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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 29, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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workers inside of the power station. we're going to bring you more details as we get i right now, rick is tracking sandy in the fox weather center. >> some of the images are alarming. a lot of flooding going on. tunnels flooded. the pathway into the world trade center area is flooded. hoboeken is flooded. people want to know where hurricane is. it made land fall down here across parts of south jersey. high winds gusting to the scene with 94 miles per hour in new york. out across parts of long island. center of the storm tracking off towards the west across -- around philadelphia area. but winds still moving onshore here across the areas towards lower manhattan. that means winds moving this way, tide trying to go out. but there is so much water here it's not able to go out
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quickly. i think we'll see the next high tide tomorrow morning at 9:00 we're going see flooding across areas of lower manhattan. they're trying to get the subways back to see what they can do, we're likely going to see another round of flooding. probably not as bad as this round we had about an hour and a half ago. we still have winds in the area. latest gusts still into the 40s and 50s from jfk to newark and into new york city. want to check on that. winds going to take a long time to go down. such a wind wind field and a big storm for many people. you can see this extending back there is rain going to cause significant flooding. that white there is snow, greta. we're talking about a significant snow event. that looks like not as much rain at times here, winds into
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higher levels of the pat moss sphere, might see another bout of winds going across the shores again. also, we'll see off shore flow so if you're just seeing one of the reporters seeing very strong winds on the other side of the storm. quickly flooding going on across the northeast high winds up to maine. and blizzard condition was this across parts of the central appalachians. over four million people without power, another 48 hours of high winds. when you get those numbers it takes a long time to get power back up. >> i'd go back to covering hurricane katrina. we thought it's a situation so much different at night than when the sun came up. i'm weary about what is going to happen tomorrow and damage
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and people that may have been hurt. thank you. now to new york city. heavy wind and rain is hammering the city now, large sections of manhattan without power, parts of lower manhattan, edison purposely cutting off power to prevent damage. a collapsed train in mid town is dangling from a high rise. david lee is live from chelsea. david lee? >> that is right. we're at the intersection of 24th and 8th. take a look. what do you see? you see nothing. pitch black. all the way down, 24th street here in new york city, manhattan, all the lights are out on this street. this is a scene all of lower manhattan. we've observed people walking through streets flashlight in hand trying to figure out how
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serious this problem is. if you take a look up 8th avenue you'll see a handful of vehicles. here come a few cars. furrer south you go, it seems more dire the situation. the greater the flooding. the tip is very low lying. we just got a report that mayor, excuse me, the governor is touring the world site and it's suffering significant flooding. that site had been infected by the governor a short time ago. there is a crane atop the world trade center there. we're told that is secure, there are personnel on hand 24 hours to prevent a problem because of the high winds but lower manhattan very seriously flooded. that includes world trade center site. there is a report i cannot individually or personally confirm the plant on the east
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side of manhattan on 14th street has suffered a serious explosion and that a number of workers are trapped inside. now, i should point out that earlier this morning greta, i was standing at battery park. the tip of manhattan looking in the direction of new jersey. i did see a number of massive, massive explosions. i was told by the new york city police that were standing me with that those explosions were caused by exploding trance formers. you can see one of the nypd vehicles making its way up 8th avenue. also there are reports this more hour according to the mayor that the emergency generator failed and because of that now, patients have to be transported to other locations. lastly, let me point out problems with mass transit here in new york city. we're told some of the subways are now flooded. here is one of the entrances
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you can see, sealed off and deserted like a ghost town. there are reports now that the subway system, life blood for commuters in this city is possibly out of commission for four days. so while the rain seems to have stopped, winds perhaps subsiding this is a city that is going to take days, if not weeks to recover from a very devastating storm. greta? >> david lee, any reports on hospitals? there have been one report one hospital is having power problems. >> that is right. i think i mentioned just a moment ago, new york university hospital had a problem with emergency generator. now they're going to have to relocate some of those
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patients. the problems caused by wind very, very severe. i've been out for the past eight hours, i can tell you rain has not been that great. storm surge has been a problem. that is -- i saw one building south of where i'm standing. this is an incredible sight, greta. it looked like a war zone. the entire front of a four-story building was sheared off because of the wind. incredibly, we're told there were no injuries at that location but five people died in new york state. one death in new york city. and here we go. you can hear it and you can see a gust of wind. when that happens, greta, the thought that goes through my mind and mind of many other people is that something like
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a stop sign becomes -- can become debris that can kill you and can be fatal. this branch just landed a little too close to -- for comfort. high winds are dangerous. as mentioned we're going to step out. there is a crane dangling 70 feet in the air over aprilth street. a crane authorities are now trying to find some way to prevent from falling causing more damage nearby offices have been evacuated. because of the crane, 70 cities up. there is a build goinging to be a 90 story condominium, one of the major east west roadways in new york city.
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57th street where carnegie hall and some of the prestigious hotels are located is shut down. this is a city tonight that is at least partially paralyzed. greta? >> thank you. >> on the jersey shore, many residents choosing not to evacuate and tempting fate riding out the storm. tony lives just south of atlantic city and joins us by phone. tell me why -- what you saw. >> well, surrounded by water since 5:00 this morning. wind blew northeast really bad. but about two hours ago, eye went over. everything was peaceful for an hour. now it's blowing out of the south maybe 60, or 70. me and my neighbors are good. there are 14 of us here. during eye we got on our for.
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s and shouted and aid maud sure we're okay. >> why did you stay? >> well, i knew you're going to ask me this question. so... i gave up mandatory evacuations in 1978. never needed one. surviving this one. if it got much worse boy have had a problem but i'm dry and alive and here. got food, ice, second amendment. we're all feeling good. >> it's -- it looks like on the map that your area probably was almost got hit the hardest. sort of atlantic city cape may area. >> yes. true. that is what i'm understanding. you -- the news i was listening to you on this phone here is the first we've heard since mid afternoon. so... we've been surrounded by water power and just riding it out.
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>> is -- there are other people that wanted to stay? you talked about the people, your neighbors. >> yeah. two next to me on one side their house has flooding in it. a guy across the street we live on the bay here. there is seven couples up the street here. seven houses.. >> did water come up to the home if your on the bay? >> yes. it came up. fortunately came about four inches from getting on the first floor. right now i'm about a foot above the water i'm standing on the first floor. >> so do you have a basement? it's probably a pool now. >> well, my crawl space has been a pool all day. >> and this, you weren't frightened?. >> uh, no. i just rode it out before here, i'll be honest this is the worst it's been in 40 years here. probably lost shingles and
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stuff and have a leak or two, but thank god we're all right. >> greta: do you feel lucky? or just tough? i guess boy have left. you know? i would have taken an he vac order led the way, maybe, out. >> well, you know remember atlantic city association. so we had to stay around and evacuate old people out of atlantic city. ways tied up doing that last night. just preparing myself last night. and rode it out today. >> greta: people you evacuated, where did you bring them? >> we took them to atlantic city convention center, they were transported off shore to pleasantville. they're staying in a high school out there. >> greta: it is extraordinary. the storm has done so much damage up and down the east coast. we'll see how bad it is.
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>> it's been a long day. you know we'll see damage in the morning but... we feel better. i'm going to sleep in my bed tonight. i'll be happy to be there. it's as bad as it's ever been. grew up here, my wife grew up here, we're local people. we rode it out. >> greta: thank you, tony. >> thank you for calling. do you know what the hardest part was? >> greta: what? >> i missed your show tonight. >> we'll send you a dvd, baby. glad you're a loyal viewer, thank you. straight ahead sandy? well is here, boy is she violent and mean. no one escaping this super storm. sandy zrumting travel around the world. we have the latest coming up. plus another update from the fox extreme weather center, live coverage continues. stay with us. oohooo....hahaahah!
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>> greta: next, thousands of people forced from their homes in delaware sandy leaving parts of republic beach underwater. that is where kelly wright is. >> welcome back. thousands have been evacuated from this beach as of last
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night at 8:00 p.m. the governor issuing that order and most of the people following here some people had stayed just to be daredevils and actually saved by their homes. a couple lived just blocks from here, they're fine, one was walking their dog but the bottom line is that most of the people heeded the warning and people have been spared from the down pour that this storm had, super storm, sandy bringing us high winds and coastal flood warnings throughout the night. i want to show you something. walking up here, one of the things you know is that they went through a lot of beach replenishment and beautification of the beach. they're going have to do work here, this is erosion taking place from the strong currents from atlantic ocean. just moments before coming on the air i fell into the hole. i'm happy to say i'm okay.
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as i step over to walk down the board walk here, give you a bird's eye view of everything open. pouter is still on. when i say open, i mean power sochblt everything is shut down. you can't get food or service anywhere. and that makes good sense. the governor said this is a day for hunkering down. one official said when you see the waves run from the waves hide from the wind. sound advice. worst is not over yet. we're still expecting coastal flooding. you've got delaware bay and that water will be coming back from this area as winds blow through. the second wind, our neighbors to the north being pummeled by
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super storm sandy. we're going to be ready for waves and flooding. that is what we have to be prepared for throughout the night crews have been out working. they're about 32,000 people out of power here. they're working around the clock. and there is a lok yalg radio station. many commending the efforts of the people who have been working around the clock to keep power restored. people operating with generator power and some of the power enacted by people working fast to keep everything on and operational. good thing is that shelters are open. for those who couldn't make it again, following advice of the governor they're now hunkered down staying put. this is a night you want to stay indoors. do not come outside. back to you. >> it is interesting we can't
8:21 pm
beat mother nature but it's almost as though we've had the drill of communities who had hurricanes before. the first responders and most people heed evacuations that it does seem like we can minute niz a lot of the human tragedy. it's extraordinary. do you agree? >> i agree. the main thing is that people will follow common sense, a few straggles stayed just t to -- out of curiosity. sometimes those are the one that's get into danger. they put emergency crews into precarious situations when they're responding. nothing like that happened here along delaware. people here know and have a
8:22 pm
sense of what their management teams are and troopers will do. they listen and they actually practice common sense. >> yes z earth -- hurricane unlike earthquake gives us .s k. >> you're welcome. >> in hurricane a team of soldiers guarding the tomb of the unknown, soldiers guarding the tomb as they face winds and rain. they've guarded it 24 hours a day since 1948. coming up, sandy won't let up. she's moving on. we have an update on the path next. you don't have to be on the east coast to feel sandy's wrath. the storm throwing a wrench
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when waking up in the morning we're going to see pictures that are going to be shocking. it takes a while once it starts owe get dark for people to get out and get all of the images out of what is going on. generally in a hurricane, if you're in hurricane katrina this kind of a storm, take a look at temperatures f you're without power here west virginia, this is 48 degrees in washington, d.c.. enough cold air you and might see snowflakes in washington, d.c.. 66 in new york. so a lot of cold air coming in with this, because of that we're seeing snow as well. it moved through new jersey now across parts of southeastern pennsylvania. radar picture moving in
8:28 pm
towards the shore of jersey up again towards new york city. they will get weaker overtime. that is good. other side of the, though, is that there is heavy snow accompanied by strong winds, blizzard conditions now this dark blue colors are winds over 50 miles per hour. lighter blue, 30 miles per hour. we're still in those 50 plus miles per hour winds. but middle of the night we're going to see winds into 50 to 60 miles per hour range. in places like detroit. going into tomorrow morning and look at this. very strong winds, all the way down towards parts of florida and georgia up way in towards northern canada. parts of the northeast. just gives you an idea of what a massive storm this is. because there is still a lot of winds to deal with we have
8:29 pm
major power outage problems. if you think there are 0 million people without power, with irene people didn't have power for well over a week. in this case it possibly turned into the same thing. a week from tomorrow is election day. it's possible a big part of the area won't have power by the time they get towards next tuts. >> people with power, it's freezing cold. 48 degrees. rick, thank you. >> some parts of jersey city under curfew. jersey city mayor joins us by phone. good evening, mayor. and what is the status of your city tonight, sir? >> good evening, we took a pretty good beating in jeersy city tonight. high tide concurred with the
8:30 pm
grounding and landing of the hurricane all at a full moon. meet yolists predict this urge up the hudson and rivers and they were right, it was unprecedented. the river surged from both rivers. we issued mandatory evacuations 7:00 a.m. monday, this morning. people didn't abide by that. it has to do with that title surge. concurring with the time that hurricane hit wland high winds. >> is there any deaths or serious injuries? >> a lot of damage and
8:31 pm
property damage. a lot of people stranded. we have to -- we're fortunate to get huge all terrain vehicle as cross the national guard for that. they're in the process now going out with the police fire and ems and picking up people in low lying areas this is an order to vacate. >> what do you need now? you've got to get all of these people. you said half of the city is without power but you're not going to get help fl neighboring communities how do you get power up? can the federal government help you? who can help you?. >> the federal government told our governor they're going to do what they can to help us out. we didn't need that help. what we're doing we had he seven shelters, several lost
8:32 pm
power, down to four shelters we're opening one more, folks we're picking up now from these areas southwest society hill and think east side downtown by the hudson river we're going to bring those folks to shelters. >> what, sir about the past trains all of the new yorkers and my colleagues from new jersey asking me about the train? >> the train service shut down at 12:01. last night. i don't know what the situation is. i know that i see on the news a lot of the areas were getting floodedded. i haven't heard and hopefully it will be up and running by
8:33 pm
wednesday or so. tomorrow another high tide around 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning. we want to make sure that that we can weather it. no pun intended better than high tide at 8:30 tonight. we believed a lot of the hurricane will have passed us by by then and winds will have diminished. we're somewhat optimistic. >> turns out those who aren't new yorkers how important is that? >> i noticed it provides short term access to mid town and downtown manhattan. i believe they just raised a price. so that is a vital service for
8:34 pm
citizens here in jersey city. we're hoping that is up and running again tomorrow it's going to be a hard day because of wind and high tides. our public and private schools are shut down tomorrow. >> jersey city took a beating to thank you thank you. >> it's not just east coast. major storm having an impact and across the world thousands of flights are now cancelled. the latest on the travel disruptions we go to my colleague molly at reagan national airport. >> let me show you numbers this is along in and out of the northeast.
8:35 pm
usually one of the busiest sessions of the country. look at the numbers, 14,000 flights. 1300 cancelled yesterday. 7600 cancelled today. we expect the number to go up. there aren't any commercial aircraft on site here according to airport officials. last flight flew out at 9:00 this morning. airlines trying to get planes out of the way of the storm and will bring them back. we talked to some officials. they talked about this situation here is how one transit official explained it. >> i think the word out out to folks throughout the airlines and media that there would not be flight activity today so
8:36 pm
people are doing so in a home or a friend's house. >> not airport? >> right. >> he was talking about why some -- not a lot of passengers were stranded here today. because word got out. they made other arrangements. we have video of how empty this airport is. a lot of empty corridors and a handful of people are spending the night here, one student trying to get back to her college. she was quick to praise airport staff and security. >> there are people very kind z if we need something so it's fine we're just in a safe
8:37 pm
place. so we're not that frustrated. >> trying to go to jacksonville. flights for tonight cancelled. the flight tomorrow morning was cancelled. the flight tomorrow night i'm not sure. so... since i zront a plague tos, i'm staying here. >> air poort? >> yes. >> where are you going to sleep? >> not sure. probably find a couple shares -- chairs together and just layout on them. >> subway systems closed today, probably will be tomorrow. they're going to rehe vag wait but service as well greta if people your viewers trying to transportation there are systems that will be shut down tomorrow. >> as holly -- hol we just pointed out think of the problem as cross the country.
8:38 pm
there is airports being shut down. so it's going to be enormous interference. cargo not moving and food gets moved by trucks around the country. that is major flooding, sandy isn't finished with us yet. live coverage continues in just a moment. stay with us. [ metal rattling ] ♪ hello? boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue? i prefer food-based phantasm, food-tasm. poultry-geist works too if you used chicken. [ laughs ] resi-doodle-doo. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray can leave annoying residue.
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and low financing on all models during the polaris factory and loauthorized clearance.dels >> greta: this giant storm forcing people to run for their lives and run from their businesses. tony owns a beach bar and joins us by phone. i can tell you there are colleagues that have been to your bar. and there is bad damage. shut down for the night? >> hi, fwreta. how sflu. >> i'm well. how are you doing some. >> i'm doing ochblg i just heard from my manager. we did swaitz pretty good damage. >> how bad? >> it's hard to tell. she couldn't get close to it. there is water damage. i don't know about wind but
8:43 pm
seem seems like the doom dune is breeched and water just came, coming down the street by the beach. >> how far are you from the ocean's edge? usually? >> about a block but let's say about 400 yards. from the beach. >> and is the damage water or wind damage as far as you know? >> as far as i know it's water damage. could have wind damage, too. we won't know that maybe unti until... >> greta: anyone hurt as far as you know? >> not as far as i know. my manager's cousin didn't evacuate. she's stuck aflown a house up in her attic. she is in a ranch. she had water coming up over her waist. she's in an attic with a
8:44 pm
telephone. i don't know how she is now. that is all i know. >> why didn't she evacuate? >> i don't know. this is -- her husband and two kids left. why she decided to stay, i can't answer that. >> is anyone making an effort to go out to rescue here at this hour? >> you can't get near the place. no. not yet. no. hopefully in the morning there is another high tide in the morning. there are wires down i heard. you don't know how deep water is at any given point. >> her husband, two kids left? she didn't? >> yes. yes. yeah. now i don't know.
8:45 pm
>> are others likewise stuck it out there? chances are if anyone stayed next door someone next door is having the same problem? >> there are people having the same problem. she's going to try to get to neighbors in the morning is what i was told. my manager is about 100 yards from the street. she can't see it. she's stuck there, too. >> if she's got that much water batteries going to go out on the cell phone this, is bleak. >> i know. it's very, very tough. i've never seen anything like this. >> thanks for joining us. i hope you can get back onto the arc and everything turns
8:46 pm
out well. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, towns are underwater, sandy far from over. you are coverage discontinue. stay with us. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive but feel alive.
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now to southern new jersey. grig i understand that is near atlantic city throughout the area where that was a head on target. >> exactly. good evening. this wind shifted around beginning the back side of the storm now. we're thinking we might be in the clear and we're in the center of that. things changed here.
8:50 pm
we're at absecon had to move out of atlantic city hoursing ayes because it's flooded. there are people going from house to house and just just canoeing to check on their neighbors. there is a combination of high tides on a full moon night. and this temperature dropped at least 20 degrees. look together right and your left we saw just this flew stream of light going up. trance formers begin to explode. the winds shifted. certainly among barrier islands of new jersey. there has been no power there for hours.
8:51 pm
i axe just watching some of the down spouts here that they're beginning to blow off as well. we're watching that as well. so sandy not letting up if you see and talk to friends and neighbors, i think they want to check things out tell them not to. wait until daylight tomorrow until things begin to maybe die down just a little bit. you can see what is transpiring here this evening. >> people don't realize when the storm moves around makes a circle it let's loud. too. not being able to see it, i mention craig, can you see power lines down at least? at least there is some sense you're outside, you can be safe? >> yes.
8:52 pm
we blocked a majority of the wind. there is a place where families have come to evacuate from this storm z this hotel in front of me. there are families with small children up running around down hallways. and they're trying just to hunker down and ride out the storm as well. can't see up to highway 30 here. i don't know if you can see behind me there is a section of highway 30. probably two, three traffic lights and some businesses on each side where lights are on is an indication of why people tend to come to this area. that is still -- there is power there. beyond that ridge is where it landed here, we've seen video. we're down there earlier today with portions just washed away.
8:53 pm
greta, back to you. >> looks like someone is out tonight. maybe not wisely. someone is out. >> yubl probably see a couple police cruisers and a national guard humvee. >> greta: thanks for joining us. be safe, craig coming up we're still tracking sandy. more on this storm next. ♪
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tonight sandy causing major disruption so where is the storm now? rick, i've had e mails from viewers that want to know about maine, massachusetts, and north connecticut. >> yes. those areas going to get a lot of wind. if they've had a lot of wind. up to maine, winds around 60 miles per hour. they're gofg wind next couple days but most of the energy of the storm going to be moving farnler west we're go tok seeing more winds expanding that way. take a look at what wind gusts we saw today. up into the mid-80s, 85 miles
8:58 pm
per hour in connecticut a huge wind to fill the air. tropical storm source winds. a lot of people going to get in on this. you can see the storm bringing heavy rain across maine now. we've got snow down across areas of the appalachians. one more bout of rain moving towards new york city. the construction site you can see water filling up that site. this one here is a picture of a train that is closed. look at that water flooding that train meaning is going to be difficult to get back open. the tunnel connecting south
8:59 pm
manhattan into brooklyn, also flooding. you said you'll see snow spreading in. that is creating conditions and winds that are 50 to 60 miles per hour. do you know want to know where this is going to go. still spreads back towards chicago by morning. throughout the day, all day tomorrow, we've got winds down in across florida. worst of it is over, greta. winds going to get better, we've got this wind that will be strong enough, we'll see more power outages inland. >> rick, thank you. stay where. there is more to talk about. we'll slatest next. do not go away.


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