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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 23, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> two minutes before the hour. let's look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a dog rescued from the middle of a frozen harbor in chicago. that little dog ran out on ice after some geese as dogs typically do. but then he got stuck. rescuers spent three hours trying to coax him back onshore. he was taken to a vet and is doing just fine. next the bad. married women drink more. a new study finds women increased drinking afl they get married. it might be an attempt to match their husband's habits. finally the ugly. it wasn't the drill buzzing. apparently it was the dentist. dr. derelick of new york was accused of working on patients while he was drunk. it's time to brew on our question of the day. here are responses. earlier in the show we were asking you to weigh in on the remorse beyonce was lip syncing during the
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inauguration performance. do you think she was or do you care? >> scott in alabama said while it was a special time and historically one would not want to mess up so who cares. >> buzzby said yes. what a disgrace to fake the national anthem. >> steven says it don't matter. the performance was still great. thanks to everyone who responded and hope you had a terrific day. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. today is wednesday. you made it to the middle of the week. it is january 23, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you have a fantastic day. she is going to break her silence. hillary clinton's controversial -- well, could it be addressed today? her controversy in front of congress. what she knew before and after the benghazi terror attacks. plus where are the survivors and why aren't they speaking out? >> hang on to the buck. she might put it off. meanwhile, prince harry, now you've done it. killing the taliban is fun?
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>> i like to think i'm [inaudible] >>steve: okay. that comment from the prince has the taliban terrorists firing back this morning. we're going to tell you what they said about harry. >>brian: taliban being irrational? so odd. everything you wish you never knew about fast food like the grill lines on those burgers are really paint. >>steve: get out of here! >>brian: the first down lines you see on television when you watch football games, they're real. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: they're painted on too. >>gretchen: you would know about those painted burger lines from your days at benigan's. >>brian: i wasn't a cook. we had real grills. they were pressing down. i don't know what to believe anymore but it's
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another reason why you should think twice before going through the drive-through lanes. >>steve: a lot of people would like to have a grill right there. it is almost historically cold in portions of the northeast. right now in new york city it is about 10 degrees. >>brian: we might have to leave the planet. it's way too cold. >>steve: it prompted me to look up way too cold jokes. remember johnny carson used to do them. it's so cold now you have to open the fridge to heat the house. there are many that are borderline inappropriate. >>gretchen: let's go with the inappropriate ones. let's heat us up. >>steve: e-mail us it's so cold blank, friends at fox >>gretchen: it's so cold you're going to read a fox news alert. >>steve: we start with a fox news alert. in less than three hours skater hillary clinton -- secretary of state clinton will testify about what she knew regarding the terror attack in benghazi.
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>> today is the day. two hearings, we're expecting the first one on the senate side at 9:00 a.m. and on the house side at 2:00 p.m. these will be the first opportunities for americans to hear from the secretary of state at length since she took full responsibility for the benghazi attacks and the deaths of four americans. there are many remaining questions. ambassador steven's body was missing for nearly 11 hours and the u.s. military assets in europe were alerted but never utilized. yet the state department's accountability review board concluded last month kwoep quo there was not enough time for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference." that is not what a congressman was told when he traveled to libya shortly after the attack. >> he told me he had proximity. he told me he had the capability. but he was not told to go fight for those people and save those people when the fighter was going -- when
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the fire fight was going on. >> also in question, fox news learned at least two eyewitnesses who participated in the rescue that night in benghazi were not offered up by their senior leaders at the c.i.a. and the state department. >> america has a lot of questions. what exactly was going on at the so-called consolate in benghazi? it was a special mission, okay. it was a special mission. what was its mission? >> fox news has also learned marines out of spain were asked by state department officials to change out of their marine uniforms before heading into libya. that delayed them by about 90 minutes. then there is the decision at the state department not to send a foreign emergency support team, which is the state department's on-call short-notice team poised to respond to terrorist incidents. so many questions, and hillary clinton will be in the hot seat again starting at 9:00 a.m. on the senate side. >>steve: thank you very
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much. >>brian: they did think help was coming. they were laserring targets. they expected it to be coming. who told those guys that held out to hold out all those hours, that help was on the way. did anyone stop them? to me, hillary clinton is so skilled a politician and diplomat, i cannot see her penned in. this has been going on for four months she has had a chance to rehearse. >>gretchen: can she say she takes the fifth? >>steve: she could but she wants to be president of the united states. very cagey. she's going to be the last person to testify about this regarding this topic. she can line her testimony up with everything everybody else says. it will be interesting to see if we finally figure out and hear from those witnesses who were there, department of state employees who we haven't heard from so far. >>gretchen: it's so cold out, she'll be in the hot seat. here's a developing story. it's the biggest fire -- speaking of heat -- chicago has seen in years. nearly 200 fire fighters battling this massive warehouse fire in ten
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degree temperatures. part of the building collapse. it is a total loss. the building next door also caught fire. at one point there was concern chemicals inside could explode but fire fighters were able to keep that from happening. one fire fighter was hurt fighting the flames. >> late last night a magnitude 3.0 earthquake waking up hundreds of people. this was in irving, texas. the epi center 3 and a half miles east of dallas/fort worth airport. last september two small quakes shook the same area. >> one of al qaeda's top leaders dead for the third time? he reportedly died after being injured in a u.s. airstrike. he's suspected in the deadly bombing at the u.s. embassy in yemen in 2009. in 2012 yemini news
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reported he was killed in a drone strike. the voice behind the charlie brown character behind bars this morning. >> i never succeeded at anything my whole life. >> charlie brown, it's true. i recognize your frailties, your weaknesses. >>gretchen: peter robins faces charges including stalking and making a death threat. the 56-year-old was picked up at one of the largest border crossings between san diego and tijuana. a background check showed a warrant out for his arrest. >>steve: with that voice, he's going to be a target in there. go get charlie brown. i heard him. cell 6. >>gretchen: three-fifths he's not linus with the blanket. >>steve: the house of representatives is going to vote on h.r. 325. what is that? well, essentially what it does, it is going to suspend the debt limit.
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say treasury you can spend what you need for the next couple of months. that is what it is right at this second. but what's going to happen is -- and this is a big "but." both houses, both chambers of the u.s. congress have got to agree on a budget. and that is a big but. the last time the u.s. senate did it was in 2009. if they don't do it, nobody gets paid on capitol hill. >>gretchen: to put it in technological terms, the senate has not passed a budget since before the ipad was created. it's one way to look at it. 2009, the spa*eud wasn't around - the ipad wasn't around. bieber fever, first album released in 2009. and insta gram didn't exist either. house republicans passed two budgets since that time but the senate controlled by the democrats have not passed a budget. the president tried to send over a budget but he got zero votes on his particular budget. there is also another caveat though to extending
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this through may 18. if they don't do the budget by april 15, i believe, they will withhold pay for members of congress. that may be in violation of the 27th amendment to the constitution. as you can see, it gets very dicey here as to whether or not that will actually happen but it might incentivize some of these folks to get something done. >>brian: it is encouraging too that the white house got a proposal from the republican-controlled house and said i'll go with it. i've never seen that since president obama took over. i don't think they agreed on anything. at least they got a three-month delay. >>steve: plus the senate democrats are talking about we should come up with something. this could be a game changer. >>brian: let's talk about afghanistan. now that he's out of afghanistan, prince harry in fatigues talked about his stay there, what he was doing during that time. he also even talked about what he was doing in las vegas and was disappointed with himself but also privacy is privacy.
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-- you're right, you glue up in england. more of steve's bioon wikipedia. >>gretchen: that's what happens when you get interrupted. >>steve: i know so much about you. >>brian: prince harry left afghanistan on monday, which meant it was okay for the british press to start writing some of the interviews that they had accrued with him. and so here's a snippet of harry himself, the prince, describing what he did during his four months in afghanistan. >> take a life to save a life. [inaudible] it's people trying to [inaudible] a joy for me.
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[inaudible] >>brian: he says you kill one of them, you save another life. what he said -- >>gretchen: i can't understand it. >>brian: he said i'm good with xbox and it's like the same things. i'm very good with my thumbs. the taliban got word of it. listen to this. get this, to describe the war in afghanistan as a game demeans anyone especially a prince who is supposed to be made of better things. it shows they are unfamiliar with the situation and shows why they are losing. it's not a game. it is very, very real. >>steve: that same taliban spokesman went on to say that prince harry must have mental problems talking like that. >>brian: right. the taliban are so balanced, that has got to strike a blow. >>gretchen: why do we care what the taliban? >>brian: it matters. we're still fighting over there. what about the fact we're using karaoke technology to
3:13 am
highlight my cadence -- >>gretchen: i like the fact that the prince told it like it is. he said hey, this is war. this is what happens. this is what i've done. you've got to give him some credit, number one, for serving in the military. but, number two, for telling this is what war is all about. >>steve: but he compared it to a video game. that was the issue. talking about killing people, it was like xbox. >>brian: what about this? how about finding out you're more expendable than your brother. your brother can't go. it's like you can go. we can afford to lose you. but can't afford to send your brother. >>gretchen: his brother can go. >>brian: not like this. his brother can't walk against traffic. >>gretchen: it's tough to figure out british royalty, isn't it? good thing we're in america. coming up, no more red pens. apparently the pens teachers use to grade tests make kids feel bad.
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pain and soreness is just out of the picture. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and for sinus congestion, now you can get advil® combined with a proven decongestant. breathe easier with advil® congestion relief. >>steve: after a number of scheduling conflicts and serious illness, outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton will testify today on capitol hill about the attack of a u.s. consolate in libya that led to the deaths of four americans. it's been four months since the attack and still families of those victims have not gotten answers. so will we get any today or will they get any today? let's ask ambassador john bolton. ambassador, what do you expect to happen today?
3:18 am
and if you were asking questions, where would you focus? >> the way i would do it would be to ask very specific questions. i would not give secretary clinton a chance to filibuster about broad policy issues and skate past her personal responsibility. so there are three phases to this: what happened before september 11, what happened on the day of the attack, and what happened later with the mohammed video story. so, for example, before the attack, i would ask were you aware of the request for enhanced security from embassy tripoli? were you ware of the attacks on the consolate compound in benghazi, attacks on the british ambassador, the red cross's decision to withdraw? if she says "yes" to that, why didn't she react to provide enhanced security? and if she wasn't aware of it, what kind of responsibility does that show about her personnel in a very sensitive area? i'd repeat that kind of approach with respect to what happened on the day of
3:19 am
the attack itself and then later. >>brian: ambassador, the former secretary, soon to be former secretary of state will personalize this, i imagine. and why not? ambassador stevens was a personal friend, a family friend. and he was serving at her request. it's going to be tough to get tough after that statement, isn't it? >> you know, franklin roosevelt along with the rest of the country had a pretty bad day on december 7, 1941. but the next day he went to congress and asked for a declaration of war. you want to be in a leadership position in senior positions in the united states government, you've got to stand up under difficult circumstances. susan rice wrote an op-ed for "the washington post" saying she was picked to go on to five sunday talk shows because mrs. clinton had a grueling week because of the attack. as i say, franklin roosevelt had a pretty grueling week too. but if you're not up to being able to handle the responsibilities, that says something too.
3:20 am
>>brian: about whether you can be an effective president or not. al qaeda on the rise, on the run. we've decimated al qaeda. we've heard it all. in reality, they're all over north africa, coming back in iraq and their presence is seen in afghanistan. what is the message? >> well, i think one message is president obama doesn't get it. i was absolutely stunned in his inaugural address -- stunned to her him use a phrase associated with nevill chamberlain, peace in our time. i'm in london, so it's something people remember here. it is a phrase associated with the appeasement of the nazis in world war ii. and yet president obama used that. he said we were ending a decade of war. obviously the enemy didn't get the memo, as you say, in benghazi on september 11, in algeria with this horrible hostage taking that's just concluded, at least 37 dead, the french moving into military operations in mali, afghanistan very much at
3:21 am
risk of falling to the taliban, and al qaeda coming back there. civil war in syria, disarray in yemen. the risk of terrorism, the global war on terrorism continues. it is not winding down. it might not be our preference but we didn't start the war and terrorists are not letting us finish it. >>brian: ignoring it is not the way to go. those things will be coming up again and maybe even today. ambassador john bolton we'll look forward to doing the after-action report tomorrow or later in the week. meanwhile straight ahead, what happens when a war veteran goes to an anti-gun forum? >> i went to war for my country. thank you. i went to war for your ability to have the first amendment. you stood up there and said today [inaudible] and have whatever opinion you want to have. >>brian: and he's not finished yet. a dolphin in trouble swims up to a driver for help.
3:22 am
that -- swims up to a diver for help. that man joins us next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before.
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>>gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines for you now. she survived the shooting at the empire state building but a woman injured in the chaos, she's now going to sue new york city. she says officers failed to exercise proper police tactics. the woman was shot in the leg and says she can't sit in low chairs and do squats. a crazed gun man killed a man and ran through the streets before he was killed. a copilot faints in the cockpit forcing an alaska airlines flight to make an emergency landing. with 30 minutes left in the air the pilot took over and
3:26 am
safely landed in las vegas. >>steve: we showed you folks this amazing video yesterday. a wild bottle nosed dolphin in big trouble. it got hooked by a fishing line and turns to a group of divers for help. one of those divers joins us live on the phone right now, a professional scuba instructor. he joins us from hawaii. aloha, keller. >> good morning. >>steve: what were you and the 50 guys doing in the water to start with? >> we go out to see the manta rays that congregate in this bay. then in the middle of the dive a dolphin swims up. >>steve: in the middle of the dive the dolphin swims up. at what point did you realize, wait a minute, there was a fishing line hooked to the fin? >> the dolphin swam by me once. i was pretty amazed to see a dolphin joining us. came back, turned around and showed me his left side and that's when i noticed
3:27 am
the fishing line wrapped around his fin and leading down his body. >>steve: the way you're describing it, you're making it sound like the dolphin saw you guys and came to ask the humans for help. >> it seemed that way to me. he came up, squeaked really loud and i turned around. it startled me. as he swam around, kind of went buy everyone there, sort of showing his left side. the second time he passed me, i noticed the fishing line. he had a problem. they're really smart animals. he probably knew he needed some help and he knew where to find people. >>steve: doesn't that amaze you? >> yeah. it is pretty amazing the dolphin was tricky enough to realize people could help him out. he knew where to find the people and he came right up to us. i'm just scissors and was able to cut the fishing line off. >>steve: were you startled when you heard that first squeak and flipper was behind you asking for help?
3:28 am
>> he was about ten feet long and right in front of me. that shook me for a moment. >>steve: the fact that this wild animal is so calm when he swims right up to you like, okay, it's right there. take it out. >> absolutely. i put my hand out and he literally pushed against my hand. i took the hook off of his pectoral fin. i was able to get my scissors out and clip it off. he kept pushing into me to make it easier. he stayed with me, really calm. he was looking right at me. his eye was right in front of me. he knew what was going on. absolutely. >>steve: amazing. you successfully get the hook out, the line out. then what happened? where is the dolphin now? >> after i got the hook off and i snipped the line up by his mouth and kind of got it off of his fin, a little bit of fishing line
3:29 am
still stuck in the injury, and i tried to pick it out of his fin pit, if you will, and he seemed okay with that. and then he just went up for a breath of air and he swam off, and i haven't seen him since. >>steve: i know you do about 150 of these manta expeditions a year. i know every time you're in the water from here on out you're going to be looking for that guy? >> looking and listening because he was really loud. he announced his presence. i'm just happy i was able to help the dolphin. animals have a tough time. there's all kinds of threats to them including fishing line. i'm happy that he was able to come over and we were able to help him out. >>steve: amazing story. keller laros joining us on-line from hawaii. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. come on out and see the manta rays. >>steve: love to. 28 minutes after the top of
3:30 am
the hour. the political director supposedly nonpartisan over at cbs says he can explain why he told the president to pulverize the republican party. wait till you hear how he's doubling down. now we know why michelle obama was less than impressed with speaker boehner. but first, happy birthday to cheap trick singer robin zander. he's 60. mmm.
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this car is too small. >>brian: we now know why michelle obama rolled her eyes at house speaker john boehner during monday's inauguration luncheon in the capitol. according to a professional lip reader -- >>gretchen: i knew it was a joke between two guys. >>brian: boehner asked the president if he had a cigarette and then somebody won't let you do it. >>gretchen: president obama, a longtime smoker claims to have kicked the habit. you can tell when we looked at this video yesterday that the two gentlemen were enjoying some sort of joke that michelle obama did not think was funny. now we know why. of course. she's probably been trying to help her husband kick the habit. keep in mind, her initiative is healthy america. it has to do with obesity but also healthy america.
3:35 am
john boehner, as we know, totally his right. he's a smoker. maybe it's the one thing that john boehner and president obama agree on. >>brian: that john boehner should keep smoking? >>gretchen: no. that they enjoy a cigarette from time to time. >>steve: if she said to one of the 60 minutes reporters i was only allowed to run for president if i quit smoking. that's what my wife said. he didn't know after he won and was in the white house that he quit. i do believe he was chewing nicorette i read on-line. he was chewing gum during the parade. >>steve: it could have been bubblicious. >>brian: what was the gum you chewed and it shot a
3:36 am
fluid into your mouth. >>steve: it had a crazy flavor. >>gretchen: brian's biggest pet peeve is people who chew gum. >>brian: the gum that goes squirt. freshen-up gum. >>gretchen: gosh, i needed to know that today. >>steve: we told you about this yesterday. the political director of cbs news -- remember cbs news, mainstream media -- that guy right there, he's suppose to be unbiased. his name is john dickerson. in addition to being the political director, he's also the chief political correspondent for a far-left blog called flake. before the president was reinaugurated, he came out with a column that said essentially he sounded a lot to many people like a democratic strategist and had advice for the president of the united
3:37 am
states. he said going forward if you want to be a transformational president, you're going to have to destroy the g.o.p. and go for the throat. and that was awfully partisan, and a lot of people said, look, should you be giving advice to the president to forward his agenda. that's where we were wrong. evidently we misunderstood the gist of his remarks. that's what he says. >>gretchen: he's rewritten an article. i have to say that i understand some of his points of view now. he says it was analysis, not advice. here is what he is saying if you look deeper into the facts. he said it's become clear to him that the president is not up for compromising with republicans and that he's written off working with republicans, so given these facts, there's only one logical conclusion for a president who wants to transform american politics. he must take on republicans aggressively. that is his point of view.
3:38 am
>>brian: pulverize. >>gretchen: he also said some people saw his argument for one-party power, which is impossible since actually what he was positing torgt him in this -- according to him in this article was it would be the first step in leading to the rebirth of the g.o.p. as the majority party. and he said that a lot of his family and friends were stunned to find out that people were offended by this column because in fact they know him as otherwise and what he was actually trying to say. so you have to read the articles and come up with your own conclusions. but that's -- i have to agree with him on certain points. some people have said that president obama's legacy was going to be all about coming to the middle. and what he's saying is what i tend to agree with, that if you listen to the inaugural speech, it's not about coming to the middle. >>steve: here's the problem i have with what he is suggesting. remember, he's supposed to be nonpartisan, unbiased but instead he does appear
3:39 am
to be offering the president some advice. he says, mr. president, you've got to aggressively take on the republican party in your second term. well, why? that's not what bill clinton did. that's not what george w. bush did. that's not what ronald reagan did. if you look at the exit polls after the november election, the people of the united states said we want both parties, all sides to get together and get something done in washington, d.c. our point was how can this guy who is working as an unbiased political director for cbs -- i mean, you tune to cbs, you want it unpolitical; right? right down the middle. how can he work for this far-left blog as well as their chief correspondent. john, pick a lane. which is it? down the middle or way left? >>brian: it looks like he was giving the president advice and he has a point of view. and i thought he was supposed to not have one. meanwhile, 22 minutes before the hour. >>steve: the coldest
3:40 am
temperatures of the season bearing down on the midwest and northeast. the coldest place in the country yesterday was minnesota, 36 below at one spot. maria molina is tracking the weather. maria, i hear it is going to warm up in minnesota, up into the 20's in the next couple of days but it is bitterly cold. >>maria: still below average for many people across minnesota. even though it will be a bit milder across minnesota, parts of dakotas, still dangerously cold winter temperatures. that is actually a sign that we have an approaching storm system that is going to be bringing in snow across places into the midwest and northeast. that tends to happen, when you go into the strong cold front you get that warm front and that moderates temperatures ahead of it. another frigid day across the mideast and portions of the midwest. minneapolis, 8 degree for your high temperature. you're supposed to be in the mid 20's this time of year. the forecast for the next koufrpl days, minneapolis,
3:41 am
16 degrees your high temperature by friday. new york city, same story for you guys. wind chill warnings still in effect because many will be looking at wind chill temperatures well below zero. you've got to bundle up. cold air over the lakes producing lake-effect snow. we've seen two feet of it across portions of new york. some places expecting totals to be about three feet of snow. >>steve: snow and cold. thank you very much, maria. >>gretchen: to other stories making headlines. an american hero giving a passionate defense of the second amendment in an anti-gun forum and the video going viral this morning. >> i went to war for my country. thank you. i went to war for your ability to have the first amendment. you stood up and said today, write what you want to say in the newspaper and have whatever opinion you want to have -- [inaudible]
3:42 am
today is no less than the turn of the century. >>gretchen: so many supporters of the second amendment concerned about president obama's gun control plan that may be coming forth sometime soon. >>brian: one of the most insane videos you will see all day. >> oh my god! >>brian: a speeding plane coming within inches of a woman filming her friend on a bike. it happened in france. fortunately they were both all right. but the question remains why were the two of them on the runway in the first place. when you scream, you sound like you speak english. >>steve: that seems odd. there could be a sweet side to having the flu this year. an ohio company says their dessert can ease your symptoms. jenny's splendid ice creams offering an influenza
3:43 am
sorbet. it contains whiskey, cayenne pepper, orange and hrepl none juice. it might not be what the doctor ordered but it is modeled after an old home remedy. not a hot toddy. >>gretchen: hold the red ink, teachers. it makes kids feel bad? a study out of the university of colorado finds when students' assignments are graded in red it can lower their self-esteem. it is because red is an emotive color and students perceive that as shouting at them. that not only causes anxiety but can stir up feelings of blame against a teacher. researchers suggest using blue instead. this is what we've come to? seriously? come on, come on, come on. go upstairs and put on purple. >>brian: fast food secrets revealed like those lines on your burger, are they painted on? say it ain't so, joe.
3:44 am
france's latest tax hike so high, even former president nicolas sarkozy might say au revoir. stuart varney joins us live. live. we'll be right back. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region
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3:48 am
crinkles. >>gretchen: a study says it's 3:30 p.m. on wednesdays. oh, today is wednesday. researchers say that is when your energy level plummets and work, stress and the effects of a busy weekend catch up with you. i thought that was monday morning or sunday after a night out. brian? >>brian: time your five-hour energy to peak at that time. the french are fleeing france according to reports. sarkozy is the last planning to leave the country off the socialist plan to increase tax rates to 75%. >> you're going to see a lot more of this. what we're talking about this is tax refugees. in america, in the states in america and in europe tax rates are going up. the wealthy are mobile. they move to escape these kinds of taxes. >>brian: why not live
3:49 am
where the tax is cheaper. look at one man. he's now a russian. >> sarkozy going to london -- and he was planning to do that according to printed documents. he was going to establish a billion-pound hedge fund out of london, move to london. that's a bit like bill clinton moving to canada or something. that's a real shock to the system. but tax refugees are a growing number because the rich are mobile. that is the same thing we're seeing in the states on a different level. >>steve: governor cuomo says the reason i want to get rid of the millionaires taxes is because millionaires were moving elsewhere. the reason 3.5 million left california since 2000 is because taxes are too high. >> that's the reason why three states, maybe more, are considering abolishing state income taxes or certainly drastically reducing them. louisiana, north carolina, oklahoma, all thinking of getting rid of state taxes,
3:50 am
income taxes at the state level, because that would attract people from high-tax states to go and live there. >>brian: rich people didn't get rich by giving away their money. 75% is beyond reasonable. how did they even elect this guy? >> sarkozy? >>brian: the socialist that took over instead of sarkozy. >> he won a convincing victory. maybe the europeans are essentially socialist and he reflects their mentality which is tax the rich. >>steve: we were talking with you about phil mickelson who complained i'm paying 62%, 63%. i might have to do something. it was suggested he might choose to leave the country. he has since apologized for making those comments in public. but there was a guy at who made the comment that he should stop his whining because he's lucky. you booked him for your show. >> professor berman said
3:51 am
mickelson was lucky. that's red meat to us. we grabbed hold of him and booked him on the show. he has canceled. he said he must focus on the work that he is paid to do, so he cannot come on and debate me. he's walked away. i'm sorry. i don't want to be her shall, but i think the man -- i don't want to be harsh, but i think the man is an intellectual coward. >>brian: you are harsh. that's very direct. >> he's academic. his job is to debate free speech. he walks away. >>steve: stuart varney, 9:20 eastern time. straight ahead, hollywood couldn't script it any better. one of women at the center of the david petraeus scandal does speak out. the story at the top of the hour. >>brian: did you know there is a best time to buy breakfast? otherwise you could get sick. stick around for this. >>steve: is that
3:52 am
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>>gretchen: it may be quick, convenient and taste good but our next guest says if you really know all that goes into the fast food that you eat, you probably might make different diet choices. the coauthor of the best-selling series "eat this, not that." and the "eight-hour diet." he's here with revelations about food you're picking up at the drive-thru. good morning. we're going to start with something people don't know. it is something called anti-freeze chemicals. what are they and what are they putting them on? >> it's a food
3:56 am
preservative, very appetizing. basically it is for lettuce to keep the moisture in, make it extra crispy. it is also to keep ice cream from freezing. you find this in fast food. we're eating out, a third of our meals are in fast food or chain restaurants. this ingredient is in there as a food preservative. the only good news is that since it's so cold out, if your engine seizes up at the drive-thru, you can rub your lunch on it. >>gretchen: all right. this is a big one for me because i tend to order the grilled chicken if i'm stkpw-g -- going through the drive-through because i'm thinkings this is the healthiest choice other than a salad. >> a lot of times it is a head think. you're thinking i'm eating healthy, chicken. what happens is they pump it with fat and margarine. the next thing you know your healthy chicken is
3:57 am
600, 700 calories. what you want to do is definitely ask them if it's grilled and make sure they're not adding anything to it. >>gretchen: the fake grill marks, you made a big deal about this. when you get that burger, it is not really a grill mark? >> char grilled or fire grilled that means this is heat. without those labels, it is probably painted on at a factory. in my neighborhood they call it graffiti, like food with makeup on it. dinner at ru paul's house. look for char grilled or fire grilled and then you know it is authentic. >>gretchen: you've got to order your breakfast late. why? >> the crew comes in, spray chemicals everywhere. what happens is first thing in the morning some of those chemicals are still lingering. >>gretchen: order breakfast at 10:00 a.m. great advice. great book. parents, before you do your taxes, you're going to want to hear this.
3:58 am
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[ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, january 23, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us today. it's the question we've been asking now for months. what did she know ask when did she know it? hear from one of the leading congressmen on what he's going to ask secretary of state hillary clinton today about benghazi, libya. >> brian: the other general caught in the david petraeus sex scandal is cleared. now the woman who started it all speaking out. >> steve: and oh, say can't she sing ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave
4:02 am
>> steve: did beyonce fake the star spangled banner? what the marines are spilling the beans this morning. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> let people make their own judgments. >> steve: we should point out when i just sang that open part, we had record that had on set. >> brian: that is so wrong! you were here live. here is the thing about the marine, they were faking it too. they were told to fake playing. how did everyone on stage not pick that up? >> steve: there is so much going on regarding beyoncegate. we're going to save that for -- >> gretchen: beyonce gate? >> steve: some people are furious! >> gretchen: why? don't they have better things to do? >> brian: what do we believe in anymore. >> gretchen: oh, come on. >> brian: what do you reach for.
4:03 am
>> steve: so disappointing (it's a little different than some of the other stuff we've been talking about with regard to lying and making stuff up. even if she did lip sync, it's her voice. >> brian: juiced up in the studio. >> steve: sure. by the way, earlier we were talking about how cold it was. we asked you to send us your it's so cold jokes. got one from skip that says it's so cold in washington today, the politicians have their hands in their own pockets. that's just to prime the pump. >> brian: with two hours from getting answers in the bang bang terrorist attack that left four americans dead and plagued hillary clinton's legacy, doug mckelway live at the capitol where she is set to testify. i guess all starts at 9 a.m correct? >> on the senate side, yeah, brian, at 9 a.m in the senate foreign relations committee. at 2:00 p.m. -- this is the first time for americans to hear in-depth at any length at all from the secretary of state.
4:04 am
she claimed full responsibility for what happened in benghazi. but there are so many more questions to ask and to get answered at this point in time. as our jennifer griffin reported last night, ambassador stevens' body was missing for 11 hours and the u.s. military assets in europe were alerted, they were never utilized. yet the state department's accountability review board concluded last month, and i'm quoting here, there simply was not enough time for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference. that's not what congressman jason chats was told. listen up to congressman chaffetz. >> he was not told to go fight for those people and save those people when the fire fight was going on. >> in addition to that, fox news learned that two eyewitnesses to the attack who participated in
4:05 am
the rescue were not offered up by their superiors at either the c.i.a. or state department to offer their perspective to the accountability review board. shear congressman again. >> state department employees that were injured in that fire fight, they should be interviewed and talked to by members of congress. so far that hasn't happened. >> in addition to that, we have also learned that marines out of spain, who were responding to the attack to secure the scene and gather up the initial pieces of evidence were asked by the state department to get off the plane that they were on and change out of their united states marine corps uniforms. that delayed their appearance in benghazi by about 90 minutes, we are told, and by that time, a lot of the evidence had been removed. so these are some of the questions that congressmen and senators will be asking today. all eyes will be on the senate foreign relations committee. back to you now. >> steve: we thank you very much. brian, thousand? it was so cold, gretchen and
4:06 am
steve let brian ramble on just for the hot air. [ laughter ] you like that one better? >> brian: it's really hypothetical. i can't imagine that. >> steve: keep them coming. >> brian: lauren michaels write that? >> gretchen: okay. now to the rest of your headlines. a developing story overnight. it's the biggest fire chicago has seen in years. nearly 200 firefighters battling this massive warehouse fire in 10-degree temperatures. part of the building collapsed. it's a total loss now. the building next door caught fire. at one point there was concern chemicals inside would explode but that was kept from happening. one firefighter was hurt. his injuries minor. late last night, you wouldn't even think this, would you? earthquake in texas? 3.0 earthquake waking up hundreds of people in irving, texas. the epicenter east of dallas-fort worth airport. no reports of injuries or damages. last september, two small quakes rocked the same area.
4:07 am
a brand-new report out this morning, one of al-qaeda's top leaders is dead for the third time. stay with me on this one. he reportedly died after being injured in a u.s. air strike last month. he's suspected in the deadly bombing at the u.s. embassy in yemen in 2009. in 2010, though, the yemeni government claimed it captured him and in 2012, yemeni news sites reported he was killed in a drone strike. we were promised beyonce, but did we get millivanilli instead? o say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> gretchen: beyonce under fire now after a spokesperson for the marine band says she performed to a prerecorded track at the inauguration. but hours later, the marines backed off that claim. right now no word from the white
4:08 am
house. the inauguration committee or beyonce herself. those are your headlines. what sparked this whole thing was that she had tweeted out photos apparently from the day before when she was actually in a recording studio, which we have found out now is protocol for people who are going to perform at the inauguration. they do all record tracks because as four years ago what happened, the cellist and violinist could not perform because as a violinist, we all know when that's too cold, your fingers can't do it. that's why they did that. >> brian: he hand faked. >> steve: but so did the marine band during her number. she was the only one who didn't actually practice with the marine band. it all got started when the band was asked about the performance. was that synchronized. they put out this statement, quote, we all know beyonce can sing. we all know the marine corps band can play. we don't know why she decided to
4:09 am
go with the prerecord music at the last minute. then later in the day, somebody else, captain flanigan, came out and said, you know with a? we don't know for sure whether or not beyonce sang. we just know that the marine corps band didn't play. her microphone may have been open. she may have actually sung. >> brian: here is the thing, no one in the band was in position to see if she was singing, but they know they were fake. so they're trying to be diplomatic and fall on the sword. but essentially -- >> gretchen: they didn't play either. >> brian: that's true. the problem is, it was so unbelievably good, everyone singled it out, like james taylor, kelly clarkson sounded fine. she sounded unbelievable. that makes you want to probe into what went into the preparation. did she actually go not so-called zone and could she ever hit that mark again. then you find this out. it remind me of super bowl 25,
4:10 am
the second best one now is whitney houston and there is still rumors she lip synced. >> gretchen: i that i that was the best ever. >> steve: and it was recorded. >> gretchen: whitney houston was recorded? >> brian: rumors. >> steve: i read in the "washington post" this morning that whitney houston was recorded. now, some of the fans of beyonce are outraged. star spangled scammer. >> gretchen: come on. >> steve: here is a quotation. apparently beyonce's inauguration performance was as dope as lance armstrong's. >> gretchen: wasn't millivanilli it wasn't even their voices. to me, that's actually a farce. okay? it wasn't their voices and they lip sinked. in this case, that's beyonce's voice. we all know she can sing. >> brian: but the thing is, if you nail something and you do it live and you think it's live,
4:11 am
it's sort harder than doing in a studio, they'll say, take it from the top. that's when they say in studio. >> gretchen: then if she would have flubbed, we'd all be sitting here saying, she sang it live and she flubbed and she should have record. >> steve: they could say look, of it live, it was cold and outside. there are a lot of people who are disappointed. she was such a good fakeer. when you think about it, the entire day was a fake. >> brian: what do you mean? >> steve: because the president of the united states was actual lea sworn in the day before. it was all for show anyway. >> brian: i just found out manti te'o's girlfriend wasn't real. so this is one thing after another hitting us. >> gretchen: i don't know. this doesn't really bother me personally. >> steve: what do you think? e-mail us. it sounds like the woman who wound up costing general petraeus his job at the c.i.a.,
4:12 am
paula broadwell h an affair. it started with jill kelly had started receiving e-mail from somebody that were so ambiguous, yet threatening, she didn't know if they were from a man or woman. >> brian: right. she said that she felt threatened and actually scared for her life. that's why she reached out to a friend in the f.b.i and she's telling her side of the story. she didn't want to hurt anybody. general allen, although the investigation delayed his promotion, i do think it's important and caused for embarrassment and he's been cleared. all the earlier reports about hundreds of e-mail are not true. >> gretchen: but this is a case of what happens when a story goes out there and then does a retraction get as much attention as the actual story? i mean, remember, it was said 30,000 e-mails. people were scratching their heads like and they're make accusations saying how could he manage afghanistan and it turns out he wasn't. can you regain your reputation
4:13 am
after something like that? i think it's a shame that this happened to this great general who apparently actually was doing his job in afghanistan. >> steve: he was. and the inspector general said they have cleared him of any wrongdoing. however, they were able to figure out that it was this ball la broadwell sending the e-mail she was having the affair with david petraeus and the whole thing got started and there you can see paula broadwell. started with the e-mail sent to jill kelly that actually jill kelly's husband got on their shared yahoo account on his iphone. he goes, honey, what's this? and that's how it all started. >> brian: wow. paula broadwell, very good shape, by the way. >> steve: indeed. >> brian: coming up, he was once in charge of enforcing the strictest gun laws in the country. so why does our next guest say the president's gun plan might fuelly help criminals? >> steve: that's right. then does this scene look familiar? is this victoria secret super model trying out to be the next
4:14 am
pond girl? >> gretchen: i just bought that swim suit. seriously. the boys use capital one venture miles
4:15 am
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verizon. call star-star nfl to download nfl mobile from verizon. >> look at me. howard marks, i'm placing you under arrest for the future murder of sarah marks that's going to take place today, april 22, at 0800 hours, 4 minutes. >> no. >> steve: making criminals out of people yet to commit a crime. is that the reality under the white house's new gun proposal? our next guest says maybe. jeffrey scott shah pivo a former prosecutor in washington, d.c.
4:18 am
and worries the new gun measures might threaten our everyday civil liberties. it's good to have you here. >> thank you. >> steve: you were a prosecutor in dc during their famous gun ban which was supposed to drive down crime and what happened? >> unfortunately, violent crime went up. pretty significantly. >> steve: why? >> well, when you take away guns from law abiding citizens, criminals predisposed to break the law know citizens are powerless to protect themselves, so it emboldens themselves and they know they can commit crimes and place this is undue burden on law enforcement distracting them electric stopping crimes in progress because their target isn't necessarily crime. it's going after guns, even if it's law abiding citizens who have them. >> steve: ultimately it may be the law abiding citizens who suffer the most because the bad guys always figure a way to get a gun. >> if someone wants to break the law, they're going to. remember, laws are statutory guidelines, they're words. but words alone cannot stop violence. >> steve: we ran a clip yesterday, james taylor, he sung
4:19 am
at the inauguration the day before. he said, regarding gun violence, we might have to give up some of our freedoms to achieve a calm society. what do you think about we might have to give up some freedoms? >> that's terrible. president obama says, even if we save one life then it's worth taking some measures, i don't agree that because there are tens of thousands of people, more, who voluntarily have given up their lives already so we can have these freedoms. we're getting into a dangerous mental knit this society where it doesn't matter if someone commit add act or there is a result. we're going to presume if someone has a gun, that they have the intent to commit an act of gun violence and therefore we have to take guns away. that's a concept that is fundamentally at war with the constitution of the united states. >> steve: the people i know with guns have the guns to protect themselves from the bad guys. whether the bad guys have guns or knives or clubs, it's self-protection. >> when you look at who is committing the shootings, whether they're drive-by
4:20 am
shootings or some of these school shooting, none of these are people who belong to the nra. not people who are major firearm owners. they're people who are either evil or they're sick and they come across guns by getting them from someone else, usually illegally. they're going to get them anyway. >> steve: exit question, what should be done, if anything? >> i think we need to try to step up law enforcement and enforce the regulations and laws we already have on the books, put more officers on the street. >> steve: interesting stuff. we thank you very much. former dc criminal prosecutor, thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile a stunning new report could change the way you eat. some popular foods not as advertised like your tea is really made from grass? lawn grass. that's what it says in the teleprompter, folks. so it's got to be true. then, parents, before you do your taxes, you're going to want to hear this.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. three days. timothy geithner will step down as treasury secretary on friday. president obama no, ma'amed jack lew to take his place, but he has not been confirmed by the senate. next, 7.5 million. that's how much matt damon's movie made at the box office. that's half of what it cost to make the movie. officially a flop. i don't know who is taking for the catering. 2.52. that's what a pound of chicken
4:25 am
wings will cost you this year. a record for super bowl sunday. gretch? >> gretchen: everyone knows that having children is a blessing to your life, but it could be a blessing to your tax obligation, too? fox business nicole petallides is here to explain. all right. so the tax blessing number one is money for our dependents. what do you mean? >> right, so each dependent is an exemption. money for dependents. so each child, you take that child and that one you can write off $3,800 for the year 2012. so we're going to go through different ideas, from education, but just right off the bat, the irs has a suggested amount that you can multiply by the number of exemptions and subtract from your income. so also the main thing, gretchen, is that you're filing the right way. married, obviously a couple, married. that's a great way to file. head of household. if you are divorced, it's a
4:26 am
little tricky. are you the head of the household for over six months? are you the primary care giver and incurring most of the cost. in which case, this child is your dependent. >> gretchen: so only one much you can claim this. >> right. >> gretchen: tax blessing number two, the child tax credit. what's that? >> so this one, you get $1,000 credit per child. gone are the days that you're passing down the money so freely to the kids. that is taxed so heavily. we know that for a fact. so let's go with this one. get in there and try and get that $1,000 tax credit. there is no forms, nothing. just put in for it. if you have more than one child, orgeat form, the 8812. it will compute that one. this one you could even get a refund if you're pretty free and clear of taxes. >> gretchen: i take advantage of this next one. tax blessing number 3, daycare cost. you can put aside tax free money. is that what you're talking about here? >> you get for daycare, we know
4:27 am
daycare is not cheap. daycare is so costly, as we all know as parents. in this case, you get $3,000 for each child under the age of 13 for 6,000 for two kids and preteens. you should get in there. it's the child independent care credit. you should get in there and get that. you're paying an astronomical amount for these fees that you pay out to the daycare. >> gretchen: tax blessing number 4, education expenses. i think somebody was calculating, maybe my accountant, college could cost as much as 75, $80,000 a year by the time my kids get there. >> per year, like your accountant said. that's unbelievable. so you should go ahead and there is a few things when you talk about taxes that you can do. so the american opportunity credit, that's worth up to $2,500 and it's for the first four years of education. you have the lifetime learning credit which -- by the way, credits are great rather than deductions and such because credits cut your tax bill dollar
4:28 am
for dollar. you shouldn't leave out tuition as a deduction and, of course, right, i'm down to the new york stock exchange. don't forget the 529, which is huge. talk to your broker. you can put away -- granted you pay taxes on it now, but that money in the 529 plan, this is dead indicated toward education, it doesn't incur the taxes as it grows. you can put in a lot of money. $300,000 and it's not only for kids, it's trial for adults, too. >> gretchen: it is, i just found out you can fast down to the next generation in case that child does not -- >> they're not making it easy to pass things down to the next generation. >> gretchen: great advice. thanks. you heard of bars filling premium vodka bottles with a cheaper version. they coo? now it's happening in the grocery store, too. wait 'til you hear what may be replacing your favorite condiments like olive oil. a stunning new report out. then, are you seeing double? why this victoria secret model is channeling her inner bond
4:29 am
girl. i love the swim suit. yep. i bought it. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like.
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4:33 am
yeah? wasn't that exciting. here it is four years ago. take a look. ♪ . >> they had four years to get ready for this year. you can see they worked it out a little bit. here take a look. ♪ . >> gretchen: wow. we kind of look similar. do you want to stand up and try this? >> brian: i don't think i should 'cause even they can't do that. >> gretchen: red dress, dark suit? >> brian: they had to have fake people do it. they had the dibdab guys. >> gretchen: that was very cute. the biting, the burning, stinging, can we think of anymore adjectives? gripping a third of the country. more than 100 million people waking up in what feels like an
4:34 am
icebox. the weather is being blamed now for at least four deaths. for more, let's go to maria molina. snow making matters even worse in some of these areas as well, right? >> yeah, that's right. we're talking lake effect snow. by the time we head into friday of this week, we could be looking at snow across places in the northeast from our next storm system that could be bringing in snow to right here in new york city and right along i-95. the cold temperatures i want to point out, are here to stay. for today, it will be a cold day. new york city, 22 degrees for your high temperature. in the teens over in buffalo. single digits in minneapolis. international falls, of course, cold spot, as usual. 7 degrees below zero. you factor in the wind and it feels colder. for tomorrow, more of the same across the northeast and the midwest. by friday, 25 degrees will be your high temperature. new york city, burlington, vermont, 15-degrees for your high temperature. again, because when you factor in the wind, it feels colder. we have a number of wind chill warnings and advisories in place. some places will actually see wind chill temperatures
4:35 am
506 degrees below -- 50 degrees below zero. hypothermia is a concern. you have to bundle up. the cold air setting the stage for the next storm system as we head into friday and saturday. we could be looking at three to eight inches of snowfall possible across places in pennsylvania, new jersey, up in through areas of across massachusetts. again, stay alert out here. we could be looking at some accumulating snowfall, and pretty significant for some, over six inches. west coast dealing with that storm system now, producing rain across seattle, portland, in through portions of california and that lake effect snow really piling up downwind of the lakes. you're talking about some places accumulating up to three feet of snow. and now for confirmation it's cold out? steve, how is it looking? >> steve: it's cold. you're the weather person in this show. why am i outside in the weather and you're inside in short sleeves? >> i'll go see you outside. >> steve: all right. it's really cold. but you knew that. you know what? it will be a cold day in
4:36 am
washington, some say, before the senate ever passes a budget. but it looks as if the house is going to introduce legislation today that might actually result in that, right? >> brian: yeah. that's exactly what's going to happen of the it was proposed by the house. it looks like the president has given indications that if it gets to my desk, i'm signing it. republicans are now on board. people like nancy pelosi called it a gimmick. but i imagine when it gets to the senate, if the president green lighted it, they're not going to stand in the way. >> gretchen: it actually means that the republican also go along with extending the debt ceiling until may 18. included in that, two caveats. the senate has to come up with a budget, which they haven't since 2009. did you know that that was before the ipad was created. the chevy volt, bieber fever, and instagram. it's about time the senate actually comes up with a budget. also incorporated into this is if they don't, then members of congress would not get any dough.
4:37 am
their paychecks would be suspended. >> steve: speak of dough, gretch, joining us right now, did you realize today is national pie day? we've got the owner of grand traverse pie company in michigan. look at that. we've made animation for you. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, how are you? >> steve: how many pies do you think you've made since 2009 when they last passed a budget in the senate? >> oh, boy. we've made few hundred thousand pies. i think we've done our work. now we need others to do their work. >> steve: you actually do work with the dough, where the dough is real, unlike funny dough. >> yeah. and the thing is, you combine cherries and blueberries and you get a compromise of the it's even better than the two separate. >> steve: listen to that. he's a baker a heart of politics. you're looking there, keith, walk over to this gigantic pie. today is national pie day. mike, you brought this big pie over. what is it about pie that people love? >> spy memories, tradition. it's american, it's family. how many people remember grandma
4:38 am
picking the fruit in her backyard and baking up a pie and serving it? it's about kids, memories. it's connection. that's what we need. >> steve: normally that pie looks fantastic and i know, well, it's probably frozen by now. you might need a chain saw to cut it up for people. i love pie alamode. pecan is my favorite. i love the fact on national pie day, one in five americans have eaten an entire pie all by themselves. >> right. i can't really put my instead of that category, but i know there is lots out there. >> steve: you haven't eat an pie all by yourself? >> not a whole pie, no. i do it by the slice. >> steve: here is your homework. those are beautiful. i bet you sell those on the internet? >> we ship them all over. on, every hour, someone across the country will win a pie. it's all good in michigan. >> steve: mike, thank you very much for joining us live on this special holiday. brian and gretch, if you notice,
4:39 am
the banks are closed today, it's because it's national pie day. >> brian: right. i went there twice. couldn't even use the atm. steve in phoenix wants to report it's 81 today. just to rub it in. >> steve: i hate that guy! >> brian: come back inside. >> gretchen: i think that was arizona. >> brian: oh what did i say? >> gretchen: i don't know. what did you say? >> brian: i said phoenix. >> gretchen: you did? >> brian: good grief, charlie brown of the the voice behind the character behind bars this morning. >> yes, you know i've never succeeded at anything in my whole life. >> charlie brown, it's true. i recognize your frailty, your weaknesses. >> brian: more than weaknesses. peter robins facing charges, including stalking, making a death threat. the 56-year-old was picked up at one of the largest border crossings between san diego and tijuana. a background check reveal ago warrant out for his arrest. >> gretchen: it wasn't the drill that was buzzing. could it have been the dentist
4:40 am
actually? dr. robert of long island, new york, accused of operating on patients while wasted. his assistant says he's been boozing on the job for months. she decided she'd finally seen enough, pulled the plug on her boss. none of his patients were ever hurt. why did she wait so long? not sure. >> brian: what's on the label may not be what you're getting. new study revealing a rising number of fake ingredients in products. food fraud detectives found pomegranate juice often diluted with grape or pear juice. olive oil often diluted with cheaper oils. lemon juice cheapened with water and sugar. spices like paprika or saffron contain dangerous food colorings. also high on the list, seafood. the number one fake being escarol, a fish that can cause stomach problems. white tuna or alba cor.
4:41 am
that's incredible. what do we believe in anymore? >> gretchen: i'm not sure. maybe this. is this victoria secret super model trying out to be the next bond girl? she recreated a moment from the movie "dr. no." she's sport ago tiny gold bikini as she more thans from the ocean. with that, we go over to sports 'cause i see a connection because sports illustrated does a swim suit issue. >> brian: i'd like to know how many times she went snorkeling alone in an abandoned beach in real life. temper, temper, it's only a game. vienna williams taking her frustrations out on her racket at the australian open. she lost the match, to remember this name. sloan stevens. she's 19. stevens scored the upset in three sets, but serena did have
4:42 am
a back and knee problem. possible game changer for doctors studying brain injuries in the nfl. new study out of ucla showing the more concussions a player had, the higher a specific protein count in the brain. they're the same proteins linked to dementia and alzheimer's. >> how come i can't remember that? i'm always wondered, are these age-related or are they concussion related? >> brian: scientisted made similar findings with junior seau's brain months after he took his own life. symbolic end to the jets season. rex ryan allegedly drove through a red light in his mustang and later would admit, i drove through in famous song and right into a three car crash in pennsylvania. no one was hurt. the jets finished 6-10. they saw quarterback mark sanchez turn himself in to a wreck, but no one was hurt except his career and the jets' record. it's just amazing how many crazy things have happened to the jets
4:43 am
since they stopped playing. >> steve: it's been a busy day. by the way, it's really cold outside and you continue to light up the e-mail machine. how cold is it? there are a lot of these. it's so cold, we had to chisel the dog off the hydrant. i've probably seen five of those. keep them coming. >> gretchen: smokers, listen up. if one law maker gets his way, you could be fired just for lighting up. >> steve: and you always hear him say it, but now he's actually doing it. dave ramsey is cutting up his credit card and he's got a pair of scissors with your name on it. ramsey scissor hands. that's funny. >> brian: aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1964, this actress is best known for playing libya benson. who is she in be first with the correct answer and you'll get a big hug a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive.
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4:46 am
>> gretchen: 45 hips after the
4:47 am
top of the hour. quick headlines. one county now letting people drink and drive? it's going to issue special permit tussores did not in rural areas to drive home after they've had a few drinks. the law maker behind the idea claims it will cut down on suicides and depression. don't start boozing yet, folks. that county is in ireland. in oklahoma, state law maker wants to give companies the right to fire smokers. state senator is trying to repeal the law that protects smokers from discrimination. he says smokers cost companies money in medical coverage. brian, steve? >> brian: talk about drowning in red ink, a new study finding 20 and 30-year-olds at more at risk of dying in debt than are carrying over $5,000 more in debt on their credit cards than their parents did at the same age. >> steve: how can we change this dangerous debt cycle? joining us now from nashville is our best friend in the personal finance expert department, dave ramsey. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. >> steve: i love this first thing on this chilly day in new
4:48 am
york city, for the young people, decide you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, right? >> yeah. don't believe stupid articles like that last one we were referencing that you're going to die in debt. what a hopeless message. the way you get out of debt is you got to get really mad. you got to get sick and tired of being sick and tired. my friend says people change their lives when they finally say, i've had it! that's it. we're not living like this anymore. >> brian: so make the decision and then you'll start working it out if you're driven enough. use the debt snowball. get it going in the right direction. >> absolutely. the debt snowball is how we've taught millions of families to get out of debt. that's where you list your debts, smallest to largest, regardless of the interest rate, and you attack that smallest one with this passion, with this anger we're talking about. you sell so much stuff the kids think they're next. i mean, we're going to attack this debt, right? knock that smallest debt out. when it's gone, that snowball rolls over, picks up more snow 'cause you don't have that
4:49 am
payment anymore and you can attack the next one down. we've got an interactive debt snowball right now free. download at >> steve: meanwhile, it's time when we first met you, you did this, the plastickectomy. show us how it works. >> we've been cutting up these things for a long, long time. we've been teaching americans to have a different kind of plastic surgery. >> steve: ouch! >> cash buys things. you know what the interest rate is on my credit cards? zero, 'cause i don't have any! i've got debit cards. so close the accounts. do away with them. walk away from this. i've met with thousands of millionaires. i never one that said, dave, i made it all on my discover points. >> steve: you advise people not have to have any credit cards whatsoever? >> 2005 debit cards, my driver's license and hand gun carry permit in my pockets. that's the only plastic i got. >> brian: i guess no library
4:50 am
card. get $1,000 in the bank fast. that's one thing you say to do? >> yeah, that's always baby step one, we call it. that's your first step. get your little emergency fund, beginner emergency fund. then when you attack that debt and the tire blows out or the car repair comes up, it doesn't become new debt. you're not looking for the crazy glue to put the credit card back together. >> steve: great advice. don't have a member of the studio crew there in nashville get the crazy glue to put your cards together. >> he won't need them. >> steve: dave, thank you very much. we'll see you back here next week. >> thanks, guys. >> brian: next up, are you always dreaming about -- good thing i slowed down -- about your ex? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow with his diagnosis next. >> steve: it's couch time. >> brian: this is role reversal. >> steve: first on this date in 1993 "i will always love you" by whitney houston, number one song in the whole wide world. >> brian: not lip syncing
4:51 am
jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> steve: answer. maris is a haggerty is the answer to the aflac trivia question. >> gretchen: my husband asks me this every day, are you normal or nuts? >> steve: what do you say? >> gretchen: it depends on the day. on wednesdays i'm nuts. it's a question everyone asks once in a while and a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. >> brian: because he within to college. joining us is the guy that answers the e-mails. dr. keith, welcome. >> thanks. you didn't get the purple tie message.
4:55 am
>> brian: i know. i feel bad, although i feel you need to kiss up to steve by dressing like him, which i got to get you to analysis for that. let's start with e-mail number one. >> steve: it reads this way: i was married the first time for 17 years and again a second time for 12 years. once a month or so, i have dreams that involve one or the other of my exes. i'm in a happy 12-year relationship now with my fiance, but i never have dreams about her. normal or nuts? >> what could be more normal than to have dreams about people you've been intimate with for that long? was there no reason that you had that length of time with these two women? no, of course -- until it shows there is something wrong with your current relationship. you know how you know this guy is normal? because he hasn't married the third time. he says he's got a fiance 12 years. so we're going to give him a bill of health here and say he's okay. normal to have these dreams.
4:56 am
it's okay. >> gretchen: you're not going to have that fiance after she figures out who she is because it won't be too tough for a guy who was married those two times and a fiance for 12 years! you know who you are. >> there you go. in any case, he'll dream of her, too, if he leaves her. that's normal. it's artificial to have this wall built between you and someone with whom you were that close. >> brian: here is e-mail number two. i have an awful fear of dogs. now my son wants a puppy. my husband thinks it will help me overcome my fear. i'm too petrified. am i normal or nuts? >> this is, in the sense that most puppies are not killers, it's not normal. it's a little nuts. obsessive compulsive disorder or phobia. you got to get down to the roots of why did this happen? did you have a bad experience with a canine? >> brian: bite marks on your aorta? >> that will do it. the bottom line, is get to the bottom of why is this happening? don't start with having a dog in the house. maybe you go visit a shelter for
4:57 am
two minutes. exposure therapy is great, but i don't know if you want to live with it right away. >> gretchen: number three, i have a high school dance coming up or a school dance coming up, really have no interest in going. i dislike all school functions. i'd rather stay home and read a good book. does this make me nutso? >> not nuts. not everybody is the same. not everybody wants to dance the night away. read the night away. it's okay. you may find someone in the library to date. wouldn't that be a happy story. >> brian: don't feel the pressure to do something you don't feel comfortable. >> how many times have i told you that. you're out every night you and don't need to be. you could be home. you have a family. >> brian: keith, we're on now. what about confidentiality? this is unbelievable. in front of everybody? >> you owe me. >> brian: this is part of my therapy? >> steve: if you got a question for dr. keith, e-mail and next week he might answer it. thank you very much. >> watch him. >> steve: we do. we told you last hour about an
4:58 am
ice cream that fights the flu. now we've got some in the studio. we're going to taste it and see if it works. >> gretchen: it's got whiskey in it, so i'm all for it. the political director at cbs says he can explain why he told the president to pulverize the gop. so we'll tell but that. >> brian: i need a's new therapt selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently. this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i obsessed about my weight my whole life. i figured i was just born that way. i was always on some new, life-stopping diet. and then, weight watchers. it lets me be me. and i naturallyame a healthier me.
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5:01 am
er. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, january 23, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us. hilly will be spending the day in the hot seat. it's the question we've been asking for months: what did she actually know about benghazi, libya, and when did she know it? so just in one hour, she'll finally answer those questions. plus, where are the survivors and why are they not speaking? >> steve: all good questions. then this guy, the political director over at cbs news, says there is a perfectly good explanation over why he gave the president the advice that he should pulverize the republican
5:02 am
party. wait until you hear this. he actually doubles down on it. >> brian: then no more red pens. apparently the markers teachers use to grade tests make kids feel bad. >> steve: sorry about that. >> brian: really? really? [ laughter ] >> it's "fox & friends." >> i had no knowledge of that whatsoever. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts now. [ laughter ] did i miss my joke? >> gretchen: hillary clinton will have her cue in an hour from now. she will start the first of two hearings that will start today. if she goes through with it, i'm going to have to pay steve a buck. i didn't think she would ever have to testify 'cause she's not going to be secretary of state anymore. steve said she would and it looks like she apparently will today. >> steve: it seemed like a no brainer. she wants to be president of the united states, so when four americans lose their lives on her watch, she's got to do some
5:03 am
explaining. that's what she's going to do starting at 9:00 o'clock. then doug mckelway, she's got another appointment, first with the senate and then the house this afternoon. right? >> that's right. the senate foreign relations gets underway at 9 and house foreign affairs committee will begin their hearing at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. really our first chance to hear from the secretary of state in any depth since in the days immediately after the attack. she said that the entire debauchle was her responsibility and since her earlier testimony was delayed by her bout with the flu, the concussion and the subsequent blood clot in her head. early today on fox news, ambassador john bolton suggested how he would go about the questioning process of the secretary of state. listen up. >> the way i would do it would be to ask very specific questions. i would not give secretary clinton the chance to filibuster about broad policy issues and skate past her personal responsibility. so there are three phases to this. what happened before september 11, what happened on
5:04 am
the day of the attack and what happened later with the mohammed video story. >> the accountability review board found in its conclusion of their investigation, quoting now, there was simply not enough time for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference. but that is in stark contrast to what commander general hand told congressman jason chaffetz. >> he told me the proximity. he told me he had the proximity. but he was not told to go fight for those people and save those people when the fire fight was going on. >> fox news also learned that u.s. marines who were stationed in spain and who were dispatched to go secure the scene of the benghazi attack were actually told to step off the airplane that they were on and remove their u.s. marine uniforms. that delayed their departure by about 90 minutes and a lot of the evidence was gone at the scene when they finally made it there. a couple of sub plots to watch out for.
5:05 am
senator john kerry, soon to be secretary of state, he could be fascinating to see how he approaches this hearing. will he be protective of the department he is soon to inherit? will he be protective of his predecessor and look for more aggressive questioning on the house side. they want to know how far up the chain of command this went. back to you. >> brian: comprehensive report, if i was to pick a favorite sound bite, it would be your first one. i thought it was right to the point. i thought the questions were right on. >> steve: the interview of the guy did you? >> oh, yeah. just a coincidence. >> i didn't know that. way to go, brian. >> brian: you owe me four bucks. >> gretchen: all right. now your other headlines. another developing story for you this morning. we just learned that manti te'o is now admitting he lied about his fake girlfriend and her death. he tells katie couric the lie was just a brief one. >> this girl who i committed myself with died on
5:06 am
september 12. now i get phone call on december 6 saying that she's alive and i'll be put on national tv two days later and they asked me the same question. what would do you? >> gretchen: the girl whose photo was used on-line also breaking her silence. she says she had no clue her picture was being used. talk about a quagmire story. jill kelly, another quagmire story, breaking her silence nearly three months after exposing the affair between general petraeus and paula broadwell. kelly's husband, it turns out he was actually the person who discovered the first angry e-mail because paula broadwell sent it to a yahoo account that he and his wife shared. kelly says she was terrified by that e-mail, by those that followed. she says they included blackmail, extortion and threats. kelly says they had no idea the e-mails were from broadwell until months later when she learned about it with the rest of the world.
5:07 am
late last night, a magnitude 3.0 earthquake waking up people in irving, texas. 3 1/2 miles east of the dallas-fort worth airport. no reports of any injuries or damages. but get this, last september, two small quakes rocked the exact same area. there could be a sweet side to having the flu. an ohio company says its dessert can ease your symptoms. jenny splendid ice cream offering a a influenza sorbet. it has whiskey, honey, orange and lemon juice. it might not be what the doctor order, but it's modeled after an old home remedy, apparently. >> steve: look what we got in the studio. they got one for each us and we all have spoons. let's all give them our opinion. >> brian: when did sherbet become sorbet. >> steve: that's such a good question. it's tangy. >> gretchen: whoa, whoa, whoa.
5:08 am
is that the whiskey on the top? >> steve: you tell me. >> brian: do you have an extra spoon? >> steve: i taste the cayenne. >> brian: it's got a kick. >> gretchen: i definitely taste the booze. does booze liquefy first? >> brian: this is terrible. >> steve: you don't like it? >> brian: it's terrible. i taste the pepper. i taste something i shouldn't be eating. is this done? oh, look, it's not all a spoon full of sugar. >> steve: brian, it's supposed to help with you the influenza. >> brian: i'd rather get the flu! >> steve: well, you could. all i -- i do taste the tanginess. >> gretchen: i am wondering -- >> brian: joe, you'll see what i mean. >> gretchen: i do wonder if i can continue the show now that i'm drunk. >> steve: we are on the same fuel. >> brian: see what i'm talking about? what do you think? >> steve: it's not bad. >> brian: i tasted worst. he likes it. i can't believe it.
5:09 am
i got some like cereal in the green room. [ laughter ] let's talk about cbs's reporter that wrote that column. he's supposed to be their director of politics. the way he wrote this column, it came off as if he was giving the president advice because he was giving the president advice, saying he's got to pulverize the republican party. he's got to essentially take no prisoners. my words, not his, if he wants to get anything passed with his plans. we were stunned by this and pointed it out. so he has kind of retracted and explained himself. >> steve: he's actually doubled down. keep in mind, he's the political director at cbs news. at the same time, he's also the chief correspondent for politics for a very far left blog called so yesterday he went to slate, after we complained about it. how does this guy keep both jobs because he's supposed to be
5:10 am
nonpartisan, but he responded with an item, a blog yesterday that said they hate me. they really hate me. that was the title of it. he goes on to say, the president is ambitious, has picked politically controversial goals, has little time to operate before he is a lame duck president and has written off working with republicans, given these facts, where the only one logical conclusion for a president who wants to transform american politics. it was analysis. it was not advice. >> gretchen: he actually says his whole point of his article was not about one party power. but that he believed it would actually, since the president didn't seem to be in any kind of a compromising mood and a lot of people saw that in the inaugural address, that his point was that republicans actually could use this as a way to win the midterm elections and to actually take overt power coming up in the next couple of years.
5:11 am
>> brian: that's what he says. >> gretchen: he said it was analysis. not advice. >> steve: he also said, hey, why are you picking on me? jody captor of the "new york times" wrote a similar item. jody cantor is a writer and a reporter. she's not the political director for a main stream media outlet. for a lot of people, it just looks like you're not just being a pundit burks strategist on behalf of the white house. >> brian: you get your test back in school, remember this for kids, they're living this. on it in red, everything you got wrong. even if it's one thing. minus 4. spelling. minus 2, minus 12 in chris chulo's case. >> steve: how did you feel when you picked up the paper and saw all the red marks? >> brian: not good about myself. i couldn't eat lunch! >> gretchen: what if the red pen said 100%? >> brian: that never happened. have you met me? >> gretchen: welcome to the pc society because apparently red pens, hate to tell if you you're manufacturing red pens out there, or maybe even dresses, it
5:12 am
will come to makes kids upset. >> steve: psychologists at the university of colorado, they did a study and they realized that red ink upsets certain children. they feel like they are being shouted at. instead, they suggest lay off the red ink. even though it's easier to see and use blue. >> gretchen: shouldn't we be spending our education dollars on something else? >> steve: it's good to know that it bothers some kids. maybe they can come up with plan b. >> gretchen: wait a minute. isn't the point, kids are supposed to be bothered when they get things wrong. that's the whole point of going to school, that maybe when you see you get a problem wrong, that you work harder next time, at least that's what i thought. >> brian: how many times have you blamed the pen for wrong answers? i blame my number 2 pencil for not getting a perfect mark on my s.a.t.'s. you gave me the wrong pencil, thanks. >> steve: you can't make this up department, going forward, there is a possibility that in the
5:13 am
district of columbia, which houses the federal government, high school students may actually be able to graduate from high school without taking a class in government. that's right. they'll have to rely on things they learned in grade school and middle school. instead, they're talking about more p.e., more art, more music. they'll have no idea how the federal government runs in high school. >> gretchen: why can't they do all of them? they always cut music first. >> brian: talk to the teacher. >> gretchen: yeah, but there is got to be a way to fit in all this stuff. >> brian: a lot of people wrote me that say i do play modern music in my fourth and fifth grade band. >> gretchen: they were honoring teachers who included that. >> brian: a lot of people were writing me. answering a loft band e-mails yesterday. meanwhile, this is the best news of the day. >> gretchen: congratulations to lee and michael. look at that. she's a producer on "fox & friends." she's our number one booker.
5:14 am
they had a baby boy yesterday named benjamin. came into the world weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces. very healthy weight. and she looks amazing. >> steve: congratulations. >> gretchen: there they are. >> steve: okay. now that you've had the baby, lee, we're look for to you rebook dave ramsey for next wednesday. >> brian: are you kidding me is it benjamin is already booking. he's been listening up to his mom work. lee was here 'til sunday. that's incredible. >> brian: she was here monday, too? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: that lauren pettersson will not give anybody off! >> steve: congratulations. it's 13 minutes after the top of the hour. oh, oh, prince harry now you've gone and done it. saying that perhaps killing the taliban sounds like fun. that comment has the taliban terrorists firing back this morning. >> brian: taliban might start acting irrationally. >> gretchen: how would oatlike see this on your way to work? >> steve: oh! >> gretchen: i hope it's okay.
5:15 am
>> steve: looks okay. stouffer's is proud to make america's favorite lasagna... with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. decision day for the debt ceiling as house republicans prepare to vote on a short-term raise to the nation's borrowing limit. also on the line, a measure that would force the senate to pass a budget, or give up their paychecks. joining me is house majority whip kevin mccarthy. good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> gretchen: have you ever thought about being a football coach because i understand that in front of the gop conference yesterday, you got a standing ovation for your locker room half time speech. what did you do? >> well, it was talking about where we want to take this country. we want to put us on a path to a balanced budget. we want to move this country for greater opportunity. you can have a place where there is not 13 million people unemployed. i think you saw a team effort
5:19 am
that we're united behind making sure no budget, no pay, moves through this house and gets the senate once and for all to do a budget. how can you ever plan for the future if the number one thing you're supposed to do as elected official, they can't do? >> gretchen: it's interesting because republicans have taken a hit for sort of being the road blockers. when you actually look at some of the facts as you just point out, the senate has not passed a budget since 2009. you also brought up some very interesting facts, that that was before the ipad was created. the chevy volt, the bieber fever, and even instagram. so it's been quite some time since it actually done their work. now, you want also to incorporate into that that they don't get paid unless they do it. how is that going to go? >> what works, you got the 27th amendment. their paycheck will go into an escrow. look, elected officials should pass a budget. how is it the president give his speech about what he wants america to invest in and ask
5:20 am
american public to give him more money without even telling them where they're going to go or how they're going to balance the budget? they talk about being able to cut government, but never show you where they're going to go. so having a budget is fundamental. this bill will move april 15, is the deadline where both house also pass a budget. we give them a little more time, trying to be fair in the process into may, pass a budget. if you can't do your job, which you haven't been able to do in almost four years, you shouldn't be paid. it's the same should be held for us. if we can not pass a budget in the house, we should not be paid. >> gretchen: it's interesting, the president said he will not hold up what you plan to try and pass today. but you may actually get some blow back from other republicans who believe that by extending the debt limit by three months, that you're actually caving. how do you respond to that? >> no, because when you look at what's transforming, in march 1, it's what's going to happen is called sequestration. those were the cuts that we put
5:21 am
in place in the last debt ceiling. do you know this congress is only going to be the third congress since world war ii that cut discretionary spending year over year over year, even in all those terms and newt gingrich during that, they weren't able to do it as many times as we will. we have moved discretionary spending down. we want to see tax reform to expand the economy and go further. this is a succession. that will go into effect. then you have a cr that will go at the end of the month. that is another movement and an opportunity. >> gretchen: all right. congressman kevin mccarthy, nominate you for football coach potentially with your standing ovation. thanks for your time today. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: one of the most insane videos you're going to see all day long. (scream) >> gretchen: plane nearly taking out that biker. you might ask yourself what is the biker doing on the tarmac?
5:22 am
the whole thing caught on camera. luke perry is back on the rodeo. can he deliver classic lines like this? stick around. >> seeing this world and there is two kinds of people, my friend. those are load guns and those who ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
5:23 am
♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses.
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5:25 am
it'but sleep train's huge foryeais ending soon.models for a short time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and free same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> steve: quick headlines on this wednesday morning. she survived the shooting outside the empire state building. but a woman struck by police gun fire is now suing the new york police. she says officers failed to exercise proper police tactics where nine bystanders were injured. a crazed gunman killed ago aand ran through the streets before he himself was killed in front of the empire state building. drivers, watch out for
5:26 am
roaming elk. one was spotted on a busy highway in russia. the animal apparently slipped, fell down on the icy road, managed to dodge a couple of oncoming vehicles. got back up on four feet and continued running down the russian highway. very nice. >> gretchen: actor luke perry back in the saddle with another western. >> what are you talking about? >> he's not going to follow us. would you make that joke if you were getting shot at? >> there is no way i'm going to make it! no! >> steve: that woman's role was his idea. luke perry here now. >> gretchen: it's always the woman that makes you take the plunge, right? >> that's what the whole move gee about. women make you do crazy things. >> brian: first off, body double
5:27 am
or did you do it? >> i did that. >> brian: you did the jump? >> we were talking about paul newman and i would never -- i want to find some way to pay home okay to him. i loved him in butch and sundance, they had the scene where they jumped off the cliff and i always wanted to do it so i did it here. the director of the picture is in the water with the camera and some flippers on. >> brian: that's good. you have all the cameras or did you have to do it a bunch of times? >> one time. my stunt double did it first. he just looked too cool that you wouldn't believe it was me doing it 'cause he was just flying through the air. i would be screaming. i would be yelling. i did the screaming and the yelling all the way down. >> steve: out of curiousity, it looks like it was at least 1,000 heat. >> yeah. it was at least 1,000. maybe 1100. >> brian: i was reading some of your background 'cause it's everywhere. i'm on the internet, i got a password. you say you have trouble figuring out women, from wives to moms to sisters. correct? you? i thought you might have it
5:28 am
down! >> no, no. i fake it. no, the trick is be a good listener, pay attention 'cause the ground is always shifting underneath your feet. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: wait a minute! you actually do get women! wait a minute. you get women. as a woman, you listen? >> you have to. you have to. >> gretchen: excuse me. high five. as a man, you listen to women? >> that's the only -- >> gretchen: you get women. >> you have to constantly listen. you only learn with your ears. >> steve: are you actually listening or are you faking that? >> oh, no, i'm fighting for survival every second that you're with one. [ laughter ] listening. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is, is it true that you wanted to portray women in this western as a little bit stronger characters than sometimes they've been portrayed if other westerns? >> i always like to. you got to think about it, for a woman to survive at that time was not easy. these women weren't -- many times, not just westerns, but a lot of movies painted one dimensional picture of women and you want to dig out rest of the stuff and show them three
5:29 am
dimensional. >> steve: because this is a western and earlier within the last week we had arnold schwarzenegger on and he recroated some of his famous lines. we're not going to redo your famous lines -- >> brian: 'cause he's already a famous actor. >> steve: absolutely! is this homage to arnold. to the westerns. >> brian: luke, i think this whole anchor thing is short lived for me. i was thinking about making the transition into acting. i'm wondering, would you be honest with me if i have it, if we play the clip and i try to reproduce it, would you let me know if i have the talent to be successful in your industry? >> i am willing to do that. let's see the clip. >> seeing this world, there is two kinds of people, my friend. those with loaded guns and those who dig. you dig. >> steve: all right. very good. now, brian. you just heard clint eastwood. >> brian: here is my hat. >> gretchen: oh, my god. >> brian: you see in this world there is two kinds of people, my friend. those with loaded guns and those
5:30 am
who dig. you dig. >> and you're thinking about acting. >> steve: no, he sounds like johnny carson. >> brian: be honest. if i audition, what would you say to me? >> keep thinking. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: i'm so glad we only have time for one of those clip clips. >> brian: you just hurt my feelings. >> no. the good news is, you have so much room for improvement. >> brian: oh, good. >> gretchen: one of the great things in the news that i love reading about, i hope it was true, that you and jenny garth, who were together on "90210" that, you're still friends. >> i don't know why this is a news item. i mean, you guys work together and you're all friends. we worked together for ten years. we'd still be friends seems only normal. we're friends with all those people. >> brian: you team back up together with her on screen. >> yeah, i worked with jenny.
5:31 am
jason directed the first, 'cause he's canadian. >> steve: cheaper. >> that's what they tell me. i don't think it is. i like to make them here. i still know all those guys. i oftentimes hear about cast of people that work together and then they don't get along. and that just never made any sense to us. >> brian: you know why? i'll tell you why. 'cause people when they watch you, they start believing those relationships and it makes it seem authentic then. they feel they can watch the show knowing there is a real relationship there because when she was going through a divorce she works called you to help her through rough time. that shows you're real friends. >> we all talk about stuff. i'm lucky it have them. >> steve: they're good friends of yours and you're a good friend of the show. we want everybody to watch his show. it's going to premiere saturday at 8 on hallmark. good night for -- >> hallmark movie channel, saturday at 8:00 o'clock. >> steve: "queen of hearts." perfect plug. >> thanks. >> gretchen: thanks for being a good sport. >> steve: go out in the hall. most of our crew, the gals want
5:32 am
to have a picture with you. >> brian: just about everybody in the building. >> steve: they're all waiting for him. next up, one of the most insane videos you'll see all day. that does include brian. (screaming) >> steve: an airplane nearly taking out a biker. whole thing caught on camera. >> gretchen: the terrorists are offended, the taliban firing back at prince harry after he said killing them was part of the business, part of what he had to do. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- new honey bunches of oatsy greek yohere we go.ole grain.
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5:36 am
[♪...] >> more than a million people gathered in our nation's capitol yesterday and tens of millions more watched from home to celebrate the first lady's new hair cut. >> really like michelle obama's bangs. >> bangs. >> bangs. >> bangs. >> bangs. >> bangs. >> i love her bangs. >> there you have it. he knew what happened 12 years ago. >> gretchen: she bang, she bangs. >> brian: everyone is talking about her dress and her hair. all throughout the day. >> gretchen: that's what happens when you're a woman. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: we'll talk about that stuff. >> brian: the president had a
5:37 am
brooks brothers tux, not big news. >> gretchen: yep. >> steve: all right. the big news out of afghanistan, prince harry, who served proudly, we believe, for the last four months, ended his tour and because he left the country, then the british press was able to suddenly go ahead and play some of the video and the interviews they did while he was there in country. you know what? the reaction from the taliban, they're angry at things he said, like this. >> take a life, save a life. if those people try to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll play another game, i suppose. >> gretchen: i can't even understand him. so i don't know what the taliban is so upset about. i can't even understand what he said. >> brian: he said he flies. >> steve: apaches. >> brian: he flies and he says
5:38 am
you take a life, you save a life. you take a british life, you take out a taliban. >> gretchen: what's wrong with that? >> brian: he says he's good at it because of he plays x box. >> steve: he says essentially that killing taliban members was like playing a video game. the taliban, through a spokesperson, said, quote, to describe the war in afghanistan is a game demeans anyone, especially a prince who is supposed to be made of better things. it shows they are unfamiliar with the situation and shows why they are losing. it's not a game. it's very, very real. >> gretchen: i think it's admirable that a prince is actually fighting the war in afghanistan. >> brian: it is. >> gretchen: he could be sitting back spending his wealth. but he's over there putting himself in danger and by the way, he should do celebrity jeopardy because with all that dexterity he has with his fingers, he would be very good at the buzzer. >> brian: very good point. and he could be hanging out in las vegas at strip club. oh, he did that. did he: did he seem like the
5:39 am
coolest royal i've ever seen. >> steve: he is a character. meanwhile, take a look at this. speaking of cool, how about cold? the coldest temperatures of the season bearing down on the midwest and northeast. the coldest place in the country yesterday, gretch, how do you say this? >> gretchen: embarrass. >> steve: embarrass, minute money. if they only would have spelled it that way. it was 36 below zero. here are the current temperatures coast to coast. people jogging in new york city, currently the chilly spot on this map is 16 below in caribou, maine. in minneapolis, you've got 9. wind chill, though, in the great lakes states feels like 25, 35-degrees below zero. in new york city, it's 11 and 29 and it's freezing in memphis, ten continue. >> gretchen: guys on the crew were saying, how did you ever grow up in minnesota with those kind of temperatures? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: you wore stuff all over your face with just little holes. >> brian: how did the vikings play outside a dome in the mile of winter?
5:40 am
>> gretchen: that was when they were the purple people eaters. now the rest of your headlines. they're screaming at us to get to it. good grief, charlie brown of the the voice behind the character behind bars. >> i guess you know i've never suck seemedded at anything in my whole life. >> charlie brown, it's true. i recognize your frailties, your weaknesses. >> gretchen: peter robins faces charges, including stalking and making a death threat now. the 56-year-old was picked up at one of the largest border crossings between san diego and tijuana. background check showed there was a warrant out for his arrest. >> steve: good grief. >> brian: what's on the label may not be what you're getting. a new study reveals fake ingredients in products. food fraud detectives found pomegranate juice diluted with grape or pear juice. that's cheaper. olive oil mixed with cheaper oil s. lemon juice, cheapened with water and sugar. tea is diluted with filters like
5:41 am
lawn grass or fern leaves. you think that would be picked up. and spices like paprika or saffron contain dangerous food colorings. who is coloring for paprika? you need patience. high on the list, seafood number one fake is escarole. being mislabeled as white tuna or albacore. >> steve: take a look at this. come look at the tv. it is crazy. (scream) >> steve: okay. a speeding airplane comes within inches of a woman filming her friend on a bike on a runway in france. fortunately they both were all right. but the question remains, why were the two of them on the runway in the first place? didn't they notice that there was an airplane about to take off? those people are lucky that they are still alive. >> gretchen: what's that show where they do crazy things?
5:42 am
>> steve: lee marvin? it looks like a lee marvin movie. or "north by northwest." >> brian: could be an episode of "jackass." it's different than going sideways on a trampoline. a new movie so gross and so offensive, even its star stud cast won't promote it. >> gretchen: you are so quick, i can't take it. i just got the j a. >> steve: he's got the number one country song in the country right now, here to perform "how country feels." >> gretchen: apparently you did. [ female announcer ] ready to mix things up with lean cuisine?
5:43 am
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impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. twe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >> brian: hollywood is about to release what critics are calling one of the most star studded and
5:46 am
offensive comedies ever made. take a look at this scene from "movie 43". >> see that mind kid over there. i dare you to blow it out before he gets a chance to. >> brian: here now to weigh in, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> hollywood likes to lecture us. let's lecture them a little bit. you can't come up with something more sicker. this is a movie that displays and talks about private parts being cut off, breasts in guacamole, bodily fluids, people engaging in kind of the worst strange behavior. >> brian: is it like a reality show? >> it's made by peter farrell, who made movies in a similar vein in the past and he says he's making this movie -- let's go to the full screen -- for kids and for people in their 50s who are still smoking dope. so this is an r rated movie, but he's saying we want kids, teen-agers and we want basically
5:47 am
burnt out pot smokers this their 50s. that's a great target audience for this movie. >> brian: look at this cast. hally barey, kate winslet, richard gere, uma thurman, jason sedakis. who's who of hollywood? >> jared butler threatening to cut off johnny knoxville's private parts. harry barry blowing out a blind boy's birthday candles. a mother and father who are oppressive home schoolers. and there is some sexual connotations between the father and the son allegedly and the father is hitting on the kid's girlfriend. it's pretty disturbing stuff. and so we say, okay. hollywood, you have nothing to do with the attitudes and the culture in this country at all. when people go nuts and start doing bad things, you say well, it's not about what they have seen. but we're going to have two
5:48 am
hours of this kind of nonsense. hollywood has gotten behind in a big, big way. >> brian: right. >> peter farrelly should hang his head in shame for doing this. >> brian: comedy is often over the top. >> i'm not an old time moralist, but when you think about great epic comedy movies, standee kramer made a movie called "it's a mad, mad, mad, mad, world and" and" judgment at nuremberg." that was wholesome family movie that meant something to people. not encouraging the kind of sick, potty humor and private part desecration that we're going to be seeing here. it may be successful. but it's not a good movie for young kids. >> brian: "movie 43", don't see it. >> they'll probably eni didn't it, but i think it's a bad thing. >> brian: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. it's the number one country song in america. ♪ i'll take you up and down these hills ♪
5:49 am
♪ let me show you how ♪ . >> brian: here is the surprise, randy houser is here live to perform it next. but first let's check in with a guy who never made it in country music, not that they didn't want to, bill hemmer. >> i do own a cowboy hat. does that count? >> brian: that does count. we'll talk about that on the radio in a little while. >> see you then. we are minutes away from hearing secretary clinton's explanation for the first time on what happened in benghazi on september 14. we waited for mounts for this. -- months for this. what i think the viewer will find striking is not just what she has to say about the murder of her ambassador and three other american, but also in light of the news of the last months, how relevant this region has become. elusive and growing threat of al-qaeda. we'll see you in 11 shortqu minutes live here. n® liquid fora soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> gretchen: it's the number one song in country radio right now and it couldn't come with better timing. how country feels nome a hit song, it's also the name of randy houser's latest album, which came out yesterday. and randy houser just happens to be here live. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are y'all? >> steve: great to have you. one of the long-time friends of our show is trace adkins and you know honky dong ba donkey dong. >> i'm responsible for that one. >> brian: way to go. you changed the lexi kahn of america. >> brian: whose house were you doing the video in? >> this particular video, we were actually at an historic home right outside of nashville. it's on the registry, or they're trying get it on the registry now. >> gretchen: now you've come
5:54 am
froen and center as not only a song writer, but is a singer yourself. how does it feel to have the number one country song out there? >> amazing. i experienced such a roller coaster ride in my career with the ups and downs. this is the highest it's gone. >> steve: this is high for us, too. would you and john henry like to do "how country feels"? >> we would love to. >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, randy houser. ♪ you were raised on an asphalt farm ♪ ♪ ain't never heard a rooster crow ♪ ♪ never walked barefoot by a river ♪ ♪ felt the mud up between your toes ♪ ♪ you never rode in the hay ♪ never saw any four wheel ♪ or climb up on in here girl
5:55 am
♪ let me show you how country feels ♪ ♪ let your hair down, hair down ♪ ♪ get yourself on back ♪ get your shoes off, kick them off ♪ ♪ slow down fast smote. ♪ i take you up and down these hollers and hills ♪ ♪ let me show you how country feels ♪ ♪ you ever watched the sun go down ♪ ♪ from the bed of a pick up truck ♪ ♪ ever been so into somebody ♪ still lying there when it comes back up ♪ ♪ girl what do you say ♪ got to pass through the corn field ♪ ♪ turn down by the water ♪ let me show you how country feels ♪ ♪ let your hair down, hair
5:56 am
down ♪ ♪ get you some of this laid on back ♪ ♪ get your shoes off, kick them off ♪ ♪ get you some of this slow down fast ♪ ♪ i take you up and down these hollers and hills ♪ ♪ let me show you how country feels ♪ ♪ . ♪ let your hair down, get you some of this laid on back ♪ ♪ kick your shoes off ♪ let your hair down, hair down ♪ ♪ get you some of this laid on back ♪ ♪ get your shoes off, kick them off ♪ ♪ get you some of this slow down fast ♪ ♪ i'll take you up and down these locallers and hills ♪
5:57 am
♪ let me show you how country feels ♪ ♪ country feels [ cheers and applause ] ♪ climb up on in here girl ♪ let me show you how country feels ♪ ♪ with your hair down, hair down ♪ ♪ get you some of this laid on back ♪ ♪ kick your shoes off, kick them off ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 am
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