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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 14, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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[overlapping dialogue] >> sean: on that, you ludes that bet. thank you for being with us. thank you. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be trouble. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. in just 36 hour, former cia director david petraeus will testify about ben befnl he may be the one who knows the most about what happened on september 11. just two weeks ago, general petraeus went to libya to conduct his own investigation. so now. >>, congress will get the chance to question general petraeus about what he knows. but will it bring us closer to answering the question? n incompetence or coverup or something else? >> this president of this administration has either been guilty of cocolossal incompetence or engaged in a coverup, neither of which are
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acceptable to the american people. >> let me say specifically about susan rice, she has done exemp plear work. as i said before, she made an appearance at the request of the white house, in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> why did you pick her to tell us about benghazi? what does she have to do with benghazi? did anybody ask her for additional security? she's the united nations ambassador. >> you don't end up on every single major sunday show without affirmatively putting yourself out there of wanting to carry forward a message on behalf of the administration. >> i don't think we are doing very well in the u.n., quite frankly. they did a good job on libya, but china and russia are walking all over us. i think she is more political
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operative than anything else, when it comes to benghazi. >> one of the questions here is really who in different parts of our government knew what about what happened? knew the faces about what happened in benghazi on 9/11 and did they share it with everybody else? >> obviously, it's very troubling that ambassador rice' rendition turned out to be incorrect. and we need to get to the bottom of that. >> you want to get to the bottom of benghazi, have you to get obam a. obama is the bottom of benghazi. obama is the bottom of the coverup. that's why i said that this dwarfs wortgate. this is a coverup that dwarfs watergate. there are four people dead in this. >> greta: just in, tampa socialite, jill kelley, at the center of the scandal, had her special friends of macdill i.d. revoked. it gave her easy access to part
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of the military base. but paula broadwell, a lieutenant colonel in the army reserves got her security clearance suspended. and the fbi agent who helped launch the investigation into the scandal, frederick humphreys ii, a veteran counter terrorism investigator. the former senior adviser to president reagan, pat buchanan joins us. rush limbaugh said this is different than watergate. >> as a basic issue, yes it is. watergate was about a bunch of guys, going over to the watergate offices to plug the phone of larry o'brian. criminal activity, yes. but petty compared to a terrorist attack that kill an american ambassador and two navy seals and a diplomat. people who were begging for security and begging for help out there for months. >> greta: i think the important point to make that is people
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just want facts. they want information. and that's what has been so profoundly difficult to get. there are not necessarily, you can't make any accusations because they can't get the facts. >> let's take a look at what the president said. susan rice, we sent her out there. she went on five television shows and she told a patently false story. the president said she based it on the best intelligence she had at the time. was that also the best intelligence the white house had at the time isn't reason that's an issue is because there was no protest. how can you have intelligence about a protest over a video that never happened? president of the united states is now saying that tom donlan of the nfc and me, our best intelligence five days later was that this was the result of a flash mob, a protest over a video. how could they say that when the cia guys were in a battle on and
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off for seven hours that very night, the next morning, they all pulled out and made it out. general petraeus, who is the head of the cia had to know the next day exactly what went on. there were checkpoints, all the rest of it, no protests. yet day after day, after day, the administration is out there, putting out a party line through carny and petraeus hem, through the president, through rice, oh, it all came out of a protest, something we couldn't have predicted. we couldn't have known about it in advance. a protest over a video. a protest that never happened. >> greta: if i were ambassador rice, i woofer been insulted -- >> she was used. >> greta: he said, she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. in other words, he is saying she is a robot, she didn't ask her own questions. it seems so bizarre, any person after the first 24 hours would have said, what in the world is going on? she took spoon-fed information,
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didn't think for herself and took the direction from the white house, the robot, the way he portrays it. i would have been insulted. >> she wants to be secretary of state. but the best of the intelligence provided to here who provided it, greta? >> greta: you say, if someone says such-approximate-such occurred, the first thing i say is how do you know? that's the first thing i say. >> somebody -- >> greta: tell me how you know. >> somebody came, she said, if i am going to go on all five show, give me the intest intelligence you got. what happened, what do you want me to emphasize? that's what you say, in the white house, senior staff. somebody told her, here's what you say, that it was a protest at a video, not premeditated, not preplanned. if somebody knew otherwise, they were lying to her. i think she has been used. >> greta: she may be used burke either she's a yes man and takes whatever is spoon fed or a robot, they wound her up and
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said say this. >> that would be insulting, i would hope that she said, how do you know? >> after this happen, i would hope she would call somebody and say, why did do you this to me? you set me out there to make a complete fool out of myself. now i am under constant attack. i used my credibility because of what you told me, you told me the intelligence said it was a spontaneous protest. who provided her with the quote intelligence that didn't exist? >> greta: even more troubling, we have to keep going back to the fact that there are four americans dead. this isn't a game. this is know a game of parcheesi. we are trying to get to the bottom of what happened to four americans. we need to find out what happened, how do we prevent it from happening and why are we getting the stupid stories? itch this is speculation. why are we getting the stupid stories? i think this... if it was a spontaneous attack, a flash mob and the people came out and
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attacked the embassy and in an hour, they killed the ambassador and burned burned it up. nobody's responsible, in the sense that -- this was not preplanned, it wasn't premeditated, it was pontaneous like a tornado in joplin, missouri, so none of us can be at fault -- >> greta: except you have the august 16 cable that -- that one doesn't work. >> also, have you listen -- you have the whole blown 12-foot hole blown in the wall of the consulate in june. have you that. you have during the time of the attacks, the people were memoing or emailing back to washington -- it's a phony story -- the question is, why do a phony story? >> greta: why do you do a phony story when four americans are dead? >> because you don't want to be held accountable. >> greta: that's appalling. if that's the reason. that's why it's so important that petraeus when he testifies, everybody, let's get the straight story out itch let's
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take a look at the department of state. they get request after request, we are in real trouble. al qaeda's all over the place. the british ambassador is gone, the wish guys are gone. have you all of that at the state department and you didn't done a thing to send out more security and, boom! these four folks are dead because you didn't act! >> greta: you know what, you have to have the honor to say, here's where things fell apart. this is what we know -- >> that's exactly -- >> greta: you don't tell something that is silly, like it's a video and keep pushing -- whoever is telling the video story. >> that's exactly. that's exactly the point. why did they use this particular cover story which suggests they have no responsibility whatsoever? caller: hopefully, there will be committee action that the general -- >> we ought to get to the bottom of this. as you said, four brave guys are dead. it's possible that it could have been prevented. it's possible it could have been stopped. we ought to know and we ought not to be-- the american people
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are mature. they can understand situations like that happening, with the cole and these other things. we can get to the bottom of it. >> greta: i think, you know, i think it speaks poorly of the government, if the government's hiding something. it's time to find out what did happen. that's the decent thing to do. >> senator graham is right, this walked through from day 1, all of these reports and requests for aid and cries for help and the ambassador saying i am a target, all the way through. what happened in the seven and-a-half hours, why didn't they have a couple of jets come over 300 feet in an hour? >> greta: i understand that better. i am going to take the last word. it is hard to make the tough decisions, it takes time to think to do coverups and not tell the truth. that takes time to think. that's worse, i think. i am getting the last word. pat, always nice to see you. senator john mccain, me and senators lindsay graham and kelley iiot came to the flor.
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we poke with senator john mccain earlier. >> thank you, earlier, you were on the senate floor, asking for -- making a resolution for a select and the to -- select committee to investigate benghazi, why? >> well, this tragedy covers jurisdiction of at least four committees. there are certain committees like foreign regulations that have to do with the state department. intelligence, cia, so it crosses a number of boundaries. what we need is what we had after watergate, iran-contra that we would put together a select committee to put together jurisdiction over all the issues. that's the only way to address this terrible tragedy and debacle. >> it's profoundly more efficient because you don't have one official testifying before several committees. >> exactly. again, so many of these
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activities cross these different lines. cia and d.o.d., department of defense were involved in the protection issues. state department and cia were involved in the questions about the security of the embassy and who attacked and under what circumstances and, of course, the warnings that came from the state department, which then were apparently ignored. so, the events also crossed jurisdictions. it wasn't just a state department incident and a department of defense incident. it was a one that crosses all boundaries. so if you are ever going to get the complete picture, you have to have one committee. >> anything from senator harry reid? >> i am sure their senior committee members here in the senate won't -- >> greta: why not? >> it's in -- first of all, the democrats don't want an investigation of this nature. look, they have so much to hide, it's -- i mean, there are so many things that went wrong in this thing. this centipede has a lot of
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shoes that are going to drop. obviously, they are not going to want it. they didn't want a 9/11 commission. the bush people didn't that, joe lieberman and i propose. they didn't want a watergate committee. it is going to require the american people demanding it. >> greta: they are going to get one in the house because that is led by the republicans. even if the democrats don't want it in the senate. you have senator dianne feinstein -- she wants something diabetic. >> i hope she sticks to that. i think if she demans a select committee, it is much more likely. >> greta: when is it likely to play out that there will be a select committee or not? what's the time table? >> it depends on the american public. if there is enough of an outcry over this needless murder -- >> greta: four. >> four brave americans -- i mean, watergate was about a break-in. iran contra was about shipment of arms, obviously. this is about the needless, tragic deaths of four brave
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americans. it seems to me there is -- the american people will demand it. i hope the demands are heard by their representatives. >> greta: today, the president gave a press conference and he spoke about a number of issues, including the ambassador to the u.n., susan rice. the rumor is that she might be nominated by the president for the secretary of state. he said, you were picking on her. are you? >> you know, it's interesting for the president to say something that juvenile. not picking on anyone. again, as we just said, four americans died. is that picking on anybody when you want to place responsibility? and find out what happened? so that we can make sthur doesn't happen again. you know, it is not a bad life being ambassador to the u.n., you have a nice suite in the waldorf astoria tlooks pretty good. why -- why they used her as their spokesperson, on all the major networks on sunday is beyond me, but they did --
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>> greta: the president -- >> she used the talking points from the white house. we are not picking on her. but we are holding her to some degree responsible. we are holding the president of the united states responsible. he is responsible and he has not -- he has given contrasting versions of events to the american people. could i remind you, september 21, in the rose garren, he said, it was quote, acts of terror. that same night, he said to steve cross on "60 minutes" it's too early to know how this came about. on september 20, we are still doing an investigation. september 24, on the view, we are still doing an investigation. and then before the united 25, a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. now he said that on september 25, in the second debate, with mitt romney, he said, i called it an act of terror in the rose garden. he didn't. he condemned acts of terror in
7:16 pm
the rose garden t. if he did, how come he told the united nations a couple of weeks later that it was a senseless video that sparked a demonstration, when he knew full well there was no spontaneous demonstration? so my response to the president of the united states is we are not picking on anybody, we want answers and the buck does stop at your desk, mr. president. >> greta: the station chief in benghazi said it was terrorism or terrorist group within 24 hour it's. >> within 24 hours, yes! >> greta: on the 14th of september, three days later, general petraeus came up here and, as cia director, said it was the video protest. number 1, do you expect that general petraeus will testify this week? -- >> yes, before the intelligence committee t. will be closed. >> greta: what's your explanation for him doing that? why he went from the station chief told him to what he said on the 14th? what's going on there? >> i do not know.
7:17 pm
that's why he has to testify. but i think it's patently obobvious that the talking points that ambassador rice had didn't come from the cia. it came from the white house. so who in the white house gave ambassador rice those, quote, talking points that she used, when clearly the facts had contradicted that kind of assertion to the american people? and by the way, i was on "face the nation" and immediately after, she made her statement about the hateful video, the president of the legislative assembly of libya was on, saying, this is an al qaeda operation. he immediately contradicted it, that sunday, and they went on for days and days afterwards, alleging this was a spontaneous demonstration. why would they do such a thing? one can speculate that the president's delivery to the morn
7:18 pm
-- american people is, we have bin laden and al qaeda's on the run. if you believe this was a spontaneous demonstration, that fits with the narrative. if you believe, as is the facts, al qaeda's coming back everywhere, they have infiltrated into libya, al qaeda from everywhere, which we warned about, lindsay graham and i in a piece in the wall street gorm, that they are coming back everywhere in iraq, in afghanistan, in syria. they're all over the place. so it interferes with the president's narrative. we got bin laden, al qaeda's on the run, therefore, i am a great command in chief. the fact is everything's unraveling in the missed east. >> greta: straight ahead, not just senator mccain, tonight, senator lindy graham firing back. we are here to talk about the heated battle, next. and the real war on women. some women say they are censored by facebook.
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>> senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. i'm happy to have that discussion with them. but for them to go after the u.n. ambass do, who had nothing to do with benghazi? and was simply making a presentation based on intel jeps that she had received? and to besmirch her reputation? is outrageous. >> greta: president obama lashing out at respect senators over the benghazi scandal.
7:23 pm
tonight, senator graham, fighting back, mr. president, don't think for one minute, i don't hold you responsible for benghazi. congressman jason chaffetz is here. i suspect he said the two senators should be going after him, not the upled n. ambationz dor. perhaps he should invite them up. >> i would love to have this discussion with the president. >> greta: friday, general petraeus is to testify. if you were on the committee and you could ask him questions, what would you ask him? >> i would want to know more. but most important is what happened or didn'tv happen in benghazi. the president a couple of times prior to the election say said he did everything to protect and take care of the people in benghazi. if you look at the two-page timeline that the department of defense released on friday. you look at that, five times in there, it says they prepared to do something, but it's clear in there, the president of the united states never pulled the
7:24 pm
trigger. never gave the authorization, never told the military to engage in the fire fight, protect the americans and extract them. he did not do that. >> greta: someone tried to ask him at the press conference, did you give the authority? i don't think there was a complete answer, i didn't walk away, knowing if we had the answer, did pee pull the trigir -- he may have, i didn't get. >> i went to libbia. they had proximity, they had the capability, they were never given the order to do that. they contradicts what the president has said publicly about what he asked the military to do and not do. that's a hiewmg question that needs to be answered by the president. >> greta: we keep talk about this four who were murdered as the catalyst for the investigation. there are a lot of reasons. but we often overlook, the people were hurt. >> yeah. to me, this is one of the national tragedies, nobody's talked about this yet. but if you look at that timeline this, fire fight starts at 9:40
7:25 pm
p.m. and engages through the night. according to the department of defense's own timeline, they didn't even prepare the c17 for extraction until 6:00 a.m., after 2:00 p.m., it leaves and goes to libya and doesn't return until 10:19 p.m., we have injured people. we have dead bodies. >> greta: they're at walter reed right now. at least one of them. >> we pay hundreds of billions of dollars, we have men and women willing to sacrifice their lives. yet the president of the united states didn't authorize them to engage and extract, did not put the safety of those people first. it's a crying shame, we have people in the hospital that should have had hours and hours earlier, treatment for from an american facility at least in germany. there is no excuse to leave those people behind. >> greta: is the -- general's extra-curricular activity with paula broadwell, is that relevant to this investigation? >> perhaps.
7:26 pm
but it's not central to what happened and didn't happen. i am glad to hear that general petraeus friday in the house, 7:30, house intelligence, chairman mike rogers, he will be grilled. he has pertinent information -- >> greta: will they be tough on him? there is a lot of deference? on the other hand, he does have the information and he did make the horribly inconsistent statement from what the station chief, we are told, said within 24 hours. >> look, the cia has information, the state department has information, the white house has information. if the president's going to live up to his word to be open and transparent, provide that information. if the ambassador rice didn't have -- if he says, she didn't have the information, she went off the information hashe had -- whoa prepared that information? >> greta: i thought he threw herurn the bus, to make it look like she never had an independent thought, she took marching orders and went right over there. really? >> he was so offended that we are asking questions.
7:27 pm
that's the role of congress. you know what, mr. president, if you don't like it, show us the information that she was gleaning from and tell us who prepared it. >> greta: this would have gone away from the beginning if they just provided information. i don't -- you know, they are the ones dragging it out. >> they are. it's wrong. it's a tragedy and our men and women serving overseas deserve better. and the american people deserve better. >> greta: congressman, thank you. shitell the viewers, you have two new puppies in the family. >> proud puppy dad. >> greta: coming up, did facebook take down a picture of a woman in the middle-east because she wasn't wearing a veil? want to hear about the real war on women? two women in lebanon say facebook is on the wrong side of this fight. allen west has not conceded the election and he has gotten power backup from someone you know and have seen "on the record." two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf.
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>> greta: florida congressman, allen west, eight days after the election has not concedessed, he wants port saint lucie to recount. regardless of the outcome, the voters have the right to know the process was fair and the results accurately reflect their will. they request is set for friday.
7:32 pm
the war on women, the political weapon in the campaign. but now, will democrats confront the real war on women isn't one going on right now in the middle-east? republican congressional candidate, the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, served in the middle-east. she is here. >> good it see you, your race is not yet called either. you are in the middle of a count? >> still counting. >> greta: what's the separation? >> less than a thousand. it's up and down. >> greta: let's go to the so-called war on women. first of all, let's admit the men in the united states are not perfect. but you have traveled the world. there is a story about a syrian woman, holding on to her passport, showing her unrailed and the picture is posted on a web site and there is the picture on the web site. and it was taken down by facebook and taken by facebook because the explanation was that it didn't -- the content violates facebook community rules, meaning somebody objected to it.
7:33 pm
>> this is just an example. there are women all over the middle eave, yemen, tuknees yark egypt, they are using social media to show what is really going on there. so try to help mobilize others and to get attention to what the plight of women is. it is absolutely inappropriate that it could be taken down. i think it's back up now. >> greta: it is back up and facebook has apologized. but it ising about that the knee-jerk reaction to remove this picture because there were people where she was living that objected to an unveiled woman. they didn't want that on the facebook page. >> doesn't surprise me, having been in the middle east and saudi arabia and afghanistan and all sorts of places in africa, doesn't surprise me. but very disturbing that facebook would be willing to take it down. >> greta: it's hard to imaginer here, the education, women couldn't get educated. a 14-year-old pakistani girl was hotted inhead for confronting pakistan on education. >> the war on women, women who
7:34 pm
are honor killed after they were raped. they can't go to school, leave their house, travel. this is when we should be fighting. wes incredible opportunities here in the you said. this is a reminder that in many countries in the world, women are really treated as property. their lives are in danger, young girls of all ages, this is very, very serious. this is the war on women. >> greta: it's so horrible that it seems unbelievable. the stories you hear about a woman being raped and murdered because now she's know a clean woman. the stories are so bizarre to us, that they seem like people are making them up. >> but it's real. i have met women in those situations in those countries, it's very real. afghan women here in the united states, if she couldn't get asylum because she was raped by a relative, she was going to kill herself. she said that in a matter of fact way because she felt there was no out. this is a serious threat to
7:35 pm
women. >> greta: we took "on the record" to saudi arabia with former first lady laura bush, on a breast cancer awareness trip. it was astounding, women couldn't get a mammogram because they couldn't drive themselves to get the mammogram and they had to have permission from their husbands and thisf they weren't married, they had to get permission from the father and the brother and then the father and the brother didn't want anyone touching them. they can't go do school and they can't have a male doctor, so you can't get a woman doctor. it's incredible. >> i spent a year in saudi arabia. i took on our us servicewomen treated similar to them while we were serve ago. >> greta: what it was? you objected to the way they required you to discretions? itch it was a in be of things. bureaucratic policy. first, put on the moz lim garb, then they saidt put it on and put the head scarf on, if you
7:36 pm
are asked. sit in the back seat, wear the head scarf, always be escorted by a male who was supposed to claim you as their wife. it was totally inappropriate. the u.s. military, we were doing it to ourselves because that's wawe thought the saudis wanted to do, so we would be cultural sensitive. it is totally inappropriate. i file aid lawsuit against donald rumsfeld and eventually, it reprevailed. >> greta: i don't want men to think that it's so much better here that they don't have room for improvech. >> we have a lot of issues. >> greta: but it's profoundly better. >> one is to get more women in congress. so people can still help me. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: was your tax money used to promote obamacare for p.r.? that's what the house republicans want to know. they have issued a subpoena to find out. our panel's here next. in two minutes, nancy pelosi takes on reporter luke russert. what did russert ask that gotler
7:37 pm
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>> greta: it was want a typical capitol hill news conference. house minority leader, nancy pelosi taking on luke russert. their exchange got a group of female house democrats all fired up. what does russert ask to set leader pelosi off? listen? >> privately say you are -- your decision to stay on inhibits the party from having a younger leadership and would be hurt for the party in the long run. [boos and jeers from group]. >> discrimination. >> next! next! >> i guess... oh, have you always asked that question, except to mitch
7:40 pm
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♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ >> greta: hhs secretary gets a subpoena over obamacare. but first, we have the headliance. >> hank you. worried about the looming fiscal cliff sending stocks sharply lower, with the dow jones dropping 185 points. nasdaq down 37 and s&p lost 19. if lawmakers fail to act, most americans could be taxed more, starting january 1. that's the same day that sharp cuts to the government spending take effect. ecob mists fear the combination could send the country back into recession. software founder john mack afee will turn himself into the fbi. he is a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor in belize. the security software magnate telling the associated press, he is on the run with a young woman
7:43 pm
and if that he believes police there want to kill him. belize authorities say they only want to question him. macafee says he's innocent. trace gallagher, in los angeles, back to "on the record." >> greta: obamacare is now the law of the land. like it or not works we have it. a slight wrinkle. did the obama administration spend yuyour tax money not just on health services, but p.r. to convince that you should you love obamacare? a house committee wants to know. they subpoenaed hhs committee chair kathleen sebelius. we have a panel here to discuss it. rick, what does the hill want? >> the hill wants to know what kathleen sebelius was spenning mono, and whether there was money proanted for hhs publicity, directed to improve the standing of the obama health care law. if it was spent on those purposes, it wasn't really doing its job. the obamacare is not nearly as
7:44 pm
possible as the administration wanted. i would also say, look, it is the law of land. as a political matter, this is a very legitimate inquiry, but have you more and more republicans saying, it's time to move on. i don't see this as a fruitful area to go through the things that happened in the last term. it is the law of the land. there is no point it try to repeal it as this jumpghture, right now. i don't know whati are going to accomplish. >> greta: apparently, gawp, correct me if i am wrong, one of the programs spent $20 million on p.r., i don't know if that's to be spent in the future or now. that's a lot of moppy, sips it's the law of the land, we can stop trying to spend money on it. >> it's a lot of money -- but in federal terms, it's a drop in the bucket, i know, i know. >> you can imagine if george w. bush ran ads on the patriot act.
7:45 pm
george w. bush's administration did run ads promoting the medicare prescription drug benefit. and in thees at the time were outraged -- cried foul. >> greta: why we are paying for any ads? >> you shouldn't. it was wrong when bush did it. i think it's wrong, it's the principle. it is not the money. i think one thing hais bad with the obama ad, in have been misleading people and fact checkers have said they are wrong. medicare advantage enrollm could drop in half by 2017. >> i think if they are trying to sway public opinion, that's bad. but if you are trying to educate the public on what's in the law, which is going on radically change the health care system in this nation -- >> greta: that's like -- porn and art, though. >> [overlapping dialogue] >> $20 million is a lot. >> it is the law. you are right. it's going to be a slippery slope of deciding what it is and what it isn't and educating people so they know it's out
7:46 pm
there and -- >> greta: is it over, the spending? have we spent it? it's over. that is profoundly different than if we are spenning this money? >> half the republican leaders, they want the answers, they are not getting them from hhs. >> greta: whether it's over? [overlapping dialogue] >> greta: is there more allocated. >> what they have spent -- >> i think it shows that congress can't do much to repeal the law. but the fight's know over. right now, this is going to go to the states. if the states don't enact it, the spending and the taxes don't go combo effect. >> greta: one quick question on the press conference, your thoughts. >> i thought the president was more fired up about the susan rice question. i think, look, he came in, there was a swagger in his answers, generally. i think, you know, it is dragged down by the external issue, the petraeus affair, benghazi, this is not how he wanted to start a second term. >> greta: any thought. >> i thought it was an extraordinary performance by the president. he has boxed himself in, if he nominates rice, he is thumbing
7:47 pm
his nose at congress. if he doesn't, he looks weak. there is no in between. >> i thought, it was a lot more of the same on the firveggal cliff. he was asked about the -- whether you know, republicans would compromise. he didn't get asked specific questions about compromising. that's what stuck out to me. >> greta: it will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of days and general petraeus will be on capitol hill on friday. never dull. thank you, panel. straight ahead, terribly disturbing news out of israel, hamas says israel has opened the gates of hell. the israeli deputy foreign minister is next. is what drives us to broadcast the world's biggest events in 3d, or live to your seat high above the atlantic ocean. it's what drives us to create eco-friendly race tracks, batteries that power tomorrow's cars, nearlyndestructible laptops,
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enjoy sabra dips. or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> israeli deputy foreign minister is here. good evening, sir. i should add that the assassination followed about five days of rocket attacks from palestinians to israelis. so i guess that's where this has led to today's hitting the chief hamas figure.
7:52 pm
are you on the edge of war? >> well, we hope not. and thank you, greta, for mentioning what led to this stro take. we have to remember that this chief of terror operations of hamas, jabari, is like the hamas bin laden. he has been terrorizing israel for 7 years, actually intensifying terror against us. and what we have done is actually a preventive measure to make sure that life for a million israelis in our southern towns will be safer. we do hope that this will not escalate and it's very much up to hamas. and if they do hold fire, we will do the same. >> greta: well, there has been a condemnation by the egyptian president who has recalled his ambassador to israel, back to egypt. of course, that's so important, the egyptian relationship with the 1979 treaty, with israel,
7:53 pm
which has stabilized, so much in the region. to the extent, it's stabilized. this is why i'm concerned. prime minister netanyahu is quoted as saying, he is prepared to broaden the operation. hamas calls for revenge and says israel declared war on gaza and a brigadier general inier military said that the israeli cabinet gave authorization for mobilization of reserves and ground forces are an option and they are prepared. that doesn't sound like it's leading in a good direction. it sounds like this is leading to more conflict. >> we have to remember that since we left gaza altogether, seven years ago, we evacuated gaza. we pulled out of gaza. we gave gaza to the palestinians in a good will gesture. not only terror did not stop, it intensified. we have been trying to to be very restrained and indeed, we were. but no government can allow this terror to continue and terrorize
7:54 pm
1 million of its population. it is not only our right for self-defense, it's an obligation. if, indeed, homas will continue, we will have to do what we need to do to take out the hamas terror infrastructure in gaza. we hope this will not be escalated and we are very disappointed at the egyptians stand. i think it's egypt's interest, just as much as it is israel's -- israel's interest to stop the terror infrom structure. >> greta: what is the expectation that hamas could do to israel? how well armed are they? what do they have left? >> well, greta, they are still arm to the teeth, with the so-called arab spring and the deterioratation and actually the collapse of many regimes, the hamas could really get ahold of weapons which are much more accurate than they had before
7:55 pm
with long range. they get it from the -- arsenals are the former dictator of cadoff nelibya. they get it, of course, from iran and unfortunately, they are very much poised to threaten and cover almost half of the territory of israel. >> greta: one last, quick question. syria still a huge concern for you. is there anything the yus united states, you would like to see the united states do about syria. >> syria is a big concern. many terror base, the assad regime is continuing to kill their own population, already, 35,000 syrian population dead. syria still is in possession of weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical. so we have to watch very much that this stays intact and they do not transfer it to terror organizations like hezbollah or that they do not use it on their own population or anybody around.
7:56 pm
it is of a concern. it is very unfortunate that the international community, especially because of the blocks of russia and china are not able to mobilize help for the syrian people. >> greta: nice to see you. hope you will come back soon. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: we'll be right back. it [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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>> greta: thank you for being with us tonight. i want to talk to you about


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