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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i'm shepard smith. fox news new york. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> for more than a year there have been allegations that i knew about the planning of a watergate break in and that i was involved in an extensive plot to cover it up. >> bill: is the libyan situation another watergate or a total waste of time as far as a scandal is concerned? today the senate began hearings and we will have the inside story. >> senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> bill: president obama angry about criticism of susan rice as u.n. ambassador. but greg gutfeld says the president is faking annoyance. gutfeld will explain. >> also, megyn kelly on 59 places in philadelphia where mitt romney got zero votes. is that even possible? miss megyn will analyze.
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caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi. i'll bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the libyan situation another watergate? that is the subject of this evening's talk points memo. today on capitol hill, senate intelligence committee began hearings about the murder of the ambassador to libya and three other americans in benghazi on 9-11. as you may know, the obama administration will not define exactly what happened. the press has been largely negligent in pursuing the story. now the testimony is under oath, so it's serious. there are two ways this thing could go. first, into a watergate type spectacle with cover-ups and goh gus statements to the american people, or second. >> it could be a big nothing. a human error that spiraled out of control. the problem is compounded by the president's refusal to define anything. he continues to say there is an investigation, so he can't even give us basic facts like when prosecute you told, mr.
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president, about the attack in benghazi? an answer to that question cannot possibly impact any investigation, nevertheless, mr. obama refuses to provide it. that raised all kinds of conspiraciy theories and now you have the petraeus situation added to the mix. at a press conference today, reporter asked senator john mccain if the fact that general petraeus' mistress kept secret documents in her possession was it more serious than the entire libyan debauchle? >> well, i say with great respect, that's one of the dumbest questions i've ever heard. okay? there is four dead americans. there is four dead americans. not a socialite. not a socialite. i'm answering your question. okay? do you want me to answer your question or do you want to interrupt? which do you want? okay. there is four dead americans. >> bill: senator mccain obviously feels very strongly that there is government mal feesance involved in the libyan chaos. but that has yet to be proved. however, the senate is doing the right thing by holding hearings
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trying to get the information out to we the people. look at it this way, back in 1972, richard nixon denied anything to do with a low level political break in. if the press had not been aggressive, nixon would have gotten away with it. certainly the break in at the watergate hotel was not nearly as important as failing to define a terrorist attack that killed four americans. president obama made a mistake in not getting ahead of the story. he should have given us the facts weeks ago. he chose not to. and the press let him get away it. but now the heat is coming down. as it should. that's a memo. now for the top story, let's bring in senator sax bee chambliss from florida. joins us from washington. senator, i heard you with chris wallace and i watched your briefing and i know this is a lot of stuff you can't talk about because it was closed and all that. i'm a simple man. i'm going to walk through it with you. on september 14, c.i.a. chief david petraeus made a statement that indicated it was a
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spontaneous demonstration caused by a crazy videotape. that was echoed by the u.n. ambassador, susan rice. all right? that's what happened. yet cables from the c.i.a. out of tripoli, libya, say the day after it was a terrorist attack, an organized terrorist attack with heavy weaponry. so you got your own c.i.a. chief contradicting his guys in libya. am i accurate so far? >> well, you're right. the director petraeus did say a couple of days later that based on the information they had, that they thought that this was an act of violence that arose out of a protest. >> bill: okay. but that's impossible -- >> that is what he said. >> bill: yeah. but that's impossible because the cables that fox news read say the c.i.a. guys on the ground in libya told petraeus and the brass and langly that it was a terrorist attack.
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so either petraeus is lying or he can't read. >> well, here is what we know, bill. you don't have a spontaneous attack from folks carrying ak 47s and other automatic weapons. you don't have folks with rpg's and firing mortars on a spontaneous attack. this was a clearly a terrorist attack. >> bill: okay. everybody knows that. sorry to interrupt burks everybody knows that. you know it, i know it. the folks watching tonight knows it. but the head of the c.i.a. who had to know it as well said something completely opposite. now i don't know whether you heard this or not, but charles krauthammer, one of our fox news analysts here, he implied today on "special report" that petraeus may have consciously misled the country because he was caught up in this mistress stuff that the obama administration knew about and tomorrow when petraeus comes in front of you guys, are you going to go down that road?
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>> well, we want to ask general petraeus the hard and tough questions. frankly, i don't think he would do anything that would be misleading and i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because i have great respect for him and confidence that he's going to tell us the truth about it whatever it is. but we'll see from him tomorrow with respect to that. >> bill: okay. but i have the utmost respect for the jeb as well. i think he's a patriot. but he already misled us. he already misled us on september 14. so he either did it and he's got to explain that, why he did it. he either did it consciously or unconsciously, but he already misled us, senator. >> well. >> you better believe he's going to be asked about it tomorrow. >> bill: can you get me in to that hearing? [ laughter ] >> i don't know if i can get you clearance, bill, that's your problem. >> bill: i know. my problem my whole life. this is a serious matter, i wanted to bring a little levity into it.
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looks, it -- look, it looks like there is something rotten here. there is something rotten here. at the highest levels of our government with misleading the american people when everyone knew from the second day, september 12, by cables and eyewitness reportsers it was a terrorist attack. final question, you see president obama's press conference yesterday? did you see it? >> i did. >> bill: okay. >> saw parts of it. >> bill: he won't even answer, the president, when he was informed about the attack, citing the investigation. are you kidding me? all he has to do is say, look, here is who told me and here is the date. that doesn't impede anythin it? >> i agree 100%. i can't tell what you i know about what he knew and when he knew it. he can. and he should. he ought to level with the american people, bill. we got four dead americans and we are getting more and more emotional about this when you see the folks in the white house and within the administration
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not putting some urgency behind getting the right kind of answers out to the american people and showing the american people that by golly, we care about those four americans. you really don't see that coming out of this white house. >> bill: all right. go get them tomorrow, senator. and we'll talk to you again soon. thank you very much. "the factor" will be right back with reaction to our interview with senator chambliss in a moment
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>> bill: impact segment, on a conference call with campaign donors yesterday, mitt romney explained why he lost the election. with some prominent republicans are rejecting the governor's point of view. >> what the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. what the president did is he gave them two things.
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one, he gave them a big gift on immigration with the dream act and amnesty program. number two, put in place the obamacare, which basically is $10,000 a family. >> absolutely reject that notion, that description. i think that's absolutely wrong. we need to continue to show that our policies help every voter out there achieve the american dream. >> bill: joining us from washington, sabrina shaver. from nashville, tennessee, chip salesman. former campaign manager for mike huckabee. you agree with him, right? >> i do. i think one of the bigger reasons why is because i think there is people could say governor remain knee lost the race for a lot of different reasons. for the candidate to come out a couple days after the election and say this is the reason i lost, kind of puts him in a bad light and almost sounds sour grapes and people don't listen to the reason. but there are a lot of reasons mitt romney lost this race. i think governor jindal hit it
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right. we need to talk about what brings us together. >> bill: as you may know, i did an analysis pretty much saying the same thing and i think that's what mitt romney picked up on and by the way, to put it in context, he was speaking to campaign donors. he was explaining look, you gave me all this money and i didn't win and one of the reasons was i couldn't overcome the entitlement society. that was my analysis as well. is that what you get tremendous amount of money flowing out of washington, into certain hands, that the hands that receive that money are not going to want it to stop. so therefore, they're going to devote, which they did, all the stats show they did, income under $30,000 overwhelmingly broke for barak obama. so i don't think the governor's analysis was wrong whereas governor jindal does think it was wrong. i think he's right on the money, mr. salesman. >> i think he lost for a couple different reasons. when the governor was talking about his agenda, it seemed like the campaign strategy was we're not going to like obama because
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there is 8% unemployment. barak obama gave at least a reason why to vote for him to his supporters, all be it wrong. governor romney -- >> bill: no. the reason wasn't wrong. mr. obama said clearly if you vote for me, i'm gog give you wrong. am i wrong about this? i mean, i think governor jindal is missing the point here. that it's very hard to overcome a voting block that's getting money! >> i certainly think that he's on to something. i think there are a lot of reasons why romney lost this election. but he does get the inner psychology of the obama campaign, was to see themselves as the provider to the people, whether we're talking about young voters or women, providing from college loans to protections in the workplace, to staying on your parents' health care 'til you're 26, to free birth control, there was definitely a message of providing. >> bill: and it worked! it absolutely worked. it's a very, very simple formula
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that the democratic party as seized upon. we're going to give you stuff. and if you vote for us, the stuff is going to continue. if you vote for romney, he's going to cut the stuff out. >> i don't blame the american people. i think there are a lot of people who are suffering right now. a lot of people who need some help. the problem was that i think the president sort of packaged this free stuff with a lot of fear and that's where i just found this to be a despicable campaign. >> bill: be that as it may, i know why governor jindal saying what he's saying. he says look, we have to -- you can't criticize people who need stuff or you're never going to win. you got to get those people over to your side. not an easy thing to do and i know why the governor is putting that forth. but to deny that the election was won on economics and was won on entitlements is just to put your head in the sand. >> i think what governor romney never did was push back about
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what the republican solution was. there was never a reason to look to mitt romney for those people. >> bill: well, i'll cede that. the governor ran a laid back campaign where he didn't go after the competency issue where he could have on libya, a number of other things, audient do that. he felt that because of the first debate he could ride it out and he would win just purely on economic fear. and didn't happen. going forward, miss schaefer, certainly it is a very challenging environment for the republican party because you have a dependency in this country when more than half of the american homes are receiving some kind of entitlement. so much of that's earned, but a lot of it is not. more than half. they're becoming more and more dependent on washington rather than the republican vision, less and less. >> right. i think one thing democrats have been very successful at is creating many more wards of the state, if you will. that's a serious cultural shift that republicans are up against now. they need to really make the --
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get the message out there that limiting -- >> bill: what would that message be though? don't take the free stuff, make it on your own? you think that message is really going to get through? in this day and age? >> it would have to be more nuance. when we're talking to women, for instance, i think they need to explain how protective legislation in the workplace, for instance, doesn't actually give you more freedom or more flexibility. >> bill: that's a sophisticated situation to try to get that message across. the free stuff message is pretty -- you know why i know this? mr. saladsman, you know why i know this? because when i said that on election night that the various groups were breaking for president obama and it was primarily because of free stuff and then the exit polling showed that, i got attacked as being a racist. right away by the democrats. they attacked me not on what i said, because what i said was absolutely true, but trying to send a warning, don't you say that free stuff is why we got elected or we'll call you a bigot. you always know you win when they start that. last word.
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>> there is no question. but as we move forward as a party and talk about our conservative values, we first got to start off with i'm a conservative. i'm just not angry about it and talk about each one is why less government is better for the future of this country and the future of your family. >> bill: all right. thanks very much. good discussion. ahead, why were there voting shah unanimous begans, or were there, in philadelphia? megyn kelly has been investigating a rather bizarre situation. later, greg gutfeld says president obama's feigning anger in the susan rice libya situation. he will explain up ahead.
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> bill: kelly file segment. city of philadelphia, there are 59 divisions where no one voted for mitt romney. no one. that apparently translated into president obama getting 19,600 votes. mitt romney getting nothing.
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is that even possible? here now, fox news anchor megyn kelly who anchored the election coverage for us last week. 19,600 to 0. >> it didn't go that well for mitt romney in certain districts within the philadelphia precinct. >> bill: this is impossible. i'm sorry. one or two people -- >> no. well -- >> bill: no. >> same thing happened with mccain! same thing! >> bill: did it really? how many did mccain get? >> there were 59 voting districts. 57, mccain got none. zero. not one. >> bill: you know, they do she unanimous begans going on? >> i don't think so because i haven't heard any reason to think so. it's not like republican high school some huge numbers in these precincts up until romney, you know. >> bill: these are largely african-american? >> almost uniformly black. almost universally inner city and not particulary wealthy and the philadelphia enquirer went out there and said, we're going
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to get to the bottom of this. they spent a couple days just searching to try to find one republican. they couldn't do it! >> bill: it was 95% of african-americans across the country supported barak obama. >> 93%. >> bill: 7% voted for mitt romney. but none of those 7 wandered into philadelphia in these precincts? >> no. it's not that surprising when you consider like the -- >> bill: 19,600 to 0 is surprising. >> well. you would think there would be an error. >> bill: one person was drunk and their finger hit the wrong thing. look, think of the odds. maybe make -- >> two election cycles in a row. two election cycles in a row. but, it didn't just happen here. apparently there are smaller divisions within precincts where this happened in cleveland, same thing. and then last time with mccain, precincts within chicago, atlanta and philly. zero votes for john mccain. >> bill: so you are not concerned, megyn kelly, not concerned?
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>> no, i haven't seen anything to concern me yet. there are some districts or precincts in utah that went owl romney, but wound up to be 17 people. >> bill: yeah, there weren't a lot of people. 17 people in utah were all in one family. [ laughter ] no, that's a joke! coming to utah and i'll take care of you. >> i only laughed at the humor. i'm an innocent bystander. >> bill: asian americans broke for the president 73%. asian americans totally different situation usually economically than african-americans. it's a whole different culture, obviously. why, why are asian americans so democratic? >> it's funny because i was trying to read up on this and figure that out because you asked me to do that. you read all these articles that seem -- you tell me they seem to have a bias because they talk about how they -- asians have degrees in math and science and have a natural aversion to the gop theories on climate change.
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because anybody with an education would clearly reject any republican views on climate change. >> bill: who wrote that article? >> take it all with a grain of salt. >> bill: let's put the crazy ideologues aside. let's assume like everyone else, asian americans are interested in the economy in getting ahead and a lot of entrepreneurial stuff going on in the asian community. they obviously said, we believe in the democratic point of view, the larger government. let's control the economy a little bit more than the gop. that doesn't seem -- i'm surprised. >> a couple of theories. one of the big mysteries was if they tend to be on the higher socioeconomic scales, they tend to side with mitt romney. then why? then you look deeper and it looks like most of the asian voters that theyof the asian voe looking at come from new york and california. those are two very blue states.
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>> bill: that's where primarily the asian communities are, though. >> right. so what i'm saying is -- >> bill: in the democratic machine. but i don't know why they would get into the democratic machine anyway. what was the asian american vote, the raw vote? >> in 2012, as a percentage of the electorate, 3%. 73% obama. 26% romney. >> bill: african-americans were 10%, right? >> yeah. a little higher than that. >> bill: 'cause they weren't quite as high as last time. >> but they're saying that both parties need to pay attention to the asian vote because it's -- >> bill: you put together a latino vote, african-american vote and the asian vote, 25% -- and the women, they broke for romney. >> democrats have been reaching out more to the asian community. >> bill: how do you do that? >> target them with your advertising. i'm not taking that bait. come on. >> bill: i want to know how you reach out. ill like to reach out. i don't know how. i want to reach. >> i think it's time to wrap.
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>> bill: okay. megyn kelly, everyone. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. madonna taking off her clothes to help the victims of hurricane sandy. should we admire that or even look? culture warriors will weigh in. greg gutfeld saying president obama is faking anger over the libya situation. wow. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪.♪it's so e ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪
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♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too.
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>> bill: madonna stripping for hurricane victims. here now the warrior, gretchen carlson and jeanine pirro. before this vital story, i want to get your opinion on the entitlement culture. we've been talking about it throughout the first part of the program where there is a division in republican party about why mitt romney lost. romney himself says, as you might have heard, that it was because of all the entitlements president obama promise to do a constituency. then we see the african-american vote and asian votes, latino vote, 71%. all for the president. so how per vasesive, jeanine, is
5:31 pm
the entitlement culture in our voting for president? >> i don't think there is any question but that our society has changed. we're in the worst economic down turn that we've been in since the depression. so you've got more people who need the safety net. and when mitt romney comes down and says that 47%, they don't pay taxes, you just alienated me and i may be someone who might have voted for you. so shame on you for alienating the country like that. >> bill: you see that there is a sensitivity among people not doing well and they're going to go to the people they feel can -- >> can care! >> bill: i don't know if it's about compare. >> he didn't sell himself. >> bill: we became strong as a student of history, i know that, 'cause i see you and kilmeade every day talking about it. we became a strong country based on self reliance, providing for ourselves. the move west, the revolutionary war, undeniable. now we're not so much self reliant. >> you put your kids to bed, you hopefully say, i hope that you can achieve the american dream.
5:32 pm
you don't say to them, i hope you'll grow up to be government assistance. but that is sort of the way in which we've moved. there has been much discussion about whether or not we reached that tipping point -- >> bill: did romney lose because of entitlements? >> yes, but again, i don't think he phrased it exactly the right way. he's denying another piece of the puzzle of why he lost, in my mind, which is you have to reach out. you have to reach out to the latinos. you have to have immigration reform. >> bill: he didn't have enough incentive for the people who are getting stuff. >> women. you have to get the women. as long as we continue to focus so much on, i believe, abortion, it's going to be hard to get women to vote republican. >> the republican party is at a crucial point. they have o make a decision to what they're going to do to reach out to everyone, to be the party of -- and i hate using the word ininclusion, but mitt romney blew it, period, end of story. he may have been giving gifts to the rich, too. that's how other people look at it inform one of the people who supported barak obama who doesn't really need government
5:33 pm
assistance is miss madonna. okay? now, she wants to raise money for the victims of hurricane sandy. i am one of those victims, ladies and gentlemen, so i am looking forward to miss madonna coming to my home and giving me whatever she wants to give me. >> oh, my god. >> bill: but here is how she is trying to help the hurricane victims. go. >> i want to take my pants off only.
5:34 pm
>> bill: okay. that was great. what do you think? >> she should keep her mouth shut. she should sing and keep her clothes on. >> bill: she wants to raise money. >> she should go out there and lift some sandbags and bring some food to these people and do a benefit concert and give the money. >> bill: the benefit concert! that would have been better, right? >> i was at yankee stadium when she did the same concert. she didn't talk about hurricane sandy. >> bill: did you pay for those tickets? >> i did. >> bill: you went? >> that's the least crude thing she says in her concert. >> bill: you don't think you're going to see -- >> i went to hear the music! >> bill: old yeller. come o. you got to hear an hour of her bloat crating. >> first of all, that's a disgrace to young women and men, for that matter. >> bill: her trying to raise money in that way is a disgrace? >> you know -- >> what do you do to a woman who takes off your clothes? you throw money at them? how degrading is that. for these women who wasn't to be equal and liberal and everything else, they're like, bringing women down.
5:35 pm
here is the bottom line, keep your pants on and go out and collect money is a way -- >> bill: she doesn't have to collect money. >> maybe she's trying to prove she's -- >> bill: you agree she should be keeping her pants on. the audience will tell me what they think tomorrow. anyway, carlson hit it. take one of your dopey concerts which costs and pays 4 or $500 to see. take the money, pay your people first, good-bye the to pay all them. right? then gift the rest to -- give the rest to the hurricane victims. then you can keep your pants on and your mouth shut. that's a twofer! pants on, mouth shut, everybody wins. >> and sing real tunes. >> bill: okay. >> that's just my personal opinion. that little scene she does that, she does that in every concert. >> bill: she was taking her pants off without the hurricane? >> she was. we're breaking news here. this was an ad lib moment. >> bill: i want to get this straight, she was taking them off at yankee stadium?
5:36 pm
>> she was. >> bill: what would happen in derek jeter was doing that. >> i would buy tickets! >> bill: all right. so you both in agreement. >> for derek jeter or madonna? >> bill: no. >> i think that's a yes. >> bill: sorry i brought up derek jeter. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to do it. we're all in agreement that miss madonna should keep them on, shut up and give the money based on one concert performance. give one concert. >> you got sing her old songs. >> bill: did she sing them when you we want? >> not really. sang all the new songs? >> yes. >> bill: that nobody likes? >> right. that's why she took her clothes off. >> bill: all right. ladies and gentlemen, i have no idea what was said during that segment. when we come back, gutfeld and mcquirk. with gutfeld causing big trouble, saying president obama's faking outrage over the libyan situation. that report such as it is after these messages.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened segment? greg gutfeld making a bold assertion. he says president obama is faking outrage over libya. >> for them to go after the u.n. ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> bill: here bernard mcgirk who produces for imus in the morning and mr. gutfeld, the author of the book "the joy of hate, how to triumph over whiners in the age of phony
5:41 pm
outrage." this is brilliant. you tag the president with phony outrage to promote your book. >> yes. >> bill: it's better than anything i could say. >> it's amazing. i didn't even mean it. he was acting like a stage mom from toddlers and tiara. this was the most manufactured anger, because he didn't have that -- he's never had that anger before when the actual act took place, the act of terror. he was calm. somehow he rushes to her defense, which just seems so smarmy. >> bill: what if he really likes her? what if this is sincere reaction and you're wrong? >> well, i'm never wrong, bill. >> bill: there is the answer. you agree with him, right? >> the easter bunny running across the studio. i agree 100%. initially he hid behind susan rice, then hillary clinton's skirts or pant suits or whatever. this was a totally manufactured chill russ umbrage. it's like why are you picking on
5:42 pm
my girl? it's insult to go women also what he's doing and it was a way to change the subject and to take the moral high ground. >> bill: you both think is a complete phony manufacture. some of you are going to get mad at me because today a c.i.a. guy came out who testified in front of a house deal and said we told ambassador rice, we told her, c.i.a. told her that it was a spontaneous deal. so it's on us. why that took two months plus for them to say, i don't know. petraeus testifies tomorrow. maybe we'll find out. but maybe, maybe it isn't rice's fault. >> it goes back to the time. it was ohm one question, who pushed the video and they've been work backwards, reverse engineering their story. so finally they got to the c.i.a. >> bill: so you don't believe that the c.i.a. -- >> i think it was a gut call by president obama. >> bill: you think he ordered his guys to say that? >> i think in their hearts, they felt that it was the west's
5:43 pm
fault, the idea of free expression is harmful and they were hurting people's feelings. >> bill: really? you really believe that? >> yeah, i do. >> bill: and you believe what happened was whose fault as far as the communications to the american people? >> i think it was the obama administration. >> bill: they just botched it entirely? >> they totally botched it. she was the face of the lies and the cover-up. >> bill: there is no doubt. >> that's why she's taking the hit. for them to accuse john mccain of cowardice of attacking a woman -- >> bill: that's ridiculous. the president had plenty of chance to say hey, the c.i.a. told ambassador rice, so get off her back. that's what he should have said. now, peta and thanksgiving. now, this is nice, ladies and gentlemen. here is the latest peta quote. they're going to take out a billboard that says kids, big letters, kids, if you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey? happy thanksgiving, everyone! all right. and you say? >> i say bill, you fought the war on christmas and you have to fight these giglet -- gibb lets.
5:44 pm
it makes no sentor sense. listen turkey. first of all, unless you're some sort of weird sicko, you don't golf an emotional attachment to a turkey like you do to your dog. i like turkey salad, greg likes turkey (bleep). it doesn't make any sense. so you have to stop this, bill. we're counting on you to do that. >> bill: look, all peta wants is publicity. i can't stop them from doing anything. the poor kids, you know, there you go and they're crying because you're carving up the turkey and they're in tears. come on, peta, give us a break. we know you don't like eating meat. this is what i say, if you didn't eat meat and control the animal population, who would be running the world? the turkeys. >> exactly. >> bill: all right. because there is too many of them. all right. this is tied into meatless mondays in los angeles, gutfeld. you know l.a. pretty well, right?
5:45 pm
>> i spent some time there in certain places i can't recall. there is a fundamental hypocrisy with this. what if you came up with an idea called sexless saturdays. sex is every bit as harmful as meat, it creates std's b but the liberals would say no, stay out of my bedroom. but they can jump on your plate. they can invite vade your plate, but you can't invade their bed. >> bill: so the reason, though, they want meatless mondays in l.a., so everybody is healthier and you eat fish or carrot. >> that's one of the motivations. this is bloomberg on blow and why mondays? because of the alliteration? what's next tater tots on tuesdays. are they going to take away wienerless wednesdays? i did some research and say animal agriculture contributes to climate change and so when you, bill o'reilly, eat your steak, you're contributing to the odds that the guy in the jersey shore's house is going to be swept out into the atlantic
5:46 pm
ocean. >> bill: it's all so complicated. it's just all so complicated. all i wanted was a ham and cheese sandwich. >> you're selfish. >> bill: all right. coming right back with lou dobbs, is the stock market over because of president obama's reelection? dobbs is next so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress.
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>> bill: back of the book tonight, yesterday business leaders met with president obama. among those were the ceo of general electric, big obama guy, who as you may know, somehow figured out how ge could pay no income tax in 2010.
5:50 pm
nothing! lou dobbs. this is a sweet deal, isn't it? the president want to go raise taxes on you and me, particularly you and me. i think we were mentioned at the press conference yesterday. all right. and corporations in general, and then he invites immelt, who didn't pay any taxes. >> it doesn't seem right, but i'll forego the thrill of being in the meeting with him. it's amazing. immelt gets a pass. they've had one meeting and a jobs council which explains our high unemployment rate. >> bill: we should explain to the audience which was a job council and immelt is the president of it and they had one meeting this year. in that meeting, i think the president was there for like ten seconds and left. >> no one can figure out what they do. and immelt is talking like it made a major contribution. these 12 ceo's sit down with him, big multi nationals and don't produce the majority of the jobs. so why wasn't there somebody from small business there?
5:51 pm
>> bill: i think it's a dog and pony show, but i'm not really sure why. but you know the why of why -- >> we're going deep today. >> bill: i know. the if the likes jeffrey immelt. you know why, right. >> i'd love to hear your theory. >> bill: who ran nbc and nbc news for all those years while they -- >> took care of him. >> bill: g.e. and took care of barak obama very, very well. and in addition they hired assassins to go and besmirch people who were opposed to the president. he was like -- immelt was like his pray torian guard and he's being rewarded now. >> it seems like a skinny reward to be the head of the jobs council. it's like they could do something a little more. >> bill: he gets to go to the white house. he gets to have canapes and has his picture taken. you know the game. of course they don't do anything. isn't it nervy to invite the guy who pays no income tax? >> it's a little tough, i have to admit.
5:52 pm
it's a little tough not to invite the folks who create jobs and tough to not invite the folks who pay taxes. >> bill: i might go to chris' party. all right. since the vote, ladies and gentlemen, the dow is down 700 points. that's a lot. >> that is a lot, particularly since it's just a matter of a little over a week here that we're talking about. what we're looking at over 1,000 points now since its high set back in october. and we are really in trouble here because the market is sending a very clear signal now over these four sustained declines in the dow. and that is the investors have no confidence in this president. they have no confidence in this congress and they have no confidence that the so-called fiscal cliff can be dealt with. >> bill: if they get a deal, do you expect the market to snap back? >> i would expect it to snap back, but the problem is this market is saying these people are not making noises like
5:53 pm
intelligent rational people seeking a plan and a compromise. >> bill: what i'm trying to say, is the market so anti-obama that no matter what they do, it's going to be bad news for stocks for the next four years? >> no. that is -- >> bill: short-term then pain? >> i hope so. but the real issue is, are they going to make -- here is the deal, those 12 ceo's, they weren't there talking about the fact that government revenue, individual tax payments have risen by 26% in the last two years under the bush tax cuts. this is an economy that's beginning to work and now they're trying to destroy it. >> bill: in your opinion, but obama would say, the president would say, look, i'm going to get it going. poverty guidelines, family of four is 23,050. and the poverty rate is now up. it's up that came out today. right? >> it's up 16%. >> bill: 15%!
5:54 pm
>> almost 15 million people -- >> bill: that's a year? >> correct. and we're looking at a poverty rate -- i went back to look because the war on poverty, you probably don't remember that too vividly because you were so young, but in 65 cents a day when they started it, we were looking at black unemployment of 8.1%. we were looking at hispanic unemployment at that point. >> bill: this is in 65? >> 65. right now, black poverty has reached 26%. we are looking at over the course of 46 years, almost no, almost no improvement whatsoever and have spent hundreds of billions of dollars. >> bill: all people -- most of the people who earn 30,000 or less went for president obama. doesn't really make a lot of sense, but that's what happens. lou dobbs, everybody. factor tip of the day, a good book that will keep you up at night. the at this point 60 seconds -- the tip 60 seconds away
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>> tip of the day, an braining book you might like in just a moment. christmas less than 6 weeks away, signed copies of "killing lincoln" and "killing kennedy" and "lincoln's last days." get your order in early before my hand falls off -- i sign them all. and the bolder fresher tour dvd makes a great stocking stuffer. premium members get big discounts. if you sign up for a membership, you get "killing lincoln" or "killing kennedy" free of charge. now to the mail... >> not so much decay as selfishness, that's what we are seeing here. putting your own interest ahead what have is best for the nation. >> i believe it will this time,
5:57 pm
too. but the swing is slower these days. >> not true, jack. it showed disdain for his performance: at said press conference, not for himself. >> there is no organized program this year for that. although operation shoe box in florida continues to send packages overseas. it's a great charity.
5:58 pm
>> i don't want to get down in the gutter. that would cheapen our brand here. but we will continue to confront the far-left loans with the facts. but when you get vicious and there is some of that on talk radio -- you hear it, you know? a lot of these guys have good points on both the left and the right. they're smart, smart guys. but when they start to go in and try to hurt people personally, you know, into that stuff? i don't think it does them any good. so we want to keep it fact based. but i am going to call names and call people out, particularly in the mainstream media, paid by the huge corporations. i don't care much about the web sites. but when a corporation is using its power to harm people, we will get involved. on a more positive note, congratulations to christine and vick colao in montoc, new york,celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, it's an italian wedding.
5:59 pm
mary sonen, married 60 years, tomorrow, they live in west palm beach, florida. i feel like paul harvey. factor tip of the day. i have to do a lot of reading, most of it nonfiction because i have to learn stuff. but sometimes a get a headache. i am trying to read the winston churchill bionow, 1200. oh, my god. so i need a fun book to read the book "the last man," about the rogue cia agent who takes no guff. fun book. tip of the day, pick it up. that's it for us tonight. please, check out the fox news factor web site. also, we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be pedantic when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight


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