid. is it time to rethink that? >> look, the purpose of foreign aid is not to make a moral statement, but to achieve practical results, you buy something in return for that aid and in many cases we've sent money to countries that have helped us in return. that was the case with egypt
6:04 am
many decades and that's no longer the case. when foreign aid is an entitlement and you get it no matter your behavior. you should punish your enemies and reward your friends. >> when president obama took office egypt was considered an ali. and asked the other day whether egypt was an alley, couldn't tell us. and egypt received the second amount of u.s. aid. 73 billion a year, 2009, about 1.6 billion dollars a year in aid 0 to egypt. >> 3 billion the total since we've been giving age. 1.6 billion a year, and by the the way, 1.3 of that goes to egypt's military. i think that sometimes there's an assumption that we're helping to eradicate poverty or poor people, but going to the military supposed to be doing things like protecting our embassies and consulates. >> peter: and for decades they did it.
6:05 am
>> keep in mind. egypt fought a number of bloody and expensive wars with egypt partly due to the united states. they signed a peace deal with israel and harmony as a decade between the two countries. you can achieve worthwhile ends with money. the point is, are you a fool about it or are you not? >> well, bill o'reilly has some takes on this. let's listen to had i thoughts. >> under the dictator mubarak, a savage man that country was an ally to the usa because we bought mubarak and his generals, nothing wrong with that, we got a lot out of egypt as far as calming things down with israel. now the muslim brotherhood is in charge and it's a different president obama and governor romney, if he wins the election, must understand that any attacks on american citizens anywhere, will have to be punished. it's not enough to say, hey, don't do it again.
6:06 am
egypt should lose all aid for the rest of the year and no american should travel to that country in the same time frame. >> alisyn: we'd love to hear your thoughts on this, you can kind us all at twitter. lots of trouble here at home in terms of our financial predicaments and where we are with our own economy and we have just been downgraded by a credit agency. a year ago in july. 2011, moody's the credit agency downgraded our long held triple-a status and now, egan jones has as well. >> a lot of folks are wondering, including matt egan on the fox business news site whether moody's will follow in particular downgrade by egan jones, once triple-a, i think, we're three levels below. meanwhile, gas prices doubled in america and we were talking earlier, now 3.87 on average according to the triple-a, but in places like in new york and california, here in new york we may 4.25, more sometimes. >> alisyn: and d.c., do you know what it is right now?
6:07 am
>> $15 probably (laughter) >> very expensive in washington. when did the federal reserve become in charge of the economy? if you look at the rational behind this current downgrade in our credit rating they said clearly you've devalued the doct dollar. that's the fed doing that. when did this happen that the fed has this much authority? >> i think they have a default authority at this point. the fed is stepping in and it doesn't please anyone to say well, the obama administration has failed, we're doing what we can do, but at what price. as you're stating, print money, print more money, print more money and maybe the jobs will follow. meanwhile, seniors take a bite in terms of their steady stream of income because there is no interest on their investments. and the fed has said now for two years, for the next two
6:08 am
years they will hold the line on interest rates at about zero. so, people that have these investments, older americans, they're not going to be earning a penny on the investments. hopefully, the principal is safe, but no interest. >> alisyn: another bad sign where we find ourselves financially is that the's v u.s.'s global competitiveness slipped. a few years ago we were number one in the world in terms of competitiveness. today we are number seven. look at all of those countries ahead of us now. >> that's a sad state of affairs, it is. and meanwhile, let's get your headlines and love to hear what you think about that. and violent protests in the middle east are spreading to other areas of the world. australia is the latest nation seeing these sorts of demonstratio demonstrations. demonstrations. >> get back!.
6:09 am
>> alisyn: look at that, things are blowing up. it's about 20 countries that are seeing unrest. this is new video, as you said, out of australia and hundreds of protesters took to the streets and outside of u.s. consulate in sydney and they're fighting on the steps of the building and four people were injured during these struggles. meanwhile, the four americans killed in libya attack returned home. >> we welcome home for the final time, ambassador chris stevens, mr. sean smith, mr. glenn doherty, and mr. tyrone woods. >> that was an emotional day after prime minister took part in the transfer of remains ceremony at andrews air force base along with vice-president biden and secretary of state hillary clinton. he spoke about the sacrifice made for our country. >> they had a mission that they believed in. they knew the danger and they accepted it.
6:10 am
they didn't simply embrace the american ideal, they lived it. >> the president vowed to bring those responsible to justice. and here is our most incredible video of the day. the car chase near los angeles, the suspect decides to bail out, bounces a few time on the highway from the moving car, but did not give up. >> the energizer bunny. >> he is, because there he jumped off the bridge and think that he was fatally wounded, but no, he did fall 20 to 30 feet below, but he is still alive after both of those jumps and police say he was wanted for domestic violence and made speeds of 110 miles per hour. >> and my jaw bounced watching him hit and bounce off the pavement. >> disturbing. >> you're a hard man.
6:11 am
>> and i feel badly for him, but i just, a lot of of people put at risk. >> alisyn: we understand your sentiment. >> rick: right there, peter, sure did. and take a look at next three days across the parts of the northeast, point this out. a spectacular stretch from parts of the great lakes through the mid atlantic and northeast and anywhere they're seeing temperatures like this. but it begins to change and you see that monday in d.c., 75 with some thunderstorms and that rain moves across the entire northeast by tuesday, and enjoy the next few days, big rain is coming in on tuesday and looks likes we'll be stormy after that. the opposite side of the country and 100 degrees in los angeles, 93 in san diego and some rain going through boston. and cold front and bringing the cool, crisp conditions. down across parts of the south. heavy rains this morning in
6:12 am
across arkansas and missouri and more showers across parts of texas, nothing severe, but we could see localized flooding because we saw such heavy rain. and the rest of the west coast, idaho and montana, we could see a few showers this morning, here are your temps for the day, across the rest of the country. see the warm conditions to the south, but everybody looking pretty good. rapid city a little warmer and drop your temperatures down by the day tomorrow. all right, guys, back to you. >> alisyn: what's coming up, tucker? >> they're angry with america and the white house says, not our fault. >> and to respond not to the united states policies, and not to obviously the administration, not to the american people. >> are these anti-american protesters just really mad about a movie or is there something they're not telling us? that's next. >> alisyn: plus, football fans, you better behave, if you don't you could find yourself in mandatory counseling, courtesy of the nfl. looks like these guys could use some couch time.
6:13 am
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6:16 am
>> a fairly volatile situation is in response not to united states policy, not to, obviously, the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. >> peter: the white house yesterday claiming with a straight face that the violent protests going on at least today because after anti-muslim movie going on on the internet. of course, the press taking the white house at its word, watch this. >> muslim protesters stormed the u.s. embassy, angry over a film they consider insulting
6:17 am
to the prophet muhammad. the source from the fury, a film made in the u.s. which the protesters say insults isl islam. >> peter: so, is the film an explanation or merely a good excuse for the extremism overseas? joining us now is national review columnist jonah goldberg. you know, we're paying this fellow carney our tax dollars to say those things. what's your reaction to this on a saturday morning? >> oh, well, it will wake you up on a saturday morning. there are some things that carney are saying that are true, but i think he's saying the true things by accident. some people out there are enraged by this video, but the attack in benghazi on, which killed four americans, that was by all accounts now a coordinated terrorist attack. spontaneous mobs over youtube videos don't bring rpg's with them and coordinate a fire
6:18 am
fight. they used the protest as cover and carney was asked about the benghazi attack and he glossed it over and says all of these attacks is because of the video. that's nonsense. it's not the video, they're mad america won't do anything to take down this video and there's a slew of liberal commenttators, diplomates, pundits, everybody, you know, a whole bunch of people who think that somehow the problem is america and our first amendment, and our unwillingness to give a mob, 8,000 miles away, a veto over what constitutes legitimate speech in our country. it's outrageous. >> and i don't think, jonah, i've ever seen the press take a more consistent line in echoing white house policy. last night the lead story on politico as the middle east is burning, the g.o.p.'s foreign policy muddle. consistent effort to turn, what are the republicans doing. they're the not running
6:19 am
foreign policy. are you amazed by this? >> it's astoundingly transparent. usually there's more finesse to liberal media bias and coordination and this is just basely out in the open. it's amazing how mpr. i just listened to the recap of their week in politics and the whole story was romney's reaction. you listened to all of the media -- listen to the washington press corps and it's amazing, as if the embassy attacks are distracting us from the romney story. it's bizarre. >> peter: let's assume in terms of foreign policy, jonah, let's assume that this movie caused it, or this trailer or whatever is there on youtube. isn't it proof positive that the obama foreign policy is about as thick as this piece of tissue paper that it could evaporate or burn so easily in the mideast that people would take to the streets in such a
6:20 am
violent way based on one trailer in youtube, isn't that an indication of failure. >> in the larger respect, yes. i was listening yesterday to the audio of the interview that obama gave in 2007 where he in effect says because i was born in indonesia and backpacked in pakistan, the muslim world will respect america the minute i am president and the cairo speech, hey, can't that be bad a country elected a guy like me president. and the reality, that the force of history is that onrushing river. whether we have a republican or a democrat in office, it's very difficult to sort of dam what is going on in the middle east, it's a long time coming. if the obama administration wants to talk as if they've done something really productive. i don't see what it is. >> it's foreign poly-- jonah, a wise man. thanks for joining us. >> tucker: here is the question, what teacher tells a
6:21 am
student to draw the twin towers on fire. and one of the mothers joins us live. the happiest place on earth just got happier, disney, turning to booze. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you,
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>> a quick headlines for you. the white house says it plans know slash the military budget 9.4%. most of that money would come from the army, navy and air force, and the plan will only take effect if congress cannot agree on different areas to cut by the end of this year. and think twice before acting up at your next nfl game and the league enforcing mandatory fair conduct courses to anyone who gets kicked out of the park and those who don't want to take the online class can be arrested fortre tresspassing.
6:25 am
>> thanks, doctor. >> we want to tell you about a special mentorship program at fox news, started by our chairman and ceo roger ailes and the ailes apprentice supports them in the news industry. as we did for black history month we'll be saluting hispanic heritage and seemed up with our own reporter alicia akucunas and alicia is joined by oscar, emmy, grammy award winner rita more rain yo, one of to win all four.
6:26 am
and the door was ajunior for your community and do you think it's gotten better, what do you think will happen. >> the door is ajar and you have to push it over and kind of stuck in that position and more important, as far as i'm concerned is it that i think that people have to understand that we're not latino. that we do more than just sing and dance. that we are actors, and actresses, and i think it's more important than anything el else-- we need the support. >> we'll talk more about rita's perservance and take you to the greatest show on earth and you'll get to meet the person that trains the tigers. and rosie castle, known for winning with billie jean king, but demanding key kwaul pay
6:27 am
for equal play and santos, a senior researcherser, got a bad polio vaccine, but takesen his legs, but not his spirit and the feisty puerto rican girl, that changed the way that people perceived actors, and rita moreno, and why she's playing a jewish grandmother today. a series i want be to be a part of. >> alisyn: thanks, ladies, this sounds wonderful. and you'll see it on "fox & friends" every friday and next week start things off with the great tiger trainer, you saw who did a trick in front of our cameras, he had never done before. meanwhile, fall right around the corner, and we've got tools to make your yardwork
6:28 am
look professionally done. yes, i am going to do some yardwork. stick around for that. and mitt romney gives members of the press corps a lesson how to carry a tune. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear... happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there's another way to help erase litter box odor. purina tidy cats. only tidy cats has odor erasers. making it easy to keep things at home... just the way you want them tidy cats with odor erasers.
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>> it was just announced that president obama and paul ryan will speak at the aar p's annual meeting next week. they're expected to face some touch questions such as huh? >> that's horrible. >> peter: that's not fair. >> alisyn: horrible. >> peter: thanks, jimmy, thanks. >> alisyn: meanwhile, we do know that mitt romney has been busy. he has been prepping for the first presidential debate and apparently he's been going against ohio senator be rob portman who we're told is playing barack obama and is a formidable foe and everybody says that he's a great debater and so, that's what mitt romney has been doing, so, he has a prediction about what he thinks president obama is going to do during the the debate. let's listen. >> i think that the challenge that i'll have in the debate is that the president tends
6:33 am
to, how shall i say it, say things that aren't true, and in attacking his opponents i've looked at prior debates and in that kind of case, it's difficult to say well, am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't quite accurate or spend my time talking about the things i want to talk about. >> so, as governor huckabee says, he's laying the foundation of what's going to happen on that day, but we know that mitt has a secret weapon who is preparing him for his debates. and that's ann romney, listen. >> i think, you know, it's going to be an opportunity for a lot of americans to maybe tune in for the the first time and see that this guy is a serious guy. i do think that the president will have an advantage going, obviously, into these debates. everybody knows he's a good debater and sitting president of the united states. i definitely think that mitt goes in as the underdog. >> alisyn: do you think the problem is people haven't seen mitt romney as a serious guy?
6:34 am
>> no, that's not the problem at all. no one doubted mitt romney is a serious guy. his record speaks volumes about his seriousness. no, look, the. >> tucker: the truth is people are against change. and people with face piercings are for change and most americans are not for change and it's hard to unseat an incumbent. it takes a lot. you're working against almost a physics principle, objects at rest are going to stay. and's he an underdog, she's absolutely right. >> alisyn: what do you think of his debate skill. >> tucker: i think governor romney is a competent debater and an awesome capacity for synthesizing data and drink this stuff for weeks, a know the answer to every potential question. >> tucker: i don't think that obama was a particularly good debater. >> alisyn: i was surprised, ann romney said we know that the president is a great
6:35 am
debater, i don't know that-- >> i guarantee we don't see the-- i guarantee a tremendous amount of time the president is preparing, if he's wise, he will be and bet he is. >> alisyn: we do want your headlines, we have a fox news alert. we've just learned, seconds ago, that two more n.a.t.o. soldiers are dead after being shot by an afghan man dressed in a police uniform, this attack is separate from the one we have been reporting about earlier this morning, where taliban terrorists stormed an n.a.t.o. base and killed two american soldiers. the nationality of the latest two victims is still unknown, we will bring you more information as we get it. back here at home, the teachers strike grabbing national headlines in chicago and could be coming to an end. union reps announcing a tentative deal to end this five-day strike. and neither side would give details. if they vote to approve the deal, school could resume as early as monday.
6:36 am
soon, disney world will say be our guest to alcohol. and alcohol, that's strange. >> they do now. >> in restaurants, epcott. >> alisyn: that's right, when you new restaurant calls "be our guest" opens, beer and bine on the menu, not a moment too soon. >> peter: the magic kingdom. >> alisyn: that's the first in the park in the 41 year history. i'm sorry that dave briggs is going to miss that, he's there already. on a charter plane leaving ohio republican presidential candidate mitt romney helped to celebrate the birthday of ashley and scott, introducing them to the bainer song. >> this is the birthday song, it wasn't last too long. >> alisyn: it's a state of michigan for john boehner to sing on the house floor. and they went on to serenade
6:37 am
the birthday boy and girl the one we're all familiar with. earmuffs. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear ashley and john, happy birthday to you ♪ >> and that wasn't bad actually. that was not bad. i thought it was going to be worse. romney was headed to massachusetts and he has no public events scheduled today and those are your headlines. >> let's get outside to rick and how is the weather looking? >> i'm afraid by something that's happening oktoberfest this year. what are you doing? >> i'm going to give you an ordan, a germanic medal, mardi gras and-- >> you lost me at ordin. it's a medal of honor. >> perfect. >> that i give out to special
6:38 am
people and i think you deserve one. >> rick: thank you very much i'll take it, i'm not going to be very-- do your thing. >> i have to put it on. now, i have to do the weather, that's why we've lost another-- >> if i don't get the weather out. let's look at the weather maps, this is the typhoon, 125 mile per hour sustained wind storm and it's a storm headed to okinawa today. be very careful in that area and gotten some viewers who e-mailed me and said not just one case, there are multiple military bases there, and this is moving there, by this afternoon. and this is the strongest, was the strongest storm that we've had in the world, excuse me, over the last three years, it's a major, major storm that's moving right there. and move forward, take a look at southern california, another hot day in southern california, yesterday was hot and today is hot and next couple of days, the temps drop the coastal sections and improvement monday to death
6:39 am
valley, obviously those conditions staying longer for a while longer. the forecast for the day today. temps looking good and a beautiful day, a ton of sunshine and down towards the southeast and this is where we're going to have a little bit of rain and especially across parts of missouri. now, listen, wool e'll send it you. >> alisyn: thank you, rick, i'm about to gardening in mitttown manhattan and mike cartozza is here. listen to this, i have moved from the city to the suburbs. >> you have a yard. >> alisyn: i have a lawn for the first time in my adult life. now, i'm also one of these people who believe fall has started you can ignore your lawn. >> that's not true. >> alisyn: what do i have to do? >> fall is actually the best time to deal with your lawn for a the lot of reasons. first of all, the cooler temperatures, not as much stress on the grass and tends to be more dew and rain so you have the moisture, which is important, there's not as much activity maybe in the the yard, but the soil is still warm from the summer, so,
6:40 am
grass seeds are going to germinate if you recede and motivate the the grass to grow. that's the key, you want the grass to be nice and strong now so it's more resilient throughout the winter and ready to come back in the spring. >> alisyn: fascinating. what do i need to do in september. >> right now it's perfect for all of this stuff. first, you want to seed. you want to feed and speed, but feed with fertilizer, a couple with scott, turf builder, winter guard fall fertilizer. >> so i get a fertilizer machine. >> a broadcast spreader. >> a fertilizer machine, if you will, allows you to make it nice and even and spread it all offer the yard. >> it's sort of like shopping, like a shopping cart. >> with less stuff. >> alisyn: put this in here. >> it's going to throw it all over the yard. >> alisyn: okay. >> key is it's going to make the roots of the grass deeper and stronger, the deeper and stronger the roots the more resilient is grass it. >> alisyn: is this dangerous and keep the kids off the lawn
6:41 am
feeding and seeding. >> most of them are safe walk on it pretty much after you do it. read the instructions. >> alisyn: so far i'm enjoying this. what do i do after i feed and seed? >> another fertilizer, this has weed control, plus 2 weed control. if you want to feed the grass and deal with the the weeds, do them at the same time with that product which saves you time. >> then what do i do? >> you also want to seed. if you've got spouts in your yard because of heat and bare spots and rough spots. >> easy seed. first of all, it will grow grass just about anywhere, if you've got dense shade or too much sun and it's dry or too much activity. you put it down and it's going to make the grass grow. because of the way it's made. it's dark brown and put it in a bare spot. if it's dark brown it's working, if it's light brown, it needs water and water is the most important thing. >> alisyn: and i put it in
6:42 am
there again also. >> do that or a bare spot spread it around. >> alisyn: mike, we are going to leave it there. you have changed my life. >> quick, just this system on the wall, tools you want to store for the w them from rusting, a great system from husky on the wall and all of these hooks, everything off the floor and keep it from rusting, sore it's ready for the spring do you feel ready and prepared. >> alisyn: i'm going to go home-- >> i'm going to check your yard in the spring. >> alisyn: go inside to the guys, what's coming up. >> thanks, ali. >> peter: this week the fed unveiled the latest plan to boost the economy, print more money. one member of the fed turning sour on at that deal. lori rothman is here to explain. and then imagine your kid came home with this, the teacher told them to draw the twin towers on fire, no less. two of those students parents join us next. . >> tucker: but first, let's
6:43 am
check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block right after the show. >> good morning, and violent hit on american uprising are indeed spreading, we're getting hit hard at the pump. how bad do you think it gets. four years ago today, all hell broke loose when lehman collapsed. worries that the federal reserve's brand new stimulus plan could be setting up the next financial crisis and plus lawmakers have one more week left of work before the election, they're getting nothing done on the fiscal cliff threat. why some here are saying that's a good thing. only hear that at cost of freedom, starts at the top of the hour. see you then. h#h#d"ú!0=1ñ3ñ3ñ
6:44 am
6:45 am
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>> we told you about this, the fed's new plan to boost
6:47 am
the economy, print more money. earlier this week, the federal reserve announcing it will pump an additional 40 billion dollars into the economy every month until we bounce back. but this morning, one member of the fed is speaking out. >> jeffrey lacker, president of the the richmond federal reserve bank was the only member to vote against this week's big bond buying plan. now, saying those bond buys will almost certainly lead to inflation, though, is he right?right lo lori rothman from fox business network, we know that the consumer price index jumped and the highest number, is he right, is he wrong? what does the plan say about the the economy. is it going to be the magic wand? >> the magic pill. everyone degrees, even bernanke himself, this latest round of quantitative easing the nuclear option, more than anyone expected in terms of the bond buying, the pushing out the low interest rates for another year and the extension
6:48 am
of the so-called operation twist. so, this made the markets thrilled, we saw huge gains in the stock market, but we saw oil prices also rise. oil touching $100 a barrel. now, you can't just blame the fed, obviously weeks' seeing renewed instability in north africa and the middle east, i don't need to go there, you've been covering that detail. you have inflation, more troublesome. more dollars, decreases the value of the dollar, require more dollars to buy things so it's called a wealth effect and why we're seeing the gains again in the stock market because you have no interest rates, don't get a return on bond so you go to stocks, riskier and more, an about thor investment in that respect. so, inflation high oil prices, high food prices is bad, but if you ex out that headline and stop and focus on the core inflation, like wages, which has been flat, and other measures of inflation, they've had a lot of room to run and why we instituted this latest round of easing. the economy needs a certain
6:49 am
amount of inflation. the fed bought mortgage-backed securities, focusing on the housing market, as you know, that's been stalling. so, by doing that, you're lowering rates on mortgages and refinancing, but increasing the value of homes so we need that inflation, we need the inflation as i said to our wages, we want to inflate our 16 trillion dollar debt load away. >> of course, and that may be the only way, actually. but quickly, their support, it's not just an economic argument, but it's about politics. >> 100%. >> so obama supports this and romney about devaluing the currency. how much does politics enter into this decision? >> my personal opinion, tucker, is quite a bit. we cornered the at jacks hole before the meeting, come out very forceful again, krohning and the president saying you guys have to get on board with fiscal policy because i've now done everything i can possibly do with monetary policy. >> right. >> and especially with this last week's announcement. he went above and beyond everything he could possibly do.
6:50 am
so very, very political. >> lori rothman, smart,smart. >> thank you. >> peter: imagine if your kid came home with this, the teacher told them to draw the 9/11 attacks. are you kidding? two of those parents join us up next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> we've been telling you about the outrageous story. an elementary school teacher accused of asking her fourth grade class to draw pictures of the september 11th attack. take a look at this. the kids were reportedly given specific instructions, to draw the planes hitting the towers, and people jumping out of the windows. >> and with us are two very upset parents of students from that class. ivy and courtney flag. thanks for being here.
6:54 am
>> thank you for having us. >> alisyn: courtney, let me start with you. can you tell me what your son told you he was instructed to do in class? >> when he came home, he told me that they learn about september 11th and that he learned that planes hit the twin towers and people had to jump out of the planes and that all afghanistan people hated americans and wanted to kill as many americans as they could. >> alisyn: oh, that's terrible. what a terrible lesson to impart to fourth grade minds. ivy, it will me what your daughter told, but this exercise. >> she started talking about it monday after she got out of pus, telling me about the picture they had to draw and the boom clouds and the planes and the people jumping out of the the windows and that's when i told her to make sure she brought me that picture home. >> alisyn: courtney, what
6:55 am
effect did this have on your son, aside from him saying that the lesson is that afghan people hate us. what other effect has it had since he did this? >> he thought that this kind of thing happens every 9/11. he thought that an attack was going to be made on us on the day. they had a walk at school in honor of september 11th and i asked him if he wanted me to walk with him at school. he said no, he didn't want to leave the house, it wasn't safe. he thinks she he should stay in the house because you know, they're trying to kill us. he talked to me like i'm oblivious of the fact of what happened like i didn't have no understanding of what september 11th was and i had to reexplain to him that was a one time occasion and doesn't happen every 9/11. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. ivy, we understand that the teacher has now been placed on leave. the school put out a statement in which they apologized for
6:56 am
the insensitivity. what else do you want to see happen. >> like i told the principal and the lady from the district, i want someone with better qualifications to go in there and reexplain 9/11 to our children. especially due to the fact that these are military children, who either, a, have parents currently in afghanistan or b, like my daughter, her dad's getting ready to go to afghanistan. so, i would like for it to be reexplained to them in a way that alleviates the fear and the hatred that they were taught for that nation. >> alisyn: well, ivy and courtney, thank you for reminding us that these are the kids of military families and that this is a terrible lesson for them to be taught. we will follow this story. thanks so much for coming in and sharing your personal thoughts ton this. >> thank you. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" ahead in just two minutes. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion.
6:57 am
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>> peter johnson, jr


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