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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 25, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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he went through five quarters at a movie theater, each valued at between $5 and $68 each. he spent more of the coins at a pizza restaurant. cops say one of them could be worth more than $18,000. i have no idea...neil cavuto probably does. he knows everything. >>neil: i don't know about this, forget the growing rage over the little dictator spewing his anti-american and antiisraeli hatred before his big speech tomorrow, focus on the big institution letting him. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. get ready for holy hell on the holiest of days. if t aoptics, bad optics. the leader who has the goal of
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the destruction of israel is speaking on the holy day. this is not an accident but iranian wanted it that way, and it is not an accident, rubbing salt in the wound. more troubling to u.n. watcher who says it is not so much the u.n. not moving the speech, maybe why the white house did not try or care. very good do have you, professor. what do you make of the timing? accidental? weird? deliberate? >>guest: this is a guy who has dedicated his time in office to antisemetism, to the destruction of the state of israel. he obviously is happy with the opportunity to speak on the holiest day of the jewish calendar. it suits him. the question is, why does it suit us? what are we doing abouting this to happen? >>neil: you argue because it is the united nations does not mean you let every kook in the country. >>guest: there is a headquarters agreement the we have an obligation to allow
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transit to and from the headquarters district as it is called on first avenue in new york city. there is also another part of the headquarters agreement. that says there shall not be, it will be prohibited, racial and religious discrimination, in the headquarters district. ahmadinejad is a racist in chief. that is what he does best. not only is everything that comes from his mouth a violation of the charter, he clearly has dedicated himself to the wiping off a u.n. member to its total destruction. he is in violation of the charter. we could have used the headquarter agreement to keep him out. >>neil: but the u.n., only in the united nations can the security council, some of the members are rotated, where iran could be a member and police itself. how does that happen? does the u.n. mock itself with
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this type of open policy? >>guest: we have had syria on the security council. we have had saudi arabia, china, cuba, iran on the u.n. commission on the status of women. the idea is absolutely the foxes are guarding the chicken coop. >>neil: what would you advocate? the u.n. should draw a line? we as a country who let the flights come in the country, should stop the planes from coming in to country? we allowed him in. >>guest: we denied 20 people in his group into the country and we left him, we gave him card blanche. >>neil: should we make a big deal and say we don't want him to speak. >>guest: we should.
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ahmadinejad is the single greatest threat to international peace and security today. that includes america, the charter of the united nations is dedicateed to promoting international peace and security and human rights. here is a guy who is genocidal, committed to genocide. it is not as if we don't know what he will say. each year he says the same thing, an antisemite, dedicated himself to nuclear weapons, to acquiring them, and to using them against the state israel. the fact that we tolerate this as part of our agreement with the united nations as if our hands are tied, nothing we can do about it is a scandal. >>neil: but he has friends in china and russia that do not fight the fight? >>guest: he has friends in russia and china, no doubt, that help him out of the security council but it is a lot more than that. he must have friends here. he has friends --. >>neil: where does he say?
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>>guest: the warwick but americans pay 25 percent of the bill. our dollars are paying for the body -- podium, the web cast, that is our dollars and cents. >>neil: thank you very much. incredible. president obama speaking out against the violence but unlike last year when he sat down with no fewer than 12 leaders to hammer out a variety important issues, this time he had in time for one-on-one talks but for this one. >> he had a few minutes in his schedule. ai told folks i'm just supposed to be eye candy if you are watching. >>neil: something says that my guest is not impressed with eye candy or with the president popping up on "the view," and not performing more urgent role. >>guest: we have a lot going on in the middle east that is not in our favor.
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it seems appropriate our president would have at least met with prime minister binyamin netanyahu to show everyone in the world that israel is our number one ally throughout that area and we are dedicated to supporting him. meet with president morsi from egypt and talk about what happened there. maybe meet with the president from libya. to not meet with anyone but the people on "the view" sends a emergency it is more about politics. >>neil: i don't know the history of these things during the election years, maybe the entertainment media is so big today. he figured, and who am i to know, if i meet with one i have to meet with 11 others and i'm not going to meet with any. maybe that was the rationale. what do you think? >>guest: i think he was afraid to meet with any of them. he would be afraid of meeting with prime minister binyamin netanyahu because this would be a report they didn't get along. that impacts with jewish voters.
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he would meet with morsi and maybe not be able to be as hard as he would like and that impacts other people watching our relationship with egypt. any meeting he would have with anyone there could have been some risk something negative would come out so rather than meeting with anyone at all, go on "the view" and hope we can garner more votes. >>neil: i will get into the political questions with ed henry, but i want to raise where the political risk would be going ahead and meeting with netanyahu and going ahead and telling the new president of egypt, where do you get off lecturing us about how we have not done enough for you? or that we have funded evil governments before you. there is if risk to him in doing that. is there? >>guest: given the pat history of him meeting with netanyahu, there would be some risk he would be afraid something would show the two of them do not get along.
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the message that comes from not meeting, really, this administration is not as behind israel as they would like everyone to believe. more specifically, the jewish voters. i am astounded how many jewish voters are still voting to him. meeting with president morsi, why think our president is ready to stand tall when it comes to other world leaders. we have to stand there, put our finger in morsi's chest and say as long as we are giving you a lot of money we get to lay down and of the rules. the president was afraid to do either one of those, i think. >>neil: he had to make a decision, and barbara walters and ahmadinejad, barbara walters and ahmadinejad. who knows in. >> now to ed henry on how the white house is responding to the criticism, you are missing a golden opportunity. what were you thinking? >>reporter: he doesn't want to make a mistake. it is close to an election. why do the meetings that could pop up the questions on foreign
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policy when he thought the election would be about economy. look what is going on iran in recent days. they are advancing their nuclear program. they have just test fired four missiles that could target war ships. they also have, today, tried to sort of flex their military muscle. iran has claimed they have a drone that can any for 24 hours and reach 1,100 miles. that means it could reach israel. it can reach various military bases that are scattered throughout the middle east. what happened today was fascinating. a mile and a half of each other here in new york city, the president of the united states is at u.n. laying out his vision. mitt romney, the republican nominee was lay out his vision, they could not be more different in terms of what their vision is, in terms how to deal with this.
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the president made clear not just iran but to broaden it out with what happened in libya, he made clear, i can't dictate what is happening on the ground. >>neil: why appear on "the view" to make it look worse that you are detached. >>reporter: he is trying to project an image of, what, me worry? i'm calm and cool. >>neil: four years ago any presidential election, george bush in his election effort in 2004, we were knee-deep in iraq and the war was raging, he was meeting with foreign dick -- dignitaries left and right. >>guest: he was trying to project a united front around the world. i will figure this out. i'm tough on national security. >>neil: but last year, president obama was meeting with a host of people. the year before, a healthy host
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of people. >>guest: they are not saying it is driven by politics. we are a few weeks from re-election. he is trying to show an image of confidence. in addition to "the view," a camera heard the president talking to a security guard that he must have recognized from a previous u.n. speech saying "still rooting for the jets." he is talking about the u.n. talking about football. we will talk about the green bay and what happened last night. >>neil: maybe he can get on the ref thing. >>reporter: he is taking, look, i don't have a care in the world. cruising to re-election. >>neil: you are here. even with all the traffic with the u.n. thing. things have subsideed. i am keeping a close eye on you. this could be a fake rally. thank you, ed.
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syou know, i've helped a lot off people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound)
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what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> we will lower your premiums by $2,500 per family, per year. we will do it by the end of my first term at president of the united states of american. >> well work with you to lower your premiums by $2,500 per family per year. we will not wait 20 years from now to do it. or 10 years from now to do it the we will do it by the end of my first term at president. >>neil: anyway, nice promise. but if reality, the premiums are
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more pricey, try close to $2,400 more, that is how much the average premium has soared under this president. don't say i didn't warn you. we actually read the bill here. we are kind of nerdy. we are not einstein or perry mason but we can understand enough to know that premiums would go up, that companies would prepare in advance of taking on all the extra insureed and hike their fees and we realized that big and small state, local institutions, too, would have to do the same. >> enough about me. back to someone who fully agrees who is saying the same thing back then, steve moore. you did not have to be nostradamus to know this, if you pick up all this coverage and the money to kick in from
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younger folks who have the coverage, that will not come in, until after this, the premiums will go up and go up a lot. >>guest: that is right. this is the least shocking news of the week that the health care premiums are up. >>neil: go ahead. >>guest: here is why it didn't work and a lot of benefits have not kicked in yet. the costs are going to go up even higher. look, obamacare is based on trying to repeal the law of economics. if you increase the demand for something by putting more people in the health insurance system but do not increase the supply, you do not have to be a generalious to understand the cost of these things go up. it is interesting, by the way, that the two areas of the economy, the two sectors of the economy we do not allow competition, we did not allow the systems to work is an education in health care. those are the two industries where the inflation rate keeps riding and rising and put as
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pigeon american family budgets. >>neil: kicking in the money coming in part, trying to give the administration, say in 2016, when everyone has to start paying and now we are told six million will pay the penalty because it could be that severe or that many could be out of work or they did not calculate right. however, they pay the penalty or they are picking up the insurance. >>guest: this is going do make it worse. we get a spiral in the insurance market where healthy people will move in to the government sponsored system and we will have all the unhealthy people with high health care costs in the insurance pool. the insurance costs will go up. you kow where this leads, the end game is i believe in five, six, seven or eight years
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everyone will say the greedy insurance companies can caught in keep the costs move to a single-payer system. i always have believed from the start that was the end game. >>neil: you can see it. if people end up having to pay the penalty, you force that issue. >>guest: by the way, you talk to a lost employers, i do, you do, they are saying they are doing the math. they are saying it is cheaper to get rid of my health care plan i have had for 15 or 20 years and put the people into the public option plan. it is so greenhouse traiting. that is going to lead what the me membership said they don't want which is a government-controlled and government-run system. this is in other way to control the costs when you get into that dust spiral. >>neil: if you expect the government to pick up the tab for everything and you are not going to be charged an extra "anything" you clueless. >>guest: the old bumper
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sticker, you think health care is expensive now, wait until the government gives it to you if free. >>neil: i have not seen that. thank you, steve moore. who is throwing granny off the cliff now? this proves the president is, according to grover norquist and romney team needs to be getting out ryan to say this. he will be my guest tonight. the media rips him but does it just skip him?
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>>neil: before the president's speech on the middle east mess, there was this. i was certain and continue to be certain that there will be bumps in the road.
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>>neil: we heard the bumps in the road. did the rest of the media? looking at "washington post" front pages, it did not seem that way. my guest says that is because when it cops to this president, there is in such thing as a gaffe. where you are on the right or the left, i urge you to read and follow john because he has a way of stepping back. i'm not blowing out smoke. john, there is a double standard. i have always said it. i don't care if you are on the right or left. you have to wonder about a comment like that going by. if a republican had said it, it would have gotten a bit more scrutiny. >>guest: well, the president of the united states, in the aftermath of one of his arches being murdered and potentially dragged through the streets of benghazi, referring to the aftermath of difficulties in the wake of the arab spring as "bumps in the road" is guilty of
1:25 pm
a gross insensitivity to the meaning of this event. had it been spoken, say, by george w. bush in 2004, the question you have to ask color self, with "sixty minutes", they knew about it, would that is led to the newscast or led to the today show and the morning and be on the front page? six front pages, main political stories on monday, not one of them dealt with the "60 minutes" interview. my view is we are at a point where gaffes which used to be relatively bipartisan in nature. after all, john kerry, a democrat, said i voted for the $87 million before i voted against it. jimmy carter said, amy, i asked my dart about nuclear weapons. the republican gaffes, they were bipartisan. obama makes them all the time. you don't know about them because this mad media onabsolute does not -- onslaught
1:26 pm
does not take place. >>neil: but those who are surgely liberal, we hear the president last week criticize mitt romney for "politicizing the events" in the middle east but he says this on air force one on the way to las vegas. the media could mention that. >>guest: when a gaffe happens there is a swarm that hits it. there is an effect. it is everywhere. commentators talk about it. news steps written about the controversy, commentators talk about the news story. on and on. we saw that. >>neil: it happened with dukakis in 1988. many people argue it cost him in the debate, if not the election. passion could come up if president obama he is too cool for school and the comment about "bumps in the road" illustrates
1:27 pm
that. >>guest: we have a circumstance while you would think that controversy in the presidential campaign would be something that reporters and news analysts would want to jump on, they tend to want to jump on it only this one direction. the controversy is by one person, and one person only. >>neil: to what end in if you are a reporter who likes to stick it to everyone. >>guest: they don't like to stick it to everyone. >>neil: that is now how it used to be. they went after mike dukakis. they were no friends of george bush. it was a gelden moment. i don't know if they do that in the upcoming debates. which brings back how the media will cover the debates. >>guest: that is a very interesting question. if it is not a knock out blow, if romney does not deliver a total knock out blow, the debate will largely be either ruled a draw or a victory for the
1:28 pm
president. everyone says romney has a low bar now because he is behind, blah, blah, blah, and obama is so much more popular. in terms of the media coverage, by the elite, his bar is high, not low. it will be ruled that because he is so, supposedly, so far hype, if he doesn't when by five lengths he will have done himself no good. the question is what the public will draw its own conclusion. we do not know until we see the fallout after the debate. >>neil: the view that the nation is fairly even in the popular vote but in the swing states, the president is padding his lead, the media seems to focus on the latter rather than the former. >>guest: it is perfectly fine looking at the horse race to say the president is ahead. what is not fine is to say every
1:29 pm
word that comes out of mitt romney's mouth is a behalf and every word that comes out of the president's mouth is golden. that is what happens when the president says three or four dumb things in the "60 minutes" interview and he is not hammered . he said i bear responsibility for everything, unless i don't. >>neil: you cannot change that. i agree. if you are going after mitt romney that is fine. but go after even. i don't know what changed. at what point did it change? >>guest: it is very hard for the media elite to attack president obama. it has been hard for them since 2008. they served as a blocking tackle for him in the race against hillary clinton. they served as a blocking tackle in the race against john mccain. they are doing the same this year.
1:30 pm
anyone who says that is not true is, i think, either deluding themself or not being honest about the coverage being provided not only by news channels and pundits but by the reporters who are covering the president themselves. >>neil: that is a good point. some things are being left off the table. thank you very much. the theme four years ago today, john knows this, president obama huddling with both presidential candidates, john mccain, and obama. remember that, four years ago? imagine a bank bailout on the way. everyone pinned that bailout on president public. what if i told you the mastermind was a certain federal reserve bank president who became a treasury secretary. you know tim. meet the former need player who fingers tim. the low down on the meltdown after after this. now we need a little bit more...
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>>neil: i remember this like it was year. four years ago today, america's financial system was on the brink. presidential candidates john mccain and obama are called to the bush white house for an important meeting. the issue is bailing out the banks. was it president bush driving the bailout? few people had as much face time with the main players and both presidents during that ongoing financial crisis than my next guest, the former head of the federal deposit insurance
1:35 pm
corporation or the fdic holds nothing back in a revealing book that was i thought going to bore me to tears. "bull by the horns." i thought i would fall asleep reading this. i did not. it crackles with horrible stories about powerful people. i'm kidding. you don't do that at all. i did go pack and remember that and covering that, covering you at the time. i didn't realize all the behind the scenes stuff and the desperate stuff. i remember a lot money. you were the person in the room, i remember this then, you were just saying, hello? hello? hello? >>guest: there was a lot visceral reaction. we did not even, today, why think we did enough analysis to what we did, was it helpful? were there other things that
1:36 pm
could be better. >>neil: why was this a rush? >>guest: it the up. i go back to bear stearns, with the expectations that were created, and that happened early in 2008, there was not a crisis. there was never, i thought, a clear public explanation of why the government needed to intervene to assist a transaction, a sell of bears sterns to j.p. morgan. i didn't know why it was systematic. that set up expectations that enlarged and the market got confused and lehman brothers went into bankruptcy. >>neil: that was let go. >>guest: there was no playbook. >>neil: if we rescued them, too, would we have experienced the problems? >>guest: i would go back earlier and say lehman brothers could have been sold off if the leadership did not have expectation that the government
1:37 pm
would come in and rescue it as it had bear stearns because they felt bear stearnss was smaller and less important, how could they help them and not me? >>neil: that changed people's views. this is where geithner came in. in thening, the new york fed president, later on, the treasury secretary for obama. i did not realize there was so much worry about citigroup than, later, justifiably over bank of america and what it was taking on. explain that. >>guest: it was. we were not, we learned in doses, we knew citigroup was not in great shape but i don't think we had full appreciation of how sick it was until we got to the end of 2008. their counsel was they relied on uninsured deposits. >>neil: they locked worse than
1:38 pm
bank of america? >>guest: yes. they got into trouble later on, and if bfa had a problem it was merrill lynch. >>neil: and we bailed them all out? >>guest: yes. >>neil: you said what? >>guest: mayoral lynch was -- merle lynch was at fall. city was at fall. say the accounting rules on what they should be in how the institutions mark assets --. >>neil: but everything was tumbling down so the value was dropping by the minute. >>guest: that was exaggerated. both goldman and morgan standly, the commercial banks had higher capital ratios. the f dr. i contract fought a lonely battle. >>neil: you do not thing we should have rescue them? >>guest: we had to do something. what we should have do is for
1:39 pm
stalled them to clean up the balance sheets. we tried to launch troubled asset. that is what tarp started out as. >>neil: you warned people, but everything was rush, rush, rush, and you were annoyed about that. geithner wanted you to shut up, and you were, they tried to ignore you. you just raised holy hell. >>guest: i did. i am glad i did. people say, well, you were part of this. how can you complain now. i decided usually on i could throw up my hands and walk away and not play with them or come to the table and try to make it better. >>neil: can it happen again? >>guest: i do. my concern is all this talk now, the bailout made money. it is like it is rationalizing it. do it again. this is the most -- this should never have happened. it should never happen again. if people who are responsible for the physical system should be spending every waking moment
1:40 pm
making sure this never has to happen again. >>neil: you think it could happen again. >>guest: i am worried. >>neil: with the new financial laws, the argument is too wig to -- too-big-to-fail does not apply. i don't see the government letting that happen. >>guest: i do. >>neil: we would let them go? >>guest: if there is a will there is a way with dodd-frank and the fdic has the will, this is part of their culture. our process is a bankruptcy process. we have had for a long-term, since we have existed for insured bangs, we have had market discipline. >>neil: i don't agree. if we were, and here is what i have followed, i think in all seriousness if we have a big institution in trouble again we are not going do risk letting it go because everyone fears -- you are quite right to say, no, no, no, do not expect the taxpayers
1:41 pm
as the backup but we have done it time and again. i don't thing we should. but we will. >>guest: i don't think we should either. we did not do it with wamu or the smaller banks. they were subject to this market. dodd-frank has the tools. the question is whether the regulators use the tools? what dodd-frank requires which we did not have before, require all large financial institutions to submit living will plans, with the fdic and fed that shows how they can be broken up if they are trouble. >>neil: but it is a moot point if you are in the middle of a meltdown, the value is down. >>guest: if everyone is in trouble no one is responsible. there were outliers in the crisis that should have been restructured like city, and the others needed support, some of them. dodd-frank requires the institutions now to identify in advance what their credit
1:42 pm
exposures are so whoever needs to be identified to the regulators if i go down how many other institutions will take the losses. what other institutions if they go down impose losses to me? they are supposed to identify those and reduce them now. i am not sure that is happening. that is what should happen. >>neil: you tell people who is faith in our financial system right now, it could be misplaced? >>guest: i am saying they need to make this an important political issue. that is one of the reasons i wrote the book. they need to let members of both parties know that financial reform and stability is important as unemployment and the economy because they tied together. to they tune it owe, they are afraid the book will be boring. >>neil: it is not beforing. you clearly hate tim geithner. >>guest: i wasn't nasty but candid. we have fundamental disagreements. no doubt about that. >>neil: even now, fundamental disagreement. i hate him. i hate him.
1:43 pm
it is really a great book. it was riveting history to watch up close. she recounts it here. very timely lesson in this book. "bull by the horn i you have to read it. you do not want to report what became the source of all that. >> if your team loses because a replacement ref botched it, can you see? we are all over it. ..
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1:47 pm
a packers interception, see allege was awarded the victory. the nfl is sticking with that. but could fans trade in the gridiron for a gavel? we will ask the judge. this is one of many weird calls in so many weird games, and the out come was split by bad calls. >>judge napolitano: last night, which i did not see until i heard someone exploding about it. i listened to the explanation and i watched the tape a number of times. that could be the last straw. stated deftly, some people may actually try some class action litigation against the nfl. my advise is, don't do it. there is a rule that will fine lawyers for frivolous litigation and there is state that fines the litigants. the nfl is a private corporation, the owners are
1:48 pm
owners of all the team. they could put on any kind of demonstration or show they want. the fans have no cause of action against the owners or their privately held entity, the nfl, because they didn't like what they saw. >>neil: what about where there is smoke there is fire? there have been a half dozen questionable games and questionable calls that affected the outcome. the ravens field goal. it was good. but the replay showed it going over the uproot and the ruling was upheld. and the cowboy receiver slips and the touchdown is ruled ineligible. the ref tried to indicate a player stepped out of bounds, et cetera. in other words, one weird thing after another. if you are a fan, you can say as a fan, i don't enjoy watching this. >>judge napolitano: football fans, i know them, they are in
1:49 pm
my family, i was a very devout giant fan, will watch the game no matter what. if they want to send a message to the nfl, don't go to the game. don't watch the game. the pocketbook will send a message. >>neil: what if the same numbers still come and the owners don't care? we have the bargain basement referees and they are botching it. >>judge napolitano: the owners may not appear about the empty seats because they sole the tickets but they will care if rate ensure go down and advertising revenue is reduced because they will not put as man eyes on the screen as they told the advertisers. we know how that works. >>neil: in the end, the games go on, the likely bad calls. >>judge napolitano: yes. it went on for years and years and years, someone like our mutual friend, the donald, could start another league and get the better players to go there.
1:50 pm
why see it happening tomorrow or next year but people will say, we fed up with this. this is not football anymore. >>neil: thank you very much. >>judge napolitano: it should stay out of courtroom. it will cost them to be in the courtroom. >>neil: were we discussing football? thank you, judge. >> if what the egyptians are doing is not enough to cut off the cash, maybe what the generation president just said, will be. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a simple gesture speaks to respect... and respect speaks for itself. introducig the new jeep altitude editions.
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♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> neil: not our allies and not another dime. so maybe the president was right. egyptian president mohammed morsi echoing recent comments by president obama that his country and the u.s. aren't enemies but aren't allies either.
1:54 pm
some say with friends like these we might as well take the cash and say goodbye. i don't know where we stand. each side seems to be iffy if we're allies. we seem to be giving a lot of money to an enemy. >> you know, neil, if you're not clear who your allies are, then they are probably your enemy. giving egypt $1.5 billion in military aid, many problems with this, neil, but number one, egypt right now is in talks with germany to buy two submarines. hmm. very interesting. is that where our billions in aid will go, to build up the egyptian military already under the new muslim brotherhood president is threatening israel? that peace treaty, the 32-year-old peace treaty with israel is going to be out the window soon. number two, something a lot of people don't know, neil, back in 2010, right before this so-called "arab spring" broke out, the supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood in egypt,
1:55 pm
the top global guy declared a jihad against america and israel. i don't even know if the administration realizes that. but egypt is fast becoming an enemy of america. >> neil: we don't have to call some of our other top guys. we could call the ultimate top guy who said success of american administration essentially purchased with american taxpayer money to dislike, if not the hatred of people in the region. what he is saying is tens of billions of u.s. dollars late la hate us. >> they still hate us. neil, it's only going to get worse. half to be the bearer of bad news. but war is coming in the middle east. i believe it's coming soon. the big question here is where will egypt go in that war? the peace treaty with israel, i believe, is eventually going to be broken. what does it mean looking down the road? three years, five years from now, does egypt continue to build the military? maybe the muslim brotherhood can't resist. maybe they want a war with
1:56 pm
israel. we know we don't recognize israel's right to exist. what does it mean to america? we already have mohammed morsi, the muslim brotherhood president of egypt calling for the release of the blind sheikh, one of the world's most notorious terrorist, mentor to usama bin laden. this is who the muslim brotherhood, is neil. their motto, the creed they live by reads in part "jihad is our way, dieing in way of allah is our highest hope." so give them $1.5 billion. >> neil: all right. in the meantime, the president wants to us get to the bottom of some of the real violent muslim uprisings we have seen. what could you pass along to him? >> look, it's not because of a film, low-budget 14-minute youtube clip. it's radical islamist ideology. groups like the muslim brotherhood, this is who they are. they are using the film like they used the muhammad cartoon as an excuse, as a pretext. this is the new normal now, post-arab spring.
1:57 pm
this is how it's going to be going forward. it is only going to get worse. it hate to be a downer but hey, someone has to say it, it's reality. >> neil: eric, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. tonight, another one who has a downer piece of news for us on fox business. grover norquist the idea that the government gets bigger and can keep going this way not going to happen. tonight at 8:00. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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