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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ hah @ >> businesses in some states can now charge you more for using a credit card at checkout. today a new fee went into effect limited to no more than 4% of the total purchase. it does not affect debit cards. if merchants apply the fee and
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it's operational. they must inform their customers. people who live or shop in ten states on the map don't have anything to worry about. they have laws against charges for credit there. the price of a stamp is going up again. this time by a penny to 46 cents apiece and other prices hit postcards and letters weighing more than an ounce. that's how fox reports on this sunday, thanks, we're a couple of seconds away now from huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee, she help helplessly watched as both of her parents were killed in a shooting. >> and i'm mad at my legislator, my right to protect myself and my family. >> suzanna hupp reacts to the latest attempt to ban assault weapons. and algeria, mali. >> there's no doubt that the algerians have weapons, animally have wednesday.
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>> is africa the new headquarters for terrorism? house committee member peter king responds. plus, a dolphin in distress asks humans for help in the deep blue see and hall of fame quarterback jim kelly and wife jill, how their marriage survived infidelity and tragedy. ever ladies and gentlemen, mike huckabee. >> mike: welcome to mike huckabee, we're coming to you from los angeles. callers to my radio show with not optimistic about the next four years with president obama at the helm. granted most of the listeners tend to lean conservative, but a term that i heard more than just once was that america was going to the dogs. i take strong exception to that. you see, tuesday, january 15th, my black labrador retriever jeb died as janet and i held him in our arms and he would have been 15 years old in april and i wanted to
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talk about it last week about it on the show and frankly didn't think i could without completely losing it. and we've had three wonderful dogs and jet was my inseparable companion, and my hunting and fishing companion and sat next to me during the books i've written and i don't think the country is going to the dogs, that would be a good thing, jet was good and kind to everyone, especially children, but if there were a hundred people in the room and they were holding out a steak and i was standing there empty handed he would still come to me first. he didn't believe any of the nasty things people wrote about me in newspapers, blogs, or letters to the editor. and he never thought my speeches were too long, or my jokes were too corny or that i had made some student decision. he got up when i got up. he went to bed when i went to
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bed. however early, however late. good dogs are loyal. in politics, i found that very few people are really and totally loyal. dogs are. more often than i'd like to recount in politics and business, i've given people jobs and opportunities and trusted them and even paid them well only to have them turn on me in betrayal. my dogs have never done that. and people i thought were valued friends and talked trash behind my back, my dog jet, well, he had my back. dogs live to please. people can be remarkably selfish and demanding, but you give a dog enough food to keep him full and a few rubs of the head and he'll ask you for little more except in the event that you might need it. dogs are naturally curious and they're sometimes curious about things that aren't that pleasing to humans, their quest for knowing would put most human students to shame. dogs will sacrifice their own
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interests it it please their master, and there's nothing i ever could have done to make jet turn on me. our culture has become harsh and coors, vulgar and caustic, people take to blogs to say the worst things about others because this is' no accountability for the comments made no matter how false and damaging they might be. good and faithful dogs only bite when they or their masters are threatened so if you want to create an analogy of the degeneration of our culture, please don't say it's going to the dogs. that's an insult to man's best friend. just say the whole country is starting to act like congress. now, that is truly disgusting behavior. well, on thursday, california senator dianne feinstein and fellow democrats introduced their new plan for an assault weapons ban. >> enough is enough. these weapons don't belong on the streets of our city. they're not hunting weapons. they're not necessary for
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defense wednesday, why do we have them? >> the n.r.a. condemned the proposal saying and i quote, american people know gun bans do not work and we're confident that congress will reject senator feinstein's wrong-headed approach. suzanna hupp agrees, gun control for 20 years and says it it does nothing to keep innocent people safer and she knows firsthand what it's like to be in the presence of a madman with a firearm. >> i didn't grow up in a house with guns, i don't hunt. i personally abhor hunting, and i was given a gun when i was 21 to carry in my purse for defense and taught how to use it. a couple of years ago, my parents and i went on a sunny day, we weren't in a dark alley. >> she was testifying at a u.s. hearing almost two decades ago.
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that was october 16th, 1991 when a man drove his pickup truck through the window of luby's cafeteria in killeen, texas and began firing. >> it took me a good 45 seconds to realize that this person wasn't there to commit a robbery, he wasn't there for a hit. he was there to shoot as many people as possible as he could. >> she had a gun. >> and is it when i realized what was occurring, i thought, i got it ti reached for my purse, he was maybe 12 feet away. is it my possible my gun could have jammed, sure, but i could have misseds sure, but i've hit targets. >> and a few months earlier, i made a stupid mistakes, and took the gun out of my purse and in the state of texas, felony to carry it in your purse.
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>> he shot 23 before turning the gun on himself. and her father al and mother suzie were both shot and killed that day. the law prevented mer from possibly saving her parent' life and as she told congress. >> i'm not really mad at the guy that did this and certainly not mad at the guns that did this, they didn't walk in there and pull their own triggers, the guy that did it was a lunatic, like being mad at a rabid dog, i'm mad at my legislators for legislating me out of the right protecting myself and my family. >> joining me now is suzanna hupp, from luby's to the legislature, and one woman's fight. >> i want to ask you about that situation, next door there were a number of police officers attending a conference. they had to go to their cars, unlock their weapons, in order to go in and to try to stop the shooter. when they got into luby's, tell me specifically what they
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told you they saw in relation to what happened to your parents? >> well, actually a number of the officers were patients of mine and they took me and part of my family to lunch about a week later, and told me that when they actually ep tentered e building they didn't know who the shooter was, but did see a woman in the aisle cradling what appeared to be a mortally wounded man and a 30-something-year-old man walk up to her, put a gun to her head, and they said she looked up at him, put her head down and he pulled the trigger. my parents had just had their 47th wedding anniversary and as i was running, it didn't occur to me that my mom wasn't going anywhere without my dad. >> mike: you know, suzanna when i think about your own feelings as you testified before congress, you had a gun in the car. you didn't take it in with you because at that time texas did not allow you to, it essentially was a gun-free zone. tell me what you think about
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that. >> absolutely. >> mike: what do you think about gun-free zones? >> well, it's almost hard for me to talk about it because it seems so painfully clear that all of these mass shootings occur at places where guns aren't allowed. and these lunatics want to rack up high body bag counts so they don't go to gun shows, they don't go to nra conventions or places where hunters are gathering, they go where the government has said, you can't protect yourself. and it frustrates me because i have children in school. i work at, sometimes at places where guns aren't allowed and it puts me in the position of either flagrantly ignoring the law or obeying the law and putting myself at risk. >> mike: right now, the president, the vice-president, senator feinstein and others are proposing that we really crackdown on people who own guns in the capacity of magazines. and i mean, you've faced this
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firsthand with your own family. tell me what you think about the proposals, whether you think they're going be to be helpful to people like you or if you think it's going to be more-- advantageous to the criminal rather than to people like you. >> they're a joke. the only thing the gun laws like that do is prevent people like me from being able to protect ourselves. they do not affect people who are bent on doing harm in any way, shape or form. so, i find it very frustrating when they use such a horrible event as what happened in connecticut to try and go after guns that frankly, this is another one of my frustrations is that these so-called assault weapons, when you talk to the average person on the street, they think they mean rapid fire weapons and you and i know that those rapid fire weapons have been illegal in this country since the 1930's.
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so they've taken a class of guns and renamed them so that people are afraid of them. but they don't shoot any differently than what i own. so, yeah, i don't want them to go in and try to ban those. there's no logic involved. if there were a little logic i'd be okay with it. >> mike: now, i think that's, that's exactly what's troubling to so many of us, this isn't a rational thoughtful process, but to apply to your situation, do you think your parents would be alive today had that gun been in your purse instead of out in your car in the parking lot. >> i get that question frequently. i can tell you that you know, it's so hard to second guess of course, or to armchair quarterback it. all i can tell you it would have made a difference. as it is, we were like fish in a barrel and the police officers told me that all they had to do was fire a shot into the ceiling and this guy immediately rabbited to a back
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bathroom alcove area and exchanged a little gunfire with the police and put a bullet in his own head. and i think for the most part these people are looking for easy pi easy pick ns. >> and so manies experts say, once they know longer have control of the situation, they usually end up freezing or killing themselves on the spot. because their fantasy of the shooting has ended. i'm sorry for your tragedy, but your courage in coming forward and telling your perspective i hope will be heard as this issue is debated on the national level. >> thank you very much. that's, that's why i wrote that book and i hope the word gets out to a lot of people. >> mike: suzanna hupp thank you for joining us today. >> has the front line on the war on terror moved from the mideast to northern africa? coming up, new york congressman and committee
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>> thi >> this generation of americans has been tested by crisis that steel our resolve and proved our resilience. a decade of war is now ending. >> mike: president obama may have taken our troops out of iraq and soon afghanistan, but that should not mean the war is ending. al-qaeda and its options have taken a strong hold in north africa and targeting and killing americans in the region. the most recent attack was in algeria where a natural gas facility was targeted by an al-qaeda affiliate. dozens of hostages, including
5:18 pm
americans were killed. right next to algeria is libya, where this past september 11th, ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed when terrorists stormed the american consulate in benghazi. libya has been politically unstable since the 2011 death of president muammar gaddafi. and brings us to the nation of mali, the al-qaeda and the islamic group, and targeting select forces to topple aqim which has other attacks in the area. >> instability in mali has created an expansive safe haven and looking to expand the attacks like we saw last week in algeria. there's no doubt that the algerian terrorists had weapons, and remnant of aqim had weapons from libya.
5:19 pm
>> mike: joining me now is new york congressman peter king. glad to have you here, i want to begin by talking about what happened in algeria just a week ago. four dozen people killed, three of them americans, and an algerian energy site. what do we know about who was behind that killing and the motives? >> well, to me, it's very clear that you have al-qaeda, islam magreb and those are the ones who direct it had and something i believe was planned over a period of time and i think what we can say is in north africa. africa in general, but north africa in particular is going to be to the obama administration what afghanistan was during the 1990's during the clinton administration, really a gathering place for the islamic militants who want a launching pad and north africa is close to obviously, to europe and it's target the
5:20 pm
united states, our allies, and really, north africa, i believe, is the new battle ground in the war-- al-qaeda's war against us and what should be be our war against them. >> mike: we for a long time thought that the war with al-qaeda and islamic extremism was from the middle east. is this like whack-a-mole and strike them in one place and they pop up somewhere else and not so much on the run and dispooridi disappeari disappearing, they relocate to a different geographical region. >> and they had tanzania, and really now, it's a concerted effort. mauritania and the combination of groups, the islamic magreb and remnants of al-qaeda in
5:21 pm
the arabian peninsula and it's an international movement and wherever there's a vacuum they perceive and they fill it it and where the president has hurt us the last several years, somehow implying that the war against al-qaeda is over. yeah, core al-qaeda has been hurt, but they've metastasized and in some ways al-qaeda is more of a threat now than it was prior to september 11th because it's so decentralized it's metastasized and morphed so much i'm afraid we're letting our guard down. >> mike: there have been reports even from the new york times, some people involved in the algerian attack were also some of the same in the attack on benghazi, do you have anything to substantiate that. >> i don't want to go into the details on that, but there's a real concern and there's no doubt we're talking about people who basically fish in the same pond here. this is the same group of people in many ways and i'll have to leave it at that.
5:22 pm
no, those countries in particular, libya, mali, algeria, mauritania, an al-qaeda collection which is either totally united or working together in a con federation and certainly what happened in algeria, i can tell you, certainly related to mali and to libya and to benghazi. >> mike: congressman, do you think the president is taking this situation as seriously as he needs to? >> i think the president is-- it's almost a schizophrenic approach. on the one hand what he's done as far as killing some of the top al-qaeda leaders is very positive. on the other hand, by constantly talking about how we're going to be pulling back, how he said in his inaugural speech something to the effect, war doesn't have to be perpetual, doesn't have to be constant and make it seem that we want war. no, to answer your question, i don't believe that president obama is doing enough and doesn't want to level with the
5:23 pm
american people and he keeps talking about how we're winning and they're on the run. yeah, we're winning, but there are also in many ways stronger than ever so this is going to be a long struggle, a long-- to paraphrase john kennedy, a long struggle. >> congressman peter king, thank you for joining us. >> governor, thank you, thank you. >> mike: a dolphin swims to a diver for help. up next we'll show you the saga and talk to the diver who saved the dolphin's life. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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>> they say an animal is most dangerous when it's wounded. but an incredible new video shows people friendly and intelligent dolphins are. now, professional scuba instructor laros was guide ago
5:27 pm
manta ray dive and when a bottle-nosed dolphin went to them for help. it was tangled in fishing line and had a tough time swimming freelily. and he worked to remove the hook from the fin of the dolphin and the dolphin patiently let him do it. in fact, the dolphin even went up to the surface for air and went back so keller could finish the job. joining me now on skype from hawaii, master diver, keller laros. keller, this is just an amazing story. what did did you think when the dolphin got this chose to you. >> the at first i was startled and heard the dolphin squeak really loud and they can direct the sound. when i turned around, it was literally three feet from me and pretty much startled me. in front of me, i had a dozen manta rays swimming around and
5:28 pm
i wasn't prepared for the dolphin behind me. i was startled at first. >> did you know the dolphin needed help? was that obvious as to why he was coming to you? >> well, initially, no. the dolphin swim by me, kind of slowly, and swam around a big circle where the dolphins and snorklers with around the manta rays, and i'd seen dolphins during the dive before and it swam around. what was noticeable. there was only one dolphins, generally they're soclnd usually, two, three or four dolphins and when it swam by the second time, a fishing line wrapped around the pectoral fin and then i realized the dolphin was there because it was in trouble. >> mike: tell me the problem would be. for a fishing line to be on the dolphin and what dangers that presents to the dolphin? >> well, a fishing line, as you know know, very tight and sharp.
5:29 pm
if they get tighter can cause pretty bad injuries. i've seen manta rays lose fins and wings from the fishing line getting wrapped around and tighter and tighter and i knew that it was bad, manta rays and i expected it to be much worse for a dolphin because if you lose your pectoral fin, i suspect that would destroy their hydro dynamics in addition to being painful. i didn't think that the dolphin would survive if he lost that pectoral fin and if we didn't go et it off he would lose the fin. >> mike: and it's not like your first dive, you've logged hours underwater. have you ever had had something like this happen. >> i've been a scuba instructor since 1985 and logged 10,000 dives and never had a dolphin approach me needing help. i've removed fishing lines from manta rays and turtles,
5:30 pm
but for the dolphin that was a first. >> and the dolphin surfaced for air at one point and came back to you. i find at that remarkable that he knew to not only go and get air and he knew right where to come back and you were going to finish the job. >> well, you know, the dolphin was clearly it needed help. i think when the dolphin gotten taped in the line realized right away it was in trouble, but being a smarter animal, the dolphin knew it needed help and it knew where to find help because we dive at that location, 365 days a year and there's always people there. and so the dolphin had a problem, figured out a solution, and the only thing the dolphin needed was somebody to help it and i'm glad i was at the right place at the right time and able to do the right thing. >> mike: keller, are dolphins normally this trusting of human beings or because of the distress the dolphin was in that it was willing to-- i mean, literally put its life in your hands? >> well, i don't think they're
5:31 pm
necessarily trusting being wild animals and they tend to be, usually kind of shy or a little aloof. and i've had dolphins come up and sort of instigate play-like behavior, and grab a sea cucumber and hand it to the other dolphin and look at you and seems playing and interacting with the humans, which is amazing for a wild animal to interact with humans, but this one came, you know, not because it want today play and not because it was swimming by and it happened to be there. this dolphin initiated contact with humans because it needed help. >> mike: well, keller, it's a remarkable story and i can't tell you how much we appreciate your sharing it and reminding us how smart animals really are. thank you, keller, so much for being here. >> you're welcome, governor, thank you for having me. >> mike: well, it's like i said earlier, even when i'm sharing with you about my own personal story, don't ever underestimate the intelligence
5:32 pm
of the animals. it's the humans sometimes we have to worry about. secretary of state hillary clinton asked what difference does it make, whether the benghazi attack was caused by a protest or not. well, i'm going to tell you what difference it makes. i'll talk about that and other notable quoteables coming up next. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently. every human being is unique. and there is one store that recognizes it. the sleep number store. the only place in the world you'll find the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. an exclusive collection of innovations that totally
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and high levels of carbon monoxide starting at just over $1 a day. and now our best offer yet has been extended due to popular demand. installation starting at just $49 -- a savings of $250. but hurry. i'm glad we had adt. [ male announcer ] adt. always there. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner. an american pastor jailed in iran since september has now been sentenced by a man who iranians call the hanging judge. 30-year-old saeed abedini, saying a threat to their national security and he denies the charges and saying his only crime is christian. and his attorney talked to me. >> the pastor is in a new ward of the prison, this is one of the toughest prisons in the
5:36 pm
world and especially inside of iran. people don't survive there. >> harris: the state department condemning what it calls iran's continued violation of universal right and freedom of religion and calling on iran to respect abedini's rights and release him immediately. more on your other source for news, now back to huckabee. >> if you'd like to contact us, e-mail us at huck >> outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton finally testified on capitol hill about the attacks that killed four americans in benghazi, libya, last september 11th. clinton responded angrily when senator johnson questioned her on whether the public was m led on cause of the attacks. >> the fact is we had four dead americans, was it because of protests or guys out for a walk and decided they'd go kill some americans. what difference it at this point does it it make? >> let me say i've known hillary clinton a long time
5:37 pm
and have great respect for her, she's a remarkable, extraordinarily intelligence and capable lady, but in this case she missed the mark by that answer. and the reason is quite simple. when she says what difference does it make? why they died, surely she knows it makes all the difference in the world. if we were to apply that same logic to any other situation, we had be appalled. it'd be like saying after sandy hook, so we have 26 people, 20 of them children who are dead, they're all dead now, so what difference does it make, what kind of gun that the shooter used or whether he was crazy? what difference does it make? obviously, it makes a lot of difference, not only because we want to prevent it from ever happening again, but we want to hold those responsible, who are indeed accountable for the crime. if a drunk driver kills a child in a car accident, we don't just say, well, what difference does it make? no, we want to know why did he get drunk and drive. it makes all the difference in
5:38 pm
the world. and americans still don't know the answers. and we have a right to demand what they are. kentucky senator rand paul told clinton he would have relieved her of her post if he were president during those hearings. he was equally as tough on the man nominated to succeed her as secretary of state, massachusetts senator john kerry during his confirmation hearing the next day. things got a little heated when senator paul asked senator kerry about the recent aid pac issue to egypt. we've heard morsi's comments about zionists, blood suckers and descendents of apes and pigs. do you think it's wise to send them f-16's and abram tanks? >> i think those comments are reprehensible, degrading, unacceptable for anybody's standard and i think they have to be appropriately be apologized for. >> all right, senator kerry have to appropriately be
5:39 pm
apologized for. let's see if i get this straight. we go ahead and give the jets and tanks and hope maybe an apology? why not get the apology and repudiation first and then talk about the delivery of weapons. the answers were far from forth coming. and yet, now, egypt has weapons of mass destruction that use against the people right next door to them that their own president has said are blood suckers and the descendents of apes and pigs and you wonder why israel is nervous? vice-president joe biden held a google chat answering questions about the new assault weapons ban proposed by senator dianne feinstein, and biden was asked what would you say to people that you say are infringing on the rights not in the sense of sports or hunting, but the last line of defense of an earthquake or some other natural disaster. well, here is the vice-president's response. >> a shotgun will keep you a
5:40 pm
lot safer, a double barrel shotgun or assault weapons in somebody's hands doesn't know how to use it. it's harder to use an assault weapon than a shotgun to hit something, if you want to keep people away in an earthquake, buy shotgun shells. >> and since you only have a double barrel shotgun, hopefully only one person coming and only takes two shells to take him out. if you have multiple people coming and buy some shotgun shells probably don't have time to reload and throw them hard enough, you can stop the rest of the attackers. this is shows the i had i don't don'tsy-- idiocy of those who are asking us to give up weapons of self-defense, only one person would minimal amount of ammunition coming towards us. if a perp is coson is coming to attack you, shouldn't you be equally armed to defend
5:41 pm
yourself. and a shotgun works wonders in the woods. but if a someone is kicking the door down and only a double barrel shotgun with two shells, god help you, joe biden won't. and one of the world's richest athletes made headlines he when he suggested he could move out of his home state of california because of potential tax hikes on high income earners there. on wednesday, mickelson apologized for making his feelings so public. >> i love this state, i mean, i grew up here, i love it here and i'm certainly concerned for it. my apology is for talking about it publicly because i shouldn't take advantage of the forum that i have as a professional golfer to try to ignite change over these issues. >> mike: oh, phil, think about all of your friends in california, all the folks in hollywood who use their celebrity to try to affect change. i mean, think about how many
5:42 pm
different commercials we have to suffer through during an election season to see celebrities telling us to vote for their favorite candidate. you have a right to earn the money that you've earned. and you actually have a right to keep more than 37% of it. instead of apologizing, use that incredible platform and voice. and remind us all that we shouldn't be ashamed of being successful. it's the american dream. but it's also part of the american nightmare when government wants to take most of it away, that we'll go where there's less government and less after chance that a government will take most of it away. two of the most frequent causes for divorce are infidelity and the death of a child. hall of fame quarterback jim kelly and his wife jill struggled with both, but they've managed to stick together. they've explained how when we come back. with accident forgi, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed.
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5:47 pm
what we learn and why we never forget". jim and jill kelley join me now. thanks for being here. it's an incredible story and i start by recognizing many marriages end because of the death of a child and many because of infidelity within the marriage. you guys have beaten the odds because you're still together, having dealt with both. i want you to talk about how you were able to make that work. >> well, for me first, i guess i can start, it was early on because i knew that after i retired from the nfl, two weeks later, valentine's day, which is my birthday, our son was born, hunter and to have a son born on daddy's birthday and i dreamt of things that fathers and sons do. and from that point on he started having difficulty, four months into his life he was diagnosed and we pretty much after that point almost went in separate directions.
5:48 pm
and i retired i went to work for nbc and went to work for espn i was on the road a lot. and jill was at home, not only with our oldest daughter, but also our son hunter, who was suffering from a disease called a cravay luko dystrophy and throughout his life jill kept a journal and we handled it differently as men and women do. i was on the road a lot and things weren't quite the way i thought they were going to be. i thought of coming home and everything was going to be fine, but coming home to a house full of people all the time wearing on me and our relationship just started to dwindle. and with the-- you know, with our son and all of his struggles and he had made it not only hard at home, but made it it hard on jill and i as far as our marriage so we did hang in there, and i
5:49 pm
know i'm that way and jill is the wait a minute aeon in the end it was our faith that kept us together and got it through us. >> and so, too. >> mike: jill -- yeah. >> well, first and foremost it was our faith and we didn't have any faith to stand on until hunter was diagnosed. until we as parents were faced with death our son, we did not have any reason to turn to god and then thank god that god did allow hunter to suffer so we turned to god for help for life, period, but as far as forgiveness and the struggles that our marriage went through. neither of us understood what forgiveness was until we understood god's forgiveness and understanding that, i as jim's wife was able to forgive jim. i carried around unforgiveness, hatred, i carried despair and i feel i
5:50 pm
cared them so long that i was flat on my face before god. and we carry forgiveness and until we recognize our need of forgiveness, we can't truly forgive. >> mike: there's so much pressure on athletes because people, i guess jim, it's fair to say when you're travelling out there on the road your wife is not with you, there are women who throw themselves at the athletes because they see you as mega stars, superstars and bigger than life and of the ego i was able to seduce a nfl or a nba player. talk about that pressure, how that weighs upon you as an athlete. >> well, a lot of times i think not just in professional sports, but business, too. businessmen are on the road and really, you have to almost circle back and understand what your faith is and what you believe in. for me, it was just going out and you know, having fun. and after a while you've got to start thinking about the ultimate and that's your family.
5:51 pm
and for me, it came all the way to the front with being confronted and saying, you know, you need to change your life. and personally, i looked at that and understood i did need to, i needed to start loving the wife that i have at home, loving the mother that took care of not only our son hunter, but our two daughters that we have right now, but also, for me, with faith, i also knew that i would never ever get a chance to see my so son hunter again if i led the life style and being able to walk through my front door and to see my two daughters, erin and cameron and look at their daddy with respect, that to me was right up there at the top and also knowing that my wife deserved more than that and i want today live a life that i -- i am happy, i want to live the life of the lord now and i tell you what, i just wish i would have done it a long time ago, but it's god's perfect timing and as you can see the smile on my face and we could not be happier, thank the good
5:52 pm
lord for. >> mike: i know there's no greater loss than the death of a trial and jim and jill will be talking about their son hunter, he was just eight years old when he passed away. how did their marriage survive this? we'll have a little more with jim and jill when we come right back. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently. ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go.
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>> we're back with jim and jill kelley. and jim, it's apparent when i talk to you, if it were not for your faith, the fact that you had really come to this end of yourselves and the beginning of saying, hey, god still likes me even though jill's mad at me. it's the faith that has given you guys the platform that otherwise you never would have made this, right? >> all right. i totally, totally agree with you. and you know, it's interesting
5:56 pm
because like jill said earlier on, we neither one of us had faith and we really didn't to which way to turn and when jill came to faith after our son was diagnosed and after we started having our struggles, i saw what was in jill and early on, it was pretty much tearing us apart. the closer jill got to her faith the further i got away from it, but it didn't take me long to understand and realize i was losing everything i loved, and working for and if i didn't, as i said before, humble myself enough to admit my faults, i mean, here is a guy that everybody looks up to and as far as playing football. and here is a tough guy. i had to realize in my own mind, i had to get on my knees and understand that i was making mistakes and thank god that i was able to admit them. a lot of people out there, men out there, man, humble yourself enough. if you want to save, whether it's your marriage or family whatever the case may be you've got to be able to step up and man up and understand that there's better things
5:57 pm
ahead and you can definitely make them better, but never ever give up. >> mike: jill shall the key to hanging in there and not giving up, what was it? >> for me, i'm going to put it it bluntly. it was christ alone and what he has promised. he's not a feel-good tool for me, he's a reality and everything he has said that he would do through god's word, he has done for us. and it's real. i mean, we have experienced it it. we've walked it out. we live it, we breathed it. and to have joy and to know that you know, because by faith we will see hunter again. i mean, that's why we share our story. >> mike: it's a great story and your book is just magnificent. i hope that people will read it for encouragement as well as for the practical insight of dealing with tragedy as well as forgiveness. jim and jill, thank you so much. you've just been so candid and it's been a blessing to talk to you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> we miss you in politics.
5:58 pm
(laughter) >> well, thank you. >> we do. >> mike: unfortunately a lot of people are glad i'm not there and i appreciate it. so nice to visit to you. >> so nice to see you. >> mike: jim and jill kelly. "etched upon my heart" a great read. thanks for joining us, i hope you have a terrific week. now from los angeles, i'm mike huckabee, good night and god huckabee, good night and god bless. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently.
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