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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 29, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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where the white house on the eve of a presidential election lies about a war to cover up an impending scandal. >> yes. albania situation in ail buena related in any way. >> oh, my goodness, there you go. there is a little help. >> countries that have fundamentalist movements. >> judge jeanine: why do i feel that movie is hitting a little too close to home these days. there are characters and let me introduce them. president barack obama. white house spokesman jay carney. ambassador susan rice. secretary of state hillary clinton. the script an awful internet video that set the middle east on fire. add for a little drama libyan president who calls the white house script prepostorrous. enter cn. in with the murdered ambassador's journal.
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the plot thickens. the ambassador writes he is on an al-qaeda hit list and wor worried about his embacy. the white house writes an investigation is in order and within three days concludes it was terrorism. man, that was one fast investigation. by the way, had the lead agency the fbi even gone into benghazi? is it safe yet? but still, how to explain the sub plot of who knew what and when. didn't the president and the war on terror with the kic kilg of osama bin laden and isn't hillary clinton responsible for the security of american diplomats throughout the world? if that is true how do we explain the attack in libya? go back to the video narrative. but that is the movie that would never sell. right? covering up for the failure of
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not only the secretary of state to protect our diplomats as well as a foreign policy of a feckless, weak, ineffective and down right dangerous administration supposed to be one of the most transparent in history just begs the question what else are they lying about? former vice chief of staff of the army retired four star general and fox news military analyst jack keene in orlando. terror analyst and the author of the terrorist next door eric stagelback and former intelligence officer for the office of defense join me this evening. good evening, gentlemen. >> three days after the attack in benghazi, the former commander of the u.s. central command, the cia director, david petraeus goes along with the administration, general, and he says that the attack in
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benghazi was prompted by a you tube video. now, you guys had similar training. was petraeus just towing the party line? >> well, from what i understand that took place behind closed door sessions is he did provide the reality that al-qaeda affiliated groups participated in the attack and also told them that they were not certain whether it was an opportunistic attack, in other words, responding to the demonstrations that had taken place in cairo or was it a preplanned or coordinated or orchestrated attack. that is pretty much what the testimony was that he pro provided. >> judge jeanine: and the fact there was a four hour fire fight what does that tell you as a military general? >> i think the -- all of the circumstancial evidence would tell you that this is orchestrated and planned attack. one they had enough ammunitions to fight for four hours. two the is supporting weapons
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that they brought, rocket propelled grenades and also mortars are used to aah support assault forces and those are not the kind of weapons that people would show up at any kind of spontaneous demonstration. and then the other thing that i think is very important, judge is, that there have been a pattern of attacks in benghazi since early april and four of them specifically against westerns so. onwestern sources. one an ied attack and another against the >> there is is intelligence out there that the threat was rising. when you put all of them together clearly the other attacks were orchestrated, preplanned et cetera. you would draw the obvious conclusion i believe that so was this one. >> judge jeanine: and you know,
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general there is no question about it. and if as i said in my opening that the journal that the ambassador kept indicated that he was on an al-qaeda hit list when al-qaeda, of course, was supposed to be destroyed with the killing of bin laden and that the security and embassy and consultate didn't have the security it needed and i will go to eric back for this, is it safe for any americans to be in the middle east in that area or north africa for that matter and i will be more specific when we cannot protect our diplomats and even the fbi was because ito in with us it wasn't safe yet. >> this is driving me insane. we know a few things. number one the day before this attack al-qaeda released a videotape saying we are looking to kill americans in the middle east to avenge the death of a libyan al-qaeda leader. number two this happened on 9/11. hello. that is kind of a symbolic day for jihaddists around the world. so to have really just scant
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security at the consulate. our own fbi still cannot go on there and investigate and get on the ground and try to figure out what happened in benghazi because of security concerns. we have known for a long time this is a big problem. >> judge jeanine: mike, you were the director of strategy for the white house homeland security council. is there this whole narrative that they are proposing, do they really think that is works and has it worked? >> i think it does. essentially what we have done is said that the war on terrorism is over. banned the term and said al-qaeda is dead because bin laden is dead. a foreign policy triumph and everything is fine in the world and then facts on the ground get in the way of that, right. that is really what frustrates me is we put people in a lot of danger when we are not honest with them about the facts. the facts we knew there would be chaos following the so called air rob spring. arab spring. we haven't as a nation thought
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about it and talked about it and developed plans and policies and put the military at the right posture for that or protected our citizens. >> judge jeanine: general keene i want to go back to you. can we win this war on terrorism. forget that the president doesn't want to use the word, whatever term he is using now. have we ever win it. don't we have to at least admit there is a continuing war? >> look, the fact of the matter is we have been at war with radical islam for years and they clearly have a radical islamic movement in every country in the region. their objective is to dominate each one of those countries and establish a calife. to do that the number one strategic objective is to drive the united states out of the region and that is also the iranians objective as well. so the fact of the matter is much of this is about trying to separate our support for this moderate government in libya and also for the new government in egypt.
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they want to use antiamericannism as the vehicle to undermine these new governments. >> judge jeanine: general, let me ask you this. if what we are trying to do is to protect this country, isn't it more important that we at least be honest and admit that we are in the war as opposed to saying we are going to get out in 2014 and you won't have to deal with us any more? >> the real issue is that -- is not so much what we are calling t but what we are doing. the fact of the matter is our strategic policy in the region not spoken but in actual fact is one of disengagement. we are pulling away from the country's in the region and our region are verygehr very concerned. that happened in iraq and it is going to happen in afghanistan and has happened with the iranians. we are not tough enough with them, we will wind up in a military collision with the iranians because diplomacy and sanctions are going to fail.
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>> all right, judge, general keane, eric and mike thanks so much for being with us. and eric you will be back with us later in the show. gentlemen, thank you. coming up, is this president obama's october surprise? what the polls show. are they even accurate? and later, will friends like these who needs enemies. you won't believe how much money the united states sends to countries like egypt and libya. stay with us. ní
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reference being used as a result of a spontaneous demonstration. also incredible naivety to blame it on a video. it is not the video it is the islamists using the video. >> judge jeanine: many in washington don't believe what the obama administration told us in the week following the
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attack on the embassy in libya that killed four americans. what kind of reaction can we expect to see from the voters? tonight we will ask republican strategist noelle nickpour and john alenko. thanks for being with us in studio the two of you. let's talk about the video. does it sell, john? >> well, i mean. >> judge jeanine: i think you and the question. you said well does it sell? >> absolutely not. they proved it with a terrorist attack which by the way obama won't even admit the word terrorist. >> obama said the day after it was an act of terror. >> he did not! >> judge jeanine: no, he didn't. >> they are not reason referring to it as terroristic. >> no, they are not. the fact is wrong. >> judge jeanine: i can't let my view refer that. he did not refer to what happened in benghazi as terror. he sent the ambassador out five days later to say it was about a spontaneous protest. >> here is the thing about john mccain. >> judge jeanine: let's talk
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about obama. obama the president will not even use the word terror. he was before the united nations this week and gives a speech and talks about the hateful video six times and doesn't use the word terror. lit me finish the question. >> you know what -- >> in connection with the attack in benghazi. isn't that a little weak? >> but here is the thing. president obama he was president when we got bin laden. he has taken out the leadership of al-qaeda. >> judge jeanine: it doesent matter. he is admitting now that al-qaeda hit us in north africa. >> he is in campaign mode, everybody and he doesn't want by using the word terror it means we are not as safe as we were before 9/11 and he doesn't want to use it because he wants people to think we are still safe so he blames it on the film. how can you debate that? >> they talke talked about it n act of terror already. >> judge jeanine: why didn't he use the word terror at the united nations when talked about a hateful video? >> here is the thing what the republicans seem to like is that we thump our chests and scream like gorillas in heat.
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what actually works is is a strategy to get bin laden. >> judge jeanine: what is the strategy if our ambassador is killed in benghazi with three he americans and there is no security? >> on 9/11. >> let's compare bush with obama. bush took -- >> it is not about bush. you are not allowed to mention george bush on my show. >> you always go back to bush. >> the republicans giving us foreign policy advice is like the replacement refs in the nfl. >> judge jeanine: when four americans are used they won't even use the word terror. >> they talked about it being an act of al-qaeda. >> i thought they finished al-qaeda? >> absolutely. >> the top leadership. certain doesn't -- i mean -- you know, the thing is the republicans are so much more intent on coming out and screaming and acting like cowboys. >> screaming. oh, on 9/11 it was a premeditated attack. >> judge jeanine: didn't the administration lie when they said it was about a video,
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john? >> it was a couple of days into it. they were still gathering intelligence. >> just answer the question. >> judge jeanine: why didn't they say they were gathering intelligence? >> i think they should have said that? >> did they mislead the american people. >> they went on the basis of the intelligence they had. >> he is not going to answer the question because there is no way to take up for what they did. they blamed it on and apologized for the video. >> they didn't apologize, come on. >> you are the ambassador who went out on national television five days later and told the party line should she resign as peter king representative? >> should mitt romney resign? >> he is not -- >> judge jeanine: she was inaccurate. >> he is not president. >> this is about the president's spokesperson. >> romney is running for president. >> coming out and saying that this was a video, a hateful video. the same words the president used at the up. should she resign? >> i mean it was a hateful video but he also said clearly we are going to speak out to people. >> judge jeanine: if you
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interrogated the people who shot our ambassador to find out if they even saw the video? isn't there is presumption there that the american people need to learn the truth about? >> we can aggressively go after terrorists which we have. >> judge jeanine: we have? >> this is a premeditated attack and you have to admit when they looked at his diary he even had security concerns that went up to -- >> judge jeanine: guys, i got to go. thanks so much for being with us this evening. coming up, some polls show the presidential race too close to call. others show the president with a double digit lead. so what is really going on here? and later, israeli prime minister netanyahu's warning about a nuclear iran. [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice! [ male announcer ] isn't always the one you plan to take. whoa, check it out. hey baby goat... nohat's not yours... [ hikers whispering ] ...that's not yours. [ goat bleats ] na, na, n-- no!
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this is a fox news alert. an amber alert issued i this is a fox news alert police say a 9-year-old and her 7-year-old brother 9-year-old chloe and her 7-year-old brother did not die in the fire as originally believed. on the phone is the reporter for the tennessee nuce paper in nashville. thank you tore being with us. >> thanks for having us, judge. >> judge jeanine: talk to us about the two children. initially thought to be in the fire. the cadaver dogs said no evidence other than the two grand parents in the home and a dog. where are the kids? >> you know, that is the question everybody has wanted to know. this is a bit of a mystery at this point. the fire occurred sunday evening. since then you have had bedford county officials in bedford county about 50 miles south of nashville, fire officials went through the fire wreck anage ad then the state investigators go
9:22 pm
through the wreckage and then on thursday and friday they returned again to the debris and they have been able to find the bodies of the children's care takers, the grandparents but the children's bodies have not been found and after three searches by three different agencies, they are pretty certain at this point that the children just were not there when the fire occurred. >> judge jeanine: and certainly there would be some forensic evidence of, you know, their having been in that fire. but the children were not living with their parents and i understand that the parents from 2006 until 2010 were under investigation by the department of children and family services. do we know whether or not either of those parents is now a suspect in terms of having these children? >> i spoke to the tennessee bureau of investigation today and they are saying there are no suspects is specifically at this point. the mother they have been able to speak to the mother and the father of gage who is still alive. the father of chloe is deceased
9:23 pm
at this point. the tbi says they have spoke one family members and at this point they are continuing to talk to them but they have no affirmative information about whether or not somebody actually took these children. >> judge jeanine: all right. well, hopefully if there is any evidence you will let us know about that, brian. thanks so much. the tennessee bureau of investigation is asking that any one with any information as to the whereabouts of these two young children call them at 1-800-tbi-find. thank you. all right. now, back to politics. the accuracy of polls is always in question. and the upcoming presidential election is putting a spot light on just how accurate they are. for example, there are are two polls that show president obama in the lead in florida. the washington post poll has the president up by four points. 51 to 47. but the new york times poll has
9:24 pm
the president up by 9 points, 53-44. same state. two very different numbers. with me to explain all of this to you and me is former pollster are for president clinton and fox news contributor doug schoen. good evening, doug. >> good evening, judge. pleased to be here. >> judge jeanine: explain this to me? >> first it has to do with sample composition. the poll with the larger lead had more democrats. the poll with the smaller lead had fewer democrats. a bigger undecided. means that in fact that there is more per situation in the electorate. bottom line with one poll having the president 51 and 53 would i as a professional draw from it is the president's own vote is probably in the low 50s. the rest of vote is either undecided or with governor romney. undecided, judge, tend to break against the incumbent. >> so the president would
9:25 pm
assume even that one is four and the other is nine that the lead is much closer to four than nine. >> what about the fact that -- how did they predict who is going to vote? bear with me for a second. >> sure. >> i remember in 2008 there was all this excitement. an african american reaching out to young people to those who felt they were disenfranchised. how do we know the same people are voting in a few weeks? the. >> we don't. a lot of the polls out now, judge, are showing the same turnout model that we had in 2008. but your question is well taken. because ultimately the level of enthusiasm for the democrats is down from '08 and i should add the republican brand has suffered a hit, too. we don't know bottom line who is voting on november 6. >> in terms of the media, the immediatey is almost playing it as though it is over he is so far ahead in the battleground states that, you know, there is sub limbal or message don't even bother to come out he won?
9:26 pm
>> two problems. the polls are overstating the president's lead. the president is ahead but in the swing states it is close. there is a mainstream media narrative that says that the president has all but been reelected. some people take it that means don't come out to vote. the obama supporters are worried that people will sit on their hands and they won't vote either. >> talk about the spontaneous protest in benghazi. does that break from the president when everybody is saying it wasn't that? >> the "new york times" front page they basically suggests that this spells trouble for the president. it does. he has a good record on terror. but this is a problem. >> judge jeanine: this is a real problem. >> and a problem at the worst possible time. >> doug thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> judge jeanine: coming up, a growing move in congress to cut off aid to countries like libya and egypt. we give them billions of dollars in support and they
9:27 pm
gave us what? watch chris wallace on sunday when his guest is vice presidential candidate paul ryan. >> we can either have a dynamic growing economy that produces opportunity or a stagnant economy that fosters dependency. stick with the failed policies of the last four years or next four
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live from america's news headquarters, with the first debate only days away, candidates aren't letting their running mates doing the talking this weekend. vice president biden campaigning in florida blaming the deficit on the previous administration and paul ryan was in ohio. ryan, a hunting enthusist telling jerts governor romney would work to prevent anymore restrictions on hunting and
9:31 pm
general motors recalling thousands of vehicles sold in warm weather states, gm recalling some 40,000 vehicles. the recall only affects owners living in arizona, california, florida, nevada, texas, and arkansas and oklahoma. now back to "justice". egypt dot it now. i'm harris faulkner. now, back to "justice." there is only one way to peacefully prevent iran from getting atomic bombs. and that is by placing a clear red line on iran's nuclear weapons program. >> judge jeanine: prime minister netanyahu this week with a stern warning to prevent iran from getting a nuclear bomb. the white house later saying that president obama and the israeli prime minister spoke on the phone and that they were in
9:32 pm
complete agreement over iran. joining me now, former israeli ambassador to the united nations, dan gillerman. good evening. >> good evening, judge. good to be with you. >> good to have you, ambassador. you just heard the prime minister talk about a red line. is this issue of a red line as real as the prime minister has stated before the united nations? >> it is very, very real. i think one of the problems is that the world or part of the world think this is a reality show. this is no reality show. this is real. this is not survivor where somebody gets chucked off the island. this is about real survival of the jewish state and in fact of civilization as we know it and that is why drawing a red line and making it very, very clear to this extreme fundamentalist regime in iran and its ranting
9:33 pm
president that there will not be a nuclear iran is so important today. >> and you know, ambassador, for the years that i have been following, you know, the politics of what is going on between the united states and israel i cannot remember there being such a sense of a disconnect between the united states and israel starting with president obama talking about the pre'67 boundaries or borders and the whole issue of the president not having time to meet with the prime minister and even this week with the u.n., united states ambassador literally out to lunch when prime minister netanyahu talked. am i seeing things with a real focus? >> i think you are seeing them with a real focus. and i think that worries you, it should worry you. you know, people will tell you that politics and diplomacy and international relations are not a love affair and nobody expect there's to be a love affair or
9:34 pm
a big romance between the president of the united states and the prime minister of israel. but i for one happen to believe that personal relations do count. they are very important. there has to be trust between the two and there has to be a very, very ongoing dialogue between the two and if we need an example of where personal relations did play an important role. look at roosevelt and churchill and roosevelt having the distaste or even more for churchill it nearly sealed the fate of britain during the second world war. you know, i mean took the attack on pearl harbor to actually make the united states enter the war and until then churchill was begging and besieging the president of the united states for help so and that is a very special relationship between britain and the united states. israel and the united states have always had a very special relationship and we still do
9:35 pm
between the people but i wish that the relationship between the two leaders was warmer and that they would actually meet in person because i think it is crucial that they do. >> judge jeanine: i think a lot of us certainly agree with you, ambassador. especially given the closeness of iran to attaining a nuclear weapon. anyway, ambassador thank you so much for being with us this evening. we are back with terror analyst eric. you there are still. eric, let me ask you this. the same question that i asked the former ambassador. there is such a tension that most of us or many of us are sensing between israel and the president obama. is it a real tension? >> absolutely it is real. 100%, judge. i mean look, this president our president has made a conscious decision to embrace the muslim world at the expense of israel. he believes that if the u.s. distances itself from israel that will make the muslim world
9:36 pm
like us. well, as we have seen at our embassies the past few weeks, judge, it has been an absolute disaster. key point here to remember. of course, iran wants to wipe israel off the map, they made that clear. in iran's ideology if their world view, judge, they view america passing the great satan. israel is only the little satan in iran's view. a bump on the road to the ultimate prize us. they are working on long-range ballistic missiles that can reach the east coat of the united states where we are sitting. we are the ultimate target. it is america's fight as well. that is why it is frankly, judge, a tragedy that this president has distanced himself and isolated israel and isolated prime minister netanyahu. >> judge jeanine: eric, given the events in the middle east in the past two and a half weeks the idea of people chanting death to america and israel literally being the only or one of the only countries that wasn't on fire like the rest of the middle east how
9:37 pm
could we be so short-sighted. are the people who are at least advising the president telling him about the risk? is he just missing the point or does he really believe that he should continue to apologize for who we are? >> i think he is going to continue to apologize, judge. and in his second term if it comes there will be no restrainers as he told the russian president. he views israel as the problem in the middle east. if israel could only give up land, make more concessions then we could all sing and their neighbors could strike peace deals with them. history shows it hasn't workd that way. it doesn't work that way in the middle east, judge, as we see over the past few weeks the only thing radical islamic regimes respect is the strong horse. right now we are viewed as a pony in the region that is not a good thing for us. it is certainly not a good thing for israel. >> judge jeanine: do you think that we are making any inroads given that we are continuing to fund the countries that are not helping us and chanting death
9:38 pm
to us, i mean why are we sending all of this money there without any kind of consequence to bad behavior? >> judge, here is a great example for you. we are about to give billions and billions of dollars to egypt, right, our good friends the muslim brotherhood. right now egypt is in talks with germany to buy two high powered submarines. i wonder what the muslim brother hood wants high powered is submarines for? maybe to target israel. the egyptian regime that talked about breaking the peace treaty with israel and even asking once again, this week the egyptian president morisy asked for the blind sheik to be released from a u.s. prison. >> judge jeanine: it doesn't seem to be affecting americans. do you think americans are going to vote on any of the foreign policy issues? >> people need to turn away from "dancing with the stars"
9:39 pm
and put down the ipod for a second and pay attention because war is coming to the middle east. iran is very close to acquiring nuclear weapons. israel is not going to let them do it and shouldn't let them do it. ahmadinejad said iran's nuclear weapons program is "like a train with no brakes." the train has left the station. war is coming. >> good to have you on. thanks. >> thank you, judge. >> judge jeanine: coming up, congressman ted poe on the connection between twitter and terrorism. that is what i said. twitter and terrorism. later, the nfl referee strike is over but now one new jersey lawmaker tries to make sure that replacement refs never set foot in new jersey again.
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>> judge jeanine: the obama administration wants to give 450 million american taxpayers dollars in emergency funding to egypt. more members of congress are taking a hard look at the millions of dollars in aid we give to egypt, pakistan and libya. one is congressman ted poe from texas. congressman, thanks for being with us this evening. >> good evening, judge. >> judge jeanine: all right, congressman. talk to us about this emergency cash infusion of $450 million that egypt needs. now, tell me if my memory of history is wrong but wasn't it two and a half weeks ago that
9:44 pm
infringedate was in flinged upon in egypt and they didn't make thundershower that that didn't happen? >> that's correct. the egyptians aren't working with the united states to protect american interests epecs specially our personnel and embassy in egypt. they want some money from the united states. interesting enough, 82% of egyptians surveyed say they don't like americans. so we are paying a country to -- we will give a country money. we don't know what it going to happen to it. let's not give them any money. hold back and that really a billion and a halved we don't need to continue to pay these country its to hate us. egypt will do it for free and some of these other is. american taxpayer money going to these countries all over the world where there is unrest and they hate americans and destroy our property and kill our ambassador, not so fast any more. it is time to stop. >> judge jeanine: but congressman, it is my understanding that this week i mean there was some emergency
9:45 pm
funding that was approved that it was -- that there are many people in congress who don't object to this. why? how do they go back to their constituents who are out of work and out of jobs, hurting, and legitimately say well, you know, we to send money to pakistan, libya and egypt? what do they base it on? these are guys and women you work with every day. what do they say? >> i don't know why they continue to vote to give money countries like egypt and especially pack b pakistan whod osama bin laden and took the informant from pakistan and put him in prison for working with us. they work with the chinese but you yet some members of congress think this old philosophy well, if we pay them some money they may be nice to us. well, that is not going too well for us in the middle east. and with pakistan. >> judge jeanine: congressman, i will throw up a sound that we have here from one of those congress people who thinks that it is appropriate.
9:46 pm
, oh, actually state department spokesperson, victoria newland. >> we are are continuing to work with the hill on the support that we think is important to support those very forces of moderation change, democracy, openness in egypt that are very important for defeating extremism of the kind that we saw. >> judge jeanine: congressman poe, six days after the attack in benghazi and after the attack at the egyptian consulate or e your reaction? >> the state department believes if we just keep giving them money they will like us. it isn't working. hasn't worked for years. time for us to quit spending money in these countries that really don't like us. that hate us. keep the money in the united states for all of the reasons that we need it here and have a
9:47 pm
different philosophy when we deal with foreign countries. we give foreign aid, foreign assistance to 158 countries out of 191. maybe we shouldn't be doing that. >> judge jeanine: congressman poe let's switch gears for minute. this week the twitter accounts of a few members of congress were hacked. found his twitter account urging his followers to lose 30-pounds in a month with a diet pill. it does deeper than spam. you you wrote a letter to the fbi this week. tell us about it. >> there are foreign terrorist organizations designated by such by the united states hamas, ail shabab and others, hezbollah that use twitter accounts to recruit, to promote violence against americans, and against american interests. they are using those accounts constantly. this is an american company and several of us have asked the
9:48 pm
fbi maybe we should take down these accounts and not let foreign terrorist organizations use this american account. we can do so. the law you you allow yous us to do so because they are foreign terrorist organizations. we have written the fbi a letter wanting to know why these people can recruit using an american company. >> judge jeanine: did the fbi answer you, congressman? did they answer you, the fbi? >> they haven't answered us yet but we will stay on it until they give us an answer why they allow the accounts to exist where they recruit people to murder us. >> judge jeanine: and congressman, are is it true they are actually tweeting news flashes from the jihaddist fronts on twitter? >> yes. of course. they use twitter just like anybody else and it is an update a constant update of what they are doing, what other organizations is are doing. and also promoting violence against the united states, americans, and specifically. and the fbi needs to look into
9:49 pm
this. they can take down these accounts. we would hope that they would. >> judge jeanine: congressman poe from texas joining us from houston. thanks so much. and stay on that one. that is pretty outrageous. using twin citieser to further jihaddist agenda.rther a >> the nfl referees are back but the battle may be just beginning. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, children laughing ] move to the country, d live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> judge jeanine: the nightmare is over. the sniffle nfl referee striked blown call heard round the world. the touchdown that was isent. tomorrow when you sit down to watch your favorite football team with your beer and your
9:53 pm
chips, rest assured the real ref res are back and one new jersey lawmaker wants to make sure that never happens again. not the beer and the chips but the referees. steve sweeney joins us from philadelphia. good evening. >> good evening, judge. >> judge jeanine: now, you are talking about a law in new jersey that will prevent these kinds of referees from ever stepping foot in your state. what is that about? >> well, basically it is to ensure that we have someone that has a proper training to participate in the games so that players don't get hurt, number one. because there was a lot more violence with these fake refs. and that the people in new jersey and honestly in this country get the product that they are paying for. the nfl is a very expensive sport if you want to go to the games. you know, if you take your child to the games, very expensive. and they are not discounting your tickets when they put a
9:54 pm
sub standard product out there. actually, you know, it was raised enough that president obama and the nominee on the republican side paul ryan they all spoke out about this also. >> judge jeanine: well -- >> so, you know, new jersey. >> judge jeanine: is there survivors you port for this, senator? is there support for a law that would prevent these guys from stepping foot in jersey? >> well, i think there will be. because we just passed sports betting in the state of new jersey. you know, we license boxing referees. and when we pass the sports betting all of the professional leagues sued new jersey and sade you are violating the integrity of our sports. well, putting fake referees in the games is violating the integrity of the sport, too. you can't have it both ways. and again, this is -- this is a financial thing that once -- a lot of money is wagered on these games also besides the safety of the players. a fairness issue. >> judge jeanine: the safety of the players is paramount. but let me ask you this,
9:55 pm
senator, very quickly. how does a referee who is three feet away miss that pla blatant offensive pushoff. is this about money? what happened. the guy is not blind. he was there. >> the other thing is, is it possible that many some of the referees could be influenced because they are short term. the big concern really is the nfl is a multibillion dollars industry in this country. a game we are very proud of and we to make sure that the brand, the integrity of the game is there for everyone and to have lingerie football league officials that were fired officiating games and high school officials officiating games. >> judge jeanine: did you say lingerie? >> they had fired lingerie league football referees officiating the games. >> judge jeanine: okay. >> seriously. they made a joke of it and they shouldn't be. people do care about the sport. it is a sport and i have a lot of other things much more
9:56 pm
important about this. we are trying to raise the minimum wage in the state of new jersey. >> judge jeanine: senator, i appreciate it. thanks for being with us this evening. that is it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. e-mail us your comments "justice" @ fox news .com. and don't forget to buy your
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