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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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right here. we ever always looking out fur. >> sean: tonight, breaking developments about an iranian attempt to shoot down a u.s. drone, all in international air space on november 1. but thanks to the most secretive white house of all time, you were not told about it until after the election. we will have a full investigation into this matter, coming up later this hour. but first things first. is america still a center right nation? it it would be sill tow say that a nation that elects barack obama, especially one that re-elects him is a nation that remains in important respect, center right. the question is, what do do you about that? i guess one option is despair for some. people are lost, the country's lost. it's all hopeless and we may as
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well pick up our marbles and go home. that's one option. i think we ought to reject that. the second is anger. yell at the american people for not being as conservative as woe wish and we were right and they ought to be more conservative. that might make you feel good. you may feel morally superior to the masses and tell make conserveatism, a minority movement for a lock, long time. i think we as conservatives, we should reject that option as well. there is a third option, we can jettison our principles and become liberal-lite, embrace bigger government, higher taxes, abortion on demand, that would be a disaster politically and it would be intellectually and morally, a surrender. that's a third option. conserve tirvetion i believe, should reject that. there is a fourth option. and that is that understanding the change that is now underway in this country, have you to take this into account. i think we as conservative, we
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ought to refine our arguments in a way that is persuasive to the country, telling them our position, convincing them it's a better way. that means we need to have solutions to the big problems of this age, not two generations ago. states are passing laws allowing same-sex marriage, legalizing marijuana, a majority of americans re-elected barack obama. so we need to understand this, things are changing. we need to figure out why it's happening. and we need to think through what we need to do about it. we need to be smart about the battles we pick and how we fight them and how we can win over the american people. we need to keep perspective. yesterday, i mentioned margaret thatcher and great britain, in the seventys, people thought great britain waslos lost, that there was no reason to fit anymore. margaret thatcher said nonsense, she made a forceful, powerful, moral case for why conserveatism was the path to new hope, new
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opportunity, new prosperity and greater human happiness. not only did she win, she changed the trajectory of british society. the same thing happened with ronald reagan in 1980. if you remember, the 1970s was socially lipliberal, nixon was pushing wage and price control, watergate, crime was out of election and the election of jimmy cartert and retreat of american power abroad. liberals were dominant in the house and senate until 1994, conserveatism seemed like a lost movement, reagan didn't give up. rather, he made a case in broad, hopeful, appealing terms. he persuaded people, he came up with an agenda that met the needs of his time. slowly, he won people over and changed the history of america and the history of the world. now, that's the model we need now in 2012. don't deny reality. but don't give up hope. while we chart a new course, we
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need to make a place for this recent election and define it in our terms, in real terms. so now, we are just 48 hours removed from the 2012 presidential election. there is no doubt in my mind that it will be remembered as the dirtiest, sleazeiest and most undignified election in american history. theadage, it is not if you win or lose, it's how the play the game. that's not how president obama entered this contest. he seemed to have adonted, it is not matter how you win, they dug into the gutter early and often. in short, this was chicago politics now, on a national stage. while governor mitt romney, for the most part reserved his criticism to matters of policy, the attacks from the left were personal and relentless. let's take a look at the hate-filled rhetoric that fueled the re-election obama machine. >> i do want think mitt romney realizes what he has done to anyone.
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furthermore, i do not think that mitt romney is concerned. >> i don't know the facts of when joe's wife got sick or died. but i do know the facts of what mitt romney did with g.s. steel. >> i think thehe republican party and mitt romney has clearly been and could be brepted as an attack on the issues that matter to women. >> this is a guy who thinks corporations are people and straps the family dog to the roof of his car. >> he is speaking to their friends out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. >> the word's out that he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. let him prove that he has paid tax because he hasn't. >> this is the e. coli club. >> going to put you back in chains. >> sean: this was an important
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race and a full-contact sport. so is football. what the president did to smear mitt romney and his family was the equivalent of a 15-yard face mask, a blow to the quarterback's head and a late hit, all rolled into one -- only he didn't care if he was penalized, he wanted to secure another four years ofepless golf, jay-z, beyonce, while the economy was tanking, terrorists murdering americans in benghazi. joining me now in the studio, radio talk show host, the outspoken billy cunningham. >> sean hannity, how are you? >> sean: how are you? >> i felt as if something crawled inside my body and died. tuesday night, i was lower than whale dung. i talk with you. i was done. but today and last night, i said, you know what? we are not wrong. we didn't do it. the messenger wasn't the best, the message wasn't the best. i think we are millions of
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moderates in ohio, michigan, virginia who, sat this one out-- why? >> did anyone really believe in his heart that mitt romney was a reagan conservative? >> sean: i have an article here, jeffrey lord, when conserveatism is a second language. i have come to really respect, like rom recommend a lot. love his family, his wife is incredible, kids are great. i think he grew a lot as a candidate. they slandered, smeared, justue know what? they won. but you cheat. i mean, it's below the dignity of the office. >> sean hannity, you live in new york. i live in cincinnati. since february, we went through nine months of vicious personal attacks of mitt romney by obama. and guess what? romney wasn't even on the battlefield. he was in the debates that made him look silly. we went through thousands of commercials, he's killing your grandmarkets going to poison the air, he doesn't want your kids to be educated. -- so i think the president now
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set a low bar special we are going to get more of it. what do the republicans take? fight dirty, get in earlier? they should have smeared obama more? >> what would reagan do. >> sean: that's my point! >> don't do what they do. i talk to the democrats the last two days. when the inaugural took place in january 2009, the campaign kept open for four years in ohio, 139 campaign offices, signing up through twitter, facebook, magazine subscriptions. they had thousands, 200,000 new voters are they registered regid got to the polls. >> sean: what's the answer now? you can learn from a liberal. they are good at the ground game. i will gip give them all the credit for that. for the smear campaign, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. that's a hollow victory. it's like a kid that cheats and wins. you know deep deep down inside, you were sleazy and slimy --
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>> sean hannity, in 2004, kerry got 6 million votes more than al gore. if somebody had said to you, kerry is -- what would you have said-- over. >> it wasn't. rove went into small-town america and registered more voters. >> sean: all right. you know ohio better than imping anybody. that became a different turnout. you were right about hamilton and butler and warren and all the surrounding republican area it's. >> 71-78%. >> sean: amazing. they came out in droves. but still it wasn't enough because northern ohio came out in numbers that were unprecedented. look, obama lost 10 million votes nationally. i am shocked. 3 million fewer republicans voted for mitt romney than john mccain. >> it is because of the moderate label he was tagged with. it was because white women in our area watched those commercials. in cuyahoga county, they registered 140,000 more traditional democratic voters.
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there were prosirchghts in kihoch hoga that voted 114-3 for obam a. precincts in cincinnati, 328-1 for obama. >> sean: it was like two states. >> if the same number of african-americans in ohio voted in 2012 and 2008, romney would have won the state. >> sean: it was so close, virginia, ohio, florida. there have to be adjustments. but you don't compromise your principles. they have to do a better job of messaging. it has to be the right candidate and a united party. >> i dolled one thing. abortion -- right to life. it is hispanic issues, getting on the ballot-- but we can't haved to akin say something as dumb as he did. >> sean: billy can you thinkham, thanks for the full report. >> thank you. >> sean: i have a message for the g.o.p. tonight. we will see and check in with eric bowling and kimberly
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guilfoyle. and then, we weren't even close to sorting through benghazi. we already have another white house scandal on deck. we know that iran fired on a u.s. drone, flying over international water, the event happened on november 1, five days before election day. why are you, it is american people, only hearing about it now? we will check in with michelle malkin in a special "hannity" investigation. sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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>> sean: now the presidential election was not the only race lost by republicans on tuesday. there were a number of disappointing outcomes in senate contests, in particular, opportunities were missed by conservatives in missouri and indiana, two states that mitt romney easily carried. now, it was a series of inexcusable mis-steps, especially missouri, made by the republican candidate in the race that allowed a democrat to win. he was going up against clair mccaskill, a weak candidate. then the infamous comments about, quote/unquote legitimate rape that kicked open the door for this incumbent. both candidates ultimately apologized. but it was too late. sure, everyone makes mistakes, but in the days leading up to the most important election day in the history, thesis missteps, in my view are inexcusable. i have a message for the g.o.p -- and it's simple. it's time to start nominating
6:16 pm
disciplined, principled, conservatives, men and women will who will defeat their opponents not themselves. if you cannot issue a simple question on issues like abortion, what are you doing running for office? come 2014, the republicans will need to usher out the a-team, people ready for prime time. if they don't, you can say goodbye to the house and the senate will remain under the control of harry reid. it's time to look in the mirror. we have the co-host of "the five." you recovered. all set. >> yeah! nice to see you? >> at the time akin made the comment, legitimate rape and the woman's body as a means of preventing pregnancy, it's a rape, i don't know. i invited him on my radio program for two days in a row. we went on for a long time. here's part of that exchange. >> i think there is one political reality that has to be faced by you and your campaign and that is that, you know, the reality here is democrats now
6:17 pm
have a ton of ammunition and they are going to try and use these remarks to hurt everybody they can. if i was put in that position, i would be thinking about what is in the best interest of the party, what is in the best interest of, you know, mitt romney, in this case? what is in the best interest of the people of missouri? are they going to hear a campaign about issues or is this going to be a distraction in the campaign? you are not even considering that? >> caller: no, no. those are all legitimate point, sean. i am trained as an engineer. you look at both sides of the equation. and you say, what are the pros and the cons. >> sean: i don't want to go after him personally. if you can't answer that question, you don't belong in that race. >> what about the party scploilt doing what is in the best interest of the party. if you are not able to be up to the task and answer a simple question, without ruining your personal reputation and jeopardizing the interest of the party, which are significant in
6:18 pm
the case of a seat like that, shouldn't you have stepped aside? >> sean: sthoos what i was suggesting. >> correct. but he made it about himself and what he thought was good for him and didn't care about the impact. and the outcome to me is no surprise. >> sean: what about the vetting of these candidates? sitting them down and asking them simple questions? >> here's part of the problem. it is unfortunate, they were going to be locked seats had they figured out they needed to go through the other things. these are fiscal conservatives. that's why they were put where they were in the first place. they should have been vetted and instructed -- the party -- the establishment wing of the batter... for some reason thinks the tea party's a threat to them special they are not. >> sean: i want conservatives. i'm a registered conservative. todd akin and richard murdoch, two tea party guys who put their foot in their mouths at
6:19 pm
inopportune time. five republicans lost who are moderates -- scott brown, tommy thompson, rick berg and tommy mcnamara. pick a direction. you want to be moderate and play around with this, you are not going to hold up. you want to go fiscally conservative, go tea party, and you might win the senate back. >> if i could answer a basic question without appalling answerrings. >> sean: but there is a big gender gap here. women in larger numbers voted for obam a. men in larger numbers voted for romney. >> so did minorities, a lot of latinos and african-americans and -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: to eric's point, 3 million fewer republicans voted this year than in 2008. >> real quick, the numbers, right now, as of this -- literally a couple of hours ago,
6:20 pm
2,29800 is what obam beat romney by. almost 3 million fewer republicans voted. >> he didn't get that turnout. >> that electoral college, that's becoming an issue. there are a lot of constitutionalists who are going to yell at me for saying this. >> sean: no, no, no. you don't go with the popular vote. you don't. >> bad idea. >> romney lost by 24% and he lost the popular vote-- if those 3 million people came out, who knows? >> the 2.4% was the difference. if you move that, if you go to every single state, back to even-- here's what you are assuming. california -- a lot of people say, my vote doesn't count, they are going to come out in droves. new york, california, illinois i. the republicans didn't vote in new york and california because they knew it was going to be a blue state anyway. >> getting out the vote.
6:21 pm
everyone knew that the barack obama team was excellent at that. they proved to do so on election day. >> sean: i tip my hat, i thought they ran a dirty campaign, a great ground game. that's how you win. >> yeah. >> sean: good to see you. >> congratulations. >> the republicans split the house. the tea party flipped the house on fiscal conservative, not social issues. fiscal conservative. >> sean: i am with you. when we come back, the single biggest donor to the obama campaign -- the media. special election edition of media barb. and iran fires on a u.s. drone in international waters. the attack happened seven days ago. why are you just learning about it today? did the white house withhold this information in light of the election? that's straight ahead. i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c. keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support
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>> sean: tonight, the iranians have taken their aggression against the u.s. to another level. fox news has learned that a few days ago, an american drone, over international waters was fired upon by iranian guns. this is the first time this has ever pap happened. listen to what the defense department press secretary sadism i can confirm on november
6:26 pm
1, at approximately 4:50 a.m. eastern daylight time, an unarmed, unmanned u.s. military aircraft, conducting routine surveillance over the arabian gulf was intercepted by fog frog-foot aircraft and was fired upon with guns over international waters, approximately 16 nautical miles off the iranian coastline. the mp1 was not hit and returned to its base safely. we have briefed relevant members of congress on the incident? >> the timing of this disclosure is raising serious questions, like, why are we only learning about this today? is this another story of the white house trying to squash things before voters go to the poll this is week? >> the white house might have muzzled this incident because it was before the election. did the white house give imu guidance in terms of whether to
6:27 pm
release the information or not? >> i think visaid this two, three, four, five times now. we don't typically comment on classified surveillance missions. i am not going to get into discussions at the classified level that occurred between this department and the white house. they were informed early on. >> sean: joining me with reak, the author of the number-1 morning in times best seller, michelle malkin is with us. november 1 -- five days before the election, we don't know where the president was on the night that our consulate was attacked in libya and benghazi. what do you think about this? just happened to reveal it now? >> yeah. well it's par for the course for the most transparent administration ever. thursday, november 1, 4:50 in the morning. our predator drone was fired at by these two irannian jets and it doesn't come out until after the election. yeah, it stinks in here. but this has always been the
6:28 pm
obama way. they accused the republicans incessantly of voter suppression. but these people have been responsible for massive, collective, systemic, truth suppression. it is not just the white house that has to answer for this. but the lap dogs in the media. i would like to know, where were any outlets that were informed of this and told to keep it quiet isn't same way we know that many journalists were apprised of benghazi and kept quiet about it to serve this campaign's needs before the election. again, people's blood should be boiling. i think we have to redouble our efforts to try to shed some light on these matters? >> i mean, we have four dead americans in libya. and we don't know what the president newknew. did he know we requested security before? where was he when this was happening? did he -- was he told that that was being watched in realtime
6:29 pm
isn't president got through nearly 3 months in this election process, without having to answer -- two months without answering any of these questions. >> that's right. let's say it louder. because it's the cynical elevation of their political self-interest, above the national interest. over and over and over again. i mean -- and we talk about benghazi -- we have more hearings coming up on that, thank goodness, we have watchdogs on capitol hill that will not rest on behalf of these murdered americans. the senate committee is having a hearing on november 15. all we are going to hear is the whining from the democrats about how it's republicans who are politicizing national security. when it is their dirty, corrupt, bloody m.o. >> sean: what do the republicans do here? if there was a coverup, do you think they have the gu.ion to get to the bottom of benghazi? you know, what's the president going to do here, four americans
6:30 pm
killed? what woof we find out now that the president knew and lie to the american people, as i believe he did -- look, if the state department want -- watched it in realtime, the intelligence community knew that libya was attacked within 24 hour, there is no way the president didn't know that. in multiple interview, including "60 minutes" and "the view" and others, he said he didn't know. what if we find out that the president of the united states lied, heading into this election? >> well, there are many constitutional provisions for recourse on this. i think that they have to to be contemplated. i think there needs to be grassroots, nationwide pressure. one of the things i found so heartening before election day, we had ordinary citizens, capable of informing themselves and getting to the truth and the facts about what is happening in conjumpgz with these investigators that we have on capitol hill that continue to push. and this administration and this
6:31 pm
candidate and this president was forced to see signs from people, reminding them that they will not forget the seven hours of hell that the murdered americans went through, before they perished in benghazi. it is the same thing with the camp baftian attack, which i have raised questions about on behalf of murdered marines, in that case, and the lack of security, questions about rules of engagement that have been compromised by this politically correct, jihad-coddling administration. >> sean: demand answers. hopefully, we will do the media's job. thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> sean: coming up, brent bozel with blatant examples of bias in this week's special editions of media mash. with the re-election of barack obama, we need to ask ourselves, where is this country headd? are we still a center right nation? gay marriage, legalizing marijuana? we will answer that question, as
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>> sean: welcome back to eye special election edition of media mash, a weekly roundup of all the way, the liberal media tries to spin the news. this week, hollywood is not just gloating that barack obama won another four more years, they are making downright, disturbing, disgusting comments about all of this. brent bozel is here. welcome back. >> good. how are you. >> sean: got to start with our friend, thrill up his leg, chris matthews, i have to say in the final weeks and months of this campaign was losing it, culminating-- the crescendo on election night. watch this. >> good work for them. good work for him. a good day for america. i am so glad we had that storm last week -- because i think the storm was one of those thing
6:37 pm
it's politically -- i should say, not in terms of hurting people. the storm brought in the policy of good policy. >> sean: i don't died but lost their homes, so many good things happen from the storm -- which by the way, i still don't have power at my house. pretty sick. pretty sad. >> yeah. my only message to ms-nbc, nbc, comcast, you own this guy. you own responsibility for the things he is saying. he thought this -- he is out of control. i mean, what more disgusting things can he say that he had the has to aapproximately is for, like putting aibleet in rush's head and have it explode. the insults and attacks, accusing conservatives of being racists. the hatred campaign, the attacks on sarar, the insults on michele bachmann. he is a pretty insulting person. i mean that in the way i am saying it. >> sean: he did apologize -- in fairness, i have known chris --
6:38 pm
>> i don't care. i don't care that he apologizes-- he has changed. something has happened. he has never been like this. in the times i met him. he used to not be like this. something has happened. you have been covering him for years. >> viknown him for years. this is want the chris matthews i knew. he was very left wing 10 years ago. but he was want this way. he wasn't insulting. he wasn't spiteful. ?ool chicago -- all right. let's move on. we will stick with his show. bill maher is on there. you know, several hitler analogies. this is a tactic, this is a dirtiest, sleaziest campaign ever. it is going to continue. they want to keep driving a narrative that conservatives are mean and evil. they did this to a nice guy who were successful. obama and axlerod should be embarrassed they took a million dollars from this guy. >> so, bill, karl rove, i think
6:39 pm
has offered some material -- is he the baghdad bob of the 2012 election, the last guy to admit something bad is happening? >> it was a little hitler. i wanted to rush in with a cyanide capsule there. i thought he was going to say, i do not want to live in a world without socialism. republicans have to start getting their information from a better source than fox news. i am not kidding about this. >> what do you think they were telling him, when he was saying this, wasn't supposed to happen? you told me i was winning this thing. >> i think they were still saying, yes, fuhrer, you have 12 divisions on the eastern front. until they heard the artillery -- i guess i should stop with the hitler analogy. >> sean: here's the irony in all of this, maher, million-dollar
6:40 pm
buddy, and he calls sarah palin and the c-word and the president launches a republican war on women strategy that in many ways, if we are honest, demonization, propaganda, slander works. it was successful to a certain extent. we can't deny the reality. >> wink, wink, nod, nod, i shouldn't call those nazis, a bunch of nazis. they would then turn around preach diseensy and civility and tolerance, when somebody criticizes them. the tipping point is here. this is important. this is something that republicans and conservatives have to understand. you are at a tipping point, where the news media are concerned. they were 100% outrageous, no question about that. the question is, are they going to get away with it-- yes! >> watch what will happen in four years. tell happen again. the character assassination-- i agree with that.
6:41 pm
>> someone has to stand up to them. >> sean: we are trying to expose t. one last thing, quickly, michael moore, things he said, the country is truly changed and i believe there is no going back, hate lost yesterday. that's amazing in and of itself and all the women who were elected last night, a total rebuke of neanderthal attitudes. and you, mother nature... >>ay, i say this comes from the top. barack obama, that was the tone he set. >> just came out of the white house from the beginning. they took a two-year character assassination campaign. michael moore was no different from david axelrod. >> sean: thank you. we will continue -- we will monitor this.
6:42 pm
but i would argue that media's dead. it is gone. they were the single biggest contributors to obama in '08 and 2012. shouldn't surprise you. was i right at beginning of the program? is america a center-right country? we will examine where the country is headed and then >> rules have been abused and that we are going to work to change them. >> sean: harry reid makes very disturbing comments and hints that his goal is to keep the republicans in check. what he might be plotting, scheming and planning, that and more, straight ahead. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence.
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>> sean: now that barack obama, arguably the most liberal in the american history has been re-elected to a second term, does this mean that america is no longer a center-right nation? voters had a clear choice and they chose the candidate that favors big government and dpar-left values and a handful
6:47 pm
of controversial ballot initiatives is growing -- gay marriage, marijuana legalization. here is ed rollins and doug schoen. >> maybe 55-45. >> sean: center right? >> i think we are a conservative nation in our value system. i think there is a libertarian side, in which people want to smoke dope and have gay marriage and what have you, but i think we are fiscally conservative and want smaller government. i think this election upped up without a clear choice. that's not how obama ran or romney ran. romney was a discredited businessman who couldn't articulate what he was about. and obama pretended he was all things to all people. >> sean: am i naive in saying, this was so sleazy, so beneath the dignity of the office that the president ran this campaign? am i in a fantasy world here?
6:48 pm
maybe the standards are up a little. >> i would say a class-based campaign, as ed was alluding to, he ran against the wealthet and powerful, at a time when wall street is held in disrepute was good strategy, probably illegitimate for the country, especially given the fiscal problems we face. but this is a center-right country. the standard bearer of the republican party wasn't up to articulating a message that was incluesive and broad enough to win the votes out there and the party itself has real challenges. i say this as a democrat, someone who wants-- i know you do. you think obama's way too left. >> i do! i do believe that. but he is moving to the center, at least rhetorically because of what-- i don't hear that. >> that's what they saw in the election results. that i know it's a center-right and they have to do a deal on the debt. >> sean: how do you explain
6:49 pm
this? fox news exit poll, on the issue of gay marriage, 49-46 support it. 30-some-odd states with previous votes on gay marriage and they all rejected it. two states on this, two states legalizing marijuana that. doesn't sound like a center-right country that i knew 10 years ago. >> it's not the country 10 years ago. and the young people who helped to make this man the president again, you know, they are like, you know, i don't want to put my feelings on you -- you do your thing. i am going to do my thing. as they get older, 60% of the vote under 30 was obam's vote. as they get into the workplace and get families, their family system will get stronger -- >> like all of us. >> they are not liberal in terps of economics. they want economic opportunity, innovation, growth and real opportunity. the republicans didn't give them enough to hang their hat o. obama offered class-based politics, which was just a--
6:50 pm
class was one part of it. but there was also, you know, look, he's appealing to one demographic group, individually after another, a war on women. i thought the comments by joe biden, racially charged. there was an appeal by surrogates that were over the top, romney hates women. he's a murderer. he is a tax cheat. he's an evil capitalist. and he was a decent man. we agree here. he was beaten up unfairly. >> a businessman who lacked a message that was inclusive about growth, innovation, leadership and the future. >> he kept -- his battlelines were things we agree with. but this is not a competent president. but to the people who don't understand competent or incompetent, they understand personality, they're like the president and they remain liking him because he said, things are tough. i relate to you. he sits out and says,im going to cut the cost of education in half. why should have you to pay--
6:51 pm
indication that obammal triangulate, moderate? >> i agree. >> sean: i am looking at john boehner tonight. i am thinking, he was the headline on abc world news, boehner exclusive, raising taxes, new revenue on the table. why is he caving when obama is the one who needs this deal more than anybody? why is he caving before it starts? >> he is caving because he knows there has to be a deal. the market was down 4 50 points in two days? >> that's the pressure on obama. >> but after an election that you lose, the american people want conciliation. center-right country doesn't mean-- we there to go. >> i don't think we lost the election. we held the congress. >> same thing. >> sean: all of this process, we are in the same boat we were in before. >> $300 billion-- $6 trillion in new obama debt. harry reid took his victory lap and delivered some disturbing
6:52 pm
remarks, he has ideas about limiting republicans' ability to oppose democratic initiatives in the senate. are we looking at serious abuse of power? will he be successful? will republicans hold the line? that's all coming up. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. ♪ boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's new pam.
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>> rules have been abused and that we are going to work to change them. we are not going to do away with the filibuster, but we are going to make the senate a more meaningful place and get things done. >> sean: that was harry reid in his first post-election press conference. the nevada democrat, feeling perhaps more powerful than ever, saying that he is prepared to take steps to limit the republican party's ability to oppose initiatives in the senate. what happened to civility? clearly, harry reid has no plans to end the partisan politics. joining us with reaction, we have a panel here. you said this was a mandate to raise taxes am he wants to eliminate the filibuster and take full control of a body that didn't pass a budget in 3 1/2 years. >> less than 24 hour, this working across the aisle stuff is b.s. he is going to hijack everything
6:57 pm
so the republicans not only they have no voice, they can't do anything about it. they are not going to be able to do anything this. >> sean: can he pull this off? >> look -- what -- the obama administration -- look at the hole of what the liberals have been able to do so far. they have ram-rodded-- i agree with all of that and the abuse and the accumulation of executive power has been unprecedented. can reid pull that off and take the filibuster out from underneath the republicans. >> the senate leader in the majority gets to set the rules. does he have the opportunity? he does. that said, to use terminology that harry reid would understand, if you don't want to play in his casino, he will stakt deck against you when he knows the ideas are wrong. that's what he is trying to do with the republicans and also what he tries to do with democrats who want to do reasonable things on the budget. when max baucus tried to put a
6:58 pm
budget together, he said stop. when mark warner said let's work with republicans on off-shore drilling, he said, stop it. >> sean: obamacare is the law of the lan, if he is going to repeal -- can't they de-fund it? >> yes, they can. >> sean: why can't they do that? why are the republicans caving -- >> they are letting him do it. he has a lot of power. another thing he state the, he -- the big movement behind this, is because he wants to make senate a more meaningful place-- that's not how it was designed. >> no, it's not! we shouldn't let him get away with this! >> the voters wanted folks to work together. the speaker said, let's work together. but let's work on the things that we agree on. >> sean: harry reid is trying to draw a line in the sand and prevent working together. then have you john boehner saying, law of the land, had they could fight to de-fund, for example, they are going to raise
6:59 pm
taxes in the house. i don't know one republican that says -- >> why put all your cards on table on the first day isn't first day of negotiations. >> did you see the stock market? >> sean: do you think there is going to be a push to get a new speaker? >> no. there is no reason to-- do you think. >> i don't think there is. >> sean: you just criticized him -- >> not harry reid -- what about john boehner saying health care is the law of the land and he is open to revenue increases. what is that? >> the speaker said, let's start working together and see the president lead. let's see this president come up with ideas of how to get out of this situation. and then the house -- look, we know where the house goes. >> we know where that goes -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: unacceptable. he said. he said that... he went on, couldn't pass in the house, but they said, well, but they can, quote, change the rules and tax reform and that would result in more revenue.


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