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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> that is it. all the time we have left tonight. thanks a lot for being here. we toss it now to on the record. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. it has escalated. middle east on the brink of war a cease-fire will not happen. at least not for now, israel and hamas intensify their acts. people are trying to find safety tonight hillary clinton making a visit to israel and making a visit to netanyahu. tomorrow, secretary clinton heads to ramala and to meet with president morsi. burning question, a truce or a ground war? >> no country would tolerate
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rocket attacks against its cities and civilians. israel can't tolerate such a thing. >> i just got off the phone with the israeli ambassador to washington, michael orrin and he says right now, there is no agreement to a cease-fire in israel by the israelis in the gaza strip. >> we heard the escalation and we are hoping for restoration of calm and hoping for complications. >> i strongly caution against these ground operations. >> president obama asked me to come here with a clear message, america's commitment to israel
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is unwavering. that is why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in gaza. >> i can tell you the future of diplomacy here still remains very uncertain. what i can tell you for sure is that this air war did intensity. today alone. they fired more than 150 rockets into israel. >> it's a long term solution can be put in place through diplomatic means than israel would be a willing partner to such a solution. a stronger military action is necessary to stop the constant barrage of rockets, israel will not hesitate to do what is necessary to defend our people. >> the big question is, whether anybody can control hamas which you said is a terror organization, brutal and evil and intent on killing civilians. i don't think you can trust
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them. >> greta: late tonight, secretary clinton rushing from cambodia to tel aviv where a rocket struck a populated area. secretary clinton meeting with benjamin netanyahu to the talks went late into the night. is the u.s. doing all its can for its allies? rudy guliani joins us. >> good evening. >> greta: let me jump to the everyone is afraid of. there is no truce and results in a ground war. what happens? >> i mean i hope there is truce. i hope it's on sensible terms. it can be achieved by the palestinians not firing 130 rockets today into israel. i don't think there is a moral equivalency here. i don't think our government is going to do any good in trying to create a moral equivalency. i think a ground war is obviously going to test where is egypt, where is turkey.
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we know where iran is. they are arming the hamas, missiles or a lot of them seem to come out of iran. in essence, it seems to me that something pro joked by iran and encouraged by egypt and turkey by immediately taking the side of hamas which is extraordinary. >> greta: so, with hamas in order to get them to step down from its firing rockets into israel and doing provocative, take at hamas. why in the world they are going reach with truce. they are consumed with hatred toward israel. they were very tight and close to iran. today they identified six people who they felt were conspiring with the israelis. they executed them and dragged one body through the streets. they used civilians as shields. where in the world is if i do strike a temporary deal, why in
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the world would you ever think it would stick or hold? >> you would have to be totally unrealistic. the secretary-general's comments everybody should show restraint is absurd. if somebody lobbed 130 bombs on new york we wouldn't show restraint. the reality is hamas has provoked this completely. israel is acting 100% in self-defense. i feel a little happier if the obama administration were more precise about that and not play the game this is a situation where we have to de-escalate everybody. there is only one side that needs to be deescalated, that is the palestinians. if they continue to do it israel will invade them and have to take matters into their own hands and try to destroy hamas. >> greta: which would be
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catastrophic to many palestinians. according to the state department when secretary of state hillary clinton met with prime minister netanyahu to talk about this topic about de-escalate. tell me how you think -- what is that conversation? >> i can't imagine. the conversation about deescalation, has to be with the palestinians. i don't know what she would have been saying. don't let them bomb you and don't respond? it's absurd. it's again part of this moral equivalency we've again been going through 20 years in the way we deal with this which only encourages hamas. they are further encourage by the muslim brotherhood running egypt, morsi who takes their side. an islamic government in turkey that takes their side. of course, iran, that is looking forward to this proxy war to test israel, see what israel is able to accomplish.
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i think part have what israel has to accomplish is try to disarm hamas so hamas can't be a weapon against them if they ever have to attack iran. >> greta: i don't know how much choice there is. probably zero, but the whole idea that president morsi is one going to broker the deal. he did call israel a terror state and obviously taken his side. secondly, his country has been the country that iran sent these missiles that can reach tel aviv and jerusalem have been laundered through sudan, laundered through egypt, laundered into the gaza and into hamas. egypt is up to their eyeballs in supplying hamas with these weapons that can now reach these cities. >> this the guy that wants to have blind shake released trying
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to bomb the hell out of my city. to be honest broker, he is completely on the side of hamas. he has made it clear he supports islamic extremists and terrorism. if he were interested in peace here, he would be saying to hamas, sand down. if you keep lobbing missiles into israel you will get attacked. they have completely provoked this. i don't see benjamin netanyahu has much of a choice. in fact i think he has already been restrained in his response. basically their response to defend themselves shooting down the missiles that are coming in there. taking aerial action and waiting a long time to take further action, namely an invasion. >> greta: it's almost dawn in israel. we don't have a cease-fire. >> i'm hoping there will be one. sometimes you have an escalation
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of fighting before a cease-fire. let's hope that is it. let's hope we have a real cease-fire and israel backing down and then three days later, hamas starts lobbing missiles in. >> greta: nasty war again, hamas has resulted in many civilians being killed. it's been a huge personal cost while this provocation has been going on. mayor, thank you, sir. >> happy thanksgiving. >> greta: same to you, sir. as noted in israel, hillary clinton saying israel is pushing toward a deal that moves for a comprehensive peace. fred thompson joins us. i read that wouldn't it be great but it seems delusional and look where we are? >> israel left gaza in 2004.
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turned it over to them. felt like they would get credit in the international community. might be taking a step toward peace. of course, they had been getting missiles lobbed at them ever since. there may well be it would be best for them not to reach a cease-fire. i hope we don't feel to go in there and manufacturer some kind of cease-fire. none of their problems are going to change. hamas is sending their children in in order to kill innocent israeli children. that is not going to change. they have devoted themselves and their lives to this endeavor to wipe israel off the face of the earth. if they stop lobbing the missiles they will still have missiles under ground and have
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their tunnels and placed around in residential areas and all that. they are still going to have iran there supplying longer and longer range missiles that can now terrorize tel aviv and almost reach jerusalem. they are still going to have the routes to get the missiles in there. i'm afraid the israelis will have to go in with ground forces knowing all the framework is still there, they are going to have to clean out that viper's nest. >> greta: human cost is tremendous if that happens. there is going to be slaughter of so many innocent people for hamas terrorists. there is no question about that. i wonder if all the attention right now narrow area. without iran being able to channel these weapons to hamas and without egypt being
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complicit in providing and sudan. if we are not looking farther down the chain. world's attention should be on iran. if you choke off their weapons. if you have a rocket you can't is -- >> there is no solution without iran in compliance within reason. there is nothing on the horizon. what is troubling even the loss of lives is the bigger picture. just recent history we have in effect lost egypt i think we're still sending a billion and a half every year. they say they denounce israel. turkey used to be our strongest ally in the area.
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they have gone rogue on us. they are calling the israelis terrorists. we don't know what is going to happen in syria. hezbollah is sitting up to israel's north waiting their turn. they have occupied now in syria. of course, iran is behind them, too. you have hamas from the west, hezbollah from the north and the entire squeeze play is on. we are pledged to defend israel and their existence. we have told iran that we will not let them have nuclear weapons. obviously the gulf down there, it is important to us fo from an energy standpoint. vital interests but the situation seems to be getting worse as we kind of step back and kind of let all that take care of itself. we're kind of losing out. >> greta: i was in sudan in april. president bashir is torturing
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and killing his people. he is the guy that has munitions factory that they suspect is owned by iran. he is the one that was letting these rockets to go egypt and into gaza. he was giving a state visit by president morsi two months ago when she should have been indicted because he is indicted for genocide in darfur. everybody looks the other way. >> there is a big picture developments. one of them is influence of the muslim brotherhood. i think hamas wants to get everybody's attention. we want to speak on behalf of the islamic radicals in this country --. >> greta: if iran's supply they could be cut off. >> not only is that not happening but iran apparently
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continues toward a nuclear capability. when that happens, saudi arabia is going to have a nuclear capability. every country in the gulf area is going to be thinking about developing one. situation is going to be child's play compared to what it will be like then. i have more good news... it's thanksgiving. >> greta: publicly executing six people. one was tied to the back of motorcycle and dragged through the streets. meanwhile, people are taking pictures. late tonight, bombs on both sides of border. david lee miller with the latest. >> reporter: we were talking only 24 hours ago about the prospects for a cease-fire. at this hour, that cease-fire is still just talk. as you mentioned, in the region
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u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. she met with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and meet with the egyptian president to try to come up with some kind of truce she describes as being durable. meanwhile, the israeli prime minister speaking before reporters saying israel has not rule out the possibility of a peaceful resolution. >> if there is a possibility of achieving the long term solution to this problem through diplomatic means, we prefer that. if not, i'm sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people. this is something i don't have to explain to americans. i know that president obama you and the american people understand that perfectly well. i thank you for your support. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours gaza has fired 130 rockets into israel. one of those rockets landed just
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south of tel aviv. it hit an apartment building. there were no serious injuries. another rocketed reached the outskirts of jerusalem. ironically this rocket landed -- we got sirens. let's go back to a live picture right now. let's go back to a live picture right now. i can see off in the distance, let's see if we can pan up. we're waiting for the iron dome system to kick in. people are rushing to bomb shelters worried about families and children. this is an ongoing event. earlier this evening. we saw a number, we saw a number of -- there are sirens in the city right now. you are looking at iron dome battery. one of batteries.
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we just heard what sounded like an interception off in the distance. i don't know if you heard that. it sounded like it was an interception. didn't see it. there is another one. southern israel again under attack this morning. it's almost 5:00 in the morning. this is pattern that people here have come to live with. earlier today, we were in a coffee shop and twice in half an hour time, scores of people including our crew had to rush into a bomb shelter. this is daily occurrence here. i should point out the israeli military continues to keep up pressure pounding hamas.
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earlier in the last few hours, the israeli military targeted at least 25 sites in gaza. among them we are told a building where hamas had an intelligence office, journalists also worked out of that office. a number of journalists were killed today. israeli government sent out a text messages in gaza warning them to stay away from any hamas infrastructure. despite talk about delaware, we say this conflicted -- despite talk about diplomacy. there is great threat of escalation. i look up overhead i can see israeli warplane headed for gaza. when the rockets are launched oftentimes then the israelis are able to identify the location. they're able to identify the
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location of the launch sites and send in an f-16 to try to destroy those rocket launch sites. i suspect that is what is happening again here tonight. they have destroyed hundreds and hundreds of these rockets, but it is still believed that hamas has thousands and thousands. one estimate over 12,000 of these rockets. i hear israeli f-16s overhead. >> greta: thank you. straight ahead, if you thought the fight against obamacare was over, you were wrong. you are dead wrong. there is new round of republican governors that have the a power to say know. bob mcdonald
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>> greta: time is running out. deadline is december 14th when states must decide to set up their own health insurance exchanges. 63 to set up exchanges and nine undecided. one governor is on the fence is bob mcdonald. today this is surprise, democrats in the virginia senate urging the governor to call a special session. governor mcdonald joins us. >> thanks for having me on. >> greta: in terms of setting up these state exchanges. if you don't set up a state exchange it goes to a federal default. what are the pros and cons and why would you set up one and or why wouldn't you set up one? >> supreme court has ruled the
10:25 pm
south carolina recall is going into effect. there are several ways you can comply. state or federal or partnership exchange. most of us republican governors would rather to do it at state legal. the problem we have been asking for months for information and the rule making to give us the information about how the state and federal exchanges are going to be set up. we still have a great absence of information. we did get an extension last thursday but numerous unanswered questions. if they are not going to provide the information. only thing is default and let the federal government to set it up. either way you comply with the law. >> greta: if it is set up with the state, it's going to cost you money? >> i don't have much control at the state level because there is still rule making that is not done. really the federal mandates we
10:26 pm
get run and get stuck with the price tag. that is great concern with already an overburdensomesome medicaid program. we wanted to know what we're getting in to if there is no answers. >> greta: what does your democratic legislation want in this general session? >> they want a state based. the obama administration very much wants the governors to start a state based exchange so we can run it. we'll technically they want us to expand medicaid, not so much the exchange. we're going to have some type of exchange the supreme court ruled they can't penalizeize us by existing dollars in we don't expand medicaid. it's already a huge budget
10:27 pm
buster. we want to have a good safety net for the poor but if we don't have dramatic reform of medicaid which is broken system, expanding it would be irresponsible and would break our budgets. president obama himself said four years ago but that is what we are asking for us to do now. >> greta: if the federal government has to set up the exchange, is there federal money set aside or obamacare provide for money on to set up these exchanges, it might be a gaping hole in the legislation if it is not there? >> there is money right now for both state and federal exchanges. they extended the deadline for about two years to get grant money to set up state based exchanges. the federal government wants to know by september 14th. if we don't opt for the federal ex exchange they can set it up on their own to be ready on the deadline. they have some money but the
10:28 pm
short run, washington is broke. they are going to have cut funding for states and own spending, entitlement reform. what we are afraid of, we agreed to do some of these on our own, they are going to stick us with the price tag and that is not good proposition for the people of virginia or any other state. >> greta: governor, thank you. when are you going to make your decision, by the 14th? >> we'll make it by the 14th. if we don't have better information we we'll join most of the governors that will have the federal default. we can't have a system where they give ace price tag and limited information and that is not a good deal. >> greta: governor, thank you, sir. this time, she has let the
10:29 pm
obama administration know what she thinks about the healthcare mandate and here to tell you what she said. also celebrity lawyer, gloria allred jumping in the middle of allred jumping in the middle of the general petraeus it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision
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and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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>>. >> greta: a new twisted in the general petraeus sex scandal. twin sister of a woman at the center of the scandal has hired gloria allred. you heard right. today jill kelley's sister appeared at a news conference but refusing to answer questions about her links to general petraeus and general john allen. they wrote letters during her bitter custody battle with her
10:33 pm
ex-husband. is this just a side show. joining us is political panel. weekly standard steve hayes. just tin sink and byron york. i know you have been dying to talk to gloria allred. don't last steve because you are next. >> this is lawyer who seeks publicity. she kind of parachutes into notorious cases as she did in the cain matter and sandra plouffe matter. we didn't learn anything today. >> steve, general petraeus has gotten a new prompt.
10:34 pm
if gloria is not on your team, she is going to be your opponent >> if you look at the substance at what came out today. there really was no substance. they didn't say anything of significance that would have caused them any problems immediately. i do think one of problems they got she avoided answers was the questions about the lawyers. why would general petraeus weigh in on custody battle for the sibling of somebody he knew as just a friend. why would john allen weigh in that same instance. it seems like such an odd thing to do in such a distant relation as the public has it right now. >> the moment gloria, to go into their personal life and go through the details of why and what happened at the custody hearing and what was fair.
10:35 pm
the point falls flat when you say you are holding a press conference with gloria allred and you are breaking in the media and refusing to answer questions about petraeus. >> you know more about the legal role than we do. what do you think? >> gloria allred it makes it disastrous and unpredictable for everybody else. sort of like a lawyer where the lawyer is going and what they are doing because you can plan your strategy. i think i think is damaging she tends to take away from benghazi. there is general inquiry to the extent we're not talking benghazi. >> to the degree that these generals who are charged with xachbd go all american forces in afghanistan in the case of general al allen, it kind of
10:36 pm
boggles the mind to see what they were involved down in tampa. it does shed light on this situation. >> i just defer to byron on all questions. >> greta: now that dni now they say they were the ones who took the word al-qaeda out of the memo. >> this is the tech time that clapper has offered what amounted to a political defense of the administration. there had been obviously lots of questions raised about this last week. everybody said we don't know how the are language was pulled out. it's also the second time that clapper seems to have contradicted something he said before. if you look back to the stiary his office released, he said we initially assessed this has been a spontaneous demonstration. we revise that had assessment to
10:37 pm
reflect the fact we understood it was a terrorist attack -- that is not what people testified to. a number of intelligence officials on capitol hill saying under oath, we need immediately this was a terrorist attack. those two things, you put those statements next to each other that is flat contradiction. how do we have those contradictions two months after this. >> greta: from the state department phone call, fox excluded from the c.i.a. briefing and when the explanation when the dni, they don't want us to know -- i'm telg taking the last word but you can think why we're excluded. >> mary has a message for the obama administration. that is next. and mayor of big city, why is and mayor of big city, why is this try running four.ning a restaurant is hard,
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>>. >> greta: newark new jersey mayor, corey booker is going to live only on food stamps. it all started with a twitter spat. first, he tweeted a greek pro vehicle, imbalance between rich and poor is most fatal ailment of all republics. and redistribute the wealth. so he tweeted back, that investing in schools and nutrition would save money in the long run. ace army wife saying nutrition is not the responsibility positive of the government. mayor says we have a shared responsibility for kids to go to school ready to learn. >> woman agreed and food stamp challenge. what do you think of mayor booker's idea. we're backkkk ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. secretary of state hillary clinton pressing on with her effort to broker a truce between israel and hamas. mrs. clinton is scheduled to meet shortly with palestinian presidentab bas, she has already met with the israeli prime minister netanyahu. clinton flew to the region on tuesday amid the escalating violence. despite talks that a cease-fire could be in the making, there
10:43 pm
has been heavy fire from israel and gazzasm the week-long violence is blamed for the deaths of 5 israelis and more than 100 palestinians. >> renting a car for the holidays could be difficult. there is a shortage of rental cars in the northeast because many were damaged during sandy. most existing reservations are reportedly being honored, but the few carc left available come at a very heavy premium. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to "on the record" with greta. >> greta: obamacare may be the law of the land but that is not stopping many republican governors. they are still keeping up their fight. mary fanlon is not giving up the fight. the governor joins us. nice to see you? >> nice to see you. >> greta: tell me why don't you want to set up a stated exchange and defer to the default one? >> well, basically oklahoma said
10:44 pm
thanks but no thanks. we have a disagreement where the obama administration and the affordable healthcare act and in the state of oklahoma, they voted by a large margin, almost 65% we oppose many portions of the affordable health care act. it was put into our constitution and, of course, we've had a decision to make. we'd had a deadline in which we were to decide upon which course of the action we were going to take. we feel like if we would have set up a stated based exchange, it would have been a state based exchange in name only because i am hearing from other governors who have tried to set up a stated based exchange that have had them for couple years, that the administration is now saying that doesn't qualify for what we're looking for for state based ex change. we don't want to do the federal partnership either. we're going to default and say, you are forcing something upon
10:45 pm
the state of oklahoma that we did not support. we still do not support. as the federal law so we'll let the federal government do their thing. >> greta: what i don't understand from the governor says this. if a state exchange by federal rules and you have to pay for it why not let the federal government -- i don't know why all the governors don't let the federal government pay for it since they set up the rules and they say they can do it and uniform. i don't get what the state gets out of it except a bill? >> that's right. we don't know what the bill is going to be. i appreciate secretary of health kathleen sebelius he talked about it and we talked about how important it is governors have answers to questions that we don't know all the details yet on what is expected from the state. especially as it relates to
10:46 pm
setting up the exchanges and even the medicaid expansion itself. her comment was, we're working on the rulings. she issued some rules today and general parameters, but it's hard to make a decision about something that affects the state budget and our out come when we don't know what the rules of the game are. of course, they are telling us, just go ahead and set up the state exchange and we'll tell you whether we approve it or not but that doesn't work. the other thing i'm worried about we know that united states is heading off a fiscal cliff. congress is going back into a lame duck session. we don't know what is going to be happening other than we know we have a huge fiscal crisis on our hands. we know there will be a lot of tax increases going into effect. americans are going to to be shocked and many things are going to trigger, expiration of the bush tax cuts or increases
10:47 pm
in affordable health care act and penalties. there are so many things that are going to trigger to increase taxes not only on individuals but businesses and certainly even upon state budgets. >> greta: what is overriding all of this, the reason we're going off the fiscal cliff is because a year and a half ago the congress and president and senate didn't do this work and pushed it up against a deadline. the reason you don't know what is happening with the state guidelines, they had a healthcare claw lau for two years. i know you are a member of congress but nobody is doing any work to get anything done. frankly if you don't know what the rules are, how can you set up the exchange on the promise they are going to do it right later and they don't have a history of doing things right? >> i don't think they're going to have the money to do it in the first place. we're in trouble as a nation. when i questioned about secretary.
10:48 pm
you have been a governor, i'm a governor i'm making decisions based upon the current information that i have. i'm not sure how much it is going to cost me. we estimate it's going to cost the state of oklahoma hundreds of millions of dollars and money has to come from some somewhere and then we could go into another recession. in my state it's a mess and for the nation. >> greta: nice to see you. i hope this gets sorted out soon, but i'm not holding my breath. >> straight ahead, does one lawmaker have the midas touch. why is he asking to have his paycheck in gold. paycheck in gold. should you demand your paycheck so you say men are superior drivers?
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>> greta: forget u.s. dollar, montana state lawmaker says he wants to be paid in gold. republican state representative jerry o'neal says rising national debt will soon yernd the dollar worthless, he's asking his state to pay in gold and silver coins. will they do it?
10:53 pm
the state representative joins us, good evening, sir. >> yes. greta. thank you for inviting me. >> greta: so what is wrong with dollars? why don't you want to be paid in dollars anymore? >> dollars are losing their value fast. and likely to lose value faster than they are now. so... i think, they lose at least 10% per year the way i figure it based on gold. gold seems to appreciate 10% a year over dollars. i think that if they don't do something about the $16 trillion deficit, i think the bottom is going fall out of the dollar, totally. >> greta: what has been the -- when you asked to be paid in gold, the answer was what? >> they got, quoted opinions from a progressive pragmatic judge says the constitution says states will pay their debts in gold and silver doesn't mean that. they said that hey, they will
10:54 pm
wire my payment, my payroll, by wages, they'll wire where ever i want them to. i intend to wire where they'll send me gold and silver dollars for pay. >> greta: so that is taken care of? it's got an extra step or they can write you a check and you can go buy gold if you wantedded. you can get your gold, you can get your gold, right? >> yes. i'll end up getting gold and silver coins, yes. >> greta: anyone else agreeing with you? joining suit? anyone else in the legislature? >> there are a few others agreeing with me, but none have come out and been willing to put their, expose themselves as much. >> greta: what do you attribute the decline to? do you blame it on washington? is there anything in particular you identify? >> i -- i have fought with the welfare state, with the progressives, it's started in
10:55 pm
at least increased a lot in 1913. one of the points of the federal reserve bank was to make money more elastic. they've done that well. they, the longer they continue spending money they don't have, borrowing from china and other places and spending it for things that nothing comes back to us, then, you've got, the dollar going to devalue. it's the only way to print more money. >> greta: representative thanks for joining us. >> well, thank you. >> greta: coming up, last you will call, move over,
10:56 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. if you thought doughnuts go well with coffee, think again. wait until you hear this combination. here is jay leno. >> you may have heard this story. a chicago bakery coming up with doughnuts injected with alcohol. that is a great idea now you'll be able to not find your car, but too fat to fit in it when you do. >> greta: okay. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. make sure you go to and let us


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