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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 17, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> greta: of course that is just an impersonation. that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. go to greta and talk about tonight's show g night from washington. . >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: president obama's libyan story is collapsing and fox news is learning that the attack that killed the ambassador and three others was launched prior to any protest at the libyan consulate last week. this directly conflicts of the obama administration account of the attack. fox news foreign correspondent leland vittert has details of the breaking news. >> reporter: this goes to the timeline of exactly how
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this attack at the libyan consulate went down. was it simply a spontaneous protest over this movie about the prophet muhammad that spiraled out of control? or was this a preplanned, premeditated attack by an al-qaeda cell or al-qaeda affiliate group on the conflict designed to kill americans? what we have learned is at 9: 35:00 p.m. local time on september 11, there were no protests outside the u.s. consulate in benghazi. and then the attack began. and because of the precision of attack, the direct fire, the indirect fire in the preplanning that could have taken place for that, it's very possible that there was some either inside help, or some type of surveillance that had gone on at the compound. in fact, the libyan president over the weekend said he felt there was preplanning. and premeditation in to this, especially considering not only did these militants attack the compound, they also then attacked a safe house
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nearby. that the u.s. consulate officials could have gone to for help. the protests around the middle east continue. in pakistan, we saw violence today. in fact, the embassy in islamabad tetch rarely suspended the operation ahead of the protest because they knew it would become violent. tear gas flying. pakistani police brought out the big water cannons to push protesters back from climbing in to the u.s. embassy compound. in lebanon, the leader of the hezbollah militant group took to the streets in a rare public appearance to call for continueed protest. his militant chanted back, "death to america." here in egypt where the protests began last tuesday on september 11, i had a chance to sit down with one of the organizers of those protests today. he told me, in fact, eric, when it comes to the movie, he hadn't even seen it. so you have to wonder where
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exactly all the protesters beginnings and why? back to you. >> eric: thank you, leland vittert. set the stage. on one hand you have the obama administration blaming a 3-month-old youtube video for the deadly violence spreading throughout the muslim world. on the other hand, we have terrorist expert, war veterans, libyan officials and officials saying they were preplanned, september 11 retaliation aimed at the american people. listen to ambassador susan rice blame the movie. >> the best information and the best sense we have today in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. that what happened initially was that it was spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo, as consequence of the video. don't see at this point signs this was a coordinated plan, premeditated attack. >> eric: okay. now listen to libyan leader mohammed el-megarif contradict the administration. >> the way the perpetrators
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acted and moved, i think we are under their choosing a specific date for this so-called demonstration. i think we have no -- this leighs with us no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> eric: all right. who do you believe? d.c. bureaucrat or the interim president of libya? greg, kick it off. >> greg: this is as spontaneous as a moon landing. how can you say it's a coincidence? like saying you went to a strip club and it was a coincidence you had a lap dance. it happened on 9/11. that is not a coon dense. where does president obama find these people? susan rice, jay carney, did he get them off craigslist? try a temp agency like manpower. they're really good. america deserves better than these hacks.
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this is like the keystone cops or a special episode of "facts of life." >> dana: but, greg, it comes from the top. they are saying what they were carefully planned to say, which is that if you blame a video, after on thursday, president obama says the terrorist attack. saturday morning the state department said, the right thing to do, we're not commenting on this anymore. by sunday morning we are brushing this under the rug saying it's based on a video. is many abouttures since open mic night at comedy cellar. >> eric: ambassador rice hit all five sunday talk shows an had the same narrative. we knew nothing. it was all about the movie. >> bob: look, it's clear, couple things are clear about why this was, in fact, planne planned. they got hold of the ambassador, "they," the perpetrators, got to a safe house of the confine of the consul. this is the plan for the place to escape. somebody gave them information
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where it was. it may have been somebody inside the consulate, on the staff. may have been muslim. i don't know. but to suggest that that was somehow or another, this broke off from a demonstration doesn't make sense. however, after saying that, having said, that i have no doubt that this film added to the spread of demonstrations, to the rest at least, so far we have seen no other murder besides this one. >> eric: stay on that for a second. is it right for the obama administration, from the top down like dana points out, from the president, jay carney, secretary of state, ambassador to the u.n. have this narrative it was all the movie? meanwhile, we have more and more people, including the libyan leaders telling us it had nothing to do with the movie? it was preplanned retaliation. >> andrea: excuse for muslims to attack. now an excuse for the administration. i think it's two-fold. i think hillary clinton, gets the fact when you have an ambassador murdered it's a national humiliation. i think president obama is too obtuse to figure that out.
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i think a successful attack before an election is terrible thing to happen to the administration. that is why you see the state department officials coming out. they keep blaming this on the video. here is what is so troubling to me. on the ground, al-qaeda in libya had better intelligence than we did. it's embarrassing. it's embarrassing to the administration we didn't have better intelligence. think about it. 400 people, rpgs, they knew that the ambassador was no longer in tripoli. then they knew he was at the consulate. then they knew he was moved from the consulate. they had all that intel and we did not. we failed. so it's an embarrassment. >> bob: what does obtuse mean? >> greg: when you ask it, you prove the point. here is the thing, who cares what caused what? it doesn't matter. it's terror no matter what. as an american, you root for america. the media roots for causes. that is the problem here. the act, itself, is terror. not how they got to the act.
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who cares? >> eric: it does matter, though. it does matter. because for the administration to say well, there is nothing we could have done about it. we have didn't have intel on it. we have could haven't saved it. that was all in response to a flash mob. it eliminates them from responsibility. >> dana: i talk to the former agency guy. who said remember, dana, no knowledge if planned doesn't mean there wasn't planning. perhaps there is a hole in our intelligence. i don't want to make it partisan. i want to make it happen and how do we prevent it from happening. >> eric: hold the thought. respond to this, colonel allen west and john mccain took issue with rice's assessment. listen. >> i listen to the u.s. ambassador susan rice today, several words came to mind. asinine, nighyev, borderline ignorant. >> most people don't bring rocket-propelled grenades and weapons to a demonstration. that was an act of terror.
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>> there you have a war hero -- actually, two war heroes there. >> bob: i am going to pass one of them and sort of suggest that some of those words i'd use with him. go back to the point about terror. it is absolutely no question in my mind this was a preplanned terrorist attack. it also is no question in my mind that the movie contributed to demonstrations throughout the muslim world. you can't say protests through indonesia are all terrorists. they are out there demonstrating. if someone did a movie about jesus christ, i'm demonstrate. >> greg: wait. they have, and you didn't. we go to "the last temptation of christ" and talk about bill maher movie and book of mormo mormon. we don't go out there and do it, muslims in america don't go out and do it. if we apologize to maniacs
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over a film, i am moving to texas where they grow balls op trees. sorry. >> andrea: you insulted "facts of life." mrs. garrett had nothing to do with this. >> greg: you're right. i apologize. >> andrea: apologize to blare, tudy and mrs. garrett, please. >> eric: over the weekend, four american service people, men or women -- i believe they were men, were killed in afghanistan again. afghani people, terrorists coming in and shooting our people up. is it, is there a sense in the muslim world that we're pleasing -- >> andrea: yes. we are on the retreat. that is why islam is on the march. if you read benard lewis, this goes way back hundreds and ups of years to the days of thomas jefferson. if you read and study the quran, it will tell you this jihad will not stop. they are commandered radicals to perform jihad until one of two things happens. one, we are all muslims or all ruled by muslims.
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they only preach tolerance when they are outnumbered, bob. this is not a shock. >> bob: i agree with that. remember we have been at war with two muslim countries for some time now. there is bound to be a recentment against that. >> dana: wait. was that true -- last week we talked about you were in iran in 1979. that was well before the two recent warrous're talking about. it was before the 9/11 attacks. so, andrea's point is a good one. stepping back, it wasn't about the last eight years. >> bob: i'm suggesting if we had not been there on the ground would they be shot? but we are. to obviously people will get killed. that is the sad part of the tragedy, but they are. >> eric: throw the full screen up. here is your choice. c'mon, producers, please. get it up. choice is yours. president obama or war hero and interim president of libya. coming up, president obama
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spent time trying to make friends in the muslim world. >> my job is to communicate to the american people that the muslim world is filled with extraordinary people who simply want to live their lives. my job to the muslim world is to communicate that americans are not your enemy. >> eric: so how does the appeasement apology tour working out? dana is on deck. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: 2007, obama talked about his vision for relations with the muslim world. take a listen. [ applause ] >> i truly believe the day i'm inaugurated not only does the country look at itself differently, but the world looks at america differently. if i'm reaching out to the muslim world, they understand that i have lived in a muslim
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country. i may be a christian, but i also understand their point of view. i think that the world will have confidence that i am listening to them. and that our future an our security is tied up with our ability to work with other countries in the world. that will ultimately make us safer. that is something that this administration has failed to understand. >> dana: i strongly disagree with, but anyway, greg, how is that working out for him? >> greg: not well. we replaced exceptionalism with emotionalism. we're at the mercy of the-ered outrage created by a marginal video 90% of the population hasn't seep or cared about. we should operate on fear and not feelings. when we're feared the world is a better place. >> dana: it's chutzpah to suggest that all of a sudden things will get better. if you are such a learned scholar, after decades of hatred this is building up, how is one day, one president
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going to change it in two years? >> andrea: he thought he could give a speech in cairo of all places, and his speech alone would change their minds. i mean, again, this goes back so far and it's naive to think he can change it. it's naive to think the muslim brotherhood wouldn't doing what they are doing. there is a reason we have the strong leaders, mubarak, gaddafi in place. we needed strong leaders. >> greg: they were bad men. >> andrea: but they kept the worse forces down. now there is nobody to keep it down. >> bob: they were slaughtering -- >> dana: bob, on friday when they did the press briefing through the weekend, one thing they want to make clear, this is all about the video, this is not about the current administration. unfortunate incident rather than a terrorist attack. >> revisionist history to say the least.
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>> andrea: why did jefferson do that? they were murdering the ship captains. >> bob: i understand that. but if you go through the time. the first part of what he said is right. we have to learn the best way we can to get along with -- >> greg: let them get along with us. >> bob: you can say that. >> greg: ussr tried it, mommy and daddy tried. let the therapist come in. we've done our job. let somebody else screw it up. >> andrea: should we sensor the video?
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>> eric: two reasons to have a presence in the middle east. >> bob: one is oil. until we get in-up independent on oil. >> dana: the pew poll in june said across the world people had dimmer view of america thank they thought they would have at this point. you asked a great question on friday. name the foreign policy of the last four years? >> eric: the only one they can go to is we killed bin laden. guess what happened? that caused muslim outrage. >> eric: take a step back. let me point out, what else did president obama think would happen when he goes to cairo. don't worry, make piece and everything is fine. he was handed the nobel peace prize? he is the one to save the
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world. he found out opening your mouth doesn't bring jobs or peace in middle east. he is finding out the hard way -- >> andrea: they don't want peace. >> bob: they will have people -- >> andrea: radical islamists hate the west. they have had a long hatred of the west. you don't naively throw over two leaders that -- >> bob: they were murdering dictators. they should have been shot a long time ago. >> dana: so on the libya point we brought up the current libyan leader who was contradicting what ambassador wright said. cureosly to me -- curiously to me they take one person to cooperate with and make him look to be a liar to protect themselveses in a situation we should let the cards fall where they may to find out what happened. >> bob: you are assuming they figure it out. benefit of the doubt, they don't have it figured out. there have been trade agreements, nato is strength strengthped --
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>> dana: what about freedom and the right for every living human being to have a right to freedom that god gives every one of us? >> bob: that's right went want democracy in middle east. we got elections -- [ overtalk ] >> andrea: we assume they want -- >> eric: instead of mubarak is that better? >> bob: yes. million egyptian aren't dying and slaughtered. >> eric: are you sure they want -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: mubarak was murdering pig. >> dana: what do you think of assad in syria? >> bob: he is, too. >> dana: we do nothing? >> bob: what are we supposed to do. [ overtalk ] what are we going to do? they overthrew him on their own. >> greg: i saw the greatest video on the play to work.
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got yarn stuck on his head. >> andrea: i want to respond quickly to bob. you wouldn't let me get. in sorry, but to assume that they want and they have been reading the federalist papers and they want a constitutional convention like we had is so naive. the same democracy worship that got us in to this. >> bob: we wanted nuclear middle east. >> andrea: we wanted it. they don't want it. >> bob: wait, free and fair election in egypt and they elected the muslim brotherhood. so be it. >> dana: i agree with you on that. >> bob: thank you. >> dana: on that note we come back. >> greg: wait a minute. it had another cat video i want no time to talk abo in your segment? >> greg: sorry. >> dana: time keeper. >> greg: always about the dogs. never about the cats. >> dana: we're going to talk about the filmmaker, the youtube video that's used as an excous for the abbott american violence. brought in for questioning in los angeles on saturday. the obama administration wants a clip removed from youtube. the right to free speech being
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threatened? gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: so, the u.s. and hezbollah finally agreed it's our fault, not theirs. the rush to blame what is called the u.s. -made film raises some question like where is alec baldwin? why is he so quiet? isn't freedom of expression the cocktail chatter of the hollywood heartthrob? the only way to get hollywood to defend it is to show that they are kidnapping orphans for food. if you think art makes people kill, shouldn't you have art control? how about a five-day waiting
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period for tasteful etchings? this isn't about the acts of terror but a response for them. blaming the video for unrest is to blame the fort hood massacre on the workplace violence. moral cowardes s. refusal to reject the enemies. repeat after me. it's them, not us. which runs counter to teacher lounge logic that stains the white house. if it's our fault, why aren't the muslims riots in the u.s.? maybe because they don't orchestrate it. only the media thinks the response is carrier than the appeasement. this is not war for islam heart and mind but for the lungs and kidneys. we cannot forfeit our western principles to appease haters. the media, champions of free expression doing that. they track the filmmaker down and justify the anti-west outrage on heels of romanticizing the sister scam occupy wall street. why? because it's all they know. cultivated on the college campus.
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only thing discussed is american strength. there is a reason bill ayers never bombed a college. those were his hearts and minds. >> great analogy. >> respond with facts. please call college campuses and teacher lounge. you assume that all college campuses are appeasement? >> greg: 80% are overwhelmingly liberal. no real american would care about. the anti-americanism is born in universities. it bleeds to the government civil servants, that is why we have it now. there is nobody in the white house and nobody academic that thinks the government is not at fault. >> bob: are you suggesting working for government is anti-american? >> greg: most professors are jeff whelmingly left wing. this is where you get the attitude. >> andrea: which is fascinating because media
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makes a living and is supposed to be embracing free speech is somehow apologizing for it. >> dana: the hollywood nonresponse is bizarre. they talk about everything all the time. all of a sud thane have gone mute. more -- all of a sudden they have gone mute. which is more telling. >> greg: and more of a relief. >> eric: i don't want to cut you off. can we throw the picture up of the filmmaker again? to me, america changed. someone e-mailed that picture. mark levin sent this to me. america changed at that moment. to use what is called a flimsy ploy to bring a guy in for questioning, proves that the obama administration through all the appeasement and the apologizing answers to the quran first and constitution second. >> bob: c'mon. that is just outrageous statement. even for you that's outrageous statement.
11:32 pm
of all the things you said and i love you, brother, but that is the most outrageous thing you have said. >> eric: why was he brought in? [ overtalk ] >> greg: sudply they find it. >> bob: i agree, but one thing if he had any sense, this is a guy who is apparently a coptic christian. >> greg: you defended them. >> bob: i have. but it does not mean that i would have suggested to him that they put together a film like this that was bound to incite an incitable group of people. >> greg: he can do anything he wants. if he wants to make a movie d. >> dana: how many high school students tried to put together this weekend a movie more outrageous than that one? then what do we do? >> greg: you only incite more violence if you prove violence works. we'll apologize and they know by killing americans this is how you shut americans. >> andrea: or that it's wrong. the administration is agreeing with us. >> dana: they can go back to the coffee clutches and say
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see, we got america to arrest the guy. this is the -- this is the picture all over the middle east today. >> greg: i love the "new york post." they are opened by the parent company. this ticks me off. i buy the post and drink coffee, they have cinemaniac. this is bogus. they say he -- this is the loan whtheloon that set fire tom world. no, the muslim set fire to muslim world. >> andrea: but don't forget this is embarrassing to the administration. al-qaeda had better intelligence than we did. eight weeks before a presidential election, successful terrorist attack when we drop the ball does not look good for the president. that's why they keep making an issue of the video. >> bob: we want to encourage people with the free speech they want. in a reasonable world, would we want to encourage people to do this film when we know the results -- hold on.
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>> greg: you can't be unreasonable. >> dana: i think that the administration should demand that sony cancel the release of the killing bin laden film or you don't know what will happen. how many americans could die after that? >> eric: if you tell that man he or anybody else can't make a film like this -- >> bob: nobody said -- i didn't say he couldn't make it. shouldn't. shouldn't. i don't think he should have. >> eric: that's right. >> bob: of course he has the right heto do it. you also have the right to yell "fire" in a theater. >> dana: you have a right to protest but you don't have a right to kill american ambassadors. >> greg: parallel is building the mosque near the world trade center. you can do that. it's kind of a bad move. you suck for doing it. it's the same thing with this. you can make the video. kind of a jerk. but you can make the video. that's the way it works. >> andrea: you have the right, but it doesn't make it right. >> bob: right. we have come to agreement on that.
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>> greg: but it didn't spark anything. only thing that sparks violence is our way of life. >> bob: something else would have sparked it. to see it across 20 countrys. >> andrea: they don't need a spark. >> bob: why weren't they doing something a month ago? >> they ran planes in to our world trade center. >> bob: the last two or three -- >> andrea: they don't need an excuse. freddie bruce springsteen is dancing in the dark. highest paid teachers in the nation but the chicago unions won't stop the strike. >> they had all summer and it could have been worked out earlier. >> i spent $if in child care the last few day -- $240 in child care the last few days. i'm not happy. >> greg: who is looking after the children? ♪ ♪ >> greg: leigh now and andrea will never buy another pair of shoes. [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this.
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it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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five." ♪ ♪ >> we're no fool. we won't let you ruin our school. hey, rahm, we're no fools.
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we won't let you ruin our schools. >> andrea: thank god you stayed with us, because i have my eyes op a new pair of shoes, greg. earlier today, rahm emanuel filed a court order to end the teacher's strike which he says is illegal under state law. union delegates were expected to vote on a contract proposal yesterday but delayed the vote saying they needed more time. why aren't the children the first priority? here is the president of the chicago board of education and how he sees it. >> we said this is a strike of choice. it's now a delay of choice. our kids cannot be used as pawn in internal union disagreements. we all need to put our children first. >> andrea: parents are getting frustrated. >> i'm trying to not get stressed out, put a lot of people in a very bad scenario. >> they should have did this when school was out. they should have did all of this before the kids were in
11:42 pm
school. >> i really didn't think they would go this far. it seems like poor decision-making op everybody's part. lack of support for the kids. >> andrea: so eric, rahm emanuel filed an injunction. we don't know how the court will rule. if it goes through, 350, 200,000 kids are back in school. why didn't he do it sooner? >> eric: he wanted to work with them. people who have a problem with scott walker in wisconsin, with chris christie in new jersey, who have broke in certain part of collective bargaining, that i have a problem. here is a line they always use. con tract a contract, right? gles what? they had a contract. chicago schools had a contract not to strike over anything except money. they are striking over everything except money. striking over benefits and also the other one -- evaluation. evaluations. >> greg: they say you can't use kids as a pawn. i i have a life-size chess set and you use kids, emove them around. we have to look at the crafty
11:43 pm
unions and the teachers like foreign oil. we got to get off them. we have to get off them and we have to start drilling in the private schools and in charter schools. homeschooling at this point. any school is better. school of fish is better. >> dana: i like the first question. why now? there are consequences for your action. he should have filed a lawsuit last week. before the strike even started and said we are not going to do this. what happens is he tried to work with them. you know what as greg said friday? you need to out-crazy the crazy. you aren't going to file the injunction? yes, i am. they file it and consequences. now he can walk on by. everybody is losing the support of the parents who were supportive of the union. now they've gone one step too far, if you are a person to keep from time off from employer to take care of your kids because they're not in school, the employer runs out of patience after a while. >> bob: one is that all the teachers in chicago are, most of them are pretty good
11:44 pm
teachers. they're not all bad teachers. this is an internal union disagreement holding it back. the union should not be allowed to strike here, in fact. the issues they are bringing up are not economic and clearly against the law. keep in mind, this is an internal union politics. regrettably it's bleeding to every place else. they should be back in school and do it now. >> greg: 39% of the chicago public school teachers send kids to pry schools? i read that today. >> dana: i bet you 70% wants to. >> greg: twice the public average. >> andrea: a little failure of liberalism, right? you made a great point. >> bob: here we go. >> andrea: dana made a great point and you agree. >> dana: let's hear this. >> andrea: a lot of kids come from broken home and liberals argue the government can do it better but they can't if you look at the scores. they admit defeat. coming up, "saturday night live" took on the presidential race in several skits saturday night. was there a political bias? we play the clip and you can decide up next.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: now to substantive part of the show, my block, "saturday night live"
11:49 pm
premiered this weekend and waste nod time on the presidential race. look at spoof attacking mitt romney's record at bain capital. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message, but i'm not real proud of it. >> mitt romney stopped by the hospital room the tell us we no longer had health insurance. he was talking we could see he had a really bad cold. i said to him, my wife is sick. would you mind covering your mouth if you are going to be doing that? >> romney didn't even have the decency to cover his mouth. >> after b abin capital shut down the mill, i was out of work for a year. then bain came along, bought the trucking company and i lost that job, too. finally, i got a job at a shoe shine stand, under an assumed name, working just for tips. but bain found out, bought the business and moved it to china. next thing i knew, this is not a coincidence. >> bob: i thought this was a spoof on bain not realistic
11:50 pm
part of the story here? >> dana: that sure was hilarious. of all the stuff that happened last week, the best that saturday night live could come up with was something about bain capital? >> greg: you know who is happy? fred armistan, he is to longer playing barack obama. if you play barack obama on network show it's like playing jesus in church talent show. you can't be funny. >> dana: expectations are so high. >> eric: what is his name? >> greg: don't know. >> eric: me neither. he is better. >> bob: do we have time to show the guy playing obama? dais jay farrow. that is him. >> elest day is -- election day is near. things aren't great. but i want you to know i'm not worried. not in the least. should be. it seemed like i would be, but i'm not. >> hello, i'm mitt romney.
11:51 pm
i understand the hardships facing ordinary americans. for example, this summer, up with of my horses failed to medal at the olympics, so i know hardship. >> dana: do you know who wants romney to win more than anybody that guy, because he is excellent. he wants -- he will have more opportunities. >> bob: i thought they were both good. >> but they pick on romney more. even when they try to make fun of obama, they had the character making fun of mitt romney. wait. this stuff writes it on its own. you don't need "saturday night live." the president is watching the middle east on fire and goes on a show called the pimp with the limp. that really happened, folks. they don't mention it. >> bob: we mentioned it. when you were buying shoes. we mentioned it. >> they don't even take the shots they could and be really funny. >> bob: trying to figure out who plays you when snl does u us. >> dana: why do you ask for trouble? i'm going to be out that day.
11:52 pm
>> bob: i tell you what, we're going to get down, get back to up with more thing. it's next. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: time for up with more thing. i have to clarify something quickly. remember when i said bam
11:56 pm
become answers to the quran before the constitution. it meant the president appeasing the muslims. he should worry about free speech first. that's it. i'm done with it. i don't want to hear about it. twitter over the weekend, dan ab got this, andrea might as well. jacquelyn jennis in iraq, holding up "the five." they there are conservatives -- >> eric: where d. >> bob: where are you in the picture? >> eric: i'm not. i believe the gentleman in the center is a military veteran. thank you for watching "the five." >> dana: so my good friend bret baier tonight is going to be live doing a show right after this, but in a shameless ploy for ratings he is in jasper county, iowa. he tried to lure viewers in to watching for jasper in the elevator with his sunglasses on because he is so cool. >> andrea: is he on the panel next to krauthammer? >> dana: honestly, if he came and sat in greg's spot
11:57 pm
manual how many viewers we would get -- imagine how many viewers we'd get. >> greg: any link no matter how tenuous you bring it back to your dog. >> dana: you brought up cat videos twice. >> greg: casper, the friendly ghost. that sounds like jasper my dog. >> dana: he looks cute on the sand. >> greg: sand, my dog looks good on sand. that is how she thinks. >> dana: jasper is trained to go on the paper. >> greg: that is the best news for you today. i want to point out my one more thing why did the main stream media is dying. they did a redesign. changing the usa to make it more -- "usa today" to make it more readable and entertainment to the american public. they hired michael wolf to write a column about tina
11:58 pm
brown. just what america is crying for. elitest media crying op elitist media. that will sell copies. well done. >> eric: by the way -- >> bob: with all the dumb things i said, don't worry about it much. the n.f.l., the referees are on strike -- lockout by the owners. so they have replacement officials in. this last week, a certain side judge was brought in to the do the new orleans saints-carolina game. on the face page, he put himself up, and he had a fan page for the new orleans saints. guess what? they had to walk out on the field and say son, this is a little bit of a problem here. we take you off and replace you with somebody else. he thought he'd get away it with. good try. >> eric: i watched a lot of football. they did a good job. be careful.
11:59 pm
you're right, lock-out. >> andrea: last week i traveled to give a speech in the south and i visited gillford college. here are the college republicans. even in the white shirt was a college democrat president who showed up. that was nice. thank you to north carolina. it went to south carolina and they were so nice to me, a lot of fox fans. i came back and that is more important. it found in the "new york post" a story about a man named jerry delakis who has had a newsstand in east village for decades. city of new york, mayor bloomberg are you listening, you are trying to run him out because you won't renew his license. a very old greek man who retained services free of a big law firm who is now for the city of new york waving $800 an hour to run this old man out of business. just renew his license, please. forget the soda fight and keep people in business. >> bob: don't forget the soda fight. do them both. >> andrea: one is stupid and the other one is serious. this man is the sweetest, nicest,


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