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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 26, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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who has failed, majestically failed, and he's failed all the people of this great nation with. >> look, let me tell you what the problem with this president is, in my opinion. he's absolutely lazy and detached from his job. >> media today will tell you there's a recovery underway, but there is no recovery underway. there's no indication that there's a recovery underway. the media have been certifying two years that we're in a recovery. the same media that will not examine obama's record. the same media that instead covers for him. the media is no longer about truth. it's not about informing. the media is now part of the propaganda machine. >> a lot of people can talk. talk is cheap. you can be extraordinarily eloquent and describe all the wonderful things you can do, but when you cut through the words
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you can look at the record. when you can see policies that have not created the jobs america needs then you know it's time to choose a new leader, get a new coach, get america growing again. >> obama hasn't created anything. what's happened is destruction. >> president obama has a record. and president obama has a record and a string of broken promises. >> folks, we're headed for an economic collapse if something doesn't change. >> this is a president, a main who campaigns with all his glorious rhetoric, all this hope and change, promising all these grand things, and he's failed to deliver on all these big promises. >> you've got a big choice to make. it's not just a choice between two parties or two candidates, it is a choice between two fundamentally different paths for america. >> we can't afford four more years like the last four years.
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we've got to get this economy going again. >> greta: our journalist in the tank for president obama, one conservative group says absolutely, and it says more, that the mainstream media bias against mitt romney is out of control. now you're told to get your news somewhere else. how bad is the bias? fox news senior political analyst brit hume joins us. do you believe the mainstream media is biased? >> i think there is bias against the republican presidential candidate this year, and in every election i've covered as a journalist in washington. there's nothing new about the bias. i think it's more intense this year, exemplified in two ways. one is the extraordinary coverage given to any slip by mitt romney and the contrasting
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lack of such coverage by things that president obama says and does. the most conspicuous example is between romney's sharp, initial, probably poorly timed reaction to the event in egypt, libya, and subsequently elsewhere which dominated coverage for several days. in the meantime this truly horrible thing happened in libya. the administration couldn't get its story straight about what had happened. it couldn't get its story straight about what had happened. it took a week. i mean, days after that anyone with eyes could see could tell this had an organized attack, in all likelihood a terrorist attack. the administration was putting its people out on the sunday shows with susan rice on four or five sunday to say it was because of the video. this is an astonishing amateur
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performance. now it's only that we're getting what we should have gotten from the beginning. it's a wonderful difference in the coverage of the two men. >> greta: the domestic coverage, what's going on capitol hill, it's been portrayed, even in the letter they've sent to a number of news organizations complaining about bias, is that the republicans' desire to cut the budget, to start going off a catastrophic fiscal cliff is portrayed as mean and selfish, and not as a -- you know, not as an effort to try to come up with some remedy for the inevitable. >> i've asked the question more than once of people, is will there come a day when people look upon this time and know that there was a party trying to head off a fiscal calamity. i'm not sure -- certainly the
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journalism isn't being rin, and. it's there. it's serious. >> greta: i think some try harder not to be, but i think it's almost inevitable. i think you try your besting to be inevitable, but -- >> greta, i think that fairness is not an attitude. as a lawyer, you're able to take one side of the other of a case and look at each with some neutrality and do the best you can. judges need to do that every day. and many do all across the cub. some do it better than others. journalists have a similar obligation to look at the facts before them, to ask themselves a question in the way they present these facts, would i be doing it this way if it were a member of the other party, if it were a politician with whom i had more
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or less sympathy. that's a question you have to ask yourself every day. it can be done. it's not easy. as i say, it's a skill. >> greta: i find as sort of a red flag me, when i hear everyone using the same word. for instance, six months ago all the juneists and pundits were using the word "pivot." then the selection of paul ryan as vice president, and everyone described him as bold. that was another tip-off, that they're all listening to each other, not reaching their own conclusions, listening to the facts. they're lessening to each other. not everyone could come up with the same description. now everyone talks about double down. when everybody in the media starts using the same terms, it's an indication to me that nobody is doing any original thinking or original reporting. >> i agree with you, the journalists pay a lot of attention to each other as to what each other thinks. however i don't think there's anything wrong with.
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in other words, i think you have to reach your own judgments, but you have to be mindful as to what other people are thinking about things, and you ought to test your own view of things, own sense of things against what they're saying. that's not a bad thing to do. what's not a good thing to do is simply go along with everyone else is saying. you need an independent outlook. >> greta: brit, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> greta: mahmoud ahmadinejad took the stage at the u.n. general assembly prompting the annual walkout, but many protesters outside say this year's speech is different. it's the ultimate insult. the man who wants to wipe israel off the map speaking on yom kippur, an important jewish holiday. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad delivering his hate-filled rhetoric, and thousands of protesters turned out. >> we're here to support the opposition in iran, an to suppot
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against the dictator in iran. >> we are here to support our iranian brothers for their freedom since we have the same struggle, the same war, against this regime. >> the united nations is now anti-israel that the general assembly routinely does things that are disruptive. >> he's a murderer. he does not represent the iranian people. >> i was a student in the university of tehran. i know ahmadinejad is one of the persons that was torturing political prisoners. >> but the obama administration is not for regime change in iran. it shows a level of weakness that's dangerous. i call it provocative weakness. >> four years of the iranian dictatorship adding centrifuges
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every year, financing terrorism around the world. the only long-term solution is to deal directly with the dictatorship and replace it. >> it is yom kippur. how do you feel that this man is giving this hate-filled rhetoric behind us in the u.n. building on this day? >> i'm extremely angry. i'm very embarrassed as to what happened in my city. i think it's a damaging reflection on the u.n. it tells you how little respect the u.n. has for the state of israel. >> governor richardson, you are the u.n ambassador to the u.n. what is your reaction on president ahmadinejad speaking on yom kippur? >> it's unfortunate, the timing. every held of state can speak at the u.n. >> greta: protesters are fired up. why isn't the white house? iranian president ahmadinejad not only spoke at the u.n., but did it on the most important jewish holiday. shouldn't president obama be outraged? if so, shouldn't he express it? joining us is former ambassador
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john bolden. i don't think there's anything president obama could do to stop ahmadinejad from speaking today, but would you expect him to say something about the fact that he's speaking on this day? >> not really, because i think that would imply a direct criticism of the united nations. i think this president's not going to do that. ahmadinejad speaking on yom kippur is not a bad day for the united nations. it's not some problem with the u.n. that we could fix. it's not an aberration. this is the way the u.n. is. the u.n. culture that allows this kind of dictator to all-around take this kind of step -- undertake this kind of step and be treated with full respect. this is business as usual at the u.n. so for the president to have criticized that would have been cutting against some of his most basic ideological conceptions. >> greta: frankly it's very difficult for many americans, including myself, to understand why the president does not meet
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with prime minister netanyahu. he's asked to meet with the president. the president isn't available, doesn't fit his schedule, or whatever. i do believe his schedule is open the next day or two. secretary osecretary of state hy clinton is going to meet with netanyahu. last november, there was an exchange where then president sarkozy of france called netanyahu a liar, and president obama said -- this was all caught on a hot mike -- sarkozy says, i cannot bear netanyahu. he's a liar. and then president obama says, you're fed up with him, but i have to deal with him even more often than you, being critical of prime minister netanyahu. meanwhile president netanyahu is trying to save his country from a dictator that's trying to wipe his country off the map. >> well, i think it's clear that president obama is the most hostile president to the state of israel since it was created in 1948. i think he would do almost anything to isolate the netanyahu government in
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particular. but i think what's really driving obama right now is he doesn't want anything to happen before november 6th. he doesn't want to meet with any world leaders who might say something off script. he doesn't want to meet with bibi netanyahu and risk another blowdown just before the election. he'd just as soon go through the motions and hope the rest of the world takes a nap for the next six weeks. on september 11th we had a tragedy in banghazi, and security threats to our embassy in cairo. that's the kind of intrusion into the well-oiled obama campaign machinery that he doesn't want to see. >> greta: well, a tweet coming out of government press office gpo israel read something like this. it says, israel official, obama doesn't give a same sense clinton did that he'll be there in things go bad. certainly sounds like if over in israel, among some people in israel, that they have very big
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doubts about president obama. >> well, they should. look, i think obama fears -- at this moment, i think obama fears an israeli military strike against iran's nuclear weapons program more than he fears iran getting nuclear weapons. he still believes, the president still believes, he said it in his speech yesterday, that he still thinks he can chitchat iran out of its nuclear weapons program. in israel, they recognize that's delusional. they're a lot closer to iran and a potential nuclear strike we are. the president's just not willing to do anything in the next six weeks that would interfere with his political strategy. but honestly on november 7th, if he wins, he'll go right back to what he's done for the past four years, which is pressure israel not to take military action against iran, because ultimately, although he won't say it publicly, he clearly thinks we can live with a nuclear iran, thinks we can contain and deter it. i think that's wrong. i think that's where obama is. >> greta: you know, i think if i
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were president obama i might be -- i mean, what happens now, this week, this particular week, is he has secretary of state hillary clinton in new york meeting with foreign ministers. that's her job. but she's also met with the president of libya, the president of egypt, the president of yemen, the president, i think, today -- i forgot which president she met with today. and she's meeting with prime minister netanyahu. looks like she's cleaning up behind him, that he's outsourced his job this week as leader. i would assume that it's important to develop these relationships with these countries owe, and this is the chance to do it, so in the future we need their help we can get it. >> well, that's what the u.n. opening of the general assembly provides, an opportunity to have a lot of meetings in a compressed period of time. but just to dissent from the criticism a little bit, you know, back when ronald reagan was president, he did not attend every general debate at the end of september at the u.n. he did not come up here all
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eight times as president. i think subsequent presidents have all come up, but i think reagan hit right. you don't have to come up here every year. >> greta: so if president obama hadn't spoken this year, and that would be -- that would be -- there's a historic reference for it, and that would be okay in your mind, or is this a different time? >> no. i think it goes against obama's ideology. he had to come and give the speech. he had to bend a knee to the rest of the world at the podium, which he did in his speech. but he's trying to minimize the contact, because he knows it's not popular domestically in the united states. however good it is for his image internationally. so he did the absolute minimum and then he got out of town. >> greta: after the prime minister netanyahu gives his speech and goes back to israel, map out what you think will happen in the next couple weeks, if anything. >> well, i don't know. i don't necessarily think there's going to be anything spectacular before our election.
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i think israel understands that the only thing between iran and nuclear weapons as long as obama is president is the possibility of an israeli military strike. i think israel's decision one way or another on what to do will be based on physics and not politics. they will look at the iranian program and wait as long as they can, but they won't wait beyond that point. i think that has nothing to do with our electoral calendar. >> greta: and the variable here, of course, is the intelligence. how much time is there and, you know, we simply don't know. >> no. i think israel -- >> greta: it's been bad before, at least from my perspective, i don't know what to think about the timeline. >> i think israel's about 3 that have years too late. i think there's a lot we don't about the iranian program, and none of it is good news. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: a former navy seal says president obama calling recent overseas attacks just bumps in the road is terrible, and he fears the is making the
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united states weak. that navy seal joins you by skype. ryan, you are not happy about the president's comments. why not? >> well, i think they were naive. when the world was on fire, you have a president that's going to las vegas, you have a president that fails to meet the prime minister of israel when israel could potentially launch against iran. the comment about that there are bumps in the road after an ambassador is killed in the streets, and others, is naive. >> greta: you knew both navy seals killed in lib camera, is that right, sir? >> i did. the seal community is a small community. we're a voice of active duty that can't talk, and the retired seals and special operations force. i'm excited to be a part of the
7:18 pm
program. it's not that i don't like this president. i don't like his policies. >> greta: your statement was particularlparticularly harsh. it wasn't that you just didn't like his policy. you said, the president in part refuses to admit that policy of appeasement and apology has failed. that's harsher than saying you just don't like his policy. >> well, it is, but it's appropriate. you know, i think the policy of appeasement and apology isn't appropriate. my experience as a navy seal is there are enemies out there you cannot negotiate with. you can not negotiate with terrorists. and when you're perceived as weak and vulnerable, you put our assets and personnel overseas at risk. >> greta: your thoughts on the sort of going back and forth, whether this was an al-qaeda-related or linked attack in libya or not and the obama administration hanging up on the video for a long time. >> well, when i saw ambassador rice continue to say that the
7:19 pm
attacks were the result of a spontaneous effort and our relationship with israel is at a high, you know, i shutter to think, you know, why -- why the administration would go down that road and say that when they knew that the libyan president was saying something different. hillary clinton was saying something different. clearly in my experience, when you have two people show up with shoulder-fired rockets at a moment's notice, it's not spontaneous. it's clear to me that it was a planned and calculated event. >> greta: and i should add, you are a montana state senator. state senator, thank you, sir, for joining us. >> well, thank you very much. greta, have great day. >> greta: thank you, sir. straight ahead, she stole the show in tampa. tonight ann romney is here to go on the record. no one knows mitt romney better. you will too. mrs. romney is next.
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also she's a republican, she's black, running for congress, and could be the first black republican woman member of congress, and now she's getting dangerous and disgusting threats. mayor mia love is here and will tell you all about it. plus donald trump tells students to get even, and now he's accused of starting a holy war. what on earth is this all about? you will find out straight ahead. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> greta: she stole the show in tampa, and no one knows presidential candidate governor mitt romney better. after all, mrs. ann romney has been married to him for 43 years. earlier tonight she went on the record. mrs. romney, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> mrs. romney, i heard that you made a video about four years ago in which you said in this personal video, it says, mitt, this is for you, sweetheart, i'm never going to do this again. my question is, how did that go for you? how did you do? >> well, as you know, you probably heard me on leno last night, but mitt looked at it and he said, ann, i don't know, but you say that every pregnancy. i don't know mitt took it as seriously as i meant it. you've seen a lot of campaigns. you know how hard this is on families. and when you have someone that you love, that's out there,
7:24 pm
putting themselves on the line all the time, you know, it's very hard for families, people that love them so much to see them beaten up so much. however, greta, i will tell you, even though i said i would never do it again, i'm as committed as a person can be right now, because i along with so many other americans recognize what an important election this is, how critical this time is. how many fellow americans are out of work, or struggling. and as you know, women have been hit harder than men by this economy. and more women are falling into poverty than men under this economy. so we are seeing -- if you can even call it's a recovery -- a jobless recovery. you know, that is a real concern for my husband and myself. that's why he's running. he's running because he cares. he understands that a lot of americans are suffering. and, you know, i trust this guy so completely. i know how good he is at fixing things and turning things
7:25 pm
around, getting stalled companies going again. he really needs to be the person that gets
7:26 pm
everything is going up. people's incomes are actually shrinking. they're being pulled and pulled in every direction. and there will not be a change unless we change the leadership in washington.
7:27 pm
>> greta: much more with mrs. ann romney is just minutes away. also ahead, rush limbaugh comes out swinging at swing state polls. why rush says don't believe what you see coming up. i was teaching a martial arts class and having a heart attack. my brother doesn't look like heart attack patient. i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm a fighter and now i don't have that fear. to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses
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da bears. haha... you people sure do talk funny. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> greta: we continue with mrs. romney. there's also this discussion about gas prices and jobs, but there's a whole other groups of americans who aren't even up to that level. we don't even have a car to worry about gas prices, or don't have a job. they're in such great despair. there's a lot of attention on these campaigns by the media, by the republicans, by the democrats, on the middle class and upper class, the rich class. how do you reach out to the -- i mean, those other sort of lost people in this whole sort of process? >> well, i think that the most important thing, greta, you can do is to be aware of it, to be cognizant of the fact that how many people have been left behind. and, you know, there is -- you
7:31 pm
know, there's no way that we can help these people unless there are jobs for them and there's an opportunity for them. all of us have ancestors that come to this country with nothing, with absolutely nothing. i know my grandfather did. he came from the coal mines of wales with not a nickel in his pocket during the depression in 1929. my father came here as a 15-year-old boy with nothing in his pocket. and so i know that there's so many americans that have had ancestors that have been in that place, yet had the opportunity to make a change in their life, to have a better life for them and their children. so, you know, first thing is we have to recognize that there are those that are out there, but we cannot help them if we cannot make the economic conditions better for them to even have a chance of bettering their lives. >> greta: i asked people on greta wire, my blog, what questions they would ask you.
7:32 pm
one of the questions that was asked of you is, asked me to ask you, your husband needs to get tougher, people say. he needs to get stronger and swing back a little bit more on the campaign trail. how do you respond to that? >> you know, there's criticisms that are going to come right and left. everyone has an opinion. i think he's -- i think he's doing a great job. i think he's very focused. you know, we are very focused on winning this election in november. we're trying everything we can. we know it's difficult out there on the campaign trail. and folks should know that mitt is -- he's putting every ounce of energy into it. he is a true believer in america. he's a true believer in the economic prosperity that is around the corner if we change directions. >> greta: four years ago your husband didn't make it to be the nominee, but he certainly was running for president. i'm curious, anything noticeably difference in these two races for you between four years ago and now?
7:33 pm
any big difference? >> yes. the biggest difference are the women that come up to me on the campaign trail. four years ago, women that would speak to me had a lot of different concerns on their mind. this time around, it is nearly universal that they're talking about jobs, the economy, their future. they're talking about debt and entitlements and everything that is so critical that we make sure that we get ahold on this economy or we're going to see ourselves facing the kind of crisis, if we don't address some of these things, we're going to have that crisis that is being faced in europe right now. and women, that's been the biggest difference that i've noticed, is that women are talking about the economy and jobs and deficit spending, which i have found amazing. i will tell you the other thing that's wonderful, the really good part of being on a campaign, and that is how millions of people are behind us, how many people are praying for us, how many people are
7:34 pm
praying for me in particular with my health concerns. so this is such a great country. there are so many wonderful people out there. but we're all concerned about the future. we know we just cannot afford four more years of what we've been facing the last four years. >> greta: how was that plane ride? >> it was not fun. >> greta: not fun? so what happened? smoke filled the cabin? >> yes. i was watching a movie. i was completely oblivious, and all of a sudden my movie shorted out. i turned around. i was at the front. i turned around and saw everyone's look of shock in the back of the plane. they kind of kept me in the dark, i think, knowing there wasn't much i could do about it. and i turned around, i said, oh, dear, there's a lot of smoke. there was a lot of smoke. i mean, our eyes were burning. we were having difficulty breathing ibreathing. it was a bit of a frightening
7:35 pm
experience. >> greta: how long between when you first noticed the smoke and when you got out of the plane? i realize you had to land. i've been on horrible flights, but -- >> it was in awhile. it wasn't like we landed within minutes. we had to get to the denver airport and descend. i will tell you, wee descended faster than i've ever descended in an airplane. great pilots. my secret service were terrific. i felt in great hands. the thing that was interesting to me, i felt we would taxi off and get out of the way. no. we stopped on the runway, got off on the runway, and the fire trucks circled us and circled the plane. that's when you're aware of how serious that was. >> greta: you should have seen our blackberries went wild. i mean, we would get that anyway with a plane in distress, but it said mrs. romney's plane in trouble. it went viral to all of us in the media immediately. >> yeah. >> greta: it was terrifying, all these flights are.
7:36 pm
>> right. >> greta: anyway, it ended well. >> it did. >> greta: i'm going to let you go. i know you have a very busy evening. thank you very much for joining us. i hope you join us again in the next days and weeks. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: come up, rush is really fired up. he says new polls are bogus and you'd be a fool to believe them. what got under rush's skin this sometime? rush will tell you. and donald trump spoke to a christian university this week. what was his message? it was surprising. don't get mad, get even. you might be more surprised by how the christian university reacted? we'll tell you next. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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could've had a v8. woooo! >> greta: is donald trump declaring a holy war? some people accused the donald of doing just that when he told a group of students at a christian university to get even. critics claim donald trump's comment is not appropriate at liberty university, a school that teaches christian values. he's what donald trump said. >> i always say, don't -- this goes for a country, by the way. don't let people take advantage. get even. you know, if nothing else, other people will see that, and they're going to say, you know, i'm going to let jim smith or sarah malone, i'm going to let them alone because they're tough customers. >> greta: donald trump says he spoke with university officials who says jesus would and did get even. what do you think? was it okay for donald trump to tell students at a christian university to get even?
7:40 pm
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what are you waiting for? when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. >> greta: ignore it. that's what rush has to say about new swing state polls. >> folks, a couple of polls out there today that just are outrageous. one is the cbs/"new york times" poll, the other is "the washington post" poll. i'm telling you they are irresponsible. they are designed to do exactly
7:43 pm
what i have warned you to be vigilant about, and that is to depresses you and to suppress your vote. these two polls today are designed to convince everybody this election is over. it's not over. it hasn't even really begun yet. i don't want anybody thinking this is over. i don't want anybody falling for this. there could be a lot of reasons for. voter suppression, voter depression, set up the possibility of allegations of voter fraud. they have all these polls with obama running away with this. people blow a gasket on the left if romney wins. they're also early voting going on right now. we know that this stuff is not reported to reflect opinion, they're trying to shape opinion with these polls. >> greta: is rush right? are these polls slanted toward democrats and toward president obama? let's bring in our expert panel.
7:44 pm
steve, first to you. number one, are the polls slanted in number two, the second part of the question, does that suppress the vote? >> look, i think if you're just looking at "the new york times"/cbs poll, you believe everything you see in the polling of florida and ohio today, the results that came out today, yes, i think they oversampled democrats. i don't think there's any question about it. it would mean a record turnout in those states to produce the kinds of results we saw. now that doesn't mean these polls are useless. if there's consistent oversampling inside a poll, like the cbs/"new york times" poll has been, plus eight or nine for democrats, so you can see trends inside of that, even if they're oversampling. so they're not useless, but if that's all they're looking at they don't you good sense of where the race us right now. >> greta: michael? >> well, greta, pollsters want to get it right. the idea that there's a
7:45 pm
conspiracy that they're trying to root for one side, that they're trying to depresses one side's turnout, to me it doesn't make sense. i find it impossible to believe. they want to get it right. and, you know, these polls do something a margin that's pretty wide. obama campaign operatives would tell you some of the numbers in the last two polls that steve mentioned are not realistic, but people can look at websites that will average out several polls. so you'll get the outliers on one side, the outliers on the other side, to give you a real picrealistic picture. look at a sample of the aggregates. a lot of them, it's a bunch of different professionals doing their best job, it's not a conspiracy, and it averages out to an obama lead by a couple of points. >> greta: rush limbaugh talks it might suppress your vote if you saw it. if i thought my candidate were ahead, my not go vote, because i
7:46 pm
expect my candidate to win. >> it works both ways. if your candidate is with a up, you won't go. i think rush has a point. i don't think obama is up double digits in these states. because these polls are taking g 2008. do i think he's up 10, 12 points in these battleground states? i don't think so. >> greta: i guess the debates become all the more important. >> i think it's an opportunity for mitt romney to move the polls in his direction. if you're the romney campaign, you can't rely on them to change the trajectory of the race, but they matter. >> greta: think how important the comments are after everyone says who won and who didn't. >> historically debates have had limited effects. >> greta: we'll see this time. straight ahead, mayor mia love could be the first black republican in congress, and now police are tracking threats
7:47 pm
against here. she's about to go on the record. that's next.
7:48 pm
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>> greta: a despicable racist threat to target mia love of saratoga utah. if elected, she'd be the first black republican in congress, but right now she's receiving
7:51 pm
racist threats. many southeast of the evil threats directed at her and her family and are now under investigation. saratoga springs mayor mia love joins us. good evening, mayor. how are you? >> very well, greta. >> greta: what are the threats you're receiving? >> oh, you know, it's just to be expected. am i surprised? no. am i disappointed, absolutely. we've gotten mail after mail. just some disturbing things. i'm making sure that our police department is handling that. we'll allow them to handle that. >> greta: are the threats because you're running for congress, or do you think you would have gotten them anyway as mayor and being an african american woman? >> i've never gotten them before. you know, it's obvious that i pose a problem for barack obama and the liberal agenda. so, you know, we could see it with the $2 million of attack ads against us. we put up a money boom, sto bome
7:52 pm
attack on our website. we'll make sure that americans say we'r we're not going to stap for this nonsense. i hope everyone will join me. >> greta: as a member of the church of latter-day saints, i'm sure you've seen that harry reid has made about governor romney has not being the face of the church of the latter-day saints. what's your thought on? >> harry reid, the president of the senate, for him to make a comment like that is an all-time low. again, i talked about this during convention. i said this president and those who support him are pitting against each other based on social status, gender, i should have added religion. come on, americans are suffering. they're out of work. they're tired of the prices at the grocery store going up, they're tired of the gas prices that doubled.
7:53 pm
they want solutions. they're not concerned about who's the face of what religion. i mean, let's start talking about the issues. these are leaders. let's fix america's problems. >> greta: how is that received in utah? what are the local newspapers, people saying? are they hard on nor harry reid for it or staying out of dispute? >> what's important to utah is who's going to fix our economy. they want leadership. and so i'm sure, again, they're not surprised either. disappointed? yes. i'm disappointed. i'm disappointed that i don't have a leader in the senate, the president of the senate, leading on issues that are important to us. >> greta: all right. you must not be disappointed at the latest poll numbers that you have. i've seen them. what are you up? 15 points? >> yes. we're working hard. again, we've got attack ads that are coming against us. we've got the wikipedia page that's been attacked. we've got all these things that are happening.
7:54 pm
we'll take a clear stance and say we're not going to stand for this nonsense. we're going to win this race and not let outside groups come in and tell us what to do. >> greta: mayor, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. thank you. >> greta: coming up, is governor mitt romney auditioning for "dancing with the stars"? now we do have the video. that's next. of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there. we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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7:59 pm
seen him. >> that is mitt. >> and that is him at home. >> that is how he is all the time. >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure to watch neil cavuto 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. go to greta blp dinosaurs. prime time so settle in. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> president obama see pulling ahead in two big swing states. >> big news today president obama may be pulling away from governor romney in the key states of ohio and florida. but is that true? we have in-depth analysis from karl rove, dick morris and the governor of ohio, john kasich. >> there is no doubt that the world is in need of a new order and fresh way of thinking. >> bill: mad man of iran insulting just about everybody at the u.n.


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