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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: this friday night, there are three major stories we're following. israel seems on the brink of all-out war with hamas. tanks and troops appear to be preparing for a ground war. here, stateside, republicans met at the state house to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. earlier today, general david petraeus said that the cia talking points meant for the susan rice appearance recentlyally contain the information that there was evidence of al qaeda's elements involved in this attack. but it appears as if those talking points were altered by the white house or somebody close to the white house to remove any reference to al qaeda's involvement in the
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attacks. we have yet to discover who has changed the talking points to make the president look for favorable and mislead you, by falsely labeling the 9/11 attacks over spontaneous mob over the video. petraeus has no idea what was provided to rice or who was the author of the talking points that she used that, he had no idea she was going on the talk shows until the white house announced it one or two days before. now, the looming question is, in this coverup, who did it? now, earlier, fox's own katherineererridge explained where the talking points went once they left the cia. >> what we are told about the talking points is that it went through an inter-agency review, including the department of justice, the state department, agencies and that at the end of the day you
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have this final document. >> sean: general petraeus' explosive testimony challenging the white house's stance on what happened from the beginning. and it contradicts u.n. ambassador susan rice, who five days after the attack made the rounds on all five sunday talk shows. remember, she was pushing the position that violence was in reaction to a youtube video. what make this is scandal potentially historic in its reach and effect is the role of the president in all of this. now every day, as more evidence comes out, it is becoming more special more clear that barack obama had to know that there was mounting evidence that al qaeda was involve in this attack and that the anti-islamic video had nothing to do with the murder of ambassador stevens and three others, long before obama continued to point blame at the 13-minute youtube video. think about it this way f. obama's cia director knew almost instantaneously that an al
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qaeda-affiliated group was responsible for the attack and the station chief in libya reported to washington that there were eyewitness reports that the attack was carried out by militants. and if email shows that the officials at the white house and state department were advised two hours after the attack that an islamic militant group had claimed credit for them. and if the state department is saying they never believed that this attack on the 11th of september against the u.s. consulate was a film protest gone awry, think about it -- it's nearly impossible to believe that president obama didn't know. oh, and dimension the state department was watching this unfold in real time? when president obama in his absurd press conference then tried to portray himself as coming to the defense of a damsel in distress, susan rice, saying, quote, republicans should come after me. at that moment, he stumbled into a deeper and more damaging truth than he realized because
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republicans are rightly going after you, mr. president, because the evidence is mounting that you and your administration knowingly and willfully misled the american people on the benghazi massacre and lying to the american people, perhaps in order to get re-elected. that's a serious offense. joining me with reaction, texas congressman mike conoway, in the closed-door meeting with general petraeus and the author of a brand-new book, a host of war stories. oliver north is here. bring us inside the room. what happened today? >> general petraeus came to clarify some of the statements he made in the september 14 briefing. first, let me make sure we acknowledge the heroic activities of the military forces. we need to acknowledge the work that went on that night, during the attack. general petraeus came to us in a very straightforward manner, laid out a timeline as to how
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the assessments that the cia was making, the intelligence community was making. it shifted over time. it's pretty clear today thalt administration kept up a line of -- of logic that the -- that the attack on the temporary mission in benghazi grew out of that protest. they knew long after -- they knew that wasn't the case. they maintained that fiction for a lot longer than they should have. therein lies the next question, that is, why in and who did it? it's clear the cia and the intelligence community was giving them the right information at the right time with the right reasons. whether the president wasn't taking the briefings in the morning the way he's supposed to, or ignored them, that has to be discoverd? colonel north tappears that general petraeus is saying they altered the talking points. it was done by someone in the white house, close to the white house. >> someone in the administration. somewhere between general petraeus and the cia and where
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it ended up being broadcast by ambassador rice. here's what is really important and strange. we now know the timeline in which the talking points were altered. we know that they were originally correct. what we don't know is what the administration did before, during and after this event that would have in any way altered the outcome, in other words, going all the way back months to the original messages coming in, what was done, who didn't do it that may have saved the lives of four americans in a diplomatic mission. what you now have is because of benghazi, have you all over the world, radical islamists saying america is weak. america's in disarray. america can be driven away. and they have proof because they have buildings burning up on all of their web sites. >> sean: congressman, is it possible, is it plausible in any way that susan rice five days after, now -- what you have learned at this point, is it possible the white house didn't
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know? is it possible the president didn't know this was a terror attack two weeks later? asked twice, two separate interviews in and the speech he gave before the united nations. is it plausible to you. >> it's plausible that susan rice didn't know on sunday. the talking points went up with the right information. there was some shifting on that. so she was given information that she appeared on the sunday morning talk shows. you would hope someone in her position would have enough professional skepticism, given the open sources of reporting in that thyme frame that she would have tried to question the things she was told. clearly, two weeks later when the president's continuing this fiction, he knew or should have known it was not out of a protest -- in fact, there was no protest at all in front of that embassy. and he should have known better. >> sean: you were in the committee. you have the drone video and the video that you were able to get from inside the compound itself. can you tell us what was in
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those videos? >> i am not sure i am supposed to tell you thoses. but it's clear from the body of evidence that there was no protest at the temporary facility. and that there was a -- a lot of activity going on, but it wasn't protest, it wasn't demonstration, it was a terrorist attack t. should have been labeled as a terrorist attack from the very start. these people hate us. toy -- to try to morph this into something it wasn't, we need to ask the president, why did he do that? colonel north, if the state department's watching in realtime and general petraeus knew almost instantaneously, i ask you, is it possible, is it plausible, the president of the united states, who met an hour and 18 minutes after the attack began, with one of his generals and with -- with secretary of defense panetta -- is it possible two weeks later he didn't know? >> yes. because incompetence,
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manevulence and misfeasance have been boundless in this administration. it is entirely possible that this president has not been paying attention-- i can't believe that. that's implausible to me i. please, please, please eye worked for a president who every morning at eight o'clock, he got a briefing. it took him 45 minutes to make a decision to take down the aircraft that was escaping with a terrorist who hijacked laurel. i know what it's like to work for a president who pays attention. that has want happened. if it were happening, this event would not have transpired as it did and you might have saved four american lives and a diplomatic mission, all of that is happening right now in that part of the world as a direct convince consequence of that. >> sean: thank you both. we appreciated t. now that we know that general petraeus's talking points were changed, what does that mean for the future?
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we will ask our military experts. and we are watching, sirens sound in jerusalem and palestinian militants are firing rockets from gazzasm the israelis are mobilizing for a ground war, 75,000 reservists are now being readied as we speak. we will get a live report from the border. and the latest on the fiscal cliff, as republicans meet in the white house. all coming up on this busy friday night on "hannity." meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we try to get to the bottom of who changing the talking points on benghazi. harry reid says he refuses to allow republicans to create a special committee to investigate the benghazi terror attack, saying a panel would further politicize the fallout over the attacks. joining me is lieutenant colonel thomas macanerny and former cia officer, peter brooks. i didn't get the message on the gold tie. but good to see you both. look, it seems to me, this is pretty obvious this. shouldn't be politicized. we have four dead american, first ambassador killed in 30 years, why are my suspicions going to, oh, this is just before an election, we can't let the american people know ahead of time what is going on here? colonel? >>. >> that's a very good question. you have heard about the fog of
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war, we are seeing the fog of the white house right new now. there is no reason thea cannot come and say, we had an attack by radical islamist elements on our consulate in benghazi. and the world would have forgotten about it -- except we lost four people. instead, they have piled on different views. we saw the latest view this morning when general petraeus talked. it just boggles my mind why the president just doesn't take full-- are you convinced he lied, colonel? >> well, i am convinced that he is not telling the truth. i am am convinced there were several hundred people involved in this operation and that the president was in charge and made the decisions to stand down because when have you the secretary of defense there, have you state around, you have cia, there is only one person that can make these decisions. and that's the president. so i am convinced that he is telling a different narrative than what the american people
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are getting. >> sean: by the way, i apologize, i meant general. peter brooks, with your sources in the cia, i hear there was a lot of tension, prior to general petraeus leaving the cia in large part because he didn't like his agency being thrown down the stairs. your sources told you anything like that? >> it's clear the intelligence community was made a scapegoat a long time ago, over this issue. i mean, this ran counter to the president's narrative, as the general alluded to, that al qaeda's on the run, al qaeda's on the road to defeat osama bin laden is dead and g.m. is alive. this is counter to the narrative that arab spring was a success, libya was a success. the last thing they wanted to say was the american consulate was attacked on 9/11 by al qaeda. the first escape goat was the intelligence community and the people were very upset about ha.
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>> sean: i want to know, if the cia said it was al qaeda and general petraeus knew instantaneously what this was about and this is the anniversary of 9/11 and the libyan president is saying this early on and -- and we are watching it in realtime, and everybody else, we knew within 24 hours of the attack, the station chief is saying this from libya, how did we possibly get to the video in the first place? does anybody know? >> well, the video -- my understanding the video was security cameras that were running at that time, available, they would be running at most diplomatic facilities around the world. and that sort of video was recovered and probably transmitted back to washington, either immediately-- maybe you misunderstood my question. how do we get to blaming this on a youtube video? >> oh, okay. i think what it is that the intelligence was politicized. they gave their best assessment,
6:18 pm
including what general petraeus told congress about al qaeda involvement, being a terrorist attack and as it went up the of command, the people in the white house who sent out ambassador rice to represent the white house on the sunday show, decided what the talking points would be. my sense is, we are going to hear from them, we are trying to protect the intelligence sources and methods. we didn't want al qaeda to know we were on to them or perhaps-- it's late for that -- >> we got a lot of different assessments out there and that -- this was only one of the assessments, was cia, but other people were telling us it may have been this video and this is when we decided on. they are going on spin this. they have a day or two to do that before monday morning when the press will start asking them questions? >> general, what do you think? >> i think peter's pret leonto it, except, look, there are upwards of 20-plus embassies that were being attacked or demonstrations based on the
6:19 pm
youtube video. so they obviously saw that and tried to switch it over to benghazi, which was the wrong decision. and i don't know why they tried to do it. it wasn't necessary, except it did destroy the narrative that he had been spinning politically. so it really means that the politicians got involved with this, not the intelligence agencies. they were told to do certain things, that became very clear this morning, when general petraeus testified. -- i want to know -- >> it was entirely different. >> sean: i want to know why they denied after the british ambassador left, after the red cross left, why did they deny ambassador stevens multiple requests for additional security? they should have known. why didn't they beef up security on the anniversary of 9/11? and during the attack, clearly requests for help, we had cia people in tripoli charter an airplane to go help these guys but there were only six of them. where was the are the
6:20 pm
assistance? >> sean, they get a huge "f" for pre-planning on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. we should have had a global hawk over benghazi that had four sensor, looking at that at thate continuously. we should have had off-shore armed predators that could have come in, or armed f-16s, we should have done a lot of things. and frankly, the military and the president himself was commandener chief, had that narrative that everything is okay. and we were just utterly unprepared. we did no preplanning and i believe the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff ought to take some hits for that. >> sean: gentlemen, thank you both. we will continue to follow that story. and coming up, two of the big stories we are following, a meeting of the minds at the white house. and it's all about the, quote, fiscal cliff. are republicans going to hold the line on raising your taxes? and did the president greenlight spending cuts?
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we will check in with congressman louis gomer and a tense situation in the middle-east, as israel reportedly is now readied 75,000 reservists and they have tanks on the border ifar a possible ground war. we will go to israel with a live report, straight ahead. [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later. ♪
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>> our meeting today was consistent with what the president called for a fair and balanced approach, to show our seriousness, we put revenues on the table, as long as they are accompanied by significant spending cuts? >> that was speaker of the house, john boehner after congressional leaders met with the president, earlier today to try to negotiate a way to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. both sides of the aisle came out confident that a deal would be made before the january 1 deadline. but neither side provided specifics on how that is going to happen. after boehner's vague comments, there are new concerns that the speaker may give up way too much and agree to tax increases. i'm here to lay out exactly what he has on the table. congressman, good to see you. >> good to be with you, sean. >> sean: i am concerned because -- >> i am -- you and me both?
6:26 pm
>> i am concerned about caving. you have outgoing virginia governor mcdonald, and former governor haley barbour and others saying, maybe we can give in on these things. did any house republican get elected and say to their constit webts they would raise taxes? if they did, i didn't hear it. >> i don't know a single one. sean, this is not the time to be defensive. and of course, there are plenty of people who say i am very offensive. but this is a time to go on offense, with our big ideas. and use the president's own words. he says everybody ought to pay their fair share, keeping him at his word. he says, warren buffett ought to not pay a lesser percentage than his secretary. what the president proposes will increase taxes on those who are paying a different way for warren buffett. it won't affect him. let's go to a 15% capital gain, where we are right now.
6:27 pm
15% flat tax on everything. 15%. let's get rid of the deductions, except mortgage interest and charitable deductions and everybody pays their fair share. you make more, you pay more. this is the time to hold the president to what he has been saying he wants. >> sean: the president -- he's almost back in campaign mode. republicans are holding the middle class hostage. so woo are going to get the talking points. but here'ss the the thing. governor christie who, i was mad at for embracing the president as much as he did during hurricane sandy -- >> a lot of good it did new jersey. >> sean: but he has it right on this one. he said, i don't want to address rate increases until i see what the president is willing to do on spending. government spebs too much. if the republicans give the president what he wants, up front, there will be no real spending cuts. that's my prediction. >> well, sean, when we talk
6:28 pm
privately, publicly, i hardly ever disagree with you. but i gotta disagree when you say the president looks like he's back in campaign mode. that would presume that he ever got out of-- all right. >> i have never seen this man out of campaign mode. >> sean: i stand corrected itch the last five or six years-- i stand corrected! but they are back on the war on women, benghazi, the race card's being played. republicans are holding people hostage. i mean, he never stops. >> but this is the time to push our big ideas of really reforming the system. and be on offense. let's push our big ideas. the ones americans want here. most people don't even know why warren buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. let's fix it so warren buffett will be happy, paying the same percentage as his secretary. we could do that. and it would generate more revenue. and when it comes to spending, there would be nothing better than to take the last budget the
6:29 pm
senate did, harry reid with his buddies, nancy pelosi, the 2008 free bailout, free stimulus budget and spent $2.5 trillion. nobody complained it didn't spend enough. if we adopted their budget right now, the 2008 budget, $1 trillion per year less than we are spenning right now. >> sean: we spend all of this time with an election and we are right back where we were. i don't know the republicans that voted for an increase -- here's my question to you. here's my question. do you think the leadership in the house is glg to hold the line on increasing taxes? >> well, gee... i know that we had the biggest conservative wave election in american history 2 years ago. two years later, we had a continuing resolution, a continuing resolution, a continuing resolution, debt ceil being increase.
6:30 pm
we -- ceiling increase. we ended up cutting nothing, really. we really-- you are saying no. >> two years of leverage for nothing. it's time to use the leverage of the house. it's one-half of one-third, but the most important half of the legislative body. the founders intended for congress to have the purrs strings and to use them. we have the power with the justice department, the white house. time to quit giving away sacks of money let's get real here. let's get restrictive. we do have leverage to make some changes. and the american people will live it. >> sean: i hope -- i hope that happens. i really do because i would like to see -- >> well, the american -- sean. >> sean: higher taxes, what washington needs to do is live within its means. i don't think it's that difficult. >> well, but the american people can make a difference. if people will rise up the way they did in 2010, they make a difference! because politicians, elected
6:31 pm
officials respond when the people rise up. they have to make their voices heard. they really do. >> sean: all right. congressman, good to see you, thank you for being with us. >> love being with you. >> sean: when we come back, we will look at what will happen if leaders cannot strike a deal and the fiscal cliff, we go over that. what does it mean for your pocketbook? we are getting word that israel is readying 75,000 reservivists in preparation for a possible ground war, maybe as early as this weekend. we are looking at a virtual powder keg and live report from the israeli/gauza border, coming up just ahead. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪
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♪ guts. glory. ram. >> sean: welcome back. while the initial talks about the fiscal cliff are underway, one can't help but wonder if we fall off the fiscal cliff. what does it mean for you, wadoes it mean for our wallet? it wouldn't be the first time that our leaders fell short of a compromise. we have hugh hewitt and mary walters back with us. i look back to t.a.r.p -- panic, panic, we have to get this done. you always have a bad deal when that happens. now the clock's ticking. it would be better to have no deal than a bad deal? >> absolutely. the republicans won the house. they didn't win the house to take away the home mortgage interest deduction.
6:36 pm
the heart of the republican party are home-owning, church-attending middle-class people. >> sean: you are saying no income tax because they are revenue enhancements. >> if they can do it without hurting the center of the country. but the fiscal cliff isa i manufactured crisis by the congress. they don't have to go over it. but they don't have to cut a deal-- they will cut defense. the president's demagoguing it saying they are holding the middle class hostage. i didn't see the republicans saying, no, you are holding them hostage. why don't they reverse these things? >> that's what is so frustrating about the republican party. they need a marketing expert. they do. they sit there and they are almost impotent about it. obama doesn't lead. if he was a leader, he would get a compromise. we would -- he would work with the republicans. i think they have to raise taxes, i think that's part of the compromise. but at the same time, i think republicans need to demand certain cuts to entitlements--
6:37 pm
quote blank backwards. i am serious about this. it's always, you get the tax increase, you never get the cuts. you can't get a promise down the road. >> sean: i disagree. i don't want any tax increases. >> i don't want them. but i think it's going to happen. >> eye $55 billion cut in defense spending is pretty bad. but the idea of raising taxes on the middle class is worse. they had a nice talk today. they should always talk and go when the president asks, be respectful. but they don't have to cave. the republicans won the house. they won the majority-- they have their mandate. >> yes! exactly. that's not to go back and get rid of the home mortgage or the charitable destruction. that would throw thousands of people out of work. mary, you know what happens when you take away the social safety net, it will hurt the president that the democrats claim to be on behalf of. >> absolutely. i agree with you. i don't want it see taxes go up. don't get me wrong--
6:38 pm
how is does the conservative base respond if the republicans cave? what do they do? >> right now, they are curl in the fetal position, they are going to rock back and forth, if they cave. i think they are so disappointed. the people-- why do i sense this coming? >> it's going to happen. chris christie had it right, get the spending cuts but you are bobby mcdonald. he rolled back spending to 2006 levels when he was elected in 2010. >> there are some good signs out there. today, john kasich said, we are not joining the obamacare state exchange. so did wisconsin and so did texas. the republican governors are showing, you don't have to roll over because the president won a narrow victory over mitt romney. it is not a wipeout. it's a 400,000 vote switch, mitt romney is the president-elect. so i think the republicans are going to start communicating with their leadership that, hey, go ahead and talk.
6:39 pm
do a deal. if you can fix medicare and medicaid, by all mean it's. >> sean: bob woodward's described with the nicorette summit that john boehner was willing to go a lot further than he was saying publicly. if he does this, what do you think the result will be? >> well, i think you are going to have this on top of the obamacare tax, which is coming-- politically. >> politically -- he will get re-elected? >> let me be more specific. >> yes! i think you will see in the recruitment of canned dairkts the resurgence of the tea party, if the deal is understood not to be any particular thing other than wrong. if it's wrong. if it is not a good deal. if they don't get good spending cuts and fiscal discipline, they will be punished. reince priebus will be the chairman. he has to be talking, we are going to lose money, support, organizing candidates if they cave. >> see, the problem is the democrats are so god markets. they are so good at selling it. even if the republicans do the
6:40 pm
right thing, it will somehow be their fault. the democrats turn everything around and the republicans are awful-- i agree with you. i agree -- i think they need some really... they need some -- they need to adopt some of the tactics of the left. >> yes! absolutely! >> sean: without the lies. i wouldn't recommend the lies. >> no, you are right. >> sean: get their ideas crootion without allowing the democrats to position them as people they are not -- hating women, hating minorities. hate, hate, hate of this was all -- they allowed this to happen. >> the fiscalg cliff is not that bad a thing. it is not that far down fthey can come back and negotiate again. >> make it retroactive. >> sean: coming up, as we now will visit the reverend franklin graham will be here. we continue to monitor, breaking news out of israel, air sierence sounding as rockets fell, near the holy city of jerusalem. weaver hearing that the israelis are preparing for a ground war
6:41 pm
underway. tanks are getting ready. 75,000 reserves have been called up. we will go to gaza, we will go to gaza city. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. the crisis in the middle east is intensifying after hamas militants launched a rocket attack on jerusalem. now the israeli cabinet has authorized activating up to 75,000 military reservists.
6:45 pm
hundreds of missiles have been launched into israel from gaza, following the targeted killing of the hamas medical chief on wednesday. the leader of egypt says he will back gaza against israel's quote, blatant aggression. david lee miller is at the gadda border with the very latest. david. >> reporter: it's almost 5:00 in the morning, here along the border, we are a couple of hundred yards from gaza, close enough to hear the call to prayer coming from many of the mosques. we also heard during the past several hour, heard and saw loud explosions, the israeli military keeping up the pressure, targeting rockets, rocket launching site, as well as the militants themselves. there have been in the last few hours, two reported so-called targeted assassinations, the death toll now stands at 29 palestinians killed during this conflict, 13 mill tanitant, 16 civilian, three israeli
6:46 pm
civilians have been killed. the israeli military saying its campaign is going to continue until hamas begs for a cease-fire. in just the last 24 hour, hamas militants fired at least 150 rockets in the direction of israel. about half of them, though, were intercepted. but as you mentioned, one of those rockets landed just outside of jerusalem. this was the first time that jerusalem has come under attack since 1970. the rocket landed in an empty field. there were no injuries. according to hamas, the rocket that was launched was an iranian-made weapon. the israeli military has tried repeatedly to knock as as many as rocks as possible. teacial apparently, they have a number in the arsenal, also, hit today, tel aviv, a rocket landed in the sea, again. no injuries. but as the heartland of israel
6:47 pm
continues to come under pressure, the government here also under political pressure to stop the rocket attacks. lastly, sean, at this hour, as you mentioned tlooks increasingly likely that there could be a ground incursion in the next few hours. we have heard what sound like tanks off in the distance, moving close tort border. they have approved the mobilization of 75,000 reservists and the area not far from where i am standing has become a closed military zone. so it looks increasingly like things are going to escalate, sean. >> sean: thank you. stay safe. joining us is dean denan, a member of likud party in knesset. we have tanks moving toward the border. it looks like prep payings for a potential ground war. what's going on?
6:48 pm
>> sean, we are very determined. we'll do whatever is necessary to bring this to the south of israel. look at the back of the picture. you happening it is quiet now, but in a few hour, millions of peopleville to go to shelters, children, we have to be very determined. the government decide we will do whatever is necessary. we attack only from the earth. only military targes. but if we have to, we gallon into gaza and clean up the mess, though. >> sean: one of the things that make this is more problematic for the israelis, number 1, you have morsi, who has been anti-israel for a long time, and part of a terror group called the muslim brrkthood. now they have russian laser-guided missiles they are using with a far greater range than they have had in the past. >> the prime minister of egypt gathered. i didn't hear him condemning the hamas, and i did not hear him
6:49 pm
saying anything about stability in the region. i think the egyptians must decide, if they want to get support from the u.s., theictions -- e-u., they have to take a stance and not to stand with the terrorists. >> sean: what do you make, what should they make now that egypt has sided with hamas in this, what should the united states -- what would you like to see the united states do? we give them billions and billions of dollars in u.s. aid? i think the united states, this is one of these moments where they ought to take a stand. the president says he supports israel and will always support israel. israel is under fire, rockets are pounding their cities, should the president cut off aid to israel -- cut off aid to egypt? >> the u.s. wants to see stability in the region. president and they are not indulging israel in the last few hours. but i think it's about time to tell the egyptians to make a stand. you want to get money from the
6:50 pm
u.s., you have to stop with the violence, have you to stop indulging hamas, you know, sean, after the u.s. killed osama bin laden, hamas was the only organization that condemned the u.s., you cannot allow yourself with the hamas in one hand and the other, come to the u.s. and get u.s. dollars. >> sean: let me ask you this, i have been saying, i believe we are going to look back in history and refer to this as the time of the radical islamist. we know what happened with the arab spring in egypt. muslim brotherhood's in charge. we see what happened in libya. we don't know what will unfold in syria, on top of that is correct i would argue that jordan has been weakened as well. and they are probably ripe for takeover am we see the influence of iran all throughout the region. am i correct? would this be an accurate description isn't rise of the radical islamists? >> i think you are absolutely correct. i would call it not the arab spring, i would call at this time arab winter. look at what is happening now.
6:51 pm
being sent into israel for from iran. they are shipped into the peninsula and into gaza and using it against israel. so iran is the co-evil in the region. we see what they are doing in the south, in lebanon and we would have to do with -- to deal with them eventually. now we are dealing with hamas. but the main source of evil is coming from iran. >> sean: where is president obama? >> well, last night, president obam spoke with prime minister netanyahu. he said that the -- [inaudible] -- but it is too early to call. let's wait. now it's easy because we are targeting the military targets. but if we have to go in, it will be ugly, then we will need the u.s. to be with us. >> sean: thank you for being with us. coming up next, reverend franklin graham will be here.
6:52 pm
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ipfor 20-plus years, operation christmas child has sent gifts to needy children all around the world at christmas time. last year, i was fortunate enough to hand out a few boxes to kids in the dominican republic. we stopped by haiti. let me tell you, this was a life-changing experience. i sat down with reverend graham,
6:56 pm
the president and ceo to find out highway more people can help. how's your dad? >> doing very well. celebrated his 94th birthday, the day after the election. i asked him, what do you want for supper? he said, i want a hotdog. so we had hotdogs and pork & beans, for his birthday. >> sean: i had the great honor last year, me and my family got to go with you to the dominican republic and to haiti and in the dominican republic, we went to some very poor neighborhoods met a lot of kid who is lost their parents and we went to schools. >> greta: orphanages we went to, for all of these years, we have been doing the christmas boxes with you. and i had no -- i -- i donated, i have been a part of it. i was glad to help. i had no idea except being there.
6:57 pm
we have video now, how much these boxes mean to the kids. this is not a classic christmas here. why's my bike, my playstation. have you sunglasses, tooth paste, shampoo, cars here. this ball, right there. you know, but you put in socks. and candy and -- >> even a yo-yo -- by the way, i am really good at the yo-yo. that's my favorite, too. the imperial. i am there with you. my kids are there. you know, they are not exactly hurting. and it woke them up t. had a pretty profound impact on them because this box means so much to these kids. >> this year, we will collect 9 million boxes. this is our national collection week. we ask people to pack the box this is week, send them to us next week. we will get them the week of thanksgiving and through
6:58 pm
december 10. we will sort every box, girl boxes, boy boxes boxes and put n cartons and ship them. but this year, we collect 100 million shoe boxes, this is our 100 millionth this year. it is something that god has done. >> sean: from this country to give all over the world. >> all over the world. one of the most important things, i ask people to put their picture in the box. i want the child who gets the box it see who gave it. give your treac address, if they can, i want you to write them back. navy people can't put it together -- >> we have a program called build a box. if you are a shut-in, you are busy, whatever, can go to the web site and build a box online. we have people who will build it fur. follow your box. at home, you can print out a bar code and a label-- when did you do that?
6:59 pm
>> it's right here. we have a printout. it has a bar code. you can track to see where your box goes. >> sean: tracking santa claus and rudolph. gloves, sox, clothes, a t-shirt in the box there, i see. writing materials. and then soap, tooth paste, shampoo and for girls, maybe makeup, boys like the cars. you put different ages on it. >> we do. >> sean: what are the age groups? >> we put infants, for the mothers, i think there are 4 to 6, 6 to 10 and we have a teenaged box, that we prepare. but when people put these together. god takes those boxes, i believe-- are you going to take me and my family back this year? >> you want to go? of course! it was life changing. >> good enough. >> sean: good to see you. thank you so much. hopefully, we can go again this


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