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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 1, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> eric: good for gretch. she is from minnesota. >> have a good show, "fox and friends" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow . >> gretchen: i will show you the shot later. good morning, it is monday october 1st we are already here 30 days from the election. grim day in afghanistan. two more americans killed in the attack. >> al-qaida is on the path of defeat and osama bin laden is dead. wait until you hear what the top commander on the ground is saying about what is going on there. >> eric: two days. pumobama trying to spin
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expectation who has the most to gain. >> steve: we'll look at the preview. >> eric: he always said. i'll be back. now the former governor back in the spot light, talking about the affair that cost him his marriage . that and other affairs. "fox and friends" starts right now. welcome aboard, folks, october 1st. 91 days left. where did spept go. it flew by. >> gretchen: where did june go? the election is 31 days. are we that close already. >> eric: 6 and 37 days. >> gretchen: i am jumping the gun. it is it right around the corner. kicking off your monday morning with head lines. two days now from the first
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presidential debate. approximate the president's campaign trying to lower expectation by saying he could be at a disadvantage. >> challengers tend to do well governor mitt romney has more to benefit than we do. >> gretchen: chris christie guaranteeing round one going to romney. >> every time mitt romney is confronted with one of these moments he performs well and laying out his vision clearly and contrasting himself with the opponent. i am confident thursday morning, george. saying it is a brand new race with 33 days to go. >> gretchen: the debate is in the university of the denver. and focus on policy. and a white woman rejected
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from the university of the texas because of her race. it could be a major cut back with affirmative. judge robert decided to affirm the constitutionity of obama care. botched fast and furous program linked over 300 shooting in the new mexico. more than dozen teenagers left dead. 1300 guns are still unaccounted for. the failed program was under investigation since border agent briknow terry - briantery was killed. >> former governor said the moment he realized the house
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keeper. he tarted looking like me. and i kind of got it. it was never discussed. i put the things together here. >> duask mildred in >> no, i didn't. it felt like i should take on the of taking care of him and her. >> gretchen: there is more you haven't heard. tune in to "fox and friends" when arnold swarsnegar joins us live >> steve: over the weekend 2000 americans were killed in afghanistan. the president talks about on the stop his greatest achievement and that is the killing of osama bin laden. here he is in nevada over the
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weekend. >> al-qaida is on the path of defeat and osama bin laden is dead. sounds like he dropped the gm line. >> gretchen: the greatest accomplishment is the killing of osama bin laden so the president is making a lot of that. but what is the real story on the ground? for example what really happened in libya, terrorist attack that killed our u.s. ambassador and is al-qaida on the surge and far from dead now? could it be that we are facing a tougheruation before president obama came in office with regard to al-qaida. >> eric: they said it was a preplanned terrorist attack that killed the ambassador and three other necessary benghazi. the problem is why?
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why did they make the attack. is it because president obama is going over. gnc. >> he said yesterday and no other than nevada, and las vegas where he was four hours after the ambassador was killed. he got on the plane and did a campaign stop. >> steve: it is infuriating. >> gretchen: we had taken out a top al-qaida leader who was. i don't know if you can link it directly to osama bin laden. >> eric: we have taken out leaders over the last 11 years 9/11 they wanted to make a statement. >> steve: while the president can't push the economy but can push foreign affairs. different story from our
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commander in afghanistan and the guy who runs afghanistan as well despite what the president said about al-qaida, they have bad news. >> al-qaida has come back and a resilient organization. they are not here in large numbers . they don't have to be anymore in large numbers. >> the reason for nato invasion was terrorism . terrorism has not gone away. it has increased. >> steve: that is not helpful for the president and his men. look what he's doing with foreign policy. >> gretchen: yesterday. paul ryan from wisconsin was asked about president obama's foreign policy and this is what he had to say. >> they are sponse was slow and confused and inconsistent and part of a bigger picture of the fact that the obama foreign policy is unraveling
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before our eyes . >> steve: what is happening right now in the middle east is the ugly fruits of the bum pumforeign policy. 20,000 killed and iran on the brink of having a atom bomb and russia thumb their nose . >> eric: the interview last night with karzai. terrorist attacks have increased maybe because of a preplanned exit the attitude he had. he's mad at the u.s. . we have lost 2000 lives. a trillion dollars, and they are mad. seriously? and then insider atax've -- attacks and the and al-qaida are working together to
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infiltrate the afghany police to attack us inside. >> gretchen: there were another two deaths over the weekend. they are not even going on patrol because the danger is too high. there is a lot of chaos. even though you listen to the president. he stix to his greatest achievement which is taking out osama bin laden. you have to dig doper . check out the wall street journey . mitt romney wrote about the president's foreign policy and how he would differ if he were in charge. here is a snippet. president obama has allowed our leadership to atropy and our economy is stuck in a rivery military facing devastating cuts and our values are misapplied and misunderstood by a president who thinks that weakness wins
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favor of our adversaries. hoe's talking about strength and his approach for forp policy to what he deems to be weakness . >> steve: later on in the week he will have a major foreign policy address. the gigantic problem for the military members. why are so fuve them requesting absentee ballots? . in common wealth of virginia. 117,000 members and we are just a month away from the election . why is that? >> gretchen: according to military voters project.
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who knows. personal responsibility and have the foresight to get the absentee ballot and knowing that you might not physically be there. is there something else going on? >> steve: part of the problem and you are right about responsiblity. it is easier for civilians to request all kind of absentee ballots through the dmv the move act in 2009, was supposed to help the people in the military be able to request these kinds of things . but it is not working out for them some are saying are they trying to disenfranchise the military. it is more difficult for a military person to get an absentee ballot. getting a photoid makes it way too different for the
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americans to vote. >> you can show photoid to ged suda fed . and yet you don't have to prove you live in the country. people who registered to vote in new york and florida as well. which is against the law . >> did you see governor chris christie. he's back. >> stop lying mr. president. >> lying? >> yes. that is what i say. >> gretchen: he doesn't stop there. and hear what he said about the media. >> eric: what does the numbers say. stewart varney here with what you need to know. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> eric: the president keeps saying that the road is on the road to recovery but new numbers tell a different story. even hitting at a 2013 recession? >> steve: we'll talk to stewart varney, what are the indicators that seem to indicate at this point the red light on the dash board is flashing recession ahead? >> trend or otherwise what our factories are doing in america . the president said we are headed in the right direction. just i need little bit more time to make thippings good . he's wrong on both counts . the economy is noted hading in the right direction and it is weakens as we speak. we went from four percent
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growth and two and half percent growth and we are a measly one and half percent and heading lower . you get to a second term, he wants more time. tell actually get worse. his policies have failed and give us more tax increases and more regulated debt. >> eric: talk about the real personal income and durable goods. that is, why? >> what we earn is important to our spending power and standard of living. we are down $4000. and that is real disposable income. and looking over the period of the president's term, we are down $4000 median per household . durable good orders. machines. cars and trucks and planes. down 13 percent. one month that is a decline
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and that points to recession. >> steve: seems like we are slowing down. over in trouble in europe and nothing on horizon. everybody slog down and america could leave the world out of america could expand and drag the world with it >> eric: personal income is down especially with gas at four bucks a gallon. >> national average 3.80. >> brian: fewer dollars to spend. >> we have food price inflation. our standard of living is declining. are you better off, no. you are not better off. >> steve: stewart i talked to a number of business owners and they were reluctant to hire. if mitt romney is elected
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president of the united states. would things pick up? >> if he repeals obama care as he said he will . and new rules in legislation, yes, that will change the small nature of business. and a real tax cut to put a shot in the arm to small enterprizes. and cash to liberate for the use of the private sector and should get things turned around. these are personal opinions. >> steve: he seems to what he's talking that's why so many people watch him on fox business net work. >> eric: a crazed fan taking a bite out of danny. >> steve: some say the debate
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will be er. washington insider. coming up with the scoup, next. ♪ ♪
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two people are dead. motorcycle club getting ready for a charity ride when several armed men showed up and started shooting. cops said they had a argument in the parking lot. an attack on adonai. he said a fan within to kiss
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him and bit his face instead . he is not pressing charges, but he said she might have been on the drug bath salts. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: crazy . mitt romney and president obama two days away from facing off. what does each cand date have to do to win and here to weigh in are washington insider. and republican pollster mya miller. dennis, one of the things from your notes, over the area of media mistakes get pounced on and what the american people remember. we want them to be mistake free? >> they are what we call scripted spontanitey and the whole idea is to come off that
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you care and on top of the issues and say nothing that becomes one of the loops that get played over and over. it is ace disservice from - on for the american people who need to know what the cand dates would do to help the american families. >> gretchen: i agree. >> given the seriousness and state of the economy voters are interested. and the level of interest is high and listening for solutions and a way forward temperature is not just where we have been. but also about where we are going and voters are interested in hearing the contrast. >> what is so interesting. we watched both candidates on the campaign trail, but see them not together. this will be the first time seeing them go head to head. and are you highway patrolful that american voters will pay attention. >> i think they will pay .
3:25 am
typical low 50 million americans are batching and paying attention for the first time. unlike us and wash washington and media. most americans are living their lives, putting food on the table and kids are doing well at school. they are not paying attention until now and they will be waiting to hear from both candidates who understand the problems at the kitchen table and who do they trust and really going to do something about that? both candidates have to make a good case tonight. a lot of people are watching. >> gretchen: wednesday night. jumping the gun a bit. wednesday night in denver. mira the expectation. and it was interesting to watch that the president's folks. watch out mitt romney is a strong debater and undersold their own cand date.
3:26 am
what do you make about that. >> each side will portray their cand date the underdog . that is not the important question. which cand date will change the equillib rum of the race. we are seeing a equillib rum in the race. and governor has to accomplish more in the debate. but which of the two candidates will change it in his favor. >> or keep it going . dennis and mira, we'll wrap tup and look forward to wednesday night. have a great debate. governor chris christie has his message for the president. >> stop lying mr. president. >> lying? >> yes. >> >> gretchen: he catches people by surprise it doesn't stop not supposed to be in
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>> gretchen: welcome back. it is 6:30 on the east coast. if you are just waking up. we'll have head lines for you now . it is 10 years since the dc shooting rampage. one of the men convicted . he was a teen at the time . lee malvo said he was a "monster". >> i was a monster . if you look at the definition . that's what a monster is. i am a thief and i toll people's lives. >> malvo serving life without parole . john alen mohamed was executed in 2009. >> eric: starting today. medicare can slap helps awe fine if too many patients return.
3:31 am
two-thirds of the hospitals could be hit with the fines and averaging $125,000. and critics say the penalties unfairly target teaching helps and porareas. >> steve: hundreds of thousands of illegals will get drivers license. governor jerry brown signing the bill in law . and work permits under president obama's new immigration plan. supporters of the law say that it will make roads safer and let the illegals get to work and school they should not be entitled to licenses and could end up using them for other purposes. like voting. >> gretchen: a dire - deer runs across the street. and the two go tumbling down the road. the skater not hurt too badly.
3:32 am
crazy picture. now weather alert. colcalifornia river nearly breaks a record. you are looking at video of a nearby park under water. police are letting residents return back to their homes. they were forced to evacuee. i can tell you in texas it was raining like that in dallas. that is moving to the east and we have a bunch of rain in the midatlantic and down in the panhandle in florida. it continues to get rain in the rio grand valley in texas. they could use the rain but not so much . we have 40s and 50s in the east and central plain states . 60s and 70s in portions of florida. this is what you want to know . how warm is it on the first day of october.
3:33 am
>> if you live in raleigh dur ham 72. that is room temperature. here in new york city . warmer down in portions of florida and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s and midaches in portions of texas and it will be 98 out inangelesn didn't happen over the weekend. it should be 104. >> if you love room temperature why is the studio not room temperature. >> did they generate themselves or did you type in nor. >> steve: we have a super commutor. >> gretchen: no one listened to my request. >> steve: he likes the room at 72? >> gretchen: let's jacket it up in here then. talk about governor chris christy. he went on the talk show. a lot of people have wondered where chris christy had gone
3:34 am
as far as being on the stump. maybe he needed to be out there spice things up a bit. he did that yesterday. listen to this exchange where it seems like george stephanopilis was stunned at what governor chris christie said. >> stop lying, mr. president. governor is not talking about tax cuts for the wealthy. he the wealthiy will pay under the romney administration as today. i love those ads. president said million new manufacturing jobs. how mr. president? four trillion reduction in the debt? really? simpson-bowls . you villain endorsed your own plan. it is it a great ad. no doubt about that and sounds nice and lukes nice . but no substance there. >> steve: over on meet the press. mr. christie said i wish you guys were as tough on the
3:35 am
president as you have been on mitt romney he felt that governor romney would do well and the race will turn upside down come thursday morping he said yesterday. >> eric: he was going and some of the other surrogates were saying let's manage and expect low on the debates. but chris christie said the debate will be a game changer. thursday morning clear choice and new campaign started on tuesday morning christie saying it was tough talk for the new jersey governor. >> gretchen: if i were woon on the romney camp i would have him saying that. it grabs head lines and the attitude that people feel is missing. >> eric: where is the proof? you say you arut canning the deficit and create four million jobs. give us ideas. we haven't heard them.
3:36 am
>> steve: head line is that the president is lying in his ads. he said they don't hold the president accountable in the main stream med yampt -- media . rasmussen shows how many people are for the president and how many for mr. mitt romney . rasmussen poll was accurate in 2004 and 8 getting the results according to the track being poll. 43 percent said they are certain to vote for romney and 42 percent certain vote for obama and 15 percent haven't decided . >> gretchen: that's huge. that is a dead heat report to look at the certainty of these people they are voting early right and these people who know in the debates who they will vote for. these debates are for the
3:37 am
undecided it is a huge chunk of the population. other than voters turn out of the base. that will turn the election>> eric: that is 10-20 percent of the undisguisable and persuadable. throw that poll up one more second. in the bottom of that. likely voters. those are the polls that are most accurate and go after the likely voters . not just people who poll random people. >> steve: you and i talked about george washington university. they do a battle ground poll . barak 49 percent x. romney 47. and now he leads by 4 in the independents which is a better number for the former governor of massachusetts. >> gretchen: meanwhile congressman paul ryan was on the talk shows and he had this to say about polls and the state of the race.
3:38 am
>> the question given all of that, why are you and mitt romney lotion . >> we'll give that. >> you are losing. >> we can debate polls, the president is offing four more of the same and distorting the issue and disguising the truth. and good at distracting. he can't run on hope and change and he's trying to win by default. mitt romney and i will give people choice. here is pro growth policy and increase more take home pay . and get people out of poverty in the middle class and get economic and job security. we'll show the country. here's what you need to do to tackle the problems. >> the fact that the message hasn't gotten through. is it your voters or the
3:39 am
voters fault. >> it is not the voters's fault. the president is trying to cop fuse and distract people. in the end of the day, i just don't think it will work. >> steve: the president good at confusing the issue. we talk about the double standard with mape stream media and why they don't hold the president at the same standard. >> gretchen: hopefully in the debate they will be asked the same question. and so the american voters can. >> eric: i don't know if they trust given the fact who the moderator is. >> gretchen: they ask the same question it is fair. i am not sure what the format will be. >> eric: probably be the same question. but how does president obama answer it and what would you
3:40 am
do differently and mitt romney will come out with his plan that started at 59 and down to 5. >> steve: president has a 5-point plan. >> eric: is it different than the last four years. does mitt romney need to go for the home run and point to left center field or play it safe and see if the economy loses the election for president obama? >> steve: what should mr. romney do come wednesday night out in denver . we'll share the comments later on in the telecast. >> gretchen: next a warning for parents. u.s. about to face a massive diaper shortage. i am glad i am out of the diaper stage. >> eric: how john 23rd shaped the catholic church and world as we know it.
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>> eric: quicked had lines. are we headed for a world wide diaper shortage. there was a chemical explosion in japan and production has come to a halt. that creates 1-fifth of the world's diapers. strong winds from a typhoon in japan picked up a car and sent it flying . the winds clocked at 80 miles per hour. steve? >> steve: i come out and how did the car get there? october the commencement of the 2nd vatican counsel.
3:44 am
pope john mikely to be canonized. what legacy did pope john pal leave? greg? ! good morning to you . >> steve: we'll talk about this particular guy and he became hope in 1958. they done have high expectations for him. >> he was one of the younger cardinals at 76 years old and expected him to rapefor a few years until a perhaps younger person could issue elected for a longer pontificate. >> steve: but they had vatican 2 and people who are noncatholics, it was basically what? >> a council and meeting of all of the bishops summoned to
3:45 am
and discuss issues affecting the church and hadn't been one for 90 years and 400 years before that. >> steve: it modernized the catholic church. >>ed the church's position . it was inward and defensive if you will for centuries he opened the doors and windows and invited the world in the church and church to engage with the world. >> steve: that took a mighty broadleap. generally popes want to keep it the way they are. some of the thippings they had to? >> yes, the outpard practice like the litty of the mass before 1962, some of us might remember this. that the priest faced away from the people and the mass was said in latin.
3:46 am
since the changes. people participate and the preese is facing the people mass is in the local languages around the world and it is it a different feel experience for the people. >> steve: sure. what about outreach to other religions. >> that is an important part of the vatican 2 and part who john 23rd was. the ecmenical dialogue with the protest apt religions and other christian religions were begun in earnest with the vatican 2 and also thorth dox christians and a different attitude toward relations with the jews especially since world twar two and holocaust and it was a dark period. >> that continues to this day. >> and now there is it a movement to make him a saint?
3:47 am
>> correct. he was called the good pope. el bono papa. and he was a hollande figure, really. in his life time. since then his reputation as glown and the cause for his canonization and actul process has been ongoing many years. >> steve: check out the book, the good pope. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much snampt 13 minutes before the top of the hour. terrifying inside account of a commander how they are training fighters to take down our troops. wait until you see this. larry sabtau, said >> fort hood texas. lieutenant corn nel received deployament and prepares his men to go to war.
3:48 am
>> that is his opponent down there in florida. two men, a country in crisis. wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> eric: fox alert. a bomberving in forces. killing 14. this is the u.s. death tollreaches 2000. one of the biggest threats is the insider troops where afghanies are turning on training them. the top commander didn't mince words when asked about it last night. listen. >> i am made as hell about it we are getting after it reverb
3:52 am
rates everywhere in the united states . we are willing to sacrifice a lot for the campaign but not murdered for it here the signature attack that we are seeing is the insider attack. >> eric: the ceo for concerned veterans and a vet aran himself joins us. he was on stan tan training the troops. thanks for joining, us pete. one of the most concerning parts in the interview, they talked to hamid karzai fighters who said we are inside we are being trained by american troops right now and they plan more of the insider attacks, concerning for you, too? >> of course, it is it concerning and general alen concedes the types of attacks continue by nature of the mission. this is to get rid of. we expanded forces quickly by training to train them independent and we
3:53 am
partnerulose out of the field and you are creating vulnerables. cusee the cross he carries and thinks every day and moment minute what to do to protect the troops. i served under him. the problem is, he's got 68,000 troops in the country out with afghans and pressed forward and a tactic that is identifying individual soldiers and turning them on moment by moment to turn them on our guys. >> what has changed. there were 35 deaths in the insider attack and so far this year 53 deaths. what are we doing wrong? >> what we are doing right. acknowledging it is a tactic. it is we are offending them now we are it what it is.
3:54 am
insider attack by the. it is not that we are doing anything wrong. they are infiltrating more and more. guys with lower standards in the afghan army that doesdo these types of attacks. whether we have a guard yane angels and different tactics in the field. general alen saying there is only so much to do minus pulling them out of the field. >> listen to the. >> they are attacks and part of our new military strategy . we have people in the afghan police and army and the orders come from the top. >> what skills do the al-qaida bring? >> ther masters of everything. for example, miking ied something we don't know how to do but they are teaching us and master engineers and good with all weapons.
3:55 am
when the weapons break they repair them. we can't do it without them. >> president obama said we took the guts out of al-qaida. that is it a fighter who works with al-qaida. is al-qaida diminished as president obama telling us? or are they still strong in the middle east. >> the interview goes on. general alen said they train them and that's all you need. you don't needs thousands of fighters. they are that is chilling segshows how closely al-qaida works with the and underscores implication of what is at stake there and general alen answered the question of the dead line. afghans worry and wonder about
3:56 am
our commitment as they should. >> eric: plays a key role and we have ignored . give us a half a minute on . >> the economy has had a safe haven in since the beginning of the war. look at intelligence. we know where the enemy is in . there is homes where they stay. it is part of the reason we haven't gotten the mission right. >> eric: thank you very much. got milk and get a second job. why milk could cost you 6 bucks a gallon apartnerly the nation nation is not aware that our economy is in the dump. it wants to take billions and give it to poor countries. donald trump on top of that in the top of the hour.
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>> gretchen: goran dragic, everyone. today is monday, october 1. aim gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. 37 days until the election and the next big game changer about to happen. the first debate wednesday. both sides agree romney could win? why is that? break it down for you. >> eric: first spontaneous. we report, donald trump decides. >> steve: perhaps the united nations isn't aware the economy is in the dumper because it wants to take billions of our money, even trillions, and give it to poor countries. what's that about?
4:00 am
"fox & friends" for this monday, hour two commences immediately. >> hi, you're watching "fox & friends." the trumps' favorite show. >> gretchen: i wonder why we'd be playing that right now. donnel donald will be joining us moments away. eric is here for brian today. we have to kick off with headlines. a fox news alert to tell but. overnight, three nato troops and translator killed in a homicide bombing in eastern afghanistan along with at least ten other people. officials say the attacker drove a motorcycle packed with explosive noose troops that were patrolling a market. the taliban claiming responsibility. the attack comes a day after two americans were killed in the shootout between afghans and american troops. we're two days away from the first presidential debate. president obama's campaign trying to lower expectations by saying he is at the
4:01 am
disadvantage. >> now challengers tend to do really well in debate. that's been moment we believed all along governor romney probably has more benefit out of this debate potentially than we do. >> gretchen: republican vp nominee paul ryan agrees and says mitt romney will show voters there is a clear choice. >> people will see is who is mitt romney? what kind a president will be and what are the choices i have? that, to me s what matters in this debate and alt debates, which is i know what president obama has done. i know all of these empty promise, broken promises. i know about the ugly stagnant economy. what is mitt romney and paul ryan offering? that's what we'll get out of wednesday. >> gretchen: the denver debate will focus on domestic policy. the search for a houston mom ending in tragedy. police found her body in odessa, texas, more than 500 miles away from her apartment. her ex-boyfriend reportedly led
4:02 am
authorities to her remains and is under investigation. no murder charges have been filed yet. she was last seen september 22, the same night her boyfriend took their three-year-old son more than eight hours away to be with relatives. after he within miss, he told cops she had stormed out after an argument. he definitely isn't haley joel oz ment in "the sixth sense." >> i see dead people. >> gretchen: a somali terror suspect asking to be transferred out of jail because he claims he sees ghost. his request quickly injected by a judge. he's accused of recuting and happening finance trysts abroad. he might be saying ghost for some of the alleged activity. >> steve: now the doctor is in. good morning to you, donald trump. last week at this time we moved you up from your normal spot at
4:03 am
7:30 to 7:00 o'clock because you were about to get an honorary doctorate. congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: when we moved him to 7:00 o'clock, our ratings went up. >> that's why nbc seems to like me so much. >> gretchen: you're a king of that. let's move on to the hot topic of the day, which is the libyan situation and how the administration chose to handle that. do you believe that anybody should be let go or fired for what's become known as the benghazi gate debauchle. >> it really is a debalkle and shame. normally you would say fire burks everybody is trying. you never know. we're in a situation over there and other countries that frankly we shouldn't be in. we helped the rebels turn over and they end up killing our ambassador. by the way, and other people. and we shouldn't be in a situation like that. we should have taken the oil and i said it from day one. if we're going to help them,
4:04 am
take 50% of the oil. they would have agreed to it in two seconds. now they views as an interloper. now our big -- we don't even know these people and they end up killing our ambassador. if we're going to help them, we should have said, we'll take the oil and help you and they would have agreed to it in two seconds. right now you know who is getting their oil? china. >> eric: now we have credible sources say that the obama administration knew it was preplanned within 24 hours after the death of the ambassador. yet susan rice, jay cancer oh, several obama officials going out saying it was a response to the movie. is this a cover-up? >> they lie. there is no question about it. by the way, if the republicans did that, there would be hell to pay. everybody would call for resignations and it would be terrible. but they lie. everybody knew they were lying. they knew almost immediately because it was obviously an attack. this had nothing to do with that
4:05 am
stupid nieces made and it was stupid and it was ridiculous. but they lie. they've been lying for years now. they get away with it and the press allows them to get away with it. >> steve: so you're very clear, there are people who are lying about it in the white house. but -- >> they knew they were lying. i mean, they were saying it with a very straight face and they knew they were lying and certainly after the first 24 hours, it became the big lie and they kept doing it and the press allowed them to get away where w it. >> gretchen: why were they lying? >> in order to save face. in order to show what they did in libya was correct. what they did in libya was insane. who are we protecting? probably we were on the side of iranians that wanted to take over libya. we used our missile. we used our people. we killed a lot of people. what are we doing it for? now we have nothing in libya. we have nothing. absolutely. it used to be to the victor belong the spoils. we're the victor, we got nothing
4:06 am
because we're stupid people. we run folks by stupid people. >> steve: you know, the president really can't talk about his economic policy because our economy is in the dumper right now. so his foreign policy has been balance yee-had by the main stream media. he killed osama bin laden. that narrative, given the fact that apparently al-qaeda is back, that's in shambles, too. >> he takes a lot of credit and a lot of people are very angry about it, especially the military for having killed osama bin laden. let's assume any one of you were president. the military comes, we've got them. by the way, his decision was delayed to a point where him and hillary supposedly were really going at it. but let's assume they come to you and say we have bin laden. you can bomb them, get him or leave them alone of the nobody is going to leave him alone. so i don't care who is president, you're going to make the same decision. the military should get credit. what credit does he get?
4:07 am
honestly, what credit does he get? he said okay, go get him. who wouldn't say that? do you know of anybody that would -- >> steve: he spiked the football. >> then he wants to take such great credit. i moon, it's this big thing. he got big laden. the military got bin laden and they were look for years and by the way, before his administration and who wouldn't say exactly -- who couldn't do what -- wouldn't do what he did? >> gretchen: let's talk about the rest of his foreign policy because that seems to be killing bin laden, great achievement, but that seems to be overshadowing his other foreign policy and many believe it was appeasement to many of these middle eastern countries. here is congressman paul ryan and then your thoughts. >> their response was slow. it was confused, inconsistent it's part of the bigger picture of the fact that the obama foreign policy is unraveling literally before our eyes on our tv screens. >> gretchen: do you agree with that? >> he's right. but look, we have to rebuild our country.
4:08 am
we're becoming a third world country. our airports are crumbling, roads are crumb being, highways are crumbling and we're building in afghanistan where they blow it up before we finish building. we build a school and they blow it up before the construction is finished. yet we can't build schools in our country. it's disgraceful. we have to take care of ourselves. we have to rebuild our country and by the way, we have to rebuild our military. we shouldn't have cuts. they're talking about massive military cuts. that would be a huge mistake. we have to rebuild our military. we have to focus on our country now for a change. >> eric: donald, speaking of big mistakes, have you heard this? the u.n. is now looking for a global tax. now, we're calling global tax maggedden. where we would pony up a huge portion of the tax receipts into the u.n. and they would distribute them throughout the world to the needy. what do you think of this? >> i think it's incredible. first of all, we are the needy.
4:09 am
maybe they should do it where china should write off their trillion dollars that they wrote us and more. by the way, if you look what's going on, they are serious about this where we're supposed to give more money to other countries. we don't have money for ourselves. so it's just another ploy. we'll educational background up being -- end up being, because we are run by people globe know what they're doing issues we'll be the only nation that gives. >> gretchen: i got bad news for you, you're going to be taxed 1% tax on billionaires around the world. that's part of this whole deal. >> i can imagine the people that are going to distribute the money. i've seen the people. i have buildings over there. i see them all the time. you should see the people that are going to be distributing these trillions of dollars. when you do and when you talk ty don't know what they're doing, you're not going to want to give your money too quickly. >> steve: if sounds like the united nations is continuing fair share, we heard hillary talk about how people around the world need to pay up more, more
4:10 am
their fair share going forward. >> you know, we've been doing that for a long time of the we've been doing that for many years and right now we owe $17 trillion. so that's where it's gotten us. we really would qualify. i think we should get somebody very smart in there. we would qualify to receive money. not give money. >> gretchen: fired up as usual. donald trump joins us on monday mornings a bit earlier today. thanks so much for your time. have a great weekend. >> thank you very much. >> steve: it is 7:10 eastern time. arnold schwarzenegger speaking out for the first time about the affair that ended marriages. coming up, the bizarre moment he realized hey, the housekeeper's son looks like my son. >> gretchen: larry sabato called it one of the most devastating contrast ads i've ever seen. that was his quote. watch this. >> february 16, 2003, fort hood, texas. lieutenant colonel allen west had just received deployment orders and prepares his men to go to war. that night, south beach, miami,
4:11 am
patrick murphy is clone out of a -- thrown out of a club for fighting. >> gretchen: colonel west will tell bus that ad and much more mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res?
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it's a lobster, either way. [ male annncer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus, it's the card for people who like more cash. [ italian accent ] 50% more dough! what's in your wallet? >> steve: the white house took a lot of heat for mislabeling the terrorist attack in libya as a spontaneous protest. that's what they said in the beginning before we were told that it was terrorism. >> eric: right. the latest excuse, blaming the intelligence community for that mistake. listen. >> as the director of national intelligence said on friday, that was the original information that that was given to us. what we don't need is a president or administration that
4:14 am
shoots first and asks questions later. >> eric: but many members of congress aren't buying it. they think the president misled the american people on purpose. joining us this morning with his perspective, florida congressman colonel allen west. let's get to this. for 2 1/2 weeks, they said it was the movie. they blamed the movie. we have credible evidence that said they knew it was terrorism. now they found a scapegoat, didn't they is this. >> absolutely. you have to. as recent as tuesday lacework the president said six times it was the video and never mentioned terrorist attack. he is still complicit in this story being told to the american people andment world. now you have to understand it goes back to what harry truman said, the buck stops here. it has to be the president's responsibility. look, it's very simple, guys. they do not want to have their foreign policy exposed as being as a failure. if you think about when we initially went into libya 18, 19 months ago, there were many concerns about the people that we were helping.
4:15 am
these fighters, were those in iraq or other places fighting against our men and women. there was concern about al-qaeda being part of the foreign fighters and we see that's come it fruition. >> steve: the strategy in libya, and i'm sure they don't teach this at the military academy s leading from behind. >> no. >> steve: is what is going on at the white house and has gone on since, those four american, including our ambassador were murdered, has there been a cover-up by the white house? >> without a doubt there has been. when you look at the fact, five or six days afterwards, you had susan rice going on all of these talk shows, sunday talk shows with the same line. it's the video. spoken taken -- spontaneous. first of all, why is the american ambassador talk being embassies and consulates, because that's not her line of expertise. and for her to talk about coordinated attacks, she is not a member of the department of defense. it should have been a state department person, hillary
4:16 am
clinton, or it should have been leon panetta. >> steve: why was she selected to go out and say the same thing over and over on all the shows and not hillary clinton? >> i think it came down to the short straw. of who had to go out and sell the line. she did a horrible job. >> eric: james clapper saying, oops. we may have screwed up and he's the director of national intelligence. right? >> we still then have a problem with our intelligence gathering systems. but it still comes back to the president who is supposed to be getting these intelligence briefings and up with dates every single day and make the decisions. he's the commander in chief. there is a responsibility there. >> steve: does somebody need to be fired over this cover-up and debauchle? >> i think on 6 november, that person will be fired. >> steve: okay. >> eric: next topic, you have a new ad out. it's pretty darn good. let's take a listen to a piece of that ad. >> february 16, 2003, fort hood, texas, lieutenant colonel allen west had just received deployment orders and prepares his men to go to war.
4:17 am
that night south beach, miami, patrick murphy is thrown out of a club for fighting, covered in alcohol and unable to stand. murphy then confronts and verbally assault has police officer. patrick murphy was arrested and taken to jail. two men, a country in crisis. you decide. >> i'm allen west and i approve this message. >> steve: yes, you did. >> i think it's important that we draw the contrast. that's what needs to happen in this presidential election right now. mitt romney needs to draw the contrast. i think that mitt romney needs to say something along the line, when i was saving the olympics after 9-11, where was barak obama? who do you want? make the decision. this is a country in crisis once again. economic security, energy security, national security. so draw the contrast. i think that's what we tried to do in this ad. >> steve: larry sabato said that ad that you're running now is the most devastating contrast ad he's ever seen before. >> my team will be very happy to have that. now i got to give a trophy or
4:18 am
something, i guess. >> eric: colonel, we have to read this statement. this is from mr. murphy, his campaign. he said, quote, allen west is shamelessly attacking him for a mistake he made as a teen-ager, which he had discussed at length in the media as a mistake learned from. >> first of all, no one down in south florida knew about this and had not been discussed. i think it's represencible that they should talk about a contrast when they started off running ads with me stealing money from a black family and they even had me with a little gold tooth. which you can see i don't have one. >> steve: isn't that a super pac ad funded by his father? >> absolutely. >> steve: okay. there is a lot going on in florida. >> thanks so much. >> eric: got milk? get a second job. why milk could soon cost 6 bucks a gallon. >> steve: apparently justin bieber doesn't like milk anymore either. then it's a landmark case about a man and his own home.
4:19 am
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>> steve: time for your news by the numbers. on this monday morning, first, six bucks. that's how much you could soon end up paying for a gallon of milk. six bucks? the national milk producers federation says it will happen if congress fails to pass the farm bill that keeps prices down. next, $2 million. that's how much the president's numerous trips to new york city
4:23 am
in recent months have cost taxpayers in extra security just at jfk airport. that according to a source with the port authority of new york and new jersey. finally, 43 million. that's how much total tran sylvain i can't brought in, making it the number one movie in america and breaking the record for summer day abuse. congratulations "hotel transylvania." >> gretchen: does the law of the land extend over the water? our next guest lost his floating home because his hometown wanted to reclaim its waterfront. now he's taking his case to the u.s. supreme court and the rule could go have a major impact all across the country. former floating homeowner is my guest this morning of the good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so explain for us in simple terms what this argument is all about. >> basically a floating home is just a house that floats, both to building code, they pay
4:24 am
property tax, homestead elimination companies and should come under state landlord tenant laws versus a house boat, that's a vessel that is used to drive around. >> gretchen: so let's take a look at a picture of yours because it no longer exists. correct? >> that's correct. >> gretchen: what happened? >> the city evicted me in state court saying i had a dangerous dock. i won the eviction and then went to federal court and said i had a vessel. federal judge arrested my home. towed it to miami and ten months later, he ordered it sold at the u.s. marshal auction. the city purchased my home and destroyed it at taxpayer expense. >> gretchen: you believe this was pay back? why? >> when i first moved to riviera beach, i helped kill a $2.4 billion redevelopment that was going to take 2200 homes via hem meant domain, along with the city marina that was public for the previous 100 years to make into a mega yacht and upscale community. >> gretchen: so you believe that
4:25 am
that's why your home was ultimately destroyed. now, this has gone all the way to the supreme court. what are the ramifications of this case, 'cause it's not just about your town, is it? >> oh, certainly not. the ramifications is, should floating structure that include river boat casinos, other floating homes, floating restaurants, floating hotels, they had floating power plants, certain types of oil rigs and stuff like that, should they come under state jurisdiction or come under federal jurisdiction? our argument is those should come under states. >> gretchen: it's a sit versus federal issue. -- state versus federal issue. if you win this case. do you get your home back? how does this work? >> i'm not sure what's going to happen. hopefully i'll be compensated for my home being illegally seized. we'll have to see what happens. >> gretchen: okay. so the city would have to compensate you for your legal fees, at least, and where have you been living since your home was destroyed? >> i've been living down in
4:26 am
miami. >> gretchen: very interesting case. we've talked a lot about eminent domain on this show. this is another example of that. let us know what the supreme court says. >> i sure will. thank you very much. >> gretchen: we reached out it have i carrera beach, florida officials and have not heard back. coming up on "fox & friends," fox news alert for you. brand-new information out this morning about the botched fast and furious operation. is there a possible connection to a massacre that led more than a dozen teen-agers dead? then the most terrifying ride of their lives. row of seats on a plane came unbolted with the passengers strapped in. that story straight ahead [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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4:29 am
>> gretchen: fox news alert. we have brand-new information coming up linking more victims to the botched fast and furious gun running operation. it turns out that the guns were used in a massacre at a birth birthday party in january 2010. william lajeunesse has been following the story from the beginning and has the details for us now live from los angeles. good morning. >> the face of fast and furious the last two years was border patrol agent brian terry. the untold story is the victims in mexico. the department of justice knows that has kept that information secret hoping to avoid the
4:30 am
political fallout. now using mexico's freedom of information act, we know who died and the weapons. a home covered in blood after gang members killed 16, many teen-agers, at a birthday party in juarez, mexico. guns traced to fast and furious. >> they are waiting for an answer. they want to know what happened and why they didn't stop these guns from leaving the united states and ending up in climbs. >> spanish language and fox news obtained a list of weapons recovered in mexico and compared the serial numbers with the 2,000 guns sold in fast and furious. nearly two dozen matched. connecting an untold number of injuries and fatalities to the u.s. program. this woman lost two sons to fast and furious guns.
4:31 am
>> they feel helpless. they don't know what to do and we interviewed one and they said who is going to pay for this? >> it could be the u.s. government. should brian terry prevail in their wrongful death claim. >> the people can go and sue in the united states with the support of american lawyers. that will be a very interesting development certainly. >> the mexican government has remained largely silent, unwilling to criticize its northern neighbor. >> our political elite only worry about obtaining the next position and they are rich with the p benefits from being in politics. >> univision aired its one hour special on sunday night. they alleged fast and furious wasn't the only u.s. approved gun running program. operation cast away, out of tampa, florida, knowingly supplied guns to cartels in colombia and hon during remarks they allege, despite the collateral damage. back to you. >> gretchen: our details continue to be revealed in that operation.
4:32 am
thanks so much for your work. >> steve: other headlines on this monday morning, ten years ago that the dc sniper shooting rampage left ten people dead. the man convicted in that massacre is now speaking out. >> i was a monster. if you look at the mission and i was a goal. i was a thiefment i stole people's lives. >> steve: yes, he did. he is serving life without parole. the other man convicted in the sniper shootings, john alan mohammed, was executed in virginia in 2009. >> gretchen: teen-ager has been hospitalized after an accident in a water park. six flags hurricane harbor say the 19-year-old pushed past other riders and life guards and went down head first. the slide dropped 75 feet at almost a 90-degree angle. so ride railroads required to go down feet first. the teen fell about halfway down and landed on his head.
4:33 am
no word on his condition. >> eric: extra bumpy ride for some american airlines passengers headed for miami after a row of seats came unbolted and started sliding around the airplane. the flight made an emergency landing at jfk airport. no one was hurt. airline insiders are reportedly blaming the loose seats on subcontracted maintenance crews by the bankrupt air carrier. even more seats were found to be loose even after being checked. steve? >> steve: maybe you should board with a pair of pliers. arnold schwarzenegger speaking publicly for the first time about the affair that ended his 25-year marriage. the former governor revealing on 60 minutes the moment he realized his housekeeper's son was his own son. >> just appeared to me there was something off that he started looking like me. so that's when i kind of got it that it was never discussed, but
4:34 am
i put the things together here. >> did you ask her? her name is mildred. did you ask her? >> no, i didn't. 'cause i felt like that i should take on the responsibility of taking care of him and her. >> steve: so he's providing them money. and there is still more you haven't heard. so tune in to "fox & friends" tomorrow when arnold schwarzenegger joins us live to talk about his new book "total recall." >> gretchen: let's talk about this with the election just 36 days away from now, a lot of people have used the absentee ballot situation because they're out of town. many of those people in the military need that provision because they are serving and forgetting us overseas. interesting situation going o. if you look at virginia right now, there are 126,251 service members in the state of virginia. but only 1,746 have requested
4:35 am
absentee balances, and that has some people, including the military voter protection group, they're look into this now because they're a little concerned. look at that, very small number of people who apparently want to vote in this election. >> steve: what's interesting about it is the move act of 2009 was supposed to make sure that this never happened. as soon as somebody goes to a new barracks they were spot supposed to get the voter registration stuff and automatically wind up with the absentee ballot. that is not happening. and it's interesting, they're not necessarily blaming politics. they say it's just bureaucratic mumbo jumbo that is causing the problem. >> eric: that number represents 12% of the actual military members who have requested so far. maybe it's too confusing. maybe it's a lot of paperwork to request the ballot. they should make it easier. >> gretchen: 92% drop in military requests over just the last 3 1/2 years? there is something going on, more so than -- mine, nothing
4:36 am
drops 92% over 3 1/2 years. >> steve: you got to figure n some cases, if you are in a state, you're state side and you would be able to vote at a polling stays, given what has happened in the past where people have been disenfranchised, they're not going to put their faith in an absentee ballot. they want o show up on election day to make sure it counts. i bet that is going on to some degree. >> gretchen: let's look at another poll because there is a new one coming out every day. a rasmussen poll, it's important because this is likely voters and it was taken at the end of the month. 43%, these are certain voters. certain for romney, 43%. obama, 42%. the undecideds, 15%. which way will they go? will the debates help shape their opinion as we move closer to election day or will they show up at the polls? that's the other big question nobody is talk being. will the undecideds be enthused
4:37 am
enough to trial cast a vote? >> eric: that 15% undecided is about standard for presidential election, between 10 and 20%. but the important thing to note is as that certain to vote one way or the other so close, that may bring out the undecide vote, the enthusiasm level goes up when the vase tight. that's why some of these other polls that are skewed and sometimes they're skewed on the way they administer the polls to look like president obama is winning five, six 7%, it brings back that enthusiasm level for the undecideds. that's why polling is important, especially like you mentioned, likely voters at the bottom of that screen. >> steve: how many likely voters are going to be swayed one way or the other and become enthusiastic given the debates that are going to start on this wednesday night. it's interesting, both sides had their surrogates out yesterday. mr. obama's side reminded everybody, look, governor romney has done a couple dozen debates
4:38 am
over the last year or so. he's really good at it. so they're trying to tamp down expectations. then you got chris christie going out there saying, i think mitt romney is going to have an extraordinarily great wednesday night. everything is going to turn upside down. wait until thursday morning. everybody is going to be talking about how -- and i'm paraphrasing -- mitt romney kicked some butt. >> gretchen: it's so important to see these two men face-to-face on a stage together because look at your screen now. this is how we've seen them for the last couple of months. they might be in the same state, but they're not together. they're not on the same stage together. so really what you're learning about the candidates is what they're saying individually. not against each other. not necessarily being asked the same question at the same time. not being able to take each other to task and say, but wait a minute, you said this or you said that. i think this will be so important and that's why i hope that the millions of people in america will watch these debate, especially the people who have not decided which way they're going. >> steve: we asked you what, do you think mr. romney, who right now is the underdog what, he
4:39 am
needs to do on wednesday night? these are some comments. one says, romney must make it impossible for the lame stream media to call him the loser. he must be respectful of the president, but at the same time, be aggressive and passionate. >> gretchen: sherry in alabama, go big, mitt. rattle his cage. he can't handle the truth. >> eric: ray says romney should answer the question by pointing out our current conditions under president obama and his vision to turn it around. this is a land that is flowing with milk and honey. all we need is a leader to teach us how to harvest it. there you go. >> steve: keep the e maims coming. -- e-mails coming. a new report hints the white house might be hiding documents on libya. so what are they trying to cover up and why? we've got somebody who knows coming up live next. >> gretchen: imagine this, this guy was your neighbor, what would you do?
4:40 am
alisyn eastwood has a good idea. she's breaking out of dad's shadow with a wild new job. she's going to join us live. >> steve: first the aflac question of the day, better than in 1965, this model briefly appeared as one of the barker's beauties on the game show "the price is right." who is she, be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer
4:41 am
, grandfather grandfather
4:42 am
>> gretchen: 42 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. new law let's hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants get driver's licenses in california. illegals who qualify for work permits under president obama's new plan are eligible. it says it let's them get to work and school. historians up in arms over a new green project at pearl harbor. the u.s. navy wants to cover an unused runway with solar panels.
4:43 am
the museum says the site should be preserved as sacred grounds. steve? >> steve: being wrong is one thing, but covering up is another. a new report suggests the white house might be hiding specific documents showing it dropped the ball on the attack on our consulate in libya where four americans were murdered. joining us now is the author of a new book that comes out tomorrow called "the liberal war on transparency" chris horner. good morning to you. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: talk about benghazi in just a moment. but what you have done is you have taken a look at how this administration, when it came in, this is going to be the most transparent administration in history. yet, you detail extensively exactly how they're going around the rules so that we never see what they're talking about. >> right. we have several laws in place requiring, legally require ago historical record of an
4:44 am
administration. obviously for producing records, as is required under new law, the freedom of information act, but also for history of what the president and his administration were up to in the words of a supreme court opinion, and they have been going around -- they have moved much of the government off to privately owned computer servers, presumably free from prying taxpayer eyes. they've conducted sleazier act pentecosts on aol and gmail. they are systematically destroy some records i have found. i have after affidavit from a particularly politicized agency admitting to this, destroying all records, all trace of a record by using outside computers. they're just not that into transparency. really turning it on its head, but particularly when you remember that anticipatory proclamation is the most transparent ever, sorts of like the anticipatory nobel peace prize, i think that was a head fake, cole graphing they had no idea of come flying with the law. >> steve: so when you talk about how they used outside providers
4:45 am
for e-mail, for instance, if somebody who works in the house is using their personal gmail account, you would -- somebody asks for the official records, they're not going to give them that because that's my personal account. right? >> well, they'll say there are no records. we filed our first suit this last month now and we're filing another one this month about seeking access to the so-called private accounts on which they're doing public business, which using a private computer, private e-mail account doesn't make public business any less public. but we proved they used aol to orchestrate the deal with the drug companies to lobby for obamacare. separate accounts used for solyndra program. when it was dicey, they moved off line -- remember, the taxpayers are paying for the e-mail accounts for these people. so we had a record, we have access to the record. we know who is controlling it, you can't just slip slip and fall on delete. they didn't agree and moved over to private e-mail accounts for certain things they didn't want us to know about.
4:46 am
>> steve: sure. and speaking of hitting the delete button, it sounds like shortly after the benghazi attack, they put one thing up and then next thing you know, it disappears. here is a full screen of what they had put out on site and it says, oftentimes these concerns are the result of increased media attention to the issue rather than credible evidence of a terrorist plot. you know, in the beginning they were trying to blame the movie and it was spontaneous. next thing you know, within 24 hours, the government knows it is terrorism and poof, that thing just disappeared, chris. >> yeah. i think rewriting history is just a twist on what i've proved which is that they're deleting history. that is the line couldn't be that they had warnings, but then again, if you didn't have warnings, the follow-up question being why did you ignore them, then why didn't you? they didn't want this to be terrorism. they needed this to be a law enforcement issue, which is the way they treat everything. but they needed it to be spontaneous because otherwise the one issue they say we can't talk about for the next six
4:47 am
weeks, how is he performing in office is going to be broad, front and center, even by this media. they may look at what's going on there if this is terrorism and the last thing this administration wants the media turned to finally, is asking what's going on with them? >> steve: sure. but you know how the main stream media works. if folks in the white house are saying, look, there is no story there, 90% of main stream media doesn't look at this. >> what i -- "washington post" actually ran an editorial specifically against my write, me personally, to use the freedom of information act even though they use it promiscuously. they think prance trainsy is great when it's about the other guy. they think it's great if they can use information to intimidate. it's not good for finding out inconvenient facts. this seems to be one of those. remember, we're rewriting history by taking down previous assessments in order to aconsume date and fit with a current spin when i suggest indicates a cover-up, which i suggest is their first move to bring up. >> steve: we just had colonel allen west on a half hour ago.
4:48 am
he said clearly that there was a cover-up by this white house regarding the event that killed four americans. >> it's very important to note, this would be the rule, this is not an exception. i have proved -- when you saw the president demanding an exemption four years ago that, should have been a flag. they're not into transparency beyond a talking point by destroying records, generally, and i show there is a cyber bonfire going on in this administration. they're covering up. when it was their most important issue now is getting reelected, they can't sus his performance in office. of course they were going to lapse into their first move, i've proved, which is cover up. >> steve: you can read all about it in his book that comes out tomorrow called "the liberal war on transparency." thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that? e-mail us. a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. some animal owners bite off a
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> eric: the answer to the aflac question of the day is cindy margolis. the winner is kim from florida. >> he walks a tiger on a leash. he brings a leopard into his
4:53 am
office. they live with monkeys in their rv. these are wild animals. >> eric: some animal owners bite off more than they can chew with exotic pets like these. cue clint eastwood's daughter, allison of the she's staging animal interventions and she's the animal advocate and host of "animal intervention" on net geo she joins us now. we saw that. allison, on the way in, by the way, thank you for joining us as our sound bites are floating around. >> thank you. >> eric: is there ever a good situation where an exotic animal is living with a private owner? >> yeah. in cases there are some. i'm sure there are some people that, you know, have the education, awareness and the responsibility. but i would highly discourage getting an exotic animal as a pet. they're obviously very dangerous. >> eric: so situations like
4:54 am
we're seeing now on the screen, go in there and what do you do? how do you find -- how do you find out there is a bad match going on and then what do you do? >> there is usually a controversy or something, unfortunately, negative that's gone on, whether it's a usda report or some sort of citation, lot of animal groups, humane society will give us a tip. we go in there and really it's kind of an expose and a chance for these people to share their story, past and present, then we're obviously there to see if we can be helpful to the animals, to see if we can help their future. >> eric: what happens? dot owners push back and say north texas i can handle this? >> it varies. some need help. there is some rescue, actual rescue facilities that we within to that need rescuing themselves because of the economy or they got in over their heads. they took too many animals. so it's just one of those kind of situations where you don't know exactly what you're going to get into until you get there.
4:55 am
>> eric: let's take a look at a clip from the show. >> you never attack me. >> because i'm her friend. all right. we're going to go off camera now and put it back up. >> we're going to put her back you, guys. >> eric: wow, that's clearly not a good match. >> no. and that particular animal had been declawed f. that had hit him with claws, it would have been off to the hospital. >> eric: i have to imagine there are kids in some of these situation, right? >> yeah, there are people that have children. there are some road side zoos that we -- family-owned businesses that have exotic animals. >> eric: your dad is clientswood. how did allison eastwood get into this line of work? >> i've always been an animal loverment my family are big nature animal lovers and so i
4:56 am
just grew up really feeling a kinship towards animals and wanting to help them and be a voice for them. so this was a way for me to kinds of take my experience and film and television and my passion for helping animals and merge the two together. >> eric: allison eastwood, it premieres tomorrow on net geo. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> eric: coming up, the abc's of early voting. we want to know once you vote, where does it go? can it be lost? can it be messed with? the answers are fascinating. then governor chris christie has a message for the main stream media. listen to this. >> david, i wish you guys were just as tough on the president. i mean, he's been the president and hasn't given us specifics. so let's be fair here. >> eric: dana perino has something to add. top of the hour, there she is with doocy. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona.
4:57 am
4:58 am
tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate.
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use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend. today is monday, already october 1. hope you're gonna have a great week. i'm gretchen carlson. 37 days now until the election and the next big game changer about to happen. the first presidential debate will be wednesday night. but are both sides agreeing now that romney might win that? why is that? we'll explain. >> steve: even after the white house admitted it had the facts wrong on the consulate murders in libya, the campaign standing by its word. what in the world is going on over at the white house? dana perino, who used to work at the white house, weighs in in about two minutes. >> eric: then you heard about the right leaning conservative media, you heard of that. well? that's what a top advisor obama
5:00 am
think. >> we knew the news media is anxious to right their romney recovery and cropback story. >> eric: are you buying what david plouffe is selling? i don't think i am. "fox & friends" starts right now >> this is governor arnold schwarzenegger. wake up, america. this is "fox & friends". >> steve: thank you. arnold schwarzenegger will be on this program tomorrow. 7:00 o'clock hour. he's got a brand-new book out. eric, your co-star from "the five," dana perino, stuck her tongue out at me. >> eric: she's sticking her tongue out and you went like this. >> gretchen: you gave her the hand? >> steve: i was going to push that back in. >> eric: i was gog have to tackle from you behind, steve. >> gretchen: full disclosure about why she was doing that at steve coming up. we got to do the headlines first. can you hold your tongue until then? >> steve: walk over. >> no, no, i'm waiting. >> steve: no, come on over. come on.
5:01 am
>> okay. you messed that up. >> gretchen: beautiful dress, by the way. let's do your headlines for monday now because we're two days away from the first presidential debate. president obama's campaign trying to lower the expectations by saying that he is the one that will be at the disadvantage >> now, challengers tend to do really well in debates. that's been history. we believed all along that governor romney has more benefit out of this debate potentially than we do. >> gretchen: paul ryan agrees. he says mitt romney will show voters there is a clear choice. >> i think what people will see is who is mitt romney? what kind of a president is he going to be? what are the choices i have? it that, to me s what matters in this particular debate and all the debates, which is i know what president obama has done of the i know all of these empty promises, broken promises. i know about the ugly stagnant economy. what is mitt romney and paul ryan offering a to get us back on track? i think that's what we'll get out of wednesday. >> gretchen: the denver debate
5:02 am
will focus on domestic policy. it's wednesday night. the supreme court begins a new term today on the docket. affirmative action. about a white woman who says she was rejected from the university of texas because her race. the outcome could result in a major cutback in the use of affirmative action at colleges across the nation. the greatest intrigue this term may revolve around chief justice john roberts. remember, he sided with the courts four liberals to aconfirm the constitutionality of obamacare a few months ago. starting today, medicare can slap hospitals with a fine if too many of their parents return within 30 days due to health complications. it's part of the president's health care law meant to improve the quality of care. two-thirds of hospitals that care for medicare patients could be hit with fines averaging $125,000. critics say the penalties unfairly target hospitals in poor areas and teaching hospitals. u.s. may have underestimated the threat at our consulate in libya. according to the "new york times," a u.s. official says a
5:03 am
successful response to a small bombing in june may have given us a false sense of faith in libyan security. other details also more thanking about the september 11 attack in benghazi. the personal body guard for ambassador christ chris stevens so far away, he had to dash across the compound under gun fire. witnesses say attackers hit all three entrance at the consulate at the same time. they also identified the attackers as members of ansar al-shariah, known islamist militant. those are your headlines. now time to bring in dana perino and finds out the real reason she was sticking out her tongue. >> i'm tired. [ laughter ] >> steve: just like that. >> i was being a brat. >> steve: that's okay. let's talk to you about what the story that the administration has had regarding what gretchen was just talking about with the attacks on our consulate where four americans were murdered. in the beginning they said because of that movie, spontaneous. within 24 hours, they knew that it was terrorism connected perhaps to an al-qaeda
5:04 am
affiliate. and we've had mayor rudy guiliani on. we just had lieutenant colonel allen west on the channel. they both say there has been a cover-up on the part of the white house. >> it certainly is very curious that if they knew that -- if the director of national intelligence puts out on friday night at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon a statement that says, okay, wait, wait. it was our fault. when this first happened on that , believet night, i sent a note me, they are going to blame the intel community for this. the intel community being standup men and women are just going to take it and they have to work quietly behind the scenes and they're the ones getting the blame. still, the white house message doesn't make sense because the campaign spokesperson from yesterday, david axelrod and david plouffe, the other one on the campaign, they actually didn't have the same story yesterday. the question that remains for america and this is not a partisan question. it's at what point did the director of national intelligence know that what the white house was saying was wrong? why did they let the u.n.
5:05 am
ambassador, susan rice, go on five sunday shows and repeat falsehoods and take three more days to finally say it right and still they want to say that they didn't get anything wrong. >> gretchen: you're supposing that susan rice was told to say that. >> i would hope not. i find had -- i do find it hard to believe she would have gone out and said something false if she knew it. >> steve: she said the same thing over and over. it looked rehearsed. >> i just don't believe she would have said something that was not true. i find that hard to believe. >> eric: we talk a lot about what had been going on for the 2 1/2 weeks since the obama administration finally said it was a preplanned terrorist attack. we were wondering who was going to tate fall. james clapper, director of national intelligence, he seems like he's going to be the scapegoat. he's saying maybe we didn't tell the white house in time, maybe they didn't know. take a listen to him a couple years ago. remember this bumbling statement he had here? watch. >> how serious is it?
5:06 am
any implication that it was coming here and these are things they have seen were coming here director clapper? i was a little surprised you didn't know about london, director clapper. >> oh, i'm sorry. i didn't. >> eric: that was diane sawyer doing an interview as there were people being arrested in for terrorism, he had no idea. >> it's almost as if there was picture and picture. he hadn't been briefed well. that was classic, also -- rare because we haven't had the terrorist attacks that we thought we could have had because we have these protocols put in place after 9-11. jim clapper, across the board from what i have heard, the intel community thinks he's a partisan person, leaning towards the democrats, toward president obama and he put out this statement on friday night to ease things for the white house going in. if i were the press, on behalf of the american people
5:07 am
regardless if they're republican or democrat, i would try to get to some better answers as to why didn't we know what we didn't know and why did we spread falsehoods -- >> steve: you think the press is going to ask tough questions of this administration, you're nuts. >> wait a minute. >> gretchen: what i'm trying to get it, and you've been there. you worked inside. so you know. are you saying that jim clapper acted independently and you're saying susan rice may have acted independently and this isn't all part of a strategy to figure out how they're going to handle the libyan situation? >> i think it's almost more that they don't have any strategy at all. everyone was working independently. that's not how you do counter intelligence. everybody works together. you can't say that you all work together and all of a sudden, hide them off. believe me, if the story on september 12 was that our government, with our intelligence community working with the libyans had forgetted ambassador stevens and prevented him from a terrorist attack that was intended to kill him, do you think we would not be reading
5:08 am
about this in the "new york times" and that jim clapper wouldn't want to be on the sunday shows talking about how great a job they did? that's how it would have gone down. >> eric: does it not scare you they're trying to sell the american people this line of whatever that clapper may have known, ambassador rice may have gone rogue and decided to make those comments. we know the way he runs campaign, every i is dotted and every t is crossed. i'm not buying this. are you? >> i'm not. but i do think they're going to get away with it. i think people will have that uneasy feeling of do they really know what they're doing? in the meantime, the intel community will work behind the scenes to try to less whatever gaps there were. >> steve: i'm reading the bob word ward book and paints not a pretty picture of what's going on at the white house. maybe they don't know what they're do. let's factor in the possibility of a total imcompetence. which is terrible! >> right. it's one of those things that they either knew what they were doing or they did not know what they were doing. which is worse?
5:09 am
>> gretchen: they also had the videotape situation to use as a cover ostensibly tore a considerable amount of time. and also you have to factor in that the average american is not paying attention to foreign policy and otherwise on a daily basis like we are on this couch and people who typically watch fox news. they're not. so what is in their mind for foreign policy is that president obama took out osama bin laden. >> i don't know. i think that people are paying enough attention across the board to look at this and you could even look at some of the headlines in main stream media and say, they certainly screwed up on september 11 on the anniversary and then they didn't have their story straight and they still won't admit they didn't have their story straight. i think from a communication standpoint, they would be better served if they just said, we made a mistake. we are sorry for it. and these are the three things we have done to make sure it doesn't happen again. then they could move on. instead, they just keep muddling through and making us have more questions than we would have if
5:10 am
they just said they made a mistake. >> eric: take a listen to david plouffe, i guess managing the expectations. take a listen. >> we know the news media is anxious to write that romney recovery and comeback story. so we understand that first of all, we're not going to win battle ground states by ten, 12 points. this race is going to tighten. we built the presidential campaign with a belief that it's going to come did you know to a few votes in a few states. >> steve: that's good spin. >> it would be more convincing if remember back in june how they were losing the money race, which they've caught up on. during that time, they said, president obama is going to be the underdog in this election. then their egos could not let them continue to say that through the summer. and the polls showed that president obama was actually doing better and that romney is actually the underdog. so now going into the debate, they have to try this spin that they probably wrote back in april as they got ready for their debate prep. he's probably right traditionally the challenger does fairly well.
5:11 am
i think these two are very evenly matched going into the debate on wednesday. >> gretchen: i want you to listen to governor chris christy because a lot of people were wondering, where has he been the last couple of weeks because he's usually a spit fire and gets the headlines and some people are hoping he's out there more if you're a romney supporter. listen to how he called out the press on "meet the press" yesterday. >> i wish you guys were just as tough on the president. the president said he's going to create a million new manufacturing jobs. doesn't say how many he says he's going to reduce the long-term debt and deficit by $4 trillion. doesn't say how he's going to do it. i mean, you know, let's be fair here. governor remain knee laid out a direction and a vision for the direction of this country. he's not an accountant. he's not going to go line by line as much as you would like him to do through the budget. let's hope hold the president to the same standard and criticize him as well. how does he create a million new jobs, david? he hasn't told anybody? how is he going to reduce the didn't? we're waiting to hear what he
5:12 am
feels about simpson bowles which he commissioned. i mine, he's been the president and hasn't given specifics. let's be fair here. >> steve: the double standard. >> there is the chris christie we all know and lovement remember in the primary debate when newt gingrich would take a shot at the press every time and that was everybody's favorite moment in those debates. chris christie does it well. does he it with a little softer touch, but still packs a punch. >> steve: we'll be watching wednesday night to find out how many zingers are included. thank you, ma'am. >> eric: you know where you can find a lot of zingers? >> steve: i know! when people aren't sticking their tongue out. >> gretchen: we'll be watching "the five." coming up next, brave zoo keeper has what it takes for a buffet in the swimming pool (they're not supposed to be in this country burkses that not stopping one state to give illegal immigrants a license to
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> eric: as we told you at the top of the hour, the director of national intelligence, james clapper, in the hot seat for the mixed messages on the continental late attack in libya. >> steve: lawmakers sending off a letter to mr. clapper calling for an independent investigation. joining us now from nashville, one of those who wrote the letter, republican from tennessee, bob corker. senator, thank you for joining us live. >> good morning. thank you. good to be with you. >> steve: good to have you. i don't blame you for writing a letter. it seems pretty extraordinary that we had our ambassador and other americans' lives on the line over there at a time when apparently right now over there in benghazi, it's too dangerous even to send a small army of
5:16 am
f.b.i. experts? >> yeah. at a time when most americans would want to rally, instead, we've had this bizarre response, which only leads me to believe either number one, there was gross negligence or imcompetence involved. or this administration doesn't want all of us to realize that libya may now be a failed state if the f.b.i. agents who are well trained can't even make it into benghazi. when you look at that narrative, with the backdrop of in afghanistan we have afghans that we are partnering with killing americans. we have now iranians flying in iraqi air space over iraq to syria to deliver arms. you have a situation where iran now believes we're a nation in decline and therefore, they're going ahead with uranium enrichment. you look at russia who apparently is waiting until after this election to start
5:17 am
talking about watering down our missile defense. this administration has weakened our nation tremendously through the huge debts we've run up over the last three or four years. and the fact is, i don't know whether it's that narrative they're trying to stay away from or there is something that's happened in benghazi that they don't want us to know. it's just bizarre what has happened. >> eric: let's stay on that. you've been leading the charge for information about what's going on in benghazi. are you going to call for an investigation? maybe uncover some e-mails of who knew what and when? >> we've done three things. senator meant and myself have asked for that investigation. it was blocked in a bipartisan way. the foreign relations committee, everyone signed a letter asking for that. the problem is it's coming on november 13, after the election is over. since that time, senator isakson and myself have asked for the cables. we want to know the communication between ambassador steves and what was happening at the state department.
5:18 am
none of that has been forth coming. if you listen to david plouffe yesterday on "meet the press," it's obvious that the administration is not being forth coming. so i think it leaves all of us to wonder what has happened here? because typically in these situation, people come out, they share what's happened. but in this case, the administration seems to be hiding something and so it makes all of us wonder what has happened on the ground. so again, this is a situation where america should be rallying around and instead, all of us have questions about why we had a filibuster -- we had a security briefing where basically nothing was shared. so it just causes all of us to be puzzled about what the administration is doing. >> steve: we had rudy guiliani on this program last week and allen west who is a member of congress as well. they both said there is a cover-up going on. >> yeah. again, it's hard to imagine what the cover-up could be about.
5:19 am
here we had ambassador meeting with the turkish ambassador there in benghazi. he had met with local leaders. maybe there was something intelligence that was not shared with him. maybe he was unaware that his life was in danger and yet, the state department knew that it was. i don't know what it is. but if i were them, i would come on out and come clean. what's happening is you see some of the major media outlets are leaking or laying out what happened during that time to really keep the administration from having to come forth itself. but again, it's a time when we ought to be coming together and instead, i think there is great division about what actually happened in this incident. >> eric: thank you, senator bob corker. >> thank you. >> eric: next on the run down, a warning for parents, you probably haven't heard before. the u.s. about to face a massive diaper shortage. >> steve: what? >> eric: abc's of early voting. we want to know, once you vote,
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> eric: hundreds and thousands of thousands of illegal immigrants can now get driver's licenses in california. illegals who qualify for work prime ministers under president obama's new immigration law are eligible. supporters say the law let's illegals get to work and school. critics say licenses can be used for other purposes, like voting. warnings this morning of a world wide diaper shortage that. after a deadly chemical explosion at a plant in japan that. factory make has key ingredient that goes into one fifth of the world's disposal diapers. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you.
5:24 am
early voting already underway in several states and tomorrow it kicks off in ohio. we have a lot of questions about that. so here to help us find the answer, former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell. i got a bunch of questions for you. >> hey, gretchen. >> gretchen: good morning. so why is there early voting? >> well, it helps for management of the whole election process. voters have busy schedules, different work schedules. they in fact, are look for opportunities to exercise the franchise and this is one way that allows them to adjust their schedules to do that. the other thing is that it helps manage election day. let me just stay with ohio. right now we have 7.8 million voters. we have 88 counties in which the elections and voting will be
5:25 am
taking place. we have about 50,000 election day workers. there is tremendous pressure on highly contested elections, long lines. this is a way to reduce those lines, to reduce a lot of the helter skelter on election day for those 50,000 election day workers. >> gretchen: a lot of people are concerned if they vote early. there is that fear of, like, will they actually have my vote? where does it go? can you answer this? >> let me stay in ohio. the votes will go to the board of elections. the board of election has two democrats, two republicans. they have a double key security process. democrats won't see any of the ballots. captain get near them without the two republicans and vice-versa. the central location is a guarantee against anything untoward happening to those ballots. >> gretchen: a lot of people have heard the story that the early votes aren't even looked
5:26 am
at unless the state is close. is that true? when are the votes actually looked at? >> not in ohio. those votes are kept and they are counted on election day. that's so important. we need to get consistency around this throughout the country. but in the state of ohio, those absentee, early voting ballots go to a central location. the board of elections. they are then counted when all of the other votes are counted on election day. >> gretchen: so there is a report out last week in the state of iowa, i believe, that said it was leaning one way or another. o obama or to romney. could that be possible? does anyone know what these early votes are? or are they just guessing? >> it is an educated guess. you know how many registered republicans, how many registered democrats you have. you know when those people vote and you make the guess that if
5:27 am
they're registered republican, they're more than likely going to vote for the republican candidate. it's almost like the exit polls. you have to take people at their word that they voted the way they claimed they voted. >> gretchen: well, as we found out in the past, those exit polls are not always exactly as they might appear to be. ken, the former secretary of state, thanks for your time and explanations this morning. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: have a great week. grim milestone in afghanistan. 2,000 americans killed. so is this the response that you would expect from the commander in chief? >> al-qaeda is on the path of defeat and osama bin laden is dead. [ applause ] (chance of usa). >> gretchen: we'll debate that. then a brave zoo keeper takes a real leap of faith into a swimming pool with a tiger.
5:28 am
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>> go, mitt!
5:31 am
>> eric: president obama and mitt romney facing off in handball. not quite what it seems. these are actually actors, impersonating the timberwolf they've taken their act to the streets of new york city causing quite the scene. guess who won? >> gretchen: how many people think they're the real candidates. >> steve: who won? >> eric: i'm guessing it was a tie. >> steve: probably. >> gretchen: maybe they should start off the d.e.a. bait with a -- debate off with a game of handball. >> steve: i got a feeling wednesday night will be hard ball. not handball. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines for your monday morning. ten years after the dc sniper shooting rampage, ten people died and this guy was just a teen at the time. lee boyd malvo. a man convicted in the massacre, he's now speaking out. >> i was a monster. if you look up the definition and says what a monster is, i was a goal, i was a thief. i stole people's lives.
5:32 am
>> gretchen: he's serving life without parole. the other man convicted in the shootings has been put to death. john allen mohammed was executed in 2009. >> steve: brand-new information out linking more victims to the botched fast and furious gun running operation. according to a new report, one of the shootings was a massacre at a birthday party in mexico in january of 2010. more than a dozen teen-agers were left murdered. the failed program has been under investigation since u.s. border patrol agent brian terry was killed by a gun link to do fast and furious. we know about things going on in this country. but until now, haven't known much about what happened in mexico. >> eric: what do you think about this? arnold schwarzenegger speaking out for the first time about the affair that ended his 25-year marriage. the former california governor revealing the moment when his wife confronted him about the child. >> absolutely right and i'm sorry and it was very painful
5:33 am
for her. she was very disappointed. >> maria asked you, why didn't you tell me? what did you say? >> that i did not know how to. >> you didn't know how to tell her? >> without worrying about that it would get out or whatever. >> and that she would leave you while you were still governor? >> i don't think that that was as much an issue as just how did i keep this, you know, under wraps. >> eric: there is still more you haven't heard. so tune in to "fox & friends" tomorrow when the governor joins us live right here. >> gretchen: forget the sharks. how would you like to swim with the tiger? the zoo keepers do it all the time part of a splash show at a wild life park in arizona. these guys seem to think nothing of splashing around in the swimming pool with the 400-pound tigers and taunting them with
5:34 am
balloons as well. there's a lot of hazard pay involved with that employment. >> eric: clint eastwood's daughter was here talking about something about that a little earlier. she may have another show to film. mar footage to film on that. wow. >> steve: over the weekend we hit a grim milestone. 2,000 americans have been killed in afghanistan. many at the hands of people affiliated with al-qaeda. and when you look at what happened now with the benghazi attack where four american, including our ambassador were murdered, it's clear that the terrorists in that instance also affiliates of al-qaeda. yet, the president of the united states out on the campaign trail talking about how al-qaeda is gone. is that possible? here he is in nevada. >> al-qaeda is on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. [ cheers and applause ]
5:35 am
>> usa! >> steve: wish it was true. >> gretchen: it's an interesting way of approaching. you think back to george w. bush when the whole war on terror started and there was always talk about what a tough battle this was going to be for the rest of our lifetimes basically. and sort of admitting that up fronts, but that the efforts were diligent to make sure that we were going to continue to combat this war on terror. it's almost as if right now 36 days before the election, you don't really want to talk about that side of it, that there might be a reinsurgentence now of equaled, even though osama bin laden is dead. there might still be a resurgence of al-qaeda. >> eric: last night on "60 minutes," there was a fantastic piece on interviewing president karzai from afghanistan and also our general boots on the ground in afghanistan, they have a little bit different take on where al-qaeda is. take a listen. >> al-qaeda has come back.
5:36 am
al-qaeda is a resilient organization. but they're not here in large numbers. but al-qaeda doesn't have to be anywhere in large numbers. >> the reason for the nato and american intervention in afghanistan was terrorism. terrorism has not gone away. it has increased. >> eric: and some would say that this attack, this 9-11 anniversary taking, it's the 11th anniversary. >> eric: some are pointing finger at president obama's constant victory lap over killing osama bin laden. i mean, here it is, he's taking victory laps. >> steve: one of the things the president is saying on the stump is, when i came into office, i promised you i would get you out of two wars and i'm getting you out of two wars. what's going on right now, and i'm sure you know about this, blue on green or green on blue violence where the insiders, the people in afghanistan we are training to take over when we leave soon, they're turning around and they're murdering
5:37 am
u.s. service personnel and members of the coalition. here once again, general john allen, who is furious at this. >> i'm mad as hell about it, to be honest with you. we're going to get after this. it reverberates everywhere across the united states. we're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign. we're not willing to be murdered for it. here i think the signature attack that we're beginning to see is going to be the insider attack. >> gretchen: and that's why the u.s. forces are not allowed to be out on these missions with these newly trained afghan soldiers because they can't trust them now. in some cases they've actually handed them over their weapons to say hey, congratulations, you finished the training. welcome. and they shoot them right then and there. they kill the american that just trained them. so does this have anything to do with the whole way in which foreign policy is being handled by the united states right now? mitt romney believes that it does. today he has written an editorial in the "wall street journal." here is a snippet from that.
5:38 am
president obama has allowed our leadership to atrophy, our economy is stuck in a resomething. our debt has risen to record levels, our military test bid a decade of a war is facing devastating cut thanks to the budgetary games played by the white house. finally our values have been misapplied and misunderstood by a president who thinks that weakness will win favor with our adversaries. that's the premise of the entire op ed. the difference between a weaker approach that mitt romney believes obama has as one of strength, which he is advocating. >> eric: if you listen to the interview, later on in the perks they interviewed a taliban fighter who said they covered -- they blocked out his face, who said, taliban, i'm working directly with al-qaeda. we have people inside this training facility where the american troops are training the afghany military and police. he says there are going to be more attacks. there are going to be a lot more american deaths. that's the way their new warfare is going o. meanwhile, the
5:39 am
president is in vegas saying we won. we beat al-qaeda. not yet, sir. >> steve: paul ryan said the ugly fruits of the obama foreign policy have come to roost. and that's what we're seeing right now. mitt romney will have a major foreign policy speech later this week. a lot of this will come out in the presidential debates. first one domestic. final preparations are underway. the first one on wednesday. k. tv r. reporter chris jose is live in denver with a preview. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning, guys. when president obama and mitt romney go head to head inside the arena two days from now, it could be the moment that defines this election. this event is so big, it will shut down six miles of i-25 for six hours right in the middle of rush hour, likely causing denver's version of karma gedden. look here. you can see preparations are ongoing inside. basically this arena, which has 7,000 seats, will be transformed
5:40 am
into a giant television set with some 200 people in the crowd. that being said, this debate is not open to the public. it's invitation only. only a handful of tickets were given to the university and each campaign. in a few hours, students will have a chance at tickets through lottery. of course, with 11,000 students, chances are slim. this is the first time colorado and the university of denver will host a presidential debate. school officials tell thus is a single most important event they've ever had here. if you go on craigslist, you'll find people offering hundreds of dollars for a seat inside. but officials say that's not going to happen. security is tight. i can tell you that with all eyes right now in denver, security will remain tight here for the course of theo be a verg time here not only for the university of denver, but for the entire city and the state of
5:41 am
colorado. back to you. >> eric: and the rest of us. >> steve: chris, are they shutting down i-25 because the arena is right next to the interstate? >> yeah. i mean, to be honest with you, the arena is right over there. i-25 is literally even pretty much -- i wouldn't say a football there, but easily 200 yards, just to our right there, just 200 yards to the north is i-25. so they're doing this as a precaution. obviously with two presidential candidates being here, everybody being a little bit cautious. >> steve: don't blame them. thank you very much for the live report. >> gretchen: coming up, remember when democrats claimed health care reform would create jobs? former democrat evan bayh says he found something else tucked inside. another tax that threatens thousands of american jobs. he's here next to explain. >> eric: then tossed around like a toy, this car no match for mother nature. that's a car. >> steve: whoa! kaboom.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
>> steve: headlines nor you. the baltimore orioles team plane making an emergency landing because of smoke in the cockpit. the flight later resumed to st. petersburg. nobody was hurt on board. take a look at this. strong winds from a typhoon in japan picked up a car and sent it flying across the parking lot. video shot by a u.s. marine at a business. the winds clocked at nearly 80 miles per hour. got to figure whoever that car belongs to walked out and said how did it get over there?
5:45 am
what a story. >> eric: when democrats passed health care reform, they claimed it would save money and create jobs. now we're seeing exactly the opposite. >> steve: a new tax buried inside of so-called obamacare is costing businesses big money and the only way to make up the difference? layoffs. >> eric: joining us now, fox news contributor and former democratic indiana senator, mr. evan bayh. thank you. so. >> good morning. >> let me read a couple names. we have allen, cook medical, we have zimmer holdings. companies who are either deciding not to hire people, open plants or actually lay off people because of this medical device tax. tell us how much money are we talking? >> this tax will go into effect january 1 and the problem with it is it's not a tax on how much a company makes. it's a tax on sales. so you can actually be a nonprofitable company and get hit with this tax. it's on top of what is the highest corporate tax in the world, 35%. many states have their own
5:46 am
corporate tax and so it's harming the companies' bottom line which leads to layoffs or non, in the case of cook, they're not going to open new facilities or moving production overseas. it also takes innovation for medical devices and cures. that's why there is an effort to do something about this and in a dysfunctional washington, i'm actually modestly hopeful that democrats and republicans will work together on this. the president made job creation number one, i think when he finds out about t he'll want to do something, too. >> steve: let's look at a break down. 2.3% tax on revenues winds up averaging about 10 to 15% tax on profits. also combine that with 35% corporate and state corporate taxes. they wind up paying 50% tax rate in most jurisdictions. so people -- senator, you hear oh, it's only 2.3%. that's just a little bit. that's not just a little bit. >> it's 2.3% of sales, steve.
5:47 am
so if your profit mar i didn't s 10%, that's on top of the other taxes you mentioned. now, it is tax deductible, so that loses it agents bit. but when you add it up, 50% burden, that's really tough to compete doing that. so that means fewer jobs, moving jobs overseas. that's why we need to do something about this. i was talking to a leading senator in the senate. he said there are a lot of democrats who want to do this. i think the president and congress will get together as we get close to the fiscal cliff. >> eric: too we risk losing that innovation you point out? do we risk these companies saying it's too expensive to do business here. maybe we can do it in mexico or singapore? >> it's absolutely happening. and part of the approval process is to blame for that as well. it takes so long in our country. if you get a device approved first in germany, and you begin to sell in that market, you're going to produce it near where
5:48 am
you're going to sell it. rather than being based in our country, indiana, massachusetts, other states, they'll open the facility in germany and export those products from europe into the united states instead of the way it is today, this is one of the few industry where is we make things here and export them abroad. we don't want to harm our global competitiveness. >> steve: senator, a moment ago you were talk being how you were hopeful members of your democratic party before we hit the fiscal cliff, will change their mind. remember, it was members of your party that drew up completely the obamacare legislation. if you're going to blame somebody for it, it's them. >> steve, it's a fair point that it's in the law. now, there are a lot of good things and bad things in the law. i'm convinced that people didn't really understand what the impact of this was going to be. now that that's out there, i think there will be a willingness to not point blame, but instead, say okay. wasn't perfect. we need to fix it. let's figure out what we're going to do 'cause we don't want to cost ourselves jobs.
5:49 am
hopefully that's something democrats, republicans can agree on. i'm confident the president will, too. >> steve: hope you're right. >> eric: $30 billion is what it's stim to do cost american companies. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> steve: remember this ad from 2008? >> 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. there is a phone in the white house and it's ringing. something is happening in the world. your vote will decide who answers that call. who do you want answering the phone? >> steve: yeah. that's a big question. our next guest says the phone is still ringing, but the president not answering. michael goodwin, who voted for president obama, he loves it when we remind people of that, here to explain coming up. >> eric: but first, let's check in with none other than martha mccallum for what's up at the top of the hour. >> good morning. along that same line, there are calls for susan rice to resign in the wake of the benghazi debauchle and the mom of a form navy seal who was killed that
5:50 am
night speaks out about the dragging of heels in that investigation. we know that there is more information coming out. we report on that. you will decide. that debate is coming up. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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5:53 am
>> 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. but there is a phone in the white house and it's ringing. something is happening in the world. your vote will decide who answers that call. who do you want answering the phone? >> gretchen: it was one of the most well-known ads aired during the 2008 democratic primary. hillary clinton accusing then senator obama of being unqualified to answer the red phone in the middle of the night. our next guest who voted for obama in 2008 says the ad rings true today. joining me now, fox news contributor and columnist for the "new york post," michael
5:54 am
goodwin. why does it ring true today? >> we had both of them running, president obama now and then senator and hillary clinton then a senator. they were going to be the dream team when they finally came into the government together after obama won. we had them both in the government. mean while, the phone is still ringing, nobody answered. the libya incident i think is not fully appreciated for the major screw up that it represents that we had this lack of security on september 11, one of our ambassadors killed in a consulate and the fact that the white house then begins to, as i say in the column, weave this web of deceit about what actually happened. right down to sort of creating the idea that there was a demonstration that was hijacked. there was no demonstration. it was a full on assault. al-qaeda groups claim responsibility almost immediately after. and yet, here we are almost three weeks later and the administration has not really told us what happened and how it
5:55 am
happened because it doesn't fit their narrative of how they want us to see what they're doing in the middle east. i hold both secretary of state clinton and the president responsible for this. >> gretchen: even just yesterday on the campaign trail, the president said, osama bin laden is dead. al-qaeda is on the run. >> yeah. >> gretchen: that truthful? because some reports are saying that al-qaeda is actually on the resurgence. >> i think we have taken out a number of their main leaders with the drone program and we've clearly surged in afghanistan and now that those troops are out. but to say that sort of they're on the run. okay, but what does that really mean? they're still capable of doing harm. there are affiliates springing up everywhere. i've argued and as many others have, bin laden is dead. but bin laden is and lives in this idea that sort of taking him out was enough, that, i think, misunderstands what the al-qaeda franchise is really about. >> gretchen: this has you upset and you write about in your column how there have been all these sort of cover-ups over the
5:56 am
last three weeks and nobody seems to be getting to the bottom of it. but my question is, why? >> look, i can only say that i believe that in the end, this is about protecting the president reelection. the idea that, as he was saying at the convention virtually every speaker at the convention said, osama bin laden is dead. the president himself said it in his acceptance speech. here we are four, five days later where we have an attack by al-qaeda on one of our embassies. i mean, that, to me, for the president to acknowledge that fact flies in the face of his boast and i think undercuts his foreign polacre denyings. i understand why -- policy credentials. i understand why he doesn't want to admit that in the midst of a campaign. but hillary clinton's duty should override the campaign. but it's not. to me, that then becomes a character issue. >> gretchen: we'll see if the voters are paying attention to this part of foreign policy. michael goodwin, new york post columnist and fox news contributor, thanks. have a good week.
5:57 am
>> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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