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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> andrea: that is very cool. you would never do that? >> greg: that is it for us. on "the five." thank you for watching. the debate is three hours away. fox news brings it to you live. we'll break it down. >> bret: welcome to the campus of lynn university in boca raton, florida. this is final debate. in the run up for the presidential election. the men will be seated on the stage behind me, three hours from now. good evening. i'm bret baier. this is "special report." tonight's topic, foreign policy. in a race that is as tight as it can get. the newest daily tracking poll has romney up 51-45 over president obama. a bigger spread than the real clear politic average of recent national polls that has romney up less than one point.
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president obama prepped for this in camp david before heading to florida. and romney stayed in florida, near the boca raton site. vice president biden campaigned in the crucial swing state of ohio, making two stops. starting in kansas. the latest two polls ther pollse from suffolk have the race tied at 47-47. 49-48. >> it is great to be back in colorado, god's country. >> bret: paul ryan campaigned in colorado. western part of the state in pueblo and durango. the latest poll there from rasmussen has the romney ryan ticket up 50-46. tuesday romney and ryan travelled together. the obama biden ticket zeros in to dayton, ohio. two weeks and one day to the presidential election.
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our weekly look at how the electoral college map is shaping up. joining me is karl rove. the former bush senior advisor in new york. with me in florida, democratic strategist joe trippi. look at the latest map. you can see the info on the key. red is romney. blue is obama. pinkish is lean romney. light blue is lean obama. yellow. the tossup states within the margin of error. this is based on the polls from within the last two week weeks. what has changed on the map since we last talked last week? >> we had 56 state polls, new record. four status changes. three benefiting romney. minnesota and oregon went from obama to lean obama. moss went from lean romney to romney. connecticut, a change that benefited obama lean obama to the obama category. that leads obama with 184 electoral college votes. romney with 169.
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237, 206. 95 tossups. now there were additional changes in the standings. governor romney added strength in new hampshire going from one down to one up. president obama added strength in nevada. one point to three. wisconsin, one point to three. ohio, one point to two. slowing of the movement compared to last week. direction of romney. >> bret: of those changes what is most important in your mind? >> last week we saw a three, two, one strategy we have been talking about fall in place. indiana, north carolina now moving safely to romney's column. vas is a tossup. florida now. i think most people look at
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that. leaning romney. that is in place. he is within the hunt for ohio. that completes the two. any one of the other states wisconsin, nevada, colorado, new hampshire, any one of them, and he could complete the three, two, one strategy. own without ohio there are ways for romney to get there. a very tossup close race electorally now. >> bret: joe, if you are the obama campaign you look at the map concerned? >> a month ago i look at how obama had 265 electoral votes needed like iowa. one of the other states to cap it off. people are ready to say the race was over. that is not the case today. they have got to be concerned. i think they will push the operations in ohio, virginia, now going to be a ground game for both campaigns. whatever happens in the last debate.
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>> bret: say for the sake of arguement that romney doesn't win ohio. paint a picture how he would get to 270 without ohio looking at the map as you have it now. >> new hampshire, iowa, colorado, wisconsin, some combination of those to replace the 16 electoral college votes in ohio. plus add four to get you to 270. we now have some discussion about pennsylvania, some polls are showing it, private polling shows it tightening. ohio, a month to six weeks ago everybody was spun by the obama campaign ohio was out of reach. a double digit lead. that may have been true. quinnipiac and the "new york times" had the state at ten-point margin in the previous poll. they had it at five points last week. that may be an outlier and too rich for what president
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obama's actual status is in the state. other polls had it one-point lead for president obama. or three-point lead. somewhere in between those two. 11 combinations available to you to replace ohio. it's easier to replace ohio. it suspect that the romney forces are going to try to continue to broaden this battlefield to their advantage. if you look at north carolina and florida, they are moving in governor romney's direction, moving away from president obama. that has to be troubling, particularly when the margin is narrow for the president. >> bret: is it possible, most analysts tell you it look like a tight race. is it possible this opens up governor romney dramatically and the bottom drops out on the obama campaign? on the flip side, what is the possibility it goes the other way to president obama?
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two-point win could be big electoral vote win. all of the states are within one or two points of each other. if you get a two-point move by either in the last few days here all of them could fall in one person's lap. traditionally that happened for challenger, not the incumbent. the other thing going on here is the early vote. both campaigns are hustling up the votes. early vote. a lot of people voted in ohio. a lot were banked when president had a commanding lead in ohio. we don't know how it plays out. you could have, have what looked like an electoral, electoral bounce way up for one of the two candidates. >> bret: more likely in your opinion seismic shift if it would happen toward romney than obama? >> yeah. it sends to happen for a
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challenger. it doesn't usually happen for an incumbent. i do think there are reasons that the obama campaign with the ground game might be able to eke something out in that situation. no, i think it's more likely a big shift like that would happen to challenger. >> bret: all right. quickly. our ipad app we want to get to. the viewer who submitted map up against joe and carl's map. quickly tell us about it and karl react to it. >> i took one look at this map, this morning. he accept it in to karl. it looked at it and this is exactly what karl and i have in our map except he has vass leaning romney. the only difference on his map. frankly, he may be right about that. we may be being too conservative about it. >> look, i agree with his map. we use two-week average. if you look at last woke's
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poll in virginia, governor romney won four of five polls. by next monday we'll have virginia could potentially be out of tossup category. lean romney category. good map. >> bret: thank you. here is a tease. monday before election we're going to have to you predict the final map. get ready. joe and karl will be back next week as well. it could not be a more interesting time for a debate on foreign policy. libya, iran, syria, china, afghanistan, terrorism overall. major and timely. scheduled topics tonight. chief white house correspondent ed henry is in boca raton with more. >> foreign policy was supposed to be a slam dunk for romne oba. romney stumbled overseas but the terror attack put commander-in-chief on defensebe, with the top aides
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today denying benghazi was foreign policy failure. it was the biggest flash point of the second debate. after romney fumbled a bit, his camp is iing for a rematch. >> the truth of the matter is benghazi, libya, consulate was a death trap long in making. this is failed presidential leadership at its worse. >> in ohio, president slipped four points in recent weeks. on who voters trust to handle foreign policy. dropped five in the sunshine state. they revealed a line of attack today. tonightee format is six 50-minute segment of the hot spot chosen by bob schieffer, including america's role in world. afghanistan, iran and china. two full segments will focus on the middle east and the new
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face of terror. which leads the president vulnerable on his claims that al-qaeda is on the road to defeat. the administration seems to push back with a leak to the "wall street journal" this weekend. revealing the c.i.a. told the president for more than a week the attack in benghazi grew out of a spontaneous protest. except the president story has been that he immediately declared it terror in the rose garden. >> this was an act of terror. >> which means the time line is confused again. >> that is what the c.i.a. best intelligence was. why is obama, why is president obama claim he called it terror the day after? >> well, of course it involves an act of terror. >> the top administration officials are claiming there was an agreement for one-on-one talks. the white house deny it but the democrats use that to jump out there and say the president plan on sanctions has been vindicated.
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iran is backed in the corner on the eve of the foreign policy debate. >> bret: thanks. give you perspective here at the set as we have each time. this is like the vice presidential debate. seated desk that the president will be on the right side of the screen. at the table. governor romney on the left side. students there. they were standing in. someone who looked like mitt romney and barack obama and they had a tough time to get someone looking like bob schieffer but they asked the questions and went through mechanics for this. this is lynn university, school of 2200 students in boca raton. the national debt is national security issue.
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this is a closing argument. at the end of the debate each candidate will have a two minutes to make a closing argument. unfiltered to millions of viewers. spin room, press room, other side of campus and we have to take a golf cart over there. follow me. we'll go fast. ♪ ♪ >> bret: this is it. this is the home away from home. this is our set. joe trippi in place over there. that is where the rest of special will be. this is spin alley. the spin room. this is where all the reporters are. in that corner, as we have seen at every debate, the
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romney campaign. and their folks will talk to local affiliates around the country. then in this corner, this is the obama folks this they will talk after the debate. we'll be back at "special report" after a short break. keep it here. ns -- even when wes our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else mes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> bret: welcome to spin room. we mentioned that the debate are credited with tightening things up quite a bit in favor of mitt romney. tonight is his last best chance to pile up the points on the voters' scorecards. chief political correspondent carl cameron sets the stage for us. >> reporter: romney got a peek at the debate stage hours before the final 2012 face-off focusing on foreign policy. >> wow! >> runningmates have the campaign trail to themselves. paul ryan in the tossup battleground state of colorado.
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>> romney and i are not running away from the problems. we're going to run to the problems to solve the problems before they get out of our control. that is what leaders do. we are not going to kick the can down the road. we'll lead. >> in colorado, romney-ryan ticket is up 50-46 in the rasmussen poll. vice president biden was in ohio. >> ladies and gentlemen, you and i know this is preaching to the choir. america is not in decline. romney and ryan are in denial. [ applause ] folks you know as well as i do. there is no quit in america. >> tonight's audience is independent voters. it shows a tie in ohio 47-47. in florida where the debate takes place, dead heat. 49-48 in the latest cnn poll. nationwide, romney is up six points in the gallup tracking survey, 51-45. no candidate over 50 on the
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gallup poll every lost the election. politico survey in the ten closest tossup state gives romney tiny edge, 49-47. amid growing voter enthusiasm on the right. to quell that, obama campaign launched attack add on the foreign policy. >> obama brought 30,000 soldiers back from afghanistan and has a responsible plan to end the war. romney calls it obama's biggest mistake. it's time to stop fighting over there. start rebuilding here. historically the time debate have seldom been game-changers. romney downplayed expectations and the aides hinted to a possible president of the president for "leading from behind," not coming clean on benghazi. failing to curb nuclear ambitions for iran. failed reset with russia. flashing defense as much as -- slashing defense as much as $2 trillion. apart from the debate today, florida secretary of state sent letter to election supervisors warning what is described as a fraudulent and
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counter if it letter to -- counterfeit letter suggesting voters are unable to cast ballot two weeks ago. but romney campaign expressed concern about this. >> bret: they are feeling good about florida, right? >> they are. of all the battlegrounds states this is one they need most and think they're safe. the concentration is mostly on ohio with additional consideration of colorado and virginia. four states that romney concentrated on most. >> bret: as always. thanks. is tonight's debate a make-or-break situation for either candidate? let me know on twitter. you can follow me -- @bretbaier. how much does it cost to buy a vote in arkansas? brit hume joins us on why the opinion polls seem to include more democrats than republicans.
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>> bret: syria's civil war is spreading according to witnesses on the ground. jordanian soldier was killed during a firefight with militants trying to cross the border in to syria. and clashes are reported in lebanon. between supporters of both sides of the syria conflict. syria will almost certainly be on the agenda tonight. for the debate. no matter what the polls say after the matchup. you might do well to understand just how the polling process works. all the way along. senior political analyst brit hume joins us from washington with insight on that. >> hi there, bret. there is heartburn in republican circles over the polls that appear to have a disproportionate number, percentage of democrats responding. the critics may be right but there may not be much pollsters can do about it and they should not try. pollsters try for samples based on what census data say is the proper percentage of characteristics as race, sex
3:25 pm
and age. these qualities are not subject to continual change. person's political affiliation is. in a strong year for democratic presidential candidate for example, more people will say they're democrats and vice versa. party identification there, poll is intended to discover. not something honest pollster should try to determine ahead of time. however, there is this. four years ago in a big year for democrats, election day exit polling showed more democrats voted than republicans by 7%. the same margin that obama won. not many people think big as percentage of democrats would turn out this year. get a compilation of all recent polls by shows samples contained on average more democrats by you guessed it seven percentage points. pollsters are probably right not to wait. tinker with a result. the results industrial to make
3:26 pm
you wonder. >> bret: about tonight's debate. this is not only foreign policy debate but a closing argument. your thoughts briefly as we head to the start of the debate. candidate challenging the president of the united states has to do one important thing; that is, be seen as potential president. while this may not be fought out on foreign policy as principal issue it's part of the portfolio, critical part of the presidential portfolio. up to romney to show the knowledgeable enough and familiar enough and have command enough of those issues to qualify to be president. the president is the president and he doesn't have to worry about that. his job it seems to me is to show he knows what he is doing and some extent has done it. >> bret: brit. talk to you later tonight. the world's largest maker of construction equipment says the global economy is weaker than previously thought. u.s. based caterpillar is
3:27 pm
considered important indicator of where the broader economy is headed. it's cutting the revenue guidance for the year by $1 billion. another blow to the solar industry. germany based siemen's is getting rid of the solar investment and will concentrate renewable on wind and hydro power. there will be one person in the live audience tonight with a unique perspective, coming up in the grapevine. several big names in the mainstream media are now saying the libya scandal really isn't a story. grapevine is next. ...seems like you guys got a little gassed out there. enough already. c'mon guys. next question. mr. lewis? what's your favorite color? what's my favorite color? yes. purple. what's your favorite animal? sea turtle. what's your bedtime? do you believe in space aliens?
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>> bret: political grapevine. darrell issa is pushing back against strong claims that the committee put libyan woman at risk by releasing unclassified documents showing the serious diplomatic security failures in benghazi. ranking member dutc says that it puts politics ahead of the security of the nation. issa says it was hosted by the state department in seattle last year. he pointed to a publicly
3:32 pm
available web video. criticizing the transitional government in which the woman can be seen wearing a state department badge and take part in the state department news conference. media watchdog site news busters notes a trio of main stream media personalities apparently wants to move on from the libya scandal. despite murders of the american ambassador and three others there. "time" magazine joe klein told face the nation viewers this matter has been like the october mirage. it really isn't an issue. "new york times" foreign affairs columnnist tom friedman on "meet the press" said, "to me this is utterly contrived story." on abc, "in this week's" host george stephanopoulos argued "hasn't the white house been relatively transparent?" finally lynn university olest student. jack slodnick about to turn 87 years old will be at tonight's debate. the university's president actually gave up his own
3:33 pm
ticket for the world war ii veteran. he has big plans after graduation this year. slotnick told us today, "i want to go to the v.a." and work with vets who have ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder. no one can speak better to a soldier than another soldier. he told us he is excited about tonight's debate but would not give us any hints which candidate might get his votes. jack, we hope you enjoy the debate tonight. it was great to talk to you today. we brought you several reports on various voting fraud in the u.s. tonight, something not only in its tactics but in just how blazenly they were executed. senior correspondent eric shawn is in little rock, arkansas. >> vodka for votes. cheap vodka. the half-pint blastic bottles. that was the plan in arkansas to steal an election with
3:34 pm
money, food and booze. former arkansas state representative hallum a democrat and three campaign workers pled guilty. five others are charged. according to the indictment, hallum said, "we need to use the black limo and buy cases of cheap vodka and whiskey to get people to vote." >> i guess i knew all along it was wrong. but first i really didn't think it was that big a deal. because i always heard that that is what everybody did. hallum allegedly opened up absentee ballots. the one cast to the opponent were destroyed. lost by eight votes. >> i was totally shocked. this is not a third world country. this is east arkansas. this is something that you hear of in another part of the world. >> the system was corrupt. i was there. they have not been caught, then it impacts the integrity
3:35 pm
of the election process. >> hallum was resign from office and faces up to five years in prison. >> your most basic right is your vote. if that is compromised you'll see democracy disappearing. >> hallum on the ballot for the november election and resigned after the deadline to remove his name. if he wins he will not take office. likely will be a special election. a race officials say would be conducted the right way. little rock, arkansas, i'm eric shawn, fox news. as we have in -- >> bret: as we have in other debates we continue our relationship with twitter. joining us now is adam sharp. we have had response to the on-screen twitter activity. tell us what we will see to screen. >> you will see the same thing, tonight in the debate at key moments you will see a counter in lower right-hand corner to tell you the tweets per minute. how many people talk about the debate at that moment. right now, few hours to go we
3:36 pm
are seeing 1300 tweets per minute. tonight that will take off. let's look at last week's debate at hofstra. early in the afternoon, same volume as we see now. 9:00 the debate start. the numbers start popping up. peaking at just shy of 110,000 tweets her minute when romney tripped over a questioner's name on immigration. this was 5,000 a tweet per minute talk about libya. high volume moment tonight. >> bret: we can track each time in real time how people react. >> in real-time. these are the moments people turn to each other and say did you see that and voice their opinion? we can tell you what is the high point and low points were. you can see in real-time, counter in the corner of the screen. >> we're also able to look at the share of conversation. we talk a lot about how many minutes did each candidate get. this is a share of the conversation about the candidates. denver, about even. 30%, 28%. hofstra. even more conversation about mitt romney.
3:37 pm
but take a look at the v.p. debate in danville. 40% of the conversation, specifically about joe biden to 15% about paul ryan. if you like biden's performance or not. the audience reaction was driven by how he was doing. >> bret: we will talk topics. >> we'll talk about topics. last week's debate at hofstra, number one issue. economy. number two, taxes. number three, foreign policy and then we went to energy environment. and immigration. tonight, foreign policy debate. expect that to be in left box. >> bret: all right. we look forward to it. >> see you tonight. >> bret: keep it here. cer ] start with a simple idea. think. drink coffee. hatch a design. kill the design. design something totally original. do it again. that's good. kick out the committees. call in the engineers. call in the car guys. call in the nerds. build a prototype. mold it. shape it. love it. give it 40 mpg. no, 41. give it a huge display. give it a starting price under 16 grand. take it to the car shows. get a celebrity endorser. he's perfect. "i am?" yes, you are. making a groundbreaking car. it's that easy.
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[ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> anytime lives are lost it's a terrible tragedy. the president acted quickly to make sure every other embassy
3:41 pm
was protected. we need to work the investigation through. >> within 12 hours of the incident, the intelligence committee received a report that said this is a military or militia style event, which would contradict all of what they were talking about. what is frustrating to me over the weekend you see these u.s., anonymous u.s. officials or intelligence officials leaking timelines. leaking certain pieces of information that was requested by the committee. and all of it seems to put the administration in a good light. >> bret: stephanie cutter with the obama campaign and the chairman of the house intelligence committee talking about the libya scandal. and what happened in benghazi. we'll start there. since tonight is a foreign policy debate an we'll preview the debate. and bring in our panel. with me in florida, steve hayes for "weekly standard." back in washington, we have charles lane, opinion writer for "washington post." syndicated columnnist charles krauthammer.
3:42 pm
your thoughts after the weekend we saw where the sunday shows were filled with a lot of democrats citing the "l.a. times" and david ignacious and reports coming out about the c.i.a. and what susan rice was given, talking points wise. >> the security people were begging for more support and security. the requests for ignored. al-qaeda was rising an becoming active. that is not a tragedy. that is a failure. a huge failure. go back to the last debate.
3:43 pm
there is credit for calling this terryist attack on day one and then for two weeks he denies that and says we don't know and continuing to look into it. up until "the view" when he is on two weeks later, even by the timeline that the administration was leaking everywhere, over the weekend, there is a way to give the c.i.a., even the timeline on september 20, c.i.a. concludes that there was no demonstration. sent report to the white house. then three days later president on "the view" and was at it terror attack? we're investigating. it wasn't just action at a time according to the timeline they knew there was no demonstration. nothing outside. contradictions are all over the place. there is no way the weekend spin is able to take away the truth of the statement.
3:44 pm
>> bret: chuck? >> i disagree respectfully and slightly with my friend charles. look, what i learned the last three weeks, trying to follow this issue makes sense and going back and forth that we have a fundamentally, ambiguous situation on the ground at the beginning of the event. it could be described as spontaneous and act of terror. i don't know why they can't go together. it's convinced at this point the worst way to arrive at an objective story is to do it the way we're all doing it; namely, in the heat of the political campaign. there were people on the ground talking to the press. members of this whatever it was. gang, militia, mob. terrorist unit claiming to the western journalists they were there because of the video. i don't know if that proves anything. but if i were intelligence agency or i was the administration i wouldn't exactly ignore that information. i wouldn't exactly treat it as if it didn't exist. i think we will get closer to
3:45 pm
the truth of this matter after november 6. >> bret: yeah. after november 6. >> well, that's true. the problem, what i think we have seen is we had an administration come out early and sell a story line. it wasn't as if they just waited and said we can't provide this information. because we don't have it all. there is too much am big yout --ambiguity. fog of war. they are selling a story. every time they say it was spontaneous because of the films. we know virtually all of those claims proven false, or if you believe chuck's interpretation they remain ambiguous. that was the argument the administration was selling. it's not the accurate argument. we now know so much more. and we know what they knew. we know they were monitoring this in real-time at the state department. at the white house. we know the c.i.a. station chief called at it terrorist attack immediately.
3:46 pm
>> bret: whether this muddies the waters or not over the weekend, one thing is clear the cables that went up from ambassador stevens himself about the rise of islamic extremenism his concern about security in benghazi. even on the day that he died hours before he died, we're clear we reported to them on friday. i want to get to one other topic; that is, iran. charles, over the weekend, take a listen to this back and forth about the "new york times" story that said the u.s. was sitting down one-on-one with iran. >> i think it's a clear indication, the regime, president obama put together with israel and many nations around the world is putting pressure on iran to sit down and finally acknowledge they cannot have a nuclear weapon.
3:47 pm
do the right thing and stop progress toward nuclear weapon. four years closer to it. what the president tried has not worked. >> charles, the white house backed away from the story. a-1 in the "new york times." what is your take on it? >> it's ridiculous. assuming it eat true and the white house is deny the calculated leak. pressure is working to make iran sit down. iran has been sitting for seven yearles. in negotiation for years with g-5 that went nowhere. last round of negotiations in moscow, in baghdad, istanbul that went nowhere. iran, even if it sits down, the only reason it would sit down is to delay and stretch
3:48 pm
it out. so that has extra time in order to develop bomb which is what it has been doing since the day obama was sworn in. no progress even if it's true. i suspect it isn't true. but was leaked as a way to make the administration look good. which it does not. >> bret: i can tell you this, sources with allies around the middle east. they were caught flat-footed by this once it hit. wondering what exactly was going on. next up, where are we right now in presidential race. we'll be back with the panel. look at the polls. ahead of the big debate tonight. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you.
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>> bret: almost exactly two hours and ten minutes from now, governor romney and president obama will be seated at that table on that stage with moderator bob schieffer and the third and final debate will begin. the topic is foreign policy. this is a big deal. because in this election; debates matter. let's look at the latest polls, the most recent out tonight, "washington post"/abc national poll. very close. we have president obama at lot%. governor romney at 48%. then you look at the national gallup daily tracking poll. this has mitt romney with a big lead. 51 to 45. real clear politics average, this is seven of the most recent national polls. this has romney up less than a point. these are national polls, obviously. we focus on the battleground states a lot. we're back with the panel. chuck, your thoughts of where this race stands right now ahead of this debate? >> well, clearly, the momentum that began for mitt romney after the pocket debate has
3:53 pm
not ruoctober 3 debatehas not r. we have to see if it carries him to ohio to 270. one of the most "washington post" poll one of the interesting findings is he pulled even with the president on the question of foreign policy. and fighting terrorism. so, he at least comes in to this debate tonight on an even footing with the president, which is not really what i would have expected a month ago. that tells you that in a way that the overall momentum he gained since that october 3 debate has spilled over now and is reflecting more broadly on his image. his favorability rating is nearly even with the president. he is in pretty good shape. whether it's good enough to win we'll find out. >> bret: a lot of focus on ohio. the new suffolk university poll has it tied 47-47 in ohio. the real clear politics average of polls in ohio, again, this is the recent polls in the state of ohio has
3:54 pm
the president with a slight lead there. it seems like governor romney is closing the gap there. >> if i were the obama campaign that is the poll of all the things that come out today and over the weekend that concerns me the most. the fact that suffolk has it dead even there. inside the same "washington post"/abc poll, poll of the seven battleground states. which found romney was up 52-46 in those battleground states. those are the two things that concern me most. i talk to people on the ground in ohio for the past several days that says what echoes in part what chuck is saying. after the first debate, mitt romney saw a surge in enthusiasm and energy. people were eager to rush in to the romney headquarters. they were making phone calls. doing things they had trouble getting people to do. there was just, remember, three weeks ago some talk, loose talk of romney pulling out of ohio. he wasn't going to compete
3:55 pm
there anymore. that is gone. the way one person characterized this to me, they are running a marathon. with one mile left, romney looked up. president obama in front of him and obama stumbled. romney now sees he can overtake him if he continues to press the case. >> bret: quickly, one more state. colorado another swing state. new poll out by rasmussen has governor romney up 50-46. the real clear politics average there has romney up slightly in the state of colorado. it's possible without ohio that there is a way that romney wins. what is your take of the state of the race? >> that is right. there are other paths that are not at all terrible longshots. that you can't substitute for ohio, because if he doesn't carry it. what is happening tonight is romney, romney has momentum. and as long as he draws even tonight, doesn't even have to win. if he draws even tonight,
3:56 pm
momentum continues and i think that would carry him to a victory. he has to hold serve. he doesn't have to hit a home run to make seven scores. >> bret: charles, chuck, steve, thank you. as always, that is it for the panel. we'll wrap it up here from the spin room. after a quick break. sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works... at e-trade. >>. >> bret: reporters getting ready for a big night. finally keep it right here on fox news all evening for the final presidential debate before the presidential election. our coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. please join me and all the analysis afterwards. they also have exclusive relationship with twitter tonight. our own townhall of sorts tracking t


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