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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 29, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it is no longer classified a hurricane, that means millions of people are under the deadly grip of monster storm sandy. >> take a look. the national hurricane center says sandy is a post tropical cyclone. it's losing strength and continues to batter the eastern seaboard with winds exceeding 85 miles per hour and unprecedented surges. forecasters tell us sandy is merging with arctic cold and a winter storm from the west making it a vast, dangerous high bridge storm, you're looking at pictures of the
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devastation across a huge section of the east coast including flooding in downtown manhattan, and the gambling mecca of atlantic city n west virginia severe blizzard conditions. five million people without power. >> this monster storm bringing virtually all transportation did do a stand still no. one going anywhere. the transit situation at the local areas where we find molly in washington what is going on there? >> over the course of yesterday, today, tomorrow, nearly 14,000 flights will have been cancelled because of sandy. this is we're talking flights in and out of the northeast corridor of the u.s. usually one of the busiest sections of
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the country whit comes to daily air travel. that is 13600 flights cancelled yesterday. 7600 flights cancelled today. and more than 4800 cancelled for tomorrow, we expect that number to go up. if you have a flight be sure to call haerkd sheer how one official explained it this is similar to what you can see in a snow storm. with the absence of snow. airlines moving planes out and work for the storms to pass then work quickly to resume normal operations afterwards. >> there are not a lot of stranded passengers here.
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there is so much advanced notice about this storm people were able to decide to stay with a friend. we have found a handful of people who are here for the night. we talk to them including one italian student trying to get back to her college in new york. they're quick to praise staff and security here. >> people from here are very kind. they help fuss we need something or help, it's fun. so we're not that frustrated. >> are you going to jacksonville, flights tonight cancelled. flight in the morning cancelled. tomorrow night i'm not sure. i zront a plague tos. i'm staying here. >> at the airport? >> yes.
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>> subways are closed and one note sh because you don't see it often most airports won't have flights coming in and out they're not considered closed this airport not considered closed. runway considered open. from la guardia is officially closed because of the flood water. >> you may never see that again. >> i know. i know. >> both in and out of the place it's so teeming with people. now look. it's empty a maiszing. >> i know. i feel like going through tsa line just because i can. a one-minute trip. >> that is the upside of a difficult situation. >> yes. >> towns including lower manhattan a toast town tonight.
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it's now a coast tropical cyclone. forecasters shouldn't diminish the monster storm, this franken storm as it's been dubbed. now again from the extreme weather center with the latest. >> that doesn't mean anything i was a technical, stupid move on the part of some political thing happening at the national hurricane center. they took a idea about what is a hurricane. it's a warm core storm. that hurricane sandy interacted with a cold front moving in. that changed the type of storm it is. they call it post tropical storm because of that. the impacts are exactly the same. strong winds, storm surge from hurricane. messaging nightmare certainly
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i did think this was difficult for people to understand the severity of the storm. very cold temperatures coming in so people without power think of a hurricane think it's going to be warm wind and rain. it's not. behind this cold air coming in. a lot of people without power feeling now with not very power, they're down about 30-40 miles per hour. that is good news to see numbers coming down. we're going to see winds subside. it's going to continue to push storm surge water. we have another high tide in the morning and we're going to see more flooding in lower manhattan. i want to know you pictures because it's unbelievable. i believe we have pictures of
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some of the damage there. if we don't have them, we'll show them later on. this is a battery park tunnel. that is filled with water here, those tunnels closed. take a look at this. this picture is from lower east side of manhattan. one of the problems storm surge coming in from areas of the south. this is water filling into the tunnel. so major problems here, water beginning to recede this, is frightening. this is water coming into the hoboken train that connects it down to the world trade center site. keep in mind this water is salt water, once it is pumped out they're going to have
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major problems from the salt water coredding things. across areas of the south rain going on 30-40 to miles per hour 50. that will be good news. take a look at this winds. in south jersey people focused on where the center of the storm is. take a look at this, winds into mid-80s today, there has been massive damage to towns here and a lot of people without power. you've had a 12 foot storm surge here causing major flooding there. there is water on the runways. 79 miles per hour in jfk. so storms going on. snow, rain, wind.
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>> really is unreal when you add it up. there is one estimate of $5.2 million across the east. and there will be more. >> thank you. >> it's really in manhattan lights are out. flood waters rising with public transportation shut down. bridges and roads closed. now word of what looked like it is here. a huge explosion that is amazing. there it is again. 250,000 people without power, most of them, southern half of manhattan island. this with flooding. downtown area david lee miller keeping an eye on things.
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what is the situation? >> can you hear me? tell us what is going on down there. >> we're testing technology to its limits at this hour. we're grateful for the opportunity. take a look. down this major thorough fare. a single car walking. there is heavy winds and rain. everything below 4th street. northern manhattan a different story. there are lights still on. there are reports none of the
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lights are flickering. coned yi son saying millions do not have power, across town now not far from where i'm standing on the eastern side of manhattan is new york university hospital. reports from local media saying generators have failed. lined up to take patients to other locations. we've reported there is a wire service report there is an explosion in a coned plant. coned saying that that is not true. very seen over and over again significant explosions, trance formers giving way contributing to power outages. this is a city that lives 24
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hours per day by a subway. take a look here at one of the entrances to the c and e train. you can see something that is uncommon here. subways running 24 hours this one like many others is gated. there are reports that the subways are also partially flooded. it takes as many as four days before service is restored. let me talk about flooding. the world trade center suffering from flooding. record flooding is a low highing area. we're told there is record flooding there. they were told they had to evacuate.
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a thousand more did not now. they dmot have water being able to leave extremely difficult because battery park city is an area that is an island. back to you. >> david, and what about battery tunnel? do you know about that? we have a 10 second delay. communications are very, very difficult. lower manhattan which is inundated now with waves and they occurred it's a difficult situation. and a little something more than that nyu medical center being evacuated.
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they're trying to get patients down stairwells there. there are four young babies they're trying to get to another hospital on vent laters. >> i thought they had this situation in hand. there are huge back up generators but they've now failed. >> we'll continue to follow that. >> along the many communities feeling the brunt of the monster torm, sand gee long ild yantd. right now you're looking at a picture from long island. meteorologists tell us the reason it's being pounded hard is because storm is packing what they describe as astoundingly low pressure is giving it energy to push water inland. we're joined by ed mangano. he joins us on the phone, i believe.
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are you there, ed? >> from nassau county office of emergency management are you there? >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. i know you're busy there in the community. can you bring us up to date now? >> we had many residents that did not leave the area stranded. we rescued over 300 people so far. we have major flooding issues downed power lines. i closed roadways. we have issues in the city of long beach. board of health issued a no consume water order throughout long beach that means we can't boil it. and we're asking that you can conserve ill it so fire departments have ample water
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supply to utilize until systems come back up. once primary and secondary pumps from failed in city of long beach water district roads closed except for emergency management. what about power outages at this point? >> there are no traffic lights. trees are down on the main road and also parkways. >> the trees down. i know you had one fatality to your area. that correct? >> yes. one fatality. our national guard delivered here are sifting hundreds of residents that become
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trapped in their homes. >> you declared a state of emergency saturday evening. is this what you expected to come? is it more? >> this this is what is kkt. less than others on the whole this is what forecast was and there is a a prepare for that. all of those that heeded warning are in a safe place right now. >> do you know what you received? >> we don't have the exact counts on that. there is water damage. >> hurricane irene, we know state wide $1.3 billion in damages your community affect bid that. any lessons learned from that in 2011?
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>> we here abide by our planning and execute our 120 hour plan of giving people plenty of notice in an impending danger is coming. and we always hope for the best. unfortunately, the worst has come. >> okay. finally wrapping up any word you have to residents you that want to leave with them with this sneng. >> only use 911 for life threatening emergencies. nor nonlife threatening emergencies use our nonlife threatening emergency hot line. >> thank you. we'll check back in with you. thank you. >> this storm is making its presence felt now. sandy taking aim at the nornl east this hour. warnings to head for higher ground coming for days now. coming up next, we're live
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welcome back. we'll continue to monitor the monster storm, thousands of people in the dark now. water is rising and fast. in delaware national guard has been patrolling flood zones looking for victims out there. 30,000 people told to evacuate. military officials evacuating air force base there. that is official. what can you tell us there? >> welcome that. is the first thing we can tell you. reason why i can say is that because they dodged a bullet.
9:24 pm
it could have been more punishing. now we're getting high coastal flooding and high winds. i have to show you some of the damage happening here. as a result of beach erosion. i fell into this hole earlier this evening. i'll show you how deep it is. this is created by sandy within today. you can see how deep this is i'm going to show you the area. the evacuation took place, governor was good about that. last night issuing that order. people had to be out of reboboth beach. that is why the board walk is empty. it's past 12 there would still be people here, we did run into people who walked back
9:25 pm
and forth just to take a gander what is is going on. they realized there was a vicious storm, most followed an order to hunker down, stay indoors. i must tell you that one of the delaware authorities put it well and said when you see wavess, run, when you hear wind, hide. that is what they've been doing. however they can, and in terms of keeping everyone safe people are afraid their pets, dogs and cats and this is very important. residents realizing they couldn't bring pets with them. children came along as well. this is a surge that is pretty
9:26 pm
angry. kit get worse, we're expecting to it get worse. flooding has been a problem here along the peninsula. 25 miles away wiping out a fear we've been fortunate so far. high winds is what we're expecting tonight. some getting beyond 20 miles per hour. it's still packing a punch and something people must be prepared for. the bridge is closed to the south of us. timing french bridge closed north of us. we'd have to drive into wilmington. >> back to you. >> listen.
9:27 pm
this could have been seaside homes there. some are high on the baurd walk. in in front of i how are they doing? >> i can give you an idea. if you turn around here, one of the things happening here because of the evacuation order everyone put everything inside. that is a home over there. it's insacramento. it's right there near the beach. and it might be a bed and breakfast. it's a home. it's beautiful. if you can see colors of it there is a beautiful peach or
9:28 pm
pink. that street has all of the homes talking about and this damage has knots been as severe. they're receiving some flooding. that will be an issue to deal within the morning. >> that is great news. it's one of the treasures of the area, great reporting thank you so much. we'll check back with you. >> our viewers have been sending us pictures from the middle of the storm, take a look. this is from outside of virginia beach. you can see this is the ocean front home there. to the north a calm long island sound send this, big
9:29 pm
huge waves crashing into coastlines. and similar conditions on the south shore and bay. if you have pictures or video of the storm send them to us. do not put yourself in harm's way. >> angry ocean. >> yes. it is. people trapped on an island off the coast of florida now underwater. the bridge is closed by flood waters. there is a member of the state emergency management updating us on how they're getting them out.
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oorks hurricane sandy no longer being classified as a hurricane, forecasters say that doesn't diminish the threat and destructive nature of the monster storm and who knows better than our meteorologist following this from the beginning. >> you're right. this is making no sense for all purposes it's just transitioning the type of storm. now there is very warm air here. 61 degrees in hurlington. people without power here going to be in for a very, very cold night. rain and snow to be had. take a look at the rain. back side of the storm now still heavy rain going up through hudson river valley
9:35 pm
with winds gusting into 50-60 miles per hour range. heavy snow, 14 inches reported already in spots. take a look, there you go. this is going to spread out. there is an incredible amount of winds, 30-40 miles per hour. into chicago area there is incredible rains as well as winds we're going to have throughout the next couple days. flooding warns -- earnings. it's going to begin to have less available less flooding going in.
9:36 pm
winds going to be with us for 36-48 hours. across parts of maine back towards ohio. into unprecedented events. a lot of people without pewer. that number is going to rise. take a look at this warning. blizzard warning. >> you know this is described as splo slow moving. bot yoim line is we can expect to it subside. >> worst is over. there is a worst of the storm surge happened across coastal areas wind is subsiding. it doesn't mean there is not that impact. going farther west, it's not
9:37 pm
typical kind of thing but it will move to the west. winds will pick up in those areas that means power outages. is truly amazing. >> rick, thank you very much. we'll check back with you very soon. >> this monster hybrid storm battering new jersey coastal areas. several hours ago at this point. craig bosswell has latest from there. what does it look like right now? you can see it's dark and windy. >> it's no joke at this point of the night. this -- look. this storm is still battering the area.
9:38 pm
winds flipped around. we've got the back side of the storm. just a little while ago we saw blue light going up into the sky. that is trance formers. that sent power outages up highway 30 here north of atlantic city. you can see spot lights still on. noon today, people going from man use from house to house. checking on family members and friends seeing how they're doing what. we have setett to see is what is a combination of high tides with a full moon and storm surge that is what that is done to atlantic city,
9:39 pm
115,000 people told to evacuate. governor christie not happy when he found out some of the people had not evacuated. dealing with the back ind of the storm it will be tomorrow to see what type of damage we're dealing with. if you have family and friends, stay put. just be safe. let's find out what is going on before getting into a maybe dangerous situation. >> i know there is a slight delay and windy conditions but there is one report of a vehicle washing off a roadway there and two people had to be rescued from the vehicle. do you know of deaths being
9:40 pm
reported there? he i don't know about deaths. there are injuries per training to that. there are officials going door to door checking on people. in west atlantic city there are some water rescues as well from the affect certainly of this storm. >> thank you. winds still picking up in the area, thank you. >> state of florida with -- virginia with rain pummeling the state all day long. get this. a 37 square mile island off virginia coastline is underwater meaning anyone who stayed behind trapped no, way
9:41 pm
out, joining us now is an jella. tell us about the island and people who may be trapped there. >> i believe you're rev yensing islands that are low lying and we've had troopers working with the fire department through the national guard making sure that boats have access. there are several boats stayed behind. they're tough. they know how to hunker down and road these out. >> yes. take a peak and those are tough folks out there. how about the rest of virginia? >> you mentioned this is a
9:42 pm
hybrid storm. eastern part of the state and coastal areas a lot of debrie, smaller trees moving west across the state we're seeing blizzard warnings, high winds and some icy conditions so we've got two separate systems we're dealing with. >> what is the outlook for folks in terms of getting power back? we worry about you know those that don't have anyone to help them. >> we've got 35 shelters open around the state into localities. you know, of course 55 peopl people -- 550 people sought
9:43 pm
out shelters. and this is to get resources needed. there are 200,000 plus outages state wide. but we have had no storm related deaths or traffic fatalities either. >> that is excellent. great. good news. thank you very much. if you don't mind we'll check back with you. thank you. >> there is a number expected to rise. three million people in the dark at this hour. take a look. lights are out in manhattan. a major scare in mid town. >> i saw something falling from the sky. i saw a train. >> this looked like its
9:44 pm
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welcome back. a preliminary check of the estimates ranging between $10 billion and $20 billion. that is expected to climb. they could top last year's hurricane irene costing nearly $16 billion. it's interrupting the presidential campaign for both candidates just a little over the week before the election. stock exchanges in new york will be closed for a second day. tuesday. they're hoping to be able to reopen on wednesday. >> big apple taking a hit from the monster torm. hundreds of thousands of
9:49 pm
people in manhattan right now without any power. conedison cutting down power to most of downtown possible explosion, possible explosion. in a plant there. flood waters rising on the southern tip of the island. what can you tell us about this? >> coned saying there were no trapped workers and reporting earlier on one of the wire services but just moments ago i witnessed a disturbing sight outside nyu they did have power failure. and reports that their emergency generator failed.
9:50 pm
and outside nyu hospital there was dozens of ambulances taking away patients this, is something most people never thought they'd see here in new york city. very, very disturbing image but emergency workers and crews trying to do their best to save patients that needed care to other facilities. i can tell you at this hour much of lower manhattan remains in pitch darkness, flooding continues there are heavy gusts of wind and down pours. new york city subway system and i can tell you that ground zero, the construction site of the world is suffering from additional flooding and so much so that destruction is
9:51 pm
going to be delayed. new york city partially paralyzed at this hour. it tries to cope with a devastating storm. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. we are the house when it comes to the big game. yeah. it's his thing. i don't even participate. boom! here it comes! bring it back! bring it home! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better. for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress!
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>> our viewers have been sending us pictures from the front lines of hurricane sandy. this is from just outside of bronx, new york. take a look there. mass flooding, starting to overflow the banks of long iland sound in throgsneck, closing in on the homes on the shore. in west virginia, sandy bricking wild weather to west virginia, bringing blizzard conditions in the city of beckly, more than 6 inches of snow falling today. can't tell what that is, that picture there. if you are in the storm's path, we want to see what you are seeing. send us your pictures or your video. we will get them on the air. >> in the meantime, monstrous storm sandy is really living up to its expectations as one of the most destructive torm storms to ever pummel the east coast of the nation. it's no longer a hurricane, but don't let that fool you. forecasters warn this deadly
9:56 pm
threat is far from over. coming up next, when will the worst finally be behind us? we'll be right back. those little things still get you. for you, life's about her.
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