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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 12, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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say come here honey, that is not the way you act. and the cobert report, saturday night life they're going to like that. >> sean: good to see you. we're out of time. >> thank you for
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you have a president who ran for president four years ago promising home and -- hope and change now turning a campaign into flame. new zrobt a good record to run on you paint paint your opponent as someone to run from that is what obama said in 2008 it's what he's doing now. >> greta: you thought the obama administration's response couldn't get any
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worse you would be wrong. the obama campaign just made things really bad. how? what the deputy champagne manager stephanie cutter blaming governor romney for turning tragedy into politics. >> we're here in a debate. and i hope we get to talk about the debate. the eastbound entire reason this has become the political topic it is because of mitt romney and paul ryan. it's a big part of the stump speech. it's reckless and irresponsible. >> the romney campaign says the obama campaign is wrong. in a statement the campaign said the reason it is an issue because for the first time since 1979 an american ambassador was assassinated and president obama's strategy is failing. former senior advisor to president reagan joins us. your thoughts about what stephanie cutter said? >> i think it's nonsense.
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this was the worst terrorist attack since september 11th. gangs of dozens of men with ak 47s and rocket propelled grenades and mortarred attacked and murdered ambassador, then a safe house, some guys got away and reported it that night. it may have been in realtime. this was a terrorist attack. and t ambassador is dead. and then, to have five days later our un ambassador say on five stations that this was a spontaneous attack that came out of a sort of a protest over some video made in california? now, either she was misinformed or misinformed us. i mean, greta, i've been in communications you don't get on five shows unless the administration or straight that had and they put you out there with a message to send. now, tonight the vice president said we spoke up about the best intelligence we had at the time.
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but in the intelligence community people in the next day said it was a terrorist attack. i i think that the vice president is going to make news out of this because it's going to be followed up by congressmen and journalists. >> i think it's -- interesting that the obama campaign has been using the l word against romney that he's a liar and dragging heels on getting facts out of this. one of the things she said tonight, i think she's a smart woman. i don't think this was accidental. she said congressman ryan ask republican allies turned a national tragedy into a political circus. the circus because of the misinformation coming out of the white house. then she goes on the president has been focused on getting the facts which is exactly not what's happening because the president has been resisting facts even a week later going on david letterman and still pushing a you tube video thing. everybody and his brother knew this was not a you tube video.
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the state department says there are no prettiest goesing on outside benghazi consulate saying waits normal and calm. people focused on getting facts she says the presz has been. >> there was no protest. there was no video. involved in any protest. >> greta: why did they do? >> who would tell un ambassador to say five days later it was a protest over a video that caused this whole spontaneous thing? when that didn't happen. where did they get misinformation? and who told her to go out to say these things? >> greta: why would she? why would she do it? >> i think there is only one of -- i'll tell you y first she volunteered to do it. my guess was asked and said okay. i'll do it. this is what i'll say. who told her to say that? when there is no intelligence true intelligence that that is
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what happened. >> greta: state department says this didn't happen. white house pushes this out as a you tube very. what was motive? >> joe biden said intelligence, we're all of our people went out and said these things based it on intelligence we were receiving at the time. in other words threw intelligence community under the bus and said top intelligence guys on clapper shop, state and all of the rest of the them this is what they said. and this wasn't our fault. >> and there is testimony in the hearing one member in the state department says night it happened that first heard everything calm at 8:30 p.m. am was door walked outside said goodbye to a turkish diplomat. an explosion at the gate. then they had phone calls to the state department in realtime they're making phone calls state department well aware of what is going on. has there been protests state department would have heard about it.
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it's -- this is not, they knew it. >> there is one of two explanations. one is utter incompetence in getting intelligence to the people or second thing is deceit. >> greta: you can't be incompetent on this, there is never anything to sort of -- keep your eyes on. >> they did have intelligence and put out a false story. they're deceiving and lying to american people. >> greta: why? why? >> only reason i can understand they would do that this is why you send someone out. this is surmise on my part sthau send her out there we've got an excellent record on terror. we've got bin laden. this can't be a terrorist attack. we don't want to have a successful terrorist attack on our watch with gangs p people shooting them up. we didn't provide security. this is what it came out of. this is what we think it was. get past it. get past november. >> greta: let me add fuel to the theory there. is testimony is that al qaeda
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is a and well in libya. and that it's growing that is something that does not fit into the narrative of what has been said. where president said... >> al yaed is alive in libya and yemen alive in iraq. it's alive in syria. i mean these places this is where ryan is correct tonight. you see an unraveling of the foreign policy of united states because the cancer we did contain in afghanistan has grown all over the near east and middle east and north africa. >> greta: will be interesting to see when we have this for onpolicy debate what the president has to say about this. >> thank you. >> greta: straight head congressman paul ryan known for economic wizardry. how did he go against vice president biden? next. >> we've got to tackle this debt crisis before it tackles us. the president likes to say he
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has a plan. we gave a speech. he asked his budget office. can we see the plan. the press secretary gave us a copy of the speech. we asked the plan to spreent a debt crisis. he said it's a speech. you see? that is what we get get in this administration. speeches. we're not getting leadership. mitt romney is uniquely qualified to fix these problems. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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only way you can five $5 trillion in loopholes is cut the mortgage deduction for middle class people take away ability to get a tax break to send their kids to college. >> he's wrong about that. there are, you can cut tax rates by 20% and still preserve these for middle class taxpayers. it's within done before. and it has never been done before. >> it's been done a couple of times. jack kennedy lowered tax rates and increased growth. >> now you're jack kennedy? >> and that is what most americans care about. and the former chairman of the council of economic advisors. nice to see you, austin. >> thank you, kbreta. >> greta: at the time tel me. were you surprised unemployment rate went down to
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7.8%? is that a surprise. >> yes. it was a, if you look at data looks like it was an outlier there is a lot of variables on the numbers and it's bigger than i thought it would be. >> greta: is a number you're confident of? though you're surprised?. >> i would probably say some component of statistics. i won't be surprise fd it ticks up a little bit next month. the survey of people which is what the unemployment rate comes from has a job creation margin of error plus or minus 400,000 per month. anyone as i say, every month take a three-month average if you want to know how the job market is doing. >> greta: let me ask you about a three month average. this is what i said tonight. he said job growth in slept
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slower than in august. he said august slower than job growth in july. does that mean we should expect job growth in october will be slower and more grim news on the horizon? or not? >> i don't think so. and as you go looking at those, that is a heavily parse statement. i think that is before there are revisions and that gets resized and they were up for the previous month. and so i think if congressman ryan's point is that the job market is not moving yes. that is true. i mean, the private sector added over 2 and a half years about five million jobs that set up a pace is okay but not that great that. reflects the fact that the
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economy is growing at a modest pace. the thing hard here is that as modest as growth as been in the u.s. that is the fastest growth in the advanced world. so the world economy is in a tough spot. we're all struggling trying to get out of it. >> greta: and the republicans always say and tell me if this is wrong, is there a risk it will be stalled or slow fd taxes are raised on the rich? is that true? >> i don't think that is true. there are massive amounts of economic research on the data on that question. and most all of that research does not suggest that high income tax rates have an especially big impact on the growth rate in the u.s.. if you just take a step back and say okay, the first three
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quarters or so of the reagan administration is 50%. we've grown substantially. clinton raises the rate at the top. and we're still growing. and those kinds of anecdotes is growth rate in top tax rates are unkorel yaited so i think that this is a way overstatement. and using that to say tax cuts goring to pay for themselves there is evidence that that is not the case. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> great to see you again. >> and up next our political panel. we're going to ask about smiles, sneers and substance. stay where you are. >> he sent me two letters saying by the way, can you send me some stimulus opinion for companies here in the state of wisconsin? we sent millions of dollars. >> sure.
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>> and by the way. >> two occasions we advocated for constituents for grants. we do that for all constituents. >> i love that. this is such a bad program. he writes me a letter saying the reason we need this is it will create growth, and jobs. his words. .
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now, back to greta. >> and here is what we're saying. give younger people when they become eligible, guaranteed coverage options. that you can't be denied including traditional medicare. choose the plan. medicare subsidizes your premiums. more coverage for middle income people and out toetal for poor and sick. choice and competition. we'd rather have 50 million future seniors determine how their medicare is delivered to them. >> i heard that death pan argument from sara palin.
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i hear this stuff about panel. >> greta: two different men who want the same job. joe biden and paul ryan auditioning for the undecided vote. how did each do? joining us is byron york and sam youngman happens to be from kentucky and works for routers and amy stod yard from the hill. byron, thoughts about the debate tonight? >> well, i think there is a two ways to judge this debate tonight. there is a debate on the substance you that might get if you read the transcript and who did the best on one subject i thought close to a tie. i thought paul ryan won on libya and taxes and i thought joe biden won on medicare and afghanistan. i think that is overshadowed by joe biden's demeanor. and democrats later said no. no. he was passionate and a
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happy warrior. and republicans said no. he was terribly rude. i think people goring to watch, view this debate through their own impregs of the vice president's demeanor. >> greta: amy, in looking at vice president biden, i wonder do you have a thought what the independent undecided thing? do you think they think this is a guy who is passionate and a warrior. and he's fighting for me. fighting for my ideals i really like him. or do you think he's a bully? sneering and not likeable? >> i think if you're an uncommitted voter tonight and you're not swayed by romney's performance last week and you're still after all of these months an uncommitted voter you don't like them. ask you're over joe biden. so he didn't tell you. might have turned you off. you're probably already turned off. i don't know ryan sold you. so if you're still unkpit committed think tonight is a
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draw for democrats he brought the fight and made them feel better, yin had a terrific night no. mistakes and a credible candidate. someone could be president. i they did very well for goals in mind. biden did not emulate. that was a big concern for the team. >> and there are two snap shots polls one by cnn where he is 48%. and vice president biden is four points beneath him there is a poll 56% and 36%, l% saying neither. and stunning numbers and your thought about tonight's vote? the debate? >> there is a lot of fun to begin w joe biden at his best tonight playing politics. he had a mission to land hay
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makers. he wanted to rattle paul ryan. i think joe biden won this debate. i don't think paul yin lost it. and i thought that paul ryan held his own against someone doing this about 100 years. >> and these poll numbers are they interesting and fun to look at? >> there is taking us a while is that it takes a while to figure out, and this is to figure out what happened. i know obama campaign people are adjusting after denver paying a lot of attention to swing states. and said what are people in colorado thinking about this and people in virginia and
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virginia. he said issue as side he said people got a clear choice on medicare and social security and abortion and other issues. >> and there is what joe biden is doing is bucking up democrats. if independents aren't decided at this point they're probably watching a baseball game tonight. democratsed a terrible week. they've been panicked and what they needed is someone throwing a punch. i think they got that in joe biden tonight. >> there is another segment ahead. straight head there is no doubt about the obama administration did mess up on response to the libya attack. but did the campaign just make things worse? next. stay tuned. >> if we're hit by terrorists call it a terrorist attack. our ambassador is paris has a marine detachment guarding him. shouldn't we have one guarding
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our ambassador in again gazy? our ambassador in again gazy? a place we knew there is an al
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exactly what the intelligence community told us they knew. that was the assessment. as intelligence changed their view we made it clear they changed their view. that is why i said we'll get to the bottom of this. >> greta: just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it might have. the obama administration spending weeks blaming a you tube video for a september 11th terrorist attack in liba. now, who is the obama campaign blaming for fallout? governor romney and congressman ryan. >> you know, in terms of the political saigs of this we're here at a debate. but the entire reason that this has become the you know political topic it is is because of mitt romney and paul ryan. it's a big part of their stump speech. it's reckless and irresponsible. >> greta: what about at ab? you've got sound byte of the vice president and the sound byte of stephanie cutter. the vice president seems to
1:52 am
have his facts fuzzy z stephanie blaming romney. >> the administration has a problem with the libya story. everyone knows what happened and everyone read all of the accounts, these conflicting accounts and they vai problem with this. and they need to know it. they need to figure this out. and if biden says something today that turns out to be, can be proven wrong in the next couple days that actually divides president and president knew their requests for more security from benghazi to the state department and they're turned down, they knew it all along. that is going to be a huge problem. but this story is a huge problem if that is never determined and if he hasn't made a comment tonight. they need, president obama needs to come up with a straight answer that makes sense. before he is asked bit. he will be. next tuesday and the following week on the 22nd. >> your thoughts on the
1:53 am
problem this political aspect of it? >> i thought that moment was the worst. the weakest moment for joe biden in the debate. he said we just didn't know. we didn't know there has been this request from people on the ground in libya. and suggested they didn't know that it wasn't the movie when they're out there claiming the violence was a reaction to the video. so i thought this is just weakest moment and talking to democratic spinners afterwards, they didn't have a very good defense of this. they just said well, we don't know what anyone knew at this point. and we're taking vice president's word for it. >> do you have any information? i still can't figure out why the white house has been pushing this video. now they're packing up. and vice president biden blaming others and saying they didn't have information but what -- why have they been unwilling to confront this one to get it straight? >> this is because we're 27
1:54 am
days out from election. it's not an easy answer for them. what you heard stephanie cutter do today is go back to trying to put this on the romney ryan ticket for a response and saying look they're just trying to political size a dark day in america. >> and this she's politicizing their blunder. saying we didn't do anything wrong, if these horrible republicans who asked a question about it. she's politicizing it. >> they would point to the first press release that came out from governor romney the day of the attacks and say that look. his first instinct to blame the president not blame -- whoever the white house is now saying that you know, is causing attacks. the simple truth is that the
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white house zrnt a good answer for this. if he they did, we'd have heard it by now. >>. >> greta: this turned out they committed a blunder trying to unwind what happened. panel, thank you. >>. >> greta: coming up a moment in the debate and both sides of the political aisl
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>> with respect to that quote, i think the vice-president very well know, times sometime the words don't come out of your mouth quite the right way. >> but i always say what i mean -- so does romney. that


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