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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 21, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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it will now travel the streets of los angeles, hundreds of trees will be cuts down to dismay of the environmentalists. it will fine its way to a museum along with the rest of the program. the shuttle era is over. i am shepard smith. >>neil: fox news alert, ten days in and they still hate us. from pakistan, to india, to afghanistan, thousands of anti-american protesters taking to the streets again today. in pakistan it was actually a government holiday, all this as questions mount over the attack on the consulate in libya and conflicting comments from the white house. john mccain is here to weigh in on both. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and this is the scene in pakistan today. not a great scene.
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police firing live ammunition at protesters, throwing rocks and it gets worst after torching a theater, 15 killed, dozens injured, the protesters were fueled by the antimohammed video that the president referred to when asked about the libya attack that left our arch and three other americans dead. >> what we have seen the last week or week and a half is something that actually we have seen in the past where there is an offensive video or cartoon directed at the prophet mohammed. this is, obviously, something that is used by an excuse by some to carry out inexcusable violent acts directed at westerners or americans. >>neil: that came on the heels therefore statement from white house press secretary jake carney and i quote, "it is self-evident that what happened in beach gaza was a terrorist attack, our embassy was attacked
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violently." but that followed this. >> these protests were in reaction to a video. we have no information to suggest it was a pre-planned attack. it is not a reaction to the 9/11 anniversary. >>neil: are you confused? a lot of folks are especially my next guest, arizona republican, ranking membertial candidate, on the armed services committee. they still not speaking with one voice here. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, i think for, at first, they tried to get away with it being a spontaneous demonstration. we all know people come with rocket propelled grenades and mortars to the usual demonstration. it was just foolishness on their part. the whole message of the obama administration is, they got bin
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laden so, therefore, you don't have to worry about extremists and al qaeda. the fact is, this was probably from an al qaeda affiliated or al qaeda organization in benghazi that carried out a very well orchestrated attack. it results in the tragedy that took the lives of four brave americans. again, it is incredible to blame the video. the video is not to blame. the people that are pushing the video, the people that are using the video as a way of inflaming passions throughout the middle east. how many more videos are this going to be? finally, what about freedom of speech? we still believe that people, as long as they do not commit a crime, are allowed to have freedom of speech. we should stand up for that. >>neil: now it has spread to the other countries and whether
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it is the video or the follow-up on what happened in libya, it almost gives the appearance of the whole middle east being on fire. what do you think of the way things stand going into what are half a dozen planned demonstrations throughout the middle east this weekend? >>guest: osama bin laden said this is a strong horse and a weak horse. people like the strong horse. we have sent the emergency we are leaving. we leave from behind. we are failing in iraq. the iranian planes are flying over iraq to deliver arms to bashar al-assad and al qaeda is on the resurgence. in afghanistan we just saw the greatest single attack as far as money is concerned in our base where we lost some $200 million worth of aircraft. we have canceled training and operations with afghans because we don't trust them because of this killing by afghans of americans in uniform. by the way, this was a very,
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very professional attack they made on the base in afghanistan. in iran, the iranians do not think we are serious. we just criticize israel and tell israel they should not attack iran. in syria, 25,000 people have been massacred and the president of the united states doesn't even speak on their behalf. they believe that america is weak and we are withdrawing. that is what it is all about. >>neil: with the more violence the more the folks are inclined to say, to hell with him. i had ron paul on a couple of days ago and i mentioned to him, you thought it was a good idea to encourage the moderates throughout the middle east, particularly places like libya and he took a different view. listen to this reaction. >> it doesn't do any good. what good was the $40 billion or so we gave to mubarak in egypt? it fell apart. there is chaos there now. i would say it was a bad investment from the beginning.
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>>neil: that view is no more good money after bad? >>guest: i wish that senator paul, who has never traveled to that part of the world, would have been with me on july 7, me and ambassador stevens, when thousands of people in tripoli said, thank you america, thank you. look, the moderates just won the election in libya. this is an attempt of the extreme muslims to take over through use of arms and demonstrations and rioting and all things you are seeing, what they cannot achieve at the ballot box. finally, could i mention, the camp david accords, part of the deal was we would provide economic aid to both israel and egypt. we break that, my friend, and there will be significant consequences. >>neil: but if we give more money to egypt, senator, we are actually giving it to or through the muslim brotherhood?
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>>guest: again, the president morsi went to tehran and condemned bashar al-assad. he has not broken the camp david accords between egypt and israel. do you want to see egypt's economy to collapse? >>neil: it look like a basket case already. >>guest: it looks like it is in tough shape but a total collapse, obviously, would have significant ramifications. this debate began after world war i in the 30's with henry ford and lindbergh and isolationists and after world war ii with the taft wing and eisenhower wing of the party. now, understandably, because of our economic difficulty, this isolationist wing of the republican party is very active again. i understand that. i respect it. i wish they would spend some time in the region. >>neil: you mention your party, senator, and i do want to address comments you made
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yesterday or the day before, where you were telling republicans who are second-guessing and criticizing the romney campaign, to "cool it." you were more colorful. ann romney saying much the same today in a radio interview. your argument is what? it makes his situation worse? or it exposes republican weaknesses? >>guest: my argument is if you attack our nominee who was selected by our party through a legitimate process at a time when they could be some stumbles, who are you helping in who are you assisting by doing that? mitt romney is the man in the arena. whether you agree or disagree with the campaign he is waging, obviously, our objective is to elect him. if you do thinks that hurt his ability to be elected for ego pups or whatever it is, it seems to me that is not a proper thing
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to do. there are many ways to communicate with the romney campaign without doing it in such a public fashion. i say to peg noonan, when were you on the ballot? >>neil: she was particularly harsh. what do you say to her? >>guest: well i just say, do you realize you are providing ammunition to the left, who will be using that to try to diminish mitt romney in the eyes of the voters. that is the effect that it probably has over time. he is a good and decent man. >>neil: i mentioned it because in 1980 they were saying in the republican party, the moderate part of the party, about some statements ronald reagan would make saying well, there would be some jawboning back-and-forth but ronald reagan won.
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what is your sense? >>guest: in 2007 you may recall that our campaign for the nomination totally collapsed. i cannot tell you the number of experts need the beltway that had reasons why we collapsed. they were a little bit surprised when we made a comeback. look, everyone is free to make whatever comments they want to but why do most of them come from anonymous sources? isn't that cowardly? >>neil: very good point. always good to see you, sir. thank you very much. john mccain. >> did any of you catch this on the steps of the u.s. capitol today? >> we are fired up and ready to stay. we are fired up and ready to stay here and dot work for the american people. >> house democrats shouted "work, work," and with that they left and they left you, with this. welcome aboard!
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>>neil: and the nation is headed for a fiscal cliff. so what did the lawmakers do? they left. they hightailed it out of town until after the election. the house of representatives first and the senate next. what is more jarring than that, this. a report saying the senior republicans plan to retreat on taxes should the president win a second term. oklahoma congressman quoted as saying if the president wins re-election taxes are going up. there is not a lot we can do. the congressman will join us on monday. mike huckabee joins us today. what do you think of that? >>governor huckabee: it depends on what happens in the senate. if the republicans get the senate, i don't think taxes have to go up. if you have both houses of congress. if the democrats hold the senate, they will have to
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compromise or nothing will happen. we will go off the fiscal cliff and there won't be any return from that then everyone is hurt, far worse, far worse than any tax increase could ever be. >>neil: i think that maybe this is a matter of jazzing the base, getting republicans on board say this is what we risk. am i too closer for words? >>governor huckabee: you are always clever. in this case, they are just speaking, and i don't think this congressman is making this up but speaking from a pragmatic standpoint over the consequences of what you have to do. if obama is re-elected and the republicans do not have the senate, meaning the democrats have two out three parts of moving anything through, if the republicans want to be able to do anything to preserve some sanity in the budget process, they may have to give up
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something to get anything. that's just the way politics works. i'm not suggesting that is a good thing. but the alternative, to go east fiscal cliff that we are headed to, tax-geddon, that is devastating to every american family and the long long-term american committee. >>neil: and if the democrats hold on to the senate, it could be a long and dark four years for republicans in that the big government society, that they attacked the president if creating, and creating more voters beholdsen, it will be hard to break. >>governor huckabee: it will take a long-term. if you think of it, who could be appointed to the supreme court if there is a vacancy. this is where it takes generations to undo the damage. if it were one of the conservative justices and that person is replaced by an obama appointee, then we have real
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issues, for four, six, or eight years. we talking about generations to, could. that is dangerous. i do think that republicans have to understand, there is a lot at stake here. not just republicans. >>neil: they are shooting at each other. that has to stop. it is not doing anyone any good particularly the republican nominee, even extended to columnists like peggy noonan. >>governor huckabee: columnists are paid to give an honest assessment f they become homers for the team they like, and everyone we do is right and everything they do is wrong --. >>neil: bill kristol and others have done the same attacking mitt romney but is it prematurely? >>guest: they have to be honest with their assessment, their feeling, but, there are those who are surrogates for romney expel -- and elected officials, they have to rally around the candidate.
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this weekend we have a discussion with congressman and medical doctor from dallas, fascinating insight ininto what we ought to do rather than obamacare from a doctor's perspective. we never listen to doctors about obamacare. we have an exclusive with justin bieber's mother in a gasnating story. her life is quite amazing. i am sure you will want to find out about it because i know you are a justin bieber fan. >>neil: the hair is amazing. it is like a work of art. governor, always good to see you. >> the labor dispute over american airlines is grounding passengers with 300 passengers grounded. they blaming pilots. the guy who used to run the airline is telling me this is going to be a real big mess. >> it hurts everyone. it hurts all other employees at american. it damages the creditors by
1:19 pm
diminishing the value of american airlines. in the long run, it is going to sure the pilots. >>neil: wait until you hear his prediction for the company he used to run if this goes on much longer, that is tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you could watch o'reilly, but, relate, he repeats like 78 times. >> in what critics call the omission of failure president obama said he cannot change washington from the inside. did he just hand the election to an outsider? we report. you decide.
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>>neil: the great debates. >> and now the lead off in the
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debate. >> friends and politicians i want to give you my solemn word that there will be no mud slinging in this campaign. i intend to stick to the issues. what are the issues in there is only one: batman. who is he? who is this clown who somersaults around the city in ridiculous costume? >>neil: i don't thing it was that debate. talking about the debates that kickoff october 3. we will be at each and every one with steve moore saying he liked that one, and i think between batman and penguin, was won by batman. >> this is not the situation where romney wanted where he had to win the debates. >>neil: what is going on? why would the debates up the
1:24 pm
ante? >>guest: what is going on there is more consumer confidence out there. people are feeling a little better about the economy. i looked at numbers today and it is interesting, two-thirds of the american people still rate the american economy poor. that is a terrible number for the incumbent president. you would think with those numbers president obama would have no chance. it shows also that 60 percent of americans are feeling more confident about where the who is headed. they think it will be better. >>neil: on the paper wealth area they feel better. >>guest: no question. >>neil: we know this type of recovery is nothing of what a recovery should be but they are better than they were. if you have been used to the numbers that are aweful you are used to this. >>guest: we have two more
1:25 pm
numbers, the unemployment numbers and jobs and if those show improvement, president obama is in good shape. if they she lousy job growth he is if trouble. >>neil: but when there is outlandish stuff with this, which is just a stunner, and we have been focusing on mitt romney and the 47 percent thing. this stood out. >> the most important lesson i learned is you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >>guest: that is news to me. that is not mr. hope and change. >>neil: romney seized on it. how is he countering that? or the president is capitalizing. >>guest: i will take on his saying that he is trying to change washington. he has had plenty of opportunity to do that. i remember he had tax reform commission. he ignored it. he had deficit reduction commission. he ignored it. he had a jobs panel of chief executives that you had on the
1:26 pm
show. he ignored that. why see evidence he is trying to change washington other than the obamacare and huge stimulus plan. >>neil: the market is another phenomenon with the dow doubling under this president. he could say, look, the market must be factoring in my win and is okay with it. >>guest: this is a tough thing for me to figure out. you would think the market would be more in favor of mitt romney, he wants to keep the capital gains tax low and income tax rate low and deregulate the economy but it is strange as the, as president obama's numbers have been better, we have seen this rocketing up of the stock market. look, 50 days i have been in politics a long time, and into days is a lifetime. >>neil: jimmy carter led by eight points. >>guest: a week ago this week, until the economy collapsed john
1:27 pm
mccain had the lead coming out of the conventions. >>neil: what would change it? back to the debates, i am wonder ing whether romney has to be penguin or batman? >>guest: you mean the mud slinging. >>neil: in 1980 we saw ronald reagan as a chance to change horses. a lot americans were ready to fire the presidential but not until they looked at the replacement. >>guest: the 80 comparison is apt. reagan was tied with a week and a half to go until the debate and the american people looked at ronald reagan, for the first time, they looked at this candidate and they said, i like that guy the i agree with him. it wasn't just the people didn't like jimmy carter. it is the fact that they trusted ron. that is the sale. that's the sale. that is the sale that mitt romney has to make, especially the first one.
1:28 pm
not only is president obama running the economy into the ground, but i know how to fix it and that is where the presidents are showing the american people do not think mitt romney has a plan to fix things. >>neil: we will see. we will see. good do see you again. >>guest: i think i did vote if the -- for the penguin. >>neil: and kate set a trend from birthday suit to lawsuit. more on that. actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>>neil: taking a cue from kate, days after the duchess won her case, the super model is ready to make her own case. talks that heidi is considering filing suit over photos released of her without a suit. the top of a suit. and lis wiehl and attorney is ready to try this. does she have a case? >>lis: she does. she was in a private beach in france which has the most, strange, france, the most restricted provisions on right to privacy making it criminal if you do this thing that the photographer did. she had full expectation privacy, they went this with a long lens, and took the pictures and tried to post them to make money. she has a case. private to privacy invasion. i disagree. i don't think she had reasonable expectation of privacy. she is on a beach. it is a private beach but it is still open.
1:33 pm
>>neil: i could recognize her anywhere. >>guest: you can stand across the street and take a picture. i understand france has tougher laws for celebrities and privacy but it doesn't make it illegal if it is taken in the public place it does, it is criminal under the french criminal code because it takes something that is in a private place, a private beach, or a private chateau without that person's concept. we are not talking american law. we talking french law. it is illegal, a crime up to one year in jail. >> how much privacy do you expect in the beach? she is in plain view. >>neil: you say private beep? a resort. >>guest: privately owned. >>neil: not like your own beach. >>guest: you are not in the house with the curtains closed. >>neil: we live in an able with the devices and everything
1:34 pm
elsewhere anyone can snoop and you have to be careful in your birthday home. >> even if your own home? >>neil: if you walk by the window. you have to be careful. >> if you have an open in the curtains and a person looks through this lens that is an issue. >>lis: maybe i will creed it to you for a second but not the morality. this is wrong. wrong. >>neil: believe me on the morality thing, that is why we wanted to get to the bottom the pictures and see them. of course, it is very tough. >>lis: you mean the "top" of the pictures. >>neil: she was not hiding much, heidi. i am not here to judge. i'm just saying celebrities of any sort think when they step outside even on a balcony and they don't think they are going to be photographed or taped, they are just naive. >>lis: if you are getting your
1:35 pm
mail, in a public street, i get it. maybe you want to have the pictures of you without makeup. i understand. >>neil: i never liked that when they do that to me at dunken doughnuts. you cannot hide the we doughnuts. >>lis: enough about you. >>neil: enough. back do me and how it affects me. >>lis: you should not be able to see the pictures high difficult and kate in their private place. >>neil: how does that differ from the days back republican when ronald reagan was president he would go to the ranch and he thought he was private and miles away, all the reporters had the bill lens, and this was the 80's and they could see him and nancy on the horses. fully clothed, by the way. but he was president of the united states. they could get images of him miles away >>lis: what has happened? >>neil: people are taking clothes off.
1:36 pm
>>lis: we have many more lawyers and now lawyers are bringing lawsuits against this. >>neil: they are bringing lawsuits but it doesn't mean they are getting money. >> jennifer aniston got money, same thing, out there on the balcony, she was topless, in a private situation and she settled for, i think, $500,000. now, maybe that is not a lot to her but it is a lot to the photographer, i can tell you that. >> it is unreasonable for the celebrities to feel they have more expectation of privacy. you go on the beach with no top, what do you expect? >>lis: a private beach. >> put your top on. >>lis: what is good for the celebrity is good for us. i can be in my backyard naked and someone will take a picture. >>neil: all right, then.
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>>neil: from asia to australia, apple knows how to wow a trail -- crowd, with fans sleeping on we concrete. bad economy? doesn't look that way. they paid $200 to get this gadget and barely blinked at price. could this stop the president's economic critics as the iphone
1:41 pm
goes, so do his prospects? >>guest: i wondered if the consumer confidence will help the president given the apple iphone sales but the apple iphone is more like a rock concert as one analyst said. people have relationships with their iphone, right if >>neil: really? >>guest: sort of like someone is not talking to me and i have to go to counseling. they love iphone but they hate verizon and their gas bill but they will shell out $200. i am not sure of consumer confidence. it could look great, but people like the expense of it, the cultural event. i would add j.p. morgan said the iphone could half half a percent on to the g.d.p. figure. the reality is, the iphone 5 --. >>neil: what does that say of
1:42 pm
our economy we depend on the g.d.p. going up on the back of a phone? >>guest: everyone calls on wall street. apple and asset class in and of it sell. apple was not on because this is a strong call to mod werize the index, but it is too strong of a company. getting to the politics of it, it is innovation. when you cross that inknow vision with a free enterprise society, it is totally against what you think. >> they made in china, though. >>neil: are people showing the wherewithal, and we are seeing a pickup in some, not all consumer confidence figures, and the value of real estate moving or stopping the poll, that is helping? >>guest: i think so.
1:43 pm
it touches on another debate, consumer confidence leaves the housing recovery or should we have the housing mentality to rescue housing and fix everything? i would say it is consumer confidence that helps the housing recovery. >>neil: what i am getting at, is this indicative of a more confident consumer or can apple sell anything in the mid-of a depression? >>guest: absolutely. it stands alone. i don't think it dictates how people feel about the broader economy because i cannot place it, it must have been on facebook it was hilarious picture of an apartment in shambles, a mess, but that person had the iphone so it didn't matter that they could not afford groceries or keeping the house together. >> apple creates other jobs. as for consumer confidence, i'm not so sure you can tag it to apple alone. >>neil: very good point.
1:44 pm
>> anyway, as long as protests don't quit, the president's don't quit, the president's foreign policy taking a hit. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>>neil: as the antiu.s. violence mounts the reason we do not hear much about this here? >> we can proudly say what you have her me say for six months, osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >>neil: biden has the highest rated speech of all the convention? the highest rated speech. and larry sabato on if the president lost bragging rights regardless of what biden was saying. in other words, if we got the
1:48 pm
veto newed violence and some say we have created a billion bin ladens, what do you make of that? >>guest: well, they have given the slogan a rest. i have not her it in a week that bin laden is dead and g.m. is alive. maybe it will be reviveed. to a certain degree, the fact that we are learning that bin laden sympathizers may have been involved in the terrible libyan incident, that does make it less likely that the obama campaign will put a lot of emphasizeing on the foreign policy. >>neil: unless there is a big boomerang in real wide-spread violence and it translates into oil going crazy, gas going crazy, i don't see it having a big impact. i could be naive. >>guest: well, i have watched since this started. the polls that have come out
1:49 pm
asking people what their concerns are, both open ended questions and a specific list of questions, international affairs actually has it moved up surprisingly. you would think an event like this it would cause people to put a little bit more pressure, a little bit more of their own interest into foreign affairs as a condition of the election but it hasn't. maybe that will change if this continues for days and weeks and the remaining couple of months of the campaign. but so far i have not seen any real reaction. part of that is that people are just tired of foreign involvements by the united states. they are tuckered out after afghanistan and iraq and they want to give that a rest. maybe that is unwise but that seems to be the public view. >>neil: thank you very much, professor, always good do have you. we are just getting this in,
1:50 pm
that ann romney's plane was making an emergency landing and has made it in denver. there were reports of smoke in the cabin. we do not know much more. the plane landed surrounded by fire trucks. we are told that all are okay. don't know were more than that. this just in, ann romney's plane making an emergency landing in denver. we will have more after this.
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but that doesn't mean we should be penalized for it. that's why liberty mutual insurance policies come standard with accident forgiveness, if you qualify. learn more at ♪ ♪ >> neil: my hat is off to the iman. no sooner had i gotten off the fine show this morning on fox business network i was getting e-mails left and right over comments i made with him this morning. namely, that this dust-up over what mitt romney said back in may or even what the president said back in 1998 won't make a lick of difference to voters this november. e-mails said you're wrong. i'm in the 47% that romney wrote off.
1:54 pm
trust me, i have written him off. carl in l.a. -- did you say we're overobsessing about the groups that romney picked off in the 47%? no, what i said is we're not obsessing over the fact that 47% aren't paying income taxes. something is wrong in a country when the tax base shrunk to half the people in this country. alarming trend. unless interested in whose nose is out of joint, more interested in fix this joint and this country. cal in new york city -- i think you're exactly right. we're focusing on nonsense that the media pushing it knows it. good for you. and r.e. -- cavuto and the cowboy make more snense seven minutes than the other yammering pundits have the last seven days. connor at yahoo -- cavuto, you say romney smart. why does he look so stupid? as i told don imus we'll know if he is stupid come aelection day. no need to rush egg on anyone's face right now. sam in l.a. --
1:55 pm
imus is right to doubt you. he knows clueless when he sees it. alex via yahoo -- i don't know who is worse, the cowboy on oxygen or the clueless anchor. neil in texas takes offense to imus' tone. i'm done with imus. it realize he has to placate the liberals but i don't have to hear it. i'm tired of everyone being fat. love your show. it wiem you on the fat thing. donna in atlantic city -- heard you on imus and i heard something unprecedented. a media guy telling another media guy how the rush to judgment is affecting all media guys. did i hear that right? did i hear you right? do you still have a job? because you were a pretty bipartisan barber. donna as of now i still have a job because i think i said nothing wrong. neither did don. don't believe me. hear for yourself. here now highlight of the exchange that prompted all the jabs good and bad. me and the iman, man to man, on the state of this race between the two men. we yammer, you decide.
1:56 pm
>> so i ask you off the air if you liked romney. do you? >> i do. personally i like him a lot. >> and it doesn't bother you that he's a dope, right? >> he's not a dope. >> okay. he's not a good campaigner is he? >> i think that remains to be seen. the election hasn't happened yet, has it? >> no, sir. >> do you think the leaked videos and the missteps that they each made will make a difference between people vote? >> no. >> you don't? >> i do not. i think in the end it always is the economy. i think that is what decides it. we can have extenuating circumstances, middle east explosion could have impact. almost every u.s. election is decided by the economy. how good people feel. how maybe not so good people feel. we're always willing to entertain switching horses mid-stream. when an incumbent is battling a tough economy.
1:57 pm
but we have to really see that other horse. in 1980 when the were similarly tight going in the debate with jimmy carter and ronald reagan, people still liked carter and prus rated with the economy but more than willing to entertain an alternative. i have a long came reagan that was an appealing alternative. >> how many people vote for the person who they like the best? >> i think it plays a part. i know there is a lot of -- >> how big a part? >> well, i do think it helped george bush. many polls were done on the debates between he and al gore, and then later on between he and john kerry. i think most people said who won the debates? a lot of them said; particularly, in 2004, well john kerry. who do you like more? who did you relate to more? george bush. i'm not saying that that is also the case, but it does
1:58 pm
help if people feel you are more approachable or likable. and i think in 1960 from the television critics later who said that richard nixson was sweating and detached and john kennedy looked relaxed and smooth. these things op some level do connect for people. >> you know what you ought to do at fox? >> what is that? >> interesting experiment, because my wife mentioned to this to me. you know her. >> yes, i do. >> she wants to have sex with you, by the way. >> who doesn't? >> i don't. >> i don't know if she wants to have sex with you, but she likes you. >> i have image of oxygen tank. >> if it makes you feel like a bigger person, which you -- okay. >> i could lose weight. you will always be evil. >> thank you very much. >> this is it. >> you were on for 12 minutes. >> part of my life never getting back. >> nor is the audience.
1:59 pm
>> okay. >> i got to say. great show. i did want to pass along an underdate. those of you who are tuning in, plane makes emergency landing in denver. en route to los angeles. but smoke filled the cabin and had to make an emergency lan landing. we are told all are okay. the campaign press secretary tweeting ann romney plane makes emergency landing in colorado. all okay. thank goodness. another tweet coming from the campaign brian williams who described the plane filled with smoke. emergency vehicles immediately met the plane on the runway. but again, all are apparently fine. of course, this comes only hours after you might recall romney had been saying on a radio show this morning that bickering back and foth among republicans, second guessing the campaign's every move was a bit much. and it should stop. you should enter the arena and try the race out for itself. paraphrasing here, view


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