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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 19, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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stop believing, you stotch receiving. this marine adam said he believes. nweet them to us at fox and friends. that's it for us we leave you with an incredible rendition of carol of the bells this from the mobile spectacular. ♪ ♪ >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it is wednesday december 19th. a folks news exclusive. new clues on a possible motive in the mass murder in
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connecticut, what the shooter's mom did that may have made him snap. we are live in newtown with the latest. >> steve: while you were sleeping the information on the benghazi embassy were released. we blew it. at least washington d. >> brian: state department i guess. think it is it acward when mom tried to find you on facebook. being poked by the ayatollah of iran. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ fox and friends. >> steve: the poking on facebook is a weird thing. you - on poke >> gretchen: poking? >> steve: you know what all of the people in the world are doing. >> gretchen: i can poke in different ways. i guess i will figure it out
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in facebook, too. 92 pokemon. in serious news, a report released on the benghazi terror attack. independent report left four americans including our embassy dead happened after systemic failures produced subparsecurity in our consul late, steves had more from washington. >> good morning, steve and everyone. that cathing report blames state department for a lack of proper security for the deaths of four people in benghazi. the ambassador to libya was among those killed. a special panel was convened to find out what went wrong and presented to select members of congress behind closed doors. there was no protest prior to the attacks which was
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unanticipated. and intelligence provided no immediate warning of the attacks and the libyan government's response, they found the response to be profoundly lacking on the night of the attacks and finally systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies resulted in a special mission that was inadequate for benghazi and grossly inadquate to deal with the attack that took place. the administration first blamed the spontanous protest over an anti-islamic film and is it not susan rice to make that point on the talk show. the new report 81 firms there was no protest going prior. it strengthened security in high rick post establish a panel of outside experts.
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secretary of state hillary clinton thanked the panel for a clear-eyed serious look at the attack and accepts the recommendation and said some of them have been imelemented. back to you guys. >> steve: i think people are disappointed we knew this stuff. give us the name who blew if. >> gretchen: they say no particular individual did anything unusual. but hillary clinton was supposed to testify and now not going tompt and someone will step in, in her place . >> steve: what ever happened to the buck stops here. >> gretchen: he did take responsibility for it before the president did. >> steve: people want to hear her side of the story. >> gretchen: brand new information on what may have caused the gunman to snap and go on the shooting rampage in sandy hook elementary school.
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peter doocy joins us with the exclusive. >> good morning, gretchen, adam lanza may are killed because he was mad at his mom for wanting to have him committed. that is it according to a hoo reason who took fox, that adam believed that nancy loved the school where she was volunteering more than him and what i was told adam was aware of her participating the court for conservatorship and her plan to have him committed. high was upset and he thought she wanted to send him away. he was really, really angry. the new york post reported that adam lived in his mom's windowless basement with posters covered by posters of gunce. he would play videos.
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it was a game called the first person shooter game. police didn't find psychiatric drugs in the lanza house and the medical examiner hased a geneist to figure out if there was a trait that could have led adam lanza to mass murder here. here in connecticut there will be funeral for the victims and one of the teachers killed. >> brian: it is interesting that she did according to a report volunteer at the school. and did volunteer for the kindergarteners and within on to first grade and there might have been jealously. and that's why he went to thoyce class. >> steve: it is it a deadly combination, he played all day long and all night long the video games and access to guns and he had mental issues.
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neurologucal issues as well >> gretchen: where do we go from here? it is one of the big questions that we are grappling with for many days and mongs and years to come. president obama aim to scrap the assault weapon's ban. this was in affect from 1994 and 204 and now the president want to revive that expired ban and joe bidep will over sea the efforts. and it is it interesting, joe manchin who is from west virginia and showed an adof shooting a he is reexamining positions michigan governor who talked in the news with regard to unions . he now is going to veto a gun bill that originally he was going to sign off on.
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nthe gun ban didn't reduce crime. there is also a possibility that the president may try to go after limiting the sale of high capacit i gun clips. if they made the legislation and if there is legislation and it is it small that being possibly happen but charles krauthammer are worried the people on the left may not do a good job with whatever comes down the pike. listen. >> i think it is it likely we'll pass weapon's laws that are useless. and it would be far better to get a commission and have mayor guliani to head it and look not just at guns which is the only place to look for liberals. but there is it shootingly,
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the gun and environment. >> brian: i thought it would be a national dialogue and not rush to legislation . that's what the president is pushing forward. the i mayor boom boom said he was tiring of doing your job. how about another head of the atf. >> steve: like lieber not just look at guns but video games and mental imness. >> gretchen: the colorado governor is looking into yes, it is the colorado governor, he is going to be looking into trying to revamp how that state at least handles mental illness. dr. keith ablow tells us that a lot of insurance doesn't cover when you need to go see a psychiatrist and this has changed over the past several
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decades. we have a lot of families, suffering from looking for help and trying to figure out what to do in these wages and nancy lanza is one much those people. >> brian: the nra doesn't want to peek sooner because it is insensitive. >> steve: joe biden will head up the administration's efforts to come up with something after new ton. time for head lines now. >> gretchen: like something out of the hollywood movie. two inmates using bead sheets to escape from prizon. they tide them together and scurry down to building. this is chicago, everyone. kenneth and judge sev breaks. tide the she'ds to the bars of the cells. guess what they are still on
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the loose right now. >> gun from the botched fast and furous linked to the death of a mexican beauty queen. maria gamez and four others were killed. house speaker john boehner in a plan b. and the white house is making it clear that it is it a no go for the president. >> i believe it is important to protect as many american taxpayers as we can. our plan b would protect american taxpayers who make a million dollars or less . >> he will not accept a deal that in order to protect some of the wealthiest americans from having taxes go up. shifts it on the sorps and class. >> gretchen: so the house is scheduled to vote on two amendments related to
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boehner's plan b tomorrow think it is odd for mom to friend you on book bock? think the ayatollais on facebook. he started a community page to get updates and news from him. the plan is back firing. many are liking the page just to criticize him. imagine of that freedom of speech. >> brian: and a u.s. marine locked up in mexico for no good reason and the state department said it is it out of our hands . is that right to you? >> steve: and never saw this coming. a powerful mud slide wipes the train off of its tracks. >> brian: there is camera everywhere. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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[ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> brian: he's been imprisoned inside of a mexican jail since august carrying a gun he thought he -- it was legal. he will not be coming home for christmas . the state department said there is nothing to do. and the from the white house ridiculous. >> i will have to take the question. >> brian: inexcusable. doesn't he deserve that.
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we have good relations with mexico christian wyt shows a gun misunderstanding and he ends up chained to a mexican bed. why is the state department not doing something, chris? >> they prize good relations with other governments and they need to realize that we have who fought for our freedom and handled a low level . and needs to be handled by secretary clinton himself or the president. you point out if it was 1989 or 94 jealousy and anger. but that disapated since 2000 and why are we not taking advantage. nwhen fox was relected and followed by calderon a new mexico can president. he is like the tony blare of
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mexico and reformed the left party and wants to continue good relations. a lot of good will. secretary clinton makes phone calls every day . why can't she make one for a marine in need. we have a huge economic had relationship with mexico and they are number three behind canada and chin a. a lot of leverage we should start bying. >> brian: if we can't get the secretary of state's attention or assistant secretary of state's attention you think american people should cancel tourist and cruises to that area or anything else we can do? >> yeah, when mexico realizes that what is on the line and something that you just mentioned it is it a huge amount is tourism and really when they, you know this man has been in jail for more than
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four months. he try tod facility law and declared the weapon to the border guard. is it worth them getting the venal corrupt image on top of all of the violence that why associate with mexico. do they want to pay the millions and billions in lost tourism just so they can do whatever it is it that the corrupt local government is doing to the marine. nwith your experience in the highest level of diplomatacy. and being an american what would you recommend if this was your family member, what would you do? i thinklet family is doing the right thing spreading the word about it is true that mexico has tough gun laws and seems that is singled out for venal treatment spreading awareness and geth more people to learn about the mexican government.
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let's do demand we have not attempted that. it could be a phone call from president obama to his counter part or secretary of state clinton. >> what if the marines bombarded the state department. >> it is it a good thing. it was handled by the affairs. it needs to be handled by the western hemisphere regional secretary or going above that to the undersecretary of political aor secretary clinton. there is not going on in the diplomatic aren a. why not pick up the phone. >> brian: you just gave us things to do. have a great christmas. >> thank you. >> brian: a new movie shows that fracing was bad and it was funded by an oil rich
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>> brian: quick head lines now . something is leaking in the
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site of the bp disaster. but the coast guard can't find the source. there is it a sheen, but the well is secure and now testing the substance to so what it is. here we go again. and the ford hood suspect will be allowed to keep his beard in a military trial. the judge overseeing majorinalal case since it is against the army regulation will not hold it against him. steve, and gretch. >> steve: thank you, brian. matdamon's new movie promised land is against fracking. >> gretchen: should you believe the attack launched in the movie was funded by middle eastern counselries. >> steve: documentary film maker confronted matt damon
3:25 am
with the facts. >> it is from oil rich government. that is not credible. >> first time we were aware that the nation involved when we saw the logo that's it. >> steve: really. joining us now salim, his documentary frack nation set to be released. matt damon didn't realize that the united arab immigrant financed his film until he saw the logo. >> he is a producer and he went to all of the finance meetings. one thing more important than hollywood than the script and that is the money. anybody can write a script and giting the money is the skill in hollywood. >> gretchen: that question that our viewers just saw came from your videotape, but when
3:26 am
itunes put out that brew >> steve: pod cast. >> gretchen: it was eliminated. >> brian: i did the interview in apple and they set it out free on itunes and the only piece that i edited was what my question. and matt damon is making promised land and taking a stand. but he need toz face the difficult questions and apple shouldn't play wing man and protect the hollywood millionaires and celebrities from difficult questions . >> steve: it is it a hoit job on fracking. you saw gas land. he lights his water on fire. but as you well known, the water in that town would light
3:27 am
up going back to the 1930s. decades before they started fracing. >> there are three town in america. you could light it for before gas. it is all over the place and that was a big myth and a big lie that fracking causes your water to go on fire. we are making our frack nation to exemployed the myth get them off of the table. >> gretchen: where can they see it >> it is on mark cuban's access tv channel on january 2ndment great to get it on tv. >> gretchen: what is the flip side of the story that it brought economic wealth to north dakota? anywhere in america where there is fracking is no
3:28 am
recession . it is not bad for the environment. >> gretchen: why do you believe it is it not bad. >> brian: there is a million wells fraced and not one proven kiss of polluting water. there is no scientific peer review ever for polluted water anywhere in america. yes, it brings economic benefits. but that is ilrelevant if it hurs the water. they all about me what about the water. i study today for over a friend. >> steve: so many people brought the lie that fire water in gas land was real and caused by fracking. >> when you talk to the locals they say not much to happen. when i was young we lit the water. they have done it deck ceds
3:29 am
before fracing. >> gretchen: the other side is frac nation and check it out. thank you very much. coming up on fox and friends. craziest video you will see. mud slide knocks a moving train, yeah, right off of the trackings. >> steve: then his first christmas as cardinal. atm bolangoing to share a message. tell brighten your day. >> gretchen: alyssa is 40 which is it the new 30. ♪ note ♪ [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99.
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share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. hurry in for a droid incredible 4g lte by htc for $49.99. >> steve: it is your shot of
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the morning and so big i coming through the officer. that's what it looks like. the tree didn't cut eye hole in the roof instead the homeowner cut his christmas tree in half and added extra proof and looked like it was busting through the half. >> gretchen: that is extraordinary christmas spirit. >> brian: and if your tree is too book make a hole in your roof. and i understand that he put it one time and he had to do it again>> gretchen: you lookad this. the kilmeade house the tree will be coming off. >> steve: it almost did this year. >> brian: 33 minutes after the top of the hour. another chapter open in the case of two killer portrade in the book in cold blood.
3:34 am
>> two heartless young crim nams and what is the roolity behipped the appearance. bodies of dick and carrey smith are exhumed to look at the murder of the walker family. the men are suspected of escaping the scene and killing the waterers. it is it a 50 year old murder. >> gretchen: this is it a stuning new study out. no solid evidence linking debris from debris from ground ground to cancer. but found there were few total cancers. the study done by the city's health department is largest done. >> steve: police are still searching for a yet to be relieved version. stolen from a car in fran last
3:35 am
month. they caught the suspects breaking in the car and stealing the hard drive. and police arrested them and found the loot of the stolen good did not find the movie. >> gretchen: no one saw it coming, notine the conductor. that looks like something you will see in universal studios it knocked the freight train right off of the trackings 7 cars were derailed and no one was hurt. >> gretchen: why were they taking a picture of the top of the hill. >> brian: i am not sure. look at the weather. right here muchment in the central plain states. cusee the activity in kansas and oklahoma and texas. that over the next couple of days is going to develop in a full bloin blizzard believe it or not all the way from
3:36 am
portions of colorado through kansas, nebraska and iowa and michigan and will have inch or two and some spots with a foot and half and going to be heavy and heavy wippeds and rains and gusts 50 or 60 that means as folks go to the airports to go hoim for christmas on friday in particular, there will be travel delays all the way from the upper midwest affecting when you dial in chicago the entire airport system cross the count row. >> gretchen: that's where i am going, stove. thanks for the good nuse. >> steve: leave today. >> gretchen: can't do that. less than a week before christmas, this is expected to be one of the most joyous times of the year. for many it is overwhelmed by grief and sadness. here is a message to the families is arch bishop of new
3:37 am
york cardinal dollan. >> for the invitation upon. >> gretchen: so many people are trying to make sense and they are digging deep if they are people of faith to find out how to move on. what is your advice. >> they are and what is so inspirational, you see in this tragedy some what similar after sandy in new york. you see the innate pon tanous openness to the when people cone - don't know where else to go they turn to gone. st. partied jesus. where will we go. you are is only the words of everlasting life. i don't mind admitting i don't know what to say. the quote of mother theresa said two languages that god always understands, torse and silence. we have all been reduced to tears and silence is eloquent
3:38 am
as we simply stand with those people. you can almost feel a national embrace and sob and through tears and silence we are standing with them. god is with them. we need a little christmas, it is it a tough time of the year. >> gretchen: soon as you heard the nuse last friday, you picked up the phone. >> two people i wanted to call. the pastor of mon singor and the other clergy head as well. he is the one i would most know and tend to. and the dioscheseis without eye bishop and we called the administrator until the holy father assigns. what can i do, i am with you . and let people know the new york community loves you and stands ready. i have a rather somber yet sacred task of having a
3:39 am
funeral. an drea murphy she grew nup catona and a wonderful catholic. >> she was a teacher's aid and one of the boys by the name of dilan doid in her arms and the family was comforted by the fact he did not do i alone. she died with dill an ask trying to protect her kids. out of a terrible bleakness and darkness, you can see rays of light. which is what christmas is all about. in the middle of the darkest nights of the year with the sun after the bottom after december 21st, the star and light and birth of messiah, so do we ever need a little christmas now. >> brian: i am onering as the cardinal in charge do clergy come to you and say what do i say in >> they do. we priests and pastors are
3:40 am
like physicians we will huddle often like they would to happenedle the case? and look at the chars and look at mri's. we'll do that, too and for often it is an occasion of personal faith. sometimes we'll say i don't know what to say . help me out here. i find solace sometimesine in consulting with clergy of other faiths and talk to rabbies how are you hanle >> gretchen: our presbyterian church service my minister said he was inlectual vacant we did the silence and we light a candle for each victim and said prayers and sometimes, saying nothing and just remembering is what you are saying. >> when we say as a nation say, i don't know what to say, that in itself is a statement and a profound act of faith.
3:41 am
>> brian: how do you ark sess the gunman and make sense of that. >> once again. >> brian: is that pure evil. >> that is evil and dibolical that. is sin. that is not a popular word these days, but it is sin in the root of biblical religion men and women are fractured and there is a wound there. god in his mercy and grace want to heal that usually does. but dope down inside there say wound that we call original sin that shows itself in tragic and vicious situations as this one. >> steve: a lot of people who suffer from asberger related who are not evil. the problem is we don't have a lot of options for parents who have children that are damaged. >> there is it still a stigma attached and reluctant to seek the treatment and people who are in denial. and still people who want some
3:42 am
help and may be unable to afford it god can bring good out of evil, right? one of the things he will pull out of this is it a growing national sensitivity to those who are struggling with the maladies. >> steve: what is christmas message for this season that is tough? nyou got it we still have sandy, and people using the word cliff when it come to economics and we have rumors of war again in the mideast and enemies who possess nuclear weapons and mayanical cendar telling us the end of the world and unspeakable horror. we need a little christmas. it is all about hope and light and christmas is the cosmic battle that is waged between light and darkness and good ask evil guess what, light wins and goodness wins at christmas.
3:43 am
it is the same message as easter and we need to hear that more than ever. >> brian: the toughest question yet. for a met fan how do you have hope? >> have you heard of the devotion of st. jude. >> steve: cardinal, we prec temperature >> merry christmas to you and thanks, gretchen, a blessed christmas. >> brian: and first time we have seen you. mr. #1: you are always welcome in st. patrick. you can make the senclock mass. >> brian: merry christmas. >> a blessed christmas, everybody. >> gretchen: coming up a victory for religion. roweled on the contraception man date. >> steve: she's so hot she makes. cardinal cover your ears.
3:44 am
kate upton proving she is one tough cookie. >> gretchen: we cover it all on this show, sorry. ♪ ♪
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dioc ♪ >> gretchen: as we turn're continue to mourn those lost in the shoot nothing newtown, connecticut. how would i talk to someone who been through so much tragedy. reinventing the way you talk one at a time. this is a continuuation of what we talked about with the cardinal . he said silence is golden .
3:48 am
your books are called zip temperature >> yadada is noise pollution . if we listened cent percent of the time and poke 30 percent of the time, what we said would have more gription. it would stick and my son used that. if we know somebody who lost somebody in a horrivic shooting. >> i remember when i was going through a yuck in my life. he stod next to me and tears began to roll down his cheek. that was 35 years ago i still remember it because i felt loved and i felt hurt and compassion. and i felt i could talk to
3:49 am
him. >> gretchen: you talk about the fact of being present can mean the world . my parents told me . don't just send a sympathy card and sign your name . write memories is that good. >> i do the same thing. it is wonderful. people don't know the memories you have. i remember when i was a little kid and i would have tea with aunt fay . what a beautiful memory and maybe no one in the family knew she reached out to little kid that is way. >> gretchen: what do you mean about mirror questions. >> it is questions because it helps someone see themselves in the first time in a way they may have never seen themselves before. if someone is groving and so overwhelmed and so many feelings and they feel overwhelmed because they can't get inside of that.
3:50 am
you might, what is one thing you are afraid of? the most part of the question, is to zip it. if you quit talking after you the question you lessen the power of the question. >> gretchen: such a interesting filos - fillos - phylosy. >> and costs about a hundred bucks. and why is medicare causing a thousand dollars for a back brace? want to know what the fiscal cliff looks like. look at the painting. literally is kid a vushion of the cliff. see it ♪
3:51 am
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>> it is difficult to visualize the fiscal cliff what does that mean? it is where the fiscal cliff means. >> gretchen: chris is here to offer thurknique vision of the state of the nation . good morning to you. when you think . fiscal cliff an image comes to mind that you want to paint? >> it was it is it a lamp post and cutting the flow of things . it is like the patrions and collectors have frozen up.
3:55 am
the collectors and wealthy need to you know how it feels. fiscal cliff sounds horrible and sowns like things are locking up and we are going to fall off and it is like 2007 or eight when things froze up. we have five years of the horrible recession. and slammed with taxes. so many think it is the image of thelma and lose. unless we go around it we'll be stopped right here. nit is what a guy painted the other day . college student smoking and coffin nails and wait for example a phone call.
3:56 am
they are not move stationary and similar a split tailed wallow. >> who is that on capitol hill. >> they are neutral and up >> you are going to fill in and we'll come back to you. nyou are. it is it like the cooking show. it better not be like burned battery fluid. >> brian: you need gred - ingredients. they are set up here. >> brian: how long did it take you to make these . >> they can come up quick leer or take forever. this is it a hand out guy and covering with tattoos and the title is i am never alone with my thoughts are something . and all of the stuff swimming around and this is new york city. >> brian: you are deep. >> you call mow that.
3:57 am
>> gretchen: artist tend to have deepness in them. >> steve: stick around and we'll see the official world premiere of it thank you tompt >> gretchen: she lost her life at 16 years old but her death brothed life in three total strangers and today the parents will meet the people who got the daughter's organs. >> brian: stay way in the sky. the story behind this photo. we will show you later. ♪ ♪
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everybody today is wednesday, december 19, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for ago sharing your time with us today. new clues on what made adam lanza snap and go on an
4:01 am
unthinkable killing spree, plus a chilling discovery in his baitsment. we're live in newtown with the very latest. >> brian: this just in, no protest and nephrox. new report finds massive failures in washington led to the murders of four americans in benghazi. no kidding. the developing details live from washington. >> steve: meanwhile, is the cardinal out of the house? >> brian: yes. >> steve: she is so hot, she makes snow melt. kate upton proving she's one tough cookie. where do you think she is on that boat? in the antarctic! okay, it's ship. this ship almost sailed. hour two for "fox & friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i hope you're gonna have a good rest of the week as we're moving forward towards christmas now. overnight there was another report released.
4:02 am
it was a scathing report on the benghazi terrorist attack which left four americans dead. the independent report confirm what we already knew basically, that no protest occurred and security threats were ignored prior to the attack. our own steve centanni live with more details. good morning. >> good morning. two senior members of that special panel will appear on capitol hill today to brief lawmakers behind closed doors about their findings. here is the underlying problem, according to the review board's report, it says systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior level within the state department resulted in a special mission security posture that was inadequate for benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place. the report appeared to break little new ground about the time line of the benghazi attack, which left four people dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. it recommended better security,
4:03 am
better training, and less reliance on intelligence warnings. the kind of warning that did not come before this attack. the board determined there had been no specific warning of a potential attack on 9-11, but there had been several incidents in the days before the attack which should have said off warning bells. the obama administration first blamed a spontaneous demonstration defense an anti-islamic video and they said u.s. ambassador susan rice on the sunday talk shows to make that case. it turns out now there was no demonstration and the "wall street journal" is reporting that surveillance cameras around the compound show that to be the case. the video confirmed there was mo protests before the attack and it identified some of those involved. it showed the attackers kicking in doors instead of blasting their way in, suggesting they didn't have the right tools for the job. secretary of state clinton accepted the report's recommendation and thanked the panel for what she calls, quote, a clear eyed, serious look at the benghazi attack. back to you guys.
4:04 am
>> steve: thanks very much. so it's interesting, as steve just said, systemic failures and management deficiencies in security. >> brian: didn't we know that? >> steve: we did know that. but how can this not level some blame in somebody's corner? i mean, nobody is name as being responsible for the lack of security. we've got four dead americans. hillary clinton is not going to be speaking to the committee this week. if she runs for president in four years, this is not helpful to her, the fact that there were these systemic failures and management problems where the people in the field are asking for help and they say sorry, we don't have enough money. that is not acceptable. >> brian: you're saying in four years she should recover from the concussion. >> steve: that we didn't know about until it was time -- i hope she's okay. >> brian: to remember everything. >> gretchen: apparently she fainted and suffered a concussion. and that was why she was not going to testify. it was schedule for tomorrow. somebody else will step in her
4:05 am
place. >> steve: she should be hospitalized. >> gretchen: here was charles charles on special report last night with his analysis. >> five days after the attack, she was not out there to address the american people. she sent out somebody whom the president himself said had no idea, was not involved at all in benghazi. now she's supposed to speak to the congress about this, she has this illness. now, i'm not going to say she doesn't have one. i'd be happy to give her a neurologic exam. but in the absence of that, i'll take her word. but there is something strange about this. in britain when there was the invasion of the falcons, the secretary resigned over it, even though wasn't his fault as a matter of principal. if it happens on your watch, you resign. that obviously isn't going to happen in this case. but she isn't going to speak about it, which should be the minimal thing. >> brian: at first you want to
4:06 am
know how they were caught with their pants down. okay, i get that. then once the attack happened and it's going on for eight hours, it gets hot and cold and hot and cold, why is it these guys were left alone? why is it that they had to go away from their duty and not follow orders in order to protect these guys and how come help wasn't given and how come those guys thought help was coming via an air strike and it never happened? >> gretchen: this is an independent panel and review. >> steve: at the state department headed up by hillary clinton. >> gretchen: i think now we may never hear testimony from hillary clinton because of this, because she had this concussion and also because this independent report has come out basically not blaming anybody. so will the calls now for her to come and testify, since she's going to have someone else do it for her tomorrow, will they quell those calls? it's interesting. i bet we might never hear her testimony on this. >> steve: i'll bet you a dollar
4:07 am
we do hear from her in a committee setting under oath. but when? stand by. >> brian: should mitt romney ask? bet you a dollar. >> gretchen: no, no. steve and i are a little bit more frugal. >> brian: even governor perry would take that bet. >> steve: it's a cheap thing. there are team people all over. >> brian: you know you could lose. new information this morning on what may have caused the gunman to snap and go on the shooting rampage. we're gotting this information exclusively to fox. what caused the gun man to take his hate out on the kids at sandy hook. peter johnson,peter doocy joinse exclusive. >> brian, adam lanza may have committed mass murder because he was mad at his mom was trying to have him committed to a psychiatric facility. according to a 25-year-old u.s. marine who lived in this area, grew up in this area, and a
4:08 am
senior law enforcement official confirmed that anger about future mental health treatment is being considered as a possible motive. this marine also told fox, quote, from what i've been told, adam was aware of her petitioning the court for conservatorship and her plans to have him committed. adam was apparently upset about this. he thought she just wanted to send him away. from what i understand, he was really, really angry. adam killed his mother in the bed in the $1.6 million house he had been living in a windowless basement. a place where he spent hours, according to the "new york post," playing violent video games, including "call of duty" a first person shooter game. he was always surrounded by posters of military equipment and other weapons. this information about the basement is coming out at the hartford current report. connecticut's medical examiner is working with a geneticist to figure out if some genetic trait
4:09 am
contributed to adam lanza's murderous impulses and as the state tries to figure that out, people here in sandy hook are still mourning. there will be three funerals for first graders who were killed on friday today and one funeral for the hero teacher, victoria soto, who lost her life trying to save them. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: thanks very much. the other stories making news for you right now. it's like something out of a hollywood movie. two inmates using bed sheets to robbers tiedrison. the sheets together, went down 17 stories to their freedom. the rope dangling, as you can see there, outside the federal loop. this is in chicago, folks. the two shoved piles of clothes under their sheets before breaking the window and tying the sheets to the bars of their cell. it's believed no one noticed they were gone -- guess how long? nine hours. they're still on the loose right now. a gun from the botched fast and furious program linked to the death of a mexican beauty
4:10 am
queen. it was used in a shootout between drug runners and police last month in mexico. she was likely used as a human shield. the automatic rifle found near her body was bought bay man accused of buying 700 guns while under the watch of the atf. a federal court ruling the obama administration must rewrite obamacare's contraception mandate. the college sued arguing it violated their right to religious liberty. the court says the mandate must be rewritten by august. the administration must give updates every 60 days. proof global warming is real? model kate upton is so hot, she's making the icebergs melt? >> brian: yep. >> gretchen: now for commentary action brian and steve. here she is and all the crew. pose not guilty a bikini in a
4:11 am
boat headed for antarctica. the temperatures reportedly hit 35 degrees below zero. come on. if it's 35 degrees below zero, steve, you and i both know this, she's not in a swim suit 'cause you got to cover your body. >> steve: she needs a new agent because if that swim suit job she go, that's just wrong. >> brian: is that from tmz? i couldn't really see the logo inform me neither. >> gretchen: you were looking elsewhere. >> steve: 7:10 in new york city. it only costs $100. so why is medicare charging nearly $1,000 for a back brace? that story infuriating straight ahead. >> brian: then stuart varney says there is something really familiar about the fiscal cliff deal being offered by the white house. from the unions. >> steve: jimmy fallon, good morning. >> political news here. yesterday president obama and john boehner talked about the
4:12 am
fiscal cliff for 45 minutes, but the white house will not release a transcript of their conversation. however, they did offer to are joe biden reenact it with puppet s [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
4:13 am
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to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity a. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...ts green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. >> steve: as the president and john boehner try to hammer out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff looming at the conclusion of this month, the leader of america's most powerful union has a better idea. there is mr. trumka.
4:15 am
>> brian: richard trumka's plan, hike taxes now and worry about other stuff like spending cuts later. is that the best america can do? stuart varney is here. >> that's exactly what richard trumka recommended. he was the first top level guy to visit the president and the white house right after his reelection. he comes outside and he says, tax the rich. propose and promise spending cuts down the road and ignore the debt. you know, that's exactly the kind of deal that is shaping up right now. the republicans have accepted tax the rich. it's gonna happen. the president is not proposing any spending cuts of any significance at all. and he wants a blank check to run up the debt as much as he likes for the next two years. that is tax the rich, suggest spending cuts way down the road, and ignore the debt. trumka's idea, maybe it's going to happen right now. >> steve: you know what ronald reagan and the republicans learned the hard way back in the 1980s that essentially fell for the same deal. the democrats said look, we'll
4:16 am
cut spending down the road. we're still down that road and spending cut never came. >> that's exactly what happened to ronald reagan. he did actually raise taxes in the late 1980s on a promise from congress, yet we will cut spending. eventually. they never cut spending. taxes were raised. >> brian: i think there has got to be another phase 'cause there is president obama way the republicans in the house will ever pass something, i don't care if speaker boehner has all the leverage, he's not going to pass it. not without specific spending cuts. we know about the social security where they didn't seem to agree on this cost of living ratio. >> here is the question, should we go over the cliff, because we really want some spending cuts and we really want -- we don't want tax increases. so go over the cliff as opposed to taking a lousy deal? that's the question we're all facing, 'cause it is a lousy deal being laid out at the moment. >> steve: the cliff, while it is looming, tim geithner, the secretary treasury, could sign a
4:17 am
paper saying, we're not going to hike first of january, whenever, when the tax rates are supposed to go back to the clinton era stages, we're not going to raise them until they work out a deal. there is a little bonus time. >> there is some stretch time after january 1. you could manipulate around it. but the fact is the way things are shaping up, this is what you're going to get. you are going to tax the rich. we are going to delay serious spending cuts. we're certainly delaying entitlement reform. we don't care about the debt. up it goes. >> steve: and the thing is, when people say oh, finally we're going to tax the rich because when you look at the polls, like 60% of the country think that is a good idea. but even if you were to tax the rich as the president wants and the democrats want, it's going to run the government for ten days. then what? >> if the president gets his way and you raise taxes on people making more than $400,000 a year, if you do that, you bring in maybe $70 billion in the first year. we've just agreed, or we're
4:18 am
trying get agreement on spending $60 billion to get over storm sandy. so all that they're get is wiped out with storm damage relief. >> brian: right. it will be interesting because every family, every person since president obama took office has now personally more responsible for 18,000 more in debt because of our spending. >> 16.4 thrill ontotal, going to 20 trillion guaranteed. >> brian: thanks so much. >> steve: a lot of numbers in that head. >> brian: he doesn't know if any of them are true. >> steve: next time we'll wire him up to a lie detector. >> interesting conversation you two are having. >> brian: that's right. you're still here. varney and company coming up at 9:30. >> steve: donald trump, a whole lot rich there are morning. is that possible? it's all thanks to this woman's big mistake. you're gog want to hear about it. >> brian: we talked about it here. then a story, she just lost her life at just 16 years old. but her death breathed life into three total strangers. up next, her parents will meet
4:19 am
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>> gretchen: time to do a little math. 22 minutes after the top of the hour. your news by the numbers. $919. that's how much medicare is paying for standard back braces that only cost $191. federal report found this wasteful spending costs the program millions. next, 10,600. that's how many jobs the agriculture department says it saved or created with $9 billion in stimulus. but a report from the inspector general says the number is bogus. finally, 12%. that's how many illegal immigrants are approve to do stay in the country even though they're supposed to be deported. that includes some with criminal records. >> steve: that's a big number. >> brian: fox news alert now.
4:23 am
something out of a hollywood movie. two inmates using bed sheets to escape from prison. the convicted bank robbers tied the sheets together and scurried down 17 stories to freedom. they are still on the loose. >> steve: wfld reporter anita joins us live from cook county, illinois. anita, how is that possible? >> isn't that the question? you know, i'm actually in one of the suburbs just southwest of cook county, or of chicago because this is where they came. they took a train here yesterday. how did they pull that off as well? law enforcement sources are telling us that they had family in this area. the mother of one of these suspects wanted nothing to do with it. apparently they broke into a window and a brother gave them a change of clothing some money and a landlord says they were high and they had a gun. so they are armed and dangerous. when you see the video, you're going to say, how did they pull this off? even tying these bed sheets together to rappel multiple stories down to the ground below, as you just said, to
4:24 am
freedom. police are still looking for joseph jose banks and kenneth connally, both are on the run, armed and dangerous. no one knows where they'll show up next. they escaped in the middle of downtown chicago from the metropolitan correctional facility. they were waiting to be sentenced and they got away. rappeling 20 floors down below. their beds were made to look like they were still in them. they had a sheet over a pile of clothing and bed sheets. so they were nicely piled and nobody knew that they were missing. and cording to the chicago tribune today, we understand that the bars to their windows had been removed. those were in the bed. and they had put up fake bars on the window. so clearly this was a tremendous amount of planning and time that it took to put this whole thing together. how they pulled this off, you got to imagine, there is an investigation underway at that facility. how this happened and nobody noticed it until the people who were coming in for their shift saw those sheets hanging from the window.
4:25 am
get this, the warden of that facility was recently named warden of the year. this is definitely a black eye on her record. clearly there will be an investigation into how that happened and, of course, the search is still on for these two suspects. if you see them, don't approach them. call police right away. reporting live from tinley park, illinois near chicago, anita practice padilla. >> steve: thank you. how could the jailers not realize, hey, 50 beds don't have sheets on them? >> that is a big question and that's why i said, there is going to be a huge investigation how that happened. speculation is did they have some help on the inside here? so you got to wonder. that many sheets, that much clothing, how did they get all of that? they were just being held for sentencing. >> gretchen: interesting help about the help -- interesting point about the help on the inside potentially. thanks very much. >> brian: one guy makes a bad
4:26 am
knot, if he did have help and it's all over. >> steve: that's the key is perhaps it was somebody with knot training because you don't want to go down from that height on something that's a little flimsy. >> brian: right, especially to a prison who are is going to be pretty angry if your knot breaks. >> gretchen: coming up, 'tis the season of giving. but which charity should you give to? dave ramsey here with donation dos and don'ts. >> steve: then incredible story, three strangers given the gift of life because of this 16-year-old's tragic death. up next, her parents meet the people who wound up with her gift of life.
4:27 am
4:28 am
4:29 am
>> brian: shot of the morning. we're check not guilty with our guy, artist tom christopher who is here in studio painting how he sees the looming fiscal cliff. he'll be done with that painting at the end of the show.
4:30 am
and tom, we'll check in with you. hang in there. looks great. >> gretchen: he's fill not guilty that lower left side that used to be blank. let's do some headlines now. the fort hood shooting suspect will be allowed to keep his beard during his military trial. this is what's been holding up the trial, folks. the new judge overseeing major nidal malik hasan's case says that the facial hair is a violation of army regulation, but won't hold it against him. hasan accused of killing 13 people, including a pregnant woman during a 2009 rampage. geithner is cashing out as treasury secretary. we don't know with will replace him. fox news' ed henry confirming the white house approached american express ceo kenneth shah naught. he's being considered for a spot as commerce department secretary. he has led amex since 2001. however, sources say jack lou remains a front runner to be the next treasury secretary. in a beauty of a $5 million
4:31 am
legal win, donald trump emerged victorious in his ugly bat well a miss usa hopeful who claims the pageant was fixed and trashy. the former miss pennsylvania quit the competition in june claiming a fellow contestant had seen a list containing the top five winners before they were officially announced during the live telecast. that didn't go down well with donald who fired back that he was suing on behalf of the miss universe organization. check out this stunning sight. a stairway in the sky. this escalator was dangling over lower manhattan as workers hoisted it to the 101st floor of the world trade center. a crane on top of the building lifted it into place. just last week, the first section of the 408-foot spire was raised and mounted on top of that building. now let's head over to steve for your holiday weather forecast. >> steve: all right. christmas just five days away and take a look. this is the satellite and the
4:32 am
radar. as you can see, there is a storm developing in the central plains states. and as you can see, it's moving up through portions of nebraska, iowa, missouri, in the next couple of days, this will balloon into a full-blown blizzard starting later on today. extending from kansas up through missouri and into portions of wisconsin. some spots are going to wind up with between six inches and a foot and a half of snow. very gusty blizzard winds. travel through the rockies going to be dangerous. blizzard warnings from southeastern colorado, western kansas, to oklahoma panhandle and far northern texas. wind chill temperatures below zero. the current readings as you head out and can see behind this system, temperatures in the teens out in the high country, missoula, 16. denver action front range of the rockies, 22. 30s and 40s throughout much of the balance of the country. real quick look at your daytime
4:33 am
highs today. here in new york city, 45. 65 in raleigh. 77 in tampa. about the same for dallas and san antonio. that's your travelcast for this wednesday. >> gretchen: thank you. you're looking at a picture of a beautiful young girl. this is 16-year-old amanda forsythe. she had her whole life ahead of her. back in june of 2006, the bubbly teen and two of her friends were hit by a car while crossing the street. amanda do did not survive. but because her life was cut tragically short, seven complete strangers were given a second chance at life. three of her transplant recipients are with us today. tommy steel, got her pancreas. willie got her left kidney and this woman received her right kidney at 12 years old and she's 16. she joins with us her sister. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: tommy, you had
4:34 am
diabetes. you had received a kidney. >> yes. >> gretchen: you were losing your vision and you needed a pancreas. >> badly. >> gretchen: amanda, her pancreas was a perfect match. what did it mean for you as far as life or death? >> it was an extension of a life that was nearly over. the kidney had prolonged my life, but it had a shelf life because the pancreas was still not functioning and i was looking at maybe five years more of my life extended from the time i got the kidney when the pancreas came through t changed everything for me. it gave me back a life that was pretty much set on a very tight timetable and let me live to see my -- one of my sons marry. i have two beautiful grandchildren now. i've been able to resume working and do things i love. i work in my church and god has been so good to me to let me live on. i hate that amanda lost her life. >> gretchen: of course. >> but i'm thankful that her family was so generous and
4:35 am
willing to share life with so many people. we want people to know that transplant is not something to be afraid of. it is a great gift that you can give. god gives us one life, but if that life can be extended when we're through with this body, kudos to those willing to do it because it has given may great, great story to tell. >> gretchen: it has. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> gretchen: so well said. i want to move on to willie. you received amanda's left kidney. >> yes. >> gretchen: i know it's an emotional day for you. >> yes, it is. >> gretchen: what has it meant for your life? >> a big change in my life. everything did a turn around. turn around for the best. she lost her life. >> gretchen: you're about to meet her parents for the first time. >> okay. >> gretchen: what's that going to be like for you? >> emotional. very emotional. >> gretchen: i can see it in your eyes during this time of the christmas season, we think a
4:36 am
lot about gifts. >> yes, we do. >> gretchen: the gift of life may be the greatest one, next to the gift of the lord if you're a person of faith. >> yes, i am. yes. wasn't for god, i don't know. big, big change. >> gretchen: i want to move on to maria salazar. she was just 12 when she also received amanda's right kidney. you're now 18 and your sister, marsha, is with you because maria's english is not as well as yours. maria, you look fantastic. can you tell us how it has changed your life? >> well, it's an amazing experience. and it was a hopeless time at that time when she was, you know, having many, many issues
4:37 am
and somebody help us out. the doctors called us one day and told us that we have some person who is going to donate. >> gretchen: i can't manual and we can see in the silence of your sister's emotions, sometimes silence tells the entire story. i want to introduce you to these beautiful parents who, in the horrible pain of losing their child, decided to give life to seven people. diane and warren forsythe will join us now on the set. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: if we can all fit on the sofa here. you can be reunited with the people your daughter saved. >> thank you. >> how are you doing? >> thank you. >> thank you. i'll get a hug later.
4:38 am
>> gretchen: tiian and warren, i want to give you the opportunity to speak about your beautiful child. tell us about amanda. >> amanda, she was just the most loving, giving person. she's one of five. she's a middle child. she just had tons of friends. her spirit was just of giving and life and when warren and i were in the hospital, and they told us that there was too much brain trauma, it was like we didn't really have to, at that point, know what to do. almost at the same time, we came out with what about donating her organs. and knowing about it like most americans do. and we started -- as a family we
4:39 am
decided to donate her organs and -- because of her spirit. and it was all about giving and life. she was such a -- that's the way she was. she didn't have any enemies. never anything bad to say about anyone. >> gretchen: warren, i know that you believed that maybe it was a sign that she was giving to you that maybe she couldn't speak, but that somehow a message was coming through to you as her parent that this is something that she would want to do? >> yeah. she was always a giving person and even in the end, she gave of herself and i'm glad some of the recipients, i'm glad that four of them are here now and it's a tribute to her, you know. we lost somebody very dear to us, but in another term, we were able to share her with other people and now it helps them with their lives. >> gretchen: she died six years ago and we're finally having
4:40 am
this reunion today. i know there were complications in messaging. anyway, the bottom line is you're here today and tommy and willie and maria, what is your message back to these wonderful parents who made that decision? >> thank you so much for my life. fortunately it touches a lot of people in a small community in south mississippi. i have a lovely church that helped me survive my years of sickness. without them, i wouldn't be here. but you were the icing on my cake in that you have extended my life beyond anything i can imagine. the tag is off my toe, so to speak. i'm going to live as long as god wants me to because of amanda's contribution to me. thank you so much. >> gretchen: willie? >> thank you. big change in my life. >> gretchen: maria? >> it's a big, big change.
4:41 am
thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> sorry about your daughter, but you saved my sister's life. >> one of the things, like i said, through our family, we belong to saint rita's church on staten island, they were instrumental in being there for us. the school and high school, they were still, to this day, the church and our school still supports us and when -- we decided to do this, i knew how many lives it would touch and to go forward to tell other people that it was a difficult decision, it wasn't easy, and i just thought of what amanda would have wanted and through that, we were able to -- >> gretchen: now you're seeing the lives that she has saved and it's so easy, you can just become an organ donor right on your driver's license. i've done it. it's something you want to think about. it's very easy process.
4:42 am
to all six of you this morning, merry christmas. >> thank you. >> gretchen: we need more stories out of awful tragedy, but it brought happiness to these people. >> god wants your soul, not your body. it's very easy when you think of it like that and how many other people we can save. >> gretchen: thank you so much. let's go over to steve. >> steve: all right, thank you very much. coming up, as you just saw, americans have big hearts and want to give. but if you're giving to charity, there are some things you should know. dave ramsey here next with donation dos and don'ts. plus, how this goat is saving lives and how you can help, too. and what is ellen ratner's connection? you'll find out as we talk about giving back straight ahead on the fox report.
4:43 am
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on your homeowners insurance. for everything that matters most. adt. always there. >> brian: quick look at sports. rex ryan sacking mark sanchez and i know what you're thinking. so soon? he's not the jets starting quarterback. he gave the job to greg macle roadway. where is tim tebow? it's reported tim tebow says he will be asked to be traded if macle roy starts the last two games of the year. iowa couple won money in a super bowl. they want to help build a football stadium. but there is a catch. the couple, whose son plays for the team, say the school district must paint the visitors' locker room pink to score the donation. that's a little bizarre. >> steve: that is a little
4:47 am
bizarre. 'tis the season for giving, but how do you decide how to slice up your charitable pie this christmas? joining us now from nashville is personal financial expert dave hamsy. >> merry christmas. >> steve: some people do it out of the goodness of their heart and the fact that the end of the tax year is coming prompts many to open up their wallets in particular. you say that folks during the season of giving should give to causes you believe in, right? >> absolutely. there's a lot of different, great causes out there and there is no possible person that has enough money to give to everything that's a good thing. so you need to touch things up, give to things that touch your heart. that last segment gretchen did, obviously folks in those situations are going to be touched by things having to do with organ donation. so it's a great thing to do something that's part of your story. >> steve: ellen ratner is coming up and find out how you can adopt a goat, believe it or not. you also say if you're going to
4:48 am
donate -- the goat is coming up. i just saw the goat in the green room. if you're going to donate money, you should probably ask for financial records just to make sure that the charity is on the up and up, right? >> you know, i don't know about you guys, but around our house, for years we kind of did our giving at the end of the year to make sure we got it done in time for tax and it was a little rushed. we would jump in and pick some stuff and give to it. a friend of mine that's very wealthy that lives a lot, challenged me and said dave, you're making an investment. just like you would study your investments, you should study the charities, the ministries that you're putting money in in making sure they're doing good things with god's money. >> steve: right. as for your money, you encourage people to think 10%, which i know that this is your religious upbringing. but that's a lot for a lot of people. >> well, it is. but here is the thing, what we've learned is regardless of if you're a person of faith or not, that people who build
4:49 am
wealth and give continually have a tendency to sun to build wealth. it's one of the key elements of building wealth and actually enjoying it. money is one of the most fun -- giving money is one of the most fun things you'll ever do with it. >> steve: and having you on our show for a couple of years now has been a great asset for us and dave, as we approach christmas, may i say merry christmas and thank you very much. >> well, merry christmas. we're honored to be part of the team. >> steve: it's an honor to have dave ramsey. next up on this wednesday, give the most unique christmas present ever. a goat. not kidding. we're going to tell you how it will not only help those in the sedan, but also your neighbor -- sudan, but also your neighbors right here. in 1961, "the lion sleeps tonight" by the tokens. number one begin.
4:50 am
tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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4:53 am
>> brian: less than a week before christmas and if you're still stuck on a gift to buy, we have a great ticket for you. it's the perfect holiday present and it's giving back to people in need and it's called a goat. you can get it from this old goat, fox news contributor, ellen ratner. she told know say that. she's here with peter johnson, jr., who is not an old goat. nor are you, ellen. but you said when you turned 60, you felt like an old goat. >> i felt like an old goat, so i
4:54 am
started to start this charity called goats for the old goat. these are for former slaves that were taken as war booties in the war between the north, which is primarily arab, and the south that is christian. we bring them back. we give them a goat. we also give them a sack of hope and people can purchase a goat and we're the only animal group that you can actually get your picture with the goat, you know that person gets the goat. i know dave ramsey was talking about charity. i take the photo, so i make sure that person gets that goat and you get a photo. >> brian: peter, you're an example of somebody who bought goats. >> i did. i bought 50 or 60 goats and the thing about the goats is that they provide life for these people in sudan. >> brian: how? >> food, milk, cheese. it's life. now ellen is also saying we need to expand it for the two sandies, storm sandy and the sandy hook school. >> for every goat that is bought, we have an anonymous donor that's going to make a donation to sandy hook families and to hurricane sandy and peter
4:55 am
johnson will decide where that money goes. >> we'll decide together. it's bunch of great organizations. we've done some stuff on our own. we raised $20,000 the other night at a party. we're going to do more and ellen has spear-headed this thing. she's incredible. >> brian: that's not all you have in terms of giving back. >> no, we have a cross made by polio survivors. we have these beautiful hearts that the women make them. they've seen somebody killed in front of them. we have, of course, goats, t-shirts as well as these cute goats. >> brian: ellen, you discovered how much goats mean to these people. >> most of our women and our men and our polio survivors, former slaves, were eating every other day. with milk, which does not need to be ho mom noised, there is a difference between malnutrition and nutrition. it's amazing. >> brian: is this goat taking to me? >> all goats are that friendly. bu that government is taking to you. >> and it provided lovely cheese
4:56 am
and milk for the green room, the coffee. >> brian: that is not true! >> people say where do you get the goats? the women who make the hearts are raising them in groups of 50 so they have an income in addition to making these beautiful hearts which we can get to you by christmas. >> brian: just a review, get goat and helps the people of the sudan, and helps these women who have been through so much and helps sandy. >> three s's, sudan, sandy and sandy hook. >> brian: that's great you're doing it. >> thank you. >> brian: she's doing a great job. five minutes before the top of the hour. think it's awkward when your mom tries to find you on facebook? how about getting poked by the ayatollah of iran? no protest and no protection, scathing new report finds massive failures in washington led to the murders of four americans in benghazi. dana perino inside the investigation joins us live at the top of the hour
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, december 19, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. while you are sleeping, the investigation into the terrorist attack on our embassy in benghazi was released. the results, well, we screwed up big time. dana perino here to weigh in on that report. >> steve: and it's like a scene out of a hollywood movie. two guys use bed sheets that break free a prison in the middle of chicago from way up there. now nowhere to be found. details straight ahead. >> brian: i don't think they're going to be caught. plus, have you ever wondered why rudolph has a red nose? >> gretchen: embarrassed? >> fire ball, what's the matter. >> brian: the christmas mystery solved by science. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> steve: if they're going to be able to solve why rudolph had a red nose, what about how they were able to fly? >> brian: no, no, no. the thing is the nose. chris, you know this, are these magic -- is it a magic seeds or something that they put on the reindeer that allow them to fly? >> steve: magic seed? >> gretchen: you're mixing up your -- >> brian: santa claus coming to town. >> steve: there is something involving science that is able to depict why. >> gretchen: science is going to? >> brian: it's a magician probably penn, gave him magic seeds. >> gretchen: is that the one at that talks? >> brian: penn does talk. >> steve: magic seeds. >> gretchen: what was the name of the girlfriend of rudolph? clarice? >> brian: i think cindy. >> gretchen: clarice. >> brian: could not fly. like rudolph for who he was, not
5:02 am
what his nose did. >> steve: so to speak. >> gretchen: okay. luckily rudolph found a very good thing to do with that nose and that's why santa comes every christmas. let's get to your headlines now beginning with the fox news alert. it's like something out of a hollywood movie. two inmates using bed sheets to escape from prison. the convicted bank robbers tied the sheets together and scurried down 17 stories to freedom. look at this. this is the rope dangling outside of the federal loop jail in chicago. kenneth conley and joseph banks shoved piles of clothes under their sheets before breaking the window and tying the sheets to the bars of their cell. it's believed no one noticed they were gone. not one, not two hours, no. nine hours! they're still on the loose right now. in a few hours, thousands of fans will say good-bye to singer jenny rivera. sold out memorial service will be held at los angeles gibson amphitheater this morning. her brother will lead the service which they're call ago celestial graduation. rivera and six others died
5:03 am
earlier this month when their plane crashed in northern mexico. it had the worst damage from super storm sandy. but this morning trains are back up and running from the station in hoboken, new jersey. trains started rolling at 5:00 a.m. the damage was so bad, it required around the clock repairs and affected tens of thousands of commuters. and we know rudolph had a red nose. now scientists can explain why. >> you wouldn't mind my red nose? >> gretchen: scientists figured out it's because he has a bunch of red blood cells in his nose. 25% more than humans. >> steve: so does dancer and vixen. >> gretchen: it helps keep his nose warm when he's up in the sky pulling santa's sleigh by regulating his body temperature. >> brian: that kid looks so real. >> gretchen: is that hermy? >> steve: i think so. >> brian: even san it was reluctant to not know what to do
5:04 am
with rudolph at first. remember? >> gretchen: yeah. well, he eventually found a good role for him. >> steve: now you know a lot of this,vessels. brand-new information this morning on what may have caused the gunman to snap and go on a shooting rampage at sandy hook elementary school last friday. peter doocy joins us live from newtown with this fox news exclusive. peter? >> good morning. adam lanza may have committed mass murder because he was mad that his mother was trying to have him committed to a psychiatric facility. that's according to a 25-year-old u.s. marine who talked to fox this marine grew up in the area and senior law enforcement official confirmed to that anger about future mental health treatment is being considered as a possible motive in this case. that marine also told, quote, from what i've been told, adam was aware of her petitioning the court for
5:05 am
conservatorship and her plans to have him committed. adam was apparently upset about this. he thought she just wanted to send him away. from what i understand, he was really, really angry. adam killed his mother in her bed in the $1.6 million house where he had been living in the windowless basement. a place he spent hours, according to the "new york post," playing violent video games, including "call of duty," a first person shooter game. he was always in the basement surrounded by posters of military equipment and other weapons. this news about the basement is coming out as the hartford current reports, the medical examiner is work with a general nettickist to try to figure out if a genetic trait could have possibly corinth to do adam lanza's murrous impulses. around here in sandy hook, the residents don't seem like they're that focused on the shooter or his mother or a possible motive. they're obviously some curiousity.
5:06 am
but the focus is on all of the victims. last night i was walking around town through the memorial sites and rain showers kept putting out the candles and the rain would let up a little bit and many, many different people with lighters and other candles tried to make sure the candles stay lit. there is support from all over the place. just a few minutes ago, i walked into the coffee shop across the street and i ordered a coffee and i pulled out my wallet and the woman behind the counter said, you don't have to pay. someone walked in an hour ago who i have never seen before and said, everybody gets free coffee today. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much, peter. it's interesting the town folks want to make sure the candles are alive as long as they possibly can be. dana perino joins us as she does every once a week. they vary from time to time. what do you make of the state department independent review board. they leased their report and they said the benghazi attack was a systemic failure, but we're not going to blame any
5:07 am
particular person. >> yes. so if there is a systemic failure, does that not mean there is someone to blame? i mean, it seems impossible. it does also seem like something the government would say in a report about itself. do you think back, i was saying this morning about the bp oil spill. there was failure there. it was systemic failure and several people lost their jobs and a few were prosecuted. so there are consequences in the private sector whereas there aren't necessarily in the public sector. this fills had some of the holes of things we did not necessarily know that we kind of heard about that the ambassador was asking for help, but it wasn't clear how and when he had asked for help. this fills in a lot of that. it doesn't fill in the second part of the story, which was how then did the administration get the reaction and the response to the american people who are requesting questions. how did they get that wrong? >> gretchen: and the culpability. it looks like nobody is going to lose their job. it says that specifically that they can't just pinpoint one person who may be to blame.
5:08 am
we had not a big bet on the set, but steve and i bet a buck about whoa this takes hillary clinton out of the equation. we now know she's not going to testify tomorrow because she had a concussion and my theory being that maybe she'll never testify now because this report is sort of ambiguous and doesn't really point the finger at anybody. and maybe she just will be free and clear. steve says she's still -- >> steve: look, she wants to be president of the united states. she's eventually going to have to answer in some official forum because, you know, she's the head of the department that denied the security where four americans lost their lives. >> okay. i would agree with you, except that if she would go for the democratic nomination in 2016, they're not going to ask her about this. and then basically -- i think she should want to testify. >> steve: right. >> because this report says there was systemic failure. we're not blaming any one person. she two months ago was the one who said, i take full responsibility for this. and she is is a poised enough
5:09 am
person with enough gravitas that she built up. i think if she came to testify, she could actually help. not just the fact herself for her future political career action but all of us get answers and it really is an obligation. it is an obligation for her to explain this to congress. >> steve: if she doesn't, she'll look like she's hiding something. >> it's unnecessary baggage for her to carry into her future if she gets it over with now, talks about this report. i think that she might end up doing it. democrats on the -- the senate democrats should ask for her to come and testify. >> we also know the concussion are a problem in the nfl and someone has to address it. the "wall street journal" on the fiscal cliff negotiations, quote, it's clear by now that the budget talks are drift not guilty a drearily familiar washington direction. tax and spending increases now in return for the promise of spending cuts and tax entitlement reform later and that never comes. is that the sense republicans are getting now where john
5:10 am
boehner and barak obama's negotiations are leading? >> you can look at that time in two ways. speaker boehner is saying, i want to act so i can prevent taxes going up on as many people as possible. so that's why i've come this far in the negotiations. you could look at it the other way, which is for people on the republican side to say wait. first of all, the president didn't campaign on this. now he ratcheted up the bar. then he ratcheted up again when boehner actual will he met him at that bar. and so then you start looking at the double counting on the spending. sometimes triple counting on the spending cuts. and that's where i think the "wall street journal" gets it right that, this is another washington way, basically to not really fix a fundamental problem. this whole exercise was supposed to be about deficit reduction. it is not going to address deficit reduction. it's not going to address entitlements and we will be having this problem a year from now. >> brian: social security is on the table. >> not really. this is such a huge missed
5:11 am
opportunity for both sides. we could -- president obama had so much political capital even four years ago, but let's say two months ago. if he would have said, i want to try something new and amazing for america, let's try do a flat tax, or let's try do fundamental entitlement reform to preserve this. it would have been good for the country and really good for his legacy. >> gretchen: remember when people were saying that after he was elected? they were saying now it's about his legacy, so maybe he will do a bold move? >> people would have followed him on that. but they don't want to do it. here is the thing that drives me crazy. all day long you'll hear how the republicans are mad at boehner. when the real story is president obama can't deliver his democrats on the spending cuts that they themselves said they would do. keep your eye on the ball here, folks. it is the democrats who cannot deliver. obama, reid and pelosi have a bigger problem than the republicans. >> brian: big symbolism because they talked about a plan b, eric cantor was there, boehner and mccarthy. so if there is a friction and fracture, i haven't seen it. >> you hear things behind the
5:12 am
scenes with staff, but i think on a principle level they're all talking to one another. >> steve: if there is a development between now and 5:00 5:00 p.m. -- >> i'll be on top of it. >> steve: merry christmas. >> thank you, you, too. >> gretchen: coming up next, he's making history, picked to be the new republican senator from south carolina, the first african-american since reconstruction. tim scott will be here live with what he plans to do. >> steve: you think it's awkward when your mom tries to friend you on facebook? imagine getting poked by the ayatollah of iran. that's right. he's a frenemy now begin.
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> steve: the gop makes history tapping the first african-american senator from the south since reconstruction. south carolina governor nikki haley announced the appointment of congressman tim scott on monday. but what will the congressman do once he's in the now role and how will his agenda differ from his predecessor who currently has the job, senator jim demanipulate? let's talk to senate designee,
5:16 am
tim scott who joins us from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you. >> steve: congratulations. how does it feel? >> it's an exciting day. i think my mom is far more excited than i am. i'm still drinking from the fire hydrant. it's a great opportunity to continue the work that i started in the house, work on things like spending control, one of the most valuable lessons growing up in a single parent household is when the parent runs out, you're done. so make sure the money runs out after the end of the month. we have not figured that out in washington yet. we're still trying to figure out how to spend money we do not have buying things we can not afford. >> steve: it sounds like you share the same ideology as jim demint who currently has that particular job as senatorred from south carolina. how close to his ideology will you be? >> i think we're probably nine out of ten times on the same page. we have a little difference in the business arena at times, but overall, i think jim served his state well. he continues to serve the country well and now he's going
5:17 am
to a place where he has an opportunity to affect the process which will be very important for the years coming for all of us. >> steve: it's going to be interesting for you to serve because you're coming from the house where i know over the last two years you've been part of passing a lot of bills and what happens to the bills after you pass them? they go over to the senate where you're heading and they're neatly stacked up on harry reid's desk. are you ready to spin your wheels for a while? >> they say the pace is a lot slower in the senate but i will tell you there is something we have to get done for america and that's bringing folks together, finding common ground on one concept, how do you control spending? we sent 30 job creating bills to the senate and we have yet to see those bills find the light of day in the senate. i'm hoping to see real opportunities for americans. we have a lot of folks out of work, a lot of folks in the neighborhoods where i grew up still looking for opportunities. we got to find a way to make those opportunities available in america through tax reform.
5:18 am
>> steve: sure. the one thing that is going on right now in washington that people seem to be tuned in to is this fiscal cliff. it seems to be a dialogue between the president of the united states and john boehner. pretty much between the two of them. they're playing ping-pong between the two. it seems like the rest of washington, that's eventually going to have to vote on this stuff, is left out of the equation and some lawmakers are steamed at that. >> the process is typically one of an intimate process between the speaker and the president. what we've seen this time around is speaker boehner attempted to bring more members of congress into the fold. the bottom line, though, is that if you are not at the seat, there are lots of opportunities to complain about it. i'm looking for the product. i think we have time to complain between now and the end of the year. at the end of the day we need a product that starts with spending reform, spending control. without that, there is no need to have a conversation about revenues. if we had 100% taxation on the top 2%, we would still have a
5:19 am
multi trillion dollars deficit on an annual basis or $700 billion, should i say, deficit on the annual basis. >> steve: i get that and you get that and a lot of the people watching this get that. but there are a lot of people on the other side of the aisle, sir, who don't get it! >> no question. there is this philosophy here in washington that there is a way to tax your way out of a hole created by spending. why that is not crystal clear, i have no idea. raising $160 billion or 85 billion, according to the latest heritage announcement of new revenues simply will not solve a problem when there is a trillion dollars deficit, in addition to a $16 trillion debt. we have a spending problem that should be foremost on our minds. >> steve: tim scott, congratulations on your appointment. >> thank you very much. >> steve: the next senator from the great state of south carolina. sir, thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. >> steve: good luck. all right.
5:20 am
it's 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the conductor on this train never saw this thing coming. look at the top of the hill. yep. that was mud slide wiping the train right off the tracks. we'll tell you where coming up. plus, wondering what to get your pet for christmas? how about a doggy treadmill? you knew they were for hamsters. but little dogs like that? go pet. ♪ [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way.
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>> steve: quick headlines. looks like here we go again. there is a leak at the site of
5:24 am
that bp oil disaster in the gulf. there has been a sheen on the surface of the gulf waters, as you can see there. inspectors say the well is supposedly secure. they're testing the substance to see what it is. the same iranian dictator who banned social networking and sentenced violators to death is now on facebook? the plan is already backfiring on ayatollah. many are liking the page just to criticize the top guy in iran. take that. >> brian: some extreme weather. winter storm pounding states out west. heavy snow causing slick roads and it could hurt holiday travel. >> gretchen: airports in colorado and utah expecting delays today. kdvr's dan joins us. you look at conditions out there. good morning, dan. >> steve: the hat tells the story. >> hey, gretchen and steve and
5:25 am
brian. how you guys doing in studio? nice to see you guys. welcome to colorado. actually welcome to golden colorado. talking about the snow in colorado. we got two or three feet west of our position right here. bugledden, colorado is 15, 20s minutes west of denver. look at this live shot over my shoulder, what a beautiful little town. remember bedford falls from "it's a wonderful life"? i swear you come up to golden, check it out, you listen to nothing. unlike new york. you'll hear some noises, but just listen to this for a second. isn't that beautiful? you don't hear anything. guys, i know you don't have know in new york, but you're gonna. come to denver, come to golden. you're going to love the place. we got a lot of snow in the mountains and by the way, this is the town where water flows like beer. did you know a? we got the big coors plant there and everything smells like hall and oates. i want to ask you a question -- it's impossible to come to golden -- this is not a question. it's impossible to come to golden in the wintertime in the
5:26 am
snow globe thinking of bedford falls and not thinking of jimmy stewart. you want to hear my best jim gee stewart? >> brian: yeah, why not. >> well, there is an endorsement merry christmas you new york national anchors! >> gretchen: wow. have you been at the coors plant before this? >> steve: supposed to be running down the street ala bedford falls. >> merry christmas you old brewery! merry christmas! welcome! merry christmas, y'all hobo. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, dan darue, our correspondent in colorado. >> brian: do you think we cut him off too soon? >> gretchen: no. he's back off to coors. coming up on fox friends friends u met him earlier in the show. now his take on the fiscal cliff is almost complete. it's the artist rent -- rendition. we're check not guilty coming
5:27 am
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it only takes minutes to sign up. use promo code: holidays. order now and get a special holiday gift: a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands... a $29 value, free! call the number on your screen or go online and let lifelock protect your identity for 60 days risk-free. because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. >> steve: shot of the morning for 30 years, tom christopher has depicted life on the streets of new york city and today he joined us live in the studio. we asked him if he would figure out, because we've heard so much imagery down in washington, d.c., what the fiscal cliff would look like in a painting? tom christopher has wrapped things up. here it is. describe it for us. >> what we have is everything stopped, buses can't get by. she's waiting for the light to change, he's waiting for job call interview and here you have
5:31 am
the scariest thing, pockets out rich guy. got the doubles of washington, a dear john letter coming in bay split tail swallow. it's a joy of life painting, i guess. >> steve: do you a good job depicking gridlock. this is gridlock on the street. >> yeah, thank you. just waiting, smoking a cigarette. >> steve: what about the bird? there is a letter in the bird's mouth? >> that's a dear john letter. that's symbol from sailors, showing you're close to shore. here is irony, it's a dear john letter from his girlfriend. >> steve: it's still a little wet, as the negotiations are down in washington. >> steve: if people would like more information about your work, because you've been selling these things for years, where do they go? >> tomchristopher-art. i have a gallery in new york,
5:32 am
germany, paris. >> steve: tom is that paint? very good. back over to the curvy couch. >> gretchen: all right. thanks very much. beautiful artwork over there and that's one person's vision of the fiscal cliff, which is still not solved. >> brian: yeah. who knows? we got they are work. we were telling you about the marine stuck in mexico in a brutal prison, can't get out since august because the barrel of his gun was a little too long for the mexican gun laws, which we know are so strict. they do -- they went way overt top and chained him for the most part to his bed for months. >> gretchen: this is a photo his family got. remarkably, you have to keep in mind a lot of the prisons are run by the drug cartels. amazingly, they allowed jon hammer to call him to his parents. at least his parents are able to
5:33 am
be in touch with him. originally the drug cartel members asked for ransom. i think they asked for 1600 bucks. but the family had not gone public yet. he's been in prison since august 15. they decided not to pay it. they finally decided to go public about ten days ago. their first interview was here on "fox & friends." now they've been asking all politicians in florida, as well as the state department and even the president of the united states to bring home their son before christmas. but that is looking bleak because yesterday the spokesperson for the president of the united states didn't even know about the story. >> there is a 27-year-old former marine who as you know is in a mexican prison. his family is urging the administration to do something about it. we don't know all the facts of the case, what he did, what he didn't do. but his family is asking the white house it look into it. >> anything going on to ascertain the facts, to see whether he's innocent or not 'cause again, we don't know what really happened? >> well, i'll have to take the
5:34 am
question 'cause i don't know the facts myself on that. so i'll have to take the question. >> steve: how could you not know the facts? there is a story out there that apparently fellow marine who made the trip down to mexico with him says that they wound up getting bad information on both sides of the border and in fact, this fellow by the name of ian, said four customs border patrol agents said as long as you have the permit, you'll be fine. well, he went over there and he wasn't fine. and at this hour -- the mexican government says as soon as we found out this marine was in trouble in the prison because apparently he had been bullied or threatened or something like that, we put him in a special place. really the special place is a storage unit and he's chained to the bed. >> brian: where is the state department on this? what about the history of our relations with mexico? we hear it's so much better now, why aren't we trying to capitalize on that and release this marine? i asked christian witten, the former state department advisor.
5:35 am
shear what he said. >> we have a huge economic relationship with mexico. they're number three behind canada and china, about $460 billion a year. so lot of levers we can use here. of that $460 billion, a huge amount is tourism. is it really worth them sort of gaining this venal corrupt image with this violence. do they want o pay the millions and millions, possibly hundreds of millions in lost tourism just so they can do whatever it is that the corrupt local government is doing to this? >> steve: one of the things is this guy is being charged with is he brought into the country of mexico a gun used by the military, ammunition used by the military as well. you know what? that is flat out not true. this is a case that is so easy to dismiss and yet, we're five days away from christmas and that guy is sitting down there. >> brian: it takes some high ranking person in the state department to pick up the phone and say, get him out of there. >> steve: how about the president? they've got cable in the white
5:36 am
house. they're watching fox news channel. that would be great for that family if he -- >> brian: even they get satellite dish. even if it's direct tv, they probably still get us. >> steve: good point. >> gretchen: which, by the way, my son has been asking for it. do you get football games on there? >> brian: you do. you get the whole country. >> gretchen: okay. your headline, stunning new study that's leaving more questions than answers. it finds there is no solid evidence linking debris from ground zero to cancer? it does suggest possible links with prostate, thyroid and a type of blood cancer among recovery workers, but found there were few total cancers. the study done by the city's health department is the largest ever conducted. it sounds a little controversial. >> steve: meanwhile, nobody saw this coming, not even the conductor. don't know why somebody was
5:37 am
taking a picture of the top of that hill, but they were when a mud slide in washington state knocked a freight train right off the tracks. seven cars carrying cleaning chemicals were derailed. nobody was hurt. that is amazing. >> gretchen: mcdonnel's worker in wales sacked for sprinkling too much chocolate on a fiscal flurry. she got the boot from her bosses who accused her of gross misconduct for giving away food. the 19-year-old is getting the last laugh. she took her employers to court for unfair dismissal and awarded a $4,866 compensation. a few extra sprinkles? gross misconduct? i call that a lucky day for somebody. >> steve: no kidding. a husky trapped in a truck with two dogs and cats, their owners abandoned them without food or water. it has a happy ening. after a week in the truck, a week in the truck, the husky jumped on the horn. somebody nearby heard the constant honking. what is that? went over and investigated, saw
5:38 am
the animals inside. all the animals are okay. we're happy to say the humane society is considering giving the husky an official hero award. more good news? the animal owners busted. speaking of animals, brian kilmeade what, do i do if i have a really fat dog? >> brian: you know what? you get him on a treadmill. we've been over this. pet owners are expected to spend millions and billions of dollars this holiday season on pet products the dogs don't like, this tell me. at christmas time is the time animal. pet expert is here and joins us with some top gifts for your animal whether it's a cat, dog or anything else, to make this holiday season so special. welcome back. so what did you bring with you? some of the stuff is incredible. >> phenomenal gifts four our four legged friends. this is a tread wheel. almost like a big hamster wheel. the cool thing about this is you don't need power. the dog can do it themselves. i'll see if there is one big
5:39 am
enough for my kids e. this range from 530 to $400. 80% of all dogs and cats are underexercised. so especially when you live in the city like this, having something to exercise your dog when the weather is bad,. >> brian: who wants to walk your dog in this cold? >> that's right. here we have this, this is actually like a people treadmill. this starts at 530 and goes on up. it allows your dog to exercise. >> brian: can i make a suggestion? a little slower. i mean, this dog is running for his life right now. >> they could go all the way from a slow walk to a really fast run. >> brian: if he could slow it down. >> it's an adjustable speed, everything. perfect for any size apartment. >> brian: i know animals who they just like getting on. this is what? >> the pet club huge multi condo cat jump. if i were a cat, i would want this. you can move it around. it goes up to nine feet tall.
5:40 am
it's got everything for the cat. super ultimate play palace so play. a busy cat is a good cat because it keeps them from tearing up the furniture and gives theming it so do. >> brian: here is a question i don't think that you might find odd. do you have to train them to use the stuff you give them? do they know it's for them? >> with the treadmill, there is a little training involved in that. positive reinbound forcement. but once they find out they love it, then they're all over it. >> brian: you walk in the house and realize your pet is more tense than you, is there anything we can do? >> exercise, exercise, exercise. >> brian: get them a spa perhaps? >> yes. now, this is actually -- i'm getting one of these this afternoon. this is a home pet spa. 899, which sounds like a lot. in a year, it will pay for itself. we've got the dog stand in here. so you see how you do. get him out. this is practically a car wash for your dog. you have all these variants.
5:41 am
you can start at the bottom, the top. >> brian: how does it pay for itself? just because don't have to bring your dog to the groomer? >> right. grooming has gotten very expensive to get your dog washed. it will keep them nice and clean in the apartment. this is a perfect gift for that -- dogs struggle in the bathtub, it's hard to get them in and out. >> brian: right. there is a lot of hair in the bathtub. people don't want to share it with their pet. what do you got here? >> this is monkey. monkey is up for adoption. this is a mini flee vertebra storage bin. not only is it a great fashionable look bag, if you look under here, you can store your toys and keep all sorts of knickknacks. >> brian: finally, the old-fashioned dog house. is this what we're looking at? >> this looks like a regular dog house. but this is the lodge dog house. it's 523. >> brian: anyone in there? turns out there is! it's santa!
5:42 am
>> so this is a gone green dog house. >> brian: and he left some presents. [ laughter ] >> wood that repels insects, weatherproof. and also sgs approved wood. insulating features. it won't rot. incredible. >> brian: incredible. how much for this? >> this will set you back 523. >> brian: we notice some of these dogs with some vests on. that means adopt me. >> all these dogs are -- except for the ones on the treadmill are looking for a new home. if you're looking for a kitten, go to americans did to get the kittens or the dogs, go to their web site. >> brian: we appreciate you bringing all this great stuff and giving our audience so many great ideas. you're a true pro and you have upgraded the pet toys to an area i never thought we'd get. >> pretty incredible. >> brian: pretty incredible. you are the christopher columbus of pet gifts. back inside, guys. tell us what's coming up next. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: thanks, brian.
5:43 am
up next on "fox & friends," no protest and no protection. a scathing new report finds massive failures in washington led to the murders of four americans in benghazi, libya. so why is the blame going to the ambassador who died? peter johnson, jr. weighs in. >> steve: then a big victory for religious freedom. what the courts just ruled on the president's contraception mandate. hear it next right here on "fox & friends" ♪
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5:47 am
>> gretchen: new report reveals scathing details on the benghazi attack that left four americans dead. it said it occurred because of systemic failures and sub par security at our consulate. but could it point blame at one of the victims in here is peter johnson, jr. the report comes out and you see blame for chris stevens who is the ambassador killed. >> it couldn't be more damning across the board. it attacks the state department at every level in terms of preparation, fire control preparation, not having nonlethal ways to control attacks at the embassy. not having enough security, relying on libya militia, people in washington not paying enough attention. but incredibly, and disturbingly in some ways, it also points to the conduct of ambassador stevens in his own death, which i found to be incredible. basically saying, well, he was in the best position to have an
5:48 am
awareness of how bad it was in benghazi. he made the decision to go there. he made the decision to go there with insufficient people. also blames congress for lack of resources. let's see what the report said. the report found that stevens did not foresee that the compound could come under such a sustained attack. mr. stevens is making his first visit to benghazi in ten months, but his plans for taking only two american security agents were not thoroughly shared with the country team. now, it also says that there had been persistent requests based on 20 different attacks that they lay out in the previous four or five months for a robust security team. that was not provided by washington. >> gretchen: so hillary clinton was supposed to testify. she said the buck stopped with her, maybe a month or two months ago or so. >> right. >> gretchen: she's not going to testify now because she apparently suffered a concussion. >> yes. >> gretchen: do you think this report will suffice? will they testify?
5:49 am
>> i think in the end she will have to testify. i think she'll voluntarily testify. i think at this point, this report is being put out to tamp down some of the concerns. it's explosive, though. we heard that it was a spontaneous protest. it shows it's not. we heard at the beginning that there appeared to be sufficient security assets to protect our ambassador and others there. obviously there wasn't. we heard that the marines shouldn't be going to places like this to protect our embassies now. we understand the state department is for marines going there. >> gretchen: the other interesting thing for me is that nobody is apparently to blame. >> and it's interesting, no one is to blame. they say there is no actionable suspension or termination type offenses because the rules don't call for that. and so one of the recommendations in the report is that the rules be changed in the future that, if this kind of conduct occurs in the future
5:50 am
that, something could be done. it's obvious that it was foreseeable and it should have been foreseen that the ambassador and three others would die under these conditions and it's the outrage of america and you can read it on the, read it and weep. >> gretchen: all right. peter johnson, jr., thanks so much. hey, santa. pay attention to this. ♪ hey santa can you bring me something sweet ♪ ♪ something sweet ♪ like chocolate kisses or candy cane ♪ ♪ gum drops ♪ . >> gretchen: singer ashanti is coming up next. >> good morning to you. merry christmas to you. as well. we're going to get to the stunning report you were talking about, about the terrorist attacks in libya and who is in the cross hairs now. that's coming up. what we're learning about the life of a killer in sandy hook.
5:51 am
you know how much money your government spends every day? how about how much money your government spends every hour? these numbers are staggering. we'll have them for you, mar this and i join you in ten minutes on "america's news room." we'll see you then waking the ba. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable,
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5:54 am
>> brian: big victory for religious freedom. federal appeals court ruling the obama administration must rewrite obamacare's contraception mandate. colleges sued, arguing it violated their rights to religious liberty and he's dancing in the streets once again. providence's dancing cop, tony la poor, christmas tradition in rhode island. he's been entertaining drivers and pedestrians since 1984. the 65-year-old admits it's hard on his body, but it is indeed worth it. >> gretchen: he's been on the show. he's in fantastic shape.
5:55 am
>> steve: ho, ho, hold it, very nice. he's been on every show. meanwhile, another christmas tradition, christmas music and grammy winning singer ashanti does it so beautifully. >> gretchen: she recently stopped by as we taped our upcoming christmas special, a "fox & friends" christmas. and we wanted to give you a sneak peek. >> brian: here she is with "hey santa". ♪ hey santa can you bring me something good ♪ ♪ something good ♪ hey santa can you bring me something sweet ♪ ♪ something sweet ♪ like chocolate kisses or candy cane ♪ ♪ gum drops or butter scotch ♪ hey santa can you bring me something nice ♪ ♪ hey santa can you bring me something new ♪
5:56 am
♪ like the diamond bracelet or a diamond ring ♪ ♪ how about a shiny new baby blue convertible ♪ ♪ hey santa can you bring me everything ♪ ♪ . >> if you guys are having a good time out there tonight, i want you to turn to your neighbor and give them a big giant hug. [ laughter ] say merry christmas! [ laughter ] ♪ hey santa can i sing this song to you ♪ ♪ hey santa can you make my wish come true ♪ ♪ can you fill my stocking with lots of treats ♪ ♪ boxes with red and green underneath the christmas tree ♪
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