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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 29, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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american people and showed a lack of knowledge and sophistication, she shouldn't hold that. the entire administration is wrong and this is the american people, and the world, and she was as spokeswoman, our representative to the world and explaining what happened and virtually everything she said was wrong. >> kelly: with that, we welcome you to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters, i'm kelly wright. >> i'm jamie colby, an interesting new twist to the whole story, congressman king joins a growing list of lawmakers, why ambassador rice initially declared the benghazi attack, a reaction to a protests in cairo over an anti-islam film before acknowledging it was a coordinated attack. and christopher stevens and three other americans were killed in the september 11th attack in benghazi and molly henneberg is following the story live in washington what
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happens next. >> she has her supporters including the president saying she's done extraordinary work at the united nations and providing the best knowledge that the administration had at the time. and john kerry, democratic chairman of the foreign relations committee says she's a quote enormously capable person, but republican congressman peter king is it not convinced. he wants to know why five days after the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others, ambassador rice stated publicly on several talk shows it was a spontaneous attack that grew out of an anti-muslim video when there was evidence it was a coordinated terror attack. >> ambassador rice should resign and we should investigate how high up this went and if the administration would voluntarily come forward and why they gave out this false information when they
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had to know there was so much else out there and yet, they wanted to rule out terrorism from the start. >> sources tell fox news that intelligence officials knew within one day of the attack, that was likely tied to al-qaeda. but according to a spokesperson for james clapper, director of national intelligence, that was not the initial statement. in the immediate aftermath. there was information that led us to assess that the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier this day at our embassy in cairo and we provided an assessment to the executive branch officials and members of congress and we emphasize that information gathered was preliminary and evolving. and at some point, it's unclear when, but that assessment changed and the intelligence community determined that it was a deliberate coordinated terror attack. jamie? >> molly henneberg, it's not going away soon. stay on it for us, thanks again. kelly? >> it's not going away at all, jamie, also new insight from voters about the shifting report from the libyan
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consulate attack. according to the latest fox news poll. 39% of voters approve of president obama's handling of the situation and 17% say they're not sure. so, how might this impact the race for the white house? angela mcglowan, a political analyst and jehmu green, a fox news contributor and women's media centerment thank you for joining us this afternoon to share your insights and perspective on this situation. in the aftermath of the terrorist attack or the benghazi consulate which took the lives of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans, the american people have wanted to hear a coherent message from the white house, instead, we have received, as we've seen through molly's report, shifting accounts of that fatal attack. so, what impact, and what bearing does this have on the presidential campaign now? jehmu? >> well, i think we have to keep in mind that from the moment that our embassy was attacked, the president and this administration has been focused on securing our
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diplomates, securing our facilities and going after the killers for justice. now, looking at any investigation, you're going to get more information as time goes along. and i think that the american people are going to come to understand that, especially as this topic comes up in the foreign policy debate. i, as an american, do not want communications from any president, democrat or a republican, happening in the speed of the twitter verse and we have to be responsible and i think that the administration has been, as they've learned more information, they've updated congress and they have updated the-- >> and angela. >> making a move within 24 hours and five or fix days later our u.n. ambassador told us point blank that it was not pre-meditated that it was spontaneous, so, she sounds for sure. the bottom line is this, everyone in the administration has been lock in step in protecting this president during the election year.
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and we know that this president has put politics before policy. and now, people have lost their lives. and jehmu you said the administration is focused on securing our diplomatic places abroad, our diplomatic institutions abroad. what happened on doing that security before 9/11? what happened to that? why are we focused on it now? >> and so many people are asking, as we-- a couple of questions about what was going on on the ground when they knew there was danger in those areas. >> even the ambassador stated it. but i want to ask you something that's important here, because this is a crucial week for the president as well as governor mitt romney. how might this impact the presidential campaign in terms of how it will relate to the first presidential debate? >> i hope that mitt romney stands strong and talks about foreign policy. because two weeks before september 11th, we heard at the dnc, you and i both did together. hey, gm is alive and osama bin laden is dead, that's not
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foreign policy so mitt romney has a grand opportunity to raise his poll numbers by putting obama's feet to the fire. >> there's only one candidate who politicized the death of four american heroes, you know, late at night on september 11th and he was really rebuked by many leading republicans for how, you know, just not ready for prime time he was. i think he showed his lack of depth and experience on foreign policy clearly on september 11th, but i think, you know, all of the calls and points to that this is a coverup is-- it's really laughable in a sense. i don't want to, you know, take away from the seriousness of the loss of american life, but you know, my mom always says, i look for love in all the wrong places. republicans and angela, you and your counterparts are looking for a coverup in all the wrong places. >> i have not said one time it's a coverup. i believe that susan rice was a good foot soldier for the administration, but to even look at the fort hood attack,
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we said that was work place violence and found out that was connected to al-qaeda and even at times where bomber, we said an isolated incident and found out that was planned and connected to al-qaeda. so, this is actually something that has happened before time and time again and definitely. >> kelly: and both of you-- time out ladies, let me put this question out to both of you. since mr. romney is expected to attack the president on economy, and foreign policy and so far we have not seen what he will do for a second term. so, what do you anticipate the president will have to do, jehmu, in order to get ahead of this foreign policy gap that's going on right now in the wake of the death of four great americans. i don't know, kelly, i disagree with you. we haven't seen from president obama what his next four years would be, we have not seen anything from governor romney on what his business-- his presidency would look like, all he's done is attack the-- >> during the debate. >> what he will do during the debate i think is remind the
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american people of his record on counterterrorism, and that is not something that governor romney is going to be able to poke any holes in, and i think he will also remind the american people of when it comes to the economy, that it's the turn around is going to take time. >> oh. >> and you've seen president clinton talk about why it took eight years to get us surpluses and i think it will be finally clear, because, unfortunately. >> jehmu. >> the media has focused only on-- >> let me get the final word to angela. >> president obama has a record and the bottom line, we have anemic economy. people don't have jobs and they're still incleased home foreclosures and mitt romney has talked about what he's going to do to create a more prosperous america. >> most americans don't want most republicans want him to open his mouth. >> you don't know what what's in their minds and hearts, so don't predict. >> kelly: you're listening to angela mcglowan and jehmu green, the campaign in libya, not only policy, but national
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security and the economy, all of this put in play a big factor in this week's first debate. thank you, jehmu green and angela mcglowan, we're days away from the first presidential debate and of course, live coverage of the main event hosted by our own megyn kelly and bret baier coming up this wednesday, october 3rd only on the fks news channel. fox news channel. ♪ >> the gloves are coming off in a red-hot congressional race in florida. tea party favorite republican congressman allen west is causing a stir this weekend after unveiling a new attack ad featuring his opponent's mug shot. and this is new and different, peter, tell us. >> reporter: it is, jamie, in eastern florida, the race for congress in the sunshine state's 18th congressional district between the incumbent. republican allen west and the challenger patrick murphy produced what larry sabato,
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calling one of the most devastating contrast ads he's ever seen. take a look. >> february 16th, 2003, fort hood texas, lt. colonel allen west received his order and prepared troops to go to war. patrick murphy from a club fighting, covered in alcohol and unable to stands. >> and the vp of of environmental services company hitting hard at lt. colonel west who endorsed that ad, saying allen west is shamelessly attacking pat trek murphy for a mistake he made as a teenager, a mistake he learned from. and west goes on to discuss his tenure in the military 2003 and fage to acknowledge he was criminally charged that year for assault and violating the uniform code of military justice.
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the murphy campaign is referring to the time west fired a gun next to the head of an iraqi he was interrogating back in 2003 for which west was eventually fined $5,000 before being allowed to retire with full military benefits as a lt. colonel. ap west spokesman is dismissing the murphy camp counterattack, saying, quote, if murphy wants to try to equate his drunken brawling with allen west's efforts to save his soldiers lives in combat, bring it on. jamie. >> jamie: interesting story, peter, thank you. >> kelly: justice gone wrong. coming up, how dozens of inmates in massachusetts were locked up based on tainted evidence. >> at least that's the claim. plus, iran is probably now it's said months away from acquiring all the technology they need to build a nuclear bomb. what is the u.s. doing to stop them? and what happens if israel's warnings go unnoticed? we're going to ask the former state department advisor about
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>> tens of thousands of drug related convictions in massachusetts could now be thrown out. a former lab chemist is charged with falsifying evidence, not just once, but for years. it's a growing scandal that's led to dozens of convicted drug defendants getting released from jail. molly line with the latest from our new york city news room. molly? >> jamie, this is a scandal that could affect more than 1,000 inmates that are currently serving time in massachusetts for drug related crime and far more people than convicted in the past. a state lab chemist accused of not just faulty work, but mixing samples, and not testing others and forging paper work and prosecutors say the deception has gone on for years. he was arrested friday charged with obstruction of justice and falsely pretending to hold a degree from a college or a
10:17 am
university. more than a dozen people released from jail and prosecutors and defense attorneys struggle to assess the damage. a lab in boston was shut down and the public commissioner resigned. among the allegations, investigators say line of drug sample and testified under oath in the summer of 2010, which he had an advanced degree from the university of massachusetts. the school has no record of him. co-workers started expressing their concerns about the work years ago. one red flag, she was the most productive chemist on staff and fellow technicians tested about 50 to 150 samples a month. she would routinely test more than 500. state police say that duggan tested more than 60,000 drug samples involving 34,000 defendants during nine years at the lab. >> and her alleged actions questioned the integrity of the entire justice system. many victims as a result of
10:18 am
this. first of course are the defendants, when charged in a criminal justice system have the right to expect that they will be given due process. >> if convicted of the current charges, faces up to 20 years in prison and the attorney general is not ruled out the possibility of more charges. as far as motive, as far as prosecutor can tell, she wanted to be even as an efficient worker. >> jamie: that's a fascinating story that blew up at the end of the week, thanks, molly. >> thank you. >> kelly: kelly? >> in america, can present a lot of problems for school trying to make it in life and can mean lack of access of highly effective teachers and one former nba player serving as a politician is hoping to change the game of education, to make it possible for all kids regardless of background or race to get the kind of schooling that will enable them to live their lives
10:19 am
beyond a dream. >> kevin johnson of sacramento, california believes the time is now to issue a wakeup call to address the state of education among youth in america. johnson says the real facts are alarming. schools are failing children, which is why it's launched a program called stand up for great schools. it's an evaluational initiative, a fight for kids to achieve a solid foundation in school. >> i thought education was supposed to be my future. >> he believes you can't have a great city without great schools. >> the time is now. we're losing our children. if we as a faith community don't lead the way, then who do we think is going to lead the way. >> kelly: jonathan helped to organize the faith leaders policy summit recently held in atlanta, georgia. he's urging faith leaders and even civil rights leaders in the african-american community to mobilize their churches to help kids, parents, and teachers find solutions to the
10:20 am
problems in education. he says, kids must come first. >> we just have a crisis in our country. in our public education system is not doing well by our children, it's going to take an entire community to say enough is enough. >> johnson wants to level the playing field for all children who operate from a disadvantage, something he's too familiar with. >> and i grow up in a poor neighborhood and the only way to make it out of the community is basketball and got a scholarship to uc berkley. >> and he knows competing and winning, as a nba player with the phoenix suns enjoyed 12 years as one of the top players of the game. during his nba career, jonathan launched st. hope, a nonprofit community development organization to revitalize earn city communities in his hometown of sacramento. >> i didn't have any of my friends with me on college. they were on drugs, you know, in jail or dead. and i remember thinking, you
10:21 am
know, that's just difficult to not have people from your community succeeding and be as successful and the only reason i made is out because of sports, because of doing something worthwhile that i wanted to be able to get back in the sphere of education and make sure i could disrupt a vicious cycle. >> his educational initiative provides help to students first and an organize founded by his wife, michelle rini, former chancellor of public schools. >> we have to spans people across this country together, understand that the system is broken and want to be a part of fixing it and know that children deserve more. >> we cut to the chase, if you want to get rid of poverty and you provide high access, and anyone who says that kids can't be learned or defined by the zip code or color of their skin. that's hogwash. education is the great
10:22 am
equallizer, it's the passport, the civil rights ooh issue of our time. >> kelly: you almost have to agree with kevin johnson and transforming children to be the best they can be and show them how to be competitive. >> jamie: allegations now of fraud in a key battle ground state. and filling out some of the questionable voter registration forms in florida. an all important state. a live report on that next. >> kelly: plus, israeli prime minister urging the world to limit the iran's nuclear capability. will the world draw back the attempt in this crisis? >> we'll take a closer look. ♪
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>> welcome back, everybody. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. a detainee from canada held at guantanamo bay has been released. 26-year-old omar kadar will
10:27 am
serve out the rest of his sentence for the 2002 killing of a soldier. >>. >> kelly: new york congressman peter king calling for the resignation of t resignation susan rice, should, quote, pay the price for failing to describe the attack on our consulate in libya as terrorism. >> jamie: japan's menster, last year, jaep japan experienced a meltdown after a devastating earthquake and tsunami. >> kelly: there are new questions about possible voter fraud in the key state of florida after what an i period to be an isolated problem in one county is spreading state-wide. we're talking about suspicious voter registration forms filled out on behalf of the republican party. and officials there are
10:28 am
threatening this seriously-- treating this seriously. we're joined by eric. >> you've got to remember that voter registration fraud was a huge scandal in the 2008 presidential race. remember, it helped to lead to the demise of acorn, the activist group. now, suspected voter fraud hit again this time in republican hired firm in that state ten counties in florida so far reporting possible problems. the company is strategic allied consulting and to registered voters in five states, but now it's been fired by the republican national committee and several state parties after just over 100 signatures showed up in palm beach county. and that would allegedly fraudulent and the company is pointing to one employee, and more than 2000, saying in a statement in part, quote, we were able to identify that the questions were the work of one individual. we're very proud of our work product. unfortunately not everyone
10:29 am
takes the issue seriously. it's an affront to everyone living in this country. and seminole's county told us that whoever did this, well, he or she should face the consequences. >> anytime that this occurs, it attacks the credibility of the entire process. when anyone does this to attack the credibility of a process that i hold so dear, i hope there's people doing things outside the boundary of the law, when you prosecute them, they don't do it again. >> there were prosecutions in acorn cases, dozens of acorn workers were prosecuted for voter registration fraud. and they pleaded guilty in a felony case. and suspected fake signatures on indiana that put hillary clinton and president obama on the 2008 ballot there. and they told they never
10:30 am
signed those ballots. >> they face trial in this case in january. ap as for the later case in florida, prosecutors are investigating and criminal charges could be coming. of course, if you suspect voter fraud where you live. we want to know about it, voter is our address and next to jamie, where you are, discussing the pennsylvania voter i.d. case at 11:30 in the morning, our guest will be deputy secretary of state shannon royer, a judge expected any day now to rule on this voter i.d. will be allowed in the pennsylvania-- the state supreme court, and back to the lower court. the decision on that contentious case expected by monday. >> kelly: the battle ground continues, eric. thank you. ♪ >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here.
10:31 am
before, before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. >> jamie: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu where he says the nuclear capability must be stopped. making a bold declaration this week. get the red line in place. would that approach even work. a former state department senior advisor, now principal with the d.c. international advisory, it's great to have you, christian. >> great to be here, jamie, thanks for having me. >> i watched the speech and i watched everything all week and personally, i've never heard this question asked, so you're the lucky one in the chair for me to throw it to and i think you're just the right person. but look, if iran continues to insist that their nuclear ambitions are peaceful, and everybody else around the world pretty much thinks
10:32 am
otherwise, why hasment iaea or anyone else ever said to iran, present to us the number or percentage of nuclear power you are using for peaceful purposes and somehow check to see if the amount of nuclear power they're producing is increasing, which would at least substantiate their claims they're using nuclear power for something else, has that ever been asked? >> not that i'm aware of. fran thought that that would be redundant step sans we've caught them-- or the iaea that would only be steps for a nuclear weapons, not nuclear energy. we've found them with nuclear designs, and plutonium bombs and other steps that have no apcation for nuclear energy. >> jamie: how could you evaluate the extent to which their ambitions have -- where they are basically at this
10:33 am
point and what the true threat is without also having that other component of nuclear energy being provided in other places? because there are sanctions in place for the bad stuff. why don't they defend themselves by giving that information? are we entitled to it or is the u.n.? >> i think we're entitled to it because this is a regime that's extremely dangerous, it is awash in oil, and yet, has this unexplained nuclear program, i mean, if you have access to other sources of energy, really, is this necessary and also, you have throughout this, we've seen a pattern of deception, so, i think it's completely incumbent upon iran to explain and be transparent about what they're doing and of course, they're not doing that in you look back at the intent of this regime since it came to power, one. first steps was taking u.s. diplomates hostage. they've made war on us through proxies in iraq. kidnapped hostages through
10:34 am
proxies like hezbollah in lebanon. really, a dangerous regime. so, the benefit, the onu is on them and not doing a lot to asuede israel and the united nations. >> jamie: great point. i guess on a week where we're talking about transparency and getting information right and telling the american people the truth, i just was curious if our folks in charge of overseeing this concern are asking the right questions. let me ask you about the prime minister and his discussion and in fact, his board and diagram and red line, effective? >> yeah, i don't think so. you know, the problem israel has, i think it's completely understandable from their point of view, but a lot of their messaging sounds very similar to what we heard in the bush administration in 2007, 2008, warnings that iran was about to be at a critical stage of the nuclear program above the '08 election and now
10:35 am
before the 12 election. the big news, the take away from prime minister netanyahu's speech, it moves the critical deadline to spring or summer when he said iran would be able to dark to a nuclear capability without being detected and the previous conventional wisdom that iran-- excuse me that israel was going to strike iran probably before our presidential election, that's out the window, now the new time line is spring or summer so frankly, some of us doubt that it will be the case that netanyahu may have concluded the risks are too high and israel won't strike iran. >> jamie: put in perspective what benjamin netanyahu, the foreign minister actually said that more sanctions are called for. how effective have the sanctions been? is the timing right to put in place more of them to at least delay the need for israel or even the united states to
10:36 am
respond militarily? >> and probably sanctions are, they're just not working. there are other things that are working that have bought a lot of time. there's the sabotage program that's probably being spearheaded by the israelis, but we may be involved as well. and this is caused things like centrifuges, iranian centrifuges that operated at extremely high speeds and precision in manufacture to explode, things like this, which is reported of course in a book by a new york times reporter, with leaked information. the chairman of the intelligence committee diane feinstein in the senate saying she learned more from this book than in briefing from the intelligence community. that's another topic, those things are effective. sanctions less so, our own intelligence community said that these sanctions are not stopping the iranian program. >> jamie: you have to hope in the conversation our president had with benjamin netanyahu, whatever the intelligence that the prime minister has that leads that the bombs are potentially sooner was shared and that we all react
10:37 am
appropriately. it's definitely a threat. christian, always great to have you here, thank you so much. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: a lot of news to cover and much more when we come back after a quick break. [ giggling ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪
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>> this could be my guy of the week. a hot air balloon pilot spreading a message at washington state, spreading a message about veterans. lou pilots the freedom flight 5, it's a 95 foot hot air balloon promoting p.o.w. awareness and he's been doing it for 20 years, why? >> because he cares. >> and as far as having the ability to go out and promote the p.o.w.-mia issue, how many people are missing and make
10:42 am
sure the family are aware we won't forget and promoting the issue with the biggest thing that we could find. >> jamie: lou, i dedicate this show to you. this is the 23rd year of the great balloon rally, it's not just pretty, but really means something. something. >> something else that means something, the economy. and to the economy right now, the commerce department says that people are spending more and that's good news. and many of us are spending more at the gas pump. because of the higher gas prices, people are selling out more to fill our cars and what does it mean for our economy? jonathan hoenig from capitalist pig hedge fund and cashin' in. >> great to be with you. >> kelly: a mixed bag, on one hand the consumer spent more in august, but most went to pay gas prices a he we talked about and apparently the
10:43 am
americans are not spending as much, what concerns about saving more and spending less. >> spending, consumption itself is not inherently a good sign. keep in mind, that was the justification for the stimulus that we spent. we want people spending more, that's gone down the drain. in actuality, consumption is the end of the productive cycle, the wealth is consumed and there's no more of it. we should be looking for any growth in the economy is some signs of production. people making more investments and hiring and that worries me, is that the long-term economic indicator. i'm not a hater. i want positive signs in the economy. unemployment, housing and the gdp remains unbelievably week in spite of the here and there slight up ticks in the economy. >> kelly: you said something key there. that's production. we don't see enough production, in fact don't see enough manufacturing out there. hidden in the report if you drill down more, u.s. personal income and spending data for
10:44 am
august are worse than the headline figures suggest. so, is this slow growth of jobs impacting americans where it matters most in their wallet and in their incomes? >> actually, as we pointed out, not saving and what i really fear, kelly, is that a situation, not similar for the late 1970's, it wasn't a recession, it was was called stagflation, it's got dollars in your wallet to spend, but the dollars are getting you less and less and less and doing so in a still weak economy. so, you know, that's my reason for today's economic climate not one of robust growth and slow growth, but really lethargic growth at best and long-term economic indicators, quite weak. >> and with the slow growth, it hard when we get to this topic again, it heart to get some clarity and certainty out there. given the sharp drop in the american consumers savings, which is hit on american incomes anemic economy, what's
10:45 am
your best advice for americans in terms of how we handle our money? >> well, i think that people need to be extraordinarily prudent and supposed to make people more confident in saving and spending and money in the economy. i'm an investment guy over at capitalist pig and look what investors are doing, keeping their dollars in their pockets. they're hesitant to invest in new stocks, new equipment. put the dollars to work and in my estimation that's what we need to put the economy back on track. a great new regulation from washington d.c., but move it up even higher. >> kelly: my take on what you're saying, it's not exactly grim news, but one that should give us pause? >> yes, i mean, the economy, in my estimation, kelly, it's certainly better off than it was at the depth of the great recession a few years ago, but if you look at any of the economic indicators, again, the housing, the employment,
10:46 am
the gdp tells you where the economy is going are still very much on the map and not soaring up from it. >> kelly: i'm looking forward to those days to come, we want our economy back in order and our house in order. enjoy your day in chicago. >> thank you, kelly, thank you, you, too. >> jamie: it's time, kelly to roll up our sleeves and get our annual flu shot. there are two new strains of influenza, the age group that's best protected and those who should not get the flu shot. very few of you folks out there. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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>> welcome back, the sequel of car-mageddon in los angeles, shut down, if all goes according to plan, it will stay that way before a bridge is built before themonda and transportation officials are hoping the weekend project proves as successful as last year's did. >> carmageddon 2 is here. >> later than midnight? >> i would pick another route to go. you will be diverted. >> this time around we've got a third more bridge to
10:51 am
demolish. it will take all the time this time. and at least we don't anticipate finishing early. >> kelly: take a look. here are live pictures right now. drivers have been warned for weeks now to avoid the construction zone this weekend. ♪ >> what an important topic this is. it's good news this year, because the vaccine guards against two new strains of influenza circling the globe. dr. somati, chief of robotics at mount sinai, in new york city. he has to get the flu shot and the hospital personnel does. and i said i'm going to do it this year. >> it's a good idea. this year we're much, much more prepared than a year ago. about 135 million vaccine coming in, so, it's great. and also, what's important for people to know is it that if you got the shot last year, it didn't mean that you're going to be protected this year.
10:52 am
for the same reason that you mentioned, because the new type of virus is different than last year and we also have this new h 3-n 2, which is going to be part of the vaccination. so, it's important to get your vaccination yearly. and the common thing to la last year, hn 1, caused us problems and we have that in the vaccination and no one knows how difficult it's going to be this year, but this is a good time to talk about it because the flu season starts around october, november. peaks around january and february and goes all the way to may. and that's the critical time. >> jamie: so, it's perfect that we're talking about it now, not too early and really not too late. pregnant women can get the vaccine. i was fascinated to read that. >> important point and also, not only is it important for them, it's also passing the antibodies to the kids. so, when the baby is born, they will be much preferred to have the antibodies and better protected and a lot of times
10:53 am
flu and pregnant women can cause pre-term labor and a lot of problems. make sure when you get the vaccines, it takes two weeks to kick in. ones that should not get vaccines, kids younger than six months and if you have severe allergies to eggs, you want to stay away from it and talk to your doctor. >> jamie: a very small group of people that shouldn't. we'll take your advice on that one. >> the best group who got the vaccination, doctors. they got about 86%, and the seniors got about 66%. and the worst group were the adults. only about 50%, so hopefully they're listening to this and their vaccination. >> you may get the flu or flu symptoms, that's not a reason not to get it. >> absolutely. >> jamie: the second topic i think is so important we wanted to touch on. when you take your child to the emergency room now, there are so many new things in place that you probably can get them out faster and get them better faster. tell us about some of the changes that you were even fascinated by some of these? >> yes, the whole room of
10:54 am
emergency room, especially in kids is changing. i don't know if you've ever seen a kid crying, they don't speak and can't present themselves well. and one of the new things, when the doctor writes a prescription, we write them milligrams, there are so many errors to be made and new soft wears, and the system, you basically scan the bar for the medication and spits out exactly what exactly the right dose is almost like an app for medications for kids. >> jamie: what about giving the medication? >> that hasn't changed, but as far as measuring the dose, now, there's less mistake and it's more accurate. >> jamie: i.d.'s for children. >> this was fascinating and i told you, and myself today, when i was doing my residency and training, if someone couldn't take the i visit we used to put central line which goes in the neck. now i learned that in kids they can put this intra osseous, in the bone and stays longer.
10:55 am
and that's new. the fractures that we used to see in kids and now basically using medication such as ketamine to be less admissions and don't need to stay in the hospital longer, and we used to do a lot of cat scans for brain trauma. kids can fall, highest rate of injuries and we used to get cat scans all over the place. >> jamie: are you worried about that? because kids brains are thinner, more susceptible, don't have a lot of time, but should parents trust the doctor on this? >> and for the examination, the e.r. attendings are well trained. if they need a cat scan, but a study says you don't need a cat scan on everyone let them take care of it. the whole world is changing for better and i think it's an exciting time. >> jamie: it is. very important. see you tomorrow for sunday house call. >> look forward to it. >> kelly: that will do it for us, everybody, that you for joining us, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. the journal editorial report is next, followed by news watch, have a great day watch, have a great day everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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