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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 2, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> gretchen: fantastic job. hope you're going to have a best weekend. log on for the after the show show. check out eric on "the five". bill: bill, okay, here we go on a friday morning. four days from election day. numbers that could change everything in a razor tight race. the government reports america's unemployment rate rising in the month of october to 7.9%. 171,000 jobs added last month. that is far fewer than the 250,000 many economists say are needed each month to turn the economy around. so that is the big number we have. that's where we start. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. morning, martha. martha: good morning bill. what a week. it is friday. welcome everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this jobs report today could be the freshest things people have in their mind in terms of a economic number when they head to the polls in a few days. this short shows it has been a very slow, sluggish
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recovery. the government reports real unemployment, this is the number we want to focus on, 14.6%. we say that for a good reason. that includes people that are underemployed, even people only worked one day, get counted in the underemployed, part time emed employed. some just have given up. bill: stuart varney, anchor fox business network. good morning to you. start with the more significant number you find there. what is that, stuart? >> that is the real unemployment rate. that gives the true picture of the employment situation in america today. the that real unemployment rate is 14.6%. that is a dismal picture of the employment picture in america today. you go on from there and you find that 63.8% of the adult population is in work. that is near an historic low. when you add it all up, four years of economic policy and what have you got?
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you've got a rising unemployment rate, 7.8 to 7.9, a very high real unemployment rate of 14.6%, very low job creation rate compared to what we need to get the unemployment rate down significantly. it is the slowest recovery of any since, any major recession since the second world war. bill: wow, is that right? we dropped to 7.8 last month. we ticked up one tent of a point this time. 170,000 jobsed added that is not enough. >> no it is not. bill: what is holding business back, stuart? >> confidence. business is not confident that there will be significant growth in the future. by significant growth, four or 5% growth in the economy. that is what you're supposed to get when coming out of a nasty recession. we only achieved 4% growth for a 3-month period once in the last four years. that is not good enough. that is a very slow recovery and business people are not confident it will grow
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really fast next year. bill: that is the economic side of this. now the political equation. and you can argue whether or not people made up their mind and you can argue aren't there is undecided few in a middle who could swing things on tuesday if indeed it is as tight as polls suggest. 1980 unemployment rate when people voted, jimmy carter, ronald reagan, do you know what it was? >> tell me. bill: the last month they had to work on was september. the october number was not out when america voted, 7.5%. >> okay. bill: today in 2012 you're at 7.9%. how does this play politically? >> it should play in favor of governor romney, president obama will probably say, i haven't gotten his official response, he will probably say the economy is expanding. it is going in the right direction. we need more time for number of new jobs we really need but we're going in the right direction. governor romney will almost certainly respond we're not growing fast enough. we could do a whole lot better without going into all this debt.
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bill: stuart, thank you. the closing argument for governor romney happens this afternoon. we'll show you which state ry interestinghat in. to many. thank you, stuart. see you 9:20 on fbn. you got it. martha. martha: let's get another look at this jobs picture. there is combination of 23 million americans who are either unemployed right now or what we call underemployed. more than 3.5 million of those folks have been unemployed a year or more. it taking average for 40.2 weeks for someone unemployed to find a job. that is a very long time. i don't have to tell any folks that are in that situation that is painful. here is another look at it, another statistic, african-american unemployment rate is up one point to 14.%. we're waiting to get the official white house response to this jobs number this morning. also the official response from the romney campaign. we'll get those to you as soon as they come in.
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back to our other huge story right now because supplies and patience are running out very quickly right now in new york and new jersey. in the aftermath of hurricane sandy drivers that can actually find an open gas station have to deal with lines that stretch for miles and miles and sometimes, when they finally get to that gas station, they run out of gas. so you've got folks sitting in those lines and you've got gas in the storage tanks and in the pipelines and in the tankers across the northeast but in many cases the company can not, for power reasons, get that gasoline distributed to the places where it needs to go. 60% of the gas stations in new jersey are closed. i also heard numbers as high as 80%. 70% of the stations in long island are closed. think about that. that's a huge percentage of the gas stations in both of these highly populated states that are not even open for business. so it is a really, really tough situation out there.
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for those lucky enough to get to the pump, actually paying for their gas is another concern. >> i just spent $30,000 getting my home repaired and it is all gone. >> we have nothing. no credit cards. nothing in our bank accounts. $15 in my pocket. nowhere to go. no electricity tryst. no food. no gas. >> look at gas all day today. just getting gas now. >> i've been in this lane hour and a half waiting to get to one of these pumps. i'm hoping i get up there and they say no gas. martha: boy, requires a lot of just, you know, patience, that people are running out of and understandably so. you heard that woman in just a desperate situation. rick leventhal knows this better than any of us right now because he has been there talking to the people about all this. he is in hard-hit, asbury park, new jersey,
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what is the seen there. you're in wall township not too far away. >> reporter: we're at a service plaza off the garden state parkway. he talked to a driver waiting here for 90 minutes. he is waiting full hour and a half. he was running on fumes. some people have a 80 mile commute. they want to fill up when they can. there is state trooper. i counted more than 100 vehicles in this line. this is better than it was last night when they told us the line stretched for to four miles and had to call in state troopers because there were fistfights and serious arguments breaking out because people were trying to cut in those lines. so the cops had to be called. this is being repeated this scene at many gas stations across new jersey. because as you mentioned, martha, many stations have limit the supply and most of the stations don't have power. they might have thousands of gallons in storage tanks below the ground but they can't pump the gas because they don't have electricity to do it.
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this service plaza has a generator that is a new generator. the one yesterday kept shutting down. every time that happened they had to reset computers for 15 minutes. that was making people wait even longer. a lot of issues here. at least for now today, martha, no fights at this gas station on the garden state parkway. martha: i heard they have two priorities. they will try to get the hospitals up and running and refineries up and running as well. linden, new jersey, is one of the main distribution points for all the gasoline in the area. they were affected by storm surge there. that is part of the reason, right, we're having so much trouble getting gas where it needs to go? >> right. a lot of the ports and refineries shut down ahead of hurricane sandy. after the storm they realized they have flood damage or they had power outages at refineries as well. roughly a third of refineries in new jersey don't have power. so they can't get the fuel into the trucks to get the fuel to the gas stations that are still open. the governor has lifted
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restrictions so they can bring in fuel from out-of-state to some of these gas stations. the power may not be on for all of them until a week or more. so, the scenes that we're seeing here with these long lines will continue. martha: a lot of people want to know where the federal trucks are with gas can be their own pumping stations that we see the military use in many cases. they would like to see some federal help going to these areas. we'll get update on that and see if that kicks in. rick, see you later. bill: you find all these people driving around for hours looking for gas and often time running out of gas in the process. some folks in new jersey driving into pennsylvania. gas stations across the border in pa seeing long lines of cars with jersey plates. station owners in monroe county, pennsylvania, they're trying to keep lines down to 20 minutes. that could be great if that could happen. many drivers are taking about marathon efforts to fill up the tank. >> today we went to newton, no gas, they're all out.
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then we went on 517 to a shell station for almost two hours. 10 cars away and they ran out of gas. >> one line and people waiting for two hours. by the time you get there it is empty. so i figured i would save time and come here and get it. >> anything open closer than here? >> no. nothing that i saw because the power is out all over the place. there is gas stations all over but the power is out. you can't. everywhere i look. mile and a half, two mile long lines to get gas. bill: when the sun goes down it is dark out there. meanwhile the new jersey attorney general's office says there has been hundreds of reports of price-gouging at gas stations. some jacking up the cost of a gallon more than a dollar in the last 24 hours. that will hurt. martha: all right. so these gas shortages are also bad for big business of course. fedex we hear is scrambling to get their hands on fuel tankers for their trucks in new jersey and new york. the giant carrier had oil on hand for backup generators.
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but they didn't count in goose stations running dry. this is development. this will not get better anytime soon. we have several, several days of this all playing out. i'm probably, somebody in our family will end up driving to pennsylvania to get more gas later this afternoon. it is a tough situation. bill: indeed it is. you're hearing that from people too. you get to two days and three days and you go whoa, enough. east coast is facing a massive price tag from hurricane sandy. according to reports, the economic losses is at $50 billion. that is $30 billion more from initial predictions yesterday. the scope of the damage unprecedented. it is thought that new york will bear 34% of the total loss. new jersey suffering about 30% of that total loss. martha: we have a jam-packed show today, folks. there is so many going on. you need to stay tuned to keep up on this. we'll tell you everything we can to ease up some confusion out there.
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we'll talk about a communications breakdown inside the white house during the libya terror attack. that being reported now. >> the cable is direct evidence that you can't rely on the libyans. it is direct evidence that we can't defend the consulate. it is direct evidence there are al qaeda people in the region. martha: why the counter terror community feels they were left out of the loop. we are live at the pentagon. bill: martha, president obama saying the economy needs four more years to a turnaround. what happened to the promise fixing it in one term? our panel will debate that today coming up. martha: president obama as a new idea to get the economy going, a secretary of business. they say it will streamline things. herman cain is here to respond to that. governor romney already responding. >> he came out with a brochure lately, a lot of pictures in it, again no new ideas to get the economy going and, then he came up with an idea last week. he will create a department of business. all right? [booing]
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martha: all right. these are brand new pictures. there are some areas we're just starting to get a look at still. this is staten island. look at these pictures. unbelievable devastation and loss of life in staten island. you heard the terrible story about a mother who lost a 2-year-old and 4-year-old child as the water swept into staten island and these pictures are just incredible. and so many questions are starting now about where the help is. you know everybody wants to believe that everything that can be done is being done but there are desperate situations. this is live shot in staten island. we received text messages from people out there saying that they're waiting to be rescued. it is getting cold and the temperatures are expected to drop over the next 24 and 48 hours. so, you know when you think back to some of these prior disasters and think of people on rooftops in katrina it is not at all an
6:17 am
exaggeration to make a comparison here. there are 20,000 people in hoboken waiting for evacuations. a lot of questions being raised whether or not everything being done to help these folks is being done. it is a question to put out there. it is something everyone needs to consider and governments in both of these states and federal government need to consider as well. more when it comes in. bill: we know a lot about the campaigns in the closing days here. are results from 2008. steve hayes with me out of washington to ride shotgun here. good morning to you, steve. want to take you back to your home state of wisconsin. later today governor romney makes his closing argument. going to milwaukee county, southwestern part of the state. this is an area where paul ryan knows we develop. he is from janesville nearby. 10 lech coral votes in play in wisconsin can republicans take the state as they argue? >> i think it is absolutely in play. look at recent history in wisconsin, go back two now, where a few thousand votes
6:18 am
separated george w. bush and 2004 where john kerry and george w. bush were very close. and then you look at some of the built-in advantages republicans have in the state today, whether paul ryan being on the ticket. whether scott walker having won his recall election on june 5th and expanded his margin from 2010. reince priebus being chairman of the republican national committee. republicans are pretty fired up in wisconsin these days. bill: you mentioned 2004, here are the results, 50-49 kerry over bush. it was less than that. it was .35% of the total vote in the state. >> right. bill: so your point is well-taken. go back to 2008. i want to pop down to ohio because later tonight in the southwestern corner of the state, hamilton county, city of cincinnati, westchester, ohio, is the town. do you know who is from there? >> i don't know, somebody really cool. bill: house speaker john boehner is from westchester, ohio. they will have rudy giuliani and condoleezza rice and the list goes on and on later tonight.
6:19 am
the reason they're doing that, steve, you see the border counties around cincinnati they vote heavily republican. hamilton county in cincinnati went for obama for the first time since 1964. when you talk about driving vote are turnout this is where the party is going as of today the. >> huge push on tuesday night, november 6th, if republicans don't get a huge push out of this area for ohio, it will not be a good night for them more broadly. bill: we'll watch returns there especially in places like warren county, butler county, that surround cincinnati. to see whether or not they match or exceed bush's numbers from 2004. pennsylvania, governor romney is making a stop there. do republicans have a shot there, 11 point win for president or is this a head fake? >> never know if they're doing something out of strength or weakness. this is a real play. they're certainly spending money there. republicans are outextend spending democrats 10 to one
6:20 am
in pennsylvania in the final week, hoping by saturating the airwaves they might make a push in what would have been otherwise fertile ground without having much airplay at this point. bill: if governor romney wins pennsylvania this is landslide, 20 electoral votes? >> it's a pretty big push. hard to imagine he would win pennsylvania and not do well in places like ohio and wisconsin and maybe iowa. bill: you know what democrats are arguing. this is phoney baloney. matters to nothing based on their polling. final stop here, new hampshire twice in the next four days, steve governor romney goes to new hampshire. only four electoral votes. if you look at map and what if scenarios, new hampshire could determine all this. obviously the president winner there by nine points over senator mccain. go ahead, steve. >> the number of times i played with these electoral maps come up with totals that are 271 to 267 is frighting. so new hampshire certainly could make a big if did recognize. you look at governor romney's team. talk to republicans and they think he has got momentum. there is public polling in recent days shown him doing
6:21 am
well in new hampshire. sometimes with a slight lead. so they're feeling pretty good about new hampshire. bill: thank you, steve. martha: boy, that is fascinating. we'll see where this is going. we are just hearing from governor romney, his reaction to the new jobs number that came in. his response and live on the campaign trail with the governor coming up next. bill: also, martha, there are questions about how the obama administration handled the terror attack in libya in the early hours and days. senior counterterrorism officials who could have saved lives there, left out of the loop? >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remained a struggle throughout my time there. the situation remained uncertain and reports from some libyans indicated it was getting worse. diplomatic security remained weak. in april there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. esterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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bill: this just in, fox news alert. governor romney weighing in on the october jobs report. here is the statement in part. the increase in the unemployment rate is sad reminder that the economy is at virtual stand still. the jobless rate is higher than it was when president obama took office and there are still 23 million americans struggling for work. we are live on the campaign trail with governor romney in a matter of minutes. when we get comment from the white house we'll bring that to you. martha: back to the other big story today. new signs of a communication breakdown inside the obama administration during the hours of the benghazi terror attack. here is what we can tell you. e-mails shared with fox news suggest that top counterterrorism officials felt cut out of the loop on the night of those four murders. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the penthouse. good morning to you. what is the latest.
6:26 am
>> the penthouse known as the pentagon, martha. senior counterterrorism officials felt cut out of the loop the night of the attack on the benghazi consulate according to e-mails given to fox news according to discussions how to respond to the night of september 11 attack. top state department officials decided not to send an inneragency rapid response unit designed to respond to terrorist at tex team, fest. this has a joint military special operations command to it and routinely has been deployed to assist in investigations after uss cole bombing and bomb manies in kenya and tans see. >> yaw. it could have helped them gain access to the site in benghazi faster than the 24 days it eventually needed. state department said a fest would not have done any
6:27 am
good. national security spokesman gave this explanation. most senior people in government worked on the issue from the minute it happened. that includes the secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of state, national security advisor et cetera. fox news has learned that u.s. military intelligence was reporting as early as 7:00 p.m. eastern, less than four hours after the attack began, that ansar al-sharia carried out the attack. the intelligence was relayed to the military with no caveats according to a source familiar with the intelligence. further two state department cables show stevens team warned washington at 6:43 a.m. in the morning they had concerns that members of the libyan police sent to guard them were photographing the come pound. quote, this important was photographing the inside of u.s. special mission and furthermore this person was part of the police unit september to protect the mission. u.s. intelligence officials confirmed to fox that in fact there were reports from the ground in benghazi that
6:28 am
three hours before the attack on the consulate that a libyan militia was gathering weapons and gathering steam. that was three hours before the consulate was attacked at 9:47 p.m. on september 11th. martha? martha: there is so much coming out in all of this and in large part thanks to you, jennifer. has the white house said why that sort of joint counterterrorism effort known as fest was not deployed since it has been deployed in similar situations before? >> the white house has not. the state department has given an explanation that fes. it normally used when embassy communications is compromised and re-established communications as they needed to do on the ground after the embassy attacks in africa. because the embassy in tripoli was not compromised, they still had a working embassy they felt they didn't need the fest team. the state said the fest team
6:29 am
would not have helped the night of the attack but a official i spoke to that was familiar with fest teams said they are helpful in the days afterward helping the fbi get access to the consulate where there still documents lying on the ground et cetera. it took them 24 days to get there. martha: someone supposed to be helping them was photographing the consulate is also very unnerving because it appeared in the early reports that we got on all of this that they seemed to know quite a bit about where everybody was, including, you know the consulate and other annex, and raises a lot of question whether or not there was inside job element to all of this. right, jennifer? >> that's right. the other interesting thing come out from the cia timeline that was provided yesterday to reporters, fox was not invited to that briefing, but, the cia timeline suggests that the quick reaction force that came from tripoli, which was made up of a cia element got
6:30 am
delayed at the airport for three hours and 15 minutes while they were waiting for a libyan he is court and for vehicles and weapons. that was a crucial number of hours that that team could have helped the team at. cia an next. martha: glen doherty was part of that team. jennifer, thank you very much. bill: fox news alert now on new images from staten island, new york jrk south of the harbor in manhattan. look what we have here. these are homes that have been moved as a result of hurricane sandy out into a marshland. we're looking live here at the amount of devastation people are going through there. standing water still today. i see at least one individual there now walking to the right of your screen. where is the help? that is what they are wondering. we heard from countless people on camera pleading for more help and guidance what they can do and how they can do it. back to there in a moment live, martha. martha: unbelievable.
6:31 am
speechless. also back to the campaign trail. president obama changing his tune when it comes to one of his key promises. he no longer says turning around the economy, his quote, one-term proposition. >> so we've made real progress these past four years. but colorado, we all know our work's not yet done are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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martha: all right. staten eye rand, -- island, new york, not far from the statue of liberty is a disaster now. those farms are pushed into the marsh by hurricane sandy. thousands are freezing and the weather is getting worse and they are hungry and waiting for rescue. the new york city marathon is ready to begin, as it always does in staten island. look at picture of the "new york post" abuse of power. what you see are two huge generators for power from the marathon. they have heated tents using to get ready for the marathon. the big question on the paper is this abuse of power, massive generators while new york city suffers? something to think about. mayor bloomberg is expected to speak at 1230. yesterday he thought the marathon was a good idea. a lot of people are thinking perhaps that is rethought. perhaps that is what he will say at 12:30.
6:36 am
bill: these are big decisions. the auto industry front and center, you know that. governor romney preparing to hit the battleground state of ohio. both campaigns going full throttle in the final stretch, crisscrossing a number of key swing states. sometimes landing at airport when the other guy is taking off. john roberts is live in ohio where the governor will attend a ral later this afternoon. little me more about romney's message in the final days. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, bill. the battle in ohio is all about jobs. president obama going after the romney ad, recent one on auto bail yet which the chrysler selling jeep to the italians who want to start producing jeep ins china. obama administration saying absolutely not true they're shipping jobs overseas. the romney campaign saying it is true they want to start producing jeeps in china and every job created in china is not a job created here in the united states. so the campaign trail governor romney will continue to pure the message of change versus the status quo, saying under his
6:37 am
administration real change starts on day one and mocking the president for wanting to create jobs by creating a department of business headed up by a secretary of business. >> i don't happen to think that put being in a new chair in the cabinet room will bring new jobs to the people of america. so we've got a plan instead to do that. [applause] you see, i don't think that what we need is another government bureaucrat that supposedly knows something about job creation. i think it would be helpful to have a president who actually understands job creation. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: that is romney's purchase in the final days above all else what matters is jobs. he is best one to set conditions to create jobs in the america. bill: what about the white house. what is the president's focus in the final four days, john. >> reporter: kind of curious. he spent a lot of last night's speech in colorado
6:38 am
as clinton administration as a excuse to raise taxes and trying to grab back the mantle of change of the president is saiding he is one best able to bring about change, not mitt romney. >> we know what change looks like. [cheers] we know what will help the middle class. we know what is going to grow jobs. we know what will reduce the deficit. and let me tell you, what governor romney's offering sure ain't it. >> reporter: ohio still very close in the polling. rcp average got president obama up by two. a lot of argument bill offer who is winning and who is leading at least in the early voting. we won't find out how it goes until tuesday night or wednesday morning. bill: thank you, john roberts live in central ohio, just keys of the capital, columbus, ohio. martha. martha: more on that now. president obama has somewhat backed off of his claim in
6:39 am
one-term in 2009. he said his presidency will depend on whether we would turn the economy around in the first term. here he is yesterday. >> we knew that our work would take more than one year or more than one term. face it the middle class was getting hammered long before the financial crisis hit. martha: just to compare his own words. that is not what he said back in 2009. listen to this. >> a year from now i think people are going to see that we're starting to make some progress but there is still going to be some pain out there. if i don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition. martha: that is the question really for the american people, isn't it? as they head to the election booths and filling out those ballots in the coming days. one wams joins me now, fox news political analyst. mary katharine ham, editor-at-large at welcome to both of you good morning. >> good morning. martha: let me start with you, juan. really people have to look at the two statements and
6:40 am
decide whether or not they think the president has done his job. >> you're right, martha. i think people have had to make that judgement. bill clinton at the democratic convention spoke about how he didn't think any president, republican or democrat, could have pulled the country out of that deep economic recession in one term. president obama, you know, even in terms of the numbers that came out this morning, strong jobs numbers said the recovery should be faster and he will have to do more in terms of producing those jobs. martha: you know, mary katherine, we're looking at botm out there campaigning in the final days. even when the number came out this morning i can't help but think most of this is individual feeling. doesn't really matter what the headline number is out there. do you feel like things are headed in the right direction. do you feel comfortable with the next four years with either staying with this president or do you want to give somebody else a shot. that is what it will come down to, right? >> yeah, i think that is the bottom line that's why often independents break toward
6:41 am
the challenger at the end of the race because they're undecided because they're not happy with the guy who is in office. that is what obama has to contend with. these employment numbers are the number one issue the way people feel about the economy is the number one issue. he said himself, this is a one-term proposition if i don't get it done. things are same if not worse. fewer people in the workforce. about the same employment rate when he said those words. and you he is in the habit of making big promises none cha launtly. for years is a pretty reasonable period of time, we can make a judgement on you now. he had going for him people were hesitant about romney. since debate number one, many, many people go, okay, the challenger does not scare me. i'm not as worried about that. he continually tried to scare people to be worried about him again. martha: look at a "fox news poll" that just came out. it asked people what the most important issues were for them. and it's a big number when you add together economic issues and fiscal issues.
6:42 am
the others pale in comparison, juan. i wonder now, you know, i think about the panel on election night. when all is said and done for this, you wonder what will be things people look back on that is really what decided it, that moment or that speech or that debate, that urning point . what do you think we'll be talking about and looking at? >> well i think what we'll talk about in large part things like the jobs numbers, consumer confidence, going up. manufacturing. i think people do have a sense that the economy is in the course of recovery although it is much slower than they would like. i think that overwhelming sense is quite critical, martha. people also look back and also true when you look at the polls, they still say that the depth of economic recession was due to the policies of president bush and people say well, when are they going to start blaming bush and blame obama. martha: do they care about that on policy level, would be my question, juan? mary katherine, maybe you take this on. i really think it goes back
6:43 am
to the individual economic experience for every single voter out there. >> yeah. i think a lot of this is a gut feeling. i'm on the trail in ohio, i think one of the reasons that obama's seeing people leave his camp is because this message of let's keep doing what we're doing, it hasn't worked that well, not feeling in your lives. they can't crow on the stump about a recovery because it hasn't been anywhere near great. clinton is out there on the stump filling half a gym because he is not giving electrifying message. things we'll get better we swear it. may cost another five trillion. doesn't feel great. martha: very interesting. always great to have you both with us. talk to you more in the coming days. bill: governor romney's closing argument on jobs and the economy is underway today. in a moment herman cain is live to react. don't miss that. >> you know, ohio, you know me. you know i mean what i say. you know that i do what i say i'm going to do.
6:44 am
>> we need to make sure that ohio is able to send a message loud and clear. we want real change. we want big change. we're ready. this is our time. i need your help. we're going to win on november 6th. ♪ [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque
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6:47 am
bill: fox news alert now. if you thought sandy was cleaning up by the day, we're a long way from that day, folks. these are brand new pictures, video aerials from staten island no,. this is friday morning. this storm hit monday night. we're still getting to communities around the new york, new jersey areas we're seeing for the first time. this is one of them. staten island sits usually on higher ground than new york, across the new york harbor to the south, but this scene is just, takes your breath away. all these boats piled up like toothpicks. we saw image of homes literally pushed into the marshland, 100, two or 300
6:48 am
yards away from where the foundation initially was? in the lower lying areas of staten island this is what we're getting as a result of the tidal surge that came in on monday night. wow, just takes your breath away. martha: it needs to be said this is ongoing rescue situation. they need help there now. they're waiting for help. people stuck in there. people on rooftops. people waiting for a hand from the new york city or from the state or federal government. keep that in mind active rescue situation underway in staten island where they need a lot of help. in regards to that, let's look at this next picture here. because we are getting a little ray of sunshine coming from california perhaps. this is a scene of utility trucks being loaded in california on military cargo planes and being brought to the new york area. so that is the kind of thing we need to see. we are, everybody in the area will be greatful for that help. there is talk there should be gasoline trucks like that, brought to alleviate some pressure on the gas
6:49 am
situation in the area which would go a long way to ease tensions as well. so, great picture there, huh? bill: think about that. they were taking utility trucks from alabama and driving them in here pretomorrow. -- prestorm. after the storm therm coming from missouri and other states, a thousand plus miles away from new york and new jersey. put them on transport planes. gives you a sense of amount of need even today. martha: these are the most densely populated states in the country. i think new jersey is most densely populated state in the country. it is a small state with a lot of people in it. it is feeling pretty cloud crowded. bill: you have the election in four days. unemployment number ticked up only days before the election. four days in fact. herman cain reacts to that next [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
bill: governor romney criticizing the president for his new idea to get the economy rolling again. a secretary of business position. that is the proposal as of this week. came cain, former candidate for president and president of job creator solutions. how are you doing there, sir, down there in atlanta, georgia. >> doing great, bill. first of all, my heart goes out as to everybody's heart going out to everybody trying to recover from the superstorm sandy. we pray for them because we know it has got to be difficult. some people don't have heat. some people can't get gasoline, food. so our hearts go out to all of the people trying to recover. bill: thank you, sir. i appreciate you saying that. a lot of our colleagues affected by this certainly our friend and neighbors all over the east coast. thank you for that. what about a secretary of business? good idea? >> i, no, not a good idea. first i think governor romney summed it up best. we don't need a secretary of business. we need a president who
6:54 am
understands business. there in lies the difference. here's the second point. if it took president obama four years to come up with this lame idea of a secretary of business, i certainly don't want to give him four more years to come up with another lame idea while this economy is still running on fumes. that's the bottom line. bill: he says instead of nine different departments dealing with things like giving loans to small business administration or helping companies with exports you put them all in one department. you're kicking that to the curb. and unemployment rate of 7.9%. does this administration have an effective plan to get america on track, if president obama is awarded a second term on tuesday night? >> the answer is no and i have spent the last two months talking to over 2000 businesses owners and also saying no, president obama does not have a plan. now let's talk about these nine departments. see, here's how this
6:55 am
administration works. if president obama gets reelected and install as secretary of business, he is not going to shut down the other nine departments. he will add to the bureaucracy. because see his plan, which didn't work, spend more, make government bigger and he is now preaching to the choir at all of his campaign stops, saying we need four more years to spend more money and do nothing to create jobs. i'm not confident at all this economy would do anything except get worse if he gets reelected because he does not understand business. bill: 7.9% is the new number came out today. just below 8%. >> yeah. bill: you wonder whether or not the number has an impact on the last minnesotaer out there or whether everybody made up their minds. having said that, this is what i hear a lot. if president romney is in the white house how will things be different? >> if president romney is in the white house, first, he is going to push hard to
6:56 am
reduce tax rates which is what we need to do to get this economy going. secondly, and i heard this from all business owners i've been talking with. he will roll back a lot of these ridiculous regulations that, while they have been campaigning, obama's agencies, regulatory agencies have been passing stuff that i consider a war on business. let me give you one really really, stupid example. the national labor relations board has passed a rule that says that employers can not require their employees to be courteous to customers. this is stupid. and it is anti-business. but people don't hear about this. and those are the kinds of things that romney would roll back. bill: i've got more questions. we don't have more time unfortunately. herman cain, thank you in atlanta. good to have you. martha: stunning new images just coming into our newsroom. this is staten island, new york city. our fox team on the ground with latest details.
6:57 am
look at that. boats on top of cars, total devastation in this area and we're just starting to get a look at it. we'll be right back
6:58 am
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7:00 am
i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. martha: we start with a pair of major economic stories this morning impacting the nation. we have only four days to go to decide this election for president of the united states. here is the monthly unemployment number, it's the last one that we're going to get before the election, it ticked up to 7.9% in part because more people without jobs have started to get out there and look for work again. meanwhile in the northeast many americans are dealing with a severe gas shortage situation in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. a lot of tempers wearing very thin at this point. you've got gas lines stretching for miles and one guy pulled a gun and had to be arrested in this situation. brand-new hour starts now of "america's newsroom." we are glad to have you with us. we hope you're doing okay out there today.
7:01 am
i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you martha. we have a mouth full again today, folks. i'll begin with the jobs news this hour. president obama will face the highest unemployment rate since any incumbent since franklin roosevelt. you can see where our nation has been since december of 2007 when the economy started faltering. back then the jobless rate 5%, today 7.9%. martha: very interesting historical point there. let's bring in charles gasparino, fox news senior correspondent. >> not a pretty picture. things are better but how could they get worse? there is nothing new in this report. what is confirmed is that the economy is confirming in spite of a massive stimulus, spending money. the obama administration printing moan, a big stimulus from the fed. even with that we have an extremely weak recovery. i tell you i don't know how you
7:02 am
sell this other than say things could be worse. when you pwreupbt tha print that much money and spend that much money i don't know how they could be worse. martha: the big question right now with four days to go in the election, you've talked to a lot of business leaders out there, what are they telling you about how the market would react if president obama was reelected or if governor romney is elected. >> i would be careful of using the market as a barometer for the economy, this market is screwy. when you have zero percent interest rates which is what you have now that forces people to buy stocks. why is that in because bonds don't offer a decent returns, so you go into stocks. that said average people and this means a lot, the restale investor, the average investor is not in this market even though it's at essentially pre great financial crisis highs. it's about where it was in late 2007. why isn't the average person in this market? the average person does not trust this recovery. they are in bonds and making almost no money or gold because
7:03 am
they worry about hyperinflation and all the stuff that goes with that. this is a stock market that we will i hasn't benefitted the little guy. that is an issue too. it hasn't had the desired wealth affect that ben bernanke wants it when he kept rates low. business leaders i talked to are worried about the future, the fiscal cliff, all the automatic spending cuts. martha: how does that translate? >> it translates yes easy. martha: if you wake up in the morning and president obama has four more years or if you wake up in the morning and governor romney has been elected what do you expect the reaction to be. >> here is the thing, by the way, this is business reaction we'll take the market out of it. business leaders are worried about president obama because the chances particularly of a fiscal cliff situation where you have automatic cuts, automatic tax increases are greater because he's going to be in opposition with republicans who are in congress and that's where you have they are at lagger heads they can't reach a deal and the automatic spending cuts go in. let's just face it president obama has run on a platform of increasing the size of
7:04 am
government and raising taxes, that is not the thing you need when you have an economy recovering this slowly. martha: charlie, thank you. we'll see you soon. >> all right. bill: fox news alert now because the frustration is mounting throughout new york city and its surrounding towns. the scene of some of the most heartbreaking devastation and half of the storm related deaths from new york. that is video from staten island moments ago, people there begging for food and water and clothing, and begging for information. we are live in staten island today, what are you hearing from folks there, anna? >> they are desperate, bill. we are in an area that looks like a war zone, about a hundred feet from the water here. you see trash piling up, you see mud-caked mattresses, you see boats that clearly got caught up in hurricane sandy's storm surge. we've popped up on top of cars, toppled streetlights, they have slammed into the side of homes and they are even blocking the streets over this way.
7:05 am
now residents say aid has been super slow to come to staten island. >> i don't have anything, anywhere to go, i don't have no clothes. all the clothes i have on they gave it to me at the evacuation center. >> i went to a shelter monday night after the storm, people were coming in with no socks, no shoes. the houses were destroyed. they were crying. where was the red cross? >> we do have new information the red cross is in town, they have ten trucks here on state ten island. they said they tried to make it into town yesterday but were caught up in all of the traffic that you saw. bill: anna staten island has lost a lot of lives after hurricane sandy, and you think about parts of that island it's elevated a little bit. it's higherrer than areas around it, but not for the images we're seeing. lower around the water, i mean they've been wiped out.
7:06 am
>> reporter: absolutely. there are shells are homes you can hardly even recognize them. there are crews from other states coming in to help new york city firefighters. they've been doing water rescues and they are hoping to find survivors and not victims but a very tragic story that has really caused heavy hearts across america, a 39-year-old mother, glenda moore lost her two children, a 2-year-old and four-year-old, brandon and connor. they were ripped from her arms. her car was in the height of the storm, she was trying to evacuate from brooklyn. they got caught in the storm surge. they were found a hundred feet apart from each other in a marsh. there were 19 lives lost in staten island and 40 in all of new york city. the homeland security secretary judge andrew napolitan napolitano does plan on touring
7:07 am
this. martha: when you see the devastation and it does raise questions about the campaigns and about the response and all of that, because there are a lot of areas, including the broad channel area out in queens as well where people are saying that they have not received any help so far, and they are desperately in need of it. you hear stories about people walking in with no socks, families separated, and it is a truly frightening situation. one bright spot, they say that ten red cross trucks have been able to to make it into the staten island area. there are so many people and homes in this area that it's literally taken us days to sort of get pictures of all of the places because the helicopters up and survey one neighborhood and there are ten neighborhoods behind it that they are starting to get a look at. we hear that the administration is keeping contact with the locals on the ground and we expect that would be the case, responding to this devastation from this super storm, known as sandy, and meanwhile you've got brand-new reaction from the
7:08 am
white house, also to the unemployment numbers, so look at this. you know, i mean it's just mind boggling. our chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president in hilliard, ohio where of course folks are far removed from this situation, but these pictures are so potent it's impossible not to sort of take all of this into account today. >> reporter: absolutely, martha, the bottom line is you know the president took three days off the campaign trail in order to deal with the aftermath of sandy. yesterday he resumed all of that, and now is out here in these battleground states. the white house is making clear to us that the president is still trying to stay on top of the storm relief by convening a conference wallace night, for example, aboard air force one when he was flying from colorado here to ohio. we saw the president, those dramatic pictures with chris christie, someone he normally doesn't agree with, a democrat and a republican coming together in new jersey a couple of days back to show their support for the people there. but the key here obviously it's
7:09 am
one thing to have those kind of events, it's one of those things for people to come together to have conference calls to communicate, but the key is will the federal government really be helping people on the ground in these states and local governments to make sure as we see these desperate pictures of people, people freezing, going into dumpsters to get food, is in fact the response helping get to them? and once the politicians leave the photo ops, once the tv cameras leave the scene is that response really happening? that is going to be one of the big questions in the days ahead, martha. martha: you're so right about that. one of the questions that comes to mind for me is will we expect another briefing from the president, you know, on what he's been updated on and what the red cross efforts are and what the fema efforts are? there is no doubt in my mind that this death toll will continue to rise, that people are losing their lives as we speak out there, and i wonder if we're going to hear more from the president in terms of an update. >> reporter: i will tell you martha that his events, he had three events yesterday and at
7:10 am
all three of those he made clear to start his remarks by giving a quick update, not a long one but a quick update for people in some of these other states where they may not understand how desperate the situation is back on the eastern seaboard. he's done that, and jay carney will likely brief reporters today aboard air force one later today when the president is moving to another state. but you're right, this is something that is important. while the president is resuming the campaigning we are only four days out from an election and people are focused on that there is 0 obviously a lot of attention that need to be focused on what is going on on the ground, martha. martha: in some ways it does feel like the aftermath of september 11th. obviously a very different situation. but the feeling that people in the area get it and understand how devastating and how bad it is. this is not an indictment on anybody, if you're far away you're far away and you don't necessarily feel it the way the people do. when other parts of the country have experienced these types of things we don't feel it the way they do. the president is president of
7:11 am
everybody and no doubt it's very much on his mind as you.out that he points out at each one of the beginning of these appearances. we'll check with you later. bill: manhattan is a tail of two cities. north of 34th street. martha: everyone is fine. bill: south of 34th street when the sun goes down it's dark as night, there is no electricity down there. for the families who have stayed pinned, they have nowhere to go. the wh hotels are all booked, they have no car to drive out of the city. they are sitting in their homes and wondering this is not safe. they are begging leaders to give them information, information that they have not got even now at we move toward day five of this devastation caused by hurricane sandy. martha: the march than that plan continues. bill: that it does. martha: that is a big question for folks around here as well. we may get more information on that at 12:30 today. bill: new images coming to fox the very latest on the recovery effort and also the rescue effort that is still -- it's still on going.
7:12 am
martha: speaking of finish lines and sprinting, that's what these two gentlemen are up to right now. the presidential candidates are making their final pitches, their closing arguments to these voters, just a few days to go. what does where they are tell us, chris wallace will weigh in. bill: there was a communication break down during the assault in libya. while the counterterrorism community says they were left out of the loop. >> this is a classic scandal where almost every day or every few days another shoe drops. i said i think it could be as bad as watergate, and one of our veterans said, yeah, but nobody died in watergate, and they've got a point. oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy.
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7:15 am
martha: here we go, folks. the final sprint to election today. can you believe it? we are finally almost there. we are waiting for speeches right now from both the president and from governor romney. those will get started in just a few minutes. both of these candidates out there trying to make the best closing argument that they can to the most essential people who
7:16 am
will end up mat mattering. look at the campaign stops that tells you quite a bit. they are in wisconsin, they are in ohio. you have sur gates spreading out to a lot of different areas as well. joe biden and paul ryan are on the campaign trail there as well. look at all the attention ohio and wisconsin are getting. here is a look at the "real clear politics" average as the stands today, 47.4% for president obama. 47.3%, we are talking about a one tenth of a percent difference between the candidates, that is well within the margin of error. here is a live look in mill -- excuse me hilliard, ohio. my eyes made that an m, in hilliard ohio where they are waiting right now nor president obama. you see the big forward sign in the background. chris wallace joins me now, the anchor of "fox news sunday," he is live in washington as he
7:17 am
prepares to cover wto be a veryl days ahead. good morning, chris, good to see you. good to be with you martha. martha: talk to me a little bit about where they are today, what that tells us and no doubt you've been talking to both campaigns. how do they feel right now? >> reporter: that is the weird thing about this campaign, usually even if the polls are close you can tell by talking to one side or the other, you know, as you can tell pie talking to anybody are help upbeat or dejected. i've got to tell you either these guys, one side are the best liars in the world, i don't know which one it is or they both and this is what i think, they both sides genuinely believe they are going to win this election. the romney camp seems very confident, the obama camp seems eek ball lee so. the single most interesting development, because obviously they are campaigning in most of the places. the interestingly most single development. money doesn't matter, they've got more money than they need. it's the candidate's time, that is the most precious commodity it is. they will have mitt romney
7:18 am
campaign in the suburbs of philadelphia on sunday. that is a big deal. they are making a play for pa pennsylvania, and if they win pennsylvania they don't need ohio. that is very, very interesting. martha: that is a very interesting development. there's been a lot of talk, we had tomorrow ridge on yesterday, htom ridge on yesterday, he said governor romney could win pennsylvania, not surprising coming from a surrogate that he would feel that way. the fact he is spending time there is a very interesting point. perhaps pennsylvania is also in play and perhaps that suggests that the romney camp feels that they feel confident about ohio. >> reporter: well, no, here is the deal. the obama camp says they don't feel confident about ohio, that they realize they can't get over-the-top in ohio and so they are looking for some other place to scramble the electoral map, so they are looking at pennsylvania, looking at michigan, looking at minnesota. they see it as a sign of desperation. the romney camp says absolutely
7:19 am
not. it's a sign that the race is closing all over the country. at this point having the 74th rally in ohio isn't going to move a lot of voters. having the first rally in pennsylvania in months could move voters. in terms of bang for the buck they think they have more impact in pennsylvania. look, in the end, somebody is spinning, somebody isn't, we'll find out on tuesday who is bluffing and who isn't. martha: that's why we are keeping notes and conversations we are having with people to see who turns out to be right because it so intensely vote. i wanted to ask you about the undecided vote. when you look at the numbers it looks like independent voters, at least, have been trending toward romney, at least in the fox news poll, and you think about those late breakers, which tend to go for the nonincumbent in these races, and it's really at orders i odds in what we're seeing with the overall likely voter polls. you wonder what it is going to turn out being true about this. >> the romney camp thinks it's a
7:20 am
big deal. they say that registration is so close and both sides will turn out so many of their own base, the obama camp, the democrats, the romney camp, the republicans that independent voters will be the key. at this point in most of the national polls the independent voters are going for romney over obama by a half dozen to a dozen points f. that is true and it's certainly one of the questions i'm going to ask on sunday. we'll have david axelrod on, chief strategist for the obama campaign. pitch beason, director of the romney campaign. if it's true that independents are breaking for romney can obama win? that is one of the questions we'll be asking. martha: it's a great question and we'll look forward to hearing you ask it. bill: and waiting for the answer. martha: we'll watch their faces and see who we see is really revealing what is going on in their internal polling. we'll see you in the coming days a lot. >> there is a question of rich
7:21 am
beason. -p romney's political director. it will be interesting to hear from him. and david axelrod will be sitting down with chris wallace as well. we'll see what mr. axelrod says. this is going to be an interesting several days. bill: maybe we're here late on tuesday night. maybe we are here into early wednesday morning. that's why we watch. ohio you know is critical, battleground state in the race for the white house. one county has a history of election problems. how votes are counted and what election officials are doing there to protect the vote. plus the lines for gasoline they stretch for miles. be grateful you are not one of these folks. >> what's billion dollars look like? what about a trillion? what about our national debt? it's massive and it cast a dark shadow over the dollar, the stock market, your retirement, your investments and your lively food. the national debt has tripled in the last ten years. gold has gone up over 600%.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
bill: how you are the votes tallied there, and what has changed there? >> the officials here say this a lot has changed. they've completely overhauled the systems with transparency, credibility and professionalism. you've got memory sticks that have the votes counted on them. they don't carry them with taxicab drivers any more. now the sheriff's department has it with monsters and observers from botjuan pablo montoya ters
7:27 am
anwith moniter and observers. jeff hastings told me they have made major strides. >> have you seen the egg corn-type problems now. >> no, bee don't se we don't see those problems. that was objectionable and significant. we know what happened to acorn. >> take a look at handbooks from the poll workers and official vs. to memorize. there is more stuff in here than in the sat's. if you suspect problems where you live voter fraud go to there is a lot of material that they have. bill: test coming soon, eric, study well. in kaj a hoag georgi cuyahoga county. martha: there is tommy thompson in a tight race. they are neck-and-neck right now
7:28 am
in the senate race in wisconsin. this is west alice wisconsin. that is where we find mitt romney this morning. he will start his day in wisconsin and head to the all important state of ohio. we'll be back with that live after this. honey, thehave e 55 inch lg... [ mom ] we already have a tv. would you like to know more abo it? yeah, but let me put my wife on speaker. hi! hi. it's led and it has great picture quality. i don't know... it's ultralim... maybe next year. you cod always put it on layaway and pay a little at a time. alright. we'll take it! ah! i love you! hmm! ahem. football. [ male announcer ] shop now. get the hottest brands on your list today... like the lg 55 inch led tv.
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and put it on layaway now so you have more time to pay. walmart.
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7:31 am
martha: fox news alert that gets a look at where both of the candidates are right now. we are waiting for mitt romney's speech. you can see tommy thompson on the left side of your screen. he's in a very tight race in wisconsin. he's enjoying the opportunity to introduce the candidate. you have hilliard, ohio and where is where the obama rally
7:32 am
of the morning business to get underway. let's go live to our chief political correspondent carl cameron in the motorcade with the romney campaign as help head towards west alice. good morning, carl, how is it going? >> reporter: good morning, martha, we are live streaming here in the motorcade as we wind our way through the parking lots and the back alleys outside the event where mr. romney today will give what his aides call the closing argument of his 2012 presidential campaign. iness spence he'll be arguing that a choice for obama amounts to stag nation and more of the status quo and a choice for romney amounts to bold change and prosperity. today mr. romney did comment on the new jobless numbers from the bureau of labor statistics, unemployed ticked up a 10th of a point. he said, the jobless rate was hire than it was when president obama took office and there are still 23 million americans struggling for work. on tuesday america will make a choice between stag nation and
7:33 am
prosperity. romney goes onto say for four years president obama's policies have crushed america's middle class, for four years president obama has told us that things are getting better and we're making progress. for so many american families those words ring hollow. romney again will be arguing this it's really a choice between owe obama's status quo and bold proposal for prosperi prosperity. the obama campaign all romney has done is offered vague policies, that they say are failed from the past. mr. romney is going to seize on the numbers today and fold it into his closing argument speech for the final 9 of hour 96 hours of this campaign. it is a dead sprint. he is going to hit so many places we haven't even been told how many, because they are trying to jam in so many swing
7:34 am
states in so many hours. martha: i was talking to chris wallace about their stop in pennsylvania outside of philadelphia and sort of what we can learn from the path right now, obviously wisconsin, obviously ohio, philadelphia oaln the list. >> reporter: absolutely. well pennsylvania has been in the blue column and one that president obama won handily against john mccain and mitt romney has not spent a great deal of time. earlier in the summerrer went to the pittsburg area, the coalfields in order to talk about the coal community that makes up so much of western pennsylvania, west virginia, eastern ohio, and it's two things, it's a recognition of the obama campaign's slippage in pennsylvania, as well as incread its advertis advertising and built a presence there in the last several days. it is also an opportunity to hedge against some slippage in ohio, should mr. romney not win
7:35 am
the buckeye state, the bell weather will no republican wins the white house without wink that first he's going to need e into that. pennsylvania and when you look at the ground game, surveys suggest is a lot more even than the public reports suggest, the obama campaign and romney campaign both predict they are going to within. the romney campaign does show a degree of convincing consciousness. they have reason for anxiousness. it's uncertain they have work to do but they do believe still they can win it. martha: very interesting. carl, thank you so much, carl cameron as he rides in the motorcade for rom ropbl to the west alice venue where they will be moments away, and president obama as we pointed out, hilliard, ohio is his next stop. bill: in a normal election year we'd be all the election all the time. right now we have three significant stories. sandy is one of them, the election is another and this is the third, libya.
7:36 am
new signs of a communication break down in the obama administration during the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. u.s. intel sources telling fox news that senior counterterrorism officials felt shutout of potentially lifesaving decisions that were being made on the ground. jt mcfarland secretary of defense reagan years, and a white house aide, mike baker, president of diligence llc, a global intelligence and security firm. kt to you first. the documents that jennifer griffin reported on live last night you have seen them as well. what do we need to understand about what is in them to help us understand about the decision-making that was happening? >> there are a lot of documents, but the big picture of this. the big take away is that the united states government decided to entrust it's security of the u.s. personnel, the ambassador and others to the libyan
7:37 am
militias. and they were not up to it and able to protect the americans. there are example of example that the militia didn't show up when they were supposed to, when they came they didn't bring the heavy arms. one of the members of the militia was taking pictures of the consulate on september 11th presumably not for a scrapbook but perhaps to give to the al-qaida commandos that were attacking. the way you should think about this is from the very beginning the obama administration decided they were going to do everything different in libya. they where are were not good to lead from the front, they were going to lead from behind. they were not going to give people protection of americans they were going to turn that over to the hreub kwrapbs and they were not up to the job and as a result we have four dead americans. bill: what you're saying is they were going to defer to libyans on every decision. >> here is what it like. they brought the libyans a brand-new shiny bike. they said go ride it, they'd never ridden before. they weren't going to help them hold the seat or put training wheels on the bike.
7:38 am
when that bicycle crashed there were four americans sitting on the handlebars and that was the problem. bill: which would include intervening and ticking off the fledgling government there. they said counterterrorism officials felt cut out of the loop during the attack. how do we interpret and understand that? >> i understand this that the white house just did this start to finish responded inappropriately, poorly, and with a lack of aggression during the course of this whole thing. they counted on essentially, as kt was saying, for a libyan response. the white house new in short order that the libyans were not providing a counter assault force for this. they left our folks, the global response staff there on the ground to try to fend off this long-term attack. these grs guys, they are there for maybe a quick response, maybe a very brief counter assault and the expectation, the covenant that these people have, that we have overseas in hostile
7:39 am
environments that is that the calf rewould come in. they never opted to send in the calvary. once they new the libyans were offering the counter assault send in the military. to say they had no insight to send in the military response is insane. you never have enough information. if you wait for enough information bad things happen, people die. they also say if you don't have the assets in place, you do what you can do, we sent in some people from tripoli, that wasn't a proper response, but it was doing something. you try to get something done. and for the white house to standby and not try breaks faith with our code. bill: with his response team, kt, what they are arguing is that the investigative team could have been in there much earlier in order to secure key documents and key information and key evidence. the fact that they weren't does what to this investigation? does what to the argument, and to the story in general?
7:40 am
>> then there is no investigation. i mean before the eye tack, durineye tack, during the attack and after the attack the united states never sent americans to save americans, and they were watching that in realtime. bill, what i keep anything about is that video we all saw, the picture of the white house situation room the night they got osama bin laden, everyone on the edge of their seat wondering are they going to find laud hraurbgsd are the seals going to get out safely. at the end of the day you had seals killing terrorist. there was another video and that was the september 11th video in realtime that any classified computer could call up on its desk. they watched for seven hours while americans were not being rescued, instead this time you had not seals killing terrorists, you had terrorists killing former seals. bill: it's another day and we've had revelations every day and we'll see what today turns up. kt thank you and mike backer thank you as well with us today. martha: a third of the seats in the u.s. senate are also up for grabs on tuesday night. we look at some of the close
7:41 am
and remember you can get your news 24 hours a day at our website, or by downloading any of our abc7 appsist races we'll be watching that even and explain what it all could mean for the balance of power. bill: dueling campaign events, final stretch, president obama is in ohio, governor romney in wisconsin at this hour hitting the home stretch in that race for the white house. live events roll on. we'll take you there when we continue after this. >> if the president isee elected you'll see about a trillion dollars in cuts to our military, with impact on our veterans. let me tell you, when i'm president i will not cut our military budget, we must defend america's strength. >> every brave american who wears this country's uniform should know this. as long as i'm your commander-in-chief i will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known, and when you take off that uniform we are going to serve you as well as you've served us. ♪
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marketplace section. that is inside the queens m id-town tunnel that starts in queens new york and goes under the east river into manhattan. this tunnel by the way normally would handle tens of thousands of cars every day. today it's still closed down. this is a portable pump that is working to takeout about 30 million gallons of floodwater from what would be -- on a friday afternoon this thing would be packed. but there is the scene now entirely shut down as that pump tries to get the water out the there. martha: apparently it works well we hope. let's go become to politics now for a moment. there are several hotly contested races that are up for grabs on tuesday that we want you to be up to speed on, because they really could impact the balance of power in the senate. and i will be covering some of these on tuesday night we want to give you the background to keep in mind for all of this. right now democrats hold the majority in the senate with 51 seats. republicans have 47 seats, and 33 out of the hundred senate
7:46 am
seats are on the ballot this tuesday coming. michael bron is a senior political analyst for the washington examiner and he has a long history in following all these races very closely. we are glad to have him with us, he's a fox news contributor. good morning, michael, welcome. >> good to be with you, martha. martha: tell us how you're looking at the senate races and we'll go through a couple of them one by one. >> the senate races, you know there is a lot up for grabs. it looked early in the cycle like the republicans were going to make gains and width he will that 53 majority that the democrats have. a lot of races have been turning against the republicans, and you have a couple of republican-held seats in trouble. at the same time you've got seven seats that are currently held by the democrats, in which democrats are ahead in current polling but running under that magic 50% number. so i think the senate could go either way. you could see a net democratic gain in the senate, you could
7:47 am
see a net republican gain and a take over of the majority. martha: we'll go through some of these and if you could sort of give us the thumbnail sketch here whether or not it's it's an incumbent we are dealing with, whether or not it's a flip. this is nebraska as bob kerry tries to return to the political scene in his home state. >> that is a seat held boy a democrat. bob kerry is trying to come back from the seat he retired from 12 years ago. deb fisher the republican seems to be way ahead in what is a heavily republican state there. was a poll that showed it a much closer race. i think presidential coattails will have some significant affect. since the mid 90s we've been less than a split ticket voting public and we've been likely to vote straight ticket. that is going to work against bob kerry and for deb fisher in nebraska. martha: let's take a look at the next one we have. this is the wisconsin race, we saw the former governor of
7:48 am
wisconsin tommy thompson as he was interest during governor romney in his own state. this one shapes up very tight right now against representative tammy baldwin, michael. >> tommy thompson came back to wisconsin after working in washington as a lobbyist. after he won the late republican primary by a narrow margin, tamee bald within the incumbent congresswoman from mad today son hit him with a barrage of ads calling him a lobbyist. she took the distinct lead in polls for a while. the most recent surveys have been more favorable to tommy thompson. wisconsin is a target state and the polling has been very close there. you're seeing mitt romney is speaking as we speak in west alice, wisconsin. i think that is a race that either romney and thompson will win or barack obama and tamee baldwin. martha: another coattails situation. we'll have to leave it there. we will be following these real closely over the coming days with your help. thanks for being here today.
7:49 am
>> thank you. bill: fox news alert as expected the president going first, he's in hilliard, ohio, that is just west of columbus, ohio. franklin county at the fairgrounds there. and we are just getting word from the fire department there are about 2800 who have turned out. a lot of times we examine the crowd sizes in the closing days and trying to figure out where the enthusiasm is. what the obama team says is that today at least they are going to smaller populated areas, and so therefore you should expect a maller crowd size. smaller crow. is that a fair examination? franklin county is where he did very well four years ago. a lot of votes in that county. we'll find out tuesday night whether someone is stretching the truth or telling the truth. here is the president. [chanting] four more years! four more years! four more years!
7:50 am
>> thank you. well, listen, you know, for the past few days all of us have been focused on one of the worst storms in our lifetimes, in our history. and i just got off the phone with my team, emergency management team, and got an update on what is happening in new jersey and new york and connecticut, west virginia where there is a whole lot of snow. as a nation we mourn those who were lost. you can only imagine what so many families are going through right now, and the message i've sent every time i talk to people back east is, we stand with the people of new york and new jersey and connecticut every step of the way, every step of the way in the hard weeks ahead. [applause] >> and there is a lot of work that still remains to be done. but we've also been inspired these last few days by the heros
7:51 am
who are running in the buildings and wading through water and the neighbors who are helping neighbors cope with tragedy, the leaders of different parties working together to fix what's broken. [cheers and applause] >> a spirit that says no matter how bad the storm is, no matter how tough times are, we are all in this together. we rise or fall as one nation and one people. and, you know, that spirit is what has guided this country for more than two centuries, that idea that we are in this together. it's carried us through the trials and tribulations of the last 200-something years, but also the last four years. in 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the great depression, and today our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs, and this morning we learned that
7:52 am
companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the last eight months. [cheers and applause] the american auto industry is back on top. [cheers and applause] >> home values and housing construction is on the rise. [cheers and applause] >> we are less dependent on foreign oil than any time in 20 years. [cheers and applause] >> because of the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform the war in iraq is over. the war in afghanistan is ending, al-qaida has been decimated. osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress. [cheers and applause] >> this guy had a lot of coffee this morning.
7:53 am
you're fired up. [cheers and applause] >> okay. >> so, listen, hold on a second. we've made real progress, but we are here today because we know we've got more work to do. as long as there is a single american who wants a job and can't find one, as long as there are f harder but falling behind, as long as there's a child anywhere in this country whose languishing in poverty and barred from opportunity our fight goes on, we've got more work to do. [cheers and applause] bill: that is the president in franklin county, ohio. he did well there four years ago. we'll see how he does on tuesday. we'll measure the crowd size and see what kind of data points we pick up along the way. governor romney will be in milwaukee, wisconsin in a matter of moments. martha: he does from wisconsin down to ohio today himself.
7:54 am
a lot of concentration there, and he and ann romney traveling together at this point on the campaign trail, surrogates spread all over the map. quick break, we'll be right back.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
martha: could there be anymore going on in the world. we're a few days away from a presidential election in new york and new jersey under a very difficult situation as is connecticut. they're waiting for mitt romney in wisconsin, well as list, wisconsin, where we saw thome thompson moments ago, we are monitoring that event. we saw. this is what it is all about. is anybody's mind not made up or swayed by this
7:58 am
morning's unemployment report. we'll see. bill: we were in a restaurant in cincinnati last sunday afternoon. it was packed. there were people crawling off the walls there, okay? this story here. it will not leave us for weeks. martha: it should not. these people need attention. they need help. we know a lot of efforts being made to do just that. we want to make sure we keep focus on their plight because they are in a dire, dire situation. they need help.
7:59 am
they need rescue. they need food. they need water. they need shelter. they are americans and in a perilous situation right now. so we ask they get the help they need. bill: they're looking for information. they may get it as new york mayor michael bloomberg briefs 90 minutes from now. there is a major event that happens every year. it is on the first sunday in november. it is called the new york city marathon. this is an event people all over the world, and all over the country for that matter they come here to run in that marathon. by the way the marathon goes through all the neighborhoods that have been devastated. it starts on staten island on sunday morning. there is a decision made to go forward with the marathon. martha: which was made early in the game perhaps we knew all the objection tent of this. bill: we'll see if that situation holds. you have generators that would power up lower manhattan sitting


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