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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 9, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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thank you for watching. welcome to red eye. here is andy levy. >> sick of the election coverage? great. we will talk about other and the man behind muslimss guilty of parole violation and sentenced to a year in prison. the shocking story that shocked nobody. and finally should harrison ford return as hans solo in a new ""star"star wars"" movie? let's welcome our guest. she is so cute that care bears are suing her for identity theft. screw you, care bears.
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i am here with author jedediah bila. and he voted for obama 16 times, but in a passport photo booth. it is comedian sherrod small. >> fans to make her dance. >> and in malaysia he is considered a coupon. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and if fierce commentary was yoga i would do him on a rock at a mountain retreat. sitting next to me is gavin and miles' father. he is looking angry. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> thank you for clarifying. i have been off for awhile. well president obama won re-election. >> yay. >> or did he? >> oh no. >> every news organization has called it except florida, an actual state who is tallying the numbers. with eight million votes the president holds a half a percent over mitt romney. to put that in perspective,
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that small. and election workers are hustling to count tens of thousands of absentee ballots. said one floridian, we are such an embarassment, it is always a fiasco with us. or they are just thorough. as it happens, "red eye" staffer is from there and works for the miami-dade board of elections. he is one of the many poll workers counting the final ballots. let's go to him live. michael? >> 6,121. 6,122. 6,523. 6,524. >> mike, how is it going there? the votes will be in soon? >> 1. 2.
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>> keep up the good work. >> that's the problem. the sum of my thoughts i seek out a metaphor to describe my emotions after this election. >> the metaphor here is the turtle was america having sex and then the turtle fell over and that is america after the election. barak you sane obama stopped that turtle from having sex. i thought miles, your son, was going to be there. >> that was a gast idea. i don't know who agreed to that. he is grounded for rey ecting
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a bloody -- re-electing a bloody amateur. >> you didn't vote for barack obama, but your son did? >> i can't vote because i am bloody scottish. he doesn't know anything about him. he plays basketball. i was livid. i am going to be on the news tonight, dad. no. >> wow. sherrod, obama won the popular vote by a narrow margin compared to 2008. so really he lost. >> listen, man, it was a good race. mitt romney, god bless him. he is a good dude, but it wasn't his time. here are the real winners of they lexes, fox news. fox news. everybody looks sad. it is like, he just breathed life into this building. you make the most money in these four years than anybody. you should have thrown a party when he won. what are you nuts?
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>> i remember when i worked for the american spectator during the regan years and it was at like 25,000 circulation. during clinton it was 250,000. so opposition always benefits. but you never that because you have people who are unhappy who may say i'm tired of the political process. i don't know. >> that doesn't count because that magazine sucked. >> that was unnecessary. >> he is mean. >> remember rush limbaugh said the best thing happening to him was clinton getting elected it sky rocketed him to fame. >> back then there was something to get mad at. you cheered me up a wee bit. >> it is amazing seeing you two together given he doesn't like black people. >> it is the bloody wogs i
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have a problem with. >> the what? >> the wogs. >> are they from the middle earth? >> i think he means blog. >> i want to get jedediah in here. the demographics are changing. that's what everybody says when they have nothing to say. not to the republican advantage. do you have any thoughts, cares or secret fantasies about me? >> no, i don't. i am still in mourning. if you notice i am in all black today because of the election. but the demographics are changing and the hispanic vote was super important this time around and the gop will need to learn to do out reach. they don't reach out to anyone. they don't reach out to hispanic-americans, african-americans, young people. despite youth unemployment through the roof young people came out for obama. i think it is partly because of the gay marriage issue. they supported him on that. but they feel ignored by the gop. i have been arguing for you to get out on college campuses and start talking to people. they need funny, ebbet tanking tanking -- entertaining conservatives. >> i am not allowed on college
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campuses. >> you would be great. >> how many are illegal hispanics? they are not voting. you know who did this? bloody kids like my soon, atheists who did it just despite romney because he seemed religious. they said, the other guy, ha-ha. and then women. for emotional reasons. i like him. he is cool. he is sexy. romney reminds me of my husband who always wants to shag. so for totally shallow reasons. what percentage of hispanics are here illegally? it has to be about 70%. >> all of the puerto ricans are here illegally. >> they are lining up at the polls. >> what do you mean line lighting -- lighting up at the polls? >> smoking marijuana with polish people. >> i am glad we are trying to
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offend every nationality here. bill, now that obama won the re-election, will he finally confirm that he was born in kenya? >> i guess he can get away with it now. i want to know whereby den was born. we -- where biden was born. the person i am happy for is shell done adelson. they spent $600 million to ensure that this weird crews station -- crustation was adamant obama not win. he didn't get the senate guys and didn't get obama. >> they should have paid me. i think it would have been better if i ran around the states with signs. they invested so much money in these places that i don't know what they were doing with the money, but it didn't work. none of these ads worked. none of it worked. >> maybe that's a good thing. maybe we are spending too much money. i want to talk about this libertarian guy. i think he, woulded for ron paul. getting a lot of attention. he wrote a blog that he is going to boycott democrats.
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this is what he wrote: all of my family and friends and even close family and friends who i know to be democrats are here by dead to me. i vow never to speak to them again for the rest of my life or have communications with them. they are in short the enemies of liberty. they deserve nothing less than hatred and utter contempt. >> you know what the response was? phew. get this guy out of here. >> what's wrong, jimmy with this -- what is wrong with what he says? >> i will tell what you is wrong with what he says. the whole thing is they don't have allegiance with a group. they not loyal. so they are mad and i think liberals are such blind cult followers and republicans are guilty of this too. libertarians are like what is the problem? what is the deal?
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the reason obama was elected they say he is cool. he is black. he plays basketball. he could kill me and i would vote for him. >> that's not true. >> hang on a minute. >> flava-flave is cooler than mitt romney and do you think they would have voted for flava-flave? >> you would vote for anything with a bloody w. >> you raise a good point. it is always cool versus uncool. we are living in a world of cool and confident. >> cool is relative. >> he is not cool. >> he is from the politician and he tells you like it is.
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that's koll to me. -- >> it is the truth about the government. is that true? >> you can't hit yourself over the outfit. >> i wanted to go back and see how michael michael son is doing and wanted to find out if florida is coming closer to a result? >> 291. 292. 293294. >> 1.
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2. >> go away. >> romney was up by two. >> looking good. >> i want to go -- let's go to scapegoats. it lead to violent mideast protest. apparently allegedly it is now safely behind bars. thanks to the u.s. government, you will remember the protest over the innocence of muslims and after the obama administration blamed the death for americans in libya. the feds snapped into action and arrested basili for violating his pro bayousing aliases. after the prosecutor spoke about how he made the movie in a fraudulent manner and said the coolest deception actually caused real harm to people. meanwhile stunts like this go unpunished.
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>> another metaphor for this election. you have to hand it to the feds. the murderers don't get caught, but they find the guy and they put him away. >> was that like the new "jackass" movie. >> little boys have no brains. >> i rely on it. >> i think that was in finland or norway. >> i mean, what did the muslim do? >> this is my only problem with that. they sent him to prison, the place christians go that love
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muslims. they are going to treat this guy like he was a celebrity. this is obviously as you can tell, he was arrested for a parole violation which is why his face was covered. that's what you do with people who are arrested. >> he fears for his life because he feels like -- jail might be safest place for him. there are a lot of people who have hits on this man now because of the movie. this is not a stand up guy. he is involved in a lot of stuff via bank fraud. he is not a good guy. the fact that they escorted him like that. the fact he had to cover his face and the fact he has to fear for his life. that's messed up. >> he does deserve to be in jail for a number of things. >> you are missing the narrative. >> i want to go to jimmy.
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the fact is we know he violated parole. but when hillary clinton went to the father of the slain seal and said we are going to put him away, the government put -- >> we have millions of people with a criminal record. waiting to be snatched up. how many are dating women who put the restraining order out of them. any second they get mad they are back in jail. so this bloody country has all of these people running around with these paroled and bloody arrest records and the second the state decides oh you have trouble over there, you are in jail. no one is mad. that's what drives me insane. somebody does a movie on youtube and they go through your files and they say, oh you jaywalked in the 1980s. people go, good you should be
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in jail. >> nobody will fight for the muslim dude's rights. >> he is scared of offending someone. >> he made the anti-muslim movie. nobody is going to fight for that dude. >> he made people mad. >> bill go ahead and defend. if george bush had done this you would be condemning him. >> this is true. you are about to defend it. >> there is a flip side to the coin. >> he had a wrong name on the bloody forum. >> he thinks it is great. >> you can think two things -- you can do two things. you can protect him in jail or put him in witness protection. he is not getting a reward with witness protection. hate to say it, the best place is in jail. >> that's the point, you would
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defend it. obviously the government put him in jail. >> did he or did he not? >> they went for the movie. >> he was known because of -- >> you are driving me out. he was known because he did this. the last i checked this is still a big deal. >> but my point is, it is amazing to see a left winger allow an artist go to jail when they know why he is in jail. >> if he put the movie up there and then he found out he had a wee charge. >> huge detail here. it is not like he made himself famous and then they noticed it. they attacked him for making
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that movie. then they dug up the bank. >> and he put in danger the people in that movie. >> they lied to them. >> i love -- this is black and white and it is not. >> i just love watching a liberal allow a guy go to jail for a movie. >> you can love anything you want. >> i have 90 seconds. i want to go back. it is our last visit to florida to see how things are going with the counting. micah, how is the counting?
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coming up, should liberals be boiled and eaten in a stew? but first, are we still doing this story? i am not sure. so just show chris matthews apologizing, that will be fine.
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did sandy come in hand see? they suggested stupidly that the super storm helped president obama win
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re-election. here is the msnbc host on tuesday night. >> i am so glad we had that storm last week. i think the storm was one of those things. politically i should say in terms of hurting people. the storm brought in possibilities for good politics. >> reporter: i like it when somebody interrupts him, oh i mean politicalliment. >> after an avalanche of criticism they said, quote, it is a terrible thing to say. he was depply in mess and he was president thinking of the horrible mess. >> and you with all of your horrific damage you became ironically -- that gets him out of it, ironically out of a party and the climate changing power. my god he is an [bleep]. he realized as he was saying it it was stupid, and then he apologized. but if he meant it, if he
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meant it why apologize? >> if he was going on there the end justifies the means. that sums up the liberal mentality. they want him to win. they start with that and they go backwards from there. if children dying in a giant mudslide gotti elected -- got elected you say, sorry kids. say any of these infinite scandals a democrat would say it is no dwood for them. it is no good for them. so we need king obama in office no matter what. if it is a hurricane, good. they would like it if the whole new york went underwater. they could say, see, i told you. if they could flood new york they would do it. he is the right thing for stupid people.
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>> they just get wrapped up in politics to know what they are say ?g. >> but they apologize and then that's the end of the story. if this happened to sean hannity, we would be talking about it from now to the next selection. >> wait, bill likes me. >> sean hannity and rush limbaugh said this. they apologized and they are on the end of story, done, water under the bridge. the people who are actually paying the bill for them to be on the air don't want to hear that. it is like rush limbaugh and other people. people who use tide run your
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show if you use tide. >> the good thing about our show is we have gone 1700 shows without saying anything stupid. >> the crazy thing is we are live. the shows we just showed, we are live. we are working on them. >> we have an incredible beeping organism that can travel back in time and then beep it as it is happening. >> which is when a lot of the time you are only on for two seconds of the show because of the organism. >> he can catch you. >> do you have a comment on the show? and if you have a video of your animal doing something, we love those videos. go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he is our animal in a video. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by skulls.
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the skeletal part of the human head consisting of the cranium and the bones and face of the jaw. thanks, skulls.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy.
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>> hi, dwreg, how are you? >> i'm feeling good. i like my new haircut. >> it is cute. >> it is bradford dilman from the earlier years. you know, toby gillis. >> no, i don't, actually. >> that was bradford gillman, right? somebody will know what i'm talking about. >> have i to ask you -- i have to ask you, did you actually i seek out a met -- meat tau fore to best describe my emotions. and it is the -- jay it means he used -- >> it means he used the person and it helped him get to the conclusion. you shouldn't fraternize?
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>> it is not sikh. >> have i a question for you. how old is miles you are able to ground him? >> he is 38 years old, and he is still at home. i am furious. >> what is wrong with that boy? >> he is brainwashed. here is the thing. i said to him, why did you vote for obama? he said romney is stupid and blah, blah, blah. he has twice as many degrees as obama. forget romney, paul ryan had a plan. he had a plan mapped out so you wouldn't be in debt. he said paul ryan? that guy looked -- blah, blah, looks, looks, looks. i said you are not leaving for three weeks. no internet. no tv. >> wow, for three weeks? >> he is a big boy. >> are you tough. >> he will be just reading. >> jed do lie yaw, you said you were in mourning and you pointed out your black dress. are those your morning fish nets too? >> thank you for asking. >> listen, everyone sports
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funeral style in their own way. this is my personal choice. >> i am in favor of you being in mourning. >> you are skeptical they made a big difference for obama. 70% voted for obama and 27% for romney. contrast that with 44% voting for george w. bush in 2004. >> how many people are we talking about here? >> a lot of people. >> they came out in droves for him. >> for obama. >> yes. how many legal mexicans were voting? >> right. but i think the woman vote, there is always the gender gap. with the hispanic vote, the republican party seems to be shrinking. that's why people #r* bringing it up. >> how much of them are legal? >> i'm sure 90% kenyans voted for him. >> all mexicans are legal. they might not be american, but they are legal. >> no.
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they are undocumented. they are missing a piece of paper. >> this may be the most important news of the election. there is a report that in the virginia senate race between tim kaine and george allen, hank the cat is in third place. >> wow. >> with around 6,000 votes. >> i would have voted for him. >> jedediah, if the gop will talk about the future and rebranding, i think feline candidates have to be a part of the discussion. >> have to be, dogs, cats, parrots. we have a bunch of parrots. >> i hope the race doesn't end in a dead heat. >> wow. >> oh man. >> wow. >> not even going to try to come back to that one. >> man behind innocence of muslims sentence to prison.
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jedediah, i am with you. what this guy did wrong it seems to me was he violated the terms of his parole in a way that ended up becoming very, very public and that's why he got arrested. >> for me the guy deserves to be in jail. if this was a stand up guy who didn't have a pass and he was somehow in jail for the movie alone, then fine. i think you would have people all over the place coming to his defense. the reason people aren't coming to his defense is because he has problems. he has done stuff wrong and a lot of people feel like movie aside he should be in jail. >> that's not why he was arrested. >> that is why he was arrested. >> he violated parole. >> i don't understand why law and order like you and jimmy have a problem with this. >> i am not -- >> i think america has gone mad with the arrests. everyone is illegal. everyone is doing something wrong. >> except mexicans. >> you think half of the voters are illegal. >> they came here illegally. that's a valid law. every country in the world --
12:36 am
>> everybody came here illegally. >> they -- this country was founded by citizens. >> everybody came here illegally. >> sherrod, you know your ancestors sneaked in here. >> all of these boring mess from high school i am sick of them. >> the what? >> mess. we came to ellis island and were citizens. we didn't sneak across. >> shut up. >> andy, i can't believe you. you honestly think this guy should be in jail? you don't think it was right? >> i think it is about -- i didn't get caught. he did. >> i think it is about the movie only because the movie made him a public figure, and then they were like violating his parole. >> the laws -- it was a lucky break for hillary. hillary didn't know about that stuff. come on.
12:37 am
>> of course. >> she said they were going pick them up. she didn't know anything about his law breaking. >> i swear everyone in this studio, you could go through their files and find something and throw them in jail, and then we could all be sanctimonious and say he didn't pay tax in 1992. >> this isn't a guy who committed victimless crimes. he committed bank fraud. he defrauded people of money. these are not victimless crimes. >> he was using an alias when he was making a movie. >> one of the things when you commit bank fraud -- what is that? >> they found that out and they -- they found it out because they blamed him for the video. they were using him as cover. >> didn't the media track that? wasn't the media who tracked them down? >> you know it was a cover for an incompetent administration. >> i believe the second part is true and that the administration is confident. jay i will take they had him -- >> i will take they had him arrested as a scapegoat.
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>> if you make -- if it offends people -- not catholics though. you can do your madonna, but if it offends somebody who is cool, then we are going to dig something up and put you in jail. >> i don't think that's the case here. i honestly don't think this is a piece of art and we should not call this guy an artist. >> i wouldn't call him an artist either. >> i'm sure he was doing cocaine within five days of that piece. >> he was definitely smoking pot. >> he was doing cocaine and that wasn't his pet. >> oh god. michael moore and chris matthews credit with helping obama win. they suggested the super storm helped president obama win re-election. didn't you say that earlier on "the five"? >> yes. i said that -- they might be rii
12:39 am
didn't take pleasure in it. they did. that's the disipg. the distinction. >> so the storm got him in? >> i think sandy was a factor. >> there was polling that shows that people said the storm affected the way they voted. >> what do you mean the way they voted? >> there was exit polling that showed people thought sandy was a key issue for them. the way the issue was handled it was like 15%. >> this is a perm house that was destroyed and personal property. they feel like this dude cares more about me. it could have been both ways. >> why do we want a government that cares about you? >> now it is like, love me, care about me. >> jimmy, that's an excellent question. >> you want them to come and bring some of my money back. >> i want my money. >> that's what they are there for. >> my point is that you can state the fact that it had an i will pact, but you don't take pleasure in it and don't
12:40 am
brag about it. >> i just realized something. we are talking about these bloody illegals. there are maybe 12 million here illegally, right? if you dare question them that is racial profiling. nobody has a problem with that. >> they ain't making movies. >> but even you are saying, that is not valid. when you dig up a stupid bank fraud thing you say he deserves to be in jail. >> but jimmy -- >> they don't go to jail, but this guy does. >> i give you that. >> why is this any different than the arizona law that said if a person gets stopped for something else and then they find out they are an illegal immigrant that they can be charged. >> that's a great point. >> all that law says is when you arrest someone you are allowed to check the identification. >> and that's exactly what happened here. this guy did something, and then they looked and said oh he is a parole violation. his name up. >> we are talking about a
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tendency that has lead to 12 million crimes being committed. you are allowed to clamp down. but this bank fraud charge is ludicrous. >> but he makes a great point. they are not looking for whether you are legal. you are not looking for that. but if they find it, they can hold you accountable. >> all they are doing is daring to enforce the law. >> i didn't have a problem. >> you can't enforce the law unless of course somebody angers a muslim. >> he wasn't bringing another crime. and then they say let's check for other crimes. >> jimmy, you are missing my point. i had no problem with the arizona law. >> i get your point and it is totally valid. all i am saying is you are talking about a unique case that involves 12 million people. that's out of control. >> agreed. >> lose the anger, america. lose the rage. >> i am going to guess from the music playing i am done.
12:42 am
>> i believe you are. see you in the back end, andy. and that's not the bar. >> all right, coming up, an exclusive interview with ryan seacrest. >> you smell like cocoa puffs. >> is harrison ford dead -- dead against playing hans solo again?
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has america become ameri-stoned. on tuesday colorado and washington washington state voted to legalize marijuana use. it would allow adults to legally purchase 1 ounce of weed by the end of the month. while the rain and fanal state approved selling the pot-related product. said the governor, love your name, of the measure he opposed, but it will not block. this will be a complicated process, but we tend to fall through. federal law says marijuana is not a legal drug. so don't break out the cheetoes or goldfish too
12:46 am
quickly. >> that's what they eat. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuuuunnnnnddd. >> extra long? >> lightning round. >> first you make it too short and then you try to make it too long. that's why obama won. in your face. >> exactly. sherrod, i'm assuming you don't have any thoughts on legalization. here is my point, if it is not legal federally obama will go after them anyway. >> that's when you say don't tread on me. i think the local government can make their own decisions, right? >> yes. >> if you can sell medical marijuana in all of these states eventually it will get to recreational. >> i guess. >> tax money. how much money are you bringing into colorado? >> i am not interested in tax money. i am interested in money for everybody. i don't want to legalize something so the government
12:47 am
doesn't have more money? >> that's our money though. that means we get to pay less taxes. >> they will just take it. >> then you have to vote, right? >> you. no. jedediah, here is what -- i am for legalization of recreational. i hate the medicinal bs. >> it doesn't exist. >> i always see celebrities joking about their medical marijuana card and their quasi glaucoma and i find it insulting. >> if it was legalized, you wouldn't hear that nonsense. it would just be legal. i happen to support it and it is a state's right. i don't know if obama will be so quick to go after this. >> he is not going to do it: >> if you asked him how he felt he would probably support legalization. >> he can't say that. >> if you asked him what he really thought about the issue. >> you can't be the first black president and the dude that legalized marijuana. that's now how it works. >> you need someone like john mccain to legalize marijuana.
12:48 am
mccain was elected we would all be high right now. what are your thoughts as a father and grandfather? >> i can't smoke that anymore. the marijuana they make today -- when i was a young man you smoked a joint and you get a we buzz. now if i am next to someone smoking i will have an acid trip. these guys can sit there and say marijuana is for medicinal purposes. straight face. it is great for pain. straight face. pes also great with asthma. -- it is also great withs a ma you. and they don'ts laugh. that takes extra strength. >> have i under a minute bill. thoughts? >> on its way, i think obama and holder were horrible the last four years when it comes to this. they would go into the medical marijuana dispense res when they said they wouldn't. now that they have been re-elected we will see a change. philip morris has got a patent
12:49 am
already. it is going to happen. don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about.
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and there was a beautiful "star wars" and he is
12:53 am
reprizing his role as the transgendered misfit called hans solo. harrison is open to the idea of doing the movie and he is upbeat about it. many people are surprised to hear considering he not only still wears an earring, but he has called the hans solo character not so interesting, and he thought he should have died. what a horrible person, gavin. >> he is my son. >> gavin, yes, gavin your son. >> i love that guy. >> i should go to bill first. >> go to bill. >> you are the expert on all things "star wars." you can't have a hans solo with an earring. >> i believe he will take it out. >> i don't think so. >> they can cgi the hole. that will be fine. he was right. they should have killed him off in the third one. he was a pimp in the second one. he was hugging ewoks in the third one. that was the national
12:54 am
trajectory. it is better than mark hamill who looks weird now. >> sherrod? mark harmon was at comic-con a couple years back. hans solo should come back. what was he, 99 years old? >> he is 70. >> he won't do much in the new movie. it will be like obie can canobie. >> i think harrison ford looks fabulous. i don't know anything about "star wars." >> would you hit it? >> would you make love to him? >> i would consider it. >> it is a legitimate question. >> that's fair. >> that's gross. >> it is gross. you wouldn't make love to him, would you? >> princess leah. >> if it was drunk and it didn't hurt. >> if he was careful and nice and he gave me a massage i
12:55 am
might let him [bleep]. >> play some patriot game in your pants. >> we have to edit part of that out. >> i call him the booper. he is a bleeping looper. all right, we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy.
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5:00 p.m. eastern for "the five." we have terry safford, kennedy and jesse joyce. and now andy levy with the post game wrap up jie. what is with all of the people asking you questions.
12:59 am
>> i have a contact page. ask me what you like. have i a q and a column. just don't ask me anything bill would ask me. >> tear enough. >> sherrod, what is going down? >> have i so much popping off. -- i have so much popping off. we can't talk about it too much. can't talk about it too much. >> and then i have a new show. it is a hip hop show. >> excellent. >> that's it. >> all right. i feel bad. i asked what was going down and it looks like you have stuff popping off. >> what do you think about your son, gavin's book. >> i don't think i was portrayed accurately. i think i was a drunken loon gnaw particular. i recent that. if you read the chapters just save them. >> think about suing him for that portrayal.


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