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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 24, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> harris: this is the fox report. tonight, one of the most wanted men in the world and our fbi, just got him. and, it's not how a democratic government is supposed to act. fresh outrage, after egypt's president makes a near absolute power grab in a country with great influence in the middle east peace process and an american partner and high stakes diplomacy. ♪ >> harris: returning to the same place that gave birth to the country's revolution less than two years ago, this sends president mohamed morsi a
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message, what freedom fighters say must happen to stop a new cycle of violence in the streets. fox reports live from cairo. also, destruction, more than 40 buildings taking a hit, in an explosion, some leveled, new tonight, neighbors bringing us inside the horror with stories you will never forget. >> you were startled and then heard screaming and everyone in the buildings are screaming. >> windows are shattered and the window frame is down on the floor. >> harris: the search for answers intensifying as we learn more about split-second decisions that saved lives. and his character left hundreds of millions of viewers asking, who shot jr. remembering larry hagman, the man who played the villain, the world couldn't help loving. i'm harris faulkener well, begin
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with egypt on edge and turmoil and violence spreading and response to a colossal power grab. by egypt's islamist president, mohamed morsi. though country's rocky transition to democracy may hit a brick wall, two days of violent protest adding to the tension in what is already one of the most volatile regions of the world, mohamed morsi, the newly elected president and head of the muslim brotherhood giving himself near absolute power at the expense of egypt's courts and the country's justices firing back calling for a strike and protests until his decree is rescinded. and, there is this: a warning from a prominent opposition leader, that egypt's military may be forced to get involved against president morsi's wishes in an effort to restore order. let's begin with steve harrigan streaming live from cairo, protesters in full force in tahrir square, do you have any idea what is next for them?
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>> reporter: harris, what we are likely to see on sunday and tuesday, are, perhaps, massive street protests, not just by those who want to oust mohamed morsi, who think he's trying to become a dictator but those who support him, who think he is trying to do the right thing to dry and break the logjam and get rid of the old regime, we could see tens of thousands of people marching on the streets of cairo with opposite points of view, really, close problems im to each other. we have seen violence in the protest and could see more in the days to come and one other factor, to keep an eye on, these judges, they say they don't buy the president's decree, the judges across the country are trying to shut down the country's entire judicial system, harris. >> harris: you have so many staring hoeldz in all of this, steve and we are also keeping an eye on the prominent opposition leader, al-faradi. what is the role we expect. >> reporter: he has been vocal
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and the most prominent and best known opposition leader in the west, mohammed el-braradeel-bar know beal peace prize winner has been sharp in his criticism of president mohamed morsi, saying he's trying to become a pharaoh and dictator in egypt and if he tried to launch a political campaign he might have criticism for people who say he spends a got part of his life outside of the country. but now he is acting, really, at least in western media, as the face of the opposition, harris. >> harris: i'm going to ask you to hang with us. we're going to try to bring up a live picture and hope technology serves us best here. the satellite photo has been shaky. this is live, tahrir square which is basically, steve, turning into a tent city. we saw a year-and-a-half ago, the military in that country, get involved. we mentioned moments ago, that might be potentially the next step in all of this. talk to me about those people on the ground, right now.
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>> reporter: numbers smaller today than yesterday. but they are digging in. they set up tents and they say they are not going away. and, both sides are really calling out for numbers. a test of wills, right now, between the president and his supporters, and those who think he is trying to become a dictator. something people here have fought against a year ago and many are willing to fight against again. we have seen violence and now with tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands due out on the street in the days ahead we could see more violence here in the short-term, harris. >> harris: and people, digging in with the tents and spending the night in some cases, steve harrigan, thank you very much. we'll come back to you as the news warrants on this. egypt's road to democracy has been a shake one at best. you may recall it was january 25 of last year, hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding an end to hosni mubarak's rule. the so-called arab spring had taken hold in egypt. then, roughly two weeks later, in february, hosni mubarak stepped down turning over all
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presidential powers to the military. and, more than a year later in june of this year, when egypt's military officially recognized mohamed morsi, of the muslim brotherhood, as the winner of nationwide elections, it was then six days later that he was sworn in as egypt's first freely elected president, and finally, just about three months ago in august he traveled to china, marking his first official trip outside of the middle east, as egypt's new president. just days ago, president obama may have seen an ally in egypt's mohamed morsi and, the president helped broker a cease-fire deal between israel and hamas, following 8 days of cross-border fighting in israel and gaza and now the white house has to deal with that egyptian leader, who is expanding his presidential power. and, causing, unrest, once again and molly henneberg live in washington with the news. no coincidence, i'm guessing on his timing of the power grab? >> reporter: that's right,
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harris, middle east analysts say no, he was riding high on the world stage after helping to negotiate that cease-fire, between israel and hamas and gaza and decided to make his move and consolidate more of his power in egypt. here's more on that. >> now, washington has to take a choice, are we going to put more pressure on morsi, but if we do so he may not work with us on stabilizing the gaza piece, it will be difficult for this administration to deal with. >> reporter: the move, quote, raises concerns for many egyptians and the international community. harris? >> harris: what about the white house? any idea what they will do next regarding egypt. >> reporter: so far the obama administration is not calling out mohamed morsi directly. president obama spoke to mohamed morsi on wednesday to thank him for his personal leadership and handling the cease-fire and days later the state department said
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in a statement, the current constitutional vacuum in egypt can only be resolved by the adoption of a constitution that includes checks and balances and respects fundamental freedoms and individual rights and the rule of law, consistent with egypt's international commitment. it goes on to say, quote, we call for all egyptians to resolve their differences over these important issues, piece fully, and, through democratic dialogue. but, no mention, harris, of mohamed morsi by name. >> harris: molly henneberg, thanks, molly. we move on to hollywood and the world. actor larry hagman was so good at being bad. he has passed away, and people are laying flowers at his star at the hollywood walk of fame. he died yesterday in dallas, again working as the character that maids him famous the world over, best known for his role as is the scheming oil tie can,
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jr ewing on "dallas" and he was the loveable astronaut tony nelson on "i dream of jeanie." we have more on his life and career and the sidewalk out there has been a flurry of activity as people come by to witness his star. >> reporter: and, already, we are having a legenus, harris. larry hagman dying of complications from cancer at the age of 81. he played the villain, people the world over loved to hate. >> and, in return... >> i get 25% of your earnings from all sources. >> reporter: remembered as j. r. ewing with the swagger and grit, he was one of the world's most famous actors, during the height of dallas's popularity. >> who shot jr? how many parodies were that of
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that. >> the evil side, machiavellian plotting... >> reporter: fellow cast members released statements. linda gray, who was his on screen wife was with him in his final moments, he was creative, generous, funny and loving and talented and there could have been no j. r. without him. >> he left a legacy of being a top-notch villain and had the little laugh and he was relentless in his pursuit, he was just j. r. >> but i do! >> harris: too distraught to face the cameras, was barbara eden, and she recalls the texas tornado, a whirlwind of big laughs, big smiles and unrestrained personality. >> harris: the come back of "dallas", a couple of seasons ago was so skeeuccessful and a season starts and i wonder how
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fans will handle his death and the story line. >> reporter: the writers are doing so, as well, harris, and "entertainment weekly" is reporting that he completed taping a number of episodes, they say and, this fall and he will appear in season 2 of the series, which airs in january. and says it his passing is being incorporated into the show and they'll work on way way to give the character the proper send off he deserves, but, "dallas" without jr, will be really interesting, or, perhaps, maybe boring without him. >> harris: oh, no. i, along with hundreds of thousands of young girls, i imagine, still have the jeans that say, who shot j. r.? i can't fit in them anymore but i was a big fan of the show. good to see you, dominic. right now, investigators working on a mystery at a strip club. the place blew up. among the injured, firefighters.
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>> harris: they got him, fbi picks up one of the ten most wanted fugitives, jose luis saenz, a gang member wanted for shooting and killing two members of his rival gang in los angeles in 1998. police arresting him in mexico and taking him back to l.a. they say he thought his girlfriend was going to tell police about the murder and he kidnapped, raped and killed her. she was also the mother of his child. he was on the fbi's most wanted list since 2009, putting him among the ranks of usama bin laden and the notorious boston
4:16 pm
crime lord, james whitey bollinger: a manhunt comes to a close with police arresting a man suspected of opening fire inside a target store in suburban denver yesterday in aurora and the "denver post" reporting police are holding a 33-year-old man facing a string of charges including robbery and attempted homicide. police say a man wearing a ski mask walked into the target store last night and fired a single shot into the ceiling. >> i seen my people run, just dashing out, and somebody came out there and started shaking me and it was like, call 911, there has been a shooting and i thought he was playing around until i seen everybody start running out of the store. >> it was someone acting stupid with a gun and, thankfully, you know, i don't think he got away with anything. >> harris: fortunately nobody was hurt. here's the context and maybe aurora, colorado sounds familiar to you, because, in july 12
4:17 pm
people died inside a movie theatre when a beggunman went o rampage. investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what caused a massive gas explosion, in springfield, massachusetts, several buildings are leveled and this is what is left of the strip club. that was all but owe little bbl the explosion and a neighboring daycare center was thankfully closed at the time, and the scene looks like a war zone, 20 people hurt. 11 of them firefighters. who were at the scene responding tie gas leak, they say and wiptss described what they saw: >> you heard the boom and kind of got startled for a minute and then you heard screaming and everybody within the buildings are screaming and, you are trying to figure out what, you know, what just happened, that would make a building shake like that. >> harris: and nicole jacobs is in boston at our fox affiliate,
4:18 pm
wfxt. do we have any idea what the official word of cause now is? >> reporter: no, harris, no official cause of this blast, at this hour. i can tell you, though, natural gas officials commented candidly about the mixture of gas and air and if those conditions are ripe, anything could have sparked the blaze from a door bell ringing to a phone ringing. but, right now, they say they have not been able to find anything definitive as to the cause of the blaze and that part is still under investigation. harris? >> harris: i was telling viewers more than half of the people who were hurt were first responders. how are they doing tonight? >> reporter: we were told tonight all of them are out of the hospital and recovering, at home tonight. as you said, earlier, 20 people, total, 11 of those firefighters, we're talking about police officers, and natural gas workers, water and sewage worker as well as a couple of
4:19 pm
civilians, even a local photographer, was injured as well and we are talking about burns to the face and hands and broken bones. head problems, we're told, because of how loud that blast was, but, again, the good news tonight, all of them, we're told, are recovering at home. harris? >> harris: thankfully. nicole, thank you very much. well, hours ago we heard that the state department had been evacuated. unfortunately, though, not before several people were seriously hurt. what went wrong at the headquarters for u.s. diplomacy, we'll let you know and also a plane with more than 70 passengers on board makes an emergency landing. what else is in the sky that caused tense moments? and for some americans there is no doubt, the deadly attack on fort hood in texas, three years ago, was an act of terror. but the government still calls it a workplace shooting. now, one lawmaker says that that label is political correctness
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>> harris: two videos coming into fox news and we'll look at it, it shows an 80 foot yacht going up in flames, wow. the yacht is named bliss. it is completely burning up. billowing out from the ship and the u.s. coast guard says it was about 15 to 20 miles off the coast of miami beach and caught fire. three people were on board at the time and we understand they jumped into the water and are okay. because the coast guard was able to reach them and bliss sank moments later. no injuries reported. no word yet on what caused the fire. dramatic video, though. in our nation's capitol, a fire
4:24 pm
at the state department today. they had to evacuate the place. we are told the fire broke out 11:00 this morning while workers were performing maintenance on the building's duct system. they put it out before firefighters actually got there. but, one worker suffered life-threatening injuries, two other people were burned. state department officials continuing operations, during the evacuation in a stand by facility but the headquarters was reopened, a short time later. history in the making this weekend. at the vatican. pope benedict xvi elevating 6 catholic bishops to the rank of cardinal, cardinals are among the most powerful men in the catholic church and are in charge of electing the next pope and, what makes today's ceremony historic is not just who the new cardinals are but where they come from, lauren green is in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: harris, you know what stands out about this new group is what they are and are not. they are all relatively young, which means the pope is thinking about the long term future of
4:25 pm
the catholic church and, for the first time in decades, they are neither european or italian. the cardinals hail from columbia, india, lebanon, nigeria, the philippines and one from the united states. a sign of where the church is growing in the global belt of asia and africa and with the elevation of the six cardinals, pope benedict xvi's papacy may go down in history as perhaps putting in place more members of the exclusive club than any before him and he has appointed well over half of the 120 men who will vote for his successor. >> benedict put a stamp not only on the college of cardinals but on the bishops that he has been appointing around the world, and, that is part of his legacy and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> reporter: the elevation of lebanon's cardinal is significant. showing how important the region is to the catholic church. the trip to syria was recently cancelled because of the unrest there.
4:26 pm
>> he's emphasizing the importance of the middle east and putting someone in there who really i think is a peace maker and willing to dialogue with all of the different parties, i think that is very important. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi is in relatively good health but at 85 he is showing signs of fatigue and the ceremony was scaled back today, lasting just over an hour but he'll celebrate mass with the new class tomorrow morning. harris. >> harris: why such a small group, lauren? i know last time there were 22, i believe, cardinals who were elevated. >> reporter: many reasons and probably the top reason, since the last in february, a few cardinals turned 80, which made them ineligible to vote in the next conclave, now, 6 brings the number of voting age cardinals to 120 which is the minimum needed. harris? >> harris: all right, lauren green, thank you very much. a massive electric bill, nobody likes getting them. what if you were without electricity after super storm sandy and were still charged a
4:27 pm
fortune? it is happening. how much one homeowner has to pay. we'll tell you, coming up. and, a truck driver, released from prison, he made a mistake. that landed him behind bars in mexico. he was facing 30 years. and a plane forced to make an emergency landing, this scare in the sky that forced the pilot to act. very quickly. if we want to impre our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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>> harris: i'm harris faulkener, this is the fox report. the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news, america mourning the loss of a tv icon. actor larry hagman passed away yesterday. at the age of 81. best remembered for his role as a scheming oil man, j.r. ewing in the hit show "dallas." egypt, growing protests after the new islamist president, mohamed morsi, gave himself virtually unlimit power until the country drafts a new constitution. his opponents calling the move extreme and they warn of growing turmoil and military intervention if the power grab is not withdrawn. and the fragile cease-fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding. some border restrictions in gaza being eased but the threat, a top hamas leader saying the ruling militant group will continue to arm itself despite an israeli border blockade. connor powell has the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: harris, just three
4:32 pm
days ago, it appeared that israel and hamas were on the brink of a full-on war but the cease-fire is holding and there are encouraging signs life is returning to normal, here in the holy land. israeli children returned to school yesterday, and now, markets and shops are reopening now that the threat of rockets has ended and today, palestinian children in gaza also returned to school. as the cleanup there begins. no doubt there are still challenges. but, so far, both sides seem willing to continue the cease-fire, part of the agreement calls for an easing of the blockade around gaza. it's not exactly clear what that means but we have seen evidence that the palestinian fishermen in gaza are now being allowed to fish off the coast, something they were not able to do previously when the restriction were in place. gone are the massive amounts of israeli troops from the border, instead, it is now just small groups of hamas an israeli soldiers, patrolling the border. harris, no doubt that the
4:33 pm
cease-fire will be tested in the coming weeks and months ahead. but both israel and hamas are sending representatives to egypt to continue to build on the small amount of progress that already has been achieved. harris? >> harris: connor, thank you. let's stay in that part of the world. new developments into the investigation into the death of former palestinian leader yasser arafat. a palestinian official saying his remains will be exhumed on tuesday. swiss, french and russian experts will take samples from his remains as part of the probe into exactly what killed him. arafat died in 2004, a month after he had become ill. palestinian officials have insisted he was poisoned, they say by israel and israel denies the allegation. one u.s. senator calls it political correctness run amock, and we are talking about the result of a government report which show the obama administration's refusal to identify enemies of state as terrorists. the bulk of the problem, accord
4:34 pm
to the record stems from the justice department, peter doocy with the report from washington. >> reporter: the department of justice has not even identified what topics should be covered in their cowering violent extremism or cve training, despite the fact the report from the government accountability office 210 violent ex islamic extremists are known to have radicalized in north america and 80% began it after 9/11, the face of terror is changing and susan collins, one of the senators who commissioned the report, says the administration's identification of the 2009 shut itting at fort hood, texas as workplace violence, is one reason that law enforcement agents nationwide are not properly learning who they should be on the lookout for. >> to counter the threat, to better understand its roots, and, how it may develop among certain people in our own country, we have to be willing
4:35 pm
to name the threat, to understand it, in order to counter it. >> reporter: the gao report says plainly that misinformation about the threat and dynamics of radicalization to violence can harm security by sending local stake holders in the wrong direction as unsnarm creating tension with potential community partners but there is a bright shot in the gao report. the homeland security department is noted as effectively identifying and communicating to their partners, the elements training on encountering violent extremism should cover. harris. >> harris: a month after super storm sandy, a new york city neighborhood suffered through fire and flooding. thieves struck at least three houses in the breezy point section of queens. over thanksgiving and one couple reportedly losing a $25,000 coin
4:36 pm
collection along with jewelry and watches, that hey hadn't been able to retrieve yet. the break ins happening wednesday and thursday when many families were away for the holiday. also, on long island "the new york post" reporting people without electricity for weeks got zapped with normal electric bills. as if the outages never happened. jonathan is one of them. there is his bill, he's holding it up and says the long island power authority sent him a $649 bill for the long beach home he left in october. and, a $281 bill for his new great neck home. he's also expecting a $1700 bill for his storm ravaged restaurant in long beach that still doesn't have power. the statement is making no mention of potential refunds for the blackouts. there is a flip side at least to all of this. hope for relief for the areas hardest hit by the storm, from
4:37 pm
small business saturday, the saturday after thanksgiving. when consumers are encouraged to support their local small businesses. the day carries more significance, as you might imagine than a couple of years ago. especially for local retailers, struggling to bounce back after suffering from sandy. in new york, from staten island to long island, mom and pop shops are promoting huge sales, many of those store owners donating portions of the profits to local relief efforts. now, that is the flip side we can live with and, anna coyman is here. >> this is what has been going on, and many hoping small business saturday will give the bottom line a boost, the owner of rumors on long island says 40% of the business comes during the last three months of the year and because consumers in the area are more concerned about buying necessities than holiday gifts she is concerned it will be impossible to make up those sales, but, the owner is thankful all of her vendors are allowing her to delay payment.
4:38 pm
>> i was in tears, actually, over that, because i was scared. i don't want to lose my credit, my good name and my reputation. so, they are sticking by me. >> this business is like your child, isn't it? >> this is my other home. >> reporter: small business owners relate to that in the wake of black friday, local businesses are urging customers to keep their wallets out and give back to the local communities, especially in neighborhoods devastated by the storm. last year, the small business saturday it is estimated 100 million people participated in the growing annual event. >> harris: this number keeps going up but the last i read, impact of sandy will be in the the $50 billion range. what help is out there for these small businesses? >> reporter: the number you are referring to there is coming from moody's analytics and, $20 million is from airlines cancelling flights and restaurants not serving meals and casinos not being able to
4:39 pm
take bets and the u.s. small business administration is making loans of up to $2 million available to companies, trying to get their heads back above water. >> we have been on the ground for weeks now, and, working closely with families to help them get back on their feet as quickly as they can. >> reporter: in manhattan, mayor bloomberg announcing a new program today to make $5.5 million in matching grants available for new york city businesses, most impacted by super storm sandy. >> harris: the world would not be the same without mom and pop shops. good to see you, thank you. the president doing some christmas shopping, this small business saturday, and he is taking his daughters, malia and sasha to the one more page bookstore, an independent neighborhood bookstore in arlington, virginia and the white house saying the president bought 15 children's books as gifts for family. the sports world says good-bye to one of the true boxing greats. and a robbery caught on tape. this one, though with a bit of a
4:40 pm
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>> harris: live pictures coming into fox news, beaverton, oregon and look closely at the right section of your screen. that is a truck hanging over an overpass, we are told, highway 217 in beaverton and in the last few minutes, when we were in the commercial break we saw them pull somebody out of that and we understand it was the driver of the truck. we don't have any idea what is hanging on below them, if there are drivers they are getting out of the way, the story is coming in, but the picture is so eye-popping and moments ago, we are learning the good news, the guy who was in there however he got himself in that position has been pulled out alive. if there is news to report, we'll come back to it. but, now, wow, what a picture. former championship boxer hector
4:44 pm
macho comacho died, shot in the face earlier this week and passed away today from his injuries at a hospital in puerto rico. he was taken off of life support early this morning with much of his family by his side. doctors say he was brain dead and there was nothing more they could do. he and a friend were shot while sitting in a car. the friend died at the scene and drugs were found inside though car and police have no suspects or witnesses. and, he battled alcohol and drug abuse and problems, i should say throughout his life but will be best remembered for his boxing career, amassing several world titles in different weight closs classes and is best known for knocking out sugar ray leonard, the pride of puerto rico, raised in harlem, new york, he was just r50 years old. a community in alabama
4:45 pm
mourning the loss of a sheriffs deputies, he was one of three deputies who went to a man's house after a guy was being confro confrontational with family members and a man pulled out a gun and opened war and the deputy scott ward was killed instantly. he served 15 years on the force and another deputy critically wounded and the suspect also killed. police are on the hunt for the so-called bra bandit tonight. our top story on the fox trip across america. ♪ >> harris: california: a man and a woman go into a sacramento convenience store saying they want to buy a tobacco pipe. but when the pair goes to the register to pay, the woman pulled a gun out from her bra, demanding money. >> now! now! open >> harris: the bra bandit was anything but a smooth criminal. taking a swing at a surveillance
4:46 pm
camera. the clerk said he could tell that she was nervous. >> she was scared, too. i looked and she was scared. >> harris: the woman dropped much of the money running out of the store and police hope the video will lead to an arrest. also, in the golden state, a high speed chase ending in a violent crash, just outside of anaheim. police say the driver in a stolen white pickup truck lost control and hit a median and flipped over onto another car. he was ejected from the truck and remains hospitalized now and the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. texas: a trucker going free, after spending 8 months in mexico. in prison, for accidentally transporting a load of ammunition across the border. he says he took a wrong turn off the highway. in prison, he says there were times when he felt like his life was over. >> some days i gave up hope and some days i felt like god was in my heart and some days i felt like god was laughing at me,
4:47 pm
punishing me for no reason. >> harris: he's grateful to everyone who helped him. and he faced 30 years for bringing the ammunition which is illegal in mexico. that is a fox watch across america. a plane headed to north carolina forced to make an emergency landing in florida. we'll tell you what the problem in the sky was, also, when in rome, there is one thing tourists are no longer allowed to do. here's a hint: don't come hungry if you are going there. what? ♪ with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free.
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>> harris: bird strike, forcing a plane to make an emergency landing in florida, the u.s. airways flight was headed to charlotte, north carolina from key west when the birds hit them. plane was diverted to fort myers, florida and 73 people on board, nobody hurt. it landed safely and, they said it did so much damage the plane is not operable. thousands of students marches through rome. they are not happy about a series of austerity measures. meant to keep the country from becoming a victim of your zone debt crisis. and while they were doing that, locals and tourists have something else they are not happy about. there is a new ban in effect, in rome. and several other italian cities. eating is no longer allowed at historic sites. amy kellogg explains. >> reporter: police shoo a girl off the steps, she says it's not fair. critics call it the war on paninis and those behind the new
4:52 pm
ban on snacking around rome's historic monuments say the city has fallen to a level of unsustainable vulgarity with the consumption going on about town, an order established by the mayor of rome, bans eating food on the spanish steps at the found and other well-known tourist attractions, all punishable by a fine. an order which has taken many visitors by surprise. >> i think it is crazy. mad. why? i must pay 50 euros because i am eating my favorite ice cream near the fountain? >> reporter: fines can range from the equivalent of 35 to $650. all to keep the teenager city clean. >> i think i think it is right, this law, because, we can protect the monuments. >> reporter: so far, the bark is worse than e the bite. police prefer to warn people to
4:53 pm
take their gelato elsewhere than to find when rome needs tourism in the town, too. la dolce vita experience involves food, but a fleeting piece of pizza may go unnoticed but approximating a picnic will land you in trouble. similar restrictions apply in other italian cities, too. the hope is that the rules will not deter tourists, but by keeping the historic sites clean will keep them coming, amy kellogg, fox news. >> harris: and, they say it only takes a dollar and a dream, powerball is back in the news and our floor director matt, got a ticket with another mega jackpot tonight, if you win, take us to italy! we'll tell you how big it is. stay with us. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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>> harris: a decade after she survived a kidnapping or gilles elizabeth smart is telling her story. she was 14 when she was snatched from her bedroom at knife point in 2002. and now at 25 years old she's working on her memoir telling the details of how she was held captive by a homeless street preacher and rescued after 9 months, the book written by chris stewart, a congressman-elect from utah. it will be the fourth book about her abduction but the first from her perspective. >> christmas eve, one month away from today! you can really shop with this. $325 million, the latest powerball jackpot the fourth highest in the game's history and tonight's drawing generating long lines in states across the country, people trying to snag tickets with the hope of hitting it big, but the odds of winning it all according to powerball, roughly 1 in more than 175 million. a new pop culture victory for south korean rap star psy.
4:58 pm
>> ♪ ♪ gangnam style... >> harris: officially the most watched video on youtube. it now has more than 800 million views. gangnam style, first posted to youtube in july and in a month was a massive hit, people mimicking the rapper's move, we do that on fox report all the time. no! recapping our top stories, fans are remembering famed tv actor larry hagman. who passed away yesterday. he was 81. his career spanned decades and genres. best known for his starting roles as the villain, j.r. ewing in the hit show, "dallas" and the funny astronaut in the 1960s sitcom, i dream of jeanie and investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of a massive
4:59 pm
gas explosion in springfield, massachusetts. it leveled the strip club and damaged 40 other buildings. 20 people hurt, most firefighters, thankfully no one was killed. and on this day in 1932, the long arm of the law got longer when the fbi crime lab first opened its doors in washington, back then it was more reality, than public relations tool for the fbi director, j. edgar hoover and, the bureau chose the room for the lab because it had a sink. six years later they installed the lie detector, the one room laboratory which once handled 200 pieces of evidence per year eventually grew into a massive facility and, crime fighting got more scientific, 80 years ago, today. that is how fox reports on this saturday, november the, 2012, i'm harris faulkener, h


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