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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 16, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm glad that they are okay. we are glad that they were okay. if you know what happens when you run into a deer or something, it's not good. jon: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" with megyn kelly starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. in the presidential polls just hours ahead of a critical debate. welcome to "america live", i am megyn kelly reporting live from hempstead, new york or that is the side of the presidential debate tonight. it all happens less than eight hours from right now. the crew two presidential candidates will face off in the second of their three debates. tonight's meeting will be in a town hall format. this comes showing the governor romney is surging. in swing states, republican nominee mitt romney is virtually tied now with president obama,
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48% to 49%, according to than usa today gallup poll. the good news is for the president in the non-battleground states, but this latest development in the swing states is highly significant. because the president, overwhelmingly won the nobel back in 2008 and critical states like ohio, it is what put him over the top or it already, team obama is slamming the gallup poll results. saying that the usa today results showing him tide in battleground states is an extreme outlier. defying the trend seen in every other battleground and national poll. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play." they shut this down as the extreme outlier.
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the we talked recently about pew research poll showing president obama losing his lead with women, and down to a 47 tie with mitt romney when it comes to likely voters. so which is it? is it an extreme right outlier or is it not. reporter: in order spends on what your definition of extremist. they would be that to be extremely extreme. because the deal for the president is -- even if they were right about that gallup poll, and the president was still winning in the battleground states among women. also nationally, they need to win women by 10 points or more. it needs to be hugely lopsided victory for the president. if it is even close on election day, the president will certainly lose. megyn: just so our viewers know, four years ago, than senator barack obama led john mccain by one point among men and 13
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points among women. it was all about the female vote or years ago. and he had a commanding lead over mitt romney. for most of the race until the first debate. then we see this tightening in the pew research poll. the 18-point loss at the president suffered the gallup poll, the significant narrowing of the race. i spoke to joe trippi and he listened to the debates and said that he listened to team obama and vice president biden. he said that's for the women. that is for the women. if he focuses on women, and that is why they were so concerned about this race tightening. reporter: of course. think about this. much of the reelection strategy is centered on talking about women's issues. specifically, what they call the war on women. as it relates to the availability of birth control and access to elective abortion.
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the president says mitt romney is radical on those issues and has tried to push the old social issues. but that is exactly -- it's not exactly what is driving the discussion today. what is driving it is the economy and the national debt. mitt romney has found ways and certainly found a way in the first debate -- and i expect will be looked to do that again tonight, to talk about the dead is an issue of responsibility. that would be unfair to engage in more deficit spending that obligates grandchildren and children of the women of america with expenses. >> also talking about how women are much more engaged in the process right now. october is go time. 35% of women and men report being extremely enthusiastic.
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among women, more from the supporters are extremely enthusiastic, then our obama supporters. 36% to 38%. you talk about the social issues. if it is true that women care about debt and the economy, but when you ask them about women's issues that they care about the most, abortion tends to be the number-one issue. are we likely to hear more about that tonight? more about that tonight from him? reporter: i tend to think it would be a mistake. if it was, the president has an ad campaign and its support for planned parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider. that has a narrow appeal for liberal women, especially for single women who are going to vote for the president and large margin. what he needs to do tonight -- he is a democrat leaning swing
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county, where you are right now, and he wants to talk to these voters that he has big ideas for the future. showing that he can mount a defense for the controversial legislation from his first term. $1 trillion plus plus in stimulus, and also his health law. he needs to be able to mount a defense and talk about the future. what we saw in the first debate was that mitt romney, by talking about big things and issues and talking about a vision for the future, he was able to send this massive ship through the electorate. if the president is out there talking about abortion, that is not a sign that he is engaged and ready to talk about the issues that are driving the national discourse. megyn: it is so fascinating. we are so important. [laughter] reporter: well, we tried as well. [laughter] megyn: all right, chris, thank you so much. for an idea of why this poll is getting so much attention, take a look at these numbers. in 2000 and eight, 56% of women voted for president obama.
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when you look at the numbers, you look at how crucial voting bloc is. in all, close to 70 million women voted in the 2008 presidential election. that translates to 39 million women who supported president obama. any shift among female voters could be crucial to determining the outcome of this year's election. we will speak with a former debate coach of governor romney. the guy credited with turning his debates around. we've asked them what to look for during the debates. and my colleagues will join me here at hofstra university in long island. beginning at 8:55 p.m. eastern time. live coverage of the second presidential debate. megyn: we are tracking a developing story overseas. a security scare at a london hospital raising questions about the safety of this 14-year-old girl. she was shot and critically injured after she stood up to the taliban.
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all she wanted to do was get an education. london says security is good, but the terror group is vowing to kill this young woman wherever she ends up. amy kellogg has a live update from london. reporter: yes, the taliban has threatened to kill her if she recovers. they have gone further by saying that she deserves to die because she was against them and she had praised president obama. they called her a spy for the west. they said that they have not gone after her because she supported women's education. but rather because she was against the war and the belief that sharia law allows for the killing of children. now, meanwhile, the coordinating consultant at queen elizabeth hospital said he is impressed by malala yousafzai's string and says she can make a great recovery. they will not say much else to
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do her privacy that needs to be respected at this time. but we asked people in the community here in london, and the fight of women in that part of the world. >> the people said that they are not ready to accept that women need education in the have to be a part of social life. it is a longtime end will be a long road ahead for people like malala yousafzai and others. reporter: and, you know, megyn, they have announced a one million-dollar head on the bounty bouncy for the attack on her, finally, where she is being treated, they are absolutely flooded by well-wishers, messages, and also financial assistance through this very tough road to recovery. megyn: thank you. new developments on some very big news.
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secretary of state hillary clinton says the buck stops with her when it comes to the security situation at the u.s. consulate in libya. prior to the murder of four americans. could her effort to take the blame come back to hurt her boss? plus, another flop. an electric car battery maker joins the green energy company failures. we will explain how much this will cost you. on the topic of money, last year, the government took heat for sending millions to study how six shrimp perform on a treadmill. that is really relevant to your life. [laughter] folks could go nuts when they talk about this robo-squirell that they developed to study rattlesnakes.
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megyn: a blast from the political past today. ross perot endorses governor mitt romney for president. his announcement comes two weeks after he said he would not be backing anyone in this race. he said the country is facing a serious choice and in his words, the nation cannot afford four more years in which the debt mushrooms out of control. where our government is out of control and our military is weekend. >> i am responsible for the more than 60,000 people around the world in the state department. the decisions about security are made by security professionals. but we are going to review everything to make sure that we are doing what needs to be done. it is an increasingly risky environment around the world. megyn: that was pilloried clinton last night, secretary of state, falling on her sword and taking responsibility for the
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security failings at our u.s. consulate in libya, benghazi. where four americans were killed on september 11, of this year. harry truman famously suggested in this picture that the buck is supposed to stop with the president. take a look at the sign that he had on his desk. not at the state department. laura ingram is a radio talk show star in a fox news contributor. she is with me now. let's just start with hillary clinton and her taking responsibility for the security failure at the consulate. does that put an end to the matter as far as she's concerned? >> i am not impressed by this predebate of hillary clinton giving two interviews yesterday about this. megyn, she could've said this within 24 hours of the attack happening. instead, they decided to put out this phony narrative that was thwarted by the president president and mrs. clinton and jay carney and susan rice.
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they forwarded it to the american people and the world. i had chairman buck mckeon on my radio show, and he says that he smells a rat here. hillary clinton coming out doesn't do anything to answer answer the underlying question as to why they thought libya was enough of a security risk with all the security red flags. facebook postings and everything. they decided not to give them any increased security. why couldn't the administration tell the truth in the immediate aftermath of that? none of those questions have been answered. it is nice that she came out and said that, but it does not accomplish anything. megyn: there is the question -- it's the first pearson that we have seen take responsibility for what happened over there. we have yet to see that at any other level.
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there is a question as to whether that will be part of the matter. we have senator lindsey graham writing a letter to president obama saying that we had two attacks in april and june. and they blew a 40-foot hole through the fence that surrounded it. were you aware and why not? did you take even seriously? we don't have a response yet, but can she or the white house stave off responsibility even if they do come out and say it is secretary clinton's fault. >> not if we have a press that is demanding real answers and not only predebate choreographed interviews where she jumps on the grenade before he faces met romney again. they are leaking out information today or last night about planned strikes against the militants involved. they are still leaking out intelligence, despite what we know from intelligence officials in the field. what they have said and how that
10:18 am
damages their ability to operate in the field. it seems like there are a lot of politics going on. national security credentials are being thrown about in a hotly contested debate. the decision making is being called into question. i think that buck mckeon is right. this will not stop the questioning, and i hope that the voters understand what is going on. megyn: how does it help president obama to have hillary come out and throw herself on this grenade? you know, because he is the commander in chief, so will people really give him a pass? and also, we just talked about this with chris stirewalt. how this presidential election is all about women and his intent to show off its support with female voters. will it help that effort to have the most powerful woman in the cabinet take the fall for this. >> she is not taking the ball. if you are going to take responsibility, then resign.
10:19 am
there are four dead americans. they didn't have adequate security at one of the most dangerous outpost you can operate in. should she resigned? she probably should. but the focus is on the president of the united states. david axelrod was on with chris wallace the other day, he made a reference that the president is, of course, responsible. megyn: if the president is responsible, why does he have time to go on the radio show, like one in florida, do hollywood events, etc. but he doesn't have time to do a press conference on an issue as serious as this? put politics aside. what happened was a tragedy. the american people have a right to know regardless of whether this is an election year or not. will it help them in the end? i don't think it well. i think that hillary -- remember that she also said that i hope she is not used as a political
10:20 am
puppet. i hope that doesn't determine from you tonight. >> folks believe we need to have answers to this. it is an ongoing narrative emerging about what is happening in libya. whether it was falling into the wrong hands. megyn: al qaeda was surging, some forces knew about it. we wound up with four dead americans. do you believe that this would be an issue for the president, even if he were not in a reelection battle right now? >> i don't think we have enough aggressive reporters camped out at the houses of the main officials involved demanding answers. they didn't president bush, and maybe we would've gotten answers before yesterday. megyn: laura ingram, thank you so much. well, a bankruptcy announcement by a battery company. taxpayer investment of almost
10:21 am
$400 million. we will take a close look at the ever-growing green and energy ventures that are eating up some of your money. and questions swirling tonight. remember both campaigns complained about candy crowley and her questions of last week's debate. we are learning of an 11 hour change of tonight's debate format. we will talk about that decision. and also, a young girl and sticking her head out of a moving train. that story is just ahead i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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megyn: a reckless prank that could have ended in tragedy. watch this.
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>> [inaudible] megyn: a young girl in a joke, another train goes by. clearly a deadly stunt. this is the kind of thing that parents worry about. that your child will turn and this kind of moron. don't be that kind of person. >> you put $90 million, like 50 years work into solar and wind. solyndra, fisker karma, and tesla. this is not the kind of policy want to have.
10:26 am
you want to get american energy secured. megyn: governor romney at the first debate, blasting president obama over the long line of failed green energy projects. now there is a new project on that list. an electric car battery maker announcing today that it is filing for bankruptcy after receiving nearly $250 million in your money. more than 100 million in state plus, stuart varney joins us now. he is a host here on fox business network. another one bites the dust here. so how much novartis did this company get? >> they got $249 million worth of grants. that is a check from the taxpayer, plus, a lot of state aid going into their system as well. essentially, they are bus. another green energy bus. this comes on the day of the
10:27 am
presidential debate. president obama wanted to back electric cars that have not been selling where. they were set to make a payment. they don't have enough money to keep going and they are likely to keep going bankrupt. megyn: they were supposed to be selling these electric car batteries with fisker. they, too, had all sorts of trouble. they actually had to stop the bleeding and stop giving money to fisker karma to fisker karma got $529 million in loan guarantees. they ended all production of the electric cars in the united states that does still make some electric cars in finland. we have a half billion dollars worth of american taxpayer money backing up a company which will no longer have a123 systems to
10:28 am
put in those cars. megyn: this a123 was touted as a big success story by jennifer granholm. your member the big stimulus that was supposed to revive the economy and criticized by many as just a list that was given out to some favorites by the democratic lawmakers who were doling it out. jennifer said this is a wonderful stimulus success story. as it turns out, not so much. >> they have consistently tried to pick winners in the green energy field. political goals, green energy, as opposed to -- megyn: but he says and he has said this all along, in any portfolio, some people win and some people don't. >> yes, but the list of failures is so long and the fact that the administration is doubling down on these subsidies, that gives
10:29 am
cause for concern. abound solar, fisker karma, solyndra, beacon power, evergreen, all of these companies are bankrupt or they have lost taxpayer money or stop producing green energy. that is a very long list of failures. megyn: it does raise questions as to whether this is a good idea to raise money. stuart varney, thank you so much his portfolio looks so much better than that. i can tell. [laughter] megyn: all right, thank you so much. new questions as the obama administration weighs potential action in libya. what could be the target, and what are they now reviewing right now before it is happening? a possible strike force tracking down there. we will have a fair and balanced debate about that next. and we will talk to the debate coach who helped governor romney
10:30 am
pull away from the republican pack when he went head-to-head with newt gingrich last spring. tips from the pro-for what to watch tonight. >> i think it is about leadership and the speaker was given an opportunity to be the leader of the party in 1994. at the end of four years, he had to resign in disgrace. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: 1:33 p.m. eastern time. we are seven hours away from the second presidential debate here at hofstra university on long island. you can take a look at the spin room. you see obama headquarters and romney headquarters. this is where the teams will come to try to spin the media and you into believing that they won. it is a debate that presents major opportunities for the president and governor romney. the president has a chance to make up for what even he admits is a poor showing in the first debate. governor from the rides away. both men go head-to-head over foreign policy and domestic policy. our special fox news coverage begins at 8:55 p.m. tonight. we will be cohosting along with all of our analyst. brit hume, joe trippi, charles krauthammer, we will even.
10:35 am
get ready for some new fallout from the 9/11 terror attack this year that killed four americans. according to a an associated press report from the white house has the idea of using a strike team to take out the terrorists responsible. but this report is already raising questions about targets and why we know about what a possible strike team is about to do. joining me now is leslie marshall. and also large larsen. don't we usually hear about it after somebody has been hit? >> if you have a good commander-in-chief, that's what you do. but remember what this president ml is. we communicated when we are
10:36 am
going to pull out, and they are beating us bloody end why would they float this out now? because i think it is the president's way of distracting. he did learn a few things from bill clinton when monica was about to testify. when clinton announced that we were ready to send missiles. it was a great way to attract the press. floated out there, and i think it's more of our people killed, again, that is the president samo. megyn: that is highly cynical, leslie, but we didn't actually drop any bombs. the president can't be accused of doing that. but it is interesting ascending the strike force over has been put out there. >> absolutely. this is part of the problem that is sort of like, get what you ask for. although i want transparency as an american, i want some secrecy when it comes to ideas and what
10:37 am
they are going to do here. i also think that this is not just an idea they came up suddenly. i believe this was an idea that the security people said that this is something any president, left or right, will look into whenever an an attack is made on americans. where al qaeda is bloodying them up. >> we now have more than 2000 dead in afghanistan. secondly, as far as blowing things up, this president is using drones and missiles more than any other president. certainly more than president bush. there are terrorists that need to be blown up. but if you capture them, probably not downtown, but you
10:38 am
might be able to squeeze him for information and find where the next attack is coming from. megyn: talk about the risks lytic way. this president obama -- if he does go ahead with this, if he unleashes a attack on them prior to the election, there could be damaging fallout to him. >> honestly, the damage is far beyond a presidential election. right now, the united states government -- we have a very large al qaeda presence in the north and we have one specifically with links to al shirai a in libya.
10:39 am
in the same place, the white house is very clear that they can go through arresting and holding them responsible criminally. these are international criminal situations. we have to have the cooperation of those governments, the backlash could be an increased amount of support on the ground by civilians. >> only one phone call and one eyewitness that links them to this. >> the courts are already preparing for a reaction. megyn: some of them say we will multiply the 9/11 attacks by 10. obviously, the commander-in-chief needs to worry about what will happen. >> yes, he does.
10:40 am
but here is the thing that leslie is wrong about. for this president, everything is political. that is why joe biden and valerie jarrett told the president not to go over bin laden. this man is a narcissist from the word go and he will care more about the effect it has on him than the effect it has on american security. >> that is a great debate as always. megyn: thank you both. we are learning about an 11th hour change to the presidential debate tonight. they are changing something after a big controversy erupted this week over the role of the moderator. we easily see what they have now agreed to.
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. megyn: you are looking behind the scenes at hofstra university. this is where tonight's debate will take place. more than seven hours before a town hall debate that could be the president's big chance to turn things around after aing se first debate in denver. governor romney had a similar opportunity back in the primaries. after getting hammered by his republican opponents, specifically, newt gingrich and governor romney managed to shake it off with a stellar performance in a single debate. take a look. >> i think it is about
10:45 am
leadership and the speaker was given an opportunity to be the leader of our party in 1994. at the end of those years, it was republicans who replaced him in house, voted to reprimand him, and it was the head lobbyist of "a-team" with whom he had a contract at a time when floridians were suffering as a result. >> mr. speaker, on the stage at a prior debate, you said that you would pay $300,000 by freddie mac. as a historian. they don't pay people $25,000 a month for six years as historians. that adds up to about $1.6 million. they would not hire you is that in this contract proves so. you are a consultant. megyn: joining me now is the man who coached governor romney. greg o'donnell of the harvard kennedy school. it describes one of the best political debate coaches in the country. advising politicians including george w. bush, governor mccain, and governor romney. thank you for being here.
10:46 am
>> good to be with you, megyn. let's start with governor romney. you are largely credited with sharpening his debate performance. before the critical debate process in florida, you know him, you have seen him. when you think are the challenges that he faces tonight? >> i think for governor romney it will be withstanding the barrage of attacks that will come his way from president obama. clearly, the president will go on the offense. he will be more aggressive. governor romney has to avoid taking the bait and getting on defense. he has to stay on offense as well. the second challenge for him will be with realizing that the audience in the room is also purchase of him. he needs to make sure that he is connecting with people in the audience. megyn: that is all reversed, they will practice with relating to people in the audience, will they not?
10:47 am
>> they will, but there are always moments when people ask a question that isn't necessarily what you have been practicing. i have to be able to respond in a way that seems genuine and authentic and day on the message. the town halls have been replete with moments like that. the very first one in 1992, where george bush was asked how the session affected him personally. he was unable to give a good answer to the question. he was able to come up with a famous answer that he knew how to feel the voters pain and he was able to use that answer to when that debate. megyn: that was the debate that i believe -- one of them and when george h. w. bush was checking his watch. you advise president george w. bush when he was running for reelection. you talk in your article about the nonverbal things, these candidates need to worry about. tell us about george w. bush's issues in that department.
10:48 am
>> you know, in the very first debate, and i had put together a series of videos that i showed the president, it demonstrated some of the qualities that he had when he was debating. even that evidence against al gore, it is just that gore was not that good in those debates. in the debates with john kerry, the very first one, he seemed disengaged with the data himself. president bush was able to look at that material and focus on it and make a great comeback in the next town hall debate. he change the narrative of the debates with his performance in the town hall. megyn: there is also the moment that you are not advising al gore at the time. when he got up and president bush's grail, were you advising bush in 2000?
10:49 am
anyway, he got up in his grill here. >> absolutely. that is one of the most famous nonverbal moments in a presidential debate. he didn't have to say anything. filling up the stage and making sure that you occupy a bigger space on a page. megyn: president obama has done a town hall debate as recently as four years ago. in a presidential contest. when he went up against john mccain. by the way, that debate happened in nashville, tennessee. bret baier was on earlier and said that he was very upset that he made a mistake and he wanted everyone to know. the president obama has done this. in the real setting with actual town halls, how much of an
10:50 am
advantage is that going to war him? >> don't forget that governor romney campaigned hard in new hampshire. he has done many town halls. i can tell you that there is nothing like a presidential town hall in new hampshire, where you were talking to real voters and asking very tough questions. and so i think the governor romney will be well-prepared coming into this. he has done a number of town halls on the campaign trail and i think that he has practiced answering questions from voters. but most importantly, he has a great team, especially with rob portman, who has been, by all accounts, giving him the right skills. megyn: is there anything you are concerned about with respect to governor romney tonight? >> i think that the test will be how he connects with voters. that has been the big question mark that people have had. the preconceived notion is that people say he doesn't do well. people have a chance to break that conception tonight's the
10:51 am
one it will be a fascinating experience for us. thank you for being here. >> good to be here, thank you, megyn. megyn: we have new pictures of the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the attack it suffered in the weeks before the americans were killed. how did the president not know about these remap we will look into that when andy card joins us next
10:52 am
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and and and and and and and $48,000 a year agents. spending $9000 during that time and what will count as cosmetic
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enhancements. megyn: that's very risky territory for a reporter. shannon bream, thank you so much for in $19 billion wasted. our severely wounded warriors between 25 and 30 million. between 25 and 30 million. we spent $19 billion on related coming up, more live from the scene of the second presidentil debate and that is why the next. 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: new questions for the white house after secretary of state hillary clinton volunteers to take the fall for the security leading up to the murder of our four americans in benghazi on september 11 of this year. welcome to a brand-new however this special edition of "america live." we are livem in hempstead, new york, on long island which is the site of the second presidential debate. secretary clinton's comments suggested that she is to blame for the deadly terrorist attacks
11:01 am
that killed our americans in libya including our ambassador. take a look at debate floor. you can see a different format. our chief white house correspondent is in hempstead, new york. that different than the first presidential showdown. one of the questions is whether the information about the prior attacks on the consulate made it up the chain. whether anyone at the white house. the president or people in his national security council were briefed on that. back in williamsberg, virginia the president took a couple brief questions. he talked about the weather. he said he felt good about
11:02 am
debate prep. when somebody shout whether secretary clinton was to blame he didn't answer anything about libya. hillary clinton sat down with wendall goler and said the buck stops with you. the decisions about security assets are head which security professionals. but we are going to review everything to make sure that we are doing what needs to be done in an increasingly risky environment around the world. >> there was a sign on harry truman's desk that said "the buck stops here." and on president obama's desk it says "thuck stops over there." >> reporter: at hofstra it was john mccain debating with
11:03 am
senator obama. the third presidential debate will be about foreign policy so that could be a big moment. megyn: republican senator lindsey graham wrote a letter to the white who is asking how the president did not know about the attacks on our consulate prior to 9/11. he asked, did you know and if you didn't know why didn't you know? i asked former white house chief of staff andy card some of these questions earlier. >> would it be typical in your experience for something this significant. there was an attack on the consulate in april, then in june. they were requesting more security. it was being denied. would it be typical for that to rise up to the president in a daily intel brief?
11:04 am
andy card will be here. we'll play that interview in just a few minutes. questions on libya could take center table tonight. especially the accusations by the obama administration that governor romney is politicizing the deadly terror attack. governor romney has been vocal on the issue as of late anyway. since we first learned that the four americans were killed. here he is at a rally earlier this month talking about one of the former navy seals who was killed in that attack. >> he was actually in a different building, an an ex, a safe place somewhere across town when he and his colleagues heard the consulate was under attack. and they went there -- they didn't hunker down where they were in safety. they rushed there to go help. this is the american way. we go where there is trouble. [applause] >> we go where we are needed. megyn: how did the media treat
11:05 am
all of this? this is likely to come up tonight. this first issue of libya and i want to get to other issues. you herd the tom team's response. your response? >> let me say that there is a memorial service today for ambassador stevens and our sympathies go out to his families and the families of all of those affected by this terrible terrorist attack in benghazi. ultimately the responsibility falls and lies with president obama. there are a number of questions about the administration's actions, not only after the terrorist attack in benghazi on september 11, but also before. and the american people deserve answers. one of the things that distinguishes an open democratic society like ours from the secretive governments of authoritarian societies is we are allowed to question the
11:06 am
official version of events. what we learned in this case is the official version of events was terribly wrong. not just wrong with respect to how many attackers participated in this terrorist event or the time that it began, but with respect to the very nature of what happened. megyn: there are two issues here. they have responses on both. how did this happen, how did four americans wind up dead in libya in that the state department is investigating, others are investigating. and bipartisan requests have been made for information on that. responses are due after the election. but they are looking into it. so that's what they say number one. number two with respect to whether there was a coverup. hillary clinton used the phrase the fog of war. we get conflicting information, we said what we knew at the time when we said it was about the protest. why do you not accept that? >> there are a number of legitimate questions.
11:07 am
you phrased some of them in your own reporting were far more questions than there are answers. we can't be honest about the challenges that face us in the middle east and north africa unless we are honest about what is happening there. and what's happening there is a complete unralphing of the -- a complea -- complete unrave leeif our policies. the muslim brotherhood this power in egypt. and it has been set adrift by the obama administration. until we confront these challenges honestly we won't be able to come up with a strategy for confronting them. megyn: the president got hammered for not hitting your boss governor romney on the 47% comment. he was caught on camera at a fundraiser talking about how 47% of the country won't ever vote
11:08 am
for him. they believe they are victims' i am never going to get their vote. but that until part what he said. then he came out right after it was released and said it wasn't elegantly stated. but he stood by the substance of the remark. then he told sean hannity several weeks later it was completely wrong. >> the governor was attempting a political analysis. he acknowledged that it came out wrong. he wants to be president of all america. all americans. 100% of americans. and he will address that tonight should the subject come up. megyn: you know president obama will hammer him on that. do you believe that or don't you? >> governor romney views tonight's debate as an opportunity to have a conversation with the american people about the middle class and an american economic recovery.
11:09 am
obama be change his style and tone and his tie and suit but he still has to deal with the fact of hits record. his record is abysmal. megyn: what are you worried about with respect to tonight. but governor romney has made some mistakes in these debates. thing that he said that he probably wishes he could take back. not you pressure is on because barack obama is expected to raise his game. how do you prepare your guy to deal with that? >> president obama does well in these settings. they had a town hall debate four years ago and he was widely acknowledged as the winner. but he also debated here at hofstra two years ago and he said two things. one thing he said was we'll reform medicare and social security by the time of my first term in office. he didn't even bring forth a plan. and he said i'll do more cutting than spending as president and he hasn't done that either. he exploded the deficit.
11:10 am
we have has four trillion dollar budget deficits in a row. megyn: we'll see you near spin alley. it's quiet now, but it won't be in about 7 hours. just hours before the presidential candidates face off we are get something breaking news about in the event. an 11th hour change to the debate format and the role of the debate moderator candy crowly. disturbing details about a drone shot down over israeli air space. the israeli army is linking that to iran. stay tuned for that. [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time...
11:11 am
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and extras like health assessments, one-to-one coaching and nutritional guidance. personal care, like help understanding your plan options. with over 30 years of medicare experience, unitedhealthcare is here for you. so give us a call and consider a single plan that could give you more of what you want, including preventive care coverage and extras like vision and hearing, with premiums as low as zero dollars a month. but don't wait. the last day to enroll is december seventh. call now. megyn: after growing concerns by
11:14 am
some by this week's debate moderator. we are learning of an 11-hour change to the debate format. now a followup discussion will be aloud for the candidates that will be driven by the moderator. candy crowley of cnn. here is how this crowley described her perceptions of her job. >> town hall meeting. there will be questioners to the right and left of me and in front of the candidate. they will have the questions and as was the case in the charlie gibson town hall meeting and the tom brokaw town hall meetings in presidential campaigns past there was a time for followup and further discussions. i'm just trying to know what the facts are and what the positions are so when something comes up that could use a little further explanation it might be as simple as the question was
11:15 am
oranges and you said apples. could you answer oranges. how how does that fit with the following things. megyn: joining me now tucker carlson of the daily caller *. we have our hands on the memorandum of understanding between the campaigns. this is the first time it has been leaked. this is the deal between obama and romney when it comes to the debates. i direct you to a paragraph on page 8. the moderator will not ask followup questions or comment on the questions or the answers given during this debate. she'll not even intervene in the debate accept to acknowledge the questioners from the audience or enforce time limits. candy crowley said i'm going to be asking some followup questions. now the candidates a grow that of course that's how it's going to have to work. your thoughts on it, tucker. >> i know candy, i worked with her for a number of years. she is probably liberal.
11:16 am
a very nice person. i think she tries to be fair. but there is no reason to have a moderator in the first place. any moderator is likely to be a tv person and tv people by their nature impose themselves on the process. i'm not sure the public wins out. why would it be bad to have a debate where two candidates stand on the stage for 90 minutes and make their own way. they are auditioning to run the most powerful country in the world. if they can't pull that off why would you vote for them. megyn: what do you make of it, juan? jim lehrer was completely hands off and it led to a robust discussion by the two men at the top of the ticket. >> i think jim lehrer got run over. in the vice presidential debate there was a more active role played about it moderator.
11:17 am
here candy crowley saw a more direct role by herself and i think that caused concern on both part of the romney and obama camp. what tucker is talking about would be an ideal. i would go back to the days when you had the leaving women voters running this thing and you didn't have the campaigns in such control. the candidates worry about slipups and gaffes. these formats are designed to protect them. the town hall. the idea is to have crowley as a secondary figure. the primary questions are suppose to be the people gathered by gallup asking questions. megyn: that's still the case. so she has that power. she doesn't come up with the questions but she gets to decide those questions. she'll be taking a more active role about whether she is the right person for the job. when the campaigns approved her
11:18 am
they believed she wasn't going to be doing that. some on the right acued her of bias because she said something like this about the gop ticket. >> not every republican has signed on. they will publicly. but there is some trepidation that this might be -- looks a little bit like some ticket death wish. .we really want to talk about these things? is this where we want to go when the economy is so bad. megyn: she is on a liberal network. watch it for 20 minutes. it is. any moderator will become part of the story and that's hardly the point. the reason this change was made as far as i could tell is feminist groups were outraged that the first female moderator in the history of presidential debates didn't get to speak and it looks like the debate commission caved. but it's not about the moderator. it ought to be about the
11:19 am
candidates. the whole point is showing us voters what these people are like. i don't think if you have a media personality object stage you will ever get away from making the story partly about that person. that's the nature of it. get rid of the moderators. megyn: do you think jim lehrer made the story about him? >> he tried hard to keep the story away from him. but the obama campaign blamed jim lehrer like he was a secret right winger. but it's a distraction from the point which is how the candidates perform. >> i think jim lehrer got run over. you can left or right. you have got to have some structure. you can't let one side just ignore the red light when the red light goes on. that's why some people were upset. but in general what you want is that robust debate. you want these guys going at each other. tonight's format is about the audience and not about the media
11:20 am
personality. if people are avoiding the question and not getting specific in terms of their responses. the moderator should say this is specifically what you were answering and open the door for both sides. she shouldn't be an enforcer but you have got to say, answer the question. don't vacillate and play games with us. megyn: tucker's point is ther -- tucker's point is the other side should be able to do that. just to allow both men to be heard. i can tell you on this show people get upset when the two participants can't be heard when somebody talks over the other one. that's an important thing for a moderator to do. thank you. we have new pictures from the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya in the attacks it suffered weeks before. there were at least two bombs
11:21 am
that went off there. the question is, did the white house know about happening at this consulate and should it have known? that is what more and more lawmakers are demanding to know. we'll ask andy card the former chief of staff for president george w. bush. a fox news exclusive on the details of the hezbollah drone shot down by the israeli air force and its connection to iran.
11:22 am
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megyn: brand-new information coming in on the hezbollah drone shot down by the israeli air force last weekend. the israeli air force links that drone to iran. fox news learned how it was
11:25 am
smuggled into gaza. leland vittert live in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: an iranian-backed group hezbollah said it got a lot of intelligence from this drone but it's unclear where it launched from. intelligence sources are telling fox news here in israel that it was launched out of the gaza strip which is significant. not on does hezbollah have forces on israel's northern border, it expand its sphere of influence and is able to attack from its southern bored. f-16 pilots missed but the second one hit and they left wreck imagine the desert. israeli intelligence forces sell fox news they believe it was smuggle into the gaza strip in a tunnel and launched towards
11:26 am
egypt to avoid israel's ian dome missile system. an mail of the drone launching on hezbollah tv showing the drone launching out to sea and flying tbieng is a rail using a propeller engine. the tv anchors said it flew over the enemy without being discovered by the radar systems. the israelis are trying to figure out what intelligence or pictures the drone's camera gathered and fed back to its operators. hezbollah's leaders took to the airways with a victory speech of sorts. it's our right to fly oath drones into occupied palestine any time we want. this trip was not the first and won't be the last. the israelis are concerned about what comes next. this drone was unarmed.
11:27 am
but the israelis have -- but the iranians have drones that can be used with deadly accuracy. megyn: an eye-opening editorial suggests while everyone was watching this scandal evolving with respect to the libya situation the american media may be missing a bigger story coming out of syria. our next guest claims there is a new pipeline that has u.s. taxpayers shipping weapons to islamic jihadists in syria. why would we be doing that? also, some top lawmakers are asking the president about the security situation in libya including what he knew and when and why more wasn't done. in three minutes my full interview with andy card. he will detail how it works when our government learns of threats
11:28 am
overseas. >> who told susan rice to go on the sunday talk shows to say that. in your experience who would have given such marching orders to the u.s. ambassador? 's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's. the only eggs that make better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb.
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11:31 am
megyn: secretary of state hillary clinton may have taken the blame yesterday for security lapses in benghazi, but key lawmakers are now asking for questions about the security
11:32 am
situation in libya, including what president obama knew and when he knew it. republican senator lindsey graham sending a short but pointed letter to the white house asking president obama how he could possibly have been unaware of the security worries ahead of the 9/11 terror attack in benghazi. senator gallon pointing to a particular incident in june of this year when terrorists blew a massive hole in the security wall surrounding the benghazi consulate. he said shouldn't that have been in the president's daily security briefing? i had a chance to speak with andy card with his experience in the white house and how it works when situations like this come up. great to have you back here. now we have secretary of state hillary clinton saying the buck stops with her and senator graham asking questions about where it really should stop. and whether president was aware
11:33 am
of the problems at this consulate and if not, why. would it be typical in your experience for something this significant -- there was an attack on the consulate in april, then in june. they were requesting snore security. it was being denied. would it be typical for that to rise up to the president in a daily intel brief? >> my experience suggests that it would have been known at the white house. without have been known in the white house situation room and probably known by the national security adviser. the deputy security is vice jr. the homeland security adviser and the president. i think that information would have gotten to the white house and probably to the president. as you came up to the anniversary of the attacks 9-11-2001. there should have been a heightened concerned about intelligence around the world. specifically the arab world
11:34 am
given the arab spring had not produced flowers, but was producing weeds. they should have been on highest alert on any intelligence that would have suggested an attack on the anniversary of that date. megyn: at the vice presidential debate we heard vice president biden say we were never told they were demanding more security. there was a question about whether he was speaking about the entire administration and was unaware the state department officials had testified in great detail 36 hours earlier that they had requested more security and that request was denied by state or whether he did mean to be drawing a distinction between the president, the vice president and the rest of the administration. in your view does it matter? >> i don't think it matters very much. i suspect at the white house knew. i suspect that the national security adviser knew and the homeland security adviser and probably the cheever of staff.
11:35 am
if they didn't inform the president, shame on them. i suspect the president and probably the vice president did know about the nature of the threats that existed around 9/11 and probably would have been told about what happened on 9/11 when we know they did lap in benghazi and there was other activities around other embassies and consulates throughout the region. megyn: we are getting greater picture of what actually went on here. we of course went into libya. it was a president obama decision not approved by congress. there were warning about the risks of doing that. who were we helping. were we creating a power vacuum into which al qaeda-affiliated groups could step. even the ambassador himself had concerns about the rising threat of al qaeda and whether he was on an al qaeda hit list. in march and june according to eric nordstrom the former chief security officer for our
11:36 am
diplomats in libya, they requested more security and they got no response from this administration. we had two prior attacks on the benghazi consulate, both in april when the first request for security was ignored and again in june. the pictures of the consulate with a huge hole blown around it. it was clear they were not safe. in the wake of that we get attacked. the ambassador gets murdered two three others. our u.n. ambassador goes on the sunday talk shows and says this was all about a protest that we now know never took place. the question now in the wake of all of this, with the state department saying we never believed it was about a protest. is who told susan rice to go on the sunday talk shows and say that? and your experience, who would have given some marching orders to the u.n. ambassador? >> my experience -- quite
11:37 am
frankly it wasn't just for george w. bush it was for george h.w. bush and president reagan. any time anybody went on the sunday talk shows that was coordinated through the white house communications office and the secretary's office. they would have had talking points and rehearsed some of the q ann a tha -- some ofthe q ande taken place. i don't find it credible that susan rice wasn't briefed by the white house before she went on those talk shows. if they knew something other than what they were briefing her to do, that's not appropriate. it's misrepresenting something to the american people that should not have been misrepresented. megyn: that's your per specr prospective of someone -- that's from the perspective of someone who was the chief of staff in the white house.
11:38 am
>> ambassadors carry out their instructions. when they don't they get fired. if somebody said to her you are going to the talk shows and this is what you are going to say, i'm sure she tid it and i would have done the same. megyn: but that begs the question about where they, fit was the white house telling her to do it, where they got the information from. state is saying they knew it was terror. they never believed it was about a protest. the intel community has come out with respect to various organizations and said they knew within 24 hours that this was a terror attack. there is some conflicting information about the head of the cia. general david petraeus and whether he gave a briefing to congress suggesting it was about protests. how do we get to the bottom of this? >> first all the administration has to answer some questions and they have been reluctant to answer the questions. i notice even senator john kerry asked certain questions and my understanding is the administration said you will get the answer to those questions
11:39 am
sometime after the elections more like november 13 rather than information that would help inform voters before they cast their ballot on election day. but beyond that, i just find it incredible that the white house was not coordinating the message that ambassador rice went forward with when she was on those television talk shows. sus given before congress is frequently reviewed at the white house bit of's delivered. the white house should have known what was going to be said or what was suggested to be said, and they should have compared that to the reality of what they knew and if they didn't know about what was happening in benghazi or in other places in the arab world around the anniversary of 9/11. then the national security adviser or the homeland security adviser wasn't doing their job to make sure the white house knew. i suspect the white house situation room knew about those attacks in april of 2012, then june 6, 2012.
11:40 am
and they should have done a good job of anticipating challenges around the anniversary of 9/11 2012. i think some people in the white house didn't want to see the reality of what was happening in the world. megyn: andy card, thank you so much for being here. while everyone has been watching the growing questions over libya. one widely read columnist says we have been missing a scandal in syria that could become a very big deal. allegations after weapons coverup. it was all over the "new york times." next. >> we are working hand and glove with the turks, with the jordanians, with the saudis and all the people in the region attempting to identify the people who deserve the help so that when assad goes and he will go, there will be a legitimate government that follows on. not an al qaeda-on spored
11:41 am
government that follows on.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
[gunfire] megyn: that's amateur video out of syria purported to show government air strikes targeting the syrian people. an estimated 30,000 people have been killed since the war began. it's basically a civil war now. nearly two years ago. while the growing questions over libya are grabbing most of the media attention, my next guest says there is a bigger sandal in syria in the form of a weapons pipeline to al qaeda that we are providing. here to explain is mark theisen.
11:45 am
i just want to be clear. focus on syria. bashar al-asaad is massacring his own people and has been for almost two years. vice president biden gets asked about this because there has been a lot of criticism about how we the world are sitting back doing nothing while little kids are being tore tiewrd and murdered. he gets asked about it and this what is he said in part. standby. >> we are working hand and glove with the turks and the jordanians and the saudis and all the people in the region attempting to identify the people who deserve the help so when assad goes and he will go, there will be a legitimate government that follows on, not an died-sponsored government that follows on. megyn: you say that was blatantly untrue and you claim the "new york times" walks up.
11:46 am
explain. >> that's exactly right. what happened is it was revealed yesterday in the "new york times" that the obama administration participated in the creation of an armed pipeline to al qaeda in syria, they didn't call it this. but it's a fast and furious program running saudi and qatary weapons to them in the middle east. most of the arms shipped at the behest of saudi arabia and qatar are going to hard time islamic jihadists. an american official said the opposition groups receiving most of the lethal aid are the ones we don't want to have it and president obama and other senior officials are aware of the diversion from classified assessment to the syrian consulate. what that means is this program which was designed to help the syrian rebels, the good elements of the syrian rebels has gone completely awry. the weapons are going to
11:47 am
al qaeda. and joe biden says the opposite twice during the vice presidential debate. megyn: i read the "new york times" article. here it is right here. it's dated october 14, 2012. you can right for yourself. it says what mark just said it says. it does seem to contradict vice president biden's claim they are helping the people who deserve the help so we'll have a legitimate government later after assad is gone. and the "new york times" is saying we are helping the people we don't want to be helping over there. how does this happen? >> they don't want another scandal. this lie that joe biden told makes susan rice's claims that the benghazi attack was because
11:48 am
of a youtube video pales in comparison. these are weapons al qaeda may use against american troops. joe biden was asked about it, he told an untruth and paul ryan challenged him, and he doubled down saying we are working with the saadies. megyn: here is what he said. paul ryan challenges him and here is what he said. >> for months we have been making sure health and humanitarian aid and other aid and training is getting to those forces that we believe the turks believe, the jordanians believe, the saudis believe are the free force inside of syria. that is underway. megyn: the free forces inside syria. >> according to the "new york times," the weapons are going to quote hard line islamic jihadists. it was the "new york times," not
11:49 am
me, that said president obama and senior officials are aware of the diversion because they have been believed on the classified intelligence assetsments. joe biden is obama's point man on the middle east. it's beyond believe he would not be aware of these assessments. megyn: what he may have been trying to say is we have this program by which we are attempting to help the good guys to the extent we can identify them in syria. the "new york times" seems to be reporting our efforts are facing difficulty. we use our allies and they are not that reliable as it turns out. >> he said we are doing this. there is a program underway, we are working with our allies, we are shipping the weapons to the right people. that would be root thing to -- that would be the right thing to do. this is the consequence of leading from behind. which most americans consider following. we have an interest in making sure when assad falls that it's
11:50 am
not an al qaeda government that comes into power. but instead of doing it ourselves and identifying the right people that share our values and going and make sure they are the ones that get the weapons we sub contracted our policies to saudi arabia who have a record of giving arms to radicals. this is a consequence of leading from behind. they have been caught in a major arguments scandal and vice president biden looked the american people in the eye on that television scandal and said it wasn't happening. the new york times says it is. megyn: the "new york times" article points out governor romney gave a speech in which he talked about providing help to the folks we believe are instrength in the syria. he stopped short of saying we would do it directly. and his aids later said he would instead rely on arab allies to do it. that would leave nuts same predicament we are now in
11:51 am
according to this article. using allies who canno cannot ct be relied upon. syria becoming more important. mark, thank you. megyn: coming up next, a top medical expert warning this meningitis outbreak is nowhere s near the end. that's next. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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11:54 am
megyn: fox news alert. the deadly meningitis outbreak is growing. the centers for disease control confirming 17 new cases bringing the total to 231. the fda is expanding its investigation into other drugs that could be contaminated. >> reporter: we are look at two cases in florida, both of
11:55 am
them involving people who received steroid injections for back pain. receiving these epidural injections. however, the fda is investigating additional medications produced by that same compounding pharmacy, the new england compounding center, for possible contamination. a patient injected with a separate necc back medication has developed a possible but unconfirmed case of meningitis and the fda is investigating a non-meningitis fungal infection in a patients who received a cardiac medication during open heart surgery. the fda is looking at medications used during eye surgery though no one has been linked to infections. the investigation concerns that medication as well.
11:56 am
now, we should point out that only people receiving epidural injections of this steroid processed by necc are at risk for developing fungal meningitis. however, those who received the injections in other areas such as joints, knees, elbows or receiving any of these medications for heart or eyes are at potential risk for fungal infections. if you received any of these medications and developed any unusual symptoms, call your doctor rit --call your doctor r. megyn: keep it here for the second presidential debate when our coverage begins from hofstra universities, 8:55 p.m. eastern time. we'll be right here in the debate hall and spin alley. we'll have brit hume, joe
11:57 am
trippi, all your favorites on the fox news channel. some people milling about. the media is here. the campaign hasn't started to do their thing. but you can bet they will be here with their little signs trying to tell us they won. you will know the truth one way other other. thanks for watching. "studio b" * with shepard smith starts right after this break. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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