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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 24, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the reason? remember how germany was leading all of europe and they were the only stable economy over there? now there is a new report from germany that their economy could be headed town a new recession. there you go. we are down a little bit. they are not listening too much. see you tonight at 7:00 eastern for the fox report. >>neil: boo-boo, part two. >> when it comes to our national security decisions, any pressure that i feel is simply to do what is right for the american people i am going to block out any noise that is out there. now, i feel an obligation to make sure that we are in close consultation with the israelis on these issues because it affects them deeply. they are one of our closest allies in the region and we have an iranian regime that has said
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horrible things that directly threaten israel's existence. >>neil: did you catch that? forget about what the iranian regime is saying about israel, did you catch the line from the president, what he saying, about israel? >> they one of our closest allies in the region. >>neil: one of our closest allies in the region? look at this region. no wonder israelis are looking out for themselves increasingly. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. the romney campaign is quick to seize on those remarks questioning when, exactly, israel went from "the closest ally" to now one of the closest. by the way, not just the romney folks but a democratic assembly man says this refusing to meet with binyamin netanyahu saying we will look like a sleight in the security resolution by comparison. one of our closest.
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>>guest: it is incomprehensible the remark about noise. israel is a country that is being threatened in its very existence. iran says we going to wipe israel off the map. this is not about some economic issue with regard to israel. this is the very survival of the people of israel. we, the jewish people, we have a little experience with those who threaten to annihilate us. the last person who threatened, murdered six million of our brothers and sisters and my mother was in auschwitz and her mother went straight to the gas chambers in 1944. when you have a country that says we will annihilate the ill legitimate statement you have to take it seriously. >>neil: i was thinking saudi arabia is a friend.
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who else? >>guest: other friends? morsi from the muslim brotherhood, is that who he is talking about? talking about yemen? who is he talking about. he has no time to meet with the president of israel but he has time to do everything else. it seems the prime minister binyamin netanyahu is not as enticing as whoopi or the other people that the president enjoys meeting with. this is very hurtful. as a democrat, this president is failing america. he is failing our friends. i'm saying to my fellow americans, democrats, republicans, please wake up. this is serious business. >>neil: maybe you should stick to fellow jewish voters because by a margin of seven out of ten they invariably back democrats. they invariably back this president. why? >>guest: we hope that is going to change in this election. it is not about a majority of
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jews supporting a republican. we need the 32 percent or 35 percent that ronald reagan got back in 1980. i'm very optimistic and i intend, personally, to travel to florida and other places to do whatever i can. i don't work for anyone. i'm an american. >>neil: i understand. why doesn't that needle judge? >>guest: i believe it is going to. i am wondering why the president is running a little bit ahead romney in the polls, it doesn't make sense. that is why i appear to be saying to the american people, wake up. i can only imagine what the president is saying to the first lady in the white house. boy, am i going to get prime minister binyamin netanyahu if i get re-elected. that is what is going to happen. >>neil: the israelis will have hell to pay? >>guest: no question. the people of israel are very
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concerned about president obama getting re-elected. president obama is an ideologue with a view that is extreme left. we go back to the speech he made at cairo university in 2009. he was going to change everything. he was going to endure himself to the muslim world. what does that mean? he was going to push israel away with one hand and bring everyone closer. >>neil: quickly, then, what is your take? if making overtures to muslims does not work, versus the bush policy of just saying you are a piece of work and i will not make the overtures and they still rise up. legislation is no question in my mind that the jewish vote this time will be dramatically different from what it was four years ago where the president got 78 percent of the vote. that will not happen again. >>neil: your prediction is what? >>guest: 32 percent for the
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republican. >>neil: it will drop ten points? >>guest: absolutely. >>neil: in time for netanyahu but the president is making plenty of time for barbara, he and first lady will tape an interview with the ladies from "the view" in less than five minutes. the media will not cry foul but you do hear this. >> the horrible damage control headlines of the romney campaign finally got interrupted on network television today by something else from mitt romney that was not about his campaign collapsing and why. instead, it was about this. >> this is the most serious question of all: honey, boo-boo, or snooki? i am kind of a snooki fan. >> look how tiny she is. she lost weight. energetic. just her spark plug personality is fund. >> awesome how tiny she is.
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>> they came as the president paid tribute to the slain diplomats as their bodies arrived. despite the campaign, syria's posture, romney and his wife, too, time to make lighthearted comments to day time talk show host slated to air next week. when asked what he wears to bed he disclosed "as little as possible." >>neil: so the president is on talk show, that is fine, mitt romney on pretty much any entertainment show, not fine. monica crowley wonders what the (bleep) just happened and she is not talking about the name of her latest best several. that is a clear double standard. >>guest: course. it is no surprise it has been going on since president obama came on the national scene. now, in particular, it looks like he could be vulnerable for re-election, the mainstream media is in full obama protection mode and will do what they can. the clips you just played are incredible, pounding mitt romney for doing, one, count it, one,
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one light entertain 49 show where he showed kind of a fun side to himself. the sitting president of the united states, when the middle east is in flame and iran is close to a nuclear weapon and the chinese are going to town versus the japanese and the russians are going wild, the sitting commander in chief has found time for letterman, pimped with a radio show, going all over the show, doing entertainment tonight and talking to "people" magazine and that slides. governor romney can go on a daytime talk show and he is not the sitting president, yet, but the amount of hypocrisy we have seen over the last couple of weeks but certainly over the last couple of decades from the mainstream media has been disgraceful and shameful. >>neil: i have know problem with the president appearing on these, or mitt romney but if you go after one go after the other and if you say it is a mockery to go on either, go after both but this is a double standard that is glaring. it got to the point where the
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big problem was that mitt romney had nixed an appearance on "saturday night like," from the meeting that said these type of venues problem us of a chance to talk to the president ourselves. you cannot make this stuff up. >>guest: no matter what governor romney does, he cannot make the correct choice. if he does not go on the shows he is a stiff or afraid of doing it or a big square. we cannot have a beer with him, he is not likable. if he does go on the shows he is ripped to pieces for talking about snooki when, again, the difference is governor romney is still the candidate. he is not the commander and chief for president yet. we have a little while to go on that we actually do have a president who is responsible for america, for our national security, for our ambassadors and our embassies around the world. the world is aflame as a direct result of this man's policies yet no questions are being asked of him. >>neil: if you going to criticize mitt romney for
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politicizing the events in the middle east, you should catch the president on criticizing him for politicizeing comments on air force one but then it comes to a simple ed sitting the "60 minute interview," with the president left out a last things. that happened in the interviews. they are left on the cutting room floor. this was left on the floor and i wonder why. comment on it. >> do we see sometimes us going over board in our campaign with mistakes that are made or areas where there is no doubt that someone could dispute how we are presenting things? that happens in politics. >>neil: so we can exaggerate in our ad, that happens in politics. never made light air. >>guest: if governor romney said something like this you could imagine that would be the screaming headline above the
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fold in the "new york times" and the "washington post" and everything else. president obama was essentially saying, our campaign lies, yes. he didn't use those words but that is what he was saying, saying we are making things up and this is politics. no, you are the sitting president, you have a greater responsibility here. but the media does not show that. president obama rarely, if ever, admits a mistake. last week he said his biggest mistake was not doing immigration reform. he never does this. for him to do this on univision, that is news but "60 minutes" does not ron -- run it. incredible. >>neil: this guy pulls it off. get ready to pay off. the president has promised it. who knew republicans could be on board with it?
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>>neil: if, if, if the president ends up winning does the g.o.p. cave? a congressman is catching heat for saying if the president wins re-election taxes are going up and there is not a lot that can be done. the oklahoma republican joins me. you are aware of the reaction you got that the g.o.p. would fold like a cheap suit. is that what you meant? >>guest: absolutely not. the reality is, all the bush tax cuts run out at the end of 2010. the best way to extend them is to elect mitt romney as the next president of the united states. absent that, the president is in the cat bird seat and decides which can be extended or not. do i think our people agree to that? no. at the end of day, all of them will expire unless mitt romney is president of the united states. if president obama is president of the united states, i take him at his word and he will let taxes go up at some level.
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>>neil: even if republicans do not gain control of the senate but they still have hold of the house, don't you think even the possible outcome you mentioned, the president winning re-election, again, the senate remaining in democratic hands, control of the house of representatives would stop that? >>guest: no, they all end automatically. >>neil: i know. you are saying that at least for the rip they would? >>guest: actually, all the bush tax cuts end december 31. this happened in 2010. it is nothing new. we struck a bargain with the president of the united states in exchange for allowing the tax cuts to continue. >>neil: you think it would be harder to strike a bargain now? >>guest: absolutely. he told us he would not accept the bargain. we should try. my preferred position would be to do something like bill clinton suggested which was to extend the current tax cuts for
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a year and bring rates down and offsetting the lowering of rates by the elimination of deductions and credits. >>neil: others read into your remarks you are looking at the lay of the land and if the president is re-elected he was famous for saying, elections have consequences, the consequences of that is the president getting his way and republicans not. is it that simple? >>guest: i am a realist. if he is re-elected he told us he would allow taxes to rise. i take him at his word. the best way to avoid that is to make sure he is not re-elected and elect mitt romney. don't think that the republican house of representatives by itself is some sort of firewall that can prevent this. the president of the united states has to agree to the extension. we get a new president we know we will get that kind of agreement. >>neil: you saying that president, if he were re-elected even with the house of representatives as commanded by republicans, it would be hard to
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get even the rate increase for the rich rescinded, right? >>guest: it will be hard. we were able to do it two years ago but we did that by giving the president a payroll tax holiday and an extension of unemployment benefits. he has told us he is not willing to make any sort of deal again. if he is re-elected, taxes are likely to go up unless he has a change of heart. the better course is to elect mitt romney and they will not go up. we can negotiate a fairer tax code that will lower rates and offset that by paying for, or eliminating deductions of credits. >>neil: congressman, thank you for stopping by. to say the polls are lopsided is charitable. to say the media ignoreed one showing mitt romney leading the president by seven points, that is sinful. picking up some, brochures, posters
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>>neil: here is something you are not hearing a lot about, governor romney gives more of his income to charity than the president, 49 percent to $22 percent $172,000 to $4 million. the mainstream media is focusing on the 14 percent tax rate which is not a big surprise to my next guest. it is what it is. the media usually picks and chooses and they did not choose to think this was important. what do you make of that? >>guest: there is a narrative. you know how this works. you indicated right there that the media which is mostly comprised liberal democrats, that is a fact, they decided that mitt romney is a selfish greedy potentially criminal
1:23 pm
person, who really doesn't care about nearly half of country and certainly is not particularly compassionate or generous or likable. when we actually get information about what mitt romney does, not just the talk that he talks but the walk he has walked for his entire life and it tell as different story, suddenly we just don't hear too much about it. >>neil: it goes back to another story when it comes to basic money issues. i say this as the resident nerd of fox. you talk about tax rates and paying capital gains and tax on dividends it is money that is being taxed again. you pay for it again. again, it falls on deaf ears, that the governor is paying this money all over again. it does feed the narrative that he is just a rich, selfish
1:24 pm
mogul. releasing a return or two or three or four or even 10 years, would it change that narrative? >>guest: well, it hasn't yet. he released a notarized summary of two decades' worth of his taxes that was put together by the analysts at a very well respected firm, price water house, and they said on average, the romneys paid 20 percent effective rate and they owed and paid taxes every year blowing up the lie, the rumor, that harry reid's imaginary friend told him. remember, he repeated that on the senate floor a few months ago? this blows up a bunch of obama ads that said mitt romney pays lower tax rates than you do. the tax rate he has been paying is almost double that. >> but i am understand so much indo what he is paying but we as a country are paying in taxes and what we get for our money
1:25 pm
but that debate is forgotten in this other stuff. >>guest: well, yes, just to go back to the charitable giving he gave 30 percent to charity. now the new complaint, from the left, look, mitt romney overpaid his taxes because he didn't take all the charity deductions he could. he cannot win. they say he pays too much in tax tax and gives too much to charity, that is the new knock? it is other worldly. >> it is, indeed. >>neil: he cannot win. thank you very much. the obama campaign is hoping this tax stuff will stick and is launching a new ad in the balancing downtown state of -- in the battleground state in ohio. >> mitt romney keeps millions in bermuda and came -- kay --
1:26 pm
caymun islands. >>guest: it is keeping with the obama campaign of there is no bottom we can find that we will not go to, to hit him. there is no belt for romney. we just had the discussion about romney's taxes. >>neil: is that the issue? >>guest: the idea that he is a rich guy and cares about that, he has done a lot to allow that to happen. not answering bain attacks. that image is in place. it is the image he has to counter. that he cares about ordinary people. all of this is being done to distract people from the news about the economy, keeping it off the economy, the democrats and the obama campaign want to keep the initiative. most of all this week, to keep it away from the issue that the mainstream press has decided to
1:27 pm
join the campaign on in the middle east. we have three campaigns on the field, obama, the romney, and the mainstream media campaign which is designed to promote obama as they are doing with the polls and any poll that shows its hand is trumped and whatever polls don't are not. what is more scary, for the last nine days they have decided to tell the american people who they may vote for and who they may not but to tell the american people what truth they may know and what truth they are not allows to know. no president, whether bill clinton, jimmy carter, ron, george h.w. bush, could have gotten away with what he has gotten away with saying about the film, ignoring there was not enough secure. we have full security details, secret service, the ambassador stevens writing he did not have
1:28 pm
enough security. they do not admit anything. it is all about obfuscation. it was not a terrorist attack. on the airplane charge any said of court it was a terrorist act. any other president would have been held to the fire. if any other president left, and you showed the thing about romney and the tv, what they are saying, let me tell you this, when the president finished the bodies coming back, he got on a plane while it was still smoking and flew to a fundraiser. kind of like george bush's katrina myover. any other budget would have been crucified. >>neil: we have talked about this, if you are going to rip mitt romney, that is fair, but you have to do the same to the guy challenging him. what i am asking you, the role of a challenger and the role of the incumbent trying to dismiss the challenger is to create and plant seeds of doubt. >>guest: that is right.
1:29 pm
>>neil: is it working on that level? >>guest: they have done that and they have sustained that and they continue. romney, as i have said, has not done enough to both stab himself or to grab the theirive that he should have the urgency. i am saying he is in another uphill battle and i am thinking that has to be an issue. >>neil: what is an issue? >>guest: the entire handling of the middle east, the media's refusal -- the media is not trying to stop romney. if i romney i would say they are not stopping me but trying to stop you from taking your country back. they have decided they run the country. i will tell you what they have not told you. last week you had on the show, 20 embassies under attack on the same day. no one in america saw it on the evening news. i would put it up and say, why aren't you told this? the rope is you would be furious. i think the economy and the area of national security polls shows it matters. if i were romney i would be on
1:30 pm
the offensive and i would be on it hard. >>neil: thank you very much, patrick. >> now we know the libyan horror scene was a terrorist attack. it took more than a week for the administration to say that, and makes a retired army colonel wonder what else the administration is not saying and what we should fear. a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ that's my world. hey america, even though slisa rinna is wearing the new depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is
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>>neil: the white house now speaking with one voice on the uprising that killed our ambassador and three others. it was a terrorist attack and it was landed but it took a week to say that. and now a retired colonel on what else they may not be telling us and a web of anti-americanism that shows u.s. allies getting money from us. the colonel saw firsthand how an administration delayed crucial details on the change of events that led to american soldiers on a humanitarian mission getting killed in mogadishu, one dragged through the streets, as well. the incident was the basis of a best-selling book and a popular movie "blackhawk down." colonel, welcome to you. you see parallels here? >> the part that really bothers me, of course, is that we have had four people killed there. first thing is the reaction to
1:35 pm
that has been pretty subdued. that sort of bothers me. i see a lot of correlation. i see the fact that i don't think the embassy was properly protected. i believe in the past we would have had embassies that were much more capable of defending themselves and keeping those deaths from happening, in my opinion. it was a terrorist attack when you come prepared with rpg's you are not coming to just protest. >>neil: we saw the case with mogadishu good intentions gone bad. we talked today with our overtures to the middle east, particularly those in libya and elsewhere, betting on the moderates and that the good intentions and the good money behind it will pay off. we saw the same in mogadishu but it did not turn out that way. similar lessons now? >>guest: well, similar for sure in that it did not pay off over there and it would be tougher to achieve in mogadishu than it would have been in
1:36 pm
egypt, libya, et cetera. i will tell you that if this is the kind of reaction we get from the people just because they don't agree with a movie or whatever the reason was, they were looking for a reason, i think, personally, but if we are putting money to them and they burn down our embassy and kill our people, they do not deserve that money. >>neil: colonel, it affected 20 middle east capitals and beyond. this more than just an isolated libyan event and more than a cairo uprising. something is going on that seems to be bigger than either the administration is saying or admitting. what do you think? >> the fact that struck me from the beginning, neil, when the muslim brotherhood now has the president in egypt, the parliament is over 50 percent from the muslim brotherhood, when the uprisings are the
1:37 pm
overthrows of the government started, do people think the rebels were sitting around the fireplace one night roasting marshmellows and saying let's overthrow the government tomorrow? it was orchestrated by somebody, muslim brotherhood, iran, whoever. someone orchestrated that. the overthrows were not jut a reaction by a few rebels. they were a terrorist action from the start. they still are today. >>neil: from the administration point of view if they are indeed covering up details they know quite well it could be doing so astronaut to create an alarming situation or to make it more alarming or more heated or more of a tinderbox than it is. you have reminded me in prior visits that can be self defeating. what are your thoughts on that? >>guest: well, we have america
1:38 pm
and the other countries and trying to do the right thing with our embassies there and the people supposed to be working with the people. when the embassies can not be protected and our reaction to it, when four people were killed, well, let's not overreact and think it was terrorist-type action. that tells me we don't have the right policy in place if we are going to defend our country. our country is every embassy across the world belongs to to . the sons our sovereign ground. why are we not protecting it like on our home front? >>neil: you heard the argument when that policy is criticized or our position in the middle east, it is unpatriotic. what do you think? >>guest: it is very unpatriotic, i agree. i am not sure we have a foreign
1:39 pm
policy. i feel that our foreign policy, under the current administration, is zero to nothing. we have not accomplished anything by supporting the governments that needed to be overthrown whether it be egypt, libya, or any of the others. we have not increased our position at all. all we do is keep saying we are sorry, we are sorry, we didn't mean for them to see the bad movie. forgive us. stand up and remember we are the united states of america and act like it. >>neil: when romney is criticized for saying what you have said, is that fair? >>guest: no. if he doesn't say it that means he for some reason believes the policy is okay. he does not believe it is okay and no one believes it is okay. it is wrong do it is back and be so easy to let this happen and not react to it.
1:40 pm
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>>neil: here we grow again. government regulations meant to protect us consumers now smacking up, all consumers, right in the wallet. in this case, the checkbook. a report showing more banks are ditching free checking accounts to help pay for costly financial reforms. that has our charles payne all charged up. >>reporter: i hate when they say unintended consequences. we know this will happen. >>neil: you predicted it. >>guest: anyone could have predicted this. >>neil: i didn't. >>guest: here is the thing. i find it interesting that the
1:44 pm
people, the same people who believe in the big bang theory and evolution do not understand markets evolving. when you tamper with the free markets they involve this. the government idea of taking over health care and in this case, we will punish and pull in the banks, the evil banks and do it in a way that positively is constructive, is killing individuals, let me throw a couple of big numbers at you. $5.48 is the check maintenance fee, up 25 percent, a record high. $4.30 out-of-network a.t.m. fees. how do you like that? and $31.26 for non-sufficient. do you have $250,000 in your checking account that bears interest? you will make $1125. think of that, the absurdity of all of this. >>neil: you are upset.
1:45 pm
well, you did not have to be able to predict that if you demand coverage for pre-existing conditions and those with bad illnesses and the like and get an included coverage for millions not included before the premiums will go up, you said that, i said that, so this is just another consequence of washington taking over, right? >>guest: it is washington taking over, washington trying to control giant areas of the economy thinking semi- can engineer it to a place where it cannot be. last week, bank of america announced they were laying off 16,000 people, and they have the small of the amount of workers since 2006 before tarp and the secret fed bailout and before they paid back the loan and the bailouts they will cut back branches and cut back mortgage activity. just not last three years bang of america, the dot mess tikrits went from $756 billion now down
1:46 pm
to $500 billion, 200 billion sucked out. how is this helping america? they say the bailouts worked, i ask how? not with main street still hurting. there are less people working at the banks than before. how did this work? in the meantime it is costing us more money. a lot of lost opportunity. small businesses buying at home, a lost lost opportunities. >>neil: i will put you down as a "maybe" on the whole financial reform. >>guest: still thinking about it. >>neil: charles payne is the best and the smartest. the president talking about "bumps in the road." did he create a big one for himself over here?
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>>neil: would you characterize this as this? i was certain and continued to be pretty certain there will be bumped in the road. >> bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. we had a muslim brotherhood member elected to the presidency of egypt. these are developments we do not want did see. >>neil: how is the white house responding to all of this, ed? >>guest: they are jumping on it and carney was saying it is outrageous because the president was not minimizing the lives of the four americans tragically killed and the point of carney was in fairness, it is true, you look at the entire quote on "60 minutes" the president was talking about arab spring, and talking about the recent evens, in doubt, and the tragic murders and talking about, way back when in 2011 when the arab spring first came around he said this would be messy and take time.
1:51 pm
that was the broad scope of his answer. the fact of the matter is in the heat of the political campaign we see this both sides take a piece of something and blow it up into something else. that is exactly why the president has an extremely light schedule here and why i am in new york covering him at the u.n. with no one-on-one meeting with worm leaders. why? if you sit down with the pakistani president and get a hard question from the press or get the pack establish president pressing you or the libyan president who is in town talking about the investigation and what went down in benghazi which thing a has given different versions of what happen, that's sort of leading to unforced errors that a president who has a lead right now, he has not locked this up, he has a lead, he does not want to take chances. >>neil: are they privately concerned that the middle seat blowing up and it is bigger than what happened in beach -- benghazi? >>reporter: from my reporting
1:52 pm
they are concerned. they should be. just look at the tv screen, they are getting intelligence more serious than what we seeing about the situation on the ground. >>imus: is that why he held back about the chain events and it is more deeply than we know? >>guest: i don't really know why they kept shifting the answers. if you go back to 9/11, the day after the anniversary, the president himself in the rose garden used the word terror so, why a change? he referred to that. why, then, did carney and the ambassador spend a few days doing the contortions whether it was a terror attack or not. >>neil: it makes it look like taking out osama bin laden and your big it chit being that, that the war on terror is raging on? >>guest: i was at a campaign
1:53 pm
rally in milwaukee with the president and he was talking about the seriousness in libya and the middle east and before that he said, 30 seconds earlier, we are winning the war on terror, and said al qaeda is on the road to defeat. six weeks ago, that was true. today? we just don't know. if al qaeda, and i stress if, if, if, based on kathryn and gregg jarrett, that al qaeda was tied to this, it is a terror attack on u.s. soil, the consulate in benghazi, that is u.s. soil, four americans tragically murdered just weeks before the election. this is a serious issue. to bring it back to what you said, are they nervous? you bet. a trump card the president has in the debates when they talk about national security, took out osama bin laden as you said. he wants to say, case closed. that's it. now, it turned out maybe there is more. that was a big victory. it does not mean the end of the
1:54 pm
war. >>neil: when mitt romney obviously got his oats to say i will still talk about the middle east and note hold back like i did a couple weeks ago, what are they more to the point saying? >>reporter: they are concerned that if this continues to churn over the next few weeks people will talk about trouble with the economy, and wonder if we are on the wrong traffic with national security. but mitt romney jumped in and the white house also believes in private and will say it publicly, mitt romney fumbled at going and they are not sure romney can take advantage of it. he has been shaky on national security. >>neil: thank you very much. a lot more on that, after this. . mhines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's puttg more than $8 billion dollars
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1:58 pm
apple stock pounded on the disappointing news today. billions of bucks made in a few days and it ain't cutting it from investors that expect more from apple all day. that is setting a high bar. can you imagine if the government was tholed the same standard? tonight on fox business network, i do. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, i am also going to ask this question: why don't we do that? why don't we demand more of washington that gets trillions from us than a company that gets billions from shareholders? why don't we say it's not good enough to beat low expectations? why don't we demand the same return from our tax dollars that apple shareholders demand they get from investment dollars? what is so different measuring the number of folks buying a gadget with the number of folks benefiting from a program? we should demand more bang from a lot more buck. our bucks. all of our bucks. it's in the corporate world we reward those who perform and
1:59 pm
punish those who disappoint, why are we giving more money to government richly rewarded whether it performs or disappoints? not fair, not right. tonight, not going to happen. tonight, i'm going to reset the bar myself, as a man that we as taxpayers reset the bar as well. no longer satisfying ourselves with economic numbers that are barely growing simply because they're no longer tumbling. it's time we demand taxpayers what investors demand of apple as shareholders. not just doing well. doing great. not just slowing the growth of government, reversing the very signs of government. not just whining about those who are getting their nose out of joint because romney remarx on the 47% of pay no income taxes but demanding how the heck we got to a minute to the country where 47% pay no income taxes. don't tell me america isn't apple. apple is america. the difference is we're all


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