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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 5, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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go to, there is an open thread. tell us what you thought about tonight's show. there it is a lot to write. see you monday night, 10:00 p.m. senior. >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, along with kimberly, and brian gutfeld, juan williams, and eric bolling, this is "the five." the september jobs numbers released this morning. to 7.8 and employers added 114,000 jobs. the numbers come at a critical time for president obama as a tightening in the race as a result of barack obama's weak debate performance. here was president barack obama today. >> this morning we found out
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that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. (cheers) >> more americans entered the work force, more people are getting jobs. >> and here is governor romney's reaction to the same number. >> the reason it's come down this year is primarily due to the fact that more and more people have just stopped looking for work. and if you just drop out of the work force, if you just give up and say i can't go back to work, i'm going to stay home and drop out altogether, why, you're no longer part of the employment statistics, so looks like unemployment is getting better. but the truth is if the same share of people were participating in the work force today, as on the day the president got elected, our unemployment rate would be around 11%. >> the president clearly sees today's numbers good news for his campaign, but eric you've been digging into the numbers. can you help us dig a little deeper. what do the numbers say? >> there's something in here that i really, honestly in 25
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years of doing this, that i can't figure out. and here a quick white board on it. okay, so the bureau of labor statistics come out and the estimates by the economists were 113,000 jobs created. wall street journalist had 25 economists, we think 113,000 jobs created and that would make the unemployment rate. 8.2%. right? they nailed the number, nailed the number of jobs created 114,000, unbelievably close never seen it that close. the unemployment number went down to 7.8%, no one can figure out what's going on and scratching their heads, but they play these games with leaving the labor force, and part-time workers coming into the labor force, which is really kind of a black hole. no one knows how they crunch the numbers and notice a couple of economists on the department of labor bls staff are obama donors, you want to go there and some people are making the leap. something doesn't smell right.
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>> from the beginning since the numbers come out. people have been saying, i don't know nothing adds up, but even setting that aside. one number here i think that people ought to learn a little more from you about, the youth-- >> it's the underemployment, he says 23 million are out of work or underemployed. let's say you're a lawyer, an accountant, a skilled worker and you're taking a part-time job and working at mcdonald's, at wendy's, because you can't find a higher paying job, one more appropriate to your skill level. so, you're counted in the u-6 number. u-6 unemployment rate is 14.7%, 23 million people of either out of work or looking. >> and that number, kimberly, i think is probably more reflective of what both campaigns are seeing in their focus groups and polling, which is that people don't feel like the economy is great. maybe it's a certain percentage. >> right. >> feels like it's getting better, but 63% of the country think things are going in the
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wrong direction, it might be a mistake for the obama campaign to come out and tout this too much to look like they're praising something that really isn't that good? >> it doesn't seem credible. when you do the math the numbers don't add up. you know, it's funky and it's bogus, bogus labor statistics, bls and i don't think the american people are going to be fooled because they use their common sense, wait a second. i'm not in a job that i should be in. my neighbor's unemployed. my aunt, my uncle, whoever, there. and absolutely, my son won't move out of the house and this is the problem that people are facing. >> he's only six years old. >> i don't tolerate underachievers at all. you get a paper route or something. (laughter) >> what do you think, greg? >> well, it's the democrats celebrating the job numbers like the dawner party celebrating the arrival of ke$ha, and the numbers aren't keeping up with the losses and sinking a row boat with 60 couples. and thank god for the news, for the media.
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because the media were falling apart. they actually sent a grief counselor to chris mathews' leg feeling so bad, but you know what we're talking about from the changes. the .3, right, .3% change that's like a contestant on the biggest loser taking off his socks before he gets weighed. and this .-- >> it's huge, it's huge. >> .3 on the unemployment is massive. >> because it went from 8 to 7, but it's still closer to 8. but it's a big-- >> psychological for people. >> no, but 3/10 after percent on 150 million number is, it's 450,000 different jobs that are gone somewhere. where did they go? viperized. >> 450,000. >> what they're talking about the decrease in unemployment. >>, but the participation rate, juan, let's get new here. psychologically for the obama campaign they put their accountant on to try to get from 8% for 43 months, to get to 7.8 and they feel like they
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have proof behind their claim that things are getting better. but this number was, given all the other factors, probably can't hurt at all, but does it help them as much as they need it to. >> it helps a lot. psychologically, this is big news and i feel like listening to you guys i wish i had cheese to go with the whine. all you're doing is complaining. >> come on. >> now what? you know what, you're rooting against americans getting jobs. >> no, no. >> what's going on here? and the other part is. >> that's a talking point that's not fair. >> and professor eric lecturing the american people. let me tell you something the standard for the bureau of labor statistics have been in place for generations, career professionals. >> hold on, let me finish, you've been going on and on and let me just tell you jack welch comes out today and twittering, these are bogus numbers, made up numbers. this is just so political. >> okay. >> and then, more evidence that people don't want to believe reality and by the
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way, let me just tell you something. >> where-- >> juan-- hold on. >> the economy has been going on and on. and added jobs now for 30 straight months that's a trajectory. >> juan, is there any question in your mind that the department of labor, the national labor relations board partisan and ideological-- >> partisan-- >> no, they're not partisan and nobody who is in the business has ever said these are partisan people. these numbers would be coming out, let me ask you that, if it was so political why did these conspiracy-minded people wait till now, better if they did it several months ago. >> if the unemployment number is so important to jobs, to various campaigns, isn't it smart to have obama donors in as economists in the department of labor statistics? >> and let me tell you, there's no law against giving money. these are not major-- you're making it out like somehow george soros is running the department. ridiculous, eric. >> and you attacked me on
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something about the-- >> the confidence has been going up for months, this is not something that's based on-- >> i think two statistics that do matter in here to people. whether or not they would pay attention to them. one is the participation rate. >> yes. >> you have that few people, the lowest it's been since 1962. >> let's look at why that is. because more people close to retirement age are deciding that they-- >> that's been debunked several times. >> they're unemployed and-- >> no, no, no, they're taking early retirement and deciding you know what? >> and the line that bob beckel tried to use and it actually does not pan out and the second one is that take home pay is not keeping up with inflation. and inflation is higher so that the take home pay numbers are not better, the median household income is down, and actually have the projections of the corporate profits being slashed. and yet, you still have these numbers so i-- >> wait a minute, corporate profits are the highest they've ever been in history and-- >> were reduced. >> i'm telling you corporate profits are the highest in
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history and-- >> and there's a problem-- >> here is the problem. >> and the highest they've ever been, and corporations aren't hiring. and here is the problem. >> you want to know why? and here is lesson 101, juan, and-- >> what do you think of that. >> in one second. >> oh, please. >> and cooking, i smell rubber burning. (laughter) >> that's a rubber chicken in your pocket. >> and here is the thing, corporations aren't reinvesting back into the infrastructure because they don't trust this administration, they're not hiring. >> i see. >> and holding on to their dollar, that's a fact. >> let me get-- greg. >> another interesting fact january 2009, one millifewer construction jobs, shovel ready is shovel deady. juan, that's a rhyme. >> and you thought of that. >> more than the moon landing,
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but the nuances will be ignored just like they ignored the nuances of benghazi attack. >> we'll talk more about the debate, but i think let's just imagine something happened earlier this week, that romney had a terrible debate and we'd be talking can we move on and now there's a question now, eric, can the debate of the news of the debate, the effect of the debate overwhelm the jobs number or the reverse? 'cause there's some reaction saying reverse. >> 67 million people watched that debate and the rasmussen had a poll showed the swing states and battle ground states flipping to romney. >> florida, ohio virginia, but ohio came-- and remember we talked about the 9 point difference obama had over romney in ohio and now it's down to 1 and i think this was the day after poll, the day after the debate give it two or three more days, i think further in romney's direction. >> kimberly the last word.
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>> thank you, this is what i learned for friday. okay, the debate and the number, that's you will need to know. another great line that was-- >> and how is greg gutfeld going to do in front of a monologue that has nothing to do with this video. something that only my challenged co-host could do. ♪ ♪ oh, having a good time ♪ ♪ yeah, i've been working all week, i've been ti
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>> taking a bath and as you know, someone else took a bath at the debate. but our truth is that president obama couldn't have won because his policies just haven't worked. thank god for the japanese. uncovered some news, looking at photos or films of cute baby animals improves product divot and enhances, and make people more focus when they're looking at ugly animals or food and maybe with cute
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animals, obama could get more productivity out of the 47%, purely an economic plan must be be better than recasting food stamps and unemployment as stimulus. re that was stimulus, too, the only green jobs was the guy with his fist up kermit's rear. and we see better growth on a corpse' fingernails. how could this cuty pie be more sensible, tracking obama's approach to everything based on a wonkish application of nonworld substance recasting failure of european models of success, so we haven't shrunken up to a puppy specificatio specifications, get a kitten, at least when they're broke, we'll have something to play with and something to eat when we run out of food. >> he likes dogs. >> juan, what do you think? does looking at adorable animals make you more productive? >> it makes me happy.
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>> and. >> happy, happy, happy, i like animals. what are you talking about when i go to the zoo, now as a big boy go to the d.c. zoos and the pandas, one recently died. i admit it there's a soft heart in this crazy, crazy, person, you know. >> you look at too many animals before you evaluated the debate performance. >> you think so? >> yes. >> it made me happy. >> yes. >> i think maybe you ate something that gave you gas. (laughter) >> and it's lasted for days. and i still still think did the job. >> dana, i argue, it makes you less productive. imagine the charity work you could be doing rather than looking at jasper. >> i didn't hear a word you said because i was looking at the pictures. that's one of the monologues and my mom will call and say, what was that greg gutfeld thinking? i followed it. >> this is a kermit thing, i've got a translation for that in the ear from the
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producer. >> and kermit the frog is a puppet. you put the hand up the puppet. >> really bad. >> and bash the media, shall we. andrea mitchell on some other network, i can't remember the name of it, ticked off at mr. sununu for saying president obama's-- >> do we have a clip. >> what people saw, i think, is a president that revealed his incompetence, how lazy and detached he is. >> governor, i want to give you a chance to maybe take it back. did you really mean to call barack obama, the president of the united states lazy? >> yes, i think you saw him admit it the night before when he delivered the pizzas. he said, you know, they're making me do this work. he didn't want to prepare for this debate. he's lazy and disengaged. >> so. >> so andrea mitchell was all outraged and governor, do you care to walk back that
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comment? hell no, she was disgusted with the fact that dnc communication director on the same network said governor romney was a liarment she didn't say he was lying. governor romney is opening his mouth, he's lying. that didn't seem to be too outrageous, but saying he's lazy. >> president obama admitted he was lazying talking to barbara walters. >> yes, but you're not allowed to say it. >> wait a second, wait a second. he said having grown up in hawaii he thinks there's laziness in him a guy who is a super achiever, oh, my gosh, a super achiever, a top academic guy. president. >> how do we know that. >> juan, brain washed by the-- >> and let me tell you something, here is how brain washed i was, i think he was president of the harvard law review, i don't know why. >> and overachieved the community organizers. >> i don't know about you, but
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nobody asked me to be on the harvard law review and let me say this. this is a guy, and i think that dana is sitting here and tell you, presidents of the united states work hard. there's no getting around how much-- >> they're not talking about him as a-- as a person. they're saying that for the debate that that's how he appeared. >> lazy. >> and what sununu said was actually quite mild compared to what the far left said about president obama and nobody is asking them to walk back the comments. >> because you know they're harsh. >> the far left and busted open big time. >> and why ask sununu to walk back the comments. >> the way that andrea felt, there was a racial lazy-- >> andrea mitchell probably sees race everywhere because she's an incompetent hack. >> john sununu is wrong and-- >> i don't know what to do. >> do you want to walk that back? (laughter) >> going to say governor sununu is wrong, and president obama is not lazy. lazy in doing his job as
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president. very much not lazy when he's campaigning and flying around the country and. >> golfing. >> golfing, playing basketball. drinking beer. >> you brought up basketball, oh. >> oh (laughter) >> and want to walk it back? >> walk it back. >> oh, my god. >> do we have time, bring this up to kimberly, chris mathews on another network i can't remember the name of it talking about something. >> i don't know what he was doing, during the the debate rather than fighting it. romney on the other hand came in with a campaign and he had a plan and here is my question for obama i know he likes to say he doesn't watch cable television, maybe he should start. maybe he should start. i don't know how he romney get away with the crap. the latest from romney you know what i want to do with people when they're pour, shove them in the emergency room. why didn't he say that, where was obama tonight? >> kimberly, shouldn't-- >> and he's got to go-- shouldn't he go someplace quiet for a while where they
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feed him soft foods and-- >> i think he should do a juice cleanse. >> no, i think he should-- i like your monologue so i think he should look the at nice animals and fuzzy warm animals and hold them close. >> that's nice, he buttoned up the whole segment. we're now back to the beginning. >> juan, you can stay. >> thank you, mom. >> and did you know that president obama killed osama bin laden in case you forgot the new movie premiering two days before the election shall remind you. >> three, two, one... execute! >> what impact will it have on the election, we'll discuss and eric will perform his special rendition of friday by rebecca black. ♪ ♪ it's friday, friday ♪ everybody looking forward to the weekend ♪
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♪ fr
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♪ >> welcome back. president obama taking credit in countless victory laps for the bin laden kill and now there's an interesting debate. >> and the world compound. >> and immediate action plan. >> analysts have on several occasions recognized the man who appears taller than the rest. >> the htp is osama bin laden. >> it's called "seal team six" the raid on osama bin laden. it's produced by harvey weinstein, an obama butler and the film will air on november 4th, national geographic a
11:28 pm
newscorp property. >> it's going to come out in time before the election and depending on what kind of impact it's going to have, but it's self-promotional and harvey weinstein is obviously close to the president and a number of high profile and has done a number of fundraisers, that's a fact and that's to do to highlight his foreign policy experience. >> if there's anybody who rises or dies from this movie, i expect harvey weinstein to be picked up and arrested on some kind of murky parole violation. >> he must have done-- >> parking tickets, right. >> back in the '90s. >> this doesn't surprise me. remember on september 11th when the navy seal book came out and he was contradicting what the press reports had been and the administration reports had been about the bin laden raid. there was all this have outrage and we had the benghazi attack and the month's worth of blaming the benghazi terror attacks to a stupid video and now moving up the production of this video to basically, i don't know, why?
11:29 pm
there's no other way to explain it, of the release date except to say they're trying to help obama. >> why do you think? didn't they just say that it's a newscorp property? >> national geographic is. >> nobody at newscorp is controlling all of that. >> i don't think so either. if they thought it's a problem i mean, someone would have raised a flag. >> they wouldn't, that's the point. >> why did they delay the other movie until december? >> i don't know. >> can we move on with breaking, not necessarily breaking, but new libya news this morning. i believe two people arrested in london, if i'm not mistaken shall tunisians. >> yes, on a day that you had the debate coverage, there's still debate coverage going on in the media and you had the jobs numbers which was getting a lot of attention, you actually have this report that e-mails showing that the state department actually rejected security requests from libya. and this is one of those slow burn stories. and i think that the information in the news is
11:30 pm
going to keep coming out and keep coming out and we will get to the truth at some point. very troubling if you're at the state department today and you have lied on the record about this. >> how is this not the biggest deal ever? how is this not something that automatically throws this administration out of office? this is what i think is so outrageous. i mean, we've left people there to be murdered despite repeated requests to get proper security there. it's very upsetting to me that we have such disregard for people who are serving this country. >> but you know-- >> what's wrong with them. all the cuts they're making too. >> i think it's a fundamental lack of understanding of the evil in the world which is why they didn't have the protection there and so dangerous. >> they still don't get it. >> no, they were more threatened by a low budget trailer featuring radical islam that nobody saw, that actual radical islam that people saw and died from, they were more frightened of four minutes or 15 minutes of tape than actual you know, a real honest to god threat. >> well, what's the name of
11:31 pm
the film that's going to come out. the captain bigelow movie? >> zero dark 30. >> zero dark 30, and juan if it comes out and shows bin laden being killed, what's going to happen to our consulates and embassies around the world. >> i hope nothing happens. >> and if something happens-- >> i have no clue. my worry was, you know, greg says, if this movie comes out, the one we were talking about a few minutes ago, there could be, what would happen. i think you would be the one rioting. i think you'd be upset because you would think it might help obama. people see it for what it is. on the libya story, i couldn't agree with dana more, as more comes out people have to decide whether or not the government is neg gant. >> reckless. >> i disagree with you on it. >> no, i'm talking a legal standard, you said negligence, and reckless and-- >> and people make decisions
11:32 pm
and what the news was today. it says that contingency plans for the diplomates and the security team were not followed. why was it why were the people on the ground deciding-- >> sound like a state department problems. >> because the state department are boys and girl scouts trying to fight terrorists and don't do-- and undermanned. >> if it goes off the fiscal cliff, 130 million pulled from funding security in our embassies. >> haven't they realized that this is absolutely outrageous and cost more lives, greg? >> i don't think they have. >> are they forgetting 9/11? >> we'll leave it there. >> she's fired up. we're getting to the next big debate, it's not joe biden and paul ryan? >> you've stepped over the
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line. >> it looks like the trash talking has already started. >> a spoil alert. hold your ears, and stewart sounds a farm animal. ♪ first day at school.
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announcer: there are thousands of children in foster care who will take you just as you are.
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u.s. embassy in libya. special report starts at 6 p.m. eastern. now back t to "the five." ♪'m gonna knock you out ♪ ♪ mama say knock you out ♪ ♪ >> and all right. bill o'reilly is taking on jon stewart in a debate the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. yes. and last night, john explains how he's preparing. >> and how are you preparing? you're prepping for the rumble.
11:39 pm
>> with colbert and a chicken. >> that's how i prepare for almost everything. >> and here we go again. and stewart has experience involving animals and, from the seat to the master of fox, huh? >> i made those movies when i was in college and i had them destroyed. >> and that's why you have no-- >> oh, my gosh. >> i think the real winner in this is america. there's nothing america needs more than two enormously wealthy men creating a new revenue stream through this debate. >> somebody's got to do it. >> i hope. i hope this debate can heel a divided nation. >> we'll get back to you on that, dana. >> the only thing i was wondering, what's the setup. what does the set look like. because bill o'reilly is very tall and jon stewart is not that tall, much taller than i am, but are they going to be sitting at a table? what would be the--
11:40 pm
or what were the pre-debate negotiations. >> and bill is going to be holding him in his arms, cradling him. >> 6-4 versus 5-6. >> and serious lifts on. and may need to borrow my shoes, call me, jon. bolling, what are you doing? >> trying to figure out maybe the producers-- how to sign up for 4.99. where can people go, tell people, anybody? and listeners. >> 499-- no, $4. >> it's at listener auditorium on the campus of george washington university. >> how do people sign up. >> write in o'reilly and you'll see it. >> and go to-- >> and streamed live october 5th, 8 p.m. eastern, it's going to be available to see on demand for a limited time thereafter, up to three streams purchased view, do not exceed that quotquota.
11:41 pm
it's going to be fantastic. i think that jon stewart thinks he's going to beat bill o'reilly. >> i think he might. i think advantage jon stewart because people love funny. >> people like funny you, but o'reilly is funny. and. >> can i say something-- >> he can. but not that kind of funny. >> and the presidential elections, and jon stewart is funny and you know, the likeable guy. and obama. bill o'reilly is the guy that's going to bring the numbers, that's romney. i'll take papa bear. >> and i think that-- >> i think mr. obama is so far ahead that he wanted to tighten up just to be exciting. >> and basically he's redistributing his lead. >> and he's not complimentary about the president's performance during the the debate. and the other debate is the other rumble in the auditorium. >> it's not a matter of who wins, actually it's going to be entertaining and fun.
11:42 pm
>> i've canceled my plans, i'm going to be there sitting on the couch. >> you're going to have a tea party with all of your stuffed animals. >> bill gave me two tickets so i'm going to cheer. go, bill, go. >> who are you going to take? >> don't worry. >> you're trouble in my life. you just look for opportunities to screw me up, i'm taking my wife. all right? okay? >> all right. >> and we have time for the therapy. vegas, people, pleaseo'reilly. you're in luck. mr. -- >> bond, james bond. >> . >> i love it. it's a big day for james bond. and break out the martinis and the tuxedos. "the five" is looking at our 007 moments and the debate who once and for all is the best james bond. ely.
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save up to 35% and get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. ely. but hurry, sleep train's inventory clearance sale ends columbus day. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> mr.? >> bond, james bond. >> bond, james bond. >> shaken not stirred.
11:47 pm
>> martini, shaken not stirred. >> the directions are easy to follow. and send a threat and make sure i don't get lost. ♪ >> the james bond franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary this very day. when the super spy hit the big screen with dr. no and 4.9 billion dollars in tickets sales later 23rd installment, hits theaters on november 9th. what is it about james bond that everyone loves? and we'll start with you. >> well, the fact is the reason why everybody loves him because he's not a liberal. james bond (laughter) >> everything james bond does is conservative. he's the most anti-d.c. person who walked the earth. in real life he wouldn't have a license to kill, he would have a license to try terrorists in a civil court. my fafvorite james bond, george
11:48 pm
hamilton in live and let die-- and the original casino royale and favorite villain, robert dobby, great actor, and e-mailed me during the break. >> and you know robert is an amazing singer. >> i guess. >> and the thing that i like best about bond movies are the bond girls. how did we guess that? >> i'm just telling you, you know, i'm being honest, i'm he revealing my soul here, so i like ursela andress, honey rider and halle berry and jill st. john and mia kissy, and grace jones by the way some people don't know that grace jones was a bond girl and brit he ekcland as mary good night.
11:49 pm
how would you beat those ladies. >> i would never bet them. >> there we go, making accusations. >> so, what's your favorite bond moment, dana? >> well, i have a confession, i've-- have never watched a bond movie. (laughter) i learned more about james bond from this guy, my favorite, austin powers. i don't know what's wrong with me, when i saw the segment today i realized i was going to have to be truthful. >> and you even checked. >> i asked peter, have i ever seen a james bond movie. we've talked about it, no, you've not even any of them. >> you know sean connery. >> and can't say the s. >> and you know who roger moore is. >> daniel craig i know that one. >> pierce brosnon. >> i like pierce brosnon. >> i've never sat down and watched a james bond movie. sorry. >> austin powers. >> austin powers is funny.
11:50 pm
>> juan, you know. >> you're hosting this. >> we're having a conversation. >> and you've totally checked out. >> i'm enjoying the conversation, but kimberly and i haven't-- okay go first, kimberly, go ahead. >> and thanks, calling on myself. hello. i love me some pierce brosnon, a fantastic guy, great actor and loved him as remmington steele and james bond. >> mamma mia. >> that, too. >> great in mamma mia. >> great dresser, irishman and cares for women and wonderful charity and we talked about that earlier and also my favorite movie was "tomorrow never dies" his highest grossing film. >> and eric you asked me to call on you, you're a shy guy, wrap it up. >> and let's show the list, roger moore my favorite bond and very-- my favorite villain, jaws.
11:51 pm
>> richard keel? >> we don't know his name. >> what about goldfinger. >> cool, i think that was the basis for the austin powers, favorite song, live and let die. favorite movie octopusy. and favorite bond girl, ursela and dress. >> i like halle berry. >> and let's not go there with the austin power villain. >> and octopussy came in number 19 in terms of favorite bond film. 19 out of 22. >> and hang on a second. you're-- >> and actually, yes. >> now, i'm asking you, do you like jim lehrer here. >> i came prepared. >> listen to this song, this is the song adele has written for the new movie "sky fall". ♪ the way i'm so late
11:52 pm
♪ if the sky fall and we crumble ♪ ♪ >> now (laughter) >> now, carly simon has done songs for them. incredible, the music. i like the music. look at you. >> oh, dramatic ♪ ♪ musicic, i'm singing ♪ ♪ diamonds are forever >> the title. >> and a boy band. >> kimberly guilfoyle ♪ >> song ♪ live and let die >> let the maestro intervene and say that one more thing is coming up. ♪
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♪ >> hey, it's time now for one more thing on this friday, eric? >> some sound bites speak for themselves. >> you know the phrase always used, obama and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars. guess what? yes, we do in one regard. we want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of all of that money going to the super
11:57 pm
wealthy. >> and the obama campaign is going like this. did someone call the vice-president a liar for us? can we got that out there. >> and saying the media should start writing the headlines. that's a bad one, i can imagine they're not happy with that. >> and i said peter kniffin, i meant to say david nifvif. >> i live in new york and i'm stressed out don't know what to. the doctor says get a dog. i finally went a dog his name is caspar, he's adorable. >> you're lying. >> no, caspar, i picked him up this week, he's the smartest most lovable dog on the planet and for the next three to four months, i'll be discussing caspar on this show at every opportunity. >> oh. >> look the at him. >> he's so cute, caspar. lovely caspar. >> i have a question. do you have a sparkly
11:58 pm
backpack. >> where i keep caspar's things. >> do you remember the movie "single white female", yes, looks like it's true and two cute, cuddly stories, involving puppies. and a ten-year-old girl who lost her dog, and sad about it and she asked to give her piggy bank to get the dog back, but the dog was brought back on thursday. and she's very happy about it. and very happy. >> found 80 miles away. >> which is unbelievable, a little dog. >> i think something was involved and the second one was john dolan hospitalized last week and dog zander had to be by the owner's bedside and broke out of the home and made it to the good samaritan hospital more than two miles away just to be by his side. >> a great story. >> and a quick one, which i did a measuring, online, actually more like speed
11:59 pm
dating, do it in person and had the first online chat today. >> you're speed dating? >> no. >> where do they stock up. >> keep listening, and you can read the transcript and kimberly one of the questions from a young lady just got offered a new job in the a different city and afraid to leave her family. bonus round mentoring question, what do you think about this. >> god opens new doors, be courageous and try something new, worse case scenario come back home. i moved to new york didn't know anybody here and worked out here and genuine friends. >> must have been tough for you. >> i'm serious, try new-- >> speed dating. >> oh, no, minutemen to mentori. >> a great week in politics, you know, unbelievable, which is this is the animal edition of "the five" big bird had a big week and now there's big bi


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