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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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r hour. it's a whole new species of gator. see just how much the gator has evolved at >> welcome to "hannity". tonight for the entire hour we sit down with a man in the spotlight with never missing opinions. he talks about america and another four years with obama. we look at how it is run the 2012 campaign how it is conducting foreign policy how it paralyzed economic growth and solutions being offered by the romney, ryan ticket and do they have the country's answers? because the donald has been less than silent on the abysmal obama
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record he like so many on the right have been subjected to ridicule by the president and his team out of chicago. >> can the president do more to show leadership on being transparent with regard to documents, records, his own background that's another underlying theme the campaigns are going at. >> are you talking about donald trump? >> i know he has been taking flack lately but no one is happier no one is prouder to put this birth certificate record to rest than the doll nald. >> looking to continue to bring up is college records. >> the donald trump question which i think he is the one who brings it up the most. >> last year at this time on this very weak end we finally delivered justice to one of the world's most notorious
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individuals. (applause) >> joining me now we have a studio audience let's welcome the one and only donald trump. >> great to see you. how are you? >> it is honored to be mentioned by the president so often. >> i wanted to start here with you for one reason, you are willing to say something, i have said it few others have said it you have been the most outspoken than anybody. in spite of the perception that exists about president obama he's not really the nice guy, he has been able to pull this off. you don't think he's as nice a guy as he per trays himself? >> no i don't think he is a nice guy. i am glad mitt stopped saying he was a nice man. he used to say he's a nice man and wonderful man. i was saying why do we have to keep saying that? i think he's a tough guy, a smart guy. i think he's surrounded by tough and smart people david axle rod
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and others who called to c congratulate me on yvonne kau my daughter. >> i think he was trying to butter you up because he is afraid of your criticism. >> i thought he was very nice he is a smart guy. he has smart people around them. i hate to see what's happening with this country. you probably heard on fox and friends, great group of people, your cohort said something that is interesting. i called him the unlucky president he's unlucky for this country. you look at what's happening with the economy, take a look at the mess all over the world they are writing and writing with hatred toward us, toward the united states. when i see that and see the kind of effort he put on to put these people together and make them like us, boy do they hate us it's the exact opposite. i came up with the expression the unlucky president. he is unlucky for this country.
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not unlucky for himself. if you look at the campaigns and what he did he had a lot of luck on the side. he limped over the finish line. he is unlucky for the country. >> i don't know if it is luck as much as he reads a teleprompter pretty well and they never gave it any scrutiny. nobody closed this election. it's still wide open. that raises the question if you were sitting across not from me but mitt romney you had a mess samming to send mitt what would it be? >> i think they have to get tougher. i think their convention was not good. you thought the democrats did a good job. he was talking about how they picked up something with their convention they are talking about women and unmarried women and the married women. they are working hard the democrats and working hard on specific groups that the class warfare is always a positive thing in terms of getting votes but negative in terms of the country. but i do think mitt is going to
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have to get a lot tougher. if you look at obama's history people don't like getting tougher. they are afraid to talk like you are supposed to talk. i don't know what it is. john mccain was always gentle and nice when it came to president obama. i thought he was far too nice i didn't understand it. i didn't understand obama as well either. maybe it didn't register the same way. but if you look at what mitt romney is doing, i think he has to get it. he is a terrific guy, a smart guy. he's a wonderful guy. great family man, mitt. he has to get tougher with respect to president obama. >> lots will depend on these debates. if you look at mitt romney had double digits lost by double digits. got beat in two debates by newt gingrich and rose to the
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occasion. he only has three chances in this case. he has to come out of the box. there seems to be this fear about taking on the president in a tough way. you think some of this is race? when you were running you were putting your hat in the ring the race card was brought up against you. you spent your entire life helping people of all races in the city of new york. >> that is true. a lot of people came to my defense. i was called a racist, bill clinton was called a racist. i have seen bill talk to you and others saying donald trump is a good guy. we have a good relationship and he is a good guy. i believe the hate tried he had and maybe doesn't have any more for obama was unbelievable but people are afraid to to take obama on. i don't know what it is. >> this is amazing four years later he saved the democratic
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convention for obama. he said in 2008 they played the race card with me and they planned it from the beginning. >> he felt that very strongly. >> you feel he did that fto you? >> he did. you mention certain things it's racist. any time you criticize obama whether it's trump or anybody else you get the ratest thing going. it's very unfair, not nice. i enjoyed, i must tell you. i love thinking about running. as you know i was doing incredibly well. people liked what i said whether it was about china or opec ripping us off or whether it was about obama. i wish he were a great president. i am a republican. if he were the greatest president i would be a happy guy. it is not working out. you talk about how every country in the world is ripping up. china makes all of our products. how do we have jobs when all of
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this country that does business with the united states let's call it profit. tremendous profit. used to be the other way around. every country that deals with the united states walks away and says to themselves what a bunch of dummies they are. it's a very sad thing. >> even the people you do business with in china they say that about america. >> they say it about our i sell million, one for 33 million to chinese people. i do a lot of business with china. it was interesting. i hit china hard i do it with respect. i wish our people were doing the same thing. business week magazine came up with opportunities. one of the ten things was anything trump. i said that's sort of hard to believe. but they do sort of respect. >> they respect strength.
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i don't think the world respects president obama. we have a studio audience. coming up the president said america's view in the muslim world will approve once he is inaugurated. i think we agree nothing could be further than the truth. on this president's handling from the mideast crisis to the snubbing of benjamin netanyahu and through out the hour we will be seeing clips of the life of donald trump every day and donald trump enterprises here in new york. let's take a sneak peek inside. >> i have all the gotten along well with athletes and people in the sports world. i have gotten the shaquille o'neil shoe. he took it off and gave it to me. the real deal. lots different things. tom brady new england patriots and so many, the jets, the giants, mike tyson's belt from one of the championships. lots of footballs.
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to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> i believe the world looks at america differently. if i am reaching out to the
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muslim world they understand i have lived in a muslim country and i may be a christian, but i also understand their point of view. so i am intimately concerned with what happens in these countries and the cultures and the perspectives these folks have. those are powerful tools for us to be able to reach out to the world. >> that was candidate obama making what may have been the most grandiose promise on the 2008 campaign trail. i think judging by the violence in the middle east he has failed to deliver on the statement as well as many others. while the center lines has taken over the he-- the violence has over the headlines he intends on making three campaign stops one of the biggest criess is were before all arise. in a stunt that should have every american scratching their head the president turned down a
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meeting request with netanyahu. the team sited a scheduling conflict with the reason. still with us the one and only donald trump. you are friends with letterman. letterman, beyonce and jay-z. >> nobody understands this one. even from a purely political standpoint i can't image why he turned down this request. it was a request from israel. i can't understand whey he turnd it down from a political standpoint. people are going, what happened? they don't understand. >> maybe we can have a little insight. he pushed israel the 67 borders he abandoned the prime minister of israel the closest ally in the middle east into the overly office you get in contact with me if you want me back. this hot mic incident with the russian president. watch this. this takes your breath away.
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>> after my election? >> he is not a friend of israel. obama is not a friend of israel. so many having fund raisers. you know what to do? you really understand what's going on? the fact that he wouldn't agree with a meeting has had an impact on a lot of people. it is very interesting. what he said to the russian whoever was by the way you know who should have been there representing russia. >> what bothers me, what is the hidden agenda. what else is he not telling us? >> it bothers a lot of people. i know it bothers you. it bothers me. it shouldn't have been said. he talked this way in front of
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an open mic. inl that bothered me maybe more. what bothers me is he is not a friend of israel. people are just beginning to realize this. >> it is pretty dangerous. >> this drives me nuts. you sweeted about this a lot recently. he never saw the muslim brotherhood coming. kicks must barak out. we are still giving him money and are you surprised the muslim brotherhood said islam is our law shirea the way. highest calling. that has been their motto. he didn't see it coming? >> maybe he likeses that. billions of dollars goes to egypt. billions of dollars. >> we continue to bpay them. why didn't he protect mubarak? other people say in the same
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position as mub bamub back say y should i be defending the united states. if the tied goes against me they are going to push me out also. when you talk about foreign policy and foreign policy presidents i think he goes down as the worst in the history of this country. >> this is their foreign policy. we couldn't show the body of bin laden. but he can tiell everyone he killed bin laden. the trailer to a movie nobody has seen and then the spokesman says oh no every embassy, tunisia, sudan, cairo, libya, two navy seals ambassador killed and jay carney says this. they are not attacking america. >> this wis a fairly volatile situation it is in response not to the united states policies, not to obviously the
6:19 pm
administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be reprehensible, disgusting that in no way justified any violent reaction to it, but this is not a case of protests directed at the united states at large or at u.s. policy this is in response to a video that is offense i have i have ive -- offensive t muslims. >> that is a lie. >> it is in response to a lack of respect by our leaders and our country. they are using that as an excuse. anybody looking and viewing that video knows it was made by a total what cck job. they know that, too. it was in response to a total lack of response to our country and our leadership. >> mr. trump stay right there we
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continue with our studio audience. more as donald trump weighs in on what he knows best. guess what? he tally did bui-- actually did it. >> this is the 8th wing of trump tower. we have starbucks, gucci, great food, great efrpg. it has really become one of the top tourist destinations anywhere in the country. >> you all like trump tower? it's the best. 57th and 5th right next to tiffany's. by the way, sean, i built this. ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love.
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>> if you got a business you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> it encapsulates what he truly thinks about small business
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enterprise. donald trump has built a few things in his day and time. i am certain you didn't build that. if it wasn't for your mother feeding you crushed carrots and peas you wouldn't have been able to build anything. >> i have worked hard. a lot of great friends of mine and enemies of mine, whether i like them or i don't have helped me build buildings. i have employed thousands and thousands of people. i paid for theiredcation directly or indirectly. medicare. i mean everything having to do with medical they have had great lives they still have great lives. >> they get to buy houses and pay taxes. >> they get to do a lot of things. i am proud of it. i have built a lot of great buildings and had success. i have taken care of a lot of families whether it's education or medical or whatever you want to say. i did work hard and i did build it. >> what does this say about his mentality, though? look at where we are in the ton
6:25 pm
tr country. >> that came out probably he wished he didn't say it. the truth came out. often times you will see that. >> that was one of the few times he was off prompt ter. oo ee may have been off tell pyrometer. people need to understand that's where he is all about and where he is coming from. >> we are going to spread the wealth around and you didn't build that. here's where you are economically. we have one in 6 americans in poverty. 5 million americans under employed. this staggers my mind. 49 million americans on food stamps right now in this country. the net worth of a person has gone down 40 percent in three years. the average home price gone down 35 percent. >> we owe $17 trillion a number you wouldn't think would be thinkable. china will take over as the
6:26 pm
economic power in 2019. if you said that 10 years ago or 6 years ago nobody would have believed it possible. there are a lot of things going wrong in this country. we don't have the incentive or respect. we are regulating everyone out of business. can't do business any more. it's a rough, rough climate. >> with certain caveats the first one is well for the last twenty-some odd months. 4.5 million jobs they say. we have fewer americans working when he took office and at the end of the first term 6 trillion in new obama debt. how dangerous is that to this country. >> the real unemployment number is 21 percent or close to it. it's not 8.3 or 8.2 percent. it's 21 percent. some would kay 16 percent. whether it's 16, 21 or 22. >> the numbers are fixed.
6:27 pm
the numbers totally adjusted to whatever they wanted it to be. i wouldn't be surprised they get a little lower. mitt romney has to be careful. i am looking for a job i give up looking for a job i am no longer considered. >> not counted. >> they keep saying the private sector is doing fine. let me give you two examples. the truth is assi i have said w have created 4.3 million jobs in the last 27 months over 800,000 this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. >> because of the decisions he has made and incredible strength
6:28 pm
of the american people, america has turned the corner. the worst job lost since the great depression we have since created 4.5 million private sector jobs in the past 25 months, 29 months. >> fewer americans working when he took office. how should romney deal with the spin? >> romney has to go out and be aggressive. i think he should do more shows. i don't see him enough. he should be doing your show, the "today show" and good morning america. he is probably down a little bit on the polls because i don't think they have the right people. i don't think they have the stars and the democrats gave a better convention. >> why wasn't sarah palin there for example? >> she is respected by a number of people.
6:29 pm
>> isn't it fear they don't want to offend anybody and they are crafting this image of the gentler republican party. >> i don't know what it shows. i know that'ses should have been there. >> i was supposed to be there and i got rained out the first question is why are you there? whether people like me or don't like me i speak the truth. i am the first one that brought up china. nobody was bringing up nobody was talking about it. i was thinking jobs, jobs how can you have jobs. he mentioned china. he is listening to me finally. >> we have to take a break. i hate to interrupt you. by the way this is a trump tie. wear them every night.
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you were kind enough to give me the whole collection. >> from macy's. i love it. >> go after macy's. somebody comes in they take my tie. i give them away as you do. don't go anywhere. still more ahead with the one-on-one sit down with donald trump. what does he think of the romney ryan ticket? he will answer that and more. >> this is a view of new york from 57th and 5th. tiffany's right here. you have the skating rink in central park right outside. often times i have people sitting in my office they are looking at the view they don't know what i am saying. they have no idea what i am saying. that's a great time to make a deal with them. a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> welcome back. we continue with donald trump. i look at the world situation. you deal with the economy i look at the world burning in middle east and islamists and greece
6:35 pm
and spain and decline of the you euro. 16 trillion in debt. 6 trillion under obama alone. i am worried. i am really really worried about america and the future and lack of leadership at a very important time. what's your worst fear? >> i am worried also. that's one of the reasons i am so involved. i don't need to do this. i don't love doing it. you are a great friend and a friend of mine in the true sense. i would rather be doing other things right now. it's late. you work all day long. you come and shawn is going to interview. >> thanks a lot. >> the truth is or watching you because i always do. >> the truth is i am worried about this country. this country is going in the wrong direction. we are losing our brilliance we are losing our genius. we don't have it any more. i sdoontsly talk about it. i constantly point.
6:36 pm
it is so great. twitter is so great. >> your account is the best. >> i have so many people. i have 85 -- >> he could go right here. obama is denying it. he did receive intelligence about the attacks on our embassy three-days before. 50 days to the election time to get pumped mitt romney. go on. gas prices doubled under obama. your tweets are powerful get a lot of reaction. i often repeat. >> i have a million 500,000 people and i am going to have 2 million people very soon. >> why don't you start retwreeti -- retweeting me now. >> in the old days if i wanted to say something maybe i could go on a show with you. this whole idea with twitter it is incredible. people leave me alone a little bit more. we develop power.
6:37 pm
9,000 papers a day. a million 5, can you believe that? >> it evens the scales a little bit. it is really good when you can do that. you do it straight and it's very important to say the correct thing. i want it to be safe and correct. >> for all of these people suffering now did you look at the world economy the emergence of china you said in 2016 is the worst economy. what is the worst you envision economically? >> there are a lot of bad situations. we are not respected like we used to be. that will be the number one problem. economic standpoint we are going to be blowing up. we keep issuing paper, issuing paper, you are going to have
6:38 pm
inflation and high interest rates. the kind of numbers they are doing in terms of mortgages is unthinkable. when you see the stock market going up i am a beneficiary i have stock. i don't want to be a beneficiary. ultimately the system is going to collapse. >> you would be the beneficiary you are building the buildings you get low interest rates. >> real estate i should be talking about it or in favor of it in a true sense. the fact is i love the country far more than i love my immediate gain. my immediate gain isn't my long-term game. because the whole system is blo. >> pmy parents grew up in the depression. father grew up very very poor in the depression. sometimes we don't learn from history so we are doing the repeat of it. i see a weak president i see
6:39 pm
america's leadership declining and that scares me a lot as well. >> the value of a dollar is going down, down, down. soon we will be buying a loaf of bread with 100,000 dollars. >> you will be the only one eating bread. >> i also say i feel strongly i don't necessarily see the war thing. i am the most mill terrace tick person there is. there is nobody more so what a great time there is to make an unbelievable deal with iran. iran has to be sitting there. >> what makes you that's possible? >> i think if we had people in office that they would respect, that doesn't mean you have the other alternative. you always have the other alternative. if they had people, we had people in office right now that they respect, i think you could get everything you wanted so
6:40 pm
easily. they don't respect us as a country and don't respect our leaders. >> this might be a slight disagreement. as i watch the rise of radical islamists and i see a white israel wiping it off the map here is the radical islamic find believes that god their religion is telling them to strap bombs. would you tell them to strap bombs on and -- >> we have nobody to talk to. we are not talking to anybody. we never talk to anybody. you have people in washington, sean, that doesn't know what -- >> the system is broken. the head person who happens to be the president has to get everybody in the room and make deals. we make deals we don't talk we don't talk to anybody. the world can seem broken because of our lack of
6:41 pm
leadership. >> reagan and clinton had a relationship with congress. obama doesn't have a relationship with this. >> coming up next what does donald trump think about the romney ryan ticket we will find out right after this. >> this is amanda one of the stars of the apprentice. she works here and does a fantastic job. >> this is yvonne kau doing a tremendous job. she is working mostly on durel in miami. it will be an amazing place very shortly. this is sean hannity's crew. sha sean is one of my favorite people on television as you know. special man. sean is actually a special man. >> i watch him a lot. i think he's great. he's got it. he gets it. most people don't get it. he does.
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ivanka. >> back to "hannity". this is a tipping point. this is a choice election. to me the obvious choice is mitt romney and paul ryan. this take on the romney ryan ticket. >> i like paul ryan. you were critical of this one point. when he said he was going to mix medicare you say he should have waited until after the election. >> i did suggest it. i think it would have been more appropriate to have waited but i like the energy he brings. i like a lot of things he is saying. he's smart, truly understands what is going on with the budgets and everything else. i think he is strongly in favor -- i know for a fact he is going to save medicare he is going to sahe other side is goio destroy it. knott not with big deductions medicare cannot exist with the other side
6:47 pm
in office: it will explode. $716 billion -- >> it was taken out of medicare. >> here's what i think you would do if you were debating president obama. i believe he is arrogant. i don't think he has ever taken a punch in his life. the biggest deal you and i talked about this before is tony rest tone the convicted felon had the biggest deal he did before he became president. >> if romney and ryan go into these debates and punch, i don't think -- i would like to see if this president is able to take a punch in a debate. >> i will say this. >> by the way rhetorical. >> they will accuse me of this. >> what will they call me? >> who knows. >> mitt romney had the best political week of his life in florida. he went down he was doing poorly. he had to win florida.
6:48 pm
he had two debates. newt gingrich is a great debater. he won both debates. he won florida. he did the greatest job. i told him this is the single greatest week politically speaking of your political career. frankly he has to do the same thing. he has to go in and win the debate. it will be vital. this is the important question. >> what about advisors. >> you have to be careful here. the president of the united states can't come off as disrespectful with the office. he will be pulled in both directions. the two of us want him to throw a heavy punch and keep jabbing through out the hour. >> i have gotten to know his advisors. they are very good. they haven't wasted their gunpowder yet. they have built up a tremendous war chest and they are ready to
6:49 pm
let it go. you could make the case that's very smart. they have a lot of money they are going to spend it and hopefully they spend it wisely. they are very smart very sharp and their strategy is to hold back and let's see what happens. now obama has been spending a tremendous amount of his money early. he should have some what of a leave or doing pretty well. let's see what happens. it will be very interesting. have a tremendous amount of money they have raised and they are going to be spending it hopefully wisely. >> there's one thing we haven't suggested the sell out mede -- discussed yet, the sell out media. there is no scrutiny of obama. we will talk about this in another segment. the media and the double standard. if romney hits hardest being mean to the president. israel back fired on him. our embassies are raided how about egypt. >> they are blaming romney. >> what am i doing. they said he spoke too soon he
6:50 pm
should have waited four-hours before he put out a statement. it is unbelievable. you are right. >> the media is dead in the country. we will come back. let not your heart be troubled one more segment with the donald. donald trump after this. >> this is always been a lot of fun. it's a wall of some of the pictures and some of the covers. playboy cover many years ago. not too many men have been on the cover of playboy. >> this is "variety" where the apprentice was the number one show on television. you can see apprentice is beating american idol and csi and everybody. >> thfdz john kennedy who is a friend of mine and a great guy. just before he died in the tragic plane crash. it was an original time magazine cover right here. this was a picture of my father, fred trump. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion
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>> welcome back to "hannity". i didn't want to bring this up. every person that interviews you goes right to the birth certificate issue. you won. >> they did release it. i am not sure what he released.
6:55 pm
i used to start off by saying i went to the school of finances which is the hardest school in the country to get into. did very well. any time you even question where he was born they try to make you sound like a fool or an idiot. start off by talking about my education my background even though i think most people know who i am. it is really very sad. i did get him to release something. what he released a lot of people are did is putting. they are disputing what he released which is quote the long form birth certificate. hillary clinton could not get him to release it. john mccain couldn't get him to release it. i got him to release it he spent $2.8 million trying to fight it. in one way i am proud of him but i don't know what it is. >> more than that, you know what i want to see? i want to see the college transcripts. he goes from ox ten tal columbia
6:56 pm
top schools in the nation. >> when he does the cover of the book it didn't get printed but it was when he was younger it says born in kenya raised in indonesia. born in kenya born in indonesia. then the publisher comes out and sort of immediately said it was so then said it was a typographical errors. the word the, the word a. born in kenya raised in indones indonesia. maybe he said it for other reasons. >> to sell the book. >> maybe for others. is that a typographical error? oo you have written many more i have got to be honest you go over every one of those lines in detail. that is not something that is -- >> supposedly that line is dictated him. >> i would like to know if there is definitive evidence it has
6:57 pm
never been my main issue. it is obvious it didn't release to me. >> there are lawy-- i think thi still this great unknown hangs out with the layers bob pfleger keep bringing those issues up. don't get over it. don't get over it. >> i never asked you this question. do you have a lot of money you have given away? >> millions of dollars. >> what do you make of this constant barking the rich don't pay their share. i live in new york i pay 50 percent in taxes. >> the rich are paying most of the taxes in the country. statistics come out that are
6:58 pm
amazing. >> it is like an amazing number. i was surprised to see it. they work hard they employ people. this is a very, very bad time. we are in a weak economy. this would be a bad time to raise taxes for any one whether it's the rich, the poor. now in all fairness less than 50 percent of the people in this country pay taxes anyway which is another amazing statistic. i wouldn't believe that statistic. the rich pay tremendous amounts of taxes. most of the taxes in the country and they really have to be at least -- rich people if they don't love their country they can go to other countries and pay a lot less tax. if you were in new york and the taxes were high you could move to florida or move here. with globalization and everything -- >> why don't you move to florida. we have golf courses in miami. >> i have a lot of great properties in florida. i just -- >> the minute you walk you hed florida. >> i love new york. i stick with new york.
6:59 pm
it's a great place. it's where i want to be. >> even though -- if you were in florida 6 months and a day you save 10 percent of what you are presently paying. >> don't even tell me that. you will convince me. think of it different. think of it on a larger basis. people, great financiers they can leave this country and go to other countries and they might do it. raise their taxes and they are not in love with the country. i call them machines. they could very easily leave this country go to other countries not pay the taxes. >> france. they raised the top rate. 75 percent wealth tax and people are leaving the country. >> wait until you see the end result. >> disaster. >> let me ask you one final question. thank you for spending the hour with us. >> my on anothhonor. >> who is going to win this election? >> if romney gets tough and really sharp and really on his game and i think he will be. i think he hansels the pressure well proven by what he did in florida he will win the


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