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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> funny, but seems like wishful thinking. that is your last call. lights are blink asking wore closing down shop. mrs. ann romney will join us tomorrow night. you don't want to miss that. make sure gou to greta and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. go to greta time in cable news kicks off right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> the president has not drawn us further away from the nuke leer round of attack, iran is closer to having a weapon. >> bill: is president obama weak or strong in protecting americans from the iranian nuclear threat? we'll hear both sides so you can decide. >> i want you to remember that the house they were standing in, the house my family has the privilege of living in, that house was built in part by slaves. >> bill: why is the first lady
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invoking images of slavery to make a point? we will tell you. >> we have a -- (bleep). >> bill: has madonna totally lost it? what the heck she talk being? we'll show you one of the most bizarre displays we've ever seen. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. is president obama protecting us against the danger from iran? that's the subject of this evening's talking points me mow. the campaign is heating up. the iranian minority ahmadinejab in new york today threatening jews and demeaning gay people.
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that's what the man does. ahmadinejab is also presiding over the building of a nuclear weapon. thus, the irrationality and aggressiveness of iran is a primary presidential issue. today at the united nations, president obama said this. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy and we believe that there is still time and space to do so. that time is not unlimited. nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> bill: the word must is the key here because nobody really knows what that means. even mr. obama might not know. but it sounds tough. however, mitt romney isn't buying it. >> the president has not drawn us further away from a nuke leer iran. in fact, iran is closer to having a weapon, closer to having nuclear capability than when he took office. this is the greatest failure of his presidency.
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>> bill: in a time economy is dominating the campaign in the usa, it's worth noting that we americans remain in danger from muslim fanatics like ahmadinejab. and that danger must, note the word, be dealt with. according to a new rasmussen poll, 45% of likely machine voters believe u.s. muslim relations are worse now than four years ago. just 18% say relations are better. that would seem to indicate a failure in the obama foreign policy. yet the president will point to the did he say mation of al-qaeda and the killing of bin laden to persuade voters he is not soft on the jihad. to be fair to president obama, opinions about his muslim outreach are inconclusive at this point. most americans don't want war with iran because that would send oil prices and possibly lead to world war 3. there is no way on this earth that israel is going to allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. the israelis will attack the iranians. they will attack.
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it's just a matter of when. so americans must decide which presidential candidate can better manage the situation. things have not changed in iran since mr. obama took office, except the iranians are further down the road to development of the nuclear weapons. governor romney says he would get tougher with the iranians by supporting israel to a greater ex tents 6789 it's an incredibly difficult situations that all americans should be talking about. now the top story, who has the better take on iran? obama or romney? joining us from washington, fox news analyst kirsten powers a democrat. and lieutenant colonel ralph peters. who has the better take, colonel? >> ronald reagan. >> bill: no, no, no. i mean that -- you're not saying that fa serbsly? >> no, i'm not. i think romney is to a large ex tents an unknown in foreign affairs. he is a good manager and i think he would take advice from wise people. president obama is a known quantity and that known quantity
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has failed in every single respect in foreign policy, except the seals killing bin laden, which any president would have done. bill, look, what the president said in his well delivered empty speech at the u.n. today was exactly what he has been saying for years. we're going to talk this to death, we'll negotiate with iran. four years, negotiations have failed utterly. iran is much closer to nuclear weapons, having nuclear weapons. the world is a more dangerous place. israel is threatened. what does obama have to show for four years? >> bill: isn't the only other alternative war? a military strike? doesn't seem to be anything else that he's not doing, although i do have one thing in the back of my mind, but i'm going to hold it back. go. >> nobody wants war in the persian gulf. but it looks increasingly like it is going to happen because we have been -- >> bill: would you say this is the time now to make it happen?
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>> no. let me make one thing very clear. there are no good alternatives in the persian gulf but the worst possible alternative is that iran would nuclear weapons not only because of the threat to israel -- >> bill: that's not worse -- you're saying that war is better than allowing iran to have a nuke? war is better? >> i think a well executed war thoroughly planned and determined would be better for the world than iran with nuclear weapons. >> bill: looking at iran and afghanistan, yie. kirsten, i'm sure you disagree. but you need to be precise in your disagreement. there is no doubt that president obama has not gotten anywhere with iran after nearly four years. there is no doubt about that. all right. hasn't done it. they're still doing what they want to do over there. so you say what? >> i actually agree with the initial assessment in the sense that i don't think either of
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these people -- i don't feel particularly thrilled about either of them and i don't think we know what romney would do differently. the problem with this debate is that we come back to bill exactly what you were just saying, which is the only thing left is bombing iran. and then you hear even people who are criticizing obama saying, no, we don't want to do that. where does that leave us? i think obama has done the right thing in terms of trying to use sanctions, trying to even have the cyber attack. it's not like he hasn't been engaged on it. but it just comes right down to the fact that the only thing that's going to stop them is attacking them. >> bill: i don't know about that. i'm going to put forth another scenario. i want to correct one thing. we do know what romney is going to do. he's going to embrace israel harder. he's going to say look, i'm -- >> how is that going to change anything? really, bill? >> bill: romney basically said he's being going to back their play and obama won't. >> i don't understand --
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>> bill: he's not going to stop them. >> what is romney specifically going to do? go to war? >> bill: no, he's going to back israel and if they come to him and say now is the time, the governor will probably say go ahead. >> obama has done the same thing. obama has told them that. >> bill: no, he hasn't. >> yes, he has. >> bill: believe me when i tell you. netanyahu is no -- if netanyahu could vote, he's not voting for obama. there's a reason for that. now, here is what i would do, colonel. you're the strategic analyst. i would draw up plans for blockade, naval blockade of iran and make those plans public and i would say to the world, if they don't let the u.n. inspectors in at a certain time, in whatever time it may be, you don't make -- you say a certain time. u.s. and nato allies, coalition of the willing, if you will, we're going to block nothing in and nothing out. that's what we're going to do. if you challenge the blockade, we'll do what we have to do. this is like the cubean missile
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crisis. bang, that's what we're going to do. so you better stop now and not force us to do it because if you force us to do it, we're going to do it and then it's going to be really, really bad for you, 'cause we're not going to pull it right out. what's wrong with that? >> iran is not an island. most of its weaponry in black market supplies come from russia. >> bill: yeah, but you start there. russia can't beat them. >> start note, actually russia can, but also if you do a blockade, bill, suddenly you're in it with china, too. >> bill: you're in it with china, absolutely. >> you either whack iran if necessary, or you do a blockade and then in it with iran, russia, and china. >> bill: you're going to be in it with we'll be right back and china anyway. >> are we going to stop chinese ships at sea by force? >> bill: we have to. >> i rarely disagree with you, but on this i got to. the bottom line for me is this, with what romney is preferrable because as you said, he will
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back israel. obama's dislike for israel is just visceral. >> bill: let's give kirsten the last word. >> this is ridiculous. obama does not dislike israel and there is barely any light between the two of them when you get down to really fundamental issues, like the fact that obama will not stand in the way of israel if they decide to attack iran. so i don't think either of the candidates frankly are strong enough and we need a leader that projects more strength. i don't think iran is afraid of us. >> bill: we'll put peterson in charge. thanks very much. next up, michelle obama invoking slavery while speaking about her husband in the white house. was that necessary? later, madonna says we have a black muslim in the white house. and she doesn't seem to be kidding. kidding. we're coming rightve lately.
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>> bill: in the impact segment, speaking of the congressional black caucus last saturday, michelle obama said this. >> as we mark the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation, i want you to remember that the house they were standing in, the house my family had the privilege of living in, that house was built in part by slaves. >> bill: the full context of the first lady's remarks are that she was telling a story about a black family visiting the white house and meeting her husband, the president. it was an emotional story, the point was that all african-americans should be proud of their country because a black man has been elected president. some object to using slavery to make political points. with us now, monica crowley, author of "what the bleep just happened." and alan colmes, the author of the bag "thank the liberals for saving america."
8:15 pm
monica, slavery, touchy issue. >> right. >> bill: okay. first lady was using it in a political context. right or wrong? >> well, i do think all is fair in politics. so i'm not going to condemn the first lady for telling this story. it was a political context. it was a rally and the objective is to motivate the base, black vote railroads a big part of president obama's base. they do need to be motivated. there was a record turnout in 2008. less so in 2010 and they're worried about it this time. what she's trying to do is sort of light a fire your honor them. >> bill: you didn't see the objection -- you don't have an objection to the slavery -- >> i think it is a bit exploit favor, but we're talking about politics. let's not be -- >> i think she was talking generally we as americans together have evolved our society beyond the kind of society where slaves did the work to help build a country and now that there is an african-american family living in the white house, it's to the
8:16 pm
benefit that we have evolved. i don't see it as a left-right issue. >> bill: it was because her main point, as monica pointed out, was that she continued to say, and this a quote from her: so we cannot let anyone discourage us from casting our ballots. we can not let anyone make us feel unwelcome in the voting booth. it's important every vote is counted. that is a play on the voter registration issue. because i don't feel unwelcome in the voting booth. do you? >> no. >> bill: do you? >> no. of course, the other part of the speech she said no matter which way you vote doesn't matter. that's not relevant. >> bill: colmes, take a deep breath and let me ask awe simple question, do you think it -- do you think it doesn't matter to michelle obama who you vote for? is that what you think? >> no, i didn't say that. >> bill: yes, you just did. what are you, barney frank? >> i said she made the point
8:17 pm
whether or not you vote left or right, it's to our benefit -- >> bill: you said the word doesn't matter, colmes. >> no. >> bill: this is what happens when you take lsd as a young person. this is what happens. >> what do you mean as a young person? >> bill: is that right? >> so the original story she was talking about, the black family in the white house was actually a lovely story. the reason i started to say it was exploit taketive because then she started it to voter suppression, voter i.d. laws. all implicit in this. by telling the story, she was telling the black audience, look how much progress we've made. >> bill: don't let them keep you out of the ballot box. >> we have more progress to make. so it was a political statement. >> no matter which way you vote, she said that. >> bill: i wasn't offended by the slavery reference, but i don't believe there is voter suppression. now, the obamas we want on
8:18 pm
requests the view today. they were holing hands and i think that -- was there a movie involved and then dinner afterward? i don't know. but here is a sound bite that came out of that program. >> what would it be disasterous for the country if mitt romney were elected? >> you know, i think america is so strong and we've got so much going for us that we can survive a lot. but the american people don't want to survive. we want everybody to thrive. >> bill: that was a ringing endorsement, wasn't it? >> you know -- >> bill: no, it's funny sound bite. >> they've been trying to get -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. let me make this political because everything obama says is political. >> give me break. >> this country survives a lot, if romney gets elected, i guess we can survive that. this guy is a master of projection. we're all praying we survive his presidency?
8:19 pm
>> bill: but romney is saying, it's going to be a disaster if he's reelected! he was low key, the president. 'cause if i were romney, i would be, are you kidding me? the debt will be $25 billion. >> and romney is correct to say that. >> romney has no plan to solve the debt crisis. >> totally incorrect. >> bill: all right. come on, it's boring, isn't it now? isn't it boring now to keep going back and forth on that? >> he's beating back the misrepresentations because they're always 100% wrong. >> bill: rock and a hard place, everybody. >> lsd. >> bill: can we get security in here now? all right. directly ahead, john stossel investigating whether or not the obama administration has watered down welfare work requirements. and then is it legal on a texas woman arrested, taken to jail for letting her children play outside. you think we're kidding? we're not. those reports are coming up ely. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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>> bill: stossel matters segment, when president obama took office, 32 million americans were on food stamps. now the number is 47 million. there are charges that the obama administration wants to get as many people as possible on the dole. >> when i think o reengage people in politics is we're doing serious policy work around what i will label working poor, they were struggling. and to the extent that we are doing research figuring out what kinds of government action will successfully make their lives better, we are putting together a potential majority of coalition that will vote.
8:24 pm
>> bill: we asked john stossel to investigate whether or not welfare work requirements are being watered down by the obama administration, perhaps for political reasons. here is stossel, the author of the big book "no." what did you find out? >> well, no, they can't cure poverty, but no, there is no real evidence that they're intentionally watering down the work standards. >> bill: why do conservatives feel that way? what is it about the dictum that the president gave the states that upset the right? >> he did give the dictum which may or may not be constitutional that says you don't have to obey these earlier federal work requirements and before the law was passed, some states were sending people to hula classes and things like that and calling it work. >> bill: so they tightened up the rules and it work. let me read stats here. bill clinton in '96, there were 25 million americans on food
8:25 pm
stamps in the clinton administration. after the welfare work rules were tightened up, 17 million. so it dropped 8 million. 33% drop. the case loads plummeted. 50% in the welfare arena after congress, newt gingrich and bill clinton -- >> it's wonderful. >> bill: we all agree that what they did in '96 was good for the country, for the poor, for everybody. we all agree? >> actually for poor people, yes. >> bill: so why on earth would he want to water that down? he being president obama? why would you want to do that? >> because states within to experiment -- >> bill: wait, wait. who cares whether states want to experiment? if the federal law is working for the good of the country. what do i care whether delaware or california wants to do something differently? why should i care? >> because over time, none of these federal or state or local, either laws work well. i send an intern out to these job centers to see what kinds of
8:26 pm
help they gave. they all just directed her to handouts. she had to struggle to get help. >> bill: if you say the work welfare rules or law didn't work, how can stats say it did? how can you say it didn't? >> for a while, we send a message. five years, you're off. and you have to work. a lot of women said okay, i'm going to move back in with mom and find a job. and they found, gee, i like working. i feel good about myself not being dependent. >> bill: all right. >> that helped for a while. over time, the bureaucrats do what bureaucrats do. they just say here, more food stamps. more this. >> bill: you're not making the case to me. i think the 1996 welfare work law was a good law that helped the country and that it is still in effect today, by the way. what's gone is this little dance that the president has signed an executive order allowing the states to mess with it. all right? and i think that's a horrible mistake. >> what if they make it better? >> bill: you don't experiment with the taxpayer money. you don't experiment with it.
8:27 pm
that's what he did with solyndra. and $500 million disappeared. states can make it better, all right, then show me first. we'll do a pilot program. we'll do an experimental thing. and then if it works, we'll bring it to congress and say, hey, this might be better. but right now you have an explosion of entitle ams all over in every area under this administration. their excuse is there is a recession, everybody would die if we didn't do it. all right. now, there is something to that, but not to the extent they're making it. but you seem to be enabling them, stossel. you seem to be enabling them. >> look, we're already enabling them. the feds are doing it. if you tell us we can do it better, the law says you pay for it -- >> bill: i don't buy that n a five-year experiment and if you show an -- >> bill: if you do a pilot program in utah, they think you can do it better, that's fine with me.
8:28 pm
that sneaky executive order, you don't have to pay it as you define the top of this segment, wrong. john stossel, there he is. plenty more ahead. the soldier who won the medal of honor in afghanistan, he will be here. tellious so many american military people with being killed by our own allies. later, madonna going on an unbelievable rants in washington, d.c. >> obama is fighting for gay rights. [ cheers and applause ] (bleep). >> bill: all right. this one is off the charts. this one is off the charts. we hope you stay tuned for those bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign.
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>> bill: personal story segment, may remember 24-year-old marine corporal dakota myer, receiving the medal of honor for gallantry in afghanistan. s that last year for action in 2009. now the corporal has a new book out entitled "into the fire," a firsthand account of the most extraordinary battle in the afghan war. here he is. before we get to the book, and what you did and what you are honored for, recently the u.s. command in afghanistan forbade american and nato troops from patrolling with our afghan allies. that is just stunning to me after 11 years in the theater. what do you think about that? >> i couldn't imagine. i was living with these guys, these afghans and i trusted them with my life. i was so close to them that i was as close to them as i was the marines.
8:33 pm
>> bill: so and you were out in the forward bases, so you had the elite afghan troops with you, right? >> they're just like regular platoon. they weren't elite. not special forces. they were just regular guys. >> bill: so they were regular guys, they were out with you and you say that you trusted them as much as you trusted americans? >> i did. there was never any time i was worried about them going against me or anything like that. so i'm seeing the recent media here lately, i don't know what's going on. >> bill: so you don't know why there have been a recent -- past 12 months, you were out of the theater when this started. afghan soldiers and police, uniformed, have been killing nato and americans. you don't know why? >> i don't know why. i can speculate on it, that we're getting ready to leave these guys and they still have to stay there. so i don't know. >> bill: some reason i think the taliban have been able to infiltrate. >> they feel the taliban has the power now. we're leaving and within a year,
8:34 pm
year or two, then the taliban still going to be there. so the taliban are just sitting back, wait 'til we leave, and -- >> bill: so you think at that some afghan troops are being influenced by them? >> i do. >> bill: but usually the ones that attack americans are killed right away. so they have to be pretty devoted to the taliban to give up their lives. they take out two or three nato forces and they themselves are killed. >> look at suicide bombers. >> bill: right. but it would be more than, well, a calculation that i may be i'll go over to the taliban. these are people who really want. is it so chaotic that any taliban can get an afghan uniform? n they take their gear to the market all the time. >> bill: so that's no problem. and the police are different from the afghan army, right? >> i worked with the afghan army. i wouldn't trust the police in any way, shape, or form. >> bill: why? >> talking about afghans, talking about afghans. they tint like the afghan police. >> bill: what's wrong with the afghan police?
8:35 pm
>> where i was at, up north, they were always setting up posts and they were always, you know, checkpoints and they were corrupt. they seemed to be more corrupt than the afghan national army. >> bill: what do you mean corrupt? were they taking money? >> shaking down the people around, flip flopping. i was told by appear afghan when i first got there that you can't buy an afghan, but you can rent one. >> bill: you think corruption among the police force is per vasesive? >> die. >> from what i saw. i'm just speaking on what i seen. >> bill: in the book, you describe, and we want people to read your book, the fire fight and how intense it was. i'm going to leave the details because i know you don't like to talk about yourself, but you're a hero. was it worth it for you, though? as an american soldier, what did you in afghanistan, was that worth it? >> you know, was it worth it? >> bill: you saw a lot of your friends get killed and hurt. >> yeah, it was worth it because i get to come home and i get to live in the greatest country on
8:36 pm
the face of the earth. and i know that it's guys like that who went over and sacrificed, the men and women still going over and sacrificing for us, for me to be able to live here and live in a free country. >> bill: do you think most afghans appreciated your sacrifice? >> yes, i do. i was so close to the guys, you know. they told me, they said -- there is good and bad in every group. >> bill: absolutely. >> i had some guys that five of them were real close to me and they were sergeants and they said, you know, we're not going to let you die for our country without us dying for it. >> bill: it's almost like vietnam. there were a lot of south vietnamese who were very loyal to the usa and appreciated our sacrifice. but then there is an element that isn't. you did the best you could and you won the medal of honor. so the book again "into the fire." a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. >> bill: when we come back, is it legal on an aclu controversy in michigan, that far left group doesn't want a citizenship requirement to vote.
8:37 pm
another unbelievable situation. then madonna absolutely losing it in washington, d.c >> bill: we're coming right back i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. three hot topics, beginning with another unbelievable aclu campaign. this one in michigan. they're asking a federal judge to prohibit a checkoff box on voting registration applications that asserts the person voting is a citizen of the united states. they don't want that. here now, attorneys of fox news analyst kimberly gill guilfoyle and his wheel. who is it going to hurt and suppress? >> suppress everybody in michigan because everyone will be confused. >> bill: confused. >> are you a u.s. citizen? >> bill: that's going to confuse nerve. >> that's what the aclu is saying. i hate to agree with you. i hate it. >> bill: this is just madness and stupidity. >> yes. >> bill: more aclu taking up the time of the courts. >> they're saying the process -- >> due process.
8:42 pm
>> confuse the issue, which you have to say you're an american citizen. >> bill: you know why they're doing this, don't you? >> of course, because they want to make sure that the some odd 4,000 people that they believe are registered voters that actually aren't u.s. citizens, which would be -- are still allowed to vote. ridiculous. >> very good. >> bill: guilfoyle nailed it. what the aclu is they don't want people committing perjury when they are voting. they want people to advance, they believe most people would vote for the democratic candidate in michigan. that's exactly what's going on there. >> they're saying that 4,000. there are more than that. >> bill: all right. so we solved that problem. the aclu is once again corrupting the system. but the problem is that crazy judges might go along with this and if they are, you are to tell me immediately and pale put the judges face on the screen. and now, texas. okay? woman has two kids.
8:43 pm
>> yes. >> bill: six and nine? >> yeah. >> bill: boy and girl? >> yeah. >> bill: okay. let's them out to play on a cul-de-sac in a suburban development. where is this? >> laporte, texas. >> bill: where is that? >> why inside the great state of texas. >> bill: tell me in my ear where this is because it's not a big city. we're not talking about houston. >> it's a cul-de-sac area, so it's not filled with traffic. >> bill: she let's them out and play. and a neighbor calls the cops and the cops come and arrest the woman. take it away. >> right. so she says, listen, i'm coming because they're unsupervised. because the mother wasn't talking about. she said, i was in a lawn chair in my driveway watching the kids. the cops come. arrest the woman. her kids are grabbing her by her leg, please, please, don't take my mom to jail. she's incarcerated for 18 hours. she says she suffered -- >> bill: 18 hours. >> yes. she's been defamed by her neighbor. she's suing the police department, suing the neighbor.
8:44 pm
and she says she has $7,000 in legal fees. this seems to be an outrageous case. the police department is standing by their officers -- >> bill: they dropped the charges. >> yes. no charges filed. >> bill: it seems she's got a big case. >> they called cps and said there was no harm to these kids. to be fair, they were on little motorized scooters. >> bill: for what? >> the neighbor thought that was scary. >> all the kids have them. those raiser scooters. >> and the mom was sitting out there. $7,000 in legal fees -- >> bill: i don't care. it could have been 70 cents. the police have to -- when they come and answer a call, this is why we pay for police. they have to ascertain what is happening, all right? and if two kids are playing outside on their scooters and the mother -- look, the mother might be watching from the window. >> she says she was right in the driveway and her husband is serving in the military. so they took the mother away
8:45 pm
from the kids for that time. no parent in the house. >> bill: i hate all these lawsuits. i think that 90% of them are bogus and all these ambulance chaser lawyers and shake did you know artists, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. but this is outrageous. all right. finally, is a wife charged with murder. >> second degree murder. >> bill: she threw her husband through a window in a high-rise. where did this happen in. >> 25-foot high-rise apartment in tulsa. >> bill: tulsa, oklahoma. so the wife threw the husband out the window. >> allegedly. >> he's dead. >> bill: he could have jumped, come on of the they say the wife threw him out. >> that's exactly. >> bill: wait for it. now this woman's lawyers are suing the apartment building saying the window should have been stronger. [ laughter ] do i have that right? >> they said it wasn't the right
8:46 pm
thickness, so it wasn't safety proof, tempered glass to prevent husbands from going out the window. there is a prior history of domestic -- >> bill: can you imagine the testing on the glass and the window? there is larry, let's see if he goes through! >> she wants the money. >> bill: the case hasn't been adjudicated yet. >> her lawyers are stripping the attention from her to the apartment building and the manager -- >> bill: it's the apartment building's fault that amber agedly threw her husband out and he's dead. >> she wants to get a not guilty and a big cash payout for throwing him out -- >> bill: she should, right? >> no! >> bill: what's the defense, that larry threw himself out? >> kind of. >> bill: that larry did it. >> that larry slipped on the carpet. >> bill: this is the country we live in, ladies and gentlemen. reality check on deck. hide the kids. madonna ranting and it is incredible.
8:47 pm
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>> bill: back of the book sent, reality check. check one, miss madonna who is apparently lost her mind. yesterday in washington, d.c., during her concert, she gave a dissertation on history and current events. she explained to her frenzied fans why abraham lincoln and martin luther king were killed: it is incredible to think we have an african-american in the white house! [ cheers and applause ]
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
>> bill: first of all, madonna needs a remedial english course. they do not die for nothing is grammatically incorrect. secondly, lincoln and king believed in freedom for all and did not need obscenities to make their points. madonna is right about one thing, there is hope in america. if a moron like that can make tens of millions of dollars and have the freedom to spout whatever she wants, this is a great country. or am i wrong? check two, the polar opposite of lincoln and king is ahmadinejab who said this on cnn. >> i'm quoting to all prophet examines all religions and all faiths, homosexuality is strictly forbidden. it is a very ugly behavior. >> bill: well, in iran if you're gay, you can be flogged or even executed. check three, the democratic congressional committee is holding a contest to decide who is the worst republican politician in the country. very classy.
8:53 pm
nominees are allen west, michelle bachman and paul ryan. all of them should be very proud that they have annoyed their opponents so much. check 4, speaking today at the clinton global initiative, mitt romney said this. >> if there is one thing we've learned in this election season, by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. all i got to do now is wait a couple of days for that bounce to happen. >> bill: president clinton actually praised the governor in the introduction. that's what we like to see, a little detante now and then. finally, check five, there is chaos in the national football league because the referees are being locked out by the league in a wage dispute. and the substitute refs are having a hard time, to say the least. >> the packers play at the goal line. as wilson scrambles to keep it alive. the game's time play is a wilson lob to the end zone, which is --
8:54 pm
simultaneous who has it? who do they give it to? touchdown! >> bill: well, it really wasn't a touchdown because the seattle receiver illegally pushed the green bay defender away. and didn't cleanly catch the ball anyway as you saw. no matter the refs gave the game to seattle. that is reality check. factor tip of the day in a moment. how you can make better decisions, the tip 60 seconds away ♪
8:55 pm
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romney already paid tax on the money he invested in order to capture capital gains. that's double taxation, but that's our system, doctor. the feds get a piece of everything. amy, scottsdale, arizona. has anyone considered elderly folks who saved their entire lives so they can have money coming from investments? a rise in the capital gains tax would greatly affect them. something everyone should consider when voting, amy. tahiti, french polynesia. seriously, o'reilly, showing interviews conducted by howard stern. i'm demonstrating what's going on in the political process. that was my intention. bob, miami, florida. bill, you missed howard's intention. his piece showed that some supporting president obama are clueless. i think i got that. ignorance can be found in every ethic group.
8:57 pm
dr. martinez, the bronx, new york. if stern asked white voters the same questions he'd asked black voters he could have gotten equal ridiculous answers. david, northville, michigan. bill, you let koppel escape when he said fox news leans rights, you should have pointed to the networks pointing left. why would i do that, dave? if i did that, i would a lo lose debate. i defended fnc. i don't need to point to another news organization in order to that. bill, tampa, florida. bill, you will raise for charity. applaud you both. we'll only raise that money if folks sign up for the october 6th debate in washington, d.c. see it on the net and sign up on thon
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going to be a lot of fun. i don't know what's going to happen. i'm bringing a concealed weapon. we'll see who emerges. pat, las vegas. my husband and i were engrossed with "killing the lincoln." made our trip go fast. could be number one, by the way. and "killing kennedy" out one week from today. book and the audio, advance orders very strong. if you sign for premiummen you get "killing kennedy" or you can choose "killing lincoln. book or the audio, excellent deal for you. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. most of us make decisions that hurt our lives. i know we do. we make snap judgments, make decisions impulsively. every night i write in this journal right here the best thing that happened to me that day and also the worst thing that happened to me.
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only takes a couple of minutes. then at the end of the week, i review what i wrote. i always see a pattern of behavior, both good and bad. therefore i can eliminate some of the bad stuff based on data and i can get more of the good stuff in my life based on the same thing. you'll see in black and white what is hurting and helping you. factor tip of the day. just call my oprah. i know i'll get those letters. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. spout off anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. brand-new word, do not be a pronk. i love the fact that the lady in that heatti scolded me.


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